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Coaches Corner - E check $$$

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Usually just assume it.

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Yeah. So if we're, you know, we're going to talk about it. Checks.

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Well, the number one thing Zach think is too many people mention that they can pay later. I mean, that's number one. Like if you bring it up, that's not going to it's going to stick in their head. You tell me, you know, got a year interest or a year interest free for furniture or something. I'm going to take you up on it and I'm not going to forget it.

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Yeah. So like, most people use it as like a closing method where it's like and I don't know where they got this from because it's definitely not in any of the scripts that I see. But oh, don't worry, you don't have to pay today. And they use that as a way to like soft close someone where it's like, don't don't even mention it until like the client initiates that objection. Like some, some objections. I like to be proactive with others. I like to be reactive with. I usually will let the client initiate that one, but I just assume like, okay, yeah, no, your coverage is going to start right away and then what's a good day of the month for you to take care of this on a recurring basis? Yeah.

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So that's just you just assume it. Don't even offer the DMP. But you know, if you were Rob or anyone who's been here a while who does good with checks, wants to chime in, there's always different ways to word it that's always useful.

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Yeah, it'd be great to hear from the agents that are currently doing it every day. What are they saying? Like. Like each check percentage. Whoever has a very high percentage. It's good to know. Like I say, very similar to what's access in the closing. It's like after today will coincide with Social Security, something very simple because they're going to assume that they have to pay for it immediately. So don't don't tell them that. They don't, basically.

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And I do. And it is I mean, I'm not going to say, guys, that it's not a closing tactic that can be used occasionally, but it shouldn't be your go to. That's basically what Zach saying. It shouldn't be your go to it shouldn't be mentioned within five minutes. Oh, no, don't worry. You don't got to pay anything today. Like. But why would you say that? Because most of the time when we're saying it, it's unprompted. And it's it's not reactive like Zach is when he's talking about if it's going to be reactive, it's got to be something like, I really don't have the money in my account right now and then you better be.

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And then if they say something like that, you better be thinking, okay, this person just chose $180 bill. But they said they don't have the money in their account right now. Like that should be like a dead giveaway to immediately lower that coverage. That's how I look at what the checks if you can't afford, if you really, truly can't afford any check, I'm probably going to reduce your coverage right there on the spot to make sure that you can actually pay for it a couple of times before I increase it to whatever level that you want. You wanted it.

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Ernie think you need to dive down into that a little bit for for newer people because, I mean, it makes perfect sense and we understand what you're saying. But, you know, explain to them. I mean, take it, Barney style. Why you're doing that? Why? Why you're taking money off of your plate in order to get the business on the books today.

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Are you sure? Like, I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Like, No, I'm just saying, like.

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Sorry. Go ahead.

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Yeah, I'm just saying that you're, you're you're willing to reduce what what they're going to be paying, which is taking money out of your paycheck in order to get the business on the books today to make sure it sticks. Right. So explain that. Just go guess think, think that would be good to hear for for the newer folks.

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Well, I do think it's really good to understand how much it's going to reduce your upfront pay, especially when we first started. There are some people in this agency that write like a lot of dumps and make a lot of money, but they're very, very good and they have just been doing that so long. But if you're first starting and you definitely need money next week, it's going to reduce like significantly. I'm just going to use like $1,000 sale. Let's say it's Pioneer Times point seven, five times .5.5.

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So if it's a one guys for so you're you know, your $500 annualized commission for $1,000 sale but D1 would only net you one 8750 on next week's paycheck whereas A actually did this. It's 287, I believe if it's $1,000 paycheck and it's a check. So that's significant. It's like 40%. And Robert, to your point, if they are paying, if they are paying for it immediately, then you're going to have a lot better chance of that paying for years and years and years.

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Uh, Justin. Um.

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Is anyone out here struggling? Yes. Anybody want to? Um. Does anyone out here is struggling with or have certain situations that maybe they weren't able to get it if they want some it, but because we're not going to get, you know, 100%. You know, if we get two thirds if you have 66.6, six, seven, whatever percent. 67%. That's that's really good. So, like. If we're shooting for that. We're not saying we understand their situations when people aren't going to pay today.

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Right. Plus, Gerber, you can't eat Chet Gerber anyway. So we understand like you're not going to have 100% check, but hey, shoot to have that percent because. It's like you're just taking money out of your pocket. Hey, look. And if you're. If you're.

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If you have your your coach clothes in a sale for you and they just kind of go for the D1 clothes without the client initiating it, call them out on it, say, hey, why did you why did you ask them? Be like, Hey, why did you go? Why did you post the payment there? Right. So it's okay. But you know, typically mean typically we've had we've had over the last few months, we've actually increased check I think telesales this week for some reason it's down. I don't know why but you know Yeah been.

