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Script Training with Commentary

Updated: Apr 15

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So what I wanted to do this morning, guys, is I was reading a book last night which had a lot of, you know, stuff in it that basically I've been saying for years. Uh, Matt, I'll meet you for now. Um, so a lot of things that I've been saying for years as far as controlling the conversation and being prepared for every call, because always, I mean, I expect resistance on every single call. It might be a small amount of resistance, it might be, you know, just intro because people don't know you're calling. They they're not prepared for you.

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So you got to really be prepared for them. Um, so I wanted to go over that real quick, but I do want to cover script training and tonality because, you know, I hear so much of like, Hey, you know, Hey, Bob, how's it going? How's everything going out there? And, you know, Toledo. Yeah. So my name is Ariel. That kind of that, that's the kind of things that's like basically you'll be hung up on almost immediately. So you really got to have some kind of enthusiasm. So what I wanted to cover first is there are four things that you can control when building report and connecting with people.

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So you must do this on every single phone call. Otherwise, you know, no matter how the other person treats you in the beginning. So if they're treating you bad, it's not you they're treating. They're treating, you know, the phone calls that they're getting, the it's nothing that reflects on you. It's just your either your approach, it's your it's it is you, but it's your approach, not specifically, you know, you as a person. So I was told, you know, you got to be prepared. So you have to be prepared for them. This means that you're not playing on your phone, you're not eating at your desk. You know, you're there to work.

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So remember, you are sales. You know, you're a rock. I want everybody to be a rock star like this. You know, this job is not real hard. Once you gain, you know, control of cause and understand tonality, understand your underwriting. I've had a lot harder jobs and I'm sure a lot of you have to. Uh, so let me see here. So, I mean, these are basic things, though, but sitting up straight, maybe having a mirror on your desk, those things really do help. I mean, they sound so corny. I mean, they are corny, but they definitely work with.

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Especially with Miss Jones. Um, so always be likable and always, always, always address people by their first name. That's the sweetest sound in any language. Stolen right from Dale Carnegie's course on How to win Friends and influence People. Use their first name. Do not call them ma'am. Do not call them sir. Um. The one thing you can do is say, you know, you can say Ms.. John or Mr. John or things like that. I do hear a lot of people doing that with success. Uh, personally, I would feel uncomfortable doing it because it just.

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It's just not me. I'm not going to say, Hey, Mrs. Betty or Mrs. Mr. John. Um, but a lot of you know, particularly women seem it seems to be respectful, but also saying their first name, which they want to hear throughout the entire presentation. You know, hearing somebody's first name, they will. You'll always turn around. And so, you know, you love hearing your first name. And ma'am or sir is way too transactional. If you say, Mr. Coles, I pretty much know you're trying to sell me something immediately.

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You're trying to collect a bill. You know, something is about to happen. That is, you want something of me, you want to transact and you want my money. You want me to pay the bill, You want me to sign up for something. And they know it almost immediately. When you're saying Mister, Mister. Miss Powers. Miss Mills, you know, Mr. Coles, it doesn't really matter. Whenever you call someone by the first name, it actually creates warmth and psychologically starts the process of friendship. So your likability and sales increases each time you use first names to address someone.

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It is one of the best kept secrets, like people like to do business with their friends. So using the person's first name and the other person like, I am on your side, I am your friend. That's what that you know, that's what's going on in their mind when you're using the first name. All right. So.

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And B, obviously this is what we're going to cover here. So be really, really conscious of your tonality, listen to your calls, Connect me Voice is so crucial. If you haven't signed up for Connect Me voice, you have to. You have to. You have to listen to your own calls and basically determine would you buy something from yourself? And I've heard my own call sometimes where I'm just not feeling it or, you know, not being a professional and acting like an amateur where I am just, you know, I just don't sound good. And it's like I wouldn't buy for me either. And when you can really pinpoint that and understand that, then you know, you'll go really far, really fast.

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Once you practice your same tone and you say everything the same tonality the same way, believe me, it's not. It becomes this job becomes much more easy. It's like, well, I know exactly what I'm going to do on every call, and I know the same process is going to be followed. I know I'm going to say things the same way every time. Like it's just once I have it down. And if you need help having it down, I will go line by line. How to say each particular sentence. I'll, you know, I'll go that word. I'll go straight through the entire thing.

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So you want to put people in a positive, you know, frame of mind so the tone of your voice can project to the other person that, you know, you want to be an authority figure, you want to be an expert, you want your tonality to portray absolute certainty, like when you like at the end of a call, when you're getting all the way to, you know, you now you're bringing up plans and don't ever say the word quote, but you're bringing up plans and you're suggesting one like Pioneer Security is definitely the best choice for you. They've been in business since 1909. They are going to offer you the best rates and benefits.

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You know, they have the terminal illness. They have this. So out of these plans, which one do you want to leave to, Becky,

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that that mean? That really is crucial because so many of us have a lot of the presentation down, but that is absolute certainty type tone. It's like, which one do you want? Because I am helping you solve this problem. We've addressed that. You have a problem throughout the entire presentation. We like each other so which out of those, which one do you want? And then proceed So you can use the tone of your voice to be charismatic. And a lot of us that that would that was that had to be learned for me. Like, you know, charisma is not something we're all born with.

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So if you want to convey an empathetic or sympathetic tone, then you should lower your voice a little bit. It's like, Well, Miss Jones, I'm so sorry that happened to you. And that's different than absolute certainty. It's like, well, the best choice is definitely going to be pioneer for this reason. See how those tones are a little bit different?

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And I'm sorry, Nikki. Chad chatting. Okay. Yeah. You can find the instructions to download connectome voice under video training at the greatest of all teams if you haven't already done so.

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All right. So. And be enthusiastic. I'm not saying be a psycho or be Tony the tiger. So it's not great. You know, it's like but you want you know, you know, you want your enthusiasm to come through on the phone. And that's why smiling and, you know, having some fun actually goes a long way.

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So tonality will be a little bit different in that first initial, you know, introduction. But that's got to be enthusiastic to the point where you, you know, your job, you're excited that you will be able to help this person. And that, you know, your definition of enthusiasm should be to make someone else's day a little bit better because they have come in contact with you. If the prospects in a bad mood or they're not interested in talking to you, enthusiasm can be a catalyst that changes that all around for you.

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Are you guys with me on that? As far as like any anyone come off mute here? Like, do you see the difference of. You know, when you were enthusiastic and then when you were very, you know, just blah or me.

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And Catherine like did when you, uh. And what are some of the reasons? Like, I know it's life. Uh, like, I try to leave that stuff, you know, at the door. No matter what's going on in my life, if I'm presenting to people. And I think that's why. And I think that's why Rory basically put giant mirrors at the at every entrance of this building. Um, like, his, his mindset was to look in the mirror and decide that this it doesn't matter. Like, all that stuff's gone. I walked into the building, I look at the mirror, it's like, this is my job.

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So that's what I'm going to do. And you've all had jobs where if you started messing up or, you know, not following instructions that, you know, you you might not be employed for very long. Um, Matt, you're a good example Here are you iPhone three. No. See you, Matt.

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Yeah. Matt.

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So we have both. And the only reason I bring this up because we've both worked in manufacturing. Matt knows what lockout tag out means. What? What is the worst case scenario? Matt, If you're not, if those people and maintenance do not follow lockout tag all procedures.

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Somebody dies electricity or,

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you know, somebody's going to get hurt.

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And people have died. Mean there was 5000 people in the plant that I worked in and people have died for not following that very simple instruction. Our consequences are not going to be as dire. Lockout tag go to simply put in sorry lockout is simply putting a lock on a machine that ensures that there is no way that machine can start back up.

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So in that situation, Matt is saying if you do not lock out, tag out and somebody comes by and flips the switch and turns it on because they don't they're like, you know, a production worker would be like, Hey, why isn't this machine running? Let's get this going. And then they flip on the switch and that person standing right next to a £10,000 robot and it decides to swing its arm, it's going to hit you in the head and kill you. The robot will not feel you. Like like said, our consequences are not as bad. But if you are very, you know, like in the beginning of a call, it's not it's not because that person is not interested.

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I will say I'm not interested to so many people that I clearly know are trying to transact with me. And I might have called them like if I called Lexi and I've been dealing with like the air conditioning when we first moved in, if they had been that blah, you know, calling me, I might not have known who was calling me, why they were calling me and just kind of hung up on them or just be like, Oh yeah, that problem solved When our air conditioner doesn't even work. It's like I'm telling people like, I'm done talking to you basically, even though I need the service.

