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Importance of Qualifying

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Call Review Here: Importance of Qualifying

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Okay. This is a review of one of Jennifer's calls. So, Jennifer, I'm obviously spending a lot of time with you because you're putting a lot of effort and I want to see you succeed. So let's I'm just going to play this whole call and then stop it with, you know, any kind of notes or ideas or thoughts I have.

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Hi, Susan. How are you doing today?

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Good, good. Well, my name is Jennifer. I'm with Senior Life Services. I'm calling because it looks like you reached out to us on the Web for some information regarding state regulated life insurance programs for Ohio. And I am the agent assigned to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions you have. I have your information here as you're at Delphos, Ohio. And your email is Susan Trent oh six at And your favorite thing is shopping. Yay, Right.

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Good intro, really good intro. And you found some common ground funny.

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So it does look like you don't.

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That we're interested in that. At one time we were, but we kind of look into it and then we're setting. Okay.

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Meaning you were looking for additional coverage and then you decided you didn't need any more additional coverage.

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Well, yeah, we thought maybe we did.

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And so don't. Obviously, we don't want to confirm any preconceived notions that they have, so we don't want to put in there in their head. So you're not looking for coverage because then now they have to stick to that after you confirm the info. And then you say that now they say and they say yes. Even if they do need it. Let's say they don't have any coverage now. They have to stick to their, you know, stick to their guns because people feel weird when they're not sticking to their guns.

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We're setting okay the way we are.

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Did you get the chance to get any?

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Well, the only reason that I ask and that's fine. If you like, we can check back. Or we could take you off our list. But I just want to make sure that somebody has shared with you whatever, because it doesn't list here. It does say you have another policy, but yeah, it doesn't list how much the policy is for. Usually the reason that people shop for additional amounts is to basically cover for inflation. So.

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That or that they didn't receive enough when they initially took it out. So in that situation, my first goal is to figure out what they have like immediately. Is that something you set up a long time ago or is that something that has been recent? Okay. So if it's been a long time ago, do you know if it's whole or term? Okay. A whole life plan, Maybe it's one of the companies we represent. Uh, what's the name of the company? Know that if it is, whatever. Okay, so you got that ten years ago or you got that one year ago. So what do they have you.

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What are they drafting from your bank each month to pay for that policy? That way you have the information you need to go forward and more ammunition.

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Oh, it is recommended around 20 to 25 K for the next day. 1015 years is about what the average cost will be, whether that's cremation or traditional. So I'm not sure if anybody was able to at least just give some numbers to you to see if it might make sense.

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Good job. No.

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I don't have the time right now. I got a brother in a nursing home and he's in the process of dying. And I've got to get out there all the time and stuff and make sure everything's going okay. And it's just like I work out right now.

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Okay. Would you like us to check back with you in a couple of months?

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You can try it and see what's going on.

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Okay. One of the things we do offer a pretty low cost, actually is a nursing home writer. If in the future you do decide to take out a policy. It does work. All right.

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So, Jennifer, you're way off script, so it doesn't matter like really what they say. You don't want to jump around as much as you are here because you don't need to talk about nursing home writer. You can you can mention it, but you're not going to explain a whole process for somebody that's, you know, not really interested in the first place. So the first thing you need to do is establish that need. So the need has to be there for, you know, to close anything. So you have to get her agreement on like, are we looking to add additional or is were you looking for a lower rate or, you know, something, something has to happen there for you to even continue this conversation.

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Waiver, the cost of the premiums for indefinitely for the amount of time you're in a nursing home. So relative to what you're experiencing, then that is something we offer.

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Mm. Okay.

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Yeah. I don't know. I'd have to look up my.

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Thing again about nursing homes because that I did think about because we would not have money to cover a nursing home.

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Exactly. And it's people that have an experience that it's kind of hard to relay that. But most people are aware of the fact that it's extremely expensive to be in a nursing home, and it's awful. It drains every last cent I know, but I mean, at least, you know, you had a policy that you didn't have to pay for. Right.

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Yeah, that would be great because that is getting, you know, I've done this for four years now.

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I've had three of them in there. I had him, his wife and his daughter's daughter didn't stay very long and she moved on. His wife died last November. And she was in there two years. So yeah, you get very concerned about it if you don't have the money to pay for it.

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Well, you've actually had a lot of personal experience with that. I'm sorry.

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Yeah, it's.

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It's it's tough. It is. I mean, you know.

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This is good rapport. I mean, it's just the the rapport is great, but it's also got to be tied to something. So we'll see where this goes here.

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There's no obligation for this, Susan, I mean, to go through. It's just a few general questions to be able to figure out if we can get you in on a policy that would include that.

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Okay. So you never really. Never really mentioned that we're consulting firm, that we're looking at more than one company. Um, so you kind of just decided to go completely off script, which is something I don't recommend, like, ever. Um, so I don't really think there's a need here. I mean, you're kind of just telling her, Oh, we can just, uh, go over these numbers anyway. So mean. You kind of it was kind of lost already. So it's not your fault at all. It's just that she wasn't really a buyer. So you don't want to spend a lot of time. And if you're going to make her a buyer, you need to make her buyer like early on.

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So she needs to be know like, okay, so we're consultant firm. How much coverage do you have? All right. That's probably, you know, if it's sufficient, it's sufficient. And then you have to find a need. Like what is the need? Like, why were you looking? If you don't have that stuff, there's no reason to present because it's going to be like almost impossible to close.

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I mean, basically all they want to know because it is, you know, there's no med exam required for the policies that we have. We don't do any medically underwritten.

