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Jolivert Call Introduction Reviews

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All right, We got a special guest. Mills here. Say hi, Nikki. We're going to do a call for a few divers. Started a couple of weeks ago. I think the number one issue is going to be. Getting past the intro so that you can present. So we have a few suggestions already, but do want to listen to these calls so we can figure out what really has to change. I am pulling up the whole report here because I wanted to see.

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If what I just said tracks.

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So we're going to find Javert.

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Was that last week? Okay. Yeah.

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You might have to just scroll.

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Comments. Not in here.

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You might just have to scroll. There he is. Work up a little bit.

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They're. I still say VeriFone.

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It does. Instead of. Yeah. No, it doesn't.

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No, I just seen them, though. I thought I did.

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Wherever is okay. Yeah. So last week. Uh, $510, which isn't real high. Um.

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19 set appointment.

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Did have one sale in there which he needs to definitely disposition for somebody gets it. All right. So 510.

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That's like 100 dials a day. I don't know why I'm pulling up the calculator. So basically, it's going to be intros. That's what we have to listen to because the 510, you know, depending on your ability, will actually make a big difference. Like Jacob George, 18 hours, 377 Dials.

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Yeah, 510 dials and that amount of talk time.

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Is relevantly low when you're first starting out. The dial count is a little high there, but I don't know if you're double dialing.

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Yes, it's working on that double dialing.

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Oh, he wasn't doing that very first, but we've got it because you can see the double dials here. This is all this is today's.

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But we want to get that talk time way up in this. Probably way up like think. Think it took Nathan to hit the 19,000. 30 hours talk time. He had like 1700 contacts. So I'm like that, right?

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When Nathan first started, he had a streak of 25 hours of talk time for a long time.

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12, 12, 13 weeks. Yeah, maybe longer. Like 18. Think it was all time good to.

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Just really try to dedicate three months of your time to really crafting and learning the script because the more comfortable you are with the script. Oliver, the better that you're going to be with the process of going through and selling them. And then so that'll take more talk time. But the more you get through the script and the process, it'll be better for you.

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Right. All right. So let's pull some calls. So this is a minute 44. So I'm just pulling these are going to be a lot of intro calls, so I figure we just listen to them.

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So hello there, Timothy. How's everything out in Quincy, Florida?

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Oh, no, you tell me.

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Is it raining down there?

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Are you telling me, hey, everything's been there Good. And Quincy, Florida.

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Is raining? Is it raining down there? Huh? I heard it was raining. Is it raining down there?

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No, no, it's not raining.

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All right. Everything is sunshine.

00:03:29:17 - 00:03:30:15

Yes, ma'am.

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Man, it's raining where I'm at.

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Where are you at? I'm in.

00:03:34:17 - 00:03:35:20

Florida myself.

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Oh, yeah?

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Yeah. Um, Kenneth, he was giving you a call. You Senior Live Services, because a while back, you spoke to my colleague about state approved life insurance.

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I've heard that a few times. The colleague thing that. That gets me.

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I think that I don't know where the where that came from. I've heard Moses say it before, too.

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I've told him not to because colleague implies they're on the same level as us and they're not because they can't sell the life insurance. They can't present life insurance. All they're doing is making a quick call and verifying that they want somebody that's licensed to call them. So that's why, say reps and if you say colleagues that you might invite other questions like oh, who was it? You have no idea. So don't say that. So it's just not a good thing to say.

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So you want to just stick to the script there and say you recently or a little while back, you spoke with one of our representatives.

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Or reps mean whatever comes out of your mouth better. But yeah, not not colleagues or colleagues just implies something that you don't want it to imply.

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I already got good life insurance. Are you.

00:04:44:11 - 00:04:46:19

Dead? How long ago did you get that in place?

00:04:47:13 - 00:04:52:17

It's been going on with like about 15 years. I ain't going to switch up.

00:04:52:19 - 00:05:02:17

Yeah, that's good. Yeah. If you can switch up right now, you're not getting the same benefit that you get back then because back then you were more healthy and younger. Yeah. So we're just looking for extra coverage then.

00:05:02:24 - 00:05:26:09

We don't know that this is actually good. Looking for extra coverage then? I mean, that's all you can really do. You're agreeing with them. You're telling him, Um, basically, I wouldn't tell him that because he was healthier. That's one thing would leave off. But he was definitely younger. I mean, even if they were very unhealthy 15 years ago, should be. Even if he was in the worst health of his life, should be cheaper than anything he could find, even if he's in the best health of his life.

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I can't afford it.

00:05:33:14 - 00:05:37:00

Okay, so that was good. I didn't really mind that one.

00:05:38:10 - 00:05:51:16

At all. I think that in the beginning to you kind of like gave him like he was like joking with you and kind of giving you a hard time at first and you're able to get past that. So think you did a good job there, Oliver, with that?

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And then you keep saying, Oliver, is that mean? Is that what you're recommending? Like, I mean, that is an unusual name and it's a name to be proud of. The thing is, like, we want to make sure that they're not asking. Don't know if that happens a lot, but if it does, yeah. Would Oliver Jolly Maybe not. Because then, you know, we're like, you know, it's too unusual.

00:06:14:00 - 00:06:34:03

And I've been calling them Oliver for short, but, you know, I know this his name, but I've just been calling him Oliver for short because I feel like it's easier. And when he says John Oliver, Oliver comes up very smooth. So. So Jalabert sometimes doesn't come out as smooth. So that's why the Oliver nickname.

00:06:35:02 - 00:06:39:11

Yeah. Just like, who was it? Who was it? That one by my name.

00:06:40:05 - 00:06:42:03

We can call Molly. Hey.

00:06:42:06 - 00:06:42:21


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Ali All right, so we're going to try that. We're going to go to this one next. Don't. It's the same one, So.

00:06:52:24 - 00:06:56:17

Oh, it's the same one. Don't know why there are 218. Said this.

