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Followed Most of the Process - Got a Sale

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All right, guys, we have Matthew here with us. We're going to look at one of his calls. It was a sale. Um, we listened to a part of it, and Matthew already provided some feedback on some of the stuff that he could approve. So, guys, he'll he'll touch on that for a second. He does have to go in about ten minutes. So we'll get this done and then I'll continue the call and review the whole thing. All right. So let's hit it.

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Hello. Hi, Anne. Yeah, Hi. How's everything going into graph? Okay. All right. What's that?

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I think it was just a little tiny phone issue, Matt, because just, like. Well, yeah.

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That's good. Well, Anne, my name is Matthew. I'm one of the benefits coordinators for the state of Ohio with senior life services. And the reason for my call is you recently spoke with one of our representatives about the state approved life insurance programs for our state. And it was my job to go over those benefits with you. So if I if I could verify the information I have here is correct. Do you still live at 1197 Corniche?

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Yes, I'm here.

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So, so, so.

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So yeah, we'd already kind of reviewed that this intro a little bit. So if on any kind of a lead, there is no questions to be asked when you're confirming the information, it's always the information I have here. You you don't say, are you still living? You would say your address still is. Your birth date is et cetera. ET cetera. So on your information that you have on your screen, make sure you're confirming it with with statements rather than questions.

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Right. Because even if it's a lead, I'll still do I still recommend the same advice. Instead of saying, did you because they probably didn't move. And if they did, it's like, oh, okay, let's update that information for you and get that back corrected in our system and then usually just move on.

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Drive. Yes.

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Okay. And then the date of birth on file is January the 26th, 1960.

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Okay. They put here that you are a non-smoker. Your children are listed as your beneficiaries and your favorite color is red and all that information. Correct? Okay. Well, how many days? So that was quick. And that was that was quick and easy to confirm there. Um. What are you going to say, Ernie?

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No. As I say, the lag. She's just answering fast. Mean she. You're still getting the words. She just.

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No, no, no. You'll you'll hear it as the as the call progresses for everybody that's going to listen to this. My voice seems to be a little bit ahead of Anne's voice, so I might be in the middle of a question. She'll already answer it. So just be be conscious of that as the call plays. And she is very she's only 62, so she is very still witty. So any question that I ask, she doesn't need any time to think about it. She knows the answer.

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So but but people that do any time wait for the answer, don't cut people off.

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Yep. Don't cut people off.

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They got to. They're adults, so.

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Yeah, I figured that much. Did you want them both to be part of the policy, or did you want to list one as a primary beneficiary?

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Just half and half.

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Okay. So at this point, she's already confirmed the beneficiaries and you most certainly didn't do it because this is, in my opinion, like a three out of ten sales call. So you wouldn't want to ask for their names.

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Yeah. You want. Yeah. You want to get their names before moving forward? That's that's one of the things I preach all the time. Like, I won't even move forward if they won't give me their name.

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Yep. Okay. Okay. Excellent. You're doing a 5050. What's your children's names? Yeah. All right. Well, let me ask a couple of preliminary questions. And were you looking for the benefits for yourself or for you and somebody else?

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Oh, myself.

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Oh, yeah, no problem. Glad I woke you up.

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And would that be a first policy for you or are you adding additional.

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I've got insurance policies, but I'm not sure if they're still active or not. So, yeah. Okay.

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Okay. At this point, Ernie. Ernie mentioned this. If somebody doesn't know if they have life insurance. Nine times out of ten, they don't because you have to pay for this for this product or service, Right? So if they're not paying for it, then they don't have it. It's that simple.

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Yeah, exactly. The other one that's.

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Very common, so don't feel like you're the only person. So the one real way to tell if you've got life insurance coverage that's active is they would be drawing it some sort of payment out of your bank account once a month or quarterly. Do you see any bank traps on your on your statement that come from an insurance company? Okay. All right. So that's probably safe to say that you might have had some term policies in the past and then you just haven't renewed them. So. But as you're progressing through your life in the different stages of life, there's different life insurance policies that are going to be the better choice depending on what stage of life you're in.

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So when you're starting to look into final expense programs and programs that are permanent, you'll hear lots of ums and SOS and things that are fillers that they really shouldn't be there. That's. Did your client hearing all that will lose confidence in you by doing that. So if you listen to your own call and you notice there's some kind of thing that you're doing. Stop doing it.

