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Master Class 1 - 2nd Continuation

Updated: Apr 17

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Yeah. I mean.

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It has terminal illness benefit and accidental death.

01:30:27:04 - 01:30:31:05

Because if you're qualifying them for prime term, they're not living to age 100.

01:30:33:04 - 01:30:39:05

No, but it's 20 years, so. But it's prime term to age 100. Yeah, but yeah, usually they're going to die within 20 years.

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But what was the accidental death automatically included.

01:30:42:22 - 01:30:45:17

The age of 100 is only a 20 year policy.

01:30:47:19 - 01:30:57:12

I'll talk to you about it later. It's not it's it's not 20 years. It's a decreasing term. So after 20 years, it goes down by 5% until it's gone.

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So after 20 years. Okay. So during the 20 years it stays the same, though.

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Yeah, the same. Yeah. I mean, the first few years, obviously it's not an immediate immediate coverage plan, but it's graded.

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And is it normally cheaper than pioneer these policies, this policy here? Nothing like the same.

01:31:19:03 - 01:31:24:15

Nothing pioneer. But oftentimes it's very on par with Gerber. Like pretty close.

01:31:28:08 - 01:31:33:00

Uh, Matthew Gilchrist of Total or you're at 50% starting.

01:31:34:18 - 01:31:39:01

I was just answering some questions on there. Somebody was asking how much The prime.

01:31:40:05 - 01:31:42:09

That's better. Far, far better than Gerber.

01:31:43:12 - 01:31:46:02

Ernie, does Gerber build cash value?

01:31:46:07 - 01:32:03:04

Yeah, It's a whole life policy. It's just. But it won't have mean. Gerber is like the most basic insurance you can get. It's they're not going to do any like if you get a terminal illness, they don't care. You got to keep paying for it. Uh, they're not going to give you extra dental. They're not going to give you anything extra. It's just a guaranteed issue.

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All right. And then.

01:32:06:18 - 01:32:07:08

So if you're on.

01:32:07:10 - 01:32:10:03

Dialysis machine, you can get this type of policy.

01:32:10:05 - 01:32:12:05

Yeah, you can get a prime term if you're on dialysis.

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Wow. Okay.

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Thank you. Dialysis and HIV, both of those.

01:32:21:03 - 01:32:22:01

Well, all right, guys.

01:32:22:03 - 01:32:27:18

And like with HIV aids, there's like, no companies that, like, accept you. So, like, that's amazing enough of itself.

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You said something about with prime term that it was included the terminal illness and the accidental was. Is it the same as Pioneer, though? We're a terminal illness, there's no additional fee, but there's an option to add the accidental or is that automatically included in the monthly premium?

01:32:45:05 - 01:32:49:22

You have to add the terminal illness comes with it accidental. You have to click, you have to add.

01:32:52:00 - 01:32:53:04

It's not automatic.

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Okay. Thank you.

01:32:56:07 - 01:33:27:10

So you guys mean this is coming full circle? Really? Like that? We're doing all this. Hopefully you guys are getting a lot out of it. But like. So when you're going through health questions, this is Super Fact-Finding because people either lie to us or omit. Uh, stuff all the time. Can't tell. I've done it five, six times. I've tried to go for preferred plus declined, and they end up with a Gerber. And that's more me being lazy then not knowing, like, how to underwrite. And that can be a problem too.

01:33:28:09 - 01:34:00:24

So people, uh, so the best way to do health if you are a brand new and you really are not getting underwriting where you have to ask a question all the time, like what did this person qualify for? Then start reading those questions verbatim. If you study them hard enough and understand them, then you can do it the way that I do it here. Like don't need to read in. And this builds a lot of rapport to getting back to rapport. I'm demonstrating by saying these words that I'm an expert. I've been doing this a long time, so don't need to read every single question off every application.

01:34:01:01 - 01:34:37:16

I know what company is going to be best by asking a few general questions. Does that sound fair enough? Yes. So that I'm going to ask them basics. I want them to grab their list of medications. I want them to tell me what's going on. Um, so they say, oh, have COPD. Okay. When was that diagnosed? Oh, I had a heart, you know, got some heart problems. Oh, okay. Did you, you know, you need to ask questions because they're not going to offer it up all the time. It's like, oh, okay. Is that did you have a heart attack? Did you have a stroke? What's going on with that? And if you if you ask some more specific questions, you can get to the bottom of it like, oh, cancer.

01:34:37:18 - 01:35:08:16

Oh, had cancer. Okay. Like, stay on that. Don't let them continue. I stopped them immediately. Like, we're going to talk about the cancer because I need to know what's going on with that. Oh, had cancer, you know, five years ago, you know, as breast cancer had, you know, now I'm okay. It's like, okay, Did you do chemo or radiation with that? Okay. Did they remove. Okay, So they had surgery. Um, when was the surgery? Was that the last time you saw the doctor about this? They have you on any maintenance meds? Like continuing maintenance meds.

01:35:09:17 - 01:35:14:08

You see how many questions there were. And for that one, because I need to know.

01:35:16:15 - 01:35:29:23

Then if it's six years ago, then I'm going to ask. Okay, so that was the last occurrence of cancer. Have you had more than one? Because that's in the question. And the reason I'm asking these questions is because it's all in the application.

