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Introduction Rebuttal Extravaganza!

Watch the Full Video Here: Introduction Rebuttal Extravaganza!

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Uh, so model training is a huge, huge thing, guys. And if you guys. If you guys don't know, um, you can find a lot of rebuttals in certain areas, especially like on the site. I've used all the rebuttals that like I wrote down and put on the site and they work well. So first thing I want to do is just show you guys a couple things. And I want to, I want to just practice a few. So like, I mean, you guys can just let me have them at first and then I'll just let you guys. I'll give you guys some and you guys can give me the rebuttals.

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Uh, so let me share.

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All right, guys. So you guys know there is.

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Has everybody been in here into the.

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Resources section and know where to find these. Okay. All right. So you can find a lot of rebuttals.

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And I put the intros first and then I also put them in the script because I know everybody was asking for that. So you can find them here and resources. But also,

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I want to make sure everybody has this update, right? You guys all have

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the new script with the actual rebuttals directly written right into them.

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All right. So this. Yeah, because these are all intro rebuttals, so that's the reason I put them right here.

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Thank you. Okay.

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I hear Matt and Angela yelling at each other. So, no, not me.

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I'm not there. That's not me. That's not me.

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Oh, gotcha. Thought you said. Thought. She said Matt. Uh, so, guys, in the intro, that's the most common time where you're going to get these specific. Objections. I don't remember. I'm busy. I don't have time or I already have coverage. I should think the one I should also throw in is I'm not interested because they don't know what they're interested in yet. I'll throw that in there too. Um, but like, let me present and I don't care who does it, you know, guys throw some stuff at me and I'm just going to give you guys some examples.

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It doesn't matter what it is and it's going to keep doing it over and over and over again, so it doesn't matter. So I'll say, Hey, Bob for everyone, and then you guys just want to throw something at me, whatever. Try to mess me up. Uh. All right. Don't care where it's at, by the way. So. Hey, Bob. How's everything been going out there in Toledo?

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Who's this?

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Yeah, this is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason for the call is you had spoken with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Florida. So you see how I just mean it's okay. I'm not going to get shocked right there. I'm not going to get shocked there. I'm just going to move that up. I'm going to go faster because he is asking a question and it's a question you have to answer. It's not you can't be evasive there. Oh, this is. Yeah, because I've seen it. That's that's how we sound like sometimes. All right. Hey, Bob, How's everything been going out there in Toledo? Okay.

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That's good to hear. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Ohio. My job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So, Bob, let me just confirm this information. I have you at one, two, three Main Street in Vero Beach, Florida. All right. And have your. All right. So somebody supposed to stop me somewhere? If you guys get.

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Sorry, guys, I'll mute yourself. Unless I'll do it with you, bro. Nobody else wants to do it.

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Yeah, everybody unmute yourself. Unless you're going to be. Unless you're in a loud area.

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Well, one person should do it at a time. Let you let Jaafar do it this time.

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It's not Jafar so stupid.

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I'm a man of fun.

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That's isn't it? So don't be coming for his nickname on the Zoom. He knows his name.

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If that's what he wants. It is. Uh, all right, but I'll go first. I'm trying to get you guys to, like, Who's Aladdin? They're right. All right. Let's get back to this before we get way off track. Um, so I'll do it first. Like, if Matt, do you want to go? I mean, it's fine if you want to just skip. Skip to the head of the line.

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No, no, it's okay. If I wanted to do it, let him do it. I'll do it next.

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If anything didn't say, hear him say you want to do it? I was trying to get you guys to do it for me. It's like I didn't hear any of that. But. All right, so I'm going to go first. So. Hey, Bob, How's everything been going out there in Toledo?

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Who's this?

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Oh, this is artist Bob over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs.

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Did did not do that. That wasn't me.

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Yeah, that's okay. I mean, don't even remember what I had for dinner last night. My wife's mad at me. I didn't take out the trash last night. So my job is to go over these benefits with you and just answer any questions that you have. So make sure I'm talking to the right. Bob, let me just confirm this information I have you at.

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Okay. So. Hey, Bob. How's everything been going out there in Vero Beach, Florida? Good to hear. Okay. My name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason for my call is you recently spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life, and.

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I didn't speak with anybody about this. I don't know why you're calling me. I'm not interested.

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Yeah, that's okay, Bob. If. If you're truly not interested, I can easily get you out of the system. So my job is essentially to go over benefits about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Ohio. So let me make sure I'm just talking to the right. Bob. I have you at one, two, three. Main Street.

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I'm not in Ohio anymore.

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Okay. So you moved. All right. Well, obviously, I need to update that information. Let's make sure all this other information is correct. I have your birth date here as two 1484.

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Yeah, it's not my birthday.

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Okay, so they really butchered this entire thing. So, Bob, we're consultant firm, which means we work for you and not one particular company. So our goal is always to figure out who specifically is going to give you the best rates and benefits. Are you with.

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Me on that? Because that's fine, but I just don't do business over the phone.

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Oh, that's okay. My job is to present this information to see if it's interest you and if it's something that you like, then we can talk about next steps. So were you looking for benefits for just yourself or for you and somebody else?

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So I really don't have time right now for this.

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All right. That's okay. This is all going to take about two minutes. So when I call you back, am I putting down that the wife is the beneficiary? Like you have it written?

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I'm not married.

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So they really have all this information. So what I'm going to do, Bob. I am just going to correct this information. And I know you got to go and then I'm going to schedule a call back because it sounds like you're interested in this. All right. So what's the correct address?

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One, two, three. 35 Street Southwest.

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Gotcha. And what did they mess up in your birth date?

00:06:53:22 - 00:06:56:03

Uh, I was born in 1932.

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Okay, so the month and year is fine. Or the month and day. It's fine.

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Yeah, that's fine.

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Yeah. Okay. All right, so here.

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How do you get this information again?

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It's a real simple call that they. They give to you, they call you, ask you some basic information. They obviously butchered this one, and then they give it to an actual license agent because they're not allowed to discuss insurance. Only people obviously, in America and that are licensed in your state. All right, Bob, So I have a 2:00 and a 3:00 available. Which one is going to work better for you?

00:07:26:15 - 00:07:29:03

I gotta work until five five.

00:07:29:05 - 00:07:33:16

Okay. Um, do you usually What's your normal schedule for work?

00:07:34:12 - 00:07:35:19

I work until five.

00:07:36:08 - 00:07:38:24

So, like 8 to 5? Pretty much ready for work.

00:07:39:06 - 00:07:41:12

Yeah. Don't want to talk to anybody in the morning.

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Not miserable. You're miserable.

00:07:45:02 - 00:07:46:14

Not a problem. Not a problem, Bob.

00:07:46:16 - 00:07:47:09

That's the point.

00:07:47:11 - 00:07:50:00

I'm gonna set it up for five. You're gonna die in two years.

00:07:51:17 - 00:08:22:13

I'm gonna set it up for 530, so I would still do that appointment. Nothing he said told me. Oh. All he said was like, I didn't do that. Don't remember. He didn't say. He said, I'm not interested. And then when I said like, you know, I just assume So he didn't answer my question. Were you looking for benefits for yourself today? He didn't say anything. I just responded and then immediately went to. So we're consulting firm. So if you guys notice that I'm just going back to the script, that's the easiest way. It doesn't matter how good my rebuttal is because these are bullshit.

00:08:22:24 - 00:08:41:24

So it doesn't make it be the it could be the easiest, like the dumbest things you could say. It's like, yeah, no, I had to floss my cat this morning. I guarantee you'd get away with something like that. Like, had to fly, like, just randomly. And then they'd be like, What? Like, okay, so we're consulting firm By the time they know what's going on, you're already halfway through the next sentence.

00:08:42:18 - 00:08:44:12

You did great irony. You did great.

