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Ricky Freeman SBC Sale Call

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Ricky Freeman SBC Sale Call

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All right. So we'll start this call review just from the beginning. So it's 35 minutes, 45 seconds, and we should be able to get through it by 915.

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Hey, Timothy. How's everything in Streamwood?

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Glad to hear Timothy. My name is Ricky. I'm. I'm here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because we recently spoken to one of our representatives about a life insurance program for Illinois. So my job is just to go over those benefits and answer any questions that you may have.

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It's a good idea to like if you are sitting in front of the computer and you're listening to the call, and if you're not familiar with like the rapid rate, it's a good idea to follow along and maybe try to do it on your screen if you can.

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Yeah, that'd be a really good idea. And then, you know, you're only hearing audio, so you can make this much smaller and actually manipulate your screen a lot easier. Right?

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Take notes or something.

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And what's the rapid rate?

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That's on the way where you pull up the the rates.

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Oh, rapid rate. Okay. Yeah, the quotes. Yeah.

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I see. We have you at the 48 Evergreen Drive.

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What company is this?

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A senior life services. I'm actually a broker and I work with other over 8 to 12 different companies.

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Do you see that silence? You see that silence there? You gotta fill that. You got to fill that gap. Uh, so, I mean, this is for everybody. So if you're to, you know, make a statement, you need to either ask a question or just proceed as if, you know, he's fine with everything that you're doing. Does that make sense? Like, because at that gap, you know, they can react any way. But if continue like it was good, he said, we're consulting firm. He said, we're broker. So we're basically the same thing. Broker, You know, 10 to 12 companies. So, you know, we're going to go over those benefits with you and also see what you qualify for and then you'll proceed.

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So I'm going to see how this guy reacts to what he said.

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Remember putting in for

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Yeah, I understand. You might not remember because unfortunately, it took me some time to get back to you and show that you spoke to us a little bit over a month ago and you're looking for some benefits to leave to your lovely wife. Is that right?

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See how good that was? He tied into he tied in the lead info. So I probably should have verified a little like all of it, but he's tying it back in the lead info that will trigger a response because now he knows that he has the wife listed there. Like, how would he know that if he didn't request the information?

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So I have your date of birth as August 7th, 1958.

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And we were looking at that. Should it cover her for an amount of $300,000? So bring it up, Bill.

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Yeah, I don't remember that.

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Yeah. Yeah. We have some of a lengthy conversation. Like I said, it was over a month ago. I understand maybe a fudge of a memory, but that's all way he was able to get this information by talking to you. And the only thing I don't have here is showing that if you was a smoker or not or a non smoker.

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I'm a smoker.

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You're smoker. Okay.

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I always been a smoker for like ten years.

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So guys with a smoking question, it really only matters like if they're currently smoking, you really don't have to ask any questions. But if they said, Oh, I quit. The question should be, okay, how long has that been? Has it been over a year? Over two years? Because that will determine the qualification. You need them to be quitting smoking for over a year for us to be able to push it through.

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Oh, yeah.

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Okay. All right. You mentioned any lung conditions or anything of that from smoking? Yeah.

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No, No problems at all. Oh, wow. Okay.

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What's the secret?

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I don't know. I just don't have any problems. They did me. They did a check a couple of years ago, and my lungs were clear as can be.

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Oh, great. Okay. So I am a consulting firm, which means that we work. Work with our clients, not no particular company. So our goal is to always figure out which specifically best rates and what benefits we can give to you with me on that.

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Yeah. What are we looking for? Benefits for yourself today or someone else?

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No, for myself.

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Okay, great. And you? The one who typically handle your own financial businesses? Yeah. You make decisions on your own. Okay. As mentioned before, I see that your beneficiary you wanted was your wife had the name of your wife.

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You have a very relaxed tone here. Mean he's peace through the intro. He got through the objections. It doesn't have to be like, you know, hard driving the entire time. He just he's just having a conversation.

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Peterson. Yes. Thank you.

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And is there anyone else you'd like to add as a beneficiary with your wife?

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No, thank you.

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And is this your first policy for you or. You had a policy before?

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No, I have a policy, but I don't like it.

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Okay, well, talk to me about it. Is our whole life. Is it a term?

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I think it's a term.

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Oh, okay. I can already see why you said you don't like it.

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Already costing me a small fortune.

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Yeah, that's the thing with term policy, they start off kind of.

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So that's music to your ears whenever you hear. It's costing me a fortune. Really? Not happy with the policy. I have colonial pen and I set it up a month ago. You should be like, All right, good, good, good, good. This is great. Just so you know, like, whenever they start complaining, that's. That's fantastic.

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Mellow. And then they gradually keep increasing. Is that what happened to you?

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No. They lowered the. The benefit price.

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The coverage amount?

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Oh, wow. What did they lower it to?

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They lowered it. It was 30,000. They lowered it to 20,000 to 20. Oh, we see you're still smoking. We're dropping your policy. You mentioned that you're.

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A Oh, wow. So you need a whole life story because once you enter into a whole life, you never get checked up again. So

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you say 20 to how much you're paying the year for that 20,000 Me a month.

00:06:43:08 - 00:06:45:03

That's like 100 a month.

00:06:47:16 - 00:06:51:11

What would you say? The north of 150 or less than 150?

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Around 150, I think. Okay.

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You're on mute, Ernie.

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Sorry. So that was a really good question because he's basically he's making a yes or no question. Instead of being like and believe me, I've heard it like you don't know, like, you know, like accusing him. Don't say things like that. What? You don't know how much you're paying. It's better just to, like, you know, get it out of him. So basically, it ended up being like.

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Yeah. So ended up being 150 was pretty much on the dot

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and now it's all over. Heard you think he's like 64 or 68. One of those two?

00:07:45:06 - 00:07:46:24

Yeah, I got the bypass.

00:07:48:16 - 00:07:49:16

You got a bypass?

00:07:50:22 - 00:07:54:13

Yeah, I'm. Let me be afraid that.

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Ricky. It's okay. It's your first sale. It's. It gives you the confidence, though. And this guy was usually your first sale is going to be a pretty, you know, congenial person that's going to be, like, just kind of chill.

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I'm a truck driver, okay? I'm driving. I'm coming up on a scale. And my computer just told me I have the bypass lane, which means I don't have to stop.

00:08:26:23 - 00:08:30:20

Okay. I'm glad you cleared that up. I was thinking the worst.

00:08:32:00 - 00:08:34:10

I got no health issues. I got a bypass. No.

00:08:39:06 - 00:08:41:24

Yeah, I could see where that would bring in questions. Yeah.

00:08:42:01 - 00:08:43:11

You don't want guard with that.

00:08:43:23 - 00:08:49:01

You know, for allergies. Allergies, cheering my computer on.

00:08:55:00 - 00:08:57:23

So it's good just having a little conversation. It's good to joke. Laugh.

00:08:58:18 - 00:09:07:06

Uh, I'll ask you. I'm sorry you got me off track a little bit. I was going to ask you, have you ever had to go through this process of yourself with burying someone else?

00:09:09:02 - 00:09:11:06

To do what? With someone else have you?

