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Updated: Apr 17

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So we're actually just going to talk about like progress, like, not perfection. And you know why that's more important, like incremental progress so that we're not constantly focusing on the bigger goal because, you know, writing $500,000 in premium and this year is not a good goal to have when you just started. And it's also not a way to actually get to that goal. So I'm going to share the screen. I'm just going to go over some stuff that I wrote down while I was reading

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Thank goodness it's not in your handwriting.

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Exactly. No. Got had the computer open while I was doing it. Uh, so I was just going to tell you, so if you guys can read this and see it just fine. I can make a little bigger because.

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So like one of the parts of the book is Harvard conducted an extensive research and motivation, and it said one of the single most important things is making progress in meaningful work. And this was due to like interviewing a lot of thought, like thought workers. So scientists, people that are working on like applications or like new stuff. Because they would put goals in front of them that are way down the road. But that didn't help them, you know, focus on the 1% progress they were making and the needle that they were moving.

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Uh, so let me let me get like Nathan told me a lot about his goals, and he told me, like, what he's trying to accomplish and long term. Uh, like Nathan, give me a goal or goal related to like, through the end of the year.

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You're muted. You're talking.

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My bad was trying to connect another headset and let Jeff listen out of mine. What did you say to me?

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I'm saying like, so yeah, we're just going to talk about like progress goals. So what is a big goal that you have like through the end of the year? For us presidents, Presidents Club.

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Um. 150 200,000 AP.

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Okay, so you'll need 100 obviously, right? Yes, sir. Okay. So that is a solid goal and that can be accomplished. Um. Here's a good example with a goal that you should have. Nathan. So for those that don't know, like moving up commission levels, the exact criteria for that are three There are three month intervals. So, Nathan, obviously if you maintain this, you'll average 2500 weekly for three consecutive months.

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So that will be August, September and October. So basically on November 1st, they're going to move your commission level from 50 to 52.5.

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And why is that important?

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Get paid more.

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Exactly. For every deal you write, you're going to be paid more. So, you know, 2.5% off 50 is actually. So basically, you've given yourself a 5% raise in three months. And then, you know, always overshoot for that goal. But, you know, you just know that the talk time is really what's important. So that's a smaller goal here. If you're hitting 25 hours of talk time, you should have no problem averaging 2500 a week for three months. And then once you accomplish that goal, like November, December, January, your goal will get be to get to 55%.

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So you'll average 3500. And then I know when I was trying to get the 5000 to 57.5, I just way overshot it. So I averaged $10,000 a week that stayed on the books for three consecutive months, simply because I like to start fast. Because if something happens like what's happening with me right now is like COVID or something, that week isn't really going to hurt me because it's an average over 13 weeks.

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Yes, sir.

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So, um, I wrote down some of that, you know, that are very common.

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This is. This is a quote from James Clare right here. Two guys.

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Like to be truly successful. Focusing only on the process is like one of the number one things you can do. Uh, so, Vicky, can you tell me, like, some of the, like, what do I mean by that, like, process?

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You say Vicky or Nikki either.

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Well said, Vicky. So we'll go with Vicky.

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That was

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what my what my goals, what my goals are like.

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Like. Like. Like what does it meant by, like, process goals? Like not. Not goals. Like hit 10,000 this week. Like more like one part of the process.

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Like now where do you see yourself like in six months, in a year and, you know, like five years from now, so forth.

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So not that stuff and so more of the

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muted, Matt.

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So you can get up to the to the level, the 52.5% in the three months very easily by just following the the process. Vicky. She was consistent. You know, she never gave up. And in the beginning, I felt like it was a little bit harder for her than it is now, obviously. But she was very consistent and coming from an environment where she used to put in a lot of hours as well, and just keeping that mentality, whether she works for home or from the office, she still has the capability to fall in love with the process and what she does.