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All right, guys, I did. I'm gonna pull up. I'm going to share the screen and share the sound.

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So if if you got if it will be helpful.

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I need one volunteer. Not not to beat me up too much, but to at least hear how I would deliver, you know, the script that we all share.

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Nikki mean Nikki. You know how I mean, You can give me a little crap, but, um. You'd be a good example, if you don't mind.

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So I guess you have to hang in the parking lot while we finish that at least. All right. Um. All right. So ring, ring, ring. Nikki says hello. Hey, Nikki. How's everything been going out there in Vero Beach?

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It's going all right.

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All right. That is good to hear. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for Florida. My job here is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So, Nikki, let me just confirm some information that you gave our rep. I have you at one, two, three Main Street in Vero Beach.

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Yes, that's right. All right.

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All right. And happy birthday as no, forget Nicky's birthday perfectly. It's like July, July 2nd, 2002.

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Okay? Yes.

00:12:26:19 - 00:12:45:21

Sorry. 2002. You're 56 years old. All right. So have your birth. Let's go back to. I have your birthday is July 20th in 2020 2002. Yes. All right. It says here you were looking for about $10,000 in coverage and understand that you wanted your husband to be your beneficiary.

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Okay, So, Nicky, we're a consultant firm, which means that we work for our clients and not one particular company. So our goal is always to figure out who will give you specifically the best rates and benefits. Are you with me on that?

00:13:03:22 - 00:13:06:01

Yes. Already have some coverage.

00:13:06:04 - 00:13:12:22

Okay. That's very good. A lot of people that we talked to do have coverage. Were you looking for benefits for just yourself today?

00:13:14:01 - 00:13:16:10

Yeah, it would be just for me.

00:13:16:16 - 00:13:22:13

Just for you. Okay. Not husband's covered. That's great. And as this business that you typically handle yourself.

00:13:22:21 - 00:13:23:14

Oh, yeah.

00:13:23:21 - 00:13:30:07

All right. And like I said, I see your beneficiary as your husband. Would there be anybody else that you'd want to add?

00:13:31:21 - 00:13:34:03

I would put my daughter down. Gabriella.

00:13:34:15 - 00:13:39:03

Okay. And as I know, you're young. So is Gabriella over 18 years old.

00:13:40:17 - 00:13:42:12

Now she is. She's a baby.

00:13:42:20 - 00:13:49:03

Okay. So we would probably want to put her as a contingent. Your husband would be the primary. And what is your husband's name?

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Austin. Okay.

00:13:54:13 - 00:14:11:03

And you already said that this would not be a first policy for you so that you already have coverage. Like I said, it's probably even one of the companies we represent. So when you were talking to them, this was pretty recent. You must just be looking for additional coverage or were you trying to find a better rate?

00:14:12:16 - 00:14:13:06

It'd be the.

00:14:14:24 - 00:14:15:14


00:14:15:21 - 00:14:22:11

Gotcha. All right. And what you have now, how much coverage is they do you have currently?

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00:14:28:07 - 00:14:39:02

All right. And I can see why you'd want to add a little bit. Um, so basically, are you trying to get to a specific number? Are you trying to get to 2025? Is there a specific number you're trying to hit?

00:14:39:21 - 00:14:44:01

Uh, I you know, I just want to make sure that there's enough there.

00:14:44:17 - 00:15:06:00

Okay. Because 10,000. Yeah. I mean, you are young, so if 20 years go by, you know, that 10,000 is not going to be enough coverage, Right? Okay. All right, Nikki. And so you have the 10,000. That is wonderful. That will certainly help the family tremendously when that day does come. So have you ever gone through the process of burying somebody yourself?

00:15:07:17 - 00:15:08:19

Yes, I have.

00:15:09:05 - 00:15:15:10

Okay. Did that person have life insurance or was it kind of a a burden that was placed on you?

00:15:16:04 - 00:15:22:10

No, unfortunately, they did not have life insurance and there was a pretty big burden and.

00:15:23:22 - 00:15:26:04

That we had to deal with with the family.

00:15:26:24 - 00:15:32:06

Okay. And is that the reason you took out the 10,000 Or like how long have you had that policy?

00:15:33:05 - 00:15:41:00

I've had the 10,000 for a long time, but just been looking into some more lately.

00:15:41:19 - 00:16:04:00

Okay, so that was a long time. So I always tell my clients, if you've had it for a long time, you were younger when you took it out. So you were probably you're probably going to get a better rate there, the rate you currently have than anything that I'm going to find for you now. So just want to make that clear. So we would definitely find the best company. Who is that through the 10,000 that you currently have?

00:16:05:15 - 00:16:11:01

The 10,000 I currently have. That one is a that one's through Lincoln Heritage.

00:16:11:04 - 00:16:17:00

Lincoln Heritage. Okay. Decent company. They're good company. And how much are you paying for that coverage currently?

00:16:17:13 - 00:16:18:19

$50 a month.

00:16:18:24 - 00:16:21:04

Okay. So $50 a month.

00:16:23:08 - 00:16:28:15

Got it. So, you know, based on everything you're telling me, Nikki, I'm assuming you probably have a 10,000. Yeah. Got a.

00:16:28:17 - 00:16:29:08


00:16:29:18 - 00:16:31:14

Okay. John. What?

00:16:32:05 - 00:16:36:19

At what point in the script are you building rapport? Because that's. I didn't.

00:16:39:09 - 00:16:58:03

So rapport is essentially them understanding that I'm the one that's going to help them solve a problem. And you're probably referring to John, like, where is the rapport as far as, um. You know, talking about the weather. Mean weather. Don't talk about the weather because I think that is very transactional, straight.

00:16:58:05 - 00:16:58:20

To the point.

00:16:59:06 - 00:17:28:14

I'm I'm very straight to the point. Rapport for me can just be in and out like very quick. Uh, very quick talks about everything like Gabrielle and now I know Gabrielle, and now I know Austin. That's very much rapport for me. So basically, I want to get as much information first before I start building all that rapport. A lot of the rapport is going to be like the terminal illness, the nursing home coverage, things that will help them, and not so much like if somebody brings up I was telling um,

00:17:30:10 - 00:17:32:05

who was I telling yesterday.

00:17:33:22 - 00:18:06:21

All right. Was telling Jacob yesterday that rapport is not so much like if somebody starts talking about fishing for I might let them talk for like two minutes and I'm not a fisher. So I will say, man, I wish I, I wish I could get into that because it's, you know, it seems very relaxing. But for me, it just never been a thing. And then I'll just move on because you can't sit there and talk about fishing for two, 20 minutes and assume that, well, I'm going to make this sale because, you know, we both you know, we both share a love for fishing. And that's why another reason, John, I never pretend like I like something they like.

00:18:07:02 - 00:18:21:21

I will acknowledge it, tell them, you know, could be, you know, compliment them on liking something and being able to, you know, have a good hobby. But I'm not going to be like, Oh, I love fishing too. And then them discover that they start throwing out terms that I don't understand. Then they'll know. They'll know you're lying to them.

00:18:24:17 - 00:18:38:20

So, Nikki. So you've been through this before, Nikki. So I'm guessing your goal, like you already covered, is to make sure that your that Austin or Gabriella doesn't have to go through the process of, you know, coming up with a bunch of money.

00:18:40:15 - 00:18:41:07


00:18:41:16 - 00:19:14:09

Okay. All right. So based on everything you said to me, a whole life policy, it definitely going to be the perfect fit for you. And I'll tell you why. So all of our plans do offer a number of benefits. So first, Senior Life Services works with many reputable insurance companies. So as a quickly growing company, we've actually made insurance companies design products specifically for our customers unique situations. So they must be state and federally regulated and backed by the government. They are state approved whole life plans, which means the premiums will never go up and the benefits never go down.

00:19:14:11 - 00:19:35:15

And this just makes sure that Austin, you know, won't have to suddenly come up with a wheelbarrow full of cash. So the benefit paid to the family is 100% tax free. And unlike most companies, they will pay out immediately within 24 to 48 hours. And finally, we also require that they have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. All right. Do you follow me so far? You follow me so far.

00:19:36:10 - 00:19:37:20

Yes. Do I follow you?

