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Master Class 2

Updated: Apr 17

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All right. Picking up where we left off. The only thing that we really talked about is bottle enthusiasm is you really happy to be doing your job? It's not Tony the Tiger type stuff. It's great. But it's also, you know, you're just having a friendly conversation and you're in a good mood, but you also know exactly what you're talking to, talking about

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like like I always talk about, like, tonality, like certainty. The certainty tone is something I use a lot. It's like when I say, you know, the best company in your case is going to be pioneer security life. They've been around for 110 years, state and federally regulated. They have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and they're going to provide you with the best rates and benefits. All right. So what I'm going to have you do is go grab, you know, whatever I'm saying next. But I am certain what I'm saying that. And they can hear that certainty. It's not oh, let me check a bunch of different companies.

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It's like, no, this is the best. Because I don't want to hear. Uh oh. Let me look around now. I already did that and think said that a couple of times. It's like, I'm not going to say that. But that's what, that's, that's the impression that I'm giving off and as I should.

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Was there anything else in tonality that, you know, people are struggling with? I mean, the first four seconds is important. Obviously, you're not going to speak that way the entire time. But if you guys like the Jordan Belfort videos, I can send you the full training course. It's like ten hours.

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Yeah. Think that Jordan Belfort videos are great and I know that even look up a lot of them like late at night for like our breakout rooms and stuff. So I've watched a lot of them. So they are wonderful tools and research to do. If you're really intrigued about getting better at your career here, then it's good to watch, you know, content too as well on your own time, you know, just to get better and better at your craft. So with the tonality to like besides in the opening, I think that when you are going over those benefits with them, you know, you can create tonality there, like as if you're giving, you know what I mean? Like you'd be like, Hey, look, you know, in this policy comes with, you know, blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah, blah.

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So they like to hear that, you know, tone and a way to like, you're their friend and like, you're doing a favor for them. You're doing a favor for them with the living will. So but of course, in the opening, you're tonalities enthusiastic as hell like he says, you know that you're an expert. You know, you want to you want to come out very strong in the opening and the intro.

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Yeah, that's the secretive tone Nicky was doing. Like. Like, listen, I mean, I'm not certain that I can get you approved for this, but I will write really good notes and see if we can get this in there.

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Yeah. Or even like your tone when they're, like, telling you their health. You know what I mean? Like, or I listen to calls and like, people answer the phone like, hey, I'm, you know, I'm calling to go over a state regulated life insurance program with you for the state of Florida. My jobs go to these benefits with you and answer any questions that you have. Let me verify your information. They verify it. Then the client says to them, Oh, yeah, my wife just passed away. Okay, great. Well, you looking for benefits just for yourself or for someone else?

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That's just listening attentively?

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Yeah. So it's, you know, for a second and then you could take a second there and be like, Hey, I'm so sorry to hear that. You know about your wife. Mean you'll definitely go over some information where you just looking for benefits today or for yourself you know so you can have like different tones throughout the call, you know, so you might run on to where someone might be having a bad day. Those people that don't want to do business, they're grouchy. Hey, you know, Mary, I'm not here to you know, I just I just rang the phone. Let me give you a second to tell you why I'm calling, you know, have some really good news for you, Right?

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Yep, you will see that. If somebody just lost their husband or whatever, and it's like, I'm so sorry to hear that. Are you still taking care of arrangements? I mean, you can you can take a moment for that, but just don't don't deep dive so long that, you know, it derails the whole conversation. Usually, I mean, if you're decent at this, you should not have a hard time selling. If she has no insurance and he had insurance and she just buried him, she probably knows she needs some insurance to.

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Or even if. Even if he didn't. Sorry. Chow down some chicken.

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Oh, you're good. You show you show that. That stern expert tone in the beginning and then throughout the call, your tone changes depending on what you're talking about at that moment in your presentation. Yeah. You know, throughout the whole call, your tone is going to change. But at the close, of course, you're going to be the expert again. And you know, so in the intro and the closing, it's going to be the same type of tone.

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Moses has a great story about that from his first couple of weeks here.

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Uh, care to share Moses?

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Oh, yeah. So there was just one dude that I was calling, and I was trying to get him a policy. He didn't have any coverage. And then his wife just passed away, like, two weeks ago, and apparently he was crying on the phone while he was talking, but didn't hear it like Nate was with me and went to leave a little boy smell. And I wasn't really taking that into consideration much. And, um, I was, I was trying to be a little like what you call empathetic. And I was saying, Yeah, I know. Like, it's probably really hard right now, you know? And the way said it was like, you know, death and stuff, like it was good to get a policy in place.

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So go ahead and give me a call back. And that was just like it was pretty funny, like listening to it in the office.

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That was riveting.

