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How to Do a Prosperity

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All right. Welcome, everybody. We just did a live Prosperity the Voice method. So we are going to review this so everybody will know how to do a prosperity. We will show you a couple of things and stop the video and during part of it.

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Okay. So let me pull this up. So, you know, you have to log in here. So obviously you got to log in, guys. Insurance admin that Nikki would have already set you up with your logins or I did. But you should be able to log in, so it can't really help you here with that.

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Okay. And then there's a second login that's coming up right here.

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Okay, So you want to make sure that you log in to the live application to.

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Okay. They're so strict. Now we got to send the stupid verification code to your cell phone. Zero.

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For six feet. Okay.

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So top left, you click on new application.

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Have you always lived in Indiana?

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Yes. Yeah. Okay.

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I'm from up north. Not an original.

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New Vista.

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Voice. Right.

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For a whole life policy. And the state of Florida.

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Right. So you can also choose when when I hit the products there. You could also choose the new vista. There's an email method. A lot of the time you're not going to do that simply because the people that you know, our clients have a hard time signing these email documents, and if they don't do it right, then they get upset and then you end up doing this way anyway. So that's my recommendation for the most part is going to do just do the voice.

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All right. So I'm just putting in.

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All right. So I have.

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Crater birth is ten, 11, 1949,

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male, non-smoker.

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So a thousand.

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And you guys came up in, uh, 53, 62. That's what I have. Okay. 50. Yes. Okay. Perfect.

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All right. So next.

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So, Ronald.

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So these questions, the proposed insurer is almost always the owner. So obviously that will be yes, like you'll see me click them, but it's going to be fast. So will the payer. They're usually almost always the payer. So the proposed insurer or the owner is the same thing. Is there any or the life insurance you know, we're hitting? No, I'm going to send a blank application packet so you can follow it. You can do yes or no here. Can they receive a text message or can they not in this video example just sit? No. So then they ended up reading all the disclosures at the end of the call when they were trying to qualify him and get him to sign the application to take the money out.

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Anything I'm missing.

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Yeah. Yeah. But if you do select Yes there. And they are capable of just looking at their phone and giving you the code when they get on the interview, it makes it easier. They just don't read the disclosures. But it's really not a big deal. Even if you select No, they just have to listen to the disclosures if they want the insurance. So it's fine. So, yeah, they're going to sit there and listen once they give you their banking information.

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And then if. Yeah. So that's completely up to you. I'd hit yes, try it out. If they say they can't get it or they can't go, you can always just go back and then hit. No. And continue if they if they can't come up with the code. So it's not like it's a total loss. It's not it's not, you know, definitely try it. But if it doesn't work, don't freak out. Just be like, whatever. You can't use the code I'll hit. No, I'm just going to keep going.

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What is? Except for the state of California.

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In the state of California, it's going to be email signature required only.

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Yeah, that's the only one. California having.

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File the application in and find out. We're going to be able to do the whole process with you so that way we'll know exactly everything. Is that right? Earnest Or Yeah.

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They're going to they'll tell us, like on the phone, like we don't have to, like, there's no waiting time. So to get the answer.

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Which I do prefer that I mean, don't obviously don't want to put everybody through a long interview, but I do prefer to know immediately. Okay. So I'm just flying through this. But if there is no exclamation mark next to something, you do not have to put it in.

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And you'll see a brief. When I go to put the social in here, it'll be a brief and then go to the next screen.

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The one question I didn't ask you back, what number are. All right, Well, you or Ronald, what's the best phone number for you guys?

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Eight one, two, 3716524.

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I missed the first three. Kind of broke up.

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Eight one, two, 3716524. Got it.

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All right.

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And put this in here.

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All right. Now it's doing the little spinning wheel where it's going to verify that you exist.

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So right here.

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And that's what it's doing right now, spinning.

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So during this time. This is a verification, guys. Uh, it's just verifying that these are put in. Like, if you ever see it doesn't verify, then it becomes annoying for the client because then they have to take pictures of like, the social Security card and things like that. Um, but you. But you're fine. You were verified. Um, do you have your driver's license number?

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Yeah. Let me get.