00:19:38:00 - 00:20:00:05

Okay. So, Nicky, now that you've told me a lot about yourself and why this is important to you, So to answer your question, John, that is rapport, too. She's told me what her goals are. For me, that's enough rapport to close deals. And they. And she feels like, Nicky, how am I doing? Do you feel like I know what I'm doing and I could actually solve this problem for you?

00:20:00:16 - 00:20:02:13

Yeah, you sound very professional.

00:20:03:20 - 00:20:06:08

And that's okay. Go ahead, John.

00:20:06:14 - 00:20:08:11

Okay. So. Okay.

00:20:10:02 - 00:20:30:04

How can I put this? So my understanding really is basically when you building up rapport, you just basically need to know their goals. What is it they're trying to do and put that in place, get them the coverage they need to solve that problem. Right.

00:20:30:15 - 00:20:47:24

That's really what rapport is. If we mean Nikki, Nikki is doing me a favor, mean these people might and they will. They might talk about something. They might go on a rambling spiel. Um, yesterday, the call that Ariel and I were listening to mean that we were working on, um.

00:20:49:21 - 00:21:08:21

So Mr. George was in that call with us and he just heard me. Um, basically what we were that guy was rambling forever and ever, but he was rambling about having to take care of somebody's burial. Now, do you guys think that I would interrupt somebody talking about, you know, the stuff that they've gone through when it comes to that?

00:21:11:03 - 00:21:12:18

No. Of course. No.

00:21:13:01 - 00:21:24:11

Exactly. Because that is going to help us. They're telling me their pain points and they're telling me exactly what this like what problem I am there to solve.

00:21:26:13 - 00:21:56:12

All right. So, Nicky, now that you've told me a lot about yourself and why this is important to you, what I want to do now is take the time just to ask you some health questions. So whenever you look at life insurance or policies that pay for final expenses, you always want to be asked health questions because it allows you to get a better plan and a better rate. So, Nicky, I've been doing this a long time, so I don't need to read every question off every application. I know what company will be best simply by asking you a few general questions. Does that sound fair enough?

00:21:57:16 - 00:21:59:16

Yeah, you can go ahead and ask me the questions.

00:21:59:18 - 00:22:00:08


00:22:00:10 - 00:22:30:11

And the reason, John, to get back to your point. That is all rapport right there. Now that you've told me a lot about yourself, why it's important to you, you're also when you say here. I've been doing this a long time, so don't need to read every question off every application. That is also indicating professionalism, authority. I'm an expert because once I mean, you should when you guys first start, you should read these questions of people like almost verbatim, but you're not reading every question off every application.

00:22:30:13 - 00:22:48:01

Literally, you're just reading the pioneer one. That way it should give you just that conversation will give them a, you know, give you a rough estimate for them to, you know, to go to another company if you absolutely need to. Otherwise, of course, stick with Pioneer. All right, Nikki. So, yeah, no problem. What?

00:22:48:03 - 00:22:50:04

I'm about to. Go ahead. Sorry.

00:22:50:06 - 00:22:53:12

No, no, no. Go ahead. What was going to say? Drop me. Yeah.

00:22:54:03 - 00:23:04:15

I was going to tell you was I definitely appreciate this training kind of now knowing my what I can do better, you know, just get straight to the point. Don't waste any time.

00:23:04:17 - 00:23:40:02

So find, find, mean. Find the opportunities to build rapport. Use what they give you. But. But don't spend so much time on useless topics that you become their best friend. I mean, want to be friendly and be friends. But I don't want to be their best friend. Where, uh, who is this happened to? You talk about something that is. I mean, perhaps it's even interesting to both of you, but you talk about it for 20 minutes, and that person all of a sudden has to go. And they don't feel bad about saying, okay, then, you know, that's how you end, you know, and conversations a lot.

00:23:40:18 - 00:24:04:08

And John doesn't really have that have that issue. John Actually, I could speak for him because I listen to a lot of his calls. And really when he builds report, it's just with the beneficiary or if they have children, he just gets an excited voice. He changes his tone. So that's what we're going over for. This presentation is tone. So right there in the tone in your voice to that could build report to how you're saying things.

00:24:06:05 - 00:24:18:15

So I just wanted to say that. So for you, John. You know, when you do get excited, if they're a veteran, you know what I mean? And you congratulate them and stuff like that, that's still cool. So don't reinvent the wheel.

00:24:19:05 - 00:24:50:06

Yeah. To Nikki's point, you're not Nikki. You're not me. You are John. So if you're excited about, you know, Austin, Gabriella and you want to talk to them about that, how long you've been married, then go ahead. I just assume so everybody's going to do this a little differently. Obviously, the script is the most important thing. You have to say these words. Exactly. And learn them and how to say them. Exactly. So I do want you guys to be able to listen to how I'm saying these words, because it will help you a lot. Like I've been doing this a long time.

00:24:50:08 - 00:24:59:22

So like, I know I say things exactly the same and don't necessarily have to have to be looking at the script, but you should definitely be looking at the script.

00:25:00:12 - 00:25:03:08

We could play one of your calls to Thursday.

00:25:03:19 - 00:25:33:13

Yeah, Yeah, that's fine. Think that'd be good? Um, because you will see some rapport building, but I do it naturally. I'm not trying to force them to talk about. That's what I'm talking about, John. I'm not forcing them to talk about the weather or asking questions that are clearly just to elicit a response from them. Just, you know, like, I just hate people that are transactional. Like if they're talking to me, oh, how's the weather out there? It's like, I know what you're doing. Just, you know, just come on, just move on. Like, how can you help me?

00:25:35:19 - 00:25:40:08

All right. So. So, Nikki, what is your approximate height?

00:25:41:10 - 00:25:43:08

Okay. So AM five one.

00:25:43:14 - 00:25:45:14

All right. And how much would you like to wait today?

00:25:46:14 - 00:25:47:04

Ha ha.

00:25:48:11 - 00:25:49:17

That's a good way to ask.

00:25:50:23 - 00:25:51:21

May 1st 28.

00:25:52:05 - 00:26:15:20

128. Okay, so you are at a good, healthy weight. Yeah, that's that's rapport, guys. You know, compliment them on things that are good. If she said she's. Yeah. And she says she's £450 might not say anything. Okay. You know five one, 450. Okay. You don't want to make them feel bad, so I'll just. Just keep moving. And, Nicky, do you smoke or use tobacco products?

00:26:16:05 - 00:26:17:05

Yeah. Smoke.

00:26:17:11 - 00:26:26:03

Okay. Not a problem. Is. And is there anything major going on with your major organs, such as your heart, lungs, liver or kidneys?

00:26:27:18 - 00:26:34:22

Um, no. Nothing major going on. I had a gallbladder surgery back in 2018.

00:26:36:06 - 00:26:48:14

Okay. Well, thank you, Nikki, for telling me what year, because that was going to be my very next question. Okay. 2018. Gallbladder is usually not something they mention in many applications, so we should be okay there.

00:26:48:22 - 00:26:52:00

I do take a pill for cholesterol.

00:26:53:05 - 00:27:06:11

Okay. That was going to be some of my other questions. So you're really on the ball here today, Nicky? Uh, cholesterol. So it's probably something that adds and ends in statin like atorvastatin. Simple statin. Yeah.

00:27:07:00 - 00:27:07:15


00:27:08:19 - 00:27:16:15

All right. And I don't want to interrupt you here, Nikki. So, um, is there any diabetes at all?

00:27:17:21 - 00:27:19:10

No, don't have diabetes.

00:27:19:12 - 00:27:20:02


00:27:21:18 - 00:27:32:01

All right. And then any surgeries or hospitalizations other than the gallbladder. But we're going to stick to last five years for some company or last three years.

00:27:32:22 - 00:27:33:22

No, I haven't.

00:27:34:07 - 00:27:43:11

Okay, so 2018 and the gallbladder. Was that a rough recovery or was that pretty simple? I've never had any family members have that.

00:27:45:01 - 00:27:53:12

Uh, it was. It was interesting. So it was a nice it was a nice week in the hospital. Sort of gave up smoking then, but didn't.

00:27:54:05 - 00:27:55:04

So. Yeah. Okay.

00:27:55:17 - 00:27:58:15

Yeah, that is. That would be an opportunity, I guess.

00:27:59:11 - 00:28:02:12

Doctor doesn't even really do it. The machine just takes it right out.

00:28:02:19 - 00:28:14:11

So I did not know that. Guess eventually it'll be automated. Yeah. All right. And Nikki, other than the cholesterol, is there any other medications that you currently take?

