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Call Review - Second Voice

Updated: Apr 17

00:00:02:12 - 00:00:03:21

Did you share your sound, Carter?

00:00:04:10 - 00:00:06:02

Yeah, that's what I'm doing now. All right.

00:00:06:04 - 00:00:36:18

So I guess this would be entitled looping extravaganza because this guy did not want to give me any of his information and we had to go around in circles. Basically, the whole thing was, you know, Carter, if you if you have any feedback, let me know now before we start it. But there was a lot of pushback. I did not get argumentative with them. I let him off the hook only to ask them again and then ask them again and ask him again. He claimed he didn't have his wallet with them. He's out and about. He doesn't know. He doesn't have his banking, but he's got his wallet with him the whole time.

00:00:36:20 - 00:00:51:04

And he's just, you know, trying to, you know, not give us the information we need to submit the app. So, yeah, if you want to start it where I came on, guess, don't if you have to. You have to pull that would download it first or I can control it if you want.

00:00:52:17 - 00:00:53:07


00:00:53:09 - 00:00:53:24

Let me.

00:00:54:01 - 00:01:08:00

Know. Think. Got it. Okay, cool. But yeah, no, as far as that guy goes, the initial call, he ended up saying that he needed to use the bathroom, which kind of called. Uh, I knew he was lying,

00:01:09:20 - 00:01:21:22

but, um. Yeah, so we were able to get him back on the phone. And. Yeah. So this was after that. But yeah, having that second voice there definitely helped. And also I would not have been able to loop him like that, so.

00:01:23:22 - 00:01:29:15

Oh, look at me. Well, you know, I was one of the people. So when.

00:01:33:02 - 00:01:33:19

You're on

00:01:36:04 - 00:01:38:02

me. Let me connect you guys and then hopefully.

00:01:45:02 - 00:01:49:09

We cannot hear it, Carter, because you you got to share sound. So we didn't hear that first minute.

00:01:53:11 - 00:01:56:22

So you don't have to stop the screen share, but you can hit the three dots and hit share sound.

00:02:08:21 - 00:02:09:12

Can you hear me?

00:02:11:02 - 00:02:15:06

Oh, my bad. It's such sharing sound. You can't see the zoom bar on my screen, right?

00:02:15:15 - 00:02:17:01

Yeah, but can't hear the sound.

00:02:19:24 - 00:02:24:15

So it's the three dots and then share sound and then there's a checkmark next to it. So it should be sharing, right?

00:02:24:22 - 00:02:26:22

Yep. So hit play. See if we can hear it.

00:02:31:04 - 00:02:33:04

Anything? No. Don't hear anything.

00:02:36:04 - 00:02:37:12

Also, I'm going to try and help.

00:02:39:23 - 00:02:44:15

Like we should all be able to hear it. Nikki. You can't hear it, can you? Is it just me?

00:02:46:01 - 00:02:46:21

I don't hear it.

00:02:47:06 - 00:02:49:01

Okay, let's talk soon.

00:02:52:21 - 00:02:54:10

Okay. Let me try this again.

00:03:13:23 - 00:03:14:19

Insurance on.

00:03:18:12 - 00:03:22:00

Good. No. Maybe you need to put it.

00:03:23:19 - 00:03:32:01

All right. Let me try something. Can you send this? You could be computer audio could be different. The zoom could be different. There's a bunch of settings that could be different. Wrong?

00:03:32:10 - 00:03:34:22

Yeah. Should just. I'll just try and share it with you.

00:03:35:07 - 00:03:37:06

Just. Yeah, send me this recording real quick.

00:03:42:17 - 00:03:46:07

I'll just go. You already downloaded it, so you can just compose email.

00:04:20:23 - 00:04:21:22

All right, So you send it to me.

00:04:24:04 - 00:04:24:19


00:04:25:06 - 00:04:26:07

Trying to find it? No.

00:04:27:02 - 00:04:29:05

It'll be in her downloads now, not documents.

00:04:32:03 - 00:04:32:19

Okay. So this.

00:04:41:07 - 00:04:42:03

Okay. It should be good.

00:04:42:16 - 00:04:43:20

Okay. Have it. Okay.

00:04:45:13 - 00:04:46:10

All right.

00:04:50:21 - 00:04:53:04

Where did you send it? Equals or.

00:04:58:15 - 00:04:59:05

There we go.

00:04:59:23 - 00:05:03:07

All right, guys, so sorry about that. I'm going to share my screen.

00:05:06:02 - 00:05:07:19

Your sound. You guys should be able to hear this.

00:05:14:23 - 00:05:15:14


00:05:15:22 - 00:05:16:19

Can everybody hear it?

00:05:19:15 - 00:05:21:05

Yes. Yes. Okay.

00:05:22:05 - 00:05:23:11

Hey, Johnny. How's it going?

00:05:23:23 - 00:05:24:13

Uh huh.

00:05:25:12 - 00:05:30:24

All right. So I'm going to go ahead and get the banking department here on the line with us real quick. Give me just a second.

