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Matt Compana Call Review

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

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Be good to see.

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Um, yeah. So what Nikki was saying, like, basically, there is a system, so don't ever think because somebody else sounds a little differently. They're not using an exact system, especially somebody who's writing 10,000. It's Wednesday. You got Caitlin using the system right next to them, like everybody in this building is using pretty much a combination at this point. Everybody that Mika trains is using my script with. A couple of things were thrown in. Um, but the thing is like he has that ability to which I just want to make it clear when you first start don't try to copy somebody that is, you know, miles above you and ability because he's been at it for a year, over a year, year and a half almost.

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So if he's if he's been at it that long know it's actually a year. But if he's been added that long. Then you have to like he. He gets a little leeway. That's all I'm saying. So just just want to preface it with that, because we still have to follow a script. Like when you first start. I'm sure Matt was reading a script just like the rest of us. Correct. All right, guys, let's let's hit this.

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Hi. Good morning. Linda marie.

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Hi, Miss Powell. How are you today? Hey, my boy. Hello. I'm sorry. What's going on?

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I'm just sick. Who's this? What are you calling for?

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Well, ma'am, we had spoke with you. I'm with Senior Life Services. We spoke with you about life insurance for final and burial expenses you were looking for.

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And I'd be the actual agent to just go over everything with you and help you. So I know you're not feeling well, but we have been trying to call you because you said you were looking for maybe around 50,000 or more to leave behind for Nathaniel. Yeah.

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Not only did you, Floyd and the two of them.

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All right, Linda. Well, listen, I'm here for you. I'm. This is what I'm doing today. I have here Linda marie. I have your date of birth. 11 1867.

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All right. Hold on. Let me just confirm everything I have. So 11 1867.

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No, a lot accident in June and the Twin Rotary Club. And I was in an auto accident in June.

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Oh, I'm so sorry.

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I was waiting for my knee. So that made it worse. And

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it was horn rotor coming my right shoulder. So since June, I've been in pain and she's giving me cortisone shots because he's the PA.

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So mad is being very kind and listening to this has got nothing to do with sales. Uh, but don't dismiss people just because they're going on a rant. Some people just want somebody to talk to, but also need the insurance.

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Okay. I said it's not working anymore. He orders more AI and finds out.

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Oh, my God. Is that.

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Yeah. All that time it could have been six. He didn't know what he was doing.

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So what can I do? You know, pray about it. God, please just let me go get surgery and get healed.

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I was going to say, whose fault was it, The accident.

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The charger real. He was in the wrong lane looking in his phone parked and Raleigh looking in his phone. And it was an exit of a um.

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Can you pause it real quick so I can say one?

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Yeah, that's the idea. That's the idea. Matt So just whenever you guys want to pause, you know what I want.

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People to know because a lot of people.

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Ask, I've been asked a lot like, how do I build rapport?

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I'm not one of those people who, like, can, like, just relate to just.

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Anything they say. So in this case, like, my report building was like listening to her actually asking instead of sitting there, like, waiting to respond. I knew when I was just going to get right back into my script. But clearly you've been through a lot. So my rapport building was basically at this point, just so far was listening to her and asking, whoa, whose fault was it in the accident? You know, where it's like, as long as I ask that question, I'm still kind of controlling it in my own way, in my head, because I know where I'm about to go with what she's saying.

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So I just want to say, like, that's like a little bit of like my report building is how it just naturally having a conversation and just listening to them to, you know.

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Well, just asking questions. Mean 100%. You are controlling the conversation if you're asking the questions. I never really thought about it that way. But if I'm asking you a bunch of questions, who's in control of that conversation? Exactly. And you're. And you're answering them?

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Okay. Yeah. That's awesome. I'm gonna have to write that down. Whoever's answer asking the questions is the one in control.

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And the traffic. You can only go one way. And he was in the wrong lane and he was parked. He wasn't paying attention. He was looking at his phone. I thought he was looking for directions. So my brother goes in the right lane because we're arguing. He just picks up his hand and just starts driving where the rear ends in his tractor trailer latched on the driver's side my brother's car and started riding his and ripped the front. Jesus. Yeah, 40ft. So I'm holding on. And, you know, I'm little. So I kept going into the dash with my my knees and my shoulder and, you know, I was holding on.

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I guess that's how that happened. So that's calls and he's all my company on pay for everything and everything. So he did take responsibility but still.

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Did you have the surgery yet?

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No. You know, the and the surgery isn't bad.

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Believe or not. He's actually asking in a way, I guarantee he's asking a little bit. Have you had the surgery yet? Now he wants to. No, no. If they did it, guarantee his next question. Any complications just to, you know, you know, get some information out of the way.

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Because they go in with a little camera, a little incisions the recovery with the therapy.

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You know why you have the arthritis already in the need. Are you suffering any other long term conditions due to that accident?

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You were right.

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Well, I'm very sorry. Linda marie, you know, sorry that you went through that.

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The people on the cell phone.

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A little bit better for you with this aspect, you know, and make sure you're covered just in case anything was to happen to you. Obviously, it probably showed you how important it is to have some kind of coverage to leave behind for, you know. Yeah,

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well, listen, you're in good hands. I'm going to see what I can do. What I do here is I work for you more than just one company. So I really try my hardest to get you the best rates, the best benefits. I have a lot of competitive rates in the market, so I'm going to find you something affordable. Okay, love? Yeah. And you do handle your own finances, correct?

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Yeah. I'm on total security disability.

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You get a widow's pension. My husband's deceased.

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All right. And, Linda maria, I have you in the state of Pennsylvania. Have that. What Zip code are you in?

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Four, four, three, two and West Pistons.

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18643. Yes. All right. Thank you so much. And have you Linda marie at age 55 now your sons are going to be your beneficiary. Let's see what we can do. They do look at your age and health. So I'm going to be asking you a couple of quick health questions. Sure. I'm at age 55. Are you a smoker? No.

