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Call Review 12/23/23

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 12/23/23

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Okay. This call review will be for Jacob George. Um, I'm just pulled one recording at random. So we're going to do this 25 minute one.

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I have not heard this yet, so I'm going to write some notes, pause it and provide some feedback. Hopefully it'll be very helpful to Jacob and yourself.

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Hey, good morning, Mary. Yes, Hello. How is everything going for you today in Lake Alfred?

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I'm okay. How are you? I'm doing great, actually. What? Can I help you?

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Oh, um, my name is Jake. I'm calling from Senior Life Services here. I'm calling because you recently submitted some information on the web looking for state regulated life insurance programs here in Florida.

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Yes, sir. Okay.

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Then I just want to confirm the information you're provided. Now, Mary, the birthday I show belated happy birthday is December 8th, 1960. Is that correct? Yes. Okay. And the address you provided is 255 East Main Street to, I'm assuming, apartment 218 and Lake Albert. Say again? Yes. Apartment 218. Okay. And you're in Lake Alfred. 33850.

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Correct? Yes. Okay. So you're 62 years old now and you're looking to cover $30,000 for your beneficiary, Brendan Hooper.

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Yes, sir.

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If you guys heard everything was good in that there and he's actually using the name. He's using everything he possibly can, but I don't. The one thing I don't like about this is you don't want to say, Hey, George, because then they're like, Yeah, do I know this person? I might want to try to get a phone and then get that gut reaction. It's better to say, Hey, George, how's everything been going out there in Vero Beach today?

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Or how's everything been going in Vero Beach? Ben Going is better than How's everything going? Ben Going means that you had talked to them before, even though you haven't. So that way they have to. You always want them back on their heels a little bit so that they're they're not sure who they're talking to, but they don't want to seem rude and feel like, Oh, I'm gonna hang out with the person. It could be their best friend or somebody they haven't heard from from a while.

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But then if I can't afford it, I won't.

Oh, absolutely. That's why I'm reaching out to you. We'll go through exactly what's available to you and we'll see exactly what policies we can provide. We are a consultant firm. Senior Life Services works with.

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So that was really good. He addressed it. He acknowledged what she said and then he just moved on. So the traditional thing that you guys can say, yeah, most all these plans are designed for people on a fixed incomes like yourself. Are you on a fixed income? Okay, perfect. And then exactly what he said. We are a consultant firm and he's going right into it.

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Several insurance companies were not captive to one. So depending on your health issues, your budget as well.

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We'll look through several different companies to see what's the best fit for you. And let me ask you, do you currently have any policies in place.

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And all our global nationals that I've had for a long time, but it's not very much of the virus. And then I have one from AIG.

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So that I thought it was 25. But now when I look back at the policy, I'm not sure.

00:03:44:11 - 00:03:45:14

If all the rest.

00:03:46:06 - 00:03:49:23

Were they care policies or whole life policies.

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I don't understand all that terminology, sir. I don't know. Oh, okay.

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Just tell you quickly. And that's actually the problem. I'm glad I'm speaking to you because a lot of people for life professional were screwed, but not even that good.

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Very. You're, you know, you know your audience. That's a good way to transition. So a lot of us are going to get hung up on this here and start explaining way too much. You can always say, yeah, we'll get we're going to get to that for sure because now it's possible. You talk about that you don't get a chance to talk about beneficiaries. You don't get the chance to talk about goals. But, you know, he could definitely circle around. We'll see how this goes.

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Our policy ends at a certain term period, time period, and the whole life policy is your whole life. So you might have received different things in the mail. And you see on TV like Colonial Pen and I don't know if AIG is pretty. Some of these companies are decent, but I don't know what you bought from them. And another one is globe life. We're seeing a lot of. And what they do is they'll offer you coverage up to the age of 80 or even just a couple of years, and then your benefits go down while the premium continually goes up.

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And that's kind of what it sounds like you're hinting at happened with AIG.

00:05:09:14 - 00:05:14:01

Well, my friend, as far as possible, I think went up for that. You

00:05:16:07 - 00:05:20:13

went up with Liberty National there. And I've had it for a long, long time.

00:05:20:22 - 00:05:23:00

How much was Liberty natural for?

00:05:23:22 - 00:05:27:20

It was 15. But I said I voted against it.

00:05:28:13 - 00:05:29:12

Gotcha. Gotcha.