00:07:00:08 - 00:07:03:20

Hello, Robert. How's that? You're not doing Pompano.

00:07:03:22 - 00:07:09:06

Okay, so I'm hearing this. This is happening a lot for a lot of people. Nikki People are when they answer.

00:07:10:21 - 00:07:13:16

We're not. You got to let them say hello.

00:07:15:04 - 00:07:26:14

Like, doesn't matter if they're one of the weirdos that pick up the phone and just hold it to their head unless, like, five, ten seconds has gone by, they have to say hello first because that's how phone calls go.

00:07:28:02 - 00:07:37:18

I'm hearing a lot. I hear from Moses, I hear from Diego. They're saying hello really fast, like before the person even has a chance to say hello, which is going to be weird and set you off on the wrong tone.

00:07:38:23 - 00:07:48:05

Right? You want the person to say hello so then you could say hello. Ernie, How's everything going out there in Vero Beach, Florida?

00:07:48:21 - 00:07:49:21

Yeah, pretty good.

00:07:51:07 - 00:07:59:16

And you don't have to. Don't say Florida. I don't know if you guys do, but don't. Don't say the name of the state because. Assume they know where they live.

00:07:59:21 - 00:08:01:08

Oh, yeah. We're just the city.

00:08:01:10 - 00:08:05:15

Yeah, just say the city. All right, so let's just listen. This guy. Florida.

00:08:08:09 - 00:08:11:21

Hello. What's that? Yeah. How's everything in Pompano, Florida?

00:08:13:13 - 00:08:14:04

Who are you?

00:08:14:08 - 00:08:44:22

Okay. A lot of it is just. You just got to enunciate, especially in the beginning. So it's really just got to be. Hey, Bob, How's everything been going out there in Florida? If it's just Florida, then got no city. How's everything been going out there in Florida? Because it has to sound like really like, Hey, how's everything been going out there in Florida? Okay, great. Like, who are you? Yeah, this is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling just like that. If they say, who are you? Don't don't get all. Definitely don't get taken aback. It's not a big deal. You're going to tell them who you are in the very next sentence.

00:08:44:24 - 00:08:46:11

So just read it confidently.

00:08:48:01 - 00:09:10:16

Robert My name is John, lover of Student Life Services. I'm calling you because, like a couple weeks ago you spoke to my colleague about state approved life insurance program for the state of Florida. And my job is to go over this benefit with you. And so any question you have, let me confirm the info that you left with my company. I will address you as 23.

00:09:10:18 - 00:09:43:03

So you're using you'll find this is one of the biggest things if you're using different words every single time that you speak to somebody, they're not going to come out confidently. So you said company this time Last time it was wrapped. So, you know, I would just read the script verbatim like, and if you need to change this, a couple things right now we already established we need to not say colleagues because it just sends the wrong message. I would either say reps, I like reps better because it's more casual than representatives. That's what I say now. Just recently spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs.

00:09:43:17 - 00:09:46:18

Um, anything that you hear? Nikki that I'm not covering.

00:09:49:09 - 00:10:03:21

No, you're fine. Okay. Just that, like you said, that he switched it up there. To where? Then he switched his words around. If he just stuck with rep or representative, then right here would be. Let me just confirm the information you gave our rep. Our representative?

00:10:03:24 - 00:10:08:19

Yeah. Lucaya Lane apartment M, Is that right?

00:10:09:19 - 00:10:30:13

So you talk really fast and you can't really hear you, like at a beach. That's all I heard. Like, don't even know which beach it is. So if you talk fast, you're going to have you know, you're going to have issues. Just remember, these people are old and they need to be spoke to kind of slowly. I mean, you can get through certain things quickly, but you do have to speak enough so that they definitely understand you because it's going to be super important throughout the whole call.

00:10:31:06 - 00:10:34:14

To what roof are you talking about? A roof?

00:10:35:04 - 00:10:44:23

No. See, whenever you get those kind of reactions, guys, you guys got to know that something isn't coming through clearly. Otherwise they wouldn't, you know, be so thrown off.

00:10:46:15 - 00:10:59:08

I can tell you right now, the first four seconds, if it's not handled really well, you know, there's no reason almost well, I mean, you can sometimes save it. They might give you like ten more seconds to save it. But if, you know, they're asking questions like this, you're going to have a hard time.

00:11:00:01 - 00:11:01:10

No life insurance.

00:11:02:20 - 00:11:04:03

Oh, life insurance. Yeah.

00:11:04:05 - 00:11:14:00

That spoke to you like, uh, 321, which is March 21st. Yeah, You said the first to call you back, and I'm just calling you back to get with you.

00:11:15:00 - 00:11:19:03

Okay. I'm good for now. I've already taken care.

00:11:19:06 - 00:11:50:19

So this is. This is. This might not be a follow up, but it's got notes in it, obviously in March 21st. Um, so when you have to approach those like they're not going to help you make the sale, like if it's a follow up and it's been like they were on the phone for an hour or somebody like I'm calling up to finish that application, it's like, that's what I would say. Like you see 30 minutes on talk time or some kind of note that says, you know, they got this information, use that information to talk to them. But like, okay, well, it doesn't matter how it goes. Like, so where did you guys leave it? Okay? Yeah.

00:11:51:04 - 00:11:59:19

Where you presented some quotes. Okay. You know that kind of talk where you want to find out how it went with the other person? What happened, why it's not closed at this point.

00:12:01:10 - 00:12:02:00

Got that?

00:12:02:08 - 00:12:04:22

Yeah. Okay. Who do you end up going with?

00:12:06:10 - 00:12:10:15

I don't have it in front of me right now. Oh, okay. I'm good. All right.

00:12:10:23 - 00:12:12:08

How long ago was that? Do you know?

00:12:12:10 - 00:12:14:00

Anyway, I appreciate the call.

00:12:14:17 - 00:12:17:17

Because you're not in control. He's not going to answer your questions.

