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Looping and Objection Training

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Video Here: Looping and Objection Training

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That's interesting. You see this? There's a new button on here, but let's get off that. So this is just a quick call review with Ariel. Um, so she brings me on like, the typical like, you know, her yesterday was her first day ever on the phones, so. So this is more about controlling the sale and getting over objections. Like when I come in, I heard a lot. I heard a lot of the call, like, I don't know, three, like three minutes of the nine minutes before I actually came in and you'll hear me talking to her and stuff.

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But the call was very good. But it's going to be a little bit of a longer training session. But I just want you guys to see, um, basically call control and getting over objections where they tell you one thing like, um, oh my, this, this particular one, you'll see it like ex-husband pays some of her bills from before. And then I'm like, okay, basically get her off that and you'll see, um, just you're just getting people off of their objections that don't make any sense and then just trying to control the call. So let me find it here.

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All right. So we'll begin this. Make sure you guys can hear this.

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Hello? Yes.

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Okay. Hi, Miss Sheila. How's it going in Miami today? Good, Thank you. How's the weather so far? I'm up in Wesley Chapel. It's already getting pretty windy.

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It's about to rain.

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Yeah, we're fixing to get it to Miss Sheila. My name is Ariel, and I'm over here at Senior Live Services. I was following up with you because you recently spoke with one of our representatives about life insurance programs we offer. My job is to go over the benefits and answer your questions. I just need to confirm the information you'd given to one of our representatives. I have.

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Hold a minute. Hold a minute. Yeah.

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Yes, sir.

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Yes, ma'am.

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Yeah, I'm back.

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All right. No worries. Miss Sheila. I have your date of birth as January 9th of 48. Is that correct? No.

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September 21st. September.

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September 1st.

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I can correct that, Miss Sheila. No problem. All right. And then on here, are you a smoker or non smoker? Smoke? No smoke.

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You were going to list your son as your beneficiary?

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What is your son's name? Is Sheila.

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Robert Golson.

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Robert Johnson.

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We spell that for me, Miss Sheila Goldson. Goldson. That's a cool name.

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Let me put on here. So like I said, Miss. My name is Ariel, and we are a consultant firm, which means it works better for you because we don't work for one particular company. What we do is we work for several companies, so it actually helps us get the best rates and benefits for what you're looking to get. Um, now, so you're not looking for benefits just for yourself? This is going to be for your son, Robert. That's great. Do you handle all your business?

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And I did notice that. Um, so, Ariel, when you're asking about that, because I just don't want you to confuse that when you're asking about benefits for yourself, they're the insured, and you are 100% right that it is going to benefit. Robert But you always want to make clarify like it's is it for you? He's the beneficiary. So I mean say that plenty like so you're the you want to be you'd be the one with the policy but your son would be the one that actually receives the money. Correct. You know, something like that.

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No, but you know what I mean. So does that makes does that make sense? Like she's the insurer. Get it? Okay, cool.

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I over talk myself and repeat too much.

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No, this is this is going very well. This is just verifying info. You're doing it line by line like we like we worked on. And you know, she's giving you the information and agreeing that's what we need this yourself for.

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Does anybody.

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Okay. No, I don't listen.

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All right. Now, do you with your beneficiary, do you already have a policy or will this be your first policy, Miss Sheila? Well.

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I have a policy. That's why you keep bothering me. And I have to worry about your insurance. You don't need any more insurance.

00:04:32:08 - 00:04:39:08

What? Who do you have for a policy? Right now, I'm a Sheila Prudential. Who? I'm sorry, Who don't you?

00:04:40:10 - 00:04:43:14

Credential credential. Long term.

00:04:44:11 - 00:04:45:09

How long have you had it?

00:04:46:03 - 00:04:53:07

I don't even remember this. Oh, man. That you do. You've had it because he was. He was a little boy. Anybody

00:04:54:21 - 00:04:58:14

who was going to worry about him, you don't need any more insurance.

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As they say. I guess that's the way they are on the ground. Everything going up the way it is, You can never.

00:05:07:16 - 00:05:12:10

Well, actually, said you. I'm getting a text who can't hear. Can you guys all hear the client?

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I can not understand anything she's saying. It sounds like there's, like, really, really bad feedback in the background.

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Does anybody else? Just started. It just started. Okay. Well, yeah. Okay. Let me see. I can hear her fine. I got my headset on.

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Never have enough coverage of that safety net, you know? Sheila.

00:05:30:00 - 00:05:30:16

I know.