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Yeah. No arms, no SOS.

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No ums, no SOS, nothing. Just silence is better. Way better than that. There's there's allowed to be a second or two of silence. That's okay.

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Throughout the call.

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Whole life plan. Yeah. There's going to be moments of silence. Don't try to fill them in with random stuff. Yeah, policy. I'll go into a little bit more detail about this with you. But a term policy, it does have an expiration date. So after a certain amount of time, the policy expires and you either have to take out another policy or you just have to go without insurance. So as I'm mentioned, this is a quick little educator. And then and then, you know, we want to make sure we circle back to the script. So that's what's going to happen here in the next couple of seconds.

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Always get back to the script.

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About that right now. A couple of other questions. Have you ever had to set up a funeral or the great transition for that to is, you know, when somebody says any kind of thing like you're going to get those smoke screen objections before you even get to the second page of the script, those smoke screen objections can be handled very calmly with I will be I will get into that in further detail for you. So then go right back to the questions.

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Yes, you don't have to answer every side conversation.

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So somebody says, I don't have any money. They've got unlimited, flexible options for everybody. So let me ask you a couple other questions. Have you ever had to bury somebody yourself or set up a funeral right back into it wherever you were at? Yeah.

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It's one of the main things, like if you have to have the paper printed out and put your finger on it as you're going off, you know, just put your finger on it just like this. This is the script. I don't need to I don't need to look at it to be able to recite it. But I know that, you know, if you're brand new, you can just put your finger on it and then just move back. That's how it's written. It's written in a way where no matter what, you're not going to sound stupid by resuming where you were.

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Right is the goal to make sure that your children have that money available so that it makes it as easy for them as possible?

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Okay. All right.

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So, as I mentioned, a whole life policy is definitely going to be the smartest choice. And I will go over the differences between those. Let me give you a little history about our company. Our agency is called Senior Life Services, and we've been in business for over 50 years. So as a quickly growing company, we actually make the insurance companies design their products specifically for each person. They have to be state and federally regulated and backed by the government to make the cut. And if you're not familiar with the whole life plan, just to give you some highlights, it means that once you lock in the premium and the benefit amount, those are guaranteed to never change.

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Another benefit is that the money pays out 100% tax free within a couple of days. And then all of our insurance carriers are A-plus rates. The Better Business.

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So now you told me a little bit about you.

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All right. So what it definitely said, do you follow me so far? Because that's a lot of stuff to do in one block. So they really need to be paying attention. And if usually it's just. Yes. I mean, I rarely get like, oh, no, I'm not. Or what would you say if they did say what you say, you got a big problem because they weren't listening to you at all.

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Yeah. Why? This is important. Yeah. And I just want to take a couple of minutes to ask a couple of health questions. Whenever you're looking at life insurance, you always want to be asked health questions. It helps you get a better, a better plan and a better rate. So I've been doing this for a long time. I'm not going to go over every question on every application. I'll know which company is best just by asking a few general questions. Is that fair enough?

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Okay, so.

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We already know you're not a smoker, so I can apply in a discount there for you. Smokers.

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They can.

00:09:21:23 - 00:09:24:01

This part right here was totally unnecessary.

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I mean, you could say something very quick, but you don't sound like you know what you're going to say. You're just trying to come up with something.

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Yeah, I'm just saying, hey, you're getting a better rate because you don't smoke cigarettes, which is great. That's all you need to say. Yeah.

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Smoke smokers pay higher rates.

00:09:38:18 - 00:09:40:16

Stuff it up. Yeah. Yeah. There you go.

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Smokers pay higher rates. Anyway, let's move back.

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You can imagine smoking is not good for your.

00:09:45:22 - 00:09:47:15

Health, so it makes sense.

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And. And have you ever been diagnosed or treated for any major heart or lung conditions?

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No. Okay.

00:09:57:05 - 00:09:59:20

Never been diagnosed or treated for diabetes. Nine.

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Approximately how tall she's answering, how tall she is before even finished for finish the diabetes question.

