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Looping and Objection Training

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Watch the Full Video Here: Looping and Objection Training

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That's interesting. You see this? There's a new button on here, but let's get off that. So this is just a quick call review with Ariel. Um, so she brings me on like, the typical like, you know, her yesterday was her first day ever on the phones, so. So this is more about controlling the sale and getting over objections. Like when I come in, I heard a lot. I heard a lot of the call, like, I don't know, three, like three minutes of the nine minutes before I actually came in and you'll hear me talking to her and stuff.

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But the call was very good. But it's going to be a little bit of a longer training session. But I just want you guys to see, um, basically call control and getting over objections where they tell you one thing like, um, oh my, this, this particular one, you'll see it like ex-husband pays some of her bills from before. And then I'm like, okay, basically get her off that and you'll see, um, just you're just getting people off of their objections that don't make any sense and then just trying to control the call. So let me find it here.

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All right. So we'll begin this. Make sure you guys can hear this.

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Hello? Yes.

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Okay. Hi, Miss Sheila. How's it going in Miami today? Good, Thank you. How's the weather so far? I'm up in Wesley Chapel. It's already getting pretty windy.

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It's about to rain.

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Yeah, we're fixing to get it to Miss Sheila. My name is Ariel, and I'm over here at Senior Live Services. I was following up with you because you recently spoke with one of our representatives about life insurance programs we offer. My job is to go over the benefits and answer your questions. I just need to confirm the information you'd given to one of our representatives. I have.

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Hold a minute. Hold a minute. Yeah.

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Yes, sir.

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Yes, ma'am.

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Yeah, I'm back.

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All right. No worries. Miss Sheila. I have your date of birth as January 9th of 48. Is that correct? No.

00:02:12:07 - 00:02:15:03

September 21st. September.

00:02:15:15 - 00:02:17:04

September 1st.

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I can correct that, Miss Sheila. No problem. All right. And then on here, are you a smoker or non smoker? Smoke? No smoke.

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You were going to list your son as your beneficiary?

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What is your son's name? Is Sheila.

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Robert Golson.

00:02:41:08 - 00:02:42:24

Robert Johnson.

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We spell that for me, Miss Sheila Goldson. Goldson. That's a cool name.

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Let me put on here. So like I said, Miss. My name is Ariel, and we are a consultant firm, which means it works better for you because we don't work for one particular company. What we do is we work for several companies, so it actually helps us get the best rates and benefits for what you're looking to get. Um, now, so you're not looking for benefits just for yourself? This is going to be for your son, Robert. That's great. Do you handle all your business?

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And I did notice that. Um, so, Ariel, when you're asking about that, because I just don't want you to confuse that when you're asking about benefits for yourself, they're the insured, and you are 100% right that it is going to benefit. Robert But you always want to make clarify like it's is it for you? He's the beneficiary. So I mean say that plenty like so you're the you want to be you'd be the one with the policy but your son would be the one that actually receives the money. Correct. You know, something like that.

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No, but you know what I mean. So does that makes does that make sense? Like she's the insurer. Get it? Okay, cool.

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I over talk myself and repeat too much.

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No, this is this is going very well. This is just verifying info. You're doing it line by line like we like we worked on. And you know, she's giving you the information and agreeing that's what we need this yourself for.

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Does anybody.

00:04:15:01 - 00:04:16:13

Okay. No, I don't listen.

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All right. Now, do you with your beneficiary, do you already have a policy or will this be your first policy, Miss Sheila? Well.

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I have a policy. That's why you keep bothering me. And I have to worry about your insurance. You don't need any more insurance.

00:04:32:08 - 00:04:39:08

What? Who do you have for a policy? Right now, I'm a Sheila Prudential. Who? I'm sorry, Who don't you?

00:04:40:10 - 00:04:43:14

Credential credential. Long term.

00:04:44:11 - 00:04:45:09

How long have you had it?

00:04:46:03 - 00:04:53:07

I don't even remember this. Oh, man. That you do. You've had it because he was. He was a little boy. Anybody

00:04:54:21 - 00:04:58:14

who was going to worry about him, you don't need any more insurance.

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As they say. I guess that's the way they are on the ground. Everything going up the way it is, You can never.

00:05:07:16 - 00:05:12:10

Well, actually, said you. I'm getting a text who can't hear. Can you guys all hear the client?

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I can not understand anything she's saying. It sounds like there's, like, really, really bad feedback in the background.

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Does anybody else? Just started. It just started. Okay. Well, yeah. Okay. Let me see. I can hear her fine. I got my headset on.

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Never have enough coverage of that safety net, you know? Sheila.

00:05:30:00 - 00:05:30:16

I know.

00:05:31:03 - 00:05:37:15

Have you ever. Let me see. Planned a funeral for your son?

00:05:38:03 - 00:05:40:05

No. He needs to cremate me.

00:05:41:09 - 00:05:43:05

Yeah. You've never had a plan? A funeral?

00:05:43:15 - 00:05:48:15

No, that's a cremations. Okay, let me see.

00:05:48:17 - 00:05:57:10

Okay, so based on everything I'm looking at, it looks like a whole life policy is definitely good for you. Is that what you currently have as a whole life policy?

00:05:57:12 - 00:06:03:08

Yes, I have a whole life policy. And. There is on it too.

00:06:04:14 - 00:06:05:11

Well, our company is.

00:06:05:21 - 00:06:36:09

And here is a good time to get as much information. She's answering the questions. I always call it like foot in the door. Like if she's answering one question, showing it tomorrow more. Okay, what are you So they're taking usually I just be very something. So they're taking money out of your account each month. How much how much are they taking for that life insurance policy? All right. And do you know how much coverage that's for? Just so that way I'm dealing with it now. I'm going to manage the expectations. So down, down later on, I'm not sounding like I wasn't listening. Like, I understand you have a whole life.

00:06:36:11 - 00:06:48:23

You have this, you have this, and then it becomes things like you only have 5000. So the typical burial is 10 to 12 and you're going to live another 20 years. So you could you shouldn't be adding 15, you know, things like that.

00:06:49:01 - 00:07:20:07

Growing really fast. Like I said, we work for many insurance companies and they designed products specifically specifically for our customers unique situations. Yes, they may be in a state or and they're all Satan's federally regulated and backed by the government. They're state approved whole plans, which means the premiums never go up in the benefit. The benefits never go down. So you're going to be secure with that. And the benefit that we pay out to your family member is 100% tax free.

00:07:20:09 - 00:07:26:18

A lot of companies don't offer that. Yeah. So you're with me so far, Miss Sheila.

00:07:26:20 - 00:07:27:18

Yes. Yes.

00:07:28:09 - 00:07:29:17


00:07:29:19 - 00:07:32:18

Let's see. How much would be the monthly payment? Let me hear.

00:07:32:23 - 00:07:34:00

Well, see that?

00:07:34:08 - 00:07:46:04

That's. Yeah, sometimes. Let's see how she handles. You don't want to be rushed. No, we're not giving monthly premiums. It's $1 million for a buck. You in things like that. And then you can just get them off there and then continue.

00:07:46:22 - 00:07:54:19

That's what we do next is I just have to ask you a few health questions. You already answered for me that you are a non-smoker. So good for you, Miss Sheila.

00:07:56:18 - 00:07:58:05

No, I didn't either.

00:07:58:22 - 00:08:06:23

Me either. Mikayla. Me either. And I'm correcting your birthday. They had in here. It was September 21st. Yeah.

