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Sales Frustration Advice

Updated: Apr 15

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Welcome to another session of Coach's Corner. Let's get started. So Sam brought up mindset. So Sam just had a couple questions for you. Um.

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What what about it is because it's important to define these things like what about it is like discouraging to you? Like just tell me what you mean. I'm sure a lot of people feel the exact same way.

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Well, I feel like. I don't know. I guess maybe like all the notes and stuff start piling on. And so by about 2:00, I can already feel like I'm starting to give up on myself. Like, maybe I'm not doing it right because nobody's picking up or, you know, I overcome an objection, but they hit me with another one. And so it just. I'm not good at resetting my brain for the next one. I'm carrying these calls too long with me, you know?

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Gotcha. Um, so mean. So just to talk about some mindset stuff, like as far as our clients. I was talking to Jacob last night about it, so this is kind of how I look at it. And I was trying to come up with a good analogy. So, you know, if you got a little for all of you guys who have little brothers, little sisters and there and you had to drag them along to places and make them do things because otherwise they would just sit there, you know, the, you know, little kid that won't put his shoes on so nobody can leave. Um, in a lot of ways, our clients are like that.

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It's almost like you're, you're dragging them. I mean, you're nice to your little brother and you're dragging them along. It's like, Hey, we got to go this way. It's time. We're going, We're leaving. It's time to get in the car. And a lot of ways our clients are the same way. They're kind of. You know, they're kind of very, uh, you know, standing there with their arms crossed. And it's because they've talked to so many people and have never solved this problem. And the mindset that I always carry into I'm going to be the one to solve that problem for them.

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But as far as mean, I feel like I'm kind of like a robot now. So maybe we could, you know, call on some other people as far as like, like, believe me, if I got hung up on 100 times in a row like today or any day, of course I'm going to start feeling something. But usually it takes a lot for me to. But that comes with experience. So I can promise you 100%, Sam, that eventually it will just kind of fade, you know? But the thing is, I think what you're asking is like, how do I press forward while I'm still feeling these feelings? It's like right now, it's not it hasn't gone away.

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So am feeling these feelings. So I need to go forward. So anybody else recently kind of get off that or, you know, that feeling went away because I really don't remember when my feeling went away. So I don't want to pretend like like, like I do.

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Okay. Well, Kenya. Right? What was it?

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Sorry. Yeah. What I'm saying is I've had to do that because getting all those, like, rejections and stuff. And that's a great point that you made. Yeah, these people are like that, and we're the experts, and they don't want to listen and they don't want to go. And we have to be persistent and stay persistent. And when I would start because, you know, there are days you get zero, there are days you get a few. But when I would start feeling negative and I didn't want to continue because I felt so crappy, I would start reading the affirmation cards that I wrote.

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And one of the ones that I really remember, which I say in my mind now I don't read them anymore, is I only have positive thoughts and feelings that lead me to income producing activities. I help a lot of people and I'll just say that over and over again. Eventually, my mind, my heart will start believing that. And when you kind of get out of that rut and start believing it, then it helps with your the energy that you're bringing forward because you can get 100 no's, you know, you can get a bunch of them people hanging up and everything, and then it's almost almost like, don't care expected be ready that they are going to say these things and be ready right on your script to read it, you know, especially if other agents left a note and they said what happened? The last call pick up right there.

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Oh, they already said they have coverage. So they're probably going to try to tell me they have coverage. So I'll be ready to read that. Already have coverage rebuttal, and I'll continue and continue until they can go.

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That's awesome.

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But it's gotten less and less because mean it's all interconnected, guys. Because, as you know, she got she got all her rejections. You know, she still gets the same rejections we all get. But it's going away. It's it's either she's not feeling anything about it or she has improved. So it's less and less. So it's it's a double edged sword. You you pushing through Sam, you should look at it like this. If you're pushing through every day, even though you don't want to, you by default, guys, I mean, believe me, by default, you'll get better. And if you're not attempting to get better, then this is not definitely not the industry for you.

