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Sales Call with Assumption

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Sales Call with Assumption

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It also builds cash value. So that's sort of like.

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Please leave your message for James White.

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Perfect. So.

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The best value option you have.

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Hello, Roselle?

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Yes. Hey, Roselle, this is Ernest over at Senior Life Services. I'm just calling on behalf of Jacob Ortiz that you spoke to. Looks like. Was it Friday? Yes, Friday. How's everything going with you out there in Chicago?

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Pretty cold.

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Yeah, I'm from I'm from up north myself. What do you guys got for, uh, temperature today?

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No, I don't even know. I just know it's cold and freezing.

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No, I want to look it up. I want to look up my Detroit and Chicago.

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That's got family. Oh 35 So just. Just above freezing. It's like a heat wave up there, apparently.

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Uh, so the reason for my call is, like, follow up with people that, you know, Jacob talks to, and he got some information that I'm just going to confirm. It's all correct. I understand you wanted your beneficiaries to be just like me, Ernest Anthony and her. Is that correct?

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Yeah. Okay. And he put down here that you wanted to. You guys are working on canceling a term policy to get a whole life policy.

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Uh, yeah. Yeah, I get set up, though, and I said there were two because of going through something right now. My income went down, so I'm looking. I know y'all was looking for me, you know, for a little income, but I have to wait because I'm not even stable yet. I'm at my son's house.

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Oh, gotcha. Yeah. Yeah. And then it probably is. He probably was right, though. It's probably a good idea to get rid of a term because you know how they work. I mean, if you outlive them, they're no good no more. Which that, you know, I hate that the company gets to keep all the money and you get no benefit the whole life prior would work better for you. Um, so yeah, I mean, I could tell him to schedule a call back with you down the road. Uh, so you're with your son now, and when you get back on your feet, it'd be easier to try to set something like this up, is what I'm hearing.

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Okay. All right. And approximately how long would you like me to. To have him call you back? Like a week? Two weeks? A month?

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I say he trying two weeks or, you know, everything go right. I be, you know, to do something.

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Okay. Yeah. Two weeks. I'll make sure he reached out before Christmas. And, you know, before all the madness of the holidays happen. Right? You know how that goes. It's madness, at least in my household. So. All right, Roselle, I will put that in here and I'll have him give you a call back.

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All right? All right.

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Bye bye. Bye bye.

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Two hours.

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All has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system. 6262741.

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I'm sorry. The person you are trying to reach has a voicemail box that has not been set up yet.

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Hey, help me. Good man. How you doing?

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Awesome. That's good to hear.

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I'm sorry. The person you are trying to reach has a voicemail box that has not been set up yet. Please try your call again later.

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Please leave your message for I think.

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Please leave your message for.

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So that's super, super.

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But it might be.

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Please leave your message for.

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Hello. Please leave a message after the tone.

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Yeah. Hey, Claude. How's everything going out there in Springfield?

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Pretty good.

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Good man. This is Ernest over at Senior Life Services. The reason for my call is you had spoken with one of our reps here regarding state regulated life insurance programs for Illinois, And my job is to go, Yeah, my job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. Claude Always verify information just to make sure nothing's incorrect. You said that you're at 835 West Jefferson Street. Yes. All right. And your birthday is close to mine. Two 2155.

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All right. See, we're looking between five all the way up to 50,000. And that you are a non-smoker. Yes. All right. And Claude, the only thing that is missing is who did you want to. Who would you be protecting? Like with a life insurance policy? Obviously, there's somebody you're trying to protect. Who would that be in your life?

00:12:29:06 - 00:12:30:13

But my older sister.

00:12:30:20 - 00:12:33:20

Older sister. Okay. How much older is she than you?

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Oh, about 20 years.

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Oh, man. So she's up there. How is she doing?

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She's doing pretty good.

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Okay, so you're born in 55. 45. So you're 65. 66. And she's about 86.

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About 80. 80.

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80. Okay. Yeah. My grandma's up there about the same age, and she is a firecracker. She's not going anytime soon.

