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Wesley Strickland Live Sales Calls

Updated: Apr 15

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All right. So basically you want to look at intro mean? A lot of these calls are going to be intros so my care is I'm just going to start right here. This is five minutes. This is today I believe so it is 532. Sounds like a good one to start. Good as any.

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And. Hello.

00:00:21:13 - 00:00:22:05

Go ahead, sir.

00:00:23:14 - 00:00:26:02

I'll just say, I think I remember this one.

00:00:26:24 - 00:00:27:15

Okay, good.

00:00:29:13 - 00:00:30:04

Hey, Pat.

00:00:30:21 - 00:00:32:15

Thought I was everything then today.

00:00:33:09 - 00:00:41:21

I do notice that a lot on your calls that fade always like. Is it like, what kind of headset are you using?

00:00:43:00 - 00:00:48:09

My head. Like my headset. I use an external mic. I have like $200 external mic.

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Okay. As long as it doesn't bother clients. But you hear this. That's great to hear. Noise.

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My name is Wesley over here.

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Like all the entire call.

00:00:58:01 - 00:01:00:03

Yeah, it sounds echoey.

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So that could. That could be hurting a little bit, but it's all about, like, little tiny improvements. And that could be hurting you a little bit, though. Okay. Not as bad as Lex's shit. Yeah, last week, but that could hurt, you know, like services.

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It looks like a while back you went on a website requesting information about state regulated life insurance programs for Florida.

00:01:20:16 - 00:01:23:06

Oh, I've got some already, honey.

00:01:24:02 - 00:01:24:18

Oh, you do?

00:01:25:04 - 00:01:26:16


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Damn. Yeah, that's probably why I got your file. You know, we also do policy reviews as well.

00:01:32:08 - 00:01:50:13

Okay, so first thing, here's a rebuttal for you. Oh, already took care of that. I you know, I already have that. It's like, okay, that's that's very good because a lot of people already do. Most people that I talked to already have some kind of coverage in place and they're just looking for additional or they're trying to find a better rate. So which which one is it for you?

00:01:52:01 - 00:02:02:05

Like something like that? Like it's got to be more. Yeah. Because it doesn't have to be. Super elegant. It just has to get them past the initial objection.

00:02:03:12 - 00:02:12:00

Okay. So it'd be like most of my clients, um, also have policies. Were you looking for additional coverage or final expense?

00:02:13:07 - 00:02:34:13

Yeah. Like, were you looking for additional or are you trying to find a better rate or. And then and then if they say, Oh, I don't know neither. Okay. How long ago did you set that policy up? Was it a while back or is it pretty recent? Just more and more questions until they finally, you know, break down and start answering them. Okay. All right. So let's try this.

00:02:34:21 - 00:02:36:23

Okay. So how did you decide to go?

00:02:37:00 - 00:02:47:17

With what, big time? Yeah, you're gonna have to fix that because that that might throw people off if they. If it sounds like that, they think scammer. It's like, why? Why isn't the phone coming through clear?

00:02:47:23 - 00:02:51:06

I mean, does it sound like that on Zoom though?

00:02:52:11 - 00:02:54:17

Uh, no, not on Zoom.

00:02:55:11 - 00:03:02:18

It's weird because don't have a problem with Zoom or Discord or anything. Don't. Always thought it would be the same quality on the connect.

00:03:03:09 - 00:03:10:06

Yeah. I mean, I hear that. Let's try. Let's just try another one real quick just to see if it's all. They're all like that.

00:03:11:19 - 00:03:12:18

All right. Play.

00:03:16:13 - 00:03:17:03


00:03:20:10 - 00:03:21:03

I don't know.

00:03:22:24 - 00:03:24:15

Yeah, definitely is there. Okay.

00:03:26:07 - 00:03:36:11

I mean, I'm not a technological whiz, but it's like if you're if you know, if you know how to goof around with it, you can always call me on it a bunch of times and then keep making adjustments until it goes away.

00:03:37:11 - 00:03:38:01


00:03:38:03 - 00:03:39:15

Yeah. Can adjust my game.

00:03:40:08 - 00:03:52:13

Yeah, because if it makes some adjustment, I mean, that's a good. We'll do that right after this because I don't want you to have to be at a disadvantage on all these calls, but you come through crystal clear here. So yeah, like I said, like you said, don't have no idea.

00:03:54:07 - 00:03:57:13

All right. So that's it here for Florida.

00:03:57:15 - 00:04:00:23

So how did you decide to go with it?

00:04:02:14 - 00:04:11:22

Oh, God, I can't think right now in one of those days. It's American. Oh, wait a minute.

00:04:12:02 - 00:04:14:12

Over here. Yeah. American home life.

00:04:15:08 - 00:04:17:10

I don't.

00:04:19:09 - 00:04:21:03

Like it.

00:04:25:03 - 00:04:25:18

Well, here

00:04:28:23 - 00:04:29:13

we go.

00:04:33:18 - 00:04:39:03

There are certain things I wasn't gonna like. Keep talking. It's kind of like giving her time here.

00:04:46:13 - 00:05:13:11

Yeah. The reason why I just, you know, wanted to ask is, you know, there are term policies that every 3 to 5 years will increase the premium rate and then they usually don't tell you what happens after the age of 80 where they'll cancel your policy and yeah, and then you don't get any money out of it and no benefits. So why would you want insurance that may cancel before you go, you know?