00:05:29:16 - 00:05:35:08

I may have they may have canceled it by now. I don't know, because I haven't been able to pay that interest.

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Yeah, that's what we see a lot of as well. So, again, I'm grateful to be speaking to you. Now, is that Liberty Mutual or these good?

00:05:43:16 - 00:05:48:15

You know, these are really good check backs. You know, that's why it's good that we're speaking. That's, you know, that's a good thing to say.

00:05:49:01 - 00:05:50:10

For Liberty National.

00:05:50:15 - 00:05:52:22

Well, it used to be Liberty National.

00:05:53:24 - 00:05:55:16

Okay. It might still be.

00:05:56:17 - 00:06:09:03

I don't know. Somebody else, I think, took them over or whatever. But yeah, I thought it. It was over in. Okay, I'll listen. 38 some 38 years ago or 39.

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Oh, wow. Yeah, That's why we're definitely an advantage for you because we deal with several companies and we could offer you whole life policies. Those are advantages because they're for your whole life.

00:06:22:21 - 00:06:26:07

I agree. Must be because I've had it for.

00:06:27:23 - 00:06:34:14

Well, I'm a dialysis patient, so I don't know. But anyway, I've had it several years now.

00:06:38:00 - 00:06:39:10

The Powerball.

00:06:39:22 - 00:06:55:01

Yeah, $25 a month and I shan't. And my liberty is I pay like 30, 30, 46 or something there. And I think I thought this was a free thing from the state, but I guess not.

00:06:55:12 - 00:07:06:13

This is what just to be real clear, we're a consulting firm, like I mentioned, but we're seeing a live services. What we do is we work with several insurance companies. We're not stuck with one.

00:07:06:15 - 00:07:22:23

That's what I was told to. They do, but I'm still paying $25 a month for it. But you're giving where it's written on the program. It's written on the program. It says Free state from state, Florida or whatever. So I guess that's very misleading.

00:07:23:11 - 00:07:30:21

Well, we work with people on a fixed budget, a strict fixed budget and low income. It's okay.

00:07:30:23 - 00:07:45:10

They're like they're reading it wrong. And you really can't tell them that they're wrong because that's not a good way to make sales. You can say, Yeah, there's a free quote. Yeah, sorry if that's misleading. It's, you know, there's nothing free in this world, blah, blah, and then just move on.

00:07:45:22 - 00:07:53:15

Come as well. So depending on your health issues, if you have any, we could customize it to say again.

00:07:54:04 - 00:07:57:24

I have a lot of them. That's my whole thing. I have a bunch of them.

00:07:58:06 - 00:08:02:16

What's your what is your what prescriptions you're taking? Let's start there.

00:08:02:23 - 00:08:35:03

All right. So now we're just way off script. We're decided that we're going to skip a lot of stuff. I mean, a lot of it has been hit. Let's pull up the script, see where we're at here. A lot of this stuff has been hit. I will restate that here. So you're looking for benefits. You know, you can always do that. We're consulting firm. He went over that. He verified info um, did all that We know it's not a first policy so you can skip that a little bit. You should ask what the goal is of the policy before you start anything else. You already have a beneficiary. And also here.

00:08:35:05 - 00:09:10:23

Would this be a first policy? The answer is no. So you should get as much info as possible. And you're getting that because you need to figure out are we adding or are we replacing? That's really the only two options. We're not going to advise people to replace policies that are good for them. If she's had that policy for several years, she was probably she was she certainly was younger, but she was probably healthier, too. So that's something you don't want to replace. But she also said she took a loan out and did this and this. Maybe she doesn't want to pay that loan back or, you know, just take the cash value and get out and start again because it'll be in their benefit.

00:09:11:00 - 00:09:43:07

But if you don't have that information now, you're just kind of going with whatever and just continuing on with the presentation when you could have hung up and be on to the next one. So let's find out what happens here. So you do want to go over these before health as well so you can even though she's mentioning health, you don't want to skip what you're going to say. I've been doing this a long time. That gives her a lot more trust. Whenever you look at you always want to qualify based on health here and just read this verbatim and then your transition to health questions make sense.

00:09:43:22 - 00:10:15:18

I can tell you right now this sale is already lost. I don't need to really listen to any more of it, but we're going to want to see how this goes. Um. And it's lost for those reasons, she said. So she'll buy it if it's affordable. She really doesn't have any money. She's already paying based on those two at least 60 bucks for the two policies. So you got to have a goal in mind for yourself, too. It's like, well, all right, let's find something better and get rid of that one, but keep that one or get rid of both of them. Depending on who you're talking to. This lady has had one for many years. Otherwise, she would not have been able to take any kind of loan out.

