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Call Review 3/30/23

Updated: Apr 12

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This is already better. The first one I just did that was kind of all over the place. But this she's going immediately into confirming information that's really important just so that you get that out there so they can trust you a little bit and at least let you continue.

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Okay, good. Can you pronounce your first name? I don't want to mess that up.

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Good. My first step is Gill.

00:05:28:19 - 00:05:34:14

Okay. Thank you. And that is Gill alum.

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name is Gary.

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And I have your address as 845.

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Northwest 200 Street. Yes. Miami Gardens, Florida. 33169.

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Perfect. And this is the best number to reach you at (561) 666-0307.

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Oh, perfect. And I have your date of birth as April 12th, 1977. Yes. Yes. And were you also born in here in Florida?

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Oh, perfect. Nice. Nice.

00:06:21:17 - 00:06:23:06

My mother was born in Daytona.

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Nice. And let's see, are you still looking.

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For about 10,000 in.

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I'm yes.

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Perfect. Okay. And I have that.

00:06:37:17 - 00:06:39:22

Your daughter would be the beneficiary?

00:06:40:12 - 00:06:42:00

Yeah, it's my son.

00:06:42:13 - 00:06:43:17

Oh, your son. Okay.

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And what's his.

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Our blessing.

00:06:48:13 - 00:06:52:15

Bless them. Yes. Also ushering brand new.

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Okay. And the same last.

00:06:54:09 - 00:06:55:01

Name as you.

00:06:55:04 - 00:06:57:19

Yes, Perfect.

00:06:59:13 - 00:07:02:00

They're very good. We're going through confirming all the information.

00:07:03:03 - 00:07:04:23

Okay. And are you a smoker?

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What is your height and weight, approximately?

00:07:12:12 - 00:07:13:13

My width.

00:07:14:15 - 00:07:15:07

Height and weight.

00:07:15:09 - 00:07:16:24

Approximately one, two.

00:07:17:04 - 00:07:18:23

Five, five, five and one total.

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Okay. Five, five. Perfect. You're in really good shape, huh?

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Okay, so I don't like the one thing here. Here is we're kind of just going into health questions with no reason. Giving them no reason to why you're asking these questions. It might have been a follow up from another agent. Obviously, if they wrote notes and qualified them, then use that, but it doesn't look like they did here. So you want to always at least like there's so many reasons why the script is in place, but this is the main reason. You tell them that? So that way when they start asking answering these health questions, they can actually give you answers that actually make sense.

00:08:03:08 - 00:08:14:21

Like Nicky, correct me if I'm wrong, but if you don't tell them why they ask questions, if you just say, Hey, babe. Bob, how's everything going out there in Vero Beach? Oh, great. Okay. Well, yeah, we're going to look at life insurance Now I'm going to ask you some health questions so you know, what's your height and weight?

00:08:17:02 - 00:08:35:03

If you do it like that, you're going to have a harder time. So you want to tell them it really does work. Like, all right, now that you've told me a lot about yourself, like you have, like we've skipped the beneficiary information. Like what the goal of the policy is. You know, if we didn't skip it, it was so quick that I barely didn't register. Nicky, did you hear it at all?

00:08:36:17 - 00:08:40:07

Uh, no. I think she was a little bit off scripted there.

00:08:40:14 - 00:08:55:24

Okay. Because, yeah, I mean, if they're like, we have to give them reasons for everything we're doing, just, you know, that's the generation we're in nowadays. Like, so whenever you look at life insurance or policies that pay for final expenses, you always want to be asked health questions because it does allow you to get a better plan and a better rate.

00:08:56:09 - 00:08:59:06

Right. And getting them to agreeing to the insurance.

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Yeah. And of course actually going into a presentation.

00:09:03:09 - 00:09:06:13

Yeah. Because that's the main thing we like are the.

00:09:08:00 - 00:09:25:10

What sets it off and allows you to actually present. It's not really verifying the info like you're presenting when you start asking, when you start telling them this stuff. First, in your life services. We work with many companies, but there's no reason to say this stuff. If there's no reason, if they can't give you a reason for the policy.

00:09:27:05 - 00:09:58:01

So that's really what I'm getting at. Like if don't have that and then there and then there's no reason for the health questions now. Need a reason for that now. Need a reason for to get there. Banking. I need a reason for them to not want term coverage and want like AARP or globe life. I need to find the right company. Then I need a reason to tell them, you know, which policy to pick or if they pick it. So it's always it's just systematic guys. We want to be very systematic with everything we're doing. All it is, is a straight line. You're just leading them down the down the road there.

00:09:58:16 - 00:10:00:03

All right. Let's continue this.

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00:10:01:19 - 00:10:03:00

And who is.

00:10:03:02 - 00:10:07:15

Your primary care doctor or little hospital that you would go to if you get sick?

00:10:07:17 - 00:10:10:04

Oh, I'll go. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson.

00:10:10:06 - 00:10:10:21


00:10:12:17 - 00:10:14:16

Jackson South. Yes.

00:10:15:12 - 00:10:17:13

Okay. Perfect. Miami Garden.

00:10:19:04 - 00:10:21:03

He's on Miami. Miami Gardens.

00:10:22:02 - 00:10:27:13

Perfect. Okay. And let's see.

00:10:27:15 - 00:10:28:21

I'm sure that there was coming.

00:10:29:23 - 00:10:30:13


00:10:30:15 - 00:10:31:05


00:10:32:00 - 00:10:33:06

Okay, So now I'm just.

00:10:33:08 - 00:10:45:16

Going to go over some health questions with you that are on the application. Everyone is asked the same questions. There's no right or wrong answers. But the more information you give me about your health, the better I am to.

00:10:45:21 - 00:11:17:18

Okay, So she came back around to it. So you were she was just getting like super basic info. But I would I would move that stuff, even that basic info to all of it being health qualifications like doctor's name, height and weight, all that stuff is part of health. So you might as well do that in one block, not not get some info and then decide that, you know, now we're going to ask the health questions because it should all be like, this is where I tell you about, you know, the benefits. This is where we do the health questions. This is where you give me the banking. So very systemized all the way down.

00:11:18:09 - 00:11:21:20

Put you in the best plan that's going to give you the best options for you.

00:11:22:22 - 00:11:23:12


00:11:24:06 - 00:11:24:21

Okay, great.

00:11:24:23 - 00:11:26:06

So have you ever.

00:11:26:08 - 00:11:27:23

Had a heart attack, congestive.

00:11:28:00 - 00:11:29:21

Failure or any other heart disease?

00:11:30:05 - 00:11:30:20


00:11:32:01 - 00:11:33:05

No, Perfect.

00:11:33:08 - 00:11:35:13

I don't have an engine that was out.

00:11:36:18 - 00:11:39:21

With Parkinson's or or muscular disease.

00:11:40:06 - 00:11:42:16

I'm skipping through the health question a little bit. Oh.

00:11:43:11 - 00:11:44:16

Okay. And what about.

00:11:44:24 - 00:11:57:11

It does look like you're reading them verbatim, which is good. If you're new and you don't, you can't shorten it, then definitely read them. It's better to be right as far as qualifying underwriting than doing it fancy.

