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Introduction Training Continued

Updated: Apr 17

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All right, Nikki. Nikki and I were talking about intros last night, and Nikki want you to just take it away because some of the stuff you were texting me is like spot on last night. And I just want you to share with what you were thinking. And of course, I will add my own thoughts and anybody can add thoughts on this. Anything that's working for them, you know, bring it here, let us know what's happening and

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how it's working. So.

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Yeah, so basically what I wanted to talk about was how a lot of us treat an A and a B lead. And the thing is, is that when it comes down to the lead, it's good just to look at it as a client. That hasn't been helped yet. Someone that we've just been trying to constantly get in contact with or just the right person hasn't gotten contact with that person yet. So whenever you're looking at A or B leads, you really want to just have the same intro going into it. You know, you don't want to really change it up too much.

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I know sometimes you could say, I'm following up with you, you know, on the request that you made, you know, how have you been? No, but they could have it could be a B lead that was six months or older. But then they just seen something and then they had just put in a new request. So what I was trying to say is that it's good just to be able to be like, Hey, you know, Moses, how's everything going out there in Vero Beach, Florida? How's everything been going out there in Florida, you know? And you're like, Fine. Wonderful.

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Great. No. Okay, wonderful. My name is Nicole Mills and I'm with Senior Life Services, you know, and then go right into it. So what I was just trying to say when I was talking to Ernie last night is that the there's really no difference between a lead and a lead. You just know when they requested the information. So even if they give you the hey, I just requested information and it's been a little while since I've done that. Hey, you just always do that, you know, apologize. Hey, I'm so sorry, Moses, that I couldn't get back to you sooner.

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We had a very high response rate in your area. It's my job just to get you out the information. I just wanted to ask you a simple question here. Are you still over at 2,303rd court in Viera Beach, Florida? 32960? Yes. Okay. Let me just find out some more information about you. So just a smoother transition just to get more people into a conversation with the leads is what we were going over. But you can treat it just like as if it's an alien and you could start it with with the same introduction.

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There's another agent Karen shirts who's very good and she just treats every lead the same way as well. She starts up the same intro with every lead.

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And for those purposes, it's just easier to not have to, you know, constantly adjust yourself, you know, which which excuse me, what she means by a little bit. You can adjust it a little bit. I train a lot of people on saying, Hey, Bob, how's everything been going out there in Toledo? Okay, that's good here. Well, my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because a little while back you spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Ohio. So my job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have.

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So let me just confirm this information. So there was not much change there. I said a little while back and I say that because it makes me feel better that there's nothing they can I hate saying things that anybody can refute. If I say a while back and there's nothing they can say to me that, Oh, I didn't because they can easily remember if it was last week and we're calling aliens. Yeah. You recently spoke with somebody. No, I didn't. Yeah, we know you did. But obviously you're not going to argue with them. But that's the only thing I really change. And, you know, intro should just be on point.

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It's like, you know, hello, you know, intro think is everything. Like you're going to set the tone for the entire conversation. So what to Nikki's point about leads, you just want to set the tone that you're just trying to help them but make it seem like you guys are long lost friends just to put them on their heels just a little bit so that they don't have that knee jerk reaction that they just want to get off the phone with you.

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Does everybody feel that? Yeah. Does everybody feel that when, like, they can tell a knee jerk reaction? You guys know exactly what I mean?

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Like almost like you can tell. Like they just want to get off the phone, like, hey, you know, because, you know, I hear presentations all day. So it's like, Hey, Bob, how's everything been going out there? And then, you know, you stutter and it's like, yeah, click. So if you're going to practice something today, I really am a firm believer that you can't work on too many things at once. You can only work on one thing really at a time. So if you guys want to pick that as what you're working on today, it's like, Hey Bob, how's everything been going out there in Toledo? Great. All right, so that's good.

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My name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason I do it like that is because I was just taught that senior life services, like, almost like a question. Like, you remember us. You remember us. You remember us, right? You remember, remember, remember? It's like, Hey, my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Florida. My job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. That tone that. Yeah, yeah. And that tonality. Like, that's really what I want you guys focus on.

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Just like my job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions that you have. Does that sound like I'm giving them a choice?

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No directing.

