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Keeping Clients on the Phone Round Table Discussion

Updated: Apr 15

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Uh, good morning, everybody. We had a pretty darn good day yesterday. Um, so I got a couple topics. We're going to go intros over intros right after the flowchart. Uh, Josh, Zach James. And I think the only one that we didn't show this to is Justin yesterday. This was made, and it was a while back. It was actually made. But then we added American Homelife Patriot to our roster. So basically this became useless.

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So yesterday we, you know, decided to fix it because a lot of people were happy about it and liked the simplicity of it. Um. So you guys have seen these before, I'm guessing. And school flowchart.

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Yep. Okay, Awesome. So I just broke down. So Lexi and I worked on this. Nikki helped. There's a lot of people involved. Debbie helped us. The first one. Um.

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So what I did is I just like the most common stuff that keeps happening over and over again. So let's say you have a stroke. You know, somebody mentioned stroke. You know, the very first question like it's more about and Lexie, really explain this. Well, to me, it's more about what is the next question that I have to ask? Because if I say, oh, you do have diabetes. Yes. Okay. Do you have COPD? I don't really care about the diabetes. Like almost none of the carriers care about diabetes just for the sake of diabetes. They care about the other problems that it causes.

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So, you know, that's never going to be the real question. So like, let's take diabetes. Um, the very first question that I was taught most people should be taught is like, oh, have diabetes. Okay, have you ever taken medication for neuropathy? Not and gabapentin Lyrica because that will tell us that, you know, they have what do they admit to the neuropathy or not if they have diabetes and or taking the road and gabapentin or Lyrica they will certainly go be a yes and then you can get them a prosperity level if that's the case.

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Um. If. If the answer is no, then the really. Have you taken insulin prior to 50? If that answer is no, then it's pioneer preferred. If that answer's yes, it is Patriot preferred. I pretty much for the most part, guys, I pretty much eliminated almost all Gerber's on here. Think there's 2 or 3 instances of Gerber current cancer Alzheimer's dementia diagnosed in the last two years and oxygen and daily living activities. And that's really the only reason that Gerber should be written.

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And I want to fly through this without explaining is there any questions on how this works?

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You can make one change on it. Ernie Sure. Um, for do they have CHF under heart problems? If it's under two years of treatment, they don't have to go. Gerber They can go. Prosperity modified as long as they haven't used oxygen in the last year and they haven't been in the hospital in the last 30 days.

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Prosperity modified will take CHF as long as those other things are met.

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Prosperity modified. No hospitalizations or.

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No hospital in the last 30 days and no oxygen use in the last year. And you should be good to go with that.

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We're less year.

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Or depending on like price is an issue. You want me to put what, like prime term or prosperity modified? Yeah. Okay.

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I mean, prosperity modified isn't the cheapest thing in the known universe, but it's still better than Gerber because it assumes the client pays for a whole year.

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Correct? Yes.

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Prosperity lightened up on their blood thinners.

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No, no. They still suck.

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They say blood thinner. And I'm like, that's not. I mean, this should be approved, but it won't be. So I try to go to another company.

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That's the only downside to the CHF, because if they have CHF, most likely they're going to be on some sort of blood thinner. Nine times out of ten. I've seen blood thinners with CHF. They just have to be on it consistently for two years with no changes. Right?

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Well, if the blood thinner usage is inconsistent, it won't be a decline. They just will offer them modified, which they would be anyways with CHF.

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Okay. I'll make that change. This is a I can't change it in this file. Um.

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And then guys like this, like, I really think this is really helpful for a lot of people because our goal is like, we have to right 50% pioneer throughout the year to get on the trip, which we will be able to do even with this. But like this, like I find this very helpful like for new people wish had something like this like how long was the cardiac event if they don't have congestive heart failure? Boom, you're all the way over here. Now, if that heart attack was there's so many things here, it's like, okay, less than a year standard.

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Somebody's drawing on it. That's cool.

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What are you drawing? Who's that?

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All right. So less than a year standard, but more than a year now, they all if it's more than a year ago, every single person should be getting a media coverage.

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And standard plus for the most part, guys. I mean, you correct me if I'm wrong, but I see almost zero reasons to ever write a standard plus.

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No, never.

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Come on. There.

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One of my favorite parts about the flowchart is if you scroll down.

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Over there to the right. You have the names of the companies that will accept which forms of payment and then also the name of the companies that you have are carriers over there, Pioneer, Patriot, Prosperity and the prime term. And it shows where they're not available.