00:11:59:04 - 00:12:01:18

Uh, any chronic illness or hepatitis?

00:12:02:02 - 00:12:02:17


00:12:03:07 - 00:12:05:02

And what? Any diabetes?

00:12:05:08 - 00:12:05:23


00:12:06:18 - 00:12:08:16

And have you had coronavirus.

00:12:08:18 - 00:12:09:15

In the last three years?

00:12:09:24 - 00:12:10:14


00:12:11:11 - 00:12:13:14

Perfect. Perfect. So I would.

00:12:13:16 - 00:12:15:02

Also love to apply an additional.

00:12:15:04 - 00:12:16:13

Discount for you as.

00:12:16:15 - 00:12:17:22

Well based on the financial.

00:12:17:24 - 00:12:18:24

Institution you use.

00:12:19:02 - 00:12:30:20

We are partnered with many banks throughout the United States, so if you just give me the name of your bank, I can see it within our system. I'll confirm the routing number and we'll be able to supply an additional 10% off your premium.

00:12:31:05 - 00:12:31:20

All right.

00:12:33:03 - 00:12:34:21

Okay. So what's the name of your bank?

00:12:37:11 - 00:12:39:18

What is the name of your bank? So I can see if.

00:12:39:20 - 00:12:40:11

It's partnered with.

00:12:40:13 - 00:12:41:03


00:12:41:06 - 00:12:43:07

My bank? Yes, sir.

00:12:43:20 - 00:12:44:10


00:12:46:02 - 00:12:46:17


00:12:46:20 - 00:12:47:10

Bank of.

00:12:47:12 - 00:12:52:03

America. I know for a fact they do partner with us. And you do? The one in Miami Gardens?

00:12:52:08 - 00:12:52:23


00:12:54:16 - 00:12:56:02


00:12:56:07 - 00:13:01:08

Okay, so that seemed a little. That seemed a little bit off. We're going to go back a little bit, guys.

00:13:01:11 - 00:13:05:06

To apply an additional discount for you as well. I can see.

00:13:05:16 - 00:13:08:08

All right. Just want to make sure I heard that correctly. Additional discount.

00:13:09:07 - 00:13:11:08

My bank. Yes, sir.

00:13:11:17 - 00:13:12:07


00:13:12:09 - 00:13:12:24


00:13:14:14 - 00:13:15:07

Bank of America.

00:13:15:22 - 00:13:20:04

I know for a fact they do partner with us. And you do? The one in Miami Gardens?

00:13:20:10 - 00:13:21:00


00:13:24:07 - 00:13:26:08

Okay. I'm just punching that in the system.

00:13:26:16 - 00:13:27:06

Pull it.

00:13:27:08 - 00:13:27:23


00:13:29:10 - 00:13:37:12

So, Nick, I don't think we ever said, like, what plan was best or. Like what plan would work out for them before asking for this? Correct?

00:13:40:19 - 00:13:41:09

Like we have.

00:13:42:03 - 00:13:44:18

But let's just continue like we went right into the close.

00:13:44:24 - 00:13:49:24

Yeah, because we want to tell them about the company a little bit. But no, let's just find out like, what happens here

00:13:54:07 - 00:13:54:22

for you.

00:13:55:09 - 00:13:56:22

Okay, perfect.

00:13:56:24 - 00:14:00:09

And do you happen to have your your checkbook.

00:14:00:11 - 00:14:03:21

Was used, but I can verify the routing number, so make sure that I pulled up the right one.

00:14:04:21 - 00:14:05:11


00:14:05:13 - 00:14:09:03

I called. When I call back, I give the number. I'm out. Work now.

00:14:09:24 - 00:14:11:20

Oh, okay. Okay. I just wanted to.

00:14:11:22 - 00:14:16:12

Give it to you to verify that's all that I pulled up the right. The right Bank of America?

00:14:17:00 - 00:14:17:15


00:14:18:22 - 00:14:19:12


00:14:19:14 - 00:14:23:01

No, that's okay. I can come back. So I'm going to write down the one I did pull up.

00:14:23:03 - 00:14:28:05

So thank you. High school. The president statement saying in part, they will.

00:14:29:24 - 00:14:46:00

Okay. So the guy must have just, like, hung up there. So he got a little sketched out about banking. But but a lot of the reason people will get sketched out is because we don't sound like professionals, like we're not going down a straight line system. So that's what I got from that. Nikki, any thoughts about the call here?

00:14:48:08 - 00:15:23:08

My. My thoughts would just be to, uh, to definitely go back and go back to the original script and just to stay to with the script and to just get more comfortable with the script and just to put in some more talk time and let's see exactly what 25 hours of talk time would do to make this presentation sound more aligned, because it looks like that the most spot where she lost the client was where she was able to verify the information even though that her phone was breaking up.

00:15:23:17 - 00:15:48:16

But then when she skipped the part where she was building where the need was, there was no need there. And then we also skip the benefit part, too. So he didn't know exactly what he was getting his checkbook for. So I just think with some more time and and that's why we're losing them in the close there is just because they're not being explained exactly what's going on with the benefits and what they're getting.

00:15:48:22 - 00:16:23:17

Right. Yeah, people aren't going to grab a checkbook if you haven't actually given them any numbers and they haven't picked a plan. If they do and they're nice, I mean, they might verify the routing mean have you know, sometimes like I've heard people giving account numbers but that's just because they're off their rocker that day. But if you don't follow the process like as far as. So it's only like it's only like a few steps. So all you need to do verify info, make sure that they know that you're not not scamming people. Uh, definitely go over, find out about their insurance. Like, do they currently have anything? Are they trying to add? What? What are they doing? What's the reason for the policy? 100% have to have that.

00:16:23:19 - 00:16:39:07

I won't go forward without that. You got the beneficiaries names, which is good because it's very good to get as many whoever is going to be affected by the policy, get everybody involved. So that was good. And then you want to tell them the good stuff about no matter which plan you pick, it's going to come with this stuff.

00:16:41:03 - 00:16:50:21

And that health and then you know, actually presenting the plans and then banking because you don't want to you don't want to ask somebody there for their bank account number before you told them what exactly they're buying.

00:16:52:23 - 00:17:23:04

So I did. Before you joined. I pulled the reports. So, yeah, think talk time is going to be a big issue here, guys. But it's it's just that, you know, we got to get into a groove. So I think the average I had over the past couple of weeks because that's as far as I go back was about 19 minutes a day and then I had 41 contacts a day. So we got to pump those numbers up, pumping those numbers up just by default. Even if you never used any script, it would make you better at this. But that's the first thing. Tara We're definitely going to get back to the script. That's like.

00:17:23:11 - 00:17:36:19

Like 100% has to be. Now I want to find Nikki. Um. So I only have because I can only go back two weeks. I only have 196 minutes to pull from. But I want to try to find like if we can find one.

00:17:38:13 - 00:17:39:21

Like full presentation.

00:17:42:04 - 00:17:50:17

There's eight minutes saw. Not that we can't get information and you know, use it from these, but like the if we can find one longer call we better.

00:17:53:19 - 00:17:56:03

But if not, we can also go over to Cat.

00:17:59:08 - 00:18:02:18

All right, so. Almost there.

