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Taylor Parr Call Review

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Taylor Parr Call Review

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All right. So this is a call review for Taylor Palmer. I am going to share the screen. Sure. So let's go. All right. So this is what I downloaded.

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Hello? Hey. Hey, sir. Who's calling? Everything going today?

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Who's calling?

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This is Taylor Parr with Senior Life Services you had just recently filled out on.

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Okay. So this is a lead because you said recently filled out something online. So it's usually better. And I do I'm guilty of this myself, but it's usually better just to be like, Hey, Bob, how's everything going out there? And whatever city? And the reason for that is simply they have to ask themselves whether they know you. If you do it that way, then saying, Hey, Bob, because if you knew Bob, you would just say, Hey, Bob, and then keep moving forward.

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Line and reference to state regulated life insurance, my goals and responsibilities to go over those benefits and any questions you have, Ms.. Sarah.

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All right. You filled out online that your birthday was ten, five, 1959, and you wanted your beneficiary to be Lisa Richards.

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Okay. I have your email address as Sarah Richards looks like 105 or 1005 at

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Yeah, 105.

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All righty. And. Do you remember doing that, Miss Sarah?

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I maybe did late.

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Don't ask questions like that because then it's easier for them to be like, No. And then you're fighting an uphill battle the whole way. Questions always have to be assumptive.

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Night, Mommy.

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I gotcha. Now, Sarah, like I said, my name is Taylor Porter. I work for senior life Services, okay? I work for a consulting firm, which means we work for our clients. So that work specifically for you, Miss Sarah? Not one particular company. My goal is always to figure out who will give you the specifically the best rates and the best benefits. You with me on that?

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Now, Mr.. Were you looking for benefits just yourself today, or was you wanting to put anybody else on this policy?

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No, This is myself right now.

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Just yourself. Okay. And this is business you would typically handle yourself, Ms.. Richards.

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Okay. Awesome.

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And who? Is there anybody other than Sarah or excuse me, Lisa Richards, that you'd want to put down as your beneficiary or a contingent beneficiary?

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Kyle Richards.

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Kay Richards.

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Okay. And you want Lisa to be primary, correct? Yes.

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All right.

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Very able to make.

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And you said Lakshya. Can you spell that for me? To make sure I have her proper spelling? Yeah, that's.

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Good. Hey. Hey.

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Getting as much information as possible also. Basically getting the information you need throughout the entire presentation.

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Le choix il a la la. Oh.

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Sorry. For some reason, I just put two. Yes. All right. And you said she has the same last name.

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So she's already like, kind of. There's there's buy in here. She is giving you all the information and she is basically answering your questions about, you know, beneficiaries and, you know, allowing you to move forward quick.

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Yes. But with the middle initial case.

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I'll put her as contingent.

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All right. Would this be your first policy today, Miss Sarah? Yes. Okay. So this would be the first money that Lisa would receive if you passed? Yes. Okay. Have you ever had to go through the process of burying anyone yourself, Miss Sarah?

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No, but that's why I got. Well, my daughter Lisa has helped a lot. Bury friends and family.

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Oh, gotcha. Gotcha. Well, to just give you some personal experience, it's not a fun process. My uncle passed away unexpectedly, and it was one of those things we were trying to call friends and family to pitch in to the hat bucket, if you know what I mean, to help cover the burial.

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That's what I said. She was very helpful. Yeah, we had to do that with my sister for five years ago.

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Oh, I got you. So you just want to make sure Lisa doesn't have to go through that, correct?

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Yes, Because you went through the whole month.

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Yep. I'm ready. Otherwise, you're dealing with the grieving of a loved one, and then you're like, Oh, man, money's tight as it is. And then now I got to come home to 15,000.

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All right, so.

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I'm going to try to do an SBC while we do this, so you might have to skip forward a little bit. Um.

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I'm going to do that really quickly here. Get out of this.

00:05:41:01 - 00:05:43:03

So you're 53 years old?

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Yes, sir. Yeah. 52. 52. Okay.

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Who knows what miracle

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You might have heard you would be a preferred customer in this case. And how much coverage were you looking to get up to? 50,000.

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Yeah. Okay, So we can we can take a look here and see of all the plans that you're

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eligible here for.

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that's what this is. I don't know exactly where he's at, but we want to.

00:06:28:22 - 00:07:04:06

See the dailies. So I got. Mr. Malone, I know that you said that you want to take care of your final expenses. And if there's a little bit of money left behind that goes to your beneficiary. I'm completely confident that any of these plans that I got right here are going to do that for you. I just want to my suggestion to you is just to pick the one that makes the most sense for you. We want to get the one that fits you best financially. They're all going to do the job. Yeah, I just want to make sure you get the one that makes the most sense. And I'd like to add an additional discount for you once we go over these plans. It's based on the financial institution that you use and can apply an additional discount if they are one of our preferred banks.

00:07:04:12 - 00:07:05:23

So, Cedric, could you banquet

00:07:08:04 - 00:07:14:20

faster so that one more time for me, sir? That's faster. Faster.

00:07:21:16 - 00:07:53:00

Okay. They are one of our preferred banks here, man. All right. So when we go over these plans, we will be able to get you an additional discount for that. And since you're only 53, you're not you're not receiving any Social Security yet, are you? No. Okay. All right. So I got these plans pulled up here. Cedric, if you if you could, man, do me a favor and just go get yourself a a pen and a paper. I want to have you write down all these different plans I have through Pioneer Security. That way you can get a good look at it and compare them. And I'll wait right here for you, man. If you want to go grab a pen and paper for me, okay?

00:07:54:06 - 00:07:57:00

And kind of at worst, at the moment,

00:07:58:19 - 00:08:05:11

we might have to do this in two more minutes when I'm. When I'm not free. When I'm. When I'm free. I'm not free at the moment. You got.

00:08:05:13 - 00:08:06:21

They got you at work right now, huh?

00:08:07:10 - 00:08:08:01

Yes, sir.

00:08:08:13 - 00:08:21:06

Okay. Um, well, you know what? You know, Cedric, we've already done a lot of the. The heavy lifting here. Um, I mean, you pretty much are. I know, I know. No one wants to talk about life insurance. The questions that we will.

00:08:22:07 - 00:08:25:02

I'm good with it. I just. I'm just at work at the moment.

