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Tonality Training

Updated: Apr 15

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But now, within five minutes, my skin no longer even feels that it's still cold. But I habituated. So my my nervous system blocks it out so I can focus on other information that's more important and more relevant to what's going on here. See, our conscious mind only has a limited amount of processing power while our unconscious mind has massive unlimited processing power. So what we do is we block out the stuff that's unimportant. Well, guess what? If you try to talk to someone and you have really important information that can change their lives, but you do it in a way that causes them to habituate, meaning you're toneless or you're, you know, or you're almost homeless and you just sort of drag on.

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People will tune you out and you can't get your point across at all. That's an example of having awful in the worst tonality, right, as was in that movie. Right? But then that's just the continuum. That's like the worst tonality possible. And let's say there's someone like me who's really mastered the art of tonality where I know how to like, sound enthusiastic whether I really am or not. And I can tell you anything like it's a secret or, you know, move my body and get people interested in and have some of these really these amazing competencies that we're going to discuss these core competencies with tonality, some impact, enthusiasm, you know, and which I'm sure you're going to get to.

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But so if I represent one end of the continuum, which is unbelievable tonality, and then the teacher from Ferris Bueller represents terrible tonality, then we have everybody who's watching this. So all you are watching and learning here, they're they're somewhere in between. You know, some people are really naturally great with tonality and those are monotone. So the thing I would say about tonality interesting part, is that no matter how bad your tonality might be, you, you, it doesn't really matter. At some point in your life you've used every tonality that is required to become a master of the straight line.

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In other words, there's only ten tonalities that you have to learn to essentially muster at will, right? And we'll get into them a little bit later in this training here. But the point is this you don't have to learn how to use them for the first time in your life. You've already used them, but you use them by accident. Use them randomly when you actually felt a certain way. There was once in your life where you did feel absolutely certain. So of course, you talked in a tone of absolute certainty. There was a time where you felt really sincere and and pathetic and you were able to talk in the tone of sincerity.

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There was a time when you felt that you were being really, really reasonable and you looked at someone and said, you know, I'm reasonable, you're reasonable. Isn't that fair enough? Come on. Honestly. And you had the tone of the ultimate reasonable man, right? So those are some of the key tones we need to become influencers, and we've all used them from time to time. The goal of this module, if if there were any one goal, it would be to take what you've done unconsciously, accidentally make it conscious and make you do it, or allow you to do it on purpose, to essentially show you how to muster the right tonalities and show you where precisely you need to use them in a presentation.

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And once you get to that point, what it does for you in terms of strengthening your impact and and getting people to perceive you in the right way, the results are literally mind boggling. So that's my take on tonality, what it really is. So why don't we start off, I guess some of the competencies here that really are important when it comes to tonality, one that comes to my mind, let's say the first one to me is something I call enthusiasm, essentially the ability and it's an ability, by the way, to sound enthusiastic about something, even if you're not that enthusiastic.

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Now, let me explain. I'm not trying to tell you that you should sound enthusiastic as a manipulative measure to watch something like, Let me just act like I'm enthusiastic so people will buy from me. What I'm saying is this Chances are if you're selling something that you even believe in remotely, that when you first heard about it, you probably were enthusiastic, but you yourself habituated and that enthusiasm has waned. But the problem is the person that you're presenting to is hearing about the information or hearing about your product for the first time.

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So imagine now you're trying to transfer this enthusiasm to someone else who's having it for the first time, but you already habituated. You're like, Oh, I'm not that enthusiastic. So you start talking to normal tone because it's old hat. But to them, actually it's something they can get enthusiastic about. So that's why you need to actually be able to recreate that original enthusiasm that you first had when you heard about something to be able to impart that to another human being. Does that make sense to you? Absolutely. So so what I've done myself is I've learned basically how to, you know, you could wake me up out of a dead sleep and say, can you sound enthusiastic? And I'd say, let me just tell you, and I can sound enthusiastic about like raindrops, like these raindrops are the best raindrops you've ever seen.

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I am telling whether it's a it could be whale meat. It could be you know, it could be the butcher, the baker and the the butcher. The baker. And you don't know about the butcher? The baker, the cow. Let me just tell you. And you're like, wow, what you automatically what happens? You key into me. You're like, what? What do you have? Because. Because what happens is when we. See someone who is enthusiastic. The natural connection, the irresistible connection that we make is that we say to ourselves, Well, jeez, if he's that enthusiastic, it must be good. That's what it really translates to to another person. Will they buy simply because you're enthusiastic? Well, hopefully they're a bit more sophisticated than that.