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So I think that's why Ernie was using her as an example, because just by following the process, you'll get better and then your average will get better too. And then potentially you could be, you know, at 57.5% within your first nine months, and that'll make your renewals a lot better too as well. So just a matter about repetition and just keep going and you got to really treat it like a, you know, like a business. That was my input there.

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Thank you. Nikki. Yeah. And forgot didn't even put that in here. So, you know, you're at 2% when you start renewals. So if you get to 52 where you're at two and a half and that's ten years paid out to two and a half, then 3%, then three and a half, obviously 1.5% bump on, you know, the course of your career, even if you did just just qualify $1 million is an extra like $15,000 a year just by moving up those three levels. And obviously, you can get higher than this just for newer people or for if you're just doing agent stuff and that's it, then, Yeah, that's that's pretty easiest way to do that.

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And boredom. You pretty much nailed the. Nail on the head there. So if you fall in love with boredom like this, this was through like a professional trainer for athletes who said what separates like the good from the great? And it's just basically the people that are willing to continue to do boring things over and over again, you know, and just bring it back to what James said this morning to maintain that level of fitness. Like when you get bored of working out at the gym and don't do it at all anymore.

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You know, you're you're done at that point, you're definitely going to start regressing. But like these athletes that are on top of their game, if they just continue with the consistency, it becomes very easy, which becomes very boring. And that's. That's why I thought of you, Jacob, When I first made this, I was like, if it's the easier something is, the more bored you're going to get, which should be a set off in your head. Maybe need to like, obviously we need to get bored first. We need to have our 20 hours, 25 hours of talk time.

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And then when we're, you know, we're hitting consistent numbers, then it's time to start looking at what can I tweak in my presentation? What am I really not good at? Like, I'm not good at underwriting. Maybe I should read the agent guys. Follow the flow chart. See where they're coming from that, you know, read the agent guide over and over again, and that's boring. But that will make you such a better agent that you might as well do it. Do it while you, you know, do it while as fast as you can.

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Partlow and I have talked about this a lot, too. Khalil just wanted to say, like after I showed you like your numbers with that breakdown, I mean, obviously you got a lot out of that. Could you share a little bit about what I meant by that with the process?

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Yeah. Um, you know, taking what what you had to say and breaking down my numbers and then sitting with James after the bootcamp basically narrowed down my my per dial. And so I came in yesterday and took my goal, divided it by my per dial for the week, then divided that by five. So I know that in order to get the desire, um, I'll have to do 120 dials per day every day for five days.

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And if I can do that process, then I'll hit my desired goal. And if I can do that every each and every week, then my weekly goal turns into monthly hit and annually and so on and so forth. So it's all about the process, what you can control and I can control one thing $120 a day.

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Thank you. And what you're looking for. That's perfect. I mean, that's. That's a process. That has got nothing to do with AP. And that's perfect. Yeah, it's exactly what I was looking for.

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So if you only focus on that, it actually becomes like life. For me, that's what I did too. But like, life was just simpler. Like did not have to. I didn't even look at the board until the end of the day was like, okay, well this is what I need to do today. And then I felt like I was getting somewhere every throughout the day too, because you can easily check your dials, connect me voice or your CRM. It's like, Oh man, it's noon and I already got 80 dials. I might exceed my goal today. It actually keeps you motivated because you know your numbers and you already have 80 dials.

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I mean, it might be a little frustrating in the back of your head, like in like, like what you're doing that day because you're not getting many answers. But it doesn't matter because, you know, that's that's what it takes every day anyway. And now maybe you hit 200 dials and then you wrote 3000 and or if you wrote zero, doesn't matter. Because, you know, based on the numbers that you write that you'll get better and better. Same thing with like smaller goals when you're first starting. One of my big goals was this. I did. I wanted my intro to be so good that like, 10% of people own, only 10% of people would hang up on me before at least letting me verify their info.

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Which obviously funneled funneled me into more presentations. Um, and then this is one that I worked with Dan a bunch of times never move to presenting plans without the name of the customers bank first because they're just fighting an uphill battle if you're trying to get all their information at the end. And then another one was qualified people is why did the training on it like in the greatest of all Qualified people without reading the application verbatim. But you better believe when get all confused by some of these answers some of our clients give us.