01:35:31:24 - 01:35:33:16

So. Question. Uh.

01:35:35:06 - 01:35:42:03

My cancer. I'll give you guys an example. Like when you're studying. Like, why? So, you know, cancer.

01:35:44:15 - 01:35:51:08

So all that information that that's where you'll end up generating like your why you're asking these questions.

01:35:53:10 - 01:35:59:12

So they are eligible for Standard Plus. You know, and more than three years ago, they're eligible for preferred.

01:36:03:03 - 01:36:34:09

And then they're like a simple list of these medications somewhere. Like, I know there's an exhaustive list in the book, you know, that has all the information on the carriers and all the meds. But like, I know that there's more common than not because I hear you say it. Like, for instance, gabapentin, you know, Oh, do you take gabapentin? They may not have even mentioned that, but you'll ask those questions and so it'll get to, you know, the top 3 or 4 meds that they are typically prescribed for that condition is there like, so you do have one. Awesome. Because I haven't seen that.

01:36:35:13 - 01:36:49:00

Yep. Made this a while back. This is the most common but it's a lot of it's going to end up being like Google is your your best friend but you know like and share this to you guys who wants this.

01:36:50:01 - 01:36:52:07

Yeah yeah I'll give you my email.

01:36:52:12 - 01:36:58:09

Yeah put it in the chat everybody put it in the chat. If you want specific things, I'll send it over to you.

01:37:00:07 - 01:37:02:12

That. Was that John talking or was that.

01:37:05:09 - 01:37:06:23

That was me. Jennifer.

01:37:07:04 - 01:37:10:01

No, no. Mean Deloris Jones. Okay. Yeah. Don't have your.

01:37:10:03 - 01:37:18:08

Yeah, that's me. Yep. Okay, let's get that over to you guys. I've never had that email.

01:37:23:07 - 01:37:25:16

Oops, that's trying to copy a whole mess of stuff.

01:37:29:09 - 01:37:31:06

Jennifer. There you go.

01:37:33:06 - 01:37:37:06

Got to make sure you guys are viewers trying to edit my work all the time. I hate it.

01:37:38:24 - 01:37:40:02

All right. And.

01:37:41:13 - 01:38:07:08

Also what you can do, Jennifer, if you pull up the PDF of the agent guide on your computer, when Mrs. Jones gives you a medication like normally, even if they're spelling it off the pill bottle, it's like way off. But you know, do your best to type it into Google. Usually it'll pop up like with the correct, like actual spelling, and then you can just control find, you know, in that PDF on the agent guide and you can see exactly like what Pioneer would say.

01:38:08:13 - 01:38:10:04

Very good. Thank you, Lexi.

01:38:10:16 - 01:38:26:03

Yeah. Also the chat feature on Pioneer is like really invaluable. Like you can go on to your pioneer, you know, agent portal where you can see all your policies, click live chat, and somebody is always immediately available to do like a risk assessment for you.

01:38:29:03 - 01:38:36:02

Okay. Awesome. Yeah. Because the last place I was at, it was a pretty in depth. You had to call in and, you know, so. That's good to know. Thank you.

01:38:36:04 - 01:38:51:22

Yeah. So I did both of those while you guys were talking. So what Lexi was talking about control find. Um. And then the live chat. You can always hit risk assessments there. And that is found once you log into Pioneer and then.

01:38:53:16 - 01:38:58:04

You can always. Yeah. What she said here. Control find. It's a really good, good way.

01:39:02:16 - 01:39:11:04

You okay? Know that pen? Yep. Grab a pen. That's the only thing that comes up. Seizures, diabetic neuropathy. It gives you your answer to. Which is always good.

01:39:14:02 - 01:39:24:07

But then, you know and then just you guys like so stay on health. I mean, that's okay. People like talking about their health for some reason, even if it's bad, I really don't know why, but they seem to.

01:39:26:18 - 01:39:28:07

What am I trying to get back to?

01:39:28:18 - 01:39:34:19

Sometimes you'll get somebody right on the call in the first 30 seconds of going like a five minute rant about all their health crap.

01:39:35:15 - 01:39:37:20

And that's. That's one where won't stop them.

01:39:38:11 - 01:39:39:01

It's like.

01:39:39:06 - 01:39:39:21

I'll just be.

01:39:40:02 - 01:39:40:18

Let them talk.

01:39:40:22 - 01:39:41:12

Learn that from.

01:39:41:14 - 01:39:42:04

You. Just.

01:39:42:06 - 01:39:43:18

Just shut up and let them talk.

01:39:43:23 - 01:39:52:10

Yeah. If you tell me about your health, I'll just sit there and be typing stuff in and writing stuff down. And then I'll. Then when they're done talking, I'll ask them another question about their health.

01:39:52:12 - 01:39:53:13

Yeah, because you.

01:39:53:16 - 01:39:55:17

Surgery two weeks ago.

01:39:56:00 - 01:40:26:05

Right, exactly. So yeah, I mean that's that's germane to the discussion coming full circle. Obviously, if they're talking about something I need, then continue to let them talk. Um, but yeah, definitely use the flow chart you can control find you can if you're really stuck, you can go into pioneer. People are more patient. I mean, tell me I'm wrong, but that people are more patient than you give them credit for. If you go all the way through this, you're now 15 minutes in and, you know, chatting them up, talking about their health.