00:08:07:02 - 00:08:09:16

1948, correct? Yes.

00:08:09:19 - 00:08:11:19

My birthday. September 4th.

00:08:12:00 - 00:08:12:21


00:08:13:19 - 00:08:15:02

We're twins, Miss Sheila.

00:08:16:21 - 00:08:17:11


00:08:18:06 - 00:08:19:13

So we must be twins.

00:08:21:14 - 00:08:24:06

All right, so your exact age is.

00:08:24:24 - 00:08:28:13

No, I don't see that even thinking. Boy.

00:08:28:22 - 00:08:30:21

I'll do the math with you.

00:08:32:06 - 00:08:36:10

Wait a minute. Actually, I don't know. Go get your go. Get your paper and pencil.

00:08:38:16 - 00:08:41:09

Let me see here. What is your height, Miss Sheila?

00:08:41:15 - 00:08:47:24

5151. And my granddaughter is six one.

00:08:48:12 - 00:08:56:05

I'm 510. And I think my daughter is going to be taller than me. She looks like she's going to be a six footer for sure. She's my.

00:08:56:07 - 00:08:58:13

Granddaughter. Is my grandson. Both of them?

00:08:58:23 - 00:09:05:13

Yeah. My my daughter is 11 and she is above my shoulder, so I think she's in my life.

00:09:06:05 - 00:09:09:10

Going to pass me. This is ready to laugh at me, huh?

00:09:09:12 - 00:09:10:02

I'm sure

00:09:12:20 - 00:09:15:01

they all look out for you. They don't say Miss Sheila.

00:09:15:12 - 00:09:16:02


00:09:16:04 - 00:09:25:04

So let's call rings. I mean, this phone. This must be her house phone. But it rings a lot during this call, so this is probably all Medicaid and stuff. She even answers it at one point.

00:09:25:24 - 00:09:26:14


00:09:27:04 - 00:09:27:19


00:09:29:06 - 00:09:34:22

Oh, right there. Okay. All right. She was on the phone with them for, like, a minute, so just skip that and.

00:09:35:15 - 00:09:36:05


00:09:36:07 - 00:09:42:10

Me see on here. I know you don't use tobacco. I corrected your birthday. Do you have diabetes, Miss Sheila?

00:09:42:19 - 00:09:43:09

No, ma'am.

00:09:43:15 - 00:09:44:09

No diabetes.

00:09:44:13 - 00:09:45:03


00:09:45:07 - 00:09:51:18

You do? Okay. So are you on a prescription medication for your blood pressure? Okay. What what medication are you on? That's for.

00:09:51:20 - 00:10:03:10

Me. Met for me? No, let me look to be sure. My farming is my baby. Yeah. Metformin.

00:10:04:05 - 00:10:07:05

Metformin for diabetes. My father takes metformin.

00:10:07:19 - 00:10:08:09

I see.

00:10:09:23 - 00:10:10:13


00:10:11:12 - 00:10:12:03

We'll see.

00:10:15:23 - 00:10:16:24

She's really sweet.

00:10:17:23 - 00:10:31:07

So Ariel is talking to me. So guys, everybody's done this before. I'm like, think. What did I say? Ariel basically let her believe metformin for blood pressure. Yeah, she she's not funny. She would.

00:10:31:22 - 00:10:33:22

She would get confused about.

00:10:34:11 - 00:10:50:22

Yeah. Mean like and it's not always to mention Alzheimer she was she's fine through this call. Um but yeah I mean I don't argue with people it's like yeah metformin for your blood pressure like mean as long as there's nothing else like let's say you don't have to address it, it doesn't matter.

00:10:52:21 - 00:10:53:11

So here.

00:10:54:13 - 00:10:55:18

Do you find it? Mashallah.

00:10:55:24 - 00:10:56:19

The Metformin.

00:10:57:12 - 00:11:00:08

So the performance for diabetes? Yeah.

00:11:00:24 - 00:11:07:04

But I don't have no diabetes. I don't have any diabetes. Okay. I was having trouble. Right. So.

00:11:07:16 - 00:11:13:03

Okay, no worries. So you don't have any. You don't have any major health conditions, Miss Sheila? Nothing wrong with your.

00:11:13:19 - 00:11:14:11

No, no.

00:11:14:23 - 00:11:17:11

Nothing wrong with the heart, the lungs, the liver, The kidney.

00:11:19:00 - 00:11:19:16


00:11:20:02 - 00:11:22:06

I don't smoke. I don't drink.

00:11:22:15 - 00:11:23:22

No drink. No smoke?

00:11:24:08 - 00:11:30:01

No, ma'am. The only. The only one I do is I call you always. If you bother me.

00:11:33:13 - 00:11:38:22

Well, call me on the phone. I come in, come to the door and start talking about customer.

00:11:39:04 - 00:11:45:17

Well, luckily, you don't need a prescription for that. Miss Sheila. Say you're good. Yeah, that works for.

00:11:45:19 - 00:11:46:09


00:11:48:01 - 00:12:07:00

Okay, so looking at everything that we've gone over, I'm going to be able to take a look to see what you qualify for. If you bear with me. Just one moment, Miss Sheila. I'm going. No, I'm going to bring on my senior benefits coordinator to go over a few more things with you, and then we will find out your rate. How does that sound?

00:12:07:06 - 00:12:47:00

So good? She's not using the word quote. She's bringing me out in a way that makes sense to the client. Um, and a lot of the time, you never want to seem like you're bringing me on to close them People. These people are 80. I mean, they've been there before. They've bought cars. They know they got to be brought into the manager's office and signed some documents and stuff like that. So it's how you did that was very good. So it's just like, let me see what you qualify for. You guys can you can say it like that. You can be like, I just want to bring in make sure that I'm choosing the right company. And if they feel like it's more for the agent that you're bringing somebody in than the client, they won't get all like weirded out and be like, Oh, got to get off phone.

00:12:47:14 - 00:12:53:20

Yeah. Like this person's going to try to close me and I'm not. I'm easily closed, so don't want to get out. So you just want to get out.

00:12:55:10 - 00:12:58:15

Okay. All right, Miss Sheila. Just one sec. Hey, guys.

00:12:58:17 - 00:12:59:07

How are you doing?

00:12:59:20 - 00:13:00:22

I'm okay, thank you.

00:13:01:10 - 00:13:06:02

All right. Hey, Sheila. Hey, Ariel. How are you guys? We're working on today.

00:13:06:06 - 00:13:34:07

So, Miss Sheila, she went over some of her information with me, Ernie. And she. Good. Good health. The only thing she has is she's the shortest one in the family, but she's okay with that. So she was like, I did correct her birthday in the system as she would like to see what her rate would be. She does have an existing policy, but she would like additional coverage and her son Robert would be her beneficiary.

00:13:34:11 - 00:13:41:06

All right. Perfect. And Sheila, is that something. The other policy, is that something you set up a while back or is that for years?

00:13:41:08 - 00:13:42:00


00:13:42:02 - 00:14:05:00

Okay. Well, I'm sure Ariel already advised you if you've had something for years, you definitely don't want to get rid of it. So make sure you hold on to that, because anything you find now should be more expensive than something that you found years ago because you were younger. So. And you guys. All right, so how much coverage like what are we trying to get to total? Like, how much do you already have?

00:14:06:00 - 00:14:07:19

Well, how would you have that? 50,000.

00:14:09:08 - 00:14:11:21

All right. And that is probably. Is that also going to Robert?

00:14:13:08 - 00:14:14:20

Who else don't have one child?

