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Call Review 12/09/23


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Play. Okay. There you go.

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Hey, Maxwell. How's everything going tonight?

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Everything going fine?

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That's great to here.

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So I am. I am. I'm not going to be mean, but I'm going to be. I'll tell you, like, everything that you should change and immediately develop. So? So. I made the new script. So how's everything been going out there in whatever city? And I say this a lot in training, but it's so true. It's like they have to think I need them on their heels for a second, at least a second, so they can get the rest of the stuff out. So that's what that does.

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So so for the most part, I have been doing that because, you know, I agree with you. It's just sometimes like if it's a web lead or something, you know, always picture.

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Yeah. And always picture somebody on the street. Like, how would you react to somebody like, Hey, Carter, how's everything been going? And you had no idea who they are. You're not going to immediately go default. I'm going to be a dick. You're going to be like, Damn it, I don't know who this is. And they obviously know me and like me. And now I feel bad. I don't need them. I don't need them to feel bad for a long time. I just need them to not interrupt me. And then. Then we're good. So.

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Carter, I'm over here at Senior Life Services. I was calling because you recently spoke with one of our representatives about state regulated final expense programs for Florida. So it's my job to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions that you might have. So it has you here.

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Okay, good. Not not much pauses. You want a little bit of pause, like you said right there and any questions that you have so really hit? Um, so the way I'm taught and the way I taught myself with Belfort and stuff like that. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. Almost like a question, like, remember us? Don't you remember? Don't you remember? I'm calling. Yeah. So I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our reps about state that hit that hard to state regulated life insurance programs because that is authority. And hey, don't I'm not you notice I'm not saying I'm the state because that would be fraud but I'm saying make it seem like these are state regulated life.

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So people are like, oh shit, stay calm, It's crap. And, uh, almost trying to scare people. So my job here is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have now when that's delivered like that. Like, how do you feel like, okay, so that's what the purpose of the call, you know, go over benefits and answer any questions. Does that sound like salesy? Like I'm about to sell you a bunch of shit?

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Not really. Which I like about that line, actually.

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So it's like, answer any question. And then that's about as long as my pause will be. So my job here is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So and then that's it. Let me confirm some information. And you did a good job there. That's why I want to compliment you on that, because the pause can't be preposterously long because then people will start talking and fill the air and it can't be just going to go on. Yeah, Yeah. And you don't need you don't need you're trying to establish authority quickly so that way you don't have to deal with these.

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Like I always get annoyed with like, well they're, you know, they're cutting me off. Don't let them cut you off. Whoever like me and James arguing, usually I'm the one. If we're both talking over each other, I'm the one that stops talking. So that puts him in the authoritative role. So obviously, that's that's how you have to be your client. Like I've heard Mika say to people like, Listen, I know you want to be the boss, but we both can't. Both can't be the boss. I get paid to do this. And until you're paid to do this, why don't you just let me be the boss? You're not going to get away.

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You're not going to get away with that. But something. But that attitude is correct. Yeah. So I like that.

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Good job. At 730, Southwest seventh Street, Hallandale Beach.

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Where is Hallandale Beach? I actually. I live in Vero Beach. I've never heard of Hallandale Beach.

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Yeah, You got after, um. Well, you got. You got Hallandale, then you got Hollywood.

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Okay, so that's very good. So that's usually some people's biggest problems. You mean you can go off script to develop some kind of rapport, have that person help you? I mean, he's helping you now. It's a weird law of human nature that people like you better when they're doing things for you than when you're doing stuff for them. Don't know why. Like if you if you want to make a friend, have them do a bunch of crap for you. It's like, but in psych psychology, that's that's true. But you're helping. He's helping you understand where this is. So that's not a bad way to and that and that the way you worded that it sounded like you're just really just wanted.

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No, like I'm going to interrupt myself for a minute because I want, you know, just want to know. Don't know where that's at. So I like that.

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Okay. So so it's down south towards Miami. Yeah.

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Okay. Okay. And then it has your date of birth here listed as 1958. I didn't get a month or a day on that.

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Um. So do it a little bit more succinctly and make it clear that we have the information. Um, so like, like, don't say it has here, listed here. Be like, uh, so. All right. And you told, I always say and you told the rep that your birthday. Is this all right? And he also put down that, you know, more like you did this and the rep put this down because you told him that because that's got to be abundantly clear, you know, and be like, oh, I have it listed, but listed from what? So just more like if you can see my screen here, here's Ronald Hill.

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So these it's a lead so got less to go on but like hey Ronald how's everything going out there in Illinois today or how's everything been going out there in Illinois? Okay, great. My name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason I'm calling is you had spoken with one of our reps recently. Actually, it's recently. And I'm sorry I was interrupting myself because. Are you changing a few words with bleeds and elites in the beginning? Intro?

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To an extent. So with bleeds, you know, depending like if there's some notes or some call history. Like if it's been over a month since they've since we've talked to them, you know I'll apologize for taking so long to get back to them. If it's a web lead and it doesn't look like they've spoken with anybody, I'll just say it looks like you reached out about so and so.

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Okay, good. Because. Yeah. What the. And you already found that out like bleeds. You want to say it looks like a while back, you spoke with somebody with this. This is a lead, so it would be a little different. Like. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because you were recently online regarding the state regulated life insurance programs for Florida. So my job here is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So let me just confirm the basic info that you put down from our online. I have your you know, you're in Illinois, have your email address is Limbo Guy 14 at Gmail.

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Okay. Yep. I have you as a non-smoker. Looks like you love driving and Tiffany Bates and other children would be your beneficiary. Is all that correct? Yes. Okay, great. So we are cutting then, you know, like that. So let's let's see. Let's see how this next one goes.

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Oh, I know. 58. I'm. I'm 59.

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59. Okay. Yeah. Sometimes I might make some typos in there. See?

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All right. And then it has your favorite color as black. Does that sound right? Yeah.

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Good choice. That's one of my favorites as well.

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So natural. Like I said, I'm with Senior Life Services. We're a consultant firm, which means that we work for our clients. We don't work for any particular insurance company. So our goal is just to figure out who's going to give you specifically the best rates and the best benefits. So you with me on that?

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Yeah. Good. Good. Yeah. Can't do any better. Okay.

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And now, were you looking for benefits just for yourself today?

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Okay. And this is business that you would typically handle yourself?

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Okay. And.

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Nice for you. Were you born in Florida?

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Yes? Can you hear me?

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Yeah. Yeah.

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Who would be the beneficiary of your policy?

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That would be my daughter.

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Okay, so guess I'm guessing it was just blank.

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Yeah, it was okay.

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Okay. So, yeah, if it's a blank, that's. I mean, there's no reason not to ask. Like, okay, well, who would the be the beneficiary? Already got them through at this point.

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That'll be your daughter. And what's your daughter's name?

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My daughter's name? Angelina.

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All right. And would this be a first policy for you? Yeah.

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Okay, great. So this will be the first money that Angelina will be seeing whenever you do pass.

00:09:07:24 - 00:09:09:02

When I left. Yeah.

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Good, good, good.

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Okay. And have you ever had to go through the process of burying somebody yourself?

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No. No.

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That. That's amazing. You know, most people, unfortunately, have. So it's great that you haven't had to go through that. But it can be a huge financial burden on top of the emotional burden that they're already going through at that point. So you definitely want to make sure that you have this coverage in place so that you can protect them from that.

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Sounds a little salesy, but I would rather tell a story here. Uh, now, I don't know if you have any stories, so use other people's, um, and just use one canned story. You don't want to make up something, you know, completely. That's another thing that, you know, you don't. You don't need to make anything up. Like it can be somebody else's story. Like my talk about James. Like, you know, his James my my boss just lost his father and they had covers luckily. But you know, my story is always. Because that's true.

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When my aunt passed away. She made me the beneficiary. She did leave me some money, but she did not fill out any kind of instructions for me. So that became very difficult. So make sure that when I, you know, get this out to you, that you fill out the memorial guide in the living will. Because I do want you to I want your family to know exactly what to do when that day does come. It's always when to, not if because it's going to come. So if that day comes. Yeah, for sure. Bullshit. And it's like when you die. Don't care if you have to say when you die, what do you want to have happen?

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So based on everything that you said to me so far.

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You can hit I mean, you can talk to that mean like today, you can focus on that a little bit as far as, um, really trying to get them to buy in, you know? Have you ever gone through the process of buying some yourself? No. No. Okay. Anybody? Nobody in the family? No brothers. I mean, I'll even go that deep. I'm trying to get them to tell me if I can, like, like, yeah, because usually it can be a one off. Like, maybe he didn't, but his wife had to bury her mom or, you know, whatever. Some there's always one degree of separation there where somebody had to have died.

