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Call Review Nathan Shalom

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I definitely. Okay.

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In case anybody else sees this. We have Nathan along with me. This is Ernest Kohls. Ernie. Ernie Kohls. We're going to do a little training review and we're going to do a common review where, you know, Nathan has the talk time to warrant doing these reviews. Obviously, if you have five, six hours a week, I'm not going to do this, but we're going to move forward and look at some calls. We're also going to go over some some basic stuff. So, Nathan, if you could tell me, like what? Like your first three weeks.

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Like what? What numbers did you hit?

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Um, my first week, which was in a full week, I hit like six and then I hit like 14, 800 and then I forgot Week three, Week three. I don't really know how.

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Close it was. Think it was, but it was.

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Like around it was like 8 or 9 probably.

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So that was his first three weeks, guys. So, So, Nathan, if you could tell me, why are you asking for this review?

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Um, I've been on a cold streak. I've had my second worst week last week and want to get into a routine of, you know, watching my game film and getting, you know, and seeing what I can do better, you know, because I'm still new. I still don't understand 100%. What are the things I do Good. What are the things I don't do good? You know, I'm not not that polished yet. I can be a lot better at what I do, you know? So it's not only that. I'm putting up a lot of talk time, it's that, you know, I'm more polished and, you know. Yeah, right.

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Okay. That's awesome. Answer So yeah, I mean, he had.

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I just want to get better.

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Yeah, you had like 5600 last week. You had 9000 the week before. So obviously talk time will always get you very good result. But obviously our goal here today with this session is to do exactly that. We're going to look at, you know, what you're doing good, what can be improved. Um, and then, you know, so that way we can have not necessarily less hours in talk time, but more profitable per hour. That's the goal.

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So, guys, what that means is like for every hour on the phone, you make the most amount of money. So that's always everybody's goal. And then, you know, if you have the same amount of talk time and you're looking trying to get, um, you know, 30,000 in production, if you have 40 hours of talk time.

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All right, guys. So, Nathan, what? Want to do, like a couple of things that I know that we went over last week. Um, a couple things. I'm. I might end up moving couple people here, but, um, a couple of things that we're going to look at. Me. I'm actually going to move some somebody here, so.

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So Matthew Gilchrist, he's a very good agent. He's got he's very good and very talented. So he's going to join us. Um,

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so what I want to look at like first things first, your intro, it's really good, um, because you're not letting, like, let's listen to a couple intros.

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Just two minutes

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and I'm picking these at random guys, so I have no idea.

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This is my life.

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I don't know what's up with that one. The next one.

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This. Only this is just today, buddy. We got to get out of here. We want to go back.

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Oh, yeah. Haven't had a conversation today.

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Okay. Gotta get out of here and come back to the last week. And a couple of things I will go over before we even start. This is like. So I know, uh, Partlow, I told him this and it really helped him. A lot of the times. Guys, we can sound condescending when we are talking to some of our clients. Like, I know I tried to get Body out of your vocabulary simply because it doesn't work.

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Well, it was not in my vocabulary two weeks ago and now I can't stop saying it.

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Yeah, buddy. Buddy is just like the guy reason. It is condescending. It's like because you don't know him like that. This is like. Like if it's a man or if it's a woman, I'll say dear all the time because, you know, women might like that. But a man. Oh, yeah, buddy doesn't really like that. All right, so let's, um.

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One rumor ran run seven. Right?

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Okay, So I'm going to search here. This is a way to just get, you know, all the car recordings. Everybody should be doing this be have access to their Connect Me voice, be able to get in here.

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So here's an intro. This one's got to be an intro. One 308. So let's play this.

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Hello. Hey, Alberta. How's everything going out there in Davenport?

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Hey, John. Fine.

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Hey, that's awesome. My name is Nathan over here at Senior Life Service.

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So even that you can be like, That's awesome. It's going fine. Like Nathan, Right. There could be like, okay, well, that's better than terrible. I mean, you can use something off the cuff. And the reason I'm.

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I could have said that's better than terrible. I'm sorry. Yeah.

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Well, you know what I mean. Like, if they're saying I'm fine. Oh, don't. You don't really need to say awesome, because that doesn't sound that awesome. So, so, so it's really like intros little things mean, because to get to the next stage, it's like, Oh, that's better than terrible and make them laugh a second. Um, but let's. But it's good he's asking for the name. He's telling them, How's everything going out there in Davenport? That is making her think, Can you do that really well? She doesn't know if she knows you yet. So, you know she's going to let you keep keep listening for a minute.

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This is giving you a call because a little while back, you spoke with one of my representatives about state regulated life insurance programs for Iowa and Alberta. I do apologize for taking so long to get back to you. My job, though, is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions you may have. Let me just confirm the information you gave my representative. You're still at four two.

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Very good pacing. Uh, your pauses are appropriate. You're not immediately saying you're like, okay, go over any questions that you have, and then immediately going into it, you know, like any questions you have, let me confirm, you know, not real quick. You're doing it. Very nice. Pace.

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Five West eighth Street.

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Awesome. And your date of birth is March 1859. Yeah. Good. I'm looking for about 5000 for your son.

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Not looking for anything right now because I can't afford it right now. I'm not. I'm not going to say I'm going to get something and I can't get it.

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Oh, sure thing, Alberta. We'll see about that. These plans are built around people making for the 600 a month and the government.

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If I don't have it, I'm not going to promise nothing, so I'm not going to get it.

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So of course, Alberta. But I have a question. Are you making more than 400 to $600 a month?

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I my income is $800 a month.

00:06:49:17 - 00:06:54:05

Oh, and Alberta, these plans are built exactly for people like you. So. Yeah, but I.

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Have other bills. I don't. I pay all my bills.

00:06:57:23 - 00:06:58:19

I completely.

00:06:58:21 - 00:06:59:18

Understand. Alberta.

00:06:59:21 - 00:07:02:05

I don't have extra money. I don't. I don't.

00:07:02:07 - 00:07:06:20

I hear you, Alberta. I'm here to work with you. I'm not. I'm not here to work with you. I bought.

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30. Okay.

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Okay. So that's not a good. That's. That's not good.

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All righty. Oh, man. I'm sorry. That was funny.

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Yeah. So that's so mean. So you don't want to get in an argument. This is a big thing where a lot of people want to get into arguments. It's a waste of time. Everything they say is, you know, Of course. Yeah, You definitely mean you got bills. You definitely don't want to take on something that you can't handle. And then, you know, either get off the phone or say something like, you know, do you want, um, like it's 50 to it's $50 too much. Is that, is that what you're saying? Because if it is, then there's no way it's a waste of time.