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So this isn't 100% required, but we have. We end up having problems with prosperity, verifying identities. And then you do not want prosperity. Email you something says we need a picture of a driver's license, a picture of a Social Security card, and have to get that over to prosperity and track an 80 year old person down to go do that because you know, they have a flip phone and can't figure that out. So don't. Yeah. If you verify as much information as you can, that is my main thing with prosperity. Put the license number in. You can technically hit no, even if they don't have a driver's license.

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But you should hit. Yes, if they can go get it real quick. And like Nikki said, they're already on the phone. They already gave you your banking, so you might as well just, you know, do it the right way.

00:06:55:18 - 00:06:56:10

It? Sure.

00:07:00:23 - 00:07:01:17


00:07:03:15 - 00:07:04:13


00:07:11:15 - 00:07:12:24

You ready? Yep, I'm ready.

00:07:14:03 - 00:07:21:15

Eight, nine, two, one three, four, five, nine, one nine. You got it.

00:07:21:17 - 00:07:23:04

Indiana issued. Okay.

00:07:24:24 - 00:07:28:08

All right? Yep. Perfect. And first name.

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You're the owner of your own policy, obviously.

00:07:32:20 - 00:07:33:10


00:07:35:08 - 00:07:36:14

In doing bank?

00:07:40:18 - 00:07:42:02

Yep, absolutely.

00:07:43:18 - 00:07:44:08


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All right.

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So the only thing with this app and you'll see after I show you, but it's it's very redundant, so they want you to put the information in like many times.

00:07:59:19 - 00:08:00:09


00:08:01:11 - 00:08:03:14

Something like put that to put the address in three times.

00:08:05:19 - 00:08:06:18

But one thing.

00:08:07:04 - 00:08:09:14

Is well verified, then. Yeah.

00:08:09:16 - 00:08:13:04

I mean, it can't be wrong because I'll be like, Well, this is wrong. This is wrong. This is wrong.

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Anything so far, Nikki? Just normal.

00:08:20:12 - 00:08:34:16

You know, everything looks good so far. It looks like you're just putting the this is the account information, so it makes you put right here. It says relationship to insured. So it's always a weird question. So it's going to show up in the dropdown itself.

00:08:36:15 - 00:08:37:12

Ricky typed it.

00:08:38:14 - 00:08:41:14

Yeah, but itself are starting.

00:08:46:17 - 00:08:47:16

May 17th.

00:08:47:18 - 00:08:48:17

Policy effective.

00:08:48:19 - 00:08:50:19

Date. Right.

00:08:54:19 - 00:09:14:21

So even I was a little confused for a second. I'm like, I want to make sure I'm putting it in right, though, so that it don't like I'm thinking pioneer. So just after I click it, I figure it out. But so if you want it to start a day, you can actually just put it in. Okay, so that would be the night. Yeah, it should be there. Perfect. It came up. Just want to make sure it's not doing what some of the apps do or it auto defaults.

00:09:18:05 - 00:09:22:05

So Right. That was the third Wednesday. Okay.

00:09:22:07 - 00:09:26:06

Yeah, that is the 17th, not the 19th. Yeah.

00:09:26:23 - 00:09:27:13

But the.

00:09:29:20 - 00:09:36:04

Bank information does look like everything. I skipped over that for obvious reasons. So now we're at the next screen.

00:09:37:12 - 00:09:42:24

He's verified again, so that's good. All right. And listen to.

00:09:43:03 - 00:10:09:04

Proposal. They have a feature, guys. So if the bank account is not verified, you definitely want to try to verify it. Even with smaller banks, the prosperity, even if because of if it comes back that it's not draftable, they sometimes, you know, just give you problems. So sometimes a smaller bank will be okay to submit, but hopefully it verifies. But if it doesn't and you 100% know that it's right, just continue with the application.

00:10:10:13 - 00:10:11:06


00:10:14:20 - 00:10:22:13

I've played poker in Indiana a few different times. I'm trying to think. I want to say it was it was around Val.

00:10:22:20 - 00:10:33:12

This is where people start trying to put too much info in because they get a little nervous. Just the exclamation marks, guys. That's it. You don't need their address. You don't need their social. You don't need any of that stuff.