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That's all right. Yeah. Mean the percentage has gone up over the last couple of months, so that is a good thing. You know, we just want to continue that trend simply because it's going to put more money in our pockets, not not just up front. I mean, the persistency is better. So you will make more money overall to.

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Yeah. And those and those annual commissions guys like starting out, you know, it's like, well, I don't care what I'm going to make on a year, what am I getting paid next week. Right. So that's, that's, that's huge. Just having those, having those helps like also it helps you make more money with bonuses too. So if you just assume it, um, you know, don't get intimidated either. If it's a, if it's a high premium to just assume that you check because, you know, we don't want to spend people's money for them. So.

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Uh, in real quick, Sam, your, your next, like, if it's a really high premium. Justin Like, I won't even, like, I'll freak out if they try to do a D1 not freak out but be like, that makes no sense. This is $500 a month. You should always have that money you're paying today.

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Oh. So, Sam, what's up?

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So I definitely have a lot of dumps, but I think it's not that like I throw it out there, but I think it's I'm not getting to the real objection. Like when they say like, well, I need to think about it or I need to talk about it or there's so much money and we kind of whittle it down and then, you know, we're like, Well, let's push the payment off just to try to close it. But I think what's coming across is like they actually just really aren't interested or I'm not getting to the real objection because then when they don't pay, I can never track these people back down again.

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You know, I'm blocked. So I know that it was something more than just the money. And so I'm not sure how to, like dig to the real objection. So I get a.

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Lot of invalid banking. Yeah, you do get a lot of invalid banking. 100% trust issue. Yeah, 100%. It's either it's either they don't trust you, they don't trust what you're telling them or they heard something else in the universe that contradicts what you're saying. So that that's going to boil down 100% to trust.

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Yeah, well, I know that I'm weak in the clothes and probably really dry in explaining the benefits, so I know. Like I get really nervous and uptight and I know that that comes through. So I'll probably need to work on that.

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But it's in a cartoon. You watch cartoon, you closing modules. It helps.

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Griffin had a good point in the chat. He would go on above and beyond to show who they are. Synonym info through text or sending them an email. Don't let them off the phone, but just say, Hey, look. So you know, I'm not a robot. I'm going to send you my digital business card. It'll have a picture of me. Don't judge. I didn't brush my hair that morning or just make like a small joke or something like that. Be like, Yeah, I know I'm not the prettiest face to look at, but at least you could put the face to the voice or just something like that. Send them the digital business card. It builds a lot of a lot of credibility when you can send them something while you're on the phone with them.

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But don't use that as excuse of, Oh, you sent me an email. Okay, cool. I call you back now we're just going to go ahead and keep going and figure out what you qualify for. Like don't use that as a reason to let them off the phone. But it does build credibility when you can do that. And if you haven't made a digital business card. Hi. Hello. Dot me is a great place to do it. It's completely free.

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And Sam from. So you think you're weak on the close. So in the end, as soon as they start giving you any, like, pushback, it doesn't matter what it is. Are you basically defaulting to like, hey, don't worry about that. I can send all this paperwork out to you or you can review, you know, something like that. Is that why.

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It's not usually my first go to, but it's probably number 3 or 4, you know?

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Because that is mean. Honestly, it's easy way to move on and try to get asked for the banking again. But then you're you're going to end up with what Zach said. Like, these people aren't dumb. Like they know that if you're saying, Oh, I just need some numbers to put on the application, guess what? They're just going to give you some numbers. It's not they're not going to be the right numbers.

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And I'd be surprised if some sometimes the social is wrong to. So that's even worse.

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On on the on the banking thing. Just to chime in, I'm going to blame Justin for everything not connecting over here. I don't know what you did in my desk, but we fixed it. Um.

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I know a lot of people have gotten away from it because we've got the ability to, you know, enter it in the app and E app and all that stuff, but. I because that's how the the the agents and and the home would do it. Um, I'm still a firm believer and I would be curious to see how many people are still doing it. Three way a bank once they give you the number. I understand three way in the bank to try and get banking when they don't have it. But just on the banking issue alone and on the ability to to find out about trust.

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And again, you'll find out real quick. You know, it's I don't know if this is a bad comparison to make, but it's like if you're trying to get remember a college was trying to get a girls number or whatever and then if she's going to give you a fake number and then say, Oh, well, I'm going to text you my contact info right here, you kind of call them out on it there because it's like they're not going to get the text from you if it's a fake number. And it's the same concept to three way in the bank. Not saying I don't think a lot of people are giving bank fake baking info as much as it is. They're seniors and they're incapable of of reading numbers properly or they leave the zeros off or they read the semicolon as a one or they just rattle it off quickly.

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Um, every, almost every single bank, if you call with the account number, will verify a couple of things. And I've made this point a lot. And for newer people, maybe it's not

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with Chase, not so much. But when had SunTrust Before they got bought and then I transferred over. Uh, SunTrust had a separate routing number. And so if I read the numbers that ran on the bottom of the check to you, I never tested it. Maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn't. But that's not the number. So whenever I set up like my direct deposit, I had to put the little tiny number that they had in the middle of the check, not the ones on the bottom.