00:28:17:06 - 00:28:17:21


00:28:20:00 - 00:28:24:19

Nope. Those are those are the take something for acid reflux. Over the counter.

00:28:25:08 - 00:28:37:12

Over the counter. Okay. So you don't have to worry about things over the counter because when they qualify you, they are not going to see anything that you're just going down to like CVS Pharmacy and buying. So don't worry about that.

00:28:38:00 - 00:28:38:15


00:28:38:20 - 00:29:12:05

And so that's for for two guys, like like I'm an expert, so I know I'm not don't have to worry about that gallbladder surgery is gone. I explained that that's going to be fine. Um, cholesterol is not a thing. Usually I say, don't worry about the cholesterol. We're Americans, so everybody's got high cholesterol and like. Like all these things just make people feel better, like, you know, good, healthy weight. Um, you know, it's like, you know, I'll say, okay, well, a lot of my clients are taking a lot more medications than that. So you're doing great. So, Nikki, I am going to take a look here at what you qualify for.

00:29:12:07 - 00:29:37:01

So there are a lot of different life insurance programs out there. It's like, I know you get all sorts of stuff in the mail. You see stuff on TV, notice the tone, guys, you know, just really kind of blasé, things like that. Very it doesn't sound scripted when you say it like that. So now back to it. So for the purpose of describing how our products work versus the others, do you know the difference between term life insurance and whole life insurance?

00:29:38:22 - 00:29:39:14


00:29:40:06 - 00:30:15:00

That's good. That's honest answer. Okay. The reason I bring it up is because I want you to choose the best choice of which type of insurance to have because they're not all the same. Some are going to be better than others. But think you need to know the facts to make a sound decision. That's right. For you, Austin and Gabriella. Notice that I use their names. Family. I have their name, so I'm not going to say family. Like, don't even proceed without their names. If they won't give me the names of the beneficiaries, then I'm not going to talk to you. So, Nikki, I'm sure you've received letters from Globe Life or AARP offering term insurance, right?

00:30:15:17 - 00:30:16:07


00:30:16:14 - 00:30:40:21

Yeah. All the time. Yeah. Yep. Every week it's like clockwork. So it will often say right on there that the insurance is good up to age 80. What they don't tell you is what happens after age 80. So what happens is you lose all of your insurance no matter how much money you put in. So they get to keep the money and you get no benefit. So, you know, the point is here, Nikki, like, why would you want insurance that may cancel before you go?

00:30:42:14 - 00:31:02:03

And to make matters worse. Yeah. Yeah. And to make matters worse, they actually raise their prices every 3 to 5 years. So what happens is they get you in cheap, but as you get older and your income becomes more fixed, they raise their prices. So then what happens is most people don't actually even outlive the policy. They cancel it because they can no longer afford it.

00:31:04:00 - 00:31:25:02

Now, Nikki, the best company in your case, because you are in such wonderful help, is definitely going to be pioneer security life. They've been around for it's 113 years now, but you guys don't need to know that. You been around for a long time, been around for 111 years, state their state and federally regulated. So you would be approved for up to $50,000 in coverage. So congratulations.

00:31:26:15 - 00:31:38:04

And so, Nikki, you want to be buried and leave a little money behind. We've kind of already established that you have 10,000 and you are currently, based on my math, about 55.

00:31:39:08 - 00:31:40:01


00:31:40:07 - 00:32:12:16

Okay. All right. So let me see here. Exactly. So you are 55. So we get a chart from the Social Security Administration that states like how much a traditional burial cremation would be cheaper, but a traditional burial if you live to full life expectancy. So about 27, 30 years and hopefully you live to 100. But 83 is where they pretty much put people that are females. So they're saying that it would be around 34,297, very specific to take care of a full burial.

00:32:12:18 - 00:32:33:14

So we will look at plans like in that range. So 25,000 range to make sure that you do have enough and don't have to constantly, you know, keep talking about this for the rest of your life. All right. So, guys, if you don't have the script, you should always have the script in front of you. I always say print it out. So that way you you're not navigating so many screens.

00:32:35:16 - 00:33:02:04

All right. So, like, I'm like, I know you want to be buried and leave a little money behind, Nikki. So I'm completely confident that any of these plans are going to do that. My suggestion here is you pick the one that fits you best, so they're all going to do the job, but you want to do the one that just makes the most sense. And Nikki, I want to add an additional discount for you. So based on the financial institution you use, I can apply an additional discount if they're one of our preferred banks. So who do you like to bank with?

00:33:03:02 - 00:33:03:17


00:33:05:01 - 00:33:06:12

My bank account. Bank account.

00:33:07:00 - 00:33:14:23

So whatever, you know, you receive your Social Security or it sounds like you could be still working. So wherever your direct deposits go.

00:33:15:09 - 00:33:16:08

Wells Fargo.

00:33:16:18 - 00:33:31:03

Wells Fargo. Okay, great. I do not need to look them up. They're one of the major banks, so they are one of our preferred banks. So when you receive your paycheck or Social Security, it probably just goes to the, you know, the bank on the first or the third.

00:33:32:18 - 00:33:34:13

No, I'm on the second Wednesday.

00:33:34:18 - 00:33:46:18

No, you're one of the Wednesday persons. They have started doing that more and more. So, Nikki, what I'm going to have you do is grab a pen and a piece of paper, and I'm going to go over these plans with you.

00:33:47:13 - 00:33:48:03


00:33:51:17 - 00:33:55:04

Notice, guys, I'm, you know, pulling up the quotes. She did say she's a smoker.

00:34:00:13 - 00:34:04:18

And now I'm just pulling up everything for you. So whenever you are ready, just let me know.

00:34:05:11 - 00:34:07:10

Okay? No worries. Okay.

00:34:11:02 - 00:34:14:06

And I'm clicking both, but all benefits that they qualify for.

00:34:17:15 - 00:34:43:03

We're going to skip child writer for Gabrielle. I would mention child writer, but I don't want to confuse anybody. And it's okay if you're brand new and you don't want to, you know, be overwhelmed. But the child writer. Like if I'm going to add it. She has one daughter. She's under the age of 18. You know, I could add two units for 10,000. So that means $10,000 in coverage for Gabriella. And it's only like two bucks a month added on to the policy.

00:34:46:04 - 00:34:48:09

I'm just looking for coverage for myself.

00:34:50:16 - 00:34:51:06


00:34:53:08 - 00:34:54:20

And he has a policy.

00:34:55:22 - 00:34:56:12


00:34:58:07 - 00:34:59:19

All right. I have a pen and paper.

00:35:00:05 - 00:35:00:23

Okay, great.

00:35:03:01 - 00:35:38:20

All right, So what I'm going to have you do, Nikki. So I pulled up a number of plans. Like I said, all these plans will do the job. So I'll have you make two columns and make it easy. In the first column, I'm going to have you write down these face amounts. So this would be the amount of money that would go to Austin and Gabriella when you pass. And it's always when, not if something happens to you guys. So this is off script, but you always want to present it when something happens to you. Nobody's immortal. So saying words like if you know, if something happens to you, if that, you know, if if it's gone.

00:35:38:22 - 00:36:14:16

It's like when that day does come because these people need to, you know, have a mental picture that they're going to pass away. So they need to have this coverage not, you know, well, you know, nothing's going to happen to me. I'm in good health because if you start saying if it's like, oh, I think I'm fine right now, and they probably are, but as soon as they get to an age where they're diagnosed with something, you know that's terrible or they get to an age where it's going to be so unaffordable, like 85 years old, you don't want them to, you know, think that they can wait and wait and wait, because the truth of the matter is, when people a lot of people when they want life insurance, nobody is willing to give it to them.

00:36:16:16 - 00:36:19:02

They have a problem and you just have to solve it.

00:36:19:10 - 00:36:20:02

That's all it is.

00:36:20:14 - 00:36:24:13

If it's for the benefits, when is for the sale?

00:36:25:00 - 00:36:26:13

So, yes.

00:36:27:21 - 00:36:49:11

All right. So, Nikki, I know you got your paper. So in one column, write down those face months again. So I'm going to go down in $5,000 increments. So what I pulled up is starting at 40,000. And Nikki, you can go higher, you can go up to 50. You just want to make that clear. But 40,000, I think, is a good number to start at. So write down $40,000 in coverage

00:36:52:11 - 00:37:04:21

under that you want to write down $35,000 in coverage. And if I'm going too fast, just stop me. Okay. And next next to that, underneath that, write down $30,000 in coverage.