00:08:45:14 - 00:08:46:04

That was great.

00:08:46:06 - 00:08:47:15

Well, thank you. But yeah.

00:08:47:23 - 00:08:49:13

I love how you said I'm supposed.

00:08:49:15 - 00:08:50:05

To be great.

00:08:51:23 - 00:08:54:10

Where you said, um, like.

00:08:57:05 - 00:08:58:14

Go ahead, Matt. Sorry. What did you say.

00:08:59:04 - 00:09:04:00

Where you were like? Oh, no, you said you're not. It sounds like you're interested in this.

00:09:06:12 - 00:09:16:05

There's there's nothing else to say. If they're that miserable, then. But that's how it goes. Sometimes it's like and they would do do that stuff. I mean.

00:09:16:07 - 00:09:31:20

Mean. But Jafar was an extremely miserable client. Like, he was like, mean. That's ridiculous. Like, come on. Like they. Yes, they were. They do object like that, but it was like, that's wrong. That's wrong. This is one that's rare where it's like every single thing is wrong usually.

00:09:32:08 - 00:09:32:23


00:09:34:14 - 00:09:41:03

but that's, that's what I want though. That's like, let's be terrible to each other here. So that way it's easy when the client gives us a little nonsense.

00:09:42:17 - 00:09:49:19

Like throwing people like immersion immersion technique. If you if you don't like snake story in a tank of snakes. That sounds awful, actually.

00:09:50:19 - 00:09:53:03

Yeah, You guys did good. Good job, guys.

00:09:53:06 - 00:09:58:14

Okay, um, so I'm just going to go down and let's have a volunteer. Can I have a volunteer?

00:10:04:24 - 00:10:06:20

All right. I'm just calling on people. We're going down.

00:10:06:22 - 00:10:13:12

You mean you're looking for someone to be you? Like, be the. The agent? Yes. Oh.

00:10:16:16 - 00:10:19:15

Matt here real quick. I'll do one real quick. I'm about to.

00:10:21:21 - 00:10:27:16

I'll do one real quick. I was gonna I'm about to walk in and get breakfast. I'll do one real quick for you. Already. Got you.

00:10:27:18 - 00:10:33:04

All right. You don't have to do me. Do your script mean. No, it's. It's pretty much the same. But yeah, I'll.

00:10:33:06 - 00:10:36:14

So I'll stick with the basics. Okay.

00:10:36:16 - 00:10:39:06

Ring, ring, ring. Hello.

00:10:40:09 - 00:10:41:09

Hi, Ernie.

00:10:42:15 - 00:10:43:06


00:10:44:05 - 00:10:46:20

Hey, Mr. Coles. How are you doing today, sir?

00:10:47:18 - 00:10:49:14

It's going all right. Who's this?

00:10:50:08 - 00:10:52:21

You sound like me. Did you drink your coffee yet?

00:10:54:07 - 00:10:57:16

Actually, have not. Maybe. That's a good point, sir. Who is this?

00:10:58:05 - 00:11:11:17

Listen, my name is Matt with Senior Life Services. Don't worry, I haven't finished my cup of coffee yet. But you'll get there. I haven't finished mine yet either. Okay. Well, Sir Ernie, I'm with Senior Life Services, sir. Do you remember talking with us?

00:11:12:15 - 00:11:16:18

No, but get a lot of calls like this every day, so I'm getting kind of sick of it.

00:11:17:12 - 00:11:33:22

No, understand completely. I'm sure you do. But you did specifically speak with us, Ernie. We're actually I'm with Senior Life Services again, and we spoke with you in regards to some life insurance for final and burial expenses. Think that you already got that. When did you do recently get that or have you had it for a while?

00:11:34:00 - 00:11:39:02

I think my sister, you know, got it for me when I was like three and okay.

00:11:39:04 - 00:11:45:18

So you probably have like a Gerber life policy. Maybe you had for a while, probably a small policy that's real cheap, right? Yeah.

00:11:45:20 - 00:11:50:04

She paid on a one time and it was like she paid like ten bucks and got 25 K and coverage.

00:11:51:00 - 00:11:57:22

Okay. So now when you inquired though, about more coverage, were you looking to replace or possibly just add some additional coverage?

00:11:58:11 - 00:12:33:24

Uh, just additional. All right. So that was very good, man. That was very good. Matt So that's yeah, I'm just trying to do the intros, but that was very good because and you notice I threw something really stupid at him and instead of asking questions about it, he just ignored it. Like because that's what sometimes our clients will say something like they just and it's not that they're. They actually believe they have some of the stuff that they say that they have and they believe it. So you kind of have to agree or at least be nice about it. So that's what mattered. It's like he knows in his head $10 for 25,000 that nothing actually is out there.

00:12:34:01 - 00:12:37:00

So he kind of ignored me. Is that right, Matt? Is that why you just moved on?

00:12:37:13 - 00:13:09:01

Yeah, because even if it wasn't, here's the thing. Even in my opinion, the way I look at it from my perspective, even if you did have something when you were a kid at three years old that either is possibly gone, your sister's not paying that for you anymore. You don't have it anymore. Or even if you possibly did have it, it probably is a small little policy that you get as a kid. So, I mean, yes, I do think it was bullshit. So in my opinion, you don't have that. I'm like, All right, well, you inquired for some reason you don't have that coverage anymore. Your sister's not paying that shit. Or or if you want to look at it like you do believe them.

00:13:09:03 - 00:13:20:09

Because sometimes they do. Sometimes you have clients that are telling the truth. And it probably is a small little policy that you can get as a kid that's not going to be much to cover. His final and burial expenses.

00:13:20:11 - 00:13:35:11

Right. And this just comes with experience, though, because Matt wouldn't go down that rabbit hole, but a brand new agent might do that. Be like, oh, that sounds like a really good deal. And then before you know it, you're trying to call Gerber and find out about it when it's better to just ignore things that sound insane.

00:13:36:06 - 00:13:53:03

Yeah, exactly. We're not going to like this is we're not going to go down the rabbit hole of like, okay, well, let's find your policy. How much coverage? No, let's get to the point of I'm going to get you that additional coverage. But then what? What went into next was figuring out if his sister handles his finances.

00:13:55:09 - 00:14:00:24

Two, because that that's a red flag for me to like has mentioned, as soon as they mentioned the sister and brother signing. Right.

00:14:01:13 - 00:14:02:17

Katie, are you're still down there?

00:14:07:15 - 00:14:08:24

She's inside. I got her in.

00:14:09:01 - 00:14:12:20

Oh, okay. Gotcha. Okay. You can just come off mute and just yell this.

00:14:14:09 - 00:14:20:04

All right, so who's next? Um. Moses. Are you ready to go?

00:14:27:23 - 00:14:30:03

What did you say? Ernie, I'm sorry. My phone froze.

00:14:30:22 - 00:14:34:04

Oh, nothing. I'm just asking who's next, or I'll just call them people.

00:14:37:04 - 00:14:40:19

All right, well, we're gonna go right down the line. Vicky's after Hoover, so Hoover your next.

00:14:42:15 - 00:14:49:07

And then Moses will be. Actually, Moses will be next after you. All right. Ring, ring, ring. Hello?

00:14:57:12 - 00:14:59:08

All right. That was Biggie or me.

00:15:00:08 - 00:15:01:05

You, then Me.

00:15:02:14 - 00:15:06:10

Okay, I'm going. I'm going down in the. Where. See people on the video. Good. All right.

00:15:08:06 - 00:15:08:22


00:15:10:02 - 00:15:12:05

Ring, ring, ring. Hello?

00:15:12:23 - 00:15:21:17

Hey. How's it going, Ernest? How's everything out there today in Toledo? Nah, it's going okay. Nice. Nice. How long you been out there now?

