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Malayah Live Sales Calls

Updated: Apr 15

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All right. So we're going to do this. Let's call this one first.

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It might not be a full presentation, but it's probably got pretty deep in there. Hello.

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Hi, Miss Patricia.

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And you can hear it, right? Right. Yes.

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Yes. Hi. How are you doing today? How's everything going? I'm doing okay. Good. Good. My name is Mel over here at Senior Life Services. Okay. I spoke with one of our representatives about state regulatory life insurance programs for Florida. So my job over those benefits with you in answering any questions that you have.

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Excuse me.

00:00:38:05 - 00:00:42:06

You might want to speak a little louder. Or make sure it's right next to you. Right next.

00:00:42:08 - 00:00:42:23

To me. Yeah.

00:00:43:00 - 00:00:44:13

Yeah, They're old. Just remember that.

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Okay. I'm right here.

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It's okay. My job is to go over those benefits and answer any questions that you have. Have you here at 1158 1/74 Trail in Live Oak, Florida.

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Yes, that was a good transition. Just just go into it. So many people pause there. It's like there's nothing for them to say there. So you just have to continue.

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Okay. New date of birth is ten, seven, 1963. Yes. Okay. And you were looking for your daughter to be your beneficiary? Yes. Okay. And about 20,000 in coverage. Yes. All right. And your favorite color Purple. Yes. Okay. It's you.

00:01:26:06 - 00:01:28:16

I have reached you. How are you doing today?

00:01:28:21 - 00:01:32:02

I'm doing I'm doing good. I'm doing good. Good.

00:01:32:04 - 00:01:34:05

Perfect. Is it nice and sunny where you are?

00:01:34:13 - 00:01:38:18

You are not nice. And it was nice, but not sunny. Oh.

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Can you hear me?

00:01:40:16 - 00:01:42:09

Yes, I can hear you now. All right.

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Yeah, I think we kind of got clicked off for a second. What happened there? All right. So, Miss Allen, you are a consultant firm, which means you work for our clients, not one particular company. So our goal is always try to figure out who will specifically give you the best rates and benefits. Are you with me on that? Yes. All right. And we're just looking for benefits for your.

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There's nothing wrong with this. You could highlight that pretty hard if you want. Mean there's nothing here that you need to change yet so just trying to see a little like minute improvements so you can really hit that. My job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So we're going to confirm this info. Uh, but didn't really hear anything that bad, but I'm always going to try to find something. It's like got to find some stuff.

00:02:21:10 - 00:02:26:03

Self today. That's a good thing. I'd rather try to find something. Oh, I'll find stuff.

00:02:26:06 - 00:02:29:10

Believe me, I'm sure there's plenty. Got plenty to go here, so we'll be good shape.

00:02:30:07 - 00:02:34:08

That business that you usually handle yourself. Do you handle your own finances? Yes, I.

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I do. Perfect. All right. Does it want to cross any legal. Any legal bounds? All right, perfect. And you wanted your daughter. And what's your daughter's name?

00:02:43:19 - 00:02:47:08

Jayla. JL Jayla.

00:02:48:23 - 00:02:54:05

Jayla. Okay. Last name? Allen. Yes. Okay, perfect. All right. How old is she?

00:02:54:22 - 00:03:03:11

She's, what, 20? 28. I'm. That's my daughter. Okay. Okay.

00:03:05:08 - 00:03:07:04

No, but do you have grandkids?

00:03:07:16 - 00:03:09:12

I'm 27 and 28.

00:03:10:04 - 00:03:13:17

28. Okay, no problem. Do you have grandkids?

00:03:14:04 - 00:03:15:05

Yes, I do.

00:03:15:10 - 00:03:22:11

Oh, okay. How many grandkids do you have? Four. Four. Okay. All right. One daughter and grandkids. All boys.

00:03:22:14 - 00:03:24:09

All boys. Uh oh.

00:03:24:17 - 00:03:25:19

That's rowdy in there.

00:03:29:24 - 00:03:37:16

Very rowdy. My fiance and I have four girls. And finally, on the fifth try, we got a boy. So four girls and one boy

00:03:39:14 - 00:03:40:04


00:03:40:06 - 00:03:41:12

Wish out was me. Yeah.

00:03:44:06 - 00:03:46:07

No, the boys are easier. That's what my mom always says.

00:03:48:14 - 00:03:51:23

100%. It's like I'm glad had two boys and girls. Terrible.

00:03:54:04 - 00:03:55:14

So we got to agree.

00:03:57:08 - 00:04:11:12

Uh, what? This is recorded, but don't care. It's a good joke. He's like. Like, what did she say? She said, boys, fuck things up. Girls are fucked up. Yeah, it was gold.

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00:04:15:12 - 00:04:16:15

That's what I told her.

00:04:16:22 - 00:04:17:23

Is she going to try?

00:04:18:17 - 00:04:28:14

Is she going to try? I just finished her college and everything going after that. So I say, oh well we'll we'll see. Yeah.

00:04:30:11 - 00:04:37:16

You got to cross our fingers, right? Yeah. That's funny. And would this be a first policy for you?

00:04:37:22 - 00:04:39:17

Yes. Okay. Your first.

00:04:39:19 - 00:04:44:01

Policy. Okay, perfect. So this is the first money that Miss Jayla will see.

00:04:45:03 - 00:04:48:10

This is fantastic, by the way, so far. So let's just keep it rolling.

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00:04:52:16 - 00:05:06:18

All right. So based on everything you said, a whole life policy would definitely be the best. Option for you. So if you just answer a couple of health questions for me, I can see what we get you approved for. Okay. Okay. All right. Perfect. What is your current height and weight?

00:05:06:23 - 00:05:08:14

Okay, So what did you do there?

00:05:10:03 - 00:05:10:23

I was.

00:05:12:02 - 00:05:15:14

Man all over the place and just jump right to the health questions.

00:05:15:20 - 00:05:19:01

Well, you weren't all over the place. You were right on track, all over the place.

00:05:19:03 - 00:05:25:05

But like, I lost your script and I'm like, okay, I'm just going to do the health questions. I mean, that.

00:05:25:07 - 00:05:27:09

Would be the next I mean, you need that.

00:05:27:12 - 00:05:28:09

I know sometimes.

00:05:28:11 - 00:05:41:03

There's a there's a part of the script that says something about, you know, research for the best policies for you. And like, I kind of jumped off a hole, didn't even get to that part. I just went straight to the health questions.

00:05:41:10 - 00:05:45:13

Yeah. So the only thing you miss, it's probably good for me to have this up.

00:05:45:20 - 00:05:48:00

Uh oh. And, mister, have you ever buried.

00:05:48:02 - 00:05:53:07

Um. Went to the process of burying someone before. Yeah. So that forget a lot to.

00:05:53:09 - 00:06:14:24

Yeah, that one. Really? Yeah, that one. Make a mental note because that one you kind of need. Because you need that emotional like you need that in the back of their head. Yes I have. And I really don't want my like especially if that person was given insurance money and they were able to do it. Now, they don't want to feel like, you know, the you know, deadbeat that didn't also do it for their family. Correct.

00:06:15:01 - 00:06:19:08

And I know if they didn't go to the process, you're supposed to say, you know how you did. And.

00:06:19:17 - 00:06:53:22

Right. So the only thing I only think you missed there was you did this really good to you. Really did. A lot of people screw that up so bad? It's not that I don't think it's that hard, but whatever what that first policy for you and you're like, okay, so this be the first money. So you missed that. And then the reason this is in here, like all of the plans offer a number of benefits is no matter which one they pick, these will be true. So that's why like the these four ball points because you know, they have to require that and then this this is said because there has to be a check back like there has to be like the person has to be paying it somewhat attention.

00:06:54:03 - 00:07:14:22

And then people especially, you know, today's world, people don't want to answer any questions if they don't know the reason they're answering them. So that's why that that actually becomes super important. It's like the reason I'm going to ask you these questions is because I'm going to find you the best rate. So don't want to hear later that you know you're going to shop around because I just did that.

