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"Jaye" Sales Call

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: "Jaye" Sales Call

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All right. So, Jay, what we're going to do first, whenever you open up your connectome voice, you've only been at it for Friday, so basically four days. Um, so there's a lot of things you can do with connectome voice before we actually get into the reviewing the calls, you can use reports here that will show you, um, like if we only do back to Monday. So Monday. So basically three days of data.

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Actually dialed this weekend as well. Okay. Yeah.

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All right. So this will show like how your week is so far. So this is Monday through Wednesday. So right now you have it says 240 minutes. So basically that's three hours, almost. Exactly. That is exactly three hours of talk time over the course of three days, total outbound calls, 153. And then it looks like 12 people either called you directly back. Yes. Like after you called them. And then you can actually look at. So that shows you like your talk time. So mean.

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It's your first week. So I'm not going to beat you up on it. But, um, you want to get that up. So call recordings. This is also very good to see for going to go back just to Monday.

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So you can pull your call on call recordings for up to 14 days in the past. Okay. So this is pretty good. So three hours of talk time you probably didn't make you didn't make that many calls like 150. So that's really good. All right. Do you see this here? Like where it says dialed, I'm going to make this much bigger.

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Excuse me.

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That's you.

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Excuse me. All right, so. So one thing.

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Yes. Yes. Thank you.

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So the first thing I'm seeing is, especially with billiards. You'll want to double dial everybody, double dial minimum, but probably triple dial. So you can always and you can always tell just by looking at this that this is single dial singled out all the way through. Okay. You'll get a much higher answer rate, you know, simply by double dialing.

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Just because when you dial one, sometimes they think that you're a telemarketer calling. And then when you dial again, it's like kind of like a suspicion. They're like, Hey, who is this trying to reach me?

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Yeah, that's why a few of them did call me back. They're like, You call me a couple times, back to back. And I'm like, Yeah.

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Oh, let's see. That's good.

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All right, So.

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Now that we're in here, um. I didn't hear what you guys said. Moses was asking me a question. Um. So what were we talking about? Nicky, I'm sorry.

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Well, she just was saying that. Dialing back to back prompts them to have more of an, you know, suspicion as to what's going on and why you're calling.

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Yeah, it's it's yes. And it's just been proven over and over again that if even the leads doubled, our leads be leads doesn't really matter. Um, because because people pick up the phone, they might be a little mad if down three times and answer but at least got him on the phone. It's more fun talking to people than it is dialing. All right. So that shows that. So right now it's like 15 pages. So that's actually true because it'll be if you were double diving, it would probably show 30 pages because the numbers that's how I know that you're double single dialing because you had 153 contacts and you got 15 pages.

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So we know it's single dialing. So yeah, do that. It's really going to help you. It really will. So basically you can pull any calls that you made that were outbound. Some of them inbound will appear to. So what I want to do is we're just going to pull some calls. So we got like three hours. Solicitor But it doesn't really matter because can no matter which calls I pull, I'm going to be able to help. You know, we're going to break down some calls. So this one was on Monday. So ten minutes, 44 seconds. That's a good one to listen to because obviously you went through the intro.

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You got somewhere with them, but, you know, wasn't able to finish it all the way up.

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So let's download this bad boy.

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Hello? Hello.

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Hi there.

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Hi. Is this Desmond?

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Is the mine?

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I'm sorry, Damon.

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Okay. So, Nikki, you already know what I'm going to say.

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Because I want you to get good at these two.

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Do what?

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Do you know what I'm gonna say to that? That intro. About what?

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I'll play it again.

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Hi, there. This. This one.

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Hi. Is this Desmond?

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Is the mine?

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So j intro you always want to just assume because we they've already spoken with someone before and requested the information. So it's just more like, Hi Desmond, how's everything going out there in. Vero Beach, Florida, I believe.

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Yeah. Think it was.

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You don't want to question if it's them because that gives them the opportunity to say no. Yeah. Was there anything else there? IRN That I missed?

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No, that was just like, like, uh, so basically whenever they answer the phone, it's like, Hey, Bob, how's everything been going out there in Toledo? So that's all. But like these little changes, like you have a really good phone voice. So this is actually going to be like, once you get this down, this is going to be very easy job and very profitable for you. So yeah, so just everything that we're saying, I'm obviously going to send you this recording, but we're going to beat you up a little bit, but it's only because we appreciate it. Yeah. And we want you to do good. So yeah.

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I appreciate you actually was going to ask for this today, so.

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Yeah, so it'll be a little bit of a but I beat myself up when reviewing my own call, so. Oh, me too. You're no different, so. All right.

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I'm sorry, Damon. I'm sorry. I thought I saw. And I'm sorry. Um, my name is Jessica, and I'm calling from Senior Live Services. And the reason for my call is that you recently spoke with one of my representatives about the, um.

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So if you're writing notes. Okay, Um, so we're going to get you out of Bailey's really fast, so. And then you'll get into a leads. So the. The script was written for a leads. But there's not. But there's not much you actually have to change. So the only thing you have to change in appealing to an elite is instead of saying recently spoke, say it looks like a while back that you spoke with one of our reps.

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And the only reason you're doing that is it's just a very simple thing. So if I see a lead or a lead, I know that they didn't speak to anybody. So I don't want to say things that I know are untrue and that they can easily call me out on. And you will make that mistakes here and there. I still do. Like, I'll be like, Hey, you recently spoke with one of our reps just because it's ingrained in my brain. But if it's a W or. Well, right now you're in B, So if it's or B, you know, you can say, you know, you were online a while back regarding the state regulated life insurance programs or in with all bleeds if it says TB.

