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Role Playing Intro Objections

Watch the Full Video Here: Role Playing Intro Objections

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All right, so.

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Some of the objections that you'll get. Let's just listen, because we'll just do this systematically. Um, like in the intro, what are you getting the most?

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Like I already know some of them. I'm not interested.

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Yeah. Don't remember putting the request in. Right. Or already have it.

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Have I already took care of that or whatever? Or like, you know, that's when I know they're lying. So your scam

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phone disconnected. Yeah, well, can't do anything about that. Like, they have to be speaking to me. I already take care of it. I'm not interested. Um, who is this here? That a lot.

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How about you? A scam.

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Yeah, I was just being funny.

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No, like,

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disconnected. No, I'm kidding, Pat. Uh, all right. So almost always in your guys's intro. So what I do here are pauses that don't need to be there. That's the number one thing. So I'm just going to give you the intro. So it's like, Hey, Bob, how's everything been going out there in Toledo? Okay, pretty good. Okay. And they say terrible. Whatever. It doesn't matter. I'm bad. Okay, well, that's better than terrible. So, Bob, my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason for the call is you had spoken with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for Florida.

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My job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So let me just confirm this information you gave our rep. So you see how there's there's little tiny pauses, but they're not like you can't let them have an opportunity to speak right there. You guys know why?

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Because that's an insert. Whatever their excuse is going to be.

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Insert their excuses. They feel like they're in control of the call now, so they just take over from you. And once you lose control, especially if it's in the beginning, you're done. I mean, you really are. It's like almost like, I wish I had the phone. I could just put it down like, all right, that wasn't that great. So we're going to move on to the next person. So. So whenever. So I wanted to do it a couple times. Katie, you're having the most success so far with your group here. So can I give you a couple and we'll just play play around just and then we can always break out and do it with anybody.

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Okay. She's just sitting down. So my bad. You're off mute or you're on mute.

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Dang. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yes. What did you say? Sorry. I was just getting, like, everything.

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Okay, so. So we're just doing some introduction rebuttals. I heard a few of your calls. You're getting fairly good at it as far as just ignoring. I mean, your. Your first rebuttal isn't even a real rebuttal. It's just blowing off whatever they said. So and think you've kind of you haven't mastered, nobody's mastered it. But, um, so if I say to you, like, you want to give me your intro, I'll just. Yeah, I'll just do a good example.

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Yeah. Um, hold on.

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Sorry. Gotta get my head so really quick, so that's okay. Like, Hey, Ernest, how are you doing today?

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Uh, going. Okay. Who's this?

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This is Katherine. I'm calling from Senior Life Services. I just realized that you have put in a request for. It's either the web request or a call request. I'm sorry. I'm not good at this role playing stuff, but.

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And it's okay, guys. Like, I. I'm one of the few people that didn't roleplay too much either. I'm like, whatever, I'll just practice on the clients. So it's like. And if you're calling a bunch of leads, it doesn't matter. We don't nobody is sitting there like, What are you doing? Not closing these people you're burning leads in. Like, let's treat everybody like they're going to be a sale. And, you know, because I heard a lot of, you know, dropping motivation in the intro mean really can't eventually it's going to be systemized and you're not even going to be thinking about it.

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Uh, but let's do that one more time. Now that you're you're sitting there relaxed. Okay, so give me the intro. Ring. Ring, ring. Hello?

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Hey, Ernest. How are you doing today?

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I'm doing okay. Who's this?

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This is Katherine. I'm calling from Senior Life Services. We have got a request for me. Don't have my script, Ernie. Hold on.

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I'm sorry. I already took care of that.

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Oh, okay. Um, we also do policy reviews over here as well. Who do you have coverage with? Okay, that actually bites me in the butt, because they're like, don't want to tell you that.