00:07:29:22 - 00:07:30:23

Give me that Binky.

00:07:40:14 - 00:07:56:09

All right. So you. Yeah, because then you do this like if you actually and then you're getting there, buy in for the health questions to. And this will also make you sound, you know, even like like I do have to look up medication sometimes, but I'm pretty good at qualifying at this point.

00:07:56:11 - 00:07:57:12

Yes, you are.

00:07:57:20 - 00:07:59:13

And and then you know.

00:07:59:15 - 00:08:01:01

All the medications.

00:08:01:09 - 00:08:27:04

But you'll you'll know them won't even take that long. So when you're doing this, just getting the buy. And does that sound fair enough? Like I'm gonna ask you, I've been doing this a long time, so don't need to read every question and your voice is going to work perfectly with that saying, So you say that and then when you get to the health questions, they're like, okay, so there's a purpose behind the questions, correct? Yeah, but mean right now you skipped the health question, you skipped a couple of things. But let's go to the health questions, see how that goes.

00:08:27:21 - 00:08:28:11


00:08:36:14 - 00:08:39:03

Hello? Yes. Do you know your current height and weight?

00:08:39:24 - 00:08:45:18

I'm five feet. And 137. Okay.

00:08:47:10 - 00:08:51:08

Healthy weight. Have you had any hospitalizations or surgeries in the last two years?

00:08:51:10 - 00:08:52:07

No, I haven't.

00:08:52:15 - 00:09:03:18

Okay, perfect. Have you had any issues with your heart attack pacemaker stents? No. No. Okay. Any issues with lung, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, or require oxygen?

00:09:04:08 - 00:09:06:22

No. I'm a diabetic, though. Okay.

00:09:06:24 - 00:09:09:11

You're a diabetic. Okay. Any form of cancer in your lifetime?

00:09:10:16 - 00:09:11:10


00:09:13:09 - 00:09:14:17

My sister had

00:09:16:10 - 00:09:17:00


00:09:17:06 - 00:09:37:19

This doesn't happen that often, but a lot of people start telling you their family medical history. Yeah, and you always got to bring it back to mean in a nice way. Well, I'm glad that hasn't happened to you, but for our purposes, you have never had cancer. So that's all they care about. They're not going to look at your family history and thank God for that. That's something I would say, like then, you know.

00:09:38:24 - 00:09:39:14


00:09:40:19 - 00:09:42:10

Okay, but did you ever have any?

00:09:42:21 - 00:09:44:05

No, I haven't. I haven't.

00:09:44:12 - 00:09:47:16

Okay, perfect. And for diabetic, are you on the insulin or pill?

00:09:48:20 - 00:09:49:17

Excuse me.

00:09:49:23 - 00:09:53:06

For diabetes. Are you on the insulin or are you taking a pill every day?

00:09:54:08 - 00:09:54:23


00:09:55:09 - 00:09:58:23

Okay. Insulin. Okay. Any neuropathy or nerve damage or pain?

00:09:59:06 - 00:09:59:21


00:10:00:03 - 00:10:13:17

Okay, perfect. All right. Any Parkinson's strokes or seizures? No. Okay. Do you have any issues with hepatitis, HIV, AIDS, liver disease, use of drugs or alcohol? No. No. Okay. Perfect. Are you confined to a bed or a wheelchair?

00:10:13:23 - 00:10:14:21

No, I'm not.

00:10:15:01 - 00:10:17:06

Okay, perfect. All right. Any medications?

00:10:17:09 - 00:10:45:19

So some of these questions, because you're you're new, you'll end up skipping in the long run. Like if the person seems fine. Like, I usually don't ask because I'm like, well, if nothing's wrong with you, why would you be? But it's not a bad thing to ask. Like, I'll still ask like, yeah, but I'll always say like, no, because they you don't want to offend people. It's like, no do sound like, you know, that's how, that's what they are thinking. But so I'll just be like, so I'll just be like, Oh yeah, it doesn't sound I have to ask. It doesn't mean it doesn't sound like it, But I have to ask is something I would say.

00:10:46:01 - 00:10:46:16


00:10:47:19 - 00:10:54:04

Same thing with HIV, because like, but don't even put that in here because, you know, most of the time they disclose it.

00:10:55:01 - 00:10:56:11

Taking other than that insulin.

00:10:57:17 - 00:10:58:07


00:10:59:24 - 00:11:02:03

get my bag out.

00:11:03:05 - 00:11:03:24

No problem.

00:11:05:09 - 00:11:12:17

Okay. So very good. Now do want the meds. Like if I can get the medication list even after asking these questions then that tells me the real story.

00:11:12:23 - 00:11:13:14


00:11:17:01 - 00:11:17:16

Actually, I.

00:11:18:14 - 00:11:20:06

Saw, like, seven inhalers Come back.

00:11:20:15 - 00:11:24:07

Take. Okay. And

00:11:26:06 - 00:11:26:21


00:11:28:16 - 00:11:31:13

There was the rocks. Rocks of Tam.

00:11:33:09 - 00:11:34:23

Think she said Levothyroxine.

00:11:35:00 - 00:11:35:18

That is.

00:11:37:14 - 00:11:39:23

500mg. I'll take you twice.

00:11:41:05 - 00:11:42:15

Okay. And what do you take that for?

00:11:46:08 - 00:11:48:08

Okay. Hold on.

00:11:54:05 - 00:11:54:20


00:12:05:13 - 00:12:06:09

I really can't.

00:12:09:21 - 00:12:14:15

In this situation would stop her and be like. Tell me the medication again. Like, can you spell it to me?

00:12:14:21 - 00:12:17:03

Like just ended up doing okay?

00:12:17:20 - 00:12:20:17

Okay, no problem. Spell that medication for me again.

00:12:20:19 - 00:12:21:09


00:12:21:11 - 00:12:22:06

We're going to get along good.

00:12:24:04 - 00:12:24:22


00:12:27:00 - 00:12:27:18


00:12:29:01 - 00:12:30:02

T i. R.

00:12:31:18 - 00:12:32:08


00:12:33:08 - 00:12:35:06

C e. T a m.

00:12:37:24 - 00:12:38:14


00:12:39:10 - 00:12:41:13

All right. Any other medications that you're on?

00:12:43:16 - 00:13:13:04

So something I always do because you're gonna feel like you're. I feel like you're going to get good at this fast. Just. And I'm only doing these things because. I want them to trust me more and more. So I educate them more. It's like, yeah, it can be used for a couple of things. It can treat. It's usually just an enlarged thyroid gland. I'm sure that's what it is. It's not for cancer. Right. Okay. So that's why they're giving it to you and almost tell them why the doctor is prescribing stuff to them. And then they're like, wow, Like, don't even know what what's going on at the end. Sometimes we were like, Maybe I should start asking my doctor why he's prescribing this stuff.

00:13:13:06 - 00:13:13:21

Like, yeah, a.

00:13:13:23 - 00:13:18:03

Lot of people don't know why they're taking certain medications.

00:13:18:05 - 00:13:19:18

I'm like, What in the world?

00:13:20:04 - 00:13:21:09

Yeah, for sure.

00:13:31:05 - 00:13:32:13

Okay, Good. Nice.

00:13:32:24 - 00:13:35:11

Yeah. Awesome. Love it. See, it all works out.

00:13:37:06 - 00:13:48:05

Yes. I'm so. So. So you just said. Yeah. They don't know what they're taking. Why they're taking stuff like hope that's never me. Like. Oh, yeah, just. Whatever. Whatever you say. Just take it. A lot of.

00:13:48:07 - 00:13:50:14

People have aspirin as a prescription.

00:13:51:05 - 00:13:57:20

Yeah, And. And I asked him. It's just because. It's because it's free. Even though Bayer aspirin is cheap, it might as well get it for free if you can get it for free.

00:13:57:22 - 00:13:59:09

Oh, yeah. Yeah, you're right. That's true. I don't think.