00:10:34:02 - 00:10:56:24

So for the for the primary beneficiary, you just need the primary beneficiaries name and the relationship. And then 100% or whatever the percentages that you're going to put in if you look at the list here. So yeah, it looks very overwhelming, but it's just a few pieces of information where the exclamations are right there.

00:10:57:01 - 00:10:57:16


00:10:58:22 - 00:11:01:09

there's one of those gambling.

00:11:02:02 - 00:11:03:13

Yeah, I was a casino

00:11:07:08 - 00:11:07:23


00:11:08:09 - 00:11:11:10

Okay, I tell you what the.

00:11:12:02 - 00:11:15:03

Yeah, they put it on me one day and there I remember.

00:11:19:10 - 00:11:21:24

No, no. Okay.

00:11:25:13 - 00:11:32:05

I never had been to the. Because I've got friends of mine that been to the casinos, but you know, I just

00:11:33:21 - 00:11:51:16

stick close. As I went to a casino, as we went through River Downs horse race track over to Cincinnati one time, right? Sure. And I never we went over with the group from the tavern. You know, they had the bus and everybody drank all the way over there. Yeah. Okay.

00:11:51:18 - 00:12:25:11

So that part so this part right here, that last part that Ernie did was he just verified that his information was correct, that it was the correct email, his name. Then it showed his phone number there and then he clicked the finish button. So now the screen pops up that says, please write down the application ID. Prior to submitting the application because when you press, okay, that number is going to disappear. So you want to make sure you have that number and then you call the one 807 376972 and press extension one.

00:12:25:20 - 00:12:50:16

And that's how you start the interview. And you can inform the interviewer that it's for the new Vista voice application and they'll need the application ID number. If you want to wait, you can wait till you get them on the phone, give them the application ID number. Just make sure you write it down still or you have it somewhere still and press okay. Because they can't access the application unless you're off the screen.

00:12:50:24 - 00:12:58:11

Which is good because you're actually going to see that. So you're actually going to see all that happen because did not exit and perfect. So. All right.

00:12:59:13 - 00:13:06:07

So my wife, she's she she says go bet on this horse and she want me to put five five on them.

00:13:06:09 - 00:13:08:16

Talk for a second because I came back.

00:13:09:10 - 00:13:13:10

Okay. Yeah. But she was mad. She she was mad.

00:13:13:12 - 00:13:15:17

At Good report. The horse that she won me.

00:13:15:24 - 00:13:16:14

What's that?

00:13:17:00 - 00:13:18:19

Good report building. Yeah, he's.

00:13:18:21 - 00:13:25:07

Just. Yeah, he's just talking to him because he knows I'm filling it out. So then everybody will know how to do this after we're done here, though, so it's cool.

00:13:25:18 - 00:13:36:18

Put the five on. He plays second. You know, it wouldn't be big money, but it had been some money. But she was so pissed at me. I remember that. Yeah.

00:13:37:13 - 00:13:38:22

That's. I'm like, that's so funny.

00:13:39:06 - 00:13:55:21

Um, all right, guys. Well, so Buckets brought me to the screen where I'm ready. I wrote down the article ID number because that's what you have to read to the, the interviewer So I'm going to give you a number to put into. You're going to have to add them to the conference.

00:13:58:20 - 00:14:28:07

So, um, Ron, once they answer, basically they're going to have all the information because already submitted it. It's through like electronically and then they're just going to go, they're going to run through the yes or no health questions. I always tell people it's like being on the stand, if you like, I'm your lawyer and you're on the stand. I got. So all the questions are posed will be no, like if I ever say because sometimes they're weird questions, sometimes like I will if I say, Can you repeat that, then you should say the opposite of what you just said.

00:14:29:07 - 00:14:30:07

Right? Yeah.

00:14:30:15 - 00:14:45:05

That's the that's how I do it. Because otherwise they're like, What? You can't help that person. But but all your answers are no, we've already established that with Buck in the underwriting. So hopefully they have no problem in approving this application. Okay, so Buck, you ready for the number?

00:14:46:01 - 00:14:47:02

Ernie deposit.