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Quit smoking two years ago.

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Good. Automatic discount. And what would you say, Linda? Do you like being called Linda marie?

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Yeah, that's my name. Yeah.

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All right. And then what would you say your current height and weight is, Hun? Just a rough estimate.

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I'm five two and then 190. I'm going to have the gastric bypass surgery because of the medication and want to change all the weight.

00:07:52:11 - 00:07:58:04

Okay. And that's what I was going to ask next. So currently right now, are you on any medication prescribed from your doctor?

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And what are they for?

00:08:02:01 - 00:08:05:17

Pain medication, accident.

00:08:07:06 - 00:08:14:11

And I have COPD, so I have a machine. I have.

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So, Matt, where was.

00:08:18:16 - 00:08:24:24

Like I know you built a little bit of like need, but is this a situation where you think you maybe could have built more?

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00:08:29:08 - 00:08:30:15

Well, because you.

00:08:30:17 - 00:08:34:18

Went into a pretty quick. You're you're asking health questions five minutes in. Well that's.

00:08:37:06 - 00:08:39:21

Well, that's pretty common for me.

00:08:40:05 - 00:08:40:20


00:08:41:07 - 00:08:49:19

But the call is 60 minutes, so there had to have been I mean, I am very good at building rapport in health questions, but a lot of people don't do it that way.

00:08:51:15 - 00:08:59:22

I just know she it just didn't in the beginning. She said she needed coverage and that was like. And then, you know.

00:09:01:12 - 00:09:35:20

When like, I feel like when she told me, like, for me, like buying signals, Right. We spoke about this yesterday when she told me that she wanted to leave it behind for both her sons, no questions asked. We you need coverage. We're going to get you coverage. So kind of just go into it and then see do more of like, see you after I go in, after I introduce make laugh of them a little bit. We're late or whatever the case is right in the beginning I'll go into the health question. I get them qualified and I spend more time really selling the program in my service and building more rapport towards the end of anything.

00:09:36:21 - 00:09:39:04

That's kind of just my style.

00:09:39:13 - 00:09:56:03

That's fine. I mean, this call is not short. It's an hour long. So that's a big thing. Like you might hear people say, Oh, you're getting you know, you're getting into this too fast, this too fast. If it works for you, that's different. But if it's clearly not working, then listen to your coaches.

00:09:56:07 - 00:10:27:05

Well, that's why you got to be able to judge the call to like, okay, like, was she letting me talk? Yes. Did she indicate that she wanted to leave money behind for both of her children? Yes. She told me their names. Did she go through a lot? Yes, because a lot of times when we hear clients that are usually I know sometimes I know a lot of us can prejudge people. So we'll hear someone who is in a lot of pain like that. And sometimes we think like you could hear the pain in her voice and sometimes we almost think like, oh, she probably.

00:10:28:16 - 00:10:39:09

Knocking it. Why not? And probably just, you know, talking but don't know, just in the beginning, just based off of the vibe from the call with me, I just felt like I'm just going to go into it and get her approved, you know?

00:10:39:20 - 00:10:49:21

Okay. Yeah. So but that's super assumption. I mean, Matt knows I talk about that nonstop. It's like, like whatever you say, it's like is all I heard was, yep, continue on.

00:10:52:18 - 00:10:54:17

Some inhalers

00:10:57:00 - 00:11:00:03

are you're not currently on on oxygen, correct?

00:11:00:13 - 00:11:01:04


00:11:01:16 - 00:11:04:22

Okay. It would have been smoking.

00:11:04:24 - 00:11:05:21

So that's what I did.

00:11:06:08 - 00:11:13:02

So the pain pills, the medicine from the accident, the COPD, the nebulizer is any other medications that you can think of?

00:11:13:22 - 00:11:17:09

Just acid reflux is all right.

00:11:17:11 - 00:11:20:11

So not on much medications. You do take good care of yourself.

00:11:20:21 - 00:11:21:11


00:11:21:13 - 00:11:26:00

And when do you usually get your benefits? On the first, third or second? Third or fourth? Wednesday of the March 3rd.

00:11:26:21 - 00:11:29:02


00:11:29:04 - 00:11:30:16

All right. Hold on. Female.

00:11:31:20 - 00:11:40:09

And like his, the method is still there. Now he's got some more information. He's just asking questions. She's just answering them now. He knows it's going to set it up for the third of month.

00:11:41:12 - 00:11:46:17

Non smoker. One second. Now, I'm going to ask you just a couple of quick yes or no questions. Okay.

00:11:47:17 - 00:11:48:07


00:11:48:14 - 00:11:53:00

Have you ever had a heart attack or heart failure or any other heart issues?

00:11:53:08 - 00:11:53:23


00:11:55:04 - 00:11:57:17

Liver issues or kidney issues?

00:11:58:01 - 00:11:58:16


00:12:00:13 - 00:12:02:17

Stroke, seizures or cancers?

00:12:03:06 - 00:12:03:21


00:12:07:04 - 00:12:11:05

Any diabetes or hepatitis or any other chronic illness? No.

00:12:13:22 - 00:12:15:24

Since the COPD is chronic.

00:12:16:07 - 00:12:46:16

All right. And it's great, actually. And I feel like I'm, you know, got in touch with you at the right time because I know we spoke to you in the past because just recently in the past couple of months, we're finally able to get our clients immediate day one coverage that have COPD. You know, we're about two months, couple months ago. Usually there's always a 2 to 3 year waiting period, right? So we should be able to go to get you that immediate coverage. I have an amazing company that we've been dealing with for for a long time. They've been around for over 100 years.

00:12:46:18 - 00:13:14:03

They're state federally regulated. It's American home life. And they introduced they introduced the Patriot plan. Now that it makes it a little bit easier and affordable, especially people with COPD and certain health issues right now, I'll be honest with you, because I don't like my client stressed out about a payment every month. I just want to make sure I find something affordable for you. Linda, do you want to grab a piece of paper and pen real quick so I can go over some of these benefits with you? Love?