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And stuff?

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No. Um. So toenail. Sorry. Think.

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No, but there's definitely a valuable lesson to take from that.

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And yeah, a lot a lot of when you're listening to, you know, qualified health, your tone like your tone will change. It's like, okay, so is there anything major going on with hearts, lungs, liver, kidneys? No. And then eventually it's going to my tone will be lower. It's like, okay, so you have the you know, I'll be very just calm, whatever, Like I'm just taking something down, which am it's like, All right, so you had that heart attack. You thinking that was two years ago or is it three? Like about how long ago was that? Okay. Do you know what month? You know, just like your chill.

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I mean, you can really chill out and just talk about whatever a little bit, but also just get all the information you need, the fact finding so that you can move all the way forward.

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Right. And like you said, Ernie, and that's a good way that people love to talk about their health. So when you're using that tone and you're talking about their health and you're like, You know what I mean? Because I've bought some videos from other agencies too, and, you know, they say congratulate the person on their health for being in good health, but also also not to congratulate them too much because they are dealing with diabetes or heart attacks or stroke, you know, And so they are dealing with some pretty serious conditions. So it's good to bring that tone out when you are qualifying and all you're doing is gathering information yourself.

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You're just picking the case there to figure out what company they're going to qualify for to while you're doing it right.

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All right, guys, think we got. I'd say about another hour, but, um, probably everybody's favorite topic. Objections. Um, so, Jason. Jason, you still with us?

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Haven't really said much today, buddy.

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Yeah, I'm still. I'm still here.

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Okay, cool. And that. And that was your request or was that Gonzalez? The objections.

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That was mine.

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Okay, Gotcha.

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Okay. And what I figured that you would want to because, you know, it's only been first few days, you haven't really been able to give them any presentations other than obviously, you know, based on all of the stuff that we went over. Obviously a lot of us need to work on. So, Christopher, you haven't really called, but you hopefully you're getting a lot out of this, especially the way to begin the call. Jennifer, your intro is pretty strong. Wesley's strong. I've heard him a ton of times. Camden Were getting better.

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Moses Good. Nathan Good. I don't know who Zoom user is. France You know, yours could be a little stronger.

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Zoom user.

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Stevens Okay. And then, uh, but I'm guessing like when people ask for the objections, they are more concerned getting them in the front half of the sale, right? Jason?

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Like, are you talking, like, immediate objections? Like trying to get you off the phone?

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No, like, don't.

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Don't usually get objections like that. It's like it's every now and then, but it's usually rate right after I get past the part. You know I'm.

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What does that part mean? Trying to remember it like you say who you are. You say you seen life services. Then you go to confirm, like after I confirmed the information. All right, then that's when I would get the objections.

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So you have confirmed the information or.

00:09:27:14 - 00:09:28:17

Lack of it.

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I can finish confirming all of their information. Then they would just be like. Like this one time it was just two sisters and they were. It was for their mom and they were just like, No, we never filled anything out. She's in a hospital for the past few weeks and, you know, like she wouldn't be able to fill it out.

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And she and she could have filled it out previously. You know, so the two daughters might have not not have known that We talked to the mom in that situation. So in that situation, you would have had to actually talk to the mom to really know if. If she filled it out or not, you know. But even if the mom didn't remember, we only talked to people who have requested information. So it's usually just, hey, you know, I'm sorry if it's taken a while to get back to you.

00:10:19:24 - 00:10:37:13

I'm calling now. The reason why we were calling mom is to go over these state regulated life insurance programs. I'm sorry to hear that. She's in the hospital. What is she in the hospital for? You know, blah, blah, blah, blah. My job. Just go over those benefits with her and answer any questions that you have. Is this something you help her with? You know, and then you just find out if it's worth talking to or not.

00:10:38:03 - 00:11:10:14

So, I mean, that still is an early on objection. So I want you guys to be real clear about this so it's don't ever get combative. You don't need to get combative and you don't have to get defensive, especially early on. Like, believe me, Nikki remembers. Because think they used to attach the recording of the Philippine call with the client and, you know, some of us would lose our shit and we'd be like, Oh, you didn't. Well, have the call right here. You want me to play it for you? And of course, that did not work out.

00:11:11:12 - 00:11:44:15

We did. We didn't end up with the sales. Never. Never. Not once. Same thing. Yeah. So you definitely want to. So it's all about mastering this tactic where you're kind of agreeing with them, but you're just moving on. Like, if it's right after that, Oh, she couldn't have filled anything out. It's like, yeah, it shows here that, you know, this might have been a while back, so no worries. Mean don't remember what I had for dinner last night. So we are consultant firm, which means we work for our clients and not one particular company. So I. I acknowledge that she said she said what she said.