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All of a sudden the application is now being read because they're just if they're not giving it to you, you might as well do it the most old fashioned, easiest way possible. Uh, then you know, you'll get incentive reports, which is an easy weekly goal. Uh, staying on track for the trip. Uh, which what Partlow said is it really goes back down to the minute processing, and any of I can definitely help you with that. Like, I can pull all your numbers have, uh, have anybody, have Tammy or whoever give me everything that they have on you so that way we can, uh, like Carlos said, extrapolate it out so we know how many dials it takes to get what ap uh, and then how many hours of talk time that also correlates with the same AP.

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So I wanted to ask you guys, like if all that makes sense, like what questions do you have based on that stuff?

00:12:41:02 - 00:12:44:16

Like or just some goals that you know, you know, that you need to work on or you can set.

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Thank you, Nick. Yeah.

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I just have a personal goal of like reaching out to my clients to make sure that they have their policies. And I've been doing it with past clients that I've never, you know, called back. And then to do it every time I saw a policy, set an appointment and just make sure that they got everything and everything's right.

00:13:16:09 - 00:13:25:16

Right. And then how are you? So what is the process that you're using to make sure that happens? Like what? As soon as you make the sale? What are you doing right after that?

00:13:26:01 - 00:14:04:05

I set the appointment for a week and a half later, but since I also didn't reach out to like a lot of past clients, what I've been doing is going to like marketing login and the Gerber portal and just calling these clients like make sure that you know, specifically the ones are paying, make sure that they got everything. And, and it was a good thing because thankfully these this person was about to cancel yesterday and I called them and because they were like, well, I didn't receive the paperwork and, you know, I got the money out of my account, so I didn't really know what I was paying for.

00:14:05:08 - 00:14:27:04

Um, even though she agreed to an on the call. But, you know, I still had like, I was still should have called her sooner so that, you know, the, the thought of canceling didn't cross her mind and and you reassure her that you know it was for the policy and to make sure that she did get the policy as well.

00:14:28:19 - 00:14:58:21

Right. So your new process, essentially. Mean, you told me about what you made yesterday and say we made how you spent 20 minutes after the sale was officially made, after you had banking, did voice recording, social, all that, and then you spent like 20 minutes talking to her after that because. Exactly. That's something that Jacob got to work on because he's really good at, you know, getting the information needs and then just getting off the phone a little too fast, which, you know, if you're sitting on the phone, you're a client, you're like, oh, okay, Boom. Like, okay.

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Yep, yep. So you're going to get some paperwork and blah, blah, blah. And then you're looking at your phone and you're like wondering, what the hell did I just do? But if you talk to them and reassure them that they're doing a good thing, what they can expect in the mail, which if it's a knee check, you want to tell them, obviously you're not going to have the mail by the time you're not going to have the packet by the time this money comes out. But you are covered as of right now. Yeah. So that that gives them a little bit, you know, so they're not going to be weirded out as much that it's gonna be like, oh okay. It's like, yep, you covered today. But you know, obviously the mail is not instant, so you know, we're going to send it over.

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So, so what I did yesterday, I don't know where I heard it from. I think it was from either Cody Gaskins or Grant Cardone. And it was just like making the I think it was Cody asking, making the client, um, imagine what would happen after they pass and how their beneficiary is going to receive the money. Like, you know, just making like, you know, putting that in their head so that they they know it's going to be something that's going to be worth it, you know? So that's just I thought that was like a good thing to close a deal with, you know, making sure that they imagine how that's going to help their lives and their kids.

