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Call Review 12/29/23

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 12/29/23

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All right. So this will be Jerome's call from Tuesday. I'm

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not excited.

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For this to get to that. Hello?

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Hey there, Sharon. It's Jerome. Once in your life services. How are you doing there?

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Okay. You?

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Good? Good. I wanted to follow up with you there. You told me last time I gave you a call, it was a pretty bad time for you, and I was hoping I cut you had a better time to go over the benefits with you today and submit that application for you.

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Okay. Can you call me back tomorrow morning.

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Dear? I am not able to extend these calls. Um, like I would like to, because I know that it's something that's really important to you. The goal is I'd have to go out here and submit an application for you today and see what would you be qualified for. Then I'll be able to, you know, follow up with you and see if you receive everything that I sent you and things like that. But I'd have to submit that application for you before we could get off the phone.

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Wow. Jerome has come a long way in a couple of months. So that is excellent. It's like basically he's just telling her this is what we're doing. I love that. A lot of our clients definitely need. Definitely need that. They definitely need to be led the entire way. So he's just telling her, I'm not I don't want to call you back and we're going to do this now.

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Yes. You're so I'm sorry, dude. I know that's not something you want to watch too much time on, but there's something that is good to get out the way. And, you know, it gives you the peace of mind that, you know, you you got that taken care of. Now you don't have to worry about it.

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And as I told you earlier, I'm a consultant here at SLS and we are consulting firm, which means we work for our client and not one particular company. So our goal is always to look throughout the state and find you a company that will give you the best rate and the benefit for a unique situation. You want me with that.

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Yes. And based on everything that you said to me earlier, there a whole life policy would definitely be that perfect fit for you. And let me give you a quick reminder on why I believe that whole life policy is a better fit for you. First, all of our plans come with a number of benefits senior life services geared work.

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So this is classic script. Uh, Jerome follows the script pretty much to the tee, and he's done it so many times that this is becoming more and more. His tonality is getting better over time. Like, can't wait to see him in a few months.

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With many reputable insurance companies.

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And guys, when do these for you? For those that have just joined, I don't mind a lot of interruptions because if you have questions about anything, somebody's doing any critiques, you know, we all get better together if we're constantly like, you know, pick any each other apart, putting each other back together again.

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As I've quit drums at 6000, right?

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Yeah. 6500 right now this week. Awesome. Yep.

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Many insurance companies designed products specifically for our customers unique situations. Now they must be state federally regulated and backed by the government. Now, also to note there that they are state approved whole life plans, which means your premium will never go up and your benefit will never go down on you. And make sure that your beneficiary here, which I have as Joyce Nest will, won't suddenly have to come up with the wheelbarrow full of cash. We required that the company that we work with are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau, which means that there are.

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I'd like to change this to to my oldest son, Richard Carlton.

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Pardon me, dear.

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Sir, I'd like to change it from doing to my oldest son. His name is Richard Carlton.

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Okay, we can we can do that. So that's Richard. And what is his last name? Born.

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Oh, what did she just do right there by all of a sudden coming, you know, and saying that.

00:03:55:23 - 00:03:56:22

Hi by and ten.

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Huge buying sign.

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Yeah. It's like yeah absolutely. Of course. So obviously here's something like that. Keep on rolling. Right.

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No Felton Felton.

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David, all the prices are okay.

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And I have Richard here spelled as Richard, correct?

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And is there a middle name for Richard?

00:04:27:13 - 00:04:29:19

A for Allen, Richard Allen.

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And for the last name here, I have it spelled out. As for all pardon me for LTE. Is that correct?

00:04:42:01 - 00:04:48:05

No. C l o n. Fell flat on.

00:04:51:16 - 00:05:00:03

So yeah, I have it as here as, um. F e l t or m Yes. Okay. Faltering. Okay.

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Now they're okay. So I have him here. And also, I didn't get a chance here to get some health information last time we speak now. Don't need to read every question of every application. I don't know what company will best be for you by asking you a few general questions. Now, does that sound fair?

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Okay. Now what?

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We're doing everything right. Is he blew off the initial objection. He's now moving through the script. He clarified, like what all plans come with. Asked if she's with him again, said the same thing. Does that sound all right? Does that sound fair enough? Any of that stuff is, you know, very solid. Who is bringing them back to, you know, reality? Sometimes people zone out.

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Get some information from you. As far as for how much you wait and how tall you are.

00:05:54:22 - 00:05:59:09

Well, I weigh like £92 and I'm.

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Like I'm five feet even.

00:06:04:22 - 00:06:06:23

Are you. So you're five feet Exact.

00:06:08:03 - 00:06:08:18

Okay? Yeah.

00:06:09:13 - 00:06:12:20

Okay. And you did say weight? £92, correct?

00:06:13:13 - 00:06:15:07

Yeah. Okay.

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Now. There. Are you. Are you a current smoker or. Actually, yeah. I have you here as a current smoker, Correct?

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All right. All right. Yeah.

00:06:28:15 - 00:06:35:21

I have some. Some of your information saved here. Um, yeah. And your primary doctor, who is your primary doctor there?

00:06:37:01 - 00:06:38:16

Right now, I don't have one.

00:06:39:13 - 00:06:42:00

Who was your primary doctor? Your previous one.

00:06:43:24 - 00:06:46:06

You know, I don't even remember. So.