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Yeah. This is what we're doing today. Like, you know, I can say that, you know, I treat him like it's somebody that really is not going to do this on their own. So my job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So let me just confirm some information. Make sure it's right. I have you at one, two, three Main Street and Vero Beach, Florida. And that's obviously a question because they like they should be stated statements, but they obviously should be questions at the end. Just going up a little bit, an octave like one octave. It's like okay yeah and have your birth date here is 214 1984.

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Yeah, that's me then you you'll hear their tonality. Calm down. Yeah. It's either. Yeah. Like, uh, I'm unsure or I was like, yep, some people are just going to be receptive. Like, Yep, that's me. The more information you throw at somebody very early on, the more, uh, the higher chances you have to. They'll listen to you. Nobody wants to like these eliades The first thing I do like was like, Hey, like, here's one here. Hey, aerosol. How's everything been going? Like, all right, this is your life insurance agent over here at Senior Life Services.

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I do need to confirm. I go right into it. I just got to confirm I'm talking to the right person. You're. I have your social as this. I have not been hung up on if I have been able to get their social out their mouth. Like if they say yes to that now, it's almost like, Oh damn, I better listen. This this guy's got my social. For some reason, even if it was a canceled policy, even the ones that I was just adding coverage, of course I want them to remember me because some of these are three years old. Like I've.

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I try him once a year, but maybe I didn't get a hold of them and I'm not going to keep calling them and calling them and calling them because they're existing clients. And I'm not trying to harass them. But, you know, the more information you can get. Same thing with your intro. If you see notes, it's like, all right, I see that, you know, you spoke with one of our reps. They went over some of the health information. Let me confirm some of that. So I have you at five, five, £180. All of a sudden they will just shut up and let you present.

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You guys. Really? Go ahead, Nick. I'm sorry.

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Oh, I was going to say, and sometimes you don't have all that information on the actual lead. Sometimes you just have the email address. So in that instance, to let me just confirm your information with you. Hey, I've seen that when you had requested the information, you had told us that you are in Viera Beach, Florida. Are you still located in Florida? Okay, That's awesome. Hey, let me go ahead and get your physical address from you. What's your address? You know, and just a way to transition into gathering their information to.

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And wanted to go over that. If you don't have any lead information there that you can gather, you know, information in a smooth way just by transitioning from let me confirm your information into you and then with you and then transition into, hey, are you still in the state of Wisconsin or still in the state of Florida or whatever state?

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Oh, the only thing. But they could do. But like if a lead. Do you ask that question? Like if it's recently, do you ask them if they're still in Florida?

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Well, yeah, sometimes just over. Or sometimes I'll be like, I'm one of the licensed I'm one of the benefits coordinators for the state and one's concern. My job is go over any questions that you have. Let me just confirm your information with you. You had put down that your email address was Ernest Coles at at Is that correct? Okay. Yes. Hey, I've seen that you put the city and state yet that you were in but didn't get your address. What's your physical address? Um, no. So, so kind of like just trying to get as much information as I can, you know, while I'm gathering it.

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Because you don't have their date of birth. You might not have a beneficiary name. You might just have an email address there.

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Yeah. And sometimes that would be really assumptive there with the, the emails. I'd be like, you know, have your email as you know. Joe Chase one, two, three at Gmail. Okay. Is that where And then I'll immediately say, is that where you'd want me to send you everything? And they don't know what I'm sending, but if I can get them to agree to that, they're definitely going to. It's like, Oh, what is he sending me? You guys know how assumptive I am? Like, everything is like they're not really questions. Like I'm asking questions, but I'm not really.

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Right. And it's a good way to funnel people into conversations when you don't have a lot of information on the lead info.

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Does anybody using anything that they think works that you know, that they're using that anybody else might be able to steal. And believe me, guys, I've stole Everything I've do is stolen from the best. Like there's there's very few original thoughts I'd rather learn from what other people have done. Like I've stolen things from Crystal because I could, you know, she sat right next to me for the longest time and, you know, she's loud. So if I hear something good, I put that, you know, just steal it immediately and start implementing it.

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One thing I've noticed with Leeds especially is that there's a very, very high chance that they've already gotten insurance since their original request for information. So like if you can get through that, then you're kind of you're golden at that point.