01:40:26:17 - 01:40:40:08

They don't mind waiting, like for you to if it's something that, you know, you just don't understand, to ask another question or bring somebody else in because that shows them that you're actually trying to find the right plan for them.

01:40:44:12 - 01:41:12:11

Like I've made like just to give you guys example, like I've made sales by saying not didn't make the sale by saying this, but I've told customers to wait for a second while I go help somebody else and then come back and make a sale, like help another agent. They don't care. I mean, most of the time they don't have that much going on anyway. So it's like, whatever. Just, uh. Continue. So now you're just joined. So we're all over the place, Nikki A little bit, but you know, we're doing fact finding.

01:41:16:14 - 01:41:58:18

All right. And so basically, you're like, if you guys look at the script, even if you guys want to write on it all over the place, you're basically there's a bunch of like fact finding is the only thing it is is finding info. You handle your own business, they are looking for themselves or they're looking for their husband, the name of the beneficiary. None of this like this. A first policy for you because you're going to use all this stuff either against not against them, but like with them. Because if they say 10,000 was looking for additional and you don't ask how much additional or did you have a number in mind before you start presenting numbers, then it's not going to make sense for them logically, like, Oh, I just wanted to quote click.

01:41:59:20 - 01:42:04:00

And if they say they're not sure, like, well, what aren't you sure about? What are you trying to get to?

01:42:05:24 - 01:42:08:19

Lexi, do you still have your hand up or you want me to put it down?

01:42:10:07 - 01:42:12:07

Oh, no. You can put it down by bed. Okay.

01:42:17:13 - 01:42:23:22

All right, guys. Who wants a. 30 minute break and we'll come back at 1215 and finish up.

01:42:26:07 - 01:42:26:23

Not me.

01:42:27:13 - 01:42:30:07

No. You want me to just continue for an hour and a half?

01:42:30:17 - 01:42:34:19

I could keep going. I don't need a break if you want to keep going. Okay.

01:42:35:18 - 01:42:39:04

I will keep going. Okay. Um.

01:42:41:03 - 01:42:58:05

So Lexi brought this up, and I know Nikki could probably help me with it. Matt can help it with Dan. Dan's joined us. Awesome. Um, presenting, like, qualifying. Like qualifying buyers. Um, I know, like, I'm going to stop the share for a second.

01:42:59:23 - 01:43:17:09

So like, what do you guys think that means? Like presenting Like we've kind of talked a lot about it, like not moving forward, fact finding, not letting them dictate the conversation. We've had a lot of topics, but like, what do you guys think mean? Like what does it mean for a buyer to actually be qualified?

01:43:21:07 - 01:43:24:20

If they can afford the product and if they're actually looking to buy insurance.

01:43:26:06 - 01:43:27:00

Yep. Yep.

01:43:31:17 - 01:43:32:12

Is there more?

01:43:33:00 - 01:44:08:00

Yeah. I mean, I just wrote down. I wrote down three. That disqualifies people as qualified buyers. They. They do not have a need for it, of course, like what you just said. And some people truly don't have a need like I've talked to. I'm usually have pleasant conversations with people or get referrals from them that have 25,000 know exactly what they're paying. They figure that's enough. They're not really looking for an additional You can get off the phone pretty quickly with them, ask for referrals, treat them well. But then you have if they cannot see the need that's in the big one, they might have a need for a product.

01:44:08:02 - 01:44:11:14

But if they can't see it, then they don't aren't going to buy it.

01:44:13:15 - 01:44:34:22

Like they don't believe in life insurance. They don't care about their family. Um, you hear words like that. You might be able to ask real quick question like, all right, why is that? But other than that, if unless they give you awesome answer that allows you to proceed, you're not going to proceed. And like Moses said, the final one, of course, is they have to be able to afford the product.

01:44:38:06 - 01:44:43:17

And like you kind of talked my ear about this a little bit. So I'm going to let you speak to it for a second.

01:44:45:06 - 01:44:49:11

Because I have to go to the bathroom. Guys, I'm going to set my headset down. You guys chat?

01:44:52:21 - 01:44:54:24

Now we know that 30 minute break was four.

01:44:55:21 - 01:44:59:07

I know right now he's like putting me on the spot and I'm like,

01:45:01:13 - 01:45:06:08

I'm like, taping up a floor with, like, some paper right now. Hi, Dan, We miss you so much. Hi, Nikki.

01:45:09:05 - 01:45:10:22

Hey, can you hear me? Good?

01:45:11:10 - 01:45:16:17

Yeah, I can hear you. Feel like I've been, like, talking a lot. Like, do you have anything to add?

01:45:17:13 - 01:45:50:03

My WiFi is acting wacky. I just popped in here. I just wanted to see. Wanted to say hi to everybody. See how everybody was doing. Just it's always good to hear more. Knowledge, you know, of course, for myself to even years and years of being here, it's still just helps. Like I'm going to later. I missed the part. I walked in when he was like, doing the emails. I'm going to actually get the email of the medication script that he has a little guide there that he has to, you know. So think that all the information really helps everyone.

01:45:50:19 - 01:45:59:16

So I don't know if anyone has any specific questions or anything about underwriting, um, or any questions while Ernie's going to the bathroom.