00:13:14:05 - 00:13:14:20


00:13:18:07 - 00:13:22:12

I'm sorry. What was your name again? Matt. No, thanks, Matt.

00:13:23:14 - 00:13:24:13

You're welcome. We're going to get.

00:13:25:08 - 00:13:32:23

Okay. Thank you. I care about my clients. I'm one of those people like you're going to be able to call me for anything, like I'm.

00:13:33:00 - 00:13:33:17

Going to be your agent.

00:13:33:19 - 00:13:43:24

Going forward. So if you ever have any issues with payments, anything, you're always going to be able to call me. So I care about my clients. You don't drive me crazy every day.

00:13:45:15 - 00:13:48:21

I will. I'm going to be in line for something.

00:13:49:04 - 00:13:50:12

You can call me crazy.

00:13:52:05 - 00:14:11:00

I, I feel like I have some clients. They call me every month to make sure their payments are clear. I always have conversations with them. We talk about just life. Then I feel like I have some clients. I sign up and they never want to talk to me again and I'm always there for my clients. So I like my clients that speak with me, stay in contact with me because I'll be your partner for life.

00:14:11:02 - 00:14:11:17


00:14:11:19 - 00:14:19:00

Right. Yes, That's good. I got a pen and paper, though, so I have four sons. They'll make it five minutes.

00:14:20:12 - 00:14:21:14

Say that again. I'm sorry.

00:14:22:01 - 00:14:24:09

I. I've four sons and now it'll be five.

00:14:24:18 - 00:14:51:14

Oh, that's sweet. You're too sweet. I love you. All right, so let's do this. So I'm going to go over some of the benefits real quick with this plan. Couple of great benefits. It's a whole life policy. So this policy will stick with you till you're 100 and never change in price, no matter what happens to your health. So it'll always stay in price. It'll always be with you. You don't have to worry about price increases in the next couple of years.

00:14:51:24 - 00:14:58:22

So he's basically taking the page the beginning of the second page and just doing it his own way.

00:15:00:02 - 00:15:00:17

So it is.

00:15:01:18 - 00:15:05:10

Is not a term policy, is it?

00:15:05:15 - 00:15:08:00

No, This is a whole life policy.

00:15:08:02 - 00:15:12:05

Yeah. See, I had a term policy. I just ran out of insurance and now I'm nothing.

00:15:13:01 - 00:15:22:13

Exactly. And you're smart because you're young and you're a female, So right now, your rates are great, So you're going to be locked in. So it's good. It's like everything.

00:15:22:18 - 00:15:23:08


00:15:23:14 - 00:15:24:14

My whole life because.

00:15:25:09 - 00:15:25:24

What's that?

00:15:26:10 - 00:15:42:04

Everything has been a buying signal, in my opinion. Her pain and her voice, her telling me her kids, she's been through a lot. She's had a term policy. She knows a little bit about the coverage. Got to go in for. For the kill. She called me her fifth son.

00:15:43:08 - 00:15:51:09

There you go. 100%. When you start getting these buying signals, it's not time to back up and be like and start resting on your laurels. It's time to press in.

00:15:51:21 - 00:15:53:21

Exactly. Like finish.

00:15:53:23 - 00:15:54:13

The job.

00:15:54:15 - 00:15:55:05


00:15:55:08 - 00:15:57:04

Call me her fifth son. I'm like, all right, we got it.

00:15:57:06 - 00:16:04:18

Yeah, like. Like, what's the difference between term and whole life? Somebody asked for that. Well, we're going to give you the right one. You need whole life. So let's do this. You know.

00:16:05:16 - 00:16:07:05

Really say this to.

00:16:07:08 - 00:16:40:00

Yeah. Was very important to is because even know yes obviously we're salesmen and we're trying to get the sale I mean every word that I say. I really do care about my clients and I do send them text messages and I do talk with them. And I had just one client just now text me because we had to do a read day two months out. She just texted me this morning like, Hey, can I get a confirmation number? My payment went through. Do you have a confirmation number? So it's like I truly am there for my clients. So like I said, don't lie or say things ever.

00:16:40:02 - 00:16:47:08

That's just not true. I truly am there for them. And I do show them that, you know. So just wanted to to say that.

00:16:48:19 - 00:16:49:13

That's awesome.

00:16:49:18 - 00:17:03:01

And I talked to a lot of people every day that are like 80 years old that had a term policy since they were like 30. And don't realize that that that was ages they're going to terminate and then kind of get screwed because then they'll have health issues be older, you know.

00:17:03:09 - 00:17:06:24

Yeah. Right. So yeah you're paying in all that money and nothing.

00:17:07:12 - 00:17:19:17

Correct. So this policy is a whole life policy. So again, and what's good is it doesn't terminate at age 100 and matures. So if you do live to 100, you will receive the full death benefit while you're alive.

00:17:20:03 - 00:17:20:18


00:17:21:09 - 00:17:46:00

And that's the whole life policy. It does accrue cash value as well. Based on your health. You are qualified for the standard level plan, which is the same benefits as the preferred, just a little bit more pricey. And the reason why we're doing standard is due to the COPD. But with this plan, it's immediate day one coverage. So there's no 2 to 3 year waiting period. Even if you were the big.

00:17:46:08 - 00:18:02:23

Big hint here, COPD, like with The Patriot, if you guys don't know how big that is, it's huge. To actually be able to get immediate coverage with COPD. It's only been going on for like 4 or 5 months and we always had to put everybody in a two year waiting period and now we have that option.

00:18:04:11 - 00:18:09:06

Something must happen because they don't get approved. Matt Obviously, but that's okay.

00:18:09:21 - 00:18:33:07

Yeah, this, this is a recording that Matt sent that was a good call where he was explaining the benefits and stuff for Pioneer Security life. So for Pioneer would have a waiting period. We do have a program now again to where you can get immediate coverage. So you want to reach out to someone for help if you're not sure. But it's a great example for Pioneer.

