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Who Cares - Who's Next

Updated: Apr 15

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Generally speaking here, just to touch on what you're going to call those that are receptive to having a conversation and those who aren't. Right. You're not cold calling right now any more out, like because the people who supposedly filled out forms. Right, Right. So some bullshit, some or not. Now you have to be in the position where you're like, I don't really give a shit about any one of these people. I don't mean like to help them, but like, they don't matter. There's an abundance of people right now who we have, who we're going to be filling out forms and who fill that ones.

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Right? You cannot go into the call with the mindset like, well, like I have to just like if I if I smoke like paste and go do something special, the guy's going to not engage me. Either they're going to engage with you or they want you. All sound good enough at this point that someone's good. It's not like you're saying things that are going to knock you out of the box. You selling idiots. It's not happening right now. Okay. So not that begins Part of taking control of you is not really caring whether this person buys or not.

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In other words, you can't be so concerned whether this is the one or not the one in your mind. Every one is the one until they don't. And it's next that you got sucked into a next next, next ad to you because and these are the things when I listen to calls, it always seems like you're talking with no money. Like the vast majority of the calls I hear, they're struggling. They love the idea. They love the program. I'm just broken. I've done two nickels to rub together.

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Those calls should be like literally whittled down to like one in 1 in 5 at the most, 1 in 10. Not like 3 or 4 in ten. All right. So it starts with the fact that A, that when I want you to have a listen, you're excited, but it's more of a laissez faire. I don't know how you do it. Okay. Next click, next, click next one.

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It's going to be a next click.

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Next, next. And then when you get someone that really is qualified. All right. You have to have the ads. You know, what you have is so great that there's no concern here. Like if they don't listen to you, shame on you. Shame on them. It's not. It's like I think that right now, like, there's a bit of a I wouldn't call desperation, but I don't think you're getting that like that. Honestly. It's really all about at this point getting on the phone as many times a day with qualified bias. Not anybody it's destructive to it's it's very destructive to be on a call with people with no money because all they do is give you false readings about everything that you're doing.

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You start thinking there's something wrong with you. The program, the technique, it's just not isn't going to do that. Someone with no money has no money. You get it. So I want you to just make it a point today to that in your mind that you don't give a shit about any one. Call any. And I don't mean you don't care about me any more than the next goal and then the next call and the next call. It's a numbers game. All this is about is with me. Call dialing for dollars. What you're doing is you're just rifling through to get to the right person.

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That's the power of the phone. And as soon as you lose that to any sort of desperation or uncertainty about trying to close any one person, the whole thing reverses on you and you start wasting your time having conversations with people that you just shouldn't have. And that's the conversation you have, right? The guy, no money. How come that wasn't uncovered in the beginning?

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I just I just thought he might have more money, like because he said, oh, I was looking at a 1995 program, so I didn't, like, uncover whether he could afford it more.

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So, guys, I was looking the next day. So.

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So what kind of work you doing? What kind of work for doing that and getting. Yes that I think the first question I asked was what? What do you know about that program? And he kind of went on like a like a tangent about it. And then I asked him what type of sales. I don't remember exactly.

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You need to go to the John Maxwell Fringe. All right. And look at the kind that is the chunk of the marketplace where I go to actual what it really is like when you qualify someone in an exact same it's the exact same situation right there in a situation. It looks like identical. They try to get people to sign up for a certification course. It's almost identical price, right. And they were trying to understand how do you find out if someone has money or. No, because they're has the same problem. When someone doesn't buy, it's almost 95%. They don't have two nickels to rub together.

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Right. And they watched me live through an exercise together where within a matter of like three questions, I got to the bottom of it and made the customer love me at the same time. No, seriously, you were that. And they all started. They couldn't believe what they were hearing, what I was doing. It was very second nature when I was to me, it was very second nature. All right. And it's called. And one of the guys who's so blown away, he's that top guy. He goes, I've never seen anything like this. It's really not constricting what you do. It's like dynamic, whatever. I can get some weird not even presenting.