00:12:19:21 - 00:12:26:09

Yeah. Think that if he understood more clearly what was going on in the beginning of the call, that the flow would have went a little bit smoother there.

00:12:27:22 - 00:12:38:13

Okay, So a lot of our clientele isn't really the type that's going to really hang up on you. They will answer some questions for you most of the time. So it's kind of hard to get hung up on sometimes in this business.

00:12:39:00 - 00:13:13:16

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I really don't get hung up on, especially in the beginning because usually end most calls pretty amicable if they're really not interested. I'll ask a couple of questions, but they always let me ask them because I'm so confident in the beginning and that's so clear why I'm calling that when I say things like, Oh, so you already got some coverage? Okay, that's good. A lot of people do. So obviously, this is just for additional coverage. Then when you spoke to the rep, they don't want to seem they don't want to feel stupid because somebody did spend, you know, four minutes minimum on the call with the people in the Philippines before they that you gave them all their info.

00:13:13:18 - 00:13:16:10

So that's really important to always keep in the back of your head.

00:13:17:02 - 00:13:18:10

Very easily that tomorrow.

00:13:19:07 - 00:13:35:04

How the phone calls go? Yeah. Uh, yeah, actually, I think I have one on. I have one on the website too. Okay. Like how a call it's called how if you want to if you want to put a note in there how a lead becomes a lead. Think is what the video is called.

00:13:37:16 - 00:13:46:00

Because that's a good question. And it goes very it's very simple, but it's important to know. Okay. So one minute, two seconds, let's hit this one. Well.

00:13:47:03 - 00:13:51:07

Hi there, Johnny. How's everything out there in Spring, Florida?

00:13:53:10 - 00:13:54:08

Who is this?

00:13:54:21 - 00:13:55:14

My name is John.

00:13:56:03 - 00:14:23:01

Okay, So you see, you hear how you like. How's everything going out there in spring, Florida? Because you're kind of you're like spring Florida. So it just didn't sound like you actually knew where that was. It's just got to pretend like you know, where it is. Like, how's everything going out there in Spring, Spring Hill or whatever it is, would get rid of the Florida completely, get rid of that, because that means that you're not in Florida, which you are, which helps helps you out. They're going to assume you're not in Florida because you are saying in Florida.

00:14:25:02 - 00:14:28:04

That makes sense, Nikki, because if you're in Florida, you're not going to say that.

00:14:28:18 - 00:14:36:04

Right? Like a lot of times if I was calling someone that was in Florida, like, Hey, how's everything going out there in Spring Hill? I'm over here in Vero Beach.

00:14:38:08 - 00:14:39:04

What Craig said.

00:14:39:20 - 00:14:51:05

Let them know that, hey, I'm calling you right from, you know, I'm right here in Vero Beach, Florida, you know, or somewhere in the call. I'm going to let them know that I'm in Florida. I'm going to build that report with them because thing is in Florida.

00:14:51:15 - 00:15:16:04

And that's and it's all encompassing. I'm going to assume I want them to assume I'm in the same state that they are in. So don't say, you know, how's everything going out there in Toledo, Ohio, or, you know, Detroit, Michigan. Don't say Michigan. How's everything in Detroit? Somebody that knows the area is going to say Detroit. They're not going to say Michigan like or where is that or any crap that can come later when you as soon as we get you out of Florida.

00:15:17:09 - 00:15:25:14

But if you don't feel comfortable saying the name of the city that they're in, then just say, you know, Hey, Ernie, how's everything going out there?

00:15:26:03 - 00:15:26:18


00:15:27:09 - 00:15:47:22

So sometimes, you know, if you just can't pronounce it or just something that you can't roll off your tongue, it sounds like maybe there was an issue there to where spring and then you might have gotten confused on how to pronounce something. So you just say, Hey, how is everything, you know, going out there, but try to get used to learning how to pronounce. Yeah, a lot of these cities.

00:15:48:07 - 00:16:07:07

Yeah. And then if you really don't know, like, like I'll be like, Hey, mean I'll ask if right up front guys if like if don't I can't say somebody's name. Hey. And then if I can say the last name is Smith. How's everything going out there in Florida? How do you send out immediately? Say, how do you say your first name? I really don't want to butcher it. People appreciate that kind of thing.

00:16:09:07 - 00:16:28:01

Obviously your life services. I'm calling you because of all of that. You spoke one of my colleagues, to be exact. Uh, yeah. A while back, I spoke to one of my colleague by state approved life insurance program for the state of Florida. And my job was to go, for the benefit of which you answer any question you have.

00:16:29:17 - 00:16:33:07

Well, she's not here at the present time, but you'd like to call her back later.

00:16:33:18 - 00:16:35:09

Uh, when is a good time for me to call her?

00:16:35:18 - 00:16:47:06

Okay, so not bad. You assumed it was her, so that's good. What's up, bro? How you doing, buddy? Um. You assumed it was her, and I want you to do that, so that's good. But all you can do is set the appointment.

00:16:53:00 - 00:17:02:00

All right. 122 Here's 350 So we got to figure out why we can't get past these intros. So we got to let's try this 350 here. I'm going to download this one in case. Got everyone.

00:17:04:18 - 00:17:05:08


00:17:06:06 - 00:17:09:11

Hey, there any. How's everything been? Not doing liquids for the.

00:17:11:14 - 00:17:12:04


00:17:13:23 - 00:17:14:21

Is everything good?

00:17:16:10 - 00:17:17:06


00:17:17:12 - 00:17:18:20

How's the weather down there?

00:17:21:10 - 00:17:28:10

Oh, well, it's just it's. It's raining a little this morning. It's some kind of come out now.

00:17:28:17 - 00:17:31:22

I still raining? Yeah, I heard it's raining everywhere in Florida.

00:17:32:17 - 00:17:35:18

Oh, yeah, it's raining where I'm at.

00:17:35:20 - 00:17:40:04

You. It's really. Yeah, it's looking like it's 8 p.m. already.