00:05:15:12 - 00:05:17:17

That's right. Yeah. Say anything about that.

00:05:18:14 - 00:05:45:06

And like companies like Global Life or AARP. Um, but, you know, with the whole life policy, it's the premium stays the same and the benefits never go away. And they're also backed by the government and state regulated and they require A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, you know, to ensure that when the time comes for the benefits to be paid out, it's, you know, guaranteed afterwards.

00:05:46:10 - 00:06:05:03

But I'm not a big fan of getting like granular with people like early on, Like, it's like because if it's it's not going to help me like, like I'm not trying to bash their policy or talk about their policy except for like if they say if they say, oh, I already got a policy, I will simply be like.

00:06:09:04 - 00:06:41:09

Uh. So sorry. Telling me something, John. You saw it? See it? Um. So if they say something like, Oh, I already took care of that. Okay, well, that's very good for you. I'm very glad you did. Um, so I do have some information that I'm going to verify. You know, it doesn't matter. Whatever. Whatever blow off you want to give them. But in general, you want to be like, Yeah, a lot of clients that I talked to already do. So I'm just going to confirm this information. We'll figure out if can even help you. That's actually a decent one too, because then you can just go right into verifying the info because I don't know if I can even help you.

00:06:41:11 - 00:06:44:03

And then people don't hear that very often from salespeople.

00:06:44:18 - 00:06:45:08


00:06:46:08 - 00:06:48:04

So let's pick another one.

00:06:54:05 - 00:06:56:13

This is 1 minute to 25 seconds.

00:07:02:24 - 00:07:06:00

Hello. Hey, Norma. How's everything been today?

00:07:06:02 - 00:07:18:20

At least you're waiting for them to answer some people. Literally. As soon as the phone picks up, they say, Hey, Bob. And then, like, you know, that's not how phone calls work. So I appreciate that. I appreciate that. They're supposed to say hello before you say hello. Okay.

00:07:19:13 - 00:07:20:15

Everything okay?

00:07:21:05 - 00:07:33:24

That's great to hear. My name is Wesley here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling, like a while back, you spoke with one of our representatives about state regulated life insurance programs for Florida. Do you remember doing that?

00:07:35:00 - 00:07:35:15


00:07:35:21 - 00:07:53:16

All right. So never say that again. If you ask them, do they remember doing it? That's too much of an, uh. It's too much. They can easily lie to you. They can. They can always say no. Like questions like that, where it can only go badly for you. Because how many people are really saying yes.

00:07:54:16 - 00:07:55:06

Not a lot.

00:07:55:13 - 00:08:28:14

Okay. Because if they say yes, I mean, that'd be awesome, but. But but just. I'm just assuming. So it's like, uh, let's take this, uh, need a different screen. So let's take Ida. Uh, hey, how's everything been going out there in Chicago? Oh, pretty good. Pretty good. It's, you know, it's cold and it's ugly. Yeah, well, hopefully, you know, in a couple of months, it'll actually pick up and be nice. So this is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason for my call is you had spoken with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for Illinois.

00:08:28:17 - 00:08:59:05

My job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So I'm going to confirm this info to make sure it's right. I have your date of birth as two 1061. Yep. Coverage amount between 5 and 50,000. Pretty big range there. But we'll we'll narrow that down and have you as a non-smoker and I understand that your daughter is going to be your beneficiary or is that correct? So, you know, you see how that's assumptive like all the way through. It's like your daughter is going to be you don't say. And your daughter would be.

00:08:59:07 - 00:09:26:22

That's like it is same same reason where I say, um, when you pass instead of if you know, people say if something happens to you like something's going to happen to you, even if it's old age. So, you know, there's no reason to sugarcoat that kind of stuff. All right. So let's Yeah, so don't ask. Yeah. Mean don't any questions that you don't want the answer to. Definitely don't ask. Pretend like you're a lawyer, just like you're supposed to know what they're going to say in this day and not be surprised by it.

00:09:28:18 - 00:09:31:12

All right, so let's see. Here's 244.

00:09:36:13 - 00:09:39:19

Hello. Hey, Tim. One. How is everything been today?

00:09:41:01 - 00:09:42:08

I'm doing fine, thank you.

00:09:43:03 - 00:09:55:09

That's great to hear. My name is Wesley at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because a while back, you spoke with one of our representatives about state regulated life insurance programs report. Hey, do you remember doing that?

00:09:56:20 - 00:09:57:10


00:09:59:15 - 00:10:01:01

It's way too choppy.

00:10:02:20 - 00:10:11:10

Yeah, that's what we've been talking about. He's been using as he's using an external mic. Like, I hear him fine on Zoom. But yeah, all of his calls sound like that.

00:10:12:00 - 00:10:18:17

Yeah, I hear you find on on Zoom too. So I don't know why. It's why it's doing that. Um.

00:10:19:16 - 00:10:22:00

I wonder if Connect has like.

00:10:22:05 - 00:10:24:12

Are you sharing your screen right now?

00:10:25:05 - 00:10:27:14

No, I'm playing cause I'm sharing mine.