00:08:25:10 - 00:08:26:13

Okay, Well,

00:08:28:00 - 00:08:35:18

so real quick, then we'll go over it later for $35,000 in coverage, that's going to cost you only one 3550 a month

00:08:37:07 - 00:08:48:20

for $30,000 coverage. It's going to be 116 90 a month. That's a great deal for $25,000 in coverage. It's only going to be $98.30 a month.

00:08:49:12 - 00:08:52:08

The notice goes he's gone $1,000 in coverage.

00:08:52:10 - 00:08:53:00

It's only going.

00:08:53:02 - 00:08:54:04

To be 79, 69.

00:08:54:09 - 00:08:55:17

And it's.

00:08:55:19 - 00:09:01:00

Going to, you know, final expenses. These days, they're running between 15 to $20,000. So I was like.

00:09:01:03 - 00:09:02:13

He doesn't have a pen and paper. You don't want to.

00:09:02:15 - 00:09:05:02

Do that at least 20 or $20,000. You know.

00:09:05:04 - 00:09:08:16

There's no pen and paper. You don't want to do that because it's just not going to make sense.

00:09:10:00 - 00:09:11:02

30 a month.

00:09:11:17 - 00:09:18:13

There's almost no chance of closing this. Like, where's this banking? Where's this stuff? It's got to make sense. Logically.

00:09:20:01 - 00:09:27:20

You would have 25,000 paid out to your beneficiaries immediately this policy. So now.

00:09:27:22 - 00:09:29:07

It's reselling,

00:09:30:21 - 00:09:42:19

reselling it. So you definitely don't want to do that where you go over benefits after you gave them rates because now you should be asking for the sale immediately out of those plans. Which one do you want to leave?

00:09:43:24 - 00:10:14:12

One of them is a nursing home writer, so God forbid you ever have to go to a nursing home if you're a preferred customer with this plan, if that was ever to happen to you down the line, if you were having to go into a nursing home, buying your security is no longer going to require you to pay your premium every month, but they're going to keep the coverage for you. So that's one thing that they do. It's one of the things, one of the benefits that they throw on there for you. So if you ever had to go to the nursing home, I don't know if you've ever seen how nursing homes work, but they like to take your money.

00:10:15:15 - 00:10:23:20

Pioneer Security knows that. So you won't ever have to make any payments and you'll still get the full benefit. So that's that's always a great thing to add on.

00:10:24:10 - 00:10:26:08

So there's just no logical order here.

00:10:26:11 - 00:10:34:04

Which which one of these plans do you think you would want to leave behind for your beneficiary for Kamara and Cedric, what plan makes the most sense for you?

00:10:36:13 - 00:10:40:02

The 30,000, that's only 116 nine a month. So.

00:10:40:04 - 00:10:43:23

So those that weren't right at $98, right.

00:10:44:17 - 00:10:48:02

The 9830 a month was the $25,000 in coverage.

00:10:48:18 - 00:10:49:09

You take that.

00:10:50:01 - 00:10:51:01

Okay? You take that.

00:10:51:06 - 00:10:53:05

You can bring bring me in whenever you want.

00:10:53:16 - 00:11:06:13

So just to just to go. Sure. Make sure I got everything taken care of. I want to go ahead and bring in my senior benefits coordinator to go over the information with you, Cedric, just so you can get a better understanding of all this. And here's Ernie for you. Cedric.

00:11:09:19 - 00:11:12:18

Hey, Christopher. Hey, Cedric. How you guys doing? Hey, Ernie.

00:11:14:09 - 00:11:31:02

So I just wanted to make sure usually when you bring me on, you just want me to make sure that you're following the right plan and all that. So let's start real quick. And Christopher, Cedric, I'll just ask him because he already took down most of the pinfall anything. So what's going on with health?

00:11:31:17 - 00:11:44:24

Health wise? Cedric has been very healthy. He has no diabetes. He has been in the hospital in the last three years. COPD issues. He doesn't smoke so he's he qualified for preferred.

00:11:46:01 - 00:11:59:22

Okay. So based on that. Yeah, it would be preferred. It does look like you applied an additional discount with five star so good they are and for bank like if if did you already look up the routing did it pop up in the state system?

00:12:01:15 - 00:12:02:07

No, I did not.

00:12:03:01 - 00:12:10:08

Okay so yeah, look, look that up and the picture that pops up in the state system. Cedric, sounds like you're watching TV.

00:12:11:08 - 00:12:13:06

No, I'm at work. Oh, okay.

00:12:13:08 - 00:12:14:14

That's just a bunch of people talking.

00:12:16:08 - 00:12:46:09

Okay, so Vystar is an approved bank, so the routing number should pop up. I got him looking at that. So you're still working? So after. Yeah. So after, like, a lot of people that are receiving Social Security will choose the date that they receive Social Security to start the policy. But you're in a unique situation where you can choose whatever date you want. People that are working generally choose around the middle, beginning or end of month.

00:12:46:15 - 00:12:48:17

Which one of those sounds best for you?

00:12:49:15 - 00:12:51:10

I'd like to know.

00:12:53:05 - 00:12:54:07

Yeah, no, I don't know.

00:12:54:14 - 00:13:03:22

Okay, so after today would do the 15th of each month. So with Vystar, did you find that routing number or did you want me to look that up? Christopher.

00:13:04:09 - 00:13:06:12

Could you look that up? I'm having a little trouble over here.

00:13:06:19 - 00:13:10:00

Okay. What what state are we, you guys down in Florida, right?

00:13:10:19 - 00:13:13:09

Yes. Okay. You got Cedric down here in Jacksonville.

00:13:13:16 - 00:13:41:24

Oh, okay. Well, for us, it's up there. Yeah, I'm in Vero Beach is the headquarters, so it's Vystar Credit Union. We've worked with them a lot. All right. So, Cedric, I know you're at work, but this routing number should sound familiar to you. This would be like your bank's address. Digital address. I have 263079276. Is that correct? Correct. Okay. And then what do you have as the account number?

00:13:44:04 - 00:13:48:14

Me? I don't have it in front of me at the moment. Like some that work.

00:13:49:02 - 00:14:04:20

Gotcha. Okay. Some people have it memorized because credit unions are notorious and good for having much shorter account numbers than, say, Wells Fargo, which is 12 digits. All right. So let me find out. Do you have the app on your phone? That's another way to look it up.

00:14:06:00 - 00:14:06:17


00:14:07:08 - 00:14:17:08

Okay. All right. Let me ask my banking specialist one quick question. I'm going to ask her if they provide information out over the phone. Some banks do, some don't. Give me one second

00:14:22:13 - 00:14:23:03

the subject.

