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Pioneer Underwriting Training Nikki & Lexi

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Pioneer Underwriting Training - Super Detailed

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So. Okay. So we know that on the lead, the lead usually comes with their first name and their last name. Their address, the city, the state, their zip code and their date of birth. We also usually know on the lead if they're male or female, it's still not a bad question to ask. So then we can use the age calculator on my age calculator, or you can use the forms or however you calculate their age to find out their age.

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And most of the time, you know whether it's going to be their daughter or their son or there's going to be some indication on the lead to where, you know who the main beneficiary may be. Okay. So you do have most of that information on the application. So that's going to get you through the greeting and opening and verifying their information. Ernie, if you want to pull up one of the leads on the CRM

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so there's an example. So you have their date of birth. We have a roundabout of how much coverage they're looking for. Beneficiary could, you know, be the sister. We have to find out which sister maybe build some report there. Hey, does your sister live nearby? Does she live with you? You know. Wow. You must be very close with your sister, Mr. James. You know, so you could build some report there. There's that favorite color. The favorite color, which was black, which I had told you that these people have already requested the information.

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So they were contacted. They agree that that was their address. They agreed that that was their date of birth. They verified that they would want their sister to be their beneficiary. They were asked what their favorite color was, and then they were red, a disclosure that it's okay for us to call them or text them. So they gave us permission to call them or text them. So they did that and then we receive the information. So sometimes the information can be wrong. The reason why it won't let you correct it and left hand corner is because of autocorrect on the computer.

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So you could just type in the notes, the correct address, and you could just apologize to the client and say, you know, people make mistakes to let me just have the correct information. All right. So go back to the Pioneer app.

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So you guys see what that looks like. So you see how you have some information there. So there's your tools. So now after you get through the intro and you're building that report and you're asking those important questions, when it comes down to qualifying the client, if they answer yes and any question between 1 and 3. And they were going to automatically go to Gerber for now. If you're having a hard time underwriting. Okay, so that's the easiest way to learn the system is to where when you're starting off in the beginning, a lot of companies can be very challenging to learn at one time.

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So the easiest way for you to understand everything is to understand the pioneer security life application first, because that's the main product that we use. If they answer yes to any of those three questions, you can contact an SBC or a team builder or coach and ask for assistance, you know, if they are available. But if worse comes to worse and someone's not available, you're always going to go with Gerber. Ernest, would you or Ernie, would you agree.

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For sure, guys? Yep.

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Okay. All right. So those three main questions are on most of the applications. The only time you would use another company within those three questions is going to be whenever they can qualify, usually for what's called a prosperity term. So prosperity term, there is a health cheat sheet. I don't know if everybody has has this health help.

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Cheat sheet. Ernie, do you have Dropbox on your computer?

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I haven't used it in a while. If you guys want to just put in the chat, all your emails, I'll email it to you that way because I don't want it explaining Dropbox. Everybody kind of sucks sometimes and okay, let's just. Let's just send it all out. Just hit me with everybody's email. Yeah.

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So I'm going to. So I'm going to have or Ernie is going to send out an email. He's going to send it out in a few moments here and it's going to be an email and it's just going to be like a cheat sheet with all the companies on it. But when you're a brand new agent, the best thing to focus on is going to be Pioneer and Gerber. And then if you do get someone that may be on kidney dialysis, then you may want to reach out to an and see if somebody can help you with the prosperity. But until you do a pioneer security life application, prosperity is going to feel like you're all over the place, give you anxiety and just make you want to, in your head feel very uncomfortable.

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Or at least that's how it makes me feel. I don't know if anyone can agree with that, that it can seem overwhelming a little bit.

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Okay, so one through three. If they answer yes, you can go to Gerber or you can reach out to one of the trainers. Okay. So that's mostly going to be if you see those questions there, that's going to be if they currently have any form of cancer, if they're in a wheelchair due to any chronic illness or disease, that doesn't mean somebody that's in was in a car accident and they're in a wheelchair. You know, that means if they're in a wheelchair due to chronic illness or disease, do they currently use oxygen equipment to assist in breathing? That doesn't mean a CPAP machine.

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That just means regular oxygen. Okay. So if somebody just uses regular CPAP at night for sleep apnea, that's not considered oxygen. So it has to have a skull and crossbones on the tank if it's oxygen. And usually if someone's on oxygen, if you ask them what level they're on, they'll give you a number one through ten ish. Um, and you'll know that they're on oxygen. So just a little tip there.