01:46:02:20 - 01:46:04:05

Hey, Nicole.

01:46:04:20 - 01:46:05:16


01:46:08:11 - 01:46:10:14

That's my boy. He's cool.

01:46:11:12 - 01:46:21:07

How do you know if somebody is, like, is able to buy, like they have enough money for it? Like before you get into anything and then not till the end when they tell you they can't afford it.

01:46:22:15 - 01:46:24:09

Mean really like for they'll.

01:46:24:11 - 01:46:26:24

Give you cuz if they can't buy they'll give you cuz.

01:46:27:23 - 01:47:03:01

Yeah, they'll give you little cues here and there if they can't buy like I like. Like I listen to them like. Like whenever I get their physical address from them, you know, a really good thing for me is like to ask them, okay, do I need to add an apartment number at the end of this? You know, so when I'm getting their address, I like to add that in a little bit because then I find out if they're in an apartment, if they're renting, you know, and then little throughout the conversations, you know, when I'm talking to them about their beneficiaries and stuff, because that's pretty much in the beginning when you ask them who their beneficiaries are going to be.

01:47:03:04 - 01:47:21:09

So I always ask them, like if their beneficiaries live nearby, ask them, okay, well, do you own your home or do you rent? Or what's your you know, you live alone or what's your situation like? So you can kind of you can kind of figure out what their situation is like while you're building a report with them. Does that make sense?

01:47:22:20 - 01:47:24:22

Yeah, it does. Thanks. Yeah.

01:47:25:01 - 01:47:44:12

So you can really kind of find out their situation. But it's really hard to because anyone that's willing to present, as long as they're not wasting your time, you don't want to, like, give up on a on a presentation because someone you might not think that they have money and they actually do have money, you know, So people.

01:47:44:24 - 01:47:46:12

Sorry, I don't mean to interrupt you.

01:47:46:17 - 01:47:47:07

No, you're fine.

01:47:48:07 - 01:47:59:04

I was saying most people like, are not like if they seriously can't afford it, like they'll give you significant pushback at the beginning about like not being able to afford it. Like a lot of them will actually say to you, like, I don't want to waste your time. My bad.

01:48:02:05 - 01:48:32:11

Um, a lot of them will actually say to you like, I don't want to waste your time or something like that. And like, if they tell me I can't afford it, I'm like, Well, you know, a lot of people think they can't afford it. I'm like, okay, well, you know, with like a lot of the plans are averaging between like 40 to $80 a month, would that just be completely out of the picture for you mean sometimes people are like, well, mean $40 a month think I might actually be able to do. And I'm like, okay, well, let me just see, you know, exactly what you qualify for. And then, you know, if you can do what you can and if not, you know, you can do with that information what you will.

01:48:32:20 - 01:48:51:10

And a lot of times people will let you proceed or a lot of times they're like, no, like I literally can't even pay my bills right now. Or if somebody is telling you, you know, I just lost my job, like, okay, well, like, you know, is right now okay to be like taking on another bill or like, do you really have no income right now? People will answer that question usually honestly.

01:48:53:09 - 01:49:23:20

Right, Exactly what Lexi said. There is perfect and on point because they'll let you know right in the beginning like they. You know what I mean? If they don't want to waste your time or not, someone that's willing to listen to the conversation, most of the time they have an extra few dollars, you know, as long as you get it across. And I like that threshold. They're like 40 to $80 a month, you know, because that gives them an idea. And then some of them think it's very reasonable. And also a lot of times when they'll tell me I can't afford it, you know, could be like, look, we do have plans.

01:49:23:22 - 01:49:54:23

That's sometimes less than a dollar a day. You know, it really just depends on what you already have in place. If they don't have coverage, I always tell them that some coverage is better than none and just try to funnel them through a presentation, but you don't want to let them fly off into Pluto for over an hour if you're not sure if they have, you know, if they're qualified candidate, you want to stick to talking to them about the life insurance and about their health and getting them the really you know, paint that picture they're. So I think that helps a lot.

01:49:58:03 - 01:49:59:09

Hey, Nikki, I've had.

01:49:59:17 - 01:50:09:03

Sorry. I've had people tell me they can't afford it and then, you know, spend $126 a month on on a policy like just because they thought it was going to be $500 a month, you know.

01:50:09:14 - 01:50:45:15

Or they just didn't know. They said, hey, can't afford it because they just didn't know what you had to offer them, you know, and and feel like our products are so strong sometimes as they feel like, hey, I can't afford it. But then when you tell them, hey, you know, our programs are tailored to people who are on fixed incomes and don't worry, you know, and you kind of like get them off of that, you know, or like I used to joke with them and be like, me too, Mrs. Jones I can't afford it. But every month I cringe when that payment comes out on the 28th, but I have to pay it and I made it the last day you could possibly pay it and just laugh it off.

01:50:45:17 - 01:51:00:18

And then I just move on, you know? And then usually they'll just give you more pushback or hang up or whatever the case may be. But like I said, Lexi is right in the beginning of the time of in the opening of the call, they'll give you a lot of pushback if they can't really afford it.

01:51:01:08 - 01:51:08:07

A lot of pushback. I mean, we've we've you guys have hopefully it's all sinking in that we're we pretty much forget about.