00:14:23:05 - 00:14:23:24

What do you do for a living?

00:14:25:03 - 00:14:25:18


00:14:26:18 - 00:14:27:17

All right. All right.

00:14:30:19 - 00:14:31:18

I could use the haircut

00:14:33:17 - 00:14:34:07

I use.

00:14:35:12 - 00:14:38:20

I could use a good barber. You're a long ways away, bro.

00:14:38:24 - 00:14:39:24

Yeah, I know, man.

00:14:41:23 - 00:14:43:00

That double down.

00:14:43:06 - 00:14:44:15

Okay, okay,

00:14:47:07 - 00:14:47:22


00:14:50:05 - 00:14:52:12

That's good. I know a lot of my clients were not.

00:14:55:15 - 00:14:56:21

Appreciate your patience, Cedric.

00:15:08:23 - 00:15:09:13


00:15:10:24 - 00:15:13:10

Hey, Sarge, it's real quick. What's your height and weight to tell?

00:15:14:23 - 00:15:17:10

Yeah, right. 175.

00:15:18:23 - 00:15:19:22


00:15:20:11 - 00:15:37:00

And guys, I'm back. Alexa said that Vystar will provide that information out over the phone. Is there a specific branch that you go to? Cedric Yeah. Okay. Well, you're in Jacksonville, so they got, they got a bunch of them. Uh, okay.

00:15:38:17 - 00:15:41:19

There's one at the Vystar. Must be one of their major ones.

00:15:43:09 - 00:16:16:14

Phelps Highway. I think that would be the one that will conference in. Um, so Christopher, you see on your, your dialer, your phone dialer. Yes. So you see the hang up button right next to it. That would be three dots. So click on that. Okay. And then hit add to call, add to conference call. Okay. And start start typing in this number. 904. Okay. 9082881.

00:16:16:22 - 00:16:30:23

That is a that's a branch of VYSTAR. So Cedric, when we get on the phone there, very easy over there. Uh, we'll let you do the talking, but we can come off mute if you want us to, but you just want to ask them. I'm trying to set up a life insurance.

00:16:31:02 - 00:16:32:07

It sounds like language.

00:16:32:09 - 00:16:36:19

And life insurance plan, and I just need my account number to.

00:16:36:21 - 00:16:37:11

Us. And we are.

00:16:37:13 - 00:16:41:17

Working diligently to assist all our members as quickly as possible. Our.

00:16:50:16 - 00:16:51:06


00:16:54:04 - 00:16:54:20

That's an idea.

00:16:56:14 - 00:17:05:04

All right. So that the reasoning is out of order and that guy hung up on us is because of mostly that. Go talk to Chris. Yeah, there is.

00:17:10:00 - 00:17:13:06

It means the branch location, address and our precious.

00:17:13:10 - 00:17:16:22

He dropped off the phone. So you might want to. You have to. Yeah.

00:17:18:13 - 00:17:49:17

Okay. So there was a few things that I heard from from the seven minutes to the 19 minutes. So you were a little out of order with a lot of stuff? Yeah. So you started talking about benefits after you had quoted them. So here's the here's a good rule of thumb for the order of presenting. So tell him obviously you did that. Tell him to write down the face amount of every face amount. Think you might have done that and then go over benefits.

00:17:49:18 - 00:18:03:16

So. So usually what I say exactly is no matter what, all of these plans are going to come with a number of benefits. First benefit is a terminal illness. You know, nursing home, however you want to explain that that sounds good and doesn't sound super scripted. Uh huh.

00:18:04:04 - 00:18:06:24

And that's before I go over the plans, the presentation.

00:18:07:11 - 00:18:39:01

So, so, so this is the order. So and think I do. It's actually a video in the the goat website, but the order would be All right. So Bob. So what I'm going to have you do is grab a pen and paper. He wouldn't go do that. So I would sketch. I would schedule a call back with them when he is home. Like, I wouldn't even present numbers at that point. Okay. Because then it's more of like because it was so out of order that I was like, Well, I mean, you have me on the phone now, so I'm just going to bowling my way through it and see if he'll get on the phone with the bank. And I for a minute there, thought he might.

00:18:39:03 - 00:19:10:12

But, you know, we kind of we were a little off base, so it kind of probably felt weird to him. But you could certainly schedule that schedule the appointment for later today. But back to what I was saying. So the order would be All right, Bob. So go grab a pen and paper and I'll wait right here for you. Okay. And if he doesn't do that, then just schedule the call back for for whenever he's off work or wherever the person's home, whatever. So let's say it does grab the pen and paper like, All right, Bob, I'm gonna have you make two columns on one side. I'm going to have you write down the face amounts.

00:19:10:14 - 00:19:40:12

So this is the amount of money that would go to, you know, Jerry, whoever the beneficiary is, because that's the rules I have. Like, even even the beneficiary. If they won't give me the name of the beneficiary, like I see you have your son as your beneficiary. Okay? And is it just one son? Okay. And what's his name? Oh, I'm not giving you that. Well, then can't help you by, um. Because all these things have to be done in order, and I need the guy's name so I can refer to it later. Yeah. So, again, sorry, I'm just off base.

00:19:40:14 - 00:20:11:08

I'm talking to fast. Okay, So, yeah, having to have you write down the face amount. So write down. Nice pause. $25,000 of coverage. $20,000 in coverage, $15,000 in coverage and $10,000 cover or whatever you decided. Go. Hi. If it's a younger person, go as high as you can. Always. Okay, 50,000, who cares? They can beat you down later. Like I'll just give you five numbers, 50,000 to 20 5000 or 30,000.

00:20:11:24 - 00:20:45:07

So after they write that down, you want to be like, All right, Bob. So no matter which one of these you pick, which now puts in their mind, they are picking one, I want you to. Sorry, Let me. Sorry. It's like so, Bob, no matter no matter which one of these you end up with. So you pick. It's going to come with a number of benefits. First benefit is a terminal illness benefit. And this is that's coming with all plans. Standard preferred doesn't matter. So what that means is God forbid you're ever diagnosed with a terminal illness. If you were, you'd actually be allowed to receive the entire face amount.