00:10:28:06 - 00:10:36:20

Okay. I guess after this, we can look and see and see if the microphone is actually hooked up properly to his Kinect phone.

00:10:37:08 - 00:10:47:15

Yeah, I mean, my headset does have a mic. I've played around with my audio settings. I've had, like, the little. I'm still trying to figure out how to get that to work, but I'm pretty sure I can get my headset mike to work.

00:10:48:11 - 00:10:49:01


00:10:49:13 - 00:10:59:01

If it comes down to it, but I'd like to use my yeti mic just because it. I've never had an issue with the audio quality before, so this is a surprise to me.

00:10:59:06 - 00:11:01:23

Oh, okay. Yeah, because it's weird. Because you could hear it, right?

00:11:02:00 - 00:11:05:00

Like a Yeah, just sounds like a humming.

00:11:05:07 - 00:11:07:07

Yeah, it's weird. Yeah.

00:11:08:18 - 00:11:18:00

Yeah, we noticed that. And then we're like, That could hurt you right there. That definitely is hurting. You mean there's no. There's no doubt about it. But. But we're still going to see what we can improve because.

00:11:20:07 - 00:11:25:17

Um. Yes, I do. But I can't. I can't do anything about that right now.

00:11:27:06 - 00:11:33:24

Okay. I completely understand you. It's just my job to get this information to you as soon as possible so you can make a decision.

00:11:35:02 - 00:11:37:09

Okay? Then can continue.

00:11:37:11 - 00:11:48:04

Hopefully we can find some information real quick. Um, it's. I have an email for genuine

00:11:48:06 - 00:11:48:21


00:11:50:20 - 00:11:53:04

That's right. You like no information, just an email.

00:11:53:19 - 00:12:08:20

Yeah. And you're doing the right thing. You just confirm what you can. So if it's just an email, I'll get the rest of the information later. I will still confirm her email and I'll be like, okay, all right. So we're consulting firm and I'll pretend like I already have it, but I'll have to get it as I go.

00:12:08:22 - 00:12:09:12


00:12:10:11 - 00:12:11:14

What's your date of birth?

00:12:12:24 - 00:12:42:21

621 1951 And I'm always back and forth on this, like getting the info early or not. I mean, if they give it to you and it works, whatever, I just like to do it later because I, I've gotten enough objections where they're like, Why don't you have it? Because you didn't put it down. Don't want to. I don't want to get in that argument. So I'll just ask him. All right. So we're going to look at what you qualify for, like health wise, and then I'll read the script. And, uh, when I'm in health questions, obviously, that's the first question. All right, well, how old are you once you take a birth?

00:12:43:15 - 00:12:44:10

Yeah. Okay.

00:12:47:15 - 00:12:48:11

All right.

00:12:50:06 - 00:13:01:15

So someone. You know, we are consulting firm, which means we work for our clients, not one particular company. So, you know, our goal to figure out what we give you specifically the best rates and benefits with you on that.

00:13:04:16 - 00:13:08:08

So with you, with me on. That's got to be real. So you with me on that?

00:13:10:01 - 00:13:23:18

Because it will make a big it would be a big difference. Like these checkbooks. You know, it's got to be like, you want a hard. Yes. Like people are all all the all throughout the entire script, those little check backs, all they are is make sure the person is still kind of paying attention with you.

00:13:24:15 - 00:13:25:05


00:13:27:13 - 00:13:29:01

Can you repeat that, please?

00:13:30:09 - 00:13:42:12

I was saying, you know, we are a consulting firm. You know, we work for our clients and on one particular company. So we do all the searching and shopping for you. So our goal is to figure out specifically what's the best rates and benefits so we can get you.

00:13:44:08 - 00:13:47:10

Now, were you looking benefits just for yourself when you were looking?

00:13:49:02 - 00:13:53:24

Yes. Okay. And it is business A, you typically handle yourself.

00:13:56:13 - 00:13:57:03


00:13:59:14 - 00:14:02:04

Yes. My husband doesn't need any.

00:14:03:24 - 00:14:05:02

Oh, okay. How come.

00:14:05:18 - 00:14:06:10

Nobody has it.

00:14:08:07 - 00:14:09:19

That you already have a policy out?

00:14:10:17 - 00:14:11:14

Yes, he does.

00:14:12:05 - 00:14:16:03

Oh, okay. But you don't have a policy yourself, right?

00:14:16:18 - 00:14:18:19

No, I don't. Okay.

00:14:18:21 - 00:14:23:16

Right. And would it be like a first policy or have you had something in the past?

00:14:25:11 - 00:14:31:13

No. Okay. If you were to get a policy. Who would the beneficiary be?

00:14:36:21 - 00:14:39:17

I haven't narrowed that down. Exactly.

00:14:40:10 - 00:14:41:00


00:14:43:13 - 00:14:45:04

Okay. Probably one of my sons.

00:14:48:06 - 00:14:49:02

Probably the oldest.

00:14:49:17 - 00:14:51:20

But I can't do anything right now.

00:14:52:17 - 00:14:54:18

So she just hung up there, okay? Yeah.

00:14:56:10 - 00:15:03:18

She seemed a little bit off, like as far as being able like kind of with it. She's like kind of sounded like not super with it, to be honest with you.

