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Grizzard Live Call Review

Watch the Full Video Here: Grizzard Live Call Review

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All right, guys, we're going to do some call reviews for a new agent, Mr. Charles. So I pulled Monday and Tuesdays calls. Today is five 2323. So let's get into it immediately.

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All right, so.

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All right, here's 23 minutes. Think that was the one that I might have helped you close? Actually, it's 23 minutes, so. That is not the one I helped you close. So this is the one I'm going to review because it's perfect.

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Hello. Hey, Annie. How's everything been out there in Crestview?

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Oh, it's good.

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Very good. Intro.

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It's good.

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I'm sorry. One more time.

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Rainy. Oh, man, we just got hit with the rain yesterday. Cut the power out and everything. I'm sorry to hear that. It came coming in your direction. Hopefully. Wasn't me that down that way. Um, anyway, my name is Charles over here at Senior Live Services. I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our representatives about state regulated life insurance programs for Florida. My job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions you might have. Let me just confirm the information that you gave a representative I have here that you were born on. 530 1951.

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Yeah, right. Cool. Are you still living out there in 119 Randolph Court?

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One down. What?

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119 Randolph Court.

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All right. I have hear that your favorite food is was your security question and you picked fish as the answer. Yes.

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I remember that.

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All right. And I have you that you wanted to leave some kind of coverage behind.

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That was a good lesson there to use the security question sometimes, like I won't always use it, but if you need it, it's there.

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And she remembers. And they should all remember what they don't, guys. So, you know, if they don't remember whatever, it's something they did. So let's just move on to your son.

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Yes, Dad.

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I'm sorry. One more time. You broke up a little bit.

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I did say that.

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All right. Good. Good to hear. Good to hear. All right, So, Annie, we're a consulting firm, and all that means is just a fancy way of saying that we work for our clients, which is you. We don't work for any one particular company. So our goal is always to figure out who will give you specifically the best rates and benefits. Are you with me on that?

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Yeah. What is the best? Right.

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Well, that depends. I'll have to ask you a bunch of questions and the whole thing, because the questions that we ask and the answers that you give will. Well.

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I do notice, Charles, when you get a little nervous, you start speaking faster. So no matter what they say, you'll have more time to formulate your thoughts. If you speak a little slower and just just relax like you saw me. Pause. When did those car reviews like, just or not? The reviews that when I jumped on the calls, I'm going to think about my response before I say it. And it's okay.

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Help me determine what exactly you qualify for. Does that make sense?

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Okay, cool. Perfect. So were you looking for benefits just for yourself today? Like you were just looking for coverage Just for yourself?

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Where I was at. Once upon a time, I know I was looking for a life insurance. So life insurance.

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So I went with. So I have life insurance.

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Okay. And.

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Oh, life. Yep.

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Oh, okay. So who exactly did you get insured by?

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Some of that I got in with was MetLife.

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MetLife. Okay.

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And how much did you get covered for?

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Well, I want to check out, like, 5000.

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5000? Okay. And how much are you paying every month for that?

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Yeah. 32. 50.

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3250. Not a bad price. So what we do is we also do policy reviews. So if you wanted, we could go ahead. I could ask you a few health questions, and then we could see if we could get you covered for some amount of money for the same price. Or we could get you the same amount of coverage for less. I'll see what we can look up in our system for you if you would like.

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All right. So that's really fast. Be more assumptive. Be like, okay, I'm going do you the courtesy to see if there's something better out there because you just got that. So I'm going to look at all the companies and figure out if there is anything better. What? What? How much coverage were you trying to get to total? Could be your next question. Like if they already have coverage. That's one of my standard questions.

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All right. Perfect. Okay. So I'll go ahead and, you know, skip all the other stuff and, you know, just get right to what you're what you're looking for. Um, so what's your what's your height and your weight?

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Looking like five, nine.

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Okay, so that's a common problem that, you know, a lot of the presentation I'm actually got the scripts in front of me. So like, in that, you know that she has coverage, she probably handles her own business. So you can assume that, uh, she handles her own business. She already has 5000 coverage. You know how much she's paying. So you might still want to focus in on what was the goal of that policy. What were you trying to accomplish? Have you ever gone through the process of burying somebody yourself, you know, really paint the picture of what this is going to look like when that day does come? So you really can't skip parts even if the people are trying to rush you.

