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How to Do Prosperity Contracting

Watch the Full Video Here: How to Do Prosperity Contracting

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All right, guys, we're gonna you're going to get receive emails from Prosperity. We're going to go over how to fill this out. So that way, you know, you can get the contracting submitted. This is one of only two carriers with uses that sends their contracts individually. So the business contact info will be it can be your home address because we're not part of the call center.

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I can't hear you if you're if you're on the the mic.

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There we go. Oh, my mic. That's beat it. Okay, I'm going to deposit here and fill out my address and stuff.

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Yeah, I'll pause it. Yep.

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Okay. So he put his address in. If you have moved in the last five years, you need to add to that previous address. You should put the driver's license number in here, and then I'll go to the next set of questions. There you go.

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Okay. And when you guys get down here, you are covered with an errors and omissions policy. That's the rest of us. You have 2 million. So think you just say yes to that.

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So he hasn't had anything to hide. There's no suits or judgments.

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It's not bankrupt and he's not in debt.

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That's. No.

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Okay, so you're just going to click Florida If you're you only have a floor license, whatever license you already coming in with, obviously click them.

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You're heading no to that.

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Notice. Yeah. So the whole agency is we're hitting no to that. It doesn't matter that we're. If you're in the office or not.

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Yeah. Okay.

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Gotcha. And then you're going to put in your guys's beneficiary information, So.

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And now that you're done with that. Now you do want to hit. I agree to that. That's for your commissions, right?

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And compliance agreement.

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I agree.

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I agree. And then you can draw your signature.

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Actually doing a good job or. All right. So save and continue.

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Are we good?

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All right. So go to the next screen after you're done with that.

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You will have to upload. So you got to take a picture. You got to just take a picture of it. So guys, most people will take a picture with their iPhone, Android, whatever. What I always tell people, email it to yourself and then upload it from your computer.

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While he's doing that, I'll pause that.

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So hopefully keep.

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He answered me and he just sat there and was saying, hey, he didn't say.

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Okay, guys, once you're here, contract is saved. You can review your contract. We'll check it for accuracy. If you feel like you did everything correctly, you can submit contract.

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All right. Contract submitted. Go to the. All right, So when you're in here, don't exit out of here. Complete the training so that it's done. So go ahead and click that.

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Oh, you can hit enter.

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Well, guys, this is the easiest one there is. I'm not going to record this, but you are just clicking. Yes. Next. Next, next. You don't even have I don't think you even have to answer any questions so that that is a tutorial on how to, you know, fill this out. Very simple. And I will stop the recording.

Watch the Full Video Here: How to Do Prosperity Contracting

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