00:37:08:06 - 00:37:10:22

Uh, $25,000 in coverage.

00:37:12:12 - 00:37:15:09

And finally, the $20,000 in coverage.

00:37:18:06 - 00:37:30:13

And if you guys will notice, I try to keep all premiums and policies that I'm selling to above 8333, which basically equals $1,000 in annualized premium.

00:37:33:00 - 00:38:08:23

Because we're not trying to, you know, like, you'd be surprised, like if they say have no money, they're terrible health. All of a sudden, like with like, if I have to write a Gerber, I'll be a little bit faster with it because I know it's not going to pay me well. And it's it's just like the worst plan that I can offer them and then mean if they beat me down and Nikki's like, Oh, I really can't afford 88, 93 after I present these plans and sure, I'll go down to 15, ten, whatever I can write because something's better than nothing. And you're trying to help these people. If they can't afford 20,000, but they can afford ten for basically it would be like $50 a month.

00:38:10:10 - 00:38:11:22

Then I'll, you know, I'll keep going.

00:38:12:13 - 00:38:29:04

It just is like these are more like a lot of times lately. I feel like everyone's been, like, super old. It'd be like, you know what I mean? So, like, it's not usually so cheap. Usually for 20,000 for only $88 lately. Um, a lot of times they're way older than 55.

00:38:29:14 - 00:38:44:18

Um, and then that and to Matt's point, that means that all these prices are higher. They're usually in worse health, so they're much higher. Like if somebody is 80 years old, $5,000 in coverage might be 88 bucks or even 100 bucks.

00:38:45:03 - 00:38:58:13

But if someone's 80 years old and they don't have coverage, that 5000 can change everything for their family or if they have some coverage and they're just looking to add on. We have companies that start as low as

00:39:00:24 - 00:39:02:15

1000 worth of coverage.

00:39:03:08 - 00:39:37:03

So true. And the other side of the coin there, too, with the you get somebody who's really elderly and you're really trying to do your best, buy them and you get them qualified for day one coverage, preferred coverage. I mean, you got to get excited for them. You got to let them know that, you know, it's exceptional that you qualified for this plan. This is immediate coverage. Um, big selling point. In. Everybody's going to be different. Each cell is going to be different. So if you do get somebody who's in their late 70 seconds, early 80 seconds qualified for preferred coverage, get super excited for them.

00:39:37:09 - 00:39:52:15

And like Ernie said, always focus on the positive stuff. If somebody's a smoker, overweight qualifies only for a graded benefit. You don't have to spend a whole lot of time talking about that. You just lay out the facts.

00:39:53:14 - 00:40:05:21

Yeah. You're not gonna. Definitely. Matt, do not say things like, Oh, you know, uh, like, why don't you? You know, you could see I've heard it. So, like, why don't you quit smoking? It's not your business.

00:40:07:09 - 00:40:31:11

Don't make them feel bad about anything. Don't argue with them about anything. As soon as you argue or have a debate with somebody, might as well just hang up the phone. Yeah, everything is all great. You're not going to say things like, Oh, okay, well, I'll have to put you with Gerber because you're in terrible health. Gerber, to them is the best company that's ever existed because that's what they qualify for. Is that basically your point there, Matt?

00:40:32:10 - 00:41:03:00

Yeah. And it's just, you know, to Matt's point a little bit. I've been getting a lot of clients, too, who are, um, you know, old, old, you know, if they qualify for any coverage, it's only going to be with American Amicable because they're over the age of eight. The premiums are a little higher, which is. Good in our case. But it's just the facts of the matter. You. You waited till you're 81 to get this coverage. You know, always use the you know if you think this life insurance is coverage, try dying without it. Your family's going to end up being the one that pays the price.

00:41:03:08 - 00:41:33:17

So. Right I'm just I'm just saying with the with the older people always want to do your best by everybody. But if you get somebody qualified for preferred coverage and they're a 70 year old smoker, they're 82 years old, get super excited for them. And lay out all the benefits with massive amounts of enthusiasm. Now you're covered on all the bases. You've got accidental death, you've got terminal illness. You know, anything happens to your family is going to be taken care of. So people like to hear that.

00:41:34:06 - 00:42:06:22

Yeah, that's that's their main goal. They just don't want to leave the legacy where they leave nothing. They have two kids, those two kids. I'll bring this stuff up. Like, do they get along? You know, if it's two beneficiaries, um, so believe me, kids will fight over who pays for if they have no insurance over who will pay for everything. Because I can guarantee I can see fights happen all the time. Like somebody might be a doctor while another person is a laborer, like in the laborer is going to tell a doctor, oh, you got more money, you should take care of that.

00:42:06:24 - 00:42:32:13

And it's really not the kids responsibilities at all. But you know, you know how that goes. It can be fights. Um, there's people that, you know, never will never talk to each other again because of simply somebody passing without life insurance. And those little stories can be brought up to build a little more rapport. And then back to that other point. If they are 81 years old. You guys notice on this chart, let me make it a little bigger. Um.

00:42:34:03 - 00:42:35:20

Okay. Want to be bigger?

00:42:37:18 - 00:42:39:03

Nasty plus.

00:42:40:19 - 00:43:11:03

If you guys notice on this chart here, 75 is as old as it goes up to. So if somebody is 85, you know that this number is going to be lower. And based on this like ten years, it's almost going to be 9000 more. So, you know, if a traditional funeral burial is right now, around 10,000, they're 84 years old. Getting them 10,000 or even 5000 will really help and take care of everything.

00:43:12:20 - 00:43:24:16

I've actually said to people like, All right, well, I mean, it's okay that you can only afford 5000. Believe me, if you give a funeral home a check for $5,000 and that's all you have to give them or the family does, they will find a way to make it work.

00:43:25:09 - 00:43:27:20

Well, Ernie can only afford the 20,000.

00:43:28:20 - 00:44:02:07

Okay, Well, I'm not to. Let's not skip past, okay? It's like I haven't even told you how much the prices are, so you don't know what you can afford. Uh, all right, So, Nikki, you got all those numbers down. Uh, notice here, I'm going to go, guys, notice here that I'm going to go right to, like, the benefits. All right, So, Nikki, no matter which one you pick here, these are going to come with a number of living benefits. So these living benefits are designed here to protect you, specifically during life's difficult times.

00:44:02:19 - 00:44:35:09

So the first benefit will be a terminal illness benefit. Now, that's really important because God forbid, you know, you ever have a terrible conversation with your doctor or develop a terminal illness, the money would actually go to you. It would you know, you would basically fill out one piece of paper and they would give you the 25,000 to 40,000. A lot of people use that for, you know, life saving treatment. They use it to take the burden off their family even further by planning their own memorial, planning their own final arrangements.

00:44:36:04 - 00:44:58:18

So you can use that money however you want. I've had clients, you know, take out, take blow out vacations, so it's whatever you want to use the money for. And then the second benefit, I think, is the most important because it's used the most. So the nursing, it's called a nursing home waiver premium. So have you ever known anybody, a family member, friend that had to go to a nursing home? Nikki?

00:45:05:04 - 00:45:11:05

Yes. Okay. And when they. Was that a family member or was that friend?

00:45:13:01 - 00:45:17:06

Yeah. It was a family member that had Alzheimer's.

00:45:17:20 - 00:45:26:21

Gotcha. Okay, So you probably noticed, like when they went to the nursing home, that that nursing home pretty much wanted all their money and all their assets.

00:45:27:14 - 00:45:29:02

Yeah. Yeah.

00:45:29:04 - 00:46:00:24

So they don't really care, though. They'll take everything. You could be a millionaire going to a nursing home, Nikki. And you know, they'll still figure out a way to get everything. So what happened is we negotiated these plan, these benefits with Pioneer because when somebody has to go to a nursing home, they basically can't afford anything. Some of my clients say they get like $30 a month left over from Social Security and then the nursing home takes the rest. So you don't want to put a further burden on the family by having them pick up the premium payments if you pass.

00:46:01:01 - 00:46:17:00

Because the whole goal here, Nikki, was to take burden off the family, not put another one on them. So if that ever occurs, you had to go to a nursing home, you would no longer have to make these premium payments. But the policy itself would still stay in effect. Does that make sense?

