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Matt Compana Call Review

Updated: Apr 15

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Be good to see.

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Um, yeah. So what Nikki was saying, like, basically, there is a system, so don't ever think because somebody else sounds a little differently. They're not using an exact system, especially somebody who's writing 10,000. It's Wednesday. You got Caitlin using the system right next to them, like everybody in this building is using pretty much a combination at this point. Everybody that Mika trains is using my script with. A couple of things were thrown in. Um, but the thing is like he has that ability to which I just want to make it clear when you first start don't try to copy somebody that is, you know, miles above you and ability because he's been at it for a year, over a year, year and a half almost.

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So if he's if he's been at it that long know it's actually a year. But if he's been added that long. Then you have to like he. He gets a little leeway. That's all I'm saying. So just just want to preface it with that, because we still have to follow a script. Like when you first start. I'm sure Matt was reading a script just like the rest of us. Correct. All right, guys, let's let's hit this.

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Hi. Good morning. Linda marie.

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Hi, Miss Powell. How are you today? Hey, my boy. Hello. I'm sorry. What's going on?

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I'm just sick. Who's this? What are you calling for?

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Well, ma'am, we had spoke with you. I'm with Senior Life Services. We spoke with you about life insurance for final and burial expenses you were looking for.

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And I'd be the actual agent to just go over everything with you and help you. So I know you're not feeling well, but we have been trying to call you because you said you were looking for maybe around 50,000 or more to leave behind for Nathaniel. Yeah.

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Not only did you, Floyd and the two of them.

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All right, Linda. Well, listen, I'm here for you. I'm. This is what I'm doing today. I have here Linda marie. I have your date of birth. 11 1867.

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All right. Hold on. Let me just confirm everything I have. So 11 1867.

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No, a lot accident in June and the Twin Rotary Club. And I was in an auto accident in June.

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Oh, I'm so sorry.

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I was waiting for my knee. So that made it worse. And

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it was horn rotor coming my right shoulder. So since June, I've been in pain and she's giving me cortisone shots because he's the PA.

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So mad is being very kind and listening to this has got nothing to do with sales. Uh, but don't dismiss people just because they're going on a rant. Some people just want somebody to talk to, but also need the insurance.

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Okay. I said it's not working anymore. He orders more AI and finds out.

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Oh, my God. Is that.

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Yeah. All that time it could have been six. He didn't know what he was doing.

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So what can I do? You know, pray about it. God, please just let me go get surgery and get healed.

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I was going to say, whose fault was it, The accident.

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The charger real. He was in the wrong lane looking in his phone parked and Raleigh looking in his phone. And it was an exit of a um.

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Can you pause it real quick so I can say one?

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Yeah, that's the idea. That's the idea. Matt So just whenever you guys want to pause, you know what I want.

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People to know because a lot of people.

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Ask, I've been asked a lot like, how do I build rapport?

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I'm not one of those people who, like, can, like, just relate to just.

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Anything they say. So in this case, like, my report building was like listening to her actually asking instead of sitting there, like, waiting to respond. I knew when I was just going to get right back into my script. But clearly you've been through a lot. So my rapport building was basically at this point, just so far was listening to her and asking, whoa, whose fault was it in the accident? You know, where it's like, as long as I ask that question, I'm still kind of controlling it in my own way, in my head, because I know where I'm about to go with what she's saying.

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So I just want to say, like, that's like a little bit of like my report building is how it just naturally having a conversation and just listening to them to, you know.

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Well, just asking questions. Mean 100%. You are controlling the conversation if you're asking the questions. I never really thought about it that way. But if I'm asking you a bunch of questions, who's in control of that conversation? Exactly. And you're. And you're answering them?

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Okay. Yeah. That's awesome. I'm gonna have to write that down. Whoever's answer asking the questions is the one in control.

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And the traffic. You can only go one way. And he was in the wrong lane and he was parked. He wasn't paying attention. He was looking at his phone. I thought he was looking for directions. So my brother goes in the right lane because we're arguing. He just picks up his hand and just starts driving where the rear ends in his tractor trailer latched on the driver's side my brother's car and started riding his and ripped the front. Jesus. Yeah, 40ft. So I'm holding on. And, you know, I'm little. So I kept going into the dash with my my knees and my shoulder and, you know, I was holding on.

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I guess that's how that happened. So that's calls and he's all my company on pay for everything and everything. So he did take responsibility but still.

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Did you have the surgery yet?

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No. You know, the and the surgery isn't bad.

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Believe or not. He's actually asking in a way, I guarantee he's asking a little bit. Have you had the surgery yet? Now he wants to. No, no. If they did it, guarantee his next question. Any complications just to, you know, you know, get some information out of the way.

