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Script Training in Depth

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Script Training in Depth

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So I'm going to share my screen, share my sound. And what I want to do is just basically I'm just going to run through the script and stop me at any time with any questions you guys have, because I think it's important that a lot of people stay on script. Matt My brother was kind of giving him I was giving him shit basically because of him not following the script and thinking he is and he think he really did yesterday because listen to like an hour long call and it was really good. I actually put it on this website, so that way you guys can listen to it.

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It's a call recording. It's under call recordings. He stayed on the straight line, went all the way down, and it worked out really well for him. That's that was one of his sales. The guy he's going to end up doing like 50,000 for this guy. And at the end of the call really impressed me because he's like, well, I found this cheaper somewhere else, about $70 a month cheaper, but I got a bad feeling about it and don't get a bad feeling about you, Matthew. So that's why I did it with you. And I was like, Damn, okay, so not everybody's broke, so that's important.

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All right.

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You guys can see that pretty well.

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I'm sure you can.

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Yeah, you're good.

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Okay. All right, so put this on the website. I will. If I need to update it, I will make changes as. As we proceed. Um, always remember, if you have a good idea of even changing one word, I want to hear about it so that way can you know this a living document constantly update it. One word if it changes and puts anything in a better perspective or makes things better, then of course, let's do it. All right. So I put the very all in bold here. No long pauses in the beginning. Goal is to get through verifying info so they know you're not a random telemarketer for a reason.

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Because a lot of people, when they first start, like, Oh, nobody wants this. Nobody remembers nobody, you know, nonsense, nonsense, nonsense. They will act like that, of course. But that's just not the reality. I mean, they did it whether it was a lead, a lead. It was a while back or it was last week. You know, it's people want to get off the phone because they don't know you. So if you can get through verifying the information, you're going to have a lot more success. Um, and then one thing I wrote in here recently because everybody was saying, good, good.

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It's like, Hey, Bob, how's everything going out there in Toledo? If they give you a, you know, a blanket statement like, oh, it's fine. All right, that's good to hear. Then, of course, move on. Like, oh, it's a little cold. Oh, and then build rapport if it's a little cold. People like talking about the weather. Everybody can relate to weather because we all got to deal with it. Um, and then the very next so, you know, it's good to hear. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for Ohio.

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And my job is to go over those benefits with you and answers any questions that you have. So did you guys see how where my voice went up in the inflection in it?

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Yes, sir. Okay.

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So basically, Robert and I have been watching the same videos. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason I'm saying it like that is because it's almost like remember that you spoke with us, right? You remember us? Remember us? Remember us? When you first start, you might be very monotone, but that's not it's not how it's always going to be. Repetition is how you gain mastery.

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And then, you know, you're going straight to and then confirm the information. Let me just confirm your information you gave a representative. It's not a question I'm not asking them. Can I go ahead and confirm this, please? It's like, no, they have the information. I have you at one, two, three Main Street out there in Toledo. Okay. And have your date of birth is two 1484. And it looks like you have your wife as your beneficiary and you're looking to leave for around 20 to 30,000. Is that all? Is all that correct? Yep. Okay. And also, have you as a non-smoker, is that right? Okay, great.

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So very next thing. Now you're really telling them the reason that you're calling. Uh, so we're consulting firm, which means we work for our clients and not one particular company. So our goal is always to figure out who will give you specifically the best rates and benefits. Are you with me on that? Feel free to change that if that wording doesn't. If you don't like it, like it's always to figure out who will give you specific. Mean that can be a little. Even right there I messed that up. So as long as they understand you're going to doing the shopping around for them and you know you're going to look at more than one company, then you're fine with whatever you say.

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And the main reason and the reason I wanted to do this training is because you need to know why these things are set. If you say, okay, we're a life insurance company, we're going to look at some rates for you now. Now they have that objection in their holster later. Oh, I'm going to shop around. I'm going to look somewhere else. It's like, no, we're going to look for you. So that way you don't have to do that. And then you'll see them say, Oh, I'm going to look around. Come won't come out of their mouth as much. Not even close toward the end. It's like.

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So we're consulting firm. Go ahead.

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Want me I want to interject there with the the very the last thing that you say in that sense and that little paragraph. There's you with me on that. Like you said, if it doesn't work for you, change the wording. But it's important to ask something to get a an affirmative response back on them, you know, and it also it also gives you an opportunity to make sure they're engaged because if they're not, they're not going to respond. But that's important to ask that to get that. Yes. To get the first. Yes. And the first of many. Basically what I'm trying to say.

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Exactly. Yep.

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And Ernie with.

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Go ahead. I'm sorry.