00:15:22:19 - 00:15:24:20

Well, I've lived here my whole life. Who's this?

00:15:24:24 - 00:16:00:19

Oh, that's wonderful, brother. Well, this is Jay. I'm just giving you a call back here from Senior Live Services. And the reason I'm calling you is because you had recently requested some information and maybe some assistance with some final expense programs and some of the benefits and plans you may be eligible for. But Ernest, I wanted to start by apology. All. Oh, that's all right. It's probably it's probably been a couple of days, maybe a week or so. So it's fine. Don't even remember what I eat for breakfast yesterday. But anyways, I wanted to start by apologizing to you. Uh, you know, not being able to get back to you sooner. We've had such a high response rate in your area, and it's just been impossible to get it back to everybody any sooner.

00:16:00:21 - 00:16:08:10

But, um, I'm glad we're on the phone now. So like I said, Ernest, my name is Jay with Senior Life Services, and I'm sure you're just like most people.

00:16:08:12 - 00:16:10:11

Interested in this, to be honest with you, man.

00:16:11:04 - 00:16:12:04

That's all right, brother.

00:16:12:06 - 00:16:14:22

Don't remember doing it. Yeah. Don't know who you are.

00:16:15:11 - 00:16:33:19

Oh, yeah. I completely understand, Ernest. Most families, when they're looking at this, what they're looking at is to get some information back in the mail so that they can look over it and take a look at what benefits they may qualify for. Now, I'm giving you a call just for two reasons. First is to see exactly what you qualify for and what benefits are available for you.

00:16:33:24 - 00:16:37:19

But think to have some coverage like like got it through work.

00:16:38:12 - 00:17:04:09

Oh, that's great. Yeah. So we work with families that have coverage to work all the time. And what they usually find out with our game plans is that they actually get more benefits through these as well. And they are actually go well with your work policies. So the second reason was giving you a call is because want to see exactly what your needs are. And I'm really glad you mentioned that. So I'm sure we can both agree that everyone's needs are a little different. Ernest Everyone's situation is different. And what?

00:17:05:24 - 00:17:17:14

And what you may or may not qualify for. Um, it may be, you know, different than your neighbors, right? So there's not really like a one size fits all game plan. Okay. And obviously there's no magical brochure I can just send out to you.

00:17:17:18 - 00:17:48:11

Yep. And so we're mean. Yeah. Now we're, uh. So whoever you might be handling them maybe too long, like, really trying to handle them. Does that make sense? Like, because it's a lot of the stuff. Think you could just blow off? Because you're mean. You're. You're like me. You're probably overthinking, uh, especially in the intro. Like later on, like when you go to free resources and later on, it's, um. You know, like the major rebuttals that we all get, like those are the ones that I'll spend.

00:17:48:13 - 00:18:18:17

Like then I'm like, all right, whatever. If somebody brings me on. And honestly, guys, if you brought me on and like, I'm having a bad day or don't seem into it, but still sound like I know what I'm doing, it's because I decided to read one of these rebuttals. Well, instead of making up my own thing because I'm stressed out. So I like these rebuttals and I do think they work well. Um, but just for that, like, I would just ignore a lot of the stuff I said because think you'll get into more presentations because if you go down the rabbit hole of, uh.

00:18:19:23 - 00:18:50:22

You know, talking about like these are designed for other people. That's be something like if I said send me something in the mail, it's like, oh yeah, we're gonna. And then would just move on. I wouldn't even tell them like what? I'm going to send you the policy, but like I'm just trying to go through the script until I get to that point where I'm like, Actually, if you got me to that point, I was going to be that guy that just basically you dismissed and said, There's no reason to keep talking to this guy because there's going to be those people. You get to that point where you say, Hey, what's the goal of the policy? And there's no goal. You can't establish anything.

00:18:50:24 - 00:18:52:05

Then, you know, get off the phone.

00:18:54:05 - 00:19:11:13

Is that helpful? Like, I mean, you mean you guys. You guys are great and. But I'm going to hammer you because, like, I want Matt. Matt was really good, but Matt's been here a while and he's, you know, obviously shreds all the time. Uh, and then. All right, Vicky, you ready? I'm going to put this back here.

00:19:14:04 - 00:19:15:03

I don't even know where it went.

00:19:18:17 - 00:19:20:22

All right. Ring, ring, ring.

00:19:23:13 - 00:19:24:10

But. Hello.

00:19:25:14 - 00:19:27:17

Hi. Good morning, Ernest. How are you doing this morning?

00:19:28:13 - 00:19:30:20

It's going okay. It's going okay.

00:19:31:02 - 00:19:32:19

How's everything in Toledo today?

00:19:33:20 - 00:19:35:24

Oh, good. It's actually warming up a little bit.

00:19:36:09 - 00:19:38:07

Oh, that's great. What's your temperature.

00:19:39:11 - 00:19:42:05

Like? 65.

00:19:42:08 - 00:19:57:11

Oh, gotcha. It's 79. Here. We're in. I'm in sunny Vero Beach, Florida. So Ethan was calling. My name is Vicky here with Senior Life Services. And I was calling you because you had spoke with one of my representatives.

00:19:57:13 - 00:19:58:19

Oh, I never spoke to anybody.

00:19:59:18 - 00:20:16:23

Oh, well, you probably don't remember. Don't remember what I had for dinner last night. So. But anyways, you had spoke with one of them in regards to some state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Ohio. And my job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions that you might.

00:20:16:24 - 00:20:19:14

Have already have that already did that.

00:20:20:07 - 00:20:25:13

Oh, is that something that you did a long time ago or is it something that you just recently got?

00:20:26:17 - 00:20:28:08

Uh, I think it was a long time ago.

00:20:28:14 - 00:20:54:21

Okay, well, people still find the information helpful just because, you know, you. The plan that you got back then, um, you know, they've improved things through the years, and so there might be some features of your policy that you might be missing out with these with the new products that we have. I just want to confirm some of your information that you gave the representative. I've got you at one, two, three High Street.

00:20:55:13 - 00:20:56:16

Yes, that's correct.

00:20:56:18 - 00:21:02:16

Okay. And that's Toledo, Ohio. And I've got your zip code is four, five, seven, nine five.

00:21:02:18 - 00:21:37:06

Yep. All right. So I'm gonna stop you right there. So think. Think. That was real good. So she's basically. I like the fact that you basically calling my bluff. Like I said, I think I got it a long time ago. So that's more nonsense. Be really cognizant of the amount of nonsense that you hear from, like, our clients. And it's not it's not that they're lying. They're lying intentionally a lot of the time, but that's because they just want to get you off the phone. So right there, Vicky, you handled it well. He basically said find the information very valuable. And then I'm the client. That's like, all right, well, she's got me hooked now, so at least I'll listen to the presentation.

00:21:37:08 - 00:21:44:04

So I know I'm at that point. So that's why I stopped you. I figure I figured that was like, that would be a scenario that would happen just like that.

00:21:46:11 - 00:21:47:16

So that. So that was.

00:21:47:18 - 00:22:19:15

Good. Maybe the one thing, though, maybe a little long winded with the like I would think what you said in the beginning was awesome. Like a lot of people find this information very valuable and then you can go right into so we're consulting firm Like you don't have to it doesn't have to be that long. It really doesn't. Like you can just kind of blow them off and be like, all right, like these super long objections or I'm sorry, rebuttals come later when you're like social. It's like, you know, we use the same, you know, thing as Social Security. And, you know, that's when you really have to hammer gets get a good worded rebuttal.

00:22:19:22 - 00:22:26:15

But most of these can be anything like as long as you get back to the script because they'll hang up. If they really are not interested, then you don't have to worry about it.

00:22:29:11 - 00:22:33:12

All right. So, Angel, I know you don't have your script in.

