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Taylor Parr Call Review

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Taylor Parr Call Review

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All right. So this is a call review for Taylor Palmer. I am going to share the screen. Sure. So let's go. All right. So this is what I downloaded.

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Hello? Hey. Hey, sir. Who's calling? Everything going today?

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Who's calling?

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This is Taylor Parr with Senior Life Services you had just recently filled out on.

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Okay. So this is a lead because you said recently filled out something online. So it's usually better. And I do I'm guilty of this myself, but it's usually better just to be like, Hey, Bob, how's everything going out there? And whatever city? And the reason for that is simply they have to ask themselves whether they know you. If you do it that way, then saying, Hey, Bob, because if you knew Bob, you would just say, Hey, Bob, and then keep moving forward.

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Line and reference to state regulated life insurance, my goals and responsibilities to go over those benefits and any questions you have, Ms.. Sarah.

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All right. You filled out online that your birthday was ten, five, 1959, and you wanted your beneficiary to be Lisa Richards.

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Okay. I have your email address as Sarah Richards looks like 105 or 1005 at

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Yeah, 105.

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All righty. And. Do you remember doing that, Miss Sarah?

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I maybe did late.

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Don't ask questions like that because then it's easier for them to be like, No. And then you're fighting an uphill battle the whole way. Questions always have to be assumptive.

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Night, Mommy.

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I gotcha. Now, Sarah, like I said, my name is Taylor Porter. I work for senior life Services, okay? I work for a consulting firm, which means we work for our clients. So that work specifically for you, Miss Sarah? Not one particular company. My goal is always to figure out who will give you the specifically the best rates and the best benefits. You with me on that?

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Now, Mr.. Were you looking for benefits just yourself today, or was you wanting to put anybody else on this policy?

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No, This is myself right now.

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Just yourself. Okay. And this is business you would typically handle yourself, Ms.. Richards.

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Okay. Awesome.

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And who? Is there anybody other than Sarah or excuse me, Lisa Richards, that you'd want to put down as your beneficiary or a contingent beneficiary?

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Kyle Richards.

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Kay Richards.

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Okay. And you want Lisa to be primary, correct? Yes.

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All right.

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Very able to make.

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And you said Lakshya. Can you spell that for me? To make sure I have her proper spelling? Yeah, that's.

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Good. Hey. Hey.

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Getting as much information as possible also. Basically getting the information you need throughout the entire presentation.

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Le choix il a la la. Oh.

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Sorry. For some reason, I just put two. Yes. All right. And you said she has the same last name.

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So she's already like, kind of. There's there's buy in here. She is giving you all the information and she is basically answering your questions about, you know, beneficiaries and, you know, allowing you to move forward quick.

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Yes. But with the middle initial case.

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I'll put her as contingent.

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All right. Would this be your first policy today, Miss Sarah? Yes. Okay. So this would be the first money that Lisa would receive if you passed? Yes. Okay. Have you ever had to go through the process of burying anyone yourself, Miss Sarah?

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No, but that's why I got. Well, my daughter Lisa has helped a lot. Bury friends and family.

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Oh, gotcha. Gotcha. Well, to just give you some personal experience, it's not a fun process. My uncle passed away unexpectedly, and it was one of those things we were trying to call friends and family to pitch in to the hat bucket, if you know what I mean, to help cover the burial.

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That's what I said. She was very helpful. Yeah, we had to do that with my sister for five years ago.

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Oh, I got you. So you just want to make sure Lisa doesn't have to go through that, correct?

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Yes, Because you went through the whole month.

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Yep. I'm ready. Otherwise, you're dealing with the grieving of a loved one, and then you're like, Oh, man, money's tight as it is. And then now I got to come home to 15,000.

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All right, so.

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I'm going to try to do an SBC while we do this, so you might have to skip forward a little bit. Um.

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I'm going to do that really quickly here. Get out of this.

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So you're 53 years old?

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Yes, sir. Yeah. 52. 52. Okay.

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Who knows what miracle

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You might have heard you would be a preferred customer in this case. And how much coverage were you looking to get up to? 50,000.

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Yeah. Okay, So we can we can take a look here and see of all the plans that you're

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eligible here for.

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that's what this is. I don't know exactly where he's at, but we want to.

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See the dailies. So I got. Mr. Malone, I know that you said that you want to take care of your final expenses. And if there's a little bit of money left behind that goes to your beneficiary. I'm completely confident that any of these plans that I got right here are going to do that for you. I just want to my suggestion to you is just to pick the one that makes the most sense for you. We want to get the one that fits you best financially. They're all going to do the job. Yeah, I just want to make sure you get the one that makes the most sense. And I'd like to add an additional discount for you once we go over these plans. It's based on the financial institution that you use and can apply an additional discount if they are one of our preferred banks.

