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Website Tutorial/Script Training

Watch the Full Video Here: Website Tutorial/Script Training

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So with the objections.

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Is this. I don't know if I can make this bigger. Is this helpful? Yeah, That's.

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Great. That's great.

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Okay. Because they saw only a couple messages, so I don't know if this if you're a brand new. Does this make sense?

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And this is pretty much, uh, as you know, Nathan, this is pretty much exactly what I say.

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Could you make it a little. That's the only thing. The only thing you say differently. It's like you say a whole life instead of, like, another word that you put down there. Oh, if it's the right type, like. Haven't heard you say it's the right type.

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Yeah, Because. Because. Because. Think that would actually be more helpful. Think that's a good thing to say?

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I've never said it. And I'm like, And then as I was writing it, it's like, that's a good thing to throw in there.

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Because if you say whole life, then they could just easily say a whole life as like a way to get out of the conversation, because a lot of times they'll say a whole life and then it's not actually a whole life. Once you go into the policy review or you find out it's something else. Do you guys hear that echo that I hear?

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Yeah. I think Alvaro needs to mute himself. There we go.

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Okay. Okay. Now that works. Yeah.

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Yeah. Um, but yeah, as long, like, you can do this for almost all of them. And I would say a lot of people put a lot of good work in yesterday so that like, but I think this is this if somebody handed me this stuff, this would have been so much faster. If you're just like, okay, it's like, this is an objection that you're going to get a lot. I'm a big proponent of handling the objection almost immediately because like everything everybody's saying, like when you're, you know, when call bleeds, like all those four hours of bleeds, like they're the same leads that everybody else gets. And it's like, well, as long as you can get through the first 3 or 4 minutes and get them to actually agree that they're looking for additional coverage or their first policy, the rest of it isn't that difficult.

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Like we're just like the main thing that I covered with Elizabeth is if you can get through the intro, do that. Well, they will listen because you're just being assertive and aggressive. And then as soon as you get them to, you know, the bottom of page one where you're basically discussing what is the goal of the policy, that ends up being the most important part. Obviously, the intro is the most important part in the beginning because you have to be able to get through that and have some, you know, be assertive throughout the phone call. But once you are at this, then it's really not.

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You know, if you get to like if you're dealing with this.

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And you're able to handle this well. They will let you continue. It's almost like you're not even asking permission. Does that make sense? Like with this this flowchart here?

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I have a question. Is there a way you could print that out? Because for like new people, that would be just so useful to just have that like in their like at their desk next to their script. Is that like something you could print out?

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Yeah, I'm gonna put it. I'm like, This is just a test run for one objection. But there's a lot of them, so, you know, might as well just do one. It'll be very similar to, um.

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So I'm just trying to. Mean, guys, I'm always gonna look for ways to improve the training. I mean, obviously, we can't do anything like the talk time is kind of on you guys, but the training and as far as, you know, getting better at this stuff. So resources.

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Like you have the objections here, obviously. But I think it's simpler.

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Oh, that's so much better. Much. It's. It flows like it's supposed to.

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Because there has to be questions like. Like every single one of these here kind of assume that the agent can come up with their own question. But if you're brand new, you might not know what the next question is, because with the flowchart here and Nathan, you've gotten good at this over time, you know that you can't just give a rebuttal and then just you just stop talking forever until they say, Oh, yes, everything you said is exactly correct. And I'd like to continue and buy this life insurance, please. So they have you have to continue with you know, you have to ask a question.

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So why don't somebody. Jacob, you want to be my test on me here? I'll just I'll tell you this, and then you just start running through it.

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All right. So, um. Ring, ring, ring. I say hello. Hello?

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Hi, Ernie.

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I can speak with Earnest.

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Yes, it is. But I'm just trying to let you say, Hey, Earnest, how's everything going out in Vero Beach?

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Hey, Earnest. How's everything going on in.

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It's going okay. It's going okay. How are you doing?

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Great. Great.

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Sounds good. This is Jacob, Georgia, Seeing your life services Just calling you back. You spoke with one of my reps a while ago about our state regulated life insurance here for final expense.

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I don't remember doing that, so.

00:05:01:24 - 00:05:02:14

Oh, not a.

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Problem, you know. Don't you remember what I had for dinner last night? Let me just confirm the information you had provided.

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Uh, your last name. Your address is three, blah, blah, blah. And Beach, Florida. Is that correct? Yeah. Excellent. And you're looking for about $10,000 in coverage going to your daughter.