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So that sounds like your sister. What is your sister's name? Mary. Mary. Okay. Same last name.

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Well. Bennett. Okay.

00:13:10:23 - 00:13:12:05

Bennett Be.

00:13:13:20 - 00:13:15:16

The. EP.

00:13:17:21 - 00:13:29:15

Bennett. Yeah. They know they spelled this name less last name wrong. It says bullet like a bullet or something. Don't think that's her last name. All right, so that'd be the primary beneficiary. And there's anybody else that you would add?

00:13:30:23 - 00:13:32:03

No. Okay.

00:13:32:19 - 00:14:06:07

And, Claude, we're consulting firm, so we don't work with one particular company. We work with all of them, you know, because our goal is always to figure out, you know, who's going to give you specifically the best rates and benefits. You with me on that? Yeah. Okay. So for Mary, obviously, we want to get her protected and just make sure is the whole goal here just to make sure she doesn't have to come out of pocket for like, funeral and things like that. Yeah, okay. Because that's typically what we handle. We're not here to leave anybody rich, but we can find that type of coverage at the lowest price end with the best benefits.

00:14:07:02 - 00:14:08:18

So. So, okay, great.

00:14:10:06 - 00:14:49:03

All right. Have you ever gone through this process yourself, like having to take care of somebody else's final expenses and final wishes? No. Okay. So, yeah, I mean, I'm sure, you know, people that have, um, you know, their goal here is just, you know, not to make sure that you that she doesn't have to go through it or whoever else is left behind. And basically, yeah. Based on your age mean I'm definitely going to see that we'd want to look at a whole life policy so no matter what, like we only work with companies that have very good reputations, they have to be state and federally regulated and backed by the FDIC and they have to be state approved plans.

00:14:49:05 - 00:15:24:08

And this just means that the premiums never go up and the benefits never go down. And this just makes sure that Mary doesn't have to come up with like a wheelbarrow full cast when you pass away. Of course, the benefit is also paid out 100% tax free. And like a lot of companies, they will pay out immediately within 24 to 48 hours. We also require them to have A-plus ratings with the Better Business Bureau. You follow me so far? Yeah. Okay, Claude. So now that I know what's important to you and what our goal would be, what I'm going to do now is just simply take the time to ask you a few health questions.

00:15:24:10 - 00:15:44:01

So whenever you look at life insurance or, you know, anything that pays for like final expenses, you always, always want to be asked health questions because it allows you to get a better rate and better benefits. So very basic stuff already have you as a non-smoker. Uh, Claude, what is your approximate height and weight?

00:15:47:01 - 00:15:53:22

Five bucks. Hi. Five, seven. Okay. £160. Okay, so.

00:15:53:24 - 00:16:14:07

You're at a very healthy weight. That's very good. All right. So I've been doing this a long time, so I do not need to read every single question off every application like I know where to go simply by asking you a few general questions. Fair enough. Yeah. All right. Is there anything major going on with your organs, such as your heart, lungs, liver or kidneys?

00:16:15:12 - 00:16:16:03

You kidding me?

00:16:16:21 - 00:16:18:06

What's going on with the kidneys?

00:16:20:02 - 00:16:23:23

Uh, it's just a little. I think I fell off a bike in.

00:16:26:00 - 00:16:27:04

I miss my kidneys up.

00:16:28:04 - 00:16:32:18

Like, actually, like, hit them hard. Basically, like. Like a boxer and punched in the kidneys a bunch of times.

00:16:33:06 - 00:16:34:15

Yes. Gotcha.

00:16:35:11 - 00:16:36:02


00:16:37:12 - 00:16:43:13

I'm up. Okay, so you mean like a like a motorcycle bike?

00:16:45:07 - 00:16:46:08

No regular bike.

00:16:46:11 - 00:17:02:24

No, man. I've hurt myself on a regular bike too. People don't believe it, but I broke a femur and I try. Sometimes I'm like, Yeah, sure, it was a motorcycle. But I was just being really stupid. When I was a kid, I was trying to race and jump the stupid ramp and I went down hard and broke a femur.