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That is not how I would do that. Okay, Um, so this is going to be one that's often like already took care of it. You're going to hear that a lot and a lot of the time it's going to be just a simple I already took care of it as very easy way to get somebody off the phone. It's like, okay, well, my guess by I mean, that's not a good rebuttal. It's like, okay, a lot of people that I talked to already do have coverage. Is that something that you took out a while back or is that been a while or. I'm sorry, has that been pretty recent? Even if you mess up, they understand what you meant. So that would be your very first question to that one, simply because that's not that hard to answer.

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So you want to you don't want to go straight to. Oh, yeah. Who's that with how much you're paying. Like you see how that's just like invasive. But if you're like, Yeah, if you're like, well okay, a lot of people that I've talked to already do have coverage. Is this just for additional coverage or were you looking to see if there was a better rate out there? You see how questions always shut everybody down like you can. Let's ask questions. Okay. Um. Yeah. So that one. So that one is really it's going to happen a lot. So if you can remember those two things.

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Okay. Is that something you took out a while back or has that been pretty recent? Okay. Like if it's been pretty recent. Okay. It's probably one of the companies we represent. Who did you go with? See how that the first question is not that invasive and now can now they don't feel like bad about it. And the fact that I'm saying it's probably one of the companies we represent makes them feel better.

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And then, like I actually did on Cam, I still have to send you this, but the flowchart with that objection is essentially okay. You know, I want to get an answer. Either has to be, you know, always talk about, you know, we have to establish the goal of the policy. So I need an answer to that question. Is this for additional or is this just for, uh, you know, trying to get a better rate if they don't have a good answer to that? Okay. So what were you trying to get to? Like how much coverage were you trying to get to total? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So you have the 10,000. You were looking for another ten. Okay. Yeah. You set that up ten years ago. Well, then we're not going to mess with that.

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We'll just see about the other ten. See how it's just a back and forth and all you're. All you're doing is just having a conversation and solving the problem. But, Moses, why don't you give me your intro?

00:06:55:14 - 00:06:58:03

Hey there, Ernest. How's everything been out there in Vero Beach?

00:06:58:14 - 00:07:01:11

Nah, it's okay. Little rainy today. It looks like it's going to rain.

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Oh, a little rainy.

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Who's this looking the same out here, too. Yo, my name is Moses with Senior Life Services. Ernest. The reason for my call today is because you were recently speaking to one of my company's representatives in regards to state regulated life and burial insurance programs for Florida.

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Think already took care of that. Oh, that's.

00:07:22:19 - 00:07:25:12

Great. I'm glad to hear this is something you did recently.

00:07:26:04 - 00:07:32:11

Uh, no. It's been, I think had that for like ten years now. Oh, okay. Probably don't really need. Yeah, don't really need this.

00:07:32:22 - 00:07:37:07

Oh, okay. So it's probably one of the companies you work with. Who would you end up getting the coverage through?

00:07:37:21 - 00:07:39:19

Uh, it's Humana.

00:07:40:05 - 00:07:45:12

Humana? Okay. Yeah, we. We normally do business with them. How much coverage were you able to get?

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Uh, I don't know. They're sending me a letter, and they said that they would, you know, cover me.

00:07:51:09 - 00:07:56:21

Okay. At the time, was it to just handle the burial expenses or were you looking to leave a little money behind for your family as well?

00:07:57:09 - 00:08:03:02

Uh, both. I mean, that was my my goal. Like, I'm not sure. I don't think they ever sent me the paperwork. I mean, don't have it.

00:08:03:24 - 00:08:04:20

You don't have it?

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Okay. See, well, I'm with Senior Life Services, Ernie. We're a life insurance consulting firm. My job is to go. Okay, That's.

00:08:12:23 - 00:08:14:19

Benefit. See? That's good. That's good.

00:08:15:19 - 00:08:17:10

Yeah, I'm coming back. The feedback is bad.

00:08:17:12 - 00:08:18:02

That's bad.

00:08:18:04 - 00:08:20:05

Isn't Humana health insurance?

00:08:20:07 - 00:08:33:03

Yes. I was going to see if he would picked up on that, but no. Yeah. Humana's health insurance. We actually talked to somebody the other day. All right, Uh. Cam tram. Let's go. Let me hear the intro.

