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Going Too Fast - Live Call

Watch the Full Video Here: Going Too Fast - Live Call

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You know, our job. So we're going to do this call review. It's 13 minutes, 43 seconds, so it won't take us a really long time. But I do want to make sure I'm sharing the sound.

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Okay. I'll make sure I can hear it. You can hear this, Robert.

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Hello? Hello?

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Can you hear that?

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So can't hear you, but okay. You might have hit the button on the thing. All right, so let's start.

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Lewis, How's everything been out in Miami?

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Pretty good. What was that?

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Most. My name is John Lever of Rationalist Services. The reason for my call is because a while back, it was in our website.

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That was better. Don't know if you meant to do it, but you like senior life services? Like to be almost like a question. Like remember me? Remember me? So that's good.

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Looking for a state approved life insurance program for the state of Florida. And my job was to go for.

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The benefit.

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Which will answer any questions you have. Let me confirm the address. You know, if I'm talking to the right person.

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Drive. Miami photos are correct.

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Because of Florida. Well, what is this for life?

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So in your intro, so you're saying all the words good. I mean, what you're saying all the words so good intro and then you got to might want not like like Nicky Soulja like Oliver might work so much better for you but mean because just don't know don't know if they hear that and then they ask they don't know what's going on. I don't know. But you told them. You said no, I'm calling because you spoke with one of her reps. So really hit that hard because this this little paragraph got to be hit really hard. I'm calling because you spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Florida.

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My job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions that you have. So you're really highlighting these are state regulated life insurance programs, and it's my job to go over them with you.

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And you might still be on mute, though. Delbert

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might hit the button on your headset. All right. So and then you confirm the the information. So go left to right. You were doing that? Um, the only thing you did say is you said address. Let me confirm your address. Don't say address because you're going to confirm more than that. So let me just confirm your information. Make sure it's all right, or make sure I'm talking to the right person. Any of that stuff's okay. And then, um, you know, left to right address, date of birth. Uh, I'm on a coverage beneficiary all the way down the line.

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Can you hear me?

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I can hear you now. Yeah. Okay. So. All right, let's continue.

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Oh, that's insurance.

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Yes, sir. And your date of birth is 718. 1953. That's correct. Right. And you're looking for $20,000 to list your spouse?

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Yeah, I want you to. That I'm on your monthly payments.

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Oh, I'm just going to ask you a couple of questions and in your.

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Health and then.

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Depending on that, you can see how much the rate is. Okay. Just give me like ten minutes. Just going to take ten minutes at most. All right. So Louis Wilkerson, confirm with me to work for a company with a client now. Good. That was.

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Good. So you answered the question. You dealt with the objection, and then. And then you got back to the script. That's exactly what you're supposed. That's exactly what you're supposed to. Because you're not going to let them push you into giving them a quote in two seconds. Okay. Yeah. So you just, you know, it's your this is your process. They can't be messing with your process.

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One particular company. So our goal is to shop around for you to see what's going to give you the best rate and the best benefit.

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I'm retired. You retired.

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Okay. So don't say okay, though. I always ask you with me on that or you know, you're with me on that. Does that make sense? Like something that confirms that they're listening to. Okay. It's definitely don't miss that because that's that's why it's all caps like you with me on that. Like I need you to be with me on it if I'm going to continue.

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Yeah. Okay. That's okay. So what are you looking just for yourself today, Louis? Yeah. Okay. Louis That's great. Is this business you typically handle yourself, like when it comes to your finances? Okay.

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Louis So give them a little more time to answer, because you know how you notice you said, is this something you typically handle yourself? And then you said, you know, he started talking. He said, with finances, it's because you're. Yeah, you got to pause a little bit because, you know, they'll give you a lot of information. Yeah. Not without you saying anything. If you, if you're, if you're quiet.

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Just tell me I say that name too much.

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That mean? That was a lot like.

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Early on that I was saying is that my whole lot?

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Yeah because mean a little bit shows like that you're interested in you know him as a person but too much seems like.

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Some annoying.

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Yeah. Manipulation or annoying that you're you're saying it for because you're trying to sell him. Yeah. You don't want him to feel like that.

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Yeah, I got that.

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All right, so let's go.