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Think I asked her that question at the very end. But by that point, the report was so fucked up. Oh, my bad.

00:07:55:13 - 00:07:59:16

Yeah, it's been recorded. That's okay. Uh, so, yeah, I know.

00:07:59:18 - 00:08:01:06

This has been recorded. My bad. Yeah.

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So? So, yeah. Hop off the phone. That's. That's. If she really can't afford it. Obviously, our clients need to want this, so they already request this information, so they do want it. Uh, but they also need to afford it. And if they really can't afford it and they're that quick, you did the exact right thing. You ask them a simple question. They said yes, but then they still said they can't afford it. So then you know that you don't need to really go forward anymore with this person.

00:08:26:04 - 00:08:33:09

Yeah, but still, without trying to, I'll say that much. I was not trying to be confrontational, but I guess I was.

00:08:33:23 - 00:08:35:14

Yeah. So it's confrontational.

00:08:35:19 - 00:08:42:24

Uh, so like, how, how like where at that point in that conversation that I get confrontational without trying to be.

00:08:44:00 - 00:09:15:08

Because you're just you're just trying to talk over each other. You guys are both talking and you're not agreeing with her. You're not saying, okay, yeah, you definitely don't want to take on something. You're going forward. Okay, good. You? Yeah, you're, you know what your bills are and you don't want to, you know, you don't want to promise something you can't deliver on. I'm completely with you there or something like that. It's all it's whatever they say is all gold. It's like, yeah, totally. You know, and it really is because any kind of argument, like, you guys know, uh, almost all of us have done it. Oh, well, already have some coverage. Oh, how much you got? You know, that is not. They're not going to answer that question.

00:09:15:15 - 00:09:36:01

And like, if you do it like that, Um, but so obviously right now we've established don't get confrontational ever, especially in the intro because it's not going to it's not going to work. This one, this next one is going to be a little longer. So let's play. I'm going to download this one so I can fast forward easier. Um, so let's try this this bad boy out.

00:09:36:24 - 00:09:37:15

Do you have any.

00:09:38:18 - 00:09:39:08


00:09:40:07 - 00:09:43:00

Hey, Andrew. How's everything going out there in Davenport?

00:09:43:19 - 00:09:44:09


00:09:44:20 - 00:10:02:04

See? Awesome. My name is Nathan over here at Senior Life Services, giving you a call, because a little while back, you spoke with one of my representatives about state regulated life insurance programs. And I do apologize for taking so long to get back to you, Andrew. My job, though, is to go. All right.

00:10:02:06 - 00:10:08:04

I do like that, guys. When he's like he's asking, I apologize for not getting back to you. Is this bleeds your calling.

00:10:09:05 - 00:10:13:10

I just do that with all these because even elites don't remember talking to a representative.

00:10:13:19 - 00:10:18:19

Yeah. Mean they can forget easily. It's a three minute call from the Philippines. They can easily forget.

00:10:18:23 - 00:10:26:06

And like that line, even if it's been like a week, then it just is like, wow, he's apologizing. Even though it's only been a week or a few days. Like, who knows?

00:10:27:04 - 00:10:28:15

Yep. So that's a very good practice.

00:10:28:17 - 00:10:29:22

And off guard.

00:10:30:00 - 00:10:39:08

Yeah. And I will never take that. Tell anybody not to do that. Don't care if it was yesterday. Um, so the way you can do it is like, Hey. Hey, Nathan. How's everything going out there in Vero Beach today?

00:10:41:13 - 00:10:42:03


00:10:42:14 - 00:11:05:13

All right. Well, that is good to hear. My name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason for my call is you had spoken with one of our reps a little while back regarding state regulated life insurance programs, and I apologize for not getting back to you right away. We've been swamped. Yeah, people are not calling telemarketers Do not call and apologize people. They just sound blah, blah, blah. Do you want something? You know? So that's good. That's a good practice.

00:11:05:15 - 00:11:16:04

Over those benefits with you To answer any questions you may have, let me just verify the information you gave my representative. You're still at two three, five one McKinley Avenue.

00:11:16:21 - 00:11:17:11


00:11:17:24 - 00:11:18:23

Awesome. And your date.

00:11:19:00 - 00:11:24:08

Of birth is June 7th, 1962. Yeah. Not a smoker, right?

00:11:24:20 - 00:11:25:10


00:11:25:21 - 00:11:29:10

Looking for about 25,000 to leave behind your daughter?

00:11:30:23 - 00:11:32:12

Yes. Awesome.

00:11:32:14 - 00:11:33:20

Awesome. Now, Andrew, will you.

00:11:33:22 - 00:11:52:11

Look all right? Try not to say the same words over and over again. Like, awesome, Awesome, great. You know, try to do it a little more. Okay. Very good. Like, you're moving on Just because if you say awesome and stuff like that, we're dealing with old people, so all they hear is young person, young person, too young, too young to be helping, you know, shit like that.

00:11:53:18 - 00:11:55:08

So what what should I use instead?

00:11:55:22 - 00:12:02:01

Just like, okay, you can just say, okay, because all you're doing is confirming information. He's like, like, what's awesome about it?

00:12:03:23 - 00:12:05:06

It's like, I'm really.

00:12:06:13 - 00:12:08:15

Oh, my God, you're right. You're right.

00:12:09:07 - 00:12:10:10

So, okay, good.

00:12:10:17 - 00:12:20:06

Like, whatever. No, I'm good. My my budgets kind of spin, and I got to watch what I spend, and then I can't afford it right now. Oh, I.

00:12:20:08 - 00:12:25:10

Completely understand, Andrew. But a lot of a lot of the people I do work with only every.

00:12:25:12 - 00:12:31:11

Time I say I need to get but out of my vocabulary, every time I say, but I come in with something kind of confrontational.

00:12:32:03 - 00:12:37:07

Yes, you can say no worries. Most of my clients are on fixed incomes.

00:12:37:15 - 00:12:44:03

Most of my clients are on fixed incomes because I'm saying the exact same crap without coming across as confrontational.

00:12:44:15 - 00:12:53:06

Exactly. Because bought me, you know, anything that comes after, but is disregarding, you know, that disregarding what you just said. Oh yeah, whatever.

00:12:53:08 - 00:12:58:15

But no worries. No worries, no worries. Or I'm gonna use that one. I'm gonna use that one.

00:12:58:24 - 00:13:05:02

And you probably don't understand. So you like with when you say I understand because you're not.

00:13:05:17 - 00:13:18:11

I don't I've always told everybody, don't use that word like use. I hear you use something else. I don't know why I've started using that. I need to get rid of that habit too, because I don't like. I understand. Because I don't understand exactly.

