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How to Register for FL State Examination

Watch the Full Video Here: How to Register for FL State Examination

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All right, guys. So when you are ready for the test to take for the life insurance test for the state exam, we're just going to walk you through how to get in there and sign up. Right. So the best way to do it, I think I just go Pearson view Florida Insurance because I'm not going to have something like this memorized. So it's home Dot Pearson View

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Insurance you just click in here.

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All right. So you have not created an account yet, right?

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No, no. I was on the website. I was about to, but I didn't.

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But that's even better, though, because. So because that way we can do it the whole thing. So you have to create an account. This will be for Mr. Carson that's joining us and helping us out basically today. So you obviously click through all this stuff.

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You don't actually need the title, but.

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Don't need the middle name. Do you want me to put one in?

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Yeah. It's Colby spelled with the L in the middle.

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Colby Okay. Okay, okay. Okay. Yeah.

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All good? All good.

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All right. Carson Junior, senior third. Any of that? No.

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My brother is all right.

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And, guys, we are going to pause this for just one second.

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All right. So now that you have to have the social date of birth and all that stuff in. You want to put the email address in here? Um, most of it, yeah. Just put your normal email address. It really doesn't matter. Yeah.

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It's going to be.

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Once you put the email in, you'll be on the next screen. So obviously, this is all very basic information. You just go through and put the all of your information in here. And I will pause this for a second and we'll resume on the next screen.

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All right, guys. So once you're past that page, you filled out all your pedigree information. You come here to create a username. You're probably only going to use this once. So it's really not going to matter that much.

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I'm just going to make it. You want to just use like first and last name or something?

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Usually I do for stuff like that. It's my first name, then my last name as an initial.

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You see. Okay, let's see that that's available. Okay, that's available. And then you need to make a password that can be literally anything. I'm going to make a password for him because he's going to use this one time and pass the first time. So that'll never use it again. So and I'm going to be in the office when he sets it up so it doesn't really matter. Select one. So you have to answer some security questions in case you do forget your password. Right. So I'll just I'll ask you in one second.

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All right. So then after you guys thought that information you get into here, so this is where it becomes a little bit complicated, but not too much if you just follow the instructions here. So you're going to hit view exams. Once you're in here, these two things mean different things. Test center delivery means you're going to take it at an actual testing facility like Melbourne or wherever in Florida or wherever you are in the country. And then the online is like at home or like at an office or something like something that has to be very private and like the warning is like if somebody's like, We've been walking like across the background, they'll likely fail you for something that's stupid.

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So you have to have like everything and we have a nice office at zero. So most people are invited if they're local, but most of the time we'd be taking it home. All right. And then you should have studied for the 214, so. Yeah, that's what you said it for you. Yeah. And then. Yeah. No, I know. I was there when you did it. I'm mean, but I'm actually talking to everybody on it because. But if you signed up, if you if you study for the 215 and can pass it 215, then get it. But if you didn't, that's the waste of time. All right. So the status of protected education is.

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Is that for the health.

00:04:03:16 - 00:04:05:13

That was for your that was for your course.

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Now, I was talking about you said the 215.

00:04:09:08 - 00:04:14:02

Oh, if you want life and health. But we don't sell health, so. Yeah, it's a waste of your time here.

00:04:14:21 - 00:04:18:19

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll just curious. I was just curious.

00:04:19:07 - 00:04:21:23

Uh, education. Well, you just graduated pretty much, right?

00:04:23:00 - 00:04:27:17

High school diploma or GED? Yeah. Okay. I graduated, actually, early.

00:04:28:03 - 00:04:40:01

Okay, cool. Like in the. Yeah, we had a community college. I forget what Lexi called it something. Well, she was. She didn't graduate early. She just got, like, her first year of college done while she was in school or.

00:04:40:13 - 00:04:49:16

Oh, okay. Okay. Yeah, I was going to do that. But a lot of things happened during my time and didn't necessarily make bad choices. It was more so, um,

00:04:51:07 - 00:05:00:14

I kind of got heartbroken. Want to do online school. And then I ended up just getting my GED when I was like 16. Gotcha. Because of.

00:05:01:03 - 00:05:01:18

We all.

00:05:01:20 - 00:05:04:09

Go through it. Uh, but let's not.

00:05:04:11 - 00:05:07:02

Go that it was, it was a it was a challenge.

00:05:07:11 - 00:05:23:10

But yeah, I regret it in a in a way, but not too much because, you know, at the end of the day, I still graduated. Yeah. So it's, I don't know, it really big issue to me currently. Yeah. Only, only, only reason why I regret is because of a sports pretty much. That's it.

00:05:23:22 - 00:05:24:21

Missing sports. Yeah, for.

00:05:24:23 - 00:05:25:20

Sure. Yeah.

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So this right here, it should be like after you answer, you just click all the buttons there and then just move on. But then it's America in New York or wherever you are.

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Um, so. Davis wants to take this today. So basically, whenever you open this one, it's like a test center delivery where you actually go to a testing center, you're going to see a lot less options than you do here because they're running these tests like 24 over seven I've seen in like 2 a.m. So we're going to click on Wednesday and I'll just walk you through.

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Yeah, Yeah.

00:05:55:19 - 00:05:59:04

I don't know why they see anybody that's like, I better get up and take my state test.

00:06:00:13 - 00:06:01:17

Yeah, I'm sleep.

