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Wesley Strickland Live Sales Calls

Updated: Apr 15

See the Full Video Here: Wesley Strickland Live Sales Calls

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All right. So basically you want to look at intro mean? A lot of these calls are going to be intros so my care is I'm just going to start right here. This is five minutes. This is today I believe so it is 532. Sounds like a good one to start. Good as any.

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And. Hello.

00:00:21:13 - 00:00:22:05

Go ahead, sir.

00:00:23:14 - 00:00:26:02

I'll just say, I think I remember this one.

00:00:26:24 - 00:00:27:15

Okay, good.

00:00:29:13 - 00:00:30:04

Hey, Pat.

00:00:30:21 - 00:00:32:15

Thought I was everything then today.

00:00:33:09 - 00:00:41:21

I do notice that a lot on your calls that fade always like. Is it like, what kind of headset are you using?

00:00:43:00 - 00:00:48:09

My head. Like my headset. I use an external mic. I have like $200 external mic.

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Okay. As long as it doesn't bother clients. But you hear this. That's great to hear. Noise.

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My name is Wesley over here.

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Like all the entire call.

00:00:58:01 - 00:01:00:03

Yeah, it sounds echoey.

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So that could. That could be hurting a little bit, but it's all about, like, little tiny improvements. And that could be hurting you a little bit, though. Okay. Not as bad as Lex's shit. Yeah, last week, but that could hurt, you know, like services.

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It looks like a while back you went on a website requesting information about state regulated life insurance programs for Florida.

00:01:20:16 - 00:01:23:06

Oh, I've got some already, honey.

00:01:24:02 - 00:01:24:18

Oh, you do?

00:01:25:04 - 00:01:26:16


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Damn. Yeah, that's probably why I got your file. You know, we also do policy reviews as well.

00:01:32:08 - 00:01:50:13

Okay, so first thing, here's a rebuttal for you. Oh, already took care of that. I you know, I already have that. It's like, okay, that's that's very good because a lot of people already do. Most people that I talked to already have some kind of coverage in place and they're just looking for additional or they're trying to find a better rate. So which which one is it for you?

00:01:52:01 - 00:02:02:05

Like something like that? Like it's got to be more. Yeah. Because it doesn't have to be. Super elegant. It just has to get them past the initial objection.

00:02:03:12 - 00:02:12:00

Okay. So it'd be like most of my clients, um, also have policies. Were you looking for additional coverage or final expense?

00:02:13:07 - 00:02:34:13

Yeah. Like, were you looking for additional or are you trying to find a better rate or. And then and then if they say, Oh, I don't know neither. Okay. How long ago did you set that policy up? Was it a while back or is it pretty recent? Just more and more questions until they finally, you know, break down and start answering them. Okay. All right. So let's try this.

00:02:34:21 - 00:02:36:23

Okay. So how did you decide to go?

00:02:37:00 - 00:02:47:17

With what, big time? Yeah, you're gonna have to fix that because that that might throw people off if they. If it sounds like that, they think scammer. It's like, why? Why isn't the phone coming through clear?

00:02:47:23 - 00:02:51:06

I mean, does it sound like that on Zoom though?

00:02:52:11 - 00:02:54:17

Uh, no, not on Zoom.

00:02:55:11 - 00:03:02:18

It's weird because don't have a problem with Zoom or Discord or anything. Don't. Always thought it would be the same quality on the connect.

00:03:03:09 - 00:03:10:06

Yeah. I mean, I hear that. Let's try. Let's just try another one real quick just to see if it's all. They're all like that.

00:03:11:19 - 00:03:12:18

All right. Play.

00:03:16:13 - 00:03:17:03


00:03:20:10 - 00:03:21:03

I don't know.

00:03:22:24 - 00:03:24:15

Yeah, definitely is there. Okay.

00:03:26:07 - 00:03:36:11

I mean, I'm not a technological whiz, but it's like if you're if you know, if you know how to goof around with it, you can always call me on it a bunch of times and then keep making adjustments until it goes away.

