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Underwriting Flowchart

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Underwriting Flowchart

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Hey, good morning, Pat. Good morning, guys. All right. So this is a brainchild of Lexy and myself. Nikki helped me, like, make some adjustments yesterday. So this wasn't available to you guys because we got HL and then it kind of messed everything up. And this is a lot more work than it looks like. Um, so we basically had to figure out what are the best companies for what specific conditions. So I'm going to use this like Nikki as an example. Nikki. All right. I am.

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I was diagnosed with COPD. Five months ago. So what would you do here?

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Okay. So on the flowchart over to the left. We have the conditions that are most common. So I would look at COPD and then then I would probably ask you a question, you know, if if you're on oxygen.

00:01:05:24 - 00:01:08:18

Mhm. Am I going to say no, I'm not an action.

00:01:10:04 - 00:01:21:11

Okay. And then I would know automatically to go to Patriot Standard. Based on your flow chart is the second one from the bottom.

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Yes, if you guys see that here. Um. Okay. Jacob. I have, uh. I've had. Ah. I'll just pretend like I'm a client. Yeah, I've had some strokes.

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Yeah, I'm looking. This is. I'm just trying to see. It's difficult to see my screen.

00:01:42:22 - 00:01:43:15

So I'm sorry.

00:01:43:23 - 00:01:55:20

But no, this is brilliant. You guys literally read my mind. Didn't think this is beautiful the way that you guys did it. So thank you. Thank you. I was thinking of, like, an Excel sheet. This is the next level. This is really nice.

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Thank you. Lexi.

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I was just going to say, you should add on there, babe, because you can't write Patriot with a card. So make sure that like the next question after are you on oxygen is what how how do you bank?

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Yeah. Might have to do like a little instead of that, because that sounds like a lot to put in like every single because some of them cod cod like there's a lot of that maybe I can put like a cheat sheet. That's a good idea though. I'll put a cheat sheet like right here in this open space of what companies accept cards are banking that. Fair enough. Yeah.

00:02:26:22 - 00:02:38:24

Because was like in Kentucky the other day and like there was like a like people kept giving presentations and quoting patriot and there was a direct express card. So was having to come behind them and tell them that they don't qualify for that.

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Gotcha. Okay. That's not that hard. I can do that and pretty quickly. So. All right. We'll make that adjustment. All right. So back to Jacob. So like, I've had some strokes, so I want you guys to get used to using this. So I'm just going to use all of you as an example. It will help you if you have, you know, it's an issue. So what you want to do, all the conditions are listed on the left. And then except for seizures, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's up top.

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So we're looking at stroke. That would be just below the the heart problems, right? Correct. And above the COPD. Okay. And then I'll follow that flow to our. You can't make that out, are you?

00:03:17:15 - 00:03:20:09

Yeah. It'll be easier if you print it off, but of course.

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Yeah, this is really awesome. But. And then you go. So it says.

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Are you able to perform the activities of daily living and can't? Can I make it any bigger? Like can make. What is that about?

00:03:31:05 - 00:03:35:17

Gerber There we go. That's a little better mean is that Gerber on the diamond?

00:03:36:14 - 00:03:38:22

How long? There you go.

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And that's perfect. Yeah, that's perfect.

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Stroke. Are you able to perform daily living activities?

00:03:47:10 - 00:03:49:22

Yeah, I am. Yeah. I take care of myself. Yeah.

00:03:50:08 - 00:03:53:20

Okay. Excellent. How long ago was that stroke for me? Yeah.

00:03:53:24 - 00:04:00:19

I'm unsure. I think it was. I like to think it was endemic.

00:04:00:21 - 00:04:01:21

Or after the pandemic.

00:04:02:11 - 00:04:06:10

Kind of during it was 2020. And.

00:04:08:07 - 00:04:10:20

2020 in December.

