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Taylor Parr Sale Call

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Yeah. What's that?

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Oh, So, Taylor, this is your call review. Um, so if there's any times you want me to stop it, you know, or if something you could have done better or they liked. But, of course, you know, I stop it a lot, so. Yeah.

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No, you're good. It sounds weird in the beginning because I'm actually answering two phones at once. That's why I said, this is Taylor. Just. Okay.

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Gotcha. Okay.

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All right. Just hang up on the other person.

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That's what you got to do.

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Hey, Sarah. How's it going?

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Hi. I'm on my way to

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Terminal, Indiana.

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Oh. What are you doing? What are you going to do there?

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Okay, Grandma. Right.

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Okay. Are you driving yourself there?

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No, absolutely not.

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Okay. Sarah, this is Taylor with Senior Life Services. So I know you're heading in to get an MRI, but you spoke to my colleague the other day about some state regulated life insurance programs that are offered to the state of Indiana. And my job is just to go over those benefits with you, answer any of those questions. Now, Sarah.

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You'd be sure that I'm too young if they had my birthday wrong.

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Okay. What was your birthday?

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1227. 1975.

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Oh, that's what I have here. Yeah.

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Okay, so she's under 50. So that's maybe somebody talked to her in the past and told her maybe it was another company. And oftentimes it is. So just ignore that. Go ahead, Nikki. Sorry.

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Yeah, I remember this call, too. And sometimes I think I told Taylor, even sometimes a lot of people that are under the age of 50, they might have talked to a representative that said that the coverage might be expensive or that they should wait until they're a certain age, but they're just uneducated or we're told and wrong information. But now there's products that are available for them at a younger age. Yeah. So she just sounds confused.

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Right? And it doesn't have to be us. Like somebody else could have called them and actually told her, no, you don't qualify because they truly only have products that are 50 and older. So always never. So basically never just assume, Oh yeah, that was us telling them. So I might as well just get off the phone because that's that's just not, not the case.

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Yeah, that's what I have here. And let's see here.

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I'm kind of wanting to hold off until I'm 50.

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It's okay. So you're 48. Why are you trying to hold off to your 50, Sarah?

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Because I don't want to start paying yet. I'm on

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Social Security,

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right? So I don't. So you're.

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On social. So you're on Social Security. Well, that's going to be Social Security disability, right? Yes. Okay. Um.

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This might seem like a small thing, but he really is. Um, Taylor is basically getting asking the questions he's going to need to know later. Like, almost every application has a section. And if you're under 50, are you on disability? So it's good to know that early on.

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So I get that. But the big the big question here, Sarah, is, you know, because we're not all guaranteed and it's a hard one to swallow, but that's if you make it to 50. Right.

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Right. Yeah.

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So the whole point of life insurance is to have it before you do get too old or before you do, you know, get too sick or you pass away, obviously, and wait until 50. All that's going to do, I think. I think by the money. The money you thinking you're going to save by not paying for two years, I think you're going to end up paying for it because the cost for a 50 year old is going to be more than a 48 year old. Does that make sense?

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Yeah. So tell me the difference between 48 and 50.

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48 and 50. Just. Well, I don't know that off the top of my head.

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What is one thing that he might like? You handled this well, Taylor, but what is one thing that you might have been able to do? Like with like her talking? I don't want to pay till I'm 50.

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Or anybody.

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So I was just thinking like she she says all these things. But, I mean, you really don't have to go into a long response there. I mean, you really can just blow it off. It's like, I mean, like everything at 48, it's going to be cheaper than 50. So let's, let's get into it. So but you explained it to her and now she's, you know, she's going down a rabbit hole with you, like, so basically, I'm just saying, maintain control of the call.

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Um. And I don't know what you qualify for, so that'll be. That's different for everybody. Every 48 year old female is going to be qualifying for something different. Um, but just to give you a guesstimate of what the price range difference would look like would be.

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Uh, let's see here. And I'm just going to just give you the premium difference, not necessarily the face amount here. Um.

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So, Taylor, you're actually going into Wei and, like, pretending like she's good health. Bad health?

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Yeah, I just compared apples to apples. So just did 5000. 5000 for a 47 year old to a 50 year old because she's actually 47.

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Gotcha. Okay.

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Well, I'm thinking she has to have bad health if she's 48 and collecting Social Security. No.

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That's why I asked. Yeah, it's like. Would have been like, Well, you're past your standard, Which is not even true with the Pioneer.

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Bear with me here.

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The way this.

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So the main thing is here. You don't have to. You did not have to do this for this lady. But I think, you know that it's like I could just immediately be like, Yeah, it's going to be a little bit cheaper. I mean, a few bucks a month over the course of time. It's a lot. It's a lot of dollars and then just move on.

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But System works at like have to put in a 48 year old and then have to put in a 50 year old. So it's a pain. Um.

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but you're gaining another 4 or $5 a month.

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So that's a hot.

00:06:47:15 - 00:06:51:11

Yeah. I mean, $5. $5 extra a month.

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That's over $60 extra a year. Yeah.

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Okay, so tell me what I would qualify for. Wow.

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So it does seem like she's kind of running this call. So that's something you kind of want to avoid. Taylor, obviously, because you don't want them to. All right. Now, tell me this. All right. Now do this like you're going to be the one giving the orders throughout this call. So it sounds like, um, because you could have easily transition right there, like, okay, so, yeah, I mean, you be saving like $6. Yeah. So it does make sense to do it at 48 instead of 50 and then just move on to the next section of the script.

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That's a really hard question to answer because all I know is your name and your age.

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Okay, let's roll.

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Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Sarah. First of all, just to give you some background on senior life services, we are a consulting firm. I know seniors in the name, but to be honest with you, I work.

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So now, Taylor, all a sudden your tone change like, all right, it's game on. So, yeah, this tone is good because it's game on. You're going to start presenting and you pretty much know you have a buyer on the phone with people.

00:08:03:00 - 00:08:22:06

0 to 89. Don't ask me why we pick senior life services. We'll have to ask Rory. And I'm Rory is not here, but, um. But the Rory's the owner of the company. But, um, my goal is basically to figure out who specifically will get you the best rates and the best benefits. Okay, so you're with me on that one?

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Awesome. And you're just looking for benefits for yourself. We've already confirmed your birthday. You want your fiance to be your beneficiary, is that correct? Yes.

00:08:32:11 - 00:08:34:12

My fiancee is my beneficiary.

00:08:34:19 - 00:08:38:23

Awesome. Awesome. And, um, do y'all have a date yet?

00:08:40:01 - 00:08:40:16


00:08:41:11 - 00:08:44:07

But we can leave it at that, though, can't we?

00:08:44:12 - 00:08:47:01

Yeah. Yeah, that's fine. I was just curious.

00:08:47:03 - 00:08:52:06

I have no date. No, I got to get through all this other crap first.