00:13:18:13 - 00:13:21:18

You don't understand. I'm like, blah, blah. And then, you know, I hear it.

00:13:21:20 - 00:13:26:18

Don't understand why you don't want to buy from me. But I hear you. Hey, you. No worries. Like, yeah.

00:13:27:11 - 00:13:33:18

Everything's just chill. It's like. Like, um. Yeah. So let's keep moving, because we'll see where this goes here.

00:13:34:04 - 00:13:48:09

A month from the government, there are very fixed incomes. So if that's you, these plans are built especially for you. I always tell people, especially if your budget isn't, you know, to go all in on 25,000 right now. A little bit of coverage to make sure that you are.

00:13:48:11 - 00:13:54:00

Everything after that was me talking too much. Like that's an argument I can always make later on in the conversation.

00:13:54:10 - 00:14:00:06

Yeah. So let's get them off that. But like most people are on fixed income, so this might be right for you. Boom. Get back to the script.

00:14:01:10 - 00:14:05:10

Because that can be brought up rambling. Once I start rambling, it's just downhill.

00:14:06:00 - 00:14:10:10

Yeah. Mean most of your sales I bet have come where it's very it seems very systematic.

00:14:12:07 - 00:14:18:18

Like you don't you don't ramble to. Yeah. You just kind of move on, move on, move on. And it's just like, you know, like moving.

00:14:18:20 - 00:14:34:12

On. I've gone the ramble once, but that's just because I've put in so many hours. Like, I'm bound to get a few of those ones, but like, you can, like, you'll see, you know, the difference between those sales I've made that are just really polished and those sales that I've made that it's just like, how the heck did that kid actually make that sale?

00:14:34:24 - 00:14:51:04

Well, yes. And then like and guys polished, all that really means is like, you're not saying more than necessary. Always say what's necessary. If you add too much to it, you don't know what's what's coming out of your mouth as you're saying it. You're just saying some stuff.

00:14:51:14 - 00:14:52:21

And then the straight line.

00:14:53:00 - 00:14:57:23

Yeah, straight lines. Just walk them down it. So let's see how you got out of this one.

00:14:58:00 - 00:15:08:07

The burden doesn't have to fall on your spouse or your daughter. It does go a long way to even have a little bit of coverage because I promise you, in today's economy, it would take a lot less.

00:15:08:09 - 00:15:13:00

Oh, I think this guy doesn't have a spouse. I think that's what he comes back with. Oh, God, 1000.

00:15:13:02 - 00:15:16:19

To make sure you get buried or cremated however you want to go. How much.

00:15:16:21 - 00:15:17:11

Do we.

00:15:17:13 - 00:15:47:11

So they already because you're saying all this now, they don't know what to say either. So they're like, okay, um, you're yeah, you are talking too much. And essentially, you know, what you need to do is just move straight to, um, like after you ask him, it's like, oh, you know, don't want that money. Um, it's like you could have just actually, you could have just told him. It's like, no, what I meant was like, would these be just for benefits for yourself? Like, would you be the insurer like you? I want answers to my questions before I move forward because I can't skip this stuff.

00:15:47:14 - 00:16:09:00

I can't skip your beneficiary. I can't skip any of that. Like, so he said, yes, but he's also like, Oh, money. And like, we're not talking about money. I'm like, Is this for you? This is like like we're not talking about money right now. And I want and you need to follow your process, not theirs. They're not allowed to just throw you off track. And if they if they do and hang up, who cares? You weren't going to make that sale anyway.

00:16:10:05 - 00:16:14:06

To talk and to get it started. And I went to be a month later.

00:16:15:10 - 00:16:17:10

So now you're down this road and it sucks.

00:16:17:15 - 00:16:19:00

Oh, I don't know that.

00:16:19:02 - 00:16:23:12

I did that for console. I did. I did all of that myself.

00:16:24:17 - 00:16:29:08

Right. So it's like you're down this road where he's already asking how much it is. Like, I don't know. And then it's like.

00:16:29:14 - 00:16:34:12

It's just an uphill battle, the whole call, because I didn't come across as the doctor in the beginning.

00:16:34:17 - 00:16:45:16

Yeah, exactly. So it's probably going to go, how much is it then you're going to say, Oh, I got to do this and that and then and then they don't want to do that. And then you kind of try to get them to do that. And then it's just a fight the whole time.

00:16:46:22 - 00:17:03:06

And from Andrew, it means I work for you, not one particular company. So what I do, I searched through all these different companies to figure out who will give you specifically the best rates and benefits. It's not like a one size fits all. You know, I ask you some health questions and I talk with you for a couple minutes.

00:17:03:08 - 00:17:11:14

I see. Now. Now I'm going on the rant again. Now I'm going on around again. Like I'm saying all the right objections, but I'm just going too far.

00:17:13:00 - 00:17:20:14

So yeah, like concise, systematic, like savage, like. Okay. Like Mika me.

00:17:20:16 - 00:17:25:09

Ronald, one size fits all. Boom. Make that point. Keep going. Yeah. Ask a question.

00:17:25:19 - 00:17:32:06

Exactly. And then just move on like. Yeah, exactly. More, more. They should talk more than you. That's bottom line.

00:17:32:12 - 00:17:38:20

And I'm losing the conversation because I'm talking. I'm like, I'm, you know, not like just talking too much.

00:17:39:11 - 00:17:45:08

And a lot of it's just going to end up being back to basics. All right. I don't say extra stuff. This is this script is a script and that's it.

00:17:46:09 - 00:17:47:10

Any for you, Andrew.

00:17:48:02 - 00:17:56:00

Okay, so. Well, I'm fine. I'm not interested in right now. I'm thinking I'm doing all right. So.

00:17:56:03 - 00:18:01:09

Okay, so this. Yeah, that 12. The next ten minutes is probably a waste of your time.

00:18:02:22 - 00:18:05:03

Yep. Agreed. Let's just move on.

00:18:05:09 - 00:18:13:07

So this is me battling objection after objection and just screwing me up even more. And so he hangs up on me.

00:18:14:12 - 00:18:36:06

So a lot of it is just grabbing control. Like whoever's in control is the one that is going to be the one that wins. Like a sale is made on every single presentation. It's just you versus it's you or him. He sold you on the fact that you don't need it or he won't go through the process or you sold them on the fact that you said you need this. So, you know, that's what I'm going to do. I'm gonna help you set it up. Oh.

00:18:37:02 - 00:18:39:16

Hey, Willy. How's everything going out here in Viera?

00:18:40:19 - 00:18:41:13

Hang them in there.

00:18:41:21 - 00:18:44:24

Hey, that's awesome, man. Oh, wow. Like five minutes from here.

