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How and Why to SBC

Updated: Apr 15

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So obviously we try to do things a little differently. We're really trying to build out the whole person so that, you know, everybody can handle everything themselves. And I was always confused, especially if I'm talking to Robert here. I was always confused about how the field was doing a couple of things. But I really like Aaron Balderrama and I spoke with him on Friday, last week, yesterday. And of of how he views the system and what exactly he's doing. So. Sherman Like, it's not the way we kind of thought like, okay, you talked to him for five minutes and then give us, uh, give us the people and then we close it for 40 minutes.

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Really, what he's doing is using almost a second voice, like with brand new people. Alex Marquis, Uh, not brand new, but, you know, you get through the script, you follow it, you know, you know, verbatim and you're through, like, qualifying somebody's health. So that is the time to, you know, put in the goat chat like need.

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So especially if you're brand new, like if you were absolutely brand new, it's like, you know, need like, let's get you some deals. And Aaron said he only spends like 3 to 5 minutes doing that and he's not necessarily closing unless he needs to close. So, I mean, just bringing somebody else in and saying, okay, yeah, talk to me about it. What does he got going on with the health and almost talk to each other like the client's not there because you're brought in as the expert and then you know, you know, obviously we can do some talk to the client a little bit, be like, Oh, you're 68 and you still qualify for that coverage.

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You know, that's great. You know all that. You still qualify for me to, you know, whatever we're going to say. But, you know, it's really just a talk between the agent and the client. What you know, we will help you jump in to the Connect Me voice. So that way everybody is on the same page and we're hearing each other and and then, you know, talk a little bit and then really it's just about getting off the phone be like, okay, yep, they will qualify for the immediate coverage. So like let's say it's Alex. So Alex, what I want you to do is pull up the Pioneer app, find some rates and what was she looking for? And this should all be done.

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I mean, this is done by the agent originally. Like what are they looking for? What are they trying to accomplish so that when we come in we're just acting as the expert. And if we have to help close and get banking or whatever, of course we'll do that and we'll take over more of the call. The newer you are. Does that make sense? Yes and yes. Like it's not always going to be, um. It's not always going to be that way. Because obviously. You'll get it and you'll you'll know exactly what to do and go forward.

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But then he gave me some Chris Leary, You know, she writes at least like 200 K a year in business. Been doing this for years. She's still asking for aspects like and it's usually something simple. And this bringing in the second voice is like fundamentally awesome because it really does solidify and become more legit for the customer. So that's what we're going to do. So you are if you're new or, you know, even if you really think you need one, you don't know the qualification or you're uncertain about what they qualify for.

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Put in the goat chat, you know, need SBC and just a lot more communication with that because we can jump into a lot of calls. Like what I'm going to do is simply stare at like, don't expect Robert or Chris to do this, because from what Aaron was telling me, is doing it for like 20 people. So I'm sure I could handle that. I'm just going to hop around listening to calls. If you're like five, six minutes in, seven minutes in, I'll be able to see that. And then I'll go into and obviously I'll start talking to you and my whole so I'm kind of talking around the subject.

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So my whole goal is to get on the call, at least say something, go back on mute. But I'm still in the call and I'll basically say to let's say I'm talking to Vickie. Vickie, I'm going to you know, I'll I'll be here if you need me again. But it sounds like you got everything handled, you know, by Mary or whoever she's talking to. So, yeah, set up The Pioneer is going to be the best plan for her and then going forward. So really, what I want to hammer home here is get us get me more involved. Because the more sales you make, the better I do, the better you do. So, you know, get me involved, Get me in there.

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Obviously, Will, if I feel like I have to close something, I'm going to close it. But I'm going to try to guide you through the way that we do things here and brand new people. Robert Like some people might opt to use the script and Vanilla Soft, which I guess is fine because going over it with Aaron guess it does work. Uh, you know, a lot of people can do well with that. So basically what we're going to do is just give you the option. You can use this or you can use this, but you got to use one of them and you need to stick to it. Because that's the only way to be successful.

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I mean, Dan's a good example, Jacob. Um, actually, all you guys are like, when you start going off script and saying all kinds of crazy things. Alex knows this. You know, it just doesn't work out for you.

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The off script. The off script stuff.

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Is for, you know, nonsense talk and just trying to build a rapport or not actually closing and making a logical case.

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So Ernie, with, with that quick question. Um, is there any so you said for like brand new people, like after health questions, you want them to bring you in. Is there any point, like maybe myself or Vicky that you think we should bring you in or just kind of don't worry about it unless we think we absolutely need to.