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Two. Question number two, that's organ transplant, kidney dialysis, congestive heart failure, Alzheimer's, dementia. Any mental incapacity, meaning that they just mentally cannot make decisions for themselves. Lou Gehrig's disease, liver failure, any type of respiratory failure, any terminal illness or end stage disease. And then question three is going to be any type of HIV or AIDS or any type of immune deficiency related disorder or tested positive for HIV.

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So all those questions with most companies are going to be a knockout. We do again, have that special product prosperity term. But as you go through the steps on qualifying people, you'll start to feel more comfortable to where we can train you on that program as well. So one through three, if they answer yes, you're going to quote them on Gerber.

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Yeah. Wow. Or if you have time and the client is patient and you feel comfortable, reach out to your trainer and they can walk you through the process. On seeing if we could do anything else for the client. Okay. Um, but Gerber is still a great product. You don't want to lose the sale because a client is impatient. You just want to try to figure out how your client is acting and what's going to be the best rate for them too as well. So Gerber is a great product, a guaranteed issue that we use, and they beat most companies in price.

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Uh, there's maybe one other guaranteed issue that's a dollar or less, but when you, when somebody dies and they call in and make the claim, it's overseas. So I'd rather go with Gerber.

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Yeah, they know Gerber and it's always going to crush colonial Penn rates. So you can keep that in the back of your mind, right?

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See, the main thing with Prosperity term is that there's so many, there's features to it and stuff to help the clients where it's a great product for your client. But in order to understand that product, you have to understand this product because everything will just start to click and make sense and then you'll be a ninja. So one through three, if they answer yes, you quote them on Gerber on the way for the guaranteed issue whole life. So that's the one that is a two year waiting period.

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Okay. So now questions for

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you. Could scroll down just a little bit. Ernie on the Pioneer up.

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Yeah, like you'll start off at one.

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So, yeah. All right. So you see at the bottom, it shows if any answers to questions one through three answered. Yes. The proposed insured is not eligible for any coverage or any if you want to point to that.

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Cancel clients.

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So got it here and obviously here. But right here I'm trying to move this stuff. So yeah, this is important to know. It's always up. So people look down a lot because that's how stuff is organized a lot, you know, there'll be a preface with stuff beneath it, not above it, but that's just how this app is laid out, right?

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So highlight the answer. See if answer to question one through three.

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Oh yeah. This is yeah.

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So. So it tells you on the application to, you know, so if you need to look at the if you're reading the script, you know, and you have this script in front of you and you're getting to the health questions and you don't feel comfortable with saying, Hey, do you have any heart issues or any issues with your kidneys? Do you have any issues as far as diabetes? You know, if that's where you're getting uncomfortable, you can veer back to here and just be like, okay, I'm going to see what you qualify for and I'm going to go over your health with you and ask you the questions that are on the application, but don't lose your spot on the script.

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Okay? So that's the main thing is you don't want to lose your spot on the script. So but it's good to be able to look at the application while you're selling because then it keeps you on track of the questions that you need to ask. So now we're going to look at questions four through seven.

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So question number four is, have you ever been medically diagnosed or treated for complications of diabetes, including insulin shock, diabetic coma, retinopathy, eye kidney, neuropathy, nerve damage or pain or used insulin prior to age 50? So this question right here, if you're not familiar with diabetes, you're always going to want to reach out to your trainer or group. And if you're not comfortable, you're going to say client's age.

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Let's say I was 61 female, non-smoker, you're going to put on the pill on insulin. If they have any heart issues, what do they qualify for? You're going to reach out to an if you get when you get somebody with diabetes, if you're not familiar with diabetes. So a lot of people have a hard time with this question. This question specifically just states. If you get someone on the phone and they were on insulin before the age of 50,

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they have to be a standard death benefit. They have to answer yes to this question if they're on the pill, but they're taking medication for neuropathy, which is burning or tingling in their hands or their legs, They have to answer yes to this question.

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If they're on the pill and they have no neuropathy and no issues, then that question number four is going to be a no. It's okay that they have diabetes. It's a horrible thing that they have it. And I'm sorry to hear that, because it's hard to manage diabetes and people have a hard time managing it. So build a report and show a little, you know, sympathy there for them. They are, you know, usually pricking their finger every day and checking their sugar and managing their diet. It's very hard. A lot of people want that snicker bar.