00:20:45:09 - 00:21:19:07

So the 15,000, 20,000, whatever you decide here, would go directly to you. And it could help with life saving treatments. You know, you can go on a super awesome vacation, like whatever you want to do, it's your money. Now, if they're preferred, then you also want to go over to nursing home coverage. Okay. And then accidental. It's like and then you say it one more time. Just real quick. Not big long explanation. So like like said Bob, so no matter which one you pick, they all come with those benefits. So next to the $25,000 in coverage, notice how said that $25,000 in coverage I want you to write down.

00:21:19:09 - 00:21:39:05

That's only two 8617 Nice, reasonable pause. Don't go too fast. They're writing it down and they're old. So and then next to the 20,000, I want you to write two 1692 and then just go all the way down the line until.

00:21:40:24 - 00:21:53:07

Go all the way down, down the line until, uh. Until you're done, you know, till the 10,000. So. And then immediately, because I noticed you quoted him and then you started talking about benefits.

00:21:54:05 - 00:21:54:21

I understand.

00:21:54:23 - 00:22:22:02

It doesn't make logical sense to them because they know that they have to pick one. So it's like. So, Bob, out of those plans, which one would you want to leave, Jerry? And of course, you got to be quiet at that point and just let them say it and then immediately go into closing. So the rest of the script is in the closing. Okay. And then you can do like if you get a bunch of objections there, you can start dealing with them, but you don't want to just keep talking through the clothes. And believe me, that's a scary point for most people.

00:22:22:05 - 00:22:25:10

Yeah, okay. Blacking out, dude. Like, no, no mean.

00:22:25:14 - 00:22:36:06

But they talk through it. It's like, oh, they're like, they're worried about them making a decision that's not going to go their way. Uh huh. But if you don't put these people in the decisions, then nobody's going to buy anything.

00:22:36:21 - 00:22:38:09

Honestly, you got to ask for the sale, Right?

00:22:38:11 - 00:22:59:11

Exactly. Uh, so other than that, and then I just noticed. So you brought me in at seven minutes and you were already almost through the health questions, like, I wouldn't go that fast. If you can try to build some rapport, talk about whatever. It just seemed really fast. Some people are going to be easy like that. Um, but I don't think presenting figures should ever come like an 11 minutes.

00:23:00:09 - 00:23:00:24


00:23:01:01 - 00:23:12:12

They'll spend some time with health, you know, you're in good health, blah, blah, blah, and just go over it as much as you can. So that way when you get all the way through, it makes logical sense to keep going with it.

00:23:13:11 - 00:23:14:02


00:23:14:11 - 00:23:22:20

So, all right. So I'm actually recording all this because I'm doing a call review for somebody. I'll send you that. I'll send you this even though it's a call review for somebody else.

00:23:22:24 - 00:23:23:14


00:23:24:00 - 00:23:35:01

Simply because I want you to hear how I critique. And then also, if you don't remember everything said what you probably won't because nobody does. Um, you can listen to this again.

00:23:35:11 - 00:23:36:01

Got it.

00:23:36:09 - 00:23:42:24

All right, so I'm going to hop out of here and think, continue with this review.

00:23:45:11 - 00:23:54:19

All right. Keep doing what you're doing, though. Just keep bringing me. Just keep bringing me in. All right? Okay. So. We're still recording this, so I'm going to keep going. Taylor.

00:25:02:15 - 00:25:03:05

See what

00:25:05:05 - 00:25:06:03

you have.

00:25:07:21 - 00:25:08:17

All right, This is good.

00:25:08:19 - 00:25:17:05

So this just means that you're getting by and for moving on in the process. So you're just, you know, you're just following the script, going through it very clearly and concisely.

00:25:28:05 - 00:25:30:22

And that would probably be helpful if I shared the screen. Sorry.

00:25:33:12 - 00:25:35:18

Couldn't actually hear that. But right now, uh.

00:25:37:14 - 00:25:52:15

Right now. You're doing very well. All the way through. Uh, you're. You're right here on the second page of the thing, and you're going over, you know, different, uh, you know, require A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, 100% tax free, all that stuff.

00:25:53:05 - 00:25:55:05

You follow me so far? Yes.

00:25:56:01 - 00:25:57:03

Okay. You just said.

00:25:57:05 - 00:26:02:21

It, Sarah. We've got a little bit of information on file, but since you are an Internet

00:26:06:03 - 00:26:07:14

lead, we don't have.

00:26:07:16 - 00:26:16:23

Maybe. Don't say that. Don't say lead or Internet lead. Uh, because that's not going to be helpful. Like, you're a lead. Don't don't depersonalize them.

00:26:18:12 - 00:26:19:05

But hold on.

00:26:19:07 - 00:26:50:09

So you might as well go like if it's a lead after you said you follow me so far. You want to just pretend like it's a natural thing that they're leads, which is, you know, it is they're allowed to sign up for however they want. Uh, so this is how I would do it, like, All right, Margaret, now that you've told me a lot about yourself and what's important to you, what I want to do now is take the time to ask you some health questions. So whenever you look at life insurance or policies that pay for final expenses, you always want to be asked health questions because it allows you to get a better plan and a better rate.

00:26:50:21 - 00:26:59:24

So let's start with the basics. What is your date of birth? Then get the information that way. That way you're not backpedaling or she doesn't feel like you're in complete control information.

00:27:00:01 - 00:27:10:15

You didn't put a whole lot in there and that's not a big deal. We can get that taken care of. The email address that I mentioned on file, is that a good, good form of communication with you at times, too?

00:27:10:20 - 00:27:11:12


00:27:12:03 - 00:27:18:14

Okay. And the number I have (561) 350-2499. Is that a cell phone or a home phone?

00:27:18:21 - 00:27:19:11

Cell phone.

00:27:20:11 - 00:27:23:04

Okay. And does that cell phone receive text messages?

00:27:23:13 - 00:27:24:14

Yes, it does.

00:27:25:13 - 00:27:28:16

Do you mind if I send you a text message from my personal.

00:27:29:07 - 00:27:56:16

If you're going to do this, do not ask them if you do mine, just kind of do it. Um, and it's really not necessary. Every single time I have to get with Josh and ask him what he is doing. Exactly. Usually what I'll do is I'll send it without their knowledge and be like, Yep, that's me popping up on your phone. If you see that, just want you to have all my info, then just move on. Or I use it to close a deal or get more trust built. Like if I have to loop somebody back into trust. Trust Faye's.

00:27:56:18 - 00:28:01:00

Cell phone. That way you have my personal number, not just my office number.

00:28:01:06 - 00:28:01:22


00:28:04:07 - 00:28:15:20

I'm going to send you a text message. It's going to have my state license number for the state of Florida. It's also going to have my business card with further information in regards to the company and all that. Okay?