00:08:52:20 - 00:08:59:04

Gotcha. No, I was just curious, but congrats either way. Um. And what's your fiance's name?

00:08:59:20 - 00:09:04:09

Morris. Morris Smith.

00:09:06:07 - 00:09:07:20

You said Smith, right? Like a.

00:09:08:10 - 00:09:10:10

Blacksmith. Yeah. Okay.

00:09:10:21 - 00:09:14:05

All right. And is there anybody that you'd want to have as a contingent beneficiary?

00:09:15:03 - 00:09:18:09

Contingent beneficiary explained. Okay.

00:09:18:11 - 00:09:20:08

So if for any reason.

00:09:21:10 - 00:09:45:18

So that's just a good point, guys. They don't always know what we're talking about. So sometimes we do have to dumb it down and explain it. I can't even be contingent. I'm not sure I know what it means, but didn't wouldn't think that's what you would call the beneficiary. So I always say contingent, secondary beneficiary. Like if you were to outlive Betty, who would you want that money to go to? Like make it real for them? Like if you were gonna outlive somebody, make the, you know, death is real. So keep it real with them.

00:09:46:06 - 00:09:51:24

Uh, God forbid this happened, but Maurice wasn't able to receive them. He was in jail. He was overseas.

00:09:53:18 - 00:09:59:01

He had already passed away before you did. It would go to your next family member and keep everything. That would be court.

00:09:59:14 - 00:10:02:16

Yeah, that would be Parker. Cosby.

00:10:06:12 - 00:10:13:06

P. R k. E. R. C. O. S. E. As in boy y.

00:10:17:12 - 00:10:19:06

All right. And the relationship there.

00:10:19:22 - 00:10:20:17

He's my son.

00:10:21:08 - 00:10:21:23

All right.

00:10:26:16 - 00:10:42:10

Awesome. And don't take offense to this question we have to ask everybody. This is all business. You typically handle yourself, you're making financial decisions and stuff like that. Legal decisions for yourself. There's no state mandated or state guardians in place making those decisions for you.

00:10:43:20 - 00:10:45:20

Any gardens, Gardening? What?

00:10:47:01 - 00:11:08:16

State mandated or state guardians? Any of those are in place? No. Basically the states put somebody legally in charge of you even though you're an adult. It's basically what that is already awesome. And this is going to be your first policy for you. Sarah Yes, and your goal is to take care of final expenses. Are you trying to just leave some legacy gift behind?

00:11:09:07 - 00:11:15:06

I want I want more, yes, left behind. I don't want it just to pay for my funeral.

00:11:15:12 - 00:11:19:07

Okay, so final expense. Um.

00:11:20:21 - 00:11:51:16

Okay. So there is there's always an opportunity right there just to say, okay, so if we can figure it out, you at least want to take care of the final expenses and hopefully there's money left over. I like to throw that in there. Mean this is fine the way he's doing it, but like, I like to throw that in there because I don't want them to balk at the end and be like, Oh, well, if I can't have both, I don't want anything. So because, you know, our clients, a lot of them are all or nothing thinking. So it's like, Well, I want ten hot dogs. If I can only have one, I'm not going to eat anything like they. You will see that.

00:11:55:15 - 00:11:56:13

And then.

00:11:58:21 - 00:12:01:13

Obliging gift or legacy gift, as we call them.

00:12:05:14 - 00:12:15:07

Absolutely. Now, Sarah, I do want to try to save you as much money as we can, so I'm going to go over a few discounts with you. The first discount I have here is the height and weight discount. What is your height and weight?

00:12:16:05 - 00:12:16:23

Side to.

00:12:17:23 - 00:12:21:08

And like £240.

00:12:28:24 - 00:12:44:21

Okay, so you will qualify at five two and 240 for the height and weight discount. So congrats on that. Now we also have the non tobacco discount and you, my colleague didn't put here notes or not. So do you use any tobacco.

00:12:44:23 - 00:12:45:23

And for that.

00:12:46:09 - 00:12:46:24


00:12:47:01 - 00:12:48:20

That's not a problem. That's okay.

00:12:49:12 - 00:12:51:11

Yeah, I smoke. So there's a lot of.

00:12:51:13 - 00:12:53:05

Americans that don't qualify for that.

00:12:53:08 - 00:12:54:02

That's okay.

00:12:55:07 - 00:12:57:23

I'm surprised it's even a discount still. But, you.

00:12:58:00 - 00:12:58:15


00:12:59:24 - 00:13:19:16

I'd say probably over half the population smokes or does tobacco products of some sort. Um, and you already answered this one for me. So you said you live on a fixed income because you are on disability, so you'll qualify for the fixed income discount. Now the disability that's typically on the third of the month, correct? Yes.

00:13:21:23 - 00:13:26:21

All right. It's gathering information, gathering intelligence. When are you receiving it? Okay, good. Now I know that.

00:13:27:08 - 00:13:57:07

Okay. Social Security on the third of the month. Yep. Okay. They do or are still qualifying that for the fixed income discount. So awesome. Now we also have the preferred financial partner discount, Sarah. So our agency, Senior Life Services has been around for 50 plus years. Over that time we worked with hundreds of banks and credit unions nationwide. Now, depending on who you work with, Sarah, we might be able to provide you with that preferred financial partner discount. All they're asking here is the name of the bank that you work with on National.

00:14:00:02 - 00:14:02:07

All right. I have worked with them before.

00:14:04:23 - 00:14:09:24

I just got to remember how to spell national old.

00:14:11:05 - 00:14:15:05

NRT ion al.

00:14:17:10 - 00:14:19:02

And that is a bank, correct? Not a credit.

00:14:19:04 - 00:14:20:07

Union. National bank.

00:14:21:15 - 00:14:22:05

I don't.

00:14:22:22 - 00:14:45:21

All right. So basically, he does it slightly different. Taylor does it slightly different than the script. Um, basically, he's getting all this information that a lot of us end up skipping later on. Like, I know the name of the bank. I know when they receive the Social Security by default, I know their Social Security number. I mean, five two. I know she's 240. She's barely, um, preferred, but she's not going to get preferred with this with disability anyway.

00:14:46:16 - 00:14:51:17

Oh. Why? But and it may be the Indiana accent that people always put off.

00:14:52:00 - 00:14:52:22

I'm sorry.

00:14:52:24 - 00:15:06:15

No, you're fine. I have a Southern accent, and sometimes I say stuff the way I say it. People think I'm being rude. And it's. It's just the way I say it. It's not me actually being rude. Um, I always think you all are saying, like, all like.

00:15:06:20 - 00:15:07:11

Oh, no.

00:15:07:13 - 00:15:09:12

No, no. Well, the. Yeah.

00:15:09:20 - 00:15:17:05

And that's why I'm like, All right, how do you spell this again? But it's, I forget it's always old, just like the old dog sitting on the porch.