00:14:51:02 - 00:15:24:11

So that's a very crucial part there. So it's important to explain just to the client like what's going to happen because you don't want them to get on the phone with the health interviewer and then shoot themselves in the foot. You'll see what I mean by that, because I believe Ernie said we're going to it's going to go into the whole interview process as well. Yeah. But it's just good to explain to the client what's going to happen because then you guys are friends. You know, you've already built the trust. The relationship is there. So now we're just finishing up the last steps for this process. But it's good to just take a minute to explain to them, Hey, we're going to call over this number.

00:15:24:22 - 00:15:30:01

Make sure that you answer all these health questions is no. We've went over them with you. All of them are going to be in. No.

00:15:32:20 - 00:15:41:08

Right. Sometimes they'll go off the rocket and they might say something that they're not supposed to. So that's when you'd want to say. Let me just repeat the question.

00:15:41:20 - 00:16:12:17

Yeah, repeat. The question for me is like I tell them, because that way I'd sold that from Karen because that's like ingenious. Because usually they and they're answering, You guys mean you guys don't need to know all this, but like, they would answer it so wrong with Pioneer like CHF is that for CHF, that medication? They'd say, Yeah, and it's one blood pressure medication that's like, No, no. And then they started getting mad at us because we're telling the people like, You don't have CHF, you're on one blood pressure medication. It's like, Oh, that's right. I don't, you know, don't have that, you know, and it just got off the rails.

00:16:12:19 - 00:16:21:04

So then, yeah, so telling them what's about to happen and what they're supposed to say based on what you've already discovered in the underwriting is super important.

00:16:21:15 - 00:16:32:12

Or your client might have diabetes or might have had a condition in the past and they're just asking a certain time frame. So they just want to make sure that all of those answers are a clear no.

00:16:32:14 - 00:16:33:04


00:16:35:00 - 00:16:35:15


00:16:37:07 - 00:16:38:09

I think you lost him.

00:16:38:17 - 00:16:39:07


00:16:39:09 - 00:16:42:24

I can't lose him without losing you because he's the one that started the call.

00:16:44:06 - 00:16:46:12

Uh, maybe I don't.

00:16:49:08 - 00:16:52:00

Maybe I can invite, but I don't think so. Bob, can you hear me?

00:16:54:13 - 00:16:56:17

Something happens with Buck's phone and he comes back.

00:16:57:20 - 00:16:59:19

Okay, good. Something's wrong with the phone.

00:16:59:24 - 00:17:00:14

All right, so.

00:17:00:16 - 00:17:01:22

I'm going to give you the number.

00:17:01:24 - 00:17:04:05

Is Ronald? You still on the phone? Yeah.

00:17:04:07 - 00:17:04:22


00:17:05:03 - 00:17:13:06

Okay. Okay. Sorry. It's blanking out. The phone is. I don't know if that was what that was. Okay, so I'm ready for the number.

00:17:13:08 - 00:17:18:08

Yeah. So you're going to conference them in? Just add the conference. Hitting the three dots. It's 800.

00:17:20:11 - 00:17:21:18


00:17:24:03 - 00:17:25:19

Six, nine, seven two.

00:17:26:05 - 00:17:27:07

And then add them.

00:17:32:12 - 00:17:36:23

And then one hit a hit. One will be the thank you for calling. You can hit one now.

00:17:37:00 - 00:17:38:00

But Espanol.

00:17:40:07 - 00:17:49:20

If you know the option you wish to select, please. The next available interviewer will take your call. Calls may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.

00:17:51:17 - 00:17:54:21

So back we used to have to do this on every call, no matter what company.

00:17:55:05 - 00:17:55:24


00:17:56:11 - 00:17:58:13

So this is.

00:17:59:11 - 00:18:04:24

So this is opticals number. I mean, you're just along for the ride because I am the agent, so.

00:18:05:07 - 00:18:05:22


00:18:06:02 - 00:18:07:17

Veronica, how may I help you?

00:18:07:22 - 00:18:09:24

Hey, Veronica. I have a reference for you.

00:18:11:03 - 00:18:12:00

One moment, please.

00:18:14:18 - 00:18:16:11

All right, turn that reference number.

00:18:16:13 - 00:18:17:07

It's three, two.

00:18:17:09 - 00:18:18:01


00:18:18:05 - 00:18:19:12

Seven, seven.

