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Master Class 1 - 2nd Continuation

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Video Here: Master Class 1

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Yeah. I mean.

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It has terminal illness benefit and accidental death.

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Because if you're qualifying them for prime term, they're not living to age 100.

01:30:33:04 - 01:30:39:05

No, but it's 20 years, so. But it's prime term to age 100. Yeah, but yeah, usually they're going to die within 20 years.

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But what was the accidental death automatically included.

01:30:42:22 - 01:30:45:17

The age of 100 is only a 20 year policy.

01:30:47:19 - 01:30:57:12

I'll talk to you about it later. It's not it's it's not 20 years. It's a decreasing term. So after 20 years, it goes down by 5% until it's gone.

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So after 20 years. Okay. So during the 20 years it stays the same, though.

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Yeah, the same. Yeah. I mean, the first few years, obviously it's not an immediate immediate coverage plan, but it's graded.

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And is it normally cheaper than pioneer these policies, this policy here? Nothing like the same.

01:31:19:03 - 01:31:24:15

Nothing pioneer. But oftentimes it's very on par with Gerber. Like pretty close.

01:31:28:08 - 01:31:33:00

Uh, Matthew Gilchrist of Total or you're at 50% starting.

01:31:34:18 - 01:31:39:01

I was just answering some questions on there. Somebody was asking how much The prime.

01:31:40:05 - 01:31:42:09

That's better. Far, far better than Gerber.

01:31:43:12 - 01:31:46:02

Ernie, does Gerber build cash value?

01:31:46:07 - 01:32:03:04

Yeah, It's a whole life policy. It's just. But it won't have mean. Gerber is like the most basic insurance you can get. It's they're not going to do any like if you get a terminal illness, they don't care. You got to keep paying for it. Uh, they're not going to give you extra dental. They're not going to give you anything extra. It's just a guaranteed issue.

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All right. And then.

01:32:06:18 - 01:32:07:08

So if you're on.

01:32:07:10 - 01:32:10:03

Dialysis machine, you can get this type of policy.

01:32:10:05 - 01:32:12:05

Yeah, you can get a prime term if you're on dialysis.

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Wow. Okay.

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Thank you. Dialysis and HIV, both of those.

01:32:21:03 - 01:32:22:01

Well, all right, guys.

01:32:22:03 - 01:32:27:18

And like with HIV aids, there's like, no companies that, like, accept you. So, like, that's amazing enough of itself.

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You said something about with prime term that it was included the terminal illness and the accidental was. Is it the same as Pioneer, though? We're a terminal illness, there's no additional fee, but there's an option to add the accidental or is that automatically included in the monthly premium?

01:32:45:05 - 01:32:49:22

You have to add the terminal illness comes with it accidental. You have to click, you have to add.

01:32:52:00 - 01:32:53:04

It's not automatic.

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Okay. Thank you.

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So you guys mean this is coming full circle? Really? Like that? We're doing all this. Hopefully you guys are getting a lot out of it. But like. So when you're going through health questions, this is Super Fact-Finding because people either lie to us or omit. Uh, stuff all the time. Can't tell. I've done it five, six times. I've tried to go for preferred plus declined, and they end up with a Gerber. And that's more me being lazy then not knowing, like, how to underwrite. And that can be a problem too.

01:33:28:09 - 01:34:00:24

So people, uh, so the best way to do health if you are a brand new and you really are not getting underwriting where you have to ask a question all the time, like what did this person qualify for? Then start reading those questions verbatim. If you study them hard enough and understand them, then you can do it the way that I do it here. Like don't need to read in. And this builds a lot of rapport to getting back to rapport. I'm demonstrating by saying these words that I'm an expert. I've been doing this a long time, so don't need to read every single question off every application.

01:34:01:01 - 01:34:37:16

I know what company is going to be best by asking a few general questions. Does that sound fair enough? Yes. So that I'm going to ask them basics. I want them to grab their list of medications. I want them to tell me what's going on. Um, so they say, oh, have COPD. Okay. When was that diagnosed? Oh, I had a heart, you know, got some heart problems. Oh, okay. Did you, you know, you need to ask questions because they're not going to offer it up all the time. It's like, oh, okay. Is that did you have a heart attack? Did you have a stroke? What's going on with that? And if you if you ask some more specific questions, you can get to the bottom of it like, oh, cancer.