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But what I'm doing is I think you guys are not realizing you're talking to human beings on the phone. You're talking to humans, people like you. It is so easy to get a person to talk to you and disclose what their life is like right now. If you talk to them like people, if you guys look too much like Highball, the reason for the call is it's like decent human beings, right? And when I say, listen, just a couple of questions like, you know, like you're exactly how to best serve number one.

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First of all, like, first of all, like my next my first of all, question is going to be pretty much the same every time. But if I have someone in front of me that I know is qualified, depending on what the information they filled out with that form of looking for is, do they have money? If they have money, they qualify a couple thousand dollars, like even even a little bit liquid. It's what do they do for a living? Like, what do you do for a living? How long are you doing it for? How it is going for you right now? Go just randomly go transnational stuff.

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Don't go through this chunk I used to watch. How easy is. I don't care what the person says to you, what curveball they throw at you within three questions. Okay? You can find out if they have money or their brother. It's really easy to do. And I went to this whole role playing, so I said, Oh, well, you know, and he married single. They say, I'm married. Oh, good. What's your husband do? He's this a wife to show she's that, you know, and you know, one's a schoolteacher. The other is a schoolteacher.

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Okay. Potential problem. But one's a schoolteacher. One's a principal. Like, it's so easy when you say you're not looking as real. Because real world prospecting means having a bit of flexibility in your question asking here in the beginning, because you're looking to discover two things here. Number one, do they have money? Why is that so important right now? Why is it the one of the most why is it so crucial? Many times it's not crucial. So in your B2C club, because most of that are money.

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Yeah. The biggest holdup you're having right now is with no money. Yeah. So this is your primary objective when you call, when you guys get someone on the phone with money, what percentage do you close?

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Pretty high. Most? Yeah. So all this is about is five people with money. That's the bulk of your company. I don't see. The only reason you ask questions is the idea is you never want to ask a question that you don't have to ask. There's no point to it, right? You ask the question to do what you to a to gather some real world intelligence that you can use to close them like pain points for needs. That's number one. Number two, financial qualification or they qualified, right? That's most of them are three.

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The only other will be questions that will allow you to build rapport through active listening. Other than that, there's no reason to ask, don't want to question you. Don't ask people questions for your health. And I think a lot of people look at you qualify, you'll get it like, Hey, you don't need to ask one question more then you have to.

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Instead, you have to ask questions because you need to know certain things. Do they have money? What features and benefits that I have are going to match up to them specifically so I can tailor my presentation? So that's the basic needs analysis, pain points, and then any other questions that fill that stuff in that allow you to make it fluent and build a blog? Other than that is no reason to just add you don't just ask questions for the sake of asking questions. And I think that you guys are really missing this on what it's really all about, like your person trying to like.

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It's almost like you're an inspector, a police inspector, but you're not positioning yourself that way, trying to get to the bottom of something here. Can they afford that product If they can't, don't waste your time. You know, I wouldn't have you doing this if it was a two out of ten, but it's like an eight out of ten here, All right. For whatever reason right now and it's going to shift would be to be in a B2C mode. All right. I want you to find out and you'll see show them the clip mat and how I do it. It's very elegant. You know, like Sony, you have money's you're not saying that.

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You're saying it in a way that makes them laugh and makes them like you and always ends things on a high note no matter what. But you're not be wasting your time and you're wasting their time when you pitch the people without money. And if they fill out a form to call to speak to us, there's no finesse like like there's no magic trick required here. And this is hey, I'm going to recall you requested some information on our program.

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You fill out a call for a free whatever it was. I don't know what the ad said. Whatever the particular answer, there's a bunch of different answers we're building, Right? Whatever that ad is, you match up to that end. And the reason for the call is right now, I have you blocked in for 30 minutes. Okay. So real quick, grab your pen and whatever, whatever. That it's just not what the opening line. But there's no money. There's nothing to think about here, guys. Then it's not like I'm. Oh, shit. I hope they're still receptive. I don't give a.

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If they're not receptive. You know what I do and we won't.

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And then go on to the next one. And then we're going to start we're going to start tightly stacking quotes. Otherwise we'll start over stacking these slots. So when someone's not right for it is just click on to the next slide because there's like a 10 or 15 minute leeway either way, right? So I just want you to really, really understand here that when you're qualifying people for money, it's a very easy thing to do, but it doesn't always happen. It's based on what they say.