00:11:16:19 - 00:11:18:05

Then those something happened.

00:11:18:08 - 00:11:29:23

So I'll take a little bit need to focus on that area and build some more rapport there, because I think that that might be the reason why my calls have been so short, because he kept telling me how short my calls are. It's probably why.

00:11:30:07 - 00:11:48:17

Mhm. And it's okay. I mean you could be savagery but you, you have to get some emotional buying and they'll trust you. But yeah, the emotional, the emotions got to be there on all these calls even if you got to pry it out of them. Like. And then if they do say something like like don't did anybody yesterday say, yes, I've had to go through that process.

00:11:49:23 - 00:11:51:18

Yeah. Yeah. A couple of people did.

00:11:52:00 - 00:11:55:17

Okay. Did you feel like you probed enough or not enough?

00:11:56:19 - 00:11:57:09


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I think in most cases I did.

00:11:59:17 - 00:12:00:20

Okay, because I.

00:12:01:00 - 00:12:17:08

Didn't. I didn't. Well, okay. I probably could have done a little more. Yeah. I don't know why, but for some reason, I feel a little bit uncomfortable, I guess, you know, probing too much. Like, obviously, it's a sensitive subject, so I just don't want to come off as insensitive, if that makes sense.

00:12:17:11 - 00:12:49:00

Yeah, 100% does. And the way you handle that, it's got to be there's got to be some tact involved. Like, if they did say they had to bear, somebody was like, okay. And then it doesn't have to be like if somebody died five years ago, I'm sorry, but the window for all I'm so sorry is over. They've been gone for five, five years. It's like, you know, I'm not going to break down. Every time somebody said, Oh, I lost my mom. Oh, How long ago was that? Ten years ago. Oh, okay. Like, it's like, I'm sorry. I'm like, Oh, my God, I'm so sorry. It's ten years ago. Um, so that's.

00:12:49:02 - 00:12:51:13

That's me being insensitive, but it's true.

00:12:51:19 - 00:12:53:07

So I'm.

00:12:53:10 - 00:13:23:14

Like. I'm like, I'm more concerned with. And. And I don't feel anything about it anymore because I just know it works. And I know that I just know how to do it. So if they're talking about that, yeah, I have gone through that process. Okay. Is that, um. Were you the one that was in charge? Uh, like, no, my sister. Okay. Did your mom have life insurance or did she not have any life insurance? And it doesn't matter what they say at that point, it's all good for you. If they said no, it's like, Oh, I bet that was kind of hard.

00:13:23:16 - 00:13:51:16

Did you guys have to, you know, kind of pitch in and get that that's painting a picture or. Yes, they did. Okay. So you were disabled to get get take care of it immediately and get down to the funeral. I mean, it's okay to ask questions like that. It's, uh, get down to the funeral home. So it's good no matter what the answer. That's the best part. Because either either they did have coverage and it made it really easy on them, which you can talk about, and then you can simply say, So is your goal to do the same thing for your children? Who's going to say no to that?

00:13:52:12 - 00:13:53:12

Yeah, you're right.

00:13:53:20 - 00:14:25:23

And then or no, it went. I mean, I've sold so many people, it's like, well, I had to bury my husband. I had to you know, we had to come up with 10,000. We had to borrow money. That's painting another picture. It's like, all right. So was the goal to make sure they you they don't have to go through what you went through? Boom. Now I'm starting to have that rapport that I need to when I present these numbers. Now, the beneficiaries name is going to be used constantly for sure. So yeah, you can always harp on that the more time you can get them to talk about that. That's one of the ones where like, like Nathan will interrupt them while they're talking about that.

00:14:26:00 - 00:14:53:22

Oh yeah, exactly. I know. It's terrible. And then move on like, Dude, you got to stop. You got gotta let two minutes of them talking about that is 100% fine. Don't care if I talk about that for ten minutes and how bad that was because that can only help me and it's only solidifying in their minds that. Yes, damn it, I do need this. Of course I don't want to pay for it. Nobody wants to pay money for something they don't personally get in return. But if they love their family more than $80 a month, then they'll buy it. They'll buy the coverage.

00:14:56:18 - 00:14:57:17

Does that make sense, Carter?

00:14:58:21 - 00:15:06:02

Yeah, no, it makes sense. I mean, because that's. That's what we're really, you know, we got to sell them on protecting their family.

00:15:06:09 - 00:15:07:21

Yeah, It's just a peace of mind, that's all.

00:15:08:19 - 00:15:11:22

If they're that selfish, that they don't care, then they're not going to buy anyways.

00:15:11:24 - 00:15:20:18

So yeah, this is a good time to be like, Oh, don't care what they go through. Okay, well, then I'm not going to give you any numbers and then don't feel bad about that. Yeah.

00:15:21:02 - 00:15:22:10

So let me see.

00:15:22:19 - 00:15:26:20

So where are we? Where we at right now? We are okay. A whole life policies.

00:15:26:22 - 00:15:57:09

Best policy is going to is going to be the perfect fit for you. So all the plans that we offer have a number of benefits. Senior Life Services works with many insurance companies, like I was saying. So we're a fast growing company. We've we've actually made many insurance companies design products specifically for our customers unique situations. Most of the clients that we work with are on some some sort of government assistance such as like disability or Social Security, something along those lines. Yeah.

00:15:57:17 - 00:16:00:05

I don't know where you're getting this stuff, but yeah, it's okay.

00:16:01:00 - 00:16:04:16

I just kind of threw it in. Honestly. I lost my place on the script for a second there, so.

00:16:04:21 - 00:16:05:16

Yeah, okay.

00:16:05:18 - 00:16:06:08

But that's.

00:16:06:14 - 00:16:16:11

But uh, yeah, and then. But if you deliver the script. Exactly. You'll get so good at the tonality that that's what ends up becoming important. Oh.

00:16:17:07 - 00:16:18:11

Like, uh.

00:16:19:03 - 00:16:25:24

Like, I'm getting back on the phone when I come back from this cruise because I do need to get a bunch of recordings together and stuff.

00:16:26:02 - 00:16:27:12

So, so, So.

00:16:27:14 - 00:16:29:20

Okay. So don't say that. Don't say that There.

00:16:29:23 - 00:16:31:09

Well, don't say anything.

00:16:31:11 - 00:16:48:00

Like I'm very analytical, so anything that I say, like government assistance makes people feel like they're weak or whatever, no matter if they get food stamps and all of it at the same time, I would mean that's how I would feel like, Oh man, yeah, no hate being a over system. So I didn't save any money and now I feel bad about myself.

00:16:49:03 - 00:16:49:20

So yeah.

00:16:50:08 - 00:17:10:09

Like I just didn't know where you're getting that. But it was cool. You're right. It's close to the script. Like it's federally regulated and backed by the government. But you talked about and it's okay, I'm just saying these things if I let you go for a month doing this stuff over and over again and then you're going to be in real trouble because you're now you got a month of bad habits.

00:17:10:15 - 00:17:11:16

Yeah, for sure.

00:17:12:01 - 00:17:46:06

So, um, so the way I would deliver that is it's like, uh, so you're at the bottom. So you, you hopefully you build a little bit of emotion there with, you know, making sure what's your goal? To make sure that, you know, Bob doesn't have to go through that as well. And it's always like as well, like, it's obvious. That's a rhetorical question. Um, it's like, All right. Bob, So based on everything you said to me, a whole lifetime policy is definitely going to be the perfect fit for you. And let me tell you why. So all of our plans will offer a number of benefits. So first, Senior Life Services works with many reputable insurance companies.

00:17:46:08 - 00:18:17:05

So as a quickly growing company, we've actually made insurance companies design products specifically for our customers unique situations. So they must be state in front of the regulated and backed by the government. They're all state approved, whole life plans, and that means that the premiums will never go up and the benefits will never go down, which makes sure that Bob doesn't have to come up with a wheelbarrow, full cash that always pours that. That's a corny, horrible joke, but they like it. And then the benefit paid to your family is also 100% tax free.

00:18:17:07 - 00:18:28:10

And unlike most companies, they do pay out immediately. And then we also require they have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. Are you with me on that or you follow me so far? Any check back you want to say don't care?

00:18:28:24 - 00:18:41:16

Yeah, I'm not sure why, but for some reason I struggle with that section specifically. You'll see it in some of my other recordings. It's I don't know why I struggle with that part, but trying to make it flow smoothly.

00:18:42:00 - 00:18:42:15


00:18:42:24 - 00:19:00:09

That is okay. As long as you're saying like I've seen people that hate that word specifically because they don't feel like they can hit it hard. If a if a word is troubling or hard, it doesn't come out of your mouth. Right. Or just doesn't sound good out of you. Change a couple words. Just don't change the the core.