00:06:46:11 - 00:06:58:15

And if you guys noticed this at five foot, even £92. I would definitely ask her again because if she ends up being like little things like that make a big difference. If you were to submit five, she's five feet. Okay.

00:06:58:18 - 00:07:03:15

Yeah, if you and that's 96. But she said 92. But that's a whole nother conversation.

00:07:03:17 - 00:07:17:06

Yeah, Yeah. But be careful because sometimes, like, if you need to have another conversation with her, you tried preferred and just didn't consult this, then it would immediate decline because you put 92. But that's a whole nother conversation, like I said.

00:07:20:16 - 00:07:22:08

You know, the city he located in.

00:07:24:16 - 00:07:25:09


00:07:27:23 - 00:07:30:08

Yeah. Portland.

00:07:31:24 - 00:08:04:14

It's a good place. Like Jerome's kind of become systematic, getting the doctor's name and at least the name so that you can look it up. Is he. Is he in the city? Whatever. You're going to need that later, so you might as well get that out of the way. And then it also gives you a lot of information if, um, you know, people are preferred. Plus when they said they haven't seen a doctor in ten years, that's how you preferred plus, which you clearly aren't receiving any medications and things like that. And it'll give you more information than you think just by asking for that info. Especially when they say which one, how many doctors you got? Five.

00:08:04:16 - 00:08:07:02

Okay. Then we're going to probably run into some health problems.

00:08:08:06 - 00:08:10:11

I want to make sure we keep the price for you.

00:08:11:12 - 00:08:14:10

Okay. Let's see if I can narrow it down here. Yeah.

00:08:17:03 - 00:08:18:08

Not very deliberate, but.

00:08:18:10 - 00:08:35:14

In it they keep the money and you get no benefits, perfect health. But first I have to submit everything back to the home office here. They'll be the doing. Who? Let us know if you are approved. And if you are approved, I'll be able to go into more depth about the benefits that you are going to receive with the plan. Okay.

00:08:36:12 - 00:08:37:02

All right.

00:08:37:04 - 00:08:37:21

That is fine.

00:08:38:01 - 00:08:57:17

Okay. Now I'm going to take a look at what you're qualified for. There is a lot of different insurance program out there, and I know you get all sorts of stuff in the mail and see them on TV. Now for the purpose of describing how my product works versus the others. Do you know the difference between term life insurance and whole life insurance?

00:08:58:19 - 00:08:59:09


00:08:59:21 - 00:09:23:23

Well, yeah. Okay. That's really good to hear there. Now, the reason I bring this up is because I want you to choose the best choice of which type of insurance to have, because they are not all the same. Some are better than others. But you need to know the facts so you can make a sound decision that is right for you and your son. And Richard here. Now, I know you received letters from Globe Life or AARP offering your term insurance, right?

00:09:24:20 - 00:09:25:10


00:09:25:19 - 00:09:43:04

This is very good to say, guys. If nobody if you guys don't use this type of thing, this is an objection killer before it ever becomes a real problem. They have received this stuff at some point, their prices at globe life and of course, are lower. But they damn well better be when it's a five year term.

00:09:44:20 - 00:09:51:18

So if you can get that out of their head, like put it out of your head, Miss Jones. Like, we're not dealing with that. We're not going to sell you anything like that.

00:09:51:21 - 00:10:23:19

You often say that the entrance is upstage aide. Now, what they don't tell you is what happened after age 80, because what happened is you'll lose all of your insurance no matter how much money you put in it. They keep the money and you get no benefits. The point is, why would you want insurance that may cancel before you go right there? Right, Right. And to make matters worse, they'll actually raise their prices every 3 to 5 years. What happened is they get you in cheap, but as you get older and your income becomes more fixed, they raise their prices on you.

00:10:23:21 - 00:10:30:04

Then what happened is most people don't actually outlive it. They end up canceling the policy because they can no longer afford it.

00:10:32:21 - 00:10:33:14

Who can't hear you.

00:10:35:20 - 00:10:48:10

Something that I really love that he does a lot in his presentation is right there. He brings them back in. He has them agreeing with him. He has those subconscious yeses which just help lead up to that one big yes at the end.

00:10:49:17 - 00:11:04:20

Mhm. I think it's just great and amazing to see like Jerome came from being super quiet in the office to where some people even said that, that he was too quiet to just being able to see him on the phone and to follow the script. So nice, you know?

00:11:05:13 - 00:11:06:08


00:11:06:15 - 00:11:11:19

So the growth is just unbelievable to. It's amazing, actually.

00:11:12:23 - 00:11:14:18

All right. By far, it just.

00:11:14:20 - 00:11:17:02

Shows most improved ever.

00:11:18:15 - 00:11:20:08

It just shows what you can do when you're.

00:11:20:10 - 00:11:26:11

Out of the shell. And that was just from putting in like I know it's from putting in that talk time, you know.

00:11:27:13 - 00:11:35:18

There really is. And there's some calls. So drum's not on this, but, hey, here is Jerome.

00:11:36:04 - 00:11:39:01

Good morning. Good morning, guys. You came back all your iPhone three.

00:11:39:10 - 00:11:48:16

So, Jerome Here you go, buddy. Here's, uh, this ends up being a sale, but, like, that is a good point. So, like, Alexi just mentioned that then when you are.

00:11:48:20 - 00:11:50:22

Past, are you taking over burial or.

00:11:52:01 - 00:12:00:09

All right. So Jerome was. Trying to find one like from two weeks ago. Because you should know how long, how far you came to like. All right, let's try this.

