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Call Review 12/29/23

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 12/29/23

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All right. So this will be Jerome's call from Tuesday. I'm

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not excited.

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For this to get to that. Hello?

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Hey there, Sharon. It's Jerome. Once in your life services. How are you doing there?

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Okay. You?

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Good? Good. I wanted to follow up with you there. You told me last time I gave you a call, it was a pretty bad time for you, and I was hoping I cut you had a better time to go over the benefits with you today and submit that application for you.

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Okay. Can you call me back tomorrow morning.

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Dear? I am not able to extend these calls. Um, like I would like to, because I know that it's something that's really important to you. The goal is I'd have to go out here and submit an application for you today and see what would you be qualified for. Then I'll be able to, you know, follow up with you and see if you receive everything that I sent you and things like that. But I'd have to submit that application for you before we could get off the phone.

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Wow. Jerome has come a long way in a couple of months. So that is excellent. It's like basically he's just telling her this is what we're doing. I love that. A lot of our clients definitely need. Definitely need that. They definitely need to be led the entire way. So he's just telling her, I'm not I don't want to call you back and we're going to do this now.

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Yes. You're so I'm sorry, dude. I know that's not something you want to watch too much time on, but there's something that is good to get out the way. And, you know, it gives you the peace of mind that, you know, you you got that taken care of. Now you don't have to worry about it.

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And as I told you earlier, I'm a consultant here at SLS and we are consulting firm, which means we work for our client and not one particular company. So our goal is always to look throughout the state and find you a company that will give you the best rate and the benefit for a unique situation. You want me with that.

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Yes. And based on everything that you said to me earlier, there a whole life policy would definitely be that perfect fit for you. And let me give you a quick reminder on why I believe that whole life policy is a better fit for you. First, all of our plans come with a number of benefits senior life services geared work.

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So this is classic script. Uh, Jerome follows the script pretty much to the tee, and he's done it so many times that this is becoming more and more. His tonality is getting better over time. Like, can't wait to see him in a few months.

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With many reputable insurance companies.

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And guys, when do these for you? For those that have just joined, I don't mind a lot of interruptions because if you have questions about anything, somebody's doing any critiques, you know, we all get better together if we're constantly like, you know, pick any each other apart, putting each other back together again.

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As I've quit drums at 6000, right?

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Yeah. 6500 right now this week. Awesome. Yep.

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Many insurance companies designed products specifically for our customers unique situations. Now they must be state federally regulated and backed by the government. Now, also to note there that they are state approved whole life plans, which means your premium will never go up and your benefit will never go down on you. And make sure that your beneficiary here, which I have as Joyce Nest will, won't suddenly have to come up with the wheelbarrow full of cash. We required that the company that we work with are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau, which means that there are.

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I'd like to change this to to my oldest son, Richard Carlton.

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Pardon me, dear.

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Sir, I'd like to change it from doing to my oldest son. His name is Richard Carlton.

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Okay, we can we can do that. So that's Richard. And what is his last name? Born.

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Oh, what did she just do right there by all of a sudden coming, you know, and saying that.

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Hi by and ten.

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Huge buying sign.

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Yeah. It's like yeah absolutely. Of course. So obviously here's something like that. Keep on rolling. Right.

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No Felton Felton.

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David, all the prices are okay.

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And I have Richard here spelled as Richard, correct?

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And is there a middle name for Richard?

00:04:27:13 - 00:04:29:19

A for Allen, Richard Allen.

00:04:32:23 - 00:04:41:09

And for the last name here, I have it spelled out. As for all pardon me for LTE. Is that correct?

00:04:42:01 - 00:04:48:05

No. C l o n. Fell flat on.

00:04:51:16 - 00:05:00:03

So yeah, I have it as here as, um. F e l t or m Yes. Okay. Faltering. Okay.

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Now they're okay. So I have him here. And also, I didn't get a chance here to get some health information last time we speak now. Don't need to read every question of every application. I don't know what company will best be for you by asking you a few general questions. Now, does that sound fair?

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Okay. Now what?

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We're doing everything right. Is he blew off the initial objection. He's now moving through the script. He clarified, like what all plans come with. Asked if she's with him again, said the same thing. Does that sound all right? Does that sound fair enough? Any of that stuff is, you know, very solid. Who is bringing them back to, you know, reality? Sometimes people zone out.

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Get some information from you. As far as for how much you wait and how tall you are.

00:05:54:22 - 00:05:59:09

Well, I weigh like £92 and I'm.

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Like I'm five feet even.

00:06:04:22 - 00:06:06:23

Are you. So you're five feet Exact.

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Okay? Yeah.

00:06:09:13 - 00:06:12:20

Okay. And you did say weight? £92, correct?

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Yeah. Okay.

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Now. There. Are you. Are you a current smoker or. Actually, yeah. I have you here as a current smoker, Correct?

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All right. All right. Yeah.

00:06:28:15 - 00:06:35:21

I have some. Some of your information saved here. Um, yeah. And your primary doctor, who is your primary doctor there?

00:06:37:01 - 00:06:38:16

Right now, I don't have one.

00:06:39:13 - 00:06:42:00

Who was your primary doctor? Your previous one.