00:18:11:18 - 00:18:17:03

All right. So I only saw one that was eight minute. That was the longest one that I could find. Nikki. So let's go over to Kat.

00:18:21:08 - 00:18:22:08

It's okay to take your time.

00:18:33:05 - 00:19:07:20

All right, so we're gonna do the same thing that we did. The last agent. So I want to run some reports. See how you're doing. This isn't a perfectly accurate, but it comes pretty close. Like if I do two weeks. Almost. Exactly. Just run it. Find out, like where we're at. All right, so two weeks. So this is a little better here. It's a lot better. But so 1274, I'm just going to call it ten days of dialing ten. So 127 minutes a day. So like to where like two hours, seven minutes and then 1500 calls.

00:19:07:22 - 00:19:31:12

1580. That's better by far. And that's divided by ten days. So the contacts are there, like here. So our contacts are here. We're trying to hit 150 or 5 hours more. We obviously want five hours with less than 150 contacts. But, you know, the activity is there. We just got to get into more presentations. So think we can certainly help with that. So let me pull up some calls.

00:19:34:11 - 00:19:38:07

Uh, I'm just going to pull because she's got enough talk time. I'm just going to pull this week, Nikki.

00:19:39:23 - 00:19:40:12


00:19:42:09 - 00:19:46:21

And it's probably better to find. Yeah, the most recent ones.

00:19:49:14 - 00:19:51:20

So this was at 1057.

00:19:55:05 - 00:19:57:04

I think this is her dialing today.

00:20:01:23 - 00:20:07:08

Yeah. So she's getting after pretty quick today. So let's find some calls here.

00:20:09:03 - 00:20:12:04

Here's 18 minutes. 31 seconds. You want to. Let's try this one.

00:20:20:13 - 00:20:21:08


00:20:21:11 - 00:20:23:16

Hi, Miss Terry. How's everything going today?

00:20:24:12 - 00:20:27:08

It's going pretty well. How about with you, honey?

00:20:27:14 - 00:20:31:00

Hey, I'm doing okay. Thanks for asking. I appreciate that.

00:20:33:15 - 00:20:37:18

Say that again, huh? Huh? I said say that again. What did you say?

00:20:38:00 - 00:20:40:04

I said, thank you for being so sweet asking.

00:20:40:06 - 00:20:46:23

Hey, I try, I Hopefully I can help you out today. My name is Katelyn over here at Senior Life Services. A little while back.

00:20:47:08 - 00:21:07:19

Good intro. I mean, I would still I still really would like everybody to to just, you know, do it this way. How's everything been going? Because it's just it really will help you. People don't know how to react to that. They assume it's a friend. So go ahead and like. Like, just use it. Just try it for a week. Believe me, your responses will be far better.

00:21:08:15 - 00:21:14:17

If you had inquired about a life insurance policy for yourself. I'm just calling you back because she had all the benefits in place on.

00:21:15:16 - 00:21:16:06


00:21:17:09 - 00:21:27:24

Now how that could be confusing. You know, mean make sure you have all the benefits in place. If this is a follow up, I really don't know. I'm a little lost. So she might be too.

00:21:28:11 - 00:21:30:05

How do we go about doing it?

00:21:30:16 - 00:21:38:05

Okay. Real simple. So I'm just going to verify all your information real quick that I that I have just.

00:21:38:21 - 00:21:41:11

You are aware, honey.

00:21:41:13 - 00:21:44:12

I'm actually in Fort Pierce, Florida, on the Treasure Coast.

00:21:44:21 - 00:21:47:06

Oh, my gosh. And how do I know you?

00:21:47:15 - 00:21:55:13

Um, I don't know if you do know me, but you had reached out for information about life insurance, so that's why I'm trying to return a call.

00:21:56:00 - 00:21:58:10

Okay, well, I wasn't sure if you were in town or not.

00:21:58:20 - 00:22:09:22

Know, Orlando is pretty close, like an hour or two hours away from me. Not not too far away. If I was close by, I probably stopped by if you wanted me to. Because we do do like do like in person.

00:22:10:06 - 00:22:12:06

And what's your first name again, honey?

00:22:12:08 - 00:22:12:23

My name.

00:22:13:00 - 00:22:13:15

Is Caitlyn.

00:22:13:20 - 00:22:15:03

CAITLYN Okay. Yes, ma'am.

00:22:15:16 - 00:22:20:06

Yeah. My mom made me offer Miami vice. Don Johnson's a Oh.

00:22:20:15 - 00:22:22:18

Did you read her name?

00:22:24:07 - 00:22:25:22

That was way back, wasn't it?

00:22:25:24 - 00:22:26:17


00:22:26:23 - 00:22:30:06

Yeah. Oh, that. Back in the 90 seconds.

00:22:30:17 - 00:22:32:01

I like the name. Yeah.

00:22:32:03 - 00:22:40:18

Oh, thank you. I appreciate that. Yes, ma'am. Let me just verify the information that I have. Here it is. Terry Donaldson right.

00:22:41:00 - 00:22:45:16

Now, Terry is my nickname. I'm Connie. Teresa. But Connie.

00:22:45:18 - 00:22:47:23

Teresa. Okay. I see how you got that.

00:22:48:14 - 00:22:56:23

You were going to do something that has to be, um. Oh, gosh, you're not, you know.

00:22:58:24 - 00:23:15:02

What's the word? I'm trying to think. I go by Terry. Connie, Teresa. But Terry is my nickname. Yes, ma'am. For anything like that's personal. Like. Like the senior stuff. Yeah. Connie? Teresa.

00:23:15:07 - 00:23:17:24

Connie. Teresa. You got it. That's a nice name.

00:23:18:13 - 00:23:20:06

Do you have my last name spelled on?

00:23:20:24 - 00:23:25:03

I have it spelled D. Oh, 21st. 1945.

00:23:25:10 - 00:23:38:16

That's right. So that's very good. This information is being verified. And this lady is almost acting like shock, like. Oh, that's right. Like, yeah. So everybody should be coming to this conclusion. This lady is like, Oh, yeah, you have all my information.

00:23:39:07 - 00:23:41:08

Hi, Tony. It's coming around the corner.

00:23:41:14 - 00:23:43:07

That's good. Thank you. It's almost.

00:23:43:09 - 00:23:43:24


00:23:44:08 - 00:23:49:11

Yes, ma'am. I had your security question. Was your favorite food was chicken.

00:23:50:02 - 00:23:51:03

I do like chicken.

00:23:51:05 - 00:23:51:20


00:23:51:22 - 00:23:54:10

And then your beneficiary would be your spouse.

00:23:55:02 - 00:23:55:19


00:23:55:21 - 00:24:00:14

Oh, fantastic. Your husband. How long have you guys been married for?

00:24:01:08 - 00:24:08:11

Well, December 18th will be, I think, 51. We got married.

00:24:08:21 - 00:24:20:20

So I'm impressed. So far, this has been very the only thing that I've said so far has been like, just so you know, just use that because it really works. But you're asking the right questions. You're actually building some rapport that.

00:24:22:08 - 00:24:28:22

It's germane to selling life insurance like your husband is a beneficiary. Like what's his name? How long you guys been together? All that stuff will help you.