00:46:18:02 - 00:46:18:20


00:46:18:23 - 00:46:54:20

Okay. And I do say, does that make sense every time? Because sometimes I do have to further explain it because people get all confused. And Nikki, the final benefit that comes with all these plans, no matter which one you pick. And off script again. So I'm saying no matter which one you pick because it's putting in their mind that you're picking one, that is that's what we're doing here. So no matter which one you pick here, it's also going to come with accidental benefit. So that simply means like if you have $40,000 in coverage and you know you're hit by a bus or you die as a result of an accident, it's actually going to pay out double.

00:46:54:22 - 00:47:12:13

So Gabriella and Austin would receive 80,000 instead of the 40. Okay. Yeah. All right. So, like I said, all those plans come with those benefits, no matter which one you pick here. So next to the $40,000 in coverage, that would only be 170. 47.

00:47:14:19 - 00:47:38:09

You guys should have a big pause there. Not a huge pause, but big enough for her to write it down. All right, Nikki. And next to the and she's following like and guys, I just want to make this clear. So the reason I'm doing it this way, she's following my instructions. So at this point, you know, she should trust me to give layout all the benefits. Uh, the more people follow your lead, the more likely they're going to continue following your lead.

00:47:38:19 - 00:47:49:01

I'm literally in the house as a client on my cell phone, sitting down, writing down what? He's going over the plans.

00:47:49:17 - 00:48:07:06

Right. And think. Think of what that takes for this person to, in their mind, to do. Like they had to go through this whole process, answer my health questions, take the time to actually write down the plans. That is a lot of buy in because the clothes begins in the first first words that come out of your mouth.

00:48:08:24 - 00:48:39:19

So Nikki could even be sitting there holding the phone with her shoulder and then writing these numbers down because they, you know, they're just not putting it on speaker or that they're not technologically savvy. But I will tell them if they're having a hard time, I'll tell them, put it. Do you know how to put me on speaker? Don't assume they know how because you don't want to make them feel bad, like I said. All right. So Nikki wrote that down. So next to the 35,000, I want you to write down that as only notice. Guys, I'm saying only every time, and it's always $35,000 in coverage.

00:48:39:21 - 00:49:00:04

And I'm not being like it's only $150.09 a month because you don't want that's that's terrible, too, because you're putting in like, oh, man, I got to pay this, you know, every month. And then so Nikki, you got the 35,000 down. So right down next to the $30,000 in coverage, that would only be one 2970.

00:49:04:06 - 00:49:04:21


00:49:05:00 - 00:49:11:10

And next to the 25,000. That would only be 109 32.

00:49:15:08 - 00:49:21:24

And finally, next to the $20,000 in coverage, that would only be 8893.

00:49:24:19 - 00:49:30:18

So, Nikki, out of those plans, which one would you want to leave To Austin and Gabriella.

00:49:32:09 - 00:49:36:18

And this is for training purposes. So I'm not going to give Ernie a hard time here.

00:49:38:07 - 00:49:43:15

So I'm going to I'm going to go with the. I think I could swing the 25,000.

00:49:44:11 - 00:49:46:00

With 25,000. Okay.

00:49:46:07 - 00:49:46:22


00:49:47:04 - 00:49:47:19


00:49:48:20 - 00:50:08:06

That would come with accidental. It would come with the nursing home. Writer Yeah. Like I said, it doesn't matter Nikki here which one you pick. And if the 25,000 is a little bit of a stretch. Nikki What I would say is do the 20 because it's very easy to opt that coverage, you know, you know, down the line.

00:50:09:14 - 00:50:10:04


00:50:10:08 - 00:50:17:22

Would you rather do the 20 or. I mean, you sound pretty confident. I mean we're going to do the 25,000, but I just wanted to put that option out there.

00:50:18:07 - 00:50:21:14

You know what? I have the ten so I'll do the 20,000.

00:50:21:16 - 00:50:22:06


00:50:22:08 - 00:50:33:16

So that'll put you at 30. You'll have $30,000 total and that will definitely take care of the funeral and things like that. And hopefully a little bit will be left behind if, you know, if you want a simple burial.

00:50:35:12 - 00:50:38:02

Okay. You said later on.

00:50:38:11 - 00:51:02:07

Yeah, you can always add to it later on. So we will coincide your payments with Social Security. All right. So your monthly payment will be consistently on the second Wednesday of the month and it will be set up directly with Wells Fargo. And as I said, they are one of our preferred banks. So that's great. So I do have their routing number right here. So to confirm that it's correct, please grab a checkbook or bank statement. I'll wait right here for you.

00:51:04:09 - 00:51:16:21

I have a question. Ernie, I might have missed it, but you guys are starting with the higher amounts and then going to the lower amounts when you present them with the options?

00:51:17:03 - 00:51:18:19

Yes, always.

00:51:19:11 - 00:51:20:01


00:51:20:12 - 00:51:26:01

Because I do. With the lower to the higher side. I don't know if I missed when you said that, but I just wanted to make sure.

00:51:26:17 - 00:51:56:22

And that's psychological in nature simply because if I say 40,000 and they hear it and they're like, oh, no way I can afford that. Me You know, they might say they've said they say it out loud plenty. Oh, no way I can do that one. It's like and then I just say, Oh, that's okay. Don't you know you don't need that much coverage anyway. So let's continue down to the and do not let them. Not going to argue. I'm just blowing it off. It's like, let's continue. So next to the 35,000 I want you to write down that would only be one 5009 And now and now in their mind.

00:51:56:24 - 00:52:07:00

Okay, so they know what I'm doing. I'm going down because I already told them I'm going down to write all this stuff down. And if you start if you start low, it's more likely they're going to pick a lower one.

00:52:09:15 - 00:52:41:07

If you start high. People gravitate toward the middle. I mean, you guys are probably notice that about yourselves. Like if I go shopping to a lawnmower and I see one for $1,000, there's another one for 300 and there's another one for 700. Typically I'm going to be like, Oh man, this, this thousand dollar one seems like it's unnecessary. This $300 one seems like a piece of crap. Let me buy the $700 one and I know I'll be happy with $300 more in my pocket. And I know that do the job that I wanted to do.

00:52:43:19 - 00:52:51:04

Um, so where was I? Nikki? Okay, I'll wait. So then it's her job at Wells Fargo to go grab a check or a statement.

00:52:51:19 - 00:52:54:20

Okay. I got my routing number.

00:52:55:17 - 00:53:01:11

Okay. All right, great. So are you looking at a check statement? What are you looking at, Nikki?

00:53:02:06 - 00:53:05:15

It's a it's the. It's a mobile app.

00:53:06:03 - 00:53:36:00

Okay. Glad I'm glad you have that. A lot of people don't know how to locate that. See, that's more complements. All right. So when you click your account details your routing number and it sounds like you're already there, Nikki, you already hit account details. Yeah. And pay attention, guys, to what people are saying. Like if they know how to use it, then, you know, just just just focus on what they're saying. That's why I'm not eating. I'm standing. Um, and that's why I'm just very confident I'm just going to continue rolling.

00:53:36:04 - 00:53:45:07

So this call, um, let's just let me just say I'm also using I also do have a check in front of me as well.

00:53:46:01 - 00:53:51:17

Yeah, because a lot of older people will have checks. They might not write checks much anymore, but usually they have an old book or something.

00:53:52:06 - 00:53:58:13

Okay. And you said that you wanted the routing number. That's the on the check. That's.

00:53:59:12 - 00:54:14:21

That would be. So the routing number, I'm going to go left to right. So you're routing number here. So on the bottom left hand of your check, you should have 063107513. Is that what you got?

00:54:15:07 - 00:54:16:15

Yeah, that's what I got.

00:54:16:20 - 00:54:20:03

Okay, perfect. And then what is the next set of numbers? The account number.

00:54:20:18 - 00:54:30:17

Okay. And that's A29654321987.

00:54:31:19 - 00:54:39:24

Okay. And then there should be another space with another shorter set of numbers. You didn't read me those numbers, right?

00:54:41:06 - 00:54:44:02

Know that. Think that's the number.

00:54:44:10 - 00:55:15:02

That would be the check number. And thank you, Nikki, because a lot of people do read that number and that just messes up their, you know, their policy and the issuance of it and all that. So thank you. I will read that number Back to you, Nikki, just to make sure I didn't make any mistakes. I have 29654321987. Is that correct? Yeah. Okay. So after today, you will receive so you're receiving Social Security on the second Wednesday.

00:55:16:01 - 00:55:47:07

So after today, Well, coincide that with Social Security. So the 14th of this month is your Social Security payments, so you won't have to make an additional payment. So you'll actually get about ten days for your coverage. That's a different topic. But that's how I would do this situation. So then in January, it would still resume on the second Wednesday. All right. So, Nikki, I want to get you applied and approved here. So I am going to do a very simple voice signature.