00:09:11:09 - 00:09:33:16

That's got to be said real clear. So because they will get confused by that question, that's a good way to ask it. I mean, there's many ways to ask that. One. Have you ever gone through the process of burying somebody yourself? Have you ever gone through the process of, you know, taking care of somebody's final arrangements? But this question has to be asked, especially when they're older people and their that's what they're looking for. They're looking for final expense insurance.

00:09:34:11 - 00:09:45:07

Yeah, We went through the process of burying somebody else yourself, basically dealing with the financial obligations and the orchestrating of the funerals and things of that search.

00:09:45:09 - 00:09:55:01

No, but I've been to plenty of their funerals. Okay. Buried half my family since 2020. Oh, wow. I'm sorry. 2018.

00:09:55:03 - 00:09:55:18

I lied

00:09:58:12 - 00:10:00:02

with a lot of them covered.

00:10:02:05 - 00:10:11:03

Yeah, they all my my dad was covered from had a policy that covered everything. And

00:10:13:15 - 00:10:17:09

so that was no big deal. But my sisters and brothers didn't have any insurance at all.

00:10:18:15 - 00:10:24:02

Oh, wow. Would that financial burden end up going to their kids?

00:10:24:15 - 00:10:27:12

Okay. Yeah, The kids deserve it. But

00:10:30:11 - 00:10:32:06

it was very sad. The

00:10:36:11 - 00:10:41:10

my sister in law had insurance on both my brother and her.

00:10:42:20 - 00:11:13:02

You guys notice Ricky is, you know, really displaying some intelligence here by not busting in like so many times. Like, oh, yeah, no, he starts to talk about, Oh, so you've gone through the process. Okay, great. And then you just move on. But if somebody is going to talk about burying their entire family, they already see the need and all you're doing is letting them talk. Like, let them sell themselves. Like this guy knows he needs insurance because he has insurance, but he's not happy with the plan. But he knows what he wants to do with the plan. So just let you know.

00:11:13:04 - 00:11:15:14

Let him talk and think and yeah.

00:11:16:01 - 00:11:45:00

Yeah. And with this guy, too, you can kind of hear like, how he's talking and when. When, um, he was asked that question by Ricky. He's starting to remember in his head like that time and what his nieces and nephews went through during that time. So he's starting to like picture it in his head. So now he's got that in his head, too, that, like Ricky is pretty much painting the picture right now.

00:11:45:13 - 00:11:52:19

Yeah, this is probably one other than the intro. And yeah, because you have to get by that. It's probably one of the most important parts. This will set up the rest of the call.

00:11:54:10 - 00:11:58:09

And then the house would be paid off when they passed away.

00:12:00:06 - 00:12:09:21

And it turns out she didn't read the fine print. It was only if she had an accidental death. Oh, wow. They both died of natural causes.

00:12:11:18 - 00:12:13:09

The kids got to sell the house now.

00:12:15:22 - 00:12:23:18

And I hate hearing that. I hear that so much. Like you said, people don't read the fine print. And and that's exactly what happens.

00:12:27:12 - 00:12:32:22

What about you or your coverage you have now? I'm sorry. Do you have accidental everything?

00:12:33:12 - 00:12:35:00

I have a miracle.

00:12:36:19 - 00:12:38:18

It's a life insurance. And I got a

00:12:41:06 - 00:12:42:09

I got to cancel it.

00:12:44:10 - 00:12:52:07

Okay. Because the way he explained it when we got it was at the end of the term. We get we get what we paid in back.

00:12:52:23 - 00:12:54:05

Return of premiums.

00:12:55:00 - 00:12:56:07

Yeah. And,

00:12:58:19 - 00:13:04:21

and then when I checked on that, it was. You ain't getting shit back.

00:13:09:19 - 00:13:12:15

So he said it, but that wasn't what was on the paper.

00:13:13:03 - 00:13:13:19


00:13:14:20 - 00:13:15:10


00:13:16:03 - 00:13:33:24

So, Mariko, if you ever hear a miracle, they're very high priced policies. Very high. They pay very good commissions. And then they because they're doing that, you know, they're agents that are selling it. I mean, they get a ridiculous amount of cancellations because it's very easy to replace them. So if you hear a miracle, usually you can find something better.

00:13:35:02 - 00:13:44:07

Well, that's what I like. That's why I definitely like the company I work for because we give you a full 30 days to look at everything that I say and verify before anything actually really get implemented.

00:13:45:02 - 00:13:48:23

Yeah, I put on I put on like 150,000 miles a year

00:13:51:05 - 00:13:59:00

because I drive cross-country. Okay. So for accidental, it pays off. You know what I mean?

00:14:00:05 - 00:14:07:10

Yeah, but like you said, if you got a term you actually outlive all of that, then you just do all that money down the drain. Exactly.

00:14:09:12 - 00:14:10:02


00:14:10:04 - 00:14:12:01

I got one policy for,

00:14:14:21 - 00:14:19:20

like $2,000. That, of course, that just keeps growing with interest.

00:14:21:18 - 00:14:23:13

But I've had that since I was a kid.

00:14:25:08 - 00:14:35:12

And then all my wife has to do is call them up and let them know when I pass and they'll come out there and they'll issue her a cheque immediately.

00:14:37:09 - 00:14:39:17

They even got to wait for a death certificate.

00:14:42:14 - 00:14:46:00

Correct. And that's actually what we do here to a lot of our policies do.

00:14:46:14 - 00:14:51:14

Very good example. Just agreeing with I mean, Ricky's going to agree with everything this guy says throughout the entire call.

00:14:51:16 - 00:14:56:12

Call the immediate payout or basic job pay with 72 hours.

00:15:00:17 - 00:15:07:07

Yeah, we got something to stick me in the ground with. I got the VA. They're paying for the plot and the headstone

00:15:10:01 - 00:15:11:10

and the box. So

00:15:12:23 - 00:15:15:17

she's got All she's got to do is feed everybody.

00:15:17:12 - 00:15:19:04

Well, well, thank you for your service.

00:15:21:11 - 00:15:24:11

Thank you. How long will you. How long did you serve?

00:15:25:01 - 00:15:26:08

I was in for two years

00:15:29:10 - 00:15:30:20

with an honorable discharge.

00:15:31:10 - 00:15:32:07

Probably Marines.

00:15:33:22 - 00:15:34:12


00:15:37:04 - 00:15:38:06


00:15:40:03 - 00:15:42:04

The honorable discharge and disability.

00:15:42:17 - 00:15:43:07


00:15:51:00 - 00:16:06:00

And you'll get faster, Ricky. I mean, obviously you're, you know, you're still learning the software, you know, when he's talking like, all right, what what am I doing? And we're all like that when we start. So eventually it's just like click, click, click, click, click, click. And you're already there just thinking.

00:16:06:10 - 00:16:16:01

Okay, well, I'm glad you're very knowledgeable about this. It makes it a very easy transition. So basically everything you were saying to me, a whole life policy is definitely a perfect fit for you.