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Keep moving. I see you at your spouse of the beneficiaries. Anybody who would like to add on their.

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Maybe my, my, my grandkids or.

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Yeah, your.

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What's your name? What's your spouse's name? Your wife. What's your name?

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Can you. Okay, so when you said you have to listen to him so because you said like, is there anybody else you want to add? Then he started talking about grandkids and then you cut him off and started talking about the spouse. So just don't. Just don't cut him off because, like, if he wants to add the grandkids, then get their names first and then the wife, and then you can get kind of then you can kind of just confirm be like, okay. And then, you know, you can add these grandchildren on as writers if you want down the line. I mean, it's not something I do a lot, but if they start talking about grandkids and tell them, hey, you know, you can actually get ten grand to coverage for them, too, and it's only like two bucks a month added to your policy.

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So, yeah.

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Okay. And why.

00:05:50:11 - 00:05:53:06

Don't. No. Okay. And I.

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Can. Ideas.

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Yeah. Okay.

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Okay. Lewis What is the first policy for you?

00:06:01:23 - 00:06:05:14

Lewis Oh, yeah. You're saying. Lewis Is this the first.

00:06:05:16 - 00:06:06:14

Policy for you?

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Okay. So this will be the first money. Kenya See.

00:06:10:15 - 00:06:11:22

Whenever the goodwill. Call your name.

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Lewis You have to go through the process of taking care of somebody's final expenses yourself.

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Good. I'm glad you changed that.

00:06:20:24 - 00:06:21:20

Oh, is that.

00:06:21:22 - 00:06:22:12

Have you ever.

00:06:22:14 - 00:06:26:12

Had to go through the process of burying somebody, like taking care of the final stuff yourself?

00:06:27:15 - 00:06:28:05

Yeah. Yes.

00:06:28:07 - 00:06:30:17

All okay. Who was it?

00:06:31:17 - 00:06:32:07

My son.

00:06:32:15 - 00:06:35:19

Your son? How long ago was that? Sorry to hear that, by the way.

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No, no, no, no, no, no. I don't understand your question. What are you saying? I'm saying.

00:06:39:15 - 00:06:41:11

Have you ever had to bury somebody like.

00:06:41:13 - 00:06:43:22

No, no, no, no, no, no. Nobody. Okay.

00:06:44:01 - 00:06:44:20

Lewis Um,

00:06:46:09 - 00:07:01:03

yeah. Um, last year, my grandpa died, and I had to take care of them, and it was really expensive, and everything was so very expensive nowadays. And yeah, I was going to tell a story, but I just couldn't bear myself to talk about it.

00:07:02:10 - 00:07:04:20

Is it a real story or is it. Yeah, it's okay.

00:07:05:07 - 00:07:05:22

Okay. Yeah.

00:07:05:24 - 00:07:08:19

And I just. I just stopped mumbling at that.

00:07:09:12 - 00:07:41:03

Yeah. So what you want to do then? Because, like, I don't mind telling the story about my aunt because that's a true story, but, like, I wasn't super close to her. I just took care of everything. Um, so you might want to, like, write out just a couple of sentences. Like, if they say they've never gone through this process, then I'm, I'm going to say this, so make it sound good. I mean, it can. It can relate. It can be there can be some ring of truth to it. Because, you know, if if something is true, it's a lot easier to say. And it's like it comes across a lot naturally, more naturally.

00:07:41:05 - 00:07:54:24

So I would just write out, like if you want to bring your if a real experience is, you know, what sells people and facts tell and stories sell. So it's okay as long as it's not going to mess you up like emotionally.

00:07:56:22 - 00:07:59:01

If it is, then change it to something else.

00:07:59:16 - 00:08:00:22

Yeah. Need something else?

00:08:01:05 - 00:08:23:21

Okay. So. Yeah. Like make it your grandmother. Like she didn't actually pass. You know what I mean? Like, just make it to somebody about somebody in the family that's not. That's still alive or, you know, just. You have to have some kind of just canned story. I mean, it just has to be the same thing. Like mine's a real story, but I use it every time because it works. And I need I just don't want to have to come up with new stuff every time.

00:08:24:06 - 00:08:25:09

Okay? Yeah.

00:08:26:00 - 00:08:26:15

Yeah, man.