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And. So I found that out because I called when I was setting up direct deposit and I just called over there and said, Hey, I just want to verify that this is the correct, you know, direct deposit information. And they pulled it up and they said, What's your account number? And I gave it to them. It's different than if you're calling to get an account. But just because Sam made the point, Oh, if I have bad banking, it's so hard to chase somebody down. Guys, you work so hard to get a sale.

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And yet so many of you all think it's such a it's just to take an extra like seven, eight minutes to call the bank and verify the information just is such a like it takes a couple extra minutes and guess what that's securing the sale. More than you realize because of the clients on the phone and they hear somebody representative from the bank talking to you as an expert. Hi, my name is James Whitley. I've got Ernie Coles on the line with me.

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Ernie's a client of mine. We handle his life insurance coverage. And, you know, life insurance is incredibly important to him and his family. And so I'm just on the phone with him today. And then we were calling you to verify that his account is and this isn't to verify that his account is correct. So let me help you with the wording. And this is what sounds really official. I'm calling with Mr. Coles in order to make sure that his account is transacted, because guess what? Some of these little tiny credit unions don't have accounts or they have ones that aren't set up that way because it costs them money, right? So I'm just calling to verify that his account is, in fact transactional.

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So I'd like to read that account number to you to verify when you're ready. Let me know. Right. It's about having a the assertiveness and the professionalism. Do you guys see how much different that is than if I call and I'm like, Hi. Oh, Sarah. Yeah. Hey, Sarah. My name's James. Um, I've got Mr. Ernie here, and he. He's trying to set up some life insurance. And listen, say, I don't know if I'm not sure he read it. I'm not sure he read his account number to me accurately.

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And. And could you help us? And you guys are laughing. But. But how many of you all sound like that?

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Right instead of. Hi, Sarah. My name is James Whitley. I have your client, Mr. Ernie Coles, on the line. And you can go as professional as you want. And I just wanted to let you know this call was being recorded for quality assurance. And, Sarah, we handle Mr. Coles his life insurance. It's incredibly important to him and to his family. And we're calling to verify that his account is, in fact, transactional so that his insurance is is paid at the right time every single month.

00:15:48:23 - 00:16:28:10

I would like to verify that information. I'm going to read the account number to you whenever you're ready. It's just as simple as tonality. Which is the same thing with our script. Same thing Justin was just saying and practicing all that. But guess what? You can do all that stuff before you even picked a draft date, you know, if you want and to get that information. And so that's a that's just a quick tip on that. Think about that. It's not going to take long to get somebody into the phone. If you call local branch and it's not going to take long to do that, it's going to take an extra five minutes. But the more important part is when we're talking about buttoning up at the sale, how much more comfortable is that client going to feel knowing that their bank just verified that? And and that's not an uncommon thing to do.

00:16:29:13 - 00:17:00:00

And so now they've got a third party that's verifying that. And and even if they ask a question or two. Right. Or even if they verify that, then you can even tell the client and see, you know, this is why we love partnering with Chase Bank or whoever it is, because, you know, they're here to protect you and make sure that, you know, it's only, you know, you're like, you know, always used to tell people the only things I have that have access to my bank account or my mortgage and my insurance. Which is true. And yeah, Ernie just used a really good term merchant verification.

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If you call. Think Bank of America is one of the ones where you call and they have a prompt. If this is a merchant verification call, please press three.

00:17:09:11 - 00:17:22:06

Right? Because, like, if I'm, if I'm at, uh, Best Buy and I'm trying to write a check to buy, you know, a $3,800 flat screen TV. Do you think they're just going to take my check? Handwritten.

00:17:24:01 - 00:17:57:14

No, they're going to do a merchant verification. So it's not an odd practice to have. Just a lot of you guys probably aren't used to writing checks because it's it's not as as common as it once was. But by doing all that, then it's going to help you on the check side. And again, there are. Tons of agents here. And so it's a it's a problem more so from top down, Right? It's a coaching problem more so than anything, because there are people here that have never written a DNP, ever. And so if you think that you're just unlucky because all your clients.

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Don't have the money today. It's just. It's just I've told you guys this a dozen times, and I'll tell you again, that's my easiest go to.

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You guys have heard my mattress story a lot, by the way.

00:18:17:04 - 00:18:50:02

I even even gave the guy the sale. I called. They were having a memorial Day sale. I got an email. I called and bought the pet, so yay for me. Um, but, uh, so I took care of my little sales guy. Um, he still did a terrible job, but I told him, I said, Man, you need some help with this. Um, because he was still trying to talk his way out of it. What, do you want to come back in and test him out again? Buddy, I got my credit card right here. Let's just get this done. So, again, he was dumping me. If you guys think about it, right? Like I was ready to buy right then and there.