00:18:19:20 - 00:18:20:18

Five, seven.

00:18:21:23 - 00:18:22:23

One moment, please.

00:18:25:17 - 00:18:27:09

And I'm still showing that in use.

00:18:27:13 - 00:18:28:14

Oh, okay. Let me close it.

00:18:30:21 - 00:18:31:17

There you go.

00:18:33:04 - 00:18:35:11

Okay. And now that number's gone. Completely. Yeah.

00:18:37:11 - 00:18:40:23

This is what Nikki was talking about. You can give them the reference ID, they'll know what's up.

00:18:42:22 - 00:18:44:19

And don't worry, if you. If you did forget.

00:18:45:10 - 00:18:53:00

You can look them up by name. But it's so much easier just to give them the right info. So write that number down. It actually tells you on the screen. Write it down. So.

00:18:55:02 - 00:18:59:15

And just to confirm the state that this product is being sold in is Indiana.

00:18:59:19 - 00:19:00:12

That's correct.

00:19:01:17 - 00:19:04:20

And what is the phone number that you are calling from?

00:19:05:04 - 00:19:09:21

(772) 617-8477.

00:19:13:21 - 00:19:24:01

And to confirm the producer name is Ernest Coles with an ancient number of beers in Bravo. Vincent Victor 8560504.

00:19:24:05 - 00:19:24:20


00:19:26:05 - 00:19:29:09

And am I speaking with the agent or an agent? Representative?

00:19:29:11 - 00:19:30:01

The agent?

00:19:31:12 - 00:19:44:18

And this whole interview is being recorded. And today's date is April the 19th of 2023. And if you agree to the recording of this call, please say yes. I agree.

00:19:44:21 - 00:19:45:23

Yes, I agree.

00:19:47:04 - 00:19:51:02

And please confirm that you will remain on the line for the entire recording.

00:19:51:05 - 00:19:51:20

Oh, well.

00:19:52:21 - 00:19:56:05

Yes. And do I have Ronald Elliott on the line?

00:19:56:07 - 00:19:57:05

Yes. Yes.

00:19:58:12 - 00:20:04:03

Hello, my name is Veronica with a company called Optical. Please state your full name.

00:20:05:01 - 00:20:09:10

Ronald Lee. Elliot. Elliot.

00:20:11:10 - 00:20:20:18

And today's date is April the 19th of 2023. And this call is being recorded. You agree with the recording of this call?

00:20:21:03 - 00:20:21:21


00:20:23:02 - 00:20:31:13

And do you wish to purchase a life insurance policy and agreed to complete a phone application with Sousa Life Insurance Company?

00:20:31:22 - 00:20:32:15


00:20:33:13 - 00:20:39:13

And do you agree that if issued s USA may send you all applicable notices with the policy?

00:20:39:23 - 00:20:40:15


00:20:42:00 - 00:20:52:17

And do you understand that you are not required to purchase a life insurance policy in order to obtain other coverage or receive a discount on other insurance?

00:20:53:05 - 00:20:53:21


00:20:54:17 - 00:21:19:05

And my role on behalf of S USA Life Insurance Company is to review with you some of your application answers and to run various searches to determine whether you are medically eligible to apply for this insurance product. And is there any life insurance or annuity contract in force of the proposed insured with this or any other company?

00:21:20:19 - 00:21:21:09


00:21:23:21 - 00:21:26:15

And I do need either a yes or no answer. Please, sir.

00:21:27:00 - 00:21:27:18


00:21:30:05 - 00:21:39:15

And is the insurance applied for intended to replace or change any life insurance or duty contract in force with this or any other company?

00:21:42:05 - 00:21:42:20


00:21:45:17 - 00:21:57:22

If you guys don't mind. Ronald, I think the first question, this is me coming off mute because I did not know this is helping somebody else out, but, um, I didn't know if he had coverage, and I don't want him to say yes to that if he doesn't have coverage.

00:21:58:04 - 00:21:58:19


00:21:59:09 - 00:22:21:11

Most of the time I would have coached him on that too, because you just say no, no, because you don't know what they're going to do with their other coverage. But it's fine that, you know, he can say yes to that. It's the replacing question that becomes a huge problem if you were actually replacing and they should say no because you don't know if they're going to be approved. So you're not replacing anything until it's actually approved. And you repeat the first question because think he said yes when it was.

