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First 4 Seconds - More Important than Anything

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Video Here: First 4 Seconds - More Important than Anything

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Okay. So, Jason, this is a call review. I'm going to primarily focus on intros. I mean, probably 100% on intros because that's what you stated, that you were looking trying to keep people on the phone a little longer. A good intro will keep people will establish that you're an expert in 3 to 4 seconds is what you have to establish that you're an expert and that you they they will not make up excuses and allow you to move forward. Or even if they do make up excuses, they will let you just to handle them real quick and then just move on, basically ignoring them as if they didn't even happen.

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All right. So the first guy I'm going to pull here is this one. This was from Friday.

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Hello? Mr. Herbert, can you hear me? Hey. Hello.

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So right there, you might have been just kind of looking at your phone or something because you did not respond right away. Oh.

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Hey, sir. How are you? How's everything going out in New Smyrna?

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Oh, doing good.

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Good, good. Good to hear. Good to hear. Hey, my name is Jason. I'm over here at Senior Life Services. One of my reps called you about two weeks ago. Just looking to give you some more information about a state regulated life insurance programs for Florida.

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You recall that?

00:01:19:09 - 00:01:20:08

Not really.

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Okay. So this is a common mistake, people. It doesn't matter if they recall it because they did it, whether it's somebody called from our office and there's notes at the bottom of vanilla soft or they were called from the Philippines, you don't you don't want to say recall it. You don't want to pause there because it will not allow you to go forward. Now you're just setting yourself up for them to give you feedback that you can, you know, easily be dismissed. And that is not us.

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Okay. Well, if anything, I can jog your memory. Well, the main call would have been a while ago. You said your favorite color was black. But I see here that one of my representatives, Mary, she called you a couple of weeks ago. You asked for a call back a little bit later. I'm just trying to give you a call back now. You have time to go over some benefits and have me answer any questions that you have, sir.

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For what?

00:02:10:21 - 00:02:20:15

As soon as you heard that, you knew, you shouldn't have said it. Do you have time? Is now a good time? It's never a good time. If you give them that option, it's never going to be a good time.

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In the face of this. I'm trying to get caught up here.

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I'm sorry. Well, again, I'm Jason. I'm over here.

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I'm over here at sea.

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Don't let anybody stop you just because there's noise in the background for him. Unless somebody dropped a bowling ball on your foot, like, whatever you're doing is more important because you're trying to, you know, get through that process where we're going to start qualifying.

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Senior life services. This is regarding our final expense program.

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Hold on a second.

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Do you.

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Okay, so I'm gonna stop there. So he really doesn't know what's going on. Just so just because they spoke with somebody, you gotta be like, you know, about seeing, you know? Hey, Bob, this is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. You know, then you can go into it, you know? Hey, Bob, how's everything going out there in Toledo today? He said, Great. New Smyrna was the example. Okay, great. That's good. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason you I'm giving you a call as you spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Florida. So my job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have.

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So I'm just going to confirm this information, Bob, to make sure it's right. I have you at one, two, three Main Street in New Smyrna. Okay, Go ahead and have your birth date is 214, 1984. Yes. All right. And I have your wife down as a beneficiary. It looks like you were trying to leave for about $10,000 and you're a non-smoker, Is all that correct? Yes. And then, boom, you can just go right into it. So, okay, Bob, so we're consultant for, you know, just go right into it. So let's see what else we got here, buddy.

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Six minutes and see how the intro started.

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Hey, Mr. Lewis. How's everything going on in Kindred, Florida?

00:04:14:03 - 00:04:15:00

Uh, who is it?

00:04:15:16 - 00:04:46:11

Get out of Florida. You don't need kindred Florida. Just say, how's everything in Kindred? Assume they'll assume that you're in the state. And there now they're backpedaling and trying to figure out, um, you know, if you if they know you and nobody's rude to somebody that says, you know, if you if you're on the street, here's a good example. If you're on the street and says, hey, Jason, what's up? And you just all of a sudden you try to wrack your mind. Who is this person? You're not going to be rude and be like, I don't know who you are. Get away from me. You might have met them before, but you don't remember their name.

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You just can't place their face. You want them thinking the same thing.

00:04:50:23 - 00:05:06:14

Hey, this is Jason over here with Senior Life Services. I was just giving you a call because you spoke with one of my representatives a little while back about our final expense programs for the state of Florida. It's just my job to go over those benefits, which you can answer any types of questions that you have, Luis.

00:05:09:17 - 00:05:11:05

Any question because there's.

00:05:11:07 - 00:05:24:16

No pause there. I think that's a that's a big mistake a lot of people are making. When you first start, you think they're going to be like, Oh, yeah, I did do that. And I yeah, and I definitely want you to sell me some insurance. They're not going to say that I really understand.

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What is the purpose to this? Go.