00:18:34:00 - 00:18:52:24

And I'm pretty sure that's why he said it was a good call, because to be on a whole pitch and a lot of new people, I know it can get very discouraging after you sell a media coverage and basically diss waiting period plans, but then on the same call have to sell.

00:18:53:01 - 00:18:54:07

The waiting period.

00:18:54:09 - 00:18:56:19

Plan. So think that's why it was a good call.

00:18:57:17 - 00:18:58:18

But it's also.

00:18:59:16 - 00:19:31:01

But maybe, you know, but maybe something needs to change there in the script. Maybe don't bash it so bad next time. Like in case you have to do that. Like I always say, like it's like even with the two year waiting period, even if I'm bashing Colonial pen a little bit, like, you know, when you like always say, you know, the two year waiting period, you know what colonial pen when Alex Trebek was still alive and he was, you know, talking about colonial pen, they put you on a two year waiting period like now. For some people, that's okay because it still pays interest. They still get the money back and they don't qualify for anything else. But you do qualify for better.

00:19:31:03 - 00:19:41:00

That's usually how I do it. I'm not I don't bash it because I know it happens. It happens a lot that, you know, we have to go go and give them what we told them. That is not good.

00:19:41:02 - 00:19:44:13

So watch the what our study is like, not what started out.

00:19:44:15 - 00:19:57:02

Not just to jump in real quick. So for the I guess we'll learn as we go down the call. But I'm confused with the should he stay with the pioneer or HL.

00:19:57:16 - 00:19:59:12

So he go ahead.

00:19:59:24 - 00:20:00:23

No, go ahead, Ernie. You guys.

00:20:01:00 - 00:20:31:01

For for this call for this call, because this was going to be a standard. This isn't like said older. I believe this is a older call before American Home Life Patriot was out. Uh, but so for this call, he did stick with Pioneer Pioneers, the main company that we use. So we want most of our business to go through Pioneer. But if we can get someone immediate coverage, we'd like to. But for this example, it was just to go over how to explain the benefits. So this client just so happened to have COPD.

00:20:31:11 - 00:20:42:24

So they were a standard and have to have that waiting period with Pioneer. So it's good because a lot of times if we have to explain the waiting period, it's good to hear it and how to present that.

00:20:44:09 - 00:20:46:13

Yep. Thank you.

00:20:48:12 - 00:20:52:00

But I did pitch patriot. This was we did have patriot or in this car.

00:20:52:23 - 00:20:53:24

Oh, you did have patriot.

00:20:54:01 - 00:20:54:16


00:20:54:18 - 00:21:24:07

I was pitching, so that's why he was confused. So this was during Patriot time. So American Home Life introduced a new plan called Patriot. And you can get people with COPD or media day one coverage. So you hear me right now pitching the standard plan with immediate coverage with Patriot. But she got declined, which you'll see on the call. So then now I switched it and sold the standard plan with the waiting period with Pioneer.

00:21:26:04 - 00:21:27:18

Right. Okay. Got you. Thank you, man.

00:21:30:08 - 00:21:32:07

Yep. Okay, let's keep it moving.

00:21:32:15 - 00:21:41:03

The only thing about patriot, I wish that they would list a reason why they were declined. You know how pioneering you.

00:21:41:05 - 00:21:46:19

Can call them love. Vicki got a direct number for you, girl. They'll tell you everything. Why they got declined that moment.

00:21:47:00 - 00:21:47:15


00:21:48:09 - 00:21:54:06

Got all the cheat codes to Patriot. Got all the numbers. I got the email to the millennium to dispute.

00:21:55:20 - 00:22:10:12

Anybody needs any questions about Patriot guys, I've been like, I got so much information for them and if you need to know where you're the client, why they got declined, I have the number for you to call directly hit two buttons and they answer right there and they tell you.

00:22:10:18 - 00:22:11:23

Okay, so distribute.

00:22:12:00 - 00:22:20:04

That. Distribute that for sure, Matt Or at least give it to me and I'll give it to everybody. All right, let's keep going. I'm listening to you sell this shit.

00:22:20:06 - 00:22:46:21

So your first payment, your sons are going to get the full death benefit. Okay? Okay. Some of the other benefits included as well. You're going to have the double accidental. So that means if you die of any accidental causes, anything that's not health related, your sons will get double. So if you sign up for 30,000 and you die in a car accident, slip or fall, anything like that, they're actually going to get 60,000 instead of 30.

00:22:47:11 - 00:22:48:01


00:22:48:15 - 00:23:12:05

And then the other benefit included for free with Patriot is the terminal illness benefit they offer for free. And with the terminal illness benefit of your doctor ever deems you terminally ill and you end up with any kind of end stage disease, they look at the policy paid in full your monthly payment stop and you actually get that medication while you're alive.

00:23:12:22 - 00:23:13:19

Oh, well.

00:23:14:11 - 00:23:31:09

So and those are the benefits of the plan. That's a really good policy. Yeah, it's an amazing policy in their state, American home life is state federally regulated. So they do pay out their claims within 4 to 8 hours, which is very, very, very important to know.

00:23:31:19 - 00:23:32:09


00:23:32:14 - 00:23:46:13

So, you know, their customer service for their claims department isn't overseas, so your kids aren't going to have to jump through hoops and they'll be able to call my customer service patriot directly or even me as your agent, God forbid, to ever submit a claim.

00:23:48:05 - 00:23:48:20


00:23:49:11 - 00:23:51:23

Excuse me. All of Matt's.

00:23:52:00 - 00:24:17:20

Tonality is very assumptive. That's also something to pick up on. It's like, Yeah, when you going to send you this, you know you're not going to have to call overseas. You know, you're not going to have to do this, so don't worry about that. So it's almost like he already has the banking account. He already did. The the voice signature now is just like buttoning up the sale, but he's actually making the sale. So just wanted to point out that distinction. The assumption if you can get us assume, assume, assume, assume.