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That's what I'm saying. Get it. Like, that's fine. Get in the goat chat and start typing what's going on and or say need like, I mean, obviously if you don't know what they qualify for, I mean, you guys are pretty good. Like, you know, I don't expect you to ask a million questions. Well, that's kind of.

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What I was saying because it's like obviously I know how to qualify someone's health. So that's why was like, don't know if there's another specific spot where, you know, some of us should bring someone else in or.

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Um. Well, you got. Okay. Uh.

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One second.

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I'm going to have to add this to it, but me share.

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So if you're here, um.

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Make this smaller. Hi. This.

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So if you know if you're here than like and let's say, you know, we work with many different companies. You know you're at health.

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And, you know, I'm going to take a look. Like I can come in here. I can take a look at what you qualify for. After you give me some information. The conversation will be here. Like after finding out what they qualify for, You're going to give me some information and I can easily jump in and do this part. Or you can say this part and I can do it here and just ask for the banking myself. And that for, for, uh, I mean, obviously probably Daniel should do it yourself. Uh, then you can ask, you know, how they give you capital to send me the information or, you know, just want to see it or can you call me back? That's a good spot, especially if you're not if you're competent and you know how to.

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Do you know how to do this? That's a great spot to come in. Okay. You know, it's like, let me.

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That was that was my question. Yeah. Like, let me think about it. I don't want to take up too much of your time if you're, you know, helping other new people who maybe not who don't necessarily have to do it and don't know how to do it as well as some of us. But.

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Ernie, are you going to be the only SPC?

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The for the most part mean. But like like I said, my biggest problem with what some of the other people are doing is they're not allowing you guys. They weren't allowing people to get proficient like trying to get somebody in three minutes into the call and then having them close the whole deal. Like, how are they going to get good? Like as soon as you pull that help that person, that person is going to fail because they have no idea what they're doing or like I mean, I've been here for three years. Guys like literally like would help somebody who's not on my team and help them and they would transfer it to me and literally walk away and not even hear me do the sale or help them with the sale.

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And obviously that's a good way to make people angry. It's like, what? You're just going to give this to me and I'll give you all the money. It's like, Yeah, mean I would take that deal too, if I could just transfer all my calls to other people. And they closed them all like, Oh, this guy's good. Yeah, but I mean, that's not realistic. Mean. Realistically, we all get better. I mean, Vicky has been getting better for a year now. We should all be moving forward and changing and getting better. But, like, that's a good. I mean, a great place if you're going to bring me in and you're already through.

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Quoting is when they ask, Well, like, I just want to see the paperwork know, I just need to think about it. That's a good place to bring me in. It's not me talking for 30 minutes. I mean, you already know that you're at the point of no return, that a callback is probably not necessary. So me coming in and just basically telling them, you know, how things work or how this is going to go. I would prefer that than you than making a bunch of callbacks that either they maybe they won't pick up or I mean that's all field guys.

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Like if like Dan, obviously you're not going to bring me in if they can't find their banking. They've been looking you Exactly. Yeah. Called the bank and you know the callback is good. You just have to get the information but don't care. Bring me in as much as you want. I mean, it's not going to be. And that's the main thing that that Aaron and James were driving home is like. Basically, I will not be on the phone call for 30 minutes. In most cases, that 3 or 5 minutes really does bring it home with allowing the customer to feel more comfortable. Um, and you know, just allowing it to be easier for them.

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Then, guys, if you guys don't know, this is Magnolia. She just contracted yesterday. She'll be waiting for some of her stuff. Um, and her, uh, and she has also a friend that's joining us to.

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What's in you. Okay. Jacob. Sound terrible.

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You got a cold or.

00:10:41:00 - 00:10:49:01

This just. Yeah, I don't know. I woke up, like, super horrible, but I'm not. I don't feel bad. Just a store throw.

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Well, that's better. Um, let me see. You don't want to wait for it, okay.

00:11:03:10 - 00:11:16:09

Okay. Does that does that make sense? Especially to, um. This is more geared toward, I'd say, Alex Marquis and Magnolia than anybody. Obviously, Magnolia can't call yet because we're waiting on contracting. But you get what I'm saying, Alex.

00:11:20:21 - 00:11:21:13

Yeah, I do.

00:11:22:07 - 00:11:47:03

Like, I mean, if you are through health questions, you know a bunch about them, that's basically where you bring me in. So you already through health questions, you know, their medications, you know the conditions, you know, whether they're had surgeries. And that is like when you bring me in, that's what you're going to tell me. Like, speak to me. And then I'm going to go through the process of telling you what they qualify for. So that way it's easier for you to close and get the banking.

