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Script Training in Depth

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Script Training in Depth

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So I'm going to share my screen, share my sound. And what I want to do is just basically I'm just going to run through the script and stop me at any time with any questions you guys have, because I think it's important that a lot of people stay on script. Matt My brother was kind of giving him I was giving him shit basically because of him not following the script and thinking he is and he think he really did yesterday because listen to like an hour long call and it was really good. I actually put it on this website, so that way you guys can listen to it.

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It's a call recording. It's under call recordings. He stayed on the straight line, went all the way down, and it worked out really well for him. That's that was one of his sales. The guy he's going to end up doing like 50,000 for this guy. And at the end of the call really impressed me because he's like, well, I found this cheaper somewhere else, about $70 a month cheaper, but I got a bad feeling about it and don't get a bad feeling about you, Matthew. So that's why I did it with you. And I was like, Damn, okay, so not everybody's broke, so that's important.

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All right.

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You guys can see that pretty well.

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I'm sure you can.

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Yeah, you're good.

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Okay. All right, so put this on the website. I will. If I need to update it, I will make changes as. As we proceed. Um, always remember, if you have a good idea of even changing one word, I want to hear about it so that way can you know this a living document constantly update it. One word if it changes and puts anything in a better perspective or makes things better, then of course, let's do it. All right. So I put the very all in bold here. No long pauses in the beginning. Goal is to get through verifying info so they know you're not a random telemarketer for a reason.

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Because a lot of people, when they first start, like, Oh, nobody wants this. Nobody remembers nobody, you know, nonsense, nonsense, nonsense. They will act like that, of course. But that's just not the reality. I mean, they did it whether it was a lead, a lead. It was a while back or it was last week. You know, it's people want to get off the phone because they don't know you. So if you can get through verifying the information, you're going to have a lot more success. Um, and then one thing I wrote in here recently because everybody was saying, good, good.

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It's like, Hey, Bob, how's everything going out there in Toledo? If they give you a, you know, a blanket statement like, oh, it's fine. All right, that's good to hear. Then, of course, move on. Like, oh, it's a little cold. Oh, and then build rapport if it's a little cold. People like talking about the weather. Everybody can relate to weather because we all got to deal with it. Um, and then the very next so, you know, it's good to hear. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for Ohio.

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And my job is to go over those benefits with you and answers any questions that you have. So did you guys see how where my voice went up in the inflection in it?

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Yes, sir. Okay.

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So basically, Robert and I have been watching the same videos. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason I'm saying it like that is because it's almost like remember that you spoke with us, right? You remember us? Remember us? Remember us? When you first start, you might be very monotone, but that's not it's not how it's always going to be. Repetition is how you gain mastery.

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And then, you know, you're going straight to and then confirm the information. Let me just confirm your information you gave a representative. It's not a question I'm not asking them. Can I go ahead and confirm this, please? It's like, no, they have the information. I have you at one, two, three Main Street out there in Toledo. Okay. And have your date of birth is two 1484. And it looks like you have your wife as your beneficiary and you're looking to leave for around 20 to 30,000. Is that all? Is all that correct? Yep. Okay. And also, have you as a non-smoker, is that right? Okay, great.

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So very next thing. Now you're really telling them the reason that you're calling. Uh, so we're consulting firm, which means we work for our clients and not one particular company. So our goal is always to figure out who will give you specifically the best rates and benefits. Are you with me on that? Feel free to change that if that wording doesn't. If you don't like it, like it's always to figure out who will give you specific. Mean that can be a little. Even right there I messed that up. So as long as they understand you're going to doing the shopping around for them and you know you're going to look at more than one company, then you're fine with whatever you say.

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And the main reason and the reason I wanted to do this training is because you need to know why these things are set. If you say, okay, we're a life insurance company, we're going to look at some rates for you now. Now they have that objection in their holster later. Oh, I'm going to shop around. I'm going to look somewhere else. It's like, no, we're going to look for you. So that way you don't have to do that. And then you'll see them say, Oh, I'm going to look around. Come won't come out of their mouth as much. Not even close toward the end. It's like.

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So we're consulting firm. Go ahead.

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Want me I want to interject there with the the very the last thing that you say in that sense and that little paragraph. There's you with me on that. Like you said, if it doesn't work for you, change the wording. But it's important to ask something to get a an affirmative response back on them, you know, and it also it also gives you an opportunity to make sure they're engaged because if they're not, they're not going to respond. But that's important to ask that to get that. Yes. To get the first. Yes. And the first of many. Basically what I'm trying to say.

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Exactly. Yep.

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And Ernie with.

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Go ahead. I'm sorry.

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I'll also in that what I'm saying now is so we're a consultant firm for seniors. If no have a senior on the phone. I'm just throwing that in there on my script. It just seems to meld a little better. So we're a consultant firm for seniors, which means we work for our clients, not one particular insurance company. Anyhow, just thought I'd throw that in there. Oh, like the script. Uh, obviously, if you're talking to somebody that's not a senior, if they're born in the 80 seconds or later or 70 or whatever, they're not a senior, but it just kind of makes them feel a little more comfortable.

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Start throwing in there.

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No, steal that, guys. And I wouldn't say steal that week one or week two because you're going to start saying that and then you're going to say it to people that are 20 and they won't want your services. Uh, so, but yeah, you know, my brain was running through that. Like, I'm not going to put that in this script, but I would definitely steal that for people that are over 50. I don't want to put it here simply because I don't want people to start saying it to everybody. But yeah, any, any little things that you guys want to interject? Uh, and nobody says this exactly the same, uh, Lexi Kelly.

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Dan, you don't have to say it exactly the same. As long as you're hitting the key points, it's when you skip like, an entire paragraph or an entire part of the process that you run into a lot of trouble. So now the very next one is now where you're looking for benefits for just yourself. Today. You want to insure everybody in the House that needs insurance, especially if you're talking to the decision maker, if you're talking to the wife and she knows that she needs, uh, her husband insured as well. And they're looking together, believe me, you can make a lot of sales by, you know, selling the wife on it.

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I have qualified the husband by using the wife, just asking her questions. It's like, okay, can you speak to your husband's health? I mean, we can see what he qualifies for to and all the way to the point where all she did was like when we used to have to do the interviews, she would just hand him the phone and be like, Yep, we're doing this. And, uh, answer this guy's questions.

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So, yeah, if you're speaking to the, uh, anybody always ask that question just for yourself and then, okay, as this business, you typically handle yourself and you guys can do as much as you want if you want to go deeper into that because you will run into, Oh, I want to speak to my daughter. She handles my finances way. After you're past this and you're at the quoting, you need to knock that out immediately. So I've just become kind of proficient and understanding, like what they mean by that. But that shouldn't come up at the end.

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It's like, no, you said, and you don't want to get combative, so you're not going to be like, Oh, but you said you handle your own business at the very end. So that gets combative and it gets goes down a bad path real quick. So, you know, when you're asking that, okay, great. Is this business that you typically handle yourself? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And then if you want to talk about like, what did you do for a living, then you see, then you move on and then see if you're a beneficiary as your daughter. Is there anybody else you want to add? You have an opportunity to talk about their beneficiaries, and if you're really observant and really listening to people, you will know like like what the dynamic is there.

