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Moses Sales Introductions Selling Life Insurance

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Moses Sales Introductions Selling Life Insurance

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All right, Moses. So we're going to do a quick color review. I'm just pulling up intros and that will be all that I will pull up. Okay, So let me see.

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All right, So just put this on the side for reference. All right. So let's try this one first. Looks like a shorter call.

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Hey there, Donna. Yeah. Hey there, Donna. How's everything been out there in Philadelphia? Okay. Okay.

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So really get into the habit of not, like, confirming it's them. Like, Hey, is this. It was like Donna. Like your voice went up. So what you want to do is like, Hey, Donna, how's everything been going out there? And, like, really throw them off balance so that they're like, What do I know this person? Like, what's going on? And then then proceed.

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Okay, that's good. My name is Moses. Donna. I'm giving you a I'm giving you a call because you were recently speaking to one of my colleagues regarding life and burial insurance programs for Pennsylvania. Uh huh. My job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions you have. Okay. I see you had your address here listed as 5201 Chester Avenue and Philadelphia. And no.

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50 201 Cedar Avenue.

00:01:27:12 - 00:01:28:22

Oh, Caesar Avenue.

00:01:28:24 - 00:01:31:04

Yes. D e d a r.

00:01:33:00 - 00:01:35:04

Z r. No.

00:01:36:19 - 00:01:37:18


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So always, if they're if it's wrong, just be like, okay, well, thank you for correcting me. I'm going to update that in the system.

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All right. And I see you had your date of birth here as August 12th of 1967. Yes. And you are looking into leaving some life insurance in place to live for your mother as the beneficiary. Uh huh. Okay. What's this going to be? Coverage just for yourself or for a loved one as well?

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Okay, so you skipped work consulting firm. You really want to hammer that point home? Because it's very important. We're consulting firm. It gets rid of the. I'm shopping around. I want to think about it. Crap at the very end.

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Um, I don't know.

00:02:18:04 - 00:02:20:04

What was that just for you today?

00:02:20:24 - 00:02:22:02

I don't know.

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Okay. Is it just you looking into life insurance?

00:02:28:07 - 00:02:33:08

I'm not ready to look into life insurance because I have to wait till after I get my job.

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Okay. So I might not have hung up her on her right there. Uh, I don't know if she hung up or what's going on, but I wouldn't just ended that call. Let's go to. It's fine. Another one if she hung up or whatever. But, you know.

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All right. So two minutes here.

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Hello? Excuse me. Hello?

00:03:02:21 - 00:03:06:01

Hey there, Warner. How's everything been out there in Dublin?

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Okay, so that one's a good one. But you're still. You're still your inflection on your voice is still going up like Warner. Like it's almost a question. Just assume it's them. It's so much different out of it. Like, if you're like Warner, how's everything? You know, if you go, Hey, hey, Warner how's everything been going out there? And Toledo, it really will help you.

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How is it? It's the sun's out.

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The sun's out. All right. That's good. That's the most important part. My name is most. Okay, So you gotta.

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You got to take that information, go somewhere with it. Like that's the most important part. Mean, Is it really? So, um. And, you know, I could have used you could have took that any direction. The sun's out. Yeah. You've been. Has it been cloudy recently? Um, yeah. You prefer the sun than the rain. You could say anything there. That's a little bit of just back and forth. The sun's out. It must not be a normal thing. Maybe he's up north, and it's cloudy and, uh, gray and just bad.

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My name is Moses Warner. I'm giving you a call today because you were recently speaking to one of my colleagues.

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Don't say colleagues because they're not really your colleagues. It's just some, you know, the Philippines are they're just generating leads for us. So the colleagues, you don't really want to be associated with them because they clearly are foreign and a lot of people don't like that. So, you know, you don't want them actually link in those two together.

00:04:26:14 - 00:04:30:13

Regarding life and burial insurance programs for Pennsylvania.

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So reps, you can say reps don't say colleagues.

00:04:33:01 - 00:04:36:23

My job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions you have.

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Okay, so hit my job a little more harder. Like it's like my job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So I'm just going to confirm this info to make sure it's right though.

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I always like to confirm the information left off to make sure I'm speaking to the right person. I see you had your address here as 312 Manor Drive and your date of birth as October 4th of 1940. That correct? Correct. All right. And I see at the time you spoke to my colleague, you had your estate list as beneficiary. Is there any sort of changes you want to make?

