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"Jaye" Sales Call

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: "Jaye" Sales Call

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All right. So, Jay, what we're going to do first, whenever you open up your connectome voice, you've only been at it for Friday, so basically four days. Um, so there's a lot of things you can do with connectome voice before we actually get into the reviewing the calls, you can use reports here that will show you, um, like if we only do back to Monday. So Monday. So basically three days of data.

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Actually dialed this weekend as well. Okay. Yeah.

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All right. So this will show like how your week is so far. So this is Monday through Wednesday. So right now you have it says 240 minutes. So basically that's three hours, almost. Exactly. That is exactly three hours of talk time over the course of three days, total outbound calls, 153. And then it looks like 12 people either called you directly back. Yes. Like after you called them. And then you can actually look at. So that shows you like your talk time. So mean.

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It's your first week. So I'm not going to beat you up on it. But, um, you want to get that up. So call recordings. This is also very good to see for going to go back just to Monday.

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So you can pull your call on call recordings for up to 14 days in the past. Okay. So this is pretty good. So three hours of talk time you probably didn't make you didn't make that many calls like 150. So that's really good. All right. Do you see this here? Like where it says dialed, I'm going to make this much bigger.

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Excuse me.

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That's you.

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Excuse me. All right, so. So one thing.

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Yes. Yes. Thank you.

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So the first thing I'm seeing is, especially with billiards. You'll want to double dial everybody, double dial minimum, but probably triple dial. So you can always and you can always tell just by looking at this that this is single dial singled out all the way through. Okay. You'll get a much higher answer rate, you know, simply by double dialing.

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Just because when you dial one, sometimes they think that you're a telemarketer calling. And then when you dial again, it's like kind of like a suspicion. They're like, Hey, who is this trying to reach me?

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Yeah, that's why a few of them did call me back. They're like, You call me a couple times, back to back. And I'm like, Yeah.

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Oh, let's see. That's good.

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All right, So.

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Now that we're in here, um. I didn't hear what you guys said. Moses was asking me a question. Um. So what were we talking about? Nicky, I'm sorry.

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Well, she just was saying that. Dialing back to back prompts them to have more of an, you know, suspicion as to what's going on and why you're calling.

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Yeah, it's it's yes. And it's just been proven over and over again that if even the leads doubled, our leads be leads doesn't really matter. Um, because because people pick up the phone, they might be a little mad if down three times and answer but at least got him on the phone. It's more fun talking to people than it is dialing. All right. So that shows that. So right now it's like 15 pages. So that's actually true because it'll be if you were double diving, it would probably show 30 pages because the numbers that's how I know that you're double single dialing because you had 153 contacts and you got 15 pages.

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So we know it's single dialing. So yeah, do that. It's really going to help you. It really will. So basically you can pull any calls that you made that were outbound. Some of them inbound will appear to. So what I want to do is we're just going to pull some calls. So we got like three hours. Solicitor But it doesn't really matter because can no matter which calls I pull, I'm going to be able to help. You know, we're going to break down some calls. So this one was on Monday. So ten minutes, 44 seconds. That's a good one to listen to because obviously you went through the intro.

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You got somewhere with them, but, you know, wasn't able to finish it all the way up.

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So let's download this bad boy.

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Hello? Hello.

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Hi there.

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Hi. Is this Desmond?

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Is the mine?

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I'm sorry, Damon.

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Okay. So, Nikki, you already know what I'm going to say.

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Because I want you to get good at these two.

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Do what?

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Do you know what I'm gonna say to that? That intro. About what?

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I'll play it again.

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Hi, there. This. This one.

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Hi. Is this Desmond?

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Is the mine?

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So j intro you always want to just assume because we they've already spoken with someone before and requested the information. So it's just more like, Hi Desmond, how's everything going out there in. Vero Beach, Florida, I believe.

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Yeah. Think it was.

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You don't want to question if it's them because that gives them the opportunity to say no. Yeah. Was there anything else there? IRN That I missed?

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No, that was just like, like, uh, so basically whenever they answer the phone, it's like, Hey, Bob, how's everything been going out there in Toledo? So that's all. But like these little changes, like you have a really good phone voice. So this is actually going to be like, once you get this down, this is going to be very easy job and very profitable for you. So yeah, so just everything that we're saying, I'm obviously going to send you this recording, but we're going to beat you up a little bit, but it's only because we appreciate it. Yeah. And we want you to do good. So yeah.

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I appreciate you actually was going to ask for this today, so.

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Yeah, so it'll be a little bit of a but I beat myself up when reviewing my own call, so. Oh, me too. You're no different, so. All right.

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I'm sorry, Damon. I'm sorry. I thought I saw. And I'm sorry. Um, my name is Jessica, and I'm calling from Senior Live Services. And the reason for my call is that you recently spoke with one of my representatives about the, um.

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So if you're writing notes. Okay, Um, so we're going to get you out of Bailey's really fast, so. And then you'll get into a leads. So the. The script was written for a leads. But there's not. But there's not much you actually have to change. So the only thing you have to change in appealing to an elite is instead of saying recently spoke, say it looks like a while back that you spoke with one of our reps.

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And the only reason you're doing that is it's just a very simple thing. So if I see a lead or a lead, I know that they didn't speak to anybody. So I don't want to say things that I know are untrue and that they can easily call me out on. And you will make that mistakes here and there. I still do. Like, I'll be like, Hey, you recently spoke with one of our reps just because it's ingrained in my brain. But if it's a W or. Well, right now you're in B, So if it's or B, you know, you can say, you know, you were online a while back regarding the state regulated life insurance programs or in with all bleeds if it says TB.

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The only thing you want to change is instead of recently, just say a while back. But the rest of the presentation is 100% the same. Just the opening.

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Okay. Because I have saying something. You'll hear it here in a minute. Okay.

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Does this guy immediately say, no, I didn't. All right. Okay.

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So your lifestyle services in regards to the state regulated life insurance programs that you would be eligible for.

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Do you remember giving any one your favorite color recently or it could have been months ago.

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Okay. So let me see here.

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So you don't really want to. You want to be various. Assuming with everything. Like everything like that, they're going to buy that. They're going to go with their checkbook, that they're going to tell you their benefit. You know, everything is just like it's almost always look at it like it's already a done deal. So, you know, you're just following. You're just along for the ride. So when you ask them questions like that, do you remember giving their favorite color and their bleeds? So the answer is probably going to be no. So we don't want to say things like that because that'll it'll start a fight, basically.

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So the way I would do this is exactly this way. It's like, excuse me, fricking early bird hurts. So, hey, Rita, How's everything been going out there in Jackson, Michigan? Okay, that's good. Yeah, well, they're cleaning up. Yeah. Blah, blah, blah. It's like, Okay, Rita. Well, my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason for my call is you had spoken with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Michigan. And my job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. Oh, I don't remember doing that. Yeah, it was a while back, you know, don't remember what I had for dinner, you know, yesterday.

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So I do have some of your information. I'm going to confirm that with you. I have you at 210 East High Street in Jackson. Yep. All right. And have your date of birth as 520. 1976. Yep. All right. Pretty good range there. Between 5 and 50,000. I have you as a non-smoker, and I understand that your husband and daughter would be your beneficiary. Is all that correct? Yes.

00:09:25:08 - 00:09:26:15

That's okay.