00:22:34:06 - 00:22:42:02

Real quick. That's key right there. Just like people need to take from that. If they are not interested, they would have hung up.

00:22:43:19 - 00:22:52:00

That's true. Yeah. And let them. If they're gonna hang up on me, then it's easier. I'd rather just hang up on me. Like, let me get to the next one faster if you're gonna hang up.

00:22:54:11 - 00:22:55:08

I'm here, Ernie.

00:22:55:16 - 00:23:04:08

All right, so I know you don't have your script in front of and you're doing a really good job following it, so. But we're going to try it anyway, so. Ring, ring, ring. Hello?

00:23:06:04 - 00:23:07:23

Hi. Who am I speaking with?

00:23:09:09 - 00:23:13:08

This is. Yeah. You're not gonna do that. It's like. But. Okay.

00:23:15:23 - 00:23:20:16

It's okay. Yeah. No, you're the. You're the. You're the agent.

00:23:21:09 - 00:23:22:23

Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah.

00:23:23:00 - 00:23:25:10

So it's like. All right, Ring, ring, ring. Hello.

00:23:26:01 - 00:23:27:21

Senior Life Services. Angel speaking.

00:23:28:11 - 00:23:31:08

Okay. It's not an incoming call. It's outgoing.

00:23:33:17 - 00:23:34:17

Okay. Okay.

00:23:35:03 - 00:23:37:21

All right, all right. Ring, ring, ring. Hello.

00:23:38:21 - 00:23:39:23

Hi, Mr. Paul.

00:23:40:24 - 00:23:42:04

Yes. Yes.

00:23:42:16 - 00:23:50:07

This is Angel with Senior Life Services. I'm calling today because she recently spoke with one of our representatives about our state regulated. Never spoke.

00:23:50:09 - 00:23:53:14

To anybody. Get these calls all the time.

00:23:54:01 - 00:24:04:17

That's okay, sir. I want to call and talk to you about our state regulated life insurance program and talk about our benefits and think it might be some information that you might like.

00:24:05:17 - 00:24:07:08

Yeah, don't think so.

00:24:08:01 - 00:24:17:02

Okay, Well, let me grab some information that you gave our representatives your address. 255 Long way back. Yeah.

00:24:17:12 - 00:24:18:19

Yep. Okay.

00:24:18:21 - 00:24:19:12


00:24:20:13 - 00:24:21:10

Yep. That's correct.

00:24:21:12 - 00:24:22:02


00:24:22:12 - 00:24:26:22

Okay. It's your birthday. Two 2919 1800.

00:24:28:08 - 00:24:30:13

I'm a little old. A little younger than that.

00:24:31:07 - 00:24:32:17

Oh, yeah. Okay.

00:24:32:19 - 00:24:34:02

Would that be before Christ?

00:24:34:12 - 00:24:35:02

All right.

00:24:36:02 - 00:24:45:06

All right. So that was so. That was good, too. Um, you got. You fumbled a little bit when I gave you that first one. So what? You know what? That first one.

00:24:46:19 - 00:24:52:00

When I said already. What? I don't even know what said. So, see, that's the guarantee that people don't remember what they said, what they told you to get you.

00:24:52:02 - 00:24:54:17

You said you didn't talk. You said you didn't talk to anyone before.

00:24:55:00 - 00:25:23:16

Okay? So that one angel you could just use, you know, don't remember. I understand. It's my fault for not getting back to you sooner. You know, we've had an overwhelming response, so it's impossible for me to follow up with everybody. Or much simpler like I was telling whoever. Yeah. Don't remember what I had for breakfast anyway. Wouldn't say anyway because that but because Vicki you did say that. But don't say anyway. But like, you know, don't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. Bob. So we're consultant firm, which means we represent, you know, our. Okay.

00:25:26:09 - 00:25:29:17

All right, Campana, you went. Cam, you are next.

00:25:32:07 - 00:25:34:20

All right. Ring, ring, ring. Hello?

00:25:36:03 - 00:25:38:06

Don't know what happened. Can you hear me?

00:25:38:08 - 00:25:39:09

Yeah, I can hear you.

00:25:39:15 - 00:25:45:10

Yeah. No, no. My headset. I can't hear you on the headset again. It's still only in the speakerphone.

00:25:46:09 - 00:25:46:24


00:25:47:01 - 00:25:50:12

Well, we'll work on it after this. Can you hear everything, though?

00:25:50:23 - 00:25:58:17

I hear you on the speakerphone, so I need to restart my computer again like I did yesterday. So I'm the agent, right?

00:25:58:21 - 00:26:02:24

Yeah, the agent. So I'm saying hello. So ring, ring, ring. Hello.

00:26:03:21 - 00:26:06:03

Wait a minute. I'm supposed to say, Oh, you.

00:26:06:21 - 00:26:11:01

I'm saying the ring and I'm being the client. So I'm saying yes. This is Ernie.

00:26:11:14 - 00:26:13:14

How are you doing over there in Vera Beach?

00:26:14:02 - 00:26:15:16

Oh, good. Who's this?

00:26:15:23 - 00:26:19:11

This is Kam Tran over here at Senior Life Services.

00:26:21:23 - 00:26:29:11

I'm calling because you recently spoke with one representative about the state regulated life insurance program. Now, Ernie, my job is to go over.

00:26:29:13 - 00:26:30:09

The I didn't.

00:26:30:11 - 00:26:32:16

Talk to anybody. You guys is making that up.

00:26:33:13 - 00:26:34:03

Well, it's.

00:26:34:05 - 00:26:53:08

Been a while that you have spoke with the representative and I don't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. Now, my job is to get over the to go over the benefits with you and answer any questions that you have. I do have your address here. When you you gave to the representative, it's one, two, three Row Street, Camden, New Jersey.

00:26:53:20 - 00:26:55:02

Yeah, that's correct.

00:26:55:04 - 00:26:57:08

08105. Okay.

00:26:57:10 - 00:26:58:00


00:26:58:02 - 00:27:03:21

But didn't want any like, I didn't want them to call me. I just wanted, like, I just wanted some information. That's one of the quotes.

00:27:03:23 - 00:27:14:21

Well, that's exactly what I'm doing right now, so I'm just verifying to make sure that I'm. You're the Ernie that I need to get the information to. And your date of birth here is February 14th, 1980.

00:27:15:04 - 00:27:27:21

Yep. So. All right, Cam, that was good. Like, I'll stop it right there. Good. You just blow me. Blow me off. Just keep moving. It doesn't matter what. It doesn't matter what I say. And then true, because I'm only trying to get to that bottom of the first page.

00:27:27:23 - 00:27:29:00

And you, you.

00:27:29:02 - 00:27:29:17


00:27:29:19 - 00:27:32:13

You, you. You got me. Easy, though. Thank you.

00:27:33:07 - 00:27:44:02

Well, I mean, like the intro, I think it was very assertive. So you're going to get less pushback if you're assertive. An intro and I'm not saying it's harder than you as because you're newer than most.

00:27:44:16 - 00:27:45:06

So I.

00:27:45:10 - 00:27:47:12

Realize that was like, Hey, he's being easy on.

00:27:47:14 - 00:27:48:16

Me, right?

00:27:49:06 - 00:28:16:03

Yeah. My problem, the the intro, I don't have I think I got the intro pretty good. And the whole night last night, I was thinking, why didn't I close those presentations? Um, I did my own self-reflection. I was like, you know, I had too much side talks. And isn't that I'm just going to get straight to business today. Whoever I'm talking is all about freaking business. Let's get this done. No more BSing outside of business.

00:28:16:12 - 00:28:21:10

Hey, I like it, but make sure you have some small talk in there. But yeah. Understand? I understand what you.

00:28:21:12 - 00:28:22:08

Mean too.

