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Dan Fullmer Close

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

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Good afternoon. It is Sunday 814 2022. This is Ernest Coles coming at. Coming at you with a call review. Dan Fulmer was kind enough to send me this review. It was a solid close. I've already listened to it, but I do want to go over it with you guys. Anything that I see and also, you know, the best parts of it and the smoothness of the transition will certainly be very apparent in this call. So let's kick it off. I'm actually going to start that right now.

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Hey, Billy. How's everything going out there in Kansas City today?

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Sunny and warm.

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Well, awesome. That's always nice. You got any big plans for the weekend?

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Hungry. Take me a little nap. The game starts today.

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All right. Well, that sounds like sounds like a pretty relaxing afternoon.

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There it is.

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Very good intro. He brought up the city that they live in. Like I always advise simply because you want to come across as not a telemarketer immediately. You're bringing up a specific thing. That way they have something to answer. Any questions that you ask, people instinctively want to answer them.

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Well, Billy, my name is Dan over here at Senior Life Services, and I was reaching out to you because you had recently spoke with one of my representatives about state regulated life insurance programs for Missouri. And it's just my job to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions that you have.

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I'm sorry.

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All right. So that was a good pause. I know Dan is really commonly going to go ahead and verify the information. I do always tell people to do that a little quicker and answer any questions that you have. So I'm a little pause. Not not like a big pause. It was a little too big for me, but that wasn't a big deal, as you'll see. But like so I have you here. Let's say this is the address. Also, answer any questions that you have. I have you here at 6290 North Athey Avenue in Harrison, Michigan.

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And then you just go from there. If you throw information at them that there's no reason you should have like their birth date, their spouses, their beneficiary, they're a non-smoker. They like watching TV. Whatever it is, it separates you from the random telemarketer. Car warranty. People immediately.

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No, no. What?

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I have no questions.

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That's a little aggressive. Don't say no. What, like, Oh, What do you mean by that? What do you mean, no? Or I'm guess this is fine. No, don't worry about that.

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Well, I know, you know, we haven't talked about anything yet.

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Was that something that you were still looking into?

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So you don't really want to ask. Ask questions you already know the answer to. I mean, you know, the answer is they were looking into this. I think this was an a lead he's talking to. If they spent four minutes talking to somebody in the Philippines and answering all their questions when they're clearly not American, they should have no problem listening to you. And you should also assume that they're still looking for this. So instead of asking that question was like, I would have just went right into the verifying info and I'll find out really quickly right after I start talking about the beneficiary.

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Is all that correct? We were looking at 10,000. Have you as a non-smoker, Dan does a good job verifying info here, as you'll see.

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How much a month?

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Well, that's exactly what we're here to figure out.

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You're living there at 1900 East 10th Street there in Kansas City?

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Yes, sir.

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Okay. And then I got your date of birth as being April 15th in 1959. Is that correct as well?

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Okay. And then you had mentioned you were looking for around 50,000 here to go to your girlfriend. Would that still be accurate?

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Okay. What what makes you go so high there? 50,000. Quite a lot.

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Well. I'll make sure she goes in covered.

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He just gets a feeling here. You know, it says Max, 50,000 is pretty much what all carriers offer in his age group for maximum coverage as far as whole life. So this is a good question. This is like, okay, what made you go for so much? You know, you're born in 59. Most people don't pick that much, so it's okay. And now he's getting a response because I want this the guy, if you can get them to tell you why they're looking for that amount, that is a huge win.

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That's why.

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Was it just to take care of some final arrangements or you're trying to leave her well off.

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Make sure she has no money. You're hurting the two kids.

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I see. Okay, so you're just trying to. Trying to make sure that they're well taken care of and they're not going to be financially. Financially burdened.

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Gotcha. Okay. We can look at some different options here then. We are a consultant firm here, which just means that I work for my clients, not one particular insurance company. So what my goal here is, is to do some shopping around and figure out who's going to give you the best rates and benefits. Are you with me on that? Yeah. Okay. And then is this typically business that you handle yourself?

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Okay. Now, Billy, do you already have any sort of life insurance or pre-paid burial in place, or is this a first for you?

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I did one because they always think for me at the time I passed. I was playing on three of them.

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You were paying on three of them. Okay.

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Are those still in effect or now?

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What? Good question.

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What was the reason you had let those go?

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Oh, damn. I paid $190. 130 and 30.

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So it just got too expensive for you then? Yeah. Okay.

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I see he has given you a lot of info right here. So he was paying 90, 30 and 30, so that was a total of 150. At some point he was paying, but he might have was, might have been getting confused with all the different payments. Uh, it's a good idea to like, okay, so we're going to find something affordable for you and not going to let this go. Keep that in mind as you're presenting to somebody like this, because he's already canceling policies. We're not trying to have them cancel ours.

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I was 30. Make one payments to three payments.

