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Malayah Call Review - Sell the Problem!

Watch the Full Video Here: Malayah Call Review - Sell the Problem!

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All right. We are going to do a call review with M.I.A. So let's get the started. Just pulled one that was about 19 minutes at random and we'll just go over it together. All right, so let's begin. Hello.

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Hi, Miss Danette. Yes, Hi. How are you doing today, ma'am? I'm fine. How are you? I'm doing okay. Thank you so much for asking. My name is Mel.

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Okay. Very nice intro. One thing you might want to systemize with this M.I.A. Is. It really is. And the reason this is done, it's like, how is everything been going out there in Toledo? Or how's everything been going out there? And Caledonia using Susan here as an example that really will put people on their like back on their feet, like you want them to backing up a little bit, basically saying, Hey, hey, Susan, how's everything been going out there in Caledonia? They're going to say to themselves, like, Who is this? Do I know this person? Damn. So that's what you want them to be sitting there like thinking while you get the next words out of your mouth.

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So just keep that in mind because, you know, always try that. But it's good that this person was very nice and they, you know, just let you talk.

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Here at Senior Life Services. And I'm calling because you had spoke with one of our representatives regarding state regulated life insurance programs for Pennsylvania. So my job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions that you have.

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Have your date of birth here.

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Okay. So very good. If you are running into where you say any questions that you have and you're pausing too long, some people will start interrupting you and taking over the call and you'll lose control. So just make sure that you go right into it. And like, my job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So, Susan, let me just confirm some information to verify. It's all correct. I have you at 2278 Pierpoint Drive southeast. All right. And have your date of birth. And just like that.

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As 130 1953.

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Yes, that's right.

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Okay. I have been looking for about $10,000 in coverage.

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Okay. And I have you as a non smoker.

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Okay. Yes, ma'am. All right. Perfect. Just so you know, Mr. Network Consulting firm, which means you work for our clients, not one particular company. So our goal is to always figure out who will specifically give you the best rates and benefits. Are you with me on that?

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Very good. All that was very, very good. So just practice, practice, practice. You guys can see that. You know, this sounds much better than our first day on the phones, obviously.

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Okay. And were you looking for benefits for just yourself today?

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Just myself. Okay.

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Yes, ma'am.

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And I have you here at 70 years young.

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That's right.

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All right. Perfect.

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I don't feel old. I can't believe in 71. I'm 17. Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

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There you go.

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I agree.

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Okay. I see you have your beneficiary as it says Danielle Slash Brianna. Those both of your daughters.

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That's my daughter and her daughter.

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Oh, nice. All right. Beautiful daughter and granddaughter. Do you only have one daughter?

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No, I had one that passed away. Bridget. Oh, I'm sorry to hear the youngest daughter.

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I am, so. I just have the one child left.

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Okay. And you just have one granddaughter as well?

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No, I have four grandchildren. But the only one that I really know is Brianna. The others are spread around the country. Oh, okay.

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Okay. So would you want your daughter and your granddaughter to equally split it or your daughter should just be the beneficiary by herself or just.

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Just split between the two of them?

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So between the two of them. Okay. Yes, ma'am.

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Okay. And there's Danielle's last name. Be like yours?

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Okay. And what's his last name?

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All right. When you are asking those questions, like, you know, she said that she wants to split it between both. I don't know if you're going to do this. We're about to find out. But you really want to narrow down what the goal of the policy is like. Is she is the daughter going to receive and take care of everything and then give her granddaughter some money? Or like what's going to happen? Like if you can if you can define what's actually going to happen, like when she passes and who the money is going to go to and where it's going to go, like is it going to the funeral home? Is it going directly to the granddaughter that will help you so much like solidify in their mind what their goal actually is.

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So that way when you present the solution later on in the call, they're willing to accept it because they're the ones that have said, I want to do this with that money.

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It is for dice because my sister raised her.

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It's kind of crazy. Okay.

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Okay, No problem.

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My sister's name is Denise Fordyce.

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Okay. How do I spell that?

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Yes. Oh, look at me. Okay, perfect. All right.

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Rapport. Good.

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Everything good? And would this be a first life insurance policy for you?

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No, I. I've had others.

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Okay, so you do already have something in place. You're just looking to add additional coverage?

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Yes, I had. This is Mutual of Omaha, isn't it?

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We work with senior life services, so we're consulting firms. So we work with a bunch of different insurance companies.

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Oh, okay.