00:24:29:17 - 00:24:30:07


00:24:30:18 - 00:24:34:24

December 18th, 1970. I think it.

00:24:35:01 - 00:24:35:20

Was. Get out!

00:24:35:22 - 00:24:43:04

That's. That's. That's terrific. Hey, I'll tell you something about myself. My mind's around the corner for years. Mine's the 20. The 21st.

00:24:43:06 - 00:24:44:06

Oh, is it?

00:24:44:20 - 00:24:50:24

Actually me? Me and my husband eloped on my. My grandparents wedding anniversary, and it was their 50th that year.

00:24:51:07 - 00:24:55:09

Oh, how nice. Yeah. Where do y'all live now? We're in Fort.

00:24:55:11 - 00:24:56:05

Pierce, Florida.

00:24:56:09 - 00:25:01:08

Oh, you're Fort Pierce? Yes, ma'am. Well, that's nice. And you got me up here in Orlando.

00:25:01:18 - 00:25:04:08

Hey, if I ever get over there, I'll stop by. Oh, I'd.

00:25:04:10 - 00:25:06:15

Love it if you would. That'd be. Oh, I.

00:25:06:17 - 00:25:13:23

Know. I just wish we did more of this person to person stuff. With the coronavirus, we really slowed down. Oh, you know, but.

00:25:14:24 - 00:25:22:05

Even if you come up here and you don't want to come to the house, call me, and I'll meet you somewhere and we'll go have lunch or dinner.

00:25:22:08 - 00:25:25:21

Oh, that was fantastic. I love you. You're great.

00:25:25:23 - 00:25:26:23

Oh, you're so sweet.

00:25:27:16 - 00:25:29:15

Oh, I love you, too, baby.

00:25:30:05 - 00:25:49:04

Hey, I'm just trying to help people. So we do work with seniors that are usually on fixed incomes, so, you know, we're just trying to find the most affordable rates for you. You know, we're going to go over some medical questions real quick. No doctors are going to come knocking at your door. That's the nice part. And I'll find you a good benefit. Okay.

00:25:49:10 - 00:25:50:08

All righty. All right.

00:25:51:04 - 00:26:05:17

Okay. So I never heard her reason. I did hear I mean, don't know where this is going yet, but, uh. If it goes right into health questions, we're doing something wrong because we don't know what what she's doing with this money or what the goal is yet. So there's no way to tell until we just listen to it.

00:26:05:21 - 00:26:11:24

Now, I do have to ask, do you have any life insurance going on right now or.

00:26:12:01 - 00:26:12:16


00:26:12:19 - 00:26:14:23

I do not. Okay.

00:26:15:00 - 00:26:15:15


00:26:15:17 - 00:26:16:07


00:26:16:09 - 00:26:19:19

Are you on county? We did, but we don't.

00:26:20:01 - 00:26:20:24

Say that again.

00:26:21:10 - 00:26:29:17

My husband used to work for Orange County Public Utilities. Okay. And when he worked for them, we did have life insurance, but we hadn't had it.

00:26:30:03 - 00:26:34:10

Gotcha, gotcha, Gotcha. Hey, there's no time like the present.

00:26:34:12 - 00:26:36:06

So I. No, that's true.

00:26:37:02 - 00:26:46:21

Give me one second here, dear. Okay, So let's go over those medical questions real quick. Like, real simple, real easy now. What's your current height and weight?

00:26:47:09 - 00:26:52:09

Oh, I'm five two. And I hate to say a weight.

00:26:52:19 - 00:26:54:13

I hate asking, ladies. I know it.

00:26:54:15 - 00:26:55:07

Oh, gosh.

00:26:56:01 - 00:26:56:19

What would you like?

00:26:56:21 - 00:26:57:17

What would you like to weigh?

00:26:57:19 - 00:26:58:20

I should. I should ask.

00:26:59:14 - 00:27:00:04


00:27:00:06 - 00:27:01:04

Let's do one.

00:27:01:11 - 00:27:22:08

Don't think, Tara. Definitely tell her that it's going to be a better rate if she asks. Answers these health questions. Tell her why. Give her a better reason. And that's and that's just following the script. I think if you once you start following the script, think you're going to shred this, you're you're good off the cuff with, you know, just having nice little chats with people. So the script will make your job so much easier.

00:27:23:14 - 00:27:24:04


00:27:25:17 - 00:27:27:06


00:27:27:08 - 00:27:29:15

Sounds good to me. Sounds good to me, dear.

00:27:29:21 - 00:27:31:18

Oh, I hate. I love.

00:27:32:08 - 00:27:34:21

I try to lose weight all the time. It's impossible.

00:27:35:13 - 00:27:36:03


00:27:36:05 - 00:27:37:24

We've all got something we got to be better at, right?

00:27:38:03 - 00:27:39:24

Yeah. Yeah. You're all right.

00:27:40:06 - 00:27:42:08

Thank you, honey, for your understanding.

00:27:42:10 - 00:27:45:19

Yep. Yep. We all got something. Are you a smoker?

00:27:46:04 - 00:27:47:07

No, no, no.

00:27:47:09 - 00:27:47:24


00:27:48:01 - 00:27:51:15

So you did that, right? You know, I struggle with that myself.

00:27:51:17 - 00:27:57:08

So no smoking, no drinking. I was raised in my religion where you don't do it.

00:27:57:13 - 00:28:02:14

That's right. That's right. Hey, I learned the hard way, so I. I got saved by grace, so.

00:28:02:16 - 00:28:03:08

Oh, bless.

00:28:03:10 - 00:28:04:00


00:28:04:02 - 00:28:05:00

Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.

00:28:05:02 - 00:28:09:22

I'm proud to say I love you because I know that's a hard habit. Yeah.

00:28:11:06 - 00:28:15:20

Yeah, it's definitely troubling. But, you know, God helps us with everything.

00:28:15:22 - 00:28:17:03

That's absolutely.

00:28:17:05 - 00:28:21:16

I really learned that this this week, that he just is always there for us no matter what, so.

00:28:21:18 - 00:28:24:22

Oh, that's so sweet. I'm glad you had the experience.

00:28:24:24 - 00:28:29:14

Oh, yeah. Hey, even if I don't help you find life insurance, you know, at least we can have a good conversation today.

00:28:30:00 - 00:28:32:21

Oh, don't say that. Help her find it.

00:28:33:11 - 00:28:34:01


00:28:34:03 - 00:28:34:19


00:28:35:23 - 00:28:47:10

That's all good. I'll be able to help you out. No worries, sweetie. Um, any. I'm gonna make this quick for you because I know. I know you're healthy, So any heart issues, lung issues, Parkinson's, stroke, seizures.

00:28:48:04 - 00:28:57:20

I will have to say that I do have breathing problems, and I see a pulmonologist.

00:28:57:22 - 00:28:58:12


00:28:58:14 - 00:29:04:10

Okay. Is it anything like. Like COPD or emphysema or.

00:29:05:05 - 00:29:13:04

Well, they don't say COPD, not emphysema, but it's probably more like COPD. Okay.

00:29:13:06 - 00:29:18:10

Okay. But have you ever been formally diagnosed with any condition with your lungs?