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I'll also in that what I'm saying now is so we're a consultant firm for seniors. If no have a senior on the phone. I'm just throwing that in there on my script. It just seems to meld a little better. So we're a consultant firm for seniors, which means we work for our clients, not one particular insurance company. Anyhow, just thought I'd throw that in there. Oh, like the script. Uh, obviously, if you're talking to somebody that's not a senior, if they're born in the 80 seconds or later or 70 or whatever, they're not a senior, but it just kind of makes them feel a little more comfortable.

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Start throwing in there.

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No, steal that, guys. And I wouldn't say steal that week one or week two because you're going to start saying that and then you're going to say it to people that are 20 and they won't want your services. Uh, so, but yeah, you know, my brain was running through that. Like, I'm not going to put that in this script, but I would definitely steal that for people that are over 50. I don't want to put it here simply because I don't want people to start saying it to everybody. But yeah, any, any little things that you guys want to interject? Uh, and nobody says this exactly the same, uh, Lexi Kelly.

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Dan, you don't have to say it exactly the same. As long as you're hitting the key points, it's when you skip like, an entire paragraph or an entire part of the process that you run into a lot of trouble. So now the very next one is now where you're looking for benefits for just yourself. Today. You want to insure everybody in the House that needs insurance, especially if you're talking to the decision maker, if you're talking to the wife and she knows that she needs, uh, her husband insured as well. And they're looking together, believe me, you can make a lot of sales by, you know, selling the wife on it.

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I have qualified the husband by using the wife, just asking her questions. It's like, okay, can you speak to your husband's health? I mean, we can see what he qualifies for to and all the way to the point where all she did was like when we used to have to do the interviews, she would just hand him the phone and be like, Yep, we're doing this. And, uh, answer this guy's questions.

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So, yeah, if you're speaking to the, uh, anybody always ask that question just for yourself and then, okay, as this business, you typically handle yourself and you guys can do as much as you want if you want to go deeper into that because you will run into, Oh, I want to speak to my daughter. She handles my finances way. After you're past this and you're at the quoting, you need to knock that out immediately. So I've just become kind of proficient and understanding, like what they mean by that. But that shouldn't come up at the end.

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It's like, no, you said, and you don't want to get combative, so you're not going to be like, Oh, but you said you handle your own business at the very end. So that gets combative and it gets goes down a bad path real quick. So, you know, when you're asking that, okay, great. Is this business that you typically handle yourself? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And then if you want to talk about like, what did you do for a living, then you see, then you move on and then see if you're a beneficiary as your daughter. Is there anybody else you want to add? You have an opportunity to talk about their beneficiaries, and if you're really observant and really listening to people, you will know like like what the dynamic is there.

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Like, I don't know if you guys have any good examples of where you knew like Alzheimer's way before they said it or you knew that their daughter handled it even though they didn't say it.

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I usually just ask questions like, don't know, feel like when you ask somebody like, do you handle your own shit? Like they're kind of like, well, yeah, even if they don't. So just try to get a better feel like I asked them, like, do you already have any life insurance? And if they're like, Oh, well, I don't know, like my daughter handles that, like then that's a pretty good indication that maybe their daughter really does handle all that without actually asking that question directly. Or if you're like, you know, what medications do you take? Mrs. Jones? And she's like, Oh, you know, my daughter comes over and puts them in the container for me, like, and just take whatever it is, you know, That's probably another good indication that they don't really handle their own stuff.

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Yeah. And then I know you like you will get if somebody says that to me was like, oh okay I will go further immediately and be like, does she? What else does she handle for you? Or, you know, just just trying to get down that road. Like the whole script is designed to get rid of objections. Um, I did a call. Damn it. That was an incoming. But, yeah, it was just trying to get rid of objection after objection before they became a problem. But yeah, dig a little deeper. Dig as deep as you want. Don't always feel like.

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Like you have to get back to the script, but go off whatever tangent you need to go off to get the information that you need.

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Yeah, I'll dig a little deeper after that. She's like, Oh, well, you know, my, my daughter handles all that like, oh, okay. Like, does she like, pay for the policy? You know, just does she handle all of your business? You know, is she the one that helps you out with your finances? Stuff like that.

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And usually you'll get a good answer. It's like, Oh no.

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At that point you'll get a real answer.

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Yeah. She'll be like, Oh, I mean, I've heard it's like, Oh no, I just don't. I just can't organize very well. No, still take care of my own finances. I just want her help with this or she helps me with this. You know, they will give you a better indication. But, you know, the goal with a lot of these questions, though, you don't want to ask questions that give them out even though or basically let them lie to you because you put it in their head that it's going to be easy to lie to you. And what I really mean by that is like, okay, oh, is she a power of attorney over you? It's like, why did you say that? It's like, Oh yeah, she might not even know what power of attorney means.