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But you should be getting better and better. Like Sam, Like sit with your coach. Um, maybe just do like, a session where you just listened to all your introduction recordings. And see what you can change there, because it's usually like, you know, it's everybody's always about talking about the clothes just can't close. Like, well, believe me, it's all the clothes is the entire call. So there's something on that.

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Ernie Yeah, go ahead. Matt So glad you said that because. Literally what I was going to say like like some really real advice. And I think it took me. A long time to kind of like get to this point, but you have to master the skill of keeping the same energy on every call, even after those five negative presentations that you feel like didn't go well. So being able to master, yes, you're going to feel a little down.

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You're going to feel a little disappointed. But and you have to keep that positive energy on that sixth call. And whether or not it's a minute for you to get up from your desk, take a breath, walk around, stop dialing for five minutes. But being able to channel that energy into just being still positive on that next call, because I can almost guarantee that when you're having a day like I did yesterday, I couldn't get a sale all day. And then I called this one a lead that had like six notes.

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Oh, calling back, wait another week, not feeling good. And I just took that passion and I and I called it. I bought energy to the intro, which is why I'm glad Ernie said intro because. We all get like that, You know, after a million dials, they're not getting a sale. Every call gets worse. Hey, you just kind of get like you're looking for coverage. And, you know, we all kind of like, change our tone. So some really, really, really good real advice is to master keeping like the same energy.

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You know, people say keep the same energy, keep that same energy on every call in your tone. Don't change up your intro. Just make sure you sound positive. And no matter how many presentations you've gone through, I promise that six seven presentation will be a sale if you keep that same positive energy in your intro. And not to discourage, you got to be able to reset.

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That's all.

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Thanks, man. That's awesome and mean. Matt sits ten feet from me, so I know when he's frustrated pretty easily and like, he's not doing it to the clients, but, you know, he's cussing under his breath and getting it out. I mean, whatever helps you get it out. You got a boxing bag and you need to set a timer and go hit it for five minutes and then go sit down like there's so many tips we can give. You mean it's just important that you follow him? Like if you're taking a 15 minute break, this is the type of job where time gets away from you. Like really quickly. You think it's 15 minutes and it's been two hours.

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So if you're taking that 15 minute break, treat it like like I had to treat it. When I'm in the factory, the tone went off. It's set an alarm on your phone. You know, it goes off, get back and sit down and then hit the next dial like it's okay.

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You got to set those timers and hold yourself accountable to like, all right, I'm going to take a five minute break, but my break is going to be five minutes because that can that's a slippery slope, really slippery.

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Five hours. It could be 5 hours or 15 minute break. Who knows?

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And it could be it could be anything that. Anything that helps you reset that, that brain, that mindset. Anything that can help you get positive, because after you make a couple presentations and you're feeling down and disappointed, it could be, Hey, maybe call. You know what I mean? Like maybe like anything that could uplift you and bring you back to that fresh Monday feel of positive energy and, you know, ready for that next call because it's just going to get worse and worse and worse if you don't channel that the right way, you know?

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Yeah, you got it.

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We start having thoughts about our thoughts like, Oh, you know, your thought is like, I'm feeling down. Um, thought about feeling down and then, like, it's true. It's just a reinforcing cycle.

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Sorry, Matt didn't mean to interrupt you. You're kind of trailing, so I was like, Hey.

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No, you're good. You're good. Didn't know it. Really?

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Okay. Little early for me. Haven't had my coffee yet. You're good.

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Maximus, you got your hand up.

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Oh, yeah. I was just going to say, like, I think you just can't take a personal like when I first started, I was like, I kind of scared. I was like, Oh, man. Like, I got to talk to all these people on the phone and I don't know if they're going to say yes or not like that fear of rejection. But after like 3 or 4 days of like 250 plus dials, everybody saying no, getting rejected, you kind of become like desensitized to it. And then, you know, like you kind of just pretend like you're playing like a video game and you're talking to like a bunch of bots. Like, you just can't take it personal at all, you know? So, yeah, I don't care if they, they curse me out. Like I just like, laugh it off, you know, like, it's, it's, it's really not a big deal.