00:29:19:19 - 00:29:23:21

Yeah, I'm trying to think. I was in the hospital once. Uh.

00:29:24:15 - 00:29:31:23

This is good. You're. You're trying to get to the bottom of it. So, like, COPD is not really gonna answer your question. It's probably bronchitis or something like that.

00:29:32:00 - 00:29:34:16

Name some things, cause I don't have it.

00:29:34:18 - 00:29:37:24

Yeah, you got it. So you do use oxygen, right?

00:29:38:04 - 00:29:43:04

No, I wish I did. Sometimes I have a CPAP.

00:29:44:22 - 00:29:48:00

I would like to help you breathe sleep apnea.

00:29:48:06 - 00:29:48:21


00:29:49:00 - 00:29:49:15


00:29:50:18 - 00:29:52:06

Because I know that.

00:29:54:04 - 00:29:58:00

I wonder if it's just from your sleep apnea, though, that you're just having a hard time breathing.

00:29:59:10 - 00:30:00:01


00:30:00:07 - 00:30:03:00

Probably so. Okay. Okay.

00:30:03:13 - 00:30:08:20

I don't know if we want to put that in her head because. But mean we'll get to inhalers, and that'll pretty much tell you the whole story.

00:30:09:10 - 00:30:19:09

That makes sense. I don't. We're going to go with that one. Okay. Because there's no, like, formal diagnosis, but sleep apnea, eh?

00:30:19:17 - 00:30:21:04

That's right. That's good.

00:30:21:19 - 00:30:24:05

My old man's got one of those machines, too.

00:30:24:12 - 00:30:25:07

Does he?

00:30:25:09 - 00:30:29:06

Oh, yeah. I like the sound of it, though. It kind of. It's kind of peaceful to me, but.

00:30:29:11 - 00:30:31:15

Yeah, I'm telling you at night.

00:30:32:08 - 00:30:33:03


00:30:33:05 - 00:30:39:05

It is great. Yeah, it is great. That's the only time I have to use. There you go.

00:30:39:07 - 00:30:40:21

Hey, that's. That's all good.

00:30:41:20 - 00:30:42:11

Thank you.

00:30:43:02 - 00:30:44:11

Do we. Do you have any kind.

00:30:44:13 - 00:30:46:20

Of sweet diabetes? Thank you.

00:30:46:23 - 00:30:48:08

Type two. Okay.

00:30:49:04 - 00:30:50:24

Is it type one? Type two?

00:30:51:06 - 00:30:52:24

Yeah, just type two do.

00:30:53:01 - 00:30:56:04

Okay. Now, is that managed with the pill?

00:30:57:03 - 00:30:59:09

I'm trying to think what would that be?

00:31:00:04 - 00:31:03:03

What kind of pills do diabetics take usually?

00:31:03:17 - 00:31:04:11


00:31:04:13 - 00:31:05:03


00:31:08:16 - 00:31:09:14

Name some.

00:31:09:18 - 00:31:12:10

Okay. I am metformin.

00:31:14:19 - 00:31:17:06

You know, I used to take metformin. Okay.

00:31:17:09 - 00:31:19:04

Okay. Um,

00:31:20:22 - 00:31:30:14

I'm going down my list here. So there's one called Glimpses Deal Glucose. These are some funny names. Glucose stage, glucose control.

00:31:30:23 - 00:31:31:15


00:31:32:17 - 00:31:34:23

Um. Hamlin.

00:31:35:18 - 00:31:36:08


00:31:37:06 - 00:31:44:08

Jan Genuine. Genuine. No. Landreth. No microRNAs.

00:31:45:08 - 00:31:45:23


00:31:46:16 - 00:31:49:00

But you do manage it with a with a pill.

00:31:50:07 - 00:31:53:24

Well, I'm just trying to think if it's a.

00:31:57:02 - 00:32:31:00

This is good. Uh, this is good. Kat, you're really trying to narrow it down Like you really want to know, and it's okay. Like, she understands that. You want to know. Uh, one thing you probably could say is, like, is it. Is it insulin, or is it just pills? Like, if it's just pills, then usually you don't have to worry too much. Uh, so that way you don't have to spend that much time on it. But it's not a bad thing at all to be like, All right, get the actual medication so I know what it is. So many of our clients are going to be like thinking it's a, you know, it's happened 100 times. They think this is for this and they give you a medication and it's not for diabetes at all.

00:32:31:02 - 00:32:36:17

It's for something completely different. Then you got to look that up and you find out some information that actually helps you.

00:32:37:07 - 00:32:38:14

I don't think so.

00:32:38:24 - 00:32:41:17

The gabapentin. No, it's not.

00:32:43:05 - 00:32:43:20

Uh oh.

00:32:44:04 - 00:32:55:05

Okay. Oh, it's not. It's not that big a deal as long as you know, because those are some funny names. As long as you know that you manage it with the pill. Is that correct?

00:32:55:19 - 00:32:56:13


00:32:56:16 - 00:32:59:01

And now why can't I think of what it is?

00:32:59:12 - 00:33:01:17

Uh, because they're funny names.

00:33:01:20 - 00:33:08:00

One of those is something that's very known.

00:33:08:17 - 00:33:15:23

No, no, because metformin is, like, really a lot of times that's what I hear.

00:33:16:00 - 00:33:17:09

Yeah, I think it is.

00:33:17:23 - 00:33:27:23

And it's usually like. It's like what? Metformin. It's usually some other pill that they usually go to. Sometimes when that one's not working good, sometimes they, they kind of hop around.

00:33:28:13 - 00:33:29:17

It is metformin.

00:33:29:21 - 00:33:31:18

That makes sense to me because that's that.

00:33:31:20 - 00:33:32:18

Comes back around.

00:33:32:20 - 00:33:33:19

It's metformin. Yeah.

00:33:34:07 - 00:33:40:01

Do you have any kind of how do you say any kind of Parkinson's or Alzheimer's?

00:33:40:19 - 00:33:41:09


00:33:41:21 - 00:33:42:16

Any dementia?

00:33:43:16 - 00:33:50:01

I'm fixing to ask my doctor about memory, but so far, not a thing. That's good.

00:33:50:03 - 00:33:54:20

No, no, no. No formal diagnosis. Really. Just the diabetes.

00:33:55:07 - 00:33:57:17

Right? Like, how do you say.

00:33:57:22 - 00:34:00:07

Tingling in your fingers and toes?

00:34:00:10 - 00:34:01:24

Nope. Nope. Hey.

00:34:02:06 - 00:34:03:00

You're doing good.

00:34:03:12 - 00:34:04:10

That is good.

00:34:04:12 - 00:34:13:21

You're doing good. You're doing good. One more. You don't require anybody to help you with, like, daily assistance or wheelchair or. Nope. Okay. Hey.

00:34:14:06 - 00:34:18:17

Nap. I'm going to the airport. I do a wheelchair, and.

00:34:18:20 - 00:34:20:14

And I don't blame you because you.

00:34:20:16 - 00:34:23:05

Know how far a lot of walking. Yeah.

00:34:23:20 - 00:34:25:18

You you go on vacation a lot.