00:05:14:10 - 00:05:17:07

Uh, no, I don't remember that one.

00:05:17:24 - 00:05:20:02

Well, who would you want the beneficiary to be for you?

00:05:22:04 - 00:05:22:21


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I think so. It's almost too early to be like, oh, well, who you know, I almost talk around that. If I see a state, like I'm not real happy that it's a state because leaving it to their state, there's really it's really hard to build any kind of emotional value. So I'd be more like, okay, like I don't see a state that often. Is there somebody in particular that you the money would go to or like you're asking the question, but you want to just like kind of lead them along without like asking super direct questions because it's too early for that.

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I think I think I really. That's where a problem has come in. Um, my son. I have a son. And he would be the beneficiary. Mhm. But he's lost in the United States or I don't know where he is. So there's no, there's no as long as I can't find him. Um, and I guess I'll give you the full story. He came into, into my apartment and.

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Made a hole.

00:06:34:08 - 00:06:38:08

Just blew the place up. And not literally, but, you know.

00:06:39:07 - 00:06:41:10

I was gonna say, I hope not. Literally.

00:06:41:21 - 00:06:44:15

No, not literally. No, I'm still here. Um,

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and and and I haven't talked to him in months. So in that case, what's the use of getting a, you know, getting that, that, that setup.

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So I don't know if he hung up on you, but I would have just said, Oh, well, I mean, I really hope you find him. That sounds like you're going through a really rough time. And is there anybody else in the family that it would go to? And we can put him as the secondary. And if when you find him and put him as a primary, I mean, there's a lot of ways to handle that. But he's probably right if he has no one to leave it to. That's why State sucks. We don't want to see a state.

00:07:23:12 - 00:07:25:18

All right. So three minutes, six seconds. Let's do that one.

00:07:29:02 - 00:07:29:24


00:07:30:13 - 00:07:33:11

Hey there, Susan. How's everything been out there in Verona?

00:07:35:02 - 00:07:35:18


00:07:36:03 - 00:07:43:14

So you still like Susan? It's kind of like Susan. It's almost like a question. It's like. Hey there, Susan. Like, just. Just, you know. Hey there, Ernie. Like, whatever.

00:07:44:02 - 00:07:51:08

Okay, that's good. My name is Moses. Susan. I'm giving you a call. It's good. My name is.

00:07:51:14 - 00:07:55:03

Don't say their name that much in 12 seconds. Like three times. Moses.

00:07:55:05 - 00:08:12:01

Susan, I'm giving you a call today because you were recently speaking to one of my colleagues regarding life and burial insurance programs for Pennsylvania. My job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions you have. Yeah, I always like to confirm the.

00:08:12:16 - 00:08:26:12

Little little hesitation. So, like, just like you're. You're the boss here. So my. So I'm going to confirm this information to make sure it's correct. Like it's not supposed to be like you're not like, jamming at them, but you're just like, okay, so I'm going to confirm this information, make sure it's correct, and then just move on from.

00:08:26:17 - 00:08:39:21

Left off to make sure I'm speaking to the correct person. I see you had your address here as 5350 Salzburg Road and Verona and your date of birth as March 14th of 1954. Is that correct?

00:08:40:03 - 00:08:40:24


00:08:41:07 - 00:08:44:12

All right, perfect. And I see your I only.

00:08:44:14 - 00:09:19:01

Confirm once, so like I'm like, okay. And then I just kind of leave it. So I don't I only say correct once. I'm not going to keep saying. Is that correct? Is that correct? Because I don't want to feel make them feel like I'm talking down to them. Like at the end, like if I'm doing vanilla, soft, like, let's just pull one up. Hey, David, How's everything? Hey, David. How's everything been going out there in Howell? Okay. Yeah, I. No, I grew up in Michigan. It's kind of. It's kind of hit or miss with the weather, blah, blah, like. All right, Dave. Well, my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason for my call is you had spoken with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Michigan.

00:09:19:03 - 00:09:49:05

My job here is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So I'm just going to confirm this info to make sure it's right. I still have you at 2649 Thistle Drive in. HOWELL Yep. All right. Have a date of birth is one 167. Right. And see, you got a wide gap here. 5 to $50,000 of coverage. Your favorite color is purple. Yes. You know, that's color royalty. All right. And the beneficiary, it says decide later who would actually be receiving the money.