00:08:39:16 - 00:08:40:10

You're still on mute.

00:08:42:24 - 00:08:45:22

No, you got me on the spot. Do not like this.

00:08:46:17 - 00:08:50:07

That's good, though. That's going to push you out of your comfort zone, and nobody's judging you.

00:08:51:19 - 00:08:52:17

Hello, Ernie?

00:08:52:23 - 00:08:54:04

Yes. Sorry.

00:08:54:11 - 00:08:55:03

Hi, Ernie.

00:08:55:05 - 00:08:57:05

How are you doing today? Over there at the very beach?

00:08:57:13 - 00:08:59:12

Oh, things are okay. Who's this?

00:08:59:18 - 00:09:08:07

Well, at least it's not terrible. This is Cam Tran from Senior Life Services. Okay. I'm stuck there. I need to read the script.

00:09:11:00 - 00:09:13:04

Okay. Thank you. Next.

00:09:13:19 - 00:09:17:00

Okay. Uh, Nikki.

00:09:17:03 - 00:09:18:23

Oh, All right. So, Nikki, what I'm doing.

00:09:19:17 - 00:09:22:10

You had me stuck.

00:09:23:06 - 00:09:32:05

So what I'm doing with everybody is just. We're going to role play like, intros, Like, I'm just being very hard on everybody. So I'm just picking up your turn.

00:09:32:11 - 00:09:35:00

It's your turn to go to one.

00:09:35:09 - 00:09:47:05

All right. So hammer. These are the these are the objections. Who is this? Already took care of it. Not interested. You know, just like, give me the intro and just do that.

00:09:51:14 - 00:09:57:07

So who is next? I'm going to go over there. Uh. Who off phones. You close that one.

00:10:00:03 - 00:10:01:05

No, not yet. Okay.

00:10:01:14 - 00:10:02:04


00:10:02:10 - 00:10:12:20

He's super secretive. Uh, everything's kind of sketchy. Last insurance. His sister, he put on his sister's debit card. He's like. He doesn't want any money tied back to him. So it was just.

00:10:13:15 - 00:10:14:05


00:10:15:23 - 00:10:18:09

Okay, so I'll leave here. I'm going to go over.

00:10:20:07 - 00:10:26:03

Might just join on my phone so that we don't mess up this. All right, guys. I'll let you guys. Nikki, nail it.

00:10:27:15 - 00:10:31:00

So Ernie was doing, like, rebuttals and playing?

00:10:31:15 - 00:10:57:10

Yeah, we're just having fun. All right, So have them give you their intro and then hammer them with objections in the intro. Okay, because that's the only way we're doing shock therapy here. It's like these people are all either lying to us. It's. It's not a scam. Uh, they didn't already take care of it. And if they did, then. Great. We're going to find out. But we're going to be able to get through these initial bullshit objections. So that's our goal.

00:10:58:10 - 00:10:59:16

Okay. All right.

00:11:00:04 - 00:11:03:24

All right. So pretty much think he was just messing with Cam.

00:11:06:04 - 00:11:07:17

So, Jacob, are you there?

00:11:10:10 - 00:11:11:18

Hey, good morning, Justin.

00:11:12:06 - 00:11:13:17

Hey, good morning. How are you doing?

00:11:13:19 - 00:11:28:08

I got taken out of the meeting this morning either. Oh, cool. Just was talking to a gentleman and got a lot of information from him. He's really interested in getting a $30,000 policy, and he was just checking into a hotel, so he said, call him back in 30 minutes.

00:11:29:10 - 00:11:30:03

Oh, okay.

00:11:30:05 - 00:11:45:03

Yeah, it was a good lead. I'm going to start the day off with him. Got his bank information, got all the information. Got a lot of information from him. Question for you after we're done with the meeting is just uploading this whole thing because I completely forgot adding it all into my vanilla, so.

00:11:45:17 - 00:11:51:17

Okay. All right. No problem. And then, um. Hey, Catherine. How are you doing? Katie?