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Very good. Toward that correctly. And she said, I had you know, so you got to figure out now, guys, when people say I had this coverage, doesn't mean they still have it. So you want to make sure you narrow in and, you know, find out what's going on with the other policies.

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So you're saying you had a policy with Mutual of Omaha? Yes. Okay. And is that still active or. That's. Yes. Okay. And do you know the coverage amount and the amount that you're paying a month for that?

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I don't know. Off the top of my head.

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Okay. That's no problem at all.

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Okay, so you're just looking for 10,000.

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Okay, So when you say that's not a problem at all, it is a little bit of a problem for you because now you don't know either what you have to be. You don't know what what expectations you're going to have to manage because it really is big about managing this application. If you got a ten years ago and it's much cheaper than anything you're going to present, you should kind of put that in her head that of course it's going to cost more than anything else you have because we're looking at, you know, you were ten years younger when you had the Mutual of Omaha policy. So it really don't you don't mean it said no big deal. Kind of, but not really, because you really do want to know, okay, when they're taking money out of your account each month, how much are they taking? Okay.

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About how long ago was that set up? Is that recently or is that a while back? Like these questions will really help you.

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In additional to what you already have.

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Um, yes.

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Okay. And just to give to your daughter and your granddaughter. Yes. Okay. All right. Perfect. That's no problem. Well, based on everything you said to me, a whole life policy definitely seems to be the perfect fit for you. But let me tell you why. All of our plans offer a number of benefits. First, Senior Life Services works with many reputable insurance companies, and we have made many insurance companies designed products specifically for our customers unique situations. And they must be state and federally regulated and backed by the government.

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So the state approved whole life plans, which means your premiums would never go up and your benefits will never go down. So you're doing your granddaughter will get that full benefit that we get for you today, 100% tax free, unlike most companies. And they pay out immediately within 24 to 48 hours. Do you follow me so far? Yes. Okay. All right. Yes, ma'am. So now that you told me a little bit about yourself and why this is important to you, what I want to do now is just take some time to ask you some health questions. Because whenever you look at life insurance policies, you always want to be asked health questions because it allows you to get a better plan and rate.

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I've been doing this for a while, so I'm not going to ask you every question, but I'm just going to ask you a few general ones. Does that sound fair? Yes. Okay. What's your current height and weight?

00:08:34:11 - 00:08:44:10

I'm five four. I was five six. But I have spine issues. And I'm 214 to 14.

00:08:44:12 - 00:08:48:18

Okay. And have you had any hospitalizations or surgeries in the last two years?

00:08:50:00 - 00:08:56:03

I've had one hospitalization for a week. I had a call in after me.

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So I was in the hospital for a week. That was in October and November.

00:09:05:09 - 00:09:07:22

Okay. Well, I'm happy to hear that you're home and doing better.

00:09:08:21 - 00:09:09:24

Yes, I'm fine.

00:09:11:06 - 00:09:26:05

Okay. And have you had any issues with your heart? Heart attack, congestive heart failure, pacemakers or stents? No. Okay. Any issues with your lungs? COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, or require oxygen?

00:09:27:12 - 00:09:33:06

I do use oxygen at night because I have sleep apnea. Okay.

00:09:35:14 - 00:09:37:12

But I just needed at night.

00:09:38:18 - 00:09:40:16

At night. Okay. Yes, no problem.

00:09:41:17 - 00:09:42:23

Have to tell him. If you get.

00:09:43:07 - 00:10:01:11

A big question, ask guys with this. Don't assume that it's real oxygen like delivered to the house in the tanks, you know, with the skull and crossbones on it. Those are the types of questions I would ask. Is that delivered to the house? Is it a CPAP machine or is it real oxygen? Because that'll make a big difference in what they're going to qualify for.

00:10:01:13 - 00:10:02:05

To use it.

00:10:03:10 - 00:10:04:00

Uh oh.

00:10:04:05 - 00:10:13:20

Because if I go to bed late, when I turn the big concentrator on, it makes a big, loud squeal. And I don't want to wake the neighbors.

00:10:14:07 - 00:10:18:14

Oh, okay. Okay. That's definitely very thoughtful of you.

00:10:21:05 - 00:10:26:09

Well, I don't like to disturb the neighbors. I live in like an elderly building,

00:10:27:23 - 00:10:31:01

so I try to be considerate of them. Of that?

00:10:31:03 - 00:10:33:13

Yes. Yes. Especially if they went to sleep early.

00:10:35:16 - 00:10:39:08

Yes. Okay. All right. Any form of cancer in your lifetime?

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