00:09:49:07 - 00:09:53:10

If you know, if you when you pass that, you know, that's just an example.

00:09:54:16 - 00:09:56:11

That, correct? Yes.

00:09:56:20 - 00:10:02:21

All right. Perfect. And I see you're looking into some coverage here to leave for your daughters as the beneficiaries.

00:10:04:19 - 00:10:20:18

So I like the word like I understand that you're looking if it was a normal one, like it's like, see that you're looking for around 20,000 and that you've decided to leave that money to your daughter or and I understand I understand that this person is going to be the beneficiary. They really can't say no to that. So it's just like you can keep moving.

00:10:21:16 - 00:10:33:17

Yeah, but they manage my finances, so I'd have to clear anything with them as far as whatever this is going to cost. Okay.

00:10:34:05 - 00:10:43:09

Absolutely. Is is this something that you guys have been discussing? That would be the next thing. I've never heard this call. So that's the next thing would say. You guys have been discussing this and getting you some coverage. Okay.

00:10:43:11 - 00:10:48:18

So they manage your finances for you. All right. Is there a way that we can get them on the phone.

00:10:49:19 - 00:11:12:07

See too early? Like, I would definitely just dive a little deeper. Like, is this something you guys have been discussing? Okay. And they're aware that you've been looking into this. All right. So, yeah, we will have to talk to them, but let's first see what you qualify for here and then would actually fly through the qualification and then because we really got to sell the. So the kids, whoever's paying for it. All right, so I'm gonna get off that one.

00:11:15:11 - 00:11:21:07

All right. Just don't want to find ones that. All right, so you got deep enough to get off the phone there. Well, let's try this one.

00:11:23:20 - 00:11:24:17


00:11:25:05 - 00:11:26:08

Hey there, Susan.

00:11:26:17 - 00:11:27:20

Yeah. All right, listen, that one.

00:11:33:07 - 00:11:34:11


00:11:34:15 - 00:11:38:06

So that's almost a presentation. This is two minutes.

00:11:39:16 - 00:11:41:13

Thank you for calling. Article.

00:11:43:05 - 00:11:44:22

Nope. 150.

00:11:48:11 - 00:11:50:06

Senior Life Services. This is Moses.

00:11:59:11 - 00:12:02:09

Hey, there. How's everything been out there in Los Angeles? Phyllis?

00:12:03:10 - 00:12:05:06

Wonderful. Who's calling, please?

00:12:05:18 - 00:12:08:10

Okay. Well, my name is Moses. Over.

00:12:09:01 - 00:12:26:06

So don't. You're saying okay, like. Like they caught you in something. So, like, if. Like. Okay, uh, now what do I do? It's like if they say, who's calling, just go right into it. It's like, Yeah, yeah, yeah. Phyllis is Moses over here at Senior Life Services. Remember us? Remember us? That's how. That's how it sounds to them.

00:12:28:07 - 00:12:43:00

It's senior life services. I'm giving you a call today because you were recently speaking to one of my colleagues regarding life and burial insurance programs for California. You've probably been getting a lot of calls about this recently, haven't you?

00:12:43:02 - 00:12:43:17


00:12:43:19 - 00:12:46:02

What are they? I think I'm dying already. I'm still alive.

00:12:46:12 - 00:12:52:23

Yeah, you're definitely still here. That's a blessing. Well, I hope I can brighten up the mood a little bit for my job.

00:12:53:05 - 00:12:59:09

So you could have been like. Yeah, No, don't know what the hell but mean. Hopefully you're alive. Otherwise, you can't get life insurance or, you know, whatever. Goof off with them.

00:13:00:05 - 00:13:01:15

My name is Phyllis.

00:13:01:19 - 00:13:04:23

Phyllis. Okay. Yes. My job is to go over those.

00:13:05:12 - 00:13:20:05

So apologize for saying it wrong. Definitely want to do that. Like, yeah, that's a very unique name. I've never heard that. Something like that. See, that's. That's what I mean by, like, rapport. Like these little tiny things I never heard of. You know, I've never heard that name in my own life. Okay. And she's old, so it's very interesting.

00:13:20:19 - 00:13:34:13

My job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions you have. I see you had your date of birth here listed as February 7th of 1940, and you were looking into about 10,000 coverage solely for your sister.