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And, you know, like, you're always going to have like, an off day. So like, you can't, like, freak out when you don't make a sale when they're like, oh, my God. Like, what am I going to do? Or like, what am I doing wrong? Like last week I had three sales in one day and two sales in one day the next day. And like yesterday I didn't have any sales. You know, like, it doesn't necessarily mean that my skill set fell off drastically. It just maybe means that I didn't talk to the right people and that's okay. Like you can't, like look at one day and say, Oh man, I didn't have a sale today. That's a horrible day. You kind of have to look at it like on a week by week basis because you'll have like a bigger sample size and have like more accurate, more accurate, like representation of, of how you're doing.

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So, yeah.

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Thank you. Yep. Yep.

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And yeah, you really can't take it personally. It's not like the people. I mean, if somebody's like on the phone saying, Oh, you're short and you have a big head, it's not like it's not like they're saying things like that. They're not personally attacking any of us. It's it's. In a way, we have to look at it like, okay, we're being personally like they're attacking us personally. I mean, there probably is something maybe we can readjust a little bit on the script, but not for everybody. I mean, some people are just going to be that way. And it doesn't matter how good you are, they're just going to have that that attitude of, you know, blah, blah, blah and click, you know, that kind of attitude.

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Like, I would like a competition, I would run. It's like, I want like, I'll give a 20 bucks to the person who sent today. I'll do it today. Whoever sends me the worst rejection like to my email, I'll give I'll send cash every 20 bucks. Like in the intro. It's like and we'll laugh about it tomorrow because that same person probably had three sales.

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So I'll put my email in the chat. If you guys do that would. Well, we can play some tomorrow.

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All right. Anybody else have advice for that topic, like mindset, Like we've all been there. Um, so I mean, it's not just the leaders have, you know, people grinding day in, day out. Yeah, just.

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My $0.02 in every call is a different call. I've been in sales my whole life, so every door you open, that's that person's attitude. Forget the previous person because this person might be happy as a pig. And you know what? When this person's miserable, no matter what. So each prospect is new. But the weird perspective that it helped me yesterday, a guy we kept calling, kept telling to hold on. He's dead. He died in February. And our agents, there's a note of him telling us to call him back.

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I called him yesterday and his daughter or a female picked up very disturbed when I ask for this gentleman. And she said he died. And I said, I'm so sorry. Did I wish did he get coverage from another company? And it put things in perspective that these people are annoyed and said he's annoyed if you look at the comments, but we're not here to annoy you. We're here to make sure your family is protected, sir. So please understand my previous quote. The gentleman died and he kept calling us to hold on. And I know you want to wait, but please, God forbid this happens to you.

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You know, I'm not trying to scare you, but this is just reality. It's 2023. We don't know what's going to happen. But I just want to share that with you, Sam. Just perspective. When these people bitch and moan, understand that I want to make sure that your kid doesn't get evicted because they had to pay for your funeral this month or they missed their car note because you didn't take five minutes to take care of your responsibilities. So that's my $0.02.

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No, I think that's awesome because, I mean, it doesn't matter. I mean, we have a job to do. That's how I look at it personally. Like I still have the job to do, like my job like, like. And I say it the way I like and you guys know, on my team, like, my job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So I'm going to confirm this information like it's not really a choice. Like I'm dragging the kicking and screaming kid. I'm calming the kid down first because, you know, basically they freaked out because I woke them up. And then, you know, now I'm leaning on them and I put your shoes on.

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We got to go to the car. We got to go to the doctor and then we're going to go to the park. And the park is like, you know, we're done with the conversation. I'm going to send you some welcome packet and some goodies. Um, it's not exactly like that, but think you guys understand what I'm getting at with that.