00:06:02:24 - 00:06:03:14

So right.

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Here. It says between 12 like the next available appointment. Available appointment is 1232 30. So that's not your appointment. So I've I've had this question asked. It's not between 1230 and 230. You should always click explore more times to see what they actually mean. Like when is the next appointment? So there's no times available here. We're not going to be able to get it here done here fast enough because there's no getting here and logging in that fast.

00:06:35:14 - 00:06:36:15

Uh, no.

00:06:36:24 - 00:06:37:17

Let me see.

00:06:37:19 - 00:06:39:16

Yeah. I only have, like, 30 minutes.

00:06:40:02 - 00:06:40:24

Yeah. I mean, I.

00:06:41:01 - 00:06:42:12

Could do it in 30 minutes.

00:06:42:14 - 00:06:43:20

But. Well, yeah. And then you.

00:06:43:22 - 00:06:58:15

Need to talk to somebody, and that's a problem. It would be a problem. Um. Okay. See how 12 hour? 12 hour. I don't want it to be such a weird time for you. Like we can easily put in tomorrow at around this time or tomorrow. First thing in the morning.

00:06:58:22 - 00:06:59:15

Right. Right.

00:06:59:18 - 00:07:00:16

Does that work for you?

00:07:01:13 - 00:07:02:05


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All right. Yeah. I can do it in the morning. Yeah.

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I'm clicking. Well, here's. See? You see how it changes? Nonstop.

00:07:13:22 - 00:07:16:04

Oh, I mean, I can do it if I can still do it today.

00:07:18:03 - 00:07:18:18


00:07:19:02 - 00:07:33:03

That's not it's the only problem is it's not enough time because we have to check in and do a bunch of crap before you can actually. So I really need, like, an hour and then. But if we get another one. Right, Right. So. So that one is that click here.

00:07:35:03 - 00:07:44:11

But literally, guys, if you really want the time you want, you can literally click here and then it'll be here's one time available. But that was the one that's 115 and then you got no available.

00:07:45:17 - 00:07:47:12

10 p.m.. I'm pretty far.

00:07:47:14 - 00:07:48:24

Only 930 is available.

00:07:49:12 - 00:07:50:04

So we're going to.

00:07:50:09 - 00:07:51:14

Pause this for a second.

00:07:54:16 - 00:08:09:22

Okay, so we're deciding on tomorrow. We're explore all the times. It doesn't have to be the morning. It can be all kinds of times like we have. You basically have all see how there's one between 12 and 5 a.m., but you basically have all day tomorrow. So what what are you when do you want to do it? Tomorrow.

00:08:12:06 - 00:08:13:07


00:08:17:01 - 00:08:18:19

Okay. I'll have all the times. Yeah.

00:08:20:20 - 00:08:24:05

And i'll do. 9:15 a.m..

00:08:24:07 - 00:08:26:05


00:08:26:07 - 00:08:27:05

See what's available.

00:08:28:23 - 00:08:31:05

All right, so you got all that stuff. Which one works?

00:08:32:23 - 00:08:35:15

Is that for me to be there or that.

00:08:35:17 - 00:08:38:20

You have to be a half hour before whatever time you pick here?

00:08:40:00 - 00:08:42:18

Half an hour before whatever topic here. Okay.

00:08:45:19 - 00:08:46:09


00:08:49:06 - 00:08:50:09

I'll do.

00:08:52:08 - 00:08:53:14


00:08:55:06 - 00:08:55:21

You know what?

00:08:57:23 - 00:08:59:00

Okay, that's. That's cool.

00:08:59:06 - 00:09:03:17

So then you go to doctor's appointment. Sometimes you'll get all the way through and it will.

00:09:05:06 - 00:09:08:19

It will be taken by somebody else. So it's basically a first come, first serve.

00:09:10:05 - 00:09:11:18

Okay. So I mean.

00:09:11:21 - 00:09:24:14

That's, that's I mean, you have to just kind of be fast. All right. So we're going to put payment info in here and you'll move forward after this. So you just put all payment info and then hit next. So I'm going to pause that for a second.

00:09:25:22 - 00:09:26:21

Yeah. Just want to do.

00:09:28:12 - 00:09:29:12

Yeah, that's.

00:09:31:06 - 00:09:37:22

You'll you'll you'll hit whatever payment method you're going to use Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and then you're going to end up on the screen.

00:09:42:19 - 00:09:45:06

And then you will put your information in here.

00:09:46:04 - 00:09:46:19

All right.

00:09:47:18 - 00:10:21:24

Yep. So he put the payment information and you will get this message here. This is basically your appointment. You need to check in 30 minutes prior to that. They'll also email you all of your the the basic. Uh, instructions. So you need. You need your ID. I'll just tell you the basics. You need your ID there. You need all the stuff off your desk or wherever you're taking it. Um, no distractions for a couple hours, and they'll walk you through on your cell phone of how to, like, check in for the exam.

00:10:22:01 - 00:10:48:03

That's why you really do have to do the 30 minutes early because you're going to take pictures of your the room you're in of yourself and then of your ID information. So, Latavius, obviously I'll just be there with you so I know how to fly through that, but that's why you don't need five minutes. But a lot of people need half hour because you're like, What is this? It's just a bunch of nonsense. And so definitely give yourself that time. But that's pretty that's pretty much it, guys. So I'll stop that and leave you there.

Watch the Full Video Here: How to Register for FL State Examination

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