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Ricky Freeman SBC Sale Call

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Ricky Freeman SBC Sale Call

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All right. So we'll start this call review just from the beginning. So it's 35 minutes, 45 seconds, and we should be able to get through it by 915.

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Hey, Timothy. How's everything in Streamwood?

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Glad to hear Timothy. My name is Ricky. I'm. I'm here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because we recently spoken to one of our representatives about a life insurance program for Illinois. So my job is just to go over those benefits and answer any questions that you may have.

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It's a good idea to like if you are sitting in front of the computer and you're listening to the call, and if you're not familiar with like the rapid rate, it's a good idea to follow along and maybe try to do it on your screen if you can.

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Yeah, that'd be a really good idea. And then, you know, you're only hearing audio, so you can make this much smaller and actually manipulate your screen a lot easier. Right?

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Take notes or something.

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And what's the rapid rate?

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That's on the way where you pull up the the rates.

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Oh, rapid rate. Okay. Yeah, the quotes. Yeah.

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I see. We have you at the 48 Evergreen Drive.

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What company is this?

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A senior life services. I'm actually a broker and I work with other over 8 to 12 different companies.

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Do you see that silence? You see that silence there? You gotta fill that. You got to fill that gap. Uh, so, I mean, this is for everybody. So if you're to, you know, make a statement, you need to either ask a question or just proceed as if, you know, he's fine with everything that you're doing. Does that make sense? Like, because at that gap, you know, they can react any way. But if continue like it was good, he said, we're consulting firm. He said, we're broker. So we're basically the same thing. Broker, You know, 10 to 12 companies. So, you know, we're going to go over those benefits with you and also see what you qualify for and then you'll proceed.

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So I'm going to see how this guy reacts to what he said.

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Remember putting in for

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Yeah, I understand. You might not remember because unfortunately, it took me some time to get back to you and show that you spoke to us a little bit over a month ago and you're looking for some benefits to leave to your lovely wife. Is that right?

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See how good that was? He tied into he tied in the lead info. So I probably should have verified a little like all of it, but he's tying it back in the lead info that will trigger a response because now he knows that he has the wife listed there. Like, how would he know that if he didn't request the information?

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So I have your date of birth as August 7th, 1958.

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And we were looking at that. Should it cover her for an amount of $300,000? So bring it up, Bill.

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Yeah, I don't remember that.

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Yeah. Yeah. We have some of a lengthy conversation. Like I said, it was over a month ago. I understand maybe a fudge of a memory, but that's all way he was able to get this information by talking to you. And the only thing I don't have here is showing that if you was a smoker or not or a non smoker.

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I'm a smoker.

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You're smoker. Okay.

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I always been a smoker for like ten years.

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So guys with a smoking question, it really only matters like if they're currently smoking, you really don't have to ask any questions. But if they said, Oh, I quit. The question should be, okay, how long has that been? Has it been over a year? Over two years? Because that will determine the qualification. You need them to be quitting smoking for over a year for us to be able to push it through.

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Oh, yeah.

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Okay. All right. You mentioned any lung conditions or anything of that from smoking? Yeah.

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No, No problems at all. Oh, wow. Okay.

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What's the secret?

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I don't know. I just don't have any problems. They did me. They did a check a couple of years ago, and my lungs were clear as can be.

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Oh, great. Okay. So I am a consulting firm, which means that we work. Work with our clients, not no particular company. So our goal is to always figure out which specifically best rates and what benefits we can give to you with me on that.

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Yeah. What are we looking for? Benefits for yourself today or someone else?

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No, for myself.

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Okay, great. And you? The one who typically handle your own financial businesses? Yeah. You make decisions on your own. Okay. As mentioned before, I see that your beneficiary you wanted was your wife had the name of your wife.

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You have a very relaxed tone here. Mean he's peace through the intro. He got through the objections. It doesn't have to be like, you know, hard driving the entire time. He just he's just having a conversation.

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Peterson. Yes. Thank you.

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And is there anyone else you'd like to add as a beneficiary with your wife?

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No, thank you.

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And is this your first policy for you or. You had a policy before?

