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Varo Call Review

Watch the Full Video Here: Varo Call Review

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All right, guys, we're going to do a review of Alvaro. He started on Friday, so he's had basically third day on the phone as of today. We're listening to his Monday calls. So that would be a second day on the phone ever. We're going to go over. One particular call that he sent me was unable to close, but it's a pretty decent presentation. So we'll get to be able to pick it apart. And we're going to see a lot of a lot of stuff with this. All right. So have the script on one side and we'll just we'll see how it compares and see if there's anything we can change to make things better.

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Hey, James. How's everything going out there in Fort Lauderdale for you?

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Everything good?

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So you can hear the smile on his face? He's kind of he's happy to be talking to James also, Although the only thing I would do is maybe change it to Ben. How's everything been going? The little word might change a lot of stuff for you. It puts people on their toes a little more and allows you to get through the intro and move on to, you know, finding out if they actually need this. They can afford it and if their decision maker.

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Yeah, that's good to hear. James My name is Alvaro here at Senior Life Services. Reason I'm calling you because you had recently spoken with one of my reps regarding state regulated life insurance programs. My job is just simply to make sure that all the information you got from you is correct. He told me here that you were at 1011 Northwest 14th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Is that correct?

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That's correct.

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Wonderful. Wonderful. And he put here that you are not a smoker, correct?

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Nope. I don't smoke.

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Oh, that's good, man. Have you ever.

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So I don't know if you want to put he put here because that's the client. That's the one that did it. So I hear you put down that you're a non-smoker. If you want to say that, you put down that you're non smoker and you're right. So in their mind, yeah, okay. Even if they don't remember doing it, they they will at least admit to themselves, well I must have done it.

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For ever smoked at all before or.

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Yes, yes I did cigars and stuff, but I've been quit like 22 years.

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Oh, hey, man, props to you. That Really good for you, sir. I know a lot of people struggle with that is why did you quit? Just personal choice or

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You know, I'm like, I'm saying, you're talking to me and I'm talking to you. Something is be a habit we took up. That's what it be. That's. That's for anybody. Cause I explain it to a person. I there. I'm not being funny. We won't we want boring smoking but most everybody you see it just a habit they took up after they got a certain age. Yeah. Like drinking and stuff. That's that's a habit. Some people say, well I can't quit anything. You do. You can quit it.

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Yes, sir. Man, I agree with you. It's all a mindset. And you? There's nothing that's impossible, right?

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What? What you say now?

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No, I say it's all a mindset. Nothing in the world is impossible, right? Except for flying. But no. Things like that. People that say they can't quit or anything or. No, it's just. They just don't want to.

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What you just said you did.

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All right, so this is good. This is rapport. All it was like he's getting a feel for this type, this dude's personality, just by talking about smoking, congratulating him. Very simple stuff. You can use almost anything that they say to help yourself.

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Yeah, way, man. Props to you for quitting. I know it's very hard for some people, but you're able to do that. And he put here that your birthday is June 20th, 1949, correct?

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Hello? James, Can you hear me?

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Go ahead.

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Yeah. He put here that your birthday was June 20th, 1949.

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Wonderful. That would make you the young age of 73.

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That's right.

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Nice. Nice. And he said here that if you ever were looking to get life insurance, in that case, your beneficiary would be your spouse, correct? I.

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So big thing there. That can be a huge thing because now you just put it in his head. Like if he was ever to get life insurance, he's getting life insurance. So if they request that the information we're calling them or not information kiosk. So our goal is never to give them a bunch of rates and then hang up the phone and hopefully one day they they buy it. The goal is to basically help them facilitate that. So I would just say. So when you were looking I understand that we're going to be looking at getting you around $10,000 in coverage or I understand what you want to set up $20,000 in covers.

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And I understand the beneficiary. The money is going to go to your wife, is that correct? So don't put ifs in there. Don't like don't say if something happens to you. None of that. It's when because it really is when like we're all going to pass away one day saying things like if you know, makes them feel like they can put it off even further. Well, yeah, you're right. Like if. Yeah, who cares? You know, that's that's the attitude you want to get past.

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can't really. Can't really hear you there, James.

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I'm having trouble hearing you there, buddy.

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It will be my daughter.

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Oh, it would be your daughter? Yes. Wonderful. And what's her? I'm going to update our records here. And what's her lovely name?