00:11:53:04 - 00:11:54:05

Hey, Nikki. I'm good.

00:11:54:07 - 00:11:57:07

You're good? Yeah. Play with you. Yeah.

00:11:57:22 - 00:11:59:08

He did. Please don't.

00:12:00:17 - 00:12:04:21

Don't be like that. Joey? Joey, How you doing, Joey?

00:12:05:19 - 00:12:06:13

I'm doing great.

00:12:07:06 - 00:12:09:02

Yeah. You want to play?

00:12:09:04 - 00:12:09:19


00:12:09:21 - 00:12:18:14

Absolutely. Okay, so I'm just jumping in after coming off of a meeting, so just, like, warm me up, too. So let's. Let's go. Hello?

00:12:19:12 - 00:12:21:16

Hello? Is this Nikki?

00:12:22:04 - 00:12:23:07

Yes, this is her.

00:12:23:09 - 00:12:43:13

Hey, Nikki, it's Joey from over here at Senior Life Benefits. I'm calling you back because you recently spoke with one of our state licensed field underwriters regarding the 2023 state approved final expense plans that you may qualify for here in Michigan. Now, Nikki, I noticed that we did not get you qualified. The last time we spoke. Are you still a resident of Michigan?

00:12:44:11 - 00:12:46:11

Uh, yes. I'm still a resident of Michigan.

00:12:46:13 - 00:12:52:23

Okay, great. Nikki, to see what program you may be eligible for. I need your age, please. And then I'll just go from there.

00:12:53:05 - 00:12:55:24

I kind of. I already have some coverage in place.

00:12:56:11 - 00:13:05:22

Oh, great. Well, thank you for sharing that with me, Nikki, This is just an informational call now to see what program you may be eligible for. I need your age, please.

00:13:07:12 - 00:13:10:01

I'm just. I'm just not really that interested.

00:13:10:11 - 00:13:24:24

Okay. All right. Um, thank you again for sharing that with me. This will only take just a few moments, I promise you. And this is just an informational call, and I can just get that information out to you once we verify what you. What you need.

00:13:26:13 - 00:13:27:03


00:13:29:01 - 00:13:30:16

All right, all right, all right.

00:13:31:00 - 00:14:00:08

So for that one, it's like I already have coverage. Like, for me, when I tell them is like. Like I'll be like, Hey, I completely understand that you already have something in place, and I'm so happy for you. Most of the people I talked to already have coverage in place, but they find this information very valuable. And then I move and then I move on and then say, Let me just confirm the information that you gave my representative. But I like that way too. Joey So that works great. So. And then. What's up, Moses? What are you doing?

00:14:02:10 - 00:14:04:16

I'm doing good. Are we doing intros?

00:14:04:24 - 00:14:11:05

I don't know. Guess. I guess we're doing intros. I'm just popping in. We're earning left off. He kind of threw me blind here, but let's go.

00:14:12:00 - 00:14:13:14

Oh, you already picked on that. But.

00:14:14:03 - 00:14:17:06

Oh, are you. Are you calling me or am I calling you?

00:14:18:06 - 00:14:19:24

I'm calling or you're calling me.

00:14:20:06 - 00:14:23:02

Oh, hey there, Nikki. How's everything been out there in Vero Beach?

00:14:23:16 - 00:14:24:22

Oh, it's been going good.

00:14:25:03 - 00:14:28:08

That's good. I'm glad to hear you guys having good weather out there today.

00:14:29:05 - 00:14:31:07

Yeah, the weather is fine. Who's this?

00:14:31:17 - 00:15:04:13

Perfect. Well, my name is Moses with Senior Life Services. Nike. The reason for my call is because you were recently speaking with one of my company's representatives in regards to state regulated life and burial insurance programs for Florida. My job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions that you may have. I'd like to confirm the information left off to make sure I'm speaking to the right person, blah, blah, blah. So I'm with Senior Life Services, Nikki. We're a life insurance consulting firm. My job is to. Which means we work for our clients, not one particular insurance company.