00:15:03:20 - 00:15:07:13

But yeah, she seemed kind of often like she couldn't hear them either too.

00:15:08:00 - 00:15:08:15


00:15:09:02 - 00:15:19:21

Yeah, we'll definitely have to fix that because I didn't realize it was that bad on the calls. Uh, where the hell does that? Okay. All right. So two minutes before cons.

00:15:23:10 - 00:15:24:00


00:15:25:05 - 00:15:26:19

It's 243 here.

00:15:32:06 - 00:15:33:09

Hello? It's Rodney.

00:15:34:08 - 00:15:36:10

Hey, Rodney. How's everything been today?

00:15:37:08 - 00:15:37:23

All right.

00:15:38:00 - 00:16:04:21

Are you good to hear? Yeah. My day's doing good so far. Listen, my name is Wesley at Senior Life Services. It's like we're calling you because you, while back, you spoke with one of our representatives about state regulated life insurance programs for 40 years. And my job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions that you'd have. Let me just confirm some information. Are you still at 116 Lake Morton? 307.

00:16:06:03 - 00:16:08:23

Yeah, well, we declined.

00:16:09:00 - 00:16:11:06

Uh, we didn't want any of that insurance.

00:16:12:18 - 00:16:13:20

Okay, well, how come.

00:16:15:12 - 00:16:18:08

We don't need it? We got it. Got insurance.

00:16:19:13 - 00:16:23:19

Want me to confirm some information? Are you still at 116 lake?

00:16:25:02 - 00:16:50:12

So another thing like even with that like more start gearing everything toward assumption, like let me confirm some information. I wouldn't even ask, are you. I have you at blah blah, blah, blah, blah. And if they moved, you just blame it on whatever the back office be like, Oh man, they must not have updated it when you moved. Okay, let me correct that in your file. All right. And have your date of birth as this. I know that can't change and blah, blah, blah, you know?

00:16:51:19 - 00:16:53:00

Mhm. Okay. Yeah.

00:16:53:02 - 00:17:04:21

So just guess no questions in the intro. Like you're not asking a bunch of questions, you're just kind of making the first four seconds, you're just confirming, telling them who you are and getting them to confirm information.

00:17:06:13 - 00:17:15:20

It's like the same reason, like. Were you in there with Malia when I told her that I never actually confirmed this? Like, I'm not going to say. And have your favorite colors, Red.

00:17:16:15 - 00:17:17:15

No, it wasn't there.

00:17:17:19 - 00:17:35:10

Okay. Because it's because what if they're having a good day? Like their bad days could be red When he told the representative and then their good days could be blue. Like, don't believe. That's a good question. For that, I'll always talk about favorite food or favorite activity because that's something I can use for rapport, but not I just skipped that entirely.

00:17:37:14 - 00:17:58:03

And then Nikki said, unless they're like, I don't remember this and they keep arguing with you. It's like, yeah, I mean, it was a really quick call. You said your favorite color was red, but a lot of the time is like, Oh, I don't remember doing this, so I'm not interested. So yeah, I don't mean the best one for me is like, Yeah, I don't remember what I had for dinner two nights ago. So anyway, I do have your info right here. Here it is.

00:17:59:23 - 00:18:00:17

Okay. So.

00:18:02:11 - 00:18:07:05

The little baggies, said no questions in the intro and then assume the information.

00:18:07:24 - 00:18:09:11

Yep. Assume it's right.

00:18:10:21 - 00:18:11:11


00:18:11:24 - 00:18:15:01

Yeah. Almost like you're just. You're just dictating it to them. Hey, Ida.

00:18:15:06 - 00:18:16:15

Assuming the whole time.

00:18:16:23 - 00:18:18:05

Yeah, it really is the whole time.

00:18:19:00 - 00:18:19:15


00:18:19:24 - 00:18:47:10

Like Malaya. Like you were in there when was like that? Mae. Malaya. Instead of closing and, you know, finishing with the presentation, she kind of like. All right, so are we going to do the 20,000? Even though she had just okay, even though she had just picked the 20,000. So, you know, it just seems kind of crazy to confirm over and over again. That's that's how people get weary of you. And like this, this person know what they're really doing and then they might just kind of back out of the sale even after getting the banking and social out of them.

00:18:49:01 - 00:18:49:16


00:18:49:18 - 00:18:51:15

Yeah. Zero seven.

00:18:52:23 - 00:18:53:13


00:18:53:15 - 00:18:58:01

Oh, we declined. We didn't want any of that insurance.

00:18:59:13 - 00:19:00:15

Okay, well, how come?

00:19:02:03 - 00:19:34:02

Okay. I mean, that's not much to do with that. We did. Like, you're not going to hear that that often. You declined. It would I might have just said, Oh, what do you mean you declined it? Did they, you know, would just be like, did they put an application in and you withdraw it or they declined you because of medical reasons? What what do you mean by that? It's okay to be a little blunt, because I don't know what he means by that. We declined or they declined you. So. Because if they declined him, that might be a really good opportunity because no matter what, as long as the guy's under between 50 and 80, you'll be able to get him something.

00:19:34:11 - 00:19:35:22

Yeah. Yeah.