00:18:45:21 - 00:18:54:09

So, you know, that's just too much. That's awesome, man. I'm hanging in there, you know? It's just not awesome. It's like hanging in there. It's not gonna let me hear that again.

00:18:54:11 - 00:18:58:21

Robert walked over here. Okay, so that was.

00:19:01:00 - 00:19:06:12

So you think I said awesome? Because I saw it was from Vero and like I was like, Oh, I'm going to.

00:19:06:14 - 00:19:08:05

Make this sale because he's been viral.

00:19:09:07 - 00:19:14:04

Yeah, but. But he said something out. He said, I'm hanging in there. And you said, That's awesome, but it's not.

00:19:14:06 - 00:19:15:14

Let me hear that. Let me hear that.

00:19:15:17 - 00:19:17:14

How's everything going out here in Vero?

00:19:18:15 - 00:19:19:12

I'll hang him in there.

00:19:19:20 - 00:19:21:03

Hey, that's awesome, man.

00:19:21:23 - 00:19:23:05

Like five minutes. My name is.

00:19:23:08 - 00:19:25:13

Oh, my God. That's horrible.

00:19:26:11 - 00:19:37:06

It's like. I mean, you could have just been, like, mean. He said, I'm hanging in there. I was like, Hey, you're not that far from us. We've been here for 50 years. You could have talked about that if he's in Vero, but you probably about to say that.

00:19:37:08 - 00:19:42:23

Giving you a call because over the last few weeks you spoke with a few of my representatives about state regulated life.

00:19:45:08 - 00:20:15:23

That's good, guys. He's using the fact that he's seeing notes at the bottom of a screen, which tells him that other people have already talked to him. So the way you handle these people is like, okay, you know, if it's just a 40 minute conversations with people, then it's time to, you know, skip some of the presentation and close. You spoke with Amanda. She said, so you got this going on, you got this going on. So what happened with you and Amanda? Bottom line, you want to know what the hell happens so that you can try to close the, you know, the people that have already been talked to before.

00:20:16:01 - 00:20:28:11

That's Floyd on him. Sorry for taking a couple of weeks to get back to you. We have been really backed up over here. My job, though, is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions you may have. Let me just I've.

00:20:28:13 - 00:20:29:16

Got VA health in life.

00:20:30:04 - 00:20:30:22

Excuse me.

00:20:31:14 - 00:20:33:21

I have VA health and life.

00:20:35:21 - 00:20:38:19

VA health and life. So you're with the VA?

00:20:39:05 - 00:20:40:13

Yes. So I'm sure.

00:20:40:15 - 00:20:42:08

You know the VA, the VA cover.

00:20:43:06 - 00:20:43:23

This is this.

00:20:43:24 - 00:20:45:01

This is argumentative.

00:20:45:03 - 00:21:12:11

This is. Okay. Okay. I know it's argumentative, but I know. I know. I know. I know. But I for some reason it didn't process me that he had life insurance with them. At the time, I thought he was just about to tell me what every VA person tells me, that like, the military is going to bury them and like I was immediately going to be like, Oh, but you know, they don't cover everything. You still want a life insurance plan in place. But you'll hear here, I just completely mess up this call. This call is a fluff up to.

00:21:12:20 - 00:21:18:10

You know, the VA, The VA covers a lot of those expenses, but they're not going to cover everything.

00:21:19:02 - 00:21:21:09

For the 2012. Everything's I bitching.

00:21:22:06 - 00:21:27:11

You're still going to probably need if you're looking at a bear, you're probably going to still need about 5000.

00:21:27:13 - 00:21:43:00

Oh my God, this is me not knowing. Like this was like I lost this call because of my knowledge, the situation and then confronted this whole day like we're just listening to the conversation after conversation from that same day. I didn't make a sale that day for a reason.

00:21:43:12 - 00:21:45:08

Okay, let's go.

00:21:47:01 - 00:21:57:22

This is like the that was the beginning of last week, I think. Yeah, that would be the beginning of last week. So we'll go backwards. This would have been. Now, this is like today. Let's go back.

00:21:59:05 - 00:22:01:08

No, no, that's. That's the beginning of last week.

00:22:01:17 - 00:22:14:10

Well, no, now I'm going now. Went all the way to the end of last week like see you on the bottom says 181 pages of this. Yeah. So now I'm going to actually, I'm just going to type in. Let's go to the beginning in the middle of the week.

00:22:14:24 - 00:22:15:19

Hi, Lily.

00:22:18:01 - 00:22:18:16

Come on.

00:22:20:19 - 00:22:24:00

How many hours that I have. Past week, you know?

00:22:26:02 - 00:22:26:17


00:22:31:05 - 00:22:33:00

Last for one week totals.

00:22:34:22 - 00:22:35:12


00:22:35:20 - 00:22:37:12

30. 30.

00:22:38:00 - 00:22:41:06

Oh. So was that second in the company? Yep.

00:22:43:04 - 00:22:45:20

Uh, thing. That's actually my worst talk time week yet.

00:22:46:23 - 00:23:07:24

Yeah, but we're trying like, so this. So guys like this is a good example. Like as you get better. I mean, here's Matt. Uh, 20 hours, five sales. Um, Jason 60. Jason's pretty new 16 hours. Three sales. Irene Irene's been here for a while, and she is a savage, so she had, like, 7000 in production.

00:23:09:13 - 00:23:23:08

Caitlin is a savage and she had lost Caitlin. Oh, three sales, 11 hours. You know, it all depends. I mean, it's sometimes it's just it's never luck, but it's who you get to speak to that week.

00:23:24:00 - 00:23:28:12

Um, and like, the more hours you put in, the more luck you're going to get to work your way.

00:23:29:08 - 00:23:38:11

Exactly. All right. Here's 29 minute call. Let's see how this is. Bad boy Ended up as if I'm downloading a sale. If you can recognize it as a sale, let me know.

00:23:40:10 - 00:23:48:12

Hey, Jeanette. How's everything going out there, Marion? Good. That's awesome. I'm glad to hear that. My name is Nathan over here.

00:23:48:23 - 00:23:51:02

She said good. So awesome. More appropriate here.

00:23:51:04 - 00:23:52:21

Senior Life Service and.

00:23:52:23 - 00:24:06:01

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Pause that pause there. Oh, I remember this lady. I hate her. I hate her. I hate her. I hate her. I thought this was going to be a sell the whole way through. And after multiple conversations, I never was able to get accounts and socials.

00:24:06:15 - 00:24:08:11

Okay, well, maybe that's all fine.