00:15:04:15 - 00:15:14:14

We partnered up with the top carriers around the US and my job is to figure out who would be offering you the lowest rates as well as the best benefits with your current age and health. Are you with me on that?

00:15:15:07 - 00:15:17:10

Um, I don't really remember doing that.

00:15:17:24 - 00:15:26:17

Oh, that's not a problem. We was done a pretty recently here. Um, I'd be surprised if you do remember, actually. What's this? Big coverage just for yourself today?

00:15:28:02 - 00:15:30:06

And you said this is for what kind of insurance.

00:15:30:23 - 00:15:36:06

For life and burial insurance. So you had your daughter here listed to be the beneficiary for you. Is that still correct?

00:15:37:02 - 00:15:39:10

But yeah, my daughter would be my beneficiary.

00:15:39:15 - 00:15:43:10

Perfect. Do you currently have any life insurance in place, or would this be your first plan for you?

00:15:44:05 - 00:15:46:10

No, I don't have any life insurance right now.

00:15:46:22 - 00:15:53:14

Oh, okay. Okay. So would this be covers to just handle the burial expenses or were you looking to leave a little money behind for the family as well?

00:15:54:07 - 00:15:57:22

Um, probably burial expenses and leave a little bit of money behind.

00:15:58:08 - 00:16:02:02

Okay. See? Have you ever have. Oh, okay. Thanks.

00:16:02:04 - 00:16:03:09

Yeah, that was good.

00:16:03:13 - 00:16:04:04

So I was gonna.

00:16:04:06 - 00:16:05:12

Try and sell you, but. Okay.

00:16:06:20 - 00:16:20:08

He was like, I was gonna try to sell you the whole time. So I know that Ernie was doing the segue here. It's showing that it's still being recorded. I don't know how to stop recording it, but, um. But I just wanted to talk a little bit about what we talked about.

00:16:20:10 - 00:16:21:09

Are you Nikki?

00:16:22:02 - 00:16:31:04

Oh, I'm doing good. Thank you so much. Um, I wanted to talk about just a little bit of stuff about eastex. And as far as collecting.

00:16:32:17 - 00:16:33:09

What's up, Nate?

00:16:34:04 - 00:16:35:10

I like you. Checks.

00:16:36:13 - 00:17:10:14

Yeah. So just want to talk about a little bit about each and trying to get them to pay up front because the persistence to the client and keeping them on the books is a lot better if you can get them to do an E check and to pay immediately. So a lot of times I know in the script we default to do you get your benefits on the first of the third of the month or the second, third or fourth Wednesday. So I just wanted to reiterate there that it's good if you can get them to pay immediately whether they have a waiting period or not, because the chances of them having that money right away are a lot better than them not.

00:17:10:16 - 00:17:40:17

And then you'll increase your money that you'll get weekly on your paychecks, too, if you write checks. So it's really important to write the checks. It's 9:00, so I know that Ernie was doing the rebuttal. We were doing the rebuttal training. I was just filling and doing a little filibuster there while we did the meeting. But I think that we should all break off and start dialing and use the sbcs and everything as much as we possibly can. We're in a competition and it's never over.

00:17:40:18 - 00:17:53:14

It's not over until the fat lady sings and nobody's singing and nobody's fat. So we got this and we could do this. So I know some people are having some monster days and some people are preparing for some monster days.

00:17:55:14 - 00:18:01:17

Then. Anybody have any questions or anything? No, Jacob. I know. Got to help you with something. And Chris needs help with the application to.

00:18:02:12 - 00:18:03:14

Have a question. Mikey.

00:18:03:23 - 00:18:04:16

Yeah. What's up?

00:18:05:09 - 00:18:21:16

So whenever, like, say, you go to the rebuttal of, like, you know, is not even the rebuttal, but you ask them, so is this must be for additional coverage or you just trying to find a better rate and then they're like, neither I'm just not interested. Is there anything you could say at that point? Or is that kind of just like a done deal?

