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Call Review 12/09/23


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Play. Okay. There you go.

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Hey, Maxwell. How's everything going tonight?

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Everything going fine?

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That's great to here.

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So I am. I am. I'm not going to be mean, but I'm going to be. I'll tell you, like, everything that you should change and immediately develop. So? So. I made the new script. So how's everything been going out there in whatever city? And I say this a lot in training, but it's so true. It's like they have to think I need them on their heels for a second, at least a second, so they can get the rest of the stuff out. So that's what that does.

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So so for the most part, I have been doing that because, you know, I agree with you. It's just sometimes like if it's a web lead or something, you know, always picture.

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Yeah. And always picture somebody on the street. Like, how would you react to somebody like, Hey, Carter, how's everything been going? And you had no idea who they are. You're not going to immediately go default. I'm going to be a dick. You're going to be like, Damn it, I don't know who this is. And they obviously know me and like me. And now I feel bad. I don't need them. I don't need them to feel bad for a long time. I just need them to not interrupt me. And then. Then we're good. So.

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Carter, I'm over here at Senior Life Services. I was calling because you recently spoke with one of our representatives about state regulated final expense programs for Florida. So it's my job to go over those benefits with you and answer any questions that you might have. So it has you here.

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Okay, good. Not not much pauses. You want a little bit of pause, like you said right there and any questions that you have so really hit? Um, so the way I'm taught and the way I taught myself with Belfort and stuff like that. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. Almost like a question, like, remember us? Don't you remember? Don't you remember? I'm calling. Yeah. So I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our reps about state that hit that hard to state regulated life insurance programs because that is authority. And hey, don't I'm not you notice I'm not saying I'm the state because that would be fraud but I'm saying make it seem like these are state regulated life.

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So people are like, oh shit, stay calm, It's crap. And, uh, almost trying to scare people. So my job here is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have now when that's delivered like that. Like, how do you feel like, okay, so that's what the purpose of the call, you know, go over benefits and answer any questions. Does that sound like salesy? Like I'm about to sell you a bunch of shit?

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Not really. Which I like about that line, actually.

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So it's like, answer any question. And then that's about as long as my pause will be. So my job here is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So and then that's it. Let me confirm some information. And you did a good job there. That's why I want to compliment you on that, because the pause can't be preposterously long because then people will start talking and fill the air and it can't be just going to go on. Yeah, Yeah. And you don't need you don't need you're trying to establish authority quickly so that way you don't have to deal with these.

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Like I always get annoyed with like, well they're, you know, they're cutting me off. Don't let them cut you off. Whoever like me and James arguing, usually I'm the one. If we're both talking over each other, I'm the one that stops talking. So that puts him in the authoritative role. So obviously, that's that's how you have to be your client. Like I've heard Mika say to people like, Listen, I know you want to be the boss, but we both can't. Both can't be the boss. I get paid to do this. And until you're paid to do this, why don't you just let me be the boss? You're not going to get away.

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You're not going to get away with that. But something. But that attitude is correct. Yeah. So I like that.

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Good job. At 730, Southwest seventh Street, Hallandale Beach.

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Where is Hallandale Beach? I actually. I live in Vero Beach. I've never heard of Hallandale Beach.

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Yeah, You got after, um. Well, you got. You got Hallandale, then you got Hollywood.

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Okay, so that's very good. So that's usually some people's biggest problems. You mean you can go off script to develop some kind of rapport, have that person help you? I mean, he's helping you now. It's a weird law of human nature that people like you better when they're doing things for you than when you're doing stuff for them. Don't know why. Like if you if you want to make a friend, have them do a bunch of crap for you. It's like, but in psych psychology, that's that's true. But you're helping. He's helping you understand where this is. So that's not a bad way to and that and that the way you worded that it sounded like you're just really just wanted.

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No, like I'm going to interrupt myself for a minute because I want, you know, just want to know. Don't know where that's at. So I like that.

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Okay. So so it's down south towards Miami. Yeah.

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Okay. Okay. And then it has your date of birth here listed as 1958. I didn't get a month or a day on that.

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Um. So do it a little bit more succinctly and make it clear that we have the information. Um, so like, like, don't say it has here, listed here. Be like, uh, so. All right. And you told, I always say and you told the rep that your birthday. Is this all right? And he also put down that, you know, more like you did this and the rep put this down because you told him that because that's got to be abundantly clear, you know, and be like, oh, I have it listed, but listed from what? So just more like if you can see my screen here, here's Ronald Hill.