01:34:37:18 - 01:35:08:16

Oh, had cancer. Okay. Like, stay on that. Don't let them continue. I stopped them immediately. Like, we're going to talk about the cancer because I need to know what's going on with that. Oh, had cancer, you know, five years ago, you know, as breast cancer had, you know, now I'm okay. It's like, okay, Did you do chemo or radiation with that? Okay. Did they remove. Okay, So they had surgery. Um, when was the surgery? Was that the last time you saw the doctor about this? They have you on any maintenance meds? Like continuing maintenance meds.

01:35:09:17 - 01:35:14:08

You see how many questions there were. And for that one, because I need to know.

01:35:16:15 - 01:35:29:23

Then if it's six years ago, then I'm going to ask. Okay, so that was the last occurrence of cancer. Have you had more than one? Because that's in the question. And the reason I'm asking these questions is because it's all in the application.

01:35:31:24 - 01:35:33:16

So. Question. Uh.

01:35:35:06 - 01:35:42:03

My cancer. I'll give you guys an example. Like when you're studying. Like, why? So, you know, cancer.

01:35:44:15 - 01:35:51:08

So all that information that that's where you'll end up generating like your why you're asking these questions.

01:35:53:10 - 01:35:59:12

So they are eligible for Standard Plus. You know, and more than three years ago, they're eligible for preferred.

01:36:03:03 - 01:36:34:09

And then they're like a simple list of these medications somewhere. Like, I know there's an exhaustive list in the book, you know, that has all the information on the carriers and all the meds. But like, I know that there's more common than not because I hear you say it. Like, for instance, gabapentin, you know, Oh, do you take gabapentin? They may not have even mentioned that, but you'll ask those questions and so it'll get to, you know, the top 3 or 4 meds that they are typically prescribed for that condition is there like, so you do have one. Awesome. Because I haven't seen that.

01:36:35:13 - 01:36:49:00

Yep. Made this a while back. This is the most common but it's a lot of it's going to end up being like Google is your your best friend but you know like and share this to you guys who wants this.

01:36:50:01 - 01:36:52:07

Yeah yeah I'll give you my email.

01:36:52:12 - 01:36:58:09

Yeah put it in the chat everybody put it in the chat. If you want specific things, I'll send it over to you.

01:37:00:07 - 01:37:02:12

That. Was that John talking or was that.

01:37:05:09 - 01:37:06:23

That was me. Jennifer.

01:37:07:04 - 01:37:10:01

No, no. Mean Deloris Jones. Okay. Yeah. Don't have your.

01:37:10:03 - 01:37:18:08

Yeah, that's me. Yep. Okay, let's get that over to you guys. I've never had that email.

01:37:23:07 - 01:37:25:16

Oops, that's trying to copy a whole mess of stuff.

01:37:29:09 - 01:37:31:06

Jennifer. There you go.

01:37:33:06 - 01:37:37:06

Got to make sure you guys are viewers trying to edit my work all the time. I hate it.

01:37:38:24 - 01:37:40:02

All right. And.

01:37:41:13 - 01:38:07:08

Also what you can do, Jennifer, if you pull up the PDF of the agent guide on your computer, when Mrs. Jones gives you a medication like normally, even if they're spelling it off the pill bottle, it's like way off. But you know, do your best to type it into Google. Usually it'll pop up like with the correct, like actual spelling, and then you can just control find, you know, in that PDF on the agent guide and you can see exactly like what Pioneer would say.

01:38:08:13 - 01:38:10:04

Very good. Thank you, Lexi.

01:38:10:16 - 01:38:26:03

Yeah. Also the chat feature on Pioneer is like really invaluable. Like you can go on to your pioneer, you know, agent portal where you can see all your policies, click live chat, and somebody is always immediately available to do like a risk assessment for you.

01:38:29:03 - 01:38:36:02

Okay. Awesome. Yeah. Because the last place I was at, it was a pretty in depth. You had to call in and, you know, so. That's good to know. Thank you.

01:38:36:04 - 01:38:51:22

Yeah. So I did both of those while you guys were talking. So what Lexi was talking about control find. Um. And then the live chat. You can always hit risk assessments there. And that is found once you log into Pioneer and then.