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Like, I don't know if you guys have any good examples of where you knew like Alzheimer's way before they said it or you knew that their daughter handled it even though they didn't say it.

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I usually just ask questions like, don't know, feel like when you ask somebody like, do you handle your own shit? Like they're kind of like, well, yeah, even if they don't. So just try to get a better feel like I asked them, like, do you already have any life insurance? And if they're like, Oh, well, I don't know, like my daughter handles that, like then that's a pretty good indication that maybe their daughter really does handle all that without actually asking that question directly. Or if you're like, you know, what medications do you take? Mrs. Jones? And she's like, Oh, you know, my daughter comes over and puts them in the container for me, like, and just take whatever it is, you know, That's probably another good indication that they don't really handle their own stuff.

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Yeah. And then I know you like you will get if somebody says that to me was like, oh okay I will go further immediately and be like, does she? What else does she handle for you? Or, you know, just just trying to get down that road. Like the whole script is designed to get rid of objections. Um, I did a call. Damn it. That was an incoming. But, yeah, it was just trying to get rid of objection after objection before they became a problem. But yeah, dig a little deeper. Dig as deep as you want. Don't always feel like.

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Like you have to get back to the script, but go off whatever tangent you need to go off to get the information that you need.

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Yeah, I'll dig a little deeper after that. She's like, Oh, well, you know, my, my daughter handles all that like, oh, okay. Like, does she like, pay for the policy? You know, just does she handle all of your business? You know, is she the one that helps you out with your finances? Stuff like that.

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And usually you'll get a good answer. It's like, Oh no.

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At that point you'll get a real answer.

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Yeah. She'll be like, Oh, I mean, I've heard it's like, Oh no, I just don't. I just can't organize very well. No, still take care of my own finances. I just want her help with this or she helps me with this. You know, they will give you a better indication. But, you know, the goal with a lot of these questions, though, you don't want to ask questions that give them out even though or basically let them lie to you because you put it in their head that it's going to be easy to lie to you. And what I really mean by that is like, okay, oh, is she a power of attorney over you? It's like, why did you say that? It's like, Oh yeah, she might not even know what power of attorney means.

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Or she might say that just simply because they know you'll stop. Like. Like I'm not saying, you know, barrage them, but it's like, Oh, is that okay? Oh, does she have power of attorney? And there's no lead in there's no indication that somebody has power of attorney. You're at banking. Oh, does she have power of attorney? Oh, okay. Yeah, I'll call her. I'll call you back when she's there. You know, sometimes we give up before, uh. Well before, you know, the client was going to give up on you. All right.

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So I see you have your beneficiary as Lexi in a second.

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Ernie, I was just going to say, and people also don't understand what power of attorney means. Like somebody is your power of attorney. They only need to step in to make decisions for you when you are unable to make decisions for yourself. So as long as Mrs. Jones still has all her faculties like you know about her, like even if her daughter is a power, her power of attorney, like if she doesn't need her to make her decisions for her, then it really doesn't make a difference at all.

00:12:44:21 - 00:12:48:20

Yeah, it's more like a permission that this person can make decisions for you.

00:12:49:09 - 00:12:54:21

And yeah, and some people, it seems like they don't even like wipe their own ass without talking to their kids first. It's ridiculous.

00:12:57:19 - 00:13:14:16

The other thing want to add on that, Ernie, is that sometimes those are very specific, that the person can only make certain types of decisions or sign their name for them on specific things. So power of attorneys are not just blanket, they control My life. So don't don't buy into that bullshit.

00:13:16:09 - 00:13:24:22

Yeah, that's actually think it's a fiduciary that handles everything for them or was that payee handles all their finances.

00:13:24:24 - 00:13:25:20

A damn pay.

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Yeah. A power of attorney. They just really can do, you know, some minor stuff if you're incapacitated. But most people are like, Hey, I'm power of attorney over you, Mom. You can't do shit without me. Um, that's. That's incorrect.

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So guess this would be the time. Like if you're watching network TV where they'd say sorry for the interruption. We're having technical difficulties. We'll be right back momentarily.

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Yep. Flash the screen up there.

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We don't want them to see what's going on when we have technical difficulties.

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That's right. That's right.

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So, Ernie, you're muted. I don't know if you're aware of that.

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Sorry, guys. People got people yelling at me.

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Yeah. All right, let's get this back going. So, yeah. Okay. So I did not hear what you guys said, but hopefully it was all good stuff. Um, okay, so once you're here, you have a name of a beneficiary. So all this stuff, you never proceed without the information that you need. Does that does that make sense? Like why you're not moving from Let's go. I'm not going to like if they say something stupid, like, I'm not going to tell you that. Well, then I'm not going to continue this.

00:15:39:11 - 00:16:03:08

Uh, I'm not going to say that. It's like, Oh, I just need that so that we know who we're trying to protect. I mean, you'd be very casual about it because that's what it is. But if they won't give you a name, then forget it. I mean, I'm serious. Like, Oh, don't say we'll get to it later. You need the name of a beneficiary. A lot of the stuff is like indication. If they're not going to give you a name of a beneficiary, they're not going to get you. You're not making that sale. They're not going to give you their social they're not going to give you bank account.

00:16:04:20 - 00:16:31:23

All right. So this question I put in here for your guys's benefit, because a lot of the times it's it will be. Yes. Or it will be a yes. And they're not really sure. So some people don't want to feel stupid like they haven't done this already. So don't feel any type of way. If they say if they say yes. So this will be first money your beneficiary sees when you pass. That was stolen from Lexi, because that's a good question.

00:16:34:03 - 00:17:06:23

Uh, so what? Um, yeah, that's a good way to say that. And it's like, that's great. And this is very, very assumptive when they say no, they've, they've let you get to this point. So rest assured, they're willing to go through the entire presentation. But if you handle this poorly when they actually say it's like, no, this is not a first policy error to have something, they just won't trust you anymore. Or you can build so much rapport and so much trust here by and be assumptive. And this is a very crucial like transition.

00:17:07:09 - 00:17:37:20

It's like, so okay, that's great. It's probably one of the companies we represent. So this must just be for additional coverage or were you looking trying to find a better rate? The tone is very casual. It's not combative, it's not aggressive. And then get as much info you can hear because you like you know, how much they pay. You know, get as much as you possibly can because you should be almost complimenting them or actually consulting with them. You should be trying to solve their actual problem.

00:17:38:19 - 00:17:51:17

So if they have $10,000 worth of coverage. And they got that ten years ago and they're only 55 years old. Do you guys think that's enough coverage?

00:17:54:04 - 00:18:18:21

Okay. I heard Vicky down there say no. So, like Social Security Administration recommends they have about 30. So the reason they're talking to you is that you have they have 10,000 hours in coverage. They know it's not enough. And now you're going to build rapport and say, okay, well, never get rid of that coverage. I mean, you got that ten years ago. So because you were ten years younger, that rate is going to be better than anything that we can offer now.

00:18:20:18 - 00:18:23:10

So can you guys tell me what I just did there by saying that?