00:15:19:13 - 00:15:41:08

All right. Now I do have their preferred financial partner discount, so that is awesome. That came up just fine. Last time I was fighting it, I was like, Where in the world is an old policy? We're planning on leaving this behind to Morris. And then our goal here is to get some final expenses taken care of, as well as a legacy gift. Leaving that to him.

00:15:41:17 - 00:15:42:07


00:15:42:22 - 00:16:15:02

All right. So this is something Taylor and I have worked on a lot, and this is really good. So he he's defining what her goal is and basically recapping everything that she said. I listened to a couple a couple of the call reviews I did yesterday. Um, that was like it was almost skipped. I mean, it was it was brought up like very quickly. Okay, so you just want some money for final expenses? Yeah, sure. And then like, there was no buy in there. Like, this is very clear. Buying guys, like she's like, okay, so we're going to find a legacy gift. We're going to make sure the final expenses are taken care of.

00:16:15:04 - 00:16:24:19

Money's going to the fiance. So all that's clear, right? Yep. So then once she defines this goal, now, it's going to be very easy to continue on with it.

00:16:26:10 - 00:16:31:11

She can't really tell you later on. Oh, you know, I was just thinking about it. I don't really want to do anything like. Well, okay.

00:16:32:15 - 00:16:39:06

All righty. Awesome. And have you ever had to go through the process of handling someone's final arrangement or final expenses yourself?

00:16:39:15 - 00:16:40:05


00:16:41:02 - 00:16:52:14

Okay. Have you ever assisted anybody with that process? A sibling. When a parent passed away or an aunt or anything like that. Wow, That's awesome. I can make it a 48 and do that.

00:16:52:23 - 00:16:54:22

I am very, very lucky.

00:16:55:03 - 00:16:56:14

You are very lucky.

00:16:56:22 - 00:16:58:21

Our family has a bubble around it.

00:16:59:19 - 00:17:27:20

Gotcha. Well, I think my family's had a bubble around it for the most part. I've only had to do that with one of my uncles. He passed away about ten years ago. It actually wasn't for many medical reasons. He passed away from an a car accident. He was heading to work about 3 a.m. and we had some bad rain coming through the last couple of days. So he ended up getting in an accident. Thankfully, he had he was actually. It was just a little bit older than you.

00:17:30:15 - 00:18:07:04

See this this type of rapport. He just she he's just telling her things about his life and he's talking to her like you should be interested in all this stuff, even if even if some of the stuff he says isn't interesting, he's talking like he doesn't. That's what I'm trying to teach everybody. Like, it's almost like he doesn't care if he gets this sale or not. And because he doesn't care and he's not pushing and he's just kind of like ram, like just talking about whatever, um, then he's going to get this sale. It's like I care about doing my job well, but I'm like, I'm not going to care about this one particular person and whether whether or not they buy and if they can feel that in your presentation, they're just going to trust you a lot more.

00:18:07:06 - 00:18:16:23

They're going to trust you like the fact that you'll do your job, that you're not scamming them, that you're taking the time to spend time with them. All that stuff really does help big time.

00:18:17:19 - 00:18:36:10

That nonchalant will like take you so far, if you can find that like, perfect energy, like right there in the middle. And Taylor's doing a really great job of showing that off in this call because like, sometimes, like definitely throughout the course of a seven day week even, I'll lose that like a couple of days out of the week, especially when I'm like pushing really hard.

00:18:37:09 - 00:18:38:22

Mhm. Exactly.

00:18:39:13 - 00:18:52:11

He was a truck driver and but thankfully, he had some life insurance in place, took care of all those final expenses. And also now those plans offer

00:18:54:03 - 00:18:59:19

they pay out everything 100% to Morris or Parker, and it's 100% tax.

00:19:00:07 - 00:19:06:06

Like all sudden you're breathing hard to like like gotta go over these benefits like you, right?

00:19:07:19 - 00:19:10:19

You sound like you got emotional when you were sharing your story with her.

00:19:10:23 - 00:19:12:04

But yeah.

00:19:13:21 - 00:19:15:23

No fighting off these allergies.

00:19:16:11 - 00:19:22:23

Yeah, You're like, Oh, okay. And I'm gonna talk about the benefit. That's how it sounded like. Okay.

00:19:23:00 - 00:19:58:05

Like most companies, they pay out immediately. The companies we work with, we also require that every company we work with, the A+ rated with a Better Business Bureau. You follow me so far? Yeah. Awesome. Now, Sarah, you've told me a lot about yourself and why this is important to you. What I want to do now is take some time to ask you some health questions. Whenever you look at life insurance or policies that are going to be left behind and handle your final expenses and legacies. You always want to be asked health questions because it's actually going to allow you to get a better plan and a better rate. Now, I've been doing this a long time, so I don't need to read over every single one of our applications.

00:19:58:07 - 00:20:02:09

I'll know a company's best for you just by asking you a few general questions. That's not fair enough to you.

00:20:02:22 - 00:20:03:12


00:20:03:24 - 00:20:08:17

Okay. What is the name of your primary care doctor or their office?

00:20:09:14 - 00:20:11:14

Dr. Suresh Luciano.

00:20:13:09 - 00:20:21:06

It's Super S-H. And then it's l o h.

00:20:22:24 - 00:20:25:07


00:20:26:21 - 00:20:30:15

I'm glad you know how to spell that, because I probably would have just totally lost.

00:20:30:22 - 00:20:37:24

He's been my doctor since my son was born and my son's 16, so I learned how to spell his name. Okay.

00:20:38:01 - 00:20:40:01

And he's in Washington, Indiana, right?

00:20:40:10 - 00:20:41:23

Yes. Okay.

00:20:43:20 - 00:20:48:10

Uh, let's see here. I have him over there off of Indiana. 57.

00:20:49:03 - 00:20:50:14

Yep. Awesome.

00:20:52:00 - 00:20:56:17

Simply looking up, in the last two years, have you had any hospitalizations or surgeries?

00:20:58:06 - 00:20:59:13

Yes, actually.

00:20:59:19 - 00:21:10:07

Those are little like that. When he said that where the doctor was located, it's just a little psychological thing to remind yourself to do, because if you can tell them where your doctor is located, it's just another subtle indication that I know what I'm doing.

00:21:11:11 - 00:21:12:23

I had a knee replacement.

00:21:17:01 - 00:21:18:03

Anything else?

00:21:20:09 - 00:21:20:24

Let's see.

00:21:23:05 - 00:21:28:03

No, I think that's the only surgery I've had in the last few years. Good.

00:21:30:13 - 00:21:36:16

Any issues with your heart, such as a heart attack and just a heart failure pacemaker stents put in place?

00:21:37:05 - 00:21:37:20


00:21:38:11 - 00:21:41:14

Awesome. Any other procedures to improve your circulation?

00:21:42:13 - 00:21:43:03


00:21:44:01 - 00:21:49:20

Fantastic. Any issues with your lungs such as COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis or anything?

00:21:50:09 - 00:21:51:21

I do have COPD.