01:51:08:09 - 01:51:08:24


01:51:09:10 - 01:51:35:06

Early, early objections need to be blown off. We're not going to spend a lot of time addressing them. And if they hang up, so be it. But if they really say that, yeah, like Josh crib, you pretty much got the same thing. Like Josh Cribbs says something like between 50 and $150. But like you say, in 40 to 80, which is true unless like a $2,500 policy for an 80 year old might costs 40 or $50. So it's still going to be fine.

01:51:36:21 - 01:51:56:03

Um, so we're so we were just unqualified buyers. It sounds like you guys kind of took the took the wheel and went over like. Like if they won't give you mean you guys probably said this? Hopefully. But if they won't give you a name of the beneficiary, they're not qualified. They don't have a beneficiary, they're not qualified. They cannot make any decisions. Obviously, they are not qualified.

01:51:59:09 - 01:52:02:00

Ernie. What if I'm just super rude?

01:52:02:02 - 01:52:08:19

They're answering questions, but they're just angry and super rude. How far do you go with someone like that?

01:52:09:14 - 01:52:11:12

It depends. How rude. Depends how rude they are.

01:52:12:17 - 01:52:39:03

You don't have to talk to anybody that's being like that. Anybody that you think has a bad attitude, like just hang up on like you don't have to take that. You're an expert. Like, would you like would you go and be rude to like the doctor, like when you're in the doctor's office? Like, probably not like, depends how far. Like, I'm, like, willing to have my patients tested, but like, very rarely, like, make a sale to somebody who's being like, super combative or like, actually keep that business after it's, you know, on the books.

01:52:39:08 - 01:52:57:18

And if they're like super rude with me and they would be like, Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up. Or I'd be like, Look, no, I completely understand. You're very busy. I'm very busy. But this is just the process I have to go through. Hey, if I don't go through it this way, I'm not going to have a job anymore. I'm sorry. You know, And I just play it off and I blame.

01:52:59:06 - 01:53:01:01

Yep. I like that that way.

01:53:01:04 - 01:53:04:00

Yeah. I like that one a lot. Do that. Don't know.

01:53:05:18 - 01:53:28:19

I double down. I'm like. I'm trying to. I'm trying to help you. Like you like. Will you let me do my job? I'm trying to make sure that get you, you know, the best valued option and the the best plan that can possibly qualify value for, you know, they can call the number on the television and get some crappy, overpriced insurance from colonial Penn. And a lot of them will or that, you know, they can let me, you know, help them get a pioneer preferred.

01:53:29:21 - 01:53:43:02

So you can also just ask, is everything okay? I mean, usually that's what I'd say if somebody is rude to me. But for some reason, staying on the phone with me, it's like, what's going on, man? It's like, you okay? But yeah, if they're going to be dicks to me, then don't.

01:53:43:11 - 01:53:46:00

And they're not qualified. They're not qualified buyers.

01:53:46:12 - 01:53:52:06

Yeah, I would say so. If they're really. Really. You probably mean really off the wall because we deal with a lot of people that are cranky, but.

01:53:54:00 - 01:54:11:07

Welcome. What's going on is a good one, too, because, you know, you don't know if that person's like up all night throughout the night and then they sleep all day. So you don't really know on the other end to why that person is being an asshole. Sorry at that time though.

01:54:12:01 - 01:54:14:10

True. But like you also don't want to be talking.

01:54:15:15 - 01:54:41:02

Rude to some people. And then, you know, you see in the news, very rude, very rude. Won't talk to me, but then all of a sudden that Mr. Jones gets Lexi on the phone. And instead of Nathan, he's like, Oh, hi, Lexi. You know what I mean? So you never really know. It just really it just comes off how you come off to them and if they, if they like you and that four seconds and if they're if they even want to talk to you sometimes to.

01:54:43:07 - 01:55:14:09

Because not to put in perspective, but we've had a call before to where there are situations to where sometimes there might be a racial issue there that the field has experienced in the past. Maybe a client doesn't want to do business with you. Some men, they'd rather have a woman agent. You just never know what that client's going through at that time when they're being nasty and rude. So you just might not be the right agent for them. So sometimes I ask them, Is it me?

01:55:15:08 - 01:55:17:03

Well, general rule, if I'm.

01:55:17:05 - 01:55:19:11

Really being disrespected, then obviously I'm done.

01:55:21:23 - 01:55:52:23

Like, obviously I'm not like, whatever, man. All right. Hope things. Hope things get better for you because I'm very confident in my ability to sell the next person. So don't really care what they're doing or what they're talking about. But usually if they're I have a good record. Wish I saw that one. Sent that to James. They played it for the agency. This woman yelling at me like when I first said, it's like you're okay. And then we just kind of laughed together because I was like, not giving up and not I was digging in. But after two minutes she calmed down and let me present to her. So I'm not saying yeah immediately, but if they're never going to get better.

01:55:53:00 - 01:56:04:15

Matt mean, they keep being dicks and they keep like, oh yeah, like, yeah, not giving you a benefit, you know, usually those are the people like I'm not giving you that beneficiary name. Like, well then I'm not giving you a presentation.

01:56:06:20 - 01:56:07:12


01:56:07:23 - 01:56:09:00

Nathan, you got your hand up.