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Think already. Think. I already have some coverage. I got some coverage. Uh, I already have it.

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Oh, very good. It's good to have something in place. Uh, something's always better than nothing. Did you get that recently, or did you set that a while back?

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Uh, it was a while back. Um, like, I've had it for, like, ten years. I'm not replacing anything.

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Oh, okay. Good to go. Yeah, it's something you had that long. You want to keep that? You probably want to hold on to it. Probably the one. It's probably one of the companies we represent. How'd you get that through?

00:05:59:14 - 00:06:03:16

Uh, think that's through. Um, Mutual of Omaha.

00:06:04:17 - 00:06:12:04

Home. It's a good company and you got ten years ago. So it takes a couple of years for those policies to get active. Okay.

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We know that.

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Sorry to. Can you guys hear me? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I'm sorry to cut it off. When they start to get like, I don't want to give you that information. What do you care? I'm not telling you what I pay. I'm not telling you how much it is. What is a good, like, rebuttal when they get like that?

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So, okay. Is this just for additional coverage?

00:06:33:22 - 00:06:41:09

Yes, because they already have a policy. And I'm saying, okay, you know, it might be one of the companies we represent, you know. Who is it with? I'm not telling you that.

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That's okay. You don't have to be combative in the beginning if you don't want to, because you're never going to win an argument. So you'll probably end up on the hang up anyways. But if you could just kind of build some more report as you're going through the presentation and then later on you could gather the details if you want. Because really, like if we're not for that, yeah, because sometimes we're not really interested in replacing their coverage. We, you know, we're just trying to find out what they have just to see if they want additional coverage to get to enough to have a burial or cremation. Okay. So and then, Ernie, do you want to piggyback?

00:07:12:23 - 00:07:35:14

Yeah. So, Malaya, don't get thrown off of that. Like, if they say, Oh, don't like, I don't want to tell you, so I don't want to tell you how much they have. It's like, okay, yeah, we can come back to that. Like how much coverage. Yeah. You would do it exactly like Nikki said. So this must just be for additional. If they say no, no, no. I was like, okay, what number were you trying? And then I would just ask one more question like, what number were you trying to get to like total for coverage.

00:07:35:16 - 00:07:37:03

Because you were trying to do something.

00:07:37:05 - 00:07:41:01

If you submitted information, whether that just be thinking about it or.

00:07:42:13 - 00:07:43:06

Yeah, it's a good.

00:07:43:08 - 00:08:13:23

But it's a good point though. Like if you can't move past that and it's the same thing with like the beneficiary, I won't give you that information. Well, I do need to know who the money is going to so that way they can collect the check. It's like, Yeah, you don't need to know. You don't need to know that. And like, that's a that's a situation where I'd be like off the phone. Like, I'm not going to continue arguing with you, but I would eventually come back around and ask them, okay, so my goal is to find, you know, get your needs met. So how much coverage do you have in total? Like, I would still ask the question again, like, I'm not going to get thrown back.

00:08:14:00 - 00:08:16:16

I'll get off it for one second, but then I'm going to go.

00:08:16:18 - 00:08:17:13

Right back to it.

00:08:17:15 - 00:08:23:21

Yeah, because we have to find out what like what is the goal? Like if there is no goal, there is no sale.

00:08:24:04 - 00:08:28:17

That's a keyword. The goal. What's a goal? You're trying to do that same reason. Need to know that, Miss Jones.

00:08:29:08 - 00:08:31:14

Yeah, like that. Okay. Thank you guys.

00:08:31:16 - 00:08:39:09

The goal or like to say, what are you trying to accomplish? Everybody wants to accomplish something. So by the end of the call, we can accomplish something.

00:08:40:24 - 00:08:43:06

Oh, yes. Perfect. Thank you.

00:08:43:09 - 00:09:08:08

Yeah. And, well, and Jacob, obviously, it'll take a little polishing up for you to say it like this way as fast, but. Yeah, but, you know, I would practice like, this is the kind of stuff that you practice. Like somebody says this and that. Eventually you read this enough times or somebody just roll plays with you enough times like don't, don't care if we got a role play where it's drilled into your head where the flowchart becomes useless to you because you guys have it all memorized.

00:09:09:16 - 00:09:27:19

Yeah, I want to definitely rehearse self rehearse with this because this is a huge issue. This is like one of the major rebuttals. These folks say, I have insurance. It's like, Yeah, no, that's great, you have it. And by the time those words come out, it's great you have it. Click, you know, write something quick is also excellent. Okay.