00:13:35:07 - 00:13:38:01

I'm I'm looking for what I do. Say that again.

00:13:38:09 - 00:13:41:07

About 10,000 and life insurance to leave for yourself.

00:13:41:09 - 00:13:50:09

That's why it's kind of like broken down like so understand where do $10,000 in coverage is what you're looking for and that's all going to your sister. But mean you said it right. She should have got that but you know she didn't.

00:13:50:11 - 00:13:54:08

So sister as the beneficiary. Yeah, I don't know. Okay.

00:13:55:02 - 00:13:55:21

What was that?

00:13:56:07 - 00:14:00:10

I said, I don't think so. I love my sister, but go ahead.

00:14:01:04 - 00:14:05:22

Well, do you have anything in place to help out with the burial? You know, when that time comes.

00:14:07:07 - 00:14:07:22


00:14:07:24 - 00:14:19:03

I might have said like, okay, so not your sister. Okay. What are you thinking of? Like a child or nephew or somebody else? Like, now I really want to know who is actually receiving the money. That's what I care about right now.

00:14:19:05 - 00:14:23:06

I don't yet, but I. I don't like to talk about it. Right.

00:14:23:08 - 00:14:30:13

Yeah. It's not really a topic anybody wants to talk about, but it's rarely necessary. Have you ever taken care of? Somebody bury yourself.

00:14:32:09 - 00:14:33:17

Well, my husband dies.

00:14:34:12 - 00:14:35:15

He's skipping Arkansas.

00:14:35:17 - 00:14:36:23

Did he have any sort of.

00:14:37:00 - 00:14:37:15

A couple.

00:14:37:17 - 00:14:38:07

I remember.

00:14:38:10 - 00:15:05:24

So a lot of these. You pretty much have skipped. Uh, so we're consulting firm. Do not skip that, because that really, you know, tells them what we're going to do today. So we're consulting firm, So it means we work for our clients on a particular company. We're going to figure out you're giving them, you're giving them our mission. You're like the mission that you're going to accomplish. If you think of we're consulting firms, think of that's your mission statement, because this is essentially what happens throughout the call. All right. So we're going to move on next one.

00:15:08:08 - 00:15:09:18

23 to 29.

00:15:10:20 - 00:15:11:10


00:15:12:23 - 00:15:15:21

Hey there. How's everything been out there in Los Angeles? Phyllis?

00:15:16:22 - 00:15:18:17

Wonderful. Who's calling, please?

00:15:19:04 - 00:15:20:00


00:15:20:20 - 00:15:25:16

Sorry. I don't know why it's not going forward. All right, here's 123.

00:15:27:00 - 00:15:27:15


00:15:28:17 - 00:15:30:19

Hey there, Phyllis. How's everything been out there?

00:15:31:06 - 00:15:31:21

The hell?

00:15:33:21 - 00:15:35:12

And he's talking to nothing but fellas.

00:15:41:18 - 00:15:42:08


00:15:43:05 - 00:15:47:19

Hey there, Gregory. How's everything been out there in San Jose? That's doing.

00:15:47:21 - 00:15:48:11


00:15:48:24 - 00:15:56:15

Not bad out there. How's everything? Um. Hey. Guess. Yeah, I've been out there. Work's good. Yeah, Been out there, Been going. It's. It's fine. All right.

00:15:58:12 - 00:16:09:10

I'm doing all right. Thanks for asking. I'm giving you a call today, Gregory, because you were recently speaking to one of my colleagues regarding life and burial insurance programs for California.

00:16:09:16 - 00:16:25:08

So don't like colleagues, again, simply because they're not going to remember that call. It's like three minutes, like you say, colleague. Somebody's gonna be like, Oh, didn't talk to anybody for 20 minutes. That's, you know, that's a colleague or a professional or, you know, just your reps. Like that's why it's reps. Yeah.

00:16:25:23 - 00:16:29:24

My job was to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions you have.

00:16:30:21 - 00:16:34:14

But I'm already set up now, so that's okay. It's good now.

00:16:35:04 - 00:16:40:08

Oh, that's great. So you were able to find some coverage in place where we're just adding on to what you currently have then?

00:16:40:19 - 00:16:42:12

No, I'm already set up.