00:11:44:24 - 00:11:50:18

But I am not going to let her sit there and I'm not going to have a conversation about it. Does that make sense?

00:11:54:20 - 00:12:11:12

Hopefully that makes a lot of sense because like, like I'm like, like I'm not stopping what I'm doing and having a conversation about this topic. Um, Lexi will tell you right now she hates when I do this, but I get away with it a lot. I just say I'm done with that topic. I'm off that now. We're moving on.

00:12:13:13 - 00:12:40:16

So, uh, but in this situation, you don't know them well enough for them to get mad, be like. It's like, Oh, yeah. Don't remember what I had for dinner last night. That's not no problem. And just like that. So we're consultant firm, which means you work for our clients and not one particular company. So our goal here is always to, you know, just go into it. So and then in that situation with the mom, I mean, you don't have a huge amount of calls that you've made to look at, but like basically blow it off and then talk to the daughters.

00:12:43:12 - 00:12:49:02

Like you guys can give me whatever directions you guys want to give me early on. Just start hitting me with them. Don't really care, but I'm.

00:12:49:09 - 00:12:50:19

Already have insurance.

00:12:51:05 - 00:13:00:20

Yeah, a lot of our clients already do. We'll do the courtesy just to make sure that. That you. You're on the right plan. That's not exactly what I would say, but it's better than nothing. Then just move on.

00:13:02:13 - 00:13:05:06

I'm broke. I'm over budget. I can barely afford rent.

00:13:05:23 - 00:13:07:21

Is this is this an early on one?

00:13:10:18 - 00:13:11:19

Or is this later?

00:13:11:21 - 00:13:12:11


00:13:12:14 - 00:13:16:02

All intros early, early on. Early on. Like when you get on the call.

00:13:17:00 - 00:13:19:07

I'm broke. We'll do it again.

00:13:21:01 - 00:13:22:13

They said all those things to you.

00:13:22:22 - 00:13:25:17

But same. Yeah. Yeah. At the same time, I'm.

00:13:25:19 - 00:13:43:14

Yeah. They say it all. They just start going on. I'm broke. Like you'll normally hear it from, like, a lady in her 50 or 60. I'm broke. I'm living out of a trailer here. I have two kids that are bums and I can't. And I'm not. And I can't afford none of this. I can't afford anything extra. I'm barely covering rent.

00:13:44:04 - 00:13:58:22

Well, my name is Ernest, and I also am broken with wish I had more money, but my job here is to go over benefits with people like let her looking for life insurance. Usually programs cost between like 40 and $150. Is that out of the ballpark for you?

00:14:01:00 - 00:14:01:20


00:14:03:00 - 00:14:07:02

Okay, well, hopefully you come across something that'll work out better for you. You have a wonderful day.

00:14:08:01 - 00:14:27:17

All right. Understand what you're saying to me, Miss Jones. And I'm sorry to hear that you're in that situation. I'd love to go over some options with you and find something that's comfortable for you, because I'm sure that your children are not in a situation where they could take care of a burial or cremation for you is something around 30 to $50 a month, something you can afford.

00:14:28:08 - 00:14:58:04

But if that came before even said anything, then of course I'd need to tell them this is about life insurance at all. It all depends where you're at, guys. Of course. Like if that was the very first thing they said as they picked up the phone, they were already talking then, of course, can't say, Yeah, your kids, you know what I mean? But if you like to Nikki's point, if you're now at like my job is to go over those benefits, answer any questions that you have, and then they say it, then you could say something more like that. I'm assuming you guys are getting hit with this before you say hardly anything.

00:15:00:12 - 00:15:05:09

Yeah, One that I get a lot is I keep telling you people stop calling me.

00:15:07:21 - 00:15:18:23

Okay. So then I usually just that's, that's like one of the few where I'll be empathetic. I'll be like, are you getting a lot of calls? Because I can certainly get you off ours. Let me just verify this information.

00:15:22:19 - 00:15:24:12

Okay. Hey,

00:15:26:00 - 00:15:44:16

that's exactly what I'm trying to do, is I'm trying to get all these insurance companies from Stop calling you. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to help you finally go over this coverage with you today. Get you something that you qualify for. And then personally, if anyone calls you, I'll go ahead and call them and tell them to stop calling you as well.

00:15:45:11 - 00:15:48:09

Yep. So yeah, actually, that's really flawed.

00:15:48:11 - 00:16:03:13

Objection. I normally say that like I live in Florida too. I have like 40, 50 telemarketers calling me every day and we're just calling back over that request from you talk in our representatives, yada yada, yada. And then I pivot to the next part of it.