00:10:15:22 - 00:10:47:13

So we know she needs to keep that one in effect, unless she eradicated all her cash value. And, you know, it's just becoming a hassle now to pay the money back. So if you don't have that info, it's like really narrow in like, all right, so what do you have? Or you got that? What's coming out of your bank account each month? Okay. And like I've said it 100 times, we're like, Well, are you looking? And then I'll ask, are you looking for additional coverage? I mean, they might have really good coverage and everything looks good. Um, if they have 30,000 of really good coverage and then I ask them, okay, so this must have just been for additional.

00:10:47:15 - 00:11:05:09

If you guys notice, that's assuming I'm not asking. I'm like, so this must have just been for additional coverage then, right? If they say no, then I'm off the phone. So they don't need any more additional coverage. They're covered. They can actually tell me what they're paying each month so they're not lying to me and then they know exactly what they have.

00:11:08:00 - 00:11:16:18

Well, I can't tell you all that because there's a bunch of them too. And I'm also. I don't have a list of that here.

00:11:16:20 - 00:11:18:12

You're on dialysis, you said?

00:11:18:18 - 00:11:19:08


00:11:19:22 - 00:11:27:02

Oh, okay. They say dialysis now. I'll give you guys a second. Where would you go? There's only two companies that you can go here.

00:11:30:08 - 00:12:00:14

If you said. Gerber. You'd be wrong. That wouldn't be your first choice. Prime term would be your best choice between ages of 40 and 80. After that, it would be Gerber because of the kidney dialysis. But of course, you need to find out what else. Like if she's got a congestive heart failure and kidney dialysis then and Alzheimer's and, you know, she just had surgery a month ago for her heart, then. Yeah, we're going to Gerber. So really narrow in on that.

00:12:00:16 - 00:12:01:06


00:12:01:08 - 00:12:08:08

Yeah, we help people. I've helped people just recently that are on dialysis. They take. Do you have daily insulin shots?

00:12:09:10 - 00:12:11:22

I don't think they went. Um.

00:12:14:19 - 00:12:23:08

I don't know what that has to do with dialysis. I guess, you know, insulin can't affect kidneys. Maybe, but, um. Okay. But I am a diabetic.

00:12:23:11 - 00:12:26:20

But my, my my diabetes has been pretty good.

00:12:27:13 - 00:12:28:09


00:12:29:13 - 00:12:32:12

I haven't had. I don't even take a pill for that. So.

00:12:33:15 - 00:12:50:23

So you got the diabetes under control on dialysis? Is that twice a week or three times? Three times. Okay. Three times weekly. And again, this is what makes us advantageous. A lot of companies just decline people as soon as you say the word dialysis. We don't do that.

00:12:51:05 - 00:12:51:23

Oh, I know.

00:12:52:03 - 00:12:54:10

I've held people this week that are.

00:12:56:07 - 00:13:13:20

Literally on COPD on different lung issues. And they're actually 20, 25 years older than you. And most insurance companies won't even consider once you say the age of 75 or 80, they'll hang up. But we could provide that. That's why you saw the ads that you did.

00:13:15:14 - 00:13:16:20

Now, it's still.

00:13:16:22 - 00:13:32:16

Very misleading because it says free from the state's laws. And that's the reason I looked into it, because I'm already paying $55 or whatever. I'm up for what I have at Liberty and what I have at AIG, and I don't think I can afford anything else.

00:13:33:01 - 00:13:35:14

Yeah, we'll take a quick look. It takes only a month.

00:13:35:20 - 00:14:06:07

So, I mean, we get we get when you say that we get trapped into this thing where, oh, we're going to take a good look and then pray that maybe show a sudden show afford something. We know we don't want to write a. $19 Gerber and waste into an hour so we can get 50 bucks over the course of a year. So a lot of the time it's better to cut your losses. So she already has. She's paying 55 a month. So that's what we have to work with. We own if she if the coverage is good, we're not going to replace it. So now we don't have that 55 to work with.

