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Malayah Live Sales Calls

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Malayah Live Sales Calls

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All right. So we're going to do this. Let's call this one first.

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It might not be a full presentation, but it's probably got pretty deep in there. Hello.

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Hi, Miss Patricia.

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And you can hear it, right? Right. Yes.

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Yes. Hi. How are you doing today? How's everything going? I'm doing okay. Good. Good. My name is Mel over here at Senior Life Services. Okay. I spoke with one of our representatives about state regulatory life insurance programs for Florida. So my job over those benefits with you in answering any questions that you have.

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Excuse me.

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You might want to speak a little louder. Or make sure it's right next to you. Right next.

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To me. Yeah.

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Yeah, They're old. Just remember that.

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Okay. I'm right here.

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It's okay. My job is to go over those benefits and answer any questions that you have. Have you here at 1158 1/74 Trail in Live Oak, Florida.

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Yes, that was a good transition. Just just go into it. So many people pause there. It's like there's nothing for them to say there. So you just have to continue.

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Okay. New date of birth is ten, seven, 1963. Yes. Okay. And you were looking for your daughter to be your beneficiary? Yes. Okay. And about 20,000 in coverage. Yes. All right. And your favorite color Purple. Yes. Okay. It's you.

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I have reached you. How are you doing today?

00:01:28:21 - 00:01:32:02

I'm doing I'm doing good. I'm doing good. Good.

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Perfect. Is it nice and sunny where you are?

00:01:34:13 - 00:01:38:18

You are not nice. And it was nice, but not sunny. Oh.

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Can you hear me?

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Yes, I can hear you now. All right.

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Yeah, I think we kind of got clicked off for a second. What happened there? All right. So, Miss Allen, you are a consultant firm, which means you work for our clients, not one particular company. So our goal is always try to figure out who will specifically give you the best rates and benefits. Are you with me on that? Yes. All right. And we're just looking for benefits for your.

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There's nothing wrong with this. You could highlight that pretty hard if you want. Mean there's nothing here that you need to change yet so just trying to see a little like minute improvements so you can really hit that. My job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So we're going to confirm this info. Uh, but didn't really hear anything that bad, but I'm always going to try to find something. It's like got to find some stuff.

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Self today. That's a good thing. I'd rather try to find something. Oh, I'll find stuff.

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Believe me, I'm sure there's plenty. Got plenty to go here, so we'll be good shape.

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That business that you usually handle yourself. Do you handle your own finances? Yes, I.

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I do. Perfect. All right. Does it want to cross any legal. Any legal bounds? All right, perfect. And you wanted your daughter. And what's your daughter's name?

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Jayla. JL Jayla.

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Jayla. Okay. Last name? Allen. Yes. Okay, perfect. All right. How old is she?

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She's, what, 20? 28. I'm. That's my daughter. Okay. Okay.

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No, but do you have grandkids?

00:03:07:16 - 00:03:09:12

I'm 27 and 28.

00:03:10:04 - 00:03:13:17

28. Okay, no problem. Do you have grandkids?

00:03:14:04 - 00:03:15:05

Yes, I do.

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Oh, okay. How many grandkids do you have? Four. Four. Okay. All right. One daughter and grandkids. All boys.

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All boys. Uh oh.

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That's rowdy in there.

00:03:29:24 - 00:03:37:16

Very rowdy. My fiance and I have four girls. And finally, on the fifth try, we got a boy. So four girls and one boy

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00:03:40:06 - 00:03:41:12

Wish out was me. Yeah.

00:03:44:06 - 00:03:46:07

No, the boys are easier. That's what my mom always says.

00:03:48:14 - 00:03:51:23

100%. It's like I'm glad had two boys and girls. Terrible.

00:03:54:04 - 00:03:55:14

So we got to agree.

00:03:57:08 - 00:04:11:12

Uh, what? This is recorded, but don't care. It's a good joke. He's like. Like, what did she say? She said, boys, fuck things up. Girls are fucked up. Yeah, it was gold.

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00:04:15:12 - 00:04:16:15

That's what I told her.

00:04:16:22 - 00:04:17:23

Is she going to try?

00:04:18:17 - 00:04:28:14

Is she going to try? I just finished her college and everything going after that. So I say, oh well we'll we'll see. Yeah.

00:04:30:11 - 00:04:37:16

You got to cross our fingers, right? Yeah. That's funny. And would this be a first policy for you?

00:04:37:22 - 00:04:39:17

Yes. Okay. Your first.

00:04:39:19 - 00:04:44:01

Policy. Okay, perfect. So this is the first money that Miss Jayla will see.

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This is fantastic, by the way, so far. So let's just keep it rolling.

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All right. So based on everything you said, a whole life policy would definitely be the best. Option for you. So if you just answer a couple of health questions for me, I can see what we get you approved for. Okay. Okay. All right. Perfect. What is your current height and weight?

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Okay, So what did you do there?

00:05:10:03 - 00:05:10:23

I was.