00:16:03:17 - 00:16:36:20

Or, hey, I completely understand the knee replacement, the hip, the hip people were calling me all the time. Thank God they're not calling me anymore. And student loans don't even have student loans. I can't believe they're calling me. Yeah, but the reason why I was calling you, actually, Ernie, is because you had requested some information. So I'm with a consultant firm. We handle a state regulated life insurance program. So that means we work for our clients, not one particular company, you know? So sometimes I like to joke with them about the knee brace people that.

00:16:37:20 - 00:17:09:07

Got in trouble, you know, for, you know, we're not illegally calling them. They did request this information. They're just getting so many calls, especially with Medicare that's about to start and open enrollment and everything like that. Like you can even joke with them and say, oh, don't worry, I'm not calling you to change out of your health care plan. You know, the reason why I'm calling you is you had requested some information, you know, on the state regulated life insurance program for the state of Florida. My job. Just go over those benefits with you. So you have that rebuttals page? I hope so.

00:17:09:21 - 00:17:13:19

Opened up to because there's a lot of helpful rebuttals in there as well.

00:17:14:07 - 00:17:15:16

Or which.

00:17:15:18 - 00:17:20:17

I don't think they changed something. And what is it now? Or put it in the chat.

00:17:20:24 - 00:17:28:23

Yeah, I'll put it in in the chat in case anyone wants to save it to their computer. I was talking mostly to the people of the the nation here.

00:17:30:11 - 00:17:51:02

No, that's good. I like that one because of. Okay. The JV. There you go. Yeah. So this is a pretty common one. Then I made the list of the ones that I made from the other guy, which I think are even more objections in the greeting. This one's more weird. Put it.

00:17:51:22 - 00:17:53:03

Right there. You're just on it.

00:17:53:20 - 00:18:02:20

Oh, all rebuttals. Yeah, Yeah. From that. From that guy. From Medicare. So this is going to go. Actually, I'll just make it easy.

00:18:04:09 - 00:18:29:02

For the not interested. Just. Hey, I hear you, Ernie. Nobody's really interested and thinking about insurance or their death. I'm not really interested either, and it's boring, but it's definitely might be a benefit for you. And to listen to this one, let me just ask you a question. Do you currently have, you know. This one is who's going to be the one to be your beneficiary? And then just ask them a question.

00:18:29:04 - 00:18:42:06

Exactly. This one is straight gangster. I love this one. This guy said that. Absolutely, Bob. You know, have no problem doing that. However, I don't even know your current situation or even if you need my help. So let me ask you a question. Is this your information?

00:18:44:22 - 00:18:46:10

This isn't. This is one that.

00:18:48:11 - 00:19:10:03

That you mentioned earlier. I never requested it or don't didn't get get anything. Can you send something in the email? Blah blah. I already have it taken care of. Don't do business over the phone, blah blah blah. And it's usually just about addressing it, agreeing with them and then asking them another question. Almost all all objections and rebuttals or rebuttals are handled that way.

00:19:10:11 - 00:19:47:24

That's also not beating yourself up to like if you can't, like, you know what I mean? Like if you rebuttal someone and you can't get every single person, you know, it's it's that's why there are so many dials, you know, because you're, you know, if we got every single person everyone would make 100 sales a day you know. So just wanted to add that in there and not to beat yourself up. You know of course you want to funnel in as many calls as you can, but you're not going to talk to Mrs. Jones who's eating cat food, you know, or that disrespectful person or a lot of the people that are interested in the coverage, it's going to go back to they're going to want to talk to you in some way.

00:19:48:01 - 00:20:15:01

So it's just that either if they're telling you, Hey, I'm not interested and I already have coverage is maybe they just don't have the time. They've been through it before. They know that it's going to take a few minutes to see what they qualify for. They already think they know what the price is. They think they know so much, but they're not the educated one. They're not the one who took the test to go over the life insurance with them. Right. You know, so a lot of the time they're just trying to brush you off because they're trying to sweep it under the rug.

00:20:15:19 - 00:20:16:18

Yep. Just remember.

00:20:16:20 - 00:20:30:10

You are the boss. And remind yourselves you're like one sale a day. You're actually doing pretty damn well. That's what this is. It's not like if you make 2 or 3 sales a day, you are an absolute savage. And then, you know, like, I just broke it down. All right? Even if you're.

00:20:30:12 - 00:20:34:00

Making two, three sales a day, you're making thousands of dollars each week.

00:20:34:06 - 00:20:35:02


00:20:35:04 - 00:20:39:19

And then you don't and you haven't even seen all of it because of how much they owe you on the back end.

00:20:39:24 - 00:20:51:09

And if we were making sales like like that, we would work for GEICO, where we would work directly for Gerber Life Insurance Company, their sales representatives make 30,000 a year. And we're not trying to make that.