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Anya and welcome.

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And an idea. Why a why? Why a How do you spell that last name, sir?

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What? That. And I can't spell that myself. Now, the last name. What's her name is Anna. Anna. We'll. We're talking to the last name.

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Okay. Wilcock Gotcha.

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Wilcock Right.

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Okay. Gotcha.

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I figured as much. And, um, last thing here, you did say that your security question favorite color was blue.

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My color.

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Yeah. Your favorite color was blue.

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I say I. I say red.

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Oh, said. Okay, Red. Gotcha. Yeah.

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That was just a security question. Not really an important question there, but just to verify that it is the correct person I'm talking to now.

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Well, are you talking to the right person?

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Wonderful, James. Wonderful. And just so you know, I'm not sure if my rep really went over who we are or what we do here, but we are a brokerage consulting firm basically means we work for our clients, not one particular company. Our goal is always to figure out who's going to give our clients the best rates and benefits.

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So you're a little bit out of order there. You don't want to immediately you want to you want to say this kind of before you confirm the information. So it's just a little out of order. Give me one second. Got to pause this.

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That there needs you with me on that, James.

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And I'm listening to you.

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Gotcha. We're looking for benefits for just yourself.

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Oh, that's myself. Yes.

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So what do you wear that has got to be like? So are you looking for just yourself or for somebody else or for you and somebody else? Because, I mean, it can be just yourself, like the way you say it. So now, are you looking for benefits for just yourself? If you say it that way, then it's very clear what you're asking just yourself. Or because hopefully maybe it's a wife, you know, wife to say.

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Yeah, and this typically business that you handle yourself.

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Well, most of them I can send off since my wife pay. I put my daughter, like I'm saying, over a lot of over a lot of this stuff, you know, where she can be able to come in, you know, and help me out. So I put her in charge over a lot of my stuff.

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Okay, gotcha. Yeah. But like, for.

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Example, your finances and stuff, like, you know, you handle most of your finances yourself.

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Well, me, me and her do.

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Okay, well, yeah. So she helps you out with that.

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That's good. That's really good, you know? Um, and. Oh, and would this be the first policy for you, by the way? Or do you have anything in place?

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I didn't quite understood what you said now.

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Going back to her, I would want a little bit more clarification in the situation. So you pay your own bills, You know, you swipe the debit card would just do it like that. You swipe a debit card, you write the check, that kind of thing. She just helps you manage it. All right. So you would make the decision on like who? Like what the coverage amount like, because I don't know what that means. Like she that could mean anything. We do it together, which means could mean she has power of attorney over me and she really does everything. So who the hell knows what that means? So that's why it's good to maybe get some info, but we'll see how this goes without.

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That said, do.

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You currently have any life insurance policies or would this be the first policy for you?

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I like the way you said that the second time much better because it was kind of like you're iffy about it. Like, Oh, is there something else in place? You just want to be very clear. Is this first policy for you? Yeah. Okay.

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No, I have I have insurance policy.

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Oh, you do? Wonderful. Hey, is that something that is that something you had set up recently or a while back?

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Very good. Now you're going to get the info you need.

00:09:36:22 - 00:09:38:12

Yeah. Yeah, I have that.

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But don't believe him based on what that, what he's saying and how he's saying it.

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But did you set that up recently or was that a while back.

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Yeah I took that out. That's been a while back. I took it out here, so. It's a it's a very it's a very good insurance call. Which I think I'm in. You know what I'm saying? I think I got enough insurance because it'll bear with me. And then she then, like, you know, my daughter still have some left at it, so.

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Hey, man, I'm glad to hear that. It's good to know that. That you're, uh, already financially providing some financial burden or financial relief for them. But when that day does come, and it's probably one of the companies you represent as well, do you happen to recall what the company is? What the company that you have insurance with.

00:10:33:23 - 00:10:34:18

Yeah. Uh.

00:10:36:20 - 00:10:41:23

AK. Well, I'm gonna be honest with you. I just can't think of the name of it right now. But here's a here's.

00:10:45:10 - 00:10:47:18

It's very it's a very good insurance.

00:10:48:12 - 00:10:56:17

I'm sure it is, man. I'm sure that they were able to find something that really good for you. Do you happen to know if it's a whole life or a term life policy?