00:18:50:04 - 00:19:07:08

I called the bank or I called the mattress guy. I waited for Joe because I felt bad. I've been making fun of Joe so much. And Joe said, Oh, it's been a while, dude. I know you were wanting to bring your wife back in. Should we do that first? No, Joe, I'm trying to buy the mattress right now. Please do it. Um.

00:19:09:07 - 00:19:48:24

And it's just so it's just a mindset and it's my it's my mindset. That's what I did that day in the store. Oh, yeah. Let me think about it. Let me do this. Let me do that. So, um, just change, change the verbiage. And again, you know, I've challenged all of our leadership here to refuse to do it, like if they're coming in to help you. And so if it's you, Sam, or or whoever, it doesn't matter how long you've been here, go ahead and tag a coach. And basically they they're they've been challenged to not offer the DNP at all because it doesn't, in fact, help closing percentage at all because there's people selling hundreds of thousands of a year here who just don't do it.

00:19:49:01 - 00:20:29:13

You know, and if you want to compare data, oh well it's this month or it's this or it's that. Um, you know, if we pull up yesterday's activity report from the P2P side, um, their top agent, Bryant Carew 3800 yesterday. All Check. Jeanette Gun 3700. All Check. Adam Jackson 3400. All Check. Victoria New Bill and 3100 All we checked Pervis Turnbow 3100 All Check. Latasha Morris Threat 2900 All we check Tara Turner the first one that's seven agents down wrote 2701 then Charlotte Wiley 2700 All clear civilians Lee 2600.

00:20:29:15 - 00:21:00:13

I'll check on and on and on and on. So we had every single top salesperson yesterday outside of one on that side. Right? You check. Unfortunately in our side it's the opposite. So we're just really pushing that and it'll happen from the top down for sure. So don't, don't hesitate to tag somebody in and have the mindset today that you have to get permission to do a DNP. And if you do that too, it'll help because your client, you know, won't do that. And if you need some sort of crutch to close, we've talked about it. Use the, the, the 30 day free look. Right.

00:21:00:15 - 00:21:33:23

Like if you need some sort of like, think about it. Close the 30 day free look is fine because if they pay today and you tell them they got 30 days to review it, guess what? You're you, Miss Jones. You could get 30 days of free life insurance if you want. Right. Same reason that, you know, the slap chop said, if you don't like it, you know, we'll give your money back. Send it back and you can keep the free one. Like that's how confident they were that once that it's it's psychology. Once you make the payment, the chances of you returning the item are so slim. So that's why they give you 30 days free look.

00:21:34:00 - 00:21:43:01

That's why car dealerships say we got three days to bring the car back. Does it happen Sometimes, yes. But does it help him sell more? Yes. So hope that helps a little bit. Yeah.

00:21:43:24 - 00:22:17:02

And James want to piggyback on that. So. When they are reading the account number because I've heard it and I've been there a million times where I'm like, What? Like at the end of the, you know, confirmed the routing, they start reading an account number and you're like, That is not an account number or that is clearly wrong. It's 20 digits. It's, you know, they you know, I always have read at least 2 or 3 times and don't want to confirm it with them because any time you start reading the account number to them, believe me, they've tuned out and they're now looking away and like, Yep, that sounds right, something like that.

00:22:17:04 - 00:22:30:06

So I want them to say it to me several times, but a lot of times they're reading check numbers more than you think. I mean, Zach, I'm sure you've seen that. You know, just like these little tiny mistakes are costing us a bunch of money.

00:22:30:16 - 00:23:01:23

Honestly, Ernie, you want to know the most common mistake I see when people give their account number, they're like, Oh, what's your account number? Oh, it's 473725. I've had so many people think that their debit card numbers, their account number. Oh, yeah. If you if you hear someone read their account number and sets of four is not an account number, it's a debit card number. So a lot of for some reason I don't know why, but a lot of people think that their debit card number is their account number and they don't realize it's different.

00:23:02:24 - 00:23:33:04

And if it's 16 digits, that's a dead giveaway. Yeah. So, um, but, but I see like, I always slow. You have to slow down there with the, with the banking because they, they, they will read you. I've had them read me like 20 numbers and guess what I called the bank because I'm like, dude, it's like, don't know what you're looking at at this point. I'm sure you've all been there where it's like, now you're getting annoyed and you're like, Let's just call the bank and ask them what the number is. But if you slow down, if the number seems too long, but also guys like I use a lot of just common sense stuff.

00:23:33:06 - 00:24:05:16

Um, as if it's Suncoast Bank. I'm Googling Suncoast and I'm like a check. I want a picture of their check of what it actually looks like. It might not be perfect, but sometimes, like the, the check numbers are at the top or they have the like James mentioned, the weird little ones or that like dots that look like a one. They'll read that stuff and that one number will mess you up. And then like to Sam's point earlier, now you're calling them back over and over again and you just wish you would have took the five minutes And did the merchant verification.