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Okay. So now. Yeah. So it's like it's not it's not really relevant here because you got to get back to the script. It's got to be logical and then an emotional process. So she's going through a lot of stuff. So you got to build the emotion. But like I said, it won't really matter if there wasn't a need to begin with. So I mean, I would want information on this. She said that she looked at it in the past. He's like, what was what was the deal? That you didn't get something. You had your other policy. I don't know how long ago that was. You should definitely ask. Always, always make it seem like, okay, so maybe it's one of the companies we represent.

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Like I've no, you have no idea how many people say American amicable. So that way it's really just like it's already a trusted company. So she's adding additional she trusts like the company and she'll she'll add it easy.

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Policies. So basically, it's a few general questions. Do you smoke? Are you within an acceptable BMI range? And is there anything major going on with your heart, lungs, liver or kidneys or diabetes? So those are basically the questions they ask high blood pressure, cholesterol. They don't care about arthritis. It's not an issue, things like that. So, you know, it just takes really a second to figure out. So if you have a couple questions to answer those questions, that's pretty much all it takes.

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Uh huh.

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What insurance is that?

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Well, we have several policies. We're a consultant firm, so that means we work for clients, our clients, and not one particular company. That's how we're able to find you the best rates and benefits. So one of the companies we have, a lot of people may be familiar with American Amicable. Gerber There's several American home life. There's a lot. So it just would depend on what you qualify for based on where your health is at the moment.

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Where are you from?

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I'm in Florida, South Florida.

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So now she just wants to talk like she had to go She had to go five seconds ago and she just wants a friend to talk to. And yeah, you can be a friend to a lot of people, but you can you got to always focus on like there's got to be an intent to the conversation. Like if she doesn't want if she's not interested in more coverage, you don't want to ask her health questions.

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Oh, it's a woman.

00:09:42:13 - 00:09:43:18

Do I sound like it?

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I know you sound great, but that hurricane just went through there and I think, oh, my God, there's four people.

00:09:50:17 - 00:10:11:21

Well, yeah. So that was on the West Coast. I was born in Florida. I'm on the East Coast, and I've been through one that destroyed my home back in 2004. It was a roof caved in in the whole nine. So my heart goes out to those people. Absolutely. But yeah, we didn't get affected on the East Coast this time.

00:10:12:06 - 00:10:12:21

I didn't pay.

00:10:12:23 - 00:10:17:08

Attention. And when I went on cement, she maybe would have went to the nursing. We say it's.

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FDIC insured, but it's only insured up to a insured, up to a maximum. Okay. So for 10,000 and this is with the nursing home writer and the terminal illness we spoke about. So the 10,000 is 97. 81.

00:10:34:18 - 00:10:38:02

$10,000 in coverage is only 9881.

00:10:38:20 - 00:10:42:12

And the 5000 is 5155.

00:10:44:07 - 00:10:46:00

Thanks. And I.

00:10:46:03 - 00:10:50:18

Can also. Give you one for seven.

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So one more. I just want to really hammer home this point. So you needed to know early on like how much covers she had. What is she trying to get to? Like if she already has 30,000, she who knows what she's trying to get to? She want to make sure you choose something. Like you have to have that question answered. Like, what are we trying to get to? What are we trying to accomplish? Because if we don't have an answer to that question, then, you know, we're not we're not in good shape here.

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Which would be 75.

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What was that for?

00:11:30:23 - 00:11:38:05

7000. So sometimes I have to run those separately because they like either odd numbers or even numbers.

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I'm sorry. What's the amount on that.

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For Which one? The last one.

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Yes, please.

00:11:45:17 - 00:11:47:03

Seven. 7000.

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So out of these policies.

00:11:51:17 - 00:11:52:07

Go ahead.

00:11:53:15 - 00:11:59:08

Was there a separate payment for that for 5051, 55.

00:12:00:01 - 00:12:04:00

Right. So the 7000 would be $70.05.

00:12:04:12 - 00:12:09:19

Okay. I didn't catch that. Sorry. That's okay. So, okay.

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Out of these policies is one. Sounded like a good one for your hubby there.

00:12:16:03 - 00:12:18:09

That's you can't. You can't be like you have to say.

00:12:19:23 - 00:12:45:07

Anything that's like, Does it sound good? How does that sound? Those all can have negative answers. So it's always like out of those, which one would you want to leave to your husband? But again, you have to know what you know to get you. I mean, if it's to get to them to the point where you need to. Uh, get to a certain number. Are you trying to replace it? You're trying to find better. You know, it just makes it a lot easier. Like, is that something you had for a while, or is that something that's been, you know, very recent?

00:12:47:16 - 00:12:48:18

Well, yeah.

00:12:48:20 - 00:13:00:09

I just don't know what route to take. I would like to look at the other insurance. The civil. Got any coverage with that? And maybe we can. I can figure it out.

00:13:01:16 - 00:13:32:06

So a lot of the time you can always get on the phone. Like if she knows the name, she should know the name of her insurance company. If she doesn't, then usually it means that they don't have coverage. So it would be good to you can even get on the phone with them and be like, okay, let's find out what you got and then don't take no for an answer in that situation. You just immediately just start conferencing and insurance companies and be like, We'll get to the bottom of this. I'll help you with that. And then it just makes it so much easier to, you know, go because you have to have something to go on.

00:13:32:08 - 00:13:35:19

Like if there's no need, like I said, it's just like it's going to be impossible.

00:13:39:02 - 00:13:40:10

Add a little additional.

00:13:41:03 - 00:13:43:13

Yeah. Yeah.