00:12:03:17 - 00:12:04:17

Hey, Mary.

00:12:07:06 - 00:12:07:23


00:12:08:02 - 00:12:10:22

Hey there, Mary. How's everything going out there in Miami?

00:12:12:00 - 00:12:13:24

Oh, everything is going well out here.

00:12:14:07 - 00:12:30:09

Oh, that's really good to hear. That's always good to hear. My name is Jerome over here asking your life services. I'm reaching out to you again, Mary, because I see here in the past week, we've been trying to get a hold of you to talk about that state regular life insurance program for Florida. And today, my job is over these benefits.

00:12:30:11 - 00:12:33:21

Which is not interested in life insurance. I have enough.

00:12:34:23 - 00:12:37:17

Well, you have enough. There's never enough, Mary.

00:12:38:10 - 00:12:39:24

Yes, it is. I had enough.

00:12:40:07 - 00:12:43:11

Boom. I don't think I need to play more.

00:12:44:03 - 00:12:45:17

But will I be sure?

00:12:46:02 - 00:12:55:08

Okay. Now, so what I'd like to talk to you over is about that additional coverage and showing you here that you are qualified for additional coverage. And I have everything.

00:12:55:23 - 00:13:29:22

And guys and I'm not trying to embarrass Jerome think he knows that because the improvement is what's important. You should constantly reevaluate yourself. If you look, you can go back in this. That's exactly two weeks ago as far as I can go. But Jerome will tell you he's got no problem with it. You know, he needed to work on a lot of things when he first started. But he's came so far that, you know, he's got so much farther to go, which is a good thing because his income will already will keep rising if he's already at 6500 and is what, second month, then of course, in a six month, this will be a lot easier for him.

00:13:32:02 - 00:13:34:00

Jerome, do you want to say anything about that?

00:13:34:19 - 00:13:39:12

I mean, that code was really cringe. I'm not gonna lie, but, you know, it's all part of the process.

00:13:39:14 - 00:13:42:00

So this one here, the.

00:13:42:17 - 00:13:45:19

No, this one right here. Yeah, I'm in. How long ago was that one?

00:13:46:05 - 00:13:49:00

This one was exactly two weeks. As far, far back as I can go.

00:13:49:05 - 00:13:59:16

Yeah, I mean, yeah, a lot change in two weeks. I'm not gonna lie, because even some of my call to this day sounded really crazy, even the one that you were playing earlier. But, you know, it's something I need to get used to.

00:14:00:23 - 00:14:04:02

Nobody likes to hear their own voice, so it's like.

00:14:05:23 - 00:14:07:04

But it sounds so much better.

00:14:08:19 - 00:14:09:24

Yes, I'm following.

00:14:10:10 - 00:14:40:11

Yeah. And in your case, though, the whole life policy would be the better fit for you. Um, reason why is because that policy will stay with you throughout your whole life. And also, you get a lot of great benefit having that policy. You can look at it more towards an investment in your future because it is going to accumulate cash value for you over time and even if you're ever in a situation that you need to borrow against that cash value, I don't really recommend that you do that because you have to pay that back.

00:14:40:13 - 00:14:53:05

But that is something that that is an option that is available to you with your policy. Right. And and also that that whole life there, your premium will never go up on you or down as far as for your benefit.

00:14:53:13 - 00:14:54:05

What's up, Cannon?

00:14:56:04 - 00:15:26:10

I'm actually going to use this from Jerome's thing. I don't know if he intentionally said it, how and why he said it, but saying that it's an investment for their future. Because so often I was getting the oh, why would I pay? And, you know, 200 a month for 50,007 years, it's going to be paid up. And then after that, I'm just paying into it. And and they think that it's an investment. But by telling them that it is. But beating the money.

00:15:26:12 - 00:15:33:11

Objection. It's an investment for their family. Is that do you think that'll work to beat that objection?

00:15:33:13 - 00:15:41:19

That's not unethical to say it that way. But never, never make them think that everything that they're paying in is going to become cash value because certainly is not.

00:15:41:21 - 00:15:48:02

Yeah, like it's an investment for their family, not their finances. Would that work to beat that objection? Because I really struggle with that.

00:15:49:02 - 00:16:19:15

When you mean when they bring it up. Oh, let me do some math. Like nine and a half years. Yeah, you guys know, my standard response was like, Hey, man, if you want the most as you possibly can get the highest return, you can make one payment and then pass away. So if you want to do it the opposite way, which is, yeah, you could say something like that. It is an investment for the family and for their future. It's just not a viable, you know, they're not going to see an increased rate of return. They're not getting 10% on their money forever, and then they just take it out whenever they want.

00:16:19:17 - 00:16:29:16

Tax free. Yeah, sometimes people say stuff like that and I'm like, whoa. Because that's if you if you run illustrations, that's not how insurance works. It's very slow and gradual.

00:16:29:18 - 00:16:39:11

So just needs to be very, very upfront and tell them it's not a money investment, it's an investment for their family so they don't have a financial burden. I actually really like how he worded that. That was really good.

00:16:39:14 - 00:17:11:18

No, that is good. And then, um, sometimes I'm sure I'm pretty stole for me or Nathan because I've said that a lot. Usually what I say is it will build cash value with interest. You are allowed to take money out of the policy or even take a loan from it. It's not something I recommend simply because that's not why it's there. But if you really get into a bad spot, of course you have that option, then move on. Yeah, yeah. But yeah, giving them a little bit of information that they will have access to cash value does put people at ease, but it's not going to be the first year, most likely not the second year unless it's a high premium.