00:04:11:11 - 00:04:21:15

Okay. So that's about three years ago. Well, it was a little more than two years ago. Then I could go to Patriots Standard. Would that be correct?

00:04:21:22 - 00:04:33:13

Nope. See, I see the stupid. We gotta get rid of this and move this. It's more than two years ago, so Patriot preferred. Oh, okay. Okay. Yeah. Got it. Forgot to forgot the. So. Forgot a couple things. It's good to do this.

00:04:33:22 - 00:04:38:14

Thought this would be the option because it would go you could. I could take you to either standard or preferred.

00:04:38:16 - 00:05:10:04

No you can but that's but but patriot will mean patriot preferred they'll get either get more coverage for it's just it's just what's best for the client that's the whole flowchart. Gotcha. Gotcha. And you know obviously we all have to write some pioneer, so we need 50% pioneer so we can all go on the trip and have like, you know, a baller time and have a great time. Um, so it might influence your decision a little bit, but there should be enough pioneer out there like Pioneer preferred or standards that they're so jacked up that we're just not going to do Gerber's anymore.

00:05:10:08 - 00:05:17:12

We're really going to try like if if there's even a chance to hit a pioneer standard, do that and like and then then worry about the Gerber later.

00:05:18:05 - 00:05:19:12

Absolutely. Okay.

00:05:20:00 - 00:05:53:01

So that's good. Yeah. All right. So more than two years ago, because that's a that's a big deal. Like with HL, it's a big deal because, you know, more than two years ago we needed them to be more than three years ago to be preferred with Pioneer. So more than two years ago, also more than one year, if I said, you know, it was like a year, like a year and a half ago, they'd be Patriot Pioneer Standard, which is a two year wait or a three year wait depending on age where Patriot Standard is and media coverage. So that's why it's so important to, you know, to give people the best that you can possibly give them.

00:05:53:03 - 00:05:56:05

You know, it will help with you won't get as many cancellations because people.

00:05:56:07 - 00:05:56:22

Won't waste.

00:05:56:24 - 00:06:11:05

Time doing like yesterday you did. A lot of us are doing multiple applications just to get it declined after, you know, 30 minutes of talk time and then onto the next one, then finally ending up with Gerber. So yeah, this is brilliant, right? Okay.

00:06:11:16 - 00:06:43:07

Does this mean you should always be able to find like the most common like here, like here's prime Alzheimer's, dementia history. Like if they have two years of treatment, then they can be a prime term. And then no. Gerber This this up here had to be. Thank you, Lexi, for this, but had to like make a different like seizures preferred. They don't care about seizures, prosperity level, multiple sclerosis. The only company that doesn't care about that as prosperity level and Parkinson's will give immediate coverage when no other company will.

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All right, So, uh, Broderick, brand new assignment, ready to fire. Um, so I have some heart problems. Uh, pretend like you're asking me about hearts.

00:06:55:19 - 00:06:59:11

Uh, so just start like, yeah, I got, I got, I got some hard issues. Broderick.

00:07:05:10 - 00:07:08:12

Uh, do they have CHF.

00:07:10:02 - 00:07:11:10

Congestive heart failure?

00:07:11:16 - 00:07:12:12

Oh, okay.

00:07:12:14 - 00:07:16:07

Yeah. So, um. No, don't have. I don't have, uh, CHF.

00:07:17:02 - 00:07:18:04

Okay, great.

00:07:19:10 - 00:07:20:01


00:07:22:15 - 00:07:24:16

How long ago was the cardiac event?

00:07:25:07 - 00:07:46:22

And you guys don't have to say that like that. I just put it in because that's that can be a lot of different things. It's all encompassing. So usually they'll tell you something like, you know, All right, so I had a heart attack in the past. I had the heart attack. Uh. I think it was about four years ago. But I'm okay. I'm all good now.

00:07:48:19 - 00:07:51:23

So that would be pioneer preferred, right?