00:17:04:12 - 00:17:09:10

How did you go head over heels or hit something really hard or what happened?

00:17:09:16 - 00:17:11:14

I don't know. I don't know what happened, but.

00:17:12:17 - 00:17:14:07

They have to knock you out.

00:17:16:08 - 00:17:16:23

A little bit.

00:17:17:07 - 00:17:32:16

Yeah. Quick, quick. In and out situation. Mhm. Gotcha. So usually with kidneys like did they ever actually tell you like what kind of condition. Like is it renal insufficiency they got you on dialysis or any kind of medication for it.

00:17:33:00 - 00:17:34:21

Well one of the dialysis every day.

00:17:36:04 - 00:17:37:13

You're doing dialysis every day.

00:17:38:10 - 00:17:42:13

Three times Tuesday, Thursday said okay.

00:17:43:12 - 00:17:47:00

Three times a week. How long have you been doing that?

00:17:48:08 - 00:17:49:11

About two years.

00:17:49:12 - 00:18:02:17

Three years. Okay. Usually the one year mark, you know, signifies that, you know, if you get through that, you're going to you know, it's going to last a long time. You're going to be able to last a long time. So that's good. So take a lot out of you know, it took a lot out of my aunt.

00:18:05:00 - 00:18:09:03

What is this? Take a look around me sometimes.

00:18:11:23 - 00:18:15:19

Sometimes it's got to be just worse. Sometimes it's just worse than others.

00:18:16:12 - 00:18:17:05


00:18:17:06 - 00:18:28:18

Gotcha. So I'm sure it's very intermittent. Like, you know, you don't know exactly how much it's going to be at that time. All right. And other than your other organs, those are pretty much all solid shape.

00:18:29:08 - 00:18:30:24

Yeah. Okay.

00:18:31:21 - 00:18:52:18

All right. So I need to narrow this down a little bit. So I am going to take a look at what you qualify for. So there are a lot of different life insurance programs out there. Like, no, you get all sorts of stuff in the mail. You see stuff on TV. So for the purpose of describing how we work versus the others, do you know the difference between term and whole life coverage?

00:18:53:20 - 00:18:54:10


00:18:54:14 - 00:19:17:23

Okay, good. And a lot of people do not. And the reason I bring it up is because I want you to choose the right type of insurance to have because they're not all the same. Some are going to be better than others. But obviously you need to know the facts to make a sound decision. That's right for you and your family. So have you. Good example is have you ever received letters from like Globe Life or AARP offering term insurance?

00:19:20:17 - 00:19:22:20

Something that I thought was in a way.

00:19:23:00 - 00:19:54:03

Yeah, a lot of people do. If you ever actually open them up and looked at them, it'll actually say right on there that the insurance would only be good up to age 80. But they don't like to tell you what happens after age 80. What happens is you lose all of your insurance no matter how much money you paid in. So they get to keep the money and you get no benefit. You know, the point is called like, why would anybody want insurance that could cancel before they go? Yeah, yeah. And to make matters worse, I mean, they actually raise their prices every 3 to 5 years.

00:19:54:05 - 00:20:24:13

So what happens is they get you in cheap, you know, But as you become older and your income becomes more fixed, they keep raising their prices. So what I've seen is that most people don't actually outlive it. They cancel it because they can no longer afford it. So let me see here. It does look like the best company in your case is either going to be Gerber or Prosperity, depending on, you know, what comes back here. So, okay, so no matter what either one of them is there 30,000 or 25,000 respectively of coverage that you'd qualify for.

00:20:25:06 - 00:20:56:16

So I know you want to be the goal here, you know, for Mary just to be buried and hopefully leave a little money behind. So I'm completely confident that any of these plans will do that. My suggestion is that you pick the one that fits you best, so they're all going to do the job, but you want to do the one that just makes the most sense. And Claude, there is one additional discount that both of these companies offer. If you bank with one of their preferred banks or on the direct Express program, I can't apply that discount. So who do you like to bank with?