00:24:06:21 - 00:24:41:19

Also have them read you the number twice without reading it back to them? Yeah. Um, that'll, that'll go a long way too, because then if they give you two different sets of numbers, they're like, oh what's your account number? Oh it's blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah. Okay. Could you read that to me one more time? I want to make sure I have that right. And if they read it to you a second time and those two don't match, then you know, you got to do some digging. Call the bank, whatever you need to do to verify what is correct. Because a lot of times Miss Jones will confuse like sixes and eights and and ones and sevens and all sorts of stuff that in zeros and eights.

00:24:41:21 - 00:24:48:08

They'll get them all mixed up. One time I had a lady tried to read me her direct express card upside down and backwards.

00:24:50:00 - 00:24:50:15


00:24:51:08 - 00:24:54:04

You're laughing, Ernie. She actually tried to do that.

00:24:55:08 - 00:24:57:02

What'd you end up with? That sounds fun.

00:24:57:08 - 00:24:59:00

The first she.

00:24:59:02 - 00:25:12:02

Gave me the letter H, and it turned out it was a four, so. Yeah, that's how I knew she was reading it upside down. But no, just always have them read it back to you as well as just another thing you can do.

00:25:13:10 - 00:25:18:12

I've heard that a few times. People around maybe like, Yeah, there are no letters in your account number.

00:25:19:04 - 00:25:20:05

There's no letters in your.

00:25:20:07 - 00:25:21:03

Social either, Ms..

00:25:21:05 - 00:25:30:04

Jones. Yeah, exactly. I mean, it's going to happen. Uh, well, all right, guys, Hopefully that was really helpful. Um, I'm sorry, Nathaniel. You got your hand up, buddy?

00:25:31:05 - 00:26:05:02

Yeah. No, I'm going to make this super quick. Can you hear me? Okay. Okay, cool. Um, so I keep getting to the end where they're always like, All right, now I need your social. And it's always kind of flopped. Not always, like, granted I've been getting sales and all that stuff, but get to asking for their social. I can get past the banking information. That's not a problem for the most part. Right now. Right now it's getting their social and getting them to agree that I'm not some scam or shyster.

00:26:05:04 - 00:26:26:15

So I guess this is a great solution to by doing a merchant verification verification call on a recorded line. So I think that this might really help and I might try this. I'll try this today, but if anyone has any advice on how to get the the social without them losing their mind, you know.

00:26:27:13 - 00:26:33:14

At all, it all depends. Daniel, if do you already have like in this scenario, do you already have their banking?

00:26:33:24 - 00:27:06:11

Yeah. Yeah, already have their banking. And I've gone as far. So like, if they get pushed back, they'll like my last resort because I don't really like giving out my letter of certification. Like I'll give out my Florida license but won't give out my letter cert unless like know them really well because it has my or not know them really well. But guess you can kind of tell their tonality or if they're I mean this is such a shoddy way of doing it but like if they're a good person, um, but it does have my home address on it, obviously.

00:27:06:13 - 00:27:37:12

So and I'll give you a couple pieces here. Um, so yeah, I give them a license number because that don't matter. They can look that up anywhere if you already have their banking. It's probably an issue of tonality where you might be wording a little weird because, you know, I've said to people and this is like assertive, but if somebody won't give me their social, I've said to people and this was like after a fight, not like immediately, but I've said to people, it's like, you know, people want your social to get your banking to rob you. You already gave me your banking. Like I'm not I've said that. Rob you exactly.

00:27:37:14 - 00:28:03:17

Just give me your social. But usually if I have it, everything went smoothly. If it's a pioneer sale, I don't know if you guys do this, but you can easily get the social while you're doing the voice signature. I do that often, Like I straight up pull it up and I'm like, Hey, uh, as a final step to completing the application process, please state your full name, today's date and your social. And a lot of the times they'll just spit it out. So that's just a little tip if you want to use that.

00:28:05:09 - 00:28:25:15

That's because you're because I look at it like like you already have the banking. It shouldn't be like, don't usually get it that way. If you if somebody gave me the banking they're in so it's just like all right and for the application I need your social so what's your full social. The tonality has to be there. It has to be very chill. Like this is part of the process because it is. This is.

00:28:26:09 - 00:28:26:24

Very. This is.

00:28:27:01 - 00:28:32:09

Awesome. Yeah, this is so good. Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm so glad heard this.

00:28:32:11 - 00:28:45:02

Yeah. And you can't use that trick unless you have the banking. That's why I said that if you already have the banking, it's easy to get it in the voice signature. But if not, whatever, then you can't. You can't start the recording without the banking. So you're not going to do it that way, obviously.