00:28:16:03 - 00:28:16:18


00:28:18:02 - 00:28:23:06

Is there a backup phone number you want to put on? File a home phone, landline?

00:28:23:10 - 00:28:26:15

Not necessary. Don't don't add a bunch of extra crap.

00:28:26:19 - 00:28:27:19

Or something like that.

00:28:28:15 - 00:28:30:18

So the backup number would be 561.

00:28:32:22 - 00:28:35:03


00:28:35:17 - 00:28:42:14

The reason I say it's not necessary. Like if you need to do it, do it at the end of the sale. Don't waste your time getting information on somebody that you're not closing.

00:28:42:16 - 00:28:43:09

Oh 38.

00:28:45:13 - 00:28:47:14

Okay. And that's a home phone?

00:28:47:22 - 00:28:50:04

No, that's another cell. But at least it's on.

00:28:51:10 - 00:28:54:17

Okay. That's Lisa's poem. Yeah. Okay.

00:28:56:15 - 00:28:57:05

It's not.

00:28:59:18 - 00:29:30:08

Sometimes things come up in life, and policies, for whatever reason, get messed up with banking or something, and that way I can at least get in contact with you and, you know, hopefully try to help you and assist in that situation. That way your policy doesn't go in lapse because these policies, when you're paying into them these whole life, they develop what I would consider equity. So they which is cash value. And you don't want to lose that that value inquiry.

00:29:30:17 - 00:29:31:07

All right.

00:29:32:19 - 00:29:41:14

I think you're just adding a ton of stuff that's completely you don't need it. And yeah, I would say just stick back to basics.

00:29:43:08 - 00:29:51:19

Some policies don't do that. Some. Some you just pay into them and then at some point they just expire on you. This policy would not would not do that. Okay.

00:29:51:22 - 00:29:54:10

need you need health questions before you do any of this.

00:29:55:00 - 00:29:56:00

All righty.

00:29:56:23 - 00:30:01:11

This just seems like you're don't know exactly where you're going next. You're taking a long time.

00:30:01:13 - 00:30:29:17

Now, what I want to do is take some time and ask you a few health questions. Whenever you look at a whole life policy or just life insurance policy for final expenses, you always want to be asked health questions. And the reason why it allows you to get better plan and a better rate. Okay? Because when when you get one of those that just they approve everybody, that's just a generic plan and a generic rate that everybody gets. So you could be in the worst health.

00:30:33:14 - 00:30:38:12

Yeah, it's a standard. If they if they say yes to that, to the neuropathy, if it's if it's caused by diabetes.

00:30:38:14 - 00:30:43:06

It's caused by. She said she had cancer. Hold on, Judith. She said it was caused by the.

00:30:43:08 - 00:30:44:00

Chemo that she.

00:30:44:02 - 00:30:44:17

Had to.

00:30:46:24 - 00:30:58:14

Does she? Is she currently diabetic? Oh, then it doesn't matter. So neuropathy, they only care if it was caused by diabetes. Otherwise you can say no to that question and get her better.

00:31:00:07 - 00:31:02:20

As long as not. Yeah, you know, as long as everything else checks out.

00:31:04:17 - 00:31:06:00

It's fine. Yep.

00:31:08:22 - 00:31:10:11

All right. And that was you asking some questions.

00:31:10:14 - 00:31:11:12

So good. And you're going to.

00:31:11:14 - 00:31:18:13

Be saying the same thing. I'm not going to. It's not going to be catered and designed for you. Okay. Okay.

00:31:20:00 - 00:31:26:00

So I got you. Sarah, what's your middle initial? Hey.

00:31:27:14 - 00:31:28:04


00:31:31:07 - 00:31:34:24

And is ten 559. A good birthday for you?

00:31:35:01 - 00:31:35:19

Yes, it is.

00:31:37:11 - 00:31:38:01

All right.

00:31:40:16 - 00:31:42:09

And what age does that make you, ma'am?

00:31:43:00 - 00:31:44:06

63 right now.

00:31:45:13 - 00:31:46:03


00:31:47:13 - 00:31:49:24

And were you born in the state of Florida? Yeah.

00:31:51:19 - 00:31:52:09


00:31:53:05 - 00:31:56:00

Good. Got some information that you're going to need later anyway.

00:31:58:07 - 00:31:59:04

And your height.

00:31:59:20 - 00:32:00:14

Five. Three.

00:32:05:14 - 00:32:06:21

And your weight.

00:32:07:07 - 00:32:08:08


00:32:16:15 - 00:32:17:08

All righty.

00:32:18:18 - 00:32:19:12


00:32:21:04 - 00:32:21:19


00:32:21:21 - 00:32:22:11

That falls.

00:32:22:13 - 00:32:23:03

That falls fine.

00:32:23:05 - 00:32:25:23

You use any form of nicotine products? Nope.

00:32:28:13 - 00:32:30:20

Right. Any illegal drugs?

00:32:30:24 - 00:32:31:14


00:32:33:06 - 00:32:34:07

Roddy also.

00:32:37:05 - 00:32:38:24

Do you have a primary care doctor?

00:32:40:02 - 00:32:52:14

Well, I have to make this change my insurance. I have to see a new doctor right now. I have to go and find him. I don't know. Maybe saving you insurance. You have to change over to some of the doctor. I have to go.

00:32:52:24 - 00:32:55:23

Understand? Do you ever use the local urgent care?

00:32:56:04 - 00:32:58:21

Yes. Yeah. Twice. Okay.

00:32:59:20 - 00:33:03:16

Okay. That's fine. Do you know the name of that local urgent care?

00:33:04:18 - 00:33:11:02

Oh, gosh, no. Because I use that right now. My mind. How are you? Okay. Give me.

00:33:11:04 - 00:33:15:12

Give me. Give me your address. Sir. We can mail you stuff.

00:33:16:00 - 00:33:20:02

Three, two, six, three three, two six. Washington Avenue.

00:33:21:13 - 00:33:23:12

326 Washington Avenue.

00:33:24:08 - 00:33:25:09

So a lot of this is just.

00:33:25:11 - 00:33:26:22

It's just kind of. And where's.

00:33:26:24 - 00:33:27:14

That at?

00:33:28:05 - 00:33:28:22

Beach, Florida.

00:33:28:24 - 00:33:31:06

It just feels random, like putting a gun together.