00:07:52:03 - 00:07:52:19


00:07:54:05 - 00:08:17:23

It really will make a big difference because these are very these are the types of questions that we get a lot. Um, and the main thing is, guys, this will answer almost all of your questions and will help you like actually put people with the right company. And the main thing I want to put a note somewhere on here. Uh, you guys are all kind of aware that you're looking for. You're really looking for the worst condition, right?

00:08:20:01 - 00:08:51:03

I got know a lot of you, but because we cover that a lot. But if you're if you're constantly like trying to put together, oh, they have a stroke and they have COPD and they have congestive heart failure. Oh, man, what is that going to be? That's that's in general how we end up it when we first start. So you don't care all of a sudden you don't care about COPD or what else? Say COPD, seizures, whatever you're going to. Yeah. Stroke. You're going to focus in on CHF because congestive heart failure is in the first three questions of the Pioneer app.

00:08:51:05 - 00:09:09:06

So, you know, that's worse than anything because they're straight declines if you have congestive heart failure. So you always. Yeah, always go to the worst thing and then qualifying based on that. Hopefully that makes sense. Like. Matt Coles I have had.

00:09:11:19 - 00:09:18:15

They said I had bronchitis, chronic bronchitis. Matt. Um, but I'm not on oxygen or anything.

00:09:24:12 - 00:09:26:02

Okay. You're a pioneer standard.

00:09:27:02 - 00:09:27:17


00:09:28:06 - 00:09:29:08

I got COPD.

00:09:31:06 - 00:09:32:15

No, this is chronic bronchitis.

00:09:33:12 - 00:09:36:05

Yeah. So chronic bronchitis along with.

00:09:36:07 - 00:09:37:01

The COPD and the.

00:09:37:19 - 00:09:42:12

I don't have to say it, Jeff. I'm just. Just COPD and chronic bronchitis.

00:09:43:09 - 00:09:45:19

Okay. When were you diagnosed or last treated for it?

00:09:47:08 - 00:09:48:02


00:09:51:10 - 00:09:53:01

HL preferred.

00:09:54:05 - 00:09:56:04

Not preferred. It's its standard. Standard.

00:09:56:06 - 00:09:59:17

That's mean. Standards, immediate coverage still to with patriot.

00:10:01:19 - 00:10:07:14

All right. And, uh, Wesley, I have some, uh. I have diabetes, buddy.

00:10:12:01 - 00:10:15:18

Awesome. Sorry to hear that. How long would you guess with that?

00:10:16:08 - 00:10:22:00

Yeah, that's how you answer that. Uh, I, uh. I've had it since I was, like, 52.

00:10:23:04 - 00:10:24:06

52. Okay.

00:10:24:15 - 00:10:25:06

Well, that.

00:10:29:02 - 00:10:29:17

Newt Gingrich.

00:10:32:11 - 00:10:44:12

Uh, no, you don't want to go right there. You want to continue to follow. Are you looking at the flowchart here? Yeah. Okay. So if I was diagnosed. At 52. Then I wasn't taking insulin at 50. Obviously.

00:10:46:09 - 00:10:50:02

All right. Okay, So so then what would be your next question?

00:10:56:23 - 00:11:34:13

And for those that like, I used to deal with a lot of flowcharts. A lot of people haven't. But so it's always going to go left to right here. So, you know, if you got diabetes, you're going to, you know, you want to know that because then you can just immediately go right here. Like if it's Patriot preferred, but maybe need to organize this a little bit because it's not really Patriot preferred if they have insulin. Yes. But they also take neuropathy because that's not good. So there is a small adjustment to be made there. Um, so I'm going to actually move this here and if that's the case, no, it's Patriot preferred, but I have taken the wraps, so I have, you know, I have taken Lyrica, I have taken gabapentin and neuron.

00:11:35:13 - 00:11:37:10

So what, what I'm what am I here.

00:11:38:23 - 00:11:40:01

Prosperity level.