00:19:00:11 - 00:19:02:04

Meaning don't change the intent.

00:19:02:08 - 00:19:03:01

Yeah. Yeah.

00:19:03:10 - 00:19:39:22

So yeah, I mean, I don't mind that at all. Some people say completely not completely different, but they'll be like, Yeah, we work with many reputable insurance they or they don't like as a quickly growing company. But that's true and people like quickly growing company so that's why it's in there. Yeah mean and you might have to say it a bunch of times like a lot of times for it to finally flow because there's a lot of nuances in the way I say it. It's like, you know, first in your life services works with many reputable and then many I'm hitting harder. I I'd have to actually say it to myself a million times to then highlight what I'm hitting hard because but I know I do it the same every time.

00:19:40:12 - 00:19:41:02


00:19:41:07 - 00:19:43:21

So so let's keep rolling.

00:19:44:03 - 00:20:15:18

So they all have to be state and federally regulated. They all have to be backed by the government. They're all state approved, whole life plans. There you go. You're never going to go up. You'll never end up paying more and the benefits are never going to go down. So no matter at what point in your life or how how long from now, how much time passes from now, the death benefits never going to go down. The same amount is always going to be paid out. Okay. So that benefit is going to be paid out 100% tax free. And unlike most companies, they will pay out immediately.

00:20:15:20 - 00:20:22:02

So within 48 hours they are all required to have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.

00:20:22:05 - 00:20:22:20


00:20:23:09 - 00:20:26:06

So you're following me on all that so far? Yeah.

00:20:28:03 - 00:20:29:20

Okay. So.

00:20:29:24 - 00:20:32:08

So nothing's going bad. This is very good.

00:20:32:10 - 00:20:39:00

So you've told me a lot about yourself so far. I understand this is important to you right now.

00:20:39:05 - 00:20:39:22

Don't say that.

00:20:40:20 - 00:20:41:17

Okay? Yeah. Don't.

00:20:41:19 - 00:20:42:09


00:20:42:11 - 00:20:44:10

Don't say right. It should be at this point.

00:20:44:13 - 00:20:46:05

Yeah, for sure. Okay.

00:20:47:04 - 00:20:50:12

Okay. So I am going to have to ask you some health questions.

00:20:51:07 - 00:21:12:18

You don't want to be like that either, because that's when you that's when the words become really important. Like, I'm going to I'm going to have to ask you like, like I'm telling like, the leading part is so important to this people. Um, like, have you ever heard the speech is about, like, with James Grant? Me maybe. I know. I'm sure you haven't about you got to understand who your audience is

00:21:14:06 - 00:21:44:15

if these people like you have to. Know who your client base is, so. These are the group of people that put their head in the sand, you know, just didn't even pay attention to the fact that they're getting older and just have nothing in place or they have not enough in place. And some people that we talked to have plenty in place and they they should be getting out of the lead pool completely. But they they put their heads in their sand. They're very suggestive. They're open to suggestion. And they and basically they like being told what to do. So that's what I'm gonna do.

00:21:44:17 - 00:22:05:23

I'm gonna tell you what you need. You'll help me determine what you need. Like, we're gonna find out what their needs are together, because that's the consultative approach. But later on, it's like, all right, so the best company in your case is going to be Pioneer Security. I'm like, I'm just telling them this is not I think we should go or like any on confidence stuff like get it, get it out of there.

00:22:07:18 - 00:22:08:08


00:22:08:11 - 00:22:14:23

So I definitely need to be more more confident in that part. Honestly, I could read that that paragraph verbatim and be fine.

00:22:15:04 - 00:22:46:15

Yeah. And then because you're like, well, you know, you just sound like I'm sure yourself. So what I want to do now is take the time to ask you because I'm taking my time and I want them to understand my time is valuable. So, so whenever you look at life and like, that's all I'll say it every time, it's it's very it's always almost like, like don't hate what people say that but it's like, I want to sound like you, Ernie, because you don't sound like you care. And, and and that mentality is more like Mika has it too. It's more like I know what I'm doing.

00:22:47:09 - 00:23:19:06

I know if the sale isn't made, I don't care. So I want them to understand that, that don't need them to understand that by saying it. But it's like, listen, I do this every day, so I'm going to continue moving along like I've been doing this. So whatever you say is I have to keep going. I have to help you. So that's what I'm going to do. Okay. So that's why you really have to think like I'm here to help you. So you're going to go along with what I'm doing. It's like somebody that asks for your help and then doesn't do anything. You say. It's like, Well, then I'm not going to help you anymore.

00:23:19:15 - 00:23:21:13

So you're going to take the help or you're not?

00:23:21:21 - 00:23:23:23

Yeah, like if you don't want the help. Bye bye.

00:23:24:03 - 00:23:29:12

So whenever you're looking at health insurance or any policies that pay for final expenses.

00:23:29:20 - 00:23:31:14

Yeah. That. Don't say health insurance.

00:23:32:01 - 00:23:32:23

That's okay.

00:23:33:00 - 00:23:34:08

Did say always want to be asked this?

00:23:34:16 - 00:23:38:04

Yeah, you did. No way. Yeah, you did.

00:23:39:05 - 00:23:59:02

We all have to be backed by the government. They're all state approved, whole life plans, which means the premiums are never going to go up. You'll never end up paying more, and the benefits are never going to go down. So no matter at what point in your life or how how long from now, how much time passes from now, the death benefits never going to go down. Yeah.

00:23:59:04 - 00:24:07:23

Mean that's just over that part was just over explaining because you already said it and they've seen the colonial pen commercial enough to already have it memorized.

00:24:08:08 - 00:24:17:02

Same amounts. Always going to be paid out. Okay. So that benefit is going to be paid out 100% tax free. So I think you, unlike most company Rewind did.

00:24:17:14 - 00:24:19:24

Yeah. Did I just want to hear. Okay. Yeah.

00:24:21:15 - 00:24:29:14

It means they will pay out immediately. So within 48 hours they are all required to have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.

00:24:29:17 - 00:24:30:07


00:24:30:21 - 00:24:33:18

So you're following me on all that so far? Yeah.

00:24:35:16 - 00:24:42:22

Okay. So you've told me a lot about yourself so far. I understand this is important to you, right?

00:24:44:13 - 00:24:49:24

Okay, So I am going to have to ask water their questions. Whenever you're looking at health insurance.

00:24:52:07 - 00:24:53:20

All right. There is a health insurance.

00:24:54:13 - 00:24:56:16

No, I just said it, that's why.

00:24:56:18 - 00:24:57:08

Rewind it.

00:24:57:10 - 00:24:58:00

But I went. I know.

00:24:58:02 - 00:24:58:17

I heard it. I heard.

00:24:58:19 - 00:24:59:13

It. Oh, okay.

00:25:01:08 - 00:25:02:17

I heard it. But I just.

00:25:02:19 - 00:25:03:09


00:25:03:23 - 00:25:16:06

We got a older guy. He got so mad at me until I played the recordings. Then he left. I'm like, it's like I didn't do that. No, I didn't do that. And I was like, Here's 16 of them in a row. If you're saying the exact same thing, like, Oh, all right, Like, so.

00:25:17:12 - 00:25:18:02


00:25:18:04 - 00:25:29:04

Like, Dude, I'm only trying to help you when I say think I'm listening to these calls and then deciding to make stuff up to tell you about it and it's like, I want you to do well. But you didn't do that. I mean, but yeah, you don't.

00:25:29:14 - 00:25:30:12

Unless you listen to the guy.

00:25:30:14 - 00:25:31:21

Just didn't catch on to that.

00:25:32:05 - 00:25:33:01

I'm sure he did.

00:25:33:22 - 00:25:36:19

But yeah, most people aren't going to. Okay.

00:25:37:03 - 00:25:44:00

So you've told me a lot about yourself so far. I understand this is important to you, right? So don't.

00:25:44:02 - 00:25:46:03

Say can't. It's hard for me to know.

00:25:47:04 - 00:25:48:04

Trying to go. You told me a.

00:25:48:06 - 00:26:07:22

Lot about yourself so far. I understand this is important to you, right? And a better rate. Yeah. So thankfully I have been doing this for a while so I don't have to read every question off of every application. That would take forever. But I know a company is going to be best just from a few questions. So that's.

00:26:08:18 - 00:26:39:19

Care you can get a lot out of, uh. You can gain a lot of trust and respect by saying you're saying the words. So I want. I want to make you savagery immediately, not later. So it's like it's got to be So I've been doing this a long time. Like, almost like, listen, like, I'm not gonna waste your time. It's going to be clear in my tone. I've been doing this a long time, so I don't not need to read, like, every single question off every application. I know what company is going to be best simply by asking a few general questions.