00:16:18:03 - 00:16:50:03

So first, senior life services work with many reputable insurance companies. As a quickly growing company, we have made many insurance companies designed products specifically for our customers unique situations that must be state and federal, regulated and backed by the government. They are state approved whole life plans, which means the premiums never go up and the benefits never go down, unlike what you just mentioned, how you're face amount change that doesn't happen here. And we in this case, make sure that your wife doesn't have to come up with a wheelbarrow full of cash when that day comes.

00:16:50:20 - 00:17:01:14

Yeah. And then the benefit paid to your friend is 100% tax free, like most companies that we pay out immediately. Again, what we talked about earlier, what you said, you have to wait.

00:17:02:12 - 00:17:07:04

Very good Following the script like this is giving him all the information he needs to make a decision.

00:17:07:08 - 00:17:15:02

We do require the carriers have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. You're following me so far.

00:17:16:24 - 00:17:25:17

Okay. Now, you did say you don't have any health problems, So I just want to get into that a little bit because you told me you don't Do you take any prescribed medications?

00:17:26:14 - 00:17:28:08

Nope. Okay.

00:17:29:05 - 00:17:31:13

Do you least have a primary care doctor? You go see.

00:17:32:10 - 00:17:35:00

Sometimes I go to the VA.

00:17:39:24 - 00:17:42:02

They take care of all my hospitalizations.

00:17:43:18 - 00:17:54:10

How often do you have to go to them? Price A year. I was exaggerating too much.

00:17:55:02 - 00:17:58:18

They keep having to change my doctors because I don't go unless I'm sick.

00:17:59:13 - 00:18:00:21

Okay, So.

00:18:00:23 - 00:18:03:00

Let me give me a new person every time you show up.

00:18:03:20 - 00:18:14:15

Yeah. Because after a couple of years, then they give you a different doctor. So if you don't like the doctor you got, then you just stay away for a couple of years. The

00:18:19:14 - 00:18:23:01

last doctor that gave me ran me through all kinds of tests.

00:18:23:20 - 00:18:24:12

They have some.

00:18:25:05 - 00:18:31:11

Call and ask copy and all that crap and then did a pulmonary function test

00:18:33:09 - 00:18:37:08

and Oh, you're a smoker. We got to do this pulmonary test.

00:18:39:03 - 00:18:44:05

And the girl taking the test goes, What the hell are you here for? I said, I don't know.

00:18:46:11 - 00:18:48:15

So she checked everything and she's like,

00:18:50:05 - 00:18:52:17

What the hell are you here for? And I said, I don't know.

00:18:56:05 - 00:19:05:24

She finished up the test and she goes, You got to be here for something. What's your doctor say? Well, the doctor said that I had COPD because.

00:19:07:17 - 00:19:09:00

Because I'm a smoker.

00:19:10:21 - 00:19:13:03

And she goes, Did she even listen to your lungs?

00:19:13:09 - 00:19:13:24

I said.

00:19:15:00 - 00:19:16:00

Like, yes.

00:19:16:12 - 00:19:31:24

This is actually very important to listen to. Like, I would have felt the need to be like, okay. I mean, like, I know where it's going. I've been like, Well, but you got to let them talk. I mean, it'd be easy to say, okay, so they said, you have COPD, but you don't. Okay, let's move on. But, you know, he listens to the whole whole story here.

00:19:32:23 - 00:19:37:14

And she says, you ain't got nothing wrong. We just go by and the doctor calls me up

00:19:39:16 - 00:19:41:19

and you got nothing wrong with you.

00:19:42:07 - 00:19:42:22


00:19:43:03 - 00:19:46:03

It took five minutes for him to say that that. So I'm.

00:19:46:05 - 00:19:46:20

Skipping that.

00:19:47:06 - 00:19:52:23

Let me ask you this, because I know she mentioned, but did she ever prescribe you medications or an inhaler.

00:19:53:11 - 00:20:18:19

At this point? AM in Ricky's ear because I'm like, okay. He said, COPD. The doctor said it. And I'm like, Well, you might have said it once, but you know, has he ever received any treatment, anything at all? And the answer is no. So just because one doctor might have said, Oh, and then the story told is like they didn't even do any tests, like, I think you got COPD because you're a smoker. I mean, that's an asinine thing to say. You could have started smoking yesterday and you're not going to develop COPD like immediately.

00:20:20:14 - 00:20:24:11

This was. Okay. She just said it, but she never wrote it down.

00:20:24:21 - 00:20:27:01

Saying, Yeah, no, she was just. She was just what?

00:20:27:10 - 00:20:30:03

Well, it definitely. Sal, you are you. That's still driving.

00:20:32:11 - 00:20:34:24

Hey, Tim. Hey, Ricky. How are you doing? Okay.

00:20:36:07 - 00:20:36:22

Well, I'm.

00:20:36:24 - 00:20:56:08

Okay. So now, uh, I know because I was looking at the hood, which is like the heads up display for Nikki and I, and I saw how far he was in the presentation. I jumped in just to see what was going on. And then I asked him like, okay, do you want me to, you know, I want to I want to get you guys all to string it for brand new, like immediately. So I kind of took over the call.

00:20:56:11 - 00:20:57:13

Okay. No. Anyway.

00:20:58:09 - 00:20:59:10

Yeah, well, you had to be.

00:21:00:23 - 00:21:04:20

Well, I know I had a rotator cuff surgery on both arms.

00:21:08:05 - 00:21:09:06

That the VA did

00:21:11:05 - 00:21:16:04

okay. Now I got. Now there's nothing wrong with me. I'm moving all over the place.

00:21:17:17 - 00:21:40:14

Well, I definitely tell you. Are you still driving? So, Tim. So, Tim, I'm actually looking at some options for you here. And I actually, in this process, actually bring a underwriter on just to verify the numbers I'm going to present to you and then they'll be able to see what can best fit you. Okay. Since we got all the information for you. Okay. And his name is Ernie. Okay.

00:21:42:20 - 00:21:44:13

Hey, Tim. Hey, Ricky. How you doing?

00:21:44:19 - 00:21:45:15

Hey, how are you doing today?

00:21:46:11 - 00:22:01:14

I am doing good. I'm just looking over your notes now. I see your completed. Yeah. Look, I saw this. A lot of doctors like to say COPD. Just because somebody's smoking, that's never actually the case. So that's interesting. And it says, so.

00:22:02:19 - 00:22:04:05

You go by Tim or Timothy.

00:22:05:05 - 00:22:06:03

Do you have a thing?

00:22:06:15 - 00:22:07:12

Timothy Um.

00:22:07:17 - 00:22:09:01

So I understand it's going to.

00:22:09:03 - 00:22:19:02

Amy So you're on a term policy, 20,000 paying 150 a month. Yeah. Okay. And that's when does that term end on you?

00:22:20:17 - 00:22:22:09

I don't know. I think when I'm 80 something.

00:22:23:04 - 00:22:29:08

80. Okay, that would make sense. But you're in good health, so you're probably live past age 80. So I'm assuming you're just looking for if.

00:22:29:10 - 00:22:30:21

My dad lived in 98.

00:22:31:05 - 00:22:31:20

Yeah, well.