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Um, but if they aren't but if they're only on the pill and they have no issues at all, that question is going to be a no.

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So you guys understand that it's not really about the diabetes at all.

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It's okay if they have diabetes and on the pill, they just can't have used insulin before the age of 50 and they can't have any burning or tingling in their hands or their legs. It doesn't matter if they're on the pill or on insulin, if they have any burning or tingling, that's automatically going to be a yes.

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And they're on insulin.

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Before age 50. It's a yes. Yep.

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You hear that every day. Gabapentin lyric and rotten. So that's the ones that's basically what you're asking like if they if they beat around the bush a little bit and say, oh yeah don't know don't have neuropathy. All right. Do you take gabapentin then medications don't lie. So yes, you do. And then you don't have to, you know, grow into them, but you're just going to say medications don't mean they don't. So they have neuropathy.

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Right? So if you have the pioneer application in front of you, like if you actually have a printed out and it's in front of you, you can write and right next to it on the side, right there after age 50, you know, just just put make sure to ask about burning or tingling or just put a little note in there, you know, for yourself, you know, for because everybody learns differently. We can only coach you and guide you in the right direction. But. But with. This question. Remember, if you ever get stuck. There's there's 100 there's 100 people on GroupMe that are willing to pick this question apart with you and give you the right answer and get you the best program for that client.

00:14:51:11 - 00:15:26:12

If you're new and somebody tells you to go with the prosperity and you don't know how to do that, you know, then, you know, I mean, then you're going to do standard, you know, pioneer, of course. So if this is a yes, it's going to be a standard pioneer. I just want to know before I move forward here, I'm going to clarify it again with this question. Most of the time you're going to be reaching out to an SBC or trainer if you're not familiar with diabetes or if you're not understanding this question properly, that's okay, because after you do it a couple of times, you'll get it.

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So it's like it's it's like any job, you know, you you start the job, you know, it's difficult to do some or physical job. Some are mental, some are paperwork. But once you do it a few times, you just start to know it. So it's okay that you don't. If you don't understand it, it's okay. If you need help, it's perfectly fine. Yeah, that's what we're all here for.

00:15:48:02 - 00:16:19:07

Yep. And that's and that's the number one thing. It's like you can probably answer your own question just by reading the app, but you're going to get. I mean, if you get flustered, then you know how our brains are. They will shut down and then all of a sudden you can't read anything. You can't figure anything out. That's the best time. But then as soon as you get off the phone mean, you know, somebody helped you through it. Of course. Go over that again. Just read the application because half almost every answer is on the application and it's just usually just one application that we're dealing with. So, you know, understanding this, you know, also gives you a lot of confidence.

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Yes, exactly. Agree. 100%. So did anybody have any questions or anything about diabetes or any anything that I've gone over so far?

00:16:31:22 - 00:16:32:12

And if

00:16:35:02 - 00:16:53:02

I have a question in regards to the return of premium benefit plan, so if they answer yes to any of the questions for through seven is the return of premium. I thought was supposed to be for healthier people.

00:16:53:08 - 00:17:02:14

That is a that's a completely different product. That would be a term product. This is not the term application is completely different. So we're only focusing on the whole life right now.

00:17:02:16 - 00:17:14:24

So we're still talking a whole life return of premium and that would be not through Would that be through Pioneer then or not? The pioneer return of premium then it.

00:17:15:01 - 00:17:26:22

Would but don't want to go down a rabbit hole about return of premium. So the at least the term product. So we're going to stick with this and then I can go over that. That's more advanced. You're not going to write many of those.

00:17:28:18 - 00:17:33:21

Okay. So if they're only taking pills and no neuropathy, they can get pioneer.

00:17:34:20 - 00:17:38:13

Customer. You are absolutely correct. And great job.

00:17:39:03 - 00:17:41:19

And is that standard or preferred?

00:17:41:21 - 00:18:13:12

That would be a note of that question. So then we would continue with the application and then we would move on to the next question. So we would we we would still comfort them because again, diabetes is something serious to have. So we don't want to be like, okay, you you're fine with the insurance company, your diabetes doesn't matter. You know, like, you know what I mean? Like you definitely don't want to say that, you know, So you just want to be like, you know that you know, you know, I'm sorry to hear that. You know that you are diabetic. You know, I know that it's hard to deal with sometimes.