00:19:37:02 - 00:19:40:08

We don't need it. We got it. Got insurance already?

00:19:41:02 - 00:19:44:09

Okay, so you. Is that like a policy that you've had for a while?

00:19:46:12 - 00:19:49:14

$100,000. Life insurance policy.

00:19:50:13 - 00:19:52:11

500,000. Do you know if that's a term.

00:19:52:13 - 00:20:22:11

Policy or a roll call? No. Just get because, like like Matt said a couple of days ago, it's like, um, once you like, you know, you really know the products and that's like the real skill comes in. And so it's like, I mean, I know it's firm and whole life, but they're just, you know, feel like there's some pieces I need to, you know, fill in. But I still want to work that that route because it just feels like that's the best route to go down because like, oh, I have a $500,000 payout.

00:20:22:13 - 00:20:41:06

And it's like, okay, if that sounds like a term policy, um. And, you know, then a lot of notes like, well, you know, your premiums could go up, you know, every 3 to 5 years. And then you play the what happens after 80. Like I'm trying to. I don't know. Maybe talk them out of it. Don't know.

00:20:41:18 - 00:21:05:01

Yeah. And you're not going to be able to do that. And in early on in the call, you really have to get much deeper to start talking about that because nobody, like nobody wants to feel stupid. Like you're telling them that what they have is garbage or something. And but and they they went and bought it. Like if I bought a brand new truck and you came up and said it was garbage, I really wouldn't like that opinion. Like, I like, I liked it. That's why I bought it.

00:21:05:19 - 00:21:06:22

Yeah. Okay.

00:21:07:01 - 00:21:23:17

So. But you're not gonna. Yeah, you're not gonna be able to convince people to do that. And I don't believe him anyway. Like, I don't believe he's got $500,000 in coverage. So I do want to listen to the rest just to see what else he says that confirms what I'm thinking.

00:21:24:04 - 00:21:27:06

Oh, no, it's probably. Who

00:21:29:09 - 00:21:30:20

are you calling? Um.

00:21:33:07 - 00:21:33:23

That bank.

00:21:34:08 - 00:21:35:10

A credit union?

00:21:36:21 - 00:21:52:21

Yep. 100%. It's an if he does, it's an accidental policy. Credit unions are not allowed to sell a whole life or a term life policies. They can only sell accidental. So he's probably paying almost nothing for it. Because if he doesn't die as a result of an accident, it doesn't pay out.

00:21:54:03 - 00:22:08:19

For a thing. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So I'll just, you know, just what you know, you know, with term policies, you know, they can go up there. Your premium, your monthly premium can go up every 3 to 5 years and you can actually lose benefits. On the other hand.

00:22:09:02 - 00:22:09:23

If not all of the.

00:22:10:00 - 00:22:12:13

Month, you know. So we couldn't beat that, too.

00:22:13:02 - 00:22:25:06

Yeah, I'm just saying, like, you know, but five years from now, once you reach a certain age, you know, that 75 could be 100 and then another 3 to 5 years, it'd be 125 and it would just keep going up. And then you could actually, you know.

00:22:26:00 - 00:22:58:19

So with these if you ever hear it from. But that's just something you learned right now. If you ever hear a credit unions or banks and some ridiculous number for a ridiculously low premium it's just accidental. And there's only. And there's only one way to handle it. You don't want to be like, you know, that's just accidental, right? You want to be like, okay, so you decided to get an accidental policy. That's, you know, that's very smart of you. So and then assume like, okay, so what you're trying to do now is get a, you know, a full whole life that'll pay out no matter what. And that if the guy's you know, if he's it's like, no, no, no.

00:22:58:21 - 00:23:30:22

It's whole life. Like, okay, well, yeah, let me do some math real quick. I'd be like, like, I just don't see how they would do that. Bob I mean, 500,000 said you're paying $30 a month. Okay. So it would take 16,666 months for them to get their money back, which is always their goal. Divide that by 12. So don't think you're going to live 1400 years, did they? Then I'll ask another question. Did they tell you this whole life or did you just it wasn't like you just kind of thought that.

00:23:33:05 - 00:23:34:00

Yeah. Okay.

00:23:34:10 - 00:23:49:11

That's kind of being a dick a little bit, but, hey, got get. I got them. I'm not telling them to cancel it. I'm saying, Okay, great. You got a $500,000 accidental policy. So I'm guessing you're looking for a policy that'll pay out in any circumstance? Correct?

00:23:51:19 - 00:24:13:11

But that's all. That's all come to you like Wesley. This is like a situation where it's like doing these types of things will make you good at this. And then, believe me, you will not have to like to make a thousand a week or whatever you're trying in 2000 a week, whatever. Trying to get it won't require as much as you think. But take it does take a little while to get get there. So but once you're there you're there and then you don't have to worry about it.

00:24:15:03 - 00:24:25:24

All right. So we'll move on to the next one, because that guy, he's either full of shit or he actually has a 500,000. But he's unaware, unwilling to admit that it's only for accidental.

00:24:28:17 - 00:24:38:15

Okay. And then, I mean, I just ignore. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go that far. I just ignore what they say for the most part in the beginning, because I find it all to be nonsense.

00:24:40:17 - 00:24:43:23

What's up? Huh? What's that?