00:17:11:20 - 00:17:22:02

So they're not going to be able to really take money out of the policy until about the third year. But that is not something you're going to say because that doesn't help your your your cause here. Yeah. So thank you.

00:17:23:05 - 00:17:55:09

I'm like, you know, with the term policy where your premium, you know, oftentimes goes up every 3 to 5 years with this plan, your policy will stay the same. And it also comes with some great exceptional built in benefit. And your plan, which is the terminal benefit rider, which is if you ever deemed terminally ill there, you would have that face amount in your hand as you are living. So you can go over and, you know, deal with any medical expenses or any other thing that you have going on in your life at the time.

00:17:56:05 - 00:18:33:03

You found me so far. Now, um, now what I'm going to do here is see what company would be for you in your case. And I'm pulling all this up as I'm talking to you there. And your case, you're the best company for your case would be Pioneer Security. They have been around for over 120 years, so they're not going anywhere there. They are state federally regulated and backed by the government. Now, I want to congratulate you because you are approved for one of their preferred plan, which means you qualified for as much as $50,000 in coverage to live by hand to record.

00:18:33:05 - 00:18:51:21

Now, I'll go over this plan with you. I'm sure you want to be. I'm sure you want to be buried and leave a little bit of money behind to Rishard. I'm completely confident that any of these plans are going to do that. My suggestion is to pick the one that fits you the best. They're all going to get the job done, but you want to choose the one that just make the most sense to you, Correct?

00:18:53:09 - 00:19:17:04

And say. And that's very good because that's basically peck. You're going to peck, peck, peck, peck. That is putting in people's mind these little subtle things that are being done here are super crucial because it's constantly putting in their head and reinforcing the idea that you are going to pick one. That is what we're doing. We're not going through this process for no reason. We're not an information kiosk. By the time we're done here, you're going to pick a plan.

00:19:18:23 - 00:19:20:17

Right? And they're actually.

00:19:20:19 - 00:19:24:13

I didn't want to be I don't want to be buried. I'd rather be cremated.

00:19:24:17 - 00:19:41:17

So you want to be cremated? Yeah. Okay, So, as I said, I can work with you there. We can look at a face amount. I'm not sure if there's a specific dollar amount you were looking at, but we can look through it and see what the price difference or that way you can find something that's right in your budget. Okay.

00:19:42:22 - 00:19:43:12


00:19:43:20 - 00:19:57:08

And I'd also like to add an additional discount for you based on the financial institution that you use. I can apply an additional discount if they are one of our preferred bank. Who do you bank with their lives Better.

00:19:58:07 - 00:19:58:22


00:19:58:24 - 00:19:59:16

Federal. Okay.

00:20:01:01 - 00:20:03:06

Moving right along. All right. Good, good, good.

00:20:04:11 - 00:20:05:19

She's just nice because I figured.

00:20:05:21 - 00:20:24:01

Out how to say, okay, so let me pull up. I'm sure that there are one of our preferred men here. I just have to pull up their routing number and our state system to verify that here for you. So yeah, I do have the routing here in our state system. Let me go here and see if I can have them here as one of the preferred bank here. Just one second.

00:20:25:11 - 00:20:26:00


00:20:27:17 - 00:20:29:20

You know, you should.

00:20:32:10 - 00:20:49:11

All right. Congratulations, Sharon. You are actually one of our preferred men here, and I will be able to add that additional discount for you Here. There. Now, um, so when you receive your Social Security, um, does that come through on the first or the third of the month?

00:20:51:08 - 00:21:05:07

The third. All right. Let me go ahead here. See, so that comes on the third. All right. Now there also I'm going to need to have you grab a piece of paper and a pen for me so I can go over these plans with you.

00:21:06:08 - 00:21:06:23


00:21:07:07 - 00:21:08:06

Let me go on.

00:21:16:18 - 00:21:18:12

Okay. So grab a pen and paper.

00:21:21:10 - 00:21:22:02

What about this?

00:21:26:10 - 00:21:34:02

Oh, this is good. I didn't realize that. Now she's talking to a third party. Somebody in the house. That's always interesting. See how this is handled?

00:21:35:03 - 00:21:35:18

What's that?

00:21:37:02 - 00:21:38:04

What I got is that

00:21:42:18 - 00:21:43:22

I'll tell you on a little

00:21:47:06 - 00:21:47:24

gift card.

00:21:49:20 - 00:21:52:22

I have not made a motion to write down some.

00:21:57:17 - 00:21:59:09

Hold on just a second. I'm sorry.

00:21:59:11 - 00:22:00:01

Yes, dear.

00:22:00:03 - 00:22:01:20

Please take your time there. I'm here for you.

00:22:03:14 - 00:22:04:05

They sent.

00:22:18:04 - 00:22:19:21

My grandma. My dad.

00:22:23:14 - 00:22:24:04

There you go.

00:22:32:02 - 00:22:32:17

Thank you.

00:22:36:15 - 00:22:38:11

Okay. I've got a pen and paper.

00:22:38:20 - 00:22:50:22

All right, great, dear. So I'm still loading up this plan up here for you. Just give me one second and I should have them populating into the system here. My computer. It's acting a little bit slower today.

00:22:52:12 - 00:22:53:08

So here.