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Uh, it's very similar when somebody said, Oh, just give me the right give me, give me the right. If you give it to them in three minutes, I'm just going to hang up on you. I'm never going to buy without building that value. So don't skip parts. Also, you know, you're kind of going right into health questions without saying, you know, the words on the script, because those words are very powerful because, well, here it would be weird because you say you would say, now that you've told me a lot about yourself and why that's important to you, you haven't asked those questions yet, so you need to ask those questions to find out why it's important to them before you just start, you know, just bombarding them with health questions.

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And the same thing applies for you want them to trust you. So I've been doing this a long time. You want to say that too? So don't need to read every question off every application. I know what company will be best simply by asking a few general questions. Does that sound fair enough? Because if you notice, you went right into health questions without any kind of preamble. You definitely want to. That's like the one time I'll ask their permission.

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168 and.

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168. Not bad. Not bad at all. Um. Have you been hospitalized or anything in the past two years? Hospital, hospital, hospitalizations or surgeries or anything like that?

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Not in the last two years. No.

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All right. Good to hear. Good to.

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Hear. Sorry. Go ahead.

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So whenever you see yourself asking health questions within three minutes, you know, you have to slow down. Just make that a blanket rule for yourself because you really want to slow down. What's the goal? The kids still live around, like, who's the beneficiary? Like, don't we don't really know what that answer is either. So you can't skip parts.

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Excuse me.

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You said you were. It sounded like you were going to say something.

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I haven't had in a certain amount of time. I had to research. It was 2015.

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2015. Okay. Okay. That's a long time ago. That's pretty good. Um, what was the surgery about?

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It was a mess. I had a mask and it was pinching in there. Okay. And that couldn't walk. Okay, So everything was good on that.

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Okay, well, I'm glad you got that taken care of. Not being able to walk sounds terrible. And I'm sorry that happened to you, but it sounds like you're. You're all well and good now. Um, so I'll go. Go ahead and move on. Have you ever had any issues with your heart? You know, anything like a heart attack, Congestive heart failure, pacemaker stents? No.

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All right. So your tonality is getting better and better. If you notice that he's like, all right, any pacemaker, just kind of like a more casual approach, you know, heart attack, stents, you know, just like that.

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No. All right. Perfect. Perfect. You haven't had any, like, bypass surgeries or anything? No. Good. Perfect. That's great to hear. All right. So how about your lungs? Have you dealt with anything like COPD, like emphysema, chronic bronchitis? Do you need oxygen equipment to help with breathing or anything like that? No. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Have you ever had any form of cancer?

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No. Good to hear. Well, I had an abnormal cancer. An abnormal. And that was said it, I think, 92.

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So anything if they start mentioning things that happened over a decade ago, you can be fairly certain nobody's ever going to see it. So you can probably dismiss that one.

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I'll go ahead and put that down, see if there's anything on file for that. Have you ever had any issues with, like, Parkinson's or strokes or seizures?

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I had a stroke in 2013.

00:09:31:23 - 00:09:33:06

A stroke in 2000.

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Again, three years. You're in the clear with Pioneer 13.

00:09:36:12 - 00:09:37:04

How did that go?

00:09:40:05 - 00:09:50:02

It went good. That's it. That's when when I had the stroke, that's when I had problems about, like, falling. Couldn't balance myself.

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you're in state.

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And. And since then, have you, like, recovered? Like, have you been have you regained all of those abilities?

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Well, I still have a little flourish in my state sometime. Okay. I have said slower than correct myself.

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All right, that's fine. That's perfect.

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So a lot of conditions are just not on any applications. Like somebody can have a stroke. The slurring is not going to affect what they qualify for. It's all about like the length of time that's gone by when the stroke happened. That's the most important thing. And then if it caused any other underlying conditions, obviously if they're taken care of for the rest of their lives with a nurse, that's your worst condition. So that would be Gerber. But I always want to find the worst condition. But a lot of the time, like if enough time has passed, you know, you're good to go.

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All right. So are you diabetic at all?

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All right, cool. Perfect. Um,

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some of these next few questions are there just for the application and whatever. So they might sound a little bit silly, but have you had any issues with, like, hepatitis, HIV, liver damage? No.

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No. All right, cool. Have you used any illegal drugs or abused alcohol? Any?

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All right. Are you confined to a bed or a wheelchair at all? No. All right. And do you need assistance from anybody to do daily activities? No. All right. Good to hear. Good to hear. And what about your medications? And are you taking any medications? You have any inhalers?