00:05:28:22 - 00:05:35:13

Well, it seems like you got a call maybe a couple of weeks ago from us over here at Senior Life Services.

00:05:35:15 - 00:05:59:02

Just more concrete. It's like you spoke with one of them. You know, just tell them you spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs. My job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions that you have. So I'm just going to confirm this info like just get through, get through the intro without sounding insane. And so my name is Ernest. Obviously, I'm just trying to get through it because they will hang up on you. But you know, you have to be in control of this conversation to.

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Jog your memory. You did give my representative a little bit of information. They might have asked your favorite color at the.

00:06:05:23 - 00:06:19:21

See what I'm doing, See what I'm saying? Jason, you're you might as well just confirm the information that you have that that way you don't have to ask about favorite color or anything. I don't even say the color unless it's absolutely necessary. So let's try this one here.

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00:06:26:07 - 00:06:29:20

Hey, Caroline. How have you been? How's everything going in Saint Augustine?

00:06:33:09 - 00:06:42:08

Good. Hey, this is Jason from Senior Life Services. We talked a while ago while a while back, about some final expense programs for the state of Florida.

00:06:44:09 - 00:06:56:08

Okay, so you're still pausing there. They won't know what to do. So you kind of have to just lead them and tell them what they're doing. Let's see if this that was a callback, though, so those can be a little different. Hello.

00:06:57:19 - 00:07:00:04

Hey, Agustin. How's everything going down in Miami?

00:07:01:01 - 00:07:02:07

Just fine. What's this?

00:07:02:19 - 00:07:12:18

Hey, this is Jason. I'm over here at Senior Life Services. I was just giving you a call because you were online looking for some more information about our final expense programs in the state of Florida.

00:07:13:15 - 00:07:14:06


00:07:15:20 - 00:07:17:06

All right. Well, it goes.

00:07:17:10 - 00:07:27:19

So the no pauses. There can't be pauses there. Um, and get rid of information. Um, you know, I don't know if that's in my script. I'm getting rid of it now. Um.

00:07:29:08 - 00:07:30:24

So let me see here.

00:07:36:13 - 00:08:00:19

My information. Go over those benefits with you, Answer any questions you have. Let me confirm the information. The information that you gave our reps was the only thing I would say, because this is not we're not going to give them information because, you know, we're going to sell them a policy. We are not information kiosks. We're not there to just, you know, just spit off a bunch of stuff and then never hear from these people again. So you just want to keep going and tell him what's happening and just, you know, keep moving. Jason.

00:08:01:15 - 00:08:02:20

Oh, I'm sorry about that.

00:08:03:09 - 00:08:04:18

No, no problem. No problem.

00:08:06:02 - 00:08:09:08

Oh, I'm sorry, Justin. I saw you were looking online, so there's.

00:08:09:10 - 00:08:18:16

No control here. So it's like there's no, like, in the first three seconds, you kind of already lost them. And as that guy, that guest speaker came in, you could essentially just hang up the phone.

00:08:20:14 - 00:08:21:19

With our next one.

00:08:35:12 - 00:08:36:02


00:08:36:24 - 00:08:40:02

Hey, Miss Donna. How's everything going on Daytona Beach?

00:08:41:01 - 00:08:42:18

I guess. All right. Who are you?

00:08:43:07 - 00:08:47:21

You guess so. Well, this is Jason. I'm over here at Senior Life Services.

00:08:48:17 - 00:08:55:15

You can be like, My name is Jason over here at Senior Life Services. And just, you know, you don't even have to like, you have. You have something to do.

00:08:55:18 - 00:09:12:12

Very important. Giving you a call because you spoke with one of my reps a little while ago about state regulated life insurance programs for Florida. It's just my job to go over those benefits with you, Ms.. Donna, and answer any questions that you might have. I did see you gave our representative some information.

00:09:12:15 - 00:09:26:01

Better. Even though she was about to speak, you just kept going because, you know, they'd be like, No, I didn't. There's so many things. I mean, we have all the recordings of everybody requesting info, but they're going to say, No, I didn't this blah, blah, blah. And then just it's nonsense.

00:09:26:09 - 00:09:31:17

And if you might recall, you said your favorite food was chicken. You remember that call, Miss Donna?

00:09:32:14 - 00:09:34:06

Yeah. Yeah.

00:09:34:13 - 00:09:35:03


00:09:35:09 - 00:09:37:03

It's just a little while ago, right?

00:09:37:14 - 00:09:38:22

Oh, I like. I like.

00:09:38:24 - 00:09:43:01

Him serious. You're. You're laughing. You're having a good time. That means you're more in control.

00:09:43:03 - 00:09:51:23

Although I like roast beef, and I like pork. I like spareribs, you know? Do I like chicken? Yeah, that's in the group.