00:22:31:24 - 00:22:41:04

So always say things like that because we're trying to like, I want him to come up with the idea himself, but like, you're going to live past. You got to basically. No, without saying it, get rid of that. You don't need that.

00:22:42:15 - 00:22:54:08

You got longevity in your family. Yeah. Yeah. Um, yeah. Because, I mean, there's no reason you can't. You should be like, we should be able to get a whole life policy for around that, which is crazy.

00:22:54:10 - 00:22:55:15

So yeah, we can.

00:22:55:17 - 00:23:01:24

Definitely help you get out of that. So let's see here. So that's what you want to stick with around 20,000.

00:23:03:15 - 00:23:05:14

Well, know when I signed it up, it was.

00:23:10:20 - 00:23:15:09

That worried me for one second just coughing often like that. Like you really gotta see what

00:23:17:11 - 00:23:18:01

it was.

00:23:18:03 - 00:23:19:15

30,000 when I signed up.

00:23:20:04 - 00:23:20:19


00:23:21:02 - 00:23:22:04

And then this last

00:23:23:21 - 00:23:30:03

January, they sent me a letter saying they were lowering at 20,000 because I was still smoking.

00:23:31:14 - 00:23:33:20

Gotcha. And then they. They lowered the 20.

00:23:33:23 - 00:23:46:10

That doesn't really make sense. I think it just he got to a certain age mean that would make more sense like that how do they know like they call him and say we heard we heard you at the bar and smoking like like what the hell they maybe you could help.

00:23:46:24 - 00:24:11:01

So Philip morris did come out with a product. So that's where it was designed for smokers. And if they they were locked in at a reduced rate and if they promise to quit smoking within two years of getting the policy, then they would keep them at their reduced rate. If not, the policy would go up. So some, you know, so I did.

00:24:11:09 - 00:24:14:01

It was like a nicotine test that they did on people. Yeah.

00:24:14:03 - 00:24:23:05

It was like something that they that they did there. So that might be what he's talking about. There is the only thing I could think of.

00:24:23:20 - 00:24:27:24

Okay. I mean, yeah, I've never heard of that promise, but if that's a thing. Okay.

00:24:28:01 - 00:24:41:20

And that was something that the actual Philip morris cigarette company tried to sell plans. They tried to sell life insurance plans but thought it was only in Europe. So I don't know if he just heard that or read that online. And he's just saying that.

00:24:42:23 - 00:24:59:09

Like didn't think it tracked. But I mean, he could have easily reach the threshold where he had the option to lower the like they could automatically lower the face amount or he could decide to pay another 75 bucks or 100 bucks a month on top of what he's already paying to keep what he has. Usually that's like.

00:25:00:19 - 00:25:15:19

It sounds like he had gotten a letter in the mail and that his policy was good for up until age 80. But it sounds like it had some stipulations in there to where at certain ages it would change based on his health or based on what his current age is.

00:25:16:15 - 00:25:18:06

And that's a miracle policy for you.

00:25:20:02 - 00:25:38:21

So some policies can change. They could be whole life, but they can change every five years. The premium can go up. They could save their whole life, but it expires at age 80 instead of 100. You know, so just because somebody has a whole life policy doesn't mean that it is for their whole entire life.

00:25:40:04 - 00:25:43:24

Yeah. 3000 but kept the pay.

00:25:46:01 - 00:25:54:02

Yeah, the payments are the same, but they lowered the the payout amount to 19 was 19,000 instead of 30,000.

00:25:55:10 - 00:26:19:06

Okay, so. So let's see what I would do then. Yeah, I think you have the plan. The correct plan pulled up. So you already kind of know a little bit about term whole life. A lot of people I do have to explain that to. But obviously a whole life lasts their whole life. It's never going to expire on you. And of course, the term it's probably through like globe life or or something, because they do raise their rates every 3 to 5 years and.

00:26:19:08 - 00:26:25:05

Wasn't actually I wasn't like I had to just kind of guess because they actually had it written on the screen. So that was completely my mistake.

00:26:26:24 - 00:26:27:14


00:26:27:18 - 00:26:48:04

Mariko Oh, okay. Yeah, that's another one that does that because a lot of people don't like that because then if they do turn 80, basically they just throw all that money away and get nothing back. Right? But but in your case, like we can find something that's it might be a little more expensive for the 30,000 then you're paying for the 19,000. But that's that's nothing. So.

00:26:48:20 - 00:26:57:21

So I just didn't know what to say was like. But that you're not going to care. It's like you're going to get more coverage for the same amount of money. Like this is like everything has to be like almost like a no brainer for them.

00:26:58:11 - 00:27:01:16

Do you have a pen and a piece of paper? I can go over these different plans with you.

00:27:04:13 - 00:27:06:00

Not till Saturday.

00:27:07:06 - 00:27:10:14

Are you driving right now? Yeah. Okay.

00:27:11:04 - 00:27:12:13

Yeah, I'm heading down to Miss.

00:27:12:24 - 00:27:19:23

Okay, so I'm going to skip because he talks about and let him. Because I know we can close this easily. Um, let him talk about driving for five minutes.

00:27:20:00 - 00:27:20:15

If he.

00:27:20:24 - 00:27:22:12

Benefits. So technically, you have.

00:27:22:16 - 00:27:23:13

The week first.

00:27:23:19 - 00:27:24:20

Or the third.

00:27:26:23 - 00:27:30:08

Oh, geez. I don't know. Maybe they take it the 15th.

00:27:30:20 - 00:27:32:05

So I asked them when.

00:27:32:07 - 00:27:33:19

The miracle payments coming out.

00:27:34:18 - 00:28:05:03

Gotcha. Okay. Because. Because you do have coverage like right this moment. So I'm big about not letting any kind of time go by while like the coverage is going to overlap a little bit. So for maybe like ten days, you'll end up with you'll have the 19,000 and the other thing. But I strongly encourage you to get rid of the miracle because that price is really high for a term. So they don't know what they're talking about. Reducing you from 30,019 thousand. That seems a little steep and a little aggressive.

00:28:05:16 - 00:28:07:11

All right. So, yeah, I was.

00:28:07:13 - 00:28:09:19

Quite surprised when I opened up the paperwork.

00:28:10:09 - 00:28:22:02

I bet. All right. So we'll send you the $35,000 in coverage. All right. So that's two 1564. Is there anybody else you want to add on to as beneficiaries other than your wife?

00:28:22:04 - 00:28:28:13

Well, I got my four sons, but I'm hoping to bury them first and shut up. I will be. Yeah.

00:28:29:18 - 00:28:30:11

That's hilarious.

00:28:32:04 - 00:28:45:24

You don't get to hear that very often. I love it so. Well, I wouldn't put down all of them, but just in case you do pass or your wife passes before you, I'd put down one of them as like whichever one is most responsible.

00:28:47:12 - 00:28:48:22

That would be Tim Junior.

00:28:49:10 - 00:28:50:14

Timothy Junior. Okay.

00:28:51:05 - 00:28:53:02

Yeah, because he split up with his brothers.