00:24:08:13 - 00:24:25:09

Some stuff, because a little while back, he spoke with one of my representatives about state regulated life insurance programs for Iowa. And Jeanette, I truly do apologize. I know we promised you we'd get back to you in a good time. And I know it's been a few months, but we've been swarmed with calls.

00:24:25:11 - 00:24:37:18

I made this more simple. I made that whole. Let me have several. What's that? Made that whole part more simple instead of making it as dramatic. Like, I don't need a paragraph long apology, I can make it short and sweet.

00:24:38:04 - 00:24:43:14

Yeah, you really can. You can be like, Sorry we didn't get back to it. We've been really been swamped. Boom, Let's move on.

00:24:43:16 - 00:24:49:09

I made it. I made it better throughout the week. Like that was midweek, and I cleaned that up at least.

00:24:50:10 - 00:24:51:05

Gotcha. Okay.

00:24:51:14 - 00:25:21:23

How many agents? So I truly do apologize, Jeanette. With that being said, my job is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions you may have. Let me just verify the information you gave my representative. You're still at 2205 Grand Avenue. Yes. Awesome. And your birthday's January 1st, 1944. Yes. Not a smoker. Looking for about 5000 to leave behind to your husband? Yes. Awesome.

00:25:22:00 - 00:25:23:15

And if I may ask, what is.

00:25:23:20 - 00:25:26:18

See how simple that was? I was like, Yes, yes, yes. You're very good at.

00:25:27:09 - 00:25:31:04

Work, said the awesome. But I said that in more of like a yes. Okay tone.

00:25:32:09 - 00:25:33:20

Awesome. Yeah. Yeah. Just like that.

00:25:33:22 - 00:25:38:04

Not I should just say. Okay. Yes. But my tone there was better.

00:25:38:13 - 00:26:04:07

It was because you're not, like, awesome. You were born. Okay? It's just like. Yep. Okay. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Like, just like. Like, you know, like you don't like this is something you have to do. And she knows that. And you are a doctor and you're just confirming. Okay, so you so you hit your knee on. I mean the doctor like so you hit your knee on, you know, so you hit your knee on the board. Okay. And then what happened after that? So, you know, just like, chill.

00:26:06:14 - 00:26:09:06

The goal of this policy with that 5000.

00:26:11:20 - 00:26:22:11

Well, you just we just just to have the extra, extra, extra, you know, it's time plan so we're happy extra money.

00:26:22:19 - 00:26:31:23

So a lot of times Jeanette the big goal with these policies is to be able to cover final expenses. First and foremost, would your goal to be cremated or buried?

00:26:32:16 - 00:26:36:15

I don't like when people do that, like cremated, buried, don't ask that question.

00:26:37:08 - 00:26:38:06

So how do I get.

00:26:38:08 - 00:26:41:11

An actual response out of the lady? Because like, I couldn't get a response out of her.

00:26:42:01 - 00:26:49:00

So she said a little extra. So you kind of just need to listen a little extra. It's like then you could immediately say, okay, so.

00:26:49:02 - 00:26:52:02

You already have a policy in place. Yes.

00:26:54:10 - 00:27:19:15

Because otherwise you're like, if you get agreement all the way through, you know. Nathan if you get get it through where it's like, all right, so you already have something in place, it sounds like, Is that something? Then you can immediately say, is that something you set up a long time ago? Okay, So yeah, you don't want to do anything with that, so you're probably no boom, boom, boom. So we're just adding 5000. Yeah. Get her to agree. We're just adding 5000, right? Not not doing anything else. Right.

00:27:19:17 - 00:27:21:18

Get you. I get you.

00:27:22:03 - 00:27:25:15

So a lot of it's just listening. And then, you know, you'll know what questions.

00:27:25:17 - 00:27:26:20

I suck at that.

00:27:28:10 - 00:27:31:11

So but if you listen like they'll give you everything you need to. So.

00:27:31:13 - 00:27:32:03


00:27:33:07 - 00:27:35:16

So. All right, let's keep moving.

00:27:35:18 - 00:27:36:08


00:27:36:10 - 00:27:46:15

Berry I would tell you, Jeanette, in today's economy, it would be a lot more than 5000. So, you know, take care of a barrier. Once you have the.

00:27:46:17 - 00:27:49:02

Expense is making the conversation negative.

00:27:50:03 - 00:28:20:19

Yeah. So confrontation and negativity is not good. And now. And now she's thinking this guy is not listening because he said, um, looking at extra. Just a little extra. So now it sounds like you're not listening to her because it was extra and first impressions. Yeah, and don't argue with anybody. Just if you guys can if you guys can master, agree and move on, even you don't even have to deal with most objections. You just agree and move on. It's it becomes a lot easier.

00:28:21:14 - 00:28:25:14

Transportation expenses, the funeral expenses. We do, we have.

00:28:25:20 - 00:28:27:16

So you're. Yeah. You're going down. This is telling.

00:28:27:18 - 00:28:28:24

Me. That's just telling.

00:28:29:01 - 00:28:32:02

Me we have several policies. Oh.

00:28:32:17 - 00:28:38:05

So boom. So you could have got that out of her. Okay, So understand that you already got something. This is just a little extra.

00:28:38:15 - 00:28:41:05

So how much in coverage do you have as of right now?

00:28:41:07 - 00:28:44:16

Oh, rookie mistake after rookie mistake.

00:28:45:24 - 00:28:47:24

Oh, I. Let me see.

00:28:50:10 - 00:28:51:00


00:28:51:08 - 00:28:52:17

Ernie. Ernie.

00:28:52:19 - 00:29:18:12

And whenever they. Whatever they tell me that they have coverage. A lot of my questions have to be geared up toward, like, what are you trying to get to total? Because I want to know if this person is just a tire kicker and wants to see how much it costs or is actually looking to add. There are so many when we deal with tire kickers, I mean, we're all tire kickers and some aspect of our lives where we just want to know. But we have no intention at all buying anything.

00:29:20:20 - 00:29:21:23

Okay, let's keep it rolling.

00:29:22:03 - 00:29:24:08

Bobby 80,000 or so.

00:29:25:08 - 00:29:29:08

Damn. Okay. What the. What is this 5000 for? This, like.

00:29:29:21 - 00:29:33:08

80,000. And between how many policies is that? 80,000?

00:29:33:24 - 00:29:35:07

About five or so.

00:29:35:21 - 00:29:45:10

Okay. And they're all whole life or term life, you know. Oh, amazing. Jeanette, I'm so. I'm so, so, so glad. So how old is the most recent policy?

00:29:47:11 - 00:29:52:18

Oh gosh, the oldest one. We've had that one for a long, long time.