00:22:21:24 - 00:22:30:11

Is there any life insurance or annuity contract in force on the proposed insured with this or any other company?

00:22:34:17 - 00:22:39:24

So she's asking. Yeah. So she's asking Ronald if there's anything in place now before this.

00:22:41:09 - 00:22:42:05

Oh, yes.

00:22:42:14 - 00:22:48:14

Okay. So that's that's a yes. You have some coverage, but we're not replacing anything. Is that is that what I'm hearing? That's right.

00:22:48:21 - 00:22:53:16

Yeah. I'm not replacing anything. I'm. I'm just worried. Some more coverage. Yeah. Okay.

00:22:53:18 - 00:22:55:07

So. Yeah, so, so sorry. Yeah.

00:22:56:20 - 00:23:06:15

And is the insurance applied for intended to replace or change any life insurance or annuity contract in force with this or any other company?

00:23:07:06 - 00:23:07:23


00:23:11:14 - 00:23:12:18

In one moment, please, sir.

00:23:15:20 - 00:23:21:05

And did you receive a blank application file via email or text from your agent?

00:23:24:02 - 00:23:24:17


00:23:29:19 - 00:23:31:23

And I will now confirm some of the information.

00:23:32:02 - 00:23:47:10

So she she asked that question about the blank application. And because Ernie didn't send a text message and there was no code put in, she's going to read some extra authorizations. Sometimes you can avoid that. But again, it's no big deal. They'll just listen to it, right?

00:23:49:05 - 00:24:02:24

By your agent. You are a male. Mr. First name spelled r o n is in November a l d as in Delta. No middle initial and last name. Eliot's in Tango.

00:24:04:00 - 00:24:04:16


00:24:05:21 - 00:24:12:05

I have your daytime phone. Number of (812) 371-6524.

00:24:12:22 - 00:24:13:15


00:24:14:10 - 00:24:19:19

Your social. And you were born in Indiana? In the United States?

00:24:20:07 - 00:24:21:01


00:24:22:02 - 00:24:26:13

I have your height as my foot 11 and weight £203.

00:24:27:08 - 00:24:27:24


00:24:29:01 - 00:24:33:21

Your zip code is 472019114.

00:24:34:11 - 00:24:35:03


00:24:37:03 - 00:24:40:12

And have you smoke cigarettes in the past 12 months?

00:24:41:00 - 00:24:41:16


00:24:43:09 - 00:24:55:22

And please listen to the following three notices that we are required to provide as part of the application process and first will be the notice of disclosure information and you'll be hearing a recording.

00:25:00:07 - 00:25:04:18

Okay, guys. So they're going to read three long disclosures. That's this is how you have to do it.

00:25:04:20 - 00:25:07:15

If notification can't receive certain state law.

00:25:08:00 - 00:25:41:19

This is to inform you that as part of our procedure for processing your insurance application and investigator's consumer report may be prepared whereby information is obtained through personal interviews with your neighbors, friends, or others with whom you are acquainted. The inquiry includes information as to your character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living. You have the right upon written request to be informed whether an investigative consumer report was requested and if so, the name and address of the Consumer Reporting Agency to whom the request was made. You may inspect and receive a copy of your Investigative Consumer Report from the Reporting Agency Notification in accordance with L.L.C..

00:25:41:21 - 00:25:44:23

Information regarding your insurer ability will be treated as confidential.

00:25:50:11 - 00:25:52:17

Company or its reinsurer. Seven three.

00:25:55:17 - 00:26:02:17

May be employed by accepted advice concerning other legally purchased coverage has been issued, may not be able to.

00:26:03:24 - 00:26:05:03

Do you currently require?

00:26:07:21 - 00:26:08:11

And I.

00:26:10:13 - 00:26:18:20

Okay, so all he did was skip over so you don't have to hear the whole entire authorization, but they just have them agree to that and then they move on to the health questions.