00:18:28:01 - 00:18:28:16


00:18:29:23 - 00:18:49:03

took away their defenses a little bit as far as this guy's trying to come in and. Get me a new plan and get me off of the plan that I've built so much equity in and I've had for years. So disarms them. As far as I'm not the salesman, I'm just trying to make sure that you are covered for the amount that you want to be covered by. Covered for.

00:18:50:20 - 00:18:59:05

Yep. Bingo. It builds a lot of trust because nobody else is telling them. Oh, definitely. Hold on to what you got. So if you can say something kind.

00:18:59:06 - 00:19:16:13

Of manages their expectations too. A little bit, in my opinion, because, like, if they think, you know, they're going to get something cheaper than what they got ten years ago, then they're obviously sorely mistaken. So just kind of getting them getting that out of their head early is is also a good thing because you'll run into that later, too.

00:19:17:03 - 00:19:49:02

No, that's that's that's the other one that I was thinking about because managing expectations. Oh, I've had this policy for 40 years. Okay. So then might be I might be digging a little bit deeper if it's actually a whole life, but like, okay, so what would immediately be like, so what are you trying to accomplish with this particular policy? Because it better be something like, Oh, I need 10,000 just for the funeral, Like because I don't want to go down a rabbit hole. Oh, I'm just trying to get, you know, another 200,000. It's like, yeah, it's like might not even present to that person.

00:19:49:04 - 00:20:21:21

And that's just something that you'll learn, you know, over time. Uh, Matt's got he, he kept saying 500,000 is what he wanted as a 71 year old. Matt Just kind of like this was his big sale yesterday, and he just kind of looped him around and got him off that term stuff and never actually I don't think he ever actually said we don't do 500,000 policies. He just got him off that. So you always want to manage expectations as much as you possibly can. Uh, that was a good example. Matt yesterday failed to mention that to you, but that was good managing expectations.

00:20:22:16 - 00:20:58:15

So here, don't skip this and make sure you do it in some kind of format. It's like, you know, this is too aggressive for some people, but don't I don't think this is that aggressive. Uh, it's like, have you ever had to go through the process of burying somebody yourself? And you can't you have to say that correctly. You can't say. Have you ever had to go through the process of burying somebody yourself? See how that's very combative. It's got to be come from a compassionate tone like so have you ever gone through this process of burying somebody yourself and let them talk? We interrupt people way too much in this business.

00:20:58:17 - 00:21:19:11

Let them talk. They will sell themselves. They will sell themselves. If you have a personal experience, use your own personal experience or use someone in the office. Use somebody in the family. Almost all of us have had at least a situation where we know of a family member that had to take care of another family member stuff, even if it wasn't us personally.

00:21:21:19 - 00:21:22:17

Hey, Ernie. Oh.

00:21:23:08 - 00:21:50:23

Are everybody on? When asked that question, I soften it up a little bit, and I just start off with. Can I ask you something? And then I say, have you had to go through the process of a funeral process for a loved one? But just say, can I ask you something? And then I bring that in just to soften it because I was like, you ever had to go through the process of burying somebody and they're like, uh, they're taken aback but don't know, just soften it up a little bit with an intro. Why don't you.

00:21:51:00 - 00:21:56:19

Just use the tone? Can I ask you something and say those words in that tone?

00:21:57:02 - 00:21:59:15

Exactly. Yeah. Dogs agree myself.

00:22:01:08 - 00:22:02:22

It's like, yeah.

00:22:03:07 - 00:22:37:19

Yeah. No, exactly. You'll get you guys mean did the tonality training in this website and all kinds of stuff and you know you know, give those books out for a reason because you know a tonality can be everything. I mean, you guys know that and you don't have the luxury of, you know, them seeing you and like, seeing compassion or body language or tone. So all they have is your tone of voice. All right. So this is in here. So so I still say this, even if it's a term policy, I end up writing for somebody because I can always pivot back to term.

00:22:38:02 - 00:23:08:22

So, okay, based on everything you said to me, whole life policy is going to be the best fit for you. So let me tell you why people love to be told. Like, let me tell you why. Or because there's been studies where somebody use just the word because I'll give you the example real quick. So there's people in line like ten people deep in a line waiting to make copies. People said one guy kept going up to people and said, can I can I cut this line? Only 10% of people said yes.

00:23:08:24 - 00:23:25:12

All of a sudden the guy made up any reason and they changed the reason over and over again. They can cut this right line because I have to get out of here. 75% went up. It's like, because my cat died. I mean, you could say anything that word because is really powerful.

00:23:27:00 - 00:23:59:02

All right. So all of our plans offer a number of benefits. I'm not going to say these, but, you know, say these bullet pointed like the benefit paid to your family is 100% tax free. And like most company, they will pay out immediately. And, you know, we require a plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. Alluding back to what Robert said earlier, this kind of stuff is more important than even this. Like this one line. You follow me So far he's a crap. Look at this. Okay. You follow me? So far is better than even this stuff.

00:23:59:04 - 00:24:03:13

Because if they're not following you so far, then there's something you're missing and that they need to understand.

00:24:06:03 - 00:24:07:08

Anxious to check back.

00:24:08:24 - 00:24:37:18

Now I get like it's a little frustrating when people are not, you know, qualifying people's health and just kind of going all over the place. So this stuff, I mean, I wouldn't change a word of this, and that's just my personal opinion. I haven't changed a word of this in two years, and it's worked very well for me. I want so you know how we said consultant firm in the beginning and that you know, you're basically establishing you're an expert in your field early on.

00:24:38:22 - 00:24:39:12


00:24:41:12 - 00:24:42:02


00:24:43:21 - 00:25:14:16

Yeah. So you establish that we're consultant firm early on. But also this is a good way to indicate even more, you know, expert ability. You've been doing this a long time, so don't need to read every single question off every application. It's like, I know what company will be best. John by asking a few general questions. Does that sound fair enough? Fair enough. Is the reasonable man tone. It's like, okay, yeah, you know, they're going to be like, Yes, okay. So, all right. I do smoke or use tobacco.

00:25:14:18 - 00:25:51:06

That's only if, you know, you haven't already indicated earlier this is how I do it. And I did a whole nother training based on this. But, you know, if you're really, really struggling with underwriting, I would say read the applications first and foremost, Watch the videos that I made on the underwriting. But if you're really, you know, you're getting you're getting flustered, you're having a hard time, then just read the question verbatim. They don't mean they don't know that that's not there's not a million more questions besides those so mean I've did it my first week so you know, if you're still struggling read the questions because you need this information.

00:25:51:08 - 00:25:57:09

This is what's going to separate you from somebody else as far as qualifying them correctly.

00:25:59:03 - 00:26:18:15

So after you find out what they qualify for, you know, you should be already pulling up rates in this way. And this I don't think I ever miss this because I stole this from the best these four paragraphs here. And so you guys have seen already that we've gotten rid of some objections, right?

00:26:24:24 - 00:26:25:17


00:26:26:08 - 00:26:28:24

Okay, so what objections have we already gotten rid of?

00:26:30:24 - 00:26:42:19

Why is this not $5? Why isn't it 999? Why can't I get 500,000? Um. Don't handle this myself.