00:28:46:21 - 00:29:11:15

Uh. All right, guys, I want to move on from that. So somebody came up to me this morning and asked me this will be a little tougher because this person is just starting. Um, but anybody wants to give some advice. Like, how do you guarantee? How do I how do I know what to do to make the money that I want to make? And I kind of want to leave that open to the floor so, you know, people can answer like, what do you guys do? What do you guys track?

00:29:17:14 - 00:29:33:09

Is that not the entire purpose of the report. So there you go. Yeah. So you know how many calls you make and what how that translates to how much you get paid? Yeah, the whole math behind all of that. That's. That's the report.

00:29:34:00 - 00:30:10:11

Yeah, we do. We do a lot of trainings on this kind of stuff. But the report is something, you know, very simple, but you also have that in your your planner. So you don't really need to print out reports anymore. Um, but in general, like when you first start, uh, your goal is to. All right. Obviously, your goal is to get a lot of dials, a lot of presentations, because we know that that is what, you know, talk time presentations. That's what equates into money. So when if best advice I can get like when you first start is the same advice Karen Schwartz gave me, she's like your first month, you're two months.

00:30:10:13 - 00:30:28:23

You should be at it constantly, like you should be thinking and living and breathing this because those that month, that two months is so much easier to, you know, dive in and, you know, learn everything and get good at this than it is to flounder for a year and, you know, get to the year and you'd be like, I made 40 grand and you could have made 80.

00:30:30:14 - 00:30:44:24

And I promise you guys, it's not a Justin. I'm going to call you here. The first 30 to 60 days, it's like your boot camp. Like, you know, they're sending you. You're trying to put yourself through the boot camp so that way you can do the job in the future, no matter what. Justin.

00:30:47:05 - 00:31:17:13

Yeah, you got to treat your activity the same way you judge your paycheck. So you have to judge the action you're putting in even more than what you judge your paycheck to be. So, see, um, you know, if you're, if you're not like you have to have, I mean, massive actions. Just what you got to do. You got to make a ton of calls. You got to follow the training. Someone puts in the dials and follows what we go through in training and applies all the data. Then they're going to make sales. If it's if the if there aren't sales made, then there's some.

00:31:18:14 - 00:31:57:08

If the activity is not there or something's not applied, then I recommend going through, you know, training courses again or whatever, whatever you have to go through to get it down. But like it's just massive action because if you call enough people, you even if you are horrible and you're not reading a script at all like you're gonna if you call enough people, you're going to get lucky and get a sale. If you just kind of wing it. So like it all comes down to judging that activity the same way, if not more than what you judge your, your check. So you want to be super hard on yourself at the end of the day of like, Hey, what was my how many people did I call? How many, you know, what did I try? And then also understand like, you know, you're new at this.

00:31:57:10 - 00:32:27:18

There are people here, there are a lot of agents here making $100,000 or more. And it's like, if it was easy, then like they wouldn't be making 100,000 because people don't get paid well for easy stuff. So it gets easier. And those reps that you put in and it'll just make you get better. So my, my recommendation is, judge, your, um, you know, it's like the way to guarantee success is massive action solves all problems. So any problem you have in your life can be solved with putting more effort in and more action.

00:32:27:20 - 00:32:42:16

For the most part, unless you have like a genetic deficiency or something like that or genetic thing, it's a. Like that, That'll solve it. So just call more people, you know, apply huge amount of effort and. Yeah.

00:32:44:02 - 00:33:15:17

Yeah. And because what we're looking for guys, if you're putting in a massive amount of effort, those are the people that were really wanting to lock into and like turn into killers. Basically, somebody got 25 hours talk time and they're consistent every week and somebody else has got eight hours talk time like every week. And they're not really asking any questions, not attending meetings, obviously want to spend the time with 25 hours and see if I can get that person to, you know, super level as fast as possible. Um, Joanna first and then Susan.

00:33:16:17 - 00:33:27:20

No, I was gonna. He mentioned some, some finishing course or something. Is that something I'm ready to take, Justin. Or do you want us to wait till we finish? Um, training.

00:33:29:22 - 00:33:33:15

What do you mean? The what I just mentioned or before. What card? On university.

00:33:33:17 - 00:33:35:14

The card on university. Finishing.

00:33:36:22 - 00:33:51:23

So you went through the stuff in Dropbox? Yeah, on the basics of the script. So. Cardone University. I encourage someone to go through like whatever mean. It's a separate thing. You find it in the policies and Dropbox how to log in. But.

00:33:53:24 - 00:34:28:14

Now you can do that whenever I'll outline it. I'll outline some more like projections for training and stuff. And just a few minutes. Thank you. Good question. By the way, Joanna, huge shout out to Joanna, Maureen and Kelsey yesterday. First day on the phone. Each of them had at least 100 contacts, which is like. Usually you guys made more calls yesterday than the majority of people starting will ever make in a in a whole day in their career doing this, which is usually a very short career when that's the case.