00:22:54:07 - 00:23:08:00

Okay, great. Now, what have you do there in one column of that piece of paper? I'll have you write down. 15,000. 10,000 for me. And also 20,000.

00:23:11:22 - 00:23:12:12


00:23:14:05 - 00:23:25:22

Something. Always advocate. Advocate. Have them have all the face amounts on the paper before you start giving them rights. Get get it in their head like 20,000, 15,000. 10,000.

00:23:28:08 - 00:23:28:23


00:23:29:03 - 00:24:03:21

So, okay, now that you have this writing down for me there, and as I was saying earlier, um, I'm completely confident that these plans are going to get the job done for you. My suggestion is to pick the one that fits you the best. They're. They're all going to get the job done. But you want to choose the one that makes the most sense for you and Richard and something that's in your budget. Now, um, we'll start with the $20,000 face amount, which comes with a lot of great benefits for you there. As far as for the accidental death benefit rider, which is if you ever, God forbid, were to pass away in a car accident.

00:24:05:16 - 00:24:35:18

And this is good too. All this stuff is great. Um, you did a really nice job in this room. So he's sandwiching this in. So base amounts go first. 20,000. 15,000. 10,000. You know, make sure you get paid to and then also help the client. So if the 10,000 is is like 30 bucks a month, leave it out. I generally stop where it says 8333. So every sale is like about a thousand. If you get beat down and they can't afford that, you should go down and like but you have somewhere to go.

00:24:35:20 - 00:24:59:16

If you give them, if you drop all the way down to 5000, you got nowhere to go. And they just, you know, mentally, oh, everything's too expensive by would rather hit them with really high rates and then slowly ease them into something that they can afford. People gravitate toward the middle, but like I said, he's doing right the stuff down go over benefits in between and then give rates. So that's exactly what he's doing here.

00:25:00:00 - 00:25:33:16

Your face amount would double. So, for example, if you were to go with that $20,000 face amount, it would double to $40,000 to be giving out to Rashad if you passed away in an accident. And it also come with a nursing home waiver of premium. What that is, if you ever were to find yourself in a situation where you were having to go to a nursing home facility and things like that, you wouldn't have to worry about, you know, making a payment for this policy. You'd still have your coverage until you reach the age 100.

00:25:33:18 - 00:25:48:06

And if you were to pass before then, that face amount would be cashed out to be sure. That way he can, you know, plan out your funeral and things like that. And that plan, you'll only pay $325 a month with that plan.

00:25:50:11 - 00:25:51:01

How much?

00:25:51:16 - 00:25:55:21

$325 for the $20,000 base amount.

00:25:56:16 - 00:26:12:02

And the confidence is there. It's only $325 a month. It's not for a lot of us new people. We don't close because we're not confident enough or we don't even ask. So, you know, it's only 200 and $325 a month, and then you move on to the next one.

00:26:13:08 - 00:26:16:19

And trust me, they get a little bit lower if this is out of your budget.

00:26:22:06 - 00:26:59:09

And for the $15,000 there, that that plan also comes with all this great benefits. It comes with the terminal illness benefit rider, which is if you are ever deemed to be terminally ill, you will have that face amount in your hand. That way you can deal with your medical expenses and things like that. It also comes with that accidental death benefit and that nursing home waiver of premium, which I told you earlier it will be for in case you were to go in a nursing home, that what what would happen is you wouldn't have to pay any more money for that policy and it would still be active until you reach the age of 100.

00:26:59:14 - 00:27:05:12

And for that $15,000 face amount, it only be 245 a month.

00:27:10:10 - 00:27:12:14

So 1500, so much.

00:27:13:09 - 00:27:26:16

For a $15,000 policy would only be $245 a month. And of course, if you were, God forbid, to pass through an accident, that patient amount would double to be short.

00:27:28:03 - 00:27:28:18


00:27:28:21 - 00:27:43:21

So in the last one, I want to go over what you hear is the $10,000 there. And with that plan, it'll only be $165 a month. And it comes with all these great benefits. And if you actually have any grandchildren that are.

00:27:51:14 - 00:27:53:12

I can't hear you, Ernie. If you're talking.

00:27:55:09 - 00:27:58:16

All right, let's do the thing. Uh, can you guys hear me?

00:27:59:20 - 00:28:00:19

Yeah. Yeah.

00:28:01:03 - 00:28:09:07

Okay. Um, so what emotion do you guys think? What do you hear the most here like? Well, as he's presenting at the end, he's.

00:28:09:09 - 00:28:10:24

Very confident in these plans.

00:28:11:18 - 00:28:45:00

He's excited, too. He sounds actually excited. Like, not Tony the Tiger or Psycho, but, like. Like excited. Like all these, you know, all they come with all these benefits. Uh, so this is. It's just really nice. And Jake. Yep. Good comment there. Constant checking through the conversation. Do they agree? They follow me. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Is super important. Like all that stuff, like the check backs are super important. If you just read the script without ever asking them, Are you with me? You follow me, you hear me? They might just say they might just tune you out.

00:28:45:02 - 00:28:51:22

Or if you're not going to be respectful enough to actually say, Hey, you with me on that, then they might just tune you out pretty early on.

00:28:53:10 - 00:28:55:02

I'm sorry, guys. Are you guys going to hear me?

00:28:55:11 - 00:29:04:17

Under the age of 18. You can add them onto your policy, and it'll only be an extra $2 for a face amount of $10,000 for each of them.