00:06:43:24 - 00:06:46:06

You know, I don't even remember. So.

00:06:46:11 - 00:06:58:15

And if you guys noticed this at five foot, even £92. I would definitely ask her again because if she ends up being like little things like that make a big difference. If you were to submit five, she's five feet. Okay.

00:06:58:18 - 00:07:03:15

Yeah, if you and that's 96. But she said 92. But that's a whole nother conversation.

00:07:03:17 - 00:07:17:06

Yeah, Yeah. But be careful because sometimes, like, if you need to have another conversation with her, you tried preferred and just didn't consult this, then it would immediate decline because you put 92. But that's a whole nother conversation, like I said.

00:07:20:16 - 00:07:22:08

You know, the city he located in.

00:07:24:16 - 00:07:25:09


00:07:27:23 - 00:07:30:08

Yeah. Portland.

00:07:31:24 - 00:08:04:14

It's a good place. Like Jerome's kind of become systematic, getting the doctor's name and at least the name so that you can look it up. Is he. Is he in the city? Whatever. You're going to need that later, so you might as well get that out of the way. And then it also gives you a lot of information if, um, you know, people are preferred. Plus when they said they haven't seen a doctor in ten years, that's how you preferred plus, which you clearly aren't receiving any medications and things like that. And it'll give you more information than you think just by asking for that info. Especially when they say which one, how many doctors you got? Five.

00:08:04:16 - 00:08:07:02

Okay. Then we're going to probably run into some health problems.

00:08:08:06 - 00:08:10:11

I want to make sure we keep the price for you.

00:08:11:12 - 00:08:14:10

Okay. Let's see if I can narrow it down here. Yeah.

00:08:17:03 - 00:08:18:08

Not very deliberate, but.

00:08:18:10 - 00:08:35:14

In it they keep the money and you get no benefits, perfect health. But first I have to submit everything back to the home office here. They'll be the doing. Who? Let us know if you are approved. And if you are approved, I'll be able to go into more depth about the benefits that you are going to receive with the plan. Okay.

00:08:36:12 - 00:08:37:02

All right.

00:08:37:04 - 00:08:37:21

That is fine.

00:08:38:01 - 00:08:57:17

Okay. Now I'm going to take a look at what you're qualified for. There is a lot of different insurance program out there, and I know you get all sorts of stuff in the mail and see them on TV. Now for the purpose of describing how my product works versus the others. Do you know the difference between term life insurance and whole life insurance?

00:08:58:19 - 00:08:59:09


00:08:59:21 - 00:09:23:23

Well, yeah. Okay. That's really good to hear there. Now, the reason I bring this up is because I want you to choose the best choice of which type of insurance to have, because they are not all the same. Some are better than others. But you need to know the facts so you can make a sound decision that is right for you and your son. And Richard here. Now, I know you received letters from Globe Life or AARP offering your term insurance, right?

00:09:24:20 - 00:09:25:10


00:09:25:19 - 00:09:43:04

This is very good to say, guys. If nobody if you guys don't use this type of thing, this is an objection killer before it ever becomes a real problem. They have received this stuff at some point, their prices at globe life and of course, are lower. But they damn well better be when it's a five year term.

00:09:44:20 - 00:09:51:18

So if you can get that out of their head, like put it out of your head, Miss Jones. Like, we're not dealing with that. We're not going to sell you anything like that.

00:09:51:21 - 00:10:23:19

You often say that the entrance is upstage aide. Now, what they don't tell you is what happened after age 80, because what happened is you'll lose all of your insurance no matter how much money you put in it. They keep the money and you get no benefits. The point is, why would you want insurance that may cancel before you go right there? Right, Right. And to make matters worse, they'll actually raise their prices every 3 to 5 years. What happened is they get you in cheap, but as you get older and your income becomes more fixed, they raise their prices on you.

00:10:23:21 - 00:10:30:04

Then what happened is most people don't actually outlive it. They end up canceling the policy because they can no longer afford it.

00:10:32:21 - 00:10:33:14

Who can't hear you.

00:10:35:20 - 00:10:48:10

Something that I really love that he does a lot in his presentation is right there. He brings them back in. He has them agreeing with him. He has those subconscious yeses which just help lead up to that one big yes at the end.

00:10:49:17 - 00:11:04:20

Mhm. I think it's just great and amazing to see like Jerome came from being super quiet in the office to where some people even said that, that he was too quiet to just being able to see him on the phone and to follow the script. So nice, you know?

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00:11:06:15 - 00:11:11:19

So the growth is just unbelievable to. It's amazing, actually.

00:11:12:23 - 00:11:14:18

All right. By far, it just.

00:11:14:20 - 00:11:17:02

Shows most improved ever.

00:11:18:15 - 00:11:20:08

It just shows what you can do when you're.

00:11:20:10 - 00:11:26:11

Out of the shell. And that was just from putting in like I know it's from putting in that talk time, you know.

00:11:27:13 - 00:11:35:18

There really is. And there's some calls. So drum's not on this, but, hey, here is Jerome.

00:11:36:04 - 00:11:39:01

Good morning. Good morning, guys. You came back all your iPhone three.