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Taylor Parr Sale Call

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Yeah. What's that?

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Oh, So, Taylor, this is your call review. Um, so if there's any times you want me to stop it, you know, or if something you could have done better or they liked. But, of course, you know, I stop it a lot, so. Yeah.

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No, you're good. It sounds weird in the beginning because I'm actually answering two phones at once. That's why I said, this is Taylor. Just. Okay.

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Gotcha. Okay.

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All right. Just hang up on the other person.

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That's what you got to do.

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Hey, Sarah. How's it going?

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Hi. I'm on my way to

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Terminal, Indiana.

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Oh. What are you doing? What are you going to do there?

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Okay, Grandma. Right.

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Okay. Are you driving yourself there?

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No, absolutely not.

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Okay. Sarah, this is Taylor with Senior Life Services. So I know you're heading in to get an MRI, but you spoke to my colleague the other day about some state regulated life insurance programs that are offered to the state of Indiana. And my job is just to go over those benefits with you, answer any of those questions. Now, Sarah.

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You'd be sure that I'm too young if they had my birthday wrong.

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Okay. What was your birthday?

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1227. 1975.

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Oh, that's what I have here. Yeah.

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Okay, so she's under 50. So that's maybe somebody talked to her in the past and told her maybe it was another company. And oftentimes it is. So just ignore that. Go ahead, Nikki. Sorry.

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Yeah, I remember this call, too. And sometimes I think I told Taylor, even sometimes a lot of people that are under the age of 50, they might have talked to a representative that said that the coverage might be expensive or that they should wait until they're a certain age, but they're just uneducated or we're told and wrong information. But now there's products that are available for them at a younger age. Yeah. So she just sounds confused.

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Right? And it doesn't have to be us. Like somebody else could have called them and actually told her, no, you don't qualify because they truly only have products that are 50 and older. So always never. So basically never just assume, Oh yeah, that was us telling them. So I might as well just get off the phone because that's that's just not, not the case.

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Yeah, that's what I have here. And let's see here.

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I'm kind of wanting to hold off until I'm 50.

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It's okay. So you're 48. Why are you trying to hold off to your 50, Sarah?

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Because I don't want to start paying yet. I'm on

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Social Security,

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right? So I don't. So you're.

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On social. So you're on Social Security. Well, that's going to be Social Security disability, right? Yes. Okay. Um.

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This might seem like a small thing, but he really is. Um, Taylor is basically getting asking the questions he's going to need to know later. Like, almost every application has a section. And if you're under 50, are you on disability? So it's good to know that early on.

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So I get that. But the big the big question here, Sarah, is, you know, because we're not all guaranteed and it's a hard one to swallow, but that's if you make it to 50. Right.

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Right. Yeah.

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So the whole point of life insurance is to have it before you do get too old or before you do, you know, get too sick or you pass away, obviously, and wait until 50. All that's going to do, I think. I think by the money. The money you thinking you're going to save by not paying for two years, I think you're going to end up paying for it because the cost for a 50 year old is going to be more than a 48 year old. Does that make sense?

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Yeah. So tell me the difference between 48 and 50.

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48 and 50. Just. Well, I don't know that off the top of my head.

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What is one thing that he might like? You handled this well, Taylor, but what is one thing that you might have been able to do? Like with like her talking? I don't want to pay till I'm 50.

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Or anybody.

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So I was just thinking like she she says all these things. But, I mean, you really don't have to go into a long response there. I mean, you really can just blow it off. It's like, I mean, like everything at 48, it's going to be cheaper than 50. So let's, let's get into it. So but you explained it to her and now she's, you know, she's going down a rabbit hole with you, like, so basically, I'm just saying, maintain control of the call.

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Um. And I don't know what you qualify for, so that'll be. That's different for everybody. Every 48 year old female is going to be qualifying for something different. Um, but just to give you a guesstimate of what the price range difference would look like would be.

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Uh, let's see here. And I'm just going to just give you the premium difference, not necessarily the face amount here. Um.

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So, Taylor, you're actually going into Wei and, like, pretending like she's good health. Bad health?

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Yeah, I just compared apples to apples. So just did 5000. 5000 for a 47 year old to a 50 year old because she's actually 47.