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Maybe it's a recording download problem, but you said it happened during the so maybe. So. This could be a very good example where people have presented to this lady before. She's provided this information in a very systematic way because she's been asked these questions before and she decided that Matt was the person she wanted to buy from. It could it could be something as simple as that. Like, she's been through this process before. She just hasn't bought the insurance.

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Right. Five.

00:10:34:10 - 00:10:36:00

And approximately how much do you weigh?

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00:10:40:10 - 00:10:41:19

Why then have you.

00:10:41:24 - 00:10:44:09

Just got here? No, but I know it's just kind of glitching out.

00:10:44:14 - 00:10:46:06

Surgeries or cancers in your lifetime.

00:10:46:16 - 00:10:55:17

Or. I had a hysterectomy, and I had. My kids were born caesarean, so there's two caesareans and a hysterectomy.

00:11:00:15 - 00:11:04:10

Okay. All right. No big deal on those surgeries.

00:11:04:12 - 00:11:05:19

We're more focused on.

00:11:06:13 - 00:11:08:19

Things that affect your major organs.

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Very good. Okay, then. What's the name of your personal doctor?

00:11:21:01 - 00:11:28:14

John Sutter. I got his card up here, remember? That's TTR.

00:11:32:17 - 00:11:35:02

That's okay. At this point, I'm looking. Doctor Sutter up.

00:11:37:21 - 00:11:40:23

Okay. And what medications.

00:11:41:00 - 00:11:42:21

Is the doctor heavy on, if any?

00:11:43:16 - 00:11:44:15

Yeah. What?

00:11:44:17 - 00:11:46:11

Where was the doctor located? Yes.

00:11:47:03 - 00:11:47:23

We'll get back to it.

00:11:48:23 - 00:11:50:06

Howdy. I was just looking it up.

00:11:52:17 - 00:11:53:09

Like what state?

00:11:53:17 - 00:11:54:07

Oh, okay.

00:11:54:20 - 00:11:56:08

Oh, hi. Is it John Sutter?

00:11:57:18 - 00:11:58:20

Is he in Marysville?

00:11:59:00 - 00:12:01:21

We have several different doctors. I have a neurologist.

00:12:01:23 - 00:12:28:19

And this is just so I just pulled it up because it's good to say things to people. Like if you're giving me information. Once you get much better at the job, not much better. You just get a little better, a little better at the script and knowing where you are without having to look at it. You know, you'll be pulling them up. Oh, John. Center over there on Coleman's Crossing Boulevard and Marysville. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Pretty good looking dude. Yeah, he's got really good Google reviews. Do you like him as the doctor? Whatever. Small talk.

00:12:28:21 - 00:12:34:21

Small talk? Yep. Fill in. Fill in. Fill in stuff with stuff that's meaningful but not salesy.

00:12:36:00 - 00:12:52:13

And shows, you know, where, like. A lot of our clients are older, so they're shocked that we're able to throw like, this is your routing number. This is where your doctor, you know, these are the medications. I know what they're all for. That's the kind of stuff that gets that gains a lot of professional. Professional. Yeah, a lot of trust.

00:12:58:08 - 00:13:02:06

We really do have to go, though. It says my internet connection is unstable to.

00:13:06:15 - 00:13:07:05

All right. Okay.

00:13:07:10 - 00:13:08:12

So map. Out. Out.

00:13:12:05 - 00:13:15:17

Okay. I'll take the certain potassium.

00:13:19:15 - 00:13:20:05

All right.

00:13:21:13 - 00:13:23:10

And I take.

00:13:23:20 - 00:13:24:21

Okay. That's a high.

00:13:24:23 - 00:13:25:21

Blood pressure medication.

00:13:25:23 - 00:13:29:15

Vitamin D3 and that's prescribed by.

00:13:32:15 - 00:13:35:07

Gosh. I'm going to go see him, too.

00:13:37:08 - 00:13:41:00

Oh, that's by the neurologist. His name is.

00:13:42:24 - 00:13:44:12

Oh, and come on.

00:13:46:06 - 00:13:48:04

I only see my first six months.

00:13:49:22 - 00:13:52:04

Oh, okay.

00:13:55:12 - 00:13:56:19

All right. Well.

00:13:56:21 - 00:13:58:17

Well, it's really not a big deal.

00:13:59:18 - 00:14:03:06

As long as we have your primary care doctor. That's really the one that we're more concerned about.