00:14:15:02 - 00:14:22:04

No. Okay, So you got a single only child. Okay. I only had one one sibling, and I thought that was enough. I could have. I could have done without him.

00:14:24:05 - 00:14:47:14

So. All right. So I'm going to take a look here at what you qualify for based on all the information I have with Ariel. So there are a lot of different life insurance programs out there. Like I'm sure you get all sorts of stuff in the mail and you see stuff on TV. So for the purpose of describing how we work versus the others, do you know the difference between term and whole life coverage?

00:14:48:21 - 00:14:53:05

Class order. That's okay. It's not a term, right.

00:14:53:12 - 00:15:09:08

So is this part helpful for you guys to hear? Because I can skip, right, to like, you know, this is the script, like, verbatim. I can skip to after that where I actually have to deal with all the stuff or I can just play it like I don't mind going over. I just want to make sure you guys are on board with that.

00:15:12:17 - 00:15:44:16

Okay, so Taylor is the only one who responded, so he gets what he wants. Oh, that. That's okay. And then whole life is probably going to be better at if you were born in 48. And the reason I bring it up is because I want you to choose the, you know, the best type of insurance to have because they're not all the same. Some are going to be better than others. Right. Yeah. But you need to know the facts to make a sound decision. That's right. For you and Robert. So a good example. I'm sure you've received letters from Globe Life or AARP offering term insurance, right?

00:15:45:03 - 00:15:45:18


00:15:46:00 - 00:16:19:09

No, you don't get them. I get them. And I don't even qualify yet. So if you ever looked at something like it's like a pamphlet or a small letter. It often says that the insurance is good up to age 80, which would be a term product. They don't like to tell you what happens after age 80. What happens is you lose all of your insurance no matter how much money you put in. So they get to keep the money and you get no benefit. So, like, why would you want insurance? That's going to cancel before you go? That's sad. And to make matters worse, they actually raise their prices every 3 to 5 years.

00:16:19:11 - 00:16:47:02

So what happens is they get you in cheap, but as you get older and your income becomes more fixed, they raise their prices. And then what happens is most people don't even actually outlive those. They cancel them because they can no longer afford them. So let me see here. The best company in your case is going to be pioneer security life. They've been around since 1909, so a lot longer than you have. And they are state and federal regulated.

00:16:48:19 - 00:17:23:16

So you are I mean, based on what Ariel's showing me, which is kind of rare for 74 year old, that you will qualify for the preferred plan. So the maximum that you'll qualify for is an additional $50,000 in coverage. So let me pull let me I'm going to start working on this. So, Sheila, I know you want to be buried and leave a little money behind. That's usually everybody's first goal. It sounds like you already have that kind of taken care of. So now it's just time to really take care of the family so they have enough for all debts and also have something to spend, spend on something there.

00:17:23:18 - 00:17:24:18

No big family.

00:17:25:15 - 00:17:26:05


00:17:26:20 - 00:17:28:15

There is no big family.

00:17:29:05 - 00:17:31:19

No. You don't have a big family. You have just Robert, right?

00:17:32:01 - 00:17:34:18

Yeah, just Robert. Because my mother passed away.

00:17:36:01 - 00:17:42:01

So he's the one like. Yeah, he's your only child, so I'm sure he is the one you wanted all to go to and leave him as good as.

00:17:42:03 - 00:17:45:05

Maybe the grandchildren, not him. Because we don't get along.

00:17:45:23 - 00:17:47:03

No. Okay.

00:17:48:19 - 00:18:14:04

So so I mean, so all these plans are going to do what you want them to, you know, But, you know, you want to choose the one that just makes the most sense. So Exactly. Yeah. So with Pioneer, they have some options. I would like to add an additional discount for you. So based on the financial institution you use, I can apply that additional discount if they're one of our preferred banks. So who do you like to bank with? Sheila?

00:18:15:01 - 00:18:15:16

I don't know

00:18:17:16 - 00:18:18:21

that better. What is that?

00:18:21:13 - 00:18:22:03

Look, here

00:18:26:11 - 00:18:28:14

is my card. Where is my wallet?

00:18:29:02 - 00:18:35:14

That's what I have to do. I switched back. I switched a couple of banks and I had to start looking. Well, this one, Seacoast Bank and a.

00:18:35:16 - 00:18:36:07

Lot of them.

00:18:36:12 - 00:19:12:19

So telling a story here, like none. Like none of this is true. But like I just go through, I always relate it to myself so that they don't feel bad that they can't locate that information. Like, I don't know what my routing is either. Have to look it up every time I have to pull it up on my phone. Oh, they don't have that. Okay. They gave me a card at the bank with, you know, my routing and account number that I can put in my wallet. They also, you know, they're also you know, I basically make it clear that I'm an idiot and, um, I can't do any of the stuff myself either. So that way they don't feel bad or that they're holding you holding me up because so many people mean I'm very much like that, too.

00:19:13:05 - 00:19:43:22

If I feel like I'm holding up the whole show, then I just want to get out of it and then, you know, resume when I have everything together. Does that make sense? Like nobody wants to be the like, this guy won't put his shoes on. There's ten people waiting for him. It's like, well, forget that guy. Or, you know, the guy that will go up and doesn't want to go or something. It's just I don't want I don't want them to feel rushed. So I'm always constantly like, oh, maybe you got that, you know, take your time. I don't care how long I get paid by the hour. So this is basically a break while I wait for you.

00:19:43:24 - 00:19:51:10

Whatever you want to say that makes it more like they don't care either. Like, okay, I'll find it. Like I've made people search for 30 minutes and find it.

00:19:51:14 - 00:19:53:04

I don't remember which one of them.

00:19:53:13 - 00:20:09:12

And it usually it'll have it if it doesn't have it on the card. The name of the bank. They're almost. I'm really focused on this because like if this person can't remember the name of their bank, this is not closed and I'm done because it is on the card. Okay. And what's the name?

00:20:10:09 - 00:20:11:21

I don't find it since.

00:20:14:04 - 00:20:14:19


00:20:16:17 - 00:20:18:10

know, she's just laughing and it's fine.

00:20:18:20 - 00:20:23:22

It's like, okay, you know, I can't figure it out. It's like, oh,

00:20:25:14 - 00:20:28:01

Taylor got a new person.

00:20:30:02 - 00:20:31:06

Bank of America.

00:20:33:11 - 00:20:48:18

And also like usually because I usually confirm routing numbers. So if you do have a check, that's an easy way to find out the name of the bank too. I know in my head I'm just like, She can't figure this out, so might as well go get your checkbook while you're at it. So that's how I

00:20:51:24 - 00:20:55:05

or you just so you got so much money. The money's in all the banks.

00:20:58:17 - 00:21:03:19

Whatever I want, I want your problems. What should count? Should I use for this?

00:21:06:00 - 00:21:23:03

And I'm just putting this in her head like. Like now I'm just basically just very persuasive as far as putting it in her head that what account we're doing for this, you know, confirm routing numbers, whatever I need to say that makes it without overtly saying, I'm going to ask for your account number later.

00:21:24:01 - 00:21:28:10

I know it's not. I use it, but I don't use it to do that.

00:21:28:21 - 00:21:29:22

So I'm gonna might skip.

00:21:30:03 - 00:21:31:23

I don't know how long she's looking.

00:21:33:22 - 00:21:36:11

She was looking for the bank info forever.