00:29:06:17 - 00:29:08:22

Julie is my granddaughter, but.

00:29:10:01 - 00:29:11:13

She is over the age of 18.

00:29:13:16 - 00:29:20:10

Oh, okay. So they're out of these three plans. Which ones sounds the most appropriate to leave behind to record?

00:29:21:16 - 00:29:52:11

Good. See? He closing. He got you got to do the close one of these three plans. Which one do you want? But that's not what I would say. I like what he said much better because that's you always have to tie it back to the beneficiary. This is an emotional sale guide, so it has to be something. They have to love their family more than they loved 150 bucks a month that they're going to pay because they're never going to see that money again. Let's get a terminal on us, which they at that point, they don't care to see it anyway because they're very sick and that sucks.

00:29:52:13 - 00:30:13:15

So really, you just have to be like out of those plans. Which one do you want to leave to Lexi? Which one do you want to leave to James. Like. Like whoever you're saying. They need to understand that's what's happening here. Is there any questions on that? Like, because you don't want to say which one you want. You don't want to say which one? Which one is okay with you, You know, real not confident type stuff.

00:30:17:24 - 00:30:20:01

All right. We're all in agreement. Wonderful.

00:30:23:01 - 00:30:25:16

I need some time. Okay?

00:30:27:04 - 00:30:39:02

And dear, trust me, you can always go up or down on this planet. I just want to be able to smell you something out. Okay? So that way you can have a better look at it in paper form. So this doesn't have to be your final decision.

00:30:40:01 - 00:30:40:16


00:30:42:14 - 00:30:47:05

So out of these three points, which one of them sound the best? Leave behind three short.

00:30:48:22 - 00:31:05:16

So like that too. Might as well just ask again. Mean, how many times do you guys usually ask for a sale before you actually consider 1 or 2 things giving up or. Uh. Yeah. Redirect to. Yeah. You can always go back to. You can always loop back around.

00:31:07:11 - 00:31:12:22

And he was kind of doing that. He's like, You don't have to make your final decision. Like, boom, redirect. Oh, okay. Now which one do you want?

00:31:13:18 - 00:31:14:19

But he also doesn't.

00:31:14:21 - 00:31:18:16

Keep talking and going and going like he asks again for the sale and then shuts up.

00:31:19:08 - 00:31:30:12

That's true. Whoever talks first loses. I know how cliche and lame that sounds, but it's kind of true when you ask a question, you just wait for the answer, especially when it's a very important question.

00:31:33:14 - 00:31:34:04


00:31:34:24 - 00:31:41:01

The $10,000 plan is. $265.

00:31:41:08 - 00:31:46:09

No, the $10,000 plan is only $165 a month.

00:31:56:07 - 00:31:57:16

You know what I mean?

00:31:58:10 - 00:31:59:00


00:31:59:02 - 00:32:01:24

I'm going to need some time to think about this. Yeah.

00:32:02:22 - 00:32:34:22

Yeah, absolutely. Did you. I wanted you to think over this, and I really want you to have the proper state of mind going into this because I want to make sure that is something 100% un restored. Thank will be the best. I know this is the best plan out there, but I want to make sure you are comfortable with it also. That's why I am looking forward to sending you that packet in the mail which you'll receive a week from now. And shortly after that the policy itself will follow it. So that way you and Richard will have plenty of time to review it.

00:32:34:24 - 00:33:03:12

And as you may already know, you have that 30 day free period, which means nothing will start until that 30 day free furlough period is over. Unless otherwise you said that. Oh, I've seen that policy. I am really wanted and I want the coverage is now I can go ahead and change that starting date, but nothing will go into effect until that 30 day free look because we're doing everything over the phone and I want you to be as comfortable as you possibly can by having everything.

00:33:07:02 - 00:33:07:17

It looks like it's.

00:33:08:12 - 00:33:09:14

Breaking up a little bit.

00:33:13:17 - 00:33:17:14

I mean, I rather have my oldest son to handle this one.

00:33:17:18 - 00:33:18:08


00:33:18:10 - 00:33:54:17

And then one thing. So, Jerome, I want you to realize the free look usually begins after policy delivery. So technically, they can make a payment and still cancel it and get their money back in that 30 days. So it's not necessarily the free look until it starts. So if you're doing like you're setting yourself up for D1 here, but that's mean. It's okay, it's better than no sale. But the free look is actually after they receive it. So like if you're saying you're going to start a month from now, that's different because then that the day of that time and then they have the free look trying.

00:33:54:19 - 00:34:24:21

I mean, obviously guys try not to start this a month away. They'll receive a welcome packet. They haven't made a payment and it's very easy to look at that and be like all the emotions gone, all that stuff's gone and be like, Oh, I don't really want to pay 200 bucks a month and then then just cancel before even the policy gets there. So if you can do it checks, do it checks, but then you should use that close you have a free look like after you receive the policy. We're going to start today. You're going to have a free look period, though, because we do it's like, you know, you see like a 30 day money back guarantee.

00:34:24:23 - 00:34:31:22

But obviously you need this and we're going to get it out to you. Look it over. I know you can afford it. You want it. So let's just get it done.

00:34:33:00 - 00:35:05:15

Uh, yeah, that's what I'm saying. Once you receive everything in the mail, he'll be able to know, have a better understanding of that policy. And like, like said, he'll be able to read all the benefits and he'll have everything in his in as I was presenting this to you. And if it's something that turns out to be not good for you, you can simply give me a call. I'll be a call away for you, and you just give me a call. And it's a very easy process for me to do by cancelling it before it goes into effect. So nothing that we're doing here today will go into effect until that 30 day period.