00:24:47:18 - 00:24:48:08


00:24:54:17 - 00:24:55:11

What do you help with?

00:24:57:07 - 00:24:58:06

I'll just put it in.

00:24:58:15 - 00:25:10:15

Yeah, I'll put it in. But I got. I got to finish this first, though. But just. Just give me all the info. I'll put it in. Yeah. Your man. Just send me the recording and I'll just put it all in. Yeah. What's. What's he applying for?

00:25:11:18 - 00:25:12:09

You have to climb.

00:25:16:11 - 00:25:17:23

So try and preferred first.

00:25:19:06 - 00:25:19:21


00:25:21:21 - 00:25:23:04

Okay. She should be. She doesn't.

00:25:24:12 - 00:25:26:11

As long as she hasn't taken for two years. You're good.

00:25:29:03 - 00:25:29:21

Okay? Yeah.

00:25:30:18 - 00:25:36:20

It sells wax sometimes, man. Yeah. So. All right. Yeah, can do that. Just send me everything you got, and I'll put it right in.

00:25:37:12 - 00:25:38:02


00:25:42:06 - 00:25:46:16

Even better. Okay. Yeah. Not a problem, dude. Love it. Let me see. Here.

00:25:49:04 - 00:25:52:19

Oh, hey, Ralph. How's everything been today?

00:25:57:02 - 00:26:00:17

Is this Ralph Ralph Drane? Yes.

00:26:01:09 - 00:26:26:00

Okay, so the reason you're going to say it the same way every time, like, Hey, Ralph, how's everything been going out there in Chicago is like, I've gone over a couple of times, but you want to put them on their heels a little bit. They need to think that they know you for at least a second. So they're not like, this guy is just sitting there silent because he's like, What? It's like, let me see if this what else this guy says and see if I can pinpoint who he is so I can either, you know, hang up on him or decide to stay on the phone.

00:26:27:11 - 00:26:28:16

Okay. Yeah.

00:26:28:18 - 00:27:00:20

So I really would say I do mean like if you listen to my calls, I am I guess I don't sound like a robot, but if you actually put my calls next to each other, like, other than going off script and talking about nonsense, they say the exact same words every time because that's the only way to be super effective. Like. Like, don't even think about it because don't need to look at a script and eventually it will get that way and you'll design, you'll have your own little talks to it that'll, you know, that work better for you. But in the meantime, like let's got to stay on it.

00:27:02:06 - 00:27:03:07

Okay. All right.

00:27:04:00 - 00:27:05:06

Hey, How's everything been today?

00:27:06:12 - 00:27:07:04

A lot of rain.

00:27:08:07 - 00:27:10:23

Oh, yeah. Yeah, it looks like it's cloudy outside.

00:27:11:12 - 00:27:16:12

All right. You know, my name is Leslie at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because a while back, you spoke with one of them.

00:27:16:15 - 00:27:19:08

And if you want Wesley, like, I'll never tell you, you can't.

00:27:20:23 - 00:27:30:05

Like, do you prefer, uh, like if somebody says it's raining, do you prefer to take and run with that or do you prefer to ignore, like, the small talk in the beginning?

00:27:32:20 - 00:27:55:09

Um. I haven't built a preference on that yet just because, like, my experience so far has been they usually just say good and it's usually a who is this? And then just feel obligated to start the next line. So haven't had the practice yet of like building rapport off of it's raining outside.

00:27:55:21 - 00:28:26:20

Gotcha. Yeah. So I would be like, Hey, how's everything been going out there in Chicago? Oh, it's raining outside. Yeah. Mean it's Chicago, so yeah, it rains a lot. Chicago out here nonstop. So you mean you don't have. I would never say that. You need to, like, pursue a long conversation about the weather, but if it's raining here, it's like, oh, it's sunny. It can be where I'm at. Know? Yeah. Like, how long has it been raining? The stupid stuff that nobody cares about. But they. They don't mind that you're talking about it and it lets you transition easily. But think if. If I'm sorry.

00:28:26:22 - 00:28:27:12

Go ahead.

00:28:27:20 - 00:28:35:04

Yeah, it's definitely my goal to build rapport based off anything they give me. That's that's my goal to get to.

00:28:35:06 - 00:28:42:07

And then I think fixing your mic will help you tremendously. I'm so sorry we didn't even notice. But like, because you're always on Zoom and I can hear you just fine.

00:28:42:12 - 00:28:43:04

Yeah, it's.

00:28:43:06 - 00:28:43:24

It's crazy.

00:28:44:11 - 00:28:52:07

So what? Definitely might have you call me while I go, let the dogs out and just see if you can make changes to your settings. Okay?

00:28:52:20 - 00:28:59:04

Yeah. One of our representatives about state regulated life insurance programs. Do you remember doing that? Yes.

00:29:01:05 - 00:29:03:03

So we're not going to do that no more. But he remembers.

00:29:03:05 - 00:29:32:00

That's good. Some information you give our representative. I have a birthday at two five, 1970. Yes. All right. And I have an email. Is Ralph Drain 1205 at Gmail? Yes. All right. And it looks like you're looking for coverage around 30,000, is that correct? Yes. All right. And the beneficiary is Dominic Drain. Is that like your son? Yeah.