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I got you. So you're just trying to kind of roll them all together rather than.

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Awesome. That's perfect.

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Right, Right. And I paid three different ones. Okay. That makes sense.

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And then they broke it a month.

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I get it.

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Yeah, absolutely. I'm assuming you're on a fixed income. Social Security.

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I got my disability. I ain't got my Social Security yet.

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Okay, Gotcha. So you get disability then? Yeah. 90% of my clients are on a fixed income like that. So whatever we can find that's going to be affordable for you is is the one we're going to want to go with. You know, it's not so much the amount that you want to look at necessarily, just more of something that's going to still get the job done, but it's not going to break the bank.

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Break may do.

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Yeah, exactly.

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So you said your girlfriend and your two kids. What are their names?

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Hers is an older.

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The girls, Angela and the boy and the boys is only 13. He's earnest.

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Now, does. What is Angela's last name? Miss Smith. Okay. And then Ernest as he have the same last name as you.

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Now, was there anyone else that you wanted to put down on there? Just the three of them.

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Through them.

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It's good he's getting the beneficiary first because he can use that as a callback later. I have told everybody that is on the team before, I won't even proceed if I won't get the if I don't have the beneficiary name.

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All right. Perfect.

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So based on everything that we're going for here and what your goal that you have in mind is, I'm going to want to take a look into a whole life policy for you and all the whole life policies here through the companies that I work with. They are all state and federally regulated and backed by the government, which just means that no matter what happens to your health in the future or you know how old you get, the premiums are never going to go up and the benefits are also never going to go down. So it's pretty much what you see is what you get type of thing and it's not going to change.

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Now that benefit would also be paid to them 100% tax free, and it would be paid out immediately. So if you were to pass away, they're going to get a check within 48 hours. Okay?

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Now, Billy, what I'll do here is to see what you do qualify for. You are 64 here today, correct?

00:09:30:08 - 00:09:31:04

Or 63?

00:09:31:23 - 00:09:35:16

63. 63. Yeah. Yes.

00:09:35:23 - 00:09:36:14

I got you.

00:09:36:16 - 00:09:38:17

I'm not. I'm not trying to make you older. I promise.

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A little earlier when he was going over the benefits, those are benefits that are common to all carriers. So earlier on, he established he's a consultant. He's going to be looking at more than one company. It's going to be tailored specifically for him. But putting those benefit, those other benefits out there that are common to all carriers before you choose a carrier lets them be at ease that they get paid out quickly. It's tax free, like all the companies will offer those same benefits. And then, you know, when we find the right company, then it'll be tailor fit to them and then you can go over the specific company benefits depending on the plan that you actually choose.

00:10:21:17 - 00:10:27:17

All right. And then let me just ask you a few basic questions here to start off with. What about your height and weight?

00:10:29:08 - 00:10:42:06

It's probably a good idea to kind of skips part of the script there. I'll pull it up as I play this, but you know, you definitely want to tell him why you're asking the health questions. That makes more sense than just kind of just going into them.

00:10:43:03 - 00:10:47:03

That's my way. 205. I'm only five nine.

00:10:47:08 - 00:10:48:02


00:10:50:19 - 00:10:52:12

And the state you were born in.

00:10:54:01 - 00:10:55:08

Forest City, Arkansas.

00:10:55:17 - 00:10:58:07

All right. What brings you all the way over to Missouri, then?

00:10:59:05 - 00:11:01:06

I've been up here since I was two.

00:11:01:15 - 00:11:04:03

Oh, okay. So your parents moved there when you were really young.

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This is very good. He gets the you know, you got to know the state of birth at some point, so you might as well get it here. It's a good place to build rapport as well. But getting back to when you were doing the script, he went over these benefits. Everybody's going to do it in their own way, but you definitely want to mention these every time after that, you know, you follow me so far? He said, Yeah. And then so now that you've told me a lot about yourself and why this is important to you, what I want to do now is take the time to ask you some health questions. So whenever you look at life insurance or policies that pay for final expenses, you always want to be asked health questions because it allows you to get a better plan and a better rate, and people will immediately be shocked and be like, Oh, okay, that's a very good reason.

00:11:48:24 - 00:12:06:05

You can also build even more trust by saying, I've been doing this a long time, so I do not need to read every single question off every application. I know what company would be best by asking a few general questions. Does that sound fair enough? Which is another good check back. So we're into the health questions. We're going to keep moving.

00:12:06:12 - 00:12:11:05

Gotcha. Okay. And do you smoke or use tobacco?

00:12:12:00 - 00:12:13:02

My smoke. Yeah.

00:12:13:09 - 00:12:14:00


00:12:16:02 - 00:12:23:18

And I've been doing this a long time, Billy, so I'm not going to bore you with reading every single question off of 15 different applications here.