00:09:26:17 - 00:10:01:03

Because that way there's nothing they can say mean either. Either they're going to be mad at me and not let me confirm it or once I confirm it, they're going to calm down a little bit because they know that I do have their info. Gotcha. Okay. Because if throw a husband and daughter, it's like, well, how would they really know that? I must have spoken to somebody. So guess I'll call them down a little bit. Personally, I am very adamant. I don't know how Nikki does it, but I never confirmed the favorite color because I just don't like that question. If somebody if somebody's having a bad day, you know, or a good day that could be blue and a bad day's read for that person, you never know.

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Yeah. Like don't like, don't want to tell them that this is your favorite color. So I just I just don't if you don't.

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I don't really find that. It's like I found that it's not really necessary, you know, unless they're going to give me some major pushback and then be like, Hey, you know, do you remember just speaking to one of our representatives and you told me your favorite color was blue. So, you know, that's why I'm just going over this information with you. But that makes sense. Yeah. A lot of times, like, I just I just hone in a lot on who the beneficiary is going to be. Once I verify the information from left to right, the last part is beneficiary there. So then start honing in on that.

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The only time I do do the Nikki does it too. If I see favorite and it says like chicken, then they asked them their favorite food. Then I'll comment on it because. Because that's an easy for me. That's just like if it's B, it doesn't matter what it is. Beef, cauliflower. Like if I said cauliflower, like you're like cauliflower, your favorite fruit. Really? That sounds terrible. And like like it's something to talk about. But usually, usually it's. And usually it's something normal. Like if it's pizza. Yeah. Could eat pizza every day, you know, Me too. And stuff like that. But for favorite color.

00:11:12:05 - 00:11:14:01

Yeah. Get rid of that. You don't need that.

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All right. So let me get back into here. Or is my others?

00:11:21:01 - 00:11:21:23

Well, yes.

00:11:22:23 - 00:11:24:01

But I'm not a singer.

00:11:25:08 - 00:11:33:16

No, you don't have to be a senior. It's just the name of our company. But you don't have to be technically a senior. We help everyone from 0 to 85.

00:11:34:14 - 00:11:36:03

Oh, really? Yes.

00:11:36:16 - 00:11:37:17

Okay, Well, I'm listening.

00:11:38:08 - 00:11:46:11

Okay. All right. And there's demand if you buy your date of birth for me, please.

00:11:48:01 - 00:11:50:18

This might have been one of those. Is this one of those bleeds?

00:11:51:24 - 00:11:53:06

Uh, yes.

00:11:53:18 - 00:11:59:16

All right. Well, I'm sorry. It's a bleed. Is it? Uh. Did you have his date of birth was really?

00:11:59:19 - 00:12:03:01

Don't think there was really any of his information there.

00:12:03:23 - 00:12:42:09

Okay. Well, this is an interesting way to do this then. It's not that bad. It's not. It's not it's not exactly what I would do. But who cares if you're going to talk to people and they'll verify it, that's fine. That's actually a good way to say it. Instead of saying, what's your date of birth? Because you should in their mind, they're going to be like, well, you should have that mean, what the hell? So you said, verify it like that. But usually if it's a W, if it's a Internet lead with like no information except the email, I'll just verify the email and then I'll just move on. I'll ask them their data, I'll talk about the beneficiary of course, in the first page of the script, but I really won't ask their birthday until I'm about to qualify health.

00:12:43:21 - 00:12:44:24

Okay. Because.

00:12:45:02 - 00:13:16:20

Because logically, it makes sense for them. Like we're a consulting firm, which means we represent our clients, not one particular company. All right. And I don't see a beneficiary here. Who would that beneficiary and then you'd go through. I'm just I'm so right now I'm just on the first page of the script. Okay. So we do offer a number of benefits. Have you ever gone through the process of burying somebody yourself? And then when you get to health, it's like, all right, so I'm going to take a look here. I've been doing this for a long time. I don't need to, you know, read every question off every application. I know where to go simply by asking a few general questions. Does that sound fair enough? And then it's like, all right, let's get the basic information.

00:13:16:22 - 00:13:17:18

What's your date of birth?

00:13:18:16 - 00:13:19:08


00:13:19:10 - 00:13:21:23

If I'm confusing you, stop me. Because it's.

00:13:22:00 - 00:13:28:14

Just. No, you're not. You're definitely helping me because. Okay, Yeah, it's a benefit to me.

00:13:29:07 - 00:13:29:22


00:13:29:24 - 00:13:34:07

Because it really is just like I'm trying to make it logical. Like, there's an emotional.

00:13:34:15 - 00:13:35:05


00:13:36:08 - 00:13:54:24

Um, like there's an emotional part of the sale that's probably more important than the logical. But if it doesn't make sense what you're doing as you're doing it, they're going to be like, What's what? Like, yeah, like Jalbert got to go over his calls because people can't. He's talking so fast and has like a high voice. So he's talking so fast they can barely understand them.

00:13:55:18 - 00:14:14:16

Yeah. And think for me, I had to pace myself because I did first start off fast and I noticed that I wasn't keeping them on the phone long enough. So said, Let me dial it back and then meet their pace. So if they're fast, then I'll speed up. And that's kind of how I've been doing it from here.

00:14:15:12 - 00:14:28:22

And that is very yeah, that's good advice because if I'm speaking to people up north, I'm from up north, they talk a lot faster, I talk a lot faster when I'm talking to you than I do with the client. Yeah. And I'm deliberately slower.

00:14:29:06 - 00:14:29:21


00:14:30:24 - 00:14:32:16

All right, let's see how this goes. All right.

00:14:32:18 - 00:14:34:09

So 25.

00:14:35:06 - 00:14:42:18

All right. Thank you. And I do see you listed someone as a beneficiary. If you were to choose one, who would that person be?

00:14:44:03 - 00:14:44:18

My daughter.

00:14:45:10 - 00:14:50:04

Your daughter? I have. And if you call your mother.

00:14:52:05 - 00:14:53:23

No, no, no.

00:14:55:08 - 00:14:58:11

Your daughter. Okay. And what. What were her name? Be for me?

00:14:59:01 - 00:14:59:23

Aki or Jonathan?

00:15:00:16 - 00:15:01:23

Can you spell it for me?

00:15:03:10 - 00:15:07:09

Hey, are Kia Jo

00:15:08:22 - 00:15:11:02

in there?

00:15:12:00 - 00:15:12:15


00:15:14:03 - 00:15:16:11

All right. And how old is Ikea?

00:15:17:20 - 00:15:19:04

Ikea is 20 years old.

00:15:19:18 - 00:15:20:08


00:15:23:12 - 00:15:24:21

And date of birth.

00:15:26:03 - 00:15:28:15

That's April 23rd.

00:15:31:08 - 00:15:32:20


00:15:33:24 - 00:15:37:01

I'm not sure about the year to get the year.

00:15:37:10 - 00:15:39:09

All right, so you don't need her.

00:15:39:12 - 00:15:40:11

Date of birth? Yeah.

00:15:40:15 - 00:15:46:11

I've realized that I was going to go already answered the question, so I'll just flow with it.

00:15:46:14 - 00:16:16:11

Gotcha. Okay. That's like. That's fine. It's like. But you don't need it. In case you think you. You know, only. Well, you never need a beneficiary's date of birth, if you ever. Right. Uh, you know, the child writer that Nikki probably went over with you. Um, you need the kid's date of birth. If they're under the age of 18, if they're adding them onto the policy. But that's it. Okay. Yeah. Some companies mean you don't need their social. You don't need their date of birth, you don't need anything but their name and that there is insurable interest. So it's got to be a family member or somebody real close to the family.