00:11:48:02 - 00:11:49:21

All right. Yeah.

00:11:50:10 - 00:11:52:02

Does that make sense? Because this is this is.

00:11:52:04 - 00:11:52:24

A very.

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I mean, it's a good tactic because it doesn't matter what I say, because, you know, just just them realizing there's other people in the office and they actually want life insurance. They're going to do it because they know that they're they need the life insurance. They just don't know perfectly that, you know, we're an organization that will help them. And that's a big thing. And then, you know, if I hand it just back, it's like, all right, Dan, I've done this with you, buddy. Like, okay, So, yeah, you qualify for the pioneer preferred. Yep. That's what it is. Now, I'm going to give you back to Dan, so just, you know, give him your bank account information and I'll set this up.

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And for some reason, they just did, because. Yeah.

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That was my question, too, is just because, you know, didn't want to, you know, take take you away from like Alex or like you said, more keys to, you know, just help me close a deal. What I already know like how to how to qualify someone's health and what someone's going to get.

00:12:43:24 - 00:12:44:22

But that's

00:12:46:13 - 00:13:24:11

mean that if that if you're making $1,000 sale, that's $500 over the course of the year and it takes three minutes of my time. Right. Yes. You should bring me in for that kind of. Okay. It's like I mean, really, just think of it as you can't really waste my time because I'm trying to get as many people up to, you know, you know, 5000 a week level. Everybody makes within their second year like can make 80, 100 grand. So that's that's our goal. So if we can do that, like after, you know, you get your renewals and you're closing more deals, if it's simple and I'm definitely going to go all in and try this, then of course I want to do it.

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So it's just me staring out a lot of voice and just joining a lot of calls. And believe me, I'll be the one most bored. But so the more calls you guys make, the less bored I'll be. And the more time here on the phone, the less bored I'm going to be.

00:13:40:10 - 00:13:41:12

Nikki, you joined us.

00:13:43:07 - 00:13:44:21

You got any words of wisdom for us?

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Good morning.

00:13:51:06 - 00:13:51:21

Good morning.

00:13:52:10 - 00:14:24:23

No, I liked what you guys were going over, so I figured I'd just hop in here and say hi for, like, a senior agent. Usually a second voice happens, like, maybe after the counteroffer when you get, like, the spooks a call them back when they said they didn't have like and you know, sometimes I'll be like, hey, you know, I'm I'm a manager over here at SLS and you were speaking with agent so-and-so about blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So sometimes I'll help with the counter offers. So, you know, I've seen the help with that a lot on the back end.

00:14:25:00 - 00:14:56:03

And I do have some agents that'll send me over some of their emails too, that they've been working on that are like NSF or they just can't get the person on the line and I'll create like a folder for them and sometimes I'll call those leads if I can, for them just to, you know, see if I can get some numbers back on the books for them to. Yeah, yeah. For the senior agent, you're mostly going to need the at the end after you've already built that relationship with the client, you've done the permission of fire. You're kind of like, I have nothing else left.

00:14:56:05 - 00:15:04:03

So I need Ernie for three minutes. And either they're going to say yes or they're going to say no, and then it's just on to the next call regardless of the outcome.

00:15:04:11 - 00:15:06:06

Exactly. Because that's that you.

00:15:06:08 - 00:15:36:09

Guys have heard me close like, well, I'm going to loop them and I'm going to, you know, go after them. And at least if they have their banking, then that's what we're doing today. And if not, then at least you know that that person can basically be written off the type of person that's never going to have life insurance and then we don't have to worry about them anymore. That's how I feel about like stuff like that is like, no, I'm just going to go hard here instead of making a million callbacks. And then I know they either bought or they didn't, and now I don't have to worry about anymore and I can move on, like you said, to the next person.

00:15:36:22 - 00:15:43:19

Right? If they haven't hung up on you yet and you've used every card trick that you have in the book, then.

00:15:43:21 - 00:15:59:18

SBC Yeah, I mean, they want to just there's something going on. You study that all the time. It's they don't trust you. They don't trust the company or they don't trust the product. So that's what you should be focusing on and that's what I will focus on if you get me on the phone when I'm trying to close again.

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00:16:03:09 - 00:16:07:02

Well, guys, I'm gonna get going in here. It looks like it has stopped raining.

00:16:07:23 - 00:16:12:06

So I will stop this recording and.

Watch the Full Video Here: How and Why to SBC

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