00:05:12:02 - 00:05:15:14

Man all over the place and just jump right to the health questions.

00:05:15:20 - 00:05:19:01

Well, you weren't all over the place. You were right on track, all over the place.

00:05:19:03 - 00:05:25:05

But like, I lost your script and I'm like, okay, I'm just going to do the health questions. I mean, that.

00:05:25:07 - 00:05:27:09

Would be the next I mean, you need that.

00:05:27:12 - 00:05:28:09

I know sometimes.

00:05:28:11 - 00:05:41:03

There's a there's a part of the script that says something about, you know, research for the best policies for you. And like, I kind of jumped off a hole, didn't even get to that part. I just went straight to the health questions.

00:05:41:10 - 00:05:45:13

Yeah. So the only thing you miss, it's probably good for me to have this up.

00:05:45:20 - 00:05:48:00

Uh oh. And, mister, have you ever buried.

00:05:48:02 - 00:05:53:07

Um. Went to the process of burying someone before. Yeah. So that forget a lot to.

00:05:53:09 - 00:06:14:24

Yeah, that one. Really? Yeah, that one. Make a mental note because that one you kind of need. Because you need that emotional like you need that in the back of their head. Yes I have. And I really don't want my like especially if that person was given insurance money and they were able to do it. Now, they don't want to feel like, you know, the you know, deadbeat that didn't also do it for their family. Correct.

00:06:15:01 - 00:06:19:08

And I know if they didn't go to the process, you're supposed to say, you know how you did. And.

00:06:19:17 - 00:06:53:22

Right. So the only thing I only think you missed there was you did this really good to you. Really did. A lot of people screw that up so bad? It's not that I don't think it's that hard, but whatever what that first policy for you and you're like, okay, so this be the first money. So you missed that. And then the reason this is in here, like all of the plans offer a number of benefits is no matter which one they pick, these will be true. So that's why like the these four ball points because you know, they have to require that and then this this is said because there has to be a check back like there has to be like the person has to be paying it somewhat attention.

00:06:54:03 - 00:07:14:22

And then people especially, you know, today's world, people don't want to answer any questions if they don't know the reason they're answering them. So that's why that that actually becomes super important. It's like the reason I'm going to ask you these questions is because I'm going to find you the best rate. So don't want to hear later that you know you're going to shop around because I just did that.

00:07:29:22 - 00:07:30:23

Give me that Binky.

00:07:40:14 - 00:07:56:09

All right. So you. Yeah, because then you do this like if you actually and then you're getting there, buy in for the health questions to. And this will also make you sound, you know, even like like I do have to look up medication sometimes, but I'm pretty good at qualifying at this point.

00:07:56:11 - 00:07:57:12

Yes, you are.

00:07:57:20 - 00:07:59:13

And and then you know.

00:07:59:15 - 00:08:01:01

All the medications.

00:08:01:09 - 00:08:27:04

But you'll you'll know them won't even take that long. So when you're doing this, just getting the buy. And does that sound fair enough? Like I'm gonna ask you, I've been doing this a long time, so don't need to read every question and your voice is going to work perfectly with that saying, So you say that and then when you get to the health questions, they're like, okay, so there's a purpose behind the questions, correct? Yeah, but mean right now you skipped the health question, you skipped a couple of things. But let's go to the health questions, see how that goes.

00:08:27:21 - 00:08:28:11


00:08:36:14 - 00:08:39:03

Hello? Yes. Do you know your current height and weight?

00:08:39:24 - 00:08:45:18

I'm five feet. And 137. Okay.

00:08:47:10 - 00:08:51:08

Healthy weight. Have you had any hospitalizations or surgeries in the last two years?

00:08:51:10 - 00:08:52:07

No, I haven't.

00:08:52:15 - 00:09:03:18

Okay, perfect. Have you had any issues with your heart attack pacemaker stents? No. No. Okay. Any issues with lung, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, or require oxygen?

00:09:04:08 - 00:09:06:22

No. I'm a diabetic, though. Okay.

00:09:06:24 - 00:09:09:11

You're a diabetic. Okay. Any form of cancer in your lifetime?

00:09:10:16 - 00:09:11:10


00:09:13:09 - 00:09:14:17

My sister had

00:09:16:10 - 00:09:17:00


00:09:17:06 - 00:09:37:19

This doesn't happen that often, but a lot of people start telling you their family medical history. Yeah, and you always got to bring it back to mean in a nice way. Well, I'm glad that hasn't happened to you, but for our purposes, you have never had cancer. So that's all they care about. They're not going to look at your family history and thank God for that. That's something I would say, like then, you know.

00:09:38:24 - 00:09:39:14


00:09:40:19 - 00:09:42:10

Okay, but did you ever have any?

00:09:42:21 - 00:09:44:05

No, I haven't. I haven't.

00:09:44:12 - 00:09:47:16

Okay, perfect. And for diabetic, are you on the insulin or pill?