00:21:53:18 - 00:21:55:16

Not a problem. Um.

00:21:58:02 - 00:21:59:04


00:22:00:18 - 00:22:07:04

Are you required to use or do you have any oxygen equipment or inhalers to assist you to breathe?

00:22:07:14 - 00:22:08:06


00:22:09:06 - 00:22:11:01

Which one or both?

00:22:12:03 - 00:22:35:20

I've got a brio inhaler for everyday use. I've got just an assistant inhaler inhaler. Not one of those emergency ones. It's just while I'm out, if I get short of breath, I take it. And then if I get sick, like I get bronchitis or something, I have actual, like, a breathing treatment.

00:22:36:20 - 00:22:38:12

Okay. So like a nebulizer?

00:22:38:23 - 00:22:39:13


00:22:39:21 - 00:22:45:05

Okay. But it's not oxygen equipment. It's not the green canisters. They come to your house and change out. Awesome.

00:22:45:08 - 00:22:45:23


00:22:47:03 - 00:22:51:08

All righty. Fantastic. Any issues with cancer?

00:22:51:23 - 00:22:52:15


00:22:53:00 - 00:22:53:23

Past or present?

00:22:55:05 - 00:22:55:20


00:22:57:09 - 00:23:00:18

Any issues with Parkinson's disease, strokes or seizures?

00:23:01:06 - 00:23:01:21


00:23:02:13 - 00:23:05:19

Awesome. Are you diagnosed with any type of diabetes?

00:23:06:12 - 00:23:07:02


00:23:08:06 - 00:23:12:20

Type one or type two two. Pills or insulin.

00:23:14:02 - 00:23:14:17


00:23:16:15 - 00:23:17:07


00:23:17:09 - 00:23:20:04

And have you ever been on insulin?

00:23:21:22 - 00:23:22:12


00:23:22:21 - 00:23:28:00

Awesome. And do you have any issues with neuropathy, nerve damage in your hands or your feet?

00:23:28:16 - 00:23:29:12

No, I do not.

00:23:30:05 - 00:23:30:23


00:23:32:15 - 00:23:36:20

Do you have any issues with hepatitis C, HIV, AIDS, Liver disease?

00:23:37:04 - 00:23:41:04

Yeah. Was actually, uh, Taylor was actually going to ask other people, so don't tell them.

00:23:43:06 - 00:23:47:10

Uh, but yeah, Patriot Standard is where she's going to go here.

00:23:47:22 - 00:23:48:18

Kidney disease?

00:23:49:08 - 00:23:49:23


00:23:51:02 - 00:23:54:16

Fantastic. And do you use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol?

00:23:55:03 - 00:23:55:18


00:23:57:07 - 00:24:02:06

Are you confined to a bed or a wheelchair? And do you have any amputations or organ transplants?

00:24:02:21 - 00:24:03:11


00:24:05:05 - 00:24:13:09

Do you require assistance from anyone with your daily living activities such as eating, dressing, toileting, bathing or walking?

00:24:14:18 - 00:24:24:01

No. Right now I'm having issues with that knee. So just for the moment, I have to go to this special

00:24:26:16 - 00:24:45:11

machine that overlooks metal so I can see inside because my doctor thinks I might have tore something when they put in the new knee. So we're just checking that because if it is tour, he has to go back in and resell it.

00:24:46:01 - 00:24:46:16


00:24:46:18 - 00:24:54:16

So yeah, it's hard to walk. Sometimes I walk with a walker, that's fine. But this is something that will be fixed.

00:24:54:18 - 00:25:01:21

No, this, this, this kind of means like somebody has to, like, literally, like. For you to stand up, come over there and pick you up.

00:25:02:04 - 00:25:03:16

No, no, no, no, no.

00:25:04:01 - 00:25:09:09

Awesome. And do you require any medications, or are you currently prescribed any.

00:25:10:08 - 00:25:13:01

Yeah. Yeah. Bunch?

00:25:13:14 - 00:25:15:21

A bunch. Okay. What's the first?

00:25:15:24 - 00:25:35:08

Bipolar. I'm bipolar with anxiety and severe panic attack. So I don't have a list. I do not have a list. I cannot tell you that if there's a time, you can call back when I'm at home. I can tell you more.

00:25:35:23 - 00:25:47:04

Okay. Um, so you're taking bipolar. Do you see this? Do you at least know what medications you're taking? Not in regards to their name, but what they're for.

00:25:49:16 - 00:25:51:18

Uh, depression,

00:25:54:21 - 00:26:06:12

anxiety. Uh, let's see. Help me go to sleep at night, because I am. What do you call whenever you stay awake all this time?

00:26:08:22 - 00:26:13:01

I'm a yeah, I'm an insomniac, so I do have sleeping pills.

00:26:15:01 - 00:26:17:21

And then. That's what

00:26:19:12 - 00:26:24:09

I do take a pill for. It's blip aside. It's for my

00:26:25:24 - 00:26:30:10

diabetes, not my sugar. My sugar pill.

00:26:30:22 - 00:26:32:22

Yeah. Your diabetes. Yeah.

00:26:33:13 - 00:26:34:14

And then.

00:26:36:03 - 00:26:55:20

I've got a muscle relaxer right now for my knee. A pain. Pills for my knee and my back. I go to a pain clinic and my back's bad. And right now my knees bad. But want to see what else?

00:26:57:03 - 00:26:57:18


00:26:59:22 - 00:27:02:01

Anxiety. I take a whole lot of pain.

00:27:05:14 - 00:27:11:06

I take another pill and I can't remember the name of it. It is for anxiety as well.

00:27:14:21 - 00:27:19:05

Okay. Klonopin can also be used for insomnia, too. So.

00:27:22:00 - 00:27:24:24

I take Bela. That's it for my sleeping pill.

00:27:25:21 - 00:27:26:11

You said Bella?

00:27:27:19 - 00:27:28:09


00:27:44:22 - 00:27:46:05

All right. Anything else?

00:27:47:05 - 00:27:48:13

I'm sure there is.

00:27:49:22 - 00:28:00:13

Uh, we got bipolar anxiety, depression, sleep pill, diabetic pill. Your. Your painkillers. Anything else?

00:28:02:20 - 00:28:04:18

I know there's more. I just said, you.

00:28:05:16 - 00:28:07:21

Know, issues. Yeah.

00:28:08:04 - 00:28:09:16

Kidney issues.

00:28:10:17 - 00:28:11:07


00:28:12:22 - 00:28:14:08

Memory issues?

00:28:14:20 - 00:28:15:10


00:28:17:21 - 00:28:18:11


00:28:19:07 - 00:28:20:00


00:28:20:24 - 00:28:31:05

And most of the ones you're still taking, most of the ones you're taking is all related to, like, your anxiety, sleep, diabetes and depression and stuff like that.

00:28:31:07 - 00:28:36:17

Yeah, because that bipolar goes depression and then.