00:16:18:01 - 00:16:18:16


00:16:18:18 - 00:16:20:12


00:16:23:20 - 00:16:27:05

It has to be O3. My daughter is also 20, so.

00:16:27:14 - 00:16:28:04


00:16:28:16 - 00:16:30:14

So it has to be 2003.

00:16:32:06 - 00:16:36:11

Or is she about to turn 20 or she's about to turn 21 next week.

00:16:36:15 - 00:16:38:19

About the time she's about ten and 20.

00:16:39:20 - 00:16:46:15

So this is the type of stuff that can't really be taught. So you're already doing it. You know, find some common ground with people. Very good.

00:16:47:21 - 00:16:51:07

She's about to turn 20, so that will be all for.

00:16:52:09 - 00:16:52:24


00:16:53:09 - 00:16:54:06

All righty.

00:16:56:18 - 00:16:58:04

Let me see here.

00:16:58:11 - 00:17:03:08

And, uh, the man. Are you still currently working, or.

00:17:03:12 - 00:17:04:02


00:17:04:04 - 00:17:04:19


00:17:05:02 - 00:17:07:06

Okay. Have you retired already?

00:17:07:23 - 00:17:08:16


00:17:09:01 - 00:17:09:16


00:17:12:03 - 00:17:16:08

All right. And are you retired military or any.

00:17:17:00 - 00:17:18:09

No, no, no, no, no.

00:17:19:03 - 00:17:19:19

All right.

00:17:24:01 - 00:17:30:14

Sorry. Somebody was asking me a question. Uh, so where did that. Where did that come from? The retired military thing.

00:17:31:20 - 00:17:43:01

Uh, it was. I guess I was just trying to see because he was. He's young and he's telling me he's retired, so I'm trying to see, you know, how are you retired and think it was like.

00:17:44:00 - 00:17:50:14

Oh, that was a that was a really good question. Then he's born in 75 so he's. Yeah. 48.

00:17:50:16 - 00:17:52:00

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:17:52:16 - 00:18:11:05

Oh it's a good question then. It's like, Yeah, yeah. Mean you could say anything. They're retired military or be like damn really retired. Retired Like you're done. You don't mean you don't. You got all the money you need. Okay, well, you should be able to afford this. All right, let's keep moving. Like this is how I am when people don't really. It's like I'm just a goofball, and they seem like it, so.

00:18:14:05 - 00:18:18:13

All right. So I just have a couple of questions just to act. And these are just the.

00:18:18:22 - 00:18:21:24

Common insurance questions that we would ask.

00:18:22:02 - 00:18:22:17

Just to.

00:18:22:19 - 00:18:25:10

Ensure that you are, in a sense, insurable.

00:18:25:13 - 00:18:28:02

But it doesn't matter if you have a yes to.

00:18:28:04 - 00:18:38:09

Any of these questions. It doesn't disqualify you because our goal is to help every single person. Um. Currently. What is your height and weight?

00:18:39:20 - 00:18:40:10


00:18:41:05 - 00:18:42:01

Five, seven.

00:18:43:19 - 00:18:44:09


00:18:44:22 - 00:18:47:01

So £55.

00:18:48:11 - 00:18:52:11

I'm pulling this up for a reason. You probably can guess what I'm about to say.

00:18:52:15 - 00:18:53:05


00:18:53:07 - 00:18:59:03

No, because I skipped over that bottom and think I was trying.

00:18:59:05 - 00:19:07:04

A lot of. You mean you skipped this a lot, right? All of it? Yeah. So. Okay. Yeah, but go ahead. Mean we that all have.

00:19:08:15 - 00:19:37:04

To really see because if he's that young I think I'm my thought process totally was. He's a young guy he's telling me he's retired um, that he's not working anymore. Something has to be maybe health wise going on. So I wanted to kind of determine those health questions. In a sense before I kind of got too far into it and then realized I wasn't able to help it.

00:19:39:05 - 00:19:40:11

If that makes sense.

00:19:40:13 - 00:20:11:04

Yeah, that makes sense. But you don't mean so you don't want to skip anything because, like I said, this is a very logical script. So like, especially especially, you know, are they are they able to like, you know, they have to be able to pay for it themselves. They have to handle their own business. There has to be a need there and they can afford it. So kind of like if you skip this part, you're skipping two of the three things that they have to have to actually make this sale. So I know you we got the name of the daughter, so that's good.

00:20:11:06 - 00:20:31:24

We know who it's going to, um, but we don't really know what she's going to do with the money or what he wants her to do with the money or why he's taking it out. Okay, Because if you can't answer that, then there is no sale to be made and you'll save yourself a lot of time. Like, oh, like I'm just looking quotes. Or you're going to hear these answers like, oh well, just wanted to see.

00:20:32:10 - 00:20:34:23

I heard this quote when finally yesterday.

00:20:35:07 - 00:20:35:23

It's like, well.

00:20:36:06 - 00:20:53:00

As my brother said once, I'm not an information kiosk. So you know, if all you want is a quote for no reason, then I don't have time for that. Yeah, everybody gets like Nikki will agree with me. We all get tougher and more. Don't want to say jaded, which would be cool. J is jaded, but

00:20:54:19 - 00:21:00:16

we're not jaded. We're more like we just hear it enough where we're not going to waste our own time on a lot of stuff.

00:21:00:18 - 00:21:11:11

I think you become just born more knowledgeable over time, so you just pick up on the cues, you know, and you can hear in certain people's voices if you know, if they're just wasting your time or not.

00:21:11:20 - 00:21:13:03

Yes. Yeah.

00:21:13:09 - 00:21:50:17

But the easiest way to find out if they're wasting your time when you're new is to follow the script. Exactly. Because, you know, obviously the things that you do about talking about your daughter that she's going to be 21. It looks like his daughter is going to be about 21. That's good stuff. Never, never lose that kind of stuff, like don't be a robot, but you still have to read the whole script because it's going to be logically fulfilling for them stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like they need like all of. Like when I was writing this, I was like, okay, I want to eliminate objections that I keep getting at the end and I built them in like, this should get rid of this or should get rid of this.

00:21:51:12 - 00:22:00:01

They shouldn't be saying, oh, you know, I'm I, you know, I said, I'm a work consultant firm. So I'm looking at all the all the companies I.

00:22:01:00 - 00:22:02:01

Was shopping around.

00:22:02:03 - 00:22:32:12

Yeah. I'm looking for a whole life. I have the beneficiary. I've asked all the health questions and then later here, I tell them that term is not what they want at hit for. For that guy, maybe, but like a 70 year old. Absolutely not. I'm getting rid of those term globe life objections where they said, oh, I saw it for this price. I'm sure you did. But this is this is what happens with those types of policies. And then people, if they were about to come up with that objection, that's gone now. They can't bring that up anymore.

00:22:32:14 - 00:22:34:16

So every I'm just getting rid of objections to root.

00:22:36:00 - 00:22:37:10

Yes, that makes sense.

00:22:38:13 - 00:22:39:22

All right. So let's hit this.

00:22:42:06 - 00:22:45:04

And have you recently been.

00:22:45:06 - 00:22:49:04

Hospitalized or had any surgeries within the last two years?

00:22:49:17 - 00:22:50:09

No, I have not.

00:22:51:05 - 00:22:55:05

Okay. And have you had any issues with your heart, such as the.

00:22:55:07 - 00:22:56:12

Heart attack or.

00:22:57:11 - 00:23:01:06

Agena or pacemaker or anything?

00:23:01:17 - 00:23:02:07


00:23:03:03 - 00:23:07:04

Okay. Uh, have you had any issues.