00:05:31:03 - 00:05:37:15

Have you ever. Let me see. Planned a funeral for your son?

00:05:38:03 - 00:05:40:05

No. He needs to cremate me.

00:05:41:09 - 00:05:43:05

Yeah. You've never had a plan? A funeral?

00:05:43:15 - 00:05:48:15

No, that's a cremations. Okay, let me see.

00:05:48:17 - 00:05:57:10

Okay, so based on everything I'm looking at, it looks like a whole life policy is definitely good for you. Is that what you currently have as a whole life policy?

00:05:57:12 - 00:06:03:08

Yes, I have a whole life policy. And. There is on it too.

00:06:04:14 - 00:06:05:11

Well, our company is.

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And here is a good time to get as much information. She's answering the questions. I always call it like foot in the door. Like if she's answering one question, showing it tomorrow more. Okay, what are you So they're taking usually I just be very something. So they're taking money out of your account each month. How much how much are they taking for that life insurance policy? All right. And do you know how much coverage that's for? Just so that way I'm dealing with it now. I'm going to manage the expectations. So down, down later on, I'm not sounding like I wasn't listening. Like, I understand you have a whole life.

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You have this, you have this, and then it becomes things like you only have 5000. So the typical burial is 10 to 12 and you're going to live another 20 years. So you could you shouldn't be adding 15, you know, things like that.

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Growing really fast. Like I said, we work for many insurance companies and they designed products specifically specifically for our customers unique situations. Yes, they may be in a state or and they're all Satan's federally regulated and backed by the government. They're state approved whole plans, which means the premiums never go up in the benefit. The benefits never go down. So you're going to be secure with that. And the benefit that we pay out to your family member is 100% tax free.

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A lot of companies don't offer that. Yeah. So you're with me so far, Miss Sheila.

00:07:26:20 - 00:07:27:18

Yes. Yes.

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Let's see. How much would be the monthly payment? Let me hear.

00:07:32:23 - 00:07:34:00

Well, see that?

00:07:34:08 - 00:07:46:04

That's. Yeah, sometimes. Let's see how she handles. You don't want to be rushed. No, we're not giving monthly premiums. It's $1 million for a buck. You in things like that. And then you can just get them off there and then continue.

00:07:46:22 - 00:07:54:19

That's what we do next is I just have to ask you a few health questions. You already answered for me that you are a non-smoker. So good for you, Miss Sheila.

00:07:56:18 - 00:07:58:05

No, I didn't either.

00:07:58:22 - 00:08:06:23

Me either. Mikayla. Me either. And I'm correcting your birthday. They had in here. It was September 21st. Yeah.

00:08:07:02 - 00:08:09:16

1948, correct? Yes.

00:08:09:19 - 00:08:11:19

My birthday. September 4th.

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00:08:13:19 - 00:08:15:02

We're twins, Miss Sheila.

00:08:16:21 - 00:08:17:11


00:08:18:06 - 00:08:19:13

So we must be twins.

00:08:21:14 - 00:08:24:06

All right, so your exact age is.

00:08:24:24 - 00:08:28:13

No, I don't see that even thinking. Boy.

00:08:28:22 - 00:08:30:21

I'll do the math with you.

00:08:32:06 - 00:08:36:10

Wait a minute. Actually, I don't know. Go get your go. Get your paper and pencil.

00:08:38:16 - 00:08:41:09

Let me see here. What is your height, Miss Sheila?

00:08:41:15 - 00:08:47:24

5151. And my granddaughter is six one.

00:08:48:12 - 00:08:56:05

I'm 510. And I think my daughter is going to be taller than me. She looks like she's going to be a six footer for sure. She's my.

00:08:56:07 - 00:08:58:13

Granddaughter. Is my grandson. Both of them?

00:08:58:23 - 00:09:05:13

Yeah. My my daughter is 11 and she is above my shoulder, so I think she's in my life.

00:09:06:05 - 00:09:09:10

Going to pass me. This is ready to laugh at me, huh?

00:09:09:12 - 00:09:10:02

I'm sure

00:09:12:20 - 00:09:15:01

they all look out for you. They don't say Miss Sheila.

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So let's call rings. I mean, this phone. This must be her house phone. But it rings a lot during this call, so this is probably all Medicaid and stuff. She even answers it at one point.

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00:09:29:06 - 00:09:34:22

Oh, right there. Okay. All right. She was on the phone with them for, like, a minute, so just skip that and.

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Me see on here. I know you don't use tobacco. I corrected your birthday. Do you have diabetes, Miss Sheila?