00:12:25:06 - 00:12:31:15

So just a few basic health questions should give me a pretty good idea. Does that sound fair enough? Yeah. All righty.

00:12:32:11 - 00:12:34:12

Boom! They did it. Nice.

00:12:34:14 - 00:12:38:23

Anything major going on with your major organs? Like your heart, Lungs, liver, kidneys?

00:12:39:12 - 00:12:40:02


00:12:40:13 - 00:12:45:06

Okay. Any problems with diabetes in the past?

00:12:46:09 - 00:12:48:07

That's all I got that big.

00:12:48:21 - 00:12:49:11


00:12:49:23 - 00:12:51:14

I take my medicine every day.

00:12:52:11 - 00:12:55:01

Is it just the insulin or is it a pill?

00:12:56:07 - 00:12:57:20

Both. Okay.

00:12:59:18 - 00:13:01:20

And how long have you been a diabetic for?

00:13:03:01 - 00:13:04:02

That's four years.

00:13:05:03 - 00:13:06:13

Okay. So not too long, then.

00:13:08:19 - 00:13:11:04

And then any asthma or COPD?

00:13:11:20 - 00:13:12:10


00:13:12:20 - 00:13:17:01

Okay. What about strokes or seizures in the past three years?

00:13:19:07 - 00:13:19:22


00:13:21:07 - 00:13:30:04

had two strokes in 2015. Last part, 2017. Okay, so heart Attack was in high school with that.

00:13:32:05 - 00:13:36:15

Okay. I think that's long enough ago that that's not going to cause us any issues here.

00:13:39:08 - 00:13:43:06

And then what about surgeries in that same time frame?

00:13:44:19 - 00:13:45:09


00:13:45:20 - 00:13:46:21

Okay, perfect.

00:13:47:19 - 00:13:53:19

Now, what other medications are you taking besides the insulin and the other diabetic medication?

00:13:54:07 - 00:13:56:13

There are nine pills. Ten?

00:13:57:09 - 00:13:58:07

9 or 10 pills.

00:14:00:01 - 00:14:02:18

That means the new ones. The 40mg.

00:14:03:02 - 00:14:03:20


00:14:04:14 - 00:14:11:02

Hey, 9 or 10, You're doing pretty good. I've talked to some people where we've been on the phone for hours while while they have to list off all their medications.

00:14:13:20 - 00:14:20:04

It's always good to compliment. Doesn't matter what. Zero medications, ten, whatever.

00:14:20:11 - 00:14:26:05

Um, if you tell me what they're for, I should have a pretty good idea of some names.

00:14:26:17 - 00:14:32:11

Jordan. That men. So why is it pill?

00:14:34:12 - 00:14:35:02


00:14:37:24 - 00:14:42:24

Um, is there anything for you on any blood thinners because of the stroke or.

00:14:43:10 - 00:14:44:00


00:14:44:07 - 00:14:44:24


00:14:45:19 - 00:14:46:09


00:14:46:12 - 00:14:47:02

Tell me.

00:14:48:24 - 00:14:53:09

Okay. And then I heard you say probably high blood pressure met in there, too, right?

00:14:53:16 - 00:14:54:06


00:14:57:12 - 00:15:01:17

And then. But no, like inhalers. Nothing. No, like pain meds, anything like that?

00:15:02:12 - 00:15:03:02


00:15:03:18 - 00:15:10:14

Okay, So, yeah, we shouldn't have any trouble here then, Billy, about getting some coverage here.

00:15:12:03 - 00:15:44:20

So Dan is more experienced than a lot of people watching this video. So you notice he's really honing in on a surgeries, hospitalizations, the last three years. You can even go back a little further because the application basically states everything that you need to know. If you are having trouble, read these questions verbatim. Just start with Pioneer. Um, but he's pretty much just getting it and like he's good enough to tell them what they're taking based on the conditions that they list. You may not be you may not be at that point, but you'll you'll watch that.

00:15:44:22 - 00:15:57:04

Everybody's going to do it their own way. Once you get the application memorized, pretty much, you know, everything on that one piece of paper, then you can say it and do it however you want to do it.

00:15:59:05 - 00:16:09:09

So let me take a look at what you do qualify for. I know there is a lot of different life insurance programs out there. You probably get all sorts of stuff in the mail, see it on TV, everything like that.

00:16:10:02 - 00:16:10:17


00:16:11:21 - 00:16:13:02

Probably a lot of calls to.

00:16:14:16 - 00:16:16:17

Your name and Medicare.

00:16:17:00 - 00:16:17:17

I gotcha.

00:16:20:24 - 00:16:29:08

So just for the purpose of describing how these work versus the others, are you familiar with the difference between term life insurance and whole life insurance?

00:16:30:02 - 00:16:30:17


00:16:31:02 - 00:16:34:03

Okay, that's fine. I'm sorry.