00:26:39:21 - 00:26:51:09

Does that sound fair enough? So you see, how much confidence is that? It's like, Listen, I'm going to ask these questions, I'm going to get it and I'm going to find the right plan. That's everything is conveyed with the way that sounds.

00:26:52:04 - 00:26:53:12

Yeah, yeah, for sure.

00:26:53:14 - 00:27:10:21

And yeah, and throughout this entire process as we're doing this, you have to remember you've done it one day, so I'm just going over what I hear so that way you can listen to this later and be like, okay, now, now I'm going to practice that sentence in that sentence, in that sentence, and then eventually a month goes by and you're not looking at a script.

00:27:12:10 - 00:27:36:15

And then when you have a bad this is what happened to me. Like I'd have I wouldn't look at my script for two weeks, have monsters all of a sudden think I could skip everything, uh, you know, and just close deals and realize the reason it's going so well is I'm saying the same shit over and over again. Then I'd get my script out in front of me and then read it verbatim again and things go back to normal. And just. Just a little, uh, history lesson of my experience.

00:27:38:00 - 00:27:38:15

Sound fair?

00:27:38:17 - 00:27:39:19

Yeah, that sounds fair.

00:27:40:22 - 00:27:46:13

Okay, so let's start with what is your height and what would you like to weigh?

00:27:47:03 - 00:27:53:11

I would. I would. Two 201. My height. 510.

00:27:55:01 - 00:27:57:17

Your five? Ten. Great to hear.

00:27:59:22 - 00:28:00:14

So if they're at a.

00:28:00:23 - 00:28:07:19

If they're at a reasonably healthy weight, I'd just say, okay, so you're at a healthy weight. Like almost like good. And then we're going to keep moving.

00:28:09:20 - 00:28:12:13

Were you about to say? Why is that? Good to hear?

00:28:12:18 - 00:28:13:08

Yeah, it.

00:28:13:10 - 00:28:15:07

Was. Don't know why. That's good to hear.

00:28:16:23 - 00:28:33:13

mean, if you're going to say something like that, you might as well tie it into what he said. Okay, So you are at a healthy weight. That that does help us. It's almost got to be like, yeah, that's good. If they say I'm for 50, then it's like, okay, for 50 and just move on. But I'm already a mental note. You're going to be need to I need a company that doesn't care about any weight.

00:28:34:02 - 00:28:48:04

Yeah. And I remember, I remember this call. I remember now. I definitely missed a I definitely missed a few questions here. Okay. That's okay. We'll go on. Yep. And what state were you born in?

00:28:49:09 - 00:28:53:22

I was born No, I was born. I born in the islands. And then I moved to.

00:28:55:11 - 00:28:56:22

And I had no. Where was it? I'm sorry.

00:28:57:07 - 00:28:59:05

Turks and Caicos. Well, I'm born.

00:29:02:00 - 00:29:11:07

And that's okay. There's nothing you can do. You don't know. I'd be like, Well, whatever. I don't know what happens here, but I'd be like, So it was an island. How do you spell that? And like, I'm sure you're okay.

00:29:12:15 - 00:29:15:00

I just skipped over. I was going to go back to it later.

00:29:15:18 - 00:29:39:11

And that's fine, because you could pretend. I've pretended like I understood. Like after. I'm not going to ask for a beneficiary name 16 times. Like after three times I'll be like, okay, got it. And I'll pretend like I got it. And then if I make the sale, then I'll be like, All right, so let's get the beneficiary apple in here. Let's spell everything, make sure everything's spelled correctly. Yeah, that's, that's, that's good practice. Like, can't keep asking them because you might frustrate the shit out of them.

00:29:39:20 - 00:29:40:18

Yeah, for sure.

00:29:41:01 - 00:29:49:05

But yeah, it's either good. What you did is fine. Either get out of it or try once and if they still can't understand them then just keep pretend like you got it.

00:29:50:03 - 00:29:51:21

Okay. You're using a tobacco product.

00:29:51:23 - 00:29:55:02

I don't think I even hate the smell. Smoke?

00:29:56:20 - 00:30:09:24

Oh, yeah. No, that's great to hear. I'm the same way. I can't stand it. But, you know, a lot of people do, and that's their choice. But you'll definitely be able to get much better rates without, you know, since you haven't smoked.

00:30:11:00 - 00:30:12:04

Good Tie that in.

00:30:14:08 - 00:30:16:00

You know, Is there anything major going?

00:30:16:08 - 00:30:39:22

Like you don't have to be fancy. People are always like, oh, I hear it around. Like even Josh, like, stop saying that. Josh sounds stupid and like, Oh, Josh is really good, but mean you're everybody's going to develop their own little quirks, but I'm not going to be like, Oh, let me apply that smoking discount. I mean, technically it's cheaper, but why would I say that? I'm just not going to put that smoking surcharge on it if I'm going to say something like that. So yeah.

00:30:39:24 - 00:30:40:16


00:30:40:21 - 00:30:41:23

It's like, good idea.

00:30:42:00 - 00:30:45:22

What you said is good, good. The rates are lower, which across the board they're going to be lower.

00:30:46:05 - 00:30:51:09

And on with any of your major organs, like your heart, your lungs, liver, kidneys.

00:30:51:20 - 00:30:52:21

No, Everything is where.

00:30:55:04 - 00:30:58:20

Perfect. That's great. And you don't have diabetes or anything like that?

00:30:58:22 - 00:30:59:23

No, I don't have anything.

00:31:00:09 - 00:31:16:23

I want you to add one more question to this. I'm gonna put it on the script now that I'm thinking about it and upload it to the website. A good question to ask to do all encompassing. Is any surgeries or hospitalizations in the last three years.

00:31:17:23 - 00:31:27:01

Okay. I'm actually going to write that down, too. Yeah. And then also, I'm going to now I have to ask you about mental capacities, too, after the Alzheimer's guy yesterday.

00:31:28:02 - 00:31:49:10

Yeah. Usually I say I don't want to tell them that they have in capacity. So usually it's like, okay, they have you on any medications for memory or mood or anything like that. Because memory. Then all of a sudden they don't feel as bad. Yeah, they put me on this. But if you say to mentally incapacitated and they say yes, then you probably shouldn't be selling them anything anyway.

00:31:50:07 - 00:31:51:07

Yeah, for sure.

00:31:51:11 - 00:32:11:02

Especially if they're agreeing with you. But there's so many. I have plenty of Alzheimer's. Gerber's written. Usually the only way I'll do it if it's early stages and I asked them questions like, Do you live alone? Are you in a nursing home? No. Do you live alone? You don't live with anybody else. To me, that person can make their own decisions.

00:32:11:11 - 00:32:12:01


00:32:12:10 - 00:32:15:18

So, I mean, Alzheimer's lasts for a long time, so.

00:32:16:11 - 00:32:17:07

Okay, let's.

00:32:17:23 - 00:32:23:02

Um. Yeah, I'm gonna add that that's a really good question because it answers so many.

00:32:24:04 - 00:32:24:19


00:32:25:10 - 00:32:48:14

So essentially when you ask that question, you're going to find out about strokes, heart attacks. Like if they say no. And then they'll tell you about like a gallbladder surgery or something that you don't care about and it won't matter to them or to the like, the plan they qualify for. But but it does help tremendously getting a lot of information. Got to get rid of this flowchart shit, too, because our flowchart is out of date now.

00:32:49:13 - 00:32:53:05

What the. Yeah. Having that flowchart would be great if there's a way to get an updated one.

00:32:54:08 - 00:33:17:06

Well, I made it. And then Debbie made a couple corrections, and now she's busy and. Oh, it's not. It was the bureaucracy that annoyed me, like Debbie. Oh, now you got to get it approved for the entire company. It's like, don't give a shit. I just want it for me personally, like, it's in the Quarter three workbook, but they didn't put in the quarter for, for because once they introduced Patriot, all this stuff is out the window.

00:33:17:20 - 00:33:18:10


00:33:18:15 - 00:33:26:15

So but that's something I want to work on but I also don't because it's took forever. So sometimes it's better just, uh.

00:33:26:20 - 00:33:33:23

Yeah. That's why when you said that you took it off the site, I was like, Well, I can just make one myself. Like, never mind. That's a lot of work.

00:33:38:09 - 00:33:48:00

That's perfect. Okay. I do like that question asked that every time. Don't know why that's not in the script, because that just answers half the questions I'm going to ask anyway. Stroke, heart attack. I need to know this shit. So, uh.

00:33:48:18 - 00:33:49:08


00:33:50:10 - 00:33:51:00


00:34:00:12 - 00:34:06:10

All right. And are you taking any medications or have you been prescribed any medications in the past 2 or 3 years? No.