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But it's the enthusiasm that essentially opens them up to saying, Wow, I want to know more. That's the power. So whether it's, you know, any tonality that that one confidence able to be enthusiastic to me is just absolutely crucial. Let me give you one more then you can give me a couple you want to discuss. Another one is Impact. And what I mean by impact is the ability through tonality to instantly capture someone's attention from the first moment that you open up your mouth to when they first lay eyes on you through body language, through proper tonality, to have that irresistible impact.

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When someone says, Wow, this is a person who's worth listening to, this is like something about them, they just, you know, they don't know what it is. They can't quite define it. They couldn't put it into words, so to speak. But they just know that you've been you've made an impression. You don't make an impression in the first 5 or 6 seconds through the words that you say. They it happens far too quickly for that over time. Yeah, you'll make the words you say matter a lot, but in the first few seconds of an encounter, impact is made by tonality and it's made by body language.

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Okay, so we're going to go through what are those, what are the tonalities that create impact and what are the body language? Is that also create impact? And also what are the ones that destroy impact and sort of make you essentially get tuned out by the person?

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Hey, guys, welcome back. Great stuff. Right, guys? Remember?

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I think that guy's name is Ben Stein, isn't it?

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The guy was talking about with Ferris Bueller. Yeah. Bueller? Bueller. That's him. Uh, so, guys, does that make sense? You guys like any questions? Any comments about that?

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Got a comment? Um, you know, he was. He was talking about, you know, as it's natural that our enthusiasm wanes over time, whether you're in the profession for. It's a long day. It's a long week. It's, you know, you've been at it for you're in the business for three years. But it just reminded me of back in the in the mid 90 seconds, I worked at a Nike outlet store and they had sales training. But they the big thing they always harped on was making sure that you treated the last customer of the day the exact same way you treated your first customer of the day. And it goes back to that enthusiasm and the tonality that he was discussing about.

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And it's just something to keep in mind, You know, when the day gets to us all at some point in time. And that's very important just to make sure that your enthusiasm stays at that high level. And I think Lexie's a great example of that. If you guys ever listened to her on the phone, she always sounds upbeat and positive.

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True for sure.

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If you didn't hear what I said, even when I'm in a bad mood. And so it's that is true. It doesn't matter because, you know, professionals do not listen to their feelings. Only amateurs. So, um. Yeah. And just like that, the enthusiasm, of course, that can wane. Love that you said that because did not. That didn't really come to me. Uh, you know, see, the day one or hour one, it doesn't really matter. Your five hour ten, of course it's going to change a little bit. And eventually, you know, as you, you know, get used to this every day, you won't even have to think about your tonality.

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You have your script, you have you you say everything exactly the same. Like in the beginning, I'm very authoritative. I have, like bottled enthusiasm. I'm not, you know, Tony the tiger excited because I think that would turn people off later on when we're like going through, um, the benefits is more like the reasonable man. Like he was asking like, ask questions as far as qualifying somebody's health, like, so if I'm qualifying somebody's health was like, is that fair enough that I'm trying to find the best plan for you? So, you know, what we're going to do is we're actually going to ask some health questions to figure out which companies actually specifically and to give you the best rates and benefits.

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That's reasonable, man. Like like a secret tone, like a like, you know, bring you in for confidentiality is more like let's say it's April 25th is like, I'll tell you right now, we're going to start right today. But you're going to be able to skip May thirds payment and then you won't have to make another payment until June 3rd. So you actually get a, you know, a few days of, uh, insurance for free. So there's think he goes through like 14 different tones. But really it's just a broken down. It's only like four.

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So being able to know where, you know, what kind of tone you should be in is super crucial, even if. Even if you only master enthusiasm tone, that's great. So if you can do that, to start is great. Um, because a lot of us are very monotone. If somebody says mean James and I joked and listened to a recording think Lexi listened to it to about a guy, it was an existing client. And the guy's like, Hey, this is what was his name? Lexi.