00:14:03:08 - 00:14:04:04


00:14:05:17 - 00:14:09:09

and Levothyroxine is for thyroid.

00:14:12:10 - 00:14:13:22

And then I take

00:14:15:16 - 00:14:18:06

biotin. It's a supplement some.

00:14:20:07 - 00:14:21:19

And then I'm on

00:14:23:22 - 00:14:25:20

like right in the middle of this

00:14:27:19 - 00:14:44:08

series of taking Maven collabs. I've already taken the first year and then later this year I'll be doing the second one and hopefully after that I won't have to be taking anything for month.

00:14:50:18 - 00:14:53:22

M a v p m.

00:14:54:08 - 00:14:56:07

Okay. Could you. So, by.

00:14:56:09 - 00:15:07:09

The way, guys, his phone is clearly jacked up and he's still able to make this sale. Like this is not I can't even hear him talking. And then all of a sudden he's talking. But whatever happened, it worked out. All that medication for me.

00:15:07:11 - 00:15:10:02

That's a new one. I've usually heard just about all of them.

00:15:10:19 - 00:15:12:00

Diaz and Victor.

00:15:14:15 - 00:15:16:00

And a.

00:15:20:08 - 00:15:21:12

Amazon, Mike.

00:15:22:20 - 00:15:23:10


00:15:25:10 - 00:15:28:02

And that's N is in Nancy or M is in Mike.

00:15:31:04 - 00:15:31:19


00:15:35:12 - 00:15:39:14

Oh, gosh. Since 2002, I haven't had.

00:15:39:23 - 00:15:40:22

How long have you been.

00:15:41:15 - 00:15:42:14

Been through for.

00:15:42:16 - 00:15:43:06


00:15:43:08 - 00:15:52:03

I'm going to say the two years. Yeah. Long time. So I'm like, making this amazing. Glad I'm like, Yes.

00:15:52:22 - 00:15:53:20

Many years.

00:15:57:10 - 00:15:58:13

Okay, no problem.

00:16:00:16 - 00:16:01:06


00:16:02:17 - 00:16:03:10

that's enough.

00:16:04:00 - 00:16:06:14

Right, I get it. Okay.

00:16:06:16 - 00:16:08:08

And then any other medications in?

00:16:10:22 - 00:16:11:24

Okay. Excellent.

00:16:13:20 - 00:16:27:22

Well mean, you'd be surprised. I mean, there are some people where it's really kind of I've noticed that it's very dependent upon who your doctor is. There's some doctors that take a more holistic approach and there's some doctors that take more of a pharmaceutical approach.

00:16:27:24 - 00:16:28:14


00:16:32:10 - 00:16:35:01

Yep. Get out of the cells. So, yeah, I'm.

00:16:35:03 - 00:16:37:02

With you on that. I'm 100%.

00:16:37:04 - 00:16:49:16

We're all going to do that a little bit, though, guys. Don't. Don't let that kill you. Gotta get rid of the arms. Gotta get rid of the cells. It's. That's. It sounds human and it's okay but if you can get rid of it then you sound like just an absolute professional.

00:16:49:18 - 00:16:50:08

That's the same.

00:16:50:10 - 00:17:09:20

Way I'm a veteran. So the VA is. The VA is really good. They don't want veterans to be taken a bunch of medications and stuff because they feel like we already have enough problems as it is. So they are very good when it comes to holistic care and counseling, therapy, things like that.

00:17:09:22 - 00:17:10:12


00:17:12:09 - 00:17:14:21

you're very welcome. Okay.

00:17:14:23 - 00:17:26:10

Well, I've got one question to ask one of my senior guys here. I'm going to keep you on the phone with me while I call him. I just want to make sure that I'm picking out the best company and the best plan for you. So hang on for just one moment.

00:17:44:07 - 00:17:46:11

I actually might be able to find him.

00:17:51:21 - 00:17:52:21

So this is Ernest.

00:17:52:23 - 00:17:53:13

Cole, that.

00:17:53:15 - 00:17:54:22

Senior life services.

00:17:55:06 - 00:18:02:20

So this is good. He's bringing in somebody else to talk to him like I wasn't available. I was on the phone. So I think he calls my cell here.