00:20:56:18 - 00:20:57:08


00:20:58:24 - 00:20:59:20

said to you.

00:21:01:24 - 00:21:03:24

You say like send fed. The credit union.

00:21:05:15 - 00:21:08:01

Said to you Credit union. Oh.

00:21:08:08 - 00:21:09:00

You okay.

00:21:10:21 - 00:21:13:03

Citizens Equity.

00:21:13:05 - 00:21:13:20


00:21:13:22 - 00:21:15:17

Gotcha. We've been with them a long time.

00:21:16:12 - 00:21:18:23

Yeah, two years. Okay.

00:21:19:24 - 00:21:22:09

Then. Like the last bank treating you bad.

00:21:24:24 - 00:21:26:21

Call. I have no idea, but.

00:21:27:01 - 00:21:50:01

Oh, okay. So, yeah, this one for two years. Gotcha. Uh, right. And another discount with that. And I'm sure you receive Social Security at 66, so that will be another discount as most of our clients are on fixed incomes. All right. So have several plans pulled up? What I'm going to have you do to simply grab a pen and paper and I'll go over these with you?

00:21:50:19 - 00:21:53:16

I don't have a paper available right now.

00:21:54:06 - 00:21:56:22

Okay. Well, where were you at? Yeah, not at home.

00:21:58:11 - 00:21:59:14

I'm at home in the bed.

00:21:59:22 - 00:22:01:04

Oh, okay. Gotcha.

00:22:02:02 - 00:22:03:05

I got Dallas tomorrow.

00:22:03:08 - 00:22:17:23

Yep. You said that Tuesdays. Okay. So maybe I can just. I just read this to you to make sure it's the right. Credit union. And that discount does apply. Is the routing number 271183701.

00:22:19:17 - 00:22:41:02

I think so. That sounds accurate. Okay. That's the only one. Like some banks have more than one, but that's the only one that comes up from Illinois. All right. So let's go over these together. So what I did. Let me run. I need to run prosperity, too, because I think it might be possible, but not thinking it is. But want to make sure Let's see what prosperity would be.

00:22:43:05 - 00:22:43:20

All right.

00:22:43:22 - 00:22:47:17

But you have a bank council. You get discount with Gerber or Prosperity.

00:22:49:08 - 00:22:51:09

All right. So let me change that out.

00:22:54:21 - 00:22:57:05

All right. Prosperity.

00:23:00:05 - 00:23:03:21

And thousand. 20,000 of thousands.

00:23:05:18 - 00:23:30:21

Okay. So that actually is pretty darn close. But Gerber does beat them out. They don't just insure children anymore. The long held secret that they insure adults as well. All right. So if you were going to do the Gerber, like the maximum with those guys is 25,000. At your age, you don't really need 25,000. They only recommend you have about 15. But I'd like to give everybody all their options here. Let's see here.

00:23:30:23 - 00:23:35:15

We're dreaming big. All right.

00:23:35:17 - 00:23:44:19

So, Claude, this is what we'd be going to marry. So if we did the maximum, the 25,000 is only two. 20. 23.

00:23:46:15 - 00:23:53:23

But if we do the 20,000. That's only one. 7637.

00:23:55:22 - 00:24:11:15

The 15,000 is only one 3251 And then you have the 10,000 which is only 8864. So out of those plans, Claude, which one would you want to leave for?

00:24:11:17 - 00:24:12:07


00:24:15:15 - 00:24:17:12

The lowest one for 88.

00:24:17:14 - 00:24:21:14

Okay, you're 66, so let's see here.

00:24:23:07 - 00:24:44:23

So that's about what they recommend. So that's not going to be problem at all. Okay. They base it on age, so it would be a Social Security. All right. So most people that I know on Social Security receive either their their benefits on the first the third or the second, third or fourth Wednesday. So when do you receive yours?