00:16:16:11 - 00:16:47:02

So that would be a good progress goal to like always hitting on that point. Like after you're talking about if you're looking at the first page of the script where they talk like, what is the goal of the policy? I mean, anybody can throw more stuff at that than like, that's very basic stuff. It's a good way to yeah, I mean, that's a good way to get over objections or just hit it early on, which is even better. Like Nikki's star gave 100 fist pump heart right there for what you just said there, Jacob Um, so what he's saying is like, basically, if you were telling a story like story sell.

00:16:48:11 - 00:17:20:08

So the facts telling all that, you know, cliche stuff. But if you're saying, okay, so when you do pass, you know, Mary is going to receive a check, she's going to have to call the company within 24 to 48 hours. They'll mail her a check for $10,000. And then what she's going to have to do is take that down to the funeral home, sign most of that over. So in that welcome packet that I send you, please fill that out so she knows what she wants and you're not overpaying. And all of a sudden, if you're saying that early on and that's front loaded now, they have to think about that the entire time you're making the sale. So if they.

00:17:20:10 - 00:17:26:08

Yeah, if they can picture it, believe me, they they will have a much higher chance of buying and giving you far less objections at the end.

00:17:30:02 - 00:17:31:03

Yeah, but yeah.

00:17:31:20 - 00:17:32:10

Go ahead.

00:17:32:17 - 00:18:01:01

That'll improve your quality. That'll improve your quality so much. And then at the end, just saying to them, you know, Hey, Mrs. Jones, you know, I'm so glad that we were able to take care of this today. I'm going to follow up with you on certain day. I know that when you do pass, it's going to be a hard time for you and your family. They're going to be very upset. Make sure you put my number in a safe place. Make sure you share my number with them. So certain different things there, too. I get what you're saying, Jacob.

00:18:02:14 - 00:18:07:03

Little things that you could say at the end. Right. Is that what you're going? Yeah.

00:18:07:05 - 00:18:11:15

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. What I meant is I say that at the end.

00:18:12:06 - 00:18:16:15

Just to, you know, make them want to keep the policy because they stay.

00:18:16:17 - 00:18:48:05

With that thought of, you know, their children getting the check and, you know, being able to, to pay for the funeral and not having to worry. It's like even though you do that as at the beginning as well, I kind of make them imagining it like happening at the end of the call. So that way it's like, you know, they, they, they rely on it. It's what I'm trying to say. Like they rely on. If they imagine that it's already going to be there, then they rely on it and it's very unlikely that they will cancel it.

00:18:48:12 - 00:18:52:01

I think that's you know, I think that would be logical.

00:18:53:23 - 00:18:54:13


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Jose actually is a new agent of mine. Okay. Um, but he has this really great idea. Jose, I hate to put you on the spot, but I would love for you just to go ahead and just share your knowledge with us as well, because we're always learning and growing together.

00:19:13:13 - 00:19:14:24

Sure. Sure. Can you hear me okay?

00:19:15:16 - 00:19:16:06


00:19:16:16 - 00:20:24:10

All right. Perfect. So I sold insurance before, and one of the things that we would capitalize exactly like what you're doing and calling your customers back is leveraging it for referrals. And the way the way it's presented is, you know, look, thank you for trusting me that I'm going to be the person that your beneficiary contacts. That means a lot to me. And I take that responsibility seriously, you know, And then you're building on that trust and rapport by stating, I know that your beneficiary is going to be distraught and, you know, is there anyone else that I should contact to make sure that your beneficiary is okay, that they know that they need to contact me? Um, and is it okay that I contact your beneficiary to introduce myself and now you're just opening the door to more opportunities? And one of the things that I that I always tell them is $58 billion in insurance goes unclaimed every year because people don't know they're the beneficiary.

00:20:24:12 - 00:20:56:17

So the more people I contact, the more probably, you know, the more that your money is going to be used for what what you took it out for. So it's it's you know, you end up with ten people, you know, and now you're calling those people and you're you're not giving them the information of the plan, obviously, that they have. But you're you're calling and saying, look, I'm the life insurance agent. I'm the person that, you know, the beneficiary is going to call that the the customer entrusted to handle their their financial, you know, final expenses.