00:20:52:11 - 00:20:53:01


00:20:53:14 - 00:20:58:08

Because they don't because there is no. Well, yeah, because there's no sales involved. It's just conversation.

00:20:58:10 - 00:21:05:16

It's literally on. Indeed. They make 30 grand a year. You make way more than that in six months. So.

00:21:05:23 - 00:21:08:04

Um, so um.

00:21:08:09 - 00:21:09:15

I'm going to put this on the.

00:21:09:17 - 00:21:10:20


00:21:10:22 - 00:21:12:07

Uh, but yeah, so.

00:21:12:15 - 00:21:14:22

So Exactly. Order takers?

00:21:15:05 - 00:21:16:11

Yep. Order takers.

00:21:17:08 - 00:21:49:19

We're not order takers. We're actually providing families with insurance company lists and pioneer security life. They've been in business since 1910. If nobody's watching the movie Cinderella man, I definitely highly recommend to watch that movie because the Great Depression was no joke. Like people were like sharing a piece of baloney. So it's very like the companies that we work for. Like, you can be confident and sound like an expert because you're not selling some Joe Schmo company. You know, these are companies that deal with people on a fixed income.

00:21:49:21 - 00:22:22:08

They pay their claims, pioneer, even pay their claims a lot of times before then and testability period is even up, you know, So these are very special companies. So when you have that firm belief in the companies that you're selling, like you have to have it in your head that no matter what that client tells you, like, I already have insurance. Hey, you know what? That's fine. I'm glad that you do. I don't know what your health was yesterday. I don't know what your health was two years ago. I don't know what your health was when you got that policy. My job is just to go for what you have today, you know, and go over what your health is today.

00:22:22:10 - 00:22:32:20

Because I might have something better for you. And these benefits are very important. So let me just go ahead and go over them with, you know, so you just have to have that conviction there that your product is the best.

00:22:33:18 - 00:22:39:07

And it really is the conviction. If you guys can get that through, especially in the beginning and the.

00:22:40:09 - 00:23:21:19

Because it is the best pioneer security life, American home life, these companies, they only solely deal with life insurance and like they're they're just wonderful companies that pay their claims. They're not making the families wait months and months and months and months to pay the claims. You know, we don't have people calling us back or writing reviews all over on the Internet saying that they're not paying their claims. You know, so the families that are protected by these companies are happy that they are protected. So it's it's really it's really nice, you know, because especially like the benefits that you can offer the client so they don't know any of that in the beginning when they're telling you they're not interested or they already have covers.

00:23:21:21 - 00:23:52:08

So just tell them. They would say, I already have coverage. And I'd be like, okay, well, I'm not interested in what you have or, you know, I'm just interested in how much coverage you need. So what you have is fine. You know, if it's been less than two years, we could talk about it. I could find out if it's whole life, if you want. But you don't have my policy. You know, and that's a really big one that Mika says to, you know, that I got that from Mika McKinnie. So Mika says that you already have coverage. You don't have my policy. My policy has living benefits.

00:23:52:10 - 00:24:06:19

It's state and federal regulated. You know, I need to go over this with you. So. It just depends on, you know, the type of person that you are. But that also does work. It works every day for me. I already have coverage. That's great. You don't have my policy.

00:24:07:08 - 00:24:09:21

Yeah, and that's just going to tell.

00:24:09:23 - 00:24:16:07

You what these benefits are. We're a consultant firm. We work with our clients at one particular company and then right back into it.

00:24:20:01 - 00:24:38:07

Yep. Conviction. Conviction means everything in sales. It truly does. Like, I believe in what I'm selling. I know they'll take it if I present it in the right way, and they'll give me their banking. They'll give me their social. I'll send out a policy. I'll get paid, they'll be protected. And, you know, we're all we're all happy times,

00:24:40:11 - 00:24:41:10

but, like, objections.

00:24:41:12 - 00:24:42:12

So, um.

00:24:44:02 - 00:24:59:14

Guys, like, if you're getting them later, make sure you're really hitting the points in the script that are dealing with the kind of objections you'll get at the end. And this is in greatest of all teams, by the way, the rebuttal sheet I was about to add, it's already there.

00:24:59:23 - 00:25:01:24

Um, so script.

00:25:02:24 - 00:25:22:18

So if you guys are going through the script, obviously you're hitting on a lot of things here that will get rid of objections. But if you're getting them in early, just just be like, Oh, I'm with just say I hear you. A lot of people do agree with whatever they say and just try to move forward. That's the only thing we can really do. Unless you.

00:25:22:20 - 00:25:24:03

Are I.