00:18:13:14 - 00:18:49:04

How are you managing your diabetes is a good way. If when you get to that question. Hey, let me just dig a little deeper here with you. Ms.. Grant, Let me ask you, um, did you ever have any complications from your diabetes? Like, are you on any insulin? Uh, you know, no, I'm not on insulin. I only take the pill. Okay. And then do you have any burning or tingling in your hands or your legs? Do you take any medication for any neuropathy or have you ever been prescribed any anything for nerve pain? No, I haven't.

00:18:49:08 - 00:19:01:01

So they can answer no to that question. Okay. But if I said yes, I take the pill or if I if I say yes, I take the pill and yes, I have neuropathy, then that question would be a yes.

00:19:01:14 - 00:19:03:03

So that will be Gerber.

00:19:03:13 - 00:19:17:06

Okay. Um, that would be. I'm going to go over it here with you all when after I get to question seven, I'm going to go over that part. Okay. So the next, did anyone else have any other questions?

00:19:17:08 - 00:19:38:14

One last question. It says prior to age 50. So if we're talking to a 70 year old and he just recently acquired, which is rare or something, but I had someone yesterday say I recently acquired diabetes or. So if it's after age 50 and is it a no?

00:19:39:15 - 00:20:09:23

As long as like if they're age 70. And they said to you, Hey, Mary, you know, I got I had diabetes before the age 50, but I didn't use insulin until two years ago. And they're not taking any nerve, any medication for nerve damage or pain. Then that question is going to be a no thank you. Yeah. So you did a great job and wonderful there. So I'm glad that people are, you know, that this is helping because that's a very hard question to deal with sometimes.

00:20:10:00 - 00:20:12:11

So that's good to break the hardest.

00:20:12:14 - 00:20:28:23

It really is the hardest question. Like Nikki and I could spend 20 minutes on it. Um, so really? Yeah. With that. And thank you for clarifying. Mary. It's used insulin prior to age 50, so like they can have diabetes since they were 30, but they want to know about the insulin that's most important to them.

00:20:29:07 - 00:20:30:05

Okay. Thank you.

00:20:30:07 - 00:21:14:15

Yeah, but usually if you a younger person, someone who's very young, you know, they would be at type one diabetic, That would be their whole life. So then you would know that would usually be a yes. They're if they're on insulin but as pill is fine to go. But again for that, if you have any confusion or anything, you just reach out to an or trainer and or group me, you know, group me too as well. And then someone will get you the answer to qualifying them for the correct plan. So question five is have you ever been medically diagnosed, treated or taken medication for renal insufficiency, kidney failure, chronic kidney disease, or more than one occurrence of cancer in your lifetime, excluding basal cell skin cancer? So that's a very easy question.

00:21:15:01 - 00:21:56:06

It's right there. Also on Ernie's file to the right, if you see it highlighted in blue as number five is the question. So if they answer yes to that, then they're going to be a standard death benefit as well. Okay. Again, I'm going to go over what standard death benefit is after this. So question number six is, within the past two years, have you been diagnosed or have you had any diagnostic testing, excluding HIV or AIDS, any surgery or hospitalizations advised by a licensed medical professional or for which results have been not received? So like this question.

00:21:56:15 - 00:22:27:08

Before we go right to sex mean this is mean that's good like five five can be very tricky to that is why I wrote this stuff down here actually Lexie did you can thank Lexie for making this current cancer complete decline. They're currently getting chemo, radiation, things like that. And this is the most important thing. Want to take away the last treatment determines the end of their cancer. So you see how it says all these questions are last two years. That's super crucial.

00:22:27:10 - 00:22:38:22

Like if they've had cancer and then it ended five years ago or the last chemo or radiation or pill, then you're good. So three think Nikki's got a saying. Three and something you're good. Don't know three rhymes

00:22:40:15 - 00:22:43:16

for three years you're in the clear. That's what she says. Yeah.

00:22:43:18 - 00:22:45:09

So clear.

00:22:45:11 - 00:23:06:07

But it's really important to like if they say cancer. Have you ever had cancer? Talking about cancer? What kind of cancer? Or This is more rapport building, but also just trying to figure out, in fact, finding. All right, how long ago was it when when was did you last do it? Because people will mix that up and then you'll think it's preferred when they had cancer five years ago, but now they're still taking medication for the same cancer.