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So these it's a lead so got less to go on but like hey Ronald how's everything going out there in Illinois today or how's everything been going out there in Illinois? Okay, great. My name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason I'm calling is you had spoken with one of our reps recently. Actually, it's recently. And I'm sorry I was interrupting myself because. Are you changing a few words with bleeds and elites in the beginning? Intro?

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To an extent. So with bleeds, you know, depending like if there's some notes or some call history. Like if it's been over a month since they've since we've talked to them, you know I'll apologize for taking so long to get back to them. If it's a web lead and it doesn't look like they've spoken with anybody, I'll just say it looks like you reached out about so and so.

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Okay, good. Because. Yeah. What the. And you already found that out like bleeds. You want to say it looks like a while back, you spoke with somebody with this. This is a lead, so it would be a little different. Like. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because you were recently online regarding the state regulated life insurance programs for Florida. So my job here is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So let me just confirm the basic info that you put down from our online. I have your you know, you're in Illinois, have your email address is Limbo Guy 14 at Gmail.

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Okay. Yep. I have you as a non-smoker. Looks like you love driving and Tiffany Bates and other children would be your beneficiary. Is all that correct? Yes. Okay, great. So we are cutting then, you know, like that. So let's let's see. Let's see how this next one goes.

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Oh, I know. 58. I'm. I'm 59.

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59. Okay. Yeah. Sometimes I might make some typos in there. See?

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All right. And then it has your favorite color as black. Does that sound right? Yeah.

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Good choice. That's one of my favorites as well.

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So natural. Like I said, I'm with Senior Life Services. We're a consultant firm, which means that we work for our clients. We don't work for any particular insurance company. So our goal is just to figure out who's going to give you specifically the best rates and the best benefits. So you with me on that?

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Yeah. Good. Good. Yeah. Can't do any better. Okay.

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And now, were you looking for benefits just for yourself today?

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Okay. And this is business that you would typically handle yourself?

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Okay. And.

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Nice for you. Were you born in Florida?

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Yes? Can you hear me?

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Yeah. Yeah.

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Who would be the beneficiary of your policy?

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That would be my daughter.

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Okay, so guess I'm guessing it was just blank.

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Yeah, it was okay.

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Okay. So, yeah, if it's a blank, that's. I mean, there's no reason not to ask. Like, okay, well, who would the be the beneficiary? Already got them through at this point.

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That'll be your daughter. And what's your daughter's name?

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My daughter's name? Angelina.

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All right. And would this be a first policy for you? Yeah.

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Okay, great. So this will be the first money that Angelina will be seeing whenever you do pass.

00:09:07:24 - 00:09:09:02

When I left. Yeah.

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Good, good, good.

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Okay. And have you ever had to go through the process of burying somebody yourself?

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No. No.

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That. That's amazing. You know, most people, unfortunately, have. So it's great that you haven't had to go through that. But it can be a huge financial burden on top of the emotional burden that they're already going through at that point. So you definitely want to make sure that you have this coverage in place so that you can protect them from that.

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Sounds a little salesy, but I would rather tell a story here. Uh, now, I don't know if you have any stories, so use other people's, um, and just use one canned story. You don't want to make up something, you know, completely. That's another thing that, you know, you don't. You don't need to make anything up. Like it can be somebody else's story. Like my talk about James. Like, you know, his James my my boss just lost his father and they had covers luckily. But you know, my story is always. Because that's true.

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When my aunt passed away. She made me the beneficiary. She did leave me some money, but she did not fill out any kind of instructions for me. So that became very difficult. So make sure that when I, you know, get this out to you, that you fill out the memorial guide in the living will. Because I do want you to I want your family to know exactly what to do when that day does come. It's always when to, not if because it's going to come. So if that day comes. Yeah, for sure. Bullshit. And it's like when you die. Don't care if you have to say when you die, what do you want to have happen?

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So based on everything that you said to me so far.

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You can hit I mean, you can talk to that mean like today, you can focus on that a little bit as far as, um, really trying to get them to buy in, you know? Have you ever gone through the process of buying some yourself? No. No. Okay. Anybody? Nobody in the family? No brothers. I mean, I'll even go that deep. I'm trying to get them to tell me if I can, like, like, yeah, because usually it can be a one off. Like, maybe he didn't, but his wife had to bury her mom or, you know, whatever. Some there's always one degree of separation there where somebody had to have died.