00:26:44:20 - 00:26:47:05

Yeah. Like, what else?

00:26:49:05 - 00:26:50:07

Already have 10,000.

00:26:51:06 - 00:27:28:22

Yeah. So mean you got rid of a mean. But it's important to understand that you got rid of objections because they are not. You got rid of the objection. They're not going to come back and say, oh, I'm going to look around. If you're saying this specifically, well, I'm going to like, no, you say, Lexi, I'm going to do the shopping around for you. So you say it just like that. Uh, and yeah, that objection is gone. We're not looking at term policies starting here, but this these paragraphs are killers as far as the prices that they've heard and even seen that are far cheaper than anything we have to offer.

00:27:30:17 - 00:27:44:20

Uh, next time you do get a Globe Life pamphlet, open it up. It will say much lower prices than, you know, a whole life policy. If it's a five year term, it better say much lower prices. And they're in there. You know, if you're in good health, you can find better terms anyway.

00:27:48:16 - 00:28:19:06

Uh, so, yeah, so I this is how I say this every time. It's like I'm gonna take a look at what you qualify for. I already have way up open. I'm like, or pulling it up. This is, you know, based on memory. So. So I'm going to take a look at what you qualify for. There are a lot of different life insurance programs out there. Like I know you get all sorts of stuff in the mail and you see stuff on TV. So for the purpose of describing how my product works versus the others, do you know the difference between term life insurance or and whole life insurance? Don't care if it's yes or no. Don't care what they say. Doesn't matter.

00:28:19:08 - 00:28:51:16

The reason I bring it up is because I want you to choose the best choice of which type of insurance to have. Because they're not all the same. Some are better than others. But you need to know the facts to make a sound decision that's right for you and your family. Like I'm sure you've received letters from Globe Life or AARP offering that term insurance, right? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Or no, it's okay. I get them all the time. So it often say that right on there that the insurance is good up to age 80. What they don't tell you is what happens after age 80. So what happens is you lose all your insurance no matter how much money you put in.

00:28:51:18 - 00:29:05:06

So they get to keep the money and you get no benefit. So the point is like, why would you want insurance that may cancel before you go? And usually you're going to get for for those that have used this mean, what kind of answers do you guys usually get?

00:29:09:04 - 00:29:40:18

I mean, that people like had a lady yesterday. She was shocked. I mean, she was like, you know, she had somebody from Globe come out, sold her a policy, and then within six months or her rate had almost tripled. You know, so it's confusing. And she was very appreciative of the fact because she's like, nobody's ever taken the time to explain the difference to me. So there's there's a lot of good stuff, you know, by doing the basics with this, that people that, you know, you're building trust, if anything, because you're explaining, you know, hey, this is these are what the options are.

00:29:41:00 - 00:29:48:21

Here's what we can do for you. And but here's some of the reality that's out there with these other companies. So just keep that in mind. So think it's a great way to build trust. Really do.

00:29:50:05 - 00:29:52:14

Yep. Anybody else.

00:29:55:17 - 00:30:35:15

I mean, I've got the I've got the simple acknowledgement of. Right. You know, just one, one word answer. Right? Or sometimes they don't say anything because it's so rhetorical that most people understand. Yeah. Why? Why in the hell would I want to pay three years, five years, ten years on a premium? And then they send me something in the mail that says, Hey, we're jacking up your rate and or your benefit amounts going down. So think this is really rhetorical, but it needs to be said because people don't realize that, Oh yeah, got that 995 plan not realizing that every year my benefit amount goes down and they don't even know it.

00:30:36:22 - 00:31:10:21

And I mean don't ever like you guys know that like I'm basically a machine like at this point as far as presentations but I never really feel bad. Like if I get somebody through an entire presentation and don't make the sale, don't really ever feel like terrible about it. It's like what Roberts has said is so true, at least at least I gave them a lot of information. I gave them my best shot. I probably put some ideas in their head that I could probably use for callbacks if I do want to call people back. Uh, but I'm educating them and educating them, like Robert just said, is super important.

00:31:10:23 - 00:31:45:13

They look at you as not some person who's just trying to jam something down their throat. They look at it like, Okay, you gave me a ton of information, you help me understand what's going on. And now, okay, now I want to buy this because. Okay, now, Oh, that's what happens with global colonial. Penn's not 95, 95. All it is for you know, if you're 82, it's, you know, $400 and it'll be $100 for 4000. Is that what you want? We can get you that can get you on the phone with them right now. It's like so, you know, as long as you guys know that you're educating them, you're helping them, you can immediately go.

00:31:45:15 - 00:32:22:21

It's like. So they're going to acknowledge that. They're going to say before you go, it's like, Yeah, okay. Or if they say nothing, whatever. So to make matters worse, this is where you're just it's like a dagger. It's like what make matters worse? They actually raise their prices every 3 to 5 years. So what happens is they get you in cheap, but as you get older and your income becomes more fixed, they raise their prices. So then what happens is most people don't actually outlive it. They cancel it because they can no longer afford. So that's a good thing to put in their head because it might be cheaper now, which it surely should be, but they don't need to get to they don't need to start at 55 have.

00:32:24:00 - 00:32:49:20

For price increases. And then when they turn 80, they either can't afford it at all or it's one of the companies that stop at age 80. And that needs to be said because it's like, oh, you got to look at human psychology. Oh, well, whatever. I mean, I'll just get, you know, get the whole life ten years from now. And then by then they're old and older and sicker and, you know, prices have tripled because they're ten years older and now they're a standard instead of a preferred.

00:32:50:13 - 00:33:09:06

If you go on the website Choice Mutual, it's basically like just a website that reviews different life insurance companies. If you look up globe life, globe life is like consistently rated like one of the worst life insurance companies, basically like the crappiest insurance you can have. And they pay out like the least claims of almost any other insurer. It's crazy.

00:33:10:08 - 00:33:12:18

So consequently, they probably make the most money.

00:33:12:24 - 00:33:13:14

Oh yeah.

00:33:13:16 - 00:33:14:22

Very poorly rated.

00:33:15:23 - 00:33:19:07

Financial financial status is strong, but everything else is garbage.

00:33:21:06 - 00:33:55:22

Uh, all right. So, yes, this is where you're selecting the plan. Now, you just. So you guys got rid of more objections, those are gone. They're not going to tell me they're going to find something cheaper or mean. They're not going to find. Find something cheaper. A whole life that's gone. You're consulting with them. They're not going to do term anymore because they're 60. So this is where you select the plan. So the best company in your case going to be pioneer and this is when put in have been around 110 years. That's pretty much for HL and Pioneer, but it doesn't matter. I mean, they've been all been around about 100 years, so about around 110 years of state and federally regulated.

00:33:55:24 - 00:34:33:19

So congratulations, you've been approved for up to $50,000 in coverage if it preferred in 25,000 of standard. So you're pulling the rights up here like mean I should put that in here mean but but I would pull rates up here and do 3 to 5 whatever you're comfortable with. I'm not going to micromanage that. Uh, so you I pull up five in most cases. I know Matt does three. I don't know what Gilchrist does. Robert think. Does three. Yeah, I just like five because I know they'll it'll allow me to assume more later or allow me to kind of pick one for them if they're kind of mulling between two.