00:28:22:10 - 00:28:29:11

Much. Like. Like shit. Why didn't I close? I was like. That was like. Well, that that one. Except of that one lady. That was not.

00:28:30:02 - 00:28:36:21

A lot of the time. We just become too good of friends with people and that it's easy to say buy and then not give you the information you need.

00:28:37:14 - 00:28:38:04

That's what I'm.

00:28:38:06 - 00:28:40:21

Saying. I kind of see myself last night.

00:28:41:04 - 00:28:45:01

Yep. All right. So, Joey, you will be next, buddy.

00:28:47:24 - 00:28:48:18

All right.

00:28:48:20 - 00:28:49:14

All right. Sorry about.

00:28:49:16 - 00:28:50:18

That. Hit it on mute.

00:28:50:24 - 00:28:56:06

No, you're good. All right, so ring, ring, ring. Hello? Hey, Ernie.

00:28:56:10 - 00:29:05:23

It's Joey from over here at Senior Benefits. And I'm calling you back because you recently spoke with one of our state licensed field underwriters regarding this. Don't remember.

00:29:06:00 - 00:29:07:11

Doing that. Who is this?

00:29:07:19 - 00:29:28:08

Yeah, You know, thank you for sharing that with me. I know. Don't usually remember what I've had for lunch. This will just as an informational call and just take a minute. And our state approved final expense plans that you may qualify for here in Florida. Now, now, Ernie, I noticed that we did not get you qualified the last time we spoke. Are you still a resident here in Florida?

00:29:29:20 - 00:29:34:06

Oh, no, I've moved since then, but I really don't. I don't have time for this. I'm sorry.

00:29:34:09 - 00:29:54:16

Okay. All right. Well, thank you. That's. That's, um. Thank you for sharing that with me. I promise you, this will only take about two seconds. Let me just verify some information that you filled out here on here. I noticed that you're at XYZ, um, Mary Street and that you're in Tampa, Florida. Is that correct?

00:29:55:20 - 00:29:56:24

Yeah, that's correct.

00:29:57:01 - 00:30:08:04

Okay, great. And I noticed here that you wanted your your Mrs. your wife to be your beneficiary and that your date of birth is six, six, 12, 1965. Is that correct?

00:30:08:06 - 00:30:46:09

Yep. All right. So, Joey, you kept talking, so that's very good that you were able to, you know, just keep moving like you're pushing the ball down the field. A lot of a lot of those responses can be a lot shorter, though. They really can't. Like, you have your own style, so you're not following exactly this, but, you know, you follow as long as you follow your own process. Guys, that's the most important thing, okay? Because if you follow your own process, but you can blow like if, say, I don't remember. I don't remember. Let me confirm this information. Like I would move that up like anything that lets me get back to the script as a logical answer to their question is always, is always what I'm going to do just because it is the script and it's already right there for me.

00:30:46:17 - 00:31:08:04

Okay. So like, like I love that if you if he said like, Oh, I don't remember doing that and do that, you know, this be like, go right to confirming because that will shut them up. It's like, well, this is you, right? It's like, yeah, okay. It's like maybe, maybe you did it and then you did it good. Maybe you did a really long time ago. Maybe this could have been just a spur of the moment. Like, we can talk to people, like people. It's just like. And then just move on.

00:31:11:04 - 00:31:12:21

All right. So, uh.

00:31:15:08 - 00:31:19:02

Oh, Diana. Diana's first day on the phones yesterday.

00:31:23:23 - 00:31:25:15

Hello. Good morning.

00:31:25:21 - 00:31:36:03

Good morning. All right. So, Dana, you are going to be the agent and am the client. All right. So ring, ring, ring. Hello?

00:31:37:06 - 00:31:39:14

Hello. Good morning. Is this Ernest?

00:31:40:10 - 00:31:47:07

Don't it? But don't ask if it's the person, just assume it is. So let's try. Let's try it one more time. Ring, ring, ring. Hello.

00:31:48:00 - 00:31:50:09

Hello. Good morning, Ernest. How are you today?

00:31:50:22 - 00:31:52:09

I'm doing okay. Who's this?

00:31:52:24 - 00:31:56:22

This is Diana. I'm calling from Senior Life Services.

00:31:57:12 - 00:32:00:18

What's the in your life services? I don't remember calling talking to them.

00:32:01:17 - 00:32:13:11

I am calling because you recently spoke with one of our representatives about state regulated life insurance program for the state of Florida. I hear that you live. I see that you live in Vero Beach, Florida.

00:32:14:04 - 00:32:14:19


00:32:15:03 - 00:32:18:24

How is it over there? I live on the West Coast. That's the East Coast.

00:32:19:08 - 00:32:25:16

No, that's okay. Well, you straight across, you got the same weather. It's like Sarasota or yet in the West Coast.

00:32:26:10 - 00:32:34:16

Yeah, we'll get 79 degrees. Um. It's warm. It's the humid is getting to us right now.

00:32:35:02 - 00:32:37:14

Uh huh, uh huh. Okay. So what's.

00:32:37:16 - 00:32:38:06

This about?

00:32:39:04 - 00:32:56:03

So I'm calling because, like I said before, you recently spoke with one of our representatives, and I'm just calling back to confirm some questions that, um, you have asked. And my job is to go over the benefits with you. Okay. So any questions that you may have, So.

00:32:56:05 - 00:33:30:16

Then I will stop you there. Uh, just so you guys know. So they. They didn't ask any questions to the rep. Like, like, think I've. You can go on the site and, like, how a phone lead becomes a lead or a lead becomes lead. But you don't want to say that because it wouldn't be true. Like the questions that they asked. Basically, they confirmed their information and just said, Hey, do you want somebody to call you? That's a licensed agent and it's either yes or no. So that's like the only question they ask. But you're doing you're doing good, but you like literally right there, you can be like, my job is to go over those benefits with your answer.

00:33:30:18 - 00:34:10:18

So as soon as I start interrupting you, you can literally just go right into it's like, okay, Bobby, don't remember what I had for breakfast. Let me just confirm this information. Make sure it's right. I have it your address here as blah blah, blah, blah. Because it's mostly about the main thing with me guys with the intros and ignoring what they're saying as far as like actually taking their objections seriously in the intro is I'm just trying to get through confirming information. And my role has always been I don't want them saying much until after that information is confirmed because that's what's going to solidify in their mind that you are not just full of shit calling them and you're a telemarketer pretending like you don't know something about them.

00:34:10:20 - 00:34:13:15

Right? That makes sense. Yeah. Yes.

00:34:14:02 - 00:34:14:17


00:34:15:11 - 00:34:22:12

Uh, all right. So, Susan, you have not made a deal yet. I will skip you. I won't do that, Moses.

00:34:22:14 - 00:34:23:20

Wondering about that.

00:34:25:02 - 00:34:28:08

Probably want to try, but. Well, go ahead.

00:34:28:10 - 00:34:31:03

Now you're off the off mute. Can you see this on your screen? Give it a.

00:34:31:05 - 00:34:31:20


00:34:31:22 - 00:34:32:12


00:34:32:14 - 00:34:33:09


00:34:33:20 - 00:34:37:07

Okay, so let's do it. Uh, ring, ring, ring.

00:34:38:03 - 00:34:43:03

Hey, Ernie. How's everything been out there in Toledo?

00:34:43:08 - 00:34:45:14

Uh, things are going okay here. Go cold.

00:34:47:02 - 00:34:48:03

Oh, it's.

00:34:48:05 - 00:34:50:22

Summertime. It's not supposed to be cold. What the.

00:34:50:24 - 00:34:51:14


00:34:52:18 - 00:34:55:12

It's Michigan. That's what. That's what Ohio is like. Michigan.

00:34:55:14 - 00:35:16:13

Ohio. That explains it. I know. I know Michigan well. Well, my name is Susan over here at Senior Life Services. And I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our representatives about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Michigan. My job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions you have.