00:17:41:03 - 00:17:42:10

The skies are dark.

00:17:44:19 - 00:18:01:11

Miss Annie, My name is John Oliver. We're asking a lot of services. I'm calling you because a while back, you spoke to my colleague about State of Proof life insurance program for the city of Florida. And my job is to go for the benefit with you. Answer any question you have. Okay?

00:18:02:18 - 00:18:04:18

Yes, but I digress.

00:18:05:06 - 00:18:31:19

He said, okay, their job just brought you in. I mean, we did a couple, so you'll have to review them. But, uh. So I never say, okay, like it's not a question that I'm going to do what I'm going to do. So my job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions that you have. It's not okay. Is that okay if I do that? It's all right. So I'm going to confirm. It's really just blasé. All right. So let's confirm this information that I got here. I got you at one, two, three. Main Street. So just like that. So I'm going to go to the next one here.

00:18:31:24 - 00:18:35:17

Five two, four Washington Avenue. Likewise. Florida.

00:18:36:11 - 00:18:38:24

No, I move. You move.

00:18:39:06 - 00:18:40:17

How long ago did you move?

00:18:41:13 - 00:18:47:12

That's good. You sound like you're like, you know the person. What? You moved like that was good.

00:18:47:19 - 00:18:48:09


00:18:48:11 - 00:18:51:09

How long ago did you move? Oh.

00:18:52:09 - 00:18:56:07

I've been here about 3 or 4 months. I just moved.

00:18:57:00 - 00:18:58:12

Okay. What should you address?

00:18:59:14 - 00:19:11:14

Three, 329 per street. I moved over to another street. It's incredible. Mhm.

00:19:11:16 - 00:19:12:18

Hey, Ernie Street.

00:19:13:11 - 00:19:14:00


00:19:14:09 - 00:19:21:08

Yeah, it's. I'm like, most of the time when I talk, even if I talk slow, they don't understand the second paragraph whenever I be like.

00:19:22:21 - 00:19:30:16

I'm asking my services. I'm calling for life insurance. That is like what? What? Like that. Just don't get it.

00:19:31:00 - 00:19:46:06

So the way you just set it there, see how fast you said that? So it really has to be like, you know, my name is Albert over here at Senior. And we actually we talked about it. You might want to just say Oliver, because it might actually help you or jolly but think you should say Oliver just simply because is Oliver.

00:19:46:18 - 00:19:48:24

Because Oliver comes out clear.

00:19:49:08 - 00:19:49:23


00:19:50:07 - 00:20:21:04

So that way you can be like, My name is Oliver over here at Senior. I'm okay, but thank you. Hey, my name is, uh, you know, my name is Oliver over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because you recently spoke with or not recently, a while back, because you're calling Bleed, so that should be a while back. I'm calling because you a while back, you spoke with one of our reps and we talked about that to no more colleagues because they're not they're not technically our colleagues. They're just, you know, reps. Like they're not we're not above them, we're not beneath them, but they do a completely different job than we do.

00:20:21:06 - 00:20:35:03

Like they will play it tomorrow on the breakout room, like how these calls go. It's actually you can learn. You can find out how they go in the site. You can actually find out, Uh. Right here. Come in here.

00:20:39:05 - 00:20:39:24


00:20:43:08 - 00:20:44:02

I think it's in.

00:20:48:05 - 00:20:50:13

No, I don't want to call reviews. I want all videos.

00:20:59:08 - 00:21:02:20

They actually put it right here. All right.

00:21:15:18 - 00:21:17:02

How formally it becomes lead.

00:21:19:19 - 00:21:27:18

They actually want to hear it right now. So you know how these calls go. How long is it? Six. It's less than six minutes.

00:21:28:02 - 00:21:28:19


00:21:34:02 - 00:21:37:07

All right. Hey, guys. It's not Victoria, number one.

00:21:39:08 - 00:21:42:17

Hello. Good day. This is Shelly from American DirecTV.

00:21:43:07 - 00:21:44:14

Uh, so let me play that.

00:21:47:20 - 00:21:48:10


00:21:49:02 - 00:21:49:17


00:21:51:00 - 00:21:55:04

Hello. Good day. This is Kelly from American DirecTV. How are you?

00:21:55:20 - 00:21:56:10


00:21:57:14 - 00:22:11:01

All right. Well, the reason of my call is that I can see here that this, number one, requested free life insurance quotes for you to check to confirm you're still in the state of Oklahoma, correct?

00:22:11:17 - 00:22:12:07


00:22:13:11 - 00:22:25:04

All right. Well, I asked a few quick questions here. Are you a smoker or non smoker smoker for us to give you the exact quote for your age? How old are you now?

00:22:25:20 - 00:22:26:18


00:22:27:24 - 00:22:43:23

All right. Well, sir, just like what I've said, this is regarding on life insurance quotes only for you to check. Right. So we have an amazing rates here. Start from 5 to 50,000 just in case. How much coverage would you like to check? Or do you have any figures in mind?

00:22:45:03 - 00:22:51:14

Yeah, I talked to whoever we said. I'd like to have a quote on 10,020 thousand.

00:22:52:09 - 00:23:00:20

10,020 thousand. All right. So who would be your possible beneficiary if, in case, would it be your spouse or your children?

00:23:01:20 - 00:23:02:16

My children?

00:23:03:13 - 00:23:26:02

Your children. All right, sir. For security purposes only of your. What is your favorite color? Like blue. Yellow? Or do you have one black? Black. So in case we get disconnected here and to provide you more information regarding this quote, what would be the best time for us to reach you back there for morning, afternoon, any time or evening, perhaps?

00:23:28:03 - 00:23:29:15

On my morning.

00:23:30:10 - 00:23:35:01

MARTIN All right. So correct me if I'm wrong, am I talking to Mr. Douglas?

00:23:36:01 - 00:23:36:16


00:23:37:18 - 00:23:39:12

Douglas Johnson, correct?