00:34:34:05 - 00:34:34:20


00:34:34:22 - 00:34:52:07

I'll usually go to lower option and add coverage later. So this is super important here. People Dan is a notoriously bad when he first started, he skipped this because like didn't know the name of the bank and left her and Dan on the bus anyway. Uh, but am I wrong? Dan be like, Oh, they didn't want to give me a routing in account.

00:34:53:20 - 00:35:09:04

No. Yeah, you're absolutely right. And then even, you know, more recently, too, it's like you're like, man, you're not following the script and was like, but feel like am. And then you're like, You just read the whole thing verbatim and see what happens. And then, yeah, it turns out, you know, you were you were right.

00:35:10:15 - 00:35:34:20

Well, we think we are because we, I mean, we all I do it all the time. I delude myself into thinking I'm doing better on my diet, that I'm doing like I wouldn't eat two, two giant pieces of pizza yesterday, and that's not good on my diet. So but was like, oh, but I only had a piece of chicken like two giant chicken breasts earlier, so I should be able to eat right half a pizza.

00:35:36:16 - 00:35:37:06

While you look.

00:35:37:08 - 00:35:39:03

Like that. So something's working for you.

00:35:39:12 - 00:35:40:04


00:35:40:22 - 00:35:58:04

Um, so, yeah, mean just that simple thing. But it was like one of those things like, well, they didn't want to give me the routing and banking and then of course I'm going to dissect things. So I'm like, okay, what was the name of the bank before you started quoting? Oh, didn't get that. And it's like.

00:35:58:06 - 00:35:59:00

Everything that's.

00:35:59:02 - 00:36:37:19

The problem. It happened a bunch of times. Still happens, so don't skip this because you are piecing together a presentation where you do not have to demand a bunch of pieces of information all at once at the end. There's nothing worse than that. I know I would feel uncomfortable as can be if you're like, Oh, okay. So yeah, we'll do the 50,000 for whatever, 190 bucks. All right, so what I'm going to need you to do is grab your Social Security number and your bank mean no. Like what? So if you get rid of, uh, you know, you know the name of the bank, by default, you have their routing number.

00:36:37:21 - 00:37:08:21

So I'd like to add an additional discount for you. Matt, Based on the financial institution you use, I can apply an additional discount if they're one of our preferred banks. So who do you like to bank with? It's like, okay, great. They are one of our preferred banks and you don't need to do it like that. You can say, Okay, great, let me look them up or okay, great. Let me see. Or you know, it's Chase or it's Bank of America. Okay. Chase, you know, they should be in here. They're one of the biggest banks, you know, So whatever you need to fill the time, it's like, okay, there. And I usually say, I've kind of just added this myself.

00:37:08:23 - 00:37:24:17

Like, okay, their routing number does pop up in our state system. I'm not verifying it here, but I'm just telling them. And now I have the name of the bank, I have their routing number. So there's three pieces of information I need to know with banking, and I already have two of them.

00:37:27:07 - 00:37:30:14

You guys get that? Of why that's so much makes it so much easier.

00:37:33:04 - 00:37:34:20

I know you guys do, but yeah.

00:37:34:22 - 00:37:35:20

Yes, yes.

00:37:36:02 - 00:37:59:19

It's like so definitely. Yeah, two of three done. And that's and this is what excites me about giving presentations like, okay got that, got that, got that. It's almost like a checklist. So I know I'm. I know I'm getting closer and closer to the close. It's my mental you know check sheet like. All right, got that. All right, I'll get there. Social you know when do this voice recording like by that time I've kind of already known I make the sale if they picked one.

00:38:01:12 - 00:38:02:17

So. And then.

00:38:02:21 - 00:38:06:23

Yeah. Sorry. Didn't mean to cut you off. No. Um, caught me off more with the banking.

00:38:07:03 - 00:38:07:18


00:38:08:12 - 00:38:29:04

With the banking, too. It's. It also makes it so much easier and makes them so much more comfortable to give you their banking information, because, you know, the way I do it, it's like, okay, so we'll get this one out to you. Um, I already have your routing numbers, so I'm going to have you go grab a check or a bank statement and then I'm going to read your routing number to you to make sure that they match up.

00:38:31:12 - 00:38:36:03

It's a big thing, like, Oh, okay, they already there. Already have it. Okay. So that makes me more comfortable.

00:38:37:03 - 00:38:39:09

Now, what's the next set of numbers or. Okay, what's the count?

00:38:39:10 - 00:38:42:07

Yeah, exactly. What's the next set number? What's the account number?

00:38:42:22 - 00:39:08:07

Whenever you're talking about money, that's the time to be very casual. It's the examples that are used. Like, you know, if you just met somebody like if you met James and see how well he's doing, I'm not going to be like, so how much money you make? You know, that's that's that tone ain't gonna work. It's like you could if I went to James and asked him, So what are you So what do you got going on in the market? Like. Like what are you invested in. He might that tone might get a better answer.

00:39:08:20 - 00:39:10:02

So whenever people.

00:39:10:04 - 00:39:26:22

Like way over, like you said, like being too casual, like, okay, what is your Social Security number? Now want you to know that this is completely safe and I would never do anything because am not a scammer and like you definitely sound like a scammer. I've heard people say that.

00:39:27:16 - 00:39:28:21

Yeah, that's where it's got to be.

00:39:28:23 - 00:39:45:06

The tone has got to be super casual. It's like, All right, and then what's your social boom? Okay. And that, and then what's the next set of numbers? And then they'll be like, oh, the account number. Yeah, the account number. Like then you're already sitting there with your pen, probably like this.

00:39:46:04 - 00:39:46:21

All right.

00:39:47:07 - 00:40:16:05

And then they give it to you. But. But. Okay, so. I'd like to add additional discount. Okay. So when you receive your Social Security, this is over. If they're over 62, 65, does it just go to that bank like on the first or the third and then they'll tell you, no, it's a second Wednesday. If it's a Wednesday. Okay. So I'm going to have you grab it. And then real nicely, it's like I'm gonna have you grab a pen and piece of paper and I'm going to go over these plans with you. I'll wait right here while you do that and pull these up. Wait for them to come back.

00:40:18:08 - 00:40:21:18

And this is written in all bold and huge for a reason.

00:40:24:00 - 00:40:56:07

Sometimes you hear it over and over again. Okay, you wanted the 10,000. The 10,000 is going to be 152. And that is, uh, I guess they're close, but it doesn't work. So you need to it doesn't matter that they want 10,000. They need to hear more, especially if it's they only qualify for 25,000. How is it going to hurt you to have them write down 25,000, 20,000? 15,010 thousand? So if they pick a plan, immediately close the deal and move on to banking.

00:40:56:09 - 00:40:58:16

So skip handling objections, of course.

00:41:01:21 - 00:41:33:23

All right, so you guys, you guys know that you're kind of at the point where it's. If you did a really good job, I'd say 30, 40% of the time you're not going to get any pushback. But then this is where, like the real sale begins. You've done a great job. You've gone all the way through. And a lot of the times I'm telling you, if you do it this way, you you know, you say things correctly, you have a little rapport joking around and forgot to mention. So rapport can be built anywhere in here. I do it in health a lot because it's so easy.