00:18:02:22 - 00:18:06:05

Leave me a message after. Hang on just one.

00:18:06:07 - 00:18:06:22

Second and I.

00:18:06:24 - 00:18:07:22

Appreciate your patience.

00:18:10:06 - 00:18:41:16

So this is what, guys, this is what you guys should be doing whenever you're on shore. What he calls me about is multiple sclerosis. And what plan is best for that person. So you guys, we do the underwriting training here, we do all kinds of stuff like that. But, um, as far as knowing what senior life services, how to qualify people like I put it here because it's going to be a question that's hard to remember. Like, where is that on applications? Pioneer doesn't like it.

00:18:41:18 - 00:18:43:24

So multiple sclerosis, you'll see.

00:18:50:06 - 00:18:50:21


00:18:51:24 - 00:18:52:14


00:19:02:24 - 00:19:03:15


00:19:04:21 - 00:19:12:16

Give me a call on my cell phone real quick. Five, one, three. 845 8559.

00:19:12:22 - 00:19:15:05

So he keeps her even on the phone.

00:19:15:19 - 00:19:16:18

Hey, what's up, buddy?

00:19:18:12 - 00:19:19:06

Oh, lovely.

00:19:21:09 - 00:19:21:24


00:19:27:11 - 00:19:28:11

Yeah, it's coming through.

00:19:28:19 - 00:19:29:16

All right, Ernest.

00:19:31:02 - 00:19:34:04

Yeah. And. Okay. I got.

00:19:34:06 - 00:19:34:24

Everybody perfect.

00:19:35:01 - 00:19:35:16

All right.

00:19:35:18 - 00:19:45:04

Ernie, just a quick question with you real quick. And this is Ernest. He's one of our senior guys. He's been doing this for a really long time. So he's a good guy to ask when it comes to underwriting.

00:19:46:10 - 00:19:48:17

So, Andy, that's what I'm known for.

00:19:49:10 - 00:19:57:21

And just turned 63 this year. She's a non-smoker. Medications, nothing too serious, but.

00:19:59:21 - 00:20:00:24

I'm so he's.

00:20:01:01 - 00:20:03:02

A good guy to ask when it comes to underwriting.

00:20:04:08 - 00:20:06:15

So, Andy, That's what I'm known for.

00:20:07:08 - 00:20:10:23

Andrew Andrews turned 63 this year. She's a non-smoker.

00:20:11:09 - 00:20:44:15

So this is what I encourage people to do, especially if they're part of our organization, is to bring them bring in whenever you have questions, even if it's for something simple like this ends up being it just it just garners a lot of confidence in your you as an agency. I mean, you as an agent and you the agency itself, because we have, you know, backup people, we're calling people. We're figuring out, you know, like what people qualify for. We're not afraid to ask. And then two people are now talking to you. So it's very serious for them. They're like, oh, it's probably people really on the ball. They really want me to have the best. And that's the kind of that's what you want to sink into their brains at some point.

00:20:45:02 - 00:20:47:07

Um, medications.

00:20:47:14 - 00:20:56:11

Nothing too serious. But I had a question about the new American home life. Do they have Ms. on their application? Is one of the questions.

00:20:57:15 - 00:20:58:14

Multiple sclerosis?

00:20:58:16 - 00:21:00:16


00:21:00:18 - 00:21:34:23

If it is, it's hidden very well. So this is major stalling, guys. Like. Like I. Like, I have this chart and this is where I go over and consult. I know most of the information, but some when we add companies and things like that, it's okay to consult and have them wait. You can look up, you know, agent guides, you can look up the actual application, you can scan it. Um, there's so many ways to, you know, find the information that you need. Um, so Matt could have been in here and m-group and, you know, every agency is going to have their own situation, but, um, if you want the.

00:21:35:24 - 00:21:47:24

You want the app? It's very easy to hit control. Fine. Multiple sclerosis is question eight. So that means that it's not immediate coverage with Pioneer. So that's what he's trying to find for everybody. So that's why I'm in this call.

00:21:49:21 - 00:21:51:03

Let me pull out.

00:21:54:11 - 00:22:02:07

Yes, it is on the app. So you definitely want to go. Can you do prosperity level? They don't. They will not even ask that question at all.