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That's possible. We've all fallen into the Pennsylvania trap, so. Damn it.

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So where can this chart be found?

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So I'm going to put it on the the goat training site. But also I emailed it, but I'm going to make just because that's going to be I'll put the change that Zach just recommended because that's true. And then I'll distribute it to whoever wants. If you guys want to drop your emails in the chat after I make that change, I'll copy and paste and just send a message. Email.

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Is there any way you could pin like put the PDF in the group and pin it to the top? That would be easier for you and you don't have to send like 30,000 emails.

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Oh, look at Zach. So smart.

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But I did it mean I just. Maybe I'm the dumb one, but I never like Nikki tried to pin it in our chat and that doesn't open properly. So I don't know how. Maybe Nike does it open properly for you.

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Yeah, it opens properly when you click on it the right way. You just got to click on Link.

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Click on the link.

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Okay, This little chart is. The little blue guy.

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It just takes me to log in to something.

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But yes, I can. Nikki. Do you mind if it's download on your phone? Can you pin it to the telesales chat too? Yeah. Okay.

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So, you guys. So what I did in the home office, I just printed some out and then handed them out. If you print it out, it's definitely very helpful. It'll be. I'm not saying don't read your agent guide and don't learn the underwriting, but, you know, if in a in a pinch this will work really well, especially if James mentioned if you know, an SBC's not available, nobody is, you know, immediately answering your questions on GroupMe. This will be a life saver. It's like, okay, well, it's stroke, okay. You know, and I put at the very top, this is a big thing that Josh and Zach covered with Nikki and I.

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It doesn't. All we're looking for when you're doing underwriting, which I think is confusing for a lot of people, like I'll hear somebody say, Oh, they got blood pressure. They had a stroke four years ago. They had a heart attack six years ago and they are diagnosed with arthritis. So the only thing you're looking at is the worst possible thing that they said. So in that situation, like it's over three years for the stroke, it's over three years for the heart attack. They don't care about arthritis. It's preferred. Hopefully that makes sense because I'm only like if somebody says, Oh, I'm on oxygen, I might ask them a couple additional questions like, Right, how long have you been on oxygen? And after that question, I know what they qualify.

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And the only reason I'm asking any health questions after that is I don't want them to feel like they've been pigeonholed and like, oh, all year, I'm not going to. I've heard people believe me. I've heard agents say that, Oh, you're a Gerber. It's like, don't say that to people. So so I'll ask them a few extra questions and then I will, you know, qualify them. You guys do that as well? Hopefully you do. Because if they don't, you're going to. You know, people are going to be like, what? That's it. Like, Yeah.

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Yeah. Ask all the questions regardless.

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And let's do it.

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I do it just to show that I've been doing this for a while. Like, I'll listen. Medication's off the top of my head, stuff like that. So that way they'd be like, Oh, this person has some idea of what they're talking about. I'm not talking to someone who's brand new. Like the health is almost my way of showing, like asking the health questions and showing how much I know about it is almost a way of me kind of like building that credibility of, Oh, I've been doing this for a while.

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Up an example of that. So let's say the person did say they're on oxygen and they just it was six months ago, you know, they're Gerber. So what's that saying? It's like, okay. What? I mean, at that point you can you can be very casual. Like what else you got going on. Oh, got blood pressure. Okay. You're taking like lisinopril amlodipine and they're like oh this in April. Oh my God. And then. Oh, okay. So I'm on a water pill. Okay. Is it hydrochlorothiazide for Osama? It's for Osama. How did you know that? Believe me, those little things really turn the people's brains and be like, Okay, I'm dealing with an expert.

00:10:45:11 - 00:10:50:14

I should be able to trust this guy more because who what scammer is out there studying this all day?

00:10:55:01 - 00:10:56:12

You never know, Ernie.

00:10:57:17 - 00:11:01:06

Yeah, well, whatever. That's. That's what they might say. Yeah.

00:11:01:14 - 00:11:02:22

I'm just. I'm just messing around.

00:11:03:15 - 00:11:07:00

It's like I'd be like. Sometimes you do. That's the first thing I would say.

00:11:09:17 - 00:11:17:09

I've said that to the people before. I'm like, Mrs. Jones, if this is a scam, as at this point, I might as well just sell insurance. If I've taken the time to memorize all this stuff.

00:11:18:06 - 00:11:23:23

And that works sometimes that's like my that's my last ditch. Like, listen, come on, let's get real.