00:05:33:04 - 00:05:33:22

It wasn't just the.

00:05:34:18 - 00:05:39:01

Space guy became everything in this call, but banking department is how we let it off there with me here.

00:05:43:12 - 00:05:48:06

Well, what? You have to go to the bank to make your payments or something? Yeah.

00:05:48:24 - 00:05:55:17

Yeah, that's what I'm trying to help figure out here. I'm just trying to get our our banking department downstairs on the line with us so we can go over that.

00:05:57:21 - 00:06:05:17

Well, it's. You got to get that. I have to go for the conversation first. Let's see.

00:06:10:06 - 00:06:10:21


00:06:11:02 - 00:06:14:11

We got him on the line now. Can you hear me, Ernie? Yes.

00:06:14:17 - 00:06:16:11

Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah. Hey, Carter. How are you doing?

00:06:17:04 - 00:06:18:03

I'm doing good. How about.

00:06:18:05 - 00:06:18:20


00:06:18:22 - 00:06:20:00

I'm doing well.

00:06:20:19 - 00:06:38:08

All right, so I got Mr. Johnny here. Um, so we're trying to look into getting him set up with the prosperity plan. Okay. It seems like it's going to be the best one for him. He's currently going through dialysis, so I figure that this is definitely going to be the most friendly plan towards that.

00:06:38:20 - 00:06:40:08

You're right. You're thinking the.

00:06:40:13 - 00:06:41:23

Prosperity prime plan.

00:06:42:17 - 00:06:45:01

Yeah. So this would be the prosperity prime term.

00:06:45:22 - 00:06:54:22

Gotcha. Yeah, I mean, that would be the best because that's it's either between that and Gerber and prosperity, kidney dialysis, prosperity is always going to be lower. So. Yeah. Go ahead and sorry.

00:06:55:05 - 00:07:00:04

Yeah, for sure. So we're looking at the $20,000 plan. One 9935.

00:07:02:03 - 00:07:06:17

So really we're just trying to see what the payment options are going to be as far as that goes.

00:07:08:01 - 00:07:31:12

Okay. With prime term, some some company won't accept cards, but they'll accept cards or they will accept bank draft. You guys can don't have to do it. Immediate bank draft with them but you can do like the first third or if your client received Social Security then you can do it that way as well. Is there a valid is there a valid account, valid bank?

00:07:34:24 - 00:07:35:14

You said you.

00:07:35:16 - 00:07:36:21

Have Wells Fargo, right, Johnny?

00:07:37:11 - 00:07:38:01


00:07:38:17 - 00:07:44:15

Okay. So it looks like based on the numbers that you just sent over, you applied that discount. So Wells Fargo is a preferred bank.

00:07:47:11 - 00:08:00:04

Yeah. And obviously, guys, we're just we want to make sure, like, if I'm coming into this call, I want to make sure that we have as much information as possible because got to know what I'm going to do here to, you know, get this guy to understand what we need. So it's Johnny.

00:08:01:20 - 00:08:02:10


00:08:03:24 - 00:08:05:00

Hello? Johnny, can you hear me?

00:08:05:13 - 00:08:06:07

I'm listening.

00:08:06:22 - 00:08:15:11

Oh, okay. Awesome. So if you have Wells Fargo. Yeah. When do you receive your Social Security? The first, third or the second? Third or fourth? Wednesday.

00:08:15:21 - 00:08:20:20

I'd say just the second or third of each month. Yeah.

00:08:21:19 - 00:08:25:24

Okay. Like the second or third, but not one of the Wednesdays. Like, it's not in the middle of the month.

00:08:27:06 - 00:08:27:21

No, it's not.

00:08:29:15 - 00:08:33:09

Okay. So it's probably. Well, it's either the third.

00:08:33:18 - 00:08:34:16

Right? Yeah.

00:08:35:22 - 00:08:37:00

That's the most common.

00:08:37:16 - 00:08:38:14

All right. So.

00:08:38:16 - 00:08:39:08

Yeah. So

00:08:40:23 - 00:08:43:09

they can take it out on the second or third.

00:08:44:14 - 00:08:59:03

Okay. Yeah. And then I do have the routing number. I'm sure Carter already confirmed that with you, but sometimes we forget. So that's how the discount is applied. So if you have a check that I can read this number off to you and make sure it's correct.

00:09:01:02 - 00:09:04:12

Uh, no, not. Not. Not here.

00:09:05:09 - 00:09:08:02

Right? I mean, who has checks nowadays, anyway, right?

00:09:09:08 - 00:09:12:16

All right. Checks for my house payment every month.

00:09:13:15 - 00:09:19:13

That's pretty. That's probably the only one the mortgage got. I forgot to hit your mortgage.

00:09:21:01 - 00:09:30:04

Agree, Agree, Agree. This is like a constant agreement, even though he's being kind of ridiculous throughout the entire call. All right. Do you have the app on your phone?

00:09:31:00 - 00:09:31:20

You know, the back office?

00:09:32:10 - 00:09:33:19

I don't know about that.