00:24:47:15 - 00:24:49:22

Well, the second. The Wednesday.

00:24:50:06 - 00:24:58:02

Second Wednesday. Okay. So the latest that can fall is the 14th. So that's what I'll put down here.

00:24:59:19 - 00:25:00:19

All right.

00:25:01:21 - 00:25:04:22

And Mary, you want Mary to be the only beneficiary?

00:25:06:04 - 00:25:07:09

Yes. Okay.

00:25:08:14 - 00:25:22:09

All right. So we're not going to set anything up until that day does come the 1214. And with, you know, Sifu, that is a preferred bank and the routing number is correct. What is the actual account number, Claud?

00:25:24:22 - 00:25:25:19

I don't know yet.

00:25:27:01 - 00:25:37:02

Yeah. What do you have? They should have given you, I mean, the least temporary checks or statement that that number would be on there. So you said the.

00:25:37:04 - 00:25:39:05

I don't have it. I don't have it available right now.

00:25:39:14 - 00:25:49:16

Okay. Still in the bed? Yeah, that makes sense. Let me see here. Well, then another way to get it is simply, you know, call them up f f credit union

00:25:52:05 - 00:25:56:12

they wanted to charge. Do you go to a you go to the branch in Springfield?

00:25:57:17 - 00:25:58:24

Yes. Okay.

00:26:00:21 - 00:26:02:18

Do you even have a bouncer?

00:26:03:18 - 00:26:08:07

Yeah, right. One on Iles Avenue, Dirksen Parkway or Lincolnshire?

00:26:10:13 - 00:26:11:03

Well, that's

00:26:12:17 - 00:26:13:12

the Dirksen.

00:26:13:21 - 00:26:15:19

Dirksen Parkway.

00:26:16:22 - 00:26:17:12


00:26:17:16 - 00:26:18:17

All right.

00:26:21:06 - 00:26:53:21

I would have to do this anyway. So you're saving me some time to verify the information. So what I'll do, Claude, I mean, it is your account, you know, because we're trying to set up something to protect Mary. I will let you do all the talking with those guys. So just conference them in. You just let them know what we're doing. Basically, we're just setting up a life insurance policy, you know, to protect Mary. They routing numbers already. Correct. So when I conference them in, I'll let you do the talking. You just tell them I'm just trying to set up a life insurance policy. I need my account number for my checking account.

00:26:53:23 - 00:26:58:04

Okay. Okay. All right. Let me conference these guys in.

00:27:03:13 - 00:27:04:03

All you.

00:27:08:07 - 00:27:11:09

Oh, my. About the story. Okay, so this.

00:27:11:11 - 00:27:15:07

Call may be monitored or recorded for quality and training purposes, and.

00:27:15:09 - 00:27:16:11

I'll wait right here for you.

00:27:16:13 - 00:27:18:03

Thank you for calling. Thank you.

00:27:19:17 - 00:27:22:15

But I'm not. Como Representante in Espanol. Oh, prima facie.

00:27:24:24 - 00:27:56:06

Based on estimated wait time, you may be given the option to select the callback. Please listen as our options have changed. First one. If you know your party's five digit extension. Press two To access Touchtone Teller. Press three. For assistance with online banking. Press four for your personal account balances to transfer between your own accounts or account histories such as deposits, withdrawals, payments and purchases. Press five To apply for an installment loan. Press seven for a home loan Information.

00:27:56:08 - 00:27:56:23

Did you press.

00:27:57:09 - 00:27:57:24


00:27:58:05 - 00:28:05:21

Questions about your card or debit card? Okay. Press zero. For all other inquiries. Press nine to repeat this menu.

00:28:06:03 - 00:28:07:15

Face this, press four. To

00:28:10:24 - 00:28:12:21

just kept going. So I was like, Well, all right.

00:28:16:21 - 00:28:21:18

When you call over there, I haven't called them in a long time because it usually pretty quick together.

00:28:22:04 - 00:28:30:11

That's the insight that started nearly 80 years ago. And it's the same business model, not a bank better that still works today.

