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Jolivert Call Introduction Reviews

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All right, We got a special guest. Mills here. Say hi, Nikki. We're going to do a call for a few divers. Started a couple of weeks ago. I think the number one issue is going to be. Getting past the intro so that you can present. So we have a few suggestions already, but do want to listen to these calls so we can figure out what really has to change. I am pulling up the whole report here because I wanted to see.

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If what I just said tracks.

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So we're going to find Javert.

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Was that last week? Okay. Yeah.

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You might have to just scroll.

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Comments. Not in here.

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You might just have to scroll. There he is. Work up a little bit.

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They're. I still say VeriFone.

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It does. Instead of. Yeah. No, it doesn't.

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No, I just seen them, though. I thought I did.

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Wherever is okay. Yeah. So last week. Uh, $510, which isn't real high. Um.

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19 set appointment.

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Did have one sale in there which he needs to definitely disposition for somebody gets it. All right. So 510.

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That's like 100 dials a day. I don't know why I'm pulling up the calculator. So basically, it's going to be intros. That's what we have to listen to because the 510, you know, depending on your ability, will actually make a big difference. Like Jacob George, 18 hours, 377 Dials.

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Yeah, 510 dials and that amount of talk time.

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Is relevantly low when you're first starting out. The dial count is a little high there, but I don't know if you're double dialing.

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Yes, it's working on that double dialing.

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Oh, he wasn't doing that very first, but we've got it because you can see the double dials here. This is all this is today's.

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But we want to get that talk time way up in this. Probably way up like think. Think it took Nathan to hit the 19,000. 30 hours talk time. He had like 1700 contacts. So I'm like that, right?

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When Nathan first started, he had a streak of 25 hours of talk time for a long time.

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12, 12, 13 weeks. Yeah, maybe longer. Like 18. Think it was all time good to.

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Just really try to dedicate three months of your time to really crafting and learning the script because the more comfortable you are with the script. Oliver, the better that you're going to be with the process of going through and selling them. And then so that'll take more talk time. But the more you get through the script and the process, it'll be better for you.

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Right. All right. So let's pull some calls. So this is a minute 44. So I'm just pulling these are going to be a lot of intro calls, so I figure we just listen to them.

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So hello there, Timothy. How's everything out in Quincy, Florida?

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Oh, no, you tell me.

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Is it raining down there?

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Are you telling me, hey, everything's been there Good. And Quincy, Florida.

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Is raining? Is it raining down there? Huh? I heard it was raining. Is it raining down there?

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No, no, it's not raining.

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All right. Everything is sunshine.

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Yes, ma'am.

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Man, it's raining where I'm at.

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Where are you at? I'm in.

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Florida myself.

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Oh, yeah?

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Yeah. Um, Kenneth, he was giving you a call. You Senior Live Services, because a while back, you spoke to my colleague about state approved life insurance.

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I've heard that a few times. The colleague thing that. That gets me.

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I think that I don't know where the where that came from. I've heard Moses say it before, too.

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I've told him not to because colleague implies they're on the same level as us and they're not because they can't sell the life insurance. They can't present life insurance. All they're doing is making a quick call and verifying that they want somebody that's licensed to call them. So that's why, say reps and if you say colleagues that you might invite other questions like oh, who was it? You have no idea. So don't say that. So it's just not a good thing to say.

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So you want to just stick to the script there and say you recently or a little while back, you spoke with one of our representatives.

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Or reps mean whatever comes out of your mouth better. But yeah, not not colleagues or colleagues just implies something that you don't want it to imply.

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I already got good life insurance. Are you.

00:04:44:11 - 00:04:46:19

Dead? How long ago did you get that in place?

00:04:47:13 - 00:04:52:17

It's been going on with like about 15 years. I ain't going to switch up.

00:04:52:19 - 00:05:02:17

Yeah, that's good. Yeah. If you can switch up right now, you're not getting the same benefit that you get back then because back then you were more healthy and younger. Yeah. So we're just looking for extra coverage then.

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We don't know that this is actually good. Looking for extra coverage then? I mean, that's all you can really do. You're agreeing with them. You're telling him, Um, basically, I wouldn't tell him that because he was healthier. That's one thing would leave off. But he was definitely younger. I mean, even if they were very unhealthy 15 years ago, should be. Even if he was in the worst health of his life, should be cheaper than anything he could find, even if he's in the best health of his life.

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I can't afford it.

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Okay, so that was good. I didn't really mind that one.

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At all. I think that in the beginning to you kind of like gave him like he was like joking with you and kind of giving you a hard time at first and you're able to get past that. So think you did a good job there, Oliver, with that?

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And then you keep saying, Oliver, is that mean? Is that what you're recommending? Like, I mean, that is an unusual name and it's a name to be proud of. The thing is, like, we want to make sure that they're not asking. Don't know if that happens a lot, but if it does, yeah. Would Oliver Jolly Maybe not. Because then, you know, we're like, you know, it's too unusual.

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And I've been calling them Oliver for short, but, you know, I know this his name, but I've just been calling him Oliver for short because I feel like it's easier. And when he says John Oliver, Oliver comes up very smooth. So. So Jalabert sometimes doesn't come out as smooth. So that's why the Oliver nickname.

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Yeah. Just like, who was it? Who was it? That one by my name.

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We can call Molly. Hey.

00:06:42:06 - 00:06:42:21


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Ali All right, so we're going to try that. We're going to go to this one next. Don't. It's the same one, So.