00:22:02:13 - 00:22:03:23

Okay. That's what I was curious.

00:22:04:00 - 00:22:10:08

About because I know American amicable would be standard plus it would probably have to be standard.

00:22:10:10 - 00:22:13:06

For. HL Correct.

00:22:14:23 - 00:22:47:07

Well, yeah, that's what I mean. But like prosperity level will give her immediate coverage and, um, and extra benefits and of course the price will be lower. So that's what I would try first. Patriots might well still probably give her media coverage with the standard, but just compare those two companies. Sometimes Patriot is going to be cheaper. So you want to just make sure you do your due diligence. But there's no reason that she should have to be on like a two year graded or a three year graded period. She should be able to get immediate coverage with those with that going on.

00:22:47:21 - 00:22:50:01

All righty. Perfect. Thanks for your help.

00:22:50:08 - 00:22:51:09

Yep. Not a problem.

00:22:51:13 - 00:22:52:08

Bye bye. Right.

00:22:55:14 - 00:22:57:11

All right. Okay. And so.

00:22:57:13 - 00:22:58:03

That answers.

00:22:58:05 - 00:22:58:24

My questions.

00:23:00:17 - 00:23:01:07


00:23:01:09 - 00:23:12:09

So I'm going to take a look at what you qualify for. I've already kind of done my research here. There are a lot of different life insurance programs out there. I'm sure you've seen something on TV or receive something in the mail at some point.

00:23:12:11 - 00:23:13:01

In your life.

00:23:13:03 - 00:23:14:18

I've always gotten full.

00:23:14:20 - 00:23:15:12

Life, as I mentioned.

00:23:15:14 - 00:23:23:13

Before. I'm going to go over the differences between term life insurance and whole life insurance just so that you're fully knowledgeable in making the right decision.

00:23:23:19 - 00:23:24:10

Which type.

00:23:24:12 - 00:23:25:02

Of insurance to.

00:23:25:04 - 00:23:25:19


00:23:26:01 - 00:23:26:20

And the reason.

00:23:33:08 - 00:23:36:20

Okay, So. So we don't need to talk about the term policies too much.

00:23:37:06 - 00:23:39:24

So there's some kind of lag in the phone, but the whole life.

00:23:40:01 - 00:23:57:24

Is continuous choice because it is permanent life insurance. It does build cash value over the years. So if you ever needed to borrow money from your life insurance policy, you would have that option available to you. So let's go over the numbers now and see which plan works best for you. Can you grab a paper and a pen for me?

00:24:00:05 - 00:24:02:01

Okay, perfect.

00:24:02:18 - 00:24:32:14

So the first company is, as Ernie mentioned, is prosperity. And, you know, the number one goal of me as a life insurance agent is if you can qualify for what's called immediate day one coverage. I want to make sure I get you that, because just to go into a little bit more about life insurance programs, certain health conditions would cause somebody to have a two year waiting period when they first take out the life insurance. So a good example would be somebody who has.

00:24:32:22 - 00:24:47:22

Oh, this is good idea to educate the customer, especially when they do qualify for immediate coverage and why this is going to be so much better than something you see on TV or somebody calls them and always trying to put them on a two year wait or colonial plan, All those.

00:24:48:02 - 00:24:48:21


00:24:49:00 - 00:25:22:10

Right there, smoker, they have COPD. Well, the insurance company is going to go, well, you're really risky for us to take you on. You could die next week. So they make them wait two years before their policy is fully mature. So my goal is to say as soon as an makes her first premium payment, I want her to be fully covered for $15,000. So that's what we're going to try to do. So this would be immediate day one coverage with prosperity. It does come with accidental death, which is an optional benefit. Accidental death is very common with any type of life insurance policy.

00:25:22:13 - 00:25:31:11

If the insured would pass away as the result of an accident, the policy would double in its face amount. And that is an optional benefit that adds about $5 a month. So

00:25:33:00 - 00:25:45:10

let's go over the policies without accidental death and then if you'd like to add them on there, it's only $5. So okay, write down three sets of numbers for me, please. And 10,000.

00:25:49:08 - 00:25:50:13


00:25:52:21 - 00:25:53:23

And 20,000.

00:25:55:16 - 00:25:57:00

Okay. And then the.