00:18:22:09 - 00:18:33:14

Well, I'm very curious when I talked to them. So I come off as like, hey, you know, hey, Donald, you know, this is Nicole Mills or, you know, how are you doing? You know, how are you doing? You know, like, I'm doing fine.

00:18:33:17 - 00:18:35:00

What's that you want to do? You want to.

00:18:35:02 - 00:18:43:06

Try and say, okay, so I'll just do a script. I'll just do what you call it, a policy review for you then, and then ask them about the coverage. If they say the one either.

00:18:44:00 - 00:18:44:15


00:18:45:10 - 00:19:24:23

Right. Because if they because if you if you get to the point of the script and you're looking at your script and it says in there, that's great. It's probably one of the companies we represent, or this must just be for additional cover. You're trying to get a better rate. And they tell, you know, you could right there. It just gives you time and be like, okay, well, let me just at least do my due diligence here and find out exactly what it is that you currently have, because not all life insurance are the same. So how long ago did you take that out? So they could have been like, I took that out 20 years ago and then you could open more questions there and be like, okay, well, let me just ask you, is it a whole life? Is it a term or you're not too sure because you haven't looked at it in a while.

00:19:25:03 - 00:19:51:04

And a lot of times I'd be like, I haven't looked at that thing in a while. It's been tucked away. So a lot of times you may be able to schedule a policy review there. But for me, when they're like, I already have coverage, I'm like, That's great. You know, most people I talked to, they already have some type of life insurance coverage in place. Usually they're just looking to add on to what they currently have because what they took out years ago is no longer enough or it doesn't fit their needs anymore. And now we have another programs that are available.

00:19:51:20 - 00:20:11:10

Okay. Sorry for cutting you off as well. Always do that. But so another question bouncing off of that is what if they're like, I have a sufficient amount of coverage and they really do. It's whole life. They've had it for a while. They have a good rate and there's really nothing else you can do. They don't want to add extra. You can't replace it with anything. You just tell them.

00:20:11:12 - 00:20:18:03

Like, yeah, at that point, then it would just be just the dial. Okay, so when are you going to be a presentation.

00:20:18:05 - 00:20:26:00

Or you're going to be burdened with taking care of? Call for a referral. It's a hard, long shot, but something like Henry went over in the morning.

00:20:26:02 - 00:20:27:18

Yeah, that's a.

00:20:27:20 - 00:20:28:14

Good one. Okay.

00:20:29:12 - 00:20:31:01

Are you going to get stuck with the billboard?

00:20:31:21 - 00:21:01:21

Okay. Right. You can always pivot back to the to if they're like, Hey, I already have life insurance in place. I don't need anything. Like, okay, well, is there anyone else in the home that whenever you did put this request then that you were thinking about that currently doesn't have life insurance coverage in place? Okay. Because we usually ask them, is this just for for. Are you looking for benefits just for yourself or for someone else as well? So that comes before the already have coverage situation. So like Jacob said, that was a great example.

00:21:01:23 - 00:21:19:18

Great Jacob, great job there. You can ask them now that you already have your life insurance coverage in place and you are proactive about it, who do you know that is uninsured that may need this protection that you might be stuck with their final arrangements? Open, that might open up a way to get some referrals.

00:21:20:05 - 00:21:25:08

Yeah, struggle with asking for referrals. So that is actually like, I like that. I'm going to start using that.

00:21:25:17 - 00:21:43:15

Yeah. And anyone who does give us referrals, we can give them up to a free $5,000 worth of accidental death and dismemberment as a thank you for each referral, they can get up to $1,000 and that's good for a year. And then they can give us referrals every year and we can keep redoing that.

00:21:44:04 - 00:21:45:03

How do we do that?

00:21:46:02 - 00:22:09:07

That's something that's done on the Wacom. You just go directly to the website and there is a spot here. I'll share my screen and it says and request. Okay. Obviously timed out, but a request and then it'll have you put the. Person's name and their phone number.

00:22:10:24 - 00:22:30:23

And then also it'll have you put some information about who. So whenever they're getting the free accidental death, if you didn't make a sale, but they gave you referrals, they still have to give you their social. And a beneficiary for that accidental policy. But they'll do it for some free coverage.