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Right? If you can get through that. And then really and a lot of the times it's just about being like, okay, so, you know, you were able to set something up. I'm very glad to hear that. So I will just treat this like and then I'll say to them, So let's just treat this like a courtesy call just to make sure that you are in with the right program. So how long ago did you get that? You know, just like you just really want to know, like it's okay to be like you just have to word it the right way. It's like, oh, how much coverage did you get? Okay, who's that with? That is not going to work. It has to be more just, you know, casual.

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Very casual. Okay. I'm glad that you said something up, you know, recently. Do you know about how long ago that was?

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Also, like two years ago. Okay, then this will just be a courtesy. I'll see if there's anything better. Or were you just looking for some additional coverage that gives them two options. Either I will try to find something better or, you know, it's additional coverage and then I can get off the phone with that person. If there's really nothing, no sale to be made there. And a lot of the time, guys, I mean, you have to. You have to use your common sense. If they said I said, oh, I said something that doesn't have to be bleeds. But if they said they set something up ten years ago, I'm going to congratulate them. Tell them. Well, anything that you got ten years ago you should probably hold on to if it's still active, simply because, you know, you were ten years younger.

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Ha ha ha. And but yeah, but we will look at some additional coverage. So how much coverage do you currently have? You know, 10,000. Okay, Next question. Assumption. Something you know, very assumptive. How much coverage were you trying to get to? That's a very good question because that makes them think like, oh, I have 10,000. He's asking me how much I was trying to have because if people can afford it and, you know, and it's affordable and that they want it, they're trying to get as much coverage as they possibly can. So that's a very good question.

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What are you what were you trying to get to total? Oh, no, I'm good with 10,000. Okay. Well, then, yeah, we don't have much to talk about.

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And like a lot of times I'll get people to. Okay, so this is like very assumptive, like, this is just for additional coverage. Like, Yeah, sure. And then we get to the point where it's how much additional were you looking for? Because they're just saying yes, yes, yes. Like they're lost in the days. They have no idea what they're really saying yes to. So that's how it feels at least. Um, because I'm just like, okay, this is what we're doing, this is what I'm here for. I'm going to help. You want to help the family, You know, you got to got data. But when we get to how much coverage were you looking at getting, you know, additional? If they told me they already have 20.

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But they're you know, they're 60, they need more. Um, then that's when they start have to like have an original thought for themselves and not me just telling them what we're doing. And they go, oh, I'm not really looking for any more coverage or I have enough. What's my rebuttal to that? Because I lose that so many times.

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That's correct me if I'm wrong, guys, but I think there's not much rebuttal to that at all. That's just you ask good questions like, you know, Belfort and you know, the other trainers that I subscribe to, you know, that will say if there's no sale there, there's no reason to present to these people. I think I have enough. Okay. Was there you know, you might ask a couple more questions, but if they think they have enough, then, you know, there's no reason to keep talking to them, especially if it's a lead. Yeah.

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I mean, a lot of times, like, for example, like it'll be and I'll go to the Social Security Administration projection or whatever. Let's say if they're 55 and they have 20,000 here, it says they need 34. Basically 35 mean realistically and then say, okay, well, I tell them without being as directed to this, but I basically just tell them like, look, you don't have enough coverage, you need more. And I've got a, you know, a good number of sales that way because you're like, Oh, I didn't even know that. I thought 20 grand was enough. And I'm like, Well, dude, 20 grand is perfect today.

00:14:32:22 - 00:14:48:20

But, you know, inflation, you know, everything is going to go up. You know, I want you to live another 100 years. In 100 years, it's going to be more expensive, right? And then I get the sales that way. But, you know, a lot of times is there just no sale to be made if they don't see the value or, you know, they think they have enough?

00:14:49:09 - 00:15:15:11

That's a great rebuttal, though. What you said, though, is because sometimes when they say I have enough, you could be like, okay, well, you know, me as a benefits coordinator, just my job to evaluate and just go over some information with you and then I could just ask you some questions there and we could determine, you know, if you do really have enough because you might just have enough for as of today's date, moving into the future, you know, and then you can and you would probably explain that to them. Yeah.

00:15:16:05 - 00:15:17:00

Well, and a lot of times.

00:15:17:02 - 00:15:19:13

That's a great way to get through that.