00:16:34:17 - 00:16:36:09

I thought it was all about the same.

00:16:36:17 - 00:16:58:05

Well, the reason I bring it up is because I want you to choose the best choice of which type of insurance to have, because they're not all the same. So some are better than the others, but it's just important to know all the information. That way you can make a good decision that's going to be able to go to your family. So I'm sure like you've gotten letters in the mail from like Globe Life, REI.

00:16:59:12 - 00:17:00:02


00:17:00:11 - 00:17:01:01

I already got.

00:17:01:03 - 00:17:01:21

Those. Yeah.

00:17:02:14 - 00:17:04:11

I get them too. And I'm only. I'm only 22.

00:17:04:13 - 00:17:05:03


00:17:06:18 - 00:17:07:21

you're younger now?

00:17:08:13 - 00:17:09:03


00:17:12:11 - 00:17:42:08

Um, so what they do is they offer term insurance. That's the name for it. And what, what that just means is that the insurance is only good up until the age of 80, but usually after the age of 80. What they do and what they don't tell you is that you lose all of your coverage no matter how much money you put into it, and they keep the money and you get no benefits. So if you're trying to make sure that they're well off and that they're definitely going to get paid, you don't want to outlive it, right?

00:17:42:23 - 00:17:43:13


00:17:43:23 - 00:17:46:19

They're going to get their money and help everybody out.

00:17:46:24 - 00:18:01:09

Exactly. So that's, um, that is term. It's usually for people who are super young and super healthy. And even then, like, I wouldn't even qualify for it because I take a medication or two that they don't like. So it's very, very difficult to qualify for.

00:18:05:18 - 00:18:18:21

Um, and then rather a whole life policy that one is never going to expire on you. It's good up until the age of 100. And if you live till the age of 100, then they're just going to hand you a check for however much it was.

00:18:19:17 - 00:18:56:24

So you notice that Dan mentions that, you know, the insurance is good up to age 80. He does leave out the fact that they're going to raise their prices every 3 to 5 years. That is super crucial to mention because people do not read these closely, but they know they get them. So being able to draw to their attention, something that they've received over and over again, AARP, Globe life, it shows them rates that are going to be better than whole life, of course, because, you know, they're hoping, the company expects that they'll live that five years, they'll keep that money and then they'll get to re enlist these people at a higher rate and then they expect them to live five years.

00:18:57:01 - 00:19:24:19

So imagine re qualifying every five years for coverage that you don't even know. I mean I mean, you know, it's going to go up in price after five years. So mention that every time. But the best part about saying AARP and globe life is you have something to relate to. You're not bashing those companies. You're just telling them how they work in a very clear way. And then people will come to their own conclusion that, you know, why would you want insurance that's going to cancel before you go?

00:19:25:16 - 00:19:45:07

So it's not going to ever expire on you. You'll if you live that long, you'll still see the money. And it's not going to change in price ever. Like I said earlier, no matter what happens to your health, no matter how old you get, still going to stay the same. And I'm sure that's probably what we're looking at here so we can make sure your family gets the money, right? Yeah.

00:19:45:17 - 00:19:46:07


00:19:46:13 - 00:19:47:03


00:19:48:02 - 00:19:52:20

That's constant check backs to find out. We're all on the same page. Yep. We're moving forward.

00:19:52:22 - 00:20:09:17

So that's kind of what I figured. But. So the best company in your case here is going to be a company called Pioneer Security. They are generally known for being the oldest insurance company in America. They've been around for like 120 years, something like that. Some ridiculous amount of time.

00:20:13:12 - 00:20:27:16

Because that's where they're known for. They're fantastic. They have the best smoking rates in the country, too. That's why I usually go with them for smokers. So they usually don't raise the rates barely at all with smokers like some other companies, which is just a huge bonus.

00:20:28:12 - 00:20:29:02

Too late.

00:20:29:12 - 00:20:30:05


00:20:32:07 - 00:20:45:20

And then let me see. I think that you do qualify for 50,000 in coverage, but I just want to make sure. Yes. So you do qualify for 50,000 in coverage so we can look at some we can look at a whole range of options here.

00:20:47:23 - 00:21:04:11

And then I know you just want to leave a little money behind to Billy. So I'm completely confident that any of these plans are going to do that. My suggestion is just to pick the one that fits you best. Like I said, they're all going to do the job. They all act completely the same. You just want to do the one that makes the most sense. Okay.

00:21:04:18 - 00:21:16:02

Notice how he follows the script verbatim here and following a verbatim. I mean, you you become just so proficient and saying it the same way over and over again. And your tonality is perfect.

00:21:17:07 - 00:21:17:22


00:21:18:24 - 00:21:31:16

Now, there is also this additional discount that I want to add for you. It's based on the financial institution that you use. I can apply an additional discount if they're one of our preferred banks. So who do you bank with right now, Billy?