00:35:05:17 - 00:35:20:01

And this is just the first step of getting you coverage. And I really want to make sure I can get you coverage just before the first the January 1st, because all these prices will change. And I don't want them to get any more expensive than they already are for you.

00:35:21:21 - 00:35:22:11


00:35:24:04 - 00:35:25:16

Yeah. Okay, then.

00:35:26:02 - 00:35:51:21

Yeah. So let's let's go ahead here and send you that $10,000 policy. That way you can see everything in all the benefits that I spoke of. And that way, if it's something that is indeed good for you and I and I believe Richard will agree with me, we can go ahead and follow through with that plan. What I'll do is follow up with you a week after you receive everything that way. I know you and Richard had had the time to review everything and are comfortable.

00:35:52:11 - 00:35:53:01


00:35:53:06 - 00:35:55:01

Now there. So, um.

00:35:55:06 - 00:35:59:20

I'm going to give you my son's address so you can send it to this address.

00:35:59:23 - 00:36:06:01

Okay. Okay. That sounds good. Let me go ahead and pull that up for you here. And what is this address their.

00:36:07:17 - 00:36:09:09

Request to address here?

00:36:12:18 - 00:36:13:08


00:36:14:21 - 00:36:30:10

And she has to deal with, uh, well, her her son is there, so he is likely the beneficiary. So it actually makes it easier on him. Sometimes it's worse simply because somebody randomly comes in and you're already 35 minutes in. But in this case, it sounds like her son's on board.

00:36:32:12 - 00:36:34:07

Okay, what's the address here?

00:36:36:12 - 00:36:37:02


00:36:37:22 - 00:36:38:12

Hold on.

00:36:39:19 - 00:36:40:15

He's in the kitchen.

00:36:41:02 - 00:36:42:16

Yeah, I'll take your time there.

00:36:43:18 - 00:36:47:09

Yeah, you can just give it to me so I can give it to him on the phone.

00:36:49:14 - 00:36:50:07

Yep, I would.

00:36:51:12 - 00:36:52:22

What's the address here?

00:36:53:04 - 00:36:53:22

My address.

00:36:54:12 - 00:37:00:24

14931493. Piedmont Drive.

00:37:01:24 - 00:37:02:14


00:37:03:03 - 00:37:04:14

In Deltona, Florida.

00:37:11:04 - 00:37:16:11

Okay, so that's 1493 Piedmont Drive, the Deltona, Florida.

00:37:18:09 - 00:37:22:11

Okay if you need it. And if you need to look that up, just look it up and you'll be able to get everything.

00:37:23:19 - 00:37:26:22

So I have everything mailed out to this address. You okay there?

00:37:27:21 - 00:37:29:10

Yeah. All right.

00:37:30:02 - 00:37:31:18

That's my oldest son. And.

00:37:32:12 - 00:37:41:15

Yeah, and, yeah, he's going to be helping his mother as well as, you know, reading through everything and then verifying that everything is as sound.

00:37:43:12 - 00:37:44:15

Okay, So Joy is.

00:37:46:05 - 00:37:47:03


00:37:49:13 - 00:38:15:05

Uh, yeah, $10,000 policy. But as I said, if after you review it, if you feel like even going down a little bit, we can work on that. Or if you feel like going up, we can also do that. So all depend on what your budget is. As I said, you have that 30 day free look period before anything comes out of your. What's the $15,000 there would only be for $245?

00:38:20:20 - 00:38:41:16

So would you rather miss? Yeah. $245 for the 15. $15,000. First amount. If you want, I can send you that one instead. But as I said, you can always go back down to that $10,000. It's not a big deal to, you know, switch it around for you and find you something that's in your budget.

00:38:42:19 - 00:38:43:09


00:38:44:00 - 00:38:46:13

Okay. So I can go ahead and send you that 15,000.

00:38:47:00 - 00:39:18:08

That is a super assumption. He's like, she's not saying yes. So you're going to see this all the time with these types of sales. Like don't like. Oh, yeah. Just don't know. Right now. It's like, you know what what I'm going to do. And then it's almost like this is what we're doing. Like if they say 15,000. Oh, don't know the 15 and ten. Usually I am the type person that's probably going to go down simply and because it's going to be I'm not sure what their financial situation. There's so many times where, you know, people just aren't honest enough with us.

00:39:18:10 - 00:39:51:00

So it's like, let me send you the 10,000 If you want to go up to 15 after a couple of months, we can certainly discuss that. You know, make the sale, set an appointment. This happens a lot where if like increasing somebody's coverage is actually fairly easy. It's pretty straightforward. But trying to write a $500 a month policy to have them cancel, everybody's been there. It's terrible. I'd rather make sure we get paid for a couple of months, make sure like I have one client paying $874 in premiums across three different companies. I didn't write all those policies in one day.

00:39:51:06 - 00:39:55:02

She just likes it and she just keeps adding more.

00:39:55:04 - 00:39:57:15

I love the super assumption though. I love it.

00:39:57:23 - 00:40:02:24

No, the assumption is awesome. Like like, all right, we're going to do the 15. It's amazing. Like, whatever.