00:28:30:23 - 00:28:39:07

All representatives are assistant members at this time. Please remain on the line. Your call will be answered in the order received. We appreciate your patience.

00:28:40:04 - 00:28:41:07

All thanks to you.

00:28:41:16 - 00:28:42:17

Thank you. Is federally.

00:28:42:19 - 00:28:44:17

Insured? You always lived in Chicago. Clyde

00:28:46:08 - 00:28:50:17

Springfield. Oh, okay. I'm sorry. You've always. Yeah. Have you always lived in Springfield, sir?

00:28:52:21 - 00:28:58:02

Oh, right. I'm gonna open up this application, get everything filled out so, you know, don't take up a ton of your time.

00:29:00:15 - 00:29:08:16

And this bank doesn't have ridiculously loud music, which is nice. Some of them are like Madonna as loud as possible.

00:29:08:18 - 00:29:09:08

That's you.

00:29:09:10 - 00:29:10:15

This is Courtney. How can I help you?

00:29:15:21 - 00:29:17:03

I said through the line.

00:29:19:01 - 00:29:20:00

That is called being.

00:29:21:09 - 00:29:22:11

How can I help you?

00:29:31:02 - 00:29:32:10

This one guy was on the line.

00:29:33:03 - 00:29:48:24

Oh, I'm sorry. Hey. Hey, Claude. Yeah, I'm still here with you. Uh, yes, Claude is on the phone. We're setting up a life insurance policy for him. He just needed to confirm his information to make sure that it's. The account is draftable.

00:29:51:10 - 00:29:53:04

Okay. Does he know his account number?

00:29:53:23 - 00:30:01:02

Uh, I think he has this routing, but he's in bed right now. He's got dialysis tomorrow. He needs to confirm. He needs to get that, too, if he's going to set this up.

00:30:01:18 - 00:30:05:19

I don't know, I. I mean, I know it, but I can't give him his account number over the phone.

00:30:06:04 - 00:30:07:05

Oh, well, he has.

00:30:07:07 - 00:30:12:06

All of his other pedigree information, you know, social, you know, address, phone number.

00:30:13:08 - 00:30:17:03

So first, security purposes for our policy. We don't give it out over the phone.

00:30:17:11 - 00:30:23:07

Okay. Well, he's not really capable of going coming into the branch. What other way could we do that?

00:30:24:18 - 00:30:30:09

It would be on one of his statements. If he has online banking, it'd be on there.

00:30:30:20 - 00:30:33:11

Uh, Claude, do you have any app or online banking?

00:30:36:06 - 00:30:38:11

I think. I think online banking.

00:30:38:19 - 00:30:40:14

Oh. Was it like an app on your phone?

00:30:44:07 - 00:30:48:23

Well, he can either log in through com or an app if he hasn't the app.

00:30:49:02 - 00:30:51:22

Okay. Well that might be the easiest way to do it then.

00:30:52:19 - 00:30:56:01

Yep. And then it's on. It'll show the account number on there and so on.

00:30:56:18 - 00:30:59:18

Okay. I'm sure I could walk him through that. That's not a problem.

00:31:00:08 - 00:31:02:07

Awesome. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

00:31:02:09 - 00:31:03:05

No problem.

00:31:08:18 - 00:31:09:18

Sorry, Claude. Are you still there?

00:31:10:21 - 00:31:11:19

Yes, sir.

00:31:11:21 - 00:31:14:17

Okay. All right.

00:31:15:15 - 00:31:16:19

Let's see here.

00:31:17:22 - 00:31:20:04

You said you have online banking. Okay.

00:31:23:12 - 00:31:24:02

Guess it's.

00:31:28:07 - 00:31:35:10

All right. And don't want to. Don't want to make it get out of bed. So I'm sure I can access this. So this is a personal checking account, right?

00:31:36:14 - 00:31:37:20

Yes. Okay.