00:35:16:15 - 00:35:18:13

I'm really not interested in any of that.

00:35:21:22 - 00:35:22:12


00:35:22:24 - 00:35:30:06

Well, let me just confirm your information. You gave a representative to make sure I have the right person.

00:35:30:09 - 00:35:59:10

Good. All right, so that's where I'll stop you. You came up with a solution. So I'll say the one thing that was very good there, Susan, is you thought for you thought for a second instead of, you know, answering immediately, which is not something that we get all get nervous and we start fumbling and just saying whatever, even though we haven't thought about what we're saying. But you thought about it and that was a good answer. It's like, well, let me confirm this information. It's always about confirming the information. That's all I want. I want to confirm information.

00:36:00:24 - 00:36:07:05

So very good. Thank you. Appreciate that. Thank you. Yeah. Moses. You ready, buddy?

00:36:07:23 - 00:36:09:13

Yeah. Okay.

00:36:09:24 - 00:36:11:24

All right. Ring, ring, ring. Hello?

00:36:12:20 - 00:36:15:05

Hey there, Ernie. How's everything been out there in Vero Beach?

00:36:15:21 - 00:36:17:17

Uh, things are okay. Who's this?

00:36:18:10 - 00:36:37:22

Oh, that's a good question. My name is Moses. Over at Senior Life Services. Ernie. The reason all today is because you were recently speaking to one of my company's representatives about state regulated life and burial insurance programs for Michigan. My job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions you may have.

00:36:37:24 - 00:36:48:13

Don't really have any questions like I told. I told the operator that I thought I already had insurance and they put me on the list anyway. Wanted to, you know, I just wanted a life insurance.

00:36:49:03 - 00:37:04:03

Oh, I hear you. Okay. We can definitely go over that a little bit later on. I always like to confirm the information laptop to make sure I'm speaking to the right person. I see you had your address. Here is one, two, three, four Broadway Street and your date of birth as June 11th of 1954. You wanted to.

00:37:04:09 - 00:37:10:04

Can you call me back? You know, just don't. Don't think I have the time for this. I have to go to a doctor's appointment in an hour.

00:37:10:16 - 00:37:20:21

Oh, I hear you. Yeah. I love talking to busy people when we get down to business. But yeah, I'm going to definitely set up an appointment for you. You wanted your daughter to be the beneficiary, right?

00:37:21:24 - 00:37:24:14

Yeah. Yeah. Good day, Dad. Daughter? Yeah.

00:37:25:16 - 00:37:30:08

Well, Senior Life Services, Ernie. We're a life insurance consulting firm. Very good.

00:37:30:15 - 00:37:32:15

All right, you can stop there. That's

00:37:34:08 - 00:37:59:21

so. That was very good. So you're ignoring me? Uh, it's like. And that's a good way because basically. And you brought it back all you. You didn't even use a rebuttal, you know, because you don't have to. You basically threw something else at them that you haven't said yet, which is your daughter is going to be your beneficiary. And now they're realizing, okay, maybe I did talk to them, Maybe I'll stop being so aggressive with this person because you gave them some information that's actually important to them.

00:38:01:12 - 00:38:03:13

Yeah, that's how I usually do it.

00:38:03:21 - 00:38:17:20

Yeah. So that's how you should do it. Always bring it back to, like, confirming, confirming information, asking another question. Doesn't matter what the question is. All right? So very good. Very good. Uh, think you guys are getting out of order? Who else? Who else do I.

00:38:19:16 - 00:38:21:22

Miss Powers, You want to participate with us?

00:38:27:04 - 00:38:29:21

Pat's honorary so she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to do.

00:38:34:00 - 00:38:38:14

I'll appreciate it. Oh, I'm taking care of some business that I've got to deal with.

00:38:38:16 - 00:38:40:06

Okay, no problem. You can just listen.

00:38:41:09 - 00:38:41:24

Thank you.

00:38:42:05 - 00:38:48:05

No problem. All right. So, Pam. Chris, you ready to go, buddy?

00:38:51:10 - 00:38:52:07

Yeah, man. Let's go.

00:38:52:12 - 00:38:56:17

God, I'm having some fun. This is. Think this is good for everybody. All right, so ring, ring, ring. Hello?

00:38:57:21 - 00:39:02:24

Hello, Ernie, this is Chris with Senior Life Services. How's everything going out there for you today?

00:39:03:15 - 00:39:06:08

Oh, good. What? Senior Life Services?

00:39:06:18 - 00:39:16:23

Yeah. So, Senior Life Services. You recently spoke with one of our representatives in regards to state regulated life insurance plans in Florida. Don't remember.

00:39:17:00 - 00:39:17:16

Doing that.

00:39:18:00 - 00:39:31:08

Yeah, Okay, well, I know it's hard time just to remember what we had for dinner last night sometimes. But let me just verify some information here. I do have you at one, two, three Bella Street in Vero Beach. Is that is that still correct?

00:39:31:23 - 00:39:36:19

Uh, no. I moved Your. Your information must be really old. Oh, I remember. Is that.

00:39:36:21 - 00:39:38:19

Was that, like an old address or.

00:39:38:22 - 00:39:42:00

Yeah, I'm still in Vero, but I moved down to 37th Avenue.

00:39:42:11 - 00:39:48:17

Okay, well, I'll definitely make that adjustment for you, but do have your date of birth as January 6th.

00:39:48:22 - 00:39:51:15

And what's and what's this about five. Exactly.

00:39:52:00 - 00:40:00:01

This is about life insurance. And in the state of Florida, typically for final expense life insurance. Oh, I.

00:40:00:03 - 00:40:01:17

Already have Humana.

00:40:02:17 - 00:40:23:01

Oh, yeah, Humana. So let me just let me just understand and explain to you this is not Medicare insurance. Humana is Medicare. You probably have that in place already. This is life insurance. What that means is that if something happens to you, I see here that your beneficiary would be your daughter. She would get the money to take care of your final expenses. Does that make sense?

00:40:23:13 - 00:40:28:13

Yes. So fantastic. Chris. Think you did better than you thought you were going to do. Like that was fantastic.

00:40:30:07 - 00:40:34:04

Thank you. It's like, all right. We can move on to the next one.

00:40:37:24 - 00:40:47:06

Uh, Diana. All right. As you have not made a dial. So you have the option. Uh, but Catherine. Katie, we're going to go with you first.

00:40:50:13 - 00:40:51:08

Okay, Sounds good.

00:40:51:15 - 00:40:52:05


00:40:52:10 - 00:40:54:08

All right. Ring, ring, ring. Hello.

00:40:55:14 - 00:40:57:04

Hey, Ernie. How are you doing today?

00:40:57:23 - 00:40:59:10

Uh, I'm okay. Who's this?

00:41:00:06 - 00:41:03:22

This is Kathryn over here with Senior Live Services. I'm calling today.

00:41:03:24 - 00:41:06:05

Senior? Like. Didn't. I'm not interested.

00:41:08:00 - 00:41:24:13

You know, most people aren't interested in talking about death, so completely understand. But I'm calling today because you had recently spoke with one of our representatives regarding life and burial insurance. So Mr. Ernie my job as a benefits coordinator for Florida is just to go over that information with you and don't think.

00:41:24:18 - 00:41:33:17

I don't think need any benefits. I don't really want any benefits. It's like, I'm sorry, but just like I'm just not interested in, like, burial. I just wanted life insurance.

00:41:34:11 - 00:41:51:13

Yeah. No, no, no. I hear you. Absolutely. And that's exactly what we do here. So just to confirm your information I have here that you are at one, two, three, and that your date of birth is 12 one 1980, and then I have your favorite color as blue is all of this same? Correct?

