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Presenting Plans (Quoting)

Updated: Apr 15

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So Nikki, basically page three of the script is what you wanted to go over with the closing. And then it was, it's, uh, is it comfort level Like you guys let me know, like, do you guys get uncomfortable here or is it more, you know, you don't know exactly how to say this stuff.

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Can you let me know? Because I don't know. Um.

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So the way I was explaining. The way I was explaining it with her. Sorry, Angel was explaining with her as you write down the three different amounts, you know, you have them draw the line, you have them put the benefit amount over to one side. But the plan, which is the quote, But we don't say quote, you know, so having them put the plan over to the other side and then the say only. But then she said that she was like losing them right there.

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Okay. Well, you're going to lose people. I mean, I'm not saying like you guys know that like the close does not begin at the close. It really will never be the case. Like, what are a few things that you must have before you even begin to close? You guys give them to me.

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There are social banking questions.

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Well, more like like. Well, the social and banking will be the clothes. Like what do you need before that? Before you start asking, you know, out of these plans, which one would you want to leave?

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Yeah. Beneficiary. He needs a little bit of rapport.

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And when you say beneficiary, you should have been kind of harping on the beneficiary throughout the entire thing.

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You need urgency. You definitely need them to say like everything you know flows into itself. Like, I'll stop at a specific thing. Like if can't get any kind of feedback from somebody that you know of the reason why they want the insurance. Then I shouldn't be at the close anyway. I hate to say that, but that's really the truth. I shouldn't even move forward, but definitely need that. You need the name of the beneficiary. You have to have a reason that they want the coverage they have to have. Like unless you have addressed it, of course, they have to have some kind of way of paying for it.

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They kind of have to handle their own business.

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Mhm. Exactly.

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Yeah. So Yeah. So you need those, those all those things because otherwise you know, the clothes is just basically you talking and reading a script like these people have to interact at least a little bit with you and I can always have the most jolly people. They're gonna be like, Yeah, yeah, sure, yeah, yeah. And but as long as they're moving forward and you're able to bring it down the line. But I do want to be very specific with how you're selecting the plan. All right. So. So you said it was Cat that was having an issue. Okay, so. So with cat like the best.

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All right, let's say it's pioneer. This is what we've chosen. We've chosen Pioneer. It's preferred. They qualify for it. They're 51 year old man. I added all benefits, which I do automatically because I can always take them off, which gives me something to pull back. I always quote with the plants, like, don't use the word quote. So let's say it's pioneer. It's like it's like, all right, Bob, looks like the best company in your case is going to be pioneer security life. They've been around for 113 years now, and they are state and federally regulated. So congratulations.

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You are approved for up to $50,000 in whole life coverage to leave to Becky. So, Bob, I know you want to be buried and leave a little money behind. So I'm completely confident that any of these plans are going to do that. My suggestion is you just pick the one that fits you best. So they're all going to do the job, but you want to choose the one that just makes the most sense. So I would like to add an additional discount for you. So based on the financial institution you use, I can apply an additional discount if they are one of our preferred banks. So who do you bank with? Somebody gave me a bank.

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Wells Fargo.

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Chase. All right. We're going. Wells Fargo. All right. Wells Fargo. Okay. Well, we work with them all the time in They're huge bank, so they're not one of the ones I even have to look up. But I will just to make sure. Yep, they are there. Routing number does pop up on our state system so they are an approved bank. All right. So when you receive your social Security, I'm assuming it just goes to the goes to the bank on the first or the third? Oh, no, it's actually second Wednesday, and that's a good way to say it. Um, without being like, when do you receive Social Security? It's almost like, yeah. So when you receive Social Security, you know, you get that on the first or the third and then they usually just come out with it, Yeah, get it on third.

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And then it's much easier than saying, okay, what day do you get Social Security? Because then it just doesn't make sense to them. You just want to know that there's a flow of money here. So that's all you're going to say. So when you receive Social Security, this goes in on the bank into Wells Fargo Bank on the first or the third? Yeah, the first. Okay, perfect. So I have I have all these pieces of information. I know they're routing. I know the name of the bank. I know when they're going to get them, get the payment. So that's all going to be used here very shortly. So definitely write that down. Make sure you have that. So, all right.

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So, Bob, what I'm going to have you do now is just go grab a pen and a piece of paper and I'm going to go over these plans with you. And there's no reason to fill that air. Just silence, dead silence. And usually they just go do it. The more sometimes we we talk too much and we talk ourselves out of sales. So this is the best way to do this, guys. So grab a pen and piece of paper, wait for them to come back. But obviously, if you haven't already done so, this is a good time to actually start pulling up the plans because you might have gotten lost.

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I mean, this happens to me and still like, oh, I'm kind of lost. Like I haven't even opened this. But, you know, when you get better and better, obviously all everything will be opened as you're going through it nowadays, it's just like, you know, just, you know, click the buttons. All right? Yep, yep. And then, you know, try to figure out how much coverage they're looking for, which I've already done earlier. And if Kat, if you're not starting. Hi, You definitely need to start high. So the plan. This is the way this is written here. The plan presentation here, start high. Get them to write down 3 to 5 figures. That's completely up to you guys.