00:13:59:11 - 00:14:00:07

About like.

00:14:00:09 - 00:14:05:16

The Medicare people. So if you're over 70, it's all free. So. All right, let's continue.

00:14:05:19 - 00:14:08:21

500mg once a day.

00:14:09:15 - 00:14:10:24

Okay. What's that for?

00:14:17:03 - 00:14:17:24


00:14:22:16 - 00:14:23:15

What was the medication?

00:14:25:02 - 00:14:37:12

I think I'm looking at her thing right now, actually. I wrote them all down. That might have been the middleman which searched it and it said it was for weight loss. But she's five feet in 137. So didn't.

00:14:38:23 - 00:14:39:19

Well, it's working.

00:14:40:07 - 00:14:40:22

Well, yeah.

00:14:42:05 - 00:14:43:02

Two, two, two.

00:14:43:04 - 00:14:45:05

Well, apparently. Think it should stop?

00:14:45:15 - 00:14:46:13

Yeah, well, actually.

00:14:46:15 - 00:14:53:04

Five feet, you could actually be healthy. I mean, you could probably be a healthy way to, like, £90 at five. Five feet tall is real short.

00:14:53:06 - 00:14:54:14

Probably. Yeah, true. Yeah.

00:14:54:16 - 00:14:55:06


00:14:57:19 - 00:14:59:05

I really can't tell you.

00:14:59:15 - 00:15:02:13

Okay, no problem. And you said you never had a seizure before, right?

00:15:02:15 - 00:15:03:05


00:15:03:12 - 00:15:15:24

Yeah. So my my note there is just, like, just look their stuff up and tell them like, if they don't know, just tell them. They'll. They'll be a little freaked out, but then they'll. But they'll trust you and they'll be like, Man, you know your stuff. Like, yeah, I know. And I know how to. I'm going to sell you this insurance.

00:15:16:01 - 00:15:17:17

That's why all this stuff.

00:15:19:17 - 00:15:28:08

I've always said that once and it worked, but was like, Yep. And that's why I'm going to tell you this insurance. So yeah, it's not don't say that. I was in a very confident mode.

00:15:30:07 - 00:15:36:08

L e. V o r o t h y.

00:15:36:23 - 00:15:38:07

R. X. I. N.

00:15:40:21 - 00:15:44:05

One 25mg tablets.

00:15:44:14 - 00:15:47:01

I look that up. I have it here. That that was void.

00:15:47:08 - 00:15:48:15

Okay. Two thyroid. Okay.

00:15:49:14 - 00:15:50:18

Once a day.

00:15:51:20 - 00:15:53:06

Once a day. Okay.

00:15:56:00 - 00:15:56:19


00:15:58:06 - 00:15:59:18

Blood pressure. Yeah.

00:16:00:12 - 00:16:01:13

Look that up to

00:16:03:13 - 00:16:06:19

125mg tablets.

00:16:08:19 - 00:16:10:12

Okay. Just once today.

00:16:10:23 - 00:16:11:13


00:16:13:12 - 00:16:16:20

Okay. I'm sorry. How do you spell? How do you spell that last one you just said?

00:16:18:02 - 00:16:18:24

L Oh.

00:16:21:10 - 00:16:24:11

S r t a n.

00:16:26:07 - 00:16:31:17

Thank you for joining us. Wesley So we're right, but it's not bad for you to see this to.

00:16:34:02 - 00:16:37:15

Okay, because we're running the 25mg.

00:16:38:12 - 00:16:40:22

I'm just running a little behind the other one. Took a little longer.

00:16:41:15 - 00:16:43:10

Tablets. Okay. All right.

00:16:43:12 - 00:16:45:17

That's the blood pressure. Okay.

00:16:47:01 - 00:16:47:16


00:16:50:11 - 00:16:52:00


00:16:53:19 - 00:16:54:10

That is.

00:16:54:17 - 00:16:58:07

Yep. Blood pressure. See? I told you, you're so good at this.

00:16:59:02 - 00:17:00:24

That's cool. That's a cholesterol.

00:17:02:05 - 00:17:10:16

Anything that ends in statins. Cholesterol. There's a statin. Love. A statin. Advanced stat and lovastatin. There's, like, four.

00:17:13:11 - 00:17:19:00

Now. Welcome. It'll come like that for you eventually. It's like, okay, so that's cholesterol, whatever. And that doesn't matter. Let's keep moving.

00:17:20:06 - 00:17:22:09

Then I have now then.

00:17:22:21 - 00:17:27:00

Because I always make the joke like, yeah, cholesterol don't matter. Everybody's got high cholesterol. We're Americans.

00:17:27:08 - 00:17:27:23


00:17:31:01 - 00:17:32:06

Now in.

00:17:34:05 - 00:17:36:16

I'll take 30 units in the evening.

00:17:40:15 - 00:17:43:06

I hope, stay healthy. I couldn't remember to do any of this.

00:17:44:04 - 00:17:45:04

No, I really can't.

00:17:45:06 - 00:17:46:17

Like, I would forget every day.

00:17:47:08 - 00:17:48:04


00:17:57:05 - 00:18:02:03

I remember her now. This is who had to speak to her daughter. I'm glad you're listening to this so you can tell me what can do different.

00:18:02:12 - 00:18:03:02


00:18:11:07 - 00:18:15:06

But this is this the one that you have all the information from, or is this a different one?

00:18:15:12 - 00:18:16:06

Is this okay?

00:18:16:21 - 00:18:19:24

Yeah, this was today, so I'm glad we picked this one.

00:18:20:08 - 00:18:24:19

I'll skip when I start hearing account numbers, I'll move forward a little bit. Okay.

00:18:24:23 - 00:18:29:14

All right. Let's see what we have here. Any other medications that's ready?

00:18:30:00 - 00:18:30:16

Oh, I think.

00:18:34:01 - 00:18:41:17

Was a vitamin 50 women's 50 plus. One today.

00:18:42:00 - 00:18:47:00

Okay. Yes, that's no problem. And when did when were you diagnosed with diabetes?

00:18:47:12 - 00:18:48:10

Oh, gosh.

00:18:48:12 - 00:18:51:21

Who was it before? Age 50.

00:18:52:16 - 00:18:53:15

Yes. Yes.

00:18:53:21 - 00:18:56:03

And were you on insulin before age 50?

00:18:57:14 - 00:18:58:09


00:19:00:11 - 00:19:02:09

I can't remember. I really can't.

00:19:04:21 - 00:19:06:13

How old is how old is she now?

00:19:06:21 - 00:19:15:05

She's 59. And when was following the flowchart, it said if she was on it before each like it would change the plan based on when she got on the insulin. So that's why I asked her that.

00:19:15:14 - 00:19:16:11

Yeah, you should.

00:19:16:21 - 00:19:21:12

Okay. So ended up putting her as if she was taking it before age 50 because she couldn't remember.

00:19:22:03 - 00:19:24:09

Yeah. And then. I'm sorry. Yeah.

00:19:24:11 - 00:19:41:22

And they'll probably find out, like if she's 80 and she can't and she can't remember, there's no way they have 30 years of medical records. If they said don't remember, I'll be like, Well whatever. I'll just pretend like you took it after 50 because you don't have no idea because they're not going to see it anyway. But at 59, they certainly will.

00:19:41:24 - 00:19:47:19

We'll see it. Yeah. That's why I said I'd rather be safe than sorry. Yeah. So we did American Home Life Patriot. We've been on insulin.

00:19:47:21 - 00:19:48:11


00:19:48:13 - 00:19:58:00

This is that's perfect plan As long as she's not on neuropathy medication which she didn't say neurotic gabapentin or Lyrica, then you're going to be fine. Hopefully that flowchart. I love that flowchart. It's just like, okay.

00:19:58:02 - 00:19:59:07

It should be. It's funny because when I.

00:19:59:09 - 00:20:08:01

First started, I act sneaky for something like that. Yeah, that's been we don't have it. I'm like, Oh, that was like I started slowly, right myself one Yeah.