00:21:36:16 - 00:21:52:23

Is it Chase? Uh huh. Okay. So she confirms that it's Chase. Okay. All right, dear. All right. So that is an approved bank here. And I think you're talking about the second time before we basically had to let her go and call or schedule the appointment for today. But I made her look forever.

00:21:55:12 - 00:21:59:01

Sorry, guys. Call me. I was trying to eat something for real quick, but.

00:21:59:09 - 00:22:02:17

Was it more than a cereal bar this time, Ernie? Yes.

00:22:02:19 - 00:22:23:24

Well, it's lunch time. I keep forgetting to eat breakfast now because I'm just kind of panic mode every day. So, like. So now I need to just eat something. All right. Um. All right. So as long as it's chase, that's fine. So when you get your Social Security each month, it just goes in there on the first of the third.

00:22:25:10 - 00:22:26:00


00:22:26:18 - 00:22:29:09

It's pretty typical. Are you a first person or a third person?

00:22:30:03 - 00:22:30:18


00:22:31:09 - 00:22:36:08

Are you one? Are you one of the people that gets it on the first or the third? Or are you one of the Wednesday people?

00:22:36:20 - 00:22:42:02

I don't know. Go in there. Yeah. Just know sometimes.

00:22:42:19 - 00:23:08:22

You know you're getting paid at least. Exactly. That's good. All right. So I'm going to have you grab a pen and a piece of paper, and we're going to go over these plans together and figure out which one you want me to send to you in the mail. Just more assumption. Just use that you use whatever thing you can add. We're like, I'm going to send you're going to get this policy. You're getting the policy. You're getting the policy, you're getting the policy. It's all subtle, but it's it just putting it in their head.

00:23:11:21 - 00:23:13:18

So basically, take any liberties you want.

00:23:16:10 - 00:23:40:08

Okay. Yeah. Nonsmoker. Got to make sure that's a big difference. All right, so what I'm going to have you do is basically make the best way to do this is basically make two different columns. So in one column you want to write down the amount of money that would be left to Robert. So we're going to start at the highest and then we'll go we'll work our way down. So on one side, you want to write down 50,000.

00:23:41:15 - 00:23:44:19

And my insurance of 60. I have 50 already.

00:23:45:00 - 00:23:59:05

Right. Are we? Yeah. I mean, you don't have to write that down if we're not looking for that much more. We're looking for. Are you looking? Is this is this new policy going to be more like the money that's immediately paid to Robert? So that way it can be for final.

00:23:59:22 - 00:24:01:15

Year for my granddaughter and my grandson?

00:24:01:17 - 00:24:03:10

Oh, okay. I have Robert thank him.

00:24:03:18 - 00:24:04:20

Yeah. Anything more to.

00:24:05:05 - 00:24:35:20

And I kind of realized here at this point that we don't really know what the goal of this policy is. And it's like this is like, I have to address this. If I don't address this and just given numbers. And then by so I need to know what is going on. She has the 50,000. She's 74, 72. We know that's enough coverage for everything. So now now I really have to, like zoom in on those. Like, what are we what is this for? If I don't know what this is for, then it just doesn't. None of this makes any sense. Oh, so, Ariel, let's change that.

00:24:36:12 - 00:24:39:13

Oh, sorry. I thought she wanted Robert. My apologies.

00:24:40:04 - 00:24:42:01

No, ma'am.

00:24:42:03 - 00:24:43:09

Robert's got 50,000.

00:24:43:19 - 00:24:46:10

Robert. Just so rude. Robert is rude.

00:24:47:12 - 00:24:50:03

Is too rude. Okay, so we're going to the granddaughter. What?

00:24:51:05 - 00:24:51:20


00:24:53:06 - 00:24:56:20

the grand? Hello? Okay, turn onto.

00:24:58:12 - 00:25:05:07

That's a nice city I've never been, but I hear good things. Okay. And then what is your granddaughter's name?

00:25:05:24 - 00:25:08:03

Imani. I am. And I.

00:25:10:02 - 00:25:11:02

It's a pretty name.

00:25:11:20 - 00:25:12:16

Okay, It is.

00:25:13:11 - 00:25:15:06

Does she have the same last name? Johnson.

00:25:15:22 - 00:25:18:12

No, he's going from G-O, DSO, n.

00:25:19:14 - 00:25:22:05

G, Old Golson. Okay.

00:25:24:22 - 00:25:28:08

All right. So this is going to Armani. All right. So

00:25:30:18 - 00:25:40:05

and did you have a number that you were thinking like Sheila Brown? Like we could start at 50,000. But if you have a figure in mind, I can give you I can go work around that.

00:25:41:19 - 00:25:42:15

So is it going to be.

00:25:43:10 - 00:25:44:01

Do you want to.

00:25:44:03 - 00:25:46:05

See around 25? Okay.

00:25:46:07 - 00:25:46:22


00:25:47:16 - 00:25:55:10

Okay. Let me pull that up. All right. So then I'll just have you write down a five numbers that are closer to the 25 ish first.

00:25:55:13 - 00:25:56:12

And I'm not answering.

00:25:57:15 - 00:25:59:06

Everybody loves you today, Miss Sheila.

00:26:00:13 - 00:26:04:02

Oh, every day. Yeah. This is what I'm calling. They're selling. This is selling them.

00:26:05:00 - 00:26:12:24

Yeah. Yeah. I like where I work because we're more consultants than anything. Maybe just take it off the hook and just don't know what.

00:26:13:03 - 00:26:13:18

You're going to.

00:26:18:20 - 00:26:19:10


00:26:20:07 - 00:26:22:10

I should tell him. You're gonna have to call me back.

00:26:23:00 - 00:26:23:15


00:26:23:17 - 00:26:24:15

She's funny.

00:26:25:13 - 00:26:26:08

Oh, okay.

00:26:31:01 - 00:26:37:05

I know you think that she got easily confused. A lot of times, yeah.

00:26:38:22 - 00:26:39:12


00:26:41:12 - 00:26:42:14

I won't even ask.

00:26:44:03 - 00:26:46:03

Yeah. Okay. So.

00:26:46:19 - 00:26:47:09


00:26:48:02 - 00:26:50:18

Every Monday they send food for me.

00:26:51:11 - 00:26:52:09

Oh, nice.

00:26:53:09 - 00:26:54:03


00:26:55:22 - 00:27:00:08

Wonderful. Honest. Yeah. So here you have your.

00:27:00:10 - 00:27:10:14

Pen and paper. So we're going to write down around the 25,000 number. So I'm going to have you write down four numbers for me. The first. The first one will be 35,000.

00:27:12:04 - 00:27:14:11

Then I'll have you write down 30,000.

00:27:16:06 - 00:27:20:13

25,020 thousand.

00:27:22:21 - 00:27:42:07

So no matter which one you pick here today, they're all going to come with a number of benefits. The first benefit is obviously immediate coverage, so you don't have to wait. There's no waiting period. If some reason you don't wake up tomorrow, it's going to give, you know, your your granddaughter, you know, 20,000, 25,000.

00:27:43:07 - 00:27:45:11

These other interruptions

00:27:47:11 - 00:27:50:02

you can hear talking. It's making that.

00:27:50:04 - 00:27:51:22

Horrible feedback noise again.

00:27:52:14 - 00:28:00:05

I mean, I can hear her. I can hear Ariel. I can hear her. Because anybody else having a problem hearing what is going on.

00:28:00:15 - 00:28:02:22

They just start shooting off a lot of static.

00:28:03:19 - 00:28:14:19

Okay. Well, I can't do anything about that. Uh, so, um. So you can't hear him at all? You can't hear what they're saying. Like, I have this headset on. I hear what she's saying.