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He's like, Yeah. Like, this is over. Senior Life Services. You get a policy with us and wanted to, you know, as your wife there, he's like, what? What? Who is this? And then, you know, obviously he went nowhere. The guy hung up on him and he's a current client. So it's like if you're not talking to people with any kind of sense of urgency or, you know, like that, you're actually excited about what you're doing, then why should they be excited? So like, like when I listen to recordings of what I'm doing really poorly, I always ask myself the question before pull them up.

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What I listen to myself. And if that answer is no, then walk around the block and take a lap and come back and try again.

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Yeah. Ernie, can you hear me? Yeah. Yeah, I'm glad you said that. Bottled enthusiasm. Because think too much enthusiasm can be, like you said, a turnoff. You know, like Tony the tiger. Like, hey, do you have a life insurance? Because I have the best life insurance. You know, um, a lot of the top agents that I see and your recordings, too, are more on the monotone scale than on the enthusiasm scale. But there is inflection there, too, you know? You know what I mean? It's not monotone where you're going to fall asleep like Ferris Bueller's teacher, but, um, it's a lot of, like, just order taking like, okay, let me just go through this.

00:11:52:07 - 00:12:31:14

You live at this address. This is great. You wanted this. You know who's the beneficiary? It's a little bit more on the monotone scale than on the enthusiasm scare, where Jordan is more like this is the best training you have to get this training. If you have a sales team, this is the way to do it in that product. Think there's more enthusiasm because you're like, Yeah, that's true. I got to get my team enthusiasm, you know, got to get this thing going. If I pick up the phone, though, and they say, Hey, this insurance thing like, Dude, you're too enthusiastic. This is not, you know what I mean? But with what we're doing, I think, you know, is is this Ernie? Okay? You requested some information, and that's more of a monotone, um,

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approach. I think I just wanted to comment on that.

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Yeah. Mean a lot. A lot of the presentations should be monotone, but like when you're doing an intro, for example, it's like, Hey, how's everything going out there in Toledo? Like, that's not going to be that monotone. You would know. You have to get have a little excitement because you have to get through that. Like, Well, hey, my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason I'm calling is you had spoken with one of our reps regarding state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Florida. So my job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So that tone is more like I have a job to do.

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Uh, I'm confident in what I'm doing. And then, you know, you can joke around, you know, the excitement might be just laughing with them, but, you know, you're going down a straight line, which is important with the way that we train a lot of things. If you're going down a straight line, you know where you're going to end up.

00:13:27:22 - 00:13:40:24

And don't know, like wanted to hear from Nikki as far as like, like I've heard her on the phone. She she sounds very excited, but then she calms down and then kind of gets, you know, excited at the end. Like when she's closing.

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Yeah, like my favorite part to, like, get really excited is after I go over their health with them, you know, like as we're going through their health and just going over the health questions and then like, okay, you know, like, great, you know, this is going to be wonderful. So just go grab that pen and piece of paper for me and I'll wait here while you do that, because we're going to go over some really wonderful benefits that you qualify for now, you know, and then when they come back, I'll be like, okay, so I'm going to use an example, and this is the first thing I want to tell you that you qualify for, and then just try to bring that excitement, you know, for like the terminal illness writer and show them how excited I am and then use an example, you know, what happened and why I'm excited that they qualify for that benefit.

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And then the same thing with The Accidental as well. So that's how I try to change the tonality there.

00:14:28:19 - 00:14:54:10

And the most thing is and the biggest thing is, is mean. It's not all about tonality, you mean, but you know, need to say the right words. But when you're first starting, the tonality has to be there and it can't be monotone. I mean, you're going to sound a little monotone when you're learning the script, but eventually I'm not looking at a script like I know exactly what I say every time and I know how I'm going to say it. That's more important because I know I'm going to say exactly the same way.

00:14:54:12 - 00:15:32:11

And yeah, and just how Lexi has in her script at the top smile while you dial. If you just practice smiling, you know a lot more. And like, if you just do it right now and you just smile and you kind of like, talk, you'll you can just feel the difference as you're, you know, working. So it's good to it's good to smile. And in the beginning, I mean, with tonality, in the beginning, like you said, you know, you could be like, hey, you know, hey, Lexi, you know, or, Hey, Robert, you know, and, you know, just catch their attention a little bit just by certain where the, you know, like, hey, you know, and then you go on a while, you're calling, you know, then you're more businessy.