00:20:08:08 - 00:20:19:12

Well, we had it, we had it, but then came along and it ruined everything and it took like 20 hours to do the first time and I just didn't want to do it at that point. And I opened it back up and I'm like, All right, forgot it.

00:20:21:07 - 00:20:25:22

So but now, but it's really useful. So everybody was using it before and I'm sure they will again.

00:20:27:06 - 00:20:27:21

All right.

00:20:27:23 - 00:20:29:08

So, yes. Uh huh.

00:20:39:07 - 00:20:40:20

Perfect. And are you from Florida?

00:20:41:22 - 00:20:43:05

No, I'm from Georgia.

00:20:43:19 - 00:20:44:23

Oh, you're not far.

00:20:46:17 - 00:20:47:18

What part of Georgia?

00:20:49:20 - 00:20:50:11


00:20:50:21 - 00:20:53:05

Oh, okay. My mom lives in Lawrenceville.

00:20:53:17 - 00:20:54:07


00:20:55:08 - 00:20:56:03

I'm sure that's some.

00:20:56:05 - 00:20:59:05

Hours away because Savannah is like on the coast, right?

00:20:59:09 - 00:21:01:04

Right, right, right, right.

00:21:03:24 - 00:21:07:06

So how far is Savannah from where you're at now in Florida?

00:21:07:24 - 00:21:08:14


00:21:08:23 - 00:21:11:03

About 2 to 3 hours.

00:21:12:02 - 00:21:13:05

Oh, that's not bad.

00:21:13:13 - 00:21:14:17

Right? It's not.

00:21:16:11 - 00:21:18:02

So do you go and visit often?

00:21:19:12 - 00:21:21:15

Okay. Yeah. Awesome.

00:21:25:15 - 00:21:26:14

Okay, So you visit your.

00:21:26:16 - 00:21:27:11

Sister a lot?

00:21:27:12 - 00:21:31:15

Yeah. Okay, cool. Does your daughter live in Florida? Does she live in Georgia as well?

00:21:31:17 - 00:21:35:14

No, she doesn't. I'm throwing up. Oh, okay. Good. Right.

00:21:35:16 - 00:21:36:11

You see here often.

00:21:37:06 - 00:21:50:08

So good rapport. Got it. I mean, you're just going with what she gives you. I mean, that's. That's all you can do. Ask questions about what information that they talk about. That's all you can do. And that's. That's not a skill that's easily taught. So you're already way ahead of the game.

00:21:51:00 - 00:21:51:24


00:21:52:12 - 00:21:55:12

Oh, so you're busy. You got all the grandkids all the time? Yes.

00:22:01:00 - 00:22:01:15

And four.

00:22:01:17 - 00:22:02:22

Boys. You're super active.

00:22:03:09 - 00:22:10:00

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. So true. So true. So true.

00:22:14:12 - 00:22:18:10

All right, let's see here. Okay. Do you have a pen for me, by chance?

00:22:18:12 - 00:22:19:02


00:22:19:04 - 00:22:19:22

Hold on for a moment.

00:22:19:24 - 00:22:20:14


00:22:25:03 - 00:22:25:18


00:22:26:07 - 00:22:26:22

Hold on.

00:22:29:00 - 00:22:29:15


00:22:37:06 - 00:22:39:17

Okay, I'm ready. I'm ready. Okay.

00:22:40:07 - 00:22:52:17

All right. So the plan that I see that has the best rates and it's a whole life policy called American Home Life Patriot. And I'm going to give you a few different options and then we can go up or down and play around with numbers from there. Okay?

00:22:54:05 - 00:22:56:13

You go to home life. What now?

00:22:56:17 - 00:22:58:07

American home life. Patriot.

00:23:02:20 - 00:23:06:00

Okay. And then you're going to write down 20,000.

00:23:07:15 - 00:23:09:08

Okay. You can do a dash.

00:23:11:00 - 00:23:12:18

Okay. Katie. 50.

00:23:16:24 - 00:23:17:14


00:23:19:15 - 00:23:21:21

And then you're going to do 25,000.

00:23:23:20 - 00:23:26:14

And you're going to do a dash. You're going to do 99. 84.

00:23:27:23 - 00:23:31:01

9984. Yes.

00:23:33:17 - 00:23:34:07


00:23:37:22 - 00:23:39:22

Okay. And then you're going to do 30,000.

00:23:42:15 - 00:23:45:16

And then you're going to do a dash and then you're going to do 190.

00:23:45:22 - 00:23:46:12


00:23:46:23 - 00:24:06:04

I will readjust this for you. So there is a really good way to do to do this. I mean, it's fine that she picked the plan and everything. So what I always have them do 100% is. All right, So grab your pen and piece of paper. All right. They come back. You did skip banking. You want the name of that bank because it's going to make it much easier. So when you did so don't.

00:24:06:06 - 00:24:08:05

Say it after. Say it before.

00:24:08:09 - 00:24:12:05

Right. So because once you give them rates, you mean how are you going to apply the discount?

00:24:13:17 - 00:24:14:20

Got it. Okay.

00:24:14:22 - 00:24:49:14

Okay. Like, now they're going to be like, what? Discount? You didn't take anything off, So. So you did skip this. Don't skip this. Because this. This will get rid of so many objections. You have no idea. Like, they receive the same crap that we that everybody gets like every day and it will be in the back of their head if they saw a price that's lower than what you're quoting them. I like that you didn't say any words by quote. You're picking right up on that. Never say that word in any any context because it doesn't help like plan or program or something better than quote, because people I've said it a million times, even grants stealing it from me.

00:24:49:16 - 00:25:01:04

He's like, if you if you say the word quote and give him a quote, a lot of people think that they actually accomplish something but they didn't really like they're just sitting there writing stuff down and never actually taking action.

00:25:02:20 - 00:25:27:01

So the thing I heard here, so this has got to be read, okay, you did this well and then you also want to do this for sure because they're all going to do the job. And then you have the name of the bank and by default, you also have the routing number. So it's a lot easier to transition when you're only asking for 1 or 2 pieces of information rather than like all of it at once.

00:25:27:11 - 00:25:31:10

Okay. You'll you'll hear me later ask for that. So that's a good tip that I need. Okay.

00:25:31:12 - 00:25:32:06

Yeah. Because it's like.

00:25:32:08 - 00:25:35:15

It's like once I get in the flow, I'd be like, okay, I don't need any script no more.

00:25:35:17 - 00:25:36:07

Bye bye.

00:25:36:13 - 00:25:41:12

I understand. And then you're gonna be like, Why are you making sales? Like, are you reading the script? Like, no.

00:25:41:23 - 00:25:42:13


00:25:43:03 - 00:26:06:00

Yeah. Well, it will come to that point. Same thing happens. Nathan wrote 20 K last week and he came in yesterday complaining that he couldn't make any sales anymore. And I'm like, What are you talking about? And it's like, Well, it's always the same advice for people that are, you know, crazy is get back to the basics because that's, you know, that's the only thing I can tell you that's going to help you. It's like you're probably going way off the rails and now you're.

00:26:06:11 - 00:26:07:01


00:26:07:03 - 00:26:07:18

Probably my problem.

00:26:07:20 - 00:26:17:07

Because I've had like 4 or 5 where I get to this point and they're like, um, so like you said, back to the basics and truly follow the script all the way to the end. Yeah, because.

00:26:17:09 - 00:26:48:06

It'll help you. Like if I have that name of the bank, then it's very easy for me to say, okay, so when you receive Social Security, I'm guessing it just goes in on the first of the third. And then I have now I have bank routing number. I know when they're paid. So when I'm like presenting the plan and actually telling them what after they pick one, it's so easy for me to be like, All right, so it's going to coincide with Social Security. You know, Wells Fargo is a preferred bank, so do have their routing number right here. So I do want you to grab a check. I am going to read you that number off the bottom of the check like something like that.