00:33:31:08 - 00:33:32:04

Delray Beach.

00:33:32:06 - 00:33:33:22

You got to do it in a certain way.

00:33:34:07 - 00:33:35:14

And the zip for Delray.

00:33:36:02 - 00:33:37:19

Three, three, four, four, four.

00:33:41:00 - 00:33:42:01

Is that Three? Three?

00:33:42:04 - 00:33:45:14

Yeah. Two, three and four and three fours.

00:33:46:24 - 00:33:47:14


00:33:48:15 - 00:33:49:05


00:33:50:14 - 00:34:22:21

And what I mean by random. So it's like, okay, so we're going over health questions. You got the height and weight and then you go to diabetes and then you go to illegal drugs, smoking, and now you're asking doctor's name. So, you know, really just get the basics. So, I mean, it's got to it just has to be logical. Everything's got to be logical in their brain and emotional. You know, you built some emotion here, but, you know, we're going to do both. So you immediately want to go, you know, major organs. So you know what their doctor's name, You put urgent care.

00:34:22:23 - 00:34:39:16

Good. And get something in there, you know, tobacco and then ask him that general question, because a lot of times people will open up and give you a lot of the info that you need anyway. And then, of course, if you have to go back and read the questions verbatim because it doesn't seem like they're giving you the correct information, then do that.

00:34:41:05 - 00:34:42:09

All righty.

00:34:46:20 - 00:34:54:03

Del Rey. I'm going to look up that urgent care for you. That's why I was asking. Delray Beach, Florida, Urgent care.

00:34:54:15 - 00:34:56:24

And you don't have to do that with them on the phone. They have about.

00:34:57:01 - 00:34:58:05

Five of them around me.

00:34:59:16 - 00:35:03:09

Gotcha. Does South Congress have sound familiar?

00:35:03:21 - 00:35:04:10


00:35:05:09 - 00:35:06:13

Is that the one you use?

00:35:07:16 - 00:35:12:02

Um, yes, that's the one. Yeah, the one on stuff? Yes.

00:35:12:24 - 00:35:18:02

Okay, awesome. That's what we're going to put down since you're kind of in between doctors at the time. Okay.

00:35:18:07 - 00:35:18:22


00:35:19:24 - 00:35:23:09

You've used them before, so there's nothing wrong with doing that.

00:35:25:04 - 00:35:27:17

I'm going to put down their address and their phone number.

00:35:29:05 - 00:35:31:04

They like to have all that on file.

00:35:39:17 - 00:35:48:11

There's a lot of pauses here. So, you know, you don't mean mean, it's fine, but it's just like, okay, urgent care. That's fine. Put it in vanilla, soft, and then just move on.

00:35:51:10 - 00:35:54:08

You want it always to feel like you are at everything.

00:35:54:10 - 00:35:59:11

Going on with your major organs such as heart, lungs, liver

00:36:00:23 - 00:36:02:19

or your kidneys. Mr..

00:36:03:17 - 00:36:13:00

Only thing about my heart is I have had a sense put in it in 2009, and I'm doing good with it. I only have to take a bare ass and that's it.

00:36:15:20 - 00:36:16:10


00:36:16:23 - 00:36:17:13


00:36:18:04 - 00:36:19:23

Well, that's good. Everything is good since then.

00:36:26:12 - 00:36:27:07


00:36:28:08 - 00:36:30:03

Any form of diabetes.

00:36:31:10 - 00:36:35:07

I'm on the borderline. That's why I need to go to heaven. Are you.

00:36:35:09 - 00:36:36:19

Are you diagnosed with it?

00:36:37:06 - 00:36:47:10

I would. Diagnosed with it. But this is my doctor. I lost so much because at the time when I was diagnosed with, I was over £200 Now down. Yeah.

00:36:48:18 - 00:36:52:01

And when you diagnosed with it 2001.

00:36:54:04 - 00:36:56:05

Right. And how old were you roughly there?

00:36:57:09 - 00:36:57:24


00:37:01:14 - 00:37:02:15

And then two years ago.

00:37:04:06 - 00:37:06:00

21 years ago.

00:37:07:05 - 00:37:09:13

1959 is when you were born.

00:37:12:12 - 00:37:13:07


00:37:13:13 - 00:37:15:11

Yeah, something like that. Yeah.

00:37:17:06 - 00:37:22:21

Right. Diabetes. Were you taking insulin or anything like that at the time?

00:37:23:00 - 00:37:23:24

No, just to.

00:37:25:01 - 00:37:25:21

Just pills.

00:37:28:06 - 00:37:32:09

What pills are you taking? Are you well? Are you currently taking anything for him?

00:37:32:14 - 00:37:34:11

I know I'm all for all the pills.

00:37:35:11 - 00:37:36:17

You're off of. All the pills.

00:37:38:05 - 00:37:39:11

She's aiming for.

00:37:40:04 - 00:37:42:06

And if I run it through standard, is there going to be a weight?

00:37:44:02 - 00:37:49:05

Caused by chemo. But when was the chemo? That was all. That was 29 years ago. Yeah. I'm sure.

00:37:51:05 - 00:37:52:18

Why do you want to run a standard?

00:37:55:07 - 00:37:56:08

Or not standard preferred.

00:37:56:12 - 00:37:58:00

Oh yeah. It's media coverage for 84.

00:37:58:07 - 00:38:02:14

Yeah, that's what she was asking. Yeah. Okay. This is her social.

00:38:04:02 - 00:38:04:17

Hearing this year.

00:38:05:02 - 00:38:18:09

Look just how you're talking to me. So. And that's the only one occurrence of cancer in our lifetime. Okay, then. Yeah, that's preferred. Just tell her. Yeah. You just talk to me on preferred.

00:38:20:11 - 00:38:23:19

I'll come in the call too, if you want. But it sounds like you're good.

00:38:24:00 - 00:38:26:15

In the last five years. Have you taken any pills for it?

00:38:26:20 - 00:38:32:05

Yeah. This morning there was something. And let the trial.

00:38:33:23 - 00:38:35:10

Okay, so metformin.

00:38:37:22 - 00:38:38:12

What was.

00:38:38:14 - 00:38:39:13

What was the other one?

00:38:40:02 - 00:38:48:15

Cloud, CRV, ale, something like that. Just take a moment and then patrol.

00:38:52:23 - 00:38:53:14

The dry.

00:38:58:06 - 00:38:58:22

This is about.

00:39:05:05 - 00:39:06:11

Let's see.