00:06:52:24 - 00:06:56:17

Oh, it's the same one. Don't know why there are 218. Said this.

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Hello, Robert. How's that? You're not doing Pompano.

00:07:03:22 - 00:07:09:06

Okay, so I'm hearing this. This is happening a lot for a lot of people. Nikki People are when they answer.

00:07:10:21 - 00:07:13:16

We're not. You got to let them say hello.

00:07:15:04 - 00:07:26:14

Like, doesn't matter if they're one of the weirdos that pick up the phone and just hold it to their head unless, like, five, ten seconds has gone by, they have to say hello first because that's how phone calls go.

00:07:28:02 - 00:07:37:18

I'm hearing a lot. I hear from Moses, I hear from Diego. They're saying hello really fast, like before the person even has a chance to say hello, which is going to be weird and set you off on the wrong tone.

00:07:38:23 - 00:07:48:05

Right? You want the person to say hello so then you could say hello. Ernie, How's everything going out there in Vero Beach, Florida?

00:07:48:21 - 00:07:49:21

Yeah, pretty good.

00:07:51:07 - 00:07:59:16

And you don't have to. Don't say Florida. I don't know if you guys do, but don't. Don't say the name of the state because. Assume they know where they live.

00:07:59:21 - 00:08:01:08

Oh, yeah. We're just the city.

00:08:01:10 - 00:08:05:15

Yeah, just say the city. All right, so let's just listen. This guy. Florida.

00:08:08:09 - 00:08:11:21

Hello. What's that? Yeah. How's everything in Pompano, Florida?

00:08:13:13 - 00:08:14:04

Who are you?

00:08:14:08 - 00:08:44:22

Okay. A lot of it is just. You just got to enunciate, especially in the beginning. So it's really just got to be. Hey, Bob, How's everything been going out there in Florida? If it's just Florida, then got no city. How's everything been going out there in Florida? Because it has to sound like really like, Hey, how's everything been going out there in Florida? Okay, great. Like, who are you? Yeah, this is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling just like that. If they say, who are you? Don't don't get all. Definitely don't get taken aback. It's not a big deal. You're going to tell them who you are in the very next sentence.

00:08:44:24 - 00:08:46:11

So just read it confidently.

00:08:48:01 - 00:09:10:16

Robert My name is John, lover of Student Life Services. I'm calling you because, like a couple weeks ago you spoke to my colleague about state approved life insurance program for the state of Florida. And my job is to go over this benefit with you. And so any question you have, let me confirm the info that you left with my company. I will address you as 23.

00:09:10:18 - 00:09:43:03

So you're using you'll find this is one of the biggest things if you're using different words every single time that you speak to somebody, they're not going to come out confidently. So you said company this time Last time it was wrapped. So, you know, I would just read the script verbatim like, and if you need to change this, a couple things right now we already established we need to not say colleagues because it just sends the wrong message. I would either say reps, I like reps better because it's more casual than representatives. That's what I say now. Just recently spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs.

00:09:43:17 - 00:09:46:18

Um, anything that you hear? Nikki that I'm not covering.

00:09:49:09 - 00:10:03:21

No, you're fine. Okay. Just that, like you said, that he switched it up there. To where? Then he switched his words around. If he just stuck with rep or representative, then right here would be. Let me just confirm the information you gave our rep. Our representative?

00:10:03:24 - 00:10:08:19

Yeah. Lucaya Lane apartment M, Is that right?

00:10:09:19 - 00:10:30:13

So you talk really fast and you can't really hear you, like at a beach. That's all I heard. Like, don't even know which beach it is. So if you talk fast, you're going to have you know, you're going to have issues. Just remember, these people are old and they need to be spoke to kind of slowly. I mean, you can get through certain things quickly, but you do have to speak enough so that they definitely understand you because it's going to be super important throughout the whole call.

00:10:31:06 - 00:10:34:14

To what roof are you talking about? A roof?

00:10:35:04 - 00:10:44:23

No. See, whenever you get those kind of reactions, guys, you guys got to know that something isn't coming through clearly. Otherwise they wouldn't, you know, be so thrown off.

00:10:46:15 - 00:10:59:08

I can tell you right now, the first four seconds, if it's not handled really well, you know, there's no reason almost well, I mean, you can sometimes save it. They might give you like ten more seconds to save it. But if, you know, they're asking questions like this, you're going to have a hard time.

00:11:00:01 - 00:11:01:10

No life insurance.

00:11:02:20 - 00:11:04:03

Oh, life insurance. Yeah.

00:11:04:05 - 00:11:14:00

That spoke to you like, uh, 321, which is March 21st. Yeah, You said the first to call you back, and I'm just calling you back to get with you.

00:11:15:00 - 00:11:19:03

Okay. I'm good for now. I've already taken care.

00:11:19:06 - 00:11:50:19

So this is. This is. This might not be a follow up, but it's got notes in it, obviously in March 21st. Um, so when you have to approach those like they're not going to help you make the sale, like if it's a follow up and it's been like they were on the phone for an hour or somebody like I'm calling up to finish that application, it's like, that's what I would say. Like you see 30 minutes on talk time or some kind of note that says, you know, they got this information, use that information to talk to them. But like, okay, well, it doesn't matter how it goes. Like, so where did you guys leave it? Okay? Yeah.

00:11:51:04 - 00:11:59:19

Where you presented some quotes. Okay. You know that kind of talk where you want to find out how it went with the other person? What happened, why it's not closed at this point.

00:12:01:10 - 00:12:02:00

Got that?