00:23:07:06 - 00:23:07:22

With your lungs.

00:23:07:24 - 00:23:20:01

Such as COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or use of asthma? You do have asthma, okay. Yes. And do you take medication for your asthma?

00:23:20:14 - 00:23:21:04

Yes, I do.

00:23:21:20 - 00:23:24:08

All right. And what do you take for your asthma?

00:23:27:22 - 00:23:28:24

I don't know the name of

00:23:30:17 - 00:23:34:15

the inhaler. Yes, Professor.

00:23:35:16 - 00:23:36:17

Okay, perfect. So.

00:23:38:13 - 00:23:50:10

Very good. And most people don't even do that. They will just go right by like you. You stopped. When you heard an illness or a condition and might as well get that information there?

00:23:50:19 - 00:23:53:14

Yeah. Instead of waiting and going back.

00:23:53:18 - 00:24:07:22

Yeah. So, like, I'm a diabetic. Okay. Taking pills. You know, I guarantee you probably do it Well. Insulin or pills. All I really care about is neuropathy, because insulin, diabetes doesn't matter to any of these companies. Right? It's really the complications that they care about.

00:24:08:07 - 00:24:12:10

Yeah. Right. And is that the only inhaler that you have?

00:24:16:13 - 00:24:21:16

You sound like he was having breathing issues at the same time. So it's like weight loss as well.

00:24:21:18 - 00:24:22:08


00:24:23:11 - 00:24:24:03

Yeah, I hear that.

00:24:28:04 - 00:24:31:00

And was it? Were you born with asthma?

00:24:31:22 - 00:24:32:12


00:24:32:18 - 00:24:33:08


00:24:44:11 - 00:24:46:19

And would you consider or have you been told that.

00:24:46:21 - 00:24:47:18

You have severe.

00:24:47:20 - 00:24:52:10

Asthma or is just, um, you know, just you do have asthma.

00:24:52:12 - 00:24:53:02

But it's not.

00:24:53:04 - 00:24:53:21

Severe or anything.

00:24:54:21 - 00:24:58:16

I have asthma. I know. Not anymore. Okay.

00:24:58:18 - 00:24:59:09

Not anymore.

00:25:02:10 - 00:25:04:10

So as well maintained right now?

00:25:04:23 - 00:25:05:13


00:25:05:21 - 00:25:06:11


00:25:13:13 - 00:25:17:08

Orca. And have you had any form of cancer in your lifetime?

00:25:17:23 - 00:25:18:13


00:25:20:11 - 00:25:21:05


00:25:24:01 - 00:25:24:18

Excuse me.

00:25:25:04 - 00:25:27:19

Any Parkinson's strokes or seizures?

00:25:28:03 - 00:25:28:18


00:25:29:15 - 00:25:30:20

Are you diabetic?

00:25:31:22 - 00:25:32:12


00:25:33:15 - 00:25:38:09

And do you have any issues with hepatitis C, HIV, AIDS or liver disease?

00:25:39:01 - 00:25:39:19

Oh, no.

00:25:40:17 - 00:25:42:04

Ever use any illegal.

00:25:42:06 - 00:25:43:05

Drugs or abuse.

00:25:43:07 - 00:25:43:24


00:25:45:05 - 00:25:45:20


00:25:46:16 - 00:25:49:01

Confined to a bed or a wheelchair?

00:25:50:08 - 00:25:50:23


00:25:51:14 - 00:25:52:04

And he is.

00:25:53:03 - 00:25:55:02

You do. You are in a wheelchair.

00:25:56:19 - 00:25:58:08

About to be. About to be.

00:25:58:22 - 00:26:00:14

You're about to be okay.

00:26:04:01 - 00:26:05:12

And can you tell me.

00:26:06:16 - 00:26:08:07

As far as what caused you to be.

00:26:08:09 - 00:26:08:24


00:26:09:01 - 00:26:10:16

To have to go in a wheelchair now?

00:26:10:23 - 00:26:12:21

Is it just losing strength in your legs?

00:26:14:17 - 00:26:17:01

Uh, bad knees.

00:26:17:14 - 00:26:19:12

Oh, that means okay. Where are you?

00:26:20:02 - 00:26:28:02

So it's probably receiving if somebody says they're young. And they're in a wheelchair. It's probably he's receiving disability. So which will kind of give you a.

00:26:28:14 - 00:26:41:15

Yeah, that's where was headed because if he's retired in a sense, he just probably was trying to say that as nicely or, you know, make it sound good. Yeah.

00:26:41:17 - 00:26:54:00

So I mean technically it is, but it's just it's because he's receiving disability. Yeah. It's not really I don't judge people for that. It's like I know there's people out there getting disability. I think they're going to be living the life and believe me, it's not the life.

00:26:54:02 - 00:26:58:12

It's not. Yeah. Okay. So never people who work.

00:26:58:19 - 00:27:15:20

Yeah, people that say that kind of crap is like, Oh, we're just going to get money from the government. It's not much money, so you go get a job. So, um, but yeah, so it's a nice way, but it will also help you figure out what he qualifies for because a lot of these companies don't want people under 50 on disability.

00:27:15:22 - 00:27:20:16

Yes, and that's what I was thinking too. So I'm like, oh yeah.

00:27:20:18 - 00:27:37:01

Mean it's it's usually you got to go to the obscure company with disability people under 50 or prime term, but this guy is probably too healthy for prime term so don't like writing prime term because of the way it works. If people are real young don't want them outliving the policy.

00:27:38:02 - 00:27:38:17


00:27:38:22 - 00:27:46:11

So but that's that's just this is somebody that you would definitely bring me or Nikki on because you're like they're disabled and you don't know what to do.

00:27:46:24 - 00:27:49:20

Football player or something in high school? No.

00:27:53:00 - 00:27:53:15


00:27:57:05 - 00:28:04:10

You would think that he would offer up some information. How did you hurt your knee? Mean? You're kind of asking him without asking. But he won't say nothing.

00:28:04:17 - 00:28:09:15

Yeah, he's just being really, like, one answer ish kind of person.

00:28:11:14 - 00:28:14:23

Yeah. I don't know how interested he is, to be honest with you. Can't. Can't tell at this point.

00:28:15:10 - 00:28:18:10

No, me either. I was like, Oh, this is kind of boring.

00:28:18:21 - 00:28:19:11


00:28:20:22 - 00:28:33:15

Okay. And then lastly here, what you already told me the medications you're currently taking and do you need assistance with. Well, now that you're in a wheelchair, do you require assistance with walking?

00:28:35:06 - 00:28:35:23


00:28:36:12 - 00:28:38:04

Okay, you two and.

00:28:39:24 - 00:28:47:05

What about feeding yourself? Toileting, dressing yourself? Do you require assistance for any of those?

00:28:47:17 - 00:28:48:07


00:28:48:22 - 00:28:55:11

Yes or no? Oh, no. Okay, good. All right. So here.

00:28:59:09 - 00:29:03:11

Now, if you do have do you have any form of life.

00:29:03:13 - 00:29:04:19

Insurance right now?

00:29:05:23 - 00:29:06:17

You know I do not.

00:29:07:20 - 00:29:11:08

And that should come. That's good to ask. Should come first.

00:29:11:10 - 00:29:12:14

First? Yeah.

00:29:13:16 - 00:29:32:10

Because then you might not have to even do this like. Mean, it's not that I don't want you to present to people. It's like, I just don't want you to get this far. And, I mean, this is only like ten minutes, so it's a big deal. But I've seen 40 minutes and people never said they even were looking at life insurance. And they're like, okay, which one do you want? Because like, don't want any of them don't care at any price, don't want this gas.