00:22:31:00 - 00:22:38:06

So know for sure. And is that what any of the companies like? Does it matter what company that's for? Or it's like, that's just from our company. They're doing that.

00:22:39:02 - 00:22:48:08

It's something Pioneer does so but I've written people of Gerber and then gotten five referrals and sent them a free 5000 an accidental with Pioneer.

00:22:48:23 - 00:22:50:21

Okay, gotcha. Yeah.

00:22:50:23 - 00:22:54:02

So that's again right there, just under a request.

00:22:54:24 - 00:22:56:01

Okay. Thank you.

00:22:56:09 - 00:23:09:03

Yeah, no problem. Thank you for explaining that. Didn't realize I'm going to get a lot more. Didn't realize how simple that was. Because that's similar to the accidental death coverage these companies are selling, right? Like Globe and all. It sounds like that.

00:23:11:04 - 00:23:13:09

But that's something that last.

00:23:13:11 - 00:23:14:11

For only a year.

00:23:14:19 - 00:23:20:01

Yeah, it lasts for only a year. It's a free 5000 per month of accidental death and dismemberment.

00:23:20:24 - 00:23:21:14


00:23:22:11 - 00:23:32:07

Yeah, but it's good for up to a year. And then if they give you more referrals the next year, then you can sign them up again for it. So it's really it's really good to have their.

00:23:34:02 - 00:23:53:09

Very well. It's funny. I have a quick question. I spent a lot of time talking to two folks this week and they both got declined. One guy had Parkinson's, forgot to tell me he had also cancer. And another woman, the same thing. She has multiple cancers. So my question to you is, could I switch them both to Gerber? Or attempt to.

00:23:54:12 - 00:24:01:19

Well, if the cancer has been over two years, you could try prosperity term. You know, if you want to if you want.

00:24:02:01 - 00:24:05:03

For both of them were very recent within this 22.

00:24:05:05 - 00:24:15:02

Yeah. Then you're going to you're going to go ahead and do Gerber for both. Yeah. Unfortunately there's nothing. So you were able to call the line Patriots line and they told you why?

00:24:15:15 - 00:24:20:08

Yeah. Remember yesterday you gave me the line, Not patriot. It was the other one.

00:24:23:04 - 00:24:52:08

And they told me he has they gave him a not testosterone. And then they said, yeah, a lot of men take testosterone. And they said, well, testosterone from an oncologist that he's got. He filled his prescription three months ago from an oncologist for testosterone, and that's a symptom of cancer. Mm. So I'll confirm it right now. Hopefully you're just taking touch from everyone. But they said once an oncologist involved that it's to stop cancers.

00:24:53:07 - 00:25:05:04

Yeah. If he if it's just a star strong and patriots just being weird and there's no cancer or is being weird and there's no cancer. So it's not.

00:25:06:14 - 00:25:07:22

It's not patriot because.

00:25:07:24 - 00:25:09:24

American guide star he's.

00:25:10:01 - 00:25:14:22

Diagnosed with Parkinson's 2 or 3 years ago. So we went with.

00:25:16:07 - 00:25:17:17

The GuideStar product.

00:25:18:06 - 00:25:19:07

The Patriot product.

00:25:20:00 - 00:25:28:24

Oh, okay. Patriot Standard. Yes. Yeah. You can always try standard plus with Pioneer if things don't check out. Oh.

00:25:30:13 - 00:25:33:11

Because they'll be good with the Parkinson's patient.

00:25:33:19 - 00:25:43:24

They'll be good with the Parkinson's for Standard Plus, but not with cancer. But if he doesn't have cancer, if you call him back and he's like, don't have cancer, you know, then would go standard plus before Gerber.

00:25:44:07 - 00:25:47:05

Okay, let me find out. His wife is not cool.

00:25:47:09 - 00:25:49:07

Ernie You could stop the recording if you want.

Watch the Full Video Here: Role Playing Intro Objections

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