00:16:43:02 - 00:16:47:09

Okay, So you currently have coverage. How long you've had that plan in place.

00:16:48:00 - 00:16:50:02

And now two weeks.

00:16:50:16 - 00:16:57:09

You almost want to look shocked, like be like. It's like, yeah, this like, you know, it didn't talk to him that long ago. How long have you had this one in place?

00:16:58:05 - 00:17:01:11

Two weeks. Okay. What made you choose the company that you're with?

00:17:02:12 - 00:17:08:05

Uh, it's a veteran company, so I'm with that. So I just signed up with that.

00:17:09:08 - 00:17:15:14

It's not a bad question. Um. And you can always be like, okay, So like, that was a good question.

00:17:15:24 - 00:17:19:22

Okay, I see. I see. Well, were you able to call.

00:17:20:03 - 00:17:21:22

Thank you for your service. Definitely throw that in.

00:17:22:01 - 00:17:23:15

For the lowest plans in your state.

00:17:24:11 - 00:17:44:04

Okay. So that question is terrible because were you able to qualify for the lowest plans in your state? He doesn't even know what the hell that means and he doesn't know if he got the lowest. Even if he didn't, he would say yes to this because he doesn't want to seem like he's stupid. Like, no, I decided to get the highest plan in the state. So watch and watch the wording because, I mean, the wording will really change the answers.

00:17:45:17 - 00:17:46:07


00:17:47:12 - 00:17:50:00

Okay. And how much do they have you paying for that coverage?

00:17:51:02 - 00:17:55:07

Uh, $9.95.

00:17:56:06 - 00:17:57:09

With colonial pen.

00:17:57:18 - 00:17:58:12


00:18:01:05 - 00:18:01:20


00:18:03:00 - 00:18:08:07

Don't you can't. You can't sigh like that. This is awesome. I love to hear a colonial pen. I love it.

00:18:09:14 - 00:18:20:17

And how old are you today, Gregory? 68. 68 For that $9 and 99. $0.95. You're getting your 68.

00:18:21:24 - 00:18:41:21

So you never want to tell people that they're wrong or something. So you're about to just educate him way too aggressively. So all you have to say here is like, okay, yeah. I mean, we've actually referred some people to Colonial Penn. Um, are you in poor health? That'd be the first question. Be like, No, they're always going to say no, even if they are. And you will find something better.

00:18:43:19 - 00:18:46:00

So you're about to tell him something and he's gonna get pissed off.

00:18:46:02 - 00:18:48:16

$792 in coverage.

00:18:50:18 - 00:18:54:04

Be on a 2 to 3 year waiting period. A two year waiting.

00:18:54:06 - 00:19:09:08

So now you're just telling them terrible stuff You want to be like, we work with that company. Yeah, we know. We know all about Colonial Penn. Yeah, we work with that company. And then, you know, whatever, like we work with them, we can tell people to go get coverage through them. Doesn't mean we actually write them. So yeah, definitely could have probably save this one.

00:19:10:24 - 00:19:13:01

Did they mentioned you?

00:19:16:08 - 00:19:17:07

I didn't hear you.

00:19:18:04 - 00:19:22:11

Did they mention that you would be on a two year waiting period with $700 in debt?

00:19:23:19 - 00:19:24:09


00:19:25:12 - 00:19:53:21

Okay. Now it just doesn't want to feel stupid. I guarantee they he doesn't know exactly what he has, but, like. Yeah, we can actually set you up with colonial pen. So you did the unit. So then then you have to educate them on how that works. So they do it per unit. I mean, that's kind of misleading. But you know, it's it's coverage that will pay out. They're a reputable company. You don't bash them. You just tell them like but it's for people that are generally in poor health and can't find any other insurance. So let me do you the courtesy. Like what was the goal like? We got to talk about that. What was the goal? You know, you know, you're going to lose this guy.

00:19:54:04 - 00:19:55:10

I'm not worried about that.

00:19:57:08 - 00:19:59:03

Yes, I'm not worried about that.

00:19:59:20 - 00:20:05:05

So, yeah, now he's just like, don't he feels dumb. So he's going to get off the phone. You can't make people feel dumb.

00:20:08:11 - 00:20:16:15

All right. So I will stop this and send you these. Think that's enough to chew on right now? All right. Signing off.

Watch the Full Video Here: Moses Sales Introductions Selling Life Insurance

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