00:29:34:01 - 00:29:36:00

Well, careful.

00:29:38:01 - 00:29:42:12

Option and strengthen your life insurance right now.

00:29:43:16 - 00:29:44:09

No, I do not.

00:29:44:21 - 00:29:47:18

You don't. Okay. All right. Even if you did, that was okay.

00:29:47:20 - 00:29:51:08

We're able to work with those. And it's good to have.

00:29:51:10 - 00:29:52:22

Several as well.

00:29:54:23 - 00:29:57:00

So let me go here.

00:30:04:18 - 00:30:08:02

I want to be able to get better to fill in those gaps. But he was.

00:30:08:15 - 00:30:10:17

I know you said that you retired. What did you.

00:30:13:00 - 00:30:13:23

To fill in the gaps.

00:30:14:22 - 00:30:15:13


00:30:17:04 - 00:30:37:17

there's a lot of dead air. So I, um. I know. Definitely. That's a big, big, um. Killer in a call because it leaves them. They have more time to think and formulate objections by that time. So I know I was kind of doing a terrible job.

00:30:38:16 - 00:30:51:01

And I wouldn't say terrible on any means, but I would I would say, yes, you will get better at that. You'll kind of just like know where you're going. I've only been doing it for a couple of days. So what are you. What's something you're really good at?

00:30:54:02 - 00:30:56:11

And making it conversational.

00:30:57:00 - 00:30:59:17

Okay. No, mean like in life. Like in general. Anything.

00:31:00:16 - 00:31:22:16

Uh, I'm a wire, so I like doing everything myself. Like, right now, I am totally refurbishing my kitchen, like kitchen cabinets and everything. I've put up the backsplash I just was painting last night, so. So I'm a big diyer. So I like creating things.

00:31:22:19 - 00:31:54:05

Gotcha. So I guarantee all that took a long time to understand. You watch YouTube videos, how to do it. Oh, a lot of stuff that's. It's just like this mean like you're watching do it yourself videos I mean we're doing right right now. Yeah just just saying that it takes a while. It takes a minute. It took me a couple weeks to really like, just start cranking but was very, very like insanely insane activity because I didn't want to, like, don't want to have to be here 70 hours a week to make, you know, $1,000.

00:31:54:15 - 00:32:03:01

I'm trying to, you know, want to at this point. I know if I just get on the phones, I can make $1,000 in 20 hours. So, you know, I don't want to

00:32:04:21 - 00:32:13:00

break it up. A but it's like that's years of practice, like make and I are probably better closers than anybody in this company, but we didn't start like that, so.

00:32:13:14 - 00:32:15:03

Right, right, right.

00:32:15:05 - 00:32:16:15

Dude, what was your profession?

00:32:17:20 - 00:32:23:14

I was doing everything okay? Yeah, I was doing everything.

00:32:24:13 - 00:32:25:03


00:32:26:11 - 00:32:36:18

I think you're just here. And this one, you're just kind of nervous because you don't know if he wants it and you don't really know. Doesn't sound like you really know exactly where you want to go with it. Um, but it's going to.

00:32:37:18 - 00:32:48:24

And I was like, you know, think I've never tried to reach out to Nikki via Zoom.

00:32:50:15 - 00:33:02:13

I don't know if guess you guys may have been busy, so I'm like trying to figure out where can I go? What can I do? He's in a wheelchair. He has all this stuff, you know, he all this different stuff.

00:33:02:15 - 00:33:03:13

And I'm like, uh.

00:33:04:16 - 00:33:20:07

So if. Think he he said he had to go and just went ahead and just kind of closed out the car from there because at that point was like needed the help to figure out what was just not sure.

00:33:21:24 - 00:33:33:09

Yep. And this one, I don't think there was much of a sale there anyway because, you know, he didn't really, uh, you know, demonstrate that much need. So let's see. Let's see if we can find one that's a little more, uh.

00:33:35:12 - 00:33:37:13

All right. 1320 right here.

00:33:44:01 - 00:33:44:22

Hello. Hello.

00:33:45:16 - 00:33:46:17

Hello. Hi there.

00:33:46:19 - 00:33:48:08

Sabra available?

00:33:50:07 - 00:34:11:03

Okay, so you did it again. Just. Yep. But, you know. But you'll learn now. Hey, Safra. Or it was. I don't know if it's Safra. Hey, Safra. How's everything but going out there and blah, blah and. And I've said it a lot of times, but it really is all that is, is just. I want them to be thinking, Oh, damn, don't don't remember this person. But they certainly seem like they know me.

00:34:11:21 - 00:34:12:13


00:34:13:00 - 00:34:42:05

That's the reaction I want. Like, Hey, Bob, how's everything been going out there in Toledo? Now, like, what's it like? I want them like, shit, I feel stupid. I don't even know who I'm talking to, but obviously I should. And then that allows you to get further. And people are more conversational. No, no friend is going to ask somebody, Is this Bob? But a friend will certainly say, How are you doing in a real good friend is how's everything been going? Because it implies that you have spoken to them before or haven't spoken to them in a long time.

00:34:43:17 - 00:34:50:24

And you know think and did try. Start started doing that more yesterday. Okay. And the only thing.

00:34:56:15 - 00:35:00:08

And changing it up and acting as if I do that.

00:35:01:18 - 00:35:04:15

Who the hell is this? Yep.

00:35:05:18 - 00:35:19:15

And that's. And that's the thing you just want. You want it to be, like, conversational. Like, I'm going to. I'm not going to do that one because I want to see this one. This is what. We'll stop it. This one here. Nikki, if you want to text Malala, please, and we're going to review this whole call.

00:35:20:05 - 00:35:45:16

I've been I've been doing all the underwriting. Sorry that it looks like I'm not paying. I'm going to pay attention. I've just been answering everybody else's questions. We've been doing this. So, no, it's fine. And getting everybody. But Malaya was just trying to handle a sale last week. That was the climb, that's all. So. But I'll let her know that she's next. 25 minutes. That's what you made to tell her. Oh, read your mind.

00:35:46:02 - 00:36:10:23

Yeah, you did. So. Okay. It won't be exactly at 11 because we're going to do this whole one, so it'll probably be more like, Yeah, 11, 15 or 1130 for her but don't want her. But we don't want him sitting, sitting around waiting for me like I'm not that important. If they're dialing Dial, if she's off the phone, I'll grab her. Yeah. All right. So let's get this one, because this is probably one of the longest ones that you have, I'm guessing.

00:36:11:23 - 00:36:12:13


00:36:12:15 - 00:36:13:13

25 minutes.

00:36:16:05 - 00:36:20:21

Hello. Hi, this is Jessica with. With Senior Live Services. How can I ask this?

00:36:20:23 - 00:36:23:07

You my services?

00:36:24:16 - 00:36:25:06


00:36:27:12 - 00:36:30:01

No, this is. This is Jessica.

00:36:30:03 - 00:36:31:21

With Senior Live Services.

00:36:32:15 - 00:36:33:08

Can you hear me?

00:36:33:10 - 00:36:34:08

Oh, just pause.

00:36:34:10 - 00:36:35:02

It for a second.

00:36:36:22 - 00:36:51:17

Okay, so this. Somebody must have called in to you? Yes. I don't know if you. Yeah, I don't know if you figured this out, but over to the top, right. In your vanilla, soft. There's like a search bar there. I want to say I showed everyone. Oh, yes.