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Gotcha. Okay.

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Well, I'm thinking she has to have bad health if she's 48 and collecting Social Security. No.

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That's why I asked. Yeah, it's like. Would have been like, Well, you're past your standard, Which is not even true with the Pioneer.

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Bear with me here.

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The way this.

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So the main thing is here. You don't have to. You did not have to do this for this lady. But I think, you know that it's like I could just immediately be like, Yeah, it's going to be a little bit cheaper. I mean, a few bucks a month over the course of time. It's a lot. It's a lot of dollars and then just move on.

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But System works at like have to put in a 48 year old and then have to put in a 50 year old. So it's a pain. Um.

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but you're gaining another 4 or $5 a month.

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So that's a hot.

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Yeah. I mean, $5. $5 extra a month.

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That's over $60 extra a year. Yeah.

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Okay, so tell me what I would qualify for. Wow.

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So it does seem like she's kind of running this call. So that's something you kind of want to avoid. Taylor, obviously, because you don't want them to. All right. Now, tell me this. All right. Now do this like you're going to be the one giving the orders throughout this call. So it sounds like, um, because you could have easily transition right there, like, okay, so, yeah, I mean, you be saving like $6. Yeah. So it does make sense to do it at 48 instead of 50 and then just move on to the next section of the script.

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That's a really hard question to answer because all I know is your name and your age.

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Okay, let's roll.

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Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Sarah. First of all, just to give you some background on senior life services, we are a consulting firm. I know seniors in the name, but to be honest with you, I work.

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So now, Taylor, all a sudden your tone change like, all right, it's game on. So, yeah, this tone is good because it's game on. You're going to start presenting and you pretty much know you have a buyer on the phone with people.

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0 to 89. Don't ask me why we pick senior life services. We'll have to ask Rory. And I'm Rory is not here, but, um. But the Rory's the owner of the company. But, um, my goal is basically to figure out who specifically will get you the best rates and the best benefits. Okay, so you're with me on that one?

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Awesome. And you're just looking for benefits for yourself. We've already confirmed your birthday. You want your fiance to be your beneficiary, is that correct? Yes.

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My fiancee is my beneficiary.

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Awesome. Awesome. And, um, do y'all have a date yet?

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But we can leave it at that, though, can't we?

00:08:44:12 - 00:08:47:01

Yeah. Yeah, that's fine. I was just curious.

00:08:47:03 - 00:08:52:06

I have no date. No, I got to get through all this other crap first.

00:08:52:20 - 00:08:59:04

Gotcha. No, I was just curious, but congrats either way. Um. And what's your fiance's name?

00:08:59:20 - 00:09:04:09

Morris. Morris Smith.

00:09:06:07 - 00:09:07:20

You said Smith, right? Like a.

00:09:08:10 - 00:09:10:10

Blacksmith. Yeah. Okay.

00:09:10:21 - 00:09:14:05

All right. And is there anybody that you'd want to have as a contingent beneficiary?

00:09:15:03 - 00:09:18:09

Contingent beneficiary explained. Okay.

00:09:18:11 - 00:09:20:08

So if for any reason.

00:09:21:10 - 00:09:45:18

So that's just a good point, guys. They don't always know what we're talking about. So sometimes we do have to dumb it down and explain it. I can't even be contingent. I'm not sure I know what it means, but didn't wouldn't think that's what you would call the beneficiary. So I always say contingent, secondary beneficiary. Like if you were to outlive Betty, who would you want that money to go to? Like make it real for them? Like if you were gonna outlive somebody, make the, you know, death is real. So keep it real with them.

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Uh, God forbid this happened, but Maurice wasn't able to receive them. He was in jail. He was overseas.

00:09:53:18 - 00:09:59:01

He had already passed away before you did. It would go to your next family member and keep everything. That would be court.

00:09:59:14 - 00:10:02:16

Yeah, that would be Parker. Cosby.

00:10:06:12 - 00:10:13:06

P. R k. E. R. C. O. S. E. As in boy y.

00:10:17:12 - 00:10:19:06

All right. And the relationship there.

00:10:19:22 - 00:10:20:17

He's my son.