00:15:19:17 - 00:15:53:22

Yeah. I feel like other agents, like at other companies, like just in general with life insurance, everything I've ever seen outside of sales, they just try and get what they need today. Like, okay, well, you know, it's going to be really cheap. You know, it can be like 20 bucks for five grand If you were to pass away tomorrow, this is going to cover you. But then it's like a newsflash to these people that, like, this stuff gets more expensive. I'm like, look. And a difference between, you know, being 50 and 60 is, you know, but 40 to about $13,000 in a ten year period because of the inflation.

00:15:53:24 - 00:16:16:15

How much is going to go up? Like that's the projection and they're just dumbfounded. And then the only reason I'll lose someone who's like realized like, oh, my goodness, this is actually, you know, got to get this taken care of. It'll be like a money issue when I'm presenting the plan. But that's really my only rebuttal to that. I just didn't know if there was a better or another one.

00:16:16:23 - 00:16:52:16

Well, it's just those are good questions and educating people really is very much appreciated. That's one thing that I like about what we do here. We're not really like bullying everybody into No, you definitely need 10,000, so we're going to get that for you. Um, so this is the chart that Ken is referring to, which you can find on the greatest of all teams. There's a bunch of resources there. But you know, look at look at 45, 50,000 and then look at 65. It's 23,000 historically. And this is just nerd out. But historically, prices double every 20 years because of inflation, like prices on everything at least double.

00:16:52:18 - 00:17:29:16

So 2% compounded over 20 years is doubling it. So that's a very good rebuttal. It's like, okay, so you have 20,000. Let's say they are 53. So and it's a female. So it's like, okay, so let me take a look and see if that would be. And you can just simply say, let me take a look and see if that's where you want to be. Right. So because they do give me a chart over here, because they do want us to help people get to where they need to be. So at 53 years old, they are saying that if you're doing a traditional Christian burial, that it might be it will be $35,840 is what they're saying.

00:17:29:18 - 00:18:05:20

And that's if you live to full life expectancy, which is 83 years old, and I hope you live longer than that. But of course, it'll be more expensive at that point. So do you want me to see like what it would be to get you to the total that you actually need? And then they might say something and then you just have to go with the flow. At that point, it's like, Oh, I'm doing a cremation. Well, then if that's all they're trying to do, you know that that's enough. And it's okay to be very honest. Okay, well, if you got a cremation, 20,000 will certainly cover it where you're looking when you first, you know, put this request in where you just looking to give somebody a love offering and leave a little money for the kids.

00:18:05:22 - 00:18:11:22

No. Okay. Then that that one's done. But if the answer is yes, then you might, you know, continue.

00:18:13:11 - 00:18:43:17

So of course, Kevin's right. That's a case by case basis. Don't just hang up. Oh, think I'm to 20,000 is good. So go. Okay, let's consult the chart and see, you know, how much coverage they're saying you will actually need. I'm not big on asking if they want a barrow cremation. I just let it come up organically simply because don't want to put their put it in their heads that oh I might do a cremation, I might do a burial. I don't know now. So got a. Think about that before I can think about insurance because I need to know how much I need. So I better start researching, you know, cremations and burials.

00:18:43:19 - 00:18:53:19

Which who the hell wants to sit down and research that? What's better for me? So very good rebuttal. I like that one. So continue that one.

00:18:56:02 - 00:19:26:04

And then like in the presentation of numbers, like those same people will be like, Oh, well, you know, if I need this coverage, I'll just get it later on. Like, I have enough for today, you know, I'll get it later on. And where I hit them in the head of the nail with like the best one I've been using. And this is also when I was going to ask you today, Ernie, when the like a 56 year old, you know, they need an additional ten, but they already have, you know, a good portion of what they need.

00:19:26:20 - 00:19:59:17

I will say, okay, well, for example, let's go ahead and you want to wait a couple of years, right? So this says your 20,000 will hold you over until age 70. I'm just using an example, actually. Well, um, but then let's go ahead and let's see how much the same exact coverage is going to be when you're 70. And this is just for today. Like these prices are still going to go up, too. So we're not even putting that in for consideration. And then, you know, it's like 50 bucks for their 10,000 at whatever age they're at.