00:55:47:09 - 00:56:19:09

And it's just basically stating everything that we've already gone over so that I can get the policy issued for you. All right. So let me pull that up for you. So the first thing I'm going to say is just ask you normal information, like state your full name, today's date. And then, you know, your social. And then I'm just going to read you these questions. All right. So. Miss Nikki Mills as a final step to completing the app. And by the way, guys, I will be in my dialer. I will hitting the three dots, the three dots next to it.

00:56:19:12 - 00:56:20:04

Let me see.

00:56:34:14 - 00:56:37:05

Of course, it's going to load slow as possible.

00:56:46:08 - 00:56:52:23

And this is all everybody does. Everybody here except for Jacob. Know how to record.

00:56:55:12 - 00:56:56:09

I would imagine.

00:56:56:23 - 00:56:58:21

Well, I've never done it, obviously, but.

00:56:59:12 - 00:57:02:03

Yeah, but. Okay, so.

00:57:04:15 - 00:57:06:13

And it's good to get good at this, so.

00:57:13:20 - 00:57:14:12

Mute. Mute.

00:57:15:20 - 00:57:44:07

So you just click this button here. Start call recording. And then you're going to just simply state all these. So, Nikki, this is a good way to get the social sometimes, you know, I'll get it whenever I feel like getting it. And it's really not that hard to get if they trust you. But think if you have banking, this is a good way to get social. So, Miss Nikki Mills, as a final step to completing the application process. Need you to please verify the following. Please state your full name. Today's date, which is 12, six, 20, 22 and your Social Security number.

00:57:45:11 - 00:57:48:23

That'll be Nikki Mills. Today's date.

00:57:52:01 - 00:57:53:16

And that's what? Yep.

00:57:54:09 - 00:57:56:11

Five 2022.

00:57:56:22 - 00:57:58:11

It's actually the six, but that's okay.

00:57:59:01 - 00:57:59:16


00:57:59:18 - 00:58:01:14

Six 2022.

00:58:01:19 - 00:58:02:09

And your.

00:58:02:11 - 00:58:03:01


00:58:04:12 - 00:58:08:11

Oh, okay. Two, five, six. One, 21292.

00:58:09:10 - 00:58:42:12

Hopefully that's not your real social, but. Okay. All right. And do you understand that the peace of mind policy is separate from any other life insurance policy that you've been presented? Yes. All right. Do you understand the piece of my policy? Separate. I'm sorry. Do you acknowledge that the application for insurance with Pioneer was taken completed over the telephone and that you were not in the presence of a licensed agent who sold you this policy? Yes. Okay. And then guy's all the way down. You basically read everything here. Uh, do you understand that? A copy. Do you acknowledge that you provided here? You'll say, because we're doing a knee check.

00:58:42:14 - 00:59:13:19

I didn't ask her if she wanted to do any check. I'm just assuming. So. Ms.. Nikki Mills, Today's date is 12, six, 20. 22. You're authorizing Pioneer Security set up automated payments for your $25,000 life insurance policy, your payment of 139, whatever will be billed to your Wells Fargo Bank checking account with routing number. You know an account number 29654321987 immediately. And then on the second Wednesday of each month thereafter.

00:59:14:03 - 00:59:22:23

Do you understand that a copy of your completed application will be provided as part of your and then just continue? Yeah, you get, you get all the way to the end. You state this.

00:59:24:01 - 00:59:26:08

You just automatically assume that you check, You.

00:59:26:10 - 00:59:29:15

Don't, you don't ever ask if they want like if they want are able.

00:59:29:17 - 00:59:30:07

To do it today.

00:59:31:01 - 01:00:01:05

No, they'll stop me if I because I'm going to say immediately in this immediately and then the second Wednesday thereafter. So Moses, you noticed how I've said that she's not going to this is not ten days, so she's not going to have to make that payment on the 14th. Like if I start now, they're going to skip this payment because it's within that ten day window. So I don't ask. I just immediately assume if they stop me here, then I don't stop the recording. Don't do any of that. I'll just say, okay.

01:00:01:07 - 01:00:22:11

So she's like, Oh, no, no, can't do it today. Like, you know, can you make it this date? She's like, Oh, you know what? Like that is the time where I'll be like, Yeah, that's fine. We can actually just make it. We'll start at the 14th that way. So I'll just state that again. Will starting on December 14th and the second Wednesday thereafter, and that just can just move on. It's just the best way to get each is to assume that they want me check.

01:00:24:10 - 01:00:25:21

Because I'm not going to ask. Asking.

01:00:26:07 - 01:00:32:17

Asking questions like, do you want this taken out immediately? We'll get a no. So don't want to say things like that.

01:00:33:21 - 01:00:34:24

Giving him a free out.

01:00:36:04 - 01:00:36:19


01:00:38:10 - 01:00:40:03

Your name? Excuse me. Is there any way.

01:00:40:05 - 01:00:41:14

We can shorten all that stuff.

01:00:41:16 - 01:00:52:17

Down there that begins with you authorized pioneer security all the way down. Is there something we can leave out? As it has to be word for word. Every bit of that is can we shorten it in any way?

01:00:53:08 - 01:01:25:22

I want to say I'll say this. I want to say no, you should do it this way. But but yes, I know because this used to be a different signature script because we always had to do the optical. So it used to be a lot shorter, but that wasn't a good thing here, obviously, Pat, because then we had to do the interview every freaking time through. Yeah, it was a 20 and believe me, this extra one minute of saying these extra words is a lot better than I say 20.

01:01:25:24 - 01:01:35:14

But that's conservative. Sometimes. We used to have to do 30 minutes every call, doing a phone interview with people to get them preferred or standard plus, and that sucks. So it's.

01:01:35:16 - 01:01:36:07

A lot. There's a lot.

01:01:36:09 - 01:01:50:08

Of hesitation sometimes when you ask them, you know, going through this and reading this, but they finally say, yes, nothing's failed yet, but it's kind of a little shaky thing, you know, it's just so long and so out there. Okay. But we got a word for word. Got it.

01:01:51:10 - 01:02:25:18

But this is this is the tone of absolute certainty to Pat like you guys, you will lose people. You can mean you shouldn't lose them because you have their social you have their banking. You should be able to get through this. But it's possible you could lose somebody simply because you get all weak and terrible. It's like, Oh, okay, got the sale, you know? Do you acknowledge, you know, that the application do you understand we're taking all your we're taking your money and, you know, just don't be weak in this at all. This is just a process just stated very quickly and very succinctly and just just state the things.

01:02:25:20 - 01:02:56:20

And I will say, Pat, that, you know, a lot of people do this. Uh, I skip I don't skip anything. But have you been presented I asked this question. Do you agree that answers this is a question Do you acknowledge that you've read? I don't wait for a response to this at all. I'm saying this and then I'm not stating. I'm not waiting for them to say yes here. I just immediately start saying, Do you understand that? A copy? Do you understand this? Do you understand this? I don't get confirmation on this at all.

01:02:57:13 - 01:03:25:21

Because it's just. It just leads right into here. Do you agree to accepting your signature electronically? Because I don't want a bunch of questions about, oh, what are they going to do? They're going to do a background check. It's like not on your financial stuff. Of course this is just going to go to. That might be. And then I just continue like I'm not I'm not going to focus on dumb objections because a lot of objections are just complaints. Like they're not like, Oh, the weather is bad. I can't argue that. Yeah, it is. Okay. Anyway.

01:03:26:06 - 01:03:27:01

Let's go right back.

01:03:28:06 - 01:03:44:23

I just tell them, you know, after the sale, hey, you know, I have to do a recording with you just verifying your name and your social and go over these disclosures with you and they just need to hear you agree. So when you hear me pause, usually I'm looking for a yes or a no, you know, and it's going to be a yes every time.

01:03:45:15 - 01:03:47:17

Don't say no because then it's an it's a yes.

01:03:48:22 - 01:04:24:09

These are all some now like this, you know, it's like same thing. You know, you're just you know, this is for the recording to just be attached to your policy. Yeah, most of them. Most of them will always just say yes and they'll deal with it because it's a lot easier. It's a lot easier just to deal with a 3 minute or 2 minute recording than it is to have to do, you know, a 30 minute optical. So if they've got parents in the past, you know, and you know, a lot of them, a lot of them aren't even aware that they don't need a blood test done, you know, like.