00:34:06:13 - 00:34:09:24

The only thing I would take one time, it's a high blood pressure.

00:34:10:15 - 00:34:16:04

I would say. Any medications you're currently taking? Um, yeah, that's fine. That was it.

00:34:16:16 - 00:34:20:00

And I was. You know, it's under control now.

00:34:22:01 - 00:34:23:20

Okay. And when was this?

00:34:24:00 - 00:34:26:08

That's probably, what, two years ago.

00:34:28:00 - 00:34:29:14

That two years ago. Okay.

00:34:35:22 - 00:34:37:14

You're comfortable with silence, so that's good.

00:34:40:07 - 00:34:48:22

I'd rather be silent than you know. What's the quote? It's better to stay silent and open your mouth or silent and be thought of fooled and open your mouth and remove all doubt.

00:34:49:13 - 00:34:54:22

Yeah, agreed. Plus, I mean, they understand you gotta type stuff in, so.

00:34:55:15 - 00:34:56:05


00:34:56:07 - 00:35:26:23

And eventually I get so good at this. Like it'll be mental, like. Okay. Because all all you're really doing. I think people have such trouble with this. Um, when you're doing underwriting, you're only looking at one piece of paper. That's why Lexy and Nikki, like, made that well. Lexi made the. Pioneer app explained. And then Nike wanted to be in that hour long underwriting because it really is one sheet of paper. It's like when they say stuff, is it on the sheet? Like, okay, I can find that.

00:35:27:00 - 00:36:07:19

That is seven A and it's on there. If they say had a pacemaker. Okay, where does it say about pacemakers? It says seven be including but not limited to pacemaker. Oh they have a pacemaker. But within the past two years, they're asking, have they put it in? It's been five. So that's. No. So as long as you get used to that kind of thinking, you're just trying to I mean, all you're really trying to do, if they have 25 health conditions, which one is worse? Because that's the one that I'm eventually going to end up figuring out what you qualify for based on the worst health condition you have, like oxygen supersedes your arthritis and all the other crap you got going on.

00:36:07:21 - 00:36:19:17

If you're on oxygen already, know where to go. So don't need to ask you a couple questions. More questions. I'm only asking to make it sound like I'm not just like, Oh, all right, well, you're this company then. I'm only asking to make you feel better like any more.

00:36:19:19 - 00:36:21:07

What's the point? Yeah. Yeah.

00:36:21:09 - 00:36:30:03

So I'm not. So that's where I cease writing anything down. I'm not, you know, I'm just not writing anything down at that point. It's oxygen. That's the only thing I need to write in your Gerber.

00:36:32:02 - 00:36:36:16

So you might have to watch this. That we're doing right now a couple times because I'm saying a lot of stuff.

00:36:37:03 - 00:36:39:10

Yeah, for sure. I'm definitely going to go back over this.

00:36:39:15 - 00:36:40:20

Yeah. And that's why.

00:36:40:23 - 00:36:46:10

Record them because think it's helpful, you know, if it's okay with you, I'll put it on the site because a lot of people will get a lot out of this.

00:36:46:23 - 00:36:48:11

Sure. Okay.

00:36:54:24 - 00:36:58:04

Just bear with me just a second here. I apologize.

00:36:58:06 - 00:36:59:08

Okay. I'll stay with you.

00:37:01:05 - 00:37:07:10

And eventually I get faster. I don't want huge pauses because it might, but you got to do it now because you got to learn.

00:37:08:02 - 00:37:17:05

Yeah, exactly. I was just reading nap. All right. And you haven't had any strokes, seizures, Anything along those lines?

00:37:17:16 - 00:37:18:10

No. No.

00:37:19:13 - 00:37:28:02

Okay. No Alzheimer's, dementia, any sort of mental incapacity? No, none of that. Again, not the best way to say HIV. No.

00:37:28:16 - 00:37:29:06

No. No.

00:37:30:12 - 00:37:31:02


00:37:31:19 - 00:37:34:22

That is great to hear. It seems like you are in amazing shape.

00:37:35:12 - 00:37:36:08

Am I right? You are.

00:37:39:15 - 00:37:45:04

All right. And then real quick, because I don't I don't think I got it right earlier. What was your date of birth?

00:37:45:13 - 00:37:49:00

March 33rd, 59.

00:37:51:18 - 00:37:53:17

Think saying three, 359.

00:37:53:19 - 00:37:54:17

So that was.

00:37:55:23 - 00:37:57:02

I'm sorry, one more time.

00:37:57:09 - 00:37:58:12

The 3rd of March.

00:37:59:16 - 00:38:00:15

The 3rd March.

00:38:01:16 - 00:38:05:13

In a third month, $59.

00:38:05:15 - 00:38:06:24

From out of the country. The way it states it.

00:38:08:16 - 00:38:09:06

For sure.

00:38:11:04 - 00:38:16:15

Does. They do it opposite in other countries with the the month is or the date is first and then the month.

00:38:18:19 - 00:38:22:12

And if my masters me right. That would make you 63 years old, correct?

00:38:23:08 - 00:38:23:22


00:38:25:17 - 00:38:29:02

All right. That's never been my strong suit. So I'm glad I'm not too rusty.

00:38:34:07 - 00:38:46:19

All right. So if you want to bear with me just a second here, I'm going to take a look at what you can get qualified for. So there's a lot of different programs out there. I know you probably get all sorts of stuff in the mail and see it on TV.

00:38:47:08 - 00:38:48:05

See this tone?

00:38:49:06 - 00:39:28:03

This is this tone that you're doing right now. Hopefully it continues like this is perfect. And a lot of this tone that you're using right now can be used for the tonality. I'm sorry for the same thing. Like I've been doing this a long time, so, you know, don't need to you know, that tonality can translate exactly how you're saying this because this is very blasé. I mean, this is not gonna be like this shouldn't sound scripted at all because I didn't write it. It was stolen from David Deford, who teaches, like, not millions, but like tens of thousands of people, how to sell, how to sell final expense in particular.

00:39:28:16 - 00:39:58:09

So I like this from his book. And I'm like, well, taking that out directly and going right here. So you're saying it exactly like I would say it. So I'm going to take a look at what you qualify for. So there are a lot of different, you know, life insurance. I know you get all sorts of stuff in the mail. You see stuff on TV. You know, that's that's how my tonality gets like, you know, But for the purpose of describing how we work, you know, mine are subtle because I'm very monotone in real life, so I just, I have to focus on it. I really do it. It was not it's not a natural thing for me.

00:39:58:11 - 00:40:03:00

Yeah, I'm kind of the same way. I have to put effort into sounding like that.

00:40:04:07 - 00:40:13:00

And I'm just trying to sound like I'm having having a good time. So my favorite compliments and you'll get them to at the end of a conversation. It's like you really don't seem like a salesperson.

00:40:13:02 - 00:40:14:02

Good, because.

00:40:14:09 - 00:40:15:12

That's why I can sell.

00:40:16:07 - 00:40:16:22


00:40:19:12 - 00:40:26:21

Yeah. So for the purpose of describing how my product works versus the others, do you know what the difference is between term life insurance and whole life insurance?

00:40:27:16 - 00:40:29:12

I have before care.

00:40:32:16 - 00:40:33:06


00:40:33:08 - 00:40:45:09

So term life insurance is basically going to be a limited, limited amount of time that you're going to be covered for. And whole life insurance, which is what we're going to be looking at for you today, that's going to cover you for the rest of your life.

00:40:45:10 - 00:40:46:00


00:40:47:05 - 00:40:49:08

Real quick. You know, one second.

00:41:05:24 - 00:41:18:03

So the reason I bring it up is just because I want you to choose what's going to be best for you. They're not all the same. Some are better than others. So you need to know the facts to be able to make a sound decision that's right. For you and your family.

00:41:19:14 - 00:41:23:22

And family can always be replaced by the name of the beneficiary.

00:41:25:07 - 00:41:25:22


00:41:28:08 - 00:41:29:03

So here.

00:41:30:02 - 00:41:31:15

Bear with me just a second here.

00:41:34:14 - 00:41:40:08

I think I got a little lost here. So I'm sure you've also gotten letters from Globe Life and AARP offering.

00:41:40:20 - 00:41:42:02

Now you found it so good.

00:41:42:05 - 00:41:43:10

Turn these right.

00:41:45:03 - 00:41:52:08

Yeah, I guess I'm too. I'm only 25 years old, and I get the same thing, which makes no sense if you ask me, but usually.

00:41:53:10 - 00:42:05:01

Because we're dealing. Don't know. What do you do? Tell everybody. I'll tell anybody like how old you are, like in natural conversation without, like, immediately, like, offering it up.