00:39:30:07 - 00:39:30:22


00:39:35:09 - 00:39:35:23


00:39:41:15 - 00:39:44:12

Bear with me. I'm trying to find your medications. They're not coming up.

00:39:46:17 - 00:39:47:21

You said Lipitor.

00:39:48:09 - 00:39:49:03


00:39:49:24 - 00:39:50:14


00:39:53:09 - 00:39:58:12

I think that's the name of it. I haven't taken it for a long time. I just forget what I've ever done.

00:39:59:08 - 00:40:04:03

All right. Gotcha. So metformin. And you said carb. Was it kava?

00:40:04:06 - 00:40:04:21


00:40:05:04 - 00:40:05:24


00:40:06:01 - 00:40:09:14

But I've read a little bit blood pressure. But that's okay.

00:40:09:16 - 00:40:10:12

Just need to learn them.

00:40:26:04 - 00:40:30:01

But they are able to save money as well.

00:40:30:09 - 00:40:37:12

can live long pauses. Mean they'll get better. It's just that, you know, you just got to, you know, keep doing it. Keep doing it. So I'm gonna keep moving.

00:40:39:05 - 00:40:46:10

In 59 is when you were born. What pills are you taking? Are you well? Are you currently taking anything for them?

00:40:46:16 - 00:40:48:12

I know. I'm off all the pills.

00:40:49:12 - 00:40:53:11

You're off of all the pills in the last five years. Have you taken any pills for it?

00:40:53:17 - 00:40:59:02

Yeah. This morning. There was something. And left the trail.

00:40:59:12 - 00:41:03:23

I don't know why they're going back. Keep going. It's a long pause.

00:41:04:00 - 00:41:07:24

C. A r. B. E. D. I. L. O. L.

00:41:09:13 - 00:41:11:07

No, this one was longer than that.

00:41:12:13 - 00:41:13:03


00:41:14:18 - 00:41:19:07

Yeah, I wouldn't think so. Since you said it's for diabetes because that was for high blood pressure.

00:41:21:24 - 00:41:23:22

Are you currently taking any medications?

00:41:24:09 - 00:41:26:12

Well, no, just the aspirin for the heart.

00:41:29:06 - 00:41:31:19

Right. You're not on an inhaler or anything?

00:41:31:21 - 00:41:32:11


00:41:33:21 - 00:41:34:11

All right.

00:41:34:14 - 00:41:36:08

Are you on any form of oxygen?

00:41:36:13 - 00:41:37:03


00:41:38:00 - 00:41:41:03

Okay. Are you bedridden or wheelchair?

00:41:41:12 - 00:41:43:01

No, I'm still working.

00:41:44:01 - 00:41:47:09

Okay. Awesome. Have you? Well, you.

00:41:48:03 - 00:41:48:18


00:41:48:20 - 00:42:04:04

You can't really skip the health questions, but you can assume a lot. So no medications? No. You know, you can kind of go a little faster if you want to someone go crazy where you end up doing what I did when I first started going from preferred plus to Gerber. By the time I'm done submitting stuff, still working.

00:42:04:06 - 00:42:08:07

But I still got illnesses. Do you have neuropathy?

00:42:09:04 - 00:42:12:07

Well, I was. I was doing the test back here and, you know.

00:42:17:06 - 00:42:21:23

I know you wanted to stuff on your own, but yeah, don't. Don't hesitate to bring me in as much as you want.

00:42:22:00 - 00:42:30:02

Have you been diagnosed from a professional or treated or taken any medication to prevent cancer?

00:42:30:09 - 00:42:30:24


00:42:32:13 - 00:42:33:05


00:42:36:19 - 00:42:46:14

Have you been or have you been told by a licensed professional that you need any medications to prevent drug abuse? And.

00:42:49:13 - 00:43:11:09

Meant a lot of ways. This is going to be a lot of trust by, you know, being very deliberate about the health qualifications. So but you just don't want to spend so much time on it that they kind of lose interest in the conversation. But yeah, but it depends on the person. I mean, you can't really skip when you know they're not being honest with you or you don't know exactly what they qualify for. So let's just keep rolling.

00:43:30:17 - 00:43:35:20

Okay. Sarah So I just wanted to verify we were going to look at the right company.

00:43:40:03 - 00:43:45:00

You were. You were. You were close. The stent threw me off.

00:43:45:02 - 00:43:46:19

So you want to call Madoff Tiger back?

00:43:48:24 - 00:43:59:19

Call to make sure I got you with the correct company. Okay. I don't want to put you in the wrong place. I want to get the best coverage. All right. We said no tobacco products in the last 24 months.

00:43:59:21 - 00:44:01:13

You can just hop into my room forever.

00:44:02:07 - 00:44:02:22


00:44:03:03 - 00:44:10:08

A I'm in there and. I can't stop my share.

00:44:11:09 - 00:44:17:01

I am throwing to Lisa. And did you say you want to be buried or cremated?

00:44:18:02 - 00:44:18:17


00:44:21:00 - 00:44:42:04

That. So some of these questions need to be like hashed out in the beginning. So you never really kind of found out what the goal of the policy is. That's super important. Have you ever gone through the prospect and some of yourself, um, is your goal to make sure that, you know, care and whoever it is doesn't have to go through that as well? That's more important than, you know, getting the health. You got to get to some agreement of why they're doing this should.

00:44:42:06 - 00:44:43:07

Be their decision.

00:44:44:09 - 00:44:45:14

So it's their decision. That's not.

00:44:45:16 - 00:44:46:06


00:44:46:08 - 00:44:55:00

That's going to be their decision. Okay. Well, the reason why I ask is, are you looking at a specific amount? Because generally I.

00:44:55:02 - 00:45:22:20

Don't ask ever if they're looking at a specific amount, unless unless they're telling me they already have coverage or what are they trying to get to? A specific amount doesn't help. You want to be seen as the expert, so you need to tell them what they need or give them some rough figures of what they need. Like based on Social Security. Administration says you're 50, you'll live to about, you know, 83. And they say you'll need like $40,000 in coverage. So just be more specific with that.

00:45:22:22 - 00:45:37:19

Really what we do is we try to set you up with the burial or cremation, whichever one you're planning and the one that's going to best fit that. But since you're saying it's their decision, is there a particular number you want to look at as far as coverage?

00:45:38:20 - 00:45:41:05

How about between 15 and 25?

00:45:42:15 - 00:45:43:05

If so.