00:25:24:11 - 00:25:57:00

Mean, you don't have the experience. Nikki, me, Matt, Matthew Gilchrist, all of us have where we can kind of throw ad lib a bunch of nonsense in there. Like I say, I say crazy things to people every day, don't really care. It's just because it's all it's all nonsense. And early on they're just trying to get you off the phone. The same thing that you guys do to people. They don't want to talk to anybody. They don't care if they need the product. But if you're able to get through that part because you're an expert, you're the authority and you're sharp as a tack, then you can move forward in the presentation.

00:26:00:03 - 00:26:05:19

So guys thought we would do this all the way till about 2:00. Think we'll do it to about one?

00:26:06:00 - 00:26:06:15


00:26:07:21 - 00:26:15:14

Nikki. Anybody want to role play with me for a minute? I'll just. Because I think you should hear the tonality. Actually could probably.

00:26:15:16 - 00:26:16:06


00:26:17:13 - 00:26:39:23

I won't do that because you can actually hear the tonality if you're doing the. If you're in the goat team training and you do the start to start to finish. Sale Objection or sale demonstration. That's pretty much how I sound. And if you guys want to email me after this, I can find a few recordings and send them over to you.

00:26:43:07 - 00:26:45:02

Jennifer that's crazy. Okay.

00:26:46:24 - 00:26:47:14


00:26:48:11 - 00:27:01:22

So, guys, do you have any, like, is there anything that you guys want to go over? Because I do not want to just end this. If there's some burning desires of questions or like, things that you guys truly want to go over, I'll spend another three hours here if we have to.

00:27:11:15 - 00:27:29:08

When it comes to calling the leads. Do you have like a good pattern of like switching from A to B or do you just, like go in one state one day, just called straight B leads or like switch it over and like switch it over, like to A leads or how do you do that? Is there a good, like, strategy?

00:27:29:20 - 00:27:31:14

don't know if you don't know about strategy.

00:27:31:16 - 00:27:44:21

I'm just spastic. So I'm clicking all over the place all the time. So don't know if anybody else has gotten to. Got any advice for Moses? But I just don't. Just like, Hey, whatever. I'll try this one. I'll try this one. Calm for an hour, you know?

00:27:45:18 - 00:28:05:07

Is Matt. Is Matt Gilchrist on here? Yeah. Don't know. Yeah. Think, think. He said that my my four rings for the double dial that helped take down some of the or help them get to more contacts faster. I don't know if it helps with the closing ratio or just to get and touch it more people quicker. Matt.

00:28:07:15 - 00:28:41:21

No. 100%. I was waiting till the phone rang all the way through to the end, then hanging up, then calling back and let it ring all the way through to the end. So now I'm letting it ring about 4 or 5 times. Unless they're really old, if they're in their 80 seconds, I give it like 5 or 6 rings. Yeah, but, um, and then call them right back. But to answer Moses, um, the best days that I have, I just move around. Just no pattern to it. Just pick a state, go A go B, but just kind of keep it moving around.

00:28:41:23 - 00:28:43:16

I have my best days doing that.

00:28:44:24 - 00:29:24:02

I mean, it just it just depends. Like, like for me, I always like to call like. But it just depends on what time you're starting to, you know? So if you're one of those people, Moses, you start right after the meeting, so you get on the phone right away. Usually I would bang out just to warm my voice up or whatever. I would I would try to call like 20 bleeds or 25 bleeds and that can go by fast. And then I would switch to the A and I would start dialing some a and then I would go back to the B, But when you say like kind of stay in one state, me and me and Ernie have tried for over the years to figure out the science of how to call these freaking people and what times to call them and stuff.

00:29:24:15 - 00:29:46:05

Uh, so it just depends like, so if we know that there's a no voicemail on every four hours, they might come back, maybe, you know, maybe try, you know, just try to work with it yourself and see. But it really is kind of unpredictable, unpredictable. And when we know when that person's going to back out of their driveway, you know, it's it's really hard to tell.

00:29:46:08 - 00:29:50:16

But so, so far I've heard we don't have a system.

00:29:51:12 - 00:29:54:03

So yeah, that's okay. Four times.

00:29:54:05 - 00:29:58:24

So dial four times and then just, just pray that you're calling it at a good time.

00:29:59:13 - 00:30:02:01

Dial for who said four times. No, no, no.

00:30:02:03 - 00:30:10:18

Like like whenever, whenever I do the ring, like for me, whenever I would do the ring that I've learned at other call centers as well trying to contact people on the phone.

00:30:10:20 - 00:30:13:11

Oh dial mean ring ring four times.

00:30:14:18 - 00:30:47:01

Yeah. Would would I would let the phone ring 4 or 5 times, then hang up and then call them back when I was double or triple dialing, you know, so I wouldn't let it go all the way to the voicemail. So that would just let me get that would let keep their phone continuous ringing just to give them enough time to get to it or be like, why is this person calling me 2 or 3 times? You know, and be curious. But to answer your question about what leads do you think you should call it, what times it's really just, you know, it's it's hard to tell on what leads are to call the best times.