00:25:57:02 - 00:26:01:07

Maximum amount that you can go up to is 35. Okay.

00:26:04:02 - 00:26:08:18

So the $10,000 policy is only about 43 bucks a month.

00:26:12:09 - 00:26:15:19

15,000 is about $61.51,

00:26:17:20 - 00:26:20:16

and 20,000 is about $80 a month.

00:26:21:13 - 00:26:23:00

The 10,000.

00:26:23:06 - 00:26:24:15

And that is the.

00:26:25:01 - 00:26:29:00

That is the one that is the cheaper plan. The other one would be a little bit more expensive.

00:26:32:23 - 00:26:34:11

So out of those three.

00:26:34:13 - 00:26:36:09

Which one would you like to apply for?

00:26:40:03 - 00:26:40:18


00:26:42:00 - 00:26:42:17

And do you use.

00:26:43:12 - 00:27:14:05

So it does look like it's going to be 10,000. Um. I hate that the auto is messed up, but yeah, 10,000m like a way about 43 bucks a month. He's doing in a way where the dollars like don't matter, like the premium payments don't matter. Like that's only 42 bucks a month. But then when he mentions the face amount, it's like $10,000 in coverage. That's how you want to put it. Then like here I have what I would have them do exactly is write down. I'm gonna have you write down $25,000 in coverage on one side of the paper. 20,000, 1510.

00:27:14:07 - 00:27:48:03

I'm gonna do this fast because I do this training over and over again. I'm gonna have you write all those on. Now that you got those, I'm gonna go over these benefits that come with all the policies, regardless of which one you pick. And then I'll, you know, go over terminal and accidental, whatever the carrier offers as far as benefits that are going to come with it. And then optional benefits usually add all benefits, give them the price for that and then tell him it's going to come with all these benefits that have been added. And if you need to back off the price a little bit like they don't care about nursing home or whatever, then take it off. But just let them know like Matt did, like, all right, well, this will be about five bucks a month.

00:27:48:05 - 00:27:50:20

Add that additional mail in.

00:27:52:16 - 00:27:53:20

Okay, So.

00:27:53:22 - 00:28:00:09

They've actually made this kind of easy for us. In the past, we used to have to call in.

00:28:00:17 - 00:28:01:12

And they would do.

00:28:01:14 - 00:28:03:21

A phone interview for you over the phone.

00:28:04:00 - 00:28:05:00

Seven, eight.

00:28:05:02 - 00:28:15:01

And it took about 20 minutes and it was very mundane. So now they allow us to do it through email. So what is your email address to apply for?

00:28:18:20 - 00:28:19:10


00:28:20:17 - 00:28:22:05

And do you use email in?

00:28:24:03 - 00:28:26:18

Okay, So they've actually made this kind of.

00:28:26:20 - 00:28:28:10

Easy for us and.

00:28:29:24 - 00:28:32:01

Into your email address.

00:28:32:12 - 00:28:46:17

And it's actually it's a HIPAA form because in order to fully complete the underwriting, they're going to pull up some prescriptions, make sure that we were being truthful on our application when we were filling out the application. And then they're going to give us the approval on whether it was approved or not.

00:28:48:13 - 00:28:57:09

So I'll let you know when that document goes out to you. Let's just fill out the application here first. Your date of birth is January the 26th.

00:28:57:13 - 00:29:31:23

All right. So think I always consider this a huge mistake that a lot of agents make. Um, there's no reason to be pulling up a prosperity app, which takes 20 minutes to fill out and get the interview done. Even more time with the interview. 35 minutes. Uh, he's doing email. Obviously that'll be faster if they're with it. As far as, uh, know how to sign it can access their email easily. That's great. But the main thing is, uh. You don't want to continue with these apps, like you're not going to pull up carrier websites, at least with SLS, because we have coding software.

00:29:32:00 - 00:30:03:17

We have everything we need to quote them without looking at all the carriers. You want to go in for the close on banking because then you have the banking and now you can relax and fill out the application. You're not worried that they're going to be like, Oh, I'm not going to do this. After you spent 15 minutes filling out an app and they hang up on you when you weirdly ask for the banking now that you're just happened to be at that spot in the app. That's the amateur hour way to do it. And like you're going to lose people. They know they have to pay for it. They pick the coverage. So make them like have them grab a check and like confirm the routing and account and get that done.