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00:03:38:03 - 00:03:39:15

Yeah. Can adjust my game.

00:03:40:08 - 00:03:52:13

Yeah, because if it makes some adjustment, I mean, that's a good. We'll do that right after this because I don't want you to have to be at a disadvantage on all these calls, but you come through crystal clear here. So yeah, like I said, like you said, don't have no idea.

00:03:54:07 - 00:03:57:13

All right. So that's it here for Florida.

00:03:57:15 - 00:04:00:23

So how did you decide to go with it?

00:04:02:14 - 00:04:11:22

Oh, God, I can't think right now in one of those days. It's American. Oh, wait a minute.

00:04:12:02 - 00:04:14:12

Over here. Yeah. American home life.

00:04:15:08 - 00:04:17:10

I don't.

00:04:19:09 - 00:04:21:03

Like it.

00:04:25:03 - 00:04:25:18

Well, here

00:04:28:23 - 00:04:29:13

we go.

00:04:33:18 - 00:04:39:03

There are certain things I wasn't gonna like. Keep talking. It's kind of like giving her time here.

00:04:46:13 - 00:05:13:11

Yeah. The reason why I just, you know, wanted to ask is, you know, there are term policies that every 3 to 5 years will increase the premium rate and then they usually don't tell you what happens after the age of 80 where they'll cancel your policy and yeah, and then you don't get any money out of it and no benefits. So why would you want insurance that may cancel before you go, you know?

00:05:15:12 - 00:05:17:17

That's right. Yeah. Say anything about that.

00:05:18:14 - 00:05:45:06

And like companies like Global Life or AARP. Um, but, you know, with the whole life policy, it's the premium stays the same and the benefits never go away. And they're also backed by the government and state regulated and they require A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, you know, to ensure that when the time comes for the benefits to be paid out, it's, you know, guaranteed afterwards.

00:05:46:10 - 00:06:05:03

But I'm not a big fan of getting like granular with people like early on, Like, it's like because if it's it's not going to help me like, like I'm not trying to bash their policy or talk about their policy except for like if they say if they say, oh, I already got a policy, I will simply be like.

00:06:09:04 - 00:06:41:09

Uh. So sorry. Telling me something, John. You saw it? See it? Um. So if they say something like, Oh, I already took care of that. Okay, well, that's very good for you. I'm very glad you did. Um, so I do have some information that I'm going to verify. You know, it doesn't matter. Whatever. Whatever blow off you want to give them. But in general, you want to be like, Yeah, a lot of clients that I talked to already do. So I'm just going to confirm this information. We'll figure out if can even help you. That's actually a decent one too, because then you can just go right into verifying the info because I don't know if I can even help you.

00:06:41:11 - 00:06:44:03

And then people don't hear that very often from salespeople.

00:06:44:18 - 00:06:45:08


00:06:46:08 - 00:06:48:04

So let's pick another one.

00:06:54:05 - 00:06:56:13

This is 1 minute to 25 seconds.

00:07:02:24 - 00:07:06:00

Hello. Hey, Norma. How's everything been today?

00:07:06:02 - 00:07:18:20

At least you're waiting for them to answer some people. Literally. As soon as the phone picks up, they say, Hey, Bob. And then, like, you know, that's not how phone calls work. So I appreciate that. I appreciate that. They're supposed to say hello before you say hello. Okay.

00:07:19:13 - 00:07:20:15

Everything okay?

00:07:21:05 - 00:07:33:24

That's great to hear. My name is Wesley here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling, like a while back, you spoke with one of our representatives about state regulated life insurance programs for Florida. Do you remember doing that?

00:07:35:00 - 00:07:35:15


00:07:35:21 - 00:07:53:16

All right. So never say that again. If you ask them, do they remember doing it? That's too much of an, uh. It's too much. They can easily lie to you. They can. They can always say no. Like questions like that, where it can only go badly for you. Because how many people are really saying yes.

00:07:54:16 - 00:07:55:06

Not a lot.