00:19:59:19 - 00:20:14:21

And then it goes up to like 240 for, you know, waiting, you know, those 20 years until they need it. And that's when they're like, oh my goodness, I need to do this now. So but is that a good way to go about it, to compare like or is that just too much information for them to handle?

00:20:15:06 - 00:20:49:06

Yeah, it was a little convoluted. Usually what I'll say, it's like, oh, I have, you know, 20,000, you know, it doesn't mean it depends. I have 20,000 there. Let's go back to the example there. 53 I do have 20,000. It's like and then I'll just simply say, I'm sure this isn't something that you want to continue to worry about, you know, going forward. You know, you probably just want to get the amount of coverage you need and then be done, you know, thinking about this topic, get this part of your life handled, right. Yeah. You know, you know, usually it's a little like coming, you know, home and home and stuff, but I'm just like, okay, well, let's take a look and see exactly what it would be.

00:20:49:13 - 00:21:23:19

So, you know, but go right back to the script. It's not like I'm going to start quoting there. This is all like intro objections. I have 20,000. Get the information. I want to know the company. That's why it's in the script. Like when you look at it, it's like, is that something that you've had for a while? Is that something you know? You know, what are you paying? Do you know what the company name is? It's probably one of the ones we represent. And it's good to say that. So that way they're just they feel more attached to you. It's probably one of the ones we represent. So let's take a look. Okay. You know, mutual Venmo. Yep. They're a good company. You know, they do have pretty good rates, so you should probably hold on to that if you've had it for ten years.

00:21:24:01 - 00:21:57:19

So this must just be for additional then, then you like and then what? You said we're going to go back and back and forth. So, you know, the Social Security Administration recommends that you're 60 years old. They recommend that you have 27,000 because they're planning on you living another 24 years, hopefully a lot longer. Miss Jones. And don't you know, Becky, whatever her name is, and then you can just kind of you just have to, you know, go back and forth a little bit because if you don't have and kind of one of the big things, if you don't have really solid agreement that they would be interested in some additional coverage, then I see no reason to spend 40 minutes for them to be like, oh, that's too expensive.

00:21:57:21 - 00:22:15:20

That's so much more than I'm paying now. It should be because it's been 10 to 15 years. And the reason you guys. What is the reason why? Want to know how long how much they're paying, how much coverage and what company. Who can answer that for me?

00:22:16:00 - 00:22:18:12

Setting their expectations for what it's going to be today.

00:22:18:24 - 00:22:21:03

Correct. I'm just managing expectations.

00:22:21:22 - 00:22:28:15

Not only that, but they they might have a policy that they don't realize is a term policy could. So.

00:22:29:01 - 00:22:29:16


00:22:29:23 - 00:23:00:22

That's a good point because if they're saying something that sounds way out of whack based on your experience, that's $20 for 30,000. Oh, wouldn't you just set that up last year? Okay. You don't you don't have to tell them. That's a term policy like. All right, let me take a look. Uh, so I am pulling up some figures here. Yeah, it does line up with the term policy, so that must be what you have, right? Then, you know, get them to agree and then just move on. Okay, So that when does that set to expire? Oh, I don't know. Okay. Usually they're ten years. Sometimes they're five.

00:23:00:24 - 00:23:07:03

Have you seen any price increases? Then it's just more questions. I want them to talk. Tell me. Tell me about this policy. Yeah.

00:23:08:13 - 00:23:44:01

And one thing I noticed too, like there's there's other different types of policies out there. Like I had this one lady, I wrote it with Gerber and she canceled because she was like confused as hell with Gerber. She couldn't she she called in to them and was like, Hey, what's this policy had? She was telling me she had 50 grand for like 20 some bucks a month with Gerber. And I'm like, That doesn't seem legit. So I'm like asking her about it. Like, okay, you know, can you give me some details? Do you have it in front of you? She's like, Yeah, it's in my hand. It's 50,000. Then she calls into Gerber after I'd already signed her up with that. This is a callback to let her know that she was approved because I was working with, like Pioneer to see if I could, you know, squeeze around.

00:23:44:03 - 00:24:15:11

But when I give her that call back, she was like, Yeah, well, I found this policy I had 50,000 with. Gerber was like, Well, their whole life plan is only up to 25,000. So is that like a term or like then she called in to Gerber and called me back and said, Hey, yeah, this is for accidental coverage. So that's also another thing when people say that they have all this coverage for like super cheap, a lot of times it's just for accidental. I didn't even realize that was sold on its own. So guess Gerber does that where they have like 50,000 and accidental but.