00:26:31:20 - 00:27:02:13

And that if any of my protected health information is disclosed, it may no longer be protected under rules governing privacy and confidentiality of health information. I understand that my providers may not refuse to provide treatment or payment for health care services if refuse to sign this authorization. I further understand that if refuse to sign this authorization to release my complete medical record, the company may not be able to process my application or if coverage has been issued, may not be able to make any benefit payments. I understand and acknowledge that I or any authorized representative will receive or have received a copy of this authorization.

00:27:03:17 - 00:27:11:11

And if you can send to this authorization to obtain and disclose information, please apply your voice signature by saying yes, I agree.

00:27:12:12 - 00:27:14:02

Yes, I agree.

00:27:15:01 - 00:27:31:21

And are you currently, in the last 30 days, been hospitalized, committed to a psychiatric facility, confined to a nursing facility, receiving hospice or home health care, confined to a wheelchair due to a disease or waiting for an organ transplant?

00:27:32:23 - 00:27:33:13


00:27:35:03 - 00:27:45:23

Do you currently require human assistance or supervision with eating, dressing, toileting, transferring from bed to chair, walking, maintaining continence or bathing?

00:27:46:15 - 00:27:47:05


00:27:48:18 - 00:28:07:03

And within the past 12 months, have you been advised by a member of the medical profession to have a diagnostic test other than an HIV test, surgery, home health care or hospitalization, which has not yet started completed, or for which results are not known?

00:28:07:22 - 00:28:08:12


00:28:09:07 - 00:28:09:22

Thank you.

00:28:10:16 - 00:28:23:09

And within the past 12 months, have you used or been advised by a member of the medical profession to use oxygen equipment for assistance in breathing, excluding a CPAP or nebulizer?

00:28:24:01 - 00:28:24:17


00:28:26:04 - 00:28:33:21

And within the past 12 months, have you had or been advised by a member of the medical profession to have kidney dialysis?

00:28:34:06 - 00:28:34:24


00:28:36:10 - 00:28:49:02

And have you ever been diagnosed or treated for acquired immune deficiency syndrome, AIDS and or the Human Immunodeficiency virus? HIV infection by a licensed member of the medical profession?

00:28:49:20 - 00:28:50:11


00:28:52:03 - 00:29:06:21

And have you ever been diagnosed or received treatment by a member of the medical profession for Alzheimer's disease, dementia, Lou Gehrig's or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS or cirrhosis of the liver stage?

00:29:06:23 - 00:29:08:19

C No.

00:29:11:02 - 00:29:28:23

And have you ever been diagnosed by a member of the medical profession with more than one occurrence of the same or different type of cancer? Or are you currently receiving treatment, including taking medication for any form of cancer, excluding basal cell skin cancer?

00:29:29:22 - 00:29:30:12


00:29:32:07 - 00:29:54:24

And in the past two years, have you been diagnosed or received treatment from a member of the medical profession or other practitioner or been hospitalized for any of the following? The use of alcohol or drugs or been advised by a physician practitioner, health facility or counselor to restrict the use of alcohol or drugs?

00:29:55:20 - 00:29:56:10


00:29:58:12 - 00:30:20:13

And in the past two years, have you been diagnosed or received treatment from a member of the medical profession or other practitioner or been hospitalized for any of the following complications of diabetes, such as diabetic coma or insulin shock, or had an amputation due to complications of any disease?

00:30:21:17 - 00:30:22:07


00:30:23:19 - 00:30:51:08

And in the past two years, have you been diagnosed or received treatment from a member of the medical profession or other practitioner or been hospitalized for any of the following heart attack? Angina, chest pain, congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, stroke, transient ischemic attack, TIA or aneurysm or had heart or circulatory surgery?

00:30:51:18 - 00:30:52:08


00:30:54:16 - 00:31:16:22

And in the past three years, have you been diagnosed, treated or prescribed medication by a member of the medical profession for internal cancer, including but not limited to a malignant brain tumor, mullet, melanoma, but excluding basal or squamous cell skin cancer, leukemia or multiple myeloma?

00:31:17:23 - 00:31:18:15


00:31:20:05 - 00:31:31:23

And in the past two years, have you had more than one conviction for reckless driving or for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, DUI or DWI?

00:31:32:20 - 00:31:33:10


00:31:35:10 - 00:31:46:19

And have you ever been diagnosed, treated or prescribed medication by a member of the medical profession for Parkinson's disease, systemic lupus or sickle cell disease?

