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Ernie's Intros

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Ernie's Intros

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Yeah. So I'm just going to play some intros that I that I found that I found here. Uh, I think I sent them to Alexis a long time ago about how I do intros. So let's just start them. Let me see if it's easier. There we go.

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Let's start with this one.

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Hello, John.

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Hey, John, this is Ernest over at Senior Life Services. How's everything going out there in Urbana?

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Okay. All right. That is good to hear. So, John, the reason for my call is you had spoken with one of my reps regarding state regulated life insurance programs for Illinois. And my job

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here is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any of your questions. So. Ms.. And I always verify information, John.

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Just notice how he's interrupt me. It's not that smooth, but I'm continuing.

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Make sure nothing was sent over. Incorrect. I have you at one 202 East Harding Drive in Urbana.

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All right. And you just had a birthday this month. Well, now we're out of that month. Now September 1st. So I have your date of birth is eight eight, 344.

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That's correct.

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All right. And favorite colors, blue. Looks like you wanted to protect your daughter in this case so your daughter would be your beneficiary. And you're a non-smoker.

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Okay. So, John, are you looking for benefits for just yourself or for you and somebody else?

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Okay. And is it just the one daughter that's the beneficiary?

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Okay. What's her name?

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You love them. You love them like Merlin.

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Okay. So basically, I've just established that we're going to move forward in the presentation because he's agreeing with everything. Uh, any notes on that one?

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Yeah. Cutting you off. Oh, my bad.

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No, go ahead.

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Oh, he kept cutting you off, but like, you kept going. I might have even been out of the call by then. But when he did cut you off, he was just agreeing with you, too. It was a little shaky, the recording, so I didn't really get all of it. Like, feel like it cut out a little bit.

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No, it didn't cut off. He was just cutting me off. And, you know, we were weren't on the exact same page. But it doesn't matter. I mean, at least we we kept moving forward. And that's all you can really do. Uh, so these are all damn glad I found. This is all intros. Yeah.

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And the downloading or what was.

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It you that told me to never ask if this is this person when someone picks up the phone?

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Yep. See? Don't do that. So

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don't ask Bob. Don't know what was off with me that day, but. Right, Right. Hey, Bob. Bob.

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Hello, Laura.

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Right there. Yeah. You see that? Don't do that.

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Yes. Hey, Laura, this is Ernest. I am Chris's supervisor.

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So that was a. Don't know why I won't. That must be a. Call back for somebody else.

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Hello? Karen? Yes. Hey, Karen, this is Ernest over at Senior Life Services. How's everything going out there in East Peoria?

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All right. That is wonderful to hear. So, Karen, the reason for my call is you had spoken with one of my reps regarding state regulated life insurance programs for Illinois, and my job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So, Karen, I always verify info.

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Just see the pause is there. So sometimes the pause is way too long. Like that's that's a short pause, but it's a pause.

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Does that make sense? Like sometimes you don't want to be a crazy person and be like, Oh, confirm, you know, answer any questions they have. All right. Got your information is that, you know, but there has to be some kind of pause there.

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Make sure everything's correct. I have you at 500 Centennial Drive in East Peoria.

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All right. And then favorite. Well, we share a favorite color. Looks like blue. And I have your date of birth as eight, seven, 1943. Yes. All right. And you have your beneficiaries down as your children. And I also have you as a non-smoker, is that correct?

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All right. And how many children are we talking?

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Okay. Would they be equal or would they be one, be kind of in charge?

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Um, equal.

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Okay. And is it two?

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So don't mind getting personal real quick. So because I'm getting them, I'm getting them to confirm. That no equal. The more questions they answer, the more by and they have as far as moving forward.

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Does anybody have any questions about why or how I'm doing that?

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I was just going to say, by going in that fast and getting super personal, they're not going to think you're just some random telemarketer like that. If anything really helps the respect on their end that they they know like that you you're here to do business and not just your random person.

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Yeah. Got a job to do. It's like this is you know, they're supposed to defer to you because you're the one doing the job.