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The only thing you want to change is instead of recently, just say a while back. But the rest of the presentation is 100% the same. Just the opening.

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Okay. Because I have saying something. You'll hear it here in a minute. Okay.

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Does this guy immediately say, no, I didn't. All right. Okay.

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So your lifestyle services in regards to the state regulated life insurance programs that you would be eligible for.

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Do you remember giving any one your favorite color recently or it could have been months ago.

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Okay. So let me see here.

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So you don't really want to. You want to be various. Assuming with everything. Like everything like that, they're going to buy that. They're going to go with their checkbook, that they're going to tell you their benefit. You know, everything is just like it's almost always look at it like it's already a done deal. So, you know, you're just following. You're just along for the ride. So when you ask them questions like that, do you remember giving their favorite color and their bleeds? So the answer is probably going to be no. So we don't want to say things like that because that'll it'll start a fight, basically.

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So the way I would do this is exactly this way. It's like, excuse me, fricking early bird hurts. So, hey, Rita, How's everything been going out there in Jackson, Michigan? Okay, that's good. Yeah, well, they're cleaning up. Yeah. Blah, blah, blah. It's like, Okay, Rita. Well, my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason for my call is you had spoken with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Michigan. And my job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. Oh, I don't remember doing that. Yeah, it was a while back, you know, don't remember what I had for dinner, you know, yesterday.

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So I do have some of your information. I'm going to confirm that with you. I have you at 210 East High Street in Jackson. Yep. All right. And have your date of birth as 520. 1976. Yep. All right. Pretty good range there. Between 5 and 50,000. I have you as a non-smoker, and I understand that your husband and daughter would be your beneficiary. Is all that correct? Yes.

00:09:25:08 - 00:09:26:15

That's okay.

00:09:26:17 - 00:10:01:03

Because that way there's nothing they can say mean either. Either they're going to be mad at me and not let me confirm it or once I confirm it, they're going to calm down a little bit because they know that I do have their info. Gotcha. Okay. Because if throw a husband and daughter, it's like, well, how would they really know that? I must have spoken to somebody. So guess I'll call them down a little bit. Personally, I am very adamant. I don't know how Nikki does it, but I never confirmed the favorite color because I just don't like that question. If somebody if somebody's having a bad day, you know, or a good day that could be blue and a bad day's read for that person, you never know.

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Yeah. Like don't like, don't want to tell them that this is your favorite color. So I just I just don't if you don't.

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I don't really find that. It's like I found that it's not really necessary, you know, unless they're going to give me some major pushback and then be like, Hey, you know, do you remember just speaking to one of our representatives and you told me your favorite color was blue. So, you know, that's why I'm just going over this information with you. But that makes sense. Yeah. A lot of times, like, I just I just hone in a lot on who the beneficiary is going to be. Once I verify the information from left to right, the last part is beneficiary there. So then start honing in on that.

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The only time I do do the Nikki does it too. If I see favorite and it says like chicken, then they asked them their favorite food. Then I'll comment on it because. Because that's an easy for me. That's just like if it's B, it doesn't matter what it is. Beef, cauliflower. Like if I said cauliflower, like you're like cauliflower, your favorite fruit. Really? That sounds terrible. And like like it's something to talk about. But usually, usually it's. And usually it's something normal. Like if it's pizza. Yeah. Could eat pizza every day, you know, Me too. And stuff like that. But for favorite color.

00:11:12:05 - 00:11:14:01

Yeah. Get rid of that. You don't need that.

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All right. So let me get back into here. Or is my others?

00:11:21:01 - 00:11:21:23

Well, yes.

00:11:22:23 - 00:11:24:01

But I'm not a singer.

00:11:25:08 - 00:11:33:16

No, you don't have to be a senior. It's just the name of our company. But you don't have to be technically a senior. We help everyone from 0 to 85.

00:11:34:14 - 00:11:36:03

Oh, really? Yes.

00:11:36:16 - 00:11:37:17

Okay, Well, I'm listening.

00:11:38:08 - 00:11:46:11

Okay. All right. And there's demand if you buy your date of birth for me, please.

00:11:48:01 - 00:11:50:18

This might have been one of those. Is this one of those bleeds?

00:11:51:24 - 00:11:53:06

Uh, yes.

00:11:53:18 - 00:11:59:16

All right. Well, I'm sorry. It's a bleed. Is it? Uh. Did you have his date of birth was really?

00:11:59:19 - 00:12:03:01

Don't think there was really any of his information there.

00:12:03:23 - 00:12:42:09

Okay. Well, this is an interesting way to do this then. It's not that bad. It's not. It's not it's not exactly what I would do. But who cares if you're going to talk to people and they'll verify it, that's fine. That's actually a good way to say it. Instead of saying, what's your date of birth? Because you should in their mind, they're going to be like, well, you should have that mean, what the hell? So you said, verify it like that. But usually if it's a W, if it's a Internet lead with like no information except the email, I'll just verify the email and then I'll just move on. I'll ask them their data, I'll talk about the beneficiary of course, in the first page of the script, but I really won't ask their birthday until I'm about to qualify health.

00:12:43:21 - 00:12:44:24

Okay. Because.

00:12:45:02 - 00:13:16:20

Because logically, it makes sense for them. Like we're a consulting firm, which means we represent our clients, not one particular company. All right. And I don't see a beneficiary here. Who would that beneficiary and then you'd go through. I'm just I'm so right now I'm just on the first page of the script. Okay. So we do offer a number of benefits. Have you ever gone through the process of burying somebody yourself? And then when you get to health, it's like, all right, so I'm going to take a look here. I've been doing this for a long time