00:24:18:07 - 00:24:19:23

And say about have it all.

00:24:20:11 - 00:24:32:08

What's that what you're saying? I say the same thing on every call. And also like I'm going to be excited when I when they see me go to the application because I go to the application and get the social the same way I do on every single call.

00:24:32:20 - 00:24:35:06

Okay, cool. I have to skip that part a little bit, but.

00:24:35:14 - 00:25:05:02

We make sure our claims get paid. Now, here are a couple of ways for you to choose from. I had you written down, but I want to go over just a couple of things because I want to make sure I like to figure out a goal for my for my clients and what's best because I'm one of those agents. I don't like to throw my clients into huge premium payments. Some people that think they want to sign up for like $300 a month and I'm like, No, it's like not realistic, right? So it can get pricey for a whole life, but you're going to have a lot of good options because of your age.

00:25:05:08 - 00:25:06:07

So we already.

00:25:06:09 - 00:25:10:12

Know you wanted 50,000 or more. Is your goal just. What?

00:25:11:14 - 00:25:13:07

I said don't come for me.

00:25:13:19 - 00:25:14:10


00:25:14:24 - 00:25:18:00

Cover final and burial expenses or leave a little extra.

00:25:18:12 - 00:25:21:02

I'm willing to leave a little extra. Leave a little.

00:25:21:04 - 00:25:21:24

Extra. Okay.

00:25:23:22 - 00:25:29:01

All right. And then pay able to pay. Do you have you thought about if you wanted to be buried or cremated?

00:25:29:19 - 00:25:33:15

I'm going to be buried. I have my plot. I a cemetery plot.

00:25:34:17 - 00:25:37:23

Okay. So you would have the headstone. Okay.

00:25:38:00 - 00:25:59:14

So you probably need at least like 10 or 15 for the service and the rest of everything. I got plots. You would definitely need to leave 15. And if you want to leave extra, maybe focus on the 30 or 40. I will tell you the price for the 50. I think it is a little bit pricey. If you think you can afford it, don't let me tell you you can't. But the 50,000, which would come with the 100,000, that's.

00:25:59:16 - 00:26:04:12

A good way to word that. But get rid of that. Think, Matt, Matt, you already got rid of it because you said you were gonna.

00:26:04:23 - 00:26:05:13

You know.

00:26:05:19 - 00:26:15:08

Don't tell people this is. Oh, it's really expensive for the 50. I mean, if the 50 is expensive, by definition the ten is expensive. So that's why you can't say that.

00:26:15:13 - 00:26:21:11

He's writing the in the notes that know Ernie is cringing at this part as you're walking around.

00:26:21:21 - 00:26:38:15

Yeah. So but that's okay Let's move on. But I liked what you said. You said if you can afford it, don't let me tell you you can't. That's like. That's epic. It's like, yes. So you're telling them, But then they're probably going to be more honest with Matt about what they can afford by saying things like that.

00:26:39:01 - 00:26:39:18


00:26:40:03 - 00:26:47:07

No, with the standard plan I have here for the standard level. 855 non-smoker female

00:26:48:20 - 00:26:51:03

and $10.09.

00:26:51:05 - 00:26:53:01

No, I can't afford that right now.

00:26:53:12 - 00:26:55:16

That's what I was probably thinking.

00:26:56:00 - 00:26:57:00

Usually my clients,

00:26:58:14 - 00:27:02:20

I see them jump anywhere between 80 to 120 a month. Typically on average.

00:27:02:22 - 00:27:04:00

We're reasonable. Yeah.

00:27:04:19 - 00:27:05:22

And I know you wanted that.

00:27:06:10 - 00:27:07:00


00:27:07:02 - 00:27:09:14

Pain in the past. I think it was maybe 130.

00:27:10:07 - 00:27:11:04

Let me see here.

00:27:11:15 - 00:27:20:22

This lady's making it so easy, Matt. It's almost like, hard to play this. That's what it was. It's what it was before. Everybody on this call should have this sale if, well.

00:27:20:24 - 00:27:22:24

Maybe not buying signals all the time.

00:27:23:06 - 00:27:27:00

Oh, that was. I was paying 130, so might as well just keep paying 130.

00:27:27:02 - 00:27:29:22

Okay. Then we'll find something for that. That's what would.

00:27:29:24 - 00:27:30:15

Be like.

00:27:30:17 - 00:27:38:24

Can actually get you. Let me see which will be the best for you. Hold on. And I have here. So.

00:27:39:03 - 00:27:39:18

Okay, well.

00:27:39:22 - 00:27:40:17

30 to 30.

00:27:40:19 - 00:28:02:04

The reason why I'm the reason why I'm pausing like that, guys, is because Gerber and patriot I only quote through their website. I do not use way. You don't have to follow that. I'm just saying I don't for some reason Patriot and Gerber I quote directly from the site. So when you're on the site for Patriot, you got to type in each amount to get the quote.

00:28:03:15 - 00:28:23:22

Yeah don't recommend. Yeah don't recommend doing that. Make Mika so quoting people with the legacy software and it's never used us all this way even though it's so much easier that's like I'm not big on like I didn't change immediately but it's way so much easier to quote people than going to Yeah individual carriers. Why don't you quote Gerber Matt on this way.

00:28:25:01 - 00:28:25:16


00:28:26:03 - 00:28:42:19

I just feel like one time it wasn't accurate and then don't know if they're going to use the card. And I like to be able to change the option quick. Um, so just being able to hit an ACH to debit card really quick, I like that feature and it's just all right there. All the amounts just right in front of me. Um.

00:28:43:13 - 00:28:50:12

Well, there is. I will show you. Well, maybe you don't know this, but here, here's Gerber. Just so you guys know, if they're using a card.