00:15:32:14 - 00:16:15:10

But, you know, your tone changes throughout the call depending on what the conversations about. Like he mentioned the video, you know, someone tells you that someone just passed away. Of course your voice is going to reflect lower. Oh, my God. You know, I'm so sorry, you know, what happened to your wife, you know, so you know what I mean? So at different times, you know, you can you could change that tone to make it even like the other example or any like if you're telling them a secret, you know. So that's a good one to like Sometimes when you change your tone, when you're closing with someone and if they're telling you, Hey, want to think about it or, you know, can't do this or I can't do it, you know, Hey, Robert, let me just tell you something.

00:16:15:12 - 00:16:45:23

You just lower your voice. You know, your birthday's coming up in the next six months or so. You know, Don't know when these life insurance companies are going to change their rules. Stuff that's going on with COVID. We qualified you with your health today. Let's just go ahead and, you know, let's just go on and get you something that you're comfortable with just to get you locked in. Okay. I'm looking out for you, you know, and that that's that's a good tone that works, too, because, you know, when someone talks to you like that, you know what I mean? Usually they're like.

00:16:46:00 - 00:16:51:17

Like trying to tell you a secret, you know, like they're looking out for you. So. Yeah. Just gonna pay you back.

00:16:51:19 - 00:17:24:18

Yeah, it's kind of a combination of reasonable and, like. Like, you know, sometimes people are on the cusp, so you're, you know, you're being completely honest when you're like, Okay, you're on three blood pressure medications. One's a water pill. You're not really sure. Just just like a situation where you're not exactly positive, you can get them the coverage they're looking for. So, you know, you can always, you know, use that as well, like, all right, So I might have to write some notes on this. I mean, you know, it might be take some doing to make sure that you do get qualified for the preferred that we went over. But let me get the app and so can you know get you get you approved for it.

00:17:24:20 - 00:17:50:03

So let's just go go along with the process here, get that done. And, you know, while we're on the phone, they'll give me a decision. And if I have to write some notes, of course I'm going to get back with you as soon as I hear something. But let's get everything done. So you know what that Wells Fargo account do have their routing number. So let's get that information filled out so I can get this out to you. You know, as long as you're transitioning, transition, transition, transition right down the line.

00:17:55:12 - 00:17:58:14

I really like the video guys. You guys like the videos?

00:18:02:19 - 00:18:04:17

Yeah, that was great. Love. Love. Jordan.

00:18:07:09 - 00:18:08:11

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

00:18:08:13 - 00:18:19:02

Every time he talks, I just want to. Just want to hear what he says all the time. I told you, I read that book on, like, two hours straight on a plane ride. Cover to cover. Yeah.

00:18:20:04 - 00:18:28:12

And for those that don't have it, I know I've sent copies of some remote agents. Marquis, Kevin Tyler. I think I gave Tyler.

00:18:29:05 - 00:18:29:20


00:18:30:07 - 00:18:46:06

Yeah. So, uh, Jennifer got one in the office. Vicky has it. Basically, everybody out here has it. Um, so, yeah, he just. I mean, that's how I wrote my whole script. That's how, based on that book, he's very. It's very clear to me like.

00:18:48:01 - 00:19:07:14

Okay, another thing I noticed is that even people like Jordan, they're always training to they're always learning from other people, whether it's neuroscientists or, you know, other great performers or whatever. It's not like he just likes everything. You know, he also trains.

00:19:10:01 - 00:19:41:21

Right? Yes. Yeah. You're never going to be the I mean, there's there's no way I'm the best at this or I ever will be. So there's always something. Don't care if they're the worst salesperson in the world. If you can find one thing and learn something from everybody, there's something everybody's doing that you're not doing that is helpful, whether they're the best or the worst. So, you know, I've stolen from people that have left the company and I steal all the time because you're supposed to. It's like, think Thomas Edison said everybody steals in business industry.

00:19:41:23 - 00:19:51:16

The only difference is I know how to steal. And there's no shame in taking what other people have learned or, you know, as the saying goes, standing on the shoulders of giants.

00:19:52:16 - 00:19:53:19

No, that's wonderful.

00:19:54:05 - 00:19:54:20


00:19:55:24 - 00:19:57:16

All the time. We're always learning.