00:29:33:19 - 00:29:40:08

All right. And how old your son. How old Your son?

00:29:42:10 - 00:29:45:02

13. 13

00:29:46:19 - 00:29:47:12

years. Nice.

00:29:48:07 - 00:30:01:09

All right. So, Ralph, we are consultant firm, which means we work for our clients, not one particular company. So our goal is to always figure out what give you specifically the best rates and benefits. You with me on that?

00:30:03:19 - 00:30:08:11

Uh huh. Okay, great. Is this business that you typically handle yourself?

00:30:09:04 - 00:30:10:24

Yes. So this is.

00:30:11:04 - 00:30:11:19

A lot of.

00:30:15:14 - 00:30:16:05

Uh, which one?

00:30:18:14 - 00:30:22:17

I thought that guy was approved. Wasn't the to the 2501.

00:30:26:23 - 00:30:28:15

Is. Let me know the name and I'll find out.

00:30:31:14 - 00:30:32:21

Let me answer this question real quick.

00:30:34:15 - 00:30:35:05


00:30:35:10 - 00:30:36:13

I thought he.

00:30:39:19 - 00:30:40:23

Oh, Peterson.

00:30:45:21 - 00:30:46:11


00:30:52:08 - 00:30:55:24

All right, I'll look in one second. Yep. Timothy Peterson. Okay. Got it.

00:30:56:07 - 00:31:01:07

And then we have your son as your beneficiary. Is there another person you wanted to add as a contingency?

00:31:03:21 - 00:31:04:16

Um, yes.

00:31:06:09 - 00:31:08:04

All right. And who would that be?

00:31:08:24 - 00:31:10:04

Tabatha Lopez.

00:31:12:09 - 00:31:28:18

Very good. This is like. This is much more like structure. You got through the intro. He agreed. The only thing they did is that was even remotely wrong was like asking him if he remembers. But he won't do that anymore. So it'll be better. He probably will do it because it's hard to break a habit, but eventually you won't.

00:31:29:02 - 00:31:59:11

Yeah. Have index cards in front of me, like on my wall. And I kind of just handwrote that intro because. Because had like an entire day where I dialed and whenever I don't know, I just thought asking them, you know, would they remember that would just keep them engaged because I was getting hung up on in the middle of my name is Lisa over here at Senior Life Services. And I'd get to like my, you know, before I'd like say the line of my job as you go over those benefits with you.

00:31:59:13 - 00:32:20:11

And then it was like before I could confirm the information, they were giving an objection. So I was wanting to like, um, prevent them saying like, oh, don't remember doing that since I'm calling like bleed. So it's like 90 days old and, you know, don't know if they will remember that. So thought I'd just try to like, make them remember. Right doing that.

00:32:21:24 - 00:32:44:16

But if you're going to if you were going to say that, you would want to be the you would want to have confirmed all the information before you say you remember that and you said your favorite color was blue. Do you remember that? Because otherwise they're not really not going to remember if there's no something to back it up. Like you can't say it before confirming the info. Um, but it's just not a good idea to ask that question or any questions that they can give, either lies or negative answers.

00:32:45:13 - 00:32:46:03


00:32:46:06 - 00:33:18:06

So that's why it's like, uh. Hey, Bob. How's everything been going on? Okay, great. And then if they say it like. Oh, not interested, it's like, Well, I should hope not. Yeah, I mean, I'm not even. You can kind of be like, say, whatever, because if they're going to hang up on you, they're going to hang up on you. It's like if you're going to blast through it, you can just be like like, yeah, man. Don't remember what I had for dinner last night. No, it's. It's brutal getting ready and then just move on. Like you don't care. Like, it's almost like an attitude of not caring, So. But this guy's. He's following. He's fallen right along with Tabitha.

00:33:19:13 - 00:33:20:07

That's my girlfriend.

00:33:20:19 - 00:33:23:09

Girlfriend? Nice. How long I've been together?

00:33:24:15 - 00:33:25:08

12 years.

00:33:25:24 - 00:33:26:20

Old. Years.

00:33:27:10 - 00:33:35:03

Fiance yet? Yeah, Yeah, I know. My wife, she bugged me for years for me to propose. I finally cave in.

00:33:36:23 - 00:33:39:17

All right, Now, would this be like a first policy for you?

00:33:40:03 - 00:33:45:12

Okay, that's. That's the rapport. I mean, you can throw things in like that the entire time. Yeah. Anything very.

00:33:45:23 - 00:33:51:20

That felt very natural to do. Like when he was like that, this call felt really good. Like, wish every call was like this.

00:33:53:14 - 00:33:54:04


00:33:54:18 - 00:33:57:24

I kind of want to know now what happens in the end?

00:34:00:12 - 00:34:02:17

Um, I think he hangs up on me.

00:34:03:04 - 00:34:04:14

Okay. Let's find out.

00:34:05:20 - 00:34:06:11


00:34:07:23 - 00:34:14:02

All right. So this would be the first money that your son Dominic would see when you pass? Yes.

00:34:16:02 - 00:34:22:19

All right. And have you ever had to go through the process of burying someone yourself? Yes.