00:34:28:17 - 00:34:59:24

So congrats. Like that's huge. I'm super proud of you guys. You did that in such a short amount of time. Hope you can see how realistic it is to hit 200 contacts in a day. It's more mean. It's more than attainable. Right. Our Vas overseas who are calling people for live transfers are hitting 450 to 500 contacts in a day. So, you know, Robert knows, right? Those people rip through calls. It's like, how do you even do you breathe? Like, what are you doing? So yeah.

00:35:00:01 - 00:35:02:24

Deontay crushing it, right? So super proud of you three.

00:35:07:05 - 00:35:08:14

Uh, Susan, you got a question?

00:35:10:18 - 00:35:39:05

Yeah. Hi. Yes, good morning. As a new agent, you make your 160 plus calls a day. What is the average sale amount? Not in numbers, but just per case. Is it two? Three, one? Just like on a daily average basis.

00:35:39:14 - 00:36:16:02

I'm talking about like. Well, would be. It's a it's around 1000 the AP and then you're shooting like always Tell me about shooting between 5 and 10 sales a week. And sometimes you're going to get sometimes you're going to get a lot more than that. Okay. Because if you'll see, if you guys look at the newsletter, sometimes you'll see over 10,000 in production with six sales and sometimes you'll see over 10,000 with ten sales. It really depends on a lot of that stuff is just luck. Mean the harder we work, the luckier we get. But you can't predict when you're going to run into the person that wants $400 a month and is totally in and then the person that wants 20 bucks a month.

00:36:16:17 - 00:36:27:02

So that's why that's that's why we all look at Sarah Jessica. That's why we all look at like, I only judge myself by how much effort I'm putting in. And then you can look at the scoreboard later, but I guarantee they'll correlate.

00:36:29:09 - 00:37:06:23

Something that may help you guys is focusing on how many present this This has helped so many. So many, so many agents on our team. How many presentations are you making to the quote every day? You will not get a Seal a day as a new agent if you're only getting two quotes in a day, maybe three, because you're not giving your your coach a ton of chances to work with either. Right. And chances are when you're new, you're not really understanding the fact finding. It's kind of maybe, you know, haphazard and we're kind of assimilating stuff as we go. You get a little better every day. But all of our agents who are all my agents who are who are hitting good numbers, they're getting like 5 to 6 presentations to the quote every day.

00:37:07:06 - 00:37:39:20

Um. And so that's for someone new who was like, Hey, how do I predict my income? You got to be, you know, push through. And then we're all calling the same people, right? So if one person is struggling, another person is doing it, just start to be unrealistic with your expectations of getting someone through a presentation. So it's like, you know, almost breezed through. Like whatever they say they bring up, they already have a policy. Awesome. How much do you pay a month? What type is it? What company? Great. Then keep keep going on your script like. You know, they don't get thrown off.

00:37:39:22 - 00:38:00:11

Like it's like, hey, presentation volume. So if you want to make two sales a day, you got to have like 5 to 6 presentations to the quote per day. If not, if not more. It's like an you know, it's a it's all in numbers thing. So for anybody brand new, if you can send 5 or 6 people to your every day for quotes, you're going to get a sale a day. It's going to average out to that. So thanks, Dante. What's good, brother?

00:38:02:13 - 00:38:42:24

I think for me, being a new agent, I think I was really intimidated at my time and not getting to presentations or sales. So last week what I really challenged myself was just to put my all in it, at least get 30 hours and just focus on my cause right then and there and getting better, not worrying too much on a sale, but like Justin said, getting them to a presentation or at least in the intro, and just seeing how that would go last week was really rough, but I was putting in like 400 calls a day staying from like 8 to 8, and it definitely paid off this week, Like it's definitely paying off.

00:38:43:01 - 00:38:51:00

So I would say as a new agent, just push hard as soon as possible just so you can get everything down and it just becomes so much easier.

00:38:52:19 - 00:38:55:08

Yes. Dante, you're doing amazing.

00:38:55:21 - 00:39:11:12

Yep. That's awesome, man. That's exactly what we're saying. So, I mean, we use the workout examples, but like Justin. Like if Justin, if you took somebody who was completely out of shape to the gym and they started doing push ups and they weren't perfect, would you say anything?

00:39:13:10 - 00:39:14:04

I'd kick them out.

00:39:15:18 - 00:39:17:03

It's like, all right, so the opposite.

00:39:17:05 - 00:39:17:20

I'm getting off.

00:39:17:22 - 00:39:18:18

Getting up.