01:56:12:03 - 01:56:12:18

My back.

01:56:12:23 - 01:56:18:19

To backtrack. I just was eating, but I'm going back to the not affording anything.

01:56:20:11 - 01:56:30:14

Like sometimes. Like it's just about creating value. Like, sometimes I'll pull up a picture of their house, but like, if you create enough value, they're going to be able to afford it. Because

01:56:32:02 - 01:57:02:13

here, like, um, here's a good example. I talked to this guy a couple of weeks ago, my guy. Well, and he told me in the beginning very fixed income and he is on a very fixed income and lives in a small house in Iowa in a bad neighborhood. Not somebody that, you know, he wanted insurance, but he's not sure if he can afford anything. I ended up selling him on like a pioneer plan, over 100 bucks. And then a week later, after him talking to his son about it because, you know, he wants to make sure his son has enough. He talked to his son and then his son agreed to pitch in an extra.

01:57:02:15 - 01:57:03:09


01:57:03:11 - 01:57:21:16

To move them up to like almost $200 a month. It's just about creating a value. Like if you go up to any of these people on the phone and you tell them, I'm gonna sell you a Ferrari for $10,000, they're going to be calling their entire family to come up with $10,000 to buy that Ferrari because they know that Ferrari was way more than $10,000.

01:57:24:06 - 01:57:26:02

That is gangster. That's solid.

01:57:26:04 - 01:57:26:19


01:57:26:21 - 01:57:49:17

That's for fire. Yeah. And love how Nathan said that? Because he's right. Because the people think that they can't afford it, but they haven't even heard what you. You know, if it's in the beginning that they say that they haven't heard what you really have to offer yet, you know, and then like if they say it at the end, they're missing the value of their life somewhere in there in my eyes, you know, And.

01:57:49:19 - 01:57:50:09

It tells you that's.

01:57:50:11 - 01:57:51:24

Where it comes in. Yeah.

01:57:52:01 - 01:57:56:11

Then it tells you a loop because obviously you're not building any value if they can't afford it. And you know. Yeah.

01:57:57:05 - 01:58:12:19

Really honed down on those benefits. Um, you know, and, and you let them know that their life is more, their life is more valuable than that 30 or 40 or $100 premium, then you're going to get really far. So that's really solid.

01:58:13:23 - 01:58:27:03

We're not selling. We're not selling colonial pen. These people want to go and try that out. Go do that. But you're going to be talking to somebody else just like me 20 years later, trying to get something the same exact crap for like 3 or 4 times the price.

01:58:28:06 - 01:58:29:21

Yep. And that's the attitude to have.

01:58:30:08 - 01:58:36:05

It's almost blase. Yep. I can help you. I'm really good at this. But if you don't want my help, I buy.

01:58:38:09 - 01:59:09:21

Um. So guys wanted to move to tonality. So, you know, that is the number one thing. When people first start, they sound like robots or they sound weak. Um, and that's okay. We all did. But the more we do it, the better we'll get even even if we have to. I do recommend practicing your script to a friend or maybe even in the mirror. I never did it in the mirror, but just having it like saying it over and over again so that way it gets ingrained and you know how you're going to say it.

01:59:09:23 - 01:59:17:17

Like, I'll do that with you at the end of like exactly how I say everything. But we're going to watch a quick video because I think this is a good one that I found.

01:59:20:16 - 01:59:21:20

Just toenail the.

01:59:28:00 - 01:59:29:02

Well, that. One second, guys.

01:59:53:01 - 01:59:53:16

Sorry. I had the.

02:00:01:15 - 02:00:04:00

Okay, guys, share this.

02:00:07:12 - 02:00:08:02


02:00:10:18 - 02:00:17:06

So this is just about tonality. I really do truly believe tonality is, like more important than hardly. Than almost everything.

02:00:19:01 - 02:00:24:20

You can get away with pretty much anything if you say it in the right way. So I'm going to play this for you guys.

02:00:27:18 - 02:00:41:15

All right. Here's the deal is American gets back to work. You want and need every possible advantage out there to succeed in the new economy. Smart companies run on NetSuite by Oracle, the world's number.

02:00:42:02 - 02:00:47:18

And guys, if you have something you want to say, go ahead and yell out because mean you can always pick this apart.

02:00:48:08 - 02:01:22:11

One cloud based business system. So receive your free guide right now at net So the beauty of the straight line is what that every sale is the same. The way we go about lining up those five core elements is the same. Every time we use the same order, we go about it with the same tactics and strategies, right? So I say in the I think at the end of, of that first module, Mike But there's one important element that needs to be in place here.

02:01:22:13 - 02:02:01:22

You know, what is that? What has to happen to make every sale the same? And that is you must be in control of the sale. In other words, the reason I looked at the Strat Nights that night and said like, Don't you guys get it? Know every sale is the same. What I was saying is like, it's so easy for me. Like, what are you guys even struggling about? Like, you know, because from my perspective, it's a natural born closer. What I was doing intuitively without thinking about it was I would say things to people in a certain way that in those first few seconds they'd be like, Whoa, this this guy, he's.