00:21:32:04 - 00:21:33:01

You and me.

00:21:33:22 - 00:21:34:23

You said UNB.

00:21:35:06 - 00:21:35:22


00:21:37:17 - 00:21:39:09

So right now he's Googling their branch.

00:21:39:11 - 00:21:40:14

Right there in Kansas City.

00:21:41:05 - 00:21:45:05

There's a whole bunch of them. I got the one on the side.

00:21:45:19 - 00:21:46:17

Okay. Okay.

00:21:47:20 - 00:21:50:14

So I was Googling that bank, Googling the routing number.

00:21:50:19 - 00:21:53:16

Getting to show up here. My system. Let me check our.

00:21:53:18 - 00:22:00:21

System is Google mean, but you're not going to say that. Let me Google them. You're going to say I'm going to look them up in the state system. See if they're one of our preferred.

00:22:05:13 - 00:22:13:23

All right. So, yeah, it looks like they do show up here in my state system, so that's good, the routing numbers there and everything. So that means they are a preferred bank, so that'll get you that discount.

00:22:15:16 - 00:22:23:20

And then what I will do or sorry, what I'll have you do for me here. Billy's, if you would just grab a pen and a piece of paper for me so I can go over these different plans with you.

00:22:24:17 - 00:22:29:17

Oh, five times. Ask me now. I'm not even inside. I'm on the outside.

00:22:29:24 - 00:22:30:17

Oh, okay.

00:22:30:19 - 00:22:33:17

Well, are you. Are you driving somewhere? Are you going somewhere?

00:22:34:10 - 00:22:38:15

I'm sitting in my chair here in front of the front door.

00:22:39:23 - 00:22:43:22

Okay. Yeah, I'm just I'm going to give you a lot of numbers here, so I want you to have them written down.

00:22:44:17 - 00:22:50:08

Give me. Give me about ten minutes to call. Has to go upstairs. Okay.

00:22:50:10 - 00:22:51:00

No problem.

00:22:52:14 - 00:22:54:06

You know, I'll give you a ride.

00:22:58:04 - 00:23:01:04

See, Notice how Dan does not turn around.

00:23:01:15 - 00:23:02:05

No problem.

00:23:02:07 - 00:23:02:22

Take your time.

00:23:03:04 - 00:23:04:24

He's not saying. Let me call you back.

00:23:06:12 - 00:23:11:00

He said he's not calling him back in 5 or 10 minutes. He's doing it now. We do not present the people

00:23:12:12 - 00:23:40:00

until they have their paper and pen and they're ready to go. Because if they're driving, they won't get out of bed, you know? Second door. Like, how are they going to get the banking? How are we going to get what we need? They can they can wait for us to call them back. If they don't have the information that we need or they won't do anything for us, they have to get up. They have to give us they have to get the pen and paper. They have to go over them with it in front of them. So they are doing something and engaged and ready to be closed.

00:23:45:16 - 00:23:47:24

So this guy is doing. You know what we need him to do?

00:23:50:17 - 00:23:52:15

Now on the elevator.

00:23:55:23 - 00:24:25:10

And the one thing it did stop here is just, you know, when does he get paid just so that you have it? Like it's all about getting information piecemeal so that you're not requiring too much out of the guy at once. You're not saying, what's your bank, When do you want payment, when what's your what's the social, what's the routing, what's the account number? All in one shot, which makes this transition much, much easier. It's like, Oh, I got the name of the bank. Great. By default, I can look, I can look up the routing number. I'm in no rush. Yep. Always say that I'm in no rush.

00:24:33:12 - 00:24:52:22

Like you don't go for banking right there. You you have the name of the bank, you have the routing number. You present plans before you are asking for the bank, just like it's laid out in the script. The script works very well because it's very piecemeal, very organized and makes you sound like you know exactly what you're doing.

00:24:52:24 - 00:24:54:12

Okay, I'm ready.

00:24:54:16 - 00:25:00:18

Okay. So, yes, I'll have you write down the name of the insurance company, which again, is Pioneer Security.

00:25:08:23 - 00:25:09:13

Right down.

00:25:11:09 - 00:25:12:13

It's PIO.

00:25:15:08 - 00:25:17:03

And e.R.

00:25:20:20 - 00:25:21:14


00:25:21:16 - 00:25:22:24

And then security.

00:25:25:18 - 00:25:26:22

Yes. You. Right.

00:25:27:20 - 00:25:28:21


00:25:31:20 - 00:25:32:13


00:25:32:16 - 00:25:34:05

You are right. Why?

00:25:39:02 - 00:25:40:09

Sure you are right.

00:25:41:15 - 00:25:43:05

You are pretty.