00:11:16:19 - 00:11:18:05

Then those something happened.

00:11:18:08 - 00:11:29:23

So I'll take a little bit need to focus on that area and build some more rapport there, because I think that that might be the reason why my calls have been so short, because he kept telling me how short my calls are. It's probably why.

00:11:30:07 - 00:11:48:17

Mhm. And it's okay. I mean you could be savagery but you, you have to get some emotional buying and they'll trust you. But yeah, the emotional, the emotions got to be there on all these calls even if you got to pry it out of them. Like. And then if they do say something like like don't did anybody yesterday say, yes, I've had to go through that process.

00:11:49:23 - 00:11:51:18

Yeah. Yeah. A couple of people did.

00:11:52:00 - 00:11:55:17

Okay. Did you feel like you probed enough or not enough?

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I think in most cases I did.

00:11:59:17 - 00:12:00:20

Okay, because I.

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Didn't. I didn't. Well, okay. I probably could have done a little more. Yeah. I don't know why, but for some reason, I feel a little bit uncomfortable, I guess, you know, probing too much. Like, obviously, it's a sensitive subject, so I just don't want to come off as insensitive, if that makes sense.

00:12:17:11 - 00:12:49:00

Yeah, 100% does. And the way you handle that, it's got to be there's got to be some tact involved. Like, if they did say they had to bear, somebody was like, okay. And then it doesn't have to be like if somebody died five years ago, I'm sorry, but the window for all I'm so sorry is over. They've been gone for five, five years. It's like, you know, I'm not going to break down. Every time somebody said, Oh, I lost my mom. Oh, How long ago was that? Ten years ago. Oh, okay. Like, it's like, I'm sorry. I'm like, Oh, my God, I'm so sorry. It's ten years ago. Um, so that's.

00:12:49:02 - 00:12:51:13

That's me being insensitive, but it's true.

00:12:51:19 - 00:12:53:07

So I'm.

00:12:53:10 - 00:13:23:14

Like. I'm like, I'm more concerned with. And. And I don't feel anything about it anymore because I just know it works. And I know that I just know how to do it. So if they're talking about that, yeah, I have gone through that process. Okay. Is that, um. Were you the one that was in charge? Uh, like, no, my sister. Okay. Did your mom have life insurance or did she not have any life insurance? And it doesn't matter what they say at that point, it's all good for you. If they said no, it's like, Oh, I bet that was kind of hard.

00:13:23:16 - 00:13:51:16

Did you guys have to, you know, kind of pitch in and get that that's painting a picture or. Yes, they did. Okay. So you were disabled to get get take care of it immediately and get down to the funeral. I mean, it's okay to ask questions like that. It's, uh, get down to the funeral home. So it's good no matter what the answer. That's the best part. Because either either they did have coverage and it made it really easy on them, which you can talk about, and then you can simply say, So is your goal to do the same thing for your children? Who's going to say no to that?

00:13:52:12 - 00:13:53:12

Yeah, you're right.

00:13:53:20 - 00:14:25:23

And then or no, it went. I mean, I've sold so many people, it's like, well, I had to bury my husband. I had to you know, we had to come up with 10,000. We had to borrow money. That's painting another picture. It's like, all right. So was the goal to make sure they you they don't have to go through what you went through? Boom. Now I'm starting to have that rapport that I need to when I present these numbers. Now, the beneficiaries name is going to be used constantly for sure. So yeah, you can always harp on that the more time you can get them to talk about that. That's one of the ones where like, like Nathan will interrupt them while they're talking about that.

00:14:26:00 - 00:14:53:22

Oh yeah, exactly. I know. It's terrible. And then move on like, Dude, you got to stop. You got gotta let two minutes of them talking about that is 100% fine. Don't care if I talk about that for ten minutes and how bad that was because that can only help me and it's only solidifying in their minds that. Yes, damn it, I do need this. Of course I don't want to pay for it. Nobody wants to pay money for something they don't personally get in return. But if they love their family more than $80 a month, then they'll buy it. They'll buy the coverage.

00:14:56:18 - 00:14:57:17

Does that make sense, Carter?

00:14:58:21 - 00:15:06:02

Yeah, no, it makes sense. I mean, because that's. That's what we're really, you know, we got to sell them on protecting their family.