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Anybody else? Advice on mindset.

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The only thing, Ernie, I just kind of want to throw out there is maybe, you know, initially, obviously we're here to make money and everybody involved wants you to be successful that way. But, you know, when you first start, you know, maybe adjust your your definition of success for the day, meaning that you didn't stop dialing even though you're getting your nose bloodied. You know, just adjust your your your metric for success for today. And if you need to break it down into parts of the day from hey, for the next hour, I am just going to dial and get into as many conversations as I can and get them into the script, obviously using your coach and your support.

00:15:09:02 - 00:15:30:17

Eventually, Sam, it's going to happen, but just try to adjust your your metric for success into smaller blocks. And eventually the more you get into those conversations and get into your presentation, obviously you're going to learn and your coach is going to support you. Team builder, what have you. And it's going to happen. Just that would be my bit of advice for you.

00:15:35:00 - 00:16:13:10

And that's so true. And then the, the coaches see like your activity, Sam, where it's like, okay, if I see somebody with 25 hours and like I'm, I come from like, like a corporate job before I started this and it was cover Your ass zone. That was the whole that was the whole job. Just cover my ass. So can't be blamed for anything. So the same thing applies here. I think, like if you have 25 hours of talk time, you are not blamed for anything. It's like you're. I will. I will tell you I failed you. If you have 25 hours, talk time and you're not a string. So, you know, make it so that you can't be blamed and then somebody else will have to step in and help you because something is going wrong if you have that much talk time.

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Um, well, Kenny, you were first, Lexi and then Lexi.

00:16:19:06 - 00:16:52:02

I just wanted to say that there are plenty of times when these people answered, and they'll answer very mean. They'll be like, What do you want? Or just some crazy thing? Like, from the very beginning? And I don't, like, allow that to disarm me or whatever I love. Hey, I'm just here to help you. How are you doing today? And when they hear my energy and that they didn't just scare me and that I'm still trying to help build buy, they stay on the phone with you.

00:16:52:04 - 00:17:03:22

They'll raise your talk time. They'll buy, you'll get closer. So don't be discouraged when they're acting like that. Be the different one that is going to put a smile on their face and going to change things around for them.

00:17:07:11 - 00:17:27:23

Exactly match. You can match their energy all the time. Like if people freak out, like I'm already saying to myself, it's like it's not a sale anyway, so I'm just going to have some fun with it. Hey, I know I'm getting a lot of calls too. It's out of control. And then some of those do turn into calls like I assume it's not going to be. But then for some reason, they, you know, change their tone a little bit and then you can move on. Uh, all right, Lexi.

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My phone is being slow so feel like mean Ernie you know, that's like something that I struggle with a lot is mindset. But I think like even if you've been here super long time, I think it's something that it's always like, you know, going to be a struggle. That's like one of the main struggles of what we do. For example, on Monday, like Rory came in at like 2:00 and had just been like kind of going through it all day, had done like a bunch of presentations, hasn't closed anything. And Ernie knows when I'm in a bad mood.

00:18:06:00 - 00:18:16:14

And so, you know, Rory came in, he's like and we're honestly, really blessed that, you know, I'm getting encouragement from like, the owner of the company. He comes over to me, he's like, Hey, like, how you doing? And like, guess the look.

00:18:16:19 - 00:18:18:13

Faces look so sad.

00:18:19:24 - 00:18:52:24

And I was like, he's like, You haven't made any sales today. And I just kind of, like, shook my head. And like, meanwhile, Mats over there has closed like six deals already, is at like 6000, like before 3:00 on a monday. And he's like, just keep going. Like, you got this. And I'm like, No, no, you're right. You're right. And then, you know, by the end of the day, had my five hours, I had 4000 AP And, you know, it was a hard day, but I was happy. And, you know, Katelyn, she had had her five she had had like six hours of talk time and was at like 2700, which, you know, for her, she feels like she should have more, you know, and she was kind of in a bad mood.