00:25:47:19 - 00:25:48:14


00:25:49:05 - 00:26:08:01

Now, Billy, I know earlier you were talking about how the other insurance had you were paying, you know, about somewhere like around 100 and 140 bucks or something like that. Um. A total. Are we trying to keep the payments around that general area? We just roll it all in one.

00:26:09:18 - 00:26:10:08


00:26:11:02 - 00:26:12:05

Is that what we're trying to do?

00:26:12:21 - 00:26:13:15


00:26:14:08 - 00:26:21:11

Okay, so I did pull up a few different plans here. Then I pulled up a $25,000 plan.

00:26:28:11 - 00:26:29:05

Of K.

00:26:29:17 - 00:26:30:07


00:26:30:09 - 00:26:31:15

$20,000 plan.

00:26:33:02 - 00:26:51:16

You can give him more specific instructions if you want, But he is going. He's going about it the right way. I mean, you can have them like, all right. On one side of the paper, I'm going to have you write down the face amounts. This is what you would leave to your beneficiary. I forget the name, but he should have it written down and be saying it. And then after you give him that, then you can proceed.

00:26:56:04 - 00:26:56:24


00:26:57:19 - 00:26:59:20

In $15,000 plan.

00:26:59:22 - 00:27:02:01

He's really taking his time, too. This is perfect.

00:27:04:05 - 00:27:04:23


00:27:05:08 - 00:27:07:17

And then a $10,000 plan.

00:27:12:22 - 00:27:13:15


00:27:14:23 - 00:27:44:03

Now, you don't necessarily have to write these down, but there is a few living benefits that I just want to go over here with you real quick. These are just standard across all those different options. The first one being is that it is a same day benefit, same day coverage. So there's no your waiting period like there is with some companies. So if you were to only make one payment into it and pass away like the day afterwards, your family is still going to get the full benefit. Okay.

00:27:44:20 - 00:27:45:11


00:27:45:24 - 00:28:02:15

And then it also does have what's called a cash value that it builds, which just says that you can borrow from it should you ever need to. And also that the money you put into it is just gone forever. So you can always take your money out of there to it's still yours. It's still available to you.

00:28:03:11 - 00:28:04:03


00:28:04:21 - 00:28:27:09

And then the other one to the last one is it has what's called a terminal illness benefits, which just means that if you were to ever get ill, you could actually get advanced your full benefit early while you're still alive to cover any medical bills. If you want to give it to them in person, do what you want to it from there so you'll see it if you're alive.

00:28:28:07 - 00:28:28:24


00:28:30:09 - 00:28:33:04

So the $25,000 plan.

00:28:36:14 - 00:28:37:11

That one.

00:28:37:13 - 00:28:40:04

Starts you off at one 8412.

00:28:40:06 - 00:28:40:21

A month.

00:28:44:01 - 00:28:44:19


00:28:45:16 - 00:28:47:21

The $20,000 plan.

00:28:51:02 - 00:28:54:22

That one is one 4835 a month.

00:28:58:17 - 00:28:59:08


00:29:00:01 - 00:29:02:05

The $15,000 plan.

00:29:05:04 - 00:29:05:19


00:29:05:24 - 00:29:08:19

That one is one 1258 a month.

00:29:16:08 - 00:29:18:03

Okay. And then the.

00:29:18:05 - 00:29:18:20


00:29:21:22 - 00:29:24:18

That one is only 76, 82 a month.

00:29:29:10 - 00:29:30:12

Okay. Okay.

00:29:31:06 - 00:29:35:05

So out of those plans there, Billy, which one did you like to leave for your girlfriend? Kids.

00:29:37:14 - 00:29:38:04


00:29:42:21 - 00:29:49:02

So I picked one. Definitely use their names. If you have their names, use their names. You should have their name. Well, you have to have their names.

00:29:50:14 - 00:29:53:17

How much do you want to leave for? You know, your girlfriend name?

00:29:54:12 - 00:29:57:13

I'm sorry. 25,000 to.

00:29:57:15 - 00:30:04:18

25,000. Okay. That's the one. I'll get out to you. And we're sending that to the ninth 300 East 10th Street.

00:30:05:14 - 00:30:06:04


00:30:06:15 - 00:30:16:13

Okay. And then one question I did forget to ask you earlier. Billy, I'm sorry, is when do you get your disability? Is it on the first, the third or one of the Wednesdays.

00:30:18:06 - 00:30:19:00

On third.

00:30:19:11 - 00:30:21:00

On the third. Okay. Gotcha.

00:30:22:21 - 00:30:25:07

On the weekend. I get paid before the weekend.

00:30:26:12 - 00:30:29:17

Okay, so if it's on a weekend, it'll just come on like a Friday or something.

00:30:30:23 - 00:30:33:11

There on Saturday. I get paid on the second.

00:30:33:20 - 00:30:34:22

Gotcha. Okay.