00:07:04:12 - 00:07:05:23

So, Cedric, could you banquet

00:07:08:04 - 00:07:14:20

faster so that one more time for me, sir? That's faster. Faster.

00:07:21:16 - 00:07:53:00

Okay. They are one of our preferred banks here, man. All right. So when we go over these plans, we will be able to get you an additional discount for that. And since you're only 53, you're not you're not receiving any Social Security yet, are you? No. Okay. All right. So I got these plans pulled up here. Cedric, if you if you could, man, do me a favor and just go get yourself a a pen and a paper. I want to have you write down all these different plans I have through Pioneer Security. That way you can get a good look at it and compare them. And I'll wait right here for you, man. If you want to go grab a pen and paper for me, okay?

00:07:54:06 - 00:07:57:00

And kind of at worst, at the moment,

00:07:58:19 - 00:08:05:11

we might have to do this in two more minutes when I'm. When I'm not free. When I'm. When I'm free. I'm not free at the moment. You got.

00:08:05:13 - 00:08:06:21

They got you at work right now, huh?

00:08:07:10 - 00:08:08:01

Yes, sir.

00:08:08:13 - 00:08:21:06

Okay. Um, well, you know what? You know, Cedric, we've already done a lot of the. The heavy lifting here. Um, I mean, you pretty much are. I know, I know. No one wants to talk about life insurance. The questions that we will.

00:08:22:07 - 00:08:25:02

I'm good with it. I just. I'm just at work at the moment.

00:08:25:10 - 00:08:26:13

Okay, Well,

00:08:28:00 - 00:08:35:18

so real quick, then we'll go over it later for $35,000 in coverage, that's going to cost you only one 3550 a month

00:08:37:07 - 00:08:48:20

for $30,000 coverage. It's going to be 116 90 a month. That's a great deal for $25,000 in coverage. It's only going to be $98.30 a month.

00:08:49:12 - 00:08:52:08

The notice goes he's gone $1,000 in coverage.

00:08:52:10 - 00:08:53:00

It's only going.

00:08:53:02 - 00:08:54:04

To be 79, 69.

00:08:54:09 - 00:08:55:17

And it's.

00:08:55:19 - 00:09:01:00

Going to, you know, final expenses. These days, they're running between 15 to $20,000. So I was like.

00:09:01:03 - 00:09:02:13

He doesn't have a pen and paper. You don't want to.

00:09:02:15 - 00:09:05:02

Do that at least 20 or $20,000. You know.

00:09:05:04 - 00:09:08:16

There's no pen and paper. You don't want to do that because it's just not going to make sense.

00:09:10:00 - 00:09:11:02

30 a month.

00:09:11:17 - 00:09:18:13

There's almost no chance of closing this. Like, where's this banking? Where's this stuff? It's got to make sense. Logically.

00:09:20:01 - 00:09:27:20

You would have 25,000 paid out to your beneficiaries immediately this policy. So now.

00:09:27:22 - 00:09:29:07

It's reselling,

00:09:30:21 - 00:09:42:19

reselling it. So you definitely don't want to do that where you go over benefits after you gave them rates because now you should be asking for the sale immediately out of those plans. Which one do you want to leave?

00:09:43:24 - 00:10:14:12

One of them is a nursing home writer, so God forbid you ever have to go to a nursing home if you're a preferred customer with this plan, if that was ever to happen to you down the line, if you were having to go into a nursing home, buying your security is no longer going to require you to pay your premium every month, but they're going to keep the coverage for you. So that's one thing that they do. It's one of the things, one of the benefits that they throw on there for you. So if you ever had to go to the nursing home, I don't know if you've ever seen how nursing homes work, but they like to take your money.

00:10:15:15 - 00:10:23:20

Pioneer Security knows that. So you won't ever have to make any payments and you'll still get the full benefit. So that's that's always a great thing to add on.

00:10:24:10 - 00:10:26:08

So there's just no logical order here.

00:10:26:11 - 00:10:34:04

Which which one of these plans do you think you would want to leave behind for your beneficiary for Kamara and Cedric, what plan makes the most sense for you?

00:10:36:13 - 00:10:40:02

The 30,000, that's only 116 nine a month. So.

00:10:40:04 - 00:10:43:23

So those that weren't right at $98, right.

00:10:44:17 - 00:10:48:02