02:02:01:24 - 02:02:34:04

He's really sharp. He's wow. He doesn't sound like the average bear, so to speak. You know, he's an expert in his field. So when you perceive that about someone, what do you do? You defer. You allow them to do their jobs. The experts job is to what? To solve problems in a very narrow sort of, you know, in a narrow subject. Right. You're an expert at something. You're not an expert at all things. So if I'm going to be selling someone, you know, Porsches or Mercedes, you know, I'm going to be an expert at that.

02:02:34:06 - 02:03:29:21

I'm an expert. A car sales and I'm also an expert at my particular brand, my product within this sphere. I'm an expert in both. And because of that, I know everything there is to know about that particular product, that industry. And I can help guide you into making the right decisions for you. I'm an expert in my field. Now what happens is, is that when someone perceives you as being an expert, they will naturally defer, meaning they will listen, they will answer your questions, they will allow you to guide them through a discovery phase where you ask questions, they answer them, and based on those answers that you give them, they will then tailor a solution that perfectly meets your needs and alleviates your pain, solves your problems.

02:03:29:23 - 02:04:08:09

That's what experts do, right? When we're in the presence of someone we believe is a novice, someone who's not an expert in the field, a newbie, a newbie person that doesn't know much about what they're trying to sell you. Right. What do we do? Well, we're not going to defer to that person. We will intuitively try to take control and we'll start basically fucking with the person. That's why when a novice salesperson gets on the phone with a prospect, they'll find it very difficult to even get into intelligence gathering questions. They ask the prospect a question and the prospect will answer their question with another question like, you know, So how long you been living? How long you've been living there? They don't cooperate.

02:04:08:11 - 02:04:43:08

And because of that, the sales starts to spiral out of control. In straight line parlance, I call that going off to Pluto or down here to your anus. Neither are good places to be, right? So that night that I looked at the strategy and said, Guys, don't you get it? Every sale is the same. This is what I was referring to. And then I said to them shortly thereafter, the next major leap of logic I had was they say you have four seconds to accomplish three crucial things in the mind of the prospect.

02:04:43:10 - 02:05:15:09

And if you don't capture those three things in the first four seconds, you're done. You can't close anybody. And you're like four seconds. What about my mom? He told me not to judge books by their covers, and so did my teachers. Right. Well, guess what? Your parents told you that Your teachers told you that? I'm sure many other people told you that. They all do. You do. And so do I. We all judge books by their covers. The way the human mind works, we have fear based creatures. It's wired directly into our reptilian brain.

02:05:15:11 - 02:05:50:04

We see people, we immediately rip them apart. We judge each piece. We then put them back together based on how they're perceived, if we're perceived the right way, meaning you are perceived the right way, okay, people will defer to you and allow you to take control of the sale, not you. They're just hand. They'll allow you to guide them if you're perceived the wrong way. The prospect takes control and things start to spiral out of control. So you got four seconds on the telephone.

02:05:50:06 - 02:06:06:19

And believe it or not, you only have a quarter of a second when you're in person face to face. And I'll explain that later. Let me tell you exactly what these three things are. You got four seconds to be perceived as number one. Okay.

02:06:08:09 - 02:06:09:15

Sharp as a tack.

02:06:11:07 - 02:06:31:21

Sharp as a tack. Meaning you're sharp, you're on the ball. You're a born problem solver. You're not going to waste their time or yours. You're a sharp person, right? Number two, you're enthusiastic as hell, meaning that what you have, it must be good. Now, just to be clear here, I'm not talking about that.

02:06:33:15 - 02:06:41:22

Feel my practice, all right? You can't live like people. What the hell to run away from you, right? I'm talking about something very different. It's called bottled.

02:06:41:24 - 02:06:43:11

Emotions, Stevens. I mean.

02:06:43:14 - 02:07:13:17

Bottle sits below the surface like something like a seething volcano. Like I'm talking right now. I'm not yelling, but you say, wow, this guy really? Wow. He's. He seems serious about this. He's really excited. Something beneath the surface. It can be unleashed at any moment because I'm an expert. I don't unleash it. But I could. And because someone knows that, they will say, well, I'm going to listen to this person because they are seem to be on the edge of almost exploding with enthusiasm. Not in a bad way, but in a good way.

02:07:13:19 - 02:07:22:08

And people will listen to you more closely and they will defer. And the third element here, and most important of all, I'm an expert,

02:07:24:24 - 02:07:58:15

expert in my field, sharp as a tack, enthusiastic as hell, an expert in your field. So here's the thing. I said it before, I'll repeat it again. We have been conditioned since where? Yay big to defer to experts. It started with 3 or 4 years old. You probably earliest memories. Your parents took you to a doctor when you were sick for a regular checkup and you noticed that even your own parents would defer to the doctor. They give him utmost respect. When the doctor would ask you questions, you would answer right away.

02:07:58:20 - 02:08:50:03

If they asked your parents questions, your parents would answer. They weren't like the doctor say. So tell me, how long have you felt this way? Parents say, Why was it your business? Why do you see the doctor has earned the right to ask your questions? He has diplomas on the wall. You have the stethoscope, there's a white coat. The very way he's dressed, the way he carries himself, the way she asks you questions. So tell me. You know. And they have a whole sheet there and they go through this actual guided intelligence gathering session. If there's some way I want you to be perceived by your clients, almost like the trusted family physician, the advisor, not the interrogator, that's like, So how long you been doing that? What do you live that if you like the interrogator, people will clam up and you'll break rapport and the saber will start to spiral out of control.