00:30:37:00 - 00:30:54:12

All right. So we'll do the first payment then to be September 3rd. And then the next thing I just need from you here is to confirm the routing number that I have for the bank is correct. So if you have a check or a bank statement nearby, I'll have you grab that so I can make sure they match up.

00:31:04:06 - 00:31:05:11

Okay, I'm ready.

00:31:06:04 - 00:31:06:20

So the one.

00:31:06:22 - 00:31:08:11

I have is 101.

00:31:09:24 - 00:31:10:14


00:31:11:18 - 00:31:18:09

And then 0010000695.

00:31:18:23 - 00:31:21:07

Yeah. Is that what you have?

00:31:22:04 - 00:31:26:05

I got 101000695.

00:31:26:08 - 00:31:27:21

Okay, great. That's what I had to.

00:31:27:23 - 00:31:30:02

That's great. And then what is the account number?

00:31:30:22 - 00:31:31:12

Nine? Eight.

00:31:31:24 - 00:31:37:07

All right, so he's given the account number here. I'm obviously not going to post that on the site. Let's skip this a little bit.

00:31:39:02 - 00:31:40:04

76. 80.

00:31:46:23 - 00:31:47:13


00:31:52:07 - 00:31:55:06

I'm sorry. 25,000 to.

00:31:55:08 - 00:31:56:12

25,000. Okay.

00:31:56:14 - 00:31:57:06

That's okay.

00:31:58:06 - 00:32:16:19

And then the very last thing I just need to do with you here real quick, Billy, is this quick little voice recording here with you? It's going to sound pretty robotic, so I apologize in advance here, but it's just going to be me going over everything that I've talked about here with you. And I'll ask you just to say yes to a few questions, okay?

00:32:17:08 - 00:32:17:23


00:32:18:03 - 00:32:28:09

All right. So I will start this. So Mr. Billy is a final step to completing the application process. I need you to please verify the following. Please state your full name and your Social Security number.

00:32:29:09 - 00:32:58:18

Okay. This is a very good way to get a social. It's not in this recording, but you need it, so you might as well get it here. If you don't have it yet, get it here. If you find if you see an opening earlier on where they trust you your their comfortable you know stated very clearly okay and I need to use your social to verify everything that you said you know is correct and that they can check your medical records and make sure you do qualify. But here this is just a good way to do this. And you just say your full name and your Social Security number and then you can go through the rest of the recording.

00:32:59:21 - 00:33:02:03

Four, eight, seven, seven. Yes.

00:33:02:06 - 00:33:07:08

Okay. And do you understand that you have applied for the peace of mind, whole life insurance policy through pioneer security?

00:33:07:18 - 00:33:08:08


00:33:08:14 - 00:33:37:00

We'll skip this because this is just a recording that he's doing. You just go over all these, you know, you just got to read everything here. Here's where you say they're banking. Today's date is, you know, whatever date it is, if it's eight, 14, 20, 22, setting up your $25,000 coverage with your routing number, This this on the third of the month, the 3rd September third, it probably be and then the third of the month thereafter. If they want to immediately obviously always go for immediate.

00:33:37:09 - 00:34:11:21

And do you understand that the peace all set so this medical health information may include information on the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, alcohol and drug use. This also may include information on the diagnosis, treatment and testing results related to HIV, aids and sexually transmitted diseases unless otherwise restricted by state law. Health information obtained will not be disclosed without your authorization unless permitted by law, in which case may not be protected under federal privacy rules. This authorization shall be valid for two years from this date and may be revoked by sending written notice to pioneer security. And do you agree to pioneer security except that your signature electronically through voice recording? And do you understand that by stating yes, you're assigning the application electronically just as if you would sign a paper application?

00:34:12:21 - 00:34:13:10


00:34:13:16 - 00:34:21:21

Thank you very much for your application. Will now be submitted to the Home office for consideration. For approval. All right, Billy. That's the very last thing I needed from you there, friend.

00:34:22:16 - 00:34:23:06


00:34:24:17 - 00:34:36:16

Um, so if you still have that pen and piece of paper nearby with you, I'll just give you my phone number here. That way, if you have any questions, you can reach out to me. I'll be your agent from here on out. So anything. You just give me a call. Okay?

00:34:37:13 - 00:34:38:05

I'm ready.

00:34:38:12 - 00:34:39:21

Okay. Seven, seven, two.

00:34:42:21 - 00:34:43:13


00:34:43:19 - 00:34:44:19


00:34:47:03 - 00:34:54:02

Okay. 904094049040.

00:34:56:11 - 00:35:02:12


00:35:04:00 - 00:35:05:08

Okay. Backwards.

00:35:09:04 - 00:35:10:10

Okay, I got it down.

00:35:10:15 - 00:35:32:15

Okay, perfect. So, yeah. Billy So the next thing that I'm going to do here is I'm just going to submit your application over to Pioneer. They'll approve it. And then once they approve it, they'll get that mailed out to you within the next week or so. And then there's just one thing to that is that I need to go over with you here if this ever becomes on.