00:26:48:18 - 00:26:49:08


00:26:49:10 - 00:27:12:08

And then when you're when you're quoting people. Or presenting the plans. Uh, have them grab the piece of paper. I was like. I always tell them, All right, one column. What I want you to write down is these different face amounts. I start pretty high, almost always depending, depending on what how the presentation went. If they said, I want 20, I'm still going to quote them. 35, 35, 30, 25, 20. Um Oh.

00:27:12:10 - 00:27:14:00

So you start high then. Go low.

00:27:14:02 - 00:27:15:09

Yeah. Always high in the low.

00:27:15:15 - 00:27:18:03

Always high and low. Okay. Always do low and high. Okay.

00:27:18:12 - 00:27:19:07

Because people.

00:27:19:09 - 00:27:46:14

Yeah, because people gravitate toward the middle. So if I gave him, if I actually quoted this person, they want it. Let's pretend they wanted 20 and I quoted them 2015 and ten now they probably wanted the 20 but now their brain will go to the 15. But if I start at 35, they might actually go up and I could actually upsell them to 25,000 because they thought it was going to be higher than that. So now they realize, Oh, I can get 25 for what I thought I was going to pay. So I'll take that.

00:27:48:09 - 00:28:08:02

And then so get in the habit of telling them, okay, you have their pen and piece of paper. Okay, great. So, so, Betty, I want you to write down in one side of the paper $35,000 in coverage. And this is where I slow down a lot, like, all right, because give them time to write down. All right, then. You got that? All right, Now write down under that 30,000.

00:28:09:16 - 00:28:15:20

And I'm pretending like I'm actually on the phone. All right, you got that? And then. Right. 25,000.

00:28:17:14 - 00:28:27:20

And finally under that, just write down $20,000 in coverage. Then I sandwich that before they get the rates, all benefits are going to be talked about right there.

00:28:29:01 - 00:28:29:17

It's like so.

00:28:29:22 - 00:28:46:11

Remember when I was watching the SLS? You can't remember if it was James or Henry? They were saying sometimes it's better to get the benefits after the price. So like when they hear the price, they might feel a little funny. But then when you add in the benefits, it like makes it worth it to them.

00:28:47:15 - 00:28:48:23

Yeah, but.

00:28:49:20 - 00:28:54:06

Frankly, I was better at sales and James by a mile and he'll, he'll tell you that.

00:28:55:06 - 00:28:55:21


00:28:56:21 - 00:28:57:22

So in the benefits.

00:28:57:24 - 00:28:59:13

Before you give the price. Yeah.

00:28:59:15 - 00:29:31:08

Because just like this I like the sandwich. It's basically okay. Um. It's because I'm giving them a bunch of benefits. And then if that price was going to shock them now, at least they got these benefits to think about. It's like and then as soon as I'm done presenting, like I'm going to be like, okay, so now you have all those numbers down. So no matter which one you pick, which now puts in their idea that you're picking one, so no matter which one you choose here, it's going to come with a number of benefits depending on what plan. Like with the Patriot Plan, it has the same terminal illness as Pioneer.

00:29:31:10 - 00:29:53:01

So I would at least go over that. If I hit the accidental button, then I'm going to go over that. So I'm going to be like, okay, so no matter which one you pick here, it's going to come with the number of benefits. First one is the terminal illness benefit. And what that means is, God forbid you're diagnosed with a terminal illness, you'd actually be allowed to receive the entire face amount while you're still living. So I have like all song and dance say the same thing every time. So, you know.

00:29:53:04 - 00:29:53:20

I've been saying that.

00:29:53:22 - 00:29:58:03

Wrong. So we have this little not interview meeting.

00:29:59:12 - 00:30:00:02


00:30:00:04 - 00:30:02:15

So illness you get while you're living. Yes.

00:30:02:17 - 00:30:05:01

So yeah. And it's Williams.

00:30:05:03 - 00:30:06:04

Don't have to be paid right.

00:30:06:18 - 00:30:12:14

No. So yeah they're going to give you the money and then basically they consider that the closing the contract.

00:30:15:11 - 00:30:22:13

So basically, um. Let me go pull this up, guys. This is all good information, you know, because all plans.

00:30:22:21 - 00:30:24:06

Said this wrong. Because this lady.

00:30:24:18 - 00:30:32:21

Because a lot of plans, like, have different benefits. So if you actually go into a whole life agent gets the application.

00:30:34:13 - 00:30:35:03


00:30:38:00 - 00:30:39:17

So it's page 17.

00:30:46:21 - 00:30:48:11

Okay. 17.

00:30:49:17 - 00:31:23:00

To get the nursing home. They actually put a description here. It's not bad to even print this out. So it's like, all right, so they can receive up to 100% of death benefit policies if diagnosed as terminally ill, life expectancy 1224 or 12 months depending on state. And it's right, it's added to every policy. So no matter what, even if it's a standard pioneer, I'm still going to go over that terminal illness. So after I say the terminal illness, usually I'm like, some people take that money and go and blow out vacations. Some most people take the time and set up their own final affairs so that the family doesn't have to do it.

00:31:23:07 - 00:31:52:11

But that's your money. You can do whatever you want with it. Like a Wentworth commercial, uh, back in the day. So say something like that. You know, I'm just trying to get them to laugh and goof off a little bit, and then I'll be like, okay. And that comes with that. Everyone comes with that. You also qualified for the accidental coverage because you're in Florida. They don't have nursing home in Florida. So you also qualify for the accidental coverage, which means, God forbid, you know, you die as a result of an accident. Let's say you pick 20,000, it'd be 40. If you pick the 30, it's going to be 60.

00:31:53:09 - 00:31:53:24

Like, okay.

00:31:54:01 - 00:31:58:20

So for that plan, it allows me to add the nursing home writer. So that's not true?

00:31:59:03 - 00:32:07:10

No, because as soon as you open up the application in Pioneer, actually they should take that out because there is a list. I think it's Florida.

00:32:09:00 - 00:32:11:06

Okay. God. Got to talk.

00:32:11:19 - 00:32:12:09


00:32:13:12 - 00:32:25:01

Yeah, but you'll actually be able to. But you'll be able to talk to her. But you're doing so they include that automatically if they, if it's. Yeah. If it's available in that state they just automatically included like you see.

00:32:25:03 - 00:32:26:24

Not included in Florida though. Right.

00:32:27:01 - 00:32:28:12

Right. Pioneer. No, Florida.

00:32:28:20 - 00:32:32:14

Okay. But American home life. It is for Florida.

00:32:33:19 - 00:32:37:10

Uh, American home life. Yeah, it should be for Florida American home life.

00:32:37:19 - 00:32:38:09


00:32:38:11 - 00:32:41:05

So need to see. I'm so happy that we're here by name.

00:32:42:01 - 00:32:47:08

So let's look here, guys. So this is the nursing home. Description.

00:32:48:10 - 00:32:51:04

Cool American home life was.

00:32:51:06 - 00:32:51:21

Supposed to be sort.

00:32:53:23 - 00:33:02:11

Because right here it says Accelerated Benefit Rider, Confined Care rider not available in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, Washington. Yeah. So that's not available.

00:33:04:05 - 00:33:30:16

All right, so back to it. So now have I got the numbers on the paper? I explained the terminal illness. I explained the accidental like. So no matter which one you pick, it's going to come with those benefits. All right. So now they got those numbers down. So next to the 30, this is exactly how we say the next of the $35,000 in coverage. That would only be 182. 57. All right. You got that right. Okay. And then the 30,000 would only be one 5247.

00:33:32:07 - 00:33:59:18

Nice and slow because there they are writing. All right. And then the 25,000 will be one 2248. And finally the 20,000 would be 99. 67. So out of those plans. Which one do you want to leave to? And you're good at getting beneficiary name. So why did I forget who it was? But which one? Out of those? Yeah, out of those. Which one do you want to leave to, Betty or. I always use name, not daughter.