00:40:03:07 - 00:40:33:06

And as you said, you received your social on the third. So everything will be coincide with your Social Security payment. And so your monthly payment will consistently be on the third of the month and will be set up with directly deposit with your bank. Um, yeah. Navy Federal. Now they are one of our preferred bank, so that's great. And I do have the routing number in front of me to confirm it. Could you please grab a checkbook for me or a bank statement? I'll wait.

00:40:34:11 - 00:40:43:14

What is what is he doing here? Guys, that is not that is crucial. Important. But it's not special. There's nothing special about it.

00:40:45:21 - 00:40:46:23

Reading the script.

00:40:47:09 - 00:41:23:18

Boom. It's like, just follow the script. You guys know how I feel about that. Like, but if you follow the script, especially when you're brand new, you will make sales. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But you'll be right a lot more than that simply by just following the script, you know? Nathan is a good example. Like. Like, you know, you you know, Nathan is crazy, but, hey, he follows exactly what is written there. And now he throws a little bit in there, but he's been at it for 4 or 5 months now. So you of course, you're going to start making some changes. And then if you're having a bad day, I've had bad days of really bad days where I'm like, what am I? What am I saying that's so bad? And I reviewed my own calls.

00:41:23:20 - 00:41:30:17

Oh, I'm not even following the script that I wrote. So mean. Then I just get back to it and you know, it goes right back to it.

00:41:31:22 - 00:41:34:08

I don't have one with me.

00:41:35:01 - 00:41:41:10

Do you have maybe a whole check laying around so I can verify that writing the book.

00:41:42:14 - 00:41:46:10

I don't usually exercise in that territory, basically.

00:41:46:18 - 00:41:59:10

Okay. Okay. I got you. So I know you. I know usually you'll. You'll get a bank statement every month. Um, do you have that bank statement laying around so I can confirm that big account with you?

00:42:01:17 - 00:42:04:14

You know, I don't. Wait a minute.

00:42:05:20 - 00:42:07:08

Okay. Please take your time, dear.

00:42:07:10 - 00:42:08:20

I think I do have it.

00:42:09:07 - 00:42:10:21

Okay. Take your time to find it.

00:42:14:00 - 00:42:16:09

You need my checking account on my savings.

00:42:17:24 - 00:42:19:24

Whichever one you feel more comfortable with.

00:42:21:22 - 00:42:34:10

You can always word that whatever one you use for payments each month or which one does Social Security go into, which counts the most active. You pretty much probably want that the best account you can get here.

00:42:35:16 - 00:42:42:02

So. Oh yeah, we can add your saving for now. And if you ever want to change that, you can always change that. So what's that number?

00:42:43:23 - 00:42:44:24

Okay, let me.

00:42:46:08 - 00:42:47:20

Hear that person. Get it.

00:42:49:16 - 00:42:51:18

Please take your time, dear. We're not in a rush.

00:42:53:02 - 00:43:03:17

He's a persistency. He's subtly persistent, but also, you know, reassuring her that he's not in a super rush. So this is super crucial. This is like a nice balance.

00:43:05:22 - 00:43:06:12


00:43:11:09 - 00:43:14:11

My savings account number is eight.

00:43:15:07 - 00:43:21:00

All right. Can't put this on a website if I start putting account numbers in. So we're going to skip that. Okay.

00:43:21:02 - 00:43:30:02

Okay. So and that will be coincide with your Social Security. And and you said you received that on the third. Correct? I'll be your consultant for life so you don't have to worry about anything.

00:43:30:06 - 00:43:47:10

Okay. So the rest is follow up. He pretty much follows. Exactly. The script has a little bit of, uh, I'm not I didn't listen to it beforehand, but I'm sure that's what he's doing. He has the account number. You guys know pretty much the sale is done when you have the account number. People don't have a hard time giving up their social after. So what did everybody think about that call?

00:43:49:06 - 00:43:53:18

Like, dislikes, improvements. Something you can steal.

00:43:54:01 - 00:43:55:03

Absolutely Wonderful.

00:43:56:13 - 00:43:57:11

It was a great call.

00:43:57:16 - 00:43:58:06


00:44:00:15 - 00:44:04:09

And I guarantee you Jerome didn't think he was going to get these kind of props two months ago.

00:44:04:18 - 00:44:26:11

And and it just goes to show, like, even with my learning curve, Jerome definitely had more to go through. Like, I was just telling Lexi it. If you put in the work. Anybody can do this. You just have to have the mental discipline to just keep at it when you're not making any money. You just have to understand it's a business, not a job.

00:44:28:02 - 00:44:44:17

Correct. So and it was it was a really good call. I mean, and he knows I mean, he knows this, too. I mean, the the only thing he has everything down pat like he's really good at just blowing through objections, like it's nothing. I mean, the only thing really is just, you know, tonality that'll come with time.

00:44:45:11 - 00:44:46:01


00:44:46:19 - 00:45:18:04

And I'm telling you, half these are not half. These objections are not objections. A complaint is not an objection. Somebody says, oh, the weather is bad. I mean, what are you really going to say to rebut that? Yep. That is bad. Or, you know, I'm just kind of broke right now. It's like, yeah, no, we're all kind of broke. I mean, it's rough out there anyway because nobody so broke that they can't protect their family or they can put the cigarettes down or smoke half of them. Maybe it's all about priorities, about when people are broke. So I really like that call, Jerome.

00:45:18:06 - 00:45:26:07

Uh, I will put it up on the site, buddy, and we'll get this. I'm going to stop this chair. Stop the recording.

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 12/29/23

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