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Sale with SBC - Wesley and Ernie

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Sale with SBC - Wesley and Ernie

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As of this February, you guys were together almost 50 years. Yes. Can you. All right. So just really quick, could you give me some. What what would be the best advice you could give on that then, just out of making a relationship last that long?

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That's a really good question, guys. This is not taught. He just kind of trying to build rapport. And this works really well.

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Never going to bed mad at each other.

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Sorry. Somebody. Coming off mute.

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When you say those valves, they're meant to be kept. And I just believe that when you get married, it's forever.

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Wow. So, wow.

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I love them since I was 15 years old. Wow.

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Wow. That's beautiful.

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He was just 1 in 1,000,000. And my life has never been the same without him.

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Well, thank you for sharing that.

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Um, so as you're based on everything you've said to me, like you. So you just wanted to leave money for your grandson? Correct? Just to kind of bring it back?

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I just. I just wanted him to have some, uh, in case something happened to me. I wanted him to have insurance for him to be covered.

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That's beautiful. Um,

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how much were you trying to leave him?

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I don't know, sir. I just. I just. Just too many things have been going on right now, and I've been having insurance companies call me every day, every morning, every night and all over. And one insurance company, another insurance. Medicare. Over and over and over and over. And this insurance is the best for you.

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It's better than that other one. And then I wanted it where I don't have any bills to pay as far as medical bills. And what do I do now? I have a bill for over $100 from my heart doctor, which I've never had to pay before. So you can't even anymore you can't trust who you're talking to. Well, ma'am, it is just, you know.

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Well, I just want to say, like, I completely understand that. And I agree that that is a lot. But that's not us in our company. And it's for sure not me. Like I said, we're a consultant firm. So my goal is to for sure make sure that I'm giving you the best plan for you that is affordable. I'm not trying to steal money or anything like that from you. And like I said, I want to make.

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Probably don't need to do all that mean she kind of like already he already differentiated himself by, uh, just speaking pleasantly with her instead of telling her a bunch of nonsense about insurance. And, um, you know, we're better than that, blah, blah. So. But, I mean, that's fine. This is. She likes everything he's saying. And, you know, everybody's going to do their own thing. It's not something I would say, but it doesn't matter. Whatever works for you is what you should, you know, go with that.

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Get your grandson covered. Um, because you you sound like you're a very wonderful woman and you're admirable for trying to do this.

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You weren't able to.

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So based off of everything that you said, a whole life policy is definitely the perfect fit for you. Let me tell you why. Um, first, give me one second. Hold on. I'm having a little issue on my screen.

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Now he is communicating with me directly. We both muted ourselves so we could talk to me through Zoom. And he was asking basically, do I just start right there? Where? First in your life services.

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First, your life services works with many reputable insurance companies. Like I said, as it quickly growing company, we've made many insurance companies design products specifically for our customers unique situations. They must be state and federally regulated and backed by the government. So there are state approved whole life plans, which means the premiums will never go up and the benefits never go down, which makes sure that your beneficiary won't have to suddenly come up with a wheelbarrow of cash. Of course, your grandson couldn't do that. The benefit paid to your family is 100% tax free, and unlike most companies, they pay out immediately.

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We require an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. Are you are you with me so far?

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Yes. Yes.

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Okay. Sandra, so now that you've told me a lot about yourself and why this is important to you, because it's it's amazing what you're doing right now. What I want to do now is take some time and ask you some health questions. Whenever you look at a life insurance policies that pay for final expense, you always want to be asked health questions because it allows you to get a better plan and rate. Okay. Um, I've been doing this a long time, so I don't need to read every question off in the application. I know what company would be best by asking a few general questions. Does that sound fair enough to you?

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Okay. Okay. So do you smoke?

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No. Okay.

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Used to. I did 1995 and had a heart attack. And I quit when the doctors told me if I didn't quit, then I wouldn't live long enough to enjoy life. So I quit.

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Okay. Okay. Um, give me one second.