02:08:50:12 - 02:09:25:15

You got four seconds at most. Three things. Number one, sharp, two enthusiastic, three expert in your field. And what those three things chunk up to, what they equal in the mind of the prospect is you are a person worth listening to. It's worth for them to take the time out of their busy eight to actually listen to you because you might have the answers to their problems.

02:09:25:17 - 02:09:56:20

And then even at a higher level, still, more importantly, because you can help them achieve their goals, you can help them get what they want in life. That's what experts do. They help us solve problems. They help us eliminate pain. They help us get the things that we need and want. When you are perceived this way. Sharp, enthusiastic. An expert in your field. People naturally say, okay, fair enough, I'm going to defer to this person.

02:09:57:04 - 02:10:28:10

I'll allow them to ask me questions and allow them to guide the flow of the encounter. So once you take control of the conversation, what it does, it opens up a universe of possibility. Why? Because now you can say, okay, I know that these five things that have to line up, I'm going to line up this one first. This one second, this one third, this one fourth, this one fifth. And I'm going to do it the same way every time.

02:10:28:12 - 02:11:00:20

Yes, some words might change here and there, but generally the flow of the encounter is going to be in the same way every single time. And you're going to learn with the straight line how when the prospect starts to spiral off. Right. Remember, we have those boundaries. So remember, I'll just put it right here in the bottom small. Here's your straight line. You have boundaries above and below, right? Put them on that. Open, close. So if your prospect tries to spiral off with the straight line system, you're going to learn how to listen and say, aha.

02:11:00:22 - 02:11:17:15

Yup, I agree with them. Yep. Oh I see. Right. And then you learn how to bring them right back and move down the straight line forward towards the close. Different lesson. But all of this becomes possible because you took immediate control of the sale.

02:11:27:16 - 02:11:28:18

What do you guys think of that?

02:11:31:24 - 02:11:34:24

Fire is so good.

02:11:35:23 - 02:11:43:19

When he says enthusiastic, it shall feel like when you do come off like two enthusiastic, like a car salesman or something, like they get turned off.

02:11:44:16 - 02:11:45:13

Oh, he says. He says.

02:11:45:15 - 02:11:46:17

He says it right in there.

02:11:47:02 - 02:11:51:22

It's like, don't sound like Tony the tiger psycho. Like. Like it's all gold.

02:11:53:08 - 02:11:54:07

Yeah, but like that.

02:11:54:09 - 02:11:56:05

Yeah, this is this.

02:11:56:08 - 02:12:01:05

I'm not sure how I can like, I'm not sure how that would even look like.

02:12:02:24 - 02:12:07:12

I can do this under the surface and a little bit bubbling over. That doesn't really make sense to me.

02:12:10:11 - 02:12:13:19

Does that make sense to you? I mean, you were talking and I'm chewing.

02:12:17:13 - 02:12:48:00

Yeah, and it depends on when he says enthusiastic and an expert in your field. Everybody has a different level of enthusiastic, so this might help it. Moses's question to like Moses, you're doing great on the phone. So there's a way in the beginning of your calls you're sounding some type of enthusiastic that goes with your tone. Everybody has a different, you know, tone to their enthusiastic. But if you called somewhere like, Hey. Hi, Miss Jones. How's the weather out there? And Vero Beach, Florida.

02:12:48:04 - 02:13:12:17

You know what I mean? He's like, don't sound like that. You know, he means like, Hey, Miss Jones, you know, or, Hey, Cindy, how's the weather out there in Vero Beach, Florida, today? You know, like you could sound like an expert in your field and enthusiastic and enthusiastic isn't so much like, hey, you know what I mean? It's just, hey, you know what I mean? Just like just the I'm hitting my desk as I'm doing it. Sorry. It's a habit, but, um,

02:13:14:07 - 02:13:15:21

you know what I mean by that, guys?

02:13:15:23 - 02:13:25:06

Right At first, like, when I was thinking enthusiastic, it was like. Like loud and, like, really, like, kind of obnoxious. But now it's like talking a little bit faster.

02:13:26:11 - 02:13:27:01


02:13:28:21 - 02:13:29:22

They are intro.

02:13:30:11 - 02:13:31:12

It's like a fist pump.

02:13:31:14 - 02:13:32:12

It's like, Yeah.

02:13:33:06 - 02:13:34:07

Like I would actually say it.

02:13:36:05 - 02:13:37:12

Yes. See your intro.

02:13:38:09 - 02:13:40:09

All right. Hey there, Miss Jones. How are you doing today?

02:13:41:22 - 02:13:46:11

That's great to hear. This is Moses with your life services. And I'm getting back to you. Yeah.

02:13:48:02 - 02:13:53:13

I would use our first name. I really would. But you guys go do what you want. First name is more personal. Yeah.

02:13:55:08 - 02:13:55:23


02:13:56:22 - 02:13:57:12


02:13:59:07 - 02:13:59:22

Oh, man.

02:14:02:13 - 02:14:05:05

Guys are breaking up like crazy. You guys.

02:14:09:15 - 02:14:10:09

That's all. Hear me?

Watch the Full Video Here: Master Class 1

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