00:35:32:22 - 00:36:03:10

All right. This is very good. But you can you can always do it just like this because it's about making promises to each other. People will get more calls from other agents trying to switch them over. So we're trying to avoid that 100%, make sure they know where their agent they are, not to just take another policy than cancel this one or anything like that. He's getting preferred immediate coverage at smoker rates that are the lowest for Pioneer. So he needs to solidify the sale. Don't go over this.

00:36:03:22 - 00:36:46:18

I'm sorry. Make sure you go over this. You do. He's skipping this. You're going to receive this. You're going to receive that. You don't want to just say, we're going to get it out to you because then they might freak out. Oh, I haven't got it. I gave this guy my social, I gave him my banking. I haven't gotten any paperwork. You want to let them know, you know, it's going to take 7 to 10 days, you know, all that stuff. And then here, this is super important that he's about to go over. But this ends the call. You can always solidify the sale more and more and more. You can talk for, you know, after I've made a sale, ten minutes of nonsense talk, just, you know, talking, building relationship, not jumping right off the phone because then you don't want ever want people to feel like it's a hit and run, like you just made a bunch of money.

00:36:46:20 - 00:37:07:19

And it's like, all right, I got to go. Bye bye. Like, when you're brand new, it's you get nervous. You do that kind of stuff. It doesn't matter how long you've been doing this, you never want them to feel like that. So make sure you're doing a little bit of a nice after sale wrap up. But this needs to be said. This needs to be said. Everything needs to be said on the script. If it wasn't if it's there, it needs to be said.

00:37:07:21 - 00:37:31:21

Affordable with you or you're struggling making the payments or anything like that. You need to give me a call because there's a plenty of different options that we can do to lower your payment every month and take care of it that way or switch some different options around. So if you like I said, if it becomes unaffordable with you, just give me a call and we can handle it. Okay. So because I would hate for you to cancel it and lose all that cash value you've built up. Okay.

00:37:32:11 - 00:37:33:03


00:37:34:00 - 00:37:37:23

Now, do you have any questions for me here, sir, before I let you go? No.

00:37:39:04 - 00:37:41:01

All right. Perfect. Yeah.

00:37:41:03 - 00:38:14:11

She knows how. Skip this. This is more important. He's going. There's a million licensed agents out there, so if one of them calls you, tells you, tells you your policy is garbage, or they can get you a better rate, go ahead and get a quote. After you get that quote, you're going to call me if it is a better policy. I'll tell you why and I'll help you get the paperwork in place to switch it over. But if it's not, I'll tell you why. And then we'll call the agent together and I'll tell them why. And then schedule a little bit of a like six month review. I mean, they'll forget, but I mean, just be like, I'll call you sometime in March to go over that again.

00:38:14:13 - 00:38:42:04

You can also follow up and call them after they receive the paperwork, like put put up appointment ten days out, call them and make sure you got all the paperwork and stuff and never fear that, Oh, don't want to call them. And because they might cancel when I call them, believe me, they they'll cancel. Especially if you don't call them. More so than just letting them know. Make sure you got the paperwork. Great. Everything. You're just following up with them. They know that you're a good guy. You're a good girl. You're. You're helping them. You're trying to, you know, you're doing the best you can.

00:38:42:22 - 00:38:47:13

Absolutely. Well, like I said, if you need anything, you got my number. Feel free to give me a call. Okay?

00:38:48:08 - 00:38:48:23


00:38:49:09 - 00:38:50:11

Alrighty. Have a good one.

00:38:52:10 - 00:39:28:01

So all in all, very good call. Obviously, there's things that you skipped and you probably should not skip them because they build the logical case. He had enough emotion here built up where they outlined exactly why they're doing this, which is unique, and the guy even explained why he's doing it. Dan didn't have to, like probe it out of him. So that was there. Some of the logical stuff was missing, but it doesn't really matter. This is a very good example that, you know, just being confident, moving the ball down the field constantly will get you sales, but following the script will get you more sales.

00:39:28:03 - 00:39:58:19

There's more logic, there's more, you know, you just give them all the information and you're getting rid of objections as you go along. Like the term policies, the fact that the other companies won't pay out as fast. You know, there's a lot of things in there. All right, guys, this was a good call review. I will stop this recording and I will keep posting more and more. Great job, Dan, Thank you for that. That will end up on I'm going to share the screen more time. That will end up on the site here.

00:39:58:21 - 00:40:21:19

You can always go to video trainings and you can go through and you know, there's different calls here. There's different underwriting. Greatest of all is a wealth of information that I created simply so that people have always new training, always if they have questions, they can go to that and almost always they'll find something that will answer their questions.

Watch the Full Video Here: Dan Fullmer Close

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