00:28:38:20 - 00:29:01:22

Well, usually bipolar, depression, sleep medications, all those are generally in the same house anyways. Like somebody will be taking say they say somebody will take Klonopin for like told you they'll take it for sleep too, but it may not be prescribed for them for sleep, it might be for depression. So it just really depends on the person. Um, they don't really care.

00:29:02:22 - 00:29:03:12

About that.

00:29:03:16 - 00:29:04:16

It keeps me calm.

00:29:05:06 - 00:29:06:16

Yeah. No. Gotcha.

00:29:06:20 - 00:29:11:10

Whenever I go into a situation that's like, today.

00:29:11:17 - 00:29:20:03

So what would you guys be doing here? Like, as you're collecting all this information? Like, what have you guys narrowed it down to so far?

00:29:22:17 - 00:29:37:01

I just automatically went to prosperity. But that's just my knee jerk reaction when she said she's a smoker, right? Yeah, that's confused with the HL. I will. I started going to HL more but just automatically with me go to prosperity or something.

00:29:37:17 - 00:29:44:21

Well the big thing here is HL will go from 40 to 8089. So like you'll find.

00:29:44:23 - 00:29:45:14

About the age.

00:29:45:16 - 00:29:46:09

Okay. Yeah.

00:29:46:11 - 00:30:04:04

You'll, you'll find like a lot more uses for that. And especially because Pioneer doesn't like disability, they don't like, um, they don't like all the depression meds and all the, you know, psychiatry, psychiatric meds. So yeah. HL is really the best option here so far. But we'll, but we'll find out very shortly.

00:30:04:21 - 00:30:11:20

I took it this morning so that I went and get there and get put in a giant tube like a coffin and freak out.

00:30:12:15 - 00:30:13:05

I got you.

00:30:15:21 - 00:30:25:10

No, I totally get that. Um, let's see here. Nothing for seizures or anything like that. No blood thinners, water pills.

00:30:26:13 - 00:30:34:03

Oh, my gosh. Yes, I do take water pills. I take lawsuits. Thank you. I take 40mg of lasix.

00:30:35:08 - 00:30:37:16

And that's water for water retention.

00:30:38:05 - 00:30:41:16

Yeah, that's because my legs keep swelling up because of this. Neat.

00:30:45:18 - 00:30:49:15

She's not going to qualify for Patriot Standard with the license.

00:30:52:21 - 00:30:53:21

What the. What did you say?

00:30:53:23 - 00:30:56:18

The lasix ls6 for blood thinners?

00:30:58:11 - 00:31:00:05

No, it's for Rosemead, essentially.

00:31:00:08 - 00:31:01:09

It's lasix.

00:31:01:11 - 00:31:02:12

Lasik. Yeah. With a.

00:31:03:20 - 00:31:30:22

With with Patriot two. They're just like where they're under writing is a little bit tricky. Having any type of heart problem and diabetes actually makes you a straight decline for for or for patriot altogether. So if she just had the diabetes and the COPD, you might be able to get her Patriot standard. I think she would actually get declined altogether for patriot with the the heart pillar with the water pill.

00:31:32:08 - 00:31:35:22

This one was submitted. What were you able to get her, Taylor?

00:31:36:22 - 00:31:44:23

Yeah, it's interesting that Lexi said that because she got the yellow circle. So it's Amanda writing. Gotcha.

00:31:45:22 - 00:32:05:14

Yeah. So they do not like just remember diabetes. That's. That is true. It's the same thing with the guide star as the Patriot. Um, diabetes and heart problems don't mix with them, but you'll find out shortly. So. But then, yeah, next would probably be Jacob. Like you said, prosperity, prime term. All right, let's keep let's keep it rolling.

00:32:08:23 - 00:32:13:02

You're saying it's caused by the NE the inflation. Interesting.

00:32:23:24 - 00:32:25:17

All right. I think we're good.

00:32:26:17 - 00:32:27:07


00:32:27:16 - 00:32:34:09

As long as we didn't miss any medications. And even if we did, like as long as it's not, if it's all reoccurring stuff will be fine.

00:32:35:02 - 00:32:35:17


00:32:36:08 - 00:32:37:03

I know, like a lot of.

00:32:37:11 - 00:32:39:04

All around the same stuff.

00:32:39:06 - 00:32:40:11

Yeah, exactly.

00:32:41:20 - 00:32:42:10


00:32:53:08 - 00:32:59:06

So these are big. These are this is kind of a big gap. Taylor, are you just trying to put her with the right plan at this point?

00:33:06:00 - 00:33:11:01

Yeah, I'm not quite there. I've heard 2 or 3 of them that I didn't like the pauses.

00:33:14:06 - 00:33:20:05

I think you said you kind of broke up, I think 2 or 3 medications you didn't like. So you're just kind of making sure you're picking the right one.

00:33:20:23 - 00:33:24:05

There was 2 or 3 pauses, but was just double checking on the box.

00:33:25:07 - 00:33:25:22


00:33:26:07 - 00:33:26:22


00:33:27:00 - 00:33:28:06

Just double check in my mind.

00:33:28:08 - 00:33:40:06

But the cheat sheet said bipolar is actually a preferred, so she's automatically COPD. So it's pretty standard with NHL but wasn't aware that the Lasix was going to be an issue.

00:33:40:19 - 00:34:03:00

Right. And then um, so when this is happening guys because you're going to, you know, when you're new, especially like, like even it'll be even worse than this because like, I'll take a time, but I always tell them I'm taking some time. So it's just, it's just, it works out better if you tell them, Hey, I'm gonna take a second. I got to look at a couple of different companies here just so that they know what you're doing. So it's almost like talking to yourself while you're doing it.

00:34:13:09 - 00:34:15:04

I'll just double check in here.

00:34:16:13 - 00:34:17:11


00:34:30:23 - 00:34:32:11

No issues with.

00:34:33:00 - 00:34:35:09

The paper because it has the address where I'm going.

00:34:38:06 - 00:34:43:01

Oh, more Santa pen. See this place by the fishery?

00:34:47:10 - 00:34:48:19

He always has what I need.

00:34:50:05 - 00:34:51:15

All right, I'm ready.

00:34:57:00 - 00:34:57:17

Are you there?

00:34:57:21 - 00:35:03:11

Yeah, I'm still here. Okay. All right. Let's see here.

00:35:05:12 - 00:35:21:22

So we're going to, like I said, take a look at what you qualify for. Now, there's a lot of different life insurance programs out there, and I know you get all sorts of stuff in the mail or you probably see it on TV if you don't get any for the purpose of describing how our products work versus others. Do you know the difference between term life insurance and whole life insurance?

00:35:23:09 - 00:35:25:08

No, but I like the whole sound.