00:36:52:05 - 00:37:00:10

To be able to find their. Their account and everything. Yeah, that one out. Okay. It took a minute, but figured it out. Okay.

00:37:01:08 - 00:37:20:12

Yeah. And you can do the search all projects that'll eliminate a lot of the moving around to search them all. Then it'll be able to find their name or whatever. Uh, I don't think this is all right. I'm not going to do this one because inbound this. This can get crazy real quick. And it's very hard to be 100% in control of an inbound call.

00:37:21:09 - 00:37:22:15

Do the four minutes.

00:37:23:09 - 00:37:39:14

You want to do a couple, four minute ones or so. I mean, really, I just want to work on intros because that seems like what we're working on right now, intros and following the script, you're going to feel like, Oh man, it's following a script. I'm no personality, but you have personality, so I'm sure you'll find spots to put it in.

00:37:40:11 - 00:37:49:00

And when you talk about the beneficiary, you know, that's, you know, right before will this be a first policy for you? You can build your personality in there.

00:37:50:10 - 00:37:53:00

So, yeah, we can review some of these.

00:37:55:24 - 00:37:56:20


00:37:57:20 - 00:37:58:10


00:37:58:21 - 00:37:59:11


00:37:59:13 - 00:38:00:22

Hi. Is this Regina?

00:38:00:24 - 00:38:01:14

Yes, it.

00:38:01:16 - 00:38:09:14

Is. Hi, Regina. This is Jessica. I'm calling with Senior Life Services. Calling because you recently spoke with one of my representatives.

00:38:09:20 - 00:38:21:11

Okay, So, so far, um, Jay should have written down your only calling B leads right now. So the the one thing you have to change a while back, but you now know that. So you know that won't be an issue in the future.

00:38:22:05 - 00:38:23:21

Yeah. Is the the.

00:38:24:08 - 00:38:25:05


00:38:25:17 - 00:38:35:24

And it's muscle memory though because so I'm really just the only reason I'm saying it again is because now you kind of have some muscle memory to say recently every time. So, you know, we got to get off that for a while. So a while back.

00:38:36:01 - 00:38:36:16


00:38:36:18 - 00:38:40:19

So I'm just to say, you spoke with one of my representatives.

00:38:41:00 - 00:39:09:23

A while back. Yeah. Or just say that. Yeah, okay. Just like a while back. Because when I get that, like, I'm expecting that initial objection, like, oh, don't remember that. It's like, Yeah, well don't remember what I had for breakfast a couple of days ago. So Bob we are consulting firm. That's how I handle objections in the intro because there's no good way to handle law. You're not going to do a long rebuttal about, Oh, I'm not interested. It's like, yeah, mean this is the information that I received. It's my job to call you, so let's confirm it and then see if they're really interested or not.

00:39:10:16 - 00:39:11:06


00:39:12:10 - 00:39:13:20

This is about the.

00:39:14:04 - 00:39:19:07

State regulated life insurance programs that you could be eligible for.

00:39:21:05 - 00:39:25:22

And do you remember giving anyone your favorite food?

00:39:26:12 - 00:39:27:02


00:39:27:04 - 00:39:31:22

You know, if you had to take a guess, what would be a favorite food?

00:39:32:08 - 00:39:34:02

What's that got to do with anything? Please?

00:39:34:16 - 00:39:37:13

It's just like a security measure that we use. It could have.

00:39:37:15 - 00:39:40:08

Been months ago that you spoke with one of our representatives.

00:39:41:00 - 00:39:42:02

Oh, my God.

00:39:44:23 - 00:39:46:07

Um, would.

00:39:46:09 - 00:39:47:09

Steak be your favorite.

00:39:47:11 - 00:39:48:01


00:39:49:01 - 00:39:49:16


00:39:50:04 - 00:39:53:06

Steak, maybe. Yeah.

00:39:54:08 - 00:39:55:10

So when you ask.

00:39:57:01 - 00:40:12:01

So this is like an assumption thing. It's like have your favorite food is steak. Like, if she put that down, then she'll probably disagree with you. Like, Yeah, that is my favorite food. So it's more, um, making statements like in the intro instead of asking the questions.

00:40:12:22 - 00:40:44:08

Yeah. So for like, so for that one, I'm like, oh, okay. And see for your security question. You put down steak was your favorite food. I like steak too. How do you like your steak cooked? You know, oh, like my, you know, and then I'd be like, oh, well, I love me a nice big potato. Well, anyways, my name is Nicole. You know, or, you know, or anyways, you know, or with a consulting firm, we work with our clients. Not one particular, you know, and then go right from there. But you build a little bit of report there.

00:40:44:10 - 00:40:47:14

That's what Ernie was talking about earlier with when you see a favorite food.

00:40:48:14 - 00:40:49:04


00:40:49:09 - 00:41:11:14

Because Yeah. Take what take what they give you. And what I mean by rapport is not a like real long conversation about it, but like, you know, just a little bit. Yeah. Like steak to it. Like that. Speak like Nikki just said, like a nice baked potato, you know, giant, 25 ounce filet or whatever. And then you can and then they'll be like, Yeah, me too. And then that's just a little common ground. Then you'd be like, All right, so we're consultant for.

00:41:12:10 - 00:41:13:12

Okay. Yeah.

00:41:14:21 - 00:41:15:19

Maybe. Okay.

00:41:16:12 - 00:41:17:02

Let's break.

00:41:17:04 - 00:41:21:01

That one. Are we in? I'm sorry. I'm switching it to my phone so I can, um.

00:41:22:05 - 00:41:25:09

Uh, we are in, actually. Don't know.

00:41:26:19 - 00:41:27:09


00:41:27:11 - 00:41:32:20

I can't see unless I stop to share one more in. Oh six. Okay.

00:41:34:05 - 00:41:36:02

Thought so. Make sure.

00:41:36:06 - 00:41:37:15

All right. So you're making the switch?

00:41:37:24 - 00:41:42:03

Yeah, I'm just making switch. I'm doing it as we are talking, so.

00:41:42:13 - 00:41:46:00

Yeah, it's a yeah. If you hit switch. Yeah. Obviously you know how to do it. Okay.

00:41:47:04 - 00:41:48:09

So what this call is.

00:41:48:11 - 00:42:01:11

About, it's just pretty much just to answer any questions or go over all the benefits that you would be eligible for in regards to the state Medicaid, state regulated life insurance programs.

00:42:02:04 - 00:42:02:19

Do you.

00:42:03:18 - 00:42:04:08

Do you.

00:42:04:10 - 00:42:06:00

Currently have life insurance?

00:42:06:24 - 00:42:07:14

I know.

00:42:08:08 - 00:42:40:17

So. J Yeah. Mean you're kind of saying what comes to your head, but you might really have to like, you know, tunnel vision, look down like, all right, I'm going to read this and then I'm going to get good at saying this. Uh, so even if you have to read it a million times and believe me, a month from now, five months from now, and you're killing it, and you've changed a bunch of things in the script, I'm never going to say a word. It's like whatever. It's like whatever works for you. But like, for now, let's really focus on. Just stay on the script. Yeah. Stay on stuff. I saw it on, uh, that movie.

00:42:40:19 - 00:42:49:11

Thank you for calling. Or. No, no. Why are you calling or something like that. It's like stuff he was yelling at the whole Salesforce. Stick to the script.

00:42:50:00 - 00:42:50:16


00:42:52:21 - 00:42:53:11

I know.

00:42:53:23 - 00:42:55:21

You don't. Okay.