00:11:27:23 - 00:11:29:03

All right. So I got.

00:11:30:06 - 00:11:31:16

A really good scam. A good one.

00:11:35:03 - 00:11:44:08

All right. And so I will. Yeah, we'll distribute this and figure that out. I'm going to people that did drop their emails. I'm going to copy those and send them, um.

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All right. So I'm going to stop this share.

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Okay. So does anybody have. I'm glad Sam's always participating. She's always in there first, so. Intros. I'm sure you guys all know that. Like, getting through the intro is like, one of the most important parts of the presentation.

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Thank you, Sylvia.

00:12:15:17 - 00:12:22:00

Does anybody have any advice for Sam? Like. Like I wanted to start like General and then more specific, like for intros.

00:12:25:12 - 00:12:32:16

But getting through the intro and moving to the next stage where you're actually telling them that you're going to help them and how you're going to help them.

00:12:33:22 - 00:12:36:11

You got to sound like. Oh, sorry.

00:12:37:00 - 00:12:38:24

I was just asking if he had a mirror on and stuff.

00:12:42:11 - 00:12:44:15

I do. Maybe. Okay, good.

00:12:45:20 - 00:12:47:03

It makes a huge difference.

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Okay, That's. Yeah, that's general. So that's, like. So that you can actually, like, be smiling and, you know, even, you know, you for smile will still make you happy. So, you know, just, you know, try that.

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Well, Kenya has a great thing in the comments you have to expect on the call that they are going to give you pushback. Expect if they don't give you pushback that you got lucky or like something's wrong because like you need to go in expecting that they're going to give you pushback every single time and you have to be prepared for it. Also, if people read the same script

00:13:26:09 - 00:13:36:10

to varying degrees, like 1 or 2 degrees off, but earning your scripts not too far off from Justin's, which is not too far off from because like, people generally read the same style of script.

00:13:38:22 - 00:13:46:04

The same leads. So the only thing that really separates people is tonality and how prepared they are to handle a rebuttal.

00:13:47:24 - 00:14:21:12

So it really comes down to those two things and making sure you have those rebuttals memorized like the back of your hand. Like I remember I don't know if he's on the call, but Griffin, when he was in office and telesales south, it was the craziest thing I'd ever seen. Like when I was in New Agent, I was like enraptured, and he would just come into the office and be like, All right, hit me with an objection. And then we would hit him with an objection. He respond, All right, another one. All right, Another one. All right, another one. And then he would just drill them down until he knew them like the back of his hand. Instantly he could give a response no matter what the objection was.

00:14:24:05 - 00:14:37:12

And that's just muscle memory. Guys like. Like he's not really thinking hard about what he's about to say. Always, always hearing his keywords in those keywords trigger a response in his brain that he's just going to say these words every time he hears those words.

00:14:40:15 - 00:15:12:15

And tonality. Yeah, that's that's the number one thing. So my intro like I'll use and just looking at a name, Dustin Burke. It's like, Hey, Dustin, how's everything been going out there in Vero Beach? They're going to be like, Good, you know, you can use that right there. You can use it no matter what they say. You can use it if it's, you know, terrible or, you know, just, you know, hopefully not terrible. Well, hopefully can make you a little happier here and then like really do it more casual, but like, hey, it's like, hey, Dustin, how's everything been going out there in Vero Beach? Oh, pretty good.

00:15:12:17 - 00:15:39:23

Well, that's good to hear. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason for my call is you had spoken with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Florida. My job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So I'm going to confirm this info first. So I have you at one, two, three Main Street. Always go left to right in the city of Vero Beach. Yes. Okay. Have your birthday is 1222 1950.

00:15:40:03 - 00:15:40:18


00:15:40:20 - 00:16:12:20

And I understand we're looking for about $20,000 in coverage and understand that's going to go to your wife. Is all that correct? There's nothing in there that they should be able to push back that hard. I always had a rule and just like I don't want them talking too much until at least the information is confirmed. So that should help you a lot. Same like I don't care what they say until I've confirmed that information because that's the only way I'm going to differentiate myself from an actual telemarketer. And mean that's what we're doing because we're selling over the phone.

00:16:12:22 - 00:16:30:16

So we're telemarketers. But that's going to differentiate yourself and let them know that they did request this regardless if they remember or not. Most people are not being given a bunch of information or getting a bunch of information if they're calling random. Yes, Pops. 60% of the time. It works every time.

00:16:34:10 - 00:16:36:14

Oh. Thought. If you're not impressed.