00:14:06:09 - 00:14:24:18

It'll be more money from her. So it's either get rid of one or figure it out. And then of course, she's in real bad health. You know, you guys should speed up the presentation, don't alienate your client or anything. But, you know, you know what company you know what's best. You can throw some figures at her if she takes it, great. If not, you know, get off.

00:14:25:22 - 00:14:40:21

Comment and see if it works for you. It works. Otherwise you could at least learn what you've done as far as like your term policies and things like that. Have a little knowledge by the end of this conversation if you don't go forward with the policy now. Good. Mary, let me ask you, are you a smoker?

00:14:41:15 - 00:14:43:01

No, not anymore.

00:14:43:08 - 00:14:45:13

Okay. How long has it been since you quit?

00:14:46:03 - 00:14:48:02

Probably 30 years.

00:14:48:04 - 00:14:58:23

Oh, awesome. Okay. Anything over two years is good. It'll. It'll be to your advantage, let's say. And are you a drinker?

00:14:59:06 - 00:15:00:15

No, not anymore.

00:15:00:17 - 00:15:03:22

That that's not one of the health questions either.

00:15:04:09 - 00:15:10:11

Excellent. Excellent. So now your beneficiary I put down here is Brandon Hooper.

00:15:10:13 - 00:15:43:20

Okay, guys, we got to get better with the health qualification. If you read the script. Exactly. You'll get much more information that, like anything going on with your major organs, such as your heart, long livers and kidneys. If you do not know, you know, you feel like you just you can't make good notes. You can't figure this out. Then start with your application. And like we'll go over some health questions. Don't need to read every question off every application, so I'm just going to do one. Which will give me the correct picture. So you can just go into this application and read these.

00:15:45:22 - 00:16:24:07

What is it? One, two, three, four. It's like 11 questions to them. And find out what's going on, because that's the best way to do it if you. If you really feel uncomfortable doing it this way as far as. But. Would ask the questions the way that they're written, though, because you do not want to know any diabetes smoker, use tobacco, major organs. Another one you could even add is any surgeries or hospitalizations in the last three years. That will give you an answer to a lot of questions right there. Like any strokes, they're going to be in the hospital for a stroke or heart attack or had, you know, pacemaker put in defibrillator, had surgery on their lungs or had something removed.

00:16:24:19 - 00:16:28:15

You'll get like those three questions. Those four questions will help you tremendously.

00:16:28:21 - 00:16:34:02

Is that your son? Yes. Okay. So put a little note here.

00:16:34:06 - 00:16:35:19

So we're kind of all over the place now. We're talking about.

00:16:36:04 - 00:16:39:07

Is there anyone else you want to add or suggest? Just only child.

00:16:40:23 - 00:16:41:13

My only.

00:16:42:03 - 00:16:42:18


00:16:43:03 - 00:16:54:04

Okay. So that's the only person we're putting in your beneficiary, Correct? Yeah. Okay. And are you on any high blood pressure medications?

00:16:54:19 - 00:16:55:09


00:16:56:08 - 00:16:58:19

What meds are you on? So I could make a note here.

00:16:58:24 - 00:17:01:12

I'm on a blood pressure medicine to lower the heart rate.

00:17:01:14 - 00:17:02:04

Because I have.

00:17:04:03 - 00:17:08:22

You have AFib? Yes. Which one is it?

00:17:09:17 - 00:17:14:08

I just had an abortion and they said I wasn't throwing anything. Now.

00:17:16:02 - 00:17:18:16

I see. Are you on Lisinopril?

00:17:19:11 - 00:17:20:01


00:17:20:23 - 00:17:25:09

What's the name of it? I see a whole list here of the common blood pressure.

00:17:26:04 - 00:17:28:15

And we wrote a or whatever that junk.

00:17:28:18 - 00:17:29:08


00:17:29:18 - 00:17:30:23


00:17:31:19 - 00:17:39:22

And marrow is your own or some kind of thing like that. But I'm not on. I'm not going to be on it forever. That's not there. Planning on weighing for that.

00:17:40:16 - 00:17:55:02

I see. I see. Just so you know, as soon as we submit your application, it'll all pop up as far as your medical information goes. As far as anything. Prescription. Okay. So that's a high blood pressure.

00:17:57:00 - 00:17:57:16


00:17:58:14 - 00:18:03:15

I don't see a whole lot of stuff, sir, And I don't have it here with me. I'm at dialysis.