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You ask a question, they answer, and based on their answer, you then go to the next logical point. All you're trying to say is X plus Y equals $80,000 a year, $90,000. Get this, x plus money, husband plus wife. It's really X plus Y equals 100,000 plus. If X plus Y equals 100,000 plus, I don't care how much credit card that they have, I don't care how bad that know in the mortgage they have enough money for the product, they can float it and because the product makes them money, but by improving their results, they can pay for it by putting on a payment plan.

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So in other words, it's not it's not cash double negative to them past 30 days because they'll make money from the product by becoming better at what they do. So in my mind, I'm saying does husband plus wife equal enough money coming in each month to have an extra few hundred dollars floated out of the family budget? That's at the low point. That's like the worst case scenario. So if you're a phone with a single guy who's 22 years old, he just graduated in college.

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Okay. Hi, how are you? You know, So what do you what are you doing? Did you graduate school? You know what kind of work you're doing, right? Okay. Where do you live? You live at home. You'll have. You have your own place, right? Wait, How'd you do? What was your life like? What were your beliefs brought up about? Money. Hey, what was your life going to house? How was your relationship in with me? Here's a basic question again. What's your relationship with money been like in the past? It's a coaching call, right? Tell me, how did you lose your money and success? Have you had any success in your life and struggle with money in the past As money been abundant abundance you

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So now you're coming from the perspective of a coach and they say, Oh, I really struggle with money. I didn't really got I had money in my life. I'm you know I've always been broke behind. Am I really okay, I'm talking about that. How's it going? Oh, I'm behind on my credit cards. Okay. You done?

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And so I said, Well, let me ask you. I said, you know, the pro this particular program, the one that you wanted to know about actually on the lowest level, requires a monthly payment of a few hundred dollars that's been invested in yourself. But that's hardly a price range. I don't want to waste your time or mine. Okay. However, there is a different program that's only $29 a month, but the guy says, You understand if this guy is in that position where I've never had success, I've never been successful, I have no money I'm from.

00:13:31:16 - 00:13:33:11

Yeah, I think that's a good spot. Nikki.

00:13:33:20 - 00:13:35:11

Where to go to? Would you?

00:13:38:10 - 00:13:43:23

I did like that, he said. You just texted me on it. He said that you never want to ask questions that you don't want the answer to.

00:13:44:09 - 00:14:14:01

Yeah, I really like that too. Sorry that he cusses a lot, guys. It's just the way that he is. And it's not that we don't care about our clients, but I'm talking about what I liked about what he said about that is identifying qualified buyers in the beginning. Is that like, you know, there's there's an abundance of people to call. There's so many people inside the CRM. So sometimes we might try to waste our time, but it's good to try to find out right away if this person is actually going to be worth, you know, spending 45 minutes with or not.

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Yeah. And then, I mean, like his attitude and he's not saying that he cares about. Uh, helping the people that can buy whatever product you're selling. But if they're going to waste your time, your time is just as valuable, if not more so, than the people we were talking about talking to. If you remember, the one thing I liked about what Henry said yesterday was, are you going to let somebody who, you know, can't afford Internet, can't do anything affect your day like like the lived either, you know, poorly or, you know, now they have no money and they're yelling.

00:14:49:12 - 00:15:21:02

They spend their time yelling at people that are trying to help them. I mean, I'm not going to let that affect my life in at all. Um, so I do want to go over a couple of things. So really what he said was like, who cares if Mrs. Jones is mad at you or, you know, doesn't want insurance or. And, and a lot of it to us is like, we're feeling like we're being rejected, but it's okay to reject them. It's basically what Belford is saying. Like, you can reject the call. You can put down.

00:15:21:04 - 00:15:53:00

You're not, you know, when you put down. Not interested. Sometimes I'm actually in my mind, I'm like, I'm not interested in presenting to them. I mean, there's a big difference there. As long as you guys understand, like you're deciding who you're talking to just as much as they are deciding. Like you can talk to somebody for five minutes. In this case, you know, obviously they don't need the kind of money that he's talking about. Usually the products he's selling are like high ticket items. If they're not making over 100 grand a year, then they can't even buy the product. That is not the case with with our clients.