00:28:53:22 - 00:29:04:02

Gotcha. Okay, so Timothy Junior is going to be. I'll put him as a contingent. That's only if you outlive your wife. And, you know, I don't hope to outlive mine, so I'm sure you don't either.

00:29:05:00 - 00:29:09:20

Oh, no. I figured it up today. She should go for that. I should go first because I'm older than her

00:29:11:18 - 00:29:12:08


00:29:13:22 - 00:29:17:03

she takes care of the house. Or there's not a lot that can happen to her.

00:29:17:23 - 00:29:19:16

Gotcha. How much older are you?

00:29:20:15 - 00:29:22:07

Oh, 24 years. Oh.

00:29:22:20 - 00:29:32:06

Wow. Okay, I'm. Well, I was going to say, I'm going I'm 14, 14 years old, but that's pretty, pretty solid. Good work. All right. So she's only 40.

00:29:32:17 - 00:29:33:07


00:29:34:22 - 00:29:38:06

there's no reason not to goof off like this is how I sell, guys.

00:29:38:08 - 00:30:16:08

But so this this is just the perfect example of, like, not the stopping in the middle, but. And go on a rant here. But like, you have to like read the script, but like you have to engage with them because a lot of our times, our clients are funny too. Like this guy is a character. Yeah, he is what I'm saying, Like, so like some of them, they're just like, they'll say little sarcastic things to you, or they'll just say little things just because just to say it because that's the wise guy that they are, you know? Like, I'll be like, Oh, Papa, I miss mom, my grandma so much and be like, What are you crying for? I knew her for 50 years.

00:30:16:10 - 00:30:26:16

You only knew her for 30, you know, and he'll start laughing. You know? So that's just our clientele, so. Yeah. So he's there building report even more.

00:30:27:02 - 00:30:31:19

And then just. And then whatever. If they're saying, uh, go ahead. Sorry, Nikki. I was going.

00:30:31:21 - 00:30:42:21

To say, they know he's a trucker. They know he's in the car driving. He's chatting, he's talking. He's enjoying it. He's he's locked into the conversation. And then they also know they do the Vitner now at this point, too.

00:30:43:11 - 00:30:46:16

So I talked to little like this yesterday but she had dementia.

00:30:47:15 - 00:30:49:09

Oh, that sucks. I know.

00:30:49:11 - 00:30:50:12

Right? Yeah.

00:30:51:07 - 00:30:53:02

Um, what was I gonna say?

00:30:53:06 - 00:31:14:09

But it's good. Just. It's good to follow the script. But as you see them following along with the script too, it's also like even when Ricky was presenting to you could see there's the report building there where you're asking just some normal questions and they can hear you be a normal person too. And then when you are reading the script, it's like not as scripted because you're not scripted the whole time.

00:31:16:02 - 00:31:48:15

And the guy like he likes Ricky, he likes me. So it's it's that becomes like the easiest part of if they like you that's and you can actually solve their problem you're going to be the one that they buy from. So this doesn't even feel like a sales call at this point. It's like we're setting something up. I mean, he's he's very clear that we're going to do that. We're setting this up. I'm going to do a voice signature. I got a he remembered his bank account, which was awesome. Like, I'm not going to play the bank account because I can't post anything with bank accounts and stuff. Um, gave the social up. No problem. Um, and actually that's pretty much the end of the call. We're goofing off here a little bit, but I'll see if there's anything else.

00:31:49:07 - 00:31:57:08

All right, So with the way your America was set up. Sure. It comes directly out of the bank account. Who do you like to bank with?

00:31:58:08 - 00:32:00:13

DuPage County Employee Credit Union.

00:32:02:08 - 00:32:04:19

You say do pay or like DuPont?

00:32:05:10 - 00:32:06:12

No. DuPage.

00:32:06:14 - 00:32:08:06


00:32:09:21 - 00:32:13:24

Credit Union. Okay. Yeah, because Ricky did apply a discount.

00:32:14:01 - 00:32:21:18

So we Ricky was looking up the the routing number just as I was looking it up. We found it. There was two, but we found it and narrowed it down. Oh.

00:32:22:22 - 00:32:23:13

Let's see.

00:32:26:14 - 00:32:27:16

Is that familiar for.

00:32:29:07 - 00:32:33:17

No, not really. You got it. DuPage County Employees Credit Union.

00:32:35:04 - 00:32:35:22

Oh, okay.

00:32:36:07 - 00:32:38:07

This says DuPage County.

00:32:39:17 - 00:32:41:08

Employees Credit Union.

00:32:43:11 - 00:32:45:06

Let's make sure it's not employees.

00:32:45:14 - 00:32:47:04

Yeah, my kid worked there, and.

00:32:48:23 - 00:32:49:13


00:32:51:13 - 00:32:52:05

Got this number.

00:32:54:14 - 00:33:12:12

Okay, So this number is probably more familiar, and I don't know my routing number by heart. It's on the bottom left hand side of my checks. I know that, but yours should definitely be 271990198. And I'll call DuPage and confirm that, but that's got to be the right one.

00:33:14:20 - 00:33:21:02

All right. So and I am sending this to the address we have on file. Right. The 48 Evergreen Drive.

00:33:21:20 - 00:33:22:10


00:33:23:05 - 00:33:36:21

And I do want you to review it and figure out what to do with your American policy before any payments actually start. So it's, if you like, the 15th of the month. So I'm going to put in May 15th of that.

00:33:36:24 - 00:33:50:09

We might have been able to eat chicken. But I'm very good about like I'm actually trying to figure out the best way to help him like he is covered this month. So I'm trying I'm trying to start it at a time where it doesn't overlap too much and he's not making two payments.

00:33:50:17 - 00:34:21:22

Right. And in this situation and we are pushing for each of course, we want everyone to be immediately covered and drafted. But he is covered at this moment and he is. And the client did say he was making payments on the 15th of every month. So in order to protect him from either making double payments or if, let's say he didn't get approved or something was to happen, he's just letting him know, hey, don't make any changes right now. And Ernie had already addressed it earlier that you might have some insurance that overlaps.

00:34:21:24 - 00:34:25:12

But that's better than him having no insurance at all.

00:34:25:20 - 00:34:26:09


00:34:28:05 - 00:34:36:02

That's all right with you, because I think that'll be like you'll have a miracle cancelled by May 15th. And then this one will start with no, no lapse in coverage.

00:34:37:03 - 00:34:37:18


00:34:38:03 - 00:34:49:08

Yeah. So we'll put 515. All right. And I have this anyway, so I'll probably have to call DuPage and confirm your routing number with them. So I always have to do it anyway.

00:34:49:09 - 00:34:50:18

So I might as well just do it while you guys are.

00:34:50:20 - 00:35:02:15

Driving, because I do see one other number. There's A192 if you if you saw driving because I do see one. So I'm going to do a very simple so zero. So I skipped that.

00:35:02:21 - 00:35:05:13

Like 50 seconds. He just happened to remember his.

00:35:05:15 - 00:35:06:05

They spit it.