01:04:25:16 - 01:04:47:12

So it's like, hey, you know, once once you know, hey, we went over your health. I know exactly what you're going to qualify for. All we got to do is this recording now get you locked in. And once I do this recording with you, then you're good. There's no blood test or nothing like that. I'll let you know the results and see what you qualify for. You know, I just need you to agree to this recording, and then they don't just agree.

01:04:48:17 - 01:05:20:17

Yeah. And like, after the sale is complete and you're submitting the app, you don't necessarily need them on the phone. A lot of people will just say, Oh, I'll give you a call back in like ten minutes after I get this in, because if you're brand new, you might feel weird about trying to fill out the app. And, you know, they're sitting there on the phone. You're not good yet at, uh, you know, just shooting the shit with them. I take that mean I'm good at that now because I'm just like, I'm filling out the app, whatever. I can talk nonsense with these people while I'm doing that. No problem. And I find that is another to answer.

01:05:20:19 - 01:05:51:08

Go back to John. Mr. Duncan. I find that a good opportunity just to build a little rapport. Uh, and James covers us all the time. After you get the signature done, it's not like, okay, bye. They will be looking at their phone like this and being like, What just happened? It's got to be be like, Congratulations. You know, we've got everything done. I'm going to submit the application, like while I'm submitting it. Like I might have said this. Congratulations, you on being approved by the company. This is a good thing to say at the end of a call.

01:05:54:01 - 01:06:20:23

So you can't say this. You can say exactly this. You can keep talking and have a normal conversation here. It's like, okay, So like as I'm filling out your application, you got any plans for Christmas? Okay. And it doesn't have to be forever, but at least five minutes of talking to them about whatever after you're done with the sale just so they don't feel like, you know, they've been bamboozled or anything mean they shouldn't. But they do. And there's nothing we can do about that. Yeah.

01:06:21:09 - 01:06:53:06

You could just even ask them, you know? Hey, you got anything else planned for the day? You know, like. It just be as simple as that, you know, just have a normal conversation, you know, because like, the whole time through the script, you're walking them through the process. And like throughout the script, you're explaining the process. You know, now that you told me a lot about yourself, I'm going to go over the health questions with you now. We're going to do this, you know, and you're you're the educator explaining everything. So when you get to that voice recording, you're done, you know, but you're done with the sale.

01:06:53:08 - 01:07:10:08

You don't have to start like a pioneer web app right away if it's going to be a pioneer. So it's not something where you do have to multitask. But what he's saying is you can hang out on the phone with that client for a few minutes longer, even if you're not even typing up the app yet. And you can just build a report there at the end to.

01:07:11:15 - 01:07:12:05

It's like.

01:07:12:07 - 01:07:25:05

A it's like a sandwich friendly, enthusiastic business, you know, get another layer, like kind of friendly talking about, you know, other whatever. And then it's all business, business, business. And then back to report back to us.

01:07:25:13 - 01:07:49:21

Always at the end. I always joke with them. And if I'm trying, you know, I've done with the report building and stuff, I'd be like, okay, well now I'm a little hungry here, so I'm going to go get me a sandwich and then get back to work. And that usually, you know, and they'll ask them if they've had lunch yet or, you know, depending on what time it is, you know, and then then we'll talk about it and, and I'll be like, we'll have something extra for me and I'll just joke, you know.

01:07:50:21 - 01:07:51:12

Right. So.

01:07:52:10 - 01:08:24:21

Um, yeah. And just. Yeah, just keep that in mind. Mean you're going to be excited after making sales, but just don't be, like, all right. All right, then. Thank you for your recording in your business, and bye bye. And, you know, you always want to give them you should give them your information. Now, a lot of people like giving information before they quote, I'm not going to do that. This is, uh, because if I give somebody information, this is my thinking. I'm giving them all my information before I'm quoting. Uh, now it's easy for them to say, okay, well, I do have your info here, so I'll just give you a call back, you know, let you know.

01:08:26:00 - 01:08:57:03

Like I have. Everything in my mind is like very well thought out simply because, you know, I've done it so many times and ran into the same problems you're going to incur. So I just certain things like, all right, so now that we're done, I do want to give you my info. I want to give you my cell and my direct office phone. So if you have any questions, you can have multiple ways to contact me. And that's, you know, actually in here. But let me give you my information. Obviously got to give them information. And that way it's just, you know, you just want to make them feel good.

01:08:57:05 - 01:08:57:23

This is this is.

01:08:58:05 - 01:08:58:21

Solving a.

01:08:58:23 - 01:09:06:16

Problem to me very carefully. Stop calling this number. I'm going to report. (205) 296-8771.

01:09:08:19 - 01:09:10:19

All right. See, Pat's given to somebody.

01:09:13:05 - 01:09:35:12

I am so tired of these people. They call me every three and four hours a time. It's the Medicare. And I begged them to do not call this number and don't know how to stop it. And I'm getting all kind of crazy calls on this company. Vanilla Software. How that happened, I don't know. Sorry about that. You should have put a mute on.

01:09:35:21 - 01:09:36:16

That's okay.

01:09:36:18 - 01:10:00:12

But, hey, there's. There's people are getting calls, so this is. But Pat mean, that's a good example. If somebody called you in differentiate themselves and sounded a lot better and, you know, understood what you were saying, then you might actually talk to that person and that person might just get you off the list. And if Pat trusts them that they'll actually do what she's asking. So like them a lot better. It's like, okay, well that's a thought.

01:10:00:14 - 01:10:01:07

Thank you.

01:10:01:09 - 01:10:03:05

Yeah mean that will happen.

01:10:03:07 - 01:10:12:18

One isn't working. I mean I've been really nice you know just but they just keep calling the same person. What is wrong with these people? Yeah.

01:10:12:20 - 01:10:13:17

Terrible. Terrible.

01:10:13:18 - 01:10:15:16

I'll try to sell them next time. That'll get them.

01:10:15:18 - 01:10:16:11

Okay, good.

01:10:16:13 - 01:10:22:00

Yeah, Tell them. All right. Got some stuff for you. First, let me do my. My presentation, and then you can worry about yours.

01:10:22:14 - 01:10:27:11

So record it for me, because I'd love to hear it. It would make my day.

01:10:27:19 - 01:10:29:18

Yeah. They've been torturing you, Pat.

01:10:30:12 - 01:10:31:15

Yeah. Yeah.

01:10:31:17 - 01:10:58:10

But, guys, I'm gonna stop the. Yeah, I'll stop. But does. Does anybody have any questions, uh, about any of this? And I do want you to watch this again. I mean, that's how I deliver it. Every time I like Nicky's idea, I'll play a phone call mine. I'll try to find one here. Um, and, you know, it's pretty much the same every time. So you'll see the rapport, You'll see where it's built. Um, but I just want to field any questions that you had about anything that we just covered.

01:10:59:13 - 01:11:29:24

No, I just. I just wanted to add that everybody has a different personality, so the script really is like a guide. But if you stick to the script, you know, it'll it'll walk you through the process and it'll ask the questions that you got to ask and the client will start talking. So they'll be able to build that report with you too. And if you stay excited for the client, the client will stay excited, you know, and they'll be excited about the benefits. And just genuinely like they could hear it in your voice if you're actively listening to them.

01:11:30:05 - 01:11:45:08

So just to stay focused and make sure that you're you're listening to them because, you know, they're they're not doing anything at that moment. But listening to you, all of their focus is on you. So, no, they deserve all of your focus, too.

01:11:45:23 - 01:11:55:15

Yeah. And then being able to bring up stuff that they said before, obviously it will be very helpful if you're not listening to somebody at all. All you're doing is reading from a scrap of paper and they know that you're not listening.

01:11:56:23 - 01:12:11:01

Right? Like if they told you something and then, you know, you, you didn't write notes down or you had forgotten it was important detail. Maybe a child or grandchild, something like that. Um, you know, then, you know, you want to just make sure that you're actively listening.

01:12:12:22 - 01:12:13:22

Very good point.

01:12:14:00 - 01:12:18:11

Um, anybody? Guys, I'll see you guys at the office. Thank you guys so much.

01:12:18:15 - 01:12:28:16

Okay. Matt, Uh, I'll stop this. Yeah. Thank you guys for all participating and helping. Uh, you know, hopefully it's helpful. This will go right on the website as soon as we're done here, so.

Watch the Full Video Here: Script Training with Commentary

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