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And how the conversation went prior to this. If it's a really good conversation and we haven't narrowed down the face amount real closely, then I'm starting as high as possible. They qualify for 50. I don't care if they're 80, Well, they can't be 80, but if they're 74 and they qualify for 50, I'm starting at 50. Even though I know they're probably not going to choose 50. But hey, sometimes they do. That's how you get a $6,000 sale. Uh, okay. So. So, Bob, what I'm gonna have you write down on one column of the paper is I'm going to have you write down the face amount. So this is the amount of money that's going to Becky.

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So I'm going to have you write down $25,000 in coverage. I'm going to have you write down $20,000 in coverage.

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$15,000 in coverage. And $10,000 in coverage.

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And well before I finish this, um, what this type of person, like 51 year old preferred non-smoker, I would have started much higher. Like, I assume these people want enough coverage to leave their family good for the rest of their lives. So it definitely would have been 50,000. So we're going to do 50. All right. So they wrote down 50, 45, 40, 35, 30. Okay. So, Bob, so no matter which one you choose here, use those words because you want them to in their head that, yes, you're choosing one. That's what we're doing here. That's what we've been doing the whole time, Bob, for 50 minutes.

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So you really want them to get to that point where they realize, okay, well, guess I'm doing this right now. So, so, so, Bob, no matter which one you choose here, they are going to come with a number of benefits. All right. So the first benefit is a terminal illness benefit. That simply means that God forbid you're ever diagnosed with a terminal illness, you'd actually be allowed to receive the entire face amount while you're still living. People use that for life saving treatments. I've seen people go on blowout vacations. It's your money. It's just good to use that because, you know, we really need it in times like that that, you know, life's difficult times.

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You will also qualify because of your health, the accidental benefit, what that means. It's very simple, Bob. It just means if you have $50,000 in coverage and unfortunately getting in a bad accident and pass away, it will actually pay, Becky, $100,000. Does that make sense? Like, Of course it does, Bob. And then last benefit, I think is the most important because it's used the most often is the nursing home waiver premium coverage. So we know how nursing homes work. We know that if you go to a nursing home, they pretty much want all of your money.

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I mean, they'll sell your house, your car, they want everything. So, you know, they're only going to leave you like 30 bucks a month, according to, you know, most of my clients. So we don't want you to lose your insurance. So we've actually negotiated with Pioneer, which is 100% true, by the way, because we told them we want this. We've actually negotiated with Pioneer for them to put that benefit in because we don't want people lose to lose their coverage after they've been paying on it for ten years and something unfortunate happens and they end up there. So your coverage will stay in effect in that 50,000 will still be sitting there for Becky.

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When that day does come. Does that all make sense, Bob? And it's okay to ask them because mean that one people get confused. All right, great. So, Bob, next to the $50,000 in coverage. That one would only be 182, 82 a month.

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Only say a month once. You don't need to say a month every time. So 50,000, 182, 82 a month. All right. And then underneath there, you got the 45,000. That's only 160 507. And then you have the $40,000 in coverage. That's only one 4731. And then next to your $35,000 in coverage, I want you to write down. One 2956 And finally, the 30,000 coverage, which I think will be enough to take care of Becky for you, Bob.

00:09:44:16 - 00:09:52:16

The 30,000 would only be one 1180. So out of those plans, which one would you want to leave to Becky?

00:09:54:13 - 00:09:57:10

And after I ask that. What? What what should I be doing?

00:10:00:24 - 00:10:04:20

Boom. Can't hear Diego. He's on mute, but he's quiet. Yes.

00:10:06:14 - 00:10:36:23

Silence. Nobody likes silence. And you filling the air is basically. It's the most common thing I've ever. I see. Pretty much like you can have a really good agent that just started. They sound great. They get all the way to this point. And basically they either get scared because, you know, two things are going to happen. They're going to pick one and they're basically and then now you're going to your heart's going to start beating like crazy because they picked one. So you're like, okay, can't mess this up. I got to do this, you know, by the book. I got to get, you know, they picked one. I got to get this done, you know, quickly.

00:10:37:00 - 00:11:07:16

And, you know, then we get all flabbergasted. That's what happens. Or they don't pick one. And you have to deal with some objections, but let's say they pick one. So, you know, they're going to they usually mean they usually pick one regardless if they give you an objection later. But but they might have and all but let's say, you know think can do the 40,000. Okay. So the we'll do the $40,000 in coverage. I do have you getting your Social Security on the third of each month to Wells Fargo So obviously we'll use that same account that you use for everything after today.

00:11:07:18 - 00:11:26:14

It's going to coincide in the third of the month. All right. So Wells Fargo, I do have their routing number pulled up right here. They are one of our preferred banks. That's how I applied that discount. So if you can grab a check or a statement, I do want to read that routing number to you to make sure that it's correct. And then more silence.

