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Call Review Nathan Shalom

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I definitely. Okay.

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In case anybody else sees this. We have Nathan along with me. This is Ernest Kohls. Ernie. Ernie Kohls. We're going to do a little training review and we're going to do a common review where, you know, Nathan has the talk time to warrant doing these reviews. Obviously, if you have five, six hours a week, I'm not going to do this, but we're going to move forward and look at some calls. We're also going to go over some some basic stuff. So, Nathan, if you could tell me, like what? Like your first three weeks.

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Like what? What numbers did you hit?

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Um, my first week, which was in a full week, I hit like six and then I hit like 14, 800 and then I forgot Week three, Week three. I don't really know how.

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Close it was. Think it was, but it was.

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Like around it was like 8 or 9 probably.

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So that was his first three weeks, guys. So, So, Nathan, if you could tell me, why are you asking for this review?

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Um, I've been on a cold streak. I've had my second worst week last week and want to get into a routine of, you know, watching my game film and getting, you know, and seeing what I can do better, you know, because I'm still new. I still don't understand 100%. What are the things I do Good. What are the things I don't do good? You know, I'm not not that polished yet. I can be a lot better at what I do, you know? So it's not only that. I'm putting up a lot of talk time, it's that, you know, I'm more polished and, you know. Yeah, right.

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Okay. That's awesome. Answer So yeah, I mean, he had.

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I just want to get better.

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Yeah, you had like 5600 last week. You had 9000 the week before. So obviously talk time will always get you very good result. But obviously our goal here today with this session is to do exactly that. We're going to look at, you know, what you're doing good, what can be improved. Um, and then, you know, so that way we can have not necessarily less hours in talk time, but more profitable per hour. That's the goal.

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So, guys, what that means is like for every hour on the phone, you make the most amount of money. So that's always everybody's goal. And then, you know, if you have the same amount of talk time and you're looking trying to get, um, you know, 30,000 in production, if you have 40 hours of talk time.

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All right, guys. So, Nathan, what? Want to do, like a couple of things that I know that we went over last week. Um, a couple things. I'm. I might end up moving couple people here, but, um, a couple of things that we're going to look at. Me. I'm actually going to move some somebody here, so.

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So Matthew Gilchrist, he's a very good agent. He's got he's very good and very talented. So he's going to join us. Um,

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so what I want to look at like first things first, your intro, it's really good, um, because you're not letting, like, let's listen to a couple intros.

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Just two minutes

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and I'm picking these at random guys, so I have no idea.

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This is my life.

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I don't know what's up with that one. The next one.

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This. Only this is just today, buddy. We got to get out of here. We want to go back.

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Oh, yeah. Haven't had a conversation today.

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Okay. Gotta get out of here and come back to the last week. And a couple of things I will go over before we even start. This is like. So I know, uh, Partlow, I told him this and it really helped him. A lot of the times. Guys, we can sound condescending when we are talking to some of our clients. Like, I know I tried to get Body out of your vocabulary simply because it doesn't work.

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Well, it was not in my vocabulary two weeks ago and now I can't stop saying it.

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Yeah, buddy. Buddy is just like the guy reason. It is condescending. It's like because you don't know him like that. This is like. Like if it's a man or if it's a woman, I'll say dear all the time because, you know, women might like that. But a man. Oh, yeah, buddy doesn't really like that. All right, so let's, um.

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One rumor ran run seven. Right?

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Okay, So I'm going to search here. This is a way to just get, you know, all the car recordings. Everybody should be doing this be have access to their Connect Me voice, be able to get in here.

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So here's an intro. This one's got to be an intro. One 308. So let's play this.

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Hello. Hey, Alberta. How's everything going out there in Davenport?

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Hey, John. Fine.

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Hey, that's awesome. My name is Nathan over here at Senior Life Service.

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So even that you can be like, That's awesome. It's going fine. Like Nathan, Right. There could be like, okay, well, that's better than terrible. I mean, you can use something off the cuff. And the reason I'm.

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I could have said that's better than terrible. I'm sorry. Yeah.

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Well, you know what I mean. Like, if they're saying I'm fine. Oh, don't. You don't really need to say awesome, because that doesn't sound that awesome. So, so, so it's really like intros little things mean, because to get to the next stage, it's like, Oh, that's better than terrible and make them laugh a second. Um, but let's. But it's good he's asking for the name. He's telling them, How's everything going out there in Davenport? That is making her think, Can you do that really well? She doesn't know if she knows you yet. So, you know she's going to let you keep keep listening for a minute.

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This is giving you a call because a little while back, you spoke with one of my representatives about state regulated life insurance programs for Iowa and Alberta. I do apologize for taking so long to get back to you. My job, though, is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions you may have. Let me just confirm the information you gave my representative. You're still at four two.

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Very good pacing. Uh, your pauses are appropriate. You're not immediately saying you're like, okay, go over any questions that you have, and then immediately going into it, you know, like any questions you have, let me confirm, you know, not real quick. You're doing it. Very nice. Pace.

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Five West eighth Street.

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Awesome. And your date of birth is March 1859. Yeah. Good. I'm looking for about 5000 for your son.

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Not looking for anything right now because I can't afford it right now. I'm not. I'm not going to say I'm going to get something and I can't get it.

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Oh, sure thing, Alberta. We'll see about that. These plans are built around people making for the 600 a month and the government.

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If I don't have it, I'm not going to promise nothing, so I'm not going to get it.

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So of course, Alberta. But I have a question. Are you making more than 400 to $600 a month?

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I my income is $800 a month.

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Oh, and Alberta, these plans are built exactly for people like you. So. Yeah, but I.