00:09:52:19 - 00:10:12:02

What, are you making me hungry? Listen, I'm off there, Donna. Well, I just want to let you know we are consultant firm over here at Senior Life, which makes sure that we work for our clients, not one particular insurance company. So it's going to be my goal to figure out who will give you the best rates and benefits. Donna, are you with me on that?

00:10:12:04 - 00:10:13:00

For what?

00:10:13:16 - 00:10:16:10

For final expenses, Miss Donna. Life insurance.

00:10:18:02 - 00:10:23:20

Life insurance. Did you ask me in the very beginning if I had life insurance?

00:10:24:07 - 00:10:26:10

Well, not yet. I'm just getting to know you.

00:10:26:14 - 00:10:38:20

Well, I mean, after all, if you ask that first, you would save your time. And my time. When I say already there don't need any more. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

00:10:42:09 - 00:10:56:12

So, uh, yeah, so that's why the more control, it's like they can tell you nicely if you have more control of the conversation. Um, so that's, that's really important. I mean, a lot of it is just like taking control of the whole, whole process. Let's try this one.

00:10:59:15 - 00:11:31:21

And by the way, these are very easily fixable. I mean, this is just reading the script a little bit differently. Like with your tonality and just allowing yourself to get through the first. The first bit there, it's like, Hey, Jason, how's everything going out there in Vero Beach? That's very casual. It's like, Oh, who is this, huh? It's just a it's like they'll be like, they'll give you something if they don't give you anything. Oh, it's good. Okay. That's good to hear. You know, just very, like. Like almost like you don't care, because in the long run, you're not going to care about one individual call.

00:11:31:23 - 00:12:02:05

It's this is a numbers game. You're good enough where you don't have to worry about like one person hung up on me. Who cares? You know, a lot of people need our help. They are providing a valuable service and you don't have time for anybody that's, you know, just going to waste your time or anything like that. It's like. So like, All right, so, hey, Jason, how's everything going out there in Vero Beach? All right. Well, that's good to hear. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our representatives about state regulated life insurance programs for Florida.

00:12:02:07 - 00:12:33:07

My job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions that you have. So let me just confirm the information that you gave our rep. I have you at 111 East Jefferson Street, and it looks like apartment three. All right. And that's in Bloomington, Illinois. Yep, that's what I got. All right. And I have your date of birth here is six one 1955. Is that correct? Yep. Okay. And I have the coverage amount. It looks like you're looking for around 5000. You're a non-smoker and you wanted your beneficiary to be your niece and nephew or your niece and nephew.

00:12:34:01 - 00:13:06:17

Is that correct? Okay, great. So we are a consultant firm, which means we represent a lot of different companies, not just one particular one. So our job is to figure out who specifically give you the best benefits and rates. You with me on that? Okay, great. Where are you looking for benefits for just yourself today? And that's when, like they should never mean you're going to have it happen. But if you can get to the point where it's like, okay, now you're actually asking that question, they you have them, they're engaged. And I'm really serious about the first 3 or 4 seconds is more important than anything.

00:13:06:19 - 00:13:14:01

It's like, Hey, Bob, how's everything going out there? And zero. Okay, good. That's very good to hear. So my name is Ernest over here, and that's 3 or 4 seconds.

00:13:22:18 - 00:13:37:14

All right. So I'm sorry. I was getting the text, so let me get out of this. Let's get back to here. So I think that's enough because I'm sure a lot of these are very similar. It's just simply just going through and through them. I'm going to do one more, though, because I do want to hear.

00:13:41:08 - 00:13:41:23


00:13:43:19 - 00:13:44:17

Hey, Good afternoon.

00:13:47:14 - 00:13:48:04

Who's this?

00:13:49:02 - 00:13:52:03

This is Jason. I'm over here at Senior Life Services.

00:13:54:02 - 00:13:56:14

You might have talked to one of my representatives.

00:13:56:16 - 00:14:36:09

Don't say might. You did. So it's just really I don't know if you're not prepared or you're not ready for these people to answer, but it's really just has to be like a lot of a lot of control. In the beginning, I always told people my rules was like, they're not allowed to speak until after I'm done confirming their information. They can say, Good, I can they can give me something like, Oh, the weather's bad. And that means that I can talk about the weather. But if I don't want to talk about the weather, it's not their turn to speak yet. All right. So I'm going to stop this so I can send it over to you. But I mean, I can just tell right there it's, you know, pauses and just watch it a couple of times, like little pauses and not taking control of the conversation that lets you move the ball down the field.

00:14:37:01 - 00:15:03:16

It's the same thing when a lot of people close. They're very nervous and they will be like, Oh, if you don't mind, would you grab this? You know? So let's confirm this routing. If you do have anything there. No, you just tell them, hey, go grab a check or a statement. And it's just like it's not customer service. We are in sales. So, you know, it's not always about being super sweet to everybody. All right, guys, that was a quick review. I will catch you guys next time.

Watch the Full Video Here: First 4 Seconds - More Important than Anything

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