00:41:34:00 - 00:41:42:17

It's like, oh yeah, my, you know, my mom takes that that the metformin too. She didn't like that too much. She was on the flip side for a while. You mean you can talk about whatever.

00:41:45:12 - 00:42:02:07

So is anybody else got like, where do you guys build rapport like. Mean I listen to a lot of calls. I know some people do it up front, but I just take mean my strategy for that is whenever I get something that we even share in common or I can honestly be envious of, that's where I'm going.

00:42:04:22 - 00:42:23:01

Like somebody likes fish. It's like I never pretend like I like something they don't like. But if somebody loves fishing, I will compliment. But like, I really wish I could get into that man. A lot of people seem to really enjoy it, but I've just never been able to get into it. But I don't know, maybe I had a bad experience, you know, like then they'll tell you about it and rapport is wherever you want it to be.

00:42:24:02 - 00:42:41:20

Yeah, it's a really good place to build it. And then I also kind of build it too, when in the script I know what it's like. Okay. Do you receive your Social Security benefits on this, this or whatever? I always ask like, Oh great, are you retired? You know what you used to do for work? And then just kind of go into it from there.

00:42:42:20 - 00:42:55:21

People love talking about work, especially if they did retire from a company. I mean, I really hear a lot of people getting a lot of success. I'd never mentioned it. I don't know why, just unless it's obvious and it comes up.

00:42:58:06 - 00:43:01:17

But as James said, I'm so aggressive today or whatever he said.

00:43:02:15 - 00:43:04:02

So blunt, not that aggressive.

00:43:04:04 - 00:43:07:05

James is just a delicate flower.

00:43:07:21 - 00:43:09:07

Delicate flower.

00:43:09:18 - 00:43:11:16

Heard it. Heard it. Whoa, whoa.

00:43:11:18 - 00:43:13:08

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh.

00:43:13:14 - 00:43:38:02

Always build rapport. Whatever. We're done with that. Always build a rapport around. Sounds like. Always ask the same questions, actually, too. Usually it's around the beneficiary. I'm like, okay, so who's your beneficiary? Oh, it's my daughter. Okay, awesome. You know what's her name? You know, Does she live nearby to you? You know, how many children were you blessed with? You know, you probably got some grandbabies around running around by now. Like, is everybody safe and healthy with COVID? Asked those questions like almost every time. Mhm.

00:43:38:09 - 00:43:39:16

Yeah. So that's.

00:43:40:05 - 00:43:44:07

Yeah. She does it up front but she's not spending 20 minutes on that which is good.

00:43:44:22 - 00:43:45:24

And I think you just need.

00:43:46:04 - 00:44:24:19

Whatever is important to you, you know, it's easier for us to talk about what's important to us, you know, like, you know for me always ask, hey, are you a veteran? Anybody in your family? A veteran? Um, just. Just because it's an easy way to establish rapport and, you know, especially those families that are veterans or have veterans, they understand how important the patriotism is to the veteran community. So it's it's a super easy way to build rapport and ask a simple question. But Lexie does a great job. And I hear Lexie all the time talking about the children because what grandparent doesn't like talking about their grandbabies? If they don't, then chances are they're probably not worried about protecting somebody in their family.

00:44:24:21 - 00:44:38:21

So but Lexie does a really, really good job with, you know, asking those kind of questions and, you know, when she's on the call. So if anybody's in the office, you know, and you hear her on a call, listen to that, that that portion of her going through the script because she does a very good job with that.

00:44:40:08 - 00:44:41:24

Yep. And don't say.

00:44:42:01 - 00:44:47:16

Anything for you guys. Like, don't feel like you have to say anything somebody else says.

00:44:49:13 - 00:44:57:04

I would never say, How many children were you blessed with? I would feel very uncomfortable and would probably make other people uncomfortable.

00:44:59:24 - 00:45:05:10

Like I'm being straight up with you guys. Like I just felt like that would be weird coming out of my mouth because it's just weird.

00:45:06:13 - 00:45:07:03

It's not.

00:45:07:07 - 00:45:14:17

It's not my personality and oh, how many kids you bless with like, like, imagine me trying to read a script like Crystal.

00:45:15:11 - 00:45:16:19

I stole that from Crystal.

00:45:17:04 - 00:45:19:23

I know, but. Hello.

00:45:20:17 - 00:45:21:12


00:45:22:03 - 00:45:23:13

Don't think kids are a blessing.

00:45:23:18 - 00:45:24:17

Yeah. Thank you, Chris.

00:45:30:06 - 00:45:33:22

That's why. Can't say it doesn't ring true. But that's not true love.

00:45:33:24 - 00:46:04:17

I love kids, but it's just I just don't want to sound like like insincere. Like, Oh, how many kids were you blessed with? I just would never say that ever to anybody. So why would I say it to people on the phone that don't know? So, um. Okay, so now you guys are here. This is a and Robert, like we both don't say this enough. Like I know when we're studying this, this works so well. It's like it gets to the root of the problem without you having to.

00:46:06:04 - 00:46:36:04

Discover it offhand. So, any objection? Oh. Want to talk to my sister or want to talk to my son? Okay. Understand what you're saying, John, But let me ask you a question. Does the idea make sense? Do you like the idea? So real casual, it's like, oh, yeah. And then they'll go into it. Well, I just want to make sure she's okay with it. Boom. I love answers like that because it's like, All right, well, so I know they're not going to make the decision for you, so I know where I'm going to go with the how I'm going to close this, but they'll give you more of the real objection.

00:46:36:06 - 00:46:53:06

Oh, can't really afford that. Believe me, this is the best thing to say to any objection that comes first. I understand what you're saying, but let me ask you a question. Jesus, the idea makes sense. Do you like the idea? If you guys can get good at that, that one just they'll tell you what the actual deal is, especially.

00:46:53:14 - 00:46:54:13

Go ahead on that.

00:46:54:15 - 00:47:14:00

Not to interrupt, but here on that, like, do you do you say it just like it's written there or do you throw in life insurance? I mean, because I don't know, just feel like some of the people that we we talked to are not bright enough to understand when we ask that. Um, does that idea make sense? What idea are you talking about? We've been fucking on the phone for 40 minutes talking about life insurance. What do you think are genius?

00:47:16:13 - 00:47:18:08

But I'm. I'm serious, and I'm not.

00:47:18:19 - 00:47:21:22

Wouldn't you. Wouldn't you like to say that, Robert? Just like that?

00:47:22:08 - 00:47:29:14

Of course. But mean. But I'm being serious now. Do you actually say the words life insurance I'm asking for? Because now that's a little aggressive.

00:47:30:21 - 00:48:08:18

Uh, so I understand what you're saying. Yeah, whatever. Uh, but let me ask. Yeah, let me ask you a question. Does the idea of life insurance make sense? Do you like the idea? Fine. All right. I see no problem with it. Like this, is it? It's. It's so hard for me to. Explain, like, exactly how I feel about like, the script. Like you need to not skip anything, but you also do not have to say exactly these words, but you can't just skip around and be like, Oh, I'm going to go from talking about whole life to asking who their beneficiary is to, you know, like, what the hell? Like, don't know what that's like.