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So. Yep, that's right. Uh, all right, let's pick another one.

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Hello. Hello, Anita. Yeah. Hey, Anita.

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Get rid of that, though. Dan's right. Don't be like, Hey, Anita, If you're going to do it, make sure it's really. But. Hey, Anita, how's everything going? Like, assume it's them.

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Journalist over at Senior Life Services. How's everything out there in Alta?

00:06:14:16 - 00:06:15:24

Um, I'm in Peoria.

00:06:16:14 - 00:06:22:09

Oh, okay. I have you in all to Illinois. 61615. Did you move?

00:06:23:05 - 00:06:23:20

No, I'm.

00:06:23:22 - 00:06:27:04

61615. But that's not all. To Peoria.

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Oh, is it? Okay. Well, that's a dumb mistake that they put in here. Well, I'm sorry about that. I won't make.

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That. It's always the other. It's always management's fault or my fault or whoever. You want to blame. Somebody messed up.

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So change. So, Miss Hollingsworth, you had spoken with one of our reps regarding state regulated life insurance programs for now, Peoria, not Alta regarding state. And I'm just going to verify the other information because now I worry that some stuff's wrong. Here I have you at 6310 North Randwick Road. Is that right?

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Yeah. What is this for?

00:07:01:08 - 00:07:20:08

Okay, this is the life insurance consultant firm that you spoke to. Looks like about two weeks ago. And you gave very basic information. And I am a licensed agent, and I am been assigned to help you with this. So I have your birth date here as four 1461 and your son as your beneficiary.

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Okay. And favorite foods pizza. I can't say that's not my favorite food to

00:07:28:12 - 00:07:33:18

do. What do you like the best? Deep dish or thin? Thin slice?

00:07:33:20 - 00:07:37:05

No, just the thin. I just really like the piece and not the crust.

00:07:37:16 - 00:07:41:08

Oh, really? So you could see you could just eat cheese and.

00:07:42:14 - 00:07:45:11

Yeah, well, I.

00:07:45:13 - 00:07:57:05

Wish they had that. So I just. Oh, my God. I got the same agent calling me again. I just called him right back, and now he's going to have to wait. Okay. So are you looking for basic?

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So just don't mean. I'm sorry, guys. That's like, believe me, you can. If they feel like you're in charge and stuff, you can get away with a lot of stuff.

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You know what I mean? That one was good. That one was good.

00:08:13:00 - 00:08:45:08

Like. Like, uh. If somebody is bothering you or whatever, or you're trying to make a presentation, you can tell them what's going on. You're like, Oh, the kid just ran in. Oh, yeah, sorry. Yeah. Working from home or, you know, in that case, somebody was calling me and I'm not going to neglect the client. I'm just going to keep moving forward. So all these calls don't know how many of these ended up in sales because they wanted intros from me that day. Um. But all of them are like 30 minutes long. So any question on that one, That one was a butcher job, but you said it was good.

00:08:45:10 - 00:08:46:18

But it was good because it was.

00:08:48:14 - 00:08:57:23

It was real. I mean, that's that's the best way to put it, guys, is like, if it feels real to them and they're you're not like you're just another person talking to them. So it's not that big a deal that you're messing everything up.

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You guys with me on that?

00:09:06:09 - 00:09:07:23

Yes. Yes. Thank you.

00:09:08:04 - 00:09:09:24

Yes. Okay.

00:09:10:10 - 00:09:13:03

Because that was bad. So let's try another one.

00:09:18:04 - 00:09:20:06

Hello? Hello, John.

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00:09:22:03 - 00:09:27:06

Hey, John, this is Ernest over at Senior Life Services. How's everything going out there in Urbana?

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All right. That is good to hear. So, John, the reason for my call is you had spoken with one of my reps regarding state regulated life insurance programs for Illinois. And my job is

00:09:41:10 - 00:09:46:03

here is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any of your questions.

00:09:47:09 - 00:09:49:21

So think I already played that one.

00:09:53:01 - 00:09:54:21

Thank you for calling