00:18:04:04 - 00:18:22:11

Oh, okay. Okay. So we'll get this done quickly. Unfortunately, I know it all too well. I had to take my dad to dialysis twice a week, so I understand. Exactly. It's not. It's not a pleasurable thing, obviously. Now, your.

00:18:25:17 - 00:18:29:02

You're not taking Gallant. Gallant mean, are you?

00:18:30:11 - 00:18:33:02

I don't know what that is. I'm taking that. No.

00:18:33:06 - 00:18:36:16

What were you saying? You took a medication. What was the diagnosis?

00:18:36:18 - 00:18:37:22

They said.

00:18:39:16 - 00:18:41:11

I said, I'm taking you guys a bit. I had.

00:18:43:10 - 00:18:45:08

Neuropathy. Okay.

00:18:45:14 - 00:18:49:18

Gabapentin, Lyrica, neuropathy. They're going to be the most common gabapentin.

00:18:49:20 - 00:18:50:10


00:18:53:00 - 00:18:54:05


00:18:57:13 - 00:18:59:01

How many times a week are you taking that?

00:19:00:11 - 00:19:01:20

I take it every day.

00:19:02:14 - 00:19:33:10

And it's really not important. So a lot of the stuff is superfluous. You don't need to ask some questions about like if they're taking it, they're taking it. They have. And she already said diabetic neuropathy. So now you don't even really care about the medication. You know that the neuropathy was caused by diabetes and, you know. Question seven A will be a yes or I'm sorry, four, five, four. Question four will be yes. Any complications from diabetes, insulin shock, those those questions or neuropathy. So you can just move on from that.

00:19:35:10 - 00:19:37:18

Okay. Daily use.

00:19:40:14 - 00:19:42:23

Okay. And you have for the neuropathy.

00:19:44:12 - 00:19:45:09

Is that your.

00:19:45:14 - 00:19:47:11

Medicine? I don't know what they are.

00:19:48:23 - 00:19:49:15

Say again?

00:19:50:12 - 00:19:53:00

I have seizure medicine. I don't know what they are.

00:19:53:17 - 00:20:02:24

Okay. That was what I heard you say. I didn't take a note of it. Seizure medications. You don't suffer from COPD, correct?

00:20:03:14 - 00:20:04:13

Yes, I do.

00:20:05:03 - 00:20:09:15

Okay. So what are you taking any of those common drugs? Advair, Albuterol.

00:20:10:01 - 00:20:13:07

Advair. And I take them court for that.

00:20:14:00 - 00:20:14:21


00:20:18:02 - 00:20:21:15

Okay. Simple chord. That's right there. That's a very common one.

00:20:23:24 - 00:20:25:10

Simple court.

00:20:30:00 - 00:20:30:15


00:20:32:10 - 00:20:37:06

That Liberty National, Do they drop you because of health issues? Because that's what they drop.

00:20:37:08 - 00:20:40:03

Me because I get payment on the loan.

00:20:40:22 - 00:20:43:01

Oh, okay. Okay. Not paying me.

00:20:43:03 - 00:20:50:24

Yeah, that's a good question. Now she doesn't have that anymore, so we need to find out how much coverage does she actually have and what is she actually still paying for that?

00:20:51:01 - 00:20:53:15

I don't think they have. I'm still paying the premium, but.

00:20:56:00 - 00:21:04:00

Okay. I'm saying there they can because I haven't for several years now. I haven't been able to pay the interest on the loan.

00:21:04:12 - 00:21:05:17

I see. I see.

00:21:08:05 - 00:21:15:18

You're supposed to at least pay the interest. And I haven't been able to pay anything because I've been. I'm in a nursing. I'm in a another reason.

00:21:15:20 - 00:21:21:11

I'm kind of busy. And this call, she can't be paid for that. She can't pay for anything. It's not viable candidate. You have to have do you.

00:21:21:12 - 00:21:25:01

Take care of your own finances or do you have somebody, a caretaker.

00:21:25:03 - 00:21:32:03

To take care of? My family, they take my finances. That's why I said I don't know. I thought this was a free thing. So now.

00:21:32:05 - 00:21:32:21

You're not.

00:21:33:07 - 00:21:36:03

So I really can't afford anything else.

00:21:36:23 - 00:21:39:21

Are you permitted to do these things or do they?

00:21:40:12 - 00:21:45:02

I can do what I want to what I got left, but it's just. I don't have her you can't afford.