00:42:05:22 - 00:42:06:12


00:42:07:23 - 00:42:17:05

Oh, no, I know that, but. Because my thinking, you know how analytical I am. Like, these are old people, so don't want to tell. Like, I don't want to tell them that I'm 25.

00:42:17:21 - 00:42:22:19

So I say that it's funny because I'm actually only 20, so okay.

00:42:23:02 - 00:42:23:17

I want to.

00:42:25:19 - 00:42:31:05

I can tell you. But Carter could be any age. So you don't tell them. Don't tell them that.

00:42:31:18 - 00:42:32:08


00:42:32:20 - 00:42:42:00

So all I'm saying is the younger you are, I feel like this older generation that lest they trust you and they hate millennials and shit. You're right. Yeah. So just leave it out.

00:42:42:12 - 00:42:43:02


00:42:43:04 - 00:42:56:07

Yeah, they'll say that it's good up to age 80, but what they're not telling you is that it actually expires after 80. So then you're going to be losing the insurance. No matter how much money you put in. They're going to keep the money and you're not going.

00:42:56:09 - 00:42:57:03

To love the.

00:42:57:05 - 00:43:08:23

Way you deliver that. They're going to keep the money. That's good. Yeah. You're trying to scare them. Like what? Like, Yeah, right. So we're not doing air globe life. That's the whole point of this is the term. Get rid of it, it's crap. And then.

00:43:10:07 - 00:43:10:22

To any benefit.

00:43:11:00 - 00:43:15:14

I took the thing and threw it away. Just like that's fine there from it.

00:43:15:16 - 00:43:38:16

So, you know, basically the point is I don't understand why people would want insurance that would cancel before you go. So and then to make matters worse, they're actually raising the prices every 3 to 5 years. So they'll get you in cheap. And then you get older, your income becomes even more fixed and they raise the prices. So then most people will actually end up canceling it anyways because they can't afford it. Yeah.

00:43:39:05 - 00:43:46:22

So think this guy agreeing with you throughout this is actually given you embolden you and you're enjoying delivering this.

00:43:48:12 - 00:43:49:14

If you don't notice. If you don't.

00:43:49:16 - 00:43:50:22

No, no, I agree.

00:43:50:24 - 00:43:51:19

Yeah, for sure.

00:43:51:21 - 00:44:01:14

You're like, oh, okay, this guy's responding this. Okay, then. To make matters worse, yeah, like that's how you would talk to a friend to make matters worse. And like, what do we have next? You know?

00:44:01:22 - 00:44:02:12


00:44:02:14 - 00:44:04:05

So, yeah, keep it like that. That's good.

00:44:07:14 - 00:44:10:15

All right, so in your case,

00:44:12:23 - 00:44:20:10

the best company for you is definitely going to be pioneer. That's one that we work with all the time. They've been around for almost 120 years at this point.

00:44:22:08 - 00:44:26:18

Yeah. Pioneer security there, actually, as far as I know, they're the oldest one in the country.

00:44:29:12 - 00:44:31:10

So they are a great company.

00:44:36:02 - 00:44:40:08

This is where I started to get a little slow because I was working the computer stuff.

00:44:40:19 - 00:45:01:02

Trying to do it. So the best time to quote is going to be, well, no mean if you're you know, you're looking at the computer, of course, you can start pulling up quotes. Now. It doesn't matter when you do it. Um, this will become second nature where you're pulling up quotes while not either reading from the script or not even looking at it. Uh, but you know, yeah. I mean, you got to pull the shit up, so it's cool. It's going to take a minute.

00:45:04:21 - 00:45:08:19

All right, so you're wanting to be buried, right? And leave a little money behind?

00:45:09:01 - 00:45:11:03

Yeah, that's not really a question. So you want to just tell them?

00:45:12:21 - 00:45:40:11

It's like I know you like Miss Jones. You want to be buried and leave a little money behind. I'm completely confident that any of these, like, don't don't hate that question. I never asked the cremation. Do you want to be cremated or buried? Because who cares? They'll tell me. Yeah, I mean, it'll come up if I if I tell them they should get 35,000 based on Social Security recommendation. Like, oh, but want to be cremated. Okay, you're right then. And then I'll just agree with them. Yeah, you don't need that much, so we'll do 15, 20, whatever, and move on.

00:45:41:04 - 00:45:49:20

Yeah, you're right. I think in that situation, if he had said no, I just would have said something like, well, regardless, you know, I'm completely confident in any of these are going to do the job, you know.

00:45:49:24 - 00:46:18:04

Yeah. And if you said, want to be cremated, then then you got an answer. So at least you can be honest with them and be like, yeah. So the typical burial cost about this, um, you know, based on the chart that's in the on the site but, but you can get by with significantly less because that's a lot cheaper and it's just true. It could be a 60%, 50% of the of the amount recommended is probably fine for a cremation as long as they're doing some kind of service. If there's no service, it's really only a couple grand.

00:46:18:16 - 00:46:19:06


00:46:19:11 - 00:46:20:22

Yeah. Everybody wants something.

00:46:21:11 - 00:46:22:05

Whether they say or you're.

00:46:22:07 - 00:46:23:22

Looking to get buried. Not cremated, correct?

00:46:24:03 - 00:46:24:18

Not cremated?

00:46:25:02 - 00:46:27:05

No. Not good.

00:46:27:13 - 00:46:28:05

Nicely. No, no.

00:46:28:10 - 00:46:43:06

And I completely understand that. I feel the same way. So I'm confident that any of these plans I'm about to read off to you are going to do just that. So like I said, you're going to want to pick the one that fits you best. They're all going to do the job you just want to do the one that makes the most sense for you.

00:46:44:05 - 00:46:44:20


00:46:45:03 - 00:46:54:09

They're all going to do the job. That's exactly I said, So they're all going to do the job. But you just want to choose the one that makes the most sense. So then that's giving them leeway as far as.

00:46:54:11 - 00:46:55:01

They'll feel.

00:46:55:03 - 00:47:01:24

Good about. No matter what they'll pick, no matter which one they pick, they'll still feel good about it. Which is your main goal?

00:47:08:05 - 00:47:12:18

So now it looks like you were looking to leave about 20,000 behind for Angelina.

00:47:14:12 - 00:47:15:05

All right.

00:47:18:06 - 00:47:46:19

And great thing is we can actually add a couple of different benefits to that for you. So it comes with automatically it comes with an accidental death or I'm sorry, accidental death benefit. So basically, if you were to. Fortunately, passive accidental causes within the time period that you have this policy, you're going to be covered. Same thing. Another benefit that is a little shaky nursing home benefit.

00:47:47:08 - 00:47:47:24

That's okay.

00:47:49:00 - 00:48:14:11

You'll do it a bunch of times then. So because you're going to watch this video, hopefully watch this one. All right. So let's say I haven't pulled up because this will be your. So you want a little bit like an example of how to do this? Okay. And what do you feel like you're really like? What do you mean by like I know it's a little shaky, but like what part do you feel like shaky about? Like, just feel like it's not being delivered?

00:48:14:13 - 00:48:15:10

Well, I think.

00:48:15:12 - 00:48:25:05

That that call, I think, was one of the first times I got to the point of explaining the benefits. So of course I know what the benefits are. I just was trying to figure out how to how to word what I was going to say.

00:48:27:02 - 00:48:46:04

So I don't script that because everybody will end up saying whatever they want to say anyway, So just stopped. But this is the way to do it. So, you know, got me on board. I got a whole team and board, so. All right, So let's say where were you? You know, planned presentation. So I was kind of thinking about something that he grabbed the pen and paper. He's got that.

00:48:47:07 - 00:48:48:13

Or did we skip that?

00:48:49:12 - 00:49:01:20

So I think I was skipping around. I was definitely going to get to that. So I was most likely, I think what I was trying to do there was just to explain the benefits and then get to the prices and all that. But I know that was kind of mixed up.

00:49:02:08 - 00:49:03:22

That's okay. Let's let's listen to it. And then.

00:49:04:01 - 00:49:23:07

So essentially that means that if for whatever reason, you know, unfortunately, it does happen. I know nobody likes likes the thought of it, but if you ever did end up going to a nursing home, they would actually waive the premium so you wouldn't be paying anything for the policy and they would actually be they would actually be paying you a percentage.

00:49:27:19 - 00:49:28:15

What they actually. Yeah. What?

00:49:28:17 - 00:49:29:07

The accelerator.

00:49:29:09 - 00:49:34:16

Now what I'm going to have you do is if you could grab a pen and a piece of paper, I'm going to go over all these plants with you.