00:29:52:20 - 00:29:53:20

And the newest one.

00:29:55:02 - 00:29:57:17

Uh, probably a year or two.

00:29:57:22 - 00:30:07:16

Awesome. Jeanette So I'm so, so glad to hear that you have so much coverage. So at this point, you just want a little bit extra to leave behind. So your husband.

00:30:08:12 - 00:30:09:07

Oh, yes.

00:30:09:12 - 00:30:17:10

Okay. Okay. And what about him to you? Does he have enough coverage to leave to you, Jeanette? Because I see you're making all these sacrifices.

00:30:18:00 - 00:30:24:13

Okay? Don't. Yeah, you're. You're talking too much again. You could just let her answer. You know what I mean?

00:30:24:16 - 00:30:27:01

Yeah, I know. I know.

00:30:27:09 - 00:30:30:04

Let them talk. They'll talk. I mean, if they talk, we'll talk.

00:30:30:18 - 00:30:37:14

And like, the thing is, with her. Looking back on it, she wants to talk. If I just, like, shut the heck up, she'll start talking.

00:30:38:02 - 00:30:41:20

No, I mean, you let her answer the question, but then, you know, get her back on track.

00:30:41:22 - 00:30:49:02

I know. So let me feel like I wanted to start talking, but, like and then I'm, like, sitting there after the call and I'm like, oh, why didn't they buy?

00:30:49:23 - 00:30:53:08

Yeah, well, she she was about to answer the question. Then you were talking. I know.

00:30:53:10 - 00:30:55:04

80,000. I know 80,000.

00:30:55:06 - 00:30:56:23

Oh, my God. That's a.

00:30:57:00 - 00:31:01:00

Confrontational tone. That is a confrontational tone.

00:31:03:06 - 00:31:04:23

So I'm glad we're doing this.

00:31:05:01 - 00:31:05:21

Because this is.

00:31:06:08 - 00:31:07:17

I'm losing the sale.

00:31:08:21 - 00:31:09:23

Because you're talking over.

00:31:10:00 - 00:31:11:22

Them before the final conversation.

00:31:12:00 - 00:31:20:01

Yeah, because and it's like I could tell you right now, I'm not going to listen this whole call, but like, I would I would have you do it. But you. You're confrontational.

00:31:20:06 - 00:31:21:24

I'm. You broke up a little bit.

00:31:22:11 - 00:31:53:16

I'm saying, like, I could listen to this whole call, but like a lot of the sale is lost in the beginning because it's like I got 80,000. Okay. Then you asked a good question. What about your husband? I see he's your beneficiary. Are you also his The answer? Of course. You're asking questions you know the answer to yes. Okay. Does he have about the same amount of coverage or does he have less? He's like, And what were you guys trying to do? Total, like 5000 makes no sense for this lady when she has 80. Like, why are we adding five? I don't understand. Like, like I'll ask people.

00:31:53:18 - 00:32:04:20

So we're adding five or are you trying to do 50? It's like want like 5000 makes no sense in this context. Words have 80 grand but want five more for what?

00:32:05:20 - 00:32:15:11

Housing coverage is not cheap. Jeanette So I just, I just it's amazing. It's an amazing sacrifice you two are making for each other. I can tell you to love each other very much.

00:32:16:13 - 00:32:17:03


00:32:19:15 - 00:32:25:07

So, Janette, we are a consulting firm for seniors. It's just the.

00:32:25:15 - 00:32:34:13

Okay, So you want to you want to say this in the beginning, not after like you want to ask about how much coverage later in the script, like if you're on page Uh, you know.

00:32:35:17 - 00:32:38:07

It's amazing. Prices.

00:32:40:22 - 00:32:41:21

And, you know.

00:32:42:11 - 00:33:15:11

As you guys know, I don't deviate from my own script ever. So you confirm the information. Then you can say we're consulting firm and then you can ask, where are you looking for benefits? She said yes. You asked it in a roundabout way, but she said, Yeah. Then no. Then you want to know if this is the business you had. See, you have your beneficiary here. Would this be a first policy for you? Then you can start gearing down. Okay. So that's great. Probably one of the companies we represent. Where are you trying to find a better rate? You'll get an answer because she already has the coverage. Like, have you ever And then you can get more information.

00:33:15:13 - 00:33:25:15

You were going through that process. What is the goal of the policy? And then and then you can know whether you want to present to her at all because you might not want to in this situation.

00:33:26:18 - 00:33:27:08


00:33:28:03 - 00:33:29:01

Does that make sense?

00:33:29:03 - 00:33:30:15

Yeah. Okay.

00:33:33:00 - 00:33:39:21

So, yeah, whenever I do this, guys, it's like, obviously. Nathan, We're just it's going to be a little bit of a beat down, but you hear everything you're doing.

00:33:40:03 - 00:33:40:19


00:33:41:10 - 00:33:50:13

Like you don't need me to tell you. Really. It's like, why am I getting confrontational? Like, what was the what's the point? Um, but so you want to listen.

00:33:50:15 - 00:33:53:21

To the rebuttals you're giving me are very helpful. Okay.

00:33:54:03 - 00:34:21:15

And it doesn't. And they're not even I don't even look at them as rebuttals anymore because, like, I'm just ignoring them. Okay, No worries. So you got 80 and you wanted to add five or, you know, because it sounds like you mean would be straight up. Sounds like you got enough. It's like, so what's going on? What are you really trying to do? The more I know what the real goal is, the easier it is to bring that. And they'll sell themselves because now they'll talk about the real goals and then I can just talk about it later.

00:34:24:00 - 00:34:27:18

All right. You want to move on from this one? Yeah. Okay.

00:34:30:13 - 00:34:32:19

That's 29 has 25 minutes.

00:34:41:09 - 00:34:41:24


00:34:42:21 - 00:34:45:08

Hey, John. How's everything going at Highworth?

00:34:45:19 - 00:34:46:24

Not bad. How are you doing?

00:34:47:01 - 00:34:48:08

I'm doing good, man.

00:34:48:18 - 00:34:51:11

That's a really good tone. I like that one a lot.

00:34:51:16 - 00:35:22:08

I'm doing good. Just hanging in there. My name is Nathan over here at Senior Life Services, giving you a call because a little while back, you spoke with one of my representatives about state regulated like insurance programs for Iowa. And, John, I do apologize. We did say we were going to get back to you in a good time. And I know it's taken us two months. We just had such a high call demand in your area these last couple months, and it's just been impossible to get back to everybody. So, again, I truly do apologize.

00:35:22:10 - 00:35:28:11

My job, though, is to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions you may have. Let me just bear.