00:21:45:04 - 00:21:50:12

I understand, but you know what I mean, right? Certain elderly. You're not that old, you know. You're.

00:21:50:14 - 00:21:57:11

No, I can do what I want. Okay. Have anything left to do it with. That's the issue. They talk.

00:21:57:21 - 00:21:58:18

They allowed it.

00:22:00:16 - 00:22:02:19

Mary, what's your height and weight? And always.

00:22:02:21 - 00:22:05:09

Let them finish what they're saying so you can get this.

00:22:05:11 - 00:22:10:24

Info and I'm 137 38 kilos, which I'm not sure what that is. A pound.

00:22:14:22 - 00:22:18:07

About 270. If I'm not mistaken, let me see 101.

00:22:18:10 - 00:22:22:09

That I'm over £300. Not a lot, but a little.

00:22:22:16 - 00:22:30:01

137 kilos would be £2. Yeah, it's about 302 I'm showing.

00:22:31:20 - 00:22:32:16


00:22:35:01 - 00:22:36:16


00:22:38:13 - 00:22:42:16

Give me a second. Let me just get my senior benefits coordinator.

00:22:43:01 - 00:23:13:05

So now's the time to be off this call completely. Like that would not be a good time to bring them in. You want to continue on with the presentation and you've come this far, so you might as well present some figures to her. For practice would be the only reason. But if you're a seasoned agent or this while you know so you have to kind of know like who's wasting your time, who's not. This woman is not intentionally wasting anybody's time, but she has said many times that she's not able to pay for anything. She's defaulted on the loan. She's now in a nursing home.

00:23:13:07 - 00:23:20:22

Makes it worse because now she probably doesn't even have access to her banking information. So, yeah, we'll keep going. Let's see what happens here.

00:23:21:03 - 00:23:23:04

You see if you could look at this case with me

00:23:24:17 - 00:23:41:21

because I'm looking at different rates. I just want to make sure we're giving you something that, you know, they won't decline you. Um, you're a female age 63. What am I saying? 62. Sorry about that.

00:23:43:24 - 00:23:49:09

Non smoker for over 24 months. It makes a huge difference.

00:23:49:16 - 00:23:51:10

It's been 24 years.

00:23:51:22 - 00:24:14:22

Yeah, but what I'm clicking is over 24 months. Considered a former smoker. I'm guilty as well. I quit smoking only four months ago. Thank God it was not. It was literally probably the toughest thing I ever quit. Other than sugar, I'll be very frank. I think sugar is a lot worse in cigarettes. If you could quit sugar, you could quit anything.

00:24:15:17 - 00:24:19:05

Right? Quit cigarettes? I don't know if I ever will.

00:24:19:08 - 00:24:25:13

I don't. Yeah. My dad. That was the one thing. The man never smoked, never drank. But the sugar definitely got him.

00:24:27:11 - 00:24:30:21

But my mom's the same and she's on metformin before she'll quit sugar.

00:24:32:12 - 00:24:36:19

Bad drug. I wouldn't. I was on it years and years and years ago, but.

00:24:38:09 - 00:24:39:08

Get out. Yeah.

00:24:39:17 - 00:24:42:15

That's kidneys. And I don't. I don't take it.

00:24:42:20 - 00:24:52:13

I agree. I mean, my my mother in law, who's deceased just a few months ago, she was on that thing. And I agree. My mom is sparingly taking that thing.

00:24:52:15 - 00:24:55:16

You should really make them check her kidneys very often.

00:24:56:03 - 00:24:59:12

Yeah. Yeah, they definitely the doctor actually does because they.

00:25:00:06 - 00:25:30:13

So now now we're off on tangent. So I assume they're waiting on so one's not always available but you, you guys you should understand the underwriting videos on the site as also agent guides are all in vanilla soft. I mean there's a lot of different ways to get in there, but it looks like Jacob already knows that she's going to be a Gerber, Gerber or prime term. So when you hear like things like kidney dialysis, now you want to go, that's bad, so you want to go deeper with it.

00:25:30:15 - 00:25:57:13

What else is going on? Like, do you have congestive heart failure so you can narrow it down? Like then you can ask him, is kidney dialysis the worst thing you got going on? Like they don't have congestive heart failure, Haven't had any problems with like a heart attack stroke. Like you can easily just go in here like, why are you talking to people? Be, you know, goofing off in here and not even goofing off. Just, you know, find out like prosperity, prime term application. There it is. Okay, so we'll reload that now.