00:42:55:22 - 00:42:59:16

And are you currently working or are you still working?

00:43:00:03 - 00:43:01:06

No, I'm retired.

00:43:01:14 - 00:43:06:05

You're retired. Okay. All right. So I see here that.

00:43:06:07 - 00:43:08:24

You probably would have. Is that your children?

00:43:09:01 - 00:43:09:22

That will be your.

00:43:09:24 - 00:43:12:12

Beneficiary if anything were to happen to you?

00:43:12:24 - 00:43:13:15


00:43:14:04 - 00:43:16:21

Okay. Remember to assume. Let me stop.

00:43:17:11 - 00:43:19:21

You to those things.

00:43:22:02 - 00:43:23:09

Right now if.

00:43:23:11 - 00:43:25:06

Something happened to you, God forbid.

00:43:25:10 - 00:43:26:15


00:43:26:24 - 00:43:27:14


00:43:29:12 - 00:43:30:05

Do you.

00:43:31:11 - 00:43:42:12

Could you mind continuing the call? Well, call review for one second. I'm going to give you. Let you. Well, you want to take over my screen? Sure.

00:43:44:18 - 00:43:46:22

It's only gonna be a second. Okay.

00:43:48:05 - 00:44:02:00

So right here. Jay, You just want to make sure that throughout the call you want to be like assuming the sale. Okay. No. So it's like it's like, hey, so like, if you had the children up there on the screen.

00:44:03:23 - 00:44:04:15

Just say it.

00:44:04:24 - 00:44:47:18

Yeah. Just be like, Hey, I see here that you wanted your children to be your beneficiary. Is there a certain child that's more responsible than the rest, or are we just trying to split this amongst all of them to take care of your burial or cremation? You know, so it kind of brings them back, you know, who do you want to receive this money? You know, but in the beginning of the call it and it comes back to just following the script, like Ernie said, is that when it says, okay, now when you're looking for benefits just for yourself today, or is that business that you typically handle yourself and then see you have your beneficiary as your children? I like to say, Hey, they didn't give me your children's name.

00:44:48:04 - 00:45:20:01

Is there any other person that you'd want to, you know, what is their you know, what are their names? And then I'll get their children's names from them and they'll say, okay, well, who did you want to put down as the main beneficiary that you would want to receive the money when you pass? And then if they say all of them, I'll have them put down all. If they say just one, then I'll say, okay, well did you want to put the other ones down as a secondary? And then sometimes they'll say yes or they'd be like, No, no, no. Just just put my middle child down, you know?

00:45:21:18 - 00:46:01:00

And then for me, it's it's like talk about beneficiaries next in the script get their name whether or whatever information. So then I go from there and I'd be like, okay, well, now that you told me that you have your children, you know, do they live nearby? You know, do they help you with certain things or are you still driving? Those are just little questions that I asked the build report. And then I'll be like, Man, it sounds like you have a nice family. Well, let me go ahead and ask you, Jay, would this be a first time policy for you? You know, so and that just me following the script, but adding a few little extra words in there, you know, just to get them engaged.

00:46:01:22 - 00:46:03:01

Okay. Yeah.

00:46:03:06 - 00:46:03:21


00:46:04:18 - 00:46:14:04

I can I can change that up so more. Get more. Um, I guess my sometimes my nerves take over. Um, and I've

00:46:16:00 - 00:46:32:10

got gotta remember, I'm not new to this. I've done this and I can do it. And, um, it's just pretty much just gaining that more rapport, um, creating more definition in the calling sense.

00:46:33:01 - 00:47:19:02

Right? Yeah. And that's, and that's perfectly fine. You've only been doing it again for a couple of days, you know, with our program and the way, you know, so you're learning things a new way, you're learning a new product, you know, So a lot of times you will get that feeling of being overwhelmed and just like fall off the script. Sometimes it's good to just have it printed out and try to get like because it's not ever really a straight line because the client takes you off the script. So as the is taking you off the script to go back, so you almost got to keep your finger or your pen or something like in place of where you're at to remember not to lose that important detail, to move forward with the application because the script just helps fill out the whole application.

00:47:19:22 - 00:47:22:08

Yes, that makes sense. Yeah.

00:47:22:10 - 00:47:52:11

So but yeah, assuming the sale like I assume like I'm the food stamp office or like, you know, I just assume like as if the benefits at the end aren't going to cost anything. And it just my job is solely to go over this application with you and to get it filled out because I'm not an underwriter. I'm not with the insurance company. I'm I'm an agent that's representing the company that's trying to help you get you qualified, you know, So the whole time I'm assuming that they want this.

00:47:52:20 - 00:48:23:09

I'm assuming like when when I'm like, hey, I have here that you want your children to be the beneficiary. So I'm assuming that you want them to receive the money when you pass away, right, to take care of your final expenses. And then when they say yes, I'm saying, okay, well, I don't have your children's name. What are your children's name? You know, what's what's what are your children's names? You know, and then which one do we want to put down? And then you're kind of having like a human conversation there. And then you can go. Then you could. Yeah.

00:48:23:15 - 00:48:33:17

Versus just like a very tight conversation. So yeah, so it's. Yeah. So it's good to, like, assume the sale for sure. I'm going to press play.

00:48:34:11 - 00:48:35:01


00:48:37:21 - 00:48:44:04

Pass away. How would your final expenses be taken care of?

00:48:44:16 - 00:48:47:20

I don't know. I don't know. They do something and they try to confuse for.

00:48:49:05 - 00:48:52:19

Okay. Now, with you not knowing.

00:48:52:21 - 00:48:57:22

Or you saying that they would be coming up with something, what You.

00:48:58:04 - 00:48:58:19


00:48:59:10 - 00:49:00:00

You know.

00:49:00:04 - 00:49:01:17

Have you ever had to go through.

00:49:03:16 - 00:49:04:06


00:49:09:07 - 00:49:10:07

What happened, Ernie?

00:49:13:01 - 00:49:13:17

You're on mute.

00:49:16:20 - 00:49:21:00

So I know you're doing stuff. So I'm just came back. So I don't know if you want me to. You want me to just continue?

00:49:22:05 - 00:49:27:03

Yeah. Well, yeah. I always thought we were talking, and then we just press play on it.

00:49:27:11 - 00:49:28:04

Okay, cool.

00:49:28:13 - 00:49:29:03

Through with.

00:49:29:05 - 00:49:29:20


00:49:29:22 - 00:49:31:15

With taking care of a family.

00:49:31:17 - 00:49:33:06

Or a loved one's funeral.

00:49:34:10 - 00:49:35:00


00:49:35:18 - 00:49:39:20

No. Okay, so what, you're knowing the heartbreak.

00:49:39:22 - 00:49:43:22

And a different headache that comes with trying to take care of a.

00:49:43:24 - 00:49:45:01

Funeral and.

00:49:45:03 - 00:49:46:20

Still grieve at the same time.

00:49:51:04 - 00:49:53:18

Naked. Can you take over again for a second?

00:49:58:11 - 00:50:01:05

But do you want to alleviate some of that heartache.

00:50:01:07 - 00:50:03:03

For your family or for your children?

00:50:05:14 - 00:50:06:04

That's what.

00:50:06:06 - 00:50:07:08

They say. As much as you could.

00:50:08:00 - 00:50:12:13

Right now is not a good time. I was really in the middle of something.

00:50:14:00 - 00:50:17:23

You're in the middle of something. Okay. When is the better time where.

00:50:18:00 - 00:50:18:17

I can be able to.