00:15:53:04 - 00:16:25:04

You know, $50 a month becomes $600 a year to protect their family. That is not the same thing. So you in our business, in reality, there are very few people that can't afford something. Um, because I mean, James makes good points all the time. If, if they really couldn't afford it, they don't have time to be on their phone. They probably don't have cell phone service. They don't have Internet. It really comes down to like, are they a viable buyers? Do they care enough about their family or are they being honest with you? And just, you know, you got to decide who you present to.

00:16:25:06 - 00:16:45:10

But it really is the next, next, next, next, next thing. That person can't affect you at all. Like I mean, they will mean it's not like like I'm a robot or Nicki's a robot or any of us. It can't affect us. But we always have to, you know, realign our brains to understand that it's not really affecting us. It's like it's not at all.

00:16:45:12 - 00:17:15:17

And then when you do get that person when you're next, next, next, next. Like he said, when you do get that person on the line that is qualified and other videos, he says, you want to be sharp as a tact. You want to sound like a professional, like you know what you're talking about, you know, and you just want to be yourself. And I really like that about Jordan and how he says that about being yourself. Because at the end of the day, you're not a robot and the person you know on the other line is not a robot either. So it's a very relaxed thing.

00:17:15:19 - 00:17:23:00

Like, you know, Hey, how's it going over there in Toledo, Ohio? You know, you're just like a normal person, you know? So I really like that.

00:17:24:14 - 00:17:28:00

You know, just be a normal person and be yourself to.

00:17:28:07 - 00:18:00:05

Mean do you guys get that? Like if you're if you're speaking to them professionally, like you know what you're talking about, you're telling them facts if they are not going to buy the the fact that you're telling them facts, then as he would say, f them like whatever, bye bye. It's like I'm like, I'm not going to waste any of my time whatsoever. I mean, my time is very valuable and yours is, too. So if you can end that call 3 or 4 or five minutes faster and move on to the next one, you to save yourself five minutes of time and that will greatly increase your income.

00:18:00:11 - 00:18:31:06

He did say that. The good thing is like somebody starts complaining about, Oh, got all these credit cards, you know, I can't afford rent next month. You don't have to end the call abruptly and meanly be like, okay, well, maybe this isn't for you. I mean, yeah, of course. You know, I'd say, you know, you can call this number back, you know, if you ever, you know, need help with this or, you know, anybody that needs help with this and then end the call mean don't spend a lot of time listening to a 20 minute sob story that wasted your time, did not make them feel any better and it certainly didn't bring you up. It probably brought you down as well.

00:18:31:08 - 00:18:37:21

So it's sad to say, but we can't you know, we're not we're not counselors, so we're not going to sit there and listen to that.

00:18:41:01 - 00:18:52:01

But I am recording this. So you guys want to hear something funny to end this? You want to watch something funny? Because I'll record this and put it on the site anyway. Okay. Uh.

00:18:59:12 - 00:19:29:14

Yeah, it's just the numbers game. It's just about it really is just the numbers game about moving forward. And it's the same thing in every sales, you know, and all the different sales videos I've watched. Even Jordan Belfort or other people that I've watched, they just all bring it down to numbers game and then just being super enthusiastic and knowing what you're talking about and sounding confident, even if you don't know what you're talking about. Just if you have that mentality that you do know, they'll they'll hear it in your voice and they'll feel it.

00:19:30:12 - 00:19:31:23

Exactly right. I'm going to mute.

00:19:32:08 - 00:19:34:10

Yeah. So mute. This is. This is very.

00:19:34:12 - 00:19:41:20

Funny because it's kind of true in a way. But you might as well end this, you know, be with a laugh. So that way we're all happy times. So let me play this.

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Worthy of your brand. Offer your clients a seamless booking experience. Sell your products on a silky smooth.

00:19:52:03 - 00:19:57:21

Apparently 31. But this is a way this is how you can look at the selling.

00:19:58:13 - 00:19:59:12

Hello, this is Gavin.