00:34:00:02 - 00:34:00:17


00:34:01:09 - 00:34:08:05

Um, and then they'll pick then. And that's your cue to be absolute dead silence. Wait, wait for them to say something.

00:34:10:05 - 00:34:26:13

So mean. Don't see a problem with going over benefits like after, but now it's decision time. So that's why I do it The way I do it, because I want now is them to make a decision. Yeah, let's do the 25 and then I'll immediately like if they pick one, I'm immediately closing.

00:34:28:03 - 00:34:33:00

Like I'm going to go right to, uh, if I'm in the script, I'm going to go right to.

00:34:35:13 - 00:34:36:24

Yeah. Scroll down a little bit.

00:34:38:22 - 00:34:57:09

Like if banking. Okay, so we'll call. It's a statement. So we'll coincide your payments with Social Security. All right. So your monthly payment be consistently on the third of the month like and if it's a check after today, your monthly payment will be consistently on the third of each month. As said, there are one of our preferred banks. So, you know, grab a check or a statement. I'll wait for you.

00:34:57:22 - 00:35:03:02

Got it. So when you pick one, you just boom, they picked closing. Yes. Okay.

00:35:03:04 - 00:35:04:16

All right. Because too much.

00:35:04:18 - 00:35:26:10

I've seen people. That's why I tell people, don't be opening up pioneer applications and start filling out all the information only to ask them for the bank account when you're finally at that stage, because now you lost all that, you know, build up that you've already, you know did don't don't open up any applications until I have their banking in their social.

00:35:26:15 - 00:35:27:05


00:35:27:07 - 00:35:27:22

Same yeah.

00:35:28:18 - 00:35:44:10

Yeah like why am I filling out 500 of them like. Yeah it's like there's like 20 applications that have no information and I just don't do that. So yeah, I close there and then I'll deal with objections there too. So let's get back to your call, see how you did it.

00:35:45:09 - 00:35:46:09

Teen 18.

00:35:47:07 - 00:35:48:16


00:35:51:15 - 00:35:52:22

18. Okay.

00:35:54:11 - 00:35:55:01


00:35:56:03 - 00:36:21:24

Okay. All right. So these are just a few options for you because I know you wanted 20,000. I'm okay. So the 20,000 is $80.50 a month. And this is a whole life policy. So it would be immediate coverage. So if you would pay today, your policy would start today. And God forbid anything happened to you tomorrow. Right? You would be covered and your daughter would get that benefit. Okay. And they usually pay.

00:36:22:03 - 00:36:22:18

You to say.

00:36:22:20 - 00:36:23:10

Her name for.

00:36:23:12 - 00:36:24:09

48 hours.

00:36:25:00 - 00:36:25:15

What's that?

00:36:25:24 - 00:36:30:15

Right there is when you're saying don't say daughter. Say her daughter's name to Jayla. Okay.

00:36:30:17 - 00:36:49:20

Yeah, it's always the name. Like that's. I mean, maybe I'm too hardheaded. Yeah. Make it. Make it. Make it real for them. And then. Like this is off topic, but like, if they won't give me your beneficiary name when I ask for it and it's a big fight and they still won't give it to me, you are not getting a presentation out of me.

00:36:51:10 - 00:36:59:21

And the and the and the reason for that. Like, if you won't tell me your date of birth, you won't tell me your daughter's name. You're really not going to like the questions I have later.

00:37:00:06 - 00:37:00:23


00:37:02:06 - 00:37:02:21


00:37:02:23 - 00:37:25:23

So, you know, you're wasting your time. Like. Yeah, like now I want your social and your bank account and give it to me so they're not going to and you and you know that. So you just get, just just bail out and be like, I'm not doing, I'm not giving this guy a presentation. It's and it's more about your time mean frankly your time should you should see your time is more valuable than theirs especially if you're talking to somebody sitting there watching TV in the middle of the day.

00:37:26:02 - 00:37:26:20


00:37:26:22 - 00:37:44:03

So it's also a terminal illness benefit. So God forbid you ever diagnosed with anything that would make you terminally ill no longer have to pay on the policy. The policy is paid up. And when the good Lord sends you home, God forbid your daughter would receive that benefit without finished paying.

00:37:44:05 - 00:37:45:10

This is what I said wrong.

00:37:45:19 - 00:37:51:15

That's a little wrong, but mean they could technically do that. But why would they? I'm sure.

00:37:51:17 - 00:37:52:18

They'll take their money or take.

00:37:52:20 - 00:37:53:11

Their money first.

00:37:53:13 - 00:37:54:05

Yeah. Yeah.

00:37:54:07 - 00:37:54:22

Mean they can.

00:37:54:24 - 00:37:57:08

Technically they sounds better too. Yeah.

00:37:57:09 - 00:37:57:24


00:37:58:15 - 00:38:09:23

But I'm sure they could sit there if, you know, if they didn't trust themselves and they're like yeah well the payments would stop and then it would pay out when they die. But most people, nobody's, nobody turns down money if they can get it early, correct?

00:38:10:06 - 00:38:10:21


00:38:11:11 - 00:38:28:03

Okay. It also has the accidental benefit, which we never would pass away in an accident. Car accident, Any kind of accidental death, your daughter would receive double the amount. So instead of 20,000 or 30,000, she would get 40,000 or 60,000.

00:38:28:20 - 00:38:29:10


00:38:30:16 - 00:38:36:04

So those are just some of the benefits that come with this whole life policy and the premium that you're paying.

00:38:36:16 - 00:38:37:06


00:38:40:09 - 00:38:43:21

All right. So what do you think about the options that we listed out so far?

00:38:45:02 - 00:38:46:03

I like them.

00:38:46:14 - 00:38:47:08

I really do.

00:38:48:12 - 00:38:53:01

Okay. Were you thinking about sticking with the 20 or going to 25 or 30 or.

00:38:53:17 - 00:38:55:04

I'm thinking 20.

00:38:55:11 - 00:38:56:24

20. Okay. Yes.

00:38:57:22 - 00:39:08:15

Good. 20. That's a safe number because it's just enough to bury you and your final expenses and gives her a little something left over. Right for her and those four grandbabies.

00:39:09:02 - 00:39:09:17


00:39:11:07 - 00:39:11:22


00:39:11:24 - 00:39:32:09

Yes, so fantastic. Yeah. You're kind of knowing what you're doing already, so you're complementing their choice. It doesn't matter if they pick 5000 and it's not enough. It's like, yeah, that will definitely get them started and be able to like, not be completely, you know, crazy that they don't have any money to pay for anything. Um, the only thing. All right, let's go back Just a second.

00:39:33:22 - 00:39:47:06

So it was a little wishy washy when you. So you better know. Don't know why I wanted. I know what you said. Um, so when you're like, what do you think about them? It's. Yeah, that could give me all kinds of answers I might not like.

00:39:47:15 - 00:39:49:20

Okay. What's a better thing to say? I can write it down.

00:39:49:22 - 00:39:57:03

So I always say, just like I did, like with the quoting, with the presenting out of those plans, which one do you want to lead to, Betty?

00:39:57:13 - 00:39:59:08

Which one do you want? Okay, which one do you. Yeah.

00:39:59:21 - 00:40:07:03

Because I want to, I want to actually I want an instant decision if I can get it. And if I can't. Then I can deal with the objections later.

00:40:07:22 - 00:40:08:12


00:40:09:22 - 00:40:12:19

Okay. So let's see how she what she talks.

00:40:12:21 - 00:40:15:13

You think about the options that we listed out so far.

00:40:16:19 - 00:40:17:16

As I like.

00:40:20:06 - 00:40:21:21

Okay, Perfect.

00:40:25:18 - 00:40:26:24

I'm not missing any.