00:30:48:00 - 00:31:04:13

Right, You know, because we just don't know when each person's going to be home and stuff. I know that they drop new leads into the lead campaign, but we know that they're dropped throughout the day. So it doesn't really matter. You know, it's just the matter is on who gets that person on the phone.

00:31:06:07 - 00:31:06:24


00:31:09:06 - 00:31:10:05

All right. Got it.

00:31:10:17 - 00:31:42:04

Right. So even, you know, if you mean you could try, you could start off with a leads if you want. Grant Daugherty always recommends to warm your voice out, to warm your voice up and then start with 20 to 25. It's just kind of get your voice warmed up before you get to the leads because the leads, you know, are going to be a little bit more rebuttal rebuttal ish to and, you know, a little bit more fresher. So you don't want to like let them off the line as easily. So. That's why they say to warm yourself up with the bleeds.

00:31:42:06 - 00:32:16:01

But the bleeds have been rocking, guys, so bleeds are great too. I love bleeds because, like, bleeds is just an opportunity for someone that lost the family member that they didn't when they were in a lead. And now, you know, now they're thinking more about it. Or they've talked to so many agents, they've realized that pioneer security life or the plan that we're going over them is really going to be the best one for their family. Literally heard a sale the other day that the guy was just like, if I if I take this insurance. I'll just be covered and then don't got to deal with this anymore.

00:32:16:03 - 00:32:49:09

Right? And we're like, No, you don't have to deal with it anymore. Was Ashley Sale. The guy was like, Because I don't want to deal with this anymore. We're like, No, once you're, you know, once Ashley's your insurance agent, that's it. She's your insurance agent. And if anybody has any questions, they could just call her, you know? Um, but yeah, I would say you can. You could start off with bleeds if you want to just, like, warm up the voice, you know, and just get the blood flowing. A couple of high fives and then, you know, play around with the aliens. But there's no real mad science to what leads are better to call first.

00:32:50:08 - 00:32:50:23


00:32:52:10 - 00:32:53:00

All right.

00:32:53:02 - 00:32:54:22

Any any other questions, guys?

00:32:58:22 - 00:33:11:23

We have tried, though, Ernie, in the past. Me and you used to remember. We used to be like, we're going to stay in this one state all day, you know, and see what happens. And then we're like, If this we're going to call 100 bleeds and see what happens, you know, But it

00:33:13:22 - 00:33:45:08

but there's never yeah, there's no bad science behind it. But like, you know, I wouldn't hop around too much, you know what I mean? I would say give yourself an opportunity and a campaign because you got to realize sometimes you're you're going to dial 160 to 300 dials a day, you know, So if you have a few campaigns there, you know, you just want to make sure that you're dialing them. And then also, too, if you are in live transfers and you are adding your live transfer calls into the system, don't forget that's a campaign itself as well.

00:33:45:18 - 00:34:00:06

You know, because those are live transfers that are marked to you, to your email that you've spoken with, that you've assigned to yourself that you're just waiting to follow up with, to those are your follow ups that you want to go through every day as well. Right.

00:34:01:19 - 00:34:02:09

And feel like.

00:34:02:11 - 00:34:05:10

Hopefully you guys got a lot out of this today. Did enjoy it.

00:34:06:06 - 00:34:43:17

There's a there is something I wanted to add for you all. So it's always good to focus on new business and it's good to focus on your emails throughout the day. It's really important to focus on new business to have a fast start Monday. You know, you don't want to be worrying about the deals from the week before on Monday when you're trying to have a fast start. But at the end of the day, then you could address some of those emails. So I just wanted to add that little tidbit there because I found out it does help successfully for a lot of agents if they're not taking time throughout the day to start freaking out over emails and just kind of gather your thoughts and then start working on those, you know, emails.

00:34:43:19 - 00:35:24:05

And then when you can't reach those clients, just try them three different times throughout the day. You know, so if you set an appointment with someone and they didn't answer and they told you, call them back at one, maybe they're not really going to answer at 1:00 continuously call them at one, try them at four, you know, or try them at another time before you give up on them. Don't give up on the client so easily. See, a lot of because I dial from here to there. So I see a lot of people that like set appointments and they give up on the client after like three times and sometimes it could take 7 to 14 touches for one client and it's just one dial, you know? So don't worry about holding on to that lead and just keep working it until that person finally says yes.

00:35:24:07 - 00:35:31:23

Crystal McGregor says they're either going to buy or they're going to die and she's going to call them until that happens. So that's a little aggressive, too.