00:28:18:23 - 00:28:26:18

It stopped for a while. Now all of a sudden it had just started again. Yeah, it just sounds like a bunch of static mean. Guess you can listen in real hard. And here it's just really annoying.

00:28:27:04 - 00:28:27:19


00:28:27:21 - 00:28:59:05

The terminal illness benefit and what that means is God forbid you're ever diagnosed with a terminal illness by your doctor, you'd actually be able to receive the entire face amount while you're still living. So you can use that for life saving treatment, plan your own final affairs or even, you know, go with your granddaughter somewhere, take a blow out vacation. And then the second benefit is accidental coverage. So this basically doubles the face amount. If you were to pass away as a result of an accident.

00:28:59:07 - 00:29:29:24

So if you're leaving, 20,000, 40,000 would be paid out to your granddaughter. And then the last one, I think is the most important because it's used the most often. So it's called a nursing home waiver premium. And Senior Life Services has negotiated this. This this particular benefit with that company because we know how nursing homes work. I mean, you go in, you go in there, they want all of your money. They want everything you've ever made.

00:29:30:01 - 00:29:59:21

They want your house, your cars. They want all whatever they can get. So we don't want. Yeah. So we don't want people. Yeah. So we don't want people to lose their life insurance simply because they have no way of paying for it anymore. So if that were ever to happen and God forbid, and hopefully it never does, but if you went into a nursing home or anything like that, you would not be responsible for making any more payments. But your policy is still sitting there for Irma. Does that make sense?

00:30:00:12 - 00:30:01:02


00:30:01:16 - 00:30:11:21

Okay, so those benefits are all included no matter which one you pick here. So next to the $40,000 in coverage, that is only three 7520.

00:30:15:15 - 00:30:47:03

Next to the 35 mean. So yeah, that's what we're going to break down here. So you got that down and then the $35,000. The reason I didn't say it is that I mean, just like that's the monthly payment, so I'm going to keep going. And then at the end, I say monthly. So that way it's under it's understood because I don't want to get an argument. I'm always trying to avoid these arguments where it's like, Oh my God, it's so expensive. It's like, no, mean we'll keep going and then I'll say it later would only be three 2896.

00:30:48:02 - 00:30:50:18

Three. 38.

00:30:51:07 - 00:30:59:12

You have some time to get this stuff done. Yeah. And then you have the 30,000, and that would only be 280. Two. 72.

00:31:03:00 - 00:31:13:01

And then you got the 25,000. And if I'm going too fast. Yeah. Shut me down. Stop me. Okay. And then the 25,000 is only two. 36. 48.

00:31:14:17 - 00:31:18:24

25,000. That means two monthly payment.

00:31:19:20 - 00:31:41:15

236. 236 4848. And finally, the 20,000. That's probably what I'm going to recommend because we don't usually like to go that high for. I mean, you can always add to it, but we don't start that high. The $20,000 would only be 190, 24 monthly.

00:31:42:06 - 00:31:44:01

190, 190.

00:31:44:16 - 00:31:46:22

190 and $0.24.

00:31:47:12 - 00:31:48:04


00:31:48:12 - 00:31:49:02


00:31:49:19 - 00:32:20:12

So out of those plans, Sheila, And then if you guys notice, it's always like the $20,000 in coverage is only that I'm not going to say dollars simply because it's just a mental thing. It's like the good is emphasizing the bad is not bad. It's not even bad. It's what it cost. It's more like the the neutral is not emphasized. Yeah, That's only to, you know, 20 bucks. That's what it's like. That's 50 bucks. Yeah, it's a thousand bucks. You know, that's how people talk when they're not concerned about the money. Which one would you want to leave to air mail?

00:32:24:23 - 00:32:27:16

My good friend. That's only when

00:32:29:05 - 00:32:32:17

I don't try to sell me something.

00:32:34:03 - 00:32:40:07

See, it's a good demonstration. How many calls Medicaid you got? So you have all those numbers down?

00:32:40:23 - 00:32:41:15

I take it off.

00:32:42:13 - 00:32:44:24

She took it off. Yeah, that'd be be awesome. I appreciate that.

00:32:45:22 - 00:32:51:20

So if you were out there. No to. All right.

00:32:52:11 - 00:33:04:00

That's a testament to you, Ariel. She's saying if you want to get cussed out, then I'll answer it. Um, that means that she likes you enough to not be the one of the people that are getting cussed out. So congratulations.

00:33:07:20 - 00:33:24:04

And then so out of all those plans that we just went over, like how much how much did you want to leave to Irma? So I'm on out of those plans. Which one would you want to leave to RMI the 30,025? I'm going to recommend the.

00:33:24:06 - 00:33:27:14


00:33:27:16 - 00:33:28:09

To the 20.

00:33:29:09 - 00:34:00:03

Yeah. You want to start with the 20 and then if you want to go up, you okay? That's. I mean, you can always go up after you have a plan. So you have the 20,000 and I imagine we're, we're sending this out to two, three, two, one East Gulf Drive. Didn't even realize like so you're right about like it is a little hard to hear her a little bit because I didn't even hear her say until just now. How much is the 20? I just assumed. And. But if I can't hear you, I'm going to just assume that you said okay, like everything.

00:34:00:05 - 00:34:09:05

And like, if they're not saying anything, then they answer. That's the assumption and control of it. If they're not saying anything or agreeing with anything that I'm assuming it's okay.

00:34:10:07 - 00:34:16:15

Oh, we can. I can hear her. Then just before there was, like, this, like, really heavy, like, static feedback, and then it stopped again, So.

00:34:18:12 - 00:34:19:03

It's weird.

00:34:19:22 - 00:34:24:15

But, um, so, yeah, so I'm just like, okay, well, I mean, you're not picking one, so I'll pick it for you.

00:34:26:11 - 00:34:33:00

Oh, you're in Miami. You're. You're. We're in Vero Beach, so we're both going to get hit with that some rain later today.

00:34:34:18 - 00:34:49:12

All right. So we're going to typically most people want to set this up to coincide with their Social Security. So we'll do that. And you're not exactly sure, but most people do get paid on the third. So your monthly payment would be consistently on the third of the month.

00:34:50:03 - 00:34:53:03

How much is the month with the monthly payment, the.

00:34:53:05 - 00:35:04:03

20,000 that was Let's go back to that screen. So we're going to do the 20,000. That one's only one 9024. And if you decide you want to go higher, you certainly can.

00:35:04:24 - 00:35:06:09

All right. No, we're not higher.

00:35:07:17 - 00:35:08:07


00:35:08:15 - 00:35:10:15

Let me call my husband, my ex.

00:35:12:01 - 00:35:35:16

See, this is was unacceptable to me. So, you know, this is where it's like, all right, I'm going to deal with these with these things. Yeah. And what I'm going to do today is like, you can't really buy life insurance. You can only apply for it. So after we get the the application in, we'll find out if you're approved and then you'll have all the paperwork to make your real decision. And with new agents, it's so easy to.

00:35:37:15 - 00:36:09:09

You get this anxiety or you're closing, like now it's like, oh, like they start talking about, Oh, I want to talk to them. And then we're like, Well, actually trained somebody That was actually really good when she was monitoring her. But, um. Any kind of objections like, Oh, okay, so you want me to call you back? It's like, what? It's like. I mean, this basically, I take it as almost a defense of somebody if I get off the phone. I'm 26 minutes in, like Ariel's 26 minutes into this. I do not like like my time wasted, so I don't feel bad ever about like.