00:49:38:14 - 00:49:39:24

No worries. There's no rush.

00:49:42:18 - 00:49:43:19

Okay. Okay.

00:49:45:17 - 00:49:46:07


00:49:46:17 - 00:49:48:16

That's all I got to say. All right, Go get it. Yeah.

00:49:48:20 - 00:49:55:04

Okay, so what I'm going to have you do is, I don't know, left hand corner. You're going to want to make one column. You're gonna have another.

00:49:55:08 - 00:50:01:21

This is a common thing. Let them go get it. Because he didn't. He did not in my mind. He did not confirm that he actually has it.

00:50:03:19 - 00:50:05:21

Yeah, you're right. Like he didn't say.

00:50:05:23 - 00:50:06:16

Oh, I got it.

00:50:06:18 - 00:50:07:08

You just.

00:50:07:18 - 00:50:11:16

Yeah, you're right. I think you would have stopped me if you didn't. You would think. You would hope.

00:50:11:18 - 00:50:12:12

Yeah, they don't.

00:50:12:22 - 00:50:43:13

So they'll pretend like. Like I knew this guy wasn't listening. He's a good example. I knew the guy wasn't listening to me, so I'm like. I'm like, you know, I just decided, you know, test because I was like, I'm gonna hang up with this guy is what my thought was. So I went really fast and I'm like, All right, so, um, so write down my phone number because they could all have the pen and paper. And I was like, No, he doesn't. And I just want to prove myself right. So he was like, like, write down my phone number. So I gave that to him. All right, so read that back to me. You know, just want to make sure you have it right and click. See, He's a liar.

00:50:43:17 - 00:50:53:06

Yep. I know you don't have that. He's like, uh, click. Exactly. Because you're not writing the shit down. Don't lie to me. So, yeah, pen and paper. Let's pretend like he has it.

00:50:53:09 - 00:50:54:06

Column for the right.

00:50:54:11 - 00:51:12:12

So the left side is going to be for your coverage amount. That's going to be what's going to get paid out to Angelina. The other side is going to be your premium amount. So I can I can actually qualify you for up to as much as $35,000 in coverage. So that's the first number.

00:51:13:01 - 00:51:17:23

If it's preferred, it'd be 50. Unless it's over the agent, he must be over 75.

00:51:18:23 - 00:51:23:11

Um, I think no, I think I just completely set it wrong, to be honest.

00:51:23:13 - 00:51:24:17

Yeah, that's okay.

00:51:25:03 - 00:51:26:23

35 is always going to go for it. Anyway.

00:51:27:01 - 00:51:36:23

I'm going to have you right up top just. Just so you can hear it. So if you were to do $35,000 coverage, you would be looking at 280 for a month.

00:51:37:13 - 00:51:38:03


00:51:39:17 - 00:51:49:07

And then right beneath that, I could do 30,000 for you. So for 30,000, you would be looking at only 170.

00:51:50:15 - 00:51:51:24

So like.

00:51:52:01 - 00:51:54:15

You know, we're really trying to get him to pick something.

00:51:54:23 - 00:51:55:13


00:51:55:15 - 00:52:26:07

So there is a method to the madness about doing this. So when it says plan possession here, start high, get them to write down 3 to 5 figures. Big pause between giving out rates. I can actually edit that a little bit. So they need to make two columns. It's like, All right, so what I'm going to have you do is make two columns. On one side, we're going to do the face amount. They're going to be in $5,000 increments. So we're going to start, uh, start at about 50,000. I always start whatever the highest is. That's where I'm starting. I can always be beat down all the way down to 5000. But so I'm going to have you write down.

00:52:26:09 - 00:52:36:23

I usually stop my my method is always stop when it's going to pay you a thousand because that's what typical yearly premiums are around 1000. So that's where I stop.

00:52:39:09 - 00:53:12:08

So like, if I'm going to do 25, so I'll be like, All right, so let's just use this, pretend it's 50 and this is the max they qualify for. All right, So so, Bob, So you got your pen and paper. Okay, great. So on one side, I'm going to have you write down the face amounts. This is the amount of money that Tammy is going to receive when you pass. So first, write down the $25,000 in coverage. Notice that I'm saying dollars in coverage because it's got to be clear and then write down 20,000 coverage. Write down the $15,000 in coverage.

00:53:12:17 - 00:53:45:11

And if I'm going too fast, Bob, let me know and I'll be like, no, no, no. All right. And then $10,000 in coverage. And finally, you might be able to get by. But that's why I'm saying don't pick the five. Might be able to get by with the 5000. All right. So you got those five figures down. Okay, great. So, Bob, no, no matter which one you pick, this plan is going to come with a number of benefits. They're designed their living benefits, so they're designed to protect you and your family during life's difficult times. So the first benefit is what's called a terminal illness benefit.

00:53:45:22 - 00:54:16:11

And that simply means, God forbid you're ever diagnosed with a terminal illness, you'd actually be allowed to receive the entire face amount while you're still living. So the money would go to you, Bob, and not Tammy. In that case, you could actually use that money. I've seen many options for life saving treatment. You can use it for to plan your own affairs so that Tammy can be further unburdened or, you know, she won't have to do it. Or you can take a blow up vacation. Like, who cares? It's your money. You do what you do what you want with your money.

00:54:16:17 - 00:54:36:19

All right? And then the next benefit will be this is preferred. These two. It's got to be preferred because they don't they're not really available on standard. So if that's it, stop. But if you're doing preferred, you always want to click those buttons and just just add them in. You don't have to tell them it's optional benefit. You just add them in. And if you need to get the price lower, you can take them off.

00:54:37:18 - 00:54:38:08


00:54:38:14 - 00:55:10:07

I add them in. Just say these, come with this. So back to that, so done with the terminal illness explanation. All right. The second benefit is accidental death benefit. What? That I'm sure you've seen Double Indemnity or movies. So that basically means, you know, let's say you have the $25,000 in coverage and you pass away as a result of an accident. Then Tammy would actually receive $50,000 in that kind of case. So 20,000, 40, 15, 30 and so on. And finally, I think the most important one is the nursing home benefit.

00:55:10:21 - 00:55:16:08

And Bob, what this means is I don't know if you've ever known anybody that's gone to a nursing home.

00:55:18:10 - 00:55:19:00


00:55:19:17 - 00:56:00:11

Okay. So if you if you ever dealt with them, you'll know that they pretty much want all of your money. Mean they can bankrupt millionaires so they get to keep all of your money. And we find that there was a burden placed on the family because they could no longer pay their premiums or anything for that matter, because they were only getting $30 a month from their Social Security. So we negotiated with Pioneer, and that no longer is a problem because we took, uh. Sorry, sorry. Look at Angie. So that that no longer will be a problem because they have actually made it so that you're not responsible for those premium payments any longer if that ever happens.

00:56:00:13 - 00:56:08:03

Like, if you ever go to a nursing home, you don't have to make any more payments, but your policy still stays active for Tammy. Does that make sense?

00:56:09:17 - 00:56:10:09


00:56:10:11 - 00:56:28:07

Okay, perfect. So no matter which one you pick here, so I'm put in their head. You're picking one, you're picking one, you're picking one. So no matter which one you pick here, it's going to it's going to come with all those benefits. So what next to the $25,000 in coverage I want you to write down? That is only one 1636.

00:56:30:17 - 00:56:36:05

If we're doing the $20,000 in coverage, that one's only 94. 14.

00:56:37:19 - 00:56:48:10

And I would deliver like all the way down with those pauses and simply say, So, Bob, out of those plans. Which one would you want to leave to Tammy? And then complete silence until he.

00:56:48:12 - 00:56:49:02


00:56:50:10 - 00:57:05:13

And be prepared for resistance there and you're going to get some. So rebuttal sheet, draw those rebuttals on the, you know, all rebuttals, whatever you got to do. But you'll get resistance and sometimes you won't. Sometimes it's like, okay, yeah, we'll do the 15,000 and then you can move on.

00:57:07:12 - 00:57:08:24

89. 76.

00:57:11:14 - 00:57:22:00

So this is a month, correct? So this is your monthly premium? And right beneath that. I'm going to have you do 25,000.

00:57:24:07 - 00:57:25:03

So for 20.

00:57:25:09 - 00:57:35:17

I guess we'll just do this one call, man. I mean, these do take a lot longer. I could do this for eight hours straight, and it'll only be like four calls, so we'll do one. I'll let you get back to it because we're going to try to close them today.

00:57:36:01 - 00:57:36:16


00:57:36:22 - 00:57:39:06

All right. But let's finish this because want to see how it ends up.

00:57:39:08 - 00:57:43:14

5000 in coverage. You're looking at 150, 68.