00:11:30:04 - 00:12:03:04

So obviously a lot of stuff can happen. Like as you're presenting the plan at the end, only you guys will know, like how good the presentation was and why you're getting so much pushback. Mean sometimes, like I'll fly through a presentation. No, it's it's not going nowhere. And at this point, I don't say to myself, oh, like the reason I flew through it is because I, you know, there's a slim chance of a sale. But usually we get a good feel of how solid this is going to be. Like, I definitely get those feelings. I know Nicky does. I know Lexi does. Like, Oh, this person's definitely going to buy, right? When you and when you.

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I was just going to add on there too, is that you have to hit like every point and everyone could probably agree to I'm sure Nate can agree to because he follows the script very well. You almost have to hit every single point of the script to make sure that when you get to the end of the close that everything sounds proper and correct. So you can't skip a you can't skip any parts of the process.

00:12:29:12 - 00:12:31:19

That's the main thing. We all want to skip it.

00:12:32:02 - 00:12:32:17


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So I just wanted to add that in there, because when you get to the plan presentations, you already have the name of the bank, you know, so you have a lot of information already there. So by then there's just something that's going on to where they don't either. They don't understand something was missed, you know, so that's where you'd have to loop back.

00:12:53:02 - 00:13:29:06

And guys, use the very first objection you get here this for any objection where it's written here, it really does work good because it usually is a good way to flush out what the real objection is. The guy. Understand what you're saying, Bob, But let me ask you a question. Does the idea make sense to you? Do you like the idea? Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's like, okay, well, let's go over this again and then usually just go over it again. It's like, so Becky's going to see I mean, I almost go to the point where it's I'm not making them feel stupid, but, like, so. So you want Becky to receive the money? Take that money down to the funeral home, take care of everything, and then, you know, keep whatever's left over.

00:13:29:08 - 00:13:57:11

Right? Yeah. Okay. So just like you did for your mom, if they said somebody, you better bring that up again. Just like you had to do for your mom. She left you 10,000 yards to do it. We're trying to do the same for Becky. Right. So just want to make sure, Bob, that we're on the same page. Okay, good. Uh, so we so, like I said, you are going to get all those benefits with us. And, you know, at the, you know, the very last resort you guys should be thinking is like you can schedule it out, whatever, 30 days max, but, you know, don't do that. That's really not usually the objection.

00:14:01:04 - 00:14:02:09

Any questions on that?

00:14:09:09 - 00:14:22:02

And especially about like. Like why? Like is like, give me if you guys have any examples, like have any of you and don't tell me you haven't skipped some parts of the presentation and then found to go very poorly at the end.

00:14:25:03 - 00:14:32:20

Absolutely. You got to stick to the script, in my opinion. You get off track, it just kind of falters. Goes away.

00:14:34:07 - 00:14:38:07

Right Every line there is there for a very particular reason.

00:14:39:12 - 00:14:43:20

Right. And. And Moses, you were not off mute. I don't know exactly what you said.

00:14:47:19 - 00:14:50:12

All your mic's not working.

00:14:50:20 - 00:14:59:00

Your mic's not working. But not at ten. That's all right. I heard them from over here, though. Like. Yes, given parts of the presentation, like nine out of ten, you're going to lose them.

00:15:02:03 - 00:15:04:20

All the objection that you did not cover because you skipped it.

00:15:05:19 - 00:15:06:09


00:15:06:20 - 00:15:38:05

Yeah. Like like a good example, guys. Like, let's say I selected, um, I decided not to read this part. Now, all of a sudden they're saying, Oh, but I saw this, you know, I saw this. I got a flyer from Globe Life that said it was $33 for 10,000. You're saying you're saying 87. Boom. Not. Not now. You've screwed yourself. And now you basically. Oh, I should have read that part. So everything really does lead into itself. It's just a straight line, guys. It's not it'll go off track a little bit, but you're going down the straight line and every sale is essentially the exactly the same.

00:15:40:17 - 00:15:42:18

No, we still can't hear you. But that's okay.

00:15:45:18 - 00:15:49:12

It's just. It's just okay. Like. Like I'm not going to come over there. I'll speak from.

00:15:49:14 - 00:15:55:21

Moses. He was going to say, follow the script. Yeah. There you go, Moses. Just nod. Yes. There you go. Thumbs up.

00:15:55:23 - 00:15:57:01

Yeah. Yeah. There you go.

00:15:58:23 - 00:16:18:08

All right, guys, if that's all you guys wanted to cover, that's fine. I feel like that was a good, succinct thing. Just. Just remember to really just follow the processes, because the processes are there for a reason. Like you just said, it's just like building anything. Like if I, you know, I'm terrible with IKEA furniture, so if I still have parts leftover part, I did something wrong.

00:16:20:07 - 00:16:40:10

But it's still working. So that's what I mean. You can you can mess up a little bit and still get these sales just like can build IKEA furniture and have 12 screws left and somehow it still stays, you know, together. Yep. So. Yep. All right, guys, I'll stop the recording. I'm glad this was a very nice session.

Watch the Full Video Here: Presenting Plans (Quoting)

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