00:23:39:23 - 00:23:40:13


00:23:41:09 - 00:23:55:10

So correct me if I'm wrong, sir, for us to generate the best and updated rates in your area, your current address right now as 12 303 Southwest 15 Terrace, you could. What is your address right now, sir?

00:23:56:14 - 00:24:00:11

That was it. One, two, three. Oh, is it Terrace?

00:24:01:07 - 00:24:23:09

All right. All right. Well, thanks for confirming, sir, for us to make sure that our licensees encourage you back. Does American directive and partners have your permission to contact you back? And this number? 405 three two, four. 2544, including SMS messages to discuss a price goal for life insurance. Okay, Mr. Johnson.

00:24:23:22 - 00:24:24:12


00:24:25:09 - 00:24:28:00

All right, sir, I forgot to ask. What is your birthday?

00:24:30:11 - 00:24:32:15

January 13th, 1948.

00:24:33:16 - 00:24:45:13

All right. Well, sir, what I'm going to do now is to connect you to our license agent and the other line to discuss your pricing information of ten and 20,000 coverage. Is that okay for you?

00:24:46:15 - 00:24:47:14

Or do it now.

00:24:49:02 - 00:24:56:07

I will transfer you in. I will connect you in the other line to discuss your pricing information for 10 to 20,000 coverage.

00:24:56:23 - 00:25:00:21

I'm just going out the door. I've got physical therapy, so I can't do it.

00:25:01:03 - 00:25:02:13

You're busy right now?

00:25:02:19 - 00:25:03:11


00:25:04:10 - 00:25:11:18

All right. Well, we will call you back in your most convenient time with this morning. Thank you for taking out my culture and have a nice day.

00:25:15:09 - 00:25:50:23

So you guys see that? That's the example. So they're not our colleagues, but they are getting all the information so that they can put it in vanilla, soft. And they're always trying to transfer these people to us now. But if they if they won't be transferred, then that's how they end up as a lead. Okay. So that's just that's just a good thing to know. So that way you know exactly how these calls go. So it's not like it's it's and it's just be like, yeah, you did this. I mean you're not going to argue with them, but like, hey, so you know, they did it. Um, so that's why you can be very assumptive and very aggressive throughout the entire opening.

00:25:51:10 - 00:25:57:04

So I'm going to try another one, guys. Well, actually, let's get this. Let's finish this one. Because you're.

00:25:57:11 - 00:25:58:20

Um. Is there any.

00:25:58:22 - 00:26:03:09

Is there any real. Is there any reason, any reason in particular? You move.

00:26:04:24 - 00:26:05:21

Oh, um.

00:26:09:12 - 00:26:20:14

The girl wanted her apartment, her her life, and I just, you know, decided. She decided she wants a house, and I had it.

00:26:21:03 - 00:26:27:17

Okay. Makes sense. You still live in your zip code? Is still 338553, right?

00:26:28:17 - 00:26:29:07


00:26:29:19 - 00:26:40:02

Okay. And your birthday is January 7th, 1939. I had to guess because the month was not. I mean, the day was not there. Yeah, not.

00:26:40:04 - 00:26:44:21

Not yet. Yeah. Uh, what I want is about.

00:26:45:02 - 00:26:46:06

Life insurance now.

00:26:47:13 - 00:26:54:06

Oh, life insurance. Hey, I, uh. I'm too old to join insurance.

00:26:54:20 - 00:26:59:11

No, I think you you you are the right age. You are 85, right? 84.

00:27:00:20 - 00:27:06:15

84. Yeah, but I. I'm too old for insurance.

00:27:06:23 - 00:27:13:11

No, I think the oldest is 90 or 89. One of those number, but 85. You still qualify?

00:27:14:13 - 00:27:20:11

No, I don't want to be qualified because I have insurance. Thank you very much. So were you.

00:27:20:13 - 00:27:22:14

We're just looking for extra coverage.

00:27:23:16 - 00:27:25:17

No, I know. As you cover.

00:27:27:00 - 00:27:27:15

How long ago?

00:27:27:21 - 00:27:41:06

Okay, So that was fine. That was a fine call. Like you're not everybody's not going to be looking for the additional. So let me keep going. We need to find another intro he had. He already. All right. See you, buddy. Uh, 111. Here, let's play this.

00:27:42:20 - 00:27:43:10


00:27:45:12 - 00:27:46:02

Look, Craig.

00:27:46:18 - 00:27:47:16

How's everything? I'm not the.

00:27:47:24 - 00:27:48:14


00:27:49:23 - 00:27:53:07

That was better. No, Florida. Where he been saying that? Get rid of the Florida part of it.

00:27:54:10 - 00:27:55:18

Right? Yeah.

00:27:56:08 - 00:27:57:12

Because you're in Florida.

00:27:57:18 - 00:27:58:08


00:27:58:16 - 00:28:00:16

How's everything been out in Pensacola, Florida?

00:28:02:08 - 00:28:02:23


00:28:03:19 - 00:28:04:21

Is it raining down there?

00:28:06:19 - 00:28:08:04

No. No.

00:28:08:19 - 00:28:29:19

Okay. Craig. My name is John, lover of the live Services. I'm calling you because a while back is working on my colleague by state approve life insurance program for the state of Florida. And my job is to give it a benefit which you answering the question you have. Okay. Yeah so I did address.

00:28:30:02 - 00:28:33:20

So that's good. But get rid of the. Okay. Because it's not. It's it's not.

00:28:33:24 - 00:28:38:24

No, not actually. I've been doing that. I don't know why, but I'm going to do that so don't put no Florida.

00:28:39:18 - 00:28:40:08

So yeah.

00:28:40:10 - 00:28:41:21

No, no college.

00:28:42:21 - 00:28:44:03

Was okay but.

00:28:44:23 - 00:28:47:08

But I mean there's no reason like the the logic.

00:28:47:19 - 00:28:49:02

Yeah the logic redundant.