00:34:26:14 - 00:34:35:24

I use because I'm been a travel agent but used to travel a lot. Travel agent don't do as much. But my family lives in Utah.

00:34:36:11 - 00:34:37:01

Oh, that's.

00:34:37:03 - 00:34:37:18


00:34:38:03 - 00:34:39:23

So that's the main place we go.

00:34:40:05 - 00:34:44:03

Oh, that's cool. I heard I've never been up there, but I heard it's beautiful.

00:34:44:05 - 00:34:49:24

Oh, it's great. And, you know, one day we don't. We don't ski, but they live near Park City.

00:34:50:17 - 00:34:59:17

She's trying to talk about, you know, that she was a travel agent. Obviously, that that career doesn't really exist. It sounds like an awesome job, though. Back when before the Internet. So you can always mention something about that.

00:34:59:20 - 00:35:02:11

Oh cool. Mhm. Okay. Yeah.

00:35:02:15 - 00:35:07:18

No, no, honey, I know you said you're married for 51 years, but what was your husband's name?

00:35:07:22 - 00:35:09:09

Charles. Charles.

00:35:09:17 - 00:35:18:05

Charles A and our Donaldson is spelled with a L. S o n no extra d.

00:35:18:13 - 00:35:27:01

So that's so funny. I have a lady I work with, and her name is Patricia Ireland, and she says the same thing. She's like, There's no D in it.

00:35:27:07 - 00:35:27:22


00:35:28:02 - 00:35:29:23

That's so funny.

00:35:30:20 - 00:35:33:13

And then we actually heard those calls yesterday. The Patricia Ireland.

00:35:34:07 - 00:35:37:00

Oh, my gosh. That's good. That's good. That's good.

00:35:37:07 - 00:35:39:14

All right, my dear. Hey, you got any grandbabies?

00:35:40:14 - 00:35:42:17

Nope. We don't have children at all.

00:35:43:06 - 00:35:44:10


00:35:44:12 - 00:35:45:04


00:35:45:06 - 00:35:49:05

No children. And, of course, no grandchildren. Okay.

00:35:49:07 - 00:35:49:22


00:35:49:24 - 00:35:57:24

Hey, I know it. I didn't get married till late. He had been married, but no children.

00:35:58:01 - 00:36:00:05

Oh, how neat. How did you guys meet?

00:36:00:07 - 00:36:02:10

Hey, we borrowed everybody else's.

00:36:03:21 - 00:36:05:15

Probably has some money if she doesn't have children.

00:36:06:15 - 00:36:08:00

You borrow everybody else's.

00:36:08:02 - 00:36:13:08

Like my brothers and sisters. We borrowed theirs.

00:36:13:21 - 00:36:15:04

Oh, that's so cool.

00:36:15:10 - 00:36:16:18

That we're there. Aunts.

00:36:16:20 - 00:36:17:17

They're okay.

00:36:17:19 - 00:36:24:13

I see what you're saying. I have friends like that. They've been together for, like, 17 years, and they're just auntie and uncle, you know?

00:36:24:15 - 00:36:25:10

That's right.

00:36:25:14 - 00:36:29:24

It's a village. Well, thank you for helping me out with those.

00:36:30:06 - 00:36:30:23

Oh, you're so.

00:36:31:03 - 00:36:34:22

Sometimes it's tough to get through, and sometimes I appreciate it. I got your back, so.

00:36:35:02 - 00:36:39:17

Well, thank you, honey. It's a pleasure. You've been wonderful. I.

00:36:40:05 - 00:36:42:15

I try. We're going to get to qualify today, my dear.

00:36:43:10 - 00:37:00:11

Yeah, She's got to bring her back. She's almost trying to get off the phone, if you hear her tone. Well, thank you so much for helping me. It's like, almost like she doesn't know what's going on, so you might want to bring her back, like, loop her back around, like, all right, so we're going to find you. And she can hear Kat saying that we're going to get you qualified. She's like, What? You're not hanging up and don't let them off the phone at this point.

00:37:00:13 - 00:37:01:03

We're gonna get you.

00:37:01:12 - 00:37:04:01

So call me any time. I will.

00:37:04:03 - 00:37:07:08

Oh, I will. And I'm going to. Do you get text messaging or.

00:37:07:20 - 00:37:11:06

You know, I don't. I do more like emails.

00:37:11:16 - 00:37:15:19

Okay. Well, I can definitely I don't even I don't have your email.

00:37:15:22 - 00:37:27:02

All right. And you know, I don't usually check do a lot of texting but my email is Terry Katy area.

00:37:27:15 - 00:37:29:24

I'll give you my my cell phone number too. Okay.

00:37:30:15 - 00:37:31:05


00:37:32:00 - 00:37:37:10

That's actually West Palm Beach. I did spend some time down there down here since I was a kid, like a teenager.

00:37:37:12 - 00:37:39:09

And I'm from so long.

00:37:39:23 - 00:37:41:00

So glad.

00:37:41:02 - 00:37:45:10

Yeah, I really would be more than happy to because I just talked to some you know.

00:37:45:21 - 00:37:50:07

I was a travel agent for years, you know, and we travel.

00:37:51:01 - 00:37:56:07

You would have to have visited a lot of places to know where to go. You do. You do. Have a good day.

00:37:56:09 - 00:38:02:02

You too. Oh, What? What happened other than yours gave me a buzz. Oh, you got it?

00:38:02:04 - 00:38:09:03

Yeah, because I'm assuming, like a travel agent, you would have to have visited a lot of places to know where to go.

00:38:09:05 - 00:38:10:04

Oh, yeah.

00:38:11:04 - 00:38:20:16

I've traveled and I've been very blessed to travel the world. I don't know. I've been to out of the country lots of times.

00:38:20:18 - 00:38:22:14

Oh, very good. Yeah.

00:38:22:24 - 00:38:24:13

Nice talking to you, huh?

00:38:24:15 - 00:38:25:22

Oh, yeah. You got it.

00:38:26:00 - 00:38:31:03

Now save my number and call me any time. Oh, you got it.

00:38:31:05 - 00:38:34:03

You got it, Miss Connie. You got Miss Tony. I got you.

00:38:34:05 - 00:38:35:09

All right, sweetie.

00:38:36:07 - 00:38:37:10

Well, I'll talk to you later.

00:38:38:02 - 00:38:38:17


00:38:38:19 - 00:38:40:09

You too. You too. Have a good day.

00:38:40:10 - 00:38:41:05

You too, honey.

00:38:41:13 - 00:38:42:03

Bye bye.

00:38:42:05 - 00:38:42:20


00:38:43:08 - 00:39:03:13

Okay, so that was weird. Uh, sounded like you tried to bring her back, but she was kind of, like, constantly trying to get off the phone or just thought the conversation was over. I guess, uh, it's okay in that situation. Like, Oh, we're not done yet. I mean, you should stop her immediately. Like, you just qualified her health. So you need to, you know, finish the presentation. Oh, Nicky, what do you think?

00:39:05:00 - 00:39:23:07

I think that the beginning of the presentation started off very well. And then I think the client was a little kind of loopy. I think that if she stuck to the script, um, I don't know if she didn't hear if she asked her if this was business that she took typically handled herself.