00:35:33:16 - 00:35:46:16

But in a non joking matter, it is the you know, it's not that we're going to call you till you buy or you die. We're going to call you until you buy or you come to a realize that this is what you need, you know, a realization that this is what you need.

00:35:48:14 - 00:35:49:04


00:35:49:06 - 00:35:51:21

And then appointments that you set. Never wait around for your appointments.

00:35:52:05 - 00:36:22:24

Yeah, don't wait around. You could book massive amounts of appointments. You could book. So many people love to tell people, Hey, I'll give you a call between 2 and 3:00, you know, and I'll book ten. I'll book five appointments between 2 and 3 p.m. because I know there might be three that won't answer. Tell me. Oh, now it's not a good time and I'll get another two presentations out of it. Yeah, So. But just don't give up so easily on the person. I see that a lot and I'm glad that that there was a few people on here to go over that with because some people are like, Oh, this person's wasting my time.

00:36:23:01 - 00:36:53:15

But I just watched another agent sell someone. That client said, Wasting time, wasting time, need to talk to daughter, need to talk to daughter. They ended up selling it. So you don't want to give up so easily. You know, you want to treat the lead precious too, in a way. Especially if you've gone over a whole presentation with that person. You know, if you spent 45 minutes talking to that client and they're like, Hey, I'm not ready to buy. You know, I'm still going to schedule a call back because it's just one dial, you know, what's the worst thing that can happen? They don't answer, you know, Yeah, who cares?

00:36:54:09 - 00:36:56:09

Don't care if they ever answer.

00:36:56:10 - 00:36:57:00


00:36:58:01 - 00:37:33:08

This is great, Ernie. And I hope everybody appreciated Ernie taking his time out of his day. I told him I was like, You're doing what, on a Saturday? But I'm glad that I tuned in to. So I think it was very beneficial for the group and it shows who's really serious about their career here at AWS and who, you know. We really I know that. I really appreciate it. I know Ernie probably appreciates it, too, when he sees a group of people on here, you know, that are willing to take their time out on a Saturday to spend time just gaining more knowledge about what they're doing to try to earn more money.

00:37:34:02 - 00:37:49:14

And so life can be a lot. This career has definitely made my life. It's not easy, but it's also it's not terrible because my last job, it was terrible. And now I can kind of do what I want a little bit more than I used to be able to write.

00:37:49:16 - 00:38:06:07

But it is much appreciated, you know, to see everybody on here, you know, just because it does take a lot to train people and be responsible for people. And the main goal is that just trying to make sure everybody's making $1,000 a week or more steadily or more than that, you know? So yeah.

00:38:06:14 - 00:38:09:20

So yeah, appreciate all guys and then people that did not attend.

00:38:09:22 - 00:38:10:20

We appreciate you.

00:38:10:22 - 00:38:27:04

It will be it'll be up on the site in case especially you guys have all participated and all been sitting here so you guys know what you want to hear again and what so you guys have an advantage over everybody. You can if you want to hear something again, I'll put it up on the site and then you can easily access it.

00:38:29:10 - 00:38:38:02

So. All right, guys. Well, I mean, don't know what you guys are all doing for your Saturday. I'm going to go work on something else. It's nothing but work these days. But soon it'll be you and.

00:38:38:04 - 00:38:41:20

Lexi on the house. Congratulations. But have fun working.

00:38:41:22 - 00:38:42:12

Go paint some.

00:38:42:14 - 00:38:43:06


00:38:43:08 - 00:38:44:14

Lexi, put them to work.

00:38:45:06 - 00:38:46:18

No, that's why I brought my.

00:38:46:20 - 00:38:50:04

That's why I'm bringing my dad. He's going to do all the work.

00:38:51:00 - 00:38:54:03

Lexi is going to crack the whip. She's got this. Yeah.

00:38:54:05 - 00:39:01:18

Think that he decided to do the boot camp today so that he wouldn't have to help me paint the door. So she's ending it early. So ask some more questions, guys.

00:39:04:05 - 00:39:07:00

She's surprised I'm ending it early. Yes.

00:39:09:06 - 00:39:11:04

Well, everybody, have a great day.

00:39:11:12 - 00:39:12:02


00:39:12:04 - 00:39:29:04

Thanks a lot, guys. I'm going to end well. You guys can, you know, do what you want. Obviously, this is a you're on a room, but we're we're done. I will. I got to leave so I can save this recording. And I'm ready for a big week. Whoever's working this weekend, let me know. Also, get me in on the calls.

00:39:29:09 - 00:39:30:21

And let's.

00:39:30:23 - 00:39:31:17

Make money.

00:39:31:22 - 00:39:33:00

Let's get going. All right.

00:39:33:02 - 00:39:33:12


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