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No, I have a policy, but I don't like it.

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Okay, well, talk to me about it. Is our whole life. Is it a term?

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I think it's a term.

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Oh, okay. I can already see why you said you don't like it.

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Already costing me a small fortune.

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Yeah, that's the thing with term policy, they start off kind of.

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So that's music to your ears whenever you hear. It's costing me a fortune. Really? Not happy with the policy. I have colonial pen and I set it up a month ago. You should be like, All right, good, good, good, good. This is great. Just so you know, like, whenever they start complaining, that's. That's fantastic.

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Mellow. And then they gradually keep increasing. Is that what happened to you?

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No. They lowered the. The benefit price.

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The coverage amount?

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Oh, wow. What did they lower it to?

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They lowered it. It was 30,000. They lowered it to 20,000 to 20. Oh, we see you're still smoking. We're dropping your policy. You mentioned that you're.

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A Oh, wow. So you need a whole life story because once you enter into a whole life, you never get checked up again. So

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you say 20 to how much you're paying the year for that 20,000 Me a month.

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That's like 100 a month.

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What would you say? The north of 150 or less than 150?

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Around 150, I think. Okay.

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You're on mute, Ernie.

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Sorry. So that was a really good question because he's basically he's making a yes or no question. Instead of being like and believe me, I've heard it like you don't know, like, you know, like accusing him. Don't say things like that. What? You don't know how much you're paying. It's better just to, like, you know, get it out of him. So basically, it ended up being like.

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Yeah. So ended up being 150 was pretty much on the dot

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and now it's all over. Heard you think he's like 64 or 68. One of those two?

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Yeah, I got the bypass.

00:07:48:16 - 00:07:49:16

You got a bypass?

00:07:50:22 - 00:07:54:13

Yeah, I'm. Let me be afraid that.

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Ricky. It's okay. It's your first sale. It's. It gives you the confidence, though. And this guy was usually your first sale is going to be a pretty, you know, congenial person that's going to be, like, just kind of chill.

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I'm a truck driver, okay? I'm driving. I'm coming up on a scale. And my computer just told me I have the bypass lane, which means I don't have to stop.

00:08:26:23 - 00:08:30:20

Okay. I'm glad you cleared that up. I was thinking the worst.

00:08:32:00 - 00:08:34:10

I got no health issues. I got a bypass. No.

00:08:39:06 - 00:08:41:24

Yeah, I could see where that would bring in questions. Yeah.

00:08:42:01 - 00:08:43:11

You don't want guard with that.

00:08:43:23 - 00:08:49:01

You know, for allergies. Allergies, cheering my computer on.

00:08:55:00 - 00:08:57:23

So it's good just having a little conversation. It's good to joke. Laugh.

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Uh, I'll ask you. I'm sorry you got me off track a little bit. I was going to ask you, have you ever had to go through this process of yourself with burying someone else?

00:09:09:02 - 00:09:11:06

To do what? With someone else have you?

00:09:11:09 - 00:09:33:16

That's got to be said real clear. So because they will get confused by that question, that's a good way to ask it. I mean, there's many ways to ask that. One. Have you ever gone through the process of burying somebody yourself? Have you ever gone through the process of, you know, taking care of somebody's final arrangements? But this question has to be asked, especially when they're older people and their that's what they're looking for. They're looking for final expense insurance.

00:09:34:11 - 00:09:45:07

Yeah, We went through the process of burying somebody else yourself, basically dealing with the financial obligations and the orchestrating of the funerals and things of that search.

00:09:45:09 - 00:09:55:01

No, but I've been to plenty of their funerals. Okay. Buried half my family since 2020. Oh, wow. I'm sorry. 2018.

00:09:55:03 - 00:09:55:18

I lied

00:09:58:12 - 00:10:00:02

with a lot of them covered.

00:10:02:05 - 00:10:11:03

Yeah, they all my my dad was covered from had a policy that covered everything. And

00:10:13:15 - 00:10:17:09

so that was no big deal. But my sisters and brothers didn't have any insurance at all.

00:10:18:15 - 00:10:24:02

Oh, wow. Would that financial burden end up going to their kids?

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