00:35:28:22 - 00:35:31:04

You know, that was too much apologizing and.

00:35:31:08 - 00:35:46:08

Mention you gave my representative. You're still at 497 Bonita Drive, right. And your birthday's July 13th, 1942. Right? Great, great, great. Looking for about 5000ft behind to the children. Great.

00:35:46:24 - 00:35:48:00

Okay, great, great, great.

00:35:48:08 - 00:35:52:15

John, we are a consultant firm for. It's just.

00:35:53:13 - 00:35:55:04

That that guy breathing super loud.

00:35:56:18 - 00:35:57:08

Let me hear.

00:35:57:23 - 00:35:59:20

A fancy word. Meaning? We were quiet.

00:36:00:11 - 00:36:01:01

Yeah, that's.

00:36:01:15 - 00:36:14:18

That's it. Not one particular company. So my goal is to search around these companies to figure out which one of them will give you some breathing issues, rates and benefits. You're with me on that, Jon? Yes, sir. Awesome.

00:36:15:02 - 00:36:18:02

He's saying. Yes, sir. So he's he's listening to you. This guy is listening.

00:36:18:04 - 00:36:29:09

Yeah. John, were you looking for benefits just for yourself today? Well, go to my kids. Yeah. Yeah, well, the policy would be on your name. Are you looking for a policy for anybody else or just for you?

00:36:29:14 - 00:36:30:14

No. This me.

00:36:30:17 - 00:36:33:23

Okay, great. Great, great information. Typically handle yourself.

00:36:34:19 - 00:36:35:13

I'm sorry.

00:36:36:02 - 00:36:53:09

This is business. You typically handle yourself. Yep. Awesome. I see. Your beneficiary would be the children. How many kids you got? Two. Awesome. And they're both very responsible. They work good together and handling those final expenses. Oh, yeah. Awesome. Awesome. What's their names?

00:36:53:11 - 00:36:54:13

Tammy and Ted.

00:36:55:08 - 00:37:10:16

Tammy. Tammy or why? Why? Okay, Tammy, Is it Sloan or is it a different last name? No, Simone. Simone. S m s Simone. I know.

00:37:11:04 - 00:37:15:01

Smoke. That was a that was a stupid moment.

00:37:15:18 - 00:37:22:16

No, this is fine, though. You're just trying to get confirmation. It's okay to sound stupid when, like, you're trying to clarify stuff.

00:37:23:24 - 00:37:24:22

Hey, Eddie.

00:37:25:02 - 00:37:28:08

O s l o a.

00:37:28:10 - 00:37:29:02

M e.

00:37:29:20 - 00:37:36:06

O any So the same last name is yours for Tammy? Yes. Okay. What's your son's last name? Ted.

00:37:37:11 - 00:37:39:09

Ted. Ted? Yes.

00:37:40:08 - 00:37:41:03

My Ted.

00:37:41:23 - 00:37:42:23

Dead. Right.

00:37:43:05 - 00:37:50:08

Awesome. Ted Sloan. So. Okay. Okay. Good, good. So, John, we.

00:37:51:07 - 00:37:53:18

Okay. Okay with.

00:37:53:22 - 00:38:06:04

We. Would this be the first life insurance policy for, you know. Oh, that's great. It's probably one of the companies we represent, so this must just be for additional coverage. Or were you looking for a better way?

00:38:06:11 - 00:38:08:05

Good. This is additional.

00:38:09:09 - 00:38:11:00

So how much coverage you already got?

00:38:12:06 - 00:38:13:20

About 20,000, I think.

00:38:14:00 - 00:38:19:17

Okay. So what would be the goal in adding any additional coverage to this age goal?

00:38:19:20 - 00:38:21:01

Mean what total. Totally.

00:38:21:07 - 00:38:25:13

Yeah. What would be the goal because 20,000.

00:38:25:20 - 00:38:27:07

As of right now.

00:38:27:15 - 00:38:34:01

Um is that in whole life or term life it's a whole life and how long how long you've had that for.

00:38:34:19 - 00:38:36:13

Oh long time. 20 years.

00:38:36:15 - 00:38:47:00

Yeah. Yeah. So you're never going to touch that policy, obviously what you were able to get 20 years ago at your age then is way cheaper than you're able to get today. So you want to be buried or cremated.

00:38:47:02 - 00:38:48:22

John You're going to be buried.

00:38:49:02 - 00:38:55:15

So you have enough money to do that. So what would be the goal in adding additional coverage at this venture?

00:38:56:06 - 00:38:57:17

Just to help with everything?

00:38:58:11 - 00:39:09:06

This is so much better. Everybody, this is you were getting down to it. You got to do this every time. Like, what is the goal? What, like you have 20 grand? Like, this is so much better.

00:39:11:09 - 00:39:21:08

Just to leave a little bit extra behind. To Tammy and Ted. Yeah. Okay. And one of the benefits I don't know which company you have, John. Which company do you have?

00:39:22:07 - 00:39:23:06

I have to look.

00:39:23:16 - 00:39:24:20

Okay, but I don't.

00:39:24:23 - 00:39:25:23

I don't remember.

00:39:26:00 - 00:39:32:07

Is that whatever policy you will get today will be paid out within 24 to 48 hours. So this might even.

00:39:32:16 - 00:39:34:15

Get a little more info. Nathan. Like.

00:39:34:17 - 00:39:51:11

I know. I know. I know. I know. I know. I know. Because I still don't know what the real goal of the policy is. I still don't have a bullet to establish an emotional connection. And then I'm going on and trying to tell them some logical crap, trying to build some logical argument here.

00:39:52:22 - 00:40:22:24

And then and then knowing I mean, even if you don't have a name of the company, I always try to set them up for to understand that how we're going to set this policy up is going to be the same way they set their other policy up. Because you basically can say, okay, is that just basically you don't know because they're just you know, they've been drafting the money from your account for so long. And if they say, oh, no, they don't draft anything, then then I have to have a different conversation because it's like, are we to actually have something or is this just nonsense? You know what I mean?

00:40:25:08 - 00:40:47:14

But that's just more advanced. But mean obviously sticking to the script. But if you could just say like, okay, so how I like to ask how much are you trying to get to total, You know, because think that question just helps with so many things like, okay, so what is what is the real goal? Because if you can't answer that question. Oh, I'm just looking well, I'm not interested in presenting to you then if you're just looking. So we'll be the.

00:40:47:16 - 00:40:54:14

First policy that Tammy's head would even touch, which will definitely help because I don't know if you've ever had to go to that.

00:40:54:21 - 00:40:59:11

What's a respectful way of like, not wanting to present to them if they're just looking?