00:40:30:14 - 00:41:08:00

And if you notice, like if you talk to people that are serious, they're pretty calm about like like you don't have to sound panicked if you're, you know, if you're doing something, they're okay with just sitting there. It's like, okay, let me just check on something. And they know you're working. They hear the keyboard, you know, mashing whatever. Like, you know, you ever seen this? Like, could be like this? Yep. I'm looking. I'm just working on something. But I'm really asking. I'm really asking a question. Somebody. So. But people like that, they know that you're working for them. And that's why they like people when they're like, as long as you introduce, like me or Nikki, right? They always like us coming on because usually it's it's supposed to be.

00:41:08:02 - 00:41:16:07

That's why I went over that this morning. It's supposed to be more like I'm helping you that they just don't know that I'm probably going to take over the call and close them while I'm at it.

00:41:16:17 - 00:41:17:09


00:41:18:20 - 00:41:20:04

Other information.

00:41:25:15 - 00:41:27:17

How? Remember this? Forgot about the tobacco.

00:41:27:19 - 00:41:30:07

My computer just locked on me. Wonder. Okay. There we go.

00:41:32:05 - 00:41:35:09

And your date of birth is ten, seven, 1963, right?

00:41:35:21 - 00:41:37:24

Yes. Okay. All right.

00:41:38:17 - 00:41:39:16

59 years.

00:41:39:18 - 00:41:40:09

Young. That's a good job.

00:41:40:11 - 00:41:41:02

You look happy.

00:41:41:04 - 00:41:41:21


00:41:43:08 - 00:41:47:18

Oh, you know, do you use tobacco or have you used to back in the last year or two?

00:41:48:05 - 00:41:48:20

How much was.

00:41:49:09 - 00:41:51:09

Last year true. I have.

00:41:52:15 - 00:41:53:05


00:41:56:24 - 00:41:57:22

Mm. Yeah.

00:41:59:19 - 00:42:00:15


00:42:02:22 - 00:42:04:17

You used to back.

00:42:04:19 - 00:42:06:02

Out two years ago.

00:42:12:02 - 00:42:12:17


00:42:13:15 - 00:42:16:05

What we're doing with the tobacco here.

00:42:17:02 - 00:42:20:08

They didn't ask her the question. And she used tobacco two years ago.

00:42:21:04 - 00:42:24:10

Okay. But she's quit. For how long?

00:42:25:11 - 00:42:30:13

She said, don't even care. She said she used it two years ago, so just assumed for the last year.

00:42:31:11 - 00:42:34:09

Okay, because it's okay if it's like as long as they.

00:42:36:00 - 00:43:00:17

Like a smoker. And they say they claim they quit smoking. I will never go preferred plus because preferred plus is it can only be nonsmokers. So I'm worried that whatever that they see that they are actually smoking or taking Chantix or something like that, then they're not going to get preferred plus anyway. So don't want to put their hopes too high. So I don't know what you call it, but if it was preferred, that's fine.

00:43:00:20 - 00:43:01:20

Yes. Uh huh.

00:43:01:22 - 00:43:02:12


00:43:02:14 - 00:43:17:05

So, uh. Yeah. So as long as they quit smoking for over a year and sometimes a little bit under. Mean if they don't remember and they say oh I think it's about a year I'm going to say fine yeah whatever it's been it's been over a year because it'll be a big difference for a long time.

00:43:22:20 - 00:43:24:20

Okay. All right. So what are we thinking?

00:43:28:12 - 00:43:34:04

Excuse me. Get this. No, I was saying, what are we thinking? Do we want to get this policy in place? That what you're doing? Yeah.

00:43:35:16 - 00:43:36:06

Thing to.

00:43:36:08 - 00:43:36:23


00:43:37:00 - 00:44:08:24

Well, it's just that, you know, the assumption ain't there because you don't want to ask where do you want to get this policy in place? And then just be like, oh, you know, any new changes? People are adverse to change. They don't want to change anything like, oh, got to pay money and blah blah. So it's like as soon as they picked it, like do the 20,000, it should be almost like super assumption time now. It's like, so that's why it's written like this. Obviously it's not going to go like that every single time. It's like, okay, so let's let's get the 20,000 out to. All right, you're supposed to have the name of the bank, so already have your bank's routing number.

00:44:09:01 - 00:44:20:16

It did pop up in our state system. That's how I applied the discount. So if you can grab a check or a statement, just assume they picked. If they say, I want to do 20, they're buying it. We're not going to ask them any more questions about if.

00:44:20:21 - 00:44:21:22

Going to it. If they aren't.

00:44:21:24 - 00:44:22:18

Yeah, because they already.

00:44:22:20 - 00:44:28:12

Say it's my problem because I'm always like, okay, are you sure? Like, you know, is this what you want to. Okay, yeah.

00:44:28:14 - 00:44:34:23

You don't want to say that. That sounds like our customer, our customer service, the bad ones that are be like, Oh, are you sure.

00:44:35:00 - 00:44:36:23

You want the policy? Like what?

00:44:37:11 - 00:44:41:15

What are you doing to us? Like, do not call my clients and ask them stupid questions.

00:44:41:17 - 00:44:42:07


00:44:43:17 - 00:44:44:17

So, uh.

00:44:44:24 - 00:44:48:09

So yeah, just be really assumptive. They picked it. That means they're getting it.

00:44:48:11 - 00:44:49:14

So keep going, okay?

00:44:49:16 - 00:44:50:06


00:44:50:08 - 00:44:56:22

Just because that's. Because that's enough of a agreement. Oh, let's do the 20,000 mean. That's what I heard. So. Okay.

00:44:57:20 - 00:44:58:13

So let's see.

00:44:58:20 - 00:44:59:14

Has this.

00:45:00:11 - 00:45:02:04

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

00:45:02:06 - 00:45:02:21


00:45:07:07 - 00:45:07:24


00:45:09:05 - 00:45:11:14

And this. Need a few more things from me.

00:45:17:17 - 00:45:18:15


00:45:19:00 - 00:45:21:09

And what is your Social Security number?

00:45:22:05 - 00:45:23:08


00:45:29:02 - 00:45:31:19

So there was no there wasn't much preamble there. But she trusts you.

00:45:33:05 - 00:45:34:03

So that's good.

00:45:35:02 - 00:45:37:10

That means you're rich. You got multiple banks.

00:45:38:12 - 00:45:39:05

Of River

00:45:41:01 - 00:45:42:21

Federal Credit Union. This is where.

00:45:42:23 - 00:45:44:05

She's gonna give her account number.

00:45:44:14 - 00:45:47:04

Okay, so that's pretty much the end of the call. I can stop.

00:45:47:15 - 00:45:48:07

So she gives her.

00:45:48:09 - 00:46:00:24

Gives your account number, and then I start to, you know, write that down. And then she says she wants to speak to her daughter about it first and kind of just allow her to speak to her daughter and set up an appointment to call her back tomorrow.

00:46:01:23 - 00:46:02:13


00:46:02:15 - 00:46:05:23

Mean I think you should wait till tomorrow on that one. I mean, personally I'm.

00:46:06:11 - 00:46:07:01

Her back.

00:46:07:03 - 00:46:07:18

And say.

00:46:08:03 - 00:46:24:24

Oh, now do it. Hey, it's a sale. It's a sale setting out there. Why wait till tomorrow and let lose all that momentum you already built up with her. So I would call her after we're done and, like, think we learned enough right there. Don't think. Need to keep pulling. Call after call. Your your intros are great. Um.

00:46:25:06 - 00:46:28:04

It's about me following through all the way to the end with the script.

00:46:28:15 - 00:46:29:05


00:46:29:07 - 00:46:29:22

Mean it.

00:46:29:24 - 00:46:34:17

Also about me getting certain information beforehand and seeing the benefits beforehand.

00:46:35:22 - 00:46:36:12

So look.

00:46:36:14 - 00:46:40:22

At it. Should already have her bank should already have her account info before she picks a plan.

00:46:41:08 - 00:46:42:14

No, no, don't have.

00:46:42:16 - 00:46:43:21

A routing number. I'm sorry.

00:46:43:23 - 00:46:45:11

Yeah. It's like I.