00:18:53:01 - 00:19:19:15

And, you know, me and Matt were just telling her like, you know, you got this like, you know, just keep going. And then, you know, of course, yesterday she had a monster day and is at the top of the leaderboard, you know, and we're the ones that have been doing this for for years now. So it's something that's always a struggle. You know, some people kind of can turn their feelings off better than others, like Ernie. I'm more of like an emotional person, so it's a little bit more difficult for me. But if you can just, you know, continue to power through like the results will always be there at the end.

00:19:21:07 - 00:19:22:09

Buyer might drop.

00:19:24:18 - 00:19:27:00

But she's going to have to hold it for longer because we're going to keep going.

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So, um.

00:19:29:21 - 00:19:30:11

You know what?

00:19:30:13 - 00:20:08:00

It's crazy that y'all are talking about just mental health while we're going through this because that that's real true. That you hit on that. It doesn't matter how long you've been here. We all have to fight the mental battle every day, you know? And it's like every day that I come in, I check out me personally at the front door. I'll leave everything personal about my life and what I do. All of that to my family and all of that in that mirror that we have downstairs. Once I come upstairs, I'm going to be smooth like you, not whatever happens on the phone, I refuse to let it disrupt me as a person.

00:20:08:09 - 00:20:40:20

It might bother the work me, but it's not going to bother me as a person. So to be really successful at this job, you have to be continually keeping a strong mindset. You have to know when to kind of step away a little bit. That's why journaling and goal writing down is important. The vision boards that we push is important because on days when you're like, Dang, everybody hates me, no one's buying for me, no one's answering on those days, which are going to happen often you have to be able to know what is your why.

00:20:40:22 - 00:21:13:07

Okay, why am I putting up with this? Why am I why? Okay because of this. So you have to understand that the amount of blessing that comes from this job, you deserve to go through some struggle. The type of life you can live if you just continually push through, keep it strong, mindset, stay positive. It's so huge that you have to struggle somewhere along the way. That's just the plight of us being human. But I promise if you could push through that now, a year from now, you won't even have the strength struggles.

00:21:13:13 - 00:21:24:15

I'd rather cry in a maybach than cry walking or something. So just think about your why and just keep pushing. Today is only today you still got tomorrow. Get better tomorrow.

00:21:26:11 - 00:21:27:16

Sorry to interrupt your love.

00:21:27:24 - 00:21:28:14


00:21:28:16 - 00:21:58:15

Love it. And. So many things. And if Sam was almost like it was for you, like she was talking like she said, 2:00 was when she, you know, was not feeling good. No sales, you know, talk to somebody else. And believe me, it is nice to have, you know, Rory's like right there because he comes in every day, just wanders around for a little bit. But, um. I used to just call family like there is no like if you are in a like Sam, this is for you. And I know it takes people off the phone, but it will reset you.

00:21:58:24 - 00:22:24:04

I will call family if if you know it's going terribly and, you know, don't have to do that but that much anymore. But like if it was going terribly, I'm like, think the worst they ever had was nine hours talk time zero production just flipped out and just called family. Um, because like if I talk to my little brother for a little while, then five minutes later I'm back to talking to people because I know he's not going to yell at me. At least that next call. It's not going to be a big deal. Yeah. So you still do that? Yeah.

00:22:30:24 - 00:22:34:13

Anybody else? No. You guys got so many stories and really good ones to.

00:22:37:20 - 00:22:56:03

Well, just a little advice to the new people. Yeah, Please don't. Don't feel like. Like you see people that get sales and it seems like it comes easy. It don't. And it really don't. It comes easy in a sense of. Yes, obviously with time you get skills and whatever, but.

00:22:56:10 - 00:23:15:20

It's, it's, it's I still go through it as if I'm brand new every day. All day. Trust me, it's you got to like it. It's difficult, but you can do it. You just got to keep working at it and perfect your craft, that's all. But it'll come.

00:23:17:14 - 00:23:49