00:36:09:11 - 00:36:22:09

All right. No, I'm going to continue this process until, you know, you either bail out or, you know, you buy because you shouldn't be talking. I just feel like they shouldn't be talking to me for that long if they're not in the market for life insurance.

00:36:24:00 - 00:36:46:04

Yeah. So when everybody sets these up, they always set it up to coincide with the Social Security. So I'll do it that way. So if you accept the policy, your, your payment will be consistently on the third of the month with your chase account. So I do have their routing number right here because you open that account in Florida, right? Yeah. Okay. So to confirm.

00:36:46:06 - 00:36:52:01

My husband because he's in charge. Because everybody's in Toronto, I have to talk to him. And he was easy.

00:36:53:13 - 00:36:59:13

Right? And I expect that you should show him the policy when you when you receive it, because it's kind of important.

00:36:59:15 - 00:37:11:06

That you first because he has Metro bus and he has my name on his insurance also. So I'm going to tell him I have insurance and hear what he says because I know for.

00:37:11:08 - 00:37:12:09

Like your health insurance.

00:37:12:18 - 00:37:15:09

Yeah. No, he's paid for my health insurance.

00:37:16:05 - 00:37:21:01

Well, that's nice. You guys are divorced and he's paying for it. That's very magnanimous of

00:37:24:02 - 00:37:26:04

me. I don't know if I would do that.

00:37:26:21 - 00:37:31:17

That's very nice. She loves a boss haha. Yeah. You must see.

00:37:32:08 - 00:37:33:18

The machine is a boss.

00:37:34:09 - 00:37:34:24

Yeah, of.

00:37:35:01 - 00:37:35:16


00:37:35:18 - 00:37:37:21

It might be divorced, but you're paying for that, right?

00:37:38:16 - 00:37:39:06

So, um.

00:37:39:24 - 00:37:49:03

So what I was saying though, is. Yeah, so we have to get. Yeah, we have to get the application and simply just to know if you're approved. I mean, that's

00:37:51:01 - 00:37:51:17

what happened.

00:37:53:03 - 00:37:54:03

So yeah.

00:37:54:17 - 00:37:59:16

Because this is a madhouse and it could be a shit show. You can make sales during a shit show.

00:37:59:19 - 00:38:04:14

Of course it's on the forest. Oh, wait, stop. You never come home.

00:38:06:11 - 00:38:09:12

Thank you, sir. Yes. Thank you.

00:38:09:19 - 00:38:11:22

Yes. You have a very busy household.

00:38:13:07 - 00:38:15:10

You seem like you have a very busy household.

00:38:16:15 - 00:38:20:07

No, I have a package, but I'm not winning the race.

00:38:21:14 - 00:38:24:03

Is it already raining in Miami? It's not quite raining here yet.

00:38:24:09 - 00:38:25:12

Cats and dogs.

00:38:25:23 - 00:38:46:10

Is it okay? Can't be far away from me. All right. So, Sheila, I hear you. It sounds like you are like me, and you want to make sure you're making the right decision. So what types of questions do you think your ex-husband is going to have? So straight up straight off of the rebuttal sheet.

00:38:47:04 - 00:38:55:16

I don't know because my name is on his insurance. That much I did because he used to drive the bus.

00:38:56:18 - 00:38:58:06

Also Metro. Okay.

00:38:58:08 - 00:38:58:23


00:38:59:08 - 00:39:31:20

Yeah. And I hear you. I mean, no one has more at stake about this decision than you. I understand that. You just. You just want to leave me some money because you like her and you love her, and she's your family. So I don't take that lightly that you have you have more at stake in this decision than anybody. So let's so let's go back over the process to make sure that this is the right decision for you. So so what happens with these life insurance plans? Like we've been around for 50 years consulting with people and this is just looping.

00:39:31:22 - 00:40:02:20

I'm just going to go over the benefits of the company, try to get closer to the three tens. And if a lot of people don't know what three tens are, I'm just trying to get you know, you have a spectrum from 1 to 10. One is total. They think the product is total garbage. They're never going to buy. They don't want it fives in the middle like they could be swayed either way. And of course, ten is like 100% sold. So the ten would be you, the product, the company. So now I'm covering the company. Make sure she trusts me. And she didn't indicate that she doesn't, but I'm just going to assume she don't.

00:40:03:01 - 00:40:10:18

So company, you know, talk about the product again, whatever you got to do, just just to read, just redo it and then ask for it again.

00:40:12:11 - 00:40:20:05

So we're always looking for more companies that will will meet our clients needs because we're very specialized.

00:40:21:18 - 00:40:56:19

So what we the whole process with submitting an insurance application. Probably it was probably just a little different if you have your old 120 years ago or something. But basically. Okay. Yeah. So keep that forever. So basically, once we submit this, it's going to give me an instant decision. So it will say yes, Sheila is approved for Pioneer. Preferred is what we're going for. Preferred is, you know, the best they can they offer. And then once we spits up, it spits back the decision because Ariel is going to be the one submitting it.

00:40:56:21 - 00:41:27:10

But I'm going to stay on the phone while we do it. And then and then we'll immediately know and then I can send you the paperwork well before any payment is scheduled. So that way, so that way you guys can actually review it. Like, I hate it when like, like I personally, I just wouldn't want to make a payment immediately, even just because I want to see the paperwork. So yeah, once you have seen the paperwork, then it's time to actually go over that with your ex-husband, because right now you just you're just playing a game of telephone where you tell him stuff.

00:41:27:12 - 00:41:28:02

That I told.

00:41:28:04 - 00:41:30:16

You because I have one. He have.

00:41:30:22 - 00:42:00:02

That's not bad to bring it up because I'm really just being brutally honest. I'm sure you guys hear that the honesty is simply like, you're going to tell him some stuff, ask him about it, but like, you're not going to convey the message I'm conveying to you. It's just going to be a bunch of nonsense. Oh, this guy. I mean, really, really. What's what is the two days later? 90% of stuff is forgotten. That's why, you know, we're very attention. Everybody's got attention deficit. But I'm just trying to address this lady's thing so I don't have to deal with them.

00:42:00:06 - 00:42:07:21

One day because you drag the boss and my name is on it. So I know he's going to come over here and talk crap.

00:42:08:17 - 00:42:26:17

And that's good. I'm asking like, I'm understanding this, but I just assume some life insurance is on here somehow through Metro and, you know, just moving past that and it's okay. You don't need every detail because this situation, I'm just like, I don't know what she's talking about. I don't even don't think she knows what she's talking about and don't want to call her on that.

00:42:27:20 - 00:42:30:16

And I mean, that's good, but that.

00:42:30:18 - 00:42:34:24

One's not for the granddaughter. So that's that's what we're trying to set up. So.

00:42:35:17 - 00:42:36:07

Yeah, we'll.

00:42:36:09 - 00:43:10:09

Set something up for her. And then if you guys go over it together. And decide you don't want it. That's a very, very simple process too. That's a phone call. And then, yeah, so I'm going to get I'll get the application in because to find out if you're approved so that way you can get get everything in the mail and it can also be emailed to you at the same time. But you always going to get it in the mail. And then I'm going to include in a welcome packet is going to be a living will, a memorial guide and a prescription savings program that is for the entire family.