00:20:57:06 - 00:21:08:23

And if they get sick, you're going to call me, too, because there are benefits for that. And now you're opening up. Oh, really? Tell me more about that. And now, you know, without asking for a referral, you're gaining them.

00:21:12:22 - 00:21:25:01

Yeah, I thought that was really awesome. So it's a way of showing can, you know, concern and care at the end of the call. Jose Share that with me. And I was like, Dude, that's brilliant. That's wonderful. And maybe one day we'll do a training on it.

00:21:26:03 - 00:21:44:24

Yeah, really like that. Obviously getting referrals and most of the thing is like when you're first starting mean, so you don't want to get so advanced, but don't just hang up on somebody after the sale or get so excited. You're like, okay, yeah, yeah. And then get off the phone. So it doesn't matter what you talk about. Just don't make them feel like you're, you know, you got, you got the money and now you're out.

00:21:47:24 - 00:22:07:12

But no, I do love that. The same thing with telling people like Nicky how we've been taught. Tell them to fill out the welcome packet so that the, you know, the kids or whoever, the beneficiary knows what to do on that day because the uncertainty of that is just as devastating as having no money to pay for it.

00:22:08:14 - 00:22:42:03

Right. So when you when you're solidifying the sale at the end to, you know, if you just show if you just change your tone and you just show that sincerity in your voice and you just let them know, hey, look, I love you. Kind of like Ronald says, love your family, you know, Thank you for trusting me to protect you and your family to today, You know, they'll hear that sincerity and your voice as well. And I never had a problem with quality. And I would just, you know, let them know, hey, I'm you know, I'm kind of like your car insurance lady, you know, like, I'm not going to go away, but you're going to hear from me at least every six months and I'm going to check on you.

00:22:42:05 - 00:23:07:18

I'm going to go over your benefits with you. I'm going to let you know what you have. Your phone's going to be ringing off the chain. But now when that person calls you, you could just let them know, hey, already took care of it and you just hang up. Because you have me as your agent, you know. So they really like that too. So you could just be yourself as well at the end. But Jose had a great way of collecting referrals and then Jacob had a great point there too. Yeah, And those are the.

00:23:08:12 - 00:23:41:17

Yeah, I mean, those are just simple. You know, tied into the progress, all that stuff. Simple like, okay, so this, this equation is just doing that over and over again. That's just consistently doing that. The persistence of continuing to make dials, like Carlos said, I think he said 161 pardon. Oh 121 Right. Parallel. And then, you know, and then the time just sitting there and endurance, all that stuff will come about. And the 1% progress, believe me, you do not need any training to make 1% progress.

00:23:41:19 - 00:24:14:00

You're going to learn simply by talking to people. I mean, obviously we do this training because this stuff is important, but a lot of it is your own personal training. You I like to play a lot of poker. And when I first started playing poker, my my training was losing a bunch of money. But believe me, if you start losing a bunch of money, which is the same thing here, you start losing sales because you said something, you're going to go to somebody and learn something new and then try something. Though all it is is just one failure after another, which leads to massive success.

00:24:16:07 - 00:24:19:20

Uh. Anybody else have anything before I close this out?

00:24:21:06 - 00:24:52:18

No, think it was awesome. You know, so the the whole point is just saying, you know, that there's, you know, a process and there's progress, you know. So in the beginning, use Vickie as an example. And she's a great example for activity and just putting in the work in every single day. PARTLOW As well as several other people, Lexi Berger You know, there's so many people on here. Nathan's brand new put in the work every day. Jeff's working hard. Pat Alma We haven't officially met yet, but I'll meet you soon.

00:24:52:20 - 00:25:00:07

But everyone's met. Everyone's doing a great job. So it's it's awesome to see everybody here and just staying plugged in.

00:25:01:11 - 00:25:06:16

Yep. I mean, let's get after it today. Uh, we'll stop the recording.

Watch the Full Video Here: Focus on Process - Results Follow

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