00:19:59:23 - 00:20:12:01

Hi, Gavin. My name is Colin Valente. I'm calling from Master Traveling Corporate it tell you about an exciting, limited time off, an exclusive Las Vegas getaway. I have a few minutes of your time to tell you about this new package.

00:20:12:03 - 00:20:17:06

You know what? I would love to, but I just don't have the time. Hello?

00:20:19:09 - 00:20:19:24


00:20:26:23 - 00:20:31:24

I take calculus. Teacher Mike goes from college.

00:20:33:22 - 00:20:35:09

Just like that. You're a million.

00:20:37:10 - 00:20:38:00


00:20:39:21 - 00:20:40:16

His father with

00:20:45:09 - 00:20:45:24

his mother.

00:20:46:01 - 00:20:46:16

How are you going?

00:20:49:18 - 00:20:52:23

This is Colin Valenti, Master Travel, Inc.. Maybe his service.

00:20:53:01 - 00:20:58:11

Hi. Colin Valenti. My name is Gavin. I think we just talked. Did we get disconnected?

00:20:59:06 - 00:21:01:16

Yeah. No, I mean, yeah, I hung up on you.

00:21:03:24 - 00:21:08:22

Well, why would you do that? I mean, are you even. Are you even allowed to do that?

00:21:10:06 - 00:21:12:17

Well, what are you going to buy the Las Vegas package?

00:21:13:01 - 00:21:15:17

Well, I mean, probably not, but that's not the point. The point is.

00:21:17:13 - 00:21:18:05

What the hell?

00:21:22:01 - 00:21:23:07

This is Colin Valente.

00:21:23:09 - 00:21:27:02

Listen, I don't know what crawled up your ass and set up shop there, but you don't get to hang up.

00:21:31:11 - 00:21:32:04

Oh, my God.

00:21:38:11 - 00:21:47:14

What do you want? What is your deal, huh? You don't want the Vegas package? I don't want to talk as it is a favor wasting our time. Stop.

00:21:47:18 - 00:21:48:08

Don't you.

00:21:48:10 - 00:21:49:14

Dare hang up that.

00:21:49:20 - 00:21:55:03

Phone. Okay? Why shouldn't I? Why should I? What if I.

00:21:55:05 - 00:21:59:20

Wanted the Vegas package? You know what I want the Vegas package.

00:22:01:04 - 00:22:02:04

So funny.

00:22:02:07 - 00:22:03:02

Sure you do.

00:22:04:03 - 00:22:05:20

What? You.

00:22:08:01 - 00:22:09:22

My God, you son of a bitch.

00:22:12:20 - 00:22:13:10

Come on.

00:22:13:12 - 00:22:15:20

Man. Let it go, you man.

00:22:16:02 - 00:22:20:00

You want five packages right now? You know what?

00:22:20:02 - 00:22:23:19

You know what? My wallet. This is my credit card number right here. Okay.

00:22:23:21 - 00:22:41:15

This often? My credit card number is 007454030098. Decoration date is 1220. And then. And then you have the security number is 084. So run the damn card right now. What are you got it right now, asshole.

00:22:45:10 - 00:22:46:17

Thank you for your business.

00:22:47:08 - 00:22:52:07

Well, I hope you learned. Oh.

00:22:56:13 - 00:22:59:04

His new call scripts are really great.

00:22:59:16 - 00:23:00:15

Yeah, I know, right?

00:23:02:11 - 00:23:03:13

Do you want Cathy?

00:23:06:23 - 00:23:07:13

All right.

00:23:07:19 - 00:23:10:11

There is a lesson in there. There really is.

00:23:10:13 - 00:23:25:09

It's like what he says. Where were you going to buy the vacation package? No. Okay, then. Like, that's the conversation is over. It's like. And then it calls back. You know what? You don't you don't want you weren't going to buy the package. I mean.

00:23:25:11 - 00:23:26:02

We're wasting our time.

00:23:26:04 - 00:23:29:05

Here. So I just think that's actually a good lesson.

00:23:29:07 - 00:23:34:07

But it's also really funny. So let me stop the recording for you guys.

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