00:19:57:24 - 00:20:23:18

So that's what I like about the business because sales is a constant thing. If I come from manufacturing, there was only one way to put the you know, they're decided they're putting the door on the car this way. And there's nothing interesting about it, believe me. Like a plant's really cool, like seeing it for after about a week, you're like, Yeah, this is just a job. Come to it. We build cars and that's it. So. All right, guys.

00:20:23:20 - 00:20:29:15

9:00? Yeah. Did you want to go over anything? Anybody have any questions or anything?

00:20:34:01 - 00:20:35:03

Can you. Can you hear me?

00:20:35:20 - 00:20:36:13


00:20:36:23 - 00:20:47:04

Uh, I was just going to say something about the book. If y'all haven't looked at the audio version of the straight line, it's pretty cool listening to because he actually narrates it himself. So it's. It's funny.

00:20:48:13 - 00:20:51:08

Now. That's what I was going to ask if he's narrating. Yeah, it's got to be good.

00:20:51:16 - 00:21:02:00

Oh, that's awesome. Yeah. Most of us, I think, mean a lot of us on this call. I've read the book, you know, So but to listen to the audio of him actually doing it was probably awesome.

00:21:03:19 - 00:21:05:04

Change the tone a lot.

00:21:06:03 - 00:21:06:18


00:21:10:12 - 00:21:17:20

Robert, you read that? You listen to the audio too, didn't you? Yeah. Didn't know he was. I don't know. He was narrating it.

00:21:18:10 - 00:21:19:00


00:21:20:18 - 00:21:48:10

Okay. Well, worth a listen. If you guys ever have a time in the car, it's it's great to brush up on. And you know, it's a great lesson and it's a constant reminder of what we do. You know, I think it's a great thing, too. The system itself works, and it's a good idea to always refresh. So I keep it in my library and listen to it from time to time just to kind of refresh and and remind myself, especially on Sundays, you're looking for something to do to get ready for the week. I think it's a great book to kind of get you motivated and get your mind right around the different things that are going to help you be successful.

00:21:51:19 - 00:22:25:18

Yes, that's wonderful. Also, too, if a lot of people in here are like brand new, it looks like no one's ever been to like a conference or any type of convention or anything like that. Um, so I highly recommend if you can put in that talk time or push for that 5000 so you can come and visit the Home Office. They're giving out hotel rooms and it's going to be worth it to be able to experience that and for your success. So I just wanted to let everybody know that that it's very motivational and just to meet everybody and see everybody and just have fun with everybody.

00:22:26:05 - 00:22:34:04

So really, even like from my group, that's what I'm pushing right now, is for everybody to be able to make it to that. So.

00:22:35:02 - 00:22:42:06

Yeah, believe me, that's fun. Big shots is fun. You don't have to be interested in golf to take out some aggression on a golf ball. So for.

00:22:42:08 - 00:22:43:19

Your success alone.

00:22:43:21 - 00:22:45:03

Now, of course. Of course.

00:22:46:09 - 00:22:48:00

I like to have fun, too.

00:22:48:10 - 00:23:01:24

Yeah, we're going to have tons of fun, but you just got to make sure that you're on target, you know, for it so that you'll be able to do it. But I'm sure everybody's going to be on target. It's going to be awesome. So really, sure you make a lot of money to just.

00:23:02:01 - 00:23:04:03

Drink and drive the golf cart around all day. Yeah.

00:23:05:10 - 00:23:07:15

There's no golf cart at big shots.

00:23:09:14 - 00:23:26:03

And and and unless you want to, uh, unless you guys will just want to. If you want to pick up the balls, maybe you could drive that cart. You can go get the. You can go get the balls and bring them back. That that would be the only one that you could drive.

00:23:26:17 - 00:23:27:07


00:23:28:18 - 00:23:41:03

All right. Well, guys, let's scatter. I'm going to I mean, you guys know how to scatter and Nicki, uh, got somebody I'm going to talk to here, so I will let you go.

00:23:43:02 - 00:23:44:07

All right. We'll see you in a little bit.

00:23:44:20 - 00:23:45:14

Okay. Thank you.

00:23:46:07 - 00:23:47:20

Good day, guys. Yeah.

00:23:49:17 - 00:23:52:14

To the rooms. Mitchell.

00:23:55:04 - 00:23:55:19

I got to stop the.

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