00:39:18:20 - 00:39:49:18

Yeah, it's true. It's like. It's like, dude, like if I have friends who will come to the gym with me who, like, never work out and they're doing squats or deadlifts, my back is like, I feel my vertebrae snapping, you know, watching them do the deadlifts and like the, the crazy rounded back deadlift or, you know, squats. They're like. Three inches down and then like wobble in, legs start shaking and, you know, so like, it's like, yeah, okay, cool. You just got to map those neural pathways out like. Perfect example.

00:39:49:20 - 00:40:27:16

Michael Jordan. Right. Well, someone one time asked Michael Jordan, what are you thinking about when you're going through the court and you're doing all this? You know, you're making it happen. He's like, I'm not thinking, What do you mean I'm not thinking about anything? Because he did it so much. He practiced so much that he didn't think about what he was doing. So you got to get to that elite level by practicing, practicing, practicing, practicing, and you'll get there. Right. Like, I'm at the point. Ernie's probably there. Zach, Josh are there because they're like, I know I can look at someone's report and pretty much pinpoint exactly what they need to work on in their in their presentation without listening to any calls at all.

00:40:28:22 - 00:40:59:18

It's like, you know as we just mean kind of you get you get you start to see everything from the beginning to the end. The whole sales process, like Cardone says and Cardone University, you need to know, be able to know the sales process front to back, back to front, front to back, wherever you are in your in your process and know exactly what stage you're on and being able to see the whole sale. So. Just comes with time, guys. You know, it's it's it it's just practice and it's like anything, you know, First time, it's the first time. So if I played saxophone, I never got good at it, so.

00:41:00:13 - 00:41:02:07

I just didn't practice enough.

00:41:03:14 - 00:41:35:09

And and the reason I ask you that, Justin, because that person is putting the reps in, like you're just happy that they're doing something. I mean, like, like, just just do it. And it really is that simple. Like, it doesn't have the form doesn't have to be perfect. Like somebody will come along. Like if Justin saw somebody doing like a small amount of weight, he knows that person's not going to hurt themselves. They're just trying to get some reps in or trying. But eventually he's going to come along and be like, Hey, maybe square your shoulders, straighten your back. And that's what we're there for. Just simple stuff like that. Like, okay, you're putting the reps in and you're doing it.

00:41:35:20 - 00:41:57:01

You know, you'll get better, but let's get better faster. That's why I love that. Donte That was awesome because I'm guessing your first week you're a little scared. Second week, you're like, Whatever. And I'm just going to call and call and call and then third week. All right, now it's working out because I put so much time in. You probably did you do any call reviews or did you just kind of correct your own problems?

00:41:58:01 - 00:42:09:05

Um, we did. Me and Justin did a couple call reviews but haven't been able to log in to my connect Me voice that have been having issues. So I'm not able to listen to myself right now. But yeah, we went over it briefly.

00:42:10:09 - 00:42:14:02

And that was probably really helpful. That was always the most helpful stuff. Yeah.

00:42:14:06 - 00:42:22:08

And last Wednesday we did a session with Zach and and Josh and that was helpful. We did a bunch of call reviews on that.

00:42:24:05 - 00:42:58:14

And I do a lot of call reviews to you guys are if anybody has access to the site, my site, um, like I like doing the call reviews. It's fun to look at what you're doing and try to correct the problems and but like Justin's so right. Like, I'll look at your numbers before I start pulling up call reviews because if there's no talk time, there's nothing to review. Or if you know you've got a ton of dials and you know, not much talk time, then it's the intro, then that's what we're going to work on. So it really is that easy to pinpoint. But, um, to answer your guys's question, also remember, Justin, you came.

00:42:58:16 - 00:43:22:23

You were about to right after me. Um, but it was always one out of seven. That's what Grant always said. Like when you first start, you should be able to close one out of seven, and then eventually that number is going to improve. That was always my goal. All right. One out of seven can do that and then make seven presentations. I know I'll get a sale. And then it became one out of three eventually. And that is where I want everybody to get. If you're presenting to somebody, you know, you got a very good chance of closing.

00:43:25:13 - 00:44:05:11

I'll say this to like if you're looking at those statistics and you have seven presentations in a day and you're like, Oh, Grant's full of crap. No, it's not like that. So it's like it's on average using like large numbers. So if you have seven in a day and you don't get a sale the next day, you might get two. Right. So it's it's large numbers broken down into averages. So you have to look at it that way instead of just saying, okay, well this is my seventh presentation. If I don't get a sale, then this is all hooey, you know? So you have to look at it as a as a law of averages and large numbers broken down into smaller chunks and bytes.

00:44:08:01 - 00:44:18:23

And, um. And the reason one out of seven is good because that's basically four hours talk time. You know, if you present it to that many people, it's about four hours. Talk to them and sometimes it's going to be two, sometimes going to be three.

00:44:21:16 - 00:44:23:22

I think the most I've seen is eight, which was insane.

00:44:26:04 - 00:44:31:18

Uh, well, all right, guys. Um, I don't know who has the numbers, but I'm going to stop this recording.

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