00:35:06:07 - 00:35:28:07

Out twice in a row, uh, without missing a beat. So I knew that he knew his own account number. So I did not call DuPage. I was like, Well, I'll call him later. But Ricky helped me because he saw that there was actually only one. I don't know what the hell I was looking at, but we looked at the actual, you know, website for that credit union, and then it gave us the routing number right there. So.

00:35:28:09 - 00:35:33:17

0707638. Okay. And do you understand we're applying for.

00:35:33:21 - 00:36:14:05

Okay, so that's a voice signature and we were all done with that. Um, so you guys see like the best way to, especially when you are new, like your goal here is always to get to the health questions, get to the health questions, and let us know I'm in health. You can put almond health like that should never be a panic. It shouldn't be a pain. I mean, sometimes you're going to need to, but it shouldn't be a panic move where we're putting in the chat and you actually need somebody on the line in five seconds because you're not going to get that In most cases, if you give a little lead time, you'll have a lot bigger opportunity for Nikki or I to be on that call and then to close it.

00:36:14:07 - 00:36:30:14

And then you're not introducing like, Oh, I'm going to bring somebody on, but you don't know that they can be brought on. Does that make sense, guys? Like if the person if two people are dealing with a bunch of people or whatever they're doing and they're unable to pop on and you tell them, oh, I'm going to bring somebody on, you're going to kind of look dumb and we don't want that.

00:36:30:17 - 00:37:02:06

Yeah. So it's good to be on Zoom with your screen shared even if you don't want to share your audio because there's other ways that we can access your audio. So that's fine. But at least so we could see the notes that are on the screen. And even if we're not physically in front of the computer and you reach out to someone by cell phone, you can always have a conversation with the on the phone and be like, hey, you know, this is you know, I have Sheila on the line and me and Sheila had just gone over the health questions.

00:37:02:08 - 00:37:17:09

I just let her know that I was bringing you in. This is what's going on. And then you see how Ernie did and Ricky's call and just verified the information that he was already looking at and then just went with him and then followed him through the process of the close.

00:37:19:00 - 00:37:46:20

And a lot of the time. I want to say one thing before I forget. So, guys, you can joke and laugh. Like sometimes when I'm brought on to a call, the agent stays so silent that they think that they dropped off. So you don't have to do that. You can be part of the conversation, jump in wherever you want, like laugh with them, You know, you can be part of the conversation. It should be pretty clear that I am helping. Am not really going to be their point of contact or their agent.

00:37:48:00 - 00:38:10:24

Right. So a lot of times if I jump on a call, I'll talk to all like if John Duncan brings me in on a call, you know, I'll talk to him a lot and be like John, you had put here in the notes this and this and this, and he'd be like, Yes, that's correct. You know, and we'll just have like a little bit of a conversation back and forth, and then he'll talk with the client and then we'll all seem to just continue to talk together.

00:38:12:20 - 00:38:45:11

Yeah. And a lot of time as you guys get better, I mean, this is one of rookies like first he got him to string. So that was my goal was like, All right, awesome. I'll get him a string in one sale. So, um. In many ways, Nikki and I will both slowly release, you know, the reins as we, you know, as you guys progress. Because, like, eventually I'm just gonna be like, okay, yeah, he qualifies for this and then, yep, you're 100% right. Yeah, you can set them up with that. And then I'd be like, All right, guys, I mean, if I'm leaving the call, it's because I trust that you can continue with the presentation.

00:38:46:06 - 00:38:59:09

Yeah, that's almost like a test, but I'm still usually I'm still sitting right there listening to the call in case it gets off the rails. But I want to you know, obviously we got to we got to release the bike and take the training wheels off and let go of the back of the seat at some point and then you'll be rolling.

00:39:01:10 - 00:39:12:21

So at what point in time did because I didn't hear in the call where like he was like, okay, well, you're did you do the the whatchamacallit the, um.

00:39:14:09 - 00:39:16:01

The benefits, the underwriting.

00:39:16:15 - 00:39:20:02

Yeah. Yeah. Like, did you select the company or did he do it?

00:39:20:14 - 00:39:29:16

I selected it. But mean Rick, he already knew. I knew he was going to be pioneer because he's on zero meds, so, you know, it didn't really matter. Okay.

00:39:30:24 - 00:39:40:10

Matt. Yeah. Did I miss you guys get in the banking? Because I thought at the last thing I heard was something about he was driving. Want to do something Saturday?

00:39:40:18 - 00:39:55:21

I think he had two different bank accounts from what I heard. Because he asked at one time if you did banking with another bank. But then Ernie went back to the do. Boy or something. Bank or something. Bank. And then you guys ended up calling the bank, right?

00:39:56:01 - 00:39:57:17

No. So we didn't because.

00:39:58:00 - 00:39:59:03

Was the account number.

00:39:59:05 - 00:40:00:20

Yeah, he knew. He knew it by heart.

00:40:01:08 - 00:40:01:23


00:40:02:00 - 00:40:02:15


00:40:03:18 - 00:40:04:08


00:40:05:06 - 00:40:17:12

He was a truck driver, so I'm assuming he does a lot of stuff that way. So he probably has had that account for a long time and knows it by heart. Some of them do. I know my bank account number by heart. Me too.

00:40:17:14 - 00:40:19:01

And it's like 13 digits.

00:40:19:03 - 00:40:20:16

Yeah. Wells Fargo.

00:40:22:23 - 00:40:23:21

So, yeah.

00:40:25:23 - 00:40:47:07

But some people know it by heart. But you don't want to assume that everybody knows it by heart, you know, But some people, they will just, you know, be like, don't have a check or a statement. And it's like, okay, well, you know, like, I know mine by heart. Do you know yours by heart? Like, yeah, I know by heart. And sometimes it's just like baffled me. I can remember the beginning of like, okay, rattle it out.

00:40:48:05 - 00:40:48:22

There's a, there's.

00:40:48:24 - 00:41:16:04

A other day to where this lady was like. Well, you know, don't really get my Social Security number over the phone. She's like, well, what's your Social Security number? And I was like, Yeah, you can get my Social Security number. You got a paper in the pen. She starts laughing and she's like, No, don't. I'm just kidding. And I just spouted it out for real quick. Three You know, what am social is? And she was like, he gave up hers very willingly. It was just funny joke kind of thing.

00:41:16:06 - 00:41:42:07

Yeah, it just it's just our clientele being, you know, being wiseguy, you know, that's the way their. Their ball. Like their ball busters. Like my grandpa's, like, the biggest. One of the biggest jokesters I know, you know. So sometimes you've run across those people that are jokesters. I always tell them to be like, Well, I don't want to pay your taxes, but I can get you some life insurance if they're social. And then I laugh about that.

00:41:43:11 - 00:42:03:09

Right. And one thing I will say, if you guys remember this, it works a lot and we stole it from somebody. Forget who we saw from, like when they can't remember the social or the banking or where they put their policy or where their checkbook is. I always say I'm like, Well, if you could remember where it was, where would it be?

00:42:03:22 - 00:42:04:12


00:42:05:20 - 00:42:09:12

It's like, Yeah, Cody Gaskins I don't know why that works, but it works well.