00:41:00:24 - 00:41:07:23

Uh, I mean, usually it's not. I mean, I don't know. It's all a case by case. It's like, okay. It's like we're.

00:41:08:00 - 00:41:09:16

You just don't know how to word that.

00:41:10:14 - 00:41:41:02

I mean, usually it's just like, okay. I mean, I just I'm just trying to get an accurate picture. It doesn't mean I'm just going to hang up the phone right there. It's like, okay, so if we I mean, you can always ask, so if we can find something good for you, your goal is to get to 10,000 more and then you'll have 30 total. It's like, oh, and then if they start saying, Oh, I'm just, you know, I'm just shopping around, just want to see, you know, what it costs is like, okay, well, do we have a lot of people to help? So, I mean, if this isn't something that you're really trying to do, then don't want to waste your time. You can always say waste your time. Not my time.

00:41:42:14 - 00:41:49:22

And then and then they might get right back to it. I made a lot of sales where they're like, Oh, no, no, no. I do. You know, I'm trying to do this like, Oh, okay, Well then now I can continue.

00:41:50:18 - 00:41:52:12

Process of burying somebody yourself.

00:41:52:14 - 00:42:03:13

John Okay, that's fine. They say that. So after they're like, Wait, wait, wait, wait. We actually don't want to do it. Then how do I spin them on a number that they do want or like what, what.

00:42:03:23 - 00:42:05:06

What, what's the question after that?

00:42:05:08 - 00:42:06:06

Or do I just keep going?

00:42:06:17 - 00:42:10:19

I would say what's the what's the total? You're trying to get to this just so I can know I.

00:42:10:21 - 00:42:11:24

Have to pin them on that.

00:42:13:16 - 00:42:16:08

Uh, you don't have to. You don't have to. I mean, because for.

00:42:16:09 - 00:42:17:02

The most part.

00:42:17:09 - 00:42:23:23

Yeah. I mean, you want to have some kind of idea of what they're trying to do, so you're just not spinning your wheels for no reason.

00:42:24:11 - 00:42:25:01


00:42:25:16 - 00:42:33:02

Because it can be frustrating. Be like, Oh, okay. Thank you. Bye bye. So you don't want that start.

00:42:33:06 - 00:42:50:23

Things tend to go very fast. Like funeral home will only give you like 24 hours to come up with some form of payment. And some policies might not even take 2 to 3 weeks to pay out. So with having this additional coverage today, it would be a good job to, you know, have some stuff to get.

00:42:51:10 - 00:42:56:15

So you're trying to sell him right here like you're not even close. You're not you're not at the process of selling him.

00:42:58:11 - 00:43:02:09

You just don't know where this is coming from. But he's just talking.

00:43:03:02 - 00:43:03:22

Just talking about.

00:43:03:24 - 00:43:05:06

Whatever far.

00:43:05:08 - 00:43:12:05

Off this script. I went up to Pluto and then I did down to Uranus and I couldn't even find the straight line.

00:43:12:17 - 00:43:16:16

Exactly. So, yeah, I mean, that's that's what it is. I mean, if I.

00:43:16:18 - 00:43:21:24

Was doing a great job, I was on the straight line for like four minutes perfectly.

00:43:22:01 - 00:43:22:16


00:43:22:18 - 00:43:24:19

And then boom, just did.

00:43:25:08 - 00:43:27:02

What makes you want to come off it?

00:43:28:00 - 00:43:30:00

I don't know, man. It's just.

00:43:31:24 - 00:43:58:05

I was just so off last week, man. I'm telling you, besides those rewrites that I had. Which one of them? I had a client for life, and I almost like I created a little bit of uncertainty in him. And that's a guy I've been talking to for a while now, like one of my guys like. And it's just like, dang, Like I was just out of it last week. I don't know, man. Well, the.

00:43:58:07 - 00:44:32:00

Straight line will let you be assertive. You can be assertive, you can keep them there. They aren't going to start giving you a bunch of nonsense because you've said everything you need to say. So. So I think I'm going to end it there. Nathan I really just want you to don't say buddy, and then just. Just don't let them deviate. Don't deviate, don't do anything but what's on the paper. And think like when you first, you know, your second week was, was 14 grand. I think that's the only difference you were doing. You're just like, well, I'm just going to say this stuff because you were you had you had no knowledge.

00:44:32:02 - 00:44:32:20

And. No.

00:44:32:22 - 00:44:39:01

And I had like, I sucked. I wasn't even that good. And I put up 15,000.

00:44:39:15 - 00:44:42:17

That's right. And then, yeah, you're supposed to the script should always be like.

00:44:42:19 - 00:44:45:22

I'm way better now, but I can't even put up close to that.

00:44:46:14 - 00:44:49:10

Well, are you better mean you got to ask yourself was like, Is that better?

00:44:49:12 - 00:44:55:08

Oh, no, no, I'm not better. The last week or two. Last week or two, I've been like, out of it. But, um.

00:44:57:18 - 00:45:09:01

I don't know. I need to do what I do. Back to base. Forget about it. Back to the basics and short out short memory.

00:45:09:03 - 00:45:09:18

They say.

00:45:09:20 - 00:45:24:05

That memory. That's the key in this industry, man. Like, if you're going to get angry, you're going to rage about your cause. You're not going to succeed. You're not built for this. Like, I can get anger, I can do whatever I want, and then I'll be laughing two seconds later with the next person, Right?

00:45:25:02 - 00:45:37:13

So Well. I'm glad glad we did this because this is important, guys. If you spend time just listening to your own calls, be like, Man, what am I? Why am I arguing with them? It's not even a point to argue. Don't argue ever, because you will lose sales. There's no arguing. You will.

00:45:37:15 - 00:45:45:10

Lose. You will lose every argument. The only person in this industry that has to lose in an argument is you, not the client. They have nothing to lose.

00:45:45:15 - 00:45:50:18

It's a to quote Lincoln, a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

00:45:52:23 - 00:45:56:04

So. All right, guys, I'm going to stop the recording. Thank you, Nathan.

00:45:56:22 - 00:45:57:18

Yes, Thank.

00:45:57:20 - 00:45:59:17

You, Ernie. Yeah. Can I share this?

00:46:00:17 - 00:46:03:03

Uh, yeah.

00:46:03:05 - 00:46:05:02

Do it, do it, do it. Do what you want to do.

00:46:05:10 - 00:46:17:03

No, it'll be helpful to people. So, yeah, that's the important thing. So I will stop the share, stop the recording. And I'm glad we had the session and thank you. Yeah.

00:46:18:03 - 00:46:20:10

Any time. Thank you, guys. Have a one?

00:46:20:12 - 00:46:20:21


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