00:07:55:13 - 00:08:28:14

Okay. Because if they say yes, I mean, that'd be awesome, but. But but just. I'm just assuming. So it's like, uh, let's take this, uh, need a different screen. So let's take Ida. Uh, hey, how's everything been going out there in Chicago? Oh, pretty good. Pretty good. It's, you know, it's cold and it's ugly. Yeah, well, hopefully, you know, in a couple of months, it'll actually pick up and be nice. So this is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason for my call is you had spoken with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for Illinois.

00:08:28:17 - 00:08:59:05

My job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So I'm going to confirm this info to make sure it's right. I have your date of birth as two 1061. Yep. Coverage amount between 5 and 50,000. Pretty big range there. But we'll we'll narrow that down and have you as a non-smoker and I understand that your daughter is going to be your beneficiary or is that correct? So, you know, you see how that's assumptive like all the way through. It's like your daughter is going to be you don't say. And your daughter would be.

00:08:59:07 - 00:09:26:22

That's like it is same same reason where I say, um, when you pass instead of if you know, people say if something happens to you like something's going to happen to you, even if it's old age. So, you know, there's no reason to sugarcoat that kind of stuff. All right. So let's Yeah, so don't ask. Yeah. Mean don't any questions that you don't want the answer to. Definitely don't ask. Pretend like you're a lawyer, just like you're supposed to know what they're going to say in this day and not be surprised by it.

00:09:28:18 - 00:09:31:12

All right, so let's see. Here's 244.

00:09:36:13 - 00:09:39:19

Hello. Hey, Tim. One. How is everything been today?

00:09:41:01 - 00:09:42:08

I'm doing fine, thank you.

00:09:43:03 - 00:09:55:09

That's great to hear. My name is Wesley at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because a while back, you spoke with one of our representatives about state regulated life insurance programs report. Hey, do you remember doing that?

00:09:56:20 - 00:09:57:10


00:09:59:15 - 00:10:01:01

It's way too choppy.

00:10:02:20 - 00:10:11:10

Yeah, that's what we've been talking about. He's been using as he's using an external mic. Like, I hear him fine on Zoom. But yeah, all of his calls sound like that.

00:10:12:00 - 00:10:18:17

Yeah, I hear you find on on Zoom too. So I don't know why. It's why it's doing that. Um.

00:10:19:16 - 00:10:22:00

I wonder if Connect has like.

00:10:22:05 - 00:10:24:12

Are you sharing your screen right now?

00:10:25:05 - 00:10:27:14

No, I'm playing cause I'm sharing mine.

00:10:28:06 - 00:10:36:20

Okay. I guess after this, we can look and see and see if the microphone is actually hooked up properly to his Kinect phone.

00:10:37:08 - 00:10:47:15

Yeah, I mean, my headset does have a mic. I've played around with my audio settings. I've had, like, the little. I'm still trying to figure out how to get that to work, but I'm pretty sure I can get my headset mike to work.

00:10:48:11 - 00:10:49:01


00:10:49:13 - 00:10:59:01

If it comes down to it, but I'd like to use my yeti mic just because it. I've never had an issue with the audio quality before, so this is a surprise to me.

00:10:59:06 - 00:11:01:23

Oh, okay. Yeah, because it's weird. Because you could hear it, right?

00:11:02:00 - 00:11:05:00

Like a Yeah, just sounds like a humming.

00:11:05:07 - 00:11:07:07

Yeah, it's weird. Yeah.

00:11:08:18 - 00:11:18:00

Yeah, we noticed that. And then we're like, That could hurt you right there. That definitely is hurting. You mean there's no. There's no doubt about it. But. But we're still going to see what we can improve because.

00:11:20:07 - 00:11:25:17

Um. Yes, I do. But I can't. I can't do anything about that right now.

00:11:27:06 - 00:11:33:24

Okay. I completely understand you. It's just my job to get this information to you as soon as possible so you can make a decision.

00:11:35:02 - 00:11:37:09

Okay? Then can continue.

00:11:37:11 - 00:11:48:04

Hopefully we can find some information real quick. Um, it's. I have an email for genuine