00:28:49:08 - 00:28:50:10

Yeah. You are in.

00:28:50:12 - 00:28:52:00

Florida so yeah.

00:28:52:05 - 00:28:53:19

It's like you know where you're at.

00:28:53:21 - 00:28:55:11

Yeah, it's all redundant.

00:28:56:07 - 00:28:56:22


00:28:57:22 - 00:29:03:06

So the address is 5510 Cruise out way, Pensacola. Is that correct?

00:29:03:22 - 00:29:04:12


00:29:05:23 - 00:29:08:07

Yeah. I don't need any more.

00:29:08:17 - 00:29:10:05

You don't need any more life insurance?

00:29:10:20 - 00:29:11:10


00:29:11:12 - 00:29:12:15

So you already have some?

00:29:13:04 - 00:29:13:21


00:29:14:04 - 00:29:15:08

Who did you end up going with?

00:29:15:21 - 00:29:20:23

Amen. Listen, I'm going to have a normal conversation with you. Thank you. Goodbye.

00:29:21:03 - 00:29:22:08

I'll be calling you back, Greg.

00:29:22:10 - 00:29:24:16

No, you don't. Call me back. Love you.

00:29:27:14 - 00:29:28:04

Good one.

00:29:30:22 - 00:29:33:01

You just make yourself feel better.

00:29:33:04 - 00:29:33:23

You're just so.

00:29:34:00 - 00:29:34:18

Mad, ma'am.

00:29:34:20 - 00:29:36:12

Like I told you, man.

00:29:36:20 - 00:29:43:20

I talked to this guy. He didn't believe in life insurance. He said when you die, everything's just going to be okay. I'm like, That's not how it works, man.

00:29:44:21 - 00:29:50:22

For him. It'll be okay. Not for the other people. So. All right, here's one 128.

00:29:51:14 - 00:29:52:12

Oh, this is. Hello.

00:29:53:15 - 00:29:56:24

Hi there, Jerome. How's everything going out there in Miami, Florida.

00:29:58:01 - 00:29:58:16


00:29:59:03 - 00:30:00:08

Yeah, can you hear me?

00:30:00:10 - 00:30:01:00

Oh, one.

00:30:01:02 - 00:30:16:24

Thing we did say early on is you do this sometimes. Moses does, Diego does it. You say hello before they actually say hello. And I know it's weird. Sometimes they pick up the phone just like, hold it to their head, but who cares? They they need to. They need to participate. So they have to get one say that.

00:30:17:01 - 00:30:18:06

But sometimes they hung up.

00:30:19:05 - 00:30:34:03

Yeah, that's fine. I'd rather them hang up then and say hello, like because otherwise the phone call is not a real it's not a normal phone call. If you're like, Hey, Bob, like, like before, as soon as they pick up, it's like, Hey, Bob, like, what the hell is going on? Say hello. Yeah, they would.

00:30:34:05 - 00:30:43:14

Keep like, that'd be picking up. And then because don't say nothing. They don't say nothing. They just hung up. So I didn't want that to keep happening. But I remember you saying that though would do that.

00:30:43:23 - 00:31:08:16

They're like a five count. Like if you know, they picked up and the call is connected like a nice like a hard five seconds. Five seconds seems like forever on the phone. So eventually they're going to say hello and at five full seconds go by and they don't say hello. Then go ahead and say be like, Hey, Bobby, can you hear me? That's what I'd rather do is like, Hey, Bob, you hear me? Right? Okay, something like that. That way. And then you can be like, Hey, Bob. Yeah? How's everything going out there in Vero Beach? You know, just, you know, chill like that.

00:31:09:19 - 00:31:10:20

You know, just

00:31:13:06 - 00:31:20:05

more like curiosity if they're not answering, you know, right away. So I know I just jumped in, but that's what I was getting out of that.

00:31:20:13 - 00:31:24:19

Yeah, it's really it's really what it is like. Bob, could you hear me?

00:31:25:06 - 00:31:31:10

Oh, okay, good. I didn't think you could hear me for a second. All right, So. Hey, Bob, how's everything going out there? And Bill, you know, just like that. Okay.

00:31:32:04 - 00:31:33:23

Yeah. Hey, Dawn.

00:31:35:09 - 00:31:36:18

Is it raining down there? No.

00:31:37:07 - 00:31:38:07

No, I know, right?

00:31:39:06 - 00:31:48:20

Okay, let's you. You ask this question a lot. I wouldn't ask at all the time unless you're looking up their cities and finding out, but which don't waste your time doing. That's a big waste of time.

00:31:49:06 - 00:31:51:22

Okay, So should I just exit them?

00:31:52:19 - 00:32:04:08

I'll just continue on. If they're not giving you much, I only say something. If they give me something, they say it's like sunny or like an actual comment. That's not. That's not like good or I'm doing okay. You know, something like that.

00:32:04:17 - 00:32:05:07


00:32:06:08 - 00:32:09:08

Only if they're one. Only if they're chatty, then it's fine.

00:32:09:20 - 00:32:10:10


00:32:11:00 - 00:32:11:15


00:32:12:02 - 00:32:13:08

Sorry, Nikki, where are you gonna say something?

00:32:14:00 - 00:32:24:15

No, I was going to tell them just to ask them. How's everything been out there? You know, Don't even bring up anything about the weather or anything like that Unless, like you said, unless they are chatty and they mention something.

00:32:25:00 - 00:32:39:10

Yeah, you don't. You can only use what they give you. Like if they're not going to say much like, I'm doing good, okay, that's good to hear. Or if it's, you know, it's good to hear. You just got to use what they say. If it's, you know, I'm not doing so good. Well, that's better than terrible, man. You know, something like that.

00:32:40:21 - 00:33:01:23

Oh, mix it. Okay. That's good, man. Girl My name is John, lover of Rationalist Services. I'm calling you because a while back, you've spoken to my colleague about State of Proof life insurance program for the state of Florida. My job is to go over the benefit, which means any question you have. So let me go from there.