00:42:09:16 - 00:42:10:20

And then they would always.

00:42:10:22 - 00:42:12:06

Say, Remember, where would it be?

00:42:13:06 - 00:42:28:09

And then they would say, uh. In the drawer. Okay, Well, while I'm filling out your application here, just go ahead and look in the drawer and see if it's there. And then they magically, you know, they do find it.

00:42:28:21 - 00:42:31:06

Yeah. So, again, it's different when you're in the home.

00:42:31:10 - 00:42:32:07

That again, if you.

00:42:32:09 - 00:42:33:12

Could remember that.

00:42:33:14 - 00:42:34:13

If you. Yeah.

00:42:34:15 - 00:42:38:14

It's either if you did remember or you could remember where it was, where would it be?

00:42:39:14 - 00:42:43:02

Thank you. Yeah. Never heard that. That's wild. That makes some of his brain work.

00:42:43:09 - 00:42:50:03

People explodes, but then they, like, Oh, actually think it's in the blah blah. It's like it's actually a really good one.

00:42:50:12 - 00:43:18:04

Right? Because sometimes they'll be scrambling and stuff and looking for their stuff and it'd be like, okay, well, you know, don't worry, Brent, You know, it's okay. Well, if you could remember where it was, where where do you think it would be? That's how I try to remember where my stuff is. I lose my keys all the time, you know. So I've said that before and that way, like and laughed with them like, all right, let me think. My coat pocket. You know, and then they're going through on the phone with me like, where is it?

00:43:19:04 - 00:43:36:13

And that's actually. Don't don't know if he like, knew the psychology of it, but it actually works for people's brains like, oh, okay, So now I'm in my brains in the mode of remembering something and that's where I put it. Okay. All right. Well, great session, guys. I will stop this recording, but we're going to do, um.

00:43:37:20 - 00:43:39:00

A few call reviews. So.

00:43:39:02 - 00:43:42:03

Jessica. Wesley. Malaya.

00:43:44:16 - 00:43:54:24

Was a mean Joe. I mean, you always say it's always Joe's. Hey there. It's Joe and changes and Joe and, uh, so we're all going to stay.

00:43:55:01 - 00:43:55:16


00:43:55:18 - 00:44:05:10

And I, we're going to pull some calls and review the ones. ANGEL two We're going to review just some calls. So anybody that wants to just real quick.

00:44:05:12 - 00:44:23:05

So how come sometimes we do policy mean no, this guy was driving, but how come sometimes you do policy reviews and like with this guy, he still had coverage, but we were putting coverage in place. For him to cancel on his own. That other policy.

00:44:23:08 - 00:44:24:10

Was, you know.

00:44:25:00 - 00:44:55:22

I'm going to answer this question for you, so. I had, um, I had really good quality and I'm and I'm a really big believer in this, right? So like, if you go to war with them in the beginning of the conversation about what kind of coverage that they have, that's something that at one time they made a decision on that they thought was a great idea and they might have had that in place for years. Right. So the way Ernie was making was like, hey, you don't have to change anything that you have now let me get you approved.

00:44:55:24 - 00:45:30:07

And then once I get you approved, then you can make any changes on your own or cancel it, you know? So technically, we're not replacing or changing anything. The client's actually canceling that policy if they decide to. You know, so a lot of times, like I've heard agents and I've heard good salespeople have very bad quality too, because in the beginning they become very combative and the person be like, Well, I already have kind of like, Well, how much do you have? You know? They're like, Well, how much are you paying? You know, and like and it's like it's like, you know, okay, well, that, you know, that's completely fine.

00:45:30:14 - 00:46:06:17

Let me just go ahead and confirm the information you gave a representative and then kind of address it later on after they got some of your personality out and they see that you're actually trying to help them and you're not just trying to replace what they have because a lot of times they they're getting so many phone calls of people trying to replace their policies. I think it's about 50%. I just read online policies or in the process of trying to be replaced. I read that on an insurance form. So I'm sure Ernie can agree with me there, too. So it just it's a good way of like, hey, I know you already have 25,000 coverage.

00:46:06:19 - 00:46:25:16

I'm not asking you sometimes to change or replace anything that you have, but if I do have something better for you that you qualify for, you could still have that policy. That's perfectly fine. But if you find more value on this and this is going to be better for your family, then you might want to cancel that policy and get your money back.

00:46:26:15 - 00:46:28:16

So it's got to be this and that replacement.

00:46:29:02 - 00:46:34:03

Technically, you're not replacing that policy. They're calling that company and canceling it on their own.

00:46:34:05 - 00:46:35:09

Oh, okay.

00:46:36:09 - 00:46:38:10

And when you when you say policy reviews.

00:46:38:24 - 00:47:12:18

Everybody has their own definition of a policy review. But for me, like if they know all their information, like they know how much they're paying, they know what kind of coverage it is and know what it is. It's not really a policy review. So much like I always make policy reviews in my head. It's like when I actually call the company, if they know what they have, then it's not a big deal. It's like the policy. It is still a review, but I'm not but I'm not trying to, you know, call like they're like they don't know what's going on. They don't know if it's whole life or term. That's when I'm like calling the company so the company can give them bad news instead of me.

00:47:12:22 - 00:47:43:11

Like if this guy said this was whole life was certain about it, but it actually went down and coverage for some reason I'd have been like, that doesn't excuse me. That doesn't sound right. So let's let's get on the phone with the company and like, let them tell him, Oh, yeah, they reduced it. They're going to keep increasing the price. I would have let them give him all the bad news instead of me. And to Nikki's point, don't make people like never or try. Mean you're going to. Sometimes you can't help it. But try not to make them feel stupid about like, a decision they thought was great.

00:47:43:19 - 00:47:44:09


00:47:44:11 - 00:47:50:13

And it might have been poor, but it was. They thought it was good. So you got to always remember that and be, you know, conscientious.

00:47:50:22 - 00:48:39:22

Right. And and with our clients, I just lost my train of thought there. Sorry. With our with our clients to a lot of times is is that when they already have some type of coverage in place and they have like a large amount if they took it out over two years ago and its whole life. You know what I mean? At that point it just comes down to, hey, where are you going? You know, I don't know what health issues you were going through two years ago when you took that policy out. I may be able to get you a better rate. So it's good just to go through the you know, and go through this process and just see what you could qualify for and see what benefits, you know, have you had to go through the process of burying somebody yourself before and just kind of show that urgency there? Um, because like when people are like already have 25,000 or 30,000 already have enough for burial, that's where you run into those policy reviews a lot.

00:48:39:24 - 00:49:14:03

And it's good to call the company to find out exactly what they have. But once you find out what they have is permanent or until age 100 or this or that, a lot of people are like, where do I pivot after that? If they told me, I don't want to leave a love offering or I don't want to do this, so you can't really help the client. So I always tell him we're really not in the replacing business. You know, that's really not our goal. Our goal is to give people additional coverage and people that don't have life insurance, life insurance. But sometimes you run across clients that have policies that are bad for them, too, and they're just unaware.