00:45:43:16 - 00:45:47:22

She's just very non-committal. So you don't want. Mean. It's fine. You got to present.

00:45:47:24 - 00:45:49:19

Try to close the 15 and 25.

00:45:49:21 - 00:46:00:09

What it would do is your premium which is what you pay on the monthly would cease to be paid. You would no longer need to pay it and you would still receive the full death. As far as coverage.

00:46:01:10 - 00:46:03:20

How about between 15 and 25?

00:46:05:05 - 00:46:06:18

You said 15 and 25.

00:46:06:20 - 00:46:08:08

Yeah, between those two folks.

00:46:09:03 - 00:46:12:17

Okay, that's fine. I just want to make sure I heard you correctly.

00:46:16:07 - 00:46:35:09

All right. So, Miss Sarah, we have some writers which are basically some attachments you can add to your policy. We have the Accidental Death Benefit rider. Okay? And then we have also the nursing home rider with a nursing home rider. If for whatever reason you were told.

00:46:35:11 - 00:46:36:01

So this.

00:46:36:03 - 00:46:36:18

Order is a.

00:46:36:20 - 00:46:37:13

Little to go.

00:46:37:15 - 00:46:42:22

To a nursing home. So we know that nursing homes are very expensive. We understand that.

00:46:42:24 - 00:47:10:10

And basically the first thing you want to do is tell them, okay, so we're looking at 25, 15, $10,000. You never told them the best company in your case is going to be pioneer. You never said, I'm going to take a look at what you qualify for. There are a lot of different life insurance programs out there. Um, so basically just off script, that's that's really what's going on. And I know you want to be buried and leave a little money behind. That's on the third page. You have to get money. So saying that.

00:47:12:06 - 00:47:44:23

And quoting them Hi allows them to pick one without you asking How much coverage are you looking for? Because giving people what they're looking for, they're always going to say 5000, 10,000 or what they want to pay. They're always going to say 20 bucks. You I hammer them like I'm going as high as possible, get whatever I can as far as so they have as many options as possible. You'd be surprised at how much more money you make when people just pick one and you don't know what these people can afford. If they start being leery, you need to drop down and figure that out. But you can always go lower. It's hard to go higher after giving them 10,000.

00:47:45:00 - 00:48:07:21

Okay, let's do the 50. It's just not going to sound right. So it sounds like you're just a little off script. She's kind of noncommittal. And this is the way to present the things like after she has to get a pen and paper. She you have her write down on one column the face amount. So in this case, go higher. She said 25 to 15, start at 35, 30, 25, 2015.

00:48:09:11 - 00:48:22:15

So have her write down the face amounts and then tell her about these benefits that you're telling her about. Now, right before quoting that, don't say the word quote, but Right, right. Before presenting plans to the person.

00:48:23:09 - 00:48:26:10

With that writer, what it would do is your premium, what it would do.

00:48:26:12 - 00:48:31:22

And then also with writers include them. You can always take them off like this, comes with this.

00:48:32:06 - 00:48:32:21


00:48:32:23 - 00:48:37:12

Then give them the price. With those benefits, you can always take them off and save them some money if you get some pushback.

00:48:37:16 - 00:48:38:06

Is your.

00:48:38:08 - 00:48:50:10

Premium, which is what you pay on the monthly looking at I want to go over this with you. I'm going to look at what you qualify for first. Okay. But there are a lot of different insurance companies out there and programs.

00:48:50:20 - 00:49:10:08

Okay. So so this is good. You're going over the middle of the page and telling them, you know, there's a lot of different programs out there. I know you get all sorts of stuff in the mail. You know you're doing that. But you got to be in order because if you're not in order, it just seems like it seems too weird. It's like you're going from one thing to another and it's not making any sense to them.

00:49:10:24 - 00:49:17:20

I'm sure you get tons of stuff in the AARP, let me tell you. Good. But as you get older. All right.

00:49:20:05 - 00:49:20:20


00:49:21:23 - 00:49:22:14

All right.

00:49:23:01 - 00:49:24:02

So you went back. Don't know if you're.

00:49:24:11 - 00:49:25:21

Going back and forth with the.

00:49:26:01 - 00:49:26:19


00:49:29:07 - 00:49:36:22

Number you want to write down. You said in e e r. Okay.

00:49:36:24 - 00:49:37:16

I would have had it.

00:49:38:20 - 00:49:59:23

Okay. Awesome. You're on top of the game. I like it. Okay, so the best company in your case, Mr. is going to be Pioneer Security and that's PIO e r, okay. They have been around for 110 years and Cray and their state and federally regulated. All right.

00:50:00:10 - 00:50:03:01

Saying okay in a lot and all right. A lot.

00:50:05:12 - 00:50:06:02


00:50:07:02 - 00:50:12:03

It's all right. And the first.

00:50:14:14 - 00:50:16:05

Number you want to write down.

00:50:17:09 - 00:50:18:24

Got to make sure she's got the pen and paper.

00:50:19:02 - 00:50:20:00

You said.

00:50:21:22 - 00:50:24:03

Okay, I had it down. Sit down.

00:50:24:09 - 00:50:27:17

Within 24 to 48 hours. They're all going to stay this.

00:50:30:19 - 00:50:33:23

Oh, boy. Okay. Yeah.

00:50:35:08 - 00:50:36:04

All righty.

00:50:36:17 - 00:50:48:17

SO, Mr.. You want to leave the money back behind for the loved ones, right? Uh, for your head. You know, your budget. If one of those you can afford right now

00:50:50:11 - 00:50:55:15

and say for whatever reason, you're like, Man, that's. That's lower than what I wanted, right?

00:50:56:02 - 00:51:03:06

But I might want. That's what's really my what you column. I like you for.

00:51:04:03 - 00:51:35:02

That when you're asking it just has to be like more clear. So I'm going to stop that recording. But that's, that's on my notes. Um, basically what I'm saying is this, you know, you got to stay in script. I've been doing this a long time, so it's like if you were on script every single time, your sales will come immediately like that. Even if you're, even if you do everything else wrong, staying on the script will build a logical and emotional case, and then you won't feel like you're not saying the right things or you're going off the cuff so much.

00:51:35:04 - 00:51:47:04

What's truth of the matter is it just makes us tired if we're trying to come up with a new presentation for every single sale. All right, guys. Well, that was fun. I'm going to stop this share and stop that recording.

Watch the Full Video Here: Taylor Parr Call Review

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