00:39:23:24 - 00:40:02:24

No, there was a few things that were skipped. And, and that's the main like just like with the other calls, we can't skip stuff, guys. We just can't. Like, just imagine if you want an analogy, imagine building a car because actually used to do that. If I do not put on the engine like the engine bracket bolt bolts before I put the engine in, the engine is going to fall at the bottom of the car. Same thing with the carburetor. It doesn't matter what the part is. If I start putting if don't take the doors off the car to put the parts in the door and try to leave them on the car, I'm not going to be able to do it because, you know, they take doors off of all cars as they're building them so they can put build the door.

00:40:03:04 - 00:40:09:09

So we can't skip steps. That's you know, really what I want to reiterate there. Uh, Nikki, you got time for one more?

00:40:10:07 - 00:40:11:02

Yeah, for sure.

00:40:11:08 - 00:40:17:21

Okay. Yeah. Some of a lot of that was promising. So was like I wasn't discouraged or anything was like, okay, yeah.

00:40:17:23 - 00:40:23:03

And the client was a little loopy, so I'd like to hear one more. Just, you know.

00:40:24:03 - 00:40:32:06

This one, she obviously, she might have sent it to me. I don't know for a fact. That was page 14. Don't let me forget that.

00:40:33:22 - 00:40:40:13

Because that was like 45 minutes. We can do one long one, like a full presentation or Here, here's 25 minutes. That's solid. Okay.

00:40:47:08 - 00:40:50:17

Hello. Hey, How are you doing today?

00:40:51:04 - 00:40:51:21

Doing great.

00:40:51:23 - 00:40:58:24

Hey, glad to hear that. Dana speaking. Hey. Yes, sir. My name is Katelyn over here at Senior Life Services.

00:40:59:11 - 00:41:18:12

Okay, so even the intro, we're off. We're already kind of off track. You know, I'd be like, how are you doing today? I mean, I worked it's still going to listen, but it's just better to be like, How's everything been going? Just so that way the people that weren't going to listen have, you know, we'll be on their toes and they will let you finish your intro and finish verifying their info.

00:41:18:20 - 00:41:26:15

We'll call back yet inquired about some life insurance for yourself. So I'm just going back to make sure you have all the benefits in place, sir. So pretty Lindsey.

00:41:27:17 - 00:41:28:23

You're talking a little fast.

00:41:30:11 - 00:42:03:10

So the way that's worded. So we really got to. So in the intro, you really got to ward it based on what the lead is. If it's a lead or an AI lead, then you need to tell them you were looking online or if you were, you talk to somebody. That's what we should always be saying. We don't want to say tell people that, Oh, you put a bunch of information in. And if it's you're calling a lead that's three months old and they talk to somebody, they didn't fill out any information. People will call bullshit on you really quick and then you'll lose them immediately.

00:42:04:19 - 00:42:06:03

Right. Nicky. Am I wrong?

00:42:06:15 - 00:42:07:11

No, you're right.

00:42:07:18 - 00:42:09:24

Okay. Hello.

00:42:10:23 - 00:42:28:24

For life insurance. For yourself. Some life insurance for yourself. So I'm just going back to make sure you have all the benefits in place, sir. So pretty. Perdita. Lindsay. Right. Rhonda. Karen. Very cool name. You're still at 829 Southwest fifth Street, Hallandale Beach. Palmdale Beach, Florida.

00:42:29:13 - 00:42:30:08

No, ma'am.

00:42:30:10 - 00:42:31:23

Oh, okay. Are you still in Florida?

00:42:32:10 - 00:42:33:00

Yes, I.

00:42:33:02 - 00:42:38:10

Am. Oh, fantastic. No, no. Mr. Lindsay, were you still in the market for life insurance for yourself?

00:42:39:19 - 00:42:40:23

Yes, I was.

00:42:41:15 - 00:42:42:09

Okay. Okay.

00:42:42:12 - 00:42:44:22

That was Lexi Berger. Savage. Savage salesperson.

00:42:45:01 - 00:42:46:21

Were you were you still looking around.

00:42:46:23 - 00:42:47:14

And stuff or.

00:42:48:04 - 00:42:49:05

I'm still looking around.

00:42:49:07 - 00:42:49:23

I'm recording this.

00:42:50:00 - 00:42:50:15

Oh, very good.

00:42:50:17 - 00:43:02:10

Very good. Okay, so I have your date of birth. It only says April 1972. Is that correct? Yes. Got it. Got it. We're looking for a coverage amount of around 5000 to 50,000.

00:43:04:24 - 00:43:07:21

It's clean as well.

00:43:07:24 - 00:43:10:10

Yeah, absolutely. And your beneficiaries, your spouse.

00:43:11:07 - 00:43:30:16

When I see that, guys. All right. So this is fantastic. You're going through it. You're verifying line item by item, just like a pro tip, like when you see 5 to 50,000 saying in that way, I just don't like it. It gets confusing. I just say it looks like you put a wide gap in here between 5 and 50,000. So we'll figure out what you need and then move on.

00:43:31:01 - 00:43:52:18

I totally agree with that. So it's better not to say 5 to 50,000 because it's such a wide range. So sometimes it can set some unrealistic goals. So like to just tell them, Hey, it looks like you put a request in here to go over some life insurance, you know, life insurance coverage or rather say it like that and not mention even I won't even say the amount.

00:43:53:15 - 00:43:54:11

Right. Just because.

00:43:54:24 - 00:43:57:03

Because more. It's like an undecided.

00:43:57:12 - 00:44:18:16

Yes, That's what I was going to say. Exactly. If they put if the representative put 5 to 50,000. That's because they didn't really have a good number to put in the person to. Definitely did not say between 5 and 50,000. Like when you see a lead and it pops up and it's obvious like let's say a lead, whatever.

00:44:18:18 - 00:44:23:09

Michigan doesn't matter. Yeah, well, of course. Want one? California?

00:44:33:03 - 00:44:34:05

Can't do this, guys, but I'm just.

00:44:34:07 - 00:44:34:24

Doing it so I can.

00:44:35:01 - 00:44:44:13

Find one. Okay. Nevermind. So. But it'll be here. Like if it's if it says 10,000, then definitely say it. If it says you'll see the five.

00:44:46:09 - 00:44:58:01

To 50 or just 5 to 50. Then you don't really want to put that in. You don't want to say it, and I will say it, but I'll be like, All right. Looks like you're pretty pretty wide range in here, but we'll find what you need and then just move on.

00:45:00:16 - 00:45:02:13

My beneficiary is my wife.

00:45:02:15 - 00:45:03:06

Your wife? Yes.

00:45:03:08 - 00:45:06:10

Yes, sir. Absolutely. How long have you guys been married for?

00:45:07:03 - 00:45:07:18


00:45:07:21 - 00:45:09:13

Going on 18 years.

00:45:09:18 - 00:45:12:22

Oh, fantastic. What a blessing. What's her name?

00:45:13:16 - 00:45:14:11

Ingrid Lindsey.

00:45:14:19 - 00:45:22:18

Ingrid. Very good. That's fantastic. I hope I get that far. I've been married for five years, so I only hope that for that long, you know.

00:45:23:08 - 00:45:24:22

The first year, everything possible.