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Or she might say that just simply because they know you'll stop. Like. Like I'm not saying, you know, barrage them, but it's like, Oh, is that okay? Oh, does she have power of attorney? And there's no lead in there's no indication that somebody has power of attorney. You're at banking. Oh, does she have power of attorney? Oh, okay. Yeah, I'll call her. I'll call you back when she's there. You know, sometimes we give up before, uh. Well before, you know, the client was going to give up on you. All right.

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So I see you have your beneficiary as Lexi in a second.

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Ernie, I was just going to say, and people also don't understand what power of attorney means. Like somebody is your power of attorney. They only need to step in to make decisions for you when you are unable to make decisions for yourself. So as long as Mrs. Jones still has all her faculties like you know about her, like even if her daughter is a power, her power of attorney, like if she doesn't need her to make her decisions for her, then it really doesn't make a difference at all.

00:12:44:21 - 00:12:48:20

Yeah, it's more like a permission that this person can make decisions for you.

00:12:49:09 - 00:12:54:21

And yeah, and some people, it seems like they don't even like wipe their own ass without talking to their kids first. It's ridiculous.

00:12:57:19 - 00:13:14:16

The other thing want to add on that, Ernie, is that sometimes those are very specific, that the person can only make certain types of decisions or sign their name for them on specific things. So power of attorneys are not just blanket, they control My life. So don't don't buy into that bullshit.

00:13:16:09 - 00:13:24:22

Yeah, that's actually think it's a fiduciary that handles everything for them or was that payee handles all their finances.

00:13:24:24 - 00:13:25:20

A damn pay.

00:13:25:22 - 00:13:26:12


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Yeah. A power of attorney. They just really can do, you know, some minor stuff if you're incapacitated. But most people are like, Hey, I'm power of attorney over you, Mom. You can't do shit without me. Um, that's. That's incorrect.

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So guess this would be the time. Like if you're watching network TV where they'd say sorry for the interruption. We're having technical difficulties. We'll be right back momentarily.

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Yep. Flash the screen up there.

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We don't want them to see what's going on when we have technical difficulties.

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That's right. That's right.

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So, Ernie, you're muted. I don't know if you're aware of that.

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Sorry, guys. People got people yelling at me.

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Yeah. All right, let's get this back going. So, yeah. Okay. So I did not hear what you guys said, but hopefully it was all good stuff. Um, okay, so once you're here, you have a name of a beneficiary. So all this stuff, you never proceed without the information that you need. Does that does that make sense? Like why you're not moving from Let's go. I'm not going to like if they say something stupid, like, I'm not going to tell you that. Well, then I'm not going to continue this.

00:15:39:11 - 00:16:03:08

Uh, I'm not going to say that. It's like, Oh, I just need that so that we know who we're trying to protect. I mean, you'd be very casual about it because that's what it is. But if they won't give you a name, then forget it. I mean, I'm serious. Like, Oh, don't say we'll get to it later. You need the name of a beneficiary. A lot of the stuff is like indication. If they're not going to give you a name of a beneficiary, they're not going to get you. You're not making that sale. They're not going to give you their social they're not going to give you bank account.

00:16:04:20 - 00:16:31:23

All right. So this question I put in here for your guys's benefit, because a lot of the times it's it will be. Yes. Or it will be a yes. And they're not really sure. So some people don't want to feel stupid like they haven't done this already. So don't feel any type of way. If they say if they say yes. So this will be first money your beneficiary sees when you pass. That was stolen from Lexi, because that's a good question.

00:16:34:03 - 00:17:06:23

Uh, so what? Um, yeah, that's a good way to say that. And it's like, that's great. And this is very, very assumptive when they say no, they've, they've let you get to this point. So rest assured, they're willing to go through the entire presentation. But if you handle this poorly when they actually say it's like, no, this is not a first policy error to have something, they just won't trust you anymore. Or you can build so much rapport and so much trust here by and be assumptive. And this is a very crucial like transition.

00:17:07:09 - 00:17:37:20

It's like, so okay, that's great. It's probably one of the companies we represent. So this must just be for additional coverage or were you looking trying to find a better rate? The tone is very casual. It's not combative, it's not aggressive. And then get as much info you can hear because you like you know, how much they pay. You know, get as much as you possibly can because you should be almost complimenting them or actually consulting with them. You should be trying to solve their actual problem.

00:17:38:19 - 00:17:51:17

So if they have $10,000 worth of coverage. And they got that ten years ago and they're only 55 years old. Do you guys think that's enough coverage?