00:35:28:12 - 00:35:50:04

The reason I bring this up is I just want you to choose the best choice of which type of insurance to have. They're not all the same. Some are going to be better than others. But to be able to make a sound decision, you need to know the facts to be able to make that decision for you and for your fiance. Now, I'm sure you've received letters in the mail. I even get them myself from globe Life. AARP offering the term insurance, right?

00:35:50:14 - 00:35:51:05


00:35:51:22 - 00:36:11:16

Okay. So it'll often say on those insurance brochures if you ever actually read them, instead of throwing them away like I do, that the insurance is good up to age 80. But what they don't tell you is what happens when you turn 80. And what happens is no matter how much money you put in, they keep the money and you get no benefit after 80. So the point is, why would you want insurance that might cancel before you go? Right?

00:36:12:03 - 00:36:12:18


00:36:14:01 - 00:36:44:17

Make matters worse, those plans actually will raise every 3 to 5 years. So they'll give you a premium. And then after about 3 to 5 years, that premium will go up. So what happens is most people will look at these policies and they'll get them when they're younger because they're cheaper. But as they get older, the income gets more fixed, those prices go up. So then what happens is most people actually don't even outlive these policies. What they end up doing is unfortunately having to cancel them because they can't afford them. Now, the best company in your case, you're going to want to write this down, is American Home Life.

00:36:46:04 - 00:36:47:03


00:36:50:18 - 00:36:51:08


00:36:53:09 - 00:36:53:24


00:36:54:16 - 00:36:55:06


00:36:57:18 - 00:37:30:04

All right. So American home life, they've been around for over 110 years. They're state and federally regulated. So congrats. Now you will be prequalified for as much up to 25,000 leave behind to Morris and Parker, completely confident that any of the plans that we look at for this is going to take care of all your final expenses for you. My suggestion to you is pick the one that's going to fit you best. Sara They're all going to do the job, but you just want to pick the one that's going to make the most sense for you. Now I'm going to have you write down three different face amounts and they're going to go down in $5,000.

00:37:31:04 - 00:37:36:20

So we're going to start with 25,000 and then we're going to put 20,000 and then 15,000.

00:37:39:10 - 00:37:50:05

Now, no matter which one of these you pick here, it will all come with a number of benefits. And underneath that, you want to put down the word benefits. And I'm going to go over those benefits with you. So that way you know what's in this actual plan.

00:37:51:03 - 00:37:51:18


00:37:53:18 - 00:38:02:04

Okay. So underneath 25, 20 and 15 underneath the word benefits, you want to write down accidental death.

00:38:05:01 - 00:38:37:23

Now, this is not I don't get this confused with an accidental death policy. This is an accidental death benefit. So this is a whole life insurance policy with an accidental death benefit. So what that means is if you were to pass away in a car accident, you were to fall down the stairs something horrible. Whatever the accident may be, it doesn't matter. They're going to double the face amount. So if you had $25,000 in place and you passed away from an accident, they're actually going to pay out 50,000. So it doubles the base amount if you die from an accident.

00:38:39:18 - 00:38:52:02

That's how the accidental death works benefit. The next benefit you want to write down is terminal illness or also known as accelerated death benefit. So either one of those you can write down, they mean the same thing.

00:38:53:00 - 00:38:55:01

Terminal illness?

00:38:55:12 - 00:38:56:02


00:38:56:04 - 00:39:07:08

Terminal illness. So the terminal illness benefit. The way this works is if you were diagnosed with a terminal illness, God forbid that happen, they would actually pay out the full face amount of the policy to you.

00:39:09:03 - 00:39:39:20

It's different depending on the company, but they'll either pay out the full face amount or they'll pay out a portion of the face amount before you pass away. So what that means is and then they'll stop your premium payment. So let's say they paid out. They're going to pay out full face amount before you pass away and then your premium payment would stop. Okay. Okay. So that's how the terminal illness works. If you get diagnosed with terminal illness, Doc lets you know, Hey, you got 24 months to live. You got 12 months to live.

00:39:39:22 - 00:39:53:09

You know, hey, there's no way possible you're coming back from this, whatever it may be. You know, God forbid any of that happen, they would actually pay out the face amount, say 25,000. They pay that out to you before you passed in the net premium payment. It's going to stop.

00:39:54:05 - 00:39:54:20


00:39:55:05 - 00:39:59:10

Okay. The next benefit is day one coverage.

00:40:02:19 - 00:40:39:01

Now, this is huge. And the reason why I'm making such an emphasis on day one coverage as a benefit. One reason if you've done a little bit of shopping yourself, I don't know if you have or not. A lot of times people who have COPD don't get day one coverage. American Home Life has worked with us. They're allowing us to get the day one coverage with people who have COPD. This is something they've created for us. Um. So basically, day one coverage. The way this benefit works means once the premium payment has been received, once they've approved your application, you're under the full face amount.

00:40:39:03 - 00:41:11:21

So if you applied for 25,000, both of those have taken place. Day one coverage means you're under $25,000 worth of coverage immediately. Just like that. There's no two year there's no two year wait or anything like that. A lot of people who have COPD end up being on a two year wait. So now what a two year wait means is it's just you're they're not going to cover you under 25,000. But with this plan, with American Home Life, they're going to cover you up immediately under the 25,000. So that's awesome. The next benefit here is the cash value.

00:41:15:13 - 00:41:16:15


00:41:17:21 - 00:41:18:11


00:41:19:15 - 00:41:24:06

So cash value as you're paying into this policy, it's going to build up some cash value in it.

00:41:25:20 - 00:41:51:03

If you're going to plan on using this for final expenses and stuff like that, I highly recommend you don't pull out your cash value just from a professional standpoint, but you can the opportunity is there and it is your benefit to use. But what that means is if you borrowed, say, $5,000 from your cash value and you never paid back the $5,000, when you pass away, they're only going to pay out 20,000 instead of 25. That makes sense.

00:41:52:13 - 00:41:54:01

Okay. Um.

00:41:54:18 - 00:41:57:09

And then the last benefit, but certainly not.

00:41:58:01 - 00:42:05:21

So, Taylor, one thing I am hearing, like you're explaining these benefits, but do you think like you're giving them too much information?

00:42:07:21 - 00:42:20:06

Okay. I can see where you're coming with, but I've had more people hate me for allowing them to actually understand what the product is. Then had people complain about how long it's taken that that makes sense.

00:42:20:22 - 00:42:51:13

Right? And they should understand it. But are they going to remember everything that you just told them? So like, like mean I want them to remember. I want them to know what the benefits are, but I don't want them to be, like, so paralyzed with like, what? What? Explain that one again. Do this one again. You know what I mean? Yeah. It's not. It's just a comment. It's not really like an instruction because it's like, well, mean. I want them to know exactly what's going on. That's what's going to separate us a lot of the time is somebody who spends an hour with somebody and makes a sale is going to have a lot better persistency than somebody who spends 15 minutes.