00:28:50:16 - 00:28:52:21

You can switch it right from ACH.

00:28:52:23 - 00:28:53:13

To debit.

00:28:53:21 - 00:29:13:06

Well, wish they would put instead of monthly. They should put card or some shit, but instead of monthly. Ach, you go monthly. That's the price for the cards. So just keep keep in mind 2455 for 5000 and then the price for not card. So it's actually like 10% more to use the card.

00:29:15:08 - 00:29:35:24

So the 30,000, which obviously if you die of anything not health related is only one 2731 All right. So it'll be 30,000. It'll be 60,000 accidental. Your first payment, you can choose to pay immediately. Or we could set it up for your next set of benefits in April 2nd as well, if it helps you out.

00:29:36:07 - 00:29:37:14

Now to the.

00:29:37:16 - 00:29:49:13

App with you real quick, Linda. The app is quick and then I get kind of like a pre-approval back when I submit it. And then I'm just going to go over the welcome packages with you and then make sure you have all my contact information as your agent. Okay, love?

00:29:49:21 - 00:29:50:13


00:29:50:22 - 00:29:53:03

Now, let me see here. We'll add this.

00:29:53:05 - 00:29:54:23

The car will do the 30,000.

00:29:57:08 - 00:30:04:03

All right. All right. Now, first name Linda. I have Linda marie. Linda marie?

00:30:04:21 - 00:30:05:11


00:30:05:13 - 00:30:09:10

And last name? Powell. P o w e l l.

00:30:09:19 - 00:30:10:09


00:30:10:21 - 00:30:18:13

Date of birth. 11 1867. Yes. What is the complete mailing address? Where are we going to be sending the packages to?

00:30:19:06 - 00:30:32:17

222 Wyoming Avenue. West Pittston. It's t o n pa 18643.

00:30:33:05 - 00:30:42:07

And you said it was 222 Wyoming Avenue? Yes. Let me see here. Let me verify. All right. Perfect. I have here. Two, two, two.

00:30:44:16 - 00:30:46:16

Wyoming Avenue.

00:30:46:18 - 00:30:49:24

That's me verifying the address on Google. And I always look at their house and what their.

00:30:50:01 - 00:30:50:16

House looks like.

00:30:51:24 - 00:30:53:00

So that's something you can.

00:30:53:02 - 00:31:04:22

Do, but that's not recommended. Don't judge these. I mean, I don't do that because I've been wrong enough where I'm like, Well, I really can't judge somebody's living on a trailer. It doesn't mean that they have $0, I promise you.

00:31:05:03 - 00:31:05:23


00:31:06:17 - 00:31:40:02

There's farmers with millions of dollars. You know, there's like some people spend their money the way they want to spend their money. And that's not my thing. Like, if it's if it's real clear, you know, if they tell me they don't have a pot to piss in early on in the call, I don't. And then I also don't need to look at their house. So, you know, it's something that's good. The thing is, he can do all these things quickly because he's not fumbling around and he's just it's just experience like can pull. I always pull up the doctor's name, talk about their reviews and, you know, crap like that. I'm pulling up every med asking him, oh hopefully it's not for cancer and it's rheumatoid arthritis, right? Yep.

00:31:40:04 - 00:31:44:21

Okay. And then they just, you know, you just sound so smart and it's just Google, Google smart.

00:31:44:23 - 00:31:54:24

And don't know if you want to, you can the rest of the application get the social the beneficiaries, the bank in. I submit the app actually the security question and then she gets declined and then don't know if you want to.

00:31:55:15 - 00:31:56:14

That would be better.

00:31:56:16 - 00:32:01:00

So you're in the app right now. Can I skip like a significant portion of when she's declined? Yeah, of.

00:32:01:02 - 00:32:32:02

Course, because I'm just going to the app now at this point guys, just get the the address, I get the beneficiary then after. So I go name, address, phone number, send them a text if I can. Then I start going over. I verify the date of birth, the age female, and then I go, okay, the height and weight, and then I get the beneficiaries full names, then go, All right. And your United States citizen, correct? Yes. All right. What's your social ma'am? Move on. You got a primary doctor. You don't need it for patriot. So move on and then get the bank.

00:32:32:04 - 00:33:00:19

And then I go over. I always go over the health question. So just so you know, you're going to get a copy of your application. Question seven A is what's marked down as a yes. Everything else is marked down as a no no for smoking. We're doing the 30,000 you want to pay immediately to get immediately covered. Da da da da da. If not, okay, you can. Let's do the third. Bam, submit it and then she gets declined. So then we do the rope. Okay. I don't know if you want to see. When I call Patriot, the client would call Patriot accident.

00:33:00:22 - 00:33:02:20

You me to.

00:33:06:07 - 00:33:08:22

You actually get on the phone with Patriot on the call?

00:33:09:15 - 00:33:15:14

I'm pretty sure, like if she got the client, I would call and get the reason why she got declined. Okay.

00:33:16:13 - 00:33:18:03

Aw. So then what do you do?

00:33:18:07 - 00:33:29:01

Remember to withdraw. Are you going to rehab? I'm not going to rehab. I'm not payment maintenance. Are you dependent? I think it's the same thing. Yeah.

00:33:29:13 - 00:33:30:13

It is. You've been on.

00:33:30:15 - 00:33:31:12

For years, so.

00:33:32:23 - 00:33:33:13


00:33:34:13 - 00:33:36:11

It's okay. And I'm sorry that I.

00:33:36:13 - 00:33:38:02

Didn't see you. I'm so.

00:33:38:04 - 00:33:39:13

Sorry. I should've told you about.

00:33:39:15 - 00:33:40:07

The prescribed to help.

00:33:40:09 - 00:33:42:01

With that type of stuff, so. It's okay.

00:33:42:13 - 00:33:43:07

Okay, so that sounds.

00:33:43:10 - 00:33:44:12

That sounds like a good spot.