00:17:54:04 - 00:18:18:21

Okay. I heard Vicky down there say no. So, like Social Security Administration recommends they have about 30. So the reason they're talking to you is that you have they have 10,000 hours in coverage. They know it's not enough. And now you're going to build rapport and say, okay, well, never get rid of that coverage. I mean, you got that ten years ago. So because you were ten years younger, that rate is going to be better than anything that we can offer now.

00:18:20:18 - 00:18:23:10

So can you guys tell me what I just did there by saying that?

00:18:28:01 - 00:18:28:16


00:18:29:23 - 00:18:49:03

took away their defenses a little bit as far as this guy's trying to come in and. Get me a new plan and get me off of the plan that I've built so much equity in and I've had for years. So disarms them. As far as I'm not the salesman, I'm just trying to make sure that you are covered for the amount that you want to be covered by. Covered for.

00:18:50:20 - 00:18:59:05

Yep. Bingo. It builds a lot of trust because nobody else is telling them. Oh, definitely. Hold on to what you got. So if you can say something kind.

00:18:59:06 - 00:19:16:13

Of manages their expectations too. A little bit, in my opinion, because, like, if they think, you know, they're going to get something cheaper than what they got ten years ago, then they're obviously sorely mistaken. So just kind of getting them getting that out of their head early is is also a good thing because you'll run into that later, too.

00:19:17:03 - 00:19:49:02

No, that's that's that's the other one that I was thinking about because managing expectations. Oh, I've had this policy for 40 years. Okay. So then might be I might be digging a little bit deeper if it's actually a whole life, but like, okay, so what would immediately be like, so what are you trying to accomplish with this particular policy? Because it better be something like, Oh, I need 10,000 just for the funeral, Like because I don't want to go down a rabbit hole. Oh, I'm just trying to get, you know, another 200,000. It's like, yeah, it's like might not even present to that person.

00:19:49:04 - 00:20:21:21

And that's just something that you'll learn, you know, over time. Uh, Matt's got he, he kept saying 500,000 is what he wanted as a 71 year old. Matt Just kind of like this was his big sale yesterday, and he just kind of looped him around and got him off that term stuff and never actually I don't think he ever actually said we don't do 500,000 policies. He just got him off that. So you always want to manage expectations as much as you possibly can. Uh, that was a good example. Matt yesterday failed to mention that to you, but that was good managing expectations.

00:20:22:16 - 00:20:58:15

So here, don't skip this and make sure you do it in some kind of format. It's like, you know, this is too aggressive for some people, but don't I don't think this is that aggressive. Uh, it's like, have you ever had to go through the process of burying somebody yourself? And you can't you have to say that correctly. You can't say. Have you ever had to go through the process of burying somebody yourself? See how that's very combative. It's got to be come from a compassionate tone like so have you ever gone through this process of burying somebody yourself and let them talk? We interrupt people way too much in this business.

00:20:58:17 - 00:21:19:11

Let them talk. They will sell themselves. They will sell themselves. If you have a personal experience, use your own personal experience or use someone in the office. Use somebody in the family. Almost all of us have had at least a situation where we know of a family member that had to take care of another family member stuff, even if it wasn't us personally.

00:21:21:19 - 00:21:22:17

Hey, Ernie. Oh.

00:21:23:08 - 00:21:50:23

Are everybody on? When asked that question, I soften it up a little bit, and I just start off with. Can I ask you something? And then I say, have you had to go through the process of a funeral process for a loved one? But just say, can I ask you something? And then I bring that in just to soften it because I was like, you ever had to go through the process of burying somebody and they're like, uh, they're taken aback but don't know, just soften it up a little bit with an intro. Why don't you.

00:21:51:00 - 00:21:56:19

Just use the tone? Can I ask you something and say those words in that tone?

00:21:57:02 - 00:21:59:15

Exactly. Yeah. Dogs agree myself.

00:22:01:08 - 00:22:02:22

It's like, yeah.

00:22:03:07 - 00:22:37:19

Yeah. No, exactly. You'll get you guys mean did the tonality training in this website and all kinds of stuff and you know you know, give those books out for a reason because you know a tonality can be everything. I mean, you guys know that and you don't have the luxury of, you know, them seeing you and like, seeing compassion or body language or tone. So all they have is your tone of voice. All right. So this is in here. So so I still say this, even if it's a term policy, I end up writing for somebody because I can always pivot back to term.

00:22:38:02 - 00:23:08:22

So, okay, based on everything you said to me, whole life policy is going to be the best fit for you. So let me tell you why people love to be told. Like, let me tell you why. Or because there's been studies where somebody use just the word because I'll give you the example real quick. So there's people in line like ten people deep in a line waiting to make copies. People said one guy kept goi