00:42:53:02 - 00:43:24:09

Not least is your premium stay the same and the face amount stays the same. Those will never adjust over time. They'll never go away. Don't ever change. So it's a locked in premium. It's locked in with your age. So going back to or going over those benefits, do you have any questions about those benefits before we move along? Yeah, awesome. Going back to the 25,000, we're going to write down next to the 25 and work our way down to the 15. For the 25,000, it's only one 2027.

00:43:31:15 - 00:43:32:05


00:43:33:07 - 00:43:36:23

For the 20,000. It's only 96. 85.

00:43:40:04 - 00:43:44:01

1000. It's what, now?

00:43:44:17 - 00:43:46:18

96? 85.

00:43:48:14 - 00:43:49:04


00:43:50:14 - 00:43:54:05

And then for the 15, it would only be 73. 42.

00:43:57:09 - 00:43:57:24


00:44:00:00 - 00:44:08:10

Now, Sarah, out of those three plans. Which one of those plans would you want to have in place if, God, we're going to be calling you home to take care of Maurice.

00:44:09:11 - 00:44:10:14


00:44:10:22 - 00:44:11:19


00:44:11:21 - 00:44:12:11


00:44:23:05 - 00:44:52:02

Okay when they pick a plan, Guys, I'm a very big proponent of trying to close right there. Um, so I know there's a little gap here, but like the for my very first instinct. Okay, so we'll send you out to 25,000. I understand you get Social Security on the third of each month, we're going to use that old people's or whatever, old bank, whatever it was, uh, you know, to for your payments going forward. So I do have their routing number right here. I do want to confirm that with you to make sure that's correct. So if you can grab a check for me, I'll wait right here for you.

00:45:00:00 - 00:45:06:18

All right. I think that's a good choice. It'll leave you some in place to leave extra behind. Yeah.

00:45:08:10 - 00:45:19:05

If later on, some people are not aware of this, if later on you want to get some additional coverage, you can always get additional coverage. We would have to run you more than likely through a different company depending on.

00:45:19:13 - 00:45:33:22

Oh and Taylor before forget call this morning and ask them where they're at in that process because I called with Buck about three different policies that still showed pending yesterday and they were all issued.

00:45:35:20 - 00:45:37:18

Okay, So just. Just a heads up.

00:45:37:20 - 00:45:40:06

How long ago that was? Um.

00:45:43:07 - 00:45:56:11

Paula. How many years you waited? I've had clients wait 3 or 4 years. And then. Then they called me back and say, hey, I want to get some additional coverage. So it just depends. And sometimes people's health change. So it just depends.

00:45:57:02 - 00:45:57:17


00:45:59:19 - 00:46:02:02

All right. What is your name in number?

00:46:02:11 - 00:46:06:18

Absolutely. I'm going to give you all that. My first name is Taylor. Taylor.

00:46:09:09 - 00:46:09:24


00:46:10:14 - 00:46:13:02

Last name is PA. PA.

00:46:17:01 - 00:46:17:16


00:46:18:06 - 00:46:21:12

My office number is 772.

00:46:25:17 - 00:46:28:18

And then we said your birthday was the 1227.

00:46:29:09 - 00:46:31:18

They said Goff went to California.

00:46:33:15 - 00:46:48:18

Which was an hour from where we actually lived because the the local hospital that was local to us, they had the worst birth rate of babies ever in the nation. So we're like, well, we're not having a kid there. So we drove it out our.

00:46:50:07 - 00:47:00:07

So he can he'll say he's from Tifton, Georgia, but he's never lived there a day in his life. And we said, Oh, National was the preferred financial partner.

00:47:00:21 - 00:47:02:20

Yes. All right.

00:47:02:22 - 00:47:08:24

And I have their routing number. Can I confirm that with you? Yes. Do you know that off the top of your head?

00:47:09:11 - 00:47:10:01

Yes, I.

00:47:10:03 - 00:47:10:18


00:47:10:20 - 00:47:11:23

Oh, that's impressive.

00:47:14:08 - 00:47:37:15

I asked that because there's so many people that do know that off the top of their heads. So like but even every time they say, yep, I know what I'm like, how in the world? But my wife's the same way she was telling her that story when I was like, You wouldn't believe how many people know the name of the bank and the routing number and this and that. And she was like, You don't. And I was like, Oh my gosh, you're one of those. And she's like, Yeah, it's blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I was like, Thank you.

00:47:38:14 - 00:47:39:04


00:47:40:08 - 00:47:48:17

All righty. So for Old National Bank, I have a routing number of 086 3012. Man, I.

00:47:48:19 - 00:47:51:08

Can't even remember my bank account.

00:47:52:20 - 00:47:55:02

One. It's just easier to break into three.

00:47:55:12 - 00:47:56:02


00:47:56:21 - 00:47:57:20

All right.

00:47:57:22 - 00:47:59:21

All right. So he's got the bank, and then.

00:48:03:06 - 00:48:04:14

All right. Got social to.

00:48:06:19 - 00:48:07:13

I didn't even hear you get the.

00:48:07:15 - 00:48:09:06

Social and you.

00:48:09:08 - 00:48:09:23

Skipped it.

00:48:10:14 - 00:48:11:04


00:48:11:11 - 00:48:19:17

Good. Can I put your address for Morris down? Is that a good address for him? Okay. A phone number for Morris.

00:48:20:17 - 00:48:21:11

What's your phone number?

00:48:21:20 - 00:48:35:12

So you don't have to do this. But they do have some fields in the app where you can put their phone number or their address. I mean, if you can get it, great. But most of the time we're just putting same phone number, same address as the client.

00:48:36:07 - 00:48:40:23

Yeah, I only do this for each. Well, don't get everybody else's information in other cases.

00:48:41:08 - 00:48:43:06

Right. Eight. One, two.

00:48:45:00 - 00:48:45:19

Six, eight, eight.

00:48:52:00 - 00:48:54:01

Okay, so now you're just filling out the app. Taylor.

00:48:55:05 - 00:48:58:09

Yeah, I'm just guessing he doesn't care if it's closed.

00:48:58:20 - 00:49:03:18

Okay? It doesn't care if it's metal. My mother, she actually had just gotten into this.

00:49:03:20 - 00:49:06:11

I can't even do this. That we have to go back.

00:49:06:22 - 00:49:12:04

So I'm skipping all this, but you can see that he's able to talk to her the entire time. Is filling out the application again.

00:49:12:08 - 00:49:13:24

We have to open it all up again.

00:49:16:06 - 00:49:24:03

$10,000 in coverage just on five when it used to be 25,000. Or would you want them to change your premium if they did a counteroffer?

00:49:24:08 - 00:49:28:24

I ended up offering her a children's writer. That's what we were talking about a second ago.

00:49:29:16 - 00:49:30:10

Gotcha. Okay.

00:49:30:18 - 00:49:31:08

You're saying.

00:49:31:14 - 00:49:32:18

So when.

00:49:32:20 - 00:49:35:04

They do offer me more money? No.