00:41:52:09 - 00:41:55:07

Uh, my favorite color is sometimes blue.

00:41:56:00 - 00:42:20:12

Sometimes blue. I'm the same way, you know, always, always changing my favorite color. That that's completely fine. So I'll put in here sometimes blue. Just. I'll just change it just for you. So, Ernie, we're a consultant firm here at Senior Life Services, so it's pretty much just a fancy way of saying that we work for our clients and not one particular company. So our goal is to always figure out who specifically give you the lowest rates and benefits based on your health and age. Are you with me on that?

00:42:20:22 - 00:42:35:03

Yep. Okay. You can stop there. So that's good. Very good. Anybody hear anything that they would change with that? Because I didn't hear too much like you. You blew it off. You moved on. That's. That's what you're supposed to do in these intros.

00:42:36:05 - 00:42:51:14

Honestly, I usually will, like, let their objections. Like, if they're, like, really pushing, like, I don't want this. Like, leave me alone. Like, I'll really just, like, let them off the phone. But after this call today, like, realize that I just pretty much ignore it, like brush over it, like just did. So.

00:42:51:21 - 00:43:23:04

Yeah, I'm telling you guys ignore objections in the intro because there's there's no good way to do them because they're not giving you don't have any ammo yet. So it's like can't be like a big long rebuttal to, to, to. I'm not interested. It can't be three sentences. It really can't because it's going to be too much by the time you're on sentence two, they'll have already hung up. It's better just to blow them off like you did and just be like, Yeah, whatever. Let me confirm this info mean. Sure you didn't mean even if you said something, you're not going to do this, guys. But even if you said, okay, yeah, sure, I'm with you, you didn't do it.

00:43:23:07 - 00:43:38:21

Let me confirm this information that you gave to a rep in case you did do it, you could you could say that you could literally say that and get away with it. But we're not going to because there's better things to say. So. All right. So Jack and then Shannon and then we'll probably wrap this up, guys.

00:43:39:23 - 00:43:40:13


00:43:41:10 - 00:43:44:21

Morning. All right, so ring, ring, ring. Hello?

00:43:46:00 - 00:43:46:15

Hey, Arnie.

00:43:46:17 - 00:43:49:07

How's everything going out there on your side of Florida today?

00:43:49:23 - 00:43:52:06

Oh, things are okay. What side are you on?

00:43:52:22 - 00:43:53:24

I'm on the East Coast.

00:43:54:01 - 00:43:55:09

I'm living in Vero Beach.

00:43:55:20 - 00:43:57:05

Okay. I'm not far from there.

00:43:57:18 - 00:43:58:18

Oh, yeah.

00:43:59:13 - 00:44:06:11

My name is Jacqueline. I'm calling from Senior Live Services. The reason for my call is recently you spoke with one of our representatives about our.

00:44:06:14 - 00:44:08:21

Didn't talk to anybody. You guys are so full of it.

00:44:09:15 - 00:44:23:20

I understand that it's nine in the morning, but I'm just reaching out. You spoke to one of our state representatives about our state regulated life insurance programs. So my job today, Mr. Ernie, is just to go over those benefits with you and then answer any of the questions that you have. So I do like to start.

00:44:23:22 - 00:44:26:16

Off any questions? What information?

00:44:27:19 - 00:44:46:23

So do like to start off just by confirming the information just so that, you know, I'm not like a random telemarketer calling your phone at nine in the morning. I have your address. Here is one, two, three, four. Robins Way street. We have your birthday list. It is ten, 19, 1951. And it looks like you wanted your beneficiary to be.

00:44:47:08 - 00:45:08:18

Okay, good, good. Good job you got through that. So I've heard it from a lot of you guys last. So, Katie. So, guys, when you're confirming information, uh, get them to say, you know. Yes. Or at least, you know, uh, or whatever. Hate I hate how much. Look at this crap. How many times do I got to do this?

00:45:10:12 - 00:45:13:05

All right. So let me show you exactly what I mean.

00:45:17:03 - 00:45:18:00

So there's really.

00:45:18:21 - 00:45:20:22

So. So you guys see Dorothy here?

00:45:22:13 - 00:45:23:03


00:45:23:13 - 00:45:48:10

So a really good way to confirm the information and get some agreement like as you're going through this is to be like systematic with it and block it out. So it'd be like, Hey, Dorothy, how's everything going out there? And you know, Hollidaysburg today, you know, it doesn't matter. We're getting to the information. So let me just confirm some information that you gave. Ah, Representative Dorothy, I do have you at 603 Penn Street in Hollidaysburg.

00:45:50:07 - 00:46:21:18

And then somebody eventually they're going to be like, Yeah, all right. And like, I'm all my all I'm doing is my voice is just going up. I'm not I'm going to state it as a fact. But my the question will be a tone I'm not going to ask, are you at I'm saying I have you at 603 Penn Street. All right. And that's Harrisburg, PA 16648. Mhm. All right. And have your date of birth here as 1024. 1946. Yeah. And I see you're looking for a round. It's a pretty big gap there. 5 to 50,000.

00:46:21:20 - 00:46:27:16

You're a non-smoker, and I understand that you wanted your friend to be your beneficiary. Is all that correct?

00:46:29:06 - 00:46:31:11

Do you see how they can't really say no to this?

00:46:32:05 - 00:46:39:17

Like. So, Ernie, do you wait like you. You pause between each information only.

00:46:39:19 - 00:47:08:19

So it depends on how I'm feeling. But at least I pause for. For at least one pause for address. Sometimes it's to like, I'll do the street and then the city and state and the zip. But as long as long as you pause at least once after address, because that should be a yes, like. Yeah. All right. And once after date of birth and then everything else can be sandwiched in because they're all like, together, like, you know, 5050 thousand non-smoker helps with the rate. And then I understand you wanted your friend to be your beneficiary.

00:47:10:08 - 00:47:10:23


00:47:11:00 - 00:47:14:17

And do you ever mention that favorite, that favorite thing? I know you didn't mention it just.

00:47:14:19 - 00:47:35:14

No, not unless they not unless they bring it up and just throw it out and be like, Yeah, You said your favorite color is blue. He probably don't remember anyway. Like, don't even confirm the favorite color because don't care if their favorite color is blue. And also I hate that question because if you're having a bad day, you could have picked Red that day. And then I say blue and now it's wrong.

00:47:36:14 - 00:47:37:04


00:47:37:06 - 00:47:42:01

So I just don't know. I confirm every time I see a favorite food that's more fun to talk about.

00:47:43:18 - 00:47:44:12

Yeah. Agree.

00:47:44:20 - 00:47:59:17

Like burgers, like, say, burgers like how many burgers can you like? That's so much. It's so much easier. Like steak. Yeah. Like a good steak, too. Well, how do you like your cook? Do you like the ribeye? You like. You know, it's so much easier. So that's why the favorite color. Now move on.

00:47:59:19 - 00:48:03:04

So and okay. All right. So.

00:48:03:13 - 00:48:13:12

Shannon, you will be last but not least, so am going to get this back up here. All right. So ring, ring, ring. Hello?

00:48:14:00 - 00:48:17:23

Yes, hello, Ernie. How's everything? Been out there in Vero Beach?

00:48:18:17 - 00:48:22:02

Uh, things are okay. Uh, don't recognize the voice. Who is this?

00:48:22:07 - 00:48:37:04

Yes, my name is Shannon. I'm over here with Senior Live Services, and I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our representatives about a state regulated life insurance program for the state of Florida. To go over those benefits with you and answer any questions that you have.

00:48:38:05 - 00:48:39:17

I'm not really interested in that.

00:48:40:06 - 00:48:40:21


00:48:40:23 - 00:48:56:18

Well, let me just confirm some of this information that we have from you. It says you live at 134 Main Street, Vero Beach, Florida, 32960. Yeah. Okay. And have you born January 5th, 1957?