00:09:27:23 - 00:10:00:22

And if and if this is too complicated, just and I showed him this and we talked about it and he said a lot of the time it's better just to acknowledge, okay, that's good that you already have some coverage. All right. And then just just go right back to the script, wherever you were. Um, that's where we differ a little bit because think this is an objection that needs to be handled and can also benefit you from them saying this like it doesn't have to be like, Oh, okay, now I'm going to be I'm going to present normal and then worry the entire time of how much coverage they have. And like, you know, what I'm trying to beat or how much additional coverage they need.

00:10:00:24 - 00:10:05:12

Like, I need answers to these questions if I if I'm going to qualify them correctly.

00:10:11:03 - 00:10:16:18

Does that make sense, guys like the goal of the policy? That's a big one because if you guys don't know the goal of the policy, that makes perfect sense.

00:10:16:20 - 00:10:24:23

That's what I was asking. When they get all you know, I'm not telling you nothing, you know, what's the next step? Because you kind of need that information to move forward.

00:10:25:17 - 00:10:56:08

The next step is if they continue after, you know, I would still try a couple times, but like and that's just about like changing your tone a little bit, which you're pretty good at already. It's just like. Like, like, listen, I'm just trying to help you. The reason I'm asking is because I don't want to. I don't want you to be over insured. I don't mean just however you want to say it. Like I don't want you to be over insured. I don't want you to be under-insured. I want you to have what you need. So, like, help me, help you, like, get to that point. And then if you're still in your nice tone, they're still combative, then whatever. Okay, well, then. And wish I could help you, but it doesn't sound like it's going to work out.

00:10:56:20 - 00:11:03:05

Got it. So at that point that they say don't need no, don't need nothing, don't need no more coverage, kind of just let them go or.

00:11:03:22 - 00:11:09:01

Yeah. Mean after a couple back and forth. I mean some people really do have, you know, all their stuff together.

00:11:09:10 - 00:11:10:06

Yeah. Yeah.

00:11:10:08 - 00:11:21:16

Like I have 30 minutes. Somebody could tell me I got 30 k it was five years ago. It's this price. And I'm like, you know, I've been here long enough to know what sounds accurate and what sounds ridiculous.

00:11:22:12 - 00:11:23:22

Got it? Yeah.

00:11:23:24 - 00:11:54:11

And what I learned last week through this was that woman that converted from Lincoln Heritage. When we play this, not play this, but when we have that interaction, she realizes our policies are better than what she was paying for. So even though she was reluctant to tell me what you had or anything, but just by me saying, Oh, okay, we're immediate, our coverage is immediate, the media kept using those words and that's when it hit her, Oh, crap, I'm paying for this for the past year without having any real coverage.

00:11:54:13 - 00:12:09:14

So I just say that because when we say this, it shows how superior. If it is better in occasions it won't be. But in most cases, these folks that are calling us these policies are better than what they have, these colonial or globe or whatever garbage.

00:12:10:17 - 00:12:42:00

So the style is like never like what this kind of stuff like this is not combative at all. It's very assertive because you're kind of ignoring them a little bit. And you should, especially if this is coming up soon. But sometimes this comes up like later on in the script like this be a first policy for, you know, already have coverage. Okay. It's probably one of the companies we represent. Like you could use a script and then but you want to get the information. So I'm basically showing you guys how to get the information that you need so that way it's easier to qualify them in down the road.

00:12:42:18 - 00:12:53:11

And what say, qualify, not health questions, just like what is the goal? How much are we trying to get to? Is there a sale here? Like this question can be answered. Is there a sale? There can be answered right here.

00:12:55:04 - 00:13:00:12

If there's no coverage, obviously. Then you don't have to deal with it. This objection doesn't make any sense.

00:13:02:00 - 00:13:16:16

But I would still ask those same questions like Elizabeth, Were you able to do that yesterday? Like ask them a couple questions about like, no, you know, we need to work on intros because that's your, you know, first step. Um, but did you ask anybody the goal of the policy and was that helpful yesterday?

00:13:17:04 - 00:13:33:20

No. Did did ask a couple of people, you know, what's the goal? Um, some said my daughter. Others said my grandchildren. All right. But then, like like you said, everybody says, oh, I have some. I have some.

00:13:35:16 - 00:13:39:11

And that's because ten years one lady says she's had it since 1980.

00:13:40:06 - 00:13:41:08

Okay. And then when you.