00:49:14:05 - 00:49:48:15

So we're just educating them on that and then getting them to decide in their head, Hey, I'm not in the right avenue that I that I was ten years ago, and then it's okay to let them know that, too. Hey, I know that you're in this term policy. I know you just found out some bad news. It's okay. When you were in this term policy 20 years ago. And your daughter or your daughter, Josie, she was 20 years younger. This was a great plan for you. But now that you're this age, this is why we're looking at whole life would be a perfect fit for you.

00:49:48:17 - 00:50:03:12

And let me just tell you why. Our plans offer a number of benefits. So. Right. There's a way to like, like, have empathy there with them without, like, bashing what they have. Because at the time it was something that might have been good for them.

00:50:07:23 - 00:50:29:14

Great point. Great point. I always bash them. So this is a great review today. I learned two key things. Say less and what you're saying. I always beat them out and you end up losing. You're insulting their intelligence and the decision making process, trying to encourage them and decision making process now. So a lot of psychology. So thank you so much for that. The hidden nerve with me.

00:50:30:14 - 00:51:08:16

Yeah, Yeah. You know, it's good just to be empathetic there because that's how I always looked at it. I just looked at it as like. Okay. Well, I know at one time this person thought that this was the best avenue for them, you know, And now they're telling me that they had this policy for ten years. So I know their life ten years ago looked way different because my life just three years ago, before COVID looked way different than it does now. So anything can happen within that time. So I try never to bash them. I just say, Hey, maybe, you know, that was a great avenue for you then, but let's go ahead and move forward into the future now that things are changing in your life.

00:51:09:22 - 00:51:23:07

And even use that at the end to, you know, say, as you know, if we have to agree on coverage like a lower amount of coverage, I'll say as things change for you, we can always increase later on. I'll keep checking on you. And that's when you follow that six month follow up.

00:51:26:15 - 00:52:02:10

And guys, I will say last thing on that. So use common sense with a lot with a lot of these people that say, oh, you know, got 25,000. I've had it for ten years, I'm paying 87 bucks, something like that. They say something like that and you go, I'm like, I do this all the time. Like, I'll go into the quarter. Like as they're telling me what they have and see if it tracks. Like I'll put in like super preferred, even though I'll never write a super preferred and see if that's even possible because then I'll know and eventually you won't have to do that like I know now, but like I used to just put the, you know, how old they were when they said they got it.

00:52:02:13 - 00:52:21:18

Like if they were 60 and they're 50 now, put 50 years old and they tell me it's like $98. But when I go to quote them and I put them as like Olympic athlete, super preferred health, it's way more than what they're saying. I already know. Like, I'm just I already I already know it's not a whole life. So it's good to manage people's expectations. But if it is and it does.

00:52:21:20 - 00:52:22:10


00:52:22:12 - 00:52:54:11

Then great. You need to tell them that. Be like, Hey, you should never cancel that policy. You got that ten years ago. You're not going to find anything better. I mean, I just straight up tell them because it makes the call so much easier and then they trust me. If I'm like, There's no way you're going to get a better rate than that, you should always keep that policy. So this just must be for additional then, right? So now they know, like as and when I pull up the quotes, you know, 20 minutes later, they're not thinking, at least in their head, they know it's going to be more expensive because can't like, like, oh yeah, we can, we can help you.

00:52:54:13 - 00:53:22:06

Like, yeah, let's see if we can get you something better. Don't say things like that. Like, let's see if we can get you something better when you know you won't be able to because then you're just like shooting yourself in the foot. But if you can agree to them, be like, Yeah, you should always keep that forever. So obviously this is for additional coverage. Then what were you trying to get to? Like how much coverage total? And then as soon as they answer that question, if they say, Oh, brother doesn't really look at it additional No, you weren't trying to leave love offering or anything. No, no. I'm pretty happy with what I got. I was like, okay, no worries.

00:53:22:08 - 00:53:23:06

Bye bye. But that.

00:53:23:08 - 00:53:55:22

Yeah, and that's only after you've asked, you know, several qualifying questions to the point where, you know, like that the coverage that they have is really whole life like Ernie said, like you want to look in your rapid rate and your quoting system and just be like, okay, you took this out four years ago. Look up the best plan we have. The pioneer preferred, see what that premium is, See if it kind of matches up, if it doesn't match up and they're saying they're paying $10 a month for 30,000 worth of coverage and they're 65 years of age, that's a red flag.

00:53:56:08 - 00:54:34:18

No. Oh, I got $500,000 worth of coverage and I'm paying $150 a month, red flag, you know, So I have you know, so there's just red flags, anything that the premiums aren't going to match up, those are red flags because we know whole life is a permanent plan for somebody's whole life where the premiums stay the same. So it's going to be younger for someone who's 30 than if they're 70. So if you're 70 and you have 50,000 worth of coverage when you're 100, you have to obviously pay more than that $50,000.

00:54:35:00 - 00:54:46:11

So there's no way that their premiums are going to be 10 or $20 because by the time they're 100, they're never going to pay that amount. No insurance company would be in business.

00:54:47:14 - 00:54:50:00

Right? Yep. So basically.

00:54:50:02 - 00:54:52:03

Um, yeah, I mean, it's managing.

00:54:52:05 - 00:54:53:09

Expectations is a big one.

00:54:53:18 - 00:55:25:11

Yeah. I really think I did a video on that one. Just managing expectations because people will go down to the credit union, be sold a $250,000 accidental policy. And even though they probably I'm sure it's actually has to. It says it right on there that this is an accidental policy only they will convince themselves that they have $250,000 for 20 bucks a month, even if the person that sold it to him did not convince him of that, they convinced themselves they now have $250,000 a month. And like I am to the point where it's like.

00:55:26:05 - 00:55:48:06

If they really won't come off that, then you're just kind of dealing with somebody who's kind of dumb because like, I'm like, I divide 250,000 by 20 and come up with 12,500. It'll take 12,500 years for this company to get their money back. They're not going to do that. Does that make sense to you? Like, no, it's like and then if they're still fighting me, it's like, well, I'm never selling this one anyway, so goodbye.

00:55:48:09 - 00:56:06:15

Yeah. Because at that point their logic is just not there and they don't understand and like, they're not grasping something about the insurance, you know, because at that point I use car insurance as a reference. So. Well, you don't pay over 100 and something dollars every month and hope that you get in an accident tomorrow.

00:56:07:14 - 00:56:08:04


00:56:09:13 - 00:56:12:03

Company pretty much gets the most money out of you.

00:56:12:12 - 00:56:13:02


00:56:13:22 - 00:56:34:23

I like that one. Like, are you. Are you planning on dying tomorrow? I mean, if you want the most. I've said that a million times. You know, if you want. If you really want the most out of a life insurance policy, you should be, you know, passing away the day after you make your first payment. If you if you if you want the best return on investment. Is that what you want? Like I always tell them, you know, in life, insurance is one thing. I hope I pay far more than it's worth because that means I'm still around.

00:56:37:09 - 00:56:38:23

All right, guys, Welcome. Very good session. I'll stop.

Watch the Full Video Here: Ricky Freeman SBC Sale Call

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