00:33:45:03 - 00:33:56:14

So she got declined, guys. And I called Patriot and they told me she because of Narcan or something that she used for withdrawals or something to get off pain meds from the car accident. That's why did standard.

00:33:57:20 - 00:34:02:13

Okay so this is mean think found about the spot where you're saying sorry and now you got to switch.

00:34:04:00 - 00:34:37:11

It doesn't mean that you're not qualified for an amazing plan. And I have options for you. Okay. All we got to do is pick which one is going to be best. Which amount, because what's going to happen now? What's going to happen is so with this, the company that I'm going to get is actually my go to company, the one I always try to get you approved. But then we did The Patriot because it's right. Pioneer Security life. They're amazing. They're like, my my go to company best rates. It is whole life and it does have the terminal illness benefit for free. The only difference between the plan is it does have a two year graded period.

00:34:37:23 - 00:34:39:12

But a two year what?

00:34:39:22 - 00:34:58:04

A two year graded period. So it's not an actually in your 55, so it'll be a three year graded period. So it's not a full waiting period like some companies where your money goes to waste the way they're graded period works with the standard plan is

00:34:59:17 - 00:35:26:16

if you die in the first two years due to health issues, then your sons will just get whatever you paid into the policy plus 10% interest. So they always get a little bit more. None of your money goes to waste. But what they do have in there, though, as a clause is the accidental that's immediate. So God forbid you die of something that's not health related in the first three years, then they're still going to get the full 30,000.

00:35:27:09 - 00:35:27:24


00:35:28:07 - 00:35:33:02

So it's still an amazing plan. And it does offer the terminal illness benefit for free.

00:35:34:14 - 00:36:11:07

Just all the companies that interest me. I deal with some of the top companies in the state due to that, the methadone and then the COPD. It's going to be hard to get a media coverage like day one full benefit. But I do like that they have the greater period where you do get the return of premium interest plus the accidental clause if something happens accidentally, you know. Yeah. And I have here a couple of options because with this plan, with Pioneer, with Pioneer, the the most I can get you is the 25 and the 25 is actually cheaper than the 127.

00:36:11:09 - 00:36:41:06

The 25 is only one 1737 If you want more coverage, let me see. The other plan would be I can do a Gerber policy. Gerber a life as well. Same way the plan is set up as Pioneer just doesn't have the terminal illness benefit and Gerber if you wanted to when we want to add coverage, we could add it to Gerber. You can get up to 25,000 with them as well. Hold on.

00:36:44:09 - 00:36:45:24

Let me go into the Gerber site.

00:36:48:10 - 00:36:55:01

Unless you think the 25 with pioneers, which is is well enough, which is the one. 1737 but I know.

00:36:55:17 - 00:37:05:04

It's okay because it shows that you're able to like pause, you know, and and it builds kind of credibility there because they see that you're working on a on a system, in my opinion.

00:37:06:22 - 00:37:07:18

Thank you. Yeah.

00:37:07:20 - 00:37:37:24

I mean, it really is okay to be like. Yeah, give me one second. The system's funny. You can say little things like that and they will give you a lot more time than you think. If they want it, they will wait, So. Like there are so many tricks out there where they say, you know, I'm going to put this guy on hold so I can go ask the manager and do it, you know, fake, fake doing that, that that actually helps people. And it's probably true. It's like it's the fact that that you're in control. The person that puts another person on hold is definitely in control of that conversation. So keep that in mind, too.

00:37:38:01 - 00:37:58:06

So even if you you know, you tell them, hold on one second. I'm just going to you know, you can mute them, ask your questions. Somebody on Zoom, have a conversation with the the person that's trying to help you on Zoom. That's usually the easiest way. If you guys are just talking back and forth, you could just be like, all right, mute, mute, the dialer, everybody's unmuted on Zoom and then just have a conversation, then go straight back to it.

00:37:58:18 - 00:37:59:08

Oh, you.

00:37:59:10 - 00:38:00:00

Want it a little bit.

00:38:00:02 - 00:38:03:04

More with Gerber? One second. Hold on.

00:38:06:18 - 00:38:07:12

I got you.

00:38:07:14 - 00:38:08:15

Linda Lynn. I got.

00:38:08:17 - 00:38:09:07


00:38:09:09 - 00:38:20:20

I remember 180mg. I didn't come down to 110. I'm coming off of that. I gained a lot of weight from it and it caused my increase.

00:38:22:01 - 00:38:23:01

What they look at.

00:38:24:06 - 00:38:35:04

So she's probably, you know, if she's coming off methadone, she was probably on some major drugs. So she's probably getting sober, which is good buying it now then, you know, relapsed. So, I mean, hopefully she keeps.

00:38:35:06 - 00:38:36:03

The policy.

00:38:36:05 - 00:38:38:23

If it's there. I mean, you actually would probably know if she's paying for it.

00:38:40:09 - 00:38:43:23

And what the health insurance companies look at is. Um.

00:38:44:24 - 00:38:53:15

So let me ask you this. The other option I have mentioned on the text is that the same thing when they look at it the same way.

00:38:55:05 - 00:38:56:06

What is the name of it?

00:38:56:22 - 00:39:00:12

Subutex. That's if it's.

00:39:01:15 - 00:39:02:05

Not it's.

00:39:02:07 - 00:39:02:24

Not Subutex.

00:39:03:01 - 00:39:07:09

It's a boxing. That's what she means here. That's another withdrawal.

00:39:07:11 - 00:39:08:02


00:39:08:07 - 00:39:10:06

Drugs as well. Yes.

00:39:10:17 - 00:39:24:06

And any kind of medication, any kind of medication that helps get off of another medication is is considered that. But are you planning on taking it forever?

00:39:25:06 - 00:39:42:10

No. That's why way down on the medicine on 110mg 180. I mean. Oh, it's so hard to get off of this methadone. You can't just stop taking it. And it's even like 1 or 2mg makes a big difference. So you had to do like a milligram a week.