00:45:25:12 - 00:45:41:20

Amen to that. Anything with God. That's right. That's right. That's right. I believe it wholeheartedly. Yes, sir. So a little bit about myself. Like I said, I work for senior life services. We're a consulting firm. So what that means is we we shop around for everybody. We try to find the best benefits and rates.

00:45:42:04 - 00:45:50:10

Slow down a little bit, though. Cat you do talk really fast. So just like right here, I'll just go back like two seconds here.

00:45:51:08 - 00:45:52:04

Ingrid. Lindsey.

00:45:52:12 - 00:46:01:02

Ingrid. Very good. That's fantastic. I hope I get that far. I've been married for five years, so I only hope for that long. You know you're positive.

00:46:01:04 - 00:46:02:12

For first year. Everything possible.

00:46:03:03 - 00:46:24:07

Amen to that. Anything with God? That's right. That's right. That's right. I believe it wholeheartedly. Yes, sir. So a little bit about myself. Like I said, I work for senior life services. We're a consulting firm. So what that means is we we shop around for everybody. We'll try to find the best benefits and rates for everyone. You know, we also specialize working with people on fixed incomes like people.

00:46:24:09 - 00:46:57:17

And so. So like I would just slow down the. Like the amount of words out of your mouth per minute, so you can enunciate very well. So because you can do that, it's you slowing down will be make you even more of an expert because you can be like so we do the shopping around for you which means we don't represent we represent our clients and not one particular company. Like you can really hammer a lot of points home because you were able to enunciate very well. So but just slow down a little bit. Most of these people are old, so they are not following if you're flying.

00:46:58:15 - 00:47:10:23

Social Security or retirement. So we really just try to find the best available prices and benefits out there for you. So. Mr.. Mr. Lindsey, have you ever had to go through the process of burying somebody yourself?

00:47:12:07 - 00:47:18:02

Sorry, a plane is passing. I couldn't get to you and say, give me a minute. A minute.

00:47:18:04 - 00:47:18:23

Okay. Take a second.

00:47:19:00 - 00:47:19:19

Yeah, that's fine.

00:47:21:04 - 00:47:26:03

That's okay. I work near the airport, so you know that you get busy sometimes.

00:47:26:09 - 00:47:27:16

Oh, fantastic.

00:47:28:01 - 00:47:30:18

Yeah. Yes. You always say no. Sorry about that. Yes, sir.

00:47:30:20 - 00:47:33:23

Have you ever had to go through the process of burying anybody yourself?

00:47:35:00 - 00:47:36:05

A lot of time. Yeah.

00:47:36:07 - 00:47:48:17

Yeah. You know, that's. That's what we're here for. We're here to alleviate that burden off of your wife, Ingrid, and just give her that peace of mind. Okay. Um, now, have you ever had life insurance before, or.

00:47:49:01 - 00:47:49:16

Yes, I.

00:47:49:18 - 00:47:50:08


00:47:50:11 - 00:47:51:01


00:47:51:05 - 00:47:52:20

You sound like you're almost like there.

00:47:52:22 - 00:48:22:20

You kind of sound like you're a little frustrated because you've lost your place. Don't know if that's accurate, but it seems like it. You're like. You're like a like breathing. It's okay. Like, take a deep whatever. You start feeling like you're falling apart. It's okay to take a few seconds. I've. I've left the dead air, like, two straight minutes after asking for like, which one do you want? Like, pauses are okay, Especially if you've just got to recompose. Like, don't worry about, like, you're doing great. This. This is going well. Now you're trying to find out, like, what they're going to do with the life insurance.

00:48:23:00 - 00:48:27:02

So this is just chill. What are you going to do with it? You know, just chill out.

00:48:27:04 - 00:48:27:19


00:48:28:07 - 00:48:29:16

Life insurance before.

00:48:29:18 - 00:48:30:16

Okay? Okay.

00:48:30:18 - 00:48:34:20

So check it out. What we do here is I'm going to ask you just a few general health questions.

00:48:34:24 - 00:48:35:24

I don't know about. Check it out.

00:48:36:17 - 00:48:42:14

But that's but that's your style. Like you don't want to lose your entire style. But but it was funny questions.

00:48:42:16 - 00:48:45:11

I'm not going to have a doctor knocking on your door. We're just asking.

00:48:45:14 - 00:49:04:04

But the one thing I don't I haven't heard Nikki yet is what what exactly is she going to do with the policy? Like, this is something that people skip to their own detriment because that's like one of the most important questions. What is going to be done with this life insurance policy? Have you ever gone through the process? You did ask it, but he never really answered it, so you can ask it again.

00:49:04:21 - 00:49:09:20

We're going to address the we didn't address the wife. I think he said his beneficiary would be his wife.

00:49:11:02 - 00:49:11:23

Uh, yes.

00:49:13:07 - 00:49:15:10

Like, didn't address it. In what way?

00:49:16:12 - 00:49:30:07

As far as like now, like just to get that strong, solid Now where you just looking for benefits just for yourself today. Nor for, you know, someone else as well, you know, so that the beneficiary would be his wife.

00:49:31:15 - 00:49:47:11

That's important to ask, because if it's a wife. If the if the man doesn't have. Well, either one actually, if if one doesn't have life insurance, usually they both don't, because usually it's a mutual thing. And that's how you get the dual sale. Husband and wife, best combo ever, especially if you can get them together.

00:49:47:24 - 00:49:56:13

If you little questions and see what you qualify for. Okay? Yes, ma'am. You got it. So first off and foremost, what is your height and weight, sir?

00:49:58:00 - 00:50:02:22

Uh, 188 first.

00:50:03:02 - 00:50:03:17


00:50:04:13 - 00:50:05:05

That would be.

00:50:05:12 - 00:50:10:13

5959 and 180, right?

00:50:10:19 - 00:50:11:22

Yes. No.

00:50:12:07 - 00:50:13:04


00:50:13:09 - 00:50:13:24


00:50:14:07 - 00:50:15:01

All right. Yeah.

00:50:15:12 - 00:50:18:13

I saw that yesterday morning when I go by the public.

00:50:18:23 - 00:50:25:09

Oh, yeah, I love that they have that there. I always get on with my groceries and I make fun of myself.

00:50:25:17 - 00:50:26:07


00:50:27:15 - 00:50:34:15

Um, here we go. So, do you have any kind of, like, liver issues? Heart issues?

00:50:35:02 - 00:50:36:10

No liver, no heart.

00:50:36:12 - 00:50:39:00

Oh, awesome. Any diabetes going on?

00:50:39:15 - 00:50:41:08

Yes, I have type two.

00:50:41:16 - 00:50:45:11

Type two. Now, do you just take the pill?

00:50:46:19 - 00:50:57:14

I'll say I am on a pill, but I'm on an herbal brand. Okay. I'm not I'm not on the the the normal one that I will give you from the doctor.

00:50:57:19 - 00:50:59:18

Okay. Okay. No, no insulin.

00:51:00:06 - 00:51:01:01

No insulin.

00:51:01:03 - 00:51:02:08

Very good. Very good.

00:51:02:20 - 00:51:06:17

Okay. Okay. Um, have you had any cancer in your lifetime?