00:48:08:20 - 00:48:44:23

If I listen to calls in like the first five minutes, it's over because there's no rhyme or reason to anything. I'm done listening to that call because that's not really something I can help you with other than saying, Well, maybe you should follow some kind of process and then we'll go from there. So this is where you guys you know, you close right here. So I do a a video in there about, you know, Pioneer Sale from beginning to end without too much pushback because it's an example in the website, greatest of all teams that come so all right your monthly payment will be consistently on the third of the month.

00:48:45:00 - 00:49:15:13

We'll set it up directly with Chase. So as I said, they are one of our preferred banks, so that's great. I do have their routing number to confirm. So please grab a checkbook or a bank statement and I'll wait right here. Like Dan said earlier, you don't have to say this is this is only written if you're so nervous that you have you don't know how to do this, but you don't even have to say. I mean, you already know. Told him it's a preferred bank. You don't have to say exactly this. You can say, like Dan says, like I say the same thing. Uh, it's like.

00:49:15:15 - 00:49:30:13

So I'm gonna have you grab a check or statement. I do want to confirm that routing number with you to make sure it's correct. So we'll do this. We won't start this right now. We'll start on the third or if it is right now. Okay, So we'll get you covered. But if you were, you know, you're feeling really nervous about closing, just say those words.

00:49:33:00 - 00:49:44:01

One thing I do, just because, like a lot of the times when I would say like, go grab a checkbook, I think my tone sounded like a little bit too aggressive. I just tell them the routing.

00:49:44:03 - 00:49:44:18

Number and.

00:49:44:20 - 00:50:13:16

I'm like, It's not the same routing number you have. Like before they even grab the checkbook and they're like, okay, let me go check just because like, I feel like my tone sometimes gets a little bit aggressive. I just do that same thing when when I'm giving out the quotes, I'm like, instead of telling them, go grab a pen and paper, I'm like, Yes, I'm going to tell. I'm going to say the quotes. So you have a pen and paper right now, Like, you know, just like writing the word you.

00:50:13:18 - 00:50:16:04

Say real quick, you're not saying the word quote, right?

00:50:16:22 - 00:50:25:19

No, obviously not. No, no. I'm going to give you I'm going to give you the number so you can listen to my calls. I'd never seen both.

00:50:26:15 - 00:50:32:08

Uh, yeah. I mean, yeah, guys, see right there, Whatever is going to work for you best.

00:50:34:02 - 00:50:41:07

But just don't skip entire portions of the script because you think you're no better because you probably don't

00:50:43:07 - 00:50:54:02

shake and said, thank you. Partlow for a little bit of acknowledgement. So, um, so then yeah, you guys, then you guys know you have to do the 62nd voice signature. Uh, I mean, you would go right into.

00:50:56:17 - 00:50:57:24

No, you go into here.

00:51:00:02 - 00:51:01:11

Boom. Get in here.

00:51:05:06 - 00:51:16:02

So mean. And by the way, you can get your if you haven't asked for the Sochi yet, it's a good place to get. It is right here. Please state your full name today's date and your social What that doing it that way. Yeah.

00:51:20:08 - 00:51:20:23


00:51:21:18 - 00:51:25:08

See? Stolen. We stole that from Lexi. I've never did that before. Yeah.

00:51:25:21 - 00:51:26:11


00:51:26:13 - 00:51:56:07

From Lexi. And don't even ask for socials anymore. Um, and so when I go to do the recording, I'm like, okay, so what we're going to do is recording, which allows me to submit an application on your behalf to the insurance company. I'm just going to ask you to state your name and some information about yourself. And today's date is June 21st, 2022. And then what I'll do is I'll be like, Hey, go ahead and state your full name social. And today's date for me. And they're so busy trying to figure out what today's date is, they're like, uh, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah on the social. And it doesn't.

00:51:56:09 - 00:52:28:15

I haven't had anybody kick me back on social since I started doing it that way from when Lexi showed me how to do it. And it works out very well. Yeah. And the one thing I can say about the script is just follow the outline of the script. There's a reason that there's an order to everything. You may not need to say word for word, but just get the gist of it down and just follow the outline from from each step to each step and it'll walk you through the entire process of the sale.

00:52:28:17 - 00:52:40:18

And that's the biggest thing is, is go through the whole entire process and don't make it your own process. Follow this process. It does work. You just have to to do it in the correct order. Mhm.

00:52:41:23 - 00:53:19:24

Thank you. Um, yeah, that works. I stole that from Lexi too. I do like that because it just seems simpler and they already gave you the banking. So this, I mean, it really shouldn't be that big a deal, but sometimes you do. They do make it a big deal. And I've lost a couple sales like the way they won't give me the social but have their banking what kind of logic that is is weird but whatever. So yeah, if you can get it that way, it's very easy. Um, so this I wrote here direct express. The reason it's there is because, you know, if you're going to get plenty of direct express, hopefully not that much, but when you ask when they receive Social Security, does it go to a bank? Or if they say, no, don't have a bank.

00:53:20:01 - 00:53:28:08

Oh, does your immediate assumption so your benefits just go on one of those cards, You know, the green card, Direct express? Yep. Okay.

00:53:30:00 - 00:54:02:18

So you're doing the 62nd voice signature. You can do it that way. And don't skip this like you got it. Wrapping up the call is super important. I keep people on the phone when I'm submitting Pioneer. I want to see if they're approved because I'll go immediately to Gerber or whatever. If they're not, if they don't get what they what I'm trying for. But this stuff, you should go over this every time. Like you'd never want to hang up the phone and have somebody think, What the hell did I just do? All right, let's give this guy my social, my banking. Uh, you know, he didn't give me his name or number.

00:54:02:22 - 00:54:37:23

Mean you definitely want to give them, you know, every piece of information included. So have them write that down. This works really good. Uh, this was about 12 of us went to Orlando, and this is the one piece of information that, you know, Lexi wrote it down and then typed it out. No, Sherman wrote it down to. But, um, this is really good. I mean, I was like, okay, I'm putting that's going in the script that's going in every like half the agency probably says this now, but basically it's telling them, never, uh, cancel this.

00:54:38:00 - 00:55:10:20

And if you were going to cancel, let the agent know. And also that they are going to get calls from other agents and they're going to tell them all kinds of stuff. Too many times I've seen one of mine cancel and be like, Oh yeah, this guy gave me, you know, a lower price. And Carlos been through this too. Yeah, but they gave us you gave you less coverage. So of course it's lower. Can do the same thing. Uh, and that sucks. So you want them to get the quote and be like, Oh, and if they actually, I guarantee it happens at least once, if they actually tell another agent, Oh, just got to call my agent and tell them what you gave me here.

00:55:10:22 - 00:55:17:16

And you know, it gets rid of more objections or more back end cancellations or anything like that that's going to cost you money.