00:43:10:15 - 00:43:42:07

I've used it. A guy at work recently saved $1,500 over what it would have been for insurance for his daughter's braces. So there's a lot of uses for that. So all those come with the welcome packet that we send you. And now I'm just putting like, I use this a lot when I'm like, okay, what what is this person understanding? Or because I'll just throw it out there that now you're going to get a welcome packet. Now you're going to get this in. And it's just it's just subtle persuasion, manipulation, whatever you want to call it that basically I'm sending you some information.

00:43:42:09 - 00:43:44:01

So this is what we're doing today.

00:43:44:15 - 00:43:45:05


00:43:45:09 - 00:43:57:14

Yeah. So, I mean, I know I've already got most of this info in here. I think everything's spelled correctly. Know where I'm sending it. So we're going to send that to that address that we have on file.

00:43:58:05 - 00:43:59:14

Sure. Yep.

00:43:59:16 - 00:44:29:13

And then so, so now all of a sudden I'm getting an agreement like. Sure. Okay. So we're going to finish this. I just need to verify. So Chase does have a routing number that's specific to your state. I don't know if you know that, but that's how that works. I pulled it up and it comes up. Yep. And it comes up in our state system. So I do want to confirm that with you. So what I'm going to have you do now is just grab a hold check. It doesn't have to be a new one. And I'm going to confirm that that routing number is the same as the one I have.

00:44:31:10 - 00:44:38:10

I didn't go to the bank to give anything. It's not even going to do anything.

00:44:40:03 - 00:44:44:02

So there's what she said. If you didn't really hear.

00:44:45:16 - 00:44:50:23

Maybe you guys did, but all she said is, like, before I do anything, I'm going to go to the bank or something.

00:44:51:14 - 00:44:53:05

I want to go tomorrow.

00:44:54:04 - 00:45:15:03

Okay? You don't. You don't have to go to the bank. And I would call them. But Chase, I have Chase, so I know that they don't give you your routing number or account number over the phone. So the so the best way to do it is simply to confirm it on the bottom of a check, because in Florida, your routing number should be should, should start with 267.

00:45:15:15 - 00:45:16:05

I know.

00:45:16:23 - 00:45:17:22

Does that sound familiar?

00:45:18:15 - 00:45:19:08

Yes, sir.

00:45:19:20 - 00:45:22:10

Okay. Do you know the do you know the rest of it by heart?

00:45:22:20 - 00:45:23:10


00:45:23:12 - 00:45:31:12

Okay. I don't either. I had to look up my own routing number, so if you did, I'd be. I'd be like, okay, well, you should be an accountant or something.

00:45:33:08 - 00:45:39:12

So, yeah, I just need to get that information so that way I can release the paperwork because that's just how they do business over there.

00:45:40:17 - 00:45:49:19

I have to listen to James Coburn and hear what he say. I did. I said I don't work anymore. So he's the one is James.

00:45:49:22 - 00:45:51:09

But I thought James was.

00:45:51:15 - 00:45:52:22

Is James in Toronto?

00:45:53:20 - 00:45:55:11

No, that's Robert, my son.

00:45:56:03 - 00:45:58:01

Oh, okay. So, okay.

00:45:58:17 - 00:46:02:01

Are you still. And I have James. James is my husband, James Johnson.

00:46:03:16 - 00:46:06:00

Oh, you guys are still married. I'm saying ex-husband.

00:46:06:05 - 00:46:07:04

I'm sorry. Huh?

00:46:07:22 - 00:46:09:11

I thought you guys were divorced.

00:46:10:06 - 00:46:10:21


00:46:11:14 - 00:46:13:06

Okay. But you still call him your husband?

00:46:13:08 - 00:46:19:17

My son is in Toronto. My son is in Toronto. So he leaves his stepfather to do everything.

00:46:20:06 - 00:46:23:03

Gotcha. Does he. Does he still live with you, James?

00:46:23:08 - 00:46:27:07

Oh, no. Oh, okay. It's like I was like.

00:46:27:09 - 00:46:27:24

I don't know.

00:46:29:02 - 00:46:30:08

Oh, I know.

00:46:34:01 - 00:46:42:02

And the boss, he drives a metro bus and he gives a lot of trouble. So I just tell him park stuff and go.

00:46:43:19 - 00:46:45:22

Right. Yeah. I don't play that.

00:46:48:03 - 00:46:48:18


00:46:48:20 - 00:46:50:21

Well, then, I mean, the best. Yeah.

00:46:50:23 - 00:47:01:13

I mean, you guys have already qualified and got everything in there. So what I would do is what I would do is finish the process so that way you can. You have something to show James.

00:47:01:16 - 00:47:03:20

So, James, still no worry.

00:47:03:22 - 00:47:08:01

I'm willing to call him and tell him if I go to hell. What do you want to do,

00:47:09:17 - 00:47:10:07


00:47:11:18 - 00:47:14:00

So, James, I mean, I imagine I.

00:47:14:02 - 00:47:18:17

Have insurance there, but anything with more insurance and I know, of course I'm going.

00:47:19:23 - 00:47:20:13


00:47:20:15 - 00:47:48:23

People ramble all the time like it's and then we let them get way too far off track. So I'm just trying to bring this person back to what we're focused on. But James isn't making all of your decisions for you. Right. And this is just a throwaway where I'm just simply saying that because she's saying I want to talk to James. James, James, James, James, James. So I'm trying to get her off that by almost like reverse psychology. Does he control your money? Does he You know, you'll see. No. Nope. Oh, okay.

00:47:49:05 - 00:47:50:12

Because I didn't know if you had the control.

00:47:51:00 - 00:47:51:20

Of both of us.

00:47:52:18 - 00:47:53:19

Gotcha. Okay, so.

00:47:53:21 - 00:48:00:03

You guys are separate from each other. So you're wanting to leave it? You know, money for your granddaughter is not really his concern.

00:48:02:02 - 00:48:03:13

Okay. Yeah, well, they're very good, then.

00:48:05:04 - 00:48:06:00

Yeah. So I kind.

00:48:06:02 - 00:48:15:24

Of figured that you. You know, you don't really need to talk to him because. Because the other policy is not going to go to your granddaughter, and that's. And that's how you're trying to help, right?

00:48:16:20 - 00:48:19:12

No, not really. I know because she's a schoolteacher in Canada.

00:48:21:00 - 00:48:21:21

Going to James. Who?

00:48:27:00 - 00:48:29:12

I'm sorry. I just didn't. I didn't hear that last part. You said.

00:48:29:14 - 00:48:30:04


00:48:30:06 - 00:48:32:14

I don't have to give them anything if I don't want you.

00:48:33:20 - 00:48:35:19

Good. Okay, So. Yeah, so.

00:48:36:08 - 00:48:38:05

Gotcha. So, James? Yeah. James doesn't.

00:48:38:07 - 00:48:39:19

Have to get anything that acts.

00:48:40:12 - 00:48:42:03

Exactly now. Yeah, I'm on the.

00:48:42:05 - 00:48:44:03

Same thing and make sure all the time here.

00:48:44:22 - 00:49:17:12

Right. And he's not your power of attorney. He doesn't control your finances. Okay. All right. So talk to James is. Yeah, we're done with that. You don't need to talk to James about leaving him. Leaving your granddaughter money. Okay, Now that we're on the same page. So I think I get I get away with this more because this is laughing while I'm saying it. It's like. Like we're done with that. Like, that's not something I normally say, but I just didn't like. We're just done with James. Like, James is out. We're not dealing with that and we're moving on to like what you're trying to accomplish.