00:25:59:06 - 00:26:02:10

Well, it wasn't fixed. So there's only three questions for that.

00:26:03:24 - 00:26:07:06

All right. So you just find the prime term application. Let me see if that's still.

00:26:09:05 - 00:26:10:01

Different to.

00:26:15:19 - 00:26:19:18

And then you have whole life application right here.

00:26:22:12 - 00:26:33:16

So there's three questions they all have to do is stroke and heart attacks. In the last two years, dementia the last two years admitted to a nursing home in the last two years, which sounds like she was. So you probably just go Gerber her No the.

00:26:33:18 - 00:26:34:18

Side effects of these things.

00:26:35:14 - 00:26:43:19

Yeah but some of them don't care. They didn't see any. There's other medicines that I can give you and they gave you the crap anyway.

00:26:43:21 - 00:26:56:11

So I hear you and I don't want to get in trouble because I'm working here. But yeah, if I get too much into it, I hear you loud and clear. It seems like some of these guys are more pharmaceutical representation reps. Yes.

00:26:58:08 - 00:27:01:23

Mary, could you grab a pen and paper or have one of the assistants?

00:27:02:14 - 00:27:09:19

Dialysis? I have no pen. I have no paper. I have nothing here. I'm laying here. All the machines can't do anything.

00:27:10:09 - 00:27:15:00

Oh, okay. You would be able to write down some numbers I could give you.

00:27:15:08 - 00:27:22:12

No, I can't see nothing. I'm just playing here on the machine. I see. I see my arm at the moment.

00:27:22:14 - 00:27:27:03

When. When did you go in there? Early this morning or 10:00.

00:27:27:13 - 00:27:30:13

Chair times? About 620. Just this morning.

00:27:31:00 - 00:27:44:10

Okay. So you should be done. I won't speak to you later today because I know you probably don't feel good. Obviously. When is a better time to speak with you about this? Or you could write down some numbers because these are highly affordable and.

00:27:47:18 - 00:27:56:21

Okay. So I do want to go back so we can find out like you can always back the stuff out from like, is it actually affordable for her? Like, let's find out. Hey, good.

00:27:56:23 - 00:27:57:13


00:27:57:15 - 00:27:58:16

Mary was. Yes.

00:27:59:05 - 00:28:02:07

Hello. How is everything going for you today in Lake Alfred?

00:28:03:01 - 00:28:08:15

I'm okay. How are you? I'm in. Great. Well, it's actually. What? What? Can I help you?

00:28:09:05 - 00:28:20:22

Oh, my name is Jake. I'm calling from Senior Life Services here. I'm calling because you recently submitted some information on the web looking for state regulated life insurance programs here in Florida.

00:28:21:16 - 00:28:23:09

Yes, sir. Okay.

00:28:24:02 - 00:28:35:23

Then I just want to confirm the information you're provided. Now, Mary, the birthday I show belated happy birthday is December 8th, 1960. Is that correct?

00:28:36:04 - 00:28:43:00

Yes. Okay. So 1960. So she's 60, 40 and 50, 60, 62 years.

00:28:43:02 - 00:29:09:11

Old. Let's see if we're going to pull this here. She already said she a little bit later in this conversation here, it says she's paying 55. And then later she says, well, I'm canceled on her, so she's probably not paying even that. And then she's in a nursing home. So, you know, they're getting like 30 bucks a month that they have discretionary spending. So that's almost nothing. So she's 62. I think she does still smoke, but it won't matter with Gerber anyway.

00:29:11:08 - 00:29:18:19

And really listen to the people, because I'll tell you everything you need to know. Guaranteed issue. Let's say 5000 servers, minimum.

00:29:23:12 - 00:29:53:19

So 2888. So that could be affordable for her. So you do I mean, if the other if we find the money in the budget though. But for now, like we don't even know if she controls her finances and things like that. So a lot of this it could have been this call could have been ended pretty quick. Uh, you probably would have anybody. It doesn't matter how good you are, would have spent at least probably eight minutes with her. But when she starts saying things like, I thought this was free, blah, blah, blah. Now she's just being nice because it's very, uh, very unlikely that she's going to buy anything.

00:29:53:22 - 00:30:00:21

So let me stop this recording. This is good call you guys. I love doing these. So if you guys need one, just let me know.

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 12/23/23

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