00:33:02:10 - 00:33:11:03

Okay. So no little. So it'd be like, yep. All right. And I'm just going to confirm just quickly that that can be it's got to be somewhat of a pause, but not very long.

00:33:11:05 - 00:33:12:24

Just like like a second pause.

00:33:13:01 - 00:33:21:05

Yeah, Like, hey, my job is to go over and really hit that hard because, like, I'm telling them what my job is and I'm going to do it. So, uh, you know, my job is to go over those.

00:33:21:19 - 00:33:25:06

Benefits with you. Let me confirm the information that you gave my colleague.

00:33:25:23 - 00:33:27:16

No colleagues. Oh.

00:33:27:23 - 00:33:28:24

My representative.

00:33:29:02 - 00:33:33:00

Yeah. Rep or representative? I like rep. Think reps. Easier to say.

00:33:33:18 - 00:33:34:17

Okay. Yeah.

00:33:34:19 - 00:33:41:05

And that's why colleagues, because I couldn't say that. I mean I could say but he was like, I'm not going to sound right.

00:33:41:13 - 00:33:42:03


00:33:42:05 - 00:34:14:06

Reps and reps is more casual anyway. It's like, yeah. You spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Florida. My job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So Gary, I'm just going to confirm this info first. Have you at one, two, three Main Street? Yeah. Okay. And have your date of birth here at two 1484. Yep. All right. And then I have it looks like you're looking for around 10 to $20,000 in coverage. And I understand you want your daughter to be your beneficiary, is that correct? That's the only time I say, is that correct? Like at the end.

00:34:16:02 - 00:34:25:19

So from the information that you left with my colleague, I just got 1628 Northwest 25th Street, Miami, Florida. Is that correct?

00:34:27:06 - 00:34:28:11

Yeah, Well, I guess he said.

00:34:30:14 - 00:34:32:05

Uh, life insurance.

00:34:32:07 - 00:34:33:19

Her life.

00:34:34:02 - 00:34:36:17

Oh, he was asking about it, doesn't he? Say? Say the address again.

00:34:36:19 - 00:34:37:21

He said the address.

00:34:38:10 - 00:34:39:08

Oh, yeah.

00:34:40:05 - 00:34:44:14

I heard it now. But when I was in the car, I did not hurt. That's what he said.

00:34:45:02 - 00:34:45:21

Gotcha. Okay.

00:34:46:02 - 00:34:47:22

Yeah, I thought he said. What? What is it?

00:34:48:18 - 00:34:50:12

Oh, What is it about? No. Yeah.

00:34:50:14 - 00:34:51:04


00:34:52:03 - 00:34:52:21


00:34:53:12 - 00:34:55:03

No, that's not, you know.

00:34:55:16 - 00:34:57:11

All right, That's a lie about whatever. Yeah.

00:34:57:13 - 00:35:04:23

They can't give me that lie. Don't know what you tell them if they say they're not the person. I just asked them if they're interested in life insurance. They say no.

00:35:06:18 - 00:35:27:09

So that's why it's very. It's just like you're just leading them down the path. You can't. Like if I called everybody and said, Hey, you want life insurance, one out of 100 might say yes, that answered, but that would be my conversion rate, which would be terrible. So it's got to be more like, yeah, we're going to find out what you qualify for. You know, we're going to do all this. All right, uh, let me get one more, because we've gotten a bunch of them.

00:35:28:11 - 00:35:29:24

Uh, 12.

00:35:30:24 - 00:35:32:22

It's got to find one. That's over a minute. There's one.

00:35:36:04 - 00:35:38:00

Hey, is it okay if I say.

00:35:39:17 - 00:35:42:20

Still approve life insurance program rather than start regulated.

00:35:43:19 - 00:35:45:02

Yeah. Okay.

00:35:45:17 - 00:35:48:16

If that helps. If that makes it all easier, I'll do that. Okay.

00:35:50:04 - 00:35:53:16

Hi there, Melissa. I was everything but not in Archer, Florida.

00:35:54:05 - 00:35:59:14

Another thing like they're not saying hello. So if they don't say hello, the conversation is going to start way too weird.

00:36:00:12 - 00:36:01:02


00:36:02:01 - 00:36:03:09

May I ask who's calling?

00:36:04:02 - 00:36:05:13

Say, like. Like.

00:36:05:15 - 00:36:07:24

That's just weird. My name is Joe Of.

00:36:09:06 - 00:36:18:16

And the main thing is you can't start the conversation because they didn't say hello. So now you're, like, just talking at them and they're not going to like that. But that's their fault for not saying no. But give them a second to say hello.

00:36:19:03 - 00:36:28:23

Okay. This is I'm calling you because a while back you spoke with one of my colleague by state approved life insurance program for the state of Florida.

00:36:33:06 - 00:36:36:10

I'm not interested in insurance right now.

00:36:37:00 - 00:36:39:02

Oh. Is there any reason in particular.

00:36:39:23 - 00:36:41:00

Why you're not interested?

00:36:42:18 - 00:36:43:08


00:36:44:12 - 00:36:45:06

We want people.

00:36:45:09 - 00:36:56:10

They don't want to. Yeah. Don't get off script like. Like that question is never going to elicit a good response. Like, it just won't, because there's nowhere to go. There's nowhere to go with that.

00:36:57:03 - 00:36:59:01

So. Oh, they can make up.

00:36:59:09 - 00:37:02:04

They can make up anything if you say something like that.

00:37:02:08 - 00:37:02:22

Oh, sorry.

00:37:02:24 - 00:37:04:06

This is not interesting. You just keep going.

00:37:04:20 - 00:37:05:19

I mean. Yeah, it's like.

00:37:05:21 - 00:37:23:09

Yeah, mean like, that's fine. Let me mean it's better to confirm the information. Be like, All right, so have your it looks like because then they might all sudden get interested. Like, I'm not interested because they think you're a cold call. Be like, All right, that's fine. Uh oh. I can certainly update that in your file. Let's just confirm this information to make it all. Make sure it's all right.