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Because they go in with a little camera, a little incisions the recovery with the therapy.

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You know why you have the arthritis already in the need. Are you suffering any other long term conditions due to that accident?

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You were right.

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Well, I'm very sorry. Linda marie, you know, sorry that you went through that.

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The people on the cell phone.

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A little bit better for you with this aspect, you know, and make sure you're covered just in case anything was to happen to you. Obviously, it probably showed you how important it is to have some kind of coverage to leave behind for, you know. Yeah,

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well, listen, you're in good hands. I'm going to see what I can do. What I do here is I work for you more than just one company. So I really try my hardest to get you the best rates, the best benefits. I have a lot of competitive rates in the market, so I'm going to find you something affordable. Okay, love? Yeah. And you do handle your own finances, correct?

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Yeah. I'm on total security disability.

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You get a widow's pension. My husband's deceased.

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All right. And, Linda maria, I have you in the state of Pennsylvania. Have that. What Zip code are you in?

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Four, four, three, two and West Pistons.

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18643. Yes. All right. Thank you so much. And have you Linda marie at age 55 now your sons are going to be your beneficiary. Let's see what we can do. They do look at your age and health. So I'm going to be asking you a couple of quick health questions. Sure. I'm at age 55. Are you a smoker? No.

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Quit smoking two years ago.

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Good. Automatic discount. And what would you say, Linda? Do you like being called Linda marie?

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Yeah, that's my name. Yeah.

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All right. And then what would you say your current height and weight is, Hun? Just a rough estimate.

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I'm five two and then 190. I'm going to have the gastric bypass surgery because of the medication and want to change all the weight.

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Okay. And that's what I was going to ask next. So currently right now, are you on any medication prescribed from your doctor?

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And what are they for?

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Pain medication, accident.

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And I have COPD, so I have a machine. I have.

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So, Matt, where was.

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Like I know you built a little bit of like need, but is this a situation where you think you maybe could have built more?

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Well, because you.

00:08:30:17 - 00:08:34:18

Went into a pretty quick. You're you're asking health questions five minutes in. Well that's.

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Well, that's pretty common for me.

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But the call is 60 minutes, so there had to have been I mean, I am very good at building rapport in health questions, but a lot of people don't do it that way.

00:08:51:15 - 00:08:59:22

I just know she it just didn't in the beginning. She said she needed coverage and that was like. And then, you know.

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When like, I feel like when she told me, like, for me, like buying signals, Right. We spoke about this yesterday when she told me that she wanted to leave it behind for both her sons, no questions asked. We you need coverage. We're going to get you coverage. So kind of just go into it and then see do more of like, see you after I go in, after I introduce make laugh of them a little bit. We're late or whatever the case is right in the beginning I'll go into the health question. I get them qualified and I spend more time really selling the program in my service and building more rapport towards the end of anything.

00:09:36:21 - 00:09:39:04

That's kind of just my style.

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That's fine. I mean, this call is not short. It's an hour long. So that's a big thing. Like you might hear people say, Oh, you're getting you know, you're getting into this too fast, this too fast. If it works for you, that's different. But if it's clearly not working, then listen to your coaches.

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Well, that's why you got to be able to judge the call to like, okay, like, was she letting me talk? Yes. Did she indicate that she wanted to leave money behind for both of her children? Yes. She told me their names. Did she go through a lot? Yes, because a lot of times when we hear clients that are usually I know sometimes I know a lot of us can prejudge people. So we'll hear someone who is in a lot of pain like that. And sometimes we think like you could hear the pain in her voice and sometimes we almost think like, oh, she probably.

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Knocking it. Why not? And probably just, you know, talking but don't know, just in the beginning, just based off of the vibe from the call with me, I just felt like I'm just going to go into it and get her approved, you know?

00:10:39:20 - 00:10:49:21

Okay. Yeah. So but that's super assumption. I mean, Matt knows I talk about that nonstop. It's like, like whatever you say, it's like is all I heard was, yep, continue on.

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Some inhalers

00:10:57:00 - 00:11:00:03

are you're not currently on on oxygen, correct?

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Okay. It would have been smoking.

00:11:04:24 - 00:11:05:21

So that's what I did.

00:11:06:08 - 00:11:13:02

So the pain pills, the medicine from the accident, the COPD, the nebulizer is any other medications that you can think of?

00:11:13:22 - 00:11:17:09

Just acid reflux is all right.

00:11:17:11 - 00:11:20:11

So not on much medications. You do take good care of yourself.

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