00:50:18:19 - 00:50:21:05

Call you back and talk.

00:50:21:07 - 00:50:22:10

With you, Miss Regina?

00:50:24:20 - 00:50:25:10


00:50:28:09 - 00:50:29:19

we're very good.

00:50:30:06 - 00:50:31:05


00:50:31:21 - 00:50:32:11


00:50:32:20 - 00:50:35:18

Okay. I will give you a call, but it's the same time.

00:50:35:20 - 00:50:36:24

Good for Wednesday.

00:50:37:09 - 00:50:38:21

Yeah, it's okay.

00:50:39:06 - 00:50:41:12

Okay. And are you the daughter?

00:50:42:19 - 00:50:43:09


00:50:43:11 - 00:50:44:18

Are you her daughter or.

00:50:45:07 - 00:50:46:13

The back of our minds?

00:50:47:05 - 00:50:48:01

Who daughter?

00:50:48:09 - 00:50:49:13

Oh, yeah.

00:50:49:15 - 00:50:50:13

Voice change.

00:50:50:15 - 00:50:51:13

I'm sorry.

00:50:52:00 - 00:50:54:12

No, I'm the mother.

00:50:55:00 - 00:50:56:02

Oh, okay.

00:50:56:21 - 00:51:07:15

All right. So what I'll do, I'll go ahead and set the time back to reach out to you on Wednesday about the same time. And, um. And then we could be able to talk from there.

00:51:07:20 - 00:51:11:24

And don't be alarmed like nothing here is going to.

00:51:12:01 - 00:51:17:15

Be super expensive or totally out of your league, is what we do.

00:51:17:17 - 00:51:19:15

Name. What's the name of your company?

00:51:20:14 - 00:51:21:09

We work with.

00:51:21:11 - 00:51:22:03

A whole lot.

00:51:22:05 - 00:51:25:21

Of different companies, life insurance companies and what we do.

00:51:25:23 - 00:51:26:16

We're going to go.

00:51:26:18 - 00:51:27:08

Over different.

00:51:27:10 - 00:51:40:07

Things and just formulate it and make sure that it's something that's attainable for you. So it's not where we just draw a number at a hat and say, Can you afford it? You know, it's something we come up with together.

00:51:41:11 - 00:51:42:10

Okay. All right.

00:51:42:22 - 00:51:43:18


00:51:44:06 - 00:51:45:07

Okay. Thanks.

00:51:45:09 - 00:51:47:08

You're welcome. You have a good night.

00:51:47:16 - 00:51:48:06


00:51:48:08 - 00:51:49:07

Bye bye. Bye.

00:51:54:00 - 00:51:59:17

Nick lost. Like all control. I don't even see the where the. The thing is.

00:52:00:12 - 00:52:01:15

Or don't see it either.

00:52:02:03 - 00:52:02:18


00:52:03:04 - 00:52:36:00

What I think I think the best thing, though, after listening, after listening, listening to some recordings and stuff for Jay is just to put in some more activity and then get out of some of the pre jitters, you know, of just trying to figure out the process. And I know that we did watch the Pioneer sail from start to finish, I believe on the Greatest of all teams website. And then we can also do some role playing if necessary. But you sound great on the phone, Jay So I don't really think that you need role playing.

00:52:36:17 - 00:52:41:17

I think it's just a matter about like just trying to follow along with the script as they're throwing you off.

00:52:42:11 - 00:52:43:03


00:52:43:13 - 00:53:03:11

I agree. And assuming the sale, yeah, assuming that it's the person that you're speaking to on the phone, assuming who the beneficiary is going to be, assuming that they love their family, assuming that they need it, just assuming the wholesale the whole way, not really asking them permission for anything, but just assuming.

00:53:04:02 - 00:53:04:19


00:53:05:10 - 00:53:24:01

And Nikki and Mike and Jay literally like wrote the script and it's changed a little bit over the course of time. But we literally wrote that script, um, my second week here and I've made over I looked at it the other day over a thousand sales in four years with, with that script.

00:53:25:00 - 00:53:25:15


00:53:25:17 - 00:53:27:17

So it really is like it's just mean.

00:53:28:15 - 00:53:29:05


00:53:29:07 - 00:53:43:22

Not a terrible script at all. Like it's it's easy, straightforward and to the point. Um, it's just for me to just stay on track, follow it and, and, and stay the course in a sense, you know.

00:53:44:13 - 00:53:45:23

And, and so.

00:53:46:15 - 00:54:14:14

Yeah, and that's a challenge even for, for a lot of, a lot of folks, even me when I first came to it was, it was hard for me at first to stay on script and to follow a script. So it's just one of those things I do. You know, I have sold like talking other ways before, but then I did link with Ernie back in like 2020. So I know that his script is proven to work because that's the the straight line system.

00:54:15:05 - 00:54:15:20


00:54:16:19 - 00:54:30:10

So, so I'm definitely going to put forward today once I get back and from my appointment, everything that we've gone over today, you'll see a difference. Awesome. Even, even, um,

00:54:32:00 - 00:54:54:00

knowing now that could just, you know, when they're giving me I have coverage could I would just like to do a policy review with you. Um, because I never, I never thought to go that route. It's just been like, okay. And I've just been defeated from that moment. So I'm just ready to see the difference and put everything from today to work.

00:54:54:11 - 00:55:28:19

Right, exactly. And a lot of them are going to say they already have coverage. And, you know, and I just like to tell them I'd be like, hey, you know, that's that's very that's very common. You know, a lot of my clients that I speak with, that's usually the reason why I'm on the phone with them is because they already have some coverage in place and they just want to make sure that they have enough for their family. So let me just go ahead and confirm this information that I have here. And then, you know, and then you can go ahead and confirm or wait for a response first and see what they say and find out if they're worth staying on the phone with.

00:55:29:12 - 00:55:31:24

Okay. Definitely out. I'm going to put it.

00:55:33:14 - 00:55:35:06

Today, you'll see a difference.

00:55:35:08 - 00:55:35:23


00:55:36:05 - 00:55:41:12

And it'll just believe you and I love it. I was going to say, like, um.

00:55:42:07 - 00:55:58:22

You sound amazing on the phone, so think it just comes with more activity. And then just as you gain knowledge and you know, you'll become more powerful and then you'll be, you know, it'll just be like a mental thing. Like, it's almost people about getting on the phone every day.

00:55:59:17 - 00:56:00:08


00:56:00:17 - 00:56:30:05

That's and that's truly what it is, is the mental and, you know, life also, you know, just like today, like even last night was like, okay, I'm want to ask for some one on one time to get some things and kind of get tweaked up so I can be able to really focus and put the put it into work because I want to see it work. Like, I'm ready to see it. My efforts pay off and that's what it is. So I'm willing to do the work.

00:56:30:22 - 00:56:49:01

Right. Wonderful. So if you have any questions or anything, even if it is, you know, 5 or 6:00 pm and it's a monday or Tuesday, usually like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday is I'm pretty much in front of this computer a lot, even, you know, Thursdays and Fridays too. But if you have any questions, we're here to answer them and help you.

00:56:49:18 - 00:57:04:20

Okay? Definitely. So once I get back, I'll let you guys know that I'm back and I'm going to go ahead and start paving the streets and, um, and then we'll touch base from there. If I have any questions or perfect pep talk, whatever.

00:57:06:01 - 00:57:06:16


00:57:06:21 - 00:57:09:05

All right. Love it. I'm gonna stop the recording, guys. Great.

Watch the Full Video Here: "Jaye" Sales Call

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