00:39:42:24 - 00:40:00:17

Well, the good thing is they're stolen. The good thing is the companies look at in two years when it comes to that, to those types of medications. So if you get off of it in the next two years and we go to add coverage like we were planning to anyway, we can reconsider the new plan without having that in there because they only look back two years from that. Okay.

00:40:01:04 - 00:40:02:10

Yeah. Okay.

00:40:02:12 - 00:40:10:01

So let me ask you this question. What if I got off of it and I had a meeting and I needed to get back on it for pain?

00:40:10:13 - 00:40:17:19

Well, if you're off of it for two years and we got you the better rate and then you ever get back on it, it's okay because your health is locked in.

00:40:18:11 - 00:40:19:04


00:40:19:11 - 00:40:23:24

So if in the future you need it. But for now, at least, we have the standard plan.

00:40:25:06 - 00:40:26:09

Like you said, I want to.

00:40:26:17 - 00:40:27:13

Do things.

00:40:27:15 - 00:40:44:07

Healthy, wise. I don't want this medicine and all this stuff that they're giving me. No, I won't take it. I refuse medication and I'm going to do a health wise because right as I'll deal with it and I want to get the collagen to regrow and back on my knees.

00:40:47:00 - 00:40:53:14

The fact that you're even on the methadone and stuff is just showing that obviously you're trying to like, not be relying on these medications, you know?

00:40:54:01 - 00:40:56:10

Yeah, I don't want to. So you're.

00:40:56:12 - 00:40:57:22

Doing a good thing and you're taking good care.

00:40:57:24 - 00:40:58:14

Of yourself.

00:40:58:18 - 00:41:06:15

For 15 years, when they started taking these, everybody was diet and I was still dying of fentanyl.

00:41:08:03 - 00:41:30:04

I just found the news yesterday where people are allowed to smoke signals on the bus, the local transportation bus where women and children are on the bus, the bus driver said. They're getting the second hand smoke from that fentanyl and they're coming before everybody else because people are dying so much in the fentanyl.

00:41:30:21 - 00:41:31:16

That's wild.

00:41:31:18 - 00:41:40:00

So they're allowed to smoke it on the bus. And I don't know what state it is. I got to Google it. I was going to look at up saying, That's crazy. How could they?

00:41:40:12 - 00:41:49:08

The Patriot was the one that declined. The pioneers, the one that I'm okay. I'm going to ask you to your name in today's day, which is March 9th, 2023. Okay.

00:41:49:20 - 00:41:50:10


00:41:50:12 - 00:42:02:18

One second. All right. Mrs. Powell is the pioneer security. Final question, Linda marie, do you agree to pioneer security like someone else? Cause that you know, did you.

00:42:03:03 - 00:42:04:07

Okay, So that was the you know.

00:42:04:09 - 00:42:13:04

The sales done last eight minutes, I'm sure is wrap up. Um, any questions on that Like any that was really good transition to, uh.

00:42:15:04 - 00:42:15:19


00:42:16:05 - 00:42:47:15

That was a really good transition to basically telling her it's going to be okay. That's what our clients really need. It's going to be okay. That's why another reason why we don't try to get them off the phone before we submit applications. So much easier in the moment to switch them over when they're, you know, you can calm them down a little bit. There's an art to that. Be like, Yeah, like I usually just tell them like if they got the client, I'd be like, Yeah, the company didn't like this medication, so I withdrew it. So I'm withdrawing it. If they got declined, I, you know, you can say that I withdraw it.

00:42:47:17 - 00:42:56:13

That decline letter is me withdrawing the application because you're not, you're not you're not really trying to get people, like, upset. Let them be upset at the company. Not you specifically.

00:42:58:04 - 00:43:22:15

Same thing with an amendment. Oh, withdraw it, you know. Well, an amendment if you were trying to switch to another company because you got an email and they say, oh, this person doesn't qualify, they're going to raise the or lower the or lower the face amount or raise the premium. You know, you can always go with another company and it's really easy transition to be like, yeah, I decided that that company can, you know, shove straight off and we're going to go with this other company and then you're on their side in that situation.

00:43:24:24 - 00:43:31:24

Any questions for Matt? I see him driving so he can answer as long as he stares right into the camera. Never looks at the road.

00:43:37:07 - 00:43:37:22


00:43:37:24 - 00:43:45:06

My voice is noxious, guys. I hate my voice on a recording. I really do. You guys have any questions? Anybody know?

00:43:45:12 - 00:44:04:14

Just a compliment. That was a great call, dude. Your verbiage, your tonality and assumptive. I feel like I want to hear that call every morning before I start working. I've only had one. Oh, my God. Since I started, the lady was declined from one to the other. And then finally Gerber. But I've only had one experience like that. But that was a brilliant call, dude. Kudos.

00:44:05:17 - 00:44:10:14

Thank you. Appreciate that. I had this one guy one time and actually.

00:44:10:16 - 00:44:23:23

Just got off the phone with him and just helped him. He's amazing guy out in Texas and we got a declined for three plans. We got a decline for Preferred and then we got declined for Patriot, then we got declined for Predator.

00:44:24:03 - 00:44:31:07

Standard and then got him a standard plan. And he's like a client for life at least the other day.

00:44:31:09 - 00:44:54:21

If you go through that whole progression, they're now like they start realizing what they already know that nobody's giving them immediate coverage. That's another thing. It shows them and then they finally accept it. Because that's three applications. You just forgot prosperity in that. And then you might as well go GuideStar. Well, five. Let's go for the record today, guys. See how many declines we can get before we end up with a standard drop?

00:44:56:10 - 00:44:59:03

No, I'm kidding. All right.

00:44:59:05 - 00:44:59:20


00:45:00:15 - 00:45:04:19

I will end this session. Stop this recording.

00:45:05:07 - 00:45:06:01

And what I want.

Watch Full Video Here Matt Compana Call Review

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