00:37:23:20 - 00:37:24:09


00:37:24:15 - 00:37:37:08

Because that way, if you can get them the information, spit out at them like I have a rule where unless it's helpful what they're saying to me, then they're not allowed to really talk until I've said like, I'm going to confirm this information.

00:37:37:18 - 00:37:49:09

I seen this rebuttal here. So if that's just not interesting, you can say, actually, I totally understand. It's just my job to get you all this information in the shortest amount of time possible so that you can make the decision whenever you're ready.

00:37:49:17 - 00:37:51:10

Right? Yeah. That's a great rebuttal.

00:37:51:17 - 00:37:52:07

Yeah, that's.

00:37:52:09 - 00:37:59:24

Fine. You can use that, too. Yeah, because that's short and to the point. You can't use one of the rebuttals that are like three sentences. It's just got to be quick and to the point.

00:38:00:03 - 00:38:00:19


00:38:00:21 - 00:38:16:04

Yeah, like that one. Use that one a lot. It's like my job is just to get that. Get you the info when you're ready. So I do have you and then but then you have to remember if you're going to use a rebuttal, it can't. Once you use that rebuttal, it's not time for them to say a bunch of words. It's time for you to move on.

00:38:16:14 - 00:38:17:04


00:38:17:18 - 00:38:31:11

Because if you stopped right there, it'd just be a weird moment. And they would just sit there like, Oh, well, I'm just not interested by instead of being like, okay, well, I'll hear the info. He's spitting at me now. It's right. And then it's like, okay. And it's just easier security.

00:38:31:13 - 00:38:34:01

So money's not really a big problem.

00:38:35:09 - 00:38:36:18

What it is for me.

00:38:39:00 - 00:38:39:15


00:38:40:01 - 00:38:40:17


00:38:41:21 - 00:38:44:13

A slim voice. How old are they?

00:38:44:15 - 00:38:53:18

That's the lady was telling her. About what? Cancer. This one. Find out who was her. So I didn't, like, really have anything to say to her because I knew she wasn't going to qualify for anything.

00:38:54:10 - 00:38:56:24

Uh, this was that lady that was, like, 49.

00:38:57:01 - 00:38:58:08

Yeah, she had cancer.

00:38:59:22 - 00:39:02:12

You should do it for, like a whole six months. You told me that you could.

00:39:02:14 - 00:39:03:21

X out of this on Ernie.

00:39:04:01 - 00:39:05:01

Okay, well.

00:39:05:06 - 00:39:26:09

I mean, that's a lot of reviews. I mean, for especially intros, but just pay attention to those few things and then we'll listen to them tomorrow morning or actually we'll probably listen to them. Yeah, we'll listen to it's 410. So like all of those suggestions. So we're getting rid of these are the things you got to work on. Uh, say we're on the script. Yeah. Follow script, Say reps instead of, uh.

00:39:26:20 - 00:39:28:13

Colleagues. Colleagues. Yeah.

00:39:29:09 - 00:39:33:10

You can say approved if it's easier coming out of your mouth than regulated.

00:39:33:23 - 00:39:34:13

Uh huh.

00:39:34:20 - 00:39:45:14

They have to answer the they have to answer the call first. They have to. Okay. They have to say hello or something. They can't just. We can't. As soon as they answer, we can't be speaking. Um, okay.

00:39:45:23 - 00:39:50:06

And then say your name. You want to learn to speak a little bit slower.

00:39:50:21 - 00:39:51:11


00:39:51:16 - 00:40:06:06

We're going to slow it down a little bit and then you can say gel avert. When you say it slow, it comes out. Okay. Just when you say it very quickly, it comes out, you know. But if you can do all over Oliver.

00:40:06:08 - 00:40:08:00

My name is Oliver.

00:40:09:09 - 00:40:10:07

Would say. I would say.

00:40:10:09 - 00:40:13:24

Oliver, do you know? So everybody calls me Ernie.

00:40:14:09 - 00:40:15:07

Yeah, but that.

00:40:15:09 - 00:40:31:01

But I have to go by Ernest because Ernie rhymes with too much shit, and it's just like, Hey, this is Ernie over here. And they're gonna be like, What was your name? Bernie. Ernie. And I just don't. That's why it's Ernest. It's only a Ernest on the phone. Because Ernest. Ernest is impossible to mistaken.

00:40:31:21 - 00:40:49:10

I use the same Nicky. Nicky Mills And they would say, Who? Mickey Mouse. And I would say, No. Nicky Mills. So, you know, so like. It's it's important to say the the right thing sometimes because even millz they they still don't understand it.

00:40:49:24 - 00:40:50:14


00:40:50:22 - 00:40:52:05

Everybody, last name.

00:40:52:17 - 00:41:23:17

Yeah. Another example is Lexi. Like, she doesn't go by Lexie on the phone because people be like, Lexie. What? This is Lexie over here. They're going to be like, what they want to hear, Like. Like these are old people. So they're all used to like traditional names and, you know, they're not not hip with their, you know, getting old, you know, our craziness and stuff. So you really want to just be you just want to be a normal name that they, you know, that they can understand without asking you a bunch of times. Because if they have to ask you a bunch of times, then it just throws you off the script and you don't want that.

00:41:24:02 - 00:41:32:16

Okay. So when I say Ernest, like, I know what Ernest is, I don't know, Ernie. Ernie could be too fast. It can be too many things. So that's the only reason. Don't go by. Ernie.

00:41:33:19 - 00:41:34:12

Okay, man.

00:41:34:21 - 00:41:35:11


00:41:35:20 - 00:41:42:21

All right, guys. Well, let's stop this. I will send this to your email right now. Just have to exit out of the meeting, and then I'll send it to you.

00:41:43:02 - 00:41:45:04

I'm gonna get back to dialing, Okay?

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