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Okay. So this is what's important with this. He is going through the health questions. He's trying his very best to find the right company for her. She was a little more difficult than usual because even me listening and telling them, telling them what I thought, I'm like, well said, she's got a medtronic machine that's sending data. She scans herself, sends it to her doctor somehow. I've never even heard of that. And was like, okay. So I tried to get a little information on that, but I just wanted to hop in here because that's what I advise people who just started obviously want to try to get as far as you can, and if your is not available, then great, just continue on through because all I do and I do want you guys to see that the only thing I do is when I take over the call, like, like for most of it here is I am going to do the exact same thing every time.

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All I did was take over the call and then read all of these things again, like just just verbatim everything. So let me see where if I can find that to me.

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So there hasn't.

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Been any problems. Okay, that week.

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It's okay. I believe it's Trulicity. Six minutes of health Smith.

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Okay. Hey, Sandra, How are you doing okay.

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With Sandra Smith. Okay. This shot.

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It doesn't go in my stomach. It's not.

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So she was.

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All over the place, so I told Wesley just to let me come on earlier than I normally would.

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So think I'll come in.

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About a minute.

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It's still new.

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I've only still trying to get as much information.

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About the diabetes for about the second week.

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It's okay. I believe it's Trulicity. That sounds about right.

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Okay. Um.

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Is there anything you're taking for your heart?

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Yeah, but I can't even think offhand where. What it is.

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Yep. All right. Bye bye.

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Oh, just a minute. And I can.

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Just name them all.

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Okay. Excuse me, ma'am. You don't have to stress about it. I have a senior coordinator that's actually really good at being able to name these type of medications off the top of his head with the little descriptions you're giving. So what I can do is I can go ahead and let him come on to the call and he can help you a little further with this. Okay.

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And I told him to bring me on because I can we can communicate to people, you know, without her.

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Knowing that to make this easier.

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And I just didn't know how to run around more. She had to put her phone down and running around like six times to go find new medications or whatever. And I'm like, okay, let's just figure this out. Hey, Wesley, how's it going?

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Pretty good, man. How are you doing?

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I am doing well. Who are we speaking with today?

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We're speaking with Sandra Smith.

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Okay. Hey, Sandra. How are you doing?

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Oh, it sounds like you have her on a mission to get the medications. Yeah.

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Three, four, five pills a day.

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Hey, Sandra introduced you.

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Day and night. That's all I take.

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Sandra, I'm going to introduce you to my senior advisor right now. He's going to go ahead and go over the medications with you. His name is Ernest. Um.

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Hi. Hi.

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Hey, Sandra. How are you doing?

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Sandra, can you hear me? All right, So she's still wandering around looking for stuff, so I'm going to try to skip her now. And he was telling me that you can't you don't have to go find all your medications because I've been doing this a really long time, so I can probably name a lot of the medications. I know all about that Medtronic device, essentially, essentially just sending information to your doctor to let them know if anything is, you know, awry. A little different or wrong.

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That's right. And something's wrong, then they don't get.

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Right, which.

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Is such a good point. Like, um, while you're learning medications and you're starting Googling all medications and then, you know, just Googling them enough, eventually you're going to know what a lot of the main ones are and being able to tell people what they're taking stuff for increases your trust by a factor of ten. It's like, oh, you know, I got a cholesterol pill. Yeah. And then statin. Yeah. Is it low level statin is a addressed and Okay I'm on a blood pressure pill or is that like lisinopril amlodipine or then the big motor. Just those little things make a huge difference to people right.

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Back to me. And if it's something that's serious and they automatically call an ambulance to, you know, come for me, but there's nothing like that going on.

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Gotcha. Do you have like a nurse that comes to your house and helps you with anything?

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No, no, I don't need anything like that. Except that's just a health nurse.

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Just asking because I want to make sure if she's got a nurse. ADLs needs assistance with daily living activities that need to go to Gerber.

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You? My insurance has to come, um, once every six months or something like that. And they do their urine and their blood and that, you know, it's just, it's nothing serious I've lived with.

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So yeah.

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Technology is amazing. It makes it a lot easier if they can just send some info to the doctor and basically tell you, hey, you got this going on or you don't have this going on. Um, so he mentioned, so he mentioned, yeah, Trulicity is probably the medication that you're doing like once a week shot. It's a new one. And then metformin is pretty common. Like everybody said, my mom's had metformin. Everybody's taking that chance is another one. That's fine. And did you, uh, do you ever take anything for, like, called gabapentin or.