00:30:03:19 - 00:30:18:07

So that's done. And then you're just having a casual conversation as you fill out the app. You want to make this easy for yourself guys. Not like panic mode as you get to the end because you're not going to sound as confident like, All right, and what's your social? It's the next thing on here. That's what I hear. So don't do that.

00:30:18:09 - 00:30:19:07


00:30:20:16 - 00:30:21:06


00:30:22:24 - 00:30:26:00

Non-smoker living in Ohio.

00:30:27:07 - 00:30:27:22


00:30:27:24 - 00:30:29:10

And I'm going to opt you.

00:30:29:23 - 00:30:30:20

Out of the.

00:30:30:22 - 00:30:33:04

1197 go green.

00:30:33:06 - 00:30:35:06

Program. That means they would send you everything.

00:30:35:08 - 00:30:37:12

Via route for the plan. Is there a certain.

00:30:37:17 - 00:30:40:21

That is fast forward because it's like something's wrong with you. Of course.

00:30:40:23 - 00:30:41:14

You would want it to.

00:30:41:16 - 00:30:42:10

Start for you.

00:30:51:14 - 00:30:56:09

With, let's say, the 30th of every month.

00:30:57:09 - 00:31:31:18

Okay, So don't do this either. So, um, you you guys should be picking the day based on if they receive Social Security. Now, if because the call was all jacked up, I didn't hear that this is okay. If they don't receive Social Security, they're under 62 or under 65. Whatever reason, they don't receive any benefits. They sell a job, they get a pension, whatever. You should be picking the day for them. You should have the name of the bank by now. Um, you should. There's a lot of things that are being skipped in the script here because could be a lot more smooth.

00:31:33:00 - 00:31:35:14

Okay. You can pick any day that you want, and I.

00:31:35:16 - 00:31:45:05

Just want it to be a day that you're comfortable with. We don't want to, you know, have them try to take out the first payment. If there's if the money's not there, we don't want to put you in any kind of financial hardship.

00:31:45:07 - 00:31:45:22


00:31:48:18 - 00:31:53:14

let's go to 28th now. And I'm sorry, I was think about that.

00:31:54:00 - 00:31:54:15


00:31:56:03 - 00:32:07:05

So since there's not 30 days in every month, February kind of messes that up, right? It would it would have to be like the 28th.

00:32:09:05 - 00:32:10:14

Just so weird because she just said that.

00:32:10:16 - 00:32:11:07

Okay, no problem.

00:32:11:18 - 00:32:12:22

Something wrong with that recording?

00:32:12:24 - 00:32:13:14

No, it's.

00:32:13:16 - 00:32:19:05

Okay. Thankfully, I've been doing this long enough to kind of run into all those problems, so I kind of know how that works.

00:32:20:13 - 00:32:21:03

And is this.

00:32:21:05 - 00:32:22:24

Your cell phone number? Okay.

00:32:24:20 - 00:32:31:04

All right. (937) 844-9717. So they're going to.

00:32:31:06 - 00:32:36:07

Send you a text message with a little code 93784494.

00:32:36:21 - 00:32:43:13

But those that want to know how to do a prosperity, you can go into an underwriting app submissions.

00:32:45:10 - 00:33:15:14

And just simply go into prosperity. It'll tell you how to do a prosperity. You see how you notice how it's 36 minutes long. We go through the whole interview process in this one, which is fine, but like filling out that is literally going to take you at least ten minutes. So that's why we talk about getting the banking first. So I'm not going to go through listen to the whole call regarding that. So there was just a few things. Get rid of the SOS, get rid of the arms. Um, make sure you have the beneficiaries name prior to proceeding because that might cause you problems down the road. Uh, make sure you ask for the name of the bank.

00:33:16:11 - 00:33:43:06

Um, don't say are you still at this address when you're verifying the information? Because, you know, that just sounds amateur, so that should be enough, guys. So I will end the call review and I'll share it on the site. Just visit the site. There's all kinds of information that you could possibly need. And he obviously gets the banking and the social out of her. So he is able to close the sale and protect the client. All right. Thanks, guys.

Watch the Full Video: Followed Most of the Process - Got a Sale

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