00:49:35:06 - 00:50:02:15

If they do a counteroffer, what they'll do is they'll say, okay, you don't qualify for a quote unquote, whatever the name of the plan is. We'll just use the example of standard plan. Say you didn't qualify for that, but you qualify for the modified. Well, they would say, okay, you still qualify for 25,000, but since you're a modified which they're considering you at that point in a modified a higher risk to them. So then they'd bump you up to like. Say 130, 140, whatever it may be.

00:50:04:12 - 00:50:06:18

Hey, Ernie. Don't know what it would be. Yeah.

00:50:07:06 - 00:50:21:17

Do you have a better option there? Maybe there is a better option. Don't know. It's only with I'll give the option. So they give you two options where you keep the same premium. Or if you keep the same face amount. Do you even get them an option? Or you just select pre-selected?

00:50:23:07 - 00:50:49:00

Never. Really. I've never really done that with like with, uh, you know, I'll do backups with standards like if, but that's after the fact. Like, okay, well, I don't think they're gonna accept you. Um, in this case with the Lasik and the. I know you texted me in Nikki while we were doing this, but can he can he, can she do express issue Deluxe because they don't care about, um, disability with express issue Deluxe.

00:50:49:15 - 00:50:52:04

Think she's going to be an expressive she whole life.

00:50:52:21 - 00:50:54:07

Okay but first things first.

00:50:54:22 - 00:51:09:02

It just depends on what medications she says. Come back because the knee surgery and then she said she had diabetes. So I'm thinking maybe one of her medications is Lyrica or Gabapentin.

00:51:11:24 - 00:51:16:19

Yeah, but she has COPD too. So what am I talking about? Express tissue?

00:51:17:06 - 00:51:20:03

Yeah. It's still going to be express issue, even with COPD.

00:51:21:23 - 00:51:23:06

So it's usually.

00:51:23:08 - 00:51:36:02

Time out to write United Home life. United Home life is like a last resort. So usually that's why it's a lot of questions that come with it, guys. Um, but sometimes they'll run into united home life to where we'll have to do a, um.

00:51:36:24 - 00:51:49:05

It's the same 25,000 or keep the same something but or the. Okay, don't take that personal. They're having a bad day because of this. And you got to tell yourself like.

00:51:52:00 - 00:51:53:05

Thank you for doing that.

00:51:53:15 - 00:51:54:17

Oh, thanks for the support.

00:51:58:21 - 00:52:04:07

Fucking 460 570. It is hard to drink beer here.

00:52:05:17 - 00:52:06:07

Are you?

00:52:06:13 - 00:52:07:14

You're fine.

00:52:10:06 - 00:52:14:13

Okay. I'm kind of skipping Taylor, but what's going on now? You're just wrapping it up. It's purely.

00:52:14:15 - 00:52:22:17

Just application. All the information is gathered. It's pretty much just building rapport. In the application. That's all it is.

00:52:23:03 - 00:52:24:07

All right. And then I think there.

00:52:24:09 - 00:52:27:02

I promise you, no matter how long you take, you're still faster than.

00:52:27:17 - 00:52:29:19

You know. All righty.

00:52:30:21 - 00:52:34:05

Notarized by Old National. I know exactly what you.

00:52:35:21 - 00:52:46:12

So if you want to use the free living wheel, the only thing you'll have to do is fill it out and have it notarized by Old National Bank. They'll notarize it for you.

00:52:47:01 - 00:52:47:16


00:52:49:20 - 00:53:25:17

There's also a memorial guide, so I highly recommend that. I know it's not something you necessarily want to think about, but I do recommend it when it comes time for Maurice or Parker to have to make those decisions or them to make those decisions together. You it's just going to make it that much easier on them. They're going to know exactly what you want and they're not going to have they're going to have enough on their plate dealing with a grieving process. It just makes it so much easier. We've heard a lot of good things of clients who have used that, so I do recommend it to everyone.

00:53:25:21 - 00:53:57:02

Um. There's also a script savings value card in there. Now that's free. I've actually called clients before and they're like, I don't need that. And I'm like, It's free money. Literally, like saving you money. So I don't know why you wouldn't want it, but okay, well, that's the maximum amount. My business card will also be in that welcome packet. Is it later? Just keep it with your might, get some policy face amount. Go down and make the demonstration. Right now national average for burial expenses is about 12 to 15 and ask you to give me a call.

00:53:57:05 - 00:53:58:09

Just give me a call.

00:53:58:13 - 00:54:27:13

Okay. So very good. Any comments at all? So basically that last five, seven minutes was basically wrapping up the call, letting her know what she's going to receive in the mail going over the two promises. Um, and that's very important. Like you should spend five, six, seven, ten minutes at the end of a call when it's all done to just simply just touch base, let them know what's going on, what they can expect, just so that you're not like, okay, well, got your bank account, so good bye. You don't want them having that buyer's remorse immediately.

00:54:29:08 - 00:54:33:24

Uh, any comments for Taylor or anything that would help him or Taylor? Do you have anything?

00:54:36:22 - 00:54:41:02

Because I always like to find out. Like Taylor. Is there anything you didn't like that you think you could approve?

00:54:43:00 - 00:54:45:12

Definitely didn't realize how much I was sniffling yesterday.

00:54:52:13 - 00:54:53:24

All right. Jacob. Lexi.

00:54:55:21 - 00:54:57:22

Jack. John. Cam. Catherine.

00:55:02:11 - 00:55:10:03

I like how she said that she was in the car in the beginning. Right. Wasn't she on her way to her MRI?

00:55:10:19 - 00:55:22:19

Yeah, she had a two hour drive, so it sometimes that bites you in the butt for. But for her, it was, like, perfect. She had, like, nowhere. Nothing to do and nowhere to go. So it was just kind of like boxed her in kind of. But usually that kind of works against you.

00:55:22:21 - 00:55:29:08

But it sounds like she she wasn't driving and she was in the car with her significant. MORRIS Right.

00:55:29:18 - 00:55:35:24

Yeah. The fiance was driving. She said she wasn't driving right now due to the knee because it's on her driving leg.

00:55:36:11 - 00:55:45:14

Yeah. So you got her at like a actually a good time to where he was right there too. So he was like, he wasn't involved, but he was involved in a way.

00:55:46:05 - 00:55:50:15

Yeah. Because he heard her. He heard everything. He's buying into it, not objecting. So that's always a good thing.

00:55:51:20 - 00:55:54:09

Yeah, it was actually really sold her in the beginning.

00:55:55:09 - 00:55:55:24


00:55:56:03 - 00:56:01:20

Like she was already going to buy right When she asked you like, Well, what do I qualify for?

00:56:03:22 - 00:56:05:06

Yeah. Very good call.

00:56:05:08 - 00:56:10:08

Great call. Yeah. They were buying signals from the get go, so. Yeah, excellent quality. All right.

Watch the Full Video Here: Taylor Parr Sale Call

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