00:55:20:07 - 00:55:27:18

All right. I really like going over the script. I really enjoy this type of training. So what questions do you guys have for me or any any input at all?

00:55:34:00 - 00:56:12:17

I've been having some issues lately getting through the opening because I when I asked the questions. So just I'm just confirming this information. You're at ABC, you know, Street and this. Is that correct? And then instead of going through all of the information and saying, is all of that correct? I've been pausing and it's giving them an opening to shut me down. And I've been noticing that where I've been having a problem recently and and I've been doing it a while and I still, you know, have to look at and follow the script because that's exactly what I was doing.

00:56:12:19 - 00:56:33:17

And that and the whole. Do you understand you with me on that? I haven't been doing that either, so need to start doing that again because now we're both on the same page moving forward. I'm a consultant, which means I work for you and you're with me on that, you know, And I just don't I just haven't been able to do that. So that's where I've been struggling recently.

00:56:35:05 - 00:57:14:18

Yep. Mean I've done it. We've all done it like we, you know you do. Well, in all I mean honestly, we become. I guess overly confident. Like, yeah, basically. Oh, I'm awesome at this. I don't have to say this because but the reason I'm awesome is it is because I'm saying that. But, but then I'm just going to throw away the stuff that made that made me awesome because they should just know I'm awesome and that's never the case. Um, yeah. So parallel with that one, like are you being you more casual lately with the like when confirm info? I'm pretty casual, but I'm doing it pretty fast and doing it in blocks.

00:57:14:20 - 00:57:48:03

Like. Like I have you. All right. And I'm just going to confirm your information that you gave our rep. Got you over there at one, two, three Main Street in Toledo, and I'll pause right there. And if they give me much, they usually don't give me too much pushback. But then I'm like immediately if they if there's if there's a pause at all and they're not saying nothing, I'm immediately going. But if they're saying sometimes they're just like, yeah, okay. And then have and then I do your birthdate and do all the information on the right side all in one breath. Pretty much not like a psycho, like got your birth date but like I got your birthday is 214.

00:57:48:05 - 00:57:56:20

1984 says here that you were looking for your wife to be your beneficiary and that you were looking for about 20 k's at all that. Correct. Is that kind of how you say it?

00:57:58:18 - 00:58:29:19

I mean. Yeah, that's. But, you know, hey, just want to confirm the information that I have here. Make sure it's all correct. I've got you at 1711, North East Street and Hastings, Michigan, and they're like, yep. And then I'll go into the date of birth, the coverage amount. But I'm giving too much of a leeway between and I've been noticing they've been interrupting me like, Hey, I'm in the I don't want to discuss this with you. And they've been like, Hey, stop. I'm trying to talk to you while I'm interrupting, while I'm trying to go through that.

00:58:29:21 - 00:58:53:20

And I've seen that go a lot lately. And so that's kind of where I need to be a little more forceful and say, Hey, I'm going to and I need to confirm this information with you to make sure it's all correct. Instead of saying, Hey, I'm going to confirm this info here. And then I got this, this and this, so I need to be more of a professional about confirming not just me. Is are you still in Michigan?

00:58:54:16 - 00:58:55:11


00:58:55:22 - 00:59:26:17

Uh, that is why I hit my job so hard when I say it. So don't know if that'll help you. But, like, my job, like, is to go over those benefits with you. I mean, don't hit the whole thing there. Like, my job is to go, you know, I'm just like, my job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions that you have that might help you because you're basically guess like if I look at it from their perspective, it's like, Oh, this guy's got a job. Do I want to you know, most people don't want to interrupt people doing that have a job, too.

00:59:26:21 - 00:59:45:13

It's like, I got to replace this driveway, so or whatever. So maybe hit that harder and then it you know, usually they just shut down like, okay, well, at least I'll let them confirm the info. And then when you get it right then Okay, well at least so that's I guarantee you that's a lot of people's thinking. All right, well, at least I'll let him give me some cool Lisa or might as well give me my banking.

00:59:45:15 - 00:59:49:20

Or they're like, What do you know about me? And they like, want to hear what you have, you know?

00:59:50:03 - 00:59:51:02

Um, yeah.

00:59:52:02 - 00:59:52:17


00:59:57:01 - 01:00:00:24

And Vicky, I know you were talking here. Are you talking about down there but can't hear you?

01:00:04:05 - 01:00:05:01

Oh, gotcha.

01:00:07:11 - 01:00:11:11

All right. Anybody? Guys? You guys got anything else?

01:00:12:19 - 01:00:15:10

I'll just piggyback off of what Chris said a little bit earlier.

01:00:16:00 - 01:00:17:00

About sticking.

01:00:17:02 - 01:00:18:08

To the script. I mean,

01:00:19:23 - 01:00:25:08

even people that Partlow think you've been doing it for, what, little over a year now, a year and a half or so.

01:00:26:08 - 01:00:29:00

Yeah. And you'll just note, you know that.

01:00:29:24 - 01:00:59:24

You get frustrated because you're like, Well, you know why? What am I doing different today that, you know, didn't do yesterday where I had a banner day? So you really there's there's two enemies. There's the one inside of you and the one in front of you. So when you're not following the script and you're just fumble fucking around. The client knows that. The client knows that they can tell. They're like, Well, you know, how what are we talking about? Beneficiaries. And now we're talking about, you know, term life policies. We're just all over the place.

01:01:00:04 - 01:01:32:06

So sticking to that script, like Partlow said, it is a very specific order. It does walk them through straight down that path to so you don't have to veer off and deal with this objection or deal with this objection. So really, you know, it reduces your frustration when you do it the exact same way every single time. Then it just becomes programmed. So. Yep. You just follow the script. You know, down to a tee. And you really can't fail.

01:01:32:08 - 01:01:36:21

I mean, you just got to trust the script. Trust the process, and it will happen.

01:01:37:22 - 01:02:09:14

And believe me, it's not. And your brain won't be like I'm reading a book of atomic habits for the second time ever. When everything becomes automatic, you're not even using that much brainpower. It's just like you don't even, you know, don't even pay attention. I'm just saying words. And I know the exact same words. Like I get to like when I have my words down correctly that I'm going to say that I have to say I am so much better at listening to what the client is saying and being able to respond intelligently instead of, Oh, where am I at in the script? Oh God, because I don't know my own script.

01:02:10:06 - 01:02:42:20

Right? And the way the way people are and the way the process is, the psychology of people. If you're doing that script the same way, you're going to get almost the exact same response from every person because that's the way it's designed. So, you know, you're going through the script, you're like, Oh, I know. By the time I get done with this sentence, they're going to say something like, Oh, well, can I add a beneficiary or can I can I pick any coverage amount? They're going to have a question that is directly related to the script. You answer that question smoothly and you just continue through the process.

01:02:44:00 - 01:02:44:15


01:02:46:00 - 01:02:50:00

All right, guys. Anybody else? Jacob shared.

01:02:54:10 - 01:02:55:20

Bumble fucking around.

01:02:57:06 - 01:02:59:23

No, I'm right here. No. All right.

01:03:00:08 - 01:03:03:15

Okay, guys, am going to stop the share.

01:03:05:06 - 01:03:06:06

After the recording.

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