00:34:24:15 - 00:34:37:24

All right. Yeah, I had to. I was in the military, so I had some some buddies that passed away, so I definitely know the pain. And yeah, definitely, probably a goal. So that doesn't happen to Dominic.

00:34:38:13 - 00:34:40:17

Whenever when you ask this question.

00:34:42:08 - 00:35:12:13

It's always good to relate to them. And I don't know if you do this, you might do it right after I'm about to say this, but it's like, okay, who did you have to take care of? Like start getting them to almost they're not you're not going to pry and make them describe every detail, but if they're the ones be like, Yeah, had to go down here. I was like, Yeah, you had to be the one. Like you had to be the one to go down to the funeral home and arrange everything, you know, pay for everything. Yeah. Did that person have insurance? Yeah, they did. Okay, so they made it really easy for you. So that's what you're trying to do too, I'm guessing.

00:35:12:15 - 00:35:22:15

Just make it easy for them. Pay it forward. Yep, yep, yep. And then they're kind of like sold right there because I'm like, Oh, somebody left me money to take care of their stuff, so I should probably do the same,

00:35:24:08 - 00:35:28:06

especially if it's a parent like a mom or dad or something. Right?

00:35:29:07 - 00:35:39:05

All right. So information, what's what's your current address? So we can have the right address and package it out to you?

00:35:39:18 - 00:35:43:00

All right. 2236. Here's three.

00:35:45:04 - 00:35:47:02

Here. Like. Like a doc?

00:35:47:14 - 00:35:52:18

Yeah, like p r e r e Street house.

00:35:54:10 - 00:35:56:05

Right. What city is that in?

00:35:56:15 - 00:35:59:03

Hollywood. Hollywood.

00:36:03:12 - 00:36:05:22

All right. You know the zip code on that.

00:36:06:17 - 00:36:10:13

Three, three. Oh 202. Oh, nice.

00:36:14:11 - 00:36:20:14

All right. And and Ralph, are you are you a smoker or non smoker?

00:36:20:23 - 00:36:24:06

No, smoker. Um, so very nice.

00:36:25:12 - 00:36:26:22

Give you a discount on that.

00:36:30:06 - 00:36:59:23

Looking to something. All right, Ralph. Based on everything you said to me, it looks like a whole life policy. It's definitely going to be the perfect fit for you. Let me just tell you why real quick. So all our plans offer a number of benefits for senior life services. Works with many reputable insurance companies. As a quickly growing company, we have made many insurance company designed products specifically for our customers unique situations, and they must be state and federally regulated and backed by the government.

00:37:00:06 - 00:37:11:06

So you're saying these words really crystal clear and very well. As soon as you get rid of that echo, it's going to sound awesome. Like you're hitting this this section just like gold. That's exactly how I said.

00:37:12:13 - 00:37:49:16

They are state approved whole life plans, which means the premium never goes up and the benefit never goes down, which makes sure, you know, Dominic or Tabitha won't have to suddenly come up with the wheelbarrow full of cash. The benefit paid to your family is 100% tax free, and unlike most companies, they pay out immediately, usually between 24 and 48 hours. And we require an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. You follow me so far? Yes. All right, Ralph, now that you told me about yourself and you know why this is important to you, what I want to do now is take some time to ask you some health questions.

00:37:49:18 - 00:37:58:10

Whenever you look at life insurance or policies that pay for final expenses, you always want to be asked health questions. They could allows you to get a better plan.

00:37:59:11 - 00:38:03:24

Yeah. Don't know why he lost them, but that was very good. So it really doesn't matter to me.

00:38:04:16 - 00:38:20:01

I called him back too, because I was like, Oh, maybe went through a tunnel. I don't know. I mean, it's no tunnels in Florida, but, you know, so I was just like, all right, I'll call you back. And you didn't answer. So I think left him a voicemail as well. Just, you know, say, oh, I think we got disconnected and.

00:38:21:00 - 00:38:52:12

There. You obviously did it. 28 seconds isn't three seconds. So yeah, you must have left him something. But that's just weird. But some people mean you're going to you're going to see it all. I've seen it all. Like some people have done that to me, even though think everything's going great. And I mentioned I'm going to ask him some health questions and click and it's like, I know now why it's in. Most of the time it's because you're probably talking to somebody that is in very poor health and maybe some other person told him they couldn't do anything for him or they got declined or something like that happen.

00:38:52:24 - 00:39:16:09

But the beauty with us is like, as long as they're 50 to 80, we can ensure them. So I will call people back like that and be like, Hey, like hopefully they pick up. If they don't, I'd still leave a message be like, Hey, we can ensure anybody 50 to 80 don't know what happened there. And I'll be real direct like don't know what happened there. Maybe you didn't like the health questions, but no matter what, we can find something for you. So give me a call back. I set an appointment. I'm going to call you tomorrow. Bye.

00:39:19:03 - 00:39:39:17

So just I just have to like for me, I have to logically try to figure out why they did it. And then usually that's the reason it happens again. Okay. So, all right, man, I'm going to stop this and I'm going to go let these dogs out. But think, yeah, if you want to call. All right. You can call me if you want, and we'll find out what's going on with the mic.

00:39:41:02 - 00:39:43:05

Okay. All right. So let me stop.

See the Full Video Here: Wesley Strickland Live Sales Calls

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