00:11:40:08 - 00:11:40:23


00:11:42:19 - 00:12:00:00

So I'm saying when you guys are qualifying people and getting like a, you know, a rough draft, this is a really good thing if if nobody's available to ask. Actually, it's just a good thing all the time. I know. Um, I don't know if it was Jacob, but you know somebody. I don't think it was Jacob because he didn't have this, but somebody was obsessed with this. Is that it really helped them?

00:12:01:04 - 00:12:09:06

No, I really like this, actually. Like, I would like to have this sent to me. This is super, super helpful. I'm a visual learner, so this puts everything more in perspective.

00:12:10:10 - 00:12:17:01

That's good. Okay, well, I'm sending it to everybody. I'm going to compose an email, sending everybody and then put it on the side as well. Um.

00:12:18:03 - 00:12:31:02

Thank you for your enthusiasm, everyone, because it's actually took a really long time and then nobody even used it. And then they put it in the workbook and nobody used it. And then they took it out and it was very sad. So appreciate everybody who appreciates our work. Yeah.

00:12:31:13 - 00:12:55:20

I really can't thank you enough. This is weird. And I do this weird things. Jacob's dream. I was literally, literally thinking about this over the weekend, and it's like, uh, I don't want to get all weird, but it's like dreams coming to fruition, so. Thank you, Lexi. I can't thank you enough. And you too, Ernie. This is really what I needed because I wasted so much freaking time getting people that aren't qualified with these different conditions.

00:12:56:06 - 00:12:58:02

I use it all the time. Love it.

00:12:58:20 - 00:13:10:20

Well, now you got the updated one, so now it's gonna be real easy. So now you don't have to worry about the, you know, Now we added HL so we pretty much, except for a few things, I mean, Gerber is pretty much done, so.

00:13:12:10 - 00:13:17:02

So that's that's going to be great for our paychecks and great for our retention.

00:13:20:02 - 00:13:30:07

Are any questions on anything on this? Is there any anything that you'd like added or. Like that. You're dealing with a lot that's just not covered at all here.

00:13:30:23 - 00:13:33:00

And where is this located, Ernie?

00:13:33:16 - 00:13:36:04

I'm gonna put it on the site, but I'm just going to email it to everybody.

00:13:36:14 - 00:13:39:00

Oh, okay. You have my email address, right?

00:13:39:08 - 00:13:41:23

Uh, yeah. Me or Nikki think Nikki has it.

00:13:45:01 - 00:13:46:23

Nikki, you got Broderick's email address?

00:13:47:03 - 00:13:49:18

Yeah. I sent you some emails last night. Broderick.

00:13:50:10 - 00:13:51:02

Okay, cool.

00:13:52:00 - 00:13:53:17

Thank you. Did you send them to me?

00:13:55:02 - 00:14:04:24

Uh, no. They were just, like, new. They were like the height weight chart. Okay, well, you cheat, but can't send it to you. Yeah, I'll get it.

00:14:05:01 - 00:14:15:00

I'll get the email. And so I'll make these changes and send them to everybody as soon as we're done here. Um, so if no other questions, I'll stop the recording. But any other questions with this?

00:14:16:15 - 00:14:28:21

Now, just kudos to all you guys because yeah, that's definitely a lot of work. And you know, everybody's got their talents and you guys definitely, you know, put in the work and the talent for this. So we we definitely appreciate this.

00:14:30:00 - 00:14:34:21

Thank you. Yeah, it was a it's a work of art at this point, but I'm glad that we made the changes. It's a.

00:14:34:23 - 00:14:35:17


00:14:35:20 - 00:14:47:17

Yeah, it's like. It looks great, actually. I'm really happy with it. Really happy with Lexi for helping me with it. Otherwise, I would have never got done. All right, guys, uh, I will stop the recording so we can get to it.

Watch the Full Video Here: Underwriting Flowchart

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