01:38:53:16 - 01:38:58:04

You can always. Yeah. What she said here. Control find. It's a really good, good way.

01:39:02:16 - 01:39:11:04

You okay? Know that pen? Yep. Grab a pen. That's the only thing that comes up. Seizures, diabetic neuropathy. It gives you your answer to. Which is always good.

01:39:14:02 - 01:39:24:07

But then, you know and then just you guys like so stay on health. I mean, that's okay. People like talking about their health for some reason, even if it's bad, I really don't know why, but they seem to.

01:39:26:18 - 01:39:28:07

What am I trying to get back to?

01:39:28:18 - 01:39:34:19

Sometimes you'll get somebody right on the call in the first 30 seconds of going like a five minute rant about all their health crap.

01:39:35:15 - 01:39:37:20

And that's. That's one where won't stop them.

01:39:38:11 - 01:39:39:01

It's like.

01:39:39:06 - 01:39:39:21

I'll just be.

01:39:40:02 - 01:39:40:18

Let them talk.

01:39:40:22 - 01:39:41:12

Learn that from.

01:39:41:14 - 01:39:42:04

You. Just.

01:39:42:06 - 01:39:43:18

Just shut up and let them talk.

01:39:43:23 - 01:39:52:10

Yeah. If you tell me about your health, I'll just sit there and be typing stuff in and writing stuff down. And then I'll. Then when they're done talking, I'll ask them another question about their health.

01:39:52:12 - 01:39:53:13

Yeah, because you.

01:39:53:16 - 01:39:55:17

Surgery two weeks ago.

01:39:56:00 - 01:40:26:05

Right, exactly. So yeah, I mean that's that's germane to the discussion coming full circle. Obviously, if they're talking about something I need, then continue to let them talk. Um, but yeah, definitely use the flow chart you can control find you can if you're really stuck, you can go into pioneer. People are more patient. I mean, tell me I'm wrong, but that people are more patient than you give them credit for. If you go all the way through this, you're now 15 minutes in and, you know, chatting them up, talking about their health.

01:40:26:17 - 01:40:40:08

They don't mind waiting, like for you to if it's something that, you know, you just don't understand, to ask another question or bring somebody else in because that shows them that you're actually trying to find the right plan for them.

01:40:44:12 - 01:41:12:11

Like I've made like just to give you guys example, like I've made sales by saying not didn't make the sale by saying this, but I've told customers to wait for a second while I go help somebody else and then come back and make a sale, like help another agent. They don't care. I mean, most of the time they don't have that much going on anyway. So it's like, whatever. Just, uh. Continue. So now you're just joined. So we're all over the place, Nikki A little bit, but you know, we're doing fact finding.

01:41:16:14 - 01:41:58:18

All right. And so basically, you're like, if you guys look at the script, even if you guys want to write on it all over the place, you're basically there's a bunch of like fact finding is the only thing it is is finding info. You handle your own business, they are looking for themselves or they're looking for their husband, the name of the beneficiary. None of this like this. A first policy for you because you're going to use all this stuff either against not against them, but like with them. Because if they say 10,000 was looking for additional and you don't ask how much additional or did you have a number in mind before you start presenting numbers, then it's not going to make sense for them logically, like, Oh, I just wanted to quote click.

01:41:59:20 - 01:42:04:00

And if they say they're not sure, like, well, what aren't you sure about? What are you trying to get to?

01:42:05:24 - 01:42:08:19

Lexi, do you still have your hand up or you want me to put it down?

01:42:10:07 - 01:42:12:07

Oh, no. You can put it down by bed. Okay.

01:42:17:13 - 01:42:23:22

All right, guys. Who wants a. 30 minute break and we'll come back at 1215 and finish up.

01:42:26:07 - 01:42:26:23

Not me.

01:42:27:13 - 01:42:30:07

No. You want me to just continue for an hour and a half?

01:42:30:17 - 01:42:34:19

I could keep going. I don't need a break if you want to keep going. Okay.

01:42:35:18 - 01:42:39:04

I will keep going. Okay. Um.

01:42:41:03 - 01:42:58:05

So Lexi brought this up, and I know Nikki could probably help me with it. Matt can help it with Dan. Dan's joined us. Awesome. Um, presenting, like, qualifying. Like qualifying buyers. Um, I know, like, I'm going to stop the share for a second.