00:49:17:14 - 00:49:27:09

So. So what? I'm going to send this out to you. I have to do a recording. So we're not going to start anything today because I that's not part that's not part of senior life services process.

00:49:27:11 - 00:49:37:23

Yeah. The first thing that we do is we get the application and I'll know immediately whether it says yes or no. If it says no, there's nothing else to be done. We have to find.

00:49:38:00 - 00:49:38:15

A different.

00:49:38:17 - 00:49:53:14

Company because nothing will happen. If it says yes, they're going to mail you the paperwork. The welcome packet from Ariel will likely arrive a couple of days before the pioneer policy, which probably Friday next week.

00:49:53:18 - 00:50:00:03

So now I'm just now I'm just talking like you are going through with this. So next is going to be, you know, grab find the account will be the.

00:50:00:05 - 00:50:29:04

Absolute latest that that would arrive and then I Ariel is going to schedule a callback because sometimes people have a couple questions about it and if she calls you next Friday, you guys will talk if you have any questions about the policy. But it's everything that I said it was. And if you want to keep it, there's nothing required of you. It's not like you have to do a bunch of stuff and you know, everything's done over the phone nowadays so you don't have to fill out, you know? Yeah, you don't have to fill it out and send it over, send it back to us or anything like that.

00:50:30:16 - 00:50:34:10

And you know, once I left or after we.

00:50:34:12 - 00:50:35:02

Submit the.

00:50:35:04 - 00:50:36:00

Application, you'll.

00:50:36:02 - 00:50:41:11

Want to give her all of your not only your cell phone, but also your work phone.

00:50:41:13 - 00:50:43:15

There. Yes, sir. Yep.

00:50:43:17 - 00:50:45:01

And then we will go over.

00:50:45:20 - 00:50:46:14

Because I do.

00:50:46:16 - 00:51:06:20

Like to be like help people because sometimes questions of agents can't be answered by them. So I always that's why Ariel brought me on, because I'm very good at underwriting. So. And that's why that company is the best one for you simply because of what you told her about your health. All right. So let's get this done. Let's get this in place.

00:51:06:22 - 00:51:09:02

So So with Chase.

00:51:09:04 - 00:51:15:03

Chase is a preferred bank. That's why you're getting the 10% discount. So the routing number I have for.

00:51:15:05 - 00:51:15:20


00:51:15:22 - 00:51:28:18

Is 267084131. So I want to confirm that. Is that so that should be on the bottom of one of your checks on the left hand side.

00:51:31:08 - 00:51:32:06

And when you have that, just.

00:51:32:08 - 00:51:36:13

Read those numbers back to me so that I make sure we're on the same page here.

00:51:46:10 - 00:51:47:18

Thanks for watching.

00:51:47:20 - 00:51:48:10


00:51:51:19 - 00:51:56:16

Lexi figured it out. I think it's just my mic, so I'm going to mute myself when I'm not talking.

00:52:03:11 - 00:52:04:12

Find yourself.

00:52:06:16 - 00:52:12:03

I know my son. Don't. Take out something out here. Find yourself. Come out.

00:52:15:12 - 00:52:18:13

Where's my stuff moved from where it was.

00:52:23:24 - 00:52:43:01

All right. There is seven more minutes left on that call of her rambling around, wandering around. And then there we set an appointment. Eventually, Eventually, I have to give up. It's like I'm not like I'm not going to sit her forever. But I made her. She stopped. She stopped looking like three times. And I'm like, No, keep going. But because that's what you have to do. I'm not trying to ever get off the phone.

00:52:44:14 - 00:52:54:13

Um, any questions about any of that or any comments? Anything you could take from that? Anything I could have done better. Um.

00:52:56:03 - 00:52:59:11

Yeah. Anything at all that was helpful for you guys?

00:53:06:14 - 00:53:08:17

It was a great presentation, you know.

00:53:13:11 - 00:53:14:01


00:53:18:10 - 00:53:20:20

The looping. Looping her back was really good.

00:53:22:01 - 00:53:52:16

Yeah, but you guys saw what I was doing. I wasn't doing anything special. Um, I was just kind of going over the benefits because there's something. It's. It's half the time. It's just something to not understanding. Like, I can say, like I said it more than I said it three times about the, you know, I'm going to send you the paperwork. You don't have to pay. You don't have to pay today. You don't have to pay today. Um, and like, this is and then, then it was almost to the point where I'm just like, all right, this is the whole process. I mean, you can have, uh, you can have this information. I'm going to go through the whole process so that way you know what is about to happen. And then it's also, you know, solidifying in their mind.

00:53:52:18 - 00:53:58:14

This is what is about to happen. This is what we're doing. That's why we're on the phone. There's a purpose to this conversation.

00:54:00:19 - 00:54:33:06

And I hope you'll be able to get her. And, uh, even if we got to call Chase Fraud Prevention to get the account number, we'll try something. Maybe that's Bank of America, but we'll figure that out. Um, but and then it's just dismissing, like, trying to get to the root of these objections. Like with, with her husband. Her ex-husband is like, I had to eventually be like, what are you talking about? And it's like, you don't need to consult that guy. He's not part of this at all. He doesn't have access to your money. You guys are separate from each other. Um, none of that makes sense.

00:54:33:08 - 00:54:42:00

And that's why I said, what questions do you think he's going to have stolen directly from that sheet that is on the website and distributor around the office?

00:54:44:14 - 00:54:55:08

And Ernie think that's a great point because as someone's like, Hey, I need to talk to my kids about it. Okay. Well, what questions do you think that they're going to have? You know, you can really use that a lot.

00:54:57:21 - 00:55:00:16

Because if they come up mean and go ahead and you sorry.

00:55:03:00 - 00:55:03:24

No, I didn't know if.

00:55:05:13 - 00:55:06:19

Vicki or Shannon or.

00:55:09:03 - 00:55:10:21

Tyler had a question or anything.

00:55:11:05 - 00:55:11:20


00:55:13:03 - 00:55:13:18


00:55:13:20 - 00:55:15:03

Sorry, Taylor. All right.

00:55:17:05 - 00:55:17:20


00:55:18:22 - 00:55:19:13

It's all the time.

00:55:20:09 - 00:55:50:19

Yep. And then, uh. Yeah, because it is a good like the way I look at it, if they answer that question, like what questions do you think they would have for me? Oh, I don't think they'd have any. Okay. Then they just said it without me saying it. Well then you don't need to talk to them. So, I mean, they're basically saying, oh, I don't think I think they'd be okay with it. Like it? Okay, well, yeah, let's give it let's get it out to them so they can actually show it to them and then move on. Like, I'm not getting agreement there. I'm not getting the affirmative. I'm just like, Yeah, so let's get it out there so you can actually show them.

00:55:50:21 - 00:55:51:19

And guess that's what

00:55:53:19 - 00:56:21:16

it's like. Sometimes it's dismissive, but it works. It's because you're basically dismissing it a nice way and like that is not valid. Instead of saying you don't need to talk to anybody. Like what? That lady. Just like, I'm just like, you don't need to talk to Don, you know, forget Don, he's out. Um, because that that guy really had no connection except for, you know, get alum or alimony or whatever she's getting. Now. Any other questions before. End this.

00:56:24:02 - 00:56:25:16

I've got eight people on here.

00:56:27:16 - 00:56:30:03

Shannon. Vicky. Nathan. Taylor.

00:56:30:07 - 00:56:30:24


00:56:34:07 - 00:56:35:10

Okay, guys, I'll end it.

Watch the Full Video Here: Looping and Objection Training

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