00:48:57:12 - 00:48:58:13

Correct. Yep.

00:48:58:19 - 00:49:08:12

Okay. And it says that you're looking at a coverage around $20,000 and you have a beneficiary listed as your daughter and your son.

00:49:10:11 - 00:49:14:05

Yep, that's correct. But ask. But you should ask. Is that correct?

00:49:14:17 - 00:49:15:19

Okay. Yeah.

00:49:16:20 - 00:49:20:12

All right. Um. So continue.

00:49:21:07 - 00:49:24:04

Yeah. Mean so you can say. Yep.

00:49:24:07 - 00:49:24:22

Go ahead.

00:49:27:04 - 00:50:04:04

So that was good. I mean, I was going to say, you can go for it, but we're pretty much focusing on the intros. Seeing that situation like you may not have heard me saying, but said, I'm not interested. You just ignored that completely, which is something I don't I am fine with like 100%. Like if I'm confirming information and I'm in the middle of a sentence, I'm going to finish the sentence. Because like, psychology dictates that if two people are talking to each other and two people are talking at the same time, the person that shuts up is the one that or the person that gets to keep talking is obviously in the more dominant role.

00:50:04:17 - 00:50:05:12

Of the conversation.

00:50:05:14 - 00:50:06:04


00:50:06:06 - 00:50:38:19

Yeah. Um, I'll just give you an example. Lexi complained to me yesterday about one sale, one one presentation she made, and it was like 50 minutes and she's so mad that she wasn't able to close it. But the person. And then at the end she self evaluated, which is good, and realized that that person had taken over that conversation. It was just rambling about God knows what. A lot of us think that we were going to be able that's going to help us close. But in the end she's like, Don't know why I did that because I know I don't do that. I have to be in control of this conversation, otherwise it's never going to be a sale.

00:50:40:03 - 00:50:40:19


00:50:41:20 - 00:51:02:22

Ernie, I actually have a question about that, and I've kind of like been confused on how to go about it. I have like a lot of people take control, like kind of control of the conversation. You know, just start rambling on about something about their lives or like a long story or whatever. And I will be on the phone with them for you, not like 2 or 3 hours not knowing like what to do or like how to go about it.

00:51:03:16 - 00:51:08:20

So some people just want to talk to people. Mean. Mean. That's like the honest truth. Um,

00:51:10:12 - 00:51:16:00

who is who in general, what demographic is generally wasting your time? Is it super old people, men, women.

00:51:16:22 - 00:51:24:18

Men? And I don't know about age, but it's always obviously older, but like men, it's always men. It's never been a woman, actually.

00:51:24:23 - 00:51:57:10

Okay. So I was I wanted to just say that because I already knew the answer, but, um, I'm sure it's men. So as women that you're going to have a lot higher amount of men especially want to waste your time. I've only been harassed by one woman where she was, like. Like sexually harassing me after I sold her the policy and then stopped it responding and she canceled. But I can't imagine being a woman. But your guys are definitely going to have your time wasted more often. So if they're rambling and rambling and you can't seem to get them back on track, it's okay to end that call.

00:51:57:12 - 00:52:00:04

Like, did any of those three hour calls end up with sales?

00:52:01:01 - 00:52:17:19

Yes. And that's what kind of pushes me to stay on the phone. They have results. Think two of them resulted in a sale. And that's where kind of like I'm like, oh, I don't know what should keep doing it. So I'm not like literally had a guy pretty much tell me like he was giving me the sale because I got on the phone with him for so long.

00:52:19:01 - 00:52:45:22

All right, So that's great. But now guess you're going to have to reevaluate that hypothesis when to see if those people pay, because that was another thing. Okay. Yeah, that was another thing. Like she was telling me like, what am I doing anyway? And it was, you know, like hearing her rant. But, um, she was just. She was right. She was just saying, why did I do that? Those people that actually do give you the information, you usually don't pay anyway because it wasn't business for them. They were just having a good time.

00:52:47:05 - 00:52:47:22

That's true.

00:52:48:06 - 00:53:21:08

So. So I'd be I'd be a little worried about that. But but most of the time I would just use Mika's like Mika. If you come out and be like, Hey, I could talk to you all day about this, but I do have to get back to this, otherwise I'm gonna get in trouble. You can say something like that. And coming from somebody that sounds young because you are young, it actually sound rings true. Like, I can't talk to you for three hours. She's like, This is my job. And it's like, okay, you know, would use that and be like like, this is am I get in trouble? So I do have to get back to the insurance. So when you did speak with her and then go right back to wherever you were in the script.

00:53:21:10 - 00:53:28:10

But I've been there sometimes 20 minutes have gone by and you have no idea where to start. Sometimes you got to start over for sure.

00:53:28:12 - 00:53:29:02


00:53:29:04 - 00:53:40:19

Yeah. But if you start over, just establish like, pretend like you're starting over. Like, all right, now, this is my presentation. You need to be quiet a little bit. I'll let you talk. And that's it. And we're going through this.

00:53:42:10 - 00:53:43:08

Got you. Okay.

00:53:43:13 - 00:53:44:03


00:53:44:11 - 00:53:52:23

All right, guys. So was that, uh, one of the more helpful types of trainings? Because I'm always trying to figure out, like, what? What's the most valuable for you guys?

00:53:54:16 - 00:53:55:07

Like, if we do it.

00:53:56:06 - 00:53:58:03

Definitely right.

00:53:59:16 - 00:54:01:16

Now, that's cool. If you all just yell at the same time, it's fine.

00:54:03:16 - 00:54:15:23

No, I was going to say that definitely helped me out because I would get stumped a lot at the beginning of the conversation yesterday. So it's good to see how other people respond and um, the different rebuttals.

00:54:16:19 - 00:54:18:09

Kind of attenuation.

00:54:18:13 - 00:54:22:13

Yeah, you have to get more confident.

00:54:22:24 - 00:54:24:05

So awesome.

00:54:24:07 - 00:54:30:08

Audie How about how to handle when they create. So. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you all.

00:54:31:10 - 00:54:32:02

You're welcome.

00:54:32:04 - 00:54:37:18

And the main thing is, guys, the main thing I wanted you guys to take from this is I think Matt was.

00:54:37:21 - 00:54:38:22

I'm looking at, uh.

00:54:38:24 - 00:54:41:13

I'm just going to meet you. Who do I got to mute?

00:54:41:15 - 00:54:43:07

You have kind of favor that. I was hoping you.

00:54:43:09 - 00:54:45:05

Can grab one and I can wait for it.

00:54:45:07 - 00:55:26:08

No added audio. I'm just going to mute you because he comes through so loud. Is. Gotcha. Um, so the main thing wanted you guys to take from this is did you notice how Matt's rebuttals? My rebuttals? They're not like. Like I'm not being super clever. Like there's nothing like super special or, you know, even good about what I'm doing. I'm just doing it in a way, in a tone that is like I'm not taken back by it. Like, like I don't care if they hang up on me and if they can feel that you're not like, freaked out about their their rudeness, then they're going to be like, All right, maybe this guy's a real professional and he's the one that's actually going to solve this problem or she's going to solve this problem.

00:55:26:21 - 00:55:39:09

That's what you really should take away from that because that's what it is. It's like it's like, yeah, mean I'm very busy. I'm a professional, so I'm going to ignore things that are not helping me move forward or help you like. And if you don't want the help, then you can just hang up. That's how I look at it.

00:55:43:11 - 00:55:44:06

Fair enough.

00:55:46:05 - 00:55:47:16

All right, guys. Awesome.

00:55:48:09 - 00:55:49:08

Yes, in my.

00:55:49:13 - 00:55:50:13

In my case.

Watch the Full Video Here: Introduction Rebuttal Extravaganza!

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