00:24:15:17 - 00:24:49:10

That was a lot a lot of companies do I mean so yeah if it sounds out of whack, it usually is. You just have to do what you did and ask the right questions to, you know, get it out of them and don't care if you got a like as long as you get them on board. It's like, well, all right, well, let's make sure you do have the best out there. People want the best. So if you say things like that, it's like Larry. So let's get them on the phone because we definitely want to get to the bottom of this. I don't want you thinking you have something you don't have. And if they are really offering that kind of policy for people, we're going to add them to listed companies. You know, that usually shuts people down as far as like like we'll add them right now because.

00:24:49:19 - 00:24:51:01

That's so that's where she.

00:24:51:03 - 00:24:53:19

Left. She was like, Oh, yeah, okay, we'll do that.

00:24:54:02 - 00:24:54:19


00:24:54:21 - 00:24:55:11


00:24:57:01 - 00:24:58:02

kind of listens to me.

00:25:00:13 - 00:25:06:14

Uh, well, all right, guys. Um, Carter, you were. You were about. You were talking to. So if you want to.

00:25:08:02 - 00:25:25:04

I was just going to say, like on the note of like accidental policies being a whole separate thing, like whenever I'm talking to a client and I'm going over the benefits of like Pioneer or whatever, I'll mention that like, hey, usually it's a whole separate policy you have to get for accidental, but they just throw it in there. Yeah, just kind of separate note.

00:25:25:21 - 00:25:55:22

Yeah. You just want to kind of. You just want to get stupid ideas that they have out of their heads or at least have them questioning them. Because if they're not questioning, you know, if if they're not questioning the stuff, that sounds ridiculous. There's still no sale there. So we have to really, you know, ask a lot of questions because we have to, like you guys understand, we have to ask those questions because there's no reason to ignore that stuff and then present to them only to find out. No, Well, I have 20,000 for, you know, $50 a month and there 75 only to find out.

00:25:55:24 - 00:25:59:00

No, they did get it 20 years ago, which makes perfect sense.

00:26:00:23 - 00:26:10:16

I don't hate getting to the end of a presentation than hearing about their coverage. So it's like I need to know company, how much coverage, what they're paying, how long ago they set it up, those four.

00:26:11:01 - 00:26:43:23

I've had some sneaky people too. Like I will get to like they want 25,000 with Pioneer and then you know we'll get there you know, talk about the rates, you know, figure out, you know, plans like the entire shebang, perfect presentation. And then they go from, you know, I mean, there's the obvious, you know, don't handle my finances that comes up. And then they're like, well, you know, you already told me, but what I've been got like twice last week, 2 or 3 times they say, oh, well, I have, you know, all this coverage I was just seeing about getting additional like just brand new coverage that they didn't tell me about.

00:26:44:00 - 00:27:13:11

I'm like, do you have any coverage? You know, is what this company, that company right in the beginning, the first page of your script, Ernie And then in the numbers part they'll go, oh yeah, I have the coverage. I was just lying to you to see if, you know, this is going to be cheaper when it's like ten years old. And then I'm giving a rebuttal at the numbers part that should have been handled in the beginning. That would have just got me off the phone with them anyway. There's no way to, like, reword that into seeing if they're lying or.

00:27:15:06 - 00:27:15:21

I don't know.

00:27:17:17 - 00:27:48:23

Yeah. Mean I'll get all good points, guys. Um, and then, you know, that's why it's kind of like, important to stick to it. Like, okay, what are you trying to get to? Total, like, questions like that. Be like, oh, I got. Then you might elicit a response. Well, I got five, so, you know, I'm trying to have 15. All right, guys, I'm gonna let. Got to get out of here. Gotta let me be host. Um, not. I'm not getting out of here. I'm just going to go main session. But. But that's good training, guys. If you guys have any additional questions, you know, write them down. I don't mind doing this, You know, group sessions like all the time.

00:27:49:00 - 00:27:50:17

This is one of the things that I like doing.

Watch the Full Video: Introduction Training Continued

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