00:31:47:14 - 00:31:48:07


00:31:49:15 - 00:32:05:17

And have you ever been diagnosed, treated or prescribed medication by a member of the medical profession for cirrhosis or stage B of the liver, chronic hepatitis or other liver disorder, kidney failure, or other chronic kidney disease?

00:32:06:13 - 00:32:07:03


00:32:08:15 - 00:32:23:12

And have you ever been diagnosed, treated or prescribed medication by a member of the medical profession for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD, which includes emphysema, black lung disease or tuberculosis?

00:32:24:01 - 00:32:24:17


00:32:27:17 - 00:32:40:13

And have you ever been diagnosed, treated or prescribed medication by a member of the medical profession for bipolar disorder or schizophrenia or been hospitalized in the past two years for any mental or nervous disorder?

00:32:41:04 - 00:32:41:22


00:32:45:23 - 00:32:58:03

And that completes the medical question section of the application. And please hold this if we have any additional questions. And this step should take approximately 1 to 2 minutes to complete.

00:33:00:08 - 00:33:00:23


00:33:06:13 - 00:33:07:16

All right. Great job, Ronald.

00:33:07:18 - 00:33:43:23

And the prescription provider has indicated that you have been prescribed or filled a prescription for losartan potassium, 25 milligram tablet in the past two years. Have you been diagnosed or received treatment from a member of the medical profession or a practitioner or been hospitalized for any of the following heart attack? Angina, chest pain, congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, stroke, transient ischemic attack, TIA or aneurysm or had heart or circulatory surgery?

00:33:44:12 - 00:33:45:03


00:33:46:16 - 00:34:28:07

And the prescription provider has indicated that you have been prescribed or filled a prescription for metformin HDL 500 milligram tablet, extended release, 24 hour and Guardians, 25 milligram tablet and gabapentin 100 milligram capsule. In the past two years, have you been diagnosed or received treatment from a member of the medical profession or other practitioner or been hospitalized for any of the following complications of diabetes such as diabetic coma or insulin shock, or had an amputation due to complications of any disease?

00:34:28:22 - 00:34:29:12


00:34:30:14 - 00:34:43:03

And the prescription provider has indicated that you have been prescribed a fill prescription for ondansetron four milligram tablet disintegrating. Was this medication prescribed for cancer?

00:34:44:11 - 00:34:45:01


00:34:46:03 - 00:34:47:23

And again. One moment, please, sir.

00:34:58:01 - 00:35:00:11

And I'm still here with you, Ronald. I'm sure you know that.

00:35:01:01 - 00:35:01:16


00:35:17:07 - 00:35:37:21

And Mr. Kohl's. The following pertains to the data results of the case. The proposed insured is eligible for the A level plan. Thank you, Mr. Elliott. To confirm? Yes, sir. And the policy amount is $5,000 and the premium amount is $53.62. Would you like to continue?

00:35:38:07 - 00:35:39:00


00:35:40:21 - 00:35:52:00

And we are now going to review the insurance applied for section of your application. You are applying for an s USAA life insurance policy with a level death benefit. So guys.

00:35:52:12 - 00:35:59:01

That's the end of the application. They're just going to confirm all the information and what's going on. But I'll stop the recording for you guys.

00:35:59:03 - 00:36:02:17

And the premium amount is $53 and 60.

00:36:03:11 - 00:36:11:10

So basically, she's now she's just continuing to read and confirm all the information. But after that, you're pretty much done.

00:36:13:01 - 00:36:43:14

The main and the main thing again is when you are doing a prosperity, you're once you have their banking information is really just the calm down. Realize that you have all the information that you need and it's just the process that you need to follow. So it's really just filling out what you need to fill it online and just fill it out and just let them go through the disclosures that they have to go through. If they have an email address and they're savvy, they're young, great. If they don't, that's the interview process. And you know right away what they qualify for.

00:36:43:16 - 00:36:44:21

There's no surprises.

00:36:45:21 - 00:36:52:16

Right. All right. Well, guys, I'm very glad you joined us for this. I'll stop this because we're in good shape.

Watch the Full video Here: How to Do a Prosperity

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