00:31:38:24 - 00:31:45:00

And how do they use IDs over there? It's just first and last name or your email or how do they do it over there?

00:31:46:04 - 00:31:47:11

You got to show your ID.

00:31:48:24 - 00:31:54:00

Okay. No, I mean, like your the online banking. Like your your login ID.

00:31:56:01 - 00:31:56:21

I don't know.

00:31:57:18 - 00:32:05:13

Okay. I'm just trying to figure out what would be easiest for you. They are a credit union, so they usually give that information over the phone.

00:32:07:13 - 00:32:12:07

So I've done this a million times. So when you go to the website, the see,

00:32:13:23 - 00:32:28:02

the first thing that pops up is account login, and then you click online banking. So is that how you view your balance, Your balance? You just type in your login ID in here? Yeah. Okay. And what is the login ID?

00:32:28:16 - 00:32:31:10

I don't know. I don't know. I know none of that right now.

00:32:31:17 - 00:32:36:12

Oh, it's probably saved in your computer if it's like me. Like everything's saved because I can't remember anything.

00:32:36:14 - 00:32:39:00

So let's see here.

00:32:39:12 - 00:32:40:02


00:32:43:08 - 00:32:52:11

See. So those credit unions. Mean their numbers are usually pretty short. Um, did they give you a debit or a credit card with them?

00:32:55:14 - 00:33:01:07

Yeah, that's all in my wallet. My wallet is in the car. It's cold outside. I'm not getting out of bed right now.

00:33:01:09 - 00:33:03:02

No, it's like 32 degrees out, man.

00:33:05:12 - 00:33:06:12

Yeah, right.

00:33:07:03 - 00:33:18:09

So have most of this information here marries the beneficiary. The routing number is correct and verified that the only thing that need to put in here is the dialysis as a health concern.

00:33:19:05 - 00:33:22:02

571 60. Okay, I'll accept that.

00:33:24:12 - 00:33:27:03

I'm just trying to make it easy as possible for you.

00:33:29:21 - 00:33:33:04

And on your phone. Did you ever download? It's basically.

00:33:33:06 - 00:33:35:08

It'd be downloaded on his phone.

00:33:35:12 - 00:33:36:13

No. Okay.

00:33:38:23 - 00:33:39:13


00:33:41:09 - 00:33:43:15

Let me see if there's any other way to access it.

00:33:49:11 - 00:33:50:08


00:33:52:16 - 00:33:56:00

So be in the top right of your statement. So they're always.

00:33:56:12 - 00:34:00:10

That's what. Thought. They're only seven digits long for you.

00:34:03:18 - 00:34:05:04

All right. What I can do tomorrow.

00:34:05:06 - 00:34:08:04

What time is your dialysis appointment?

00:34:10:03 - 00:34:15:22

I just Go on. Go on. About 435. Okay. Get out by nine.

00:34:15:24 - 00:34:19:07

So long. Okay. That's a long one. Five hours long.

00:34:20:09 - 00:34:25:17

Can I call you before That appointment's at around three. That way you'll be up in about.

00:34:31:10 - 00:34:32:15

That should be about three.

00:34:33:04 - 00:34:33:19


00:34:34:04 - 00:35:01:01

All right. I will do that then, because mean there's no way to access it with this. I mean, if it's saved in your computer, that'd be the best way to do it. It's just simply going to be, you know, it'll automatically log in and I'm sure there's a card number or statement around there somewhere and we'll just get the information that way. And then I'm going to mail you the policy with Mary as a beneficiary, and then I'm going to call you when you get that, just to verify, you know, you like it and everything's all good. Okay. Okay. All right, Claude, I will.

00:35:01:03 - 00:35:02:13

Call you at.

00:35:02:15 - 00:35:03:18

3 p.m. tomorrow.

00:35:04:20 - 00:35:05:10

All right?

00:35:05:12 - 00:35:06:11

All right, buddy. Have a good day,

00:35:07:24 - 00:35:08:06


Watch the Full Video Here: Sales Call with Assumption

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