00:57:46:02 - 00:57:53:23

And then this will be your 20,000 that you were looking for. So for $20,000 in coverage, you're looking at 121 60.

00:57:57:11 - 00:58:06:19

And I could go a little bit lower. If that is slightly out of your budget. We could do 15,000. So for 15,000 we'd be looking at 92, 52.

00:58:06:23 - 00:58:07:15

That's not it.

00:58:10:19 - 00:58:11:09


00:58:14:02 - 00:58:15:12

All right. So based on all.

00:58:15:23 - 00:58:16:24

Good, that was a good pause.

00:58:17:01 - 00:58:20:18

All of those plans that I just read off to, what do you think would be the best for you two?

00:58:21:01 - 00:58:30:23

Yeah, see, that's. I hate that. Don't say the best for you or what? Work. What do you think is best or think or any confident words?

00:58:31:21 - 00:58:33:04

Yeah. Don't don't give them any.

00:58:34:22 - 00:58:36:09

I guess. Any reason to back out?

00:58:36:16 - 00:58:38:18

Yeah. No wiggle room. It's a direct.

00:58:38:20 - 00:58:39:11

Question. Which one do.

00:58:39:13 - 00:58:42:15

You want to pick? Yeah, well, which one are you going with?

00:58:42:22 - 00:58:49:05

No. Do it. Always tie it in with the beneficiary. So, Bob, out of those plans, which one do you want to leave to Tammy?

00:58:50:00 - 00:58:50:15


00:58:50:17 - 00:58:59:21

It's got to be about that. The beneficiary. That's why a beneficiary is so important. Because it's Bob. Bob, Tammy. Bob, Tammy. Constantly. Tammy. Tammy, Tammy. So.

00:59:00:11 - 00:59:01:01


00:59:02:16 - 00:59:04:14

Let's see our response. Let's see.

00:59:05:01 - 00:59:05:16


00:59:05:18 - 00:59:07:18

92. So that would be the 15,000 in coverage.

00:59:10:15 - 00:59:12:02

Okay, Perfect.

00:59:12:04 - 00:59:14:19

Yeah. And then move on, because you got to be fast, like.

00:59:16:16 - 00:59:21:23

All right. And are you on Social Security? I was way late on that, but.

00:59:22:00 - 00:59:22:15

But the bank.

00:59:22:17 - 00:59:24:24

And the social. No. You have the name of the bank. Thought.

00:59:25:19 - 00:59:26:17

No, no, no.

00:59:26:24 - 00:59:27:14

No, you don't.

00:59:27:16 - 00:59:28:06

Oh, okay.

00:59:28:12 - 00:59:29:22

When does your Social Security.

00:59:30:18 - 00:59:41:18

And just to give you some. That's stolen from crystal get the name of the bank and applying the quote unquote discount, which is only true. Which is only true of Gerber because Gerber will cards cost like 10% more with Gerber.

00:59:42:06 - 00:59:42:21


00:59:44:02 - 01:00:14:17

There's the reason behind that is asking somebody for a million things at the end of a sale becomes overwhelming. All right. Give me your social and your banking. Yeah. And what's the name of the bank? Okay. And what's the account number? Great. And what's your social like? Just. It becomes too much for them. So you're just trying to get this stuff piecemeal. So at the end, it's just like, seems so smooth, Like, all right, so I'd like to apply a digital discount. Now I know it's Wells Fargo, so and then you just you tell them be like, all right, so we're doing the 15,000. I'm going to assume we're going to use the Wells Fargo account.

01:00:14:21 - 01:00:29:11

So your monthly payment. Well, and then no Social Security, too, because already asked will consistently be after today, it'll be on the third of each month. I was like, no, we have to start today. I mean, obviously you're trying free check, so but that's okay. So you'd have to you're going to have to backtrack.

01:00:29:14 - 01:00:30:04

Get deposited.

01:00:30:06 - 01:00:35:23

Into your account. So sometimes it would be the first, second or third of the month or it could be the second.

01:00:36:19 - 01:00:39:12

So it did answer you. You got a crappy headset. You probably probably missed it.

01:00:39:14 - 01:00:40:15

But yeah.

01:00:41:17 - 01:00:50:22

That's part of the problem. It really is. It's like I had to use the my headset was so crappy when we had the phones. I first three months, I just held the phone to my head. It was terrible.

01:00:52:05 - 01:00:54:19

So yeah, that is the third of the month.

01:00:55:11 - 01:00:57:11

That would be the second and stuff like that.

01:01:04:11 - 01:01:15:21

Yeah. The reason I ask is because I always try and coincide your payments with that. So you would have your payment today just to start off the policy and then from here on it would be the third of every month would be the recurring payment.

01:01:22:18 - 01:01:23:20

And that pauses a.

01:01:25:14 - 01:01:30:05

You'll get better at this, though, so you won't want to pause too much. You want to be like, All right, so go get your bank account.

01:01:30:23 - 01:01:31:17

All right.

01:01:36:22 - 01:01:45:04

So now if you could for me, what is the financial institution that you use? So does this go to a bank account or does this go to a direct express card.

01:01:45:07 - 01:01:46:00

Direct to me?

01:01:47:20 - 01:02:06:20

So don't, uh, just head along me with James was partly what we were going over with Terrance. Um, no, no. Try not to mention direct express unless they bring it up just because it doesn't pay you as good, the persistency is not as good. I want you to be advanced. More money. You know all those reasons? Yeah. Is that enough for you? Want me to keep going? No, that's not

01:02:09:06 - 01:02:09:21

all right.

01:02:11:05 - 01:02:13:00

Okay. So what's the bank that you use?

01:02:13:08 - 01:02:14:07

Kind of a miracle.

01:02:16:00 - 01:02:16:15

Are you?

01:02:17:03 - 01:02:20:13

And it's always. Yeah. Bank of America is. America is one of our preferred banks.

01:02:20:15 - 01:02:21:05

All right?

01:02:22:12 - 01:02:25:06

They are definitely one of our preferred banks. All right.

01:02:25:08 - 01:02:26:01

Good job. Good job.

01:02:26:03 - 01:02:35:07

Hey, listen, I have to leave now. I have to leave. I have my brother here waiting on me, so I don't know how long he got to stay, but I have to go someplace right now. You're going to take me?

01:02:39:04 - 01:02:39:19


01:02:39:22 - 01:02:53:04

I only need another two minutes from you. Pretty much the only other thing I need from you is if you could grab a check for me, I would just need the account number on the check, and from there, we can get you started with your policy and.

01:02:55:22 - 01:03:07:00

All right. So that's where it hangs up. Either he's getting sketched out, but I would let him off the phone. But that's something you'll learn. I would let him off on. Yeah. Go with your brother. I have everything set up here for you. When are you coming back?

01:03:09:24 - 01:03:42:22

And it's just because I feel that sketched out and because he gave me that excuse, he's going to honor that in his own mind, even if it's completely untrue. So, yeah, man, this is solid. You sound really good. So don't just say that to everybody. I'm not very complimentary person, so you sound very good. It takes a lot to get a good compliment out of me. Ask anybody here. Um, so, yeah, you're just going to keep doing that today. And then if you want to watch this later on today, and there's only a few things that I said that you can work on. I would focus on just the tonality in the beginning.

01:03:44:24 - 01:04:08:13

Uh, and then just make sure you have the certain pieces of information like don't proceed without beneficiary name. You did fine there, obviously. I'm just saying in general. And then the name of the bank before you even present numbers and then when quoting, definitely do it face amounts benefits. That's just a sandwich face amounts benefits than the actual premium.

01:04:09:01 - 01:04:10:12

Okay. So.

01:04:12:04 - 01:04:12:19

All right.

01:04:12:21 - 01:04:14:21

I'm gonna go back down. Yeah, that's.

01:04:14:23 - 01:04:19:02

That's probably the best way to do it. Face them. Benefits. Uh, yeah.

01:04:19:04 - 01:04:19:19


01:04:24:04 - 01:04:30:23

So I will stop this as a good car review. Think I will put it on and I'm going to go eat some tacos. Got in the break room real quick. I'm starving.

01:04:31:17 - 01:04:35:22

Yeah. I'm probably gonna grab something myself real quick before I get rolling.

01:04:36:02 - 01:04:37:01

You want some tacos?

01:04:37:23 - 01:04:40:02

You have talk. You have more than one taco.

01:04:40:23 - 01:04:49:10

No, I have the. Well, I made the taco meat. Yeah. Have taco meat. Um, I have the shells and the cheese. Got it. It'll be a minute. I'll make you a couple.

01:04:49:21 - 01:04:51:10

Sweet. Thanks. Yep.

01:04:51:21 - 01:04:53:01

So I'm going to stop this recording.

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