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Have other bills. I don't. I pay all my bills.

00:06:57:23 - 00:06:58:19

I completely.

00:06:58:21 - 00:06:59:18

Understand. Alberta.

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I don't have extra money. I don't. I don't.

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I hear you, Alberta. I'm here to work with you. I'm not. I'm not here to work with you. I bought.

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30. Okay.

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Okay. So that's not a good. That's. That's not good.

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All righty. Oh, man. I'm sorry. That was funny.

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Yeah. So that's so mean. So you don't want to get in an argument. This is a big thing where a lot of people want to get into arguments. It's a waste of time. Everything they say is, you know, Of course. Yeah, You definitely mean you got bills. You definitely don't want to take on something that you can't handle. And then, you know, either get off the phone or say something like, you know, do you want, um, like it's 50 to it's $50 too much. Is that, is that what you're saying? Because if it is, then there's no way it's a waste of time.

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Think I asked her that question at the very end. But by that point, the report was so fucked up. Oh, my bad.

00:07:55:13 - 00:07:59:16

Yeah, it's been recorded. That's okay. Uh, so, yeah, I know.

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This has been recorded. My bad. Yeah.

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So? So, yeah. Hop off the phone. That's. That's. If she really can't afford it. Obviously, our clients need to want this, so they already request this information, so they do want it. Uh, but they also need to afford it. And if they really can't afford it and they're that quick, you did the exact right thing. You ask them a simple question. They said yes, but then they still said they can't afford it. So then you know that you don't need to really go forward anymore with this person.

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Yeah, but still, without trying to, I'll say that much. I was not trying to be confrontational, but I guess I was.

00:08:33:23 - 00:08:35:14

Yeah. So it's confrontational.

00:08:35:19 - 00:08:42:24

Uh, so like, how, how like where at that point in that conversation that I get confrontational without trying to be.

00:08:44:00 - 00:09:15:08

Because you're just you're just trying to talk over each other. You guys are both talking and you're not agreeing with her. You're not saying, okay, yeah, you definitely don't want to take on something. You're going forward. Okay, good. You? Yeah, you're, you know what your bills are and you don't want to, you know, you don't want to promise something you can't deliver on. I'm completely with you there or something like that. It's all it's whatever they say is all gold. It's like, yeah, totally. You know, and it really is because any kind of argument, like, you guys know, uh, almost all of us have done it. Oh, well, already have some coverage. Oh, how much you got? You know, that is not. They're not going to answer that question.

00:09:15:15 - 00:09:36:01

And like, if you do it like that, Um, but so obviously right now we've established don't get confrontational ever, especially in the intro because it's not going to it's not going to work. This one, this next one is going to be a little longer. So let's play. I'm going to download this one so I can fast forward easier. Um, so let's try this this bad boy out.

00:09:36:24 - 00:09:37:15

Do you have any.

00:09:38:18 - 00:09:39:08


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Hey, Andrew. How's everything going out there in Davenport?

00:09:43:19 - 00:09:44:09


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See? Awesome. My name is Nathan over here at Senior Life Services, giving you a call, because a little while back, you spoke with one of my representatives about state regulated life insurance programs. And I do apologize for taking so long to get back to you, Andrew. My job, though, is to go. All right.

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I do like that, guys. When he's like he's asking, I apologize for not getting back to you. Is this bleeds your calling.

00:10:09:05 - 00:10:13:10

I just do that with all these because even elites don't remember talking to a representative.

00:10:13:19 - 00:10:18:19

Yeah. Mean they can forget easily. It's a three minute call from the Philippines. They can easily forget.

00:10:18:23 - 00:10:26:06

And like that line, even if it's been like a week, then it just is like, wow, he's apologizing. Even though it's only been a week or a few days. Like, who knows?

00:10:27:04 - 00:10:28:15

Yep. So that's a very good practice.

00:10:28:17 - 00:10:29:22

And off guard.

00:10:30:00 - 00:10:39:08

Yeah. And I will never take that. Tell anybody not to do that. Don't care if it was yesterday. Um, so the way you can do it is like, Hey. Hey, Nathan. How's everything going out there in Vero Beach today?

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All right. Well, that is good to hear. My name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason for my call is you had spoken with one of our reps a little while back regarding state regulated life insurance programs, and I apologize for not getting back to you right away. We've been swamped. Yeah, people are not calling telemarketers Do not call and apologize people. They just sound blah, blah, blah. Do you want something? You know? So that's good. That's a good practice.

00:11:05:15 - 00:11:16:04

Over those benefits with you To answer any questions you may have, let me just verify the information you gave my representative. You're still at two three, five one McKinley Avenue.

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00:11:17:24 - 00:11:18:23

Awesome. And your date.

00:11:19:00 - 00:11:24:08

Of birth is June 7th, 1962. Yeah. Not a smoker, right?

00:11:24:20 - 00:11:25:10


00:11:25:21 - 00:11:29:10

Looking for about 25,000 to leave behind your daughter?

00:11:30:23 - 00:11:32:12

Yes. Awesome.

00:11:32:14 - 00:11:33:20

Awesome. Now, Andrew, will you.

00:11:33:22 - 00:11:52:11

Look all right? Try not to say the same words over and over again. Like, awesome, Awesome, great. You know, try to do it a little more. Okay. Very good. Like, you're moving on Just because if you say awesome and stuff like that, we're dealing with old people, so all they hear is young person, young person, too young, too young to be helping, you know, shit like that.

00:11:53:18 - 00:11:55:08

So what what should I use instead?

00:11:55:22 - 00:12:02:01