00:46:45:14 - 00:47:09:03

Actually the one I close for, Ricky, she grabbed her cheque, like early and started reading me numbers and didn't stop her. So of course, if you're going to give me your account number before I've ever given any prices, I'm still going to take it and then give you then give you the prices. I mean, that's like a super win. But, but certain people are weird. So I've gotten account numbers and then they didn't want any of the plans. So. Like. I don't. I don't ever.

00:47:09:05 - 00:47:15:24

What do you feel from her? The phone call as like, do you think she wants it? And me calling back will be okay or.

00:47:16:20 - 00:47:17:21

Yeah. Think it'll be okay?

00:47:18:02 - 00:47:20:12

Let her talk to her daughter. Or what would you do if you were?

00:47:20:14 - 00:47:21:04

I would call.

00:47:21:06 - 00:47:41:09

Her because I don't believe. I don't believe anything anybody tells me most of the time. Because they don't talk to anybody. It's not a conversation she really wants to have with the daughter. It's okay. I'm gonna die one day. And I'm thinking about getting this life insurance policy and I'm the one paying for it. And if my mom told me something like that, I was like, okay, okay.

00:47:41:12 - 00:47:42:02


00:47:43:03 - 00:47:46:06

So you want it? Yeah, I want to leave you some money. Okay. Well, then buy it.

00:47:46:08 - 00:47:47:01

Thanks, Mom.

00:47:47:14 - 00:48:17:14

Like, why are you asking me? I'm not your. Don't control your money or don't live with you. Uh, it's really not like I look at it like this. It's like. People should do this for their family and tell the family about it later. It's not. I need permission to leave you money because you're the one that's going to be burdened. Because too many times if my mom had said something like that to me and like off chance, like, hey, like mean when I pass away, like, I don't really want to talk about it, I might tell her, Oh, don't worry about it, I'll take care of that.

00:48:17:16 - 00:48:32:00

But really, I don't really want to take care of her like she's she's 60 some years old. If she turns, she goes all the way up to like 85, 90. It's going to be 40 grand. I do not want to pay 40 grand. So if she if she gets the insurance, I'm going to say, yeah, get the insurance.

00:48:32:08 - 00:48:45:22

So when someone says I want to speak to my daughter, my exact response should be because like you said, the daughter, what is what is the kid going to say? Okay, cool. Thank you. So should say about the free look thing because I tried that yesterday and they still were like, Yeah, I.

00:48:45:24 - 00:48:46:17

Understand, but don't.

00:48:46:19 - 00:48:49:09

Want anything set in stone until.

00:48:50:07 - 00:49:00:13

So usually with me, especially with people that I know do want it, like I'll be like, uh, I was like, well, wasn't I just say, you know, I wasn't planning on starting today because I don't even know if you're approved yet.

00:49:01:06 - 00:49:02:00

Okay, like that.

00:49:02:02 - 00:49:02:17


00:49:02:19 - 00:49:20:13

Because that should be like make, make a little doubt in their mind and make them, you know, get a win by getting approved. It's like, yeah. So the first step is like, of course we got to get you approved. Uh, you can't buy a life insurance. You can only apply for it. You can. All of these things can be said. You can't buy life insurance. You can always only apply for it.

00:49:20:21 - 00:49:22:17

Start the payments next month.

00:49:23:02 - 00:49:55:19

Yeah, because by that time, you'll have the welcome packet and you'll have some paperwork to look over. But I'm confident that you're going to like everything you see. So once you have all that, you know, you can just be like, you don't have to do anything unless you need to change anything. And like I say, a bunch of different stuff, just whatever kind of sounds good. But as a default one, you can be like, Yeah, I really wasn't like, if they start acting like that, you just be very agreeing. Be like, Oh yeah, I wasn't actually planning on starting like immediately or think you should review it with your daughter, but think you should have something tangible to review, not just a bunch of numbers written on a piece of paper.

00:49:55:21 - 00:50:11:12

So yeah, let me get this out to you. So got all the information. I'm not going to start today. I'll start the day you receive Social Security. It sounds like the third. So we're going to do this recording, which allows me to release the paperwork. And then just it's almost like you're ignoring, like, objections to the point where they're like.

00:50:11:19 - 00:50:14:10

Like, okay, guess, guess I'm doing this.

00:50:14:14 - 00:50:17:11

And that's okay. That's the realization.

00:50:17:13 - 00:50:18:03

Try not.

00:50:18:05 - 00:50:19:07

To be too pushy because I.

00:50:19:09 - 00:50:51:12

Don't want them to get it and be like, I don't want this and then cancel it and then reap the, you know, the repercussions, the consequences of it. So try to be subtle, but still like a little pushy, but don't want to be too pushy where they're like, Oh, you're mean, you're rude. So it's like a battle. So when she said that I had four four presentations I did yesterday, they all ended with they need to see one. Her daughter was a power of attorney. One They just had to speak to their child. One, she was doing it for her dad. She wasn't his power of attorney, but she wanted to ask him about the price because he was going that was going to specifically paying for it.

00:50:51:15 - 00:51:22:09

And then one just had to think about it on her own by herself. So I'm like, I'm doing something wrong that I'm not fully closing and I'm getting all these presentations like something I'm missing when I get to the end. And maybe it's just not being more straightforward and aware and like knowing the kind of responses to say when they want to think about it. And I think a good one, like you said, is that wasn't planning on starting today. You know, just want to get you approved, you know, the payment for next month.

00:51:22:15 - 00:51:48:10

Get it out to you and that way you're covered as of then. And then you have you have some time to show them. Um, like I've actually it depends on like how the call is going. Like if they're being really like, like I shouldn't have to beat it out of them. I really shouldn't. But sometimes I do for practice. But because don't if you have to beat, beat them down like really hard. Most of those times people don't pay because there wasn't enough need there anyway. Like they might actually.

00:51:48:16 - 00:51:49:18

I might know the or they.

00:51:49:20 - 00:51:55:13

Or they cancel it. So it's not it shouldn't be a super fight. But sometimes people are stubborn.

00:51:55:24 - 00:51:57:02

Maybe a little push.

00:51:57:04 - 00:51:58:16

Yeah they do need the push mean they.

00:51:58:18 - 00:51:59:08


00:51:59:11 - 00:52:03:11

This age and uninsured for a reason because nobody apparently pushed them.

00:52:05:05 - 00:52:07:12

Got it. Like a lot like a Yeah.

00:52:07:14 - 00:52:46:15

Look at them like mean they're not. But look at them like my little brother or something when he was much he's like three years younger me when I'm like ten and he's a little, you know, just a little dick and like, like throwing him around. Like he said, you know, seven years old, he won't do anything. I ask him, basically dragging him along everywhere I'm going. And that's that's our clients like, okay, let's drag them along, you know, very nicely. I'm not beating my brother up. I'm just kind of like, All right, put your shoes on now we're going to go do this and, you know, whatever. So that's how I look at it. Okay. Um, but, you know, you will avoid a lot of those issues, though, I guarantee if I listen to those calls and I'm not going to, but there'll be plenty of them where you skip some of the script.

00:52:47:05 - 00:53:13:21

Oh, yes. That's why I said this was very helpful because went off the script. Number one was another problem. And then when they wanted to talk, I didn't know when I should push too much or when I'm not pushing enough. But think this talking with you, help me kind of clarify what to say and also to remember, like you said, stick to the basics. Follow it all the way to the end. Because some of those things I may have said in the script may have stopped some of the worry that they may have had.

00:53:14:04 - 00:53:44:02

Yeah, like this gets rid of the term like they might have seen like, like what I'm looking at directly right now is all it's doing is telling people how those policies work so that they don't keep thinking that that's a better that's actually a viable option, correct? Yeah. If I can get rid of it. Like if. Yeah. If I keep getting the same objection, like usually I'm thinking like, all right, where can I put it in the script? So don't have to deal with it later. Um, and then when they pick one, you probably, you probably just weren't assuming enough, like, like, All right, well, you picked one, so let's just finish.