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Call Review 11/01/22

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full video Here: Call Review 11/01/22

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Okay, guys, welcome to another edition of a call review from Agent Cameron Schertz. As soon as I'm done, I'm going to post this on the website. So this was sent to me and now we need to go over.

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Exactly what happened with this call. And I'm just going to do a call or critique what was good, what was bad, everything in between. All right, so let's start it off.

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Hey, Miss Wanda. How's everything in Siler City?

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Are you enjoying that fall weather out there?

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Yeah, that's good to hear. Now, Miss Wanda, my name's Cameron. I work over at Senior Life Services. I was just giving you a follow up call. You spoke to a few of my representatives. It's probably been a couple of weeks now. Unfortunately, we had a lot of people in your area request some more information on state regulated life insurance. So I'm getting with you today. Now, we usually ask a couple of security or we ask the security question just to kind of help jog people's memories. It was what's your favorite activity? It looks like your favorite activity is solving puzzles.

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Yeah, well.

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Search word search puzzles.

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Word search was. Oh, okay. Awesome. So like the the ones where there's like a lot of words or like the.

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Okay, so this is obviously, um, he's building rapport here immediately. You probably do want to get into the point where you know you are an insurance consultant firm, but this is good. If you can find something that you can latch on to with a conversation just to get them off there, you know, they're on edge immediately. So to get them off that edge, you know, continue like that.

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This word kind of ones.

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Know where you find words. Okay.

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Nice. Okay. I used to love those two, honestly. Now, let me just confirm a little bit of the the rest of the information. I got a birthday for you. It's June 30th, 1956.

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And I got you living at 159 Bob's Thrift Trail.

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And it looks like you were looking for about $5,000 worth of coverage and you weren't sure who to leave behind as your beneficiary.

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All right, well, are you looking for coverage just for yourself today, Miss Ellis?

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Okay. All right. And is this the kind of the kind of business you would normally handle on your own?

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Of course. Okay.

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That's the type of answers you want. Of course. And he's asking these questions because they have to handle their own business, otherwise there's no point in proceeding.

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Okay. And would this be the first policy for you?

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Me. Yeah. Since I ain't got nothing. Still in force.

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Okay. All right.

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And are you looking for a cremation today?

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All right. So she mentioned right there that are still in force. I want more information. So you had some coverage before. What happened with it? Was it too expensive? Something happened. I want to know what they had before. So this person already believes in buying life insurance. So I'm going to use that information to my advantage.

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Hey, Miss Ellis, are you looking for burial?

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I do not like this question. I don't like that question at any point, unless we're at quoting or they say, oh, you know, when I say something later on, like, you know, traditional burial costs 20 grand and they say, oh, I'm looking for a cremation, that's fine. I can get that information organically, but I don't like to ask that question because who the hell knows what they're actually looking for? And a lot of people don't have a good answer to that and nobody wants to be brought down, Oh, when I'm going to die. I mean, they know this is about their death, but you don't want to be like, oh, curtail them to one and then lower your own ability to make money because you are picking out $5,000 plans when they don't really know if they're going to be cremated or buried.

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Cremation. Okay. All right.

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Now, now, I would recommend a whole life policy for you. I know you were born in 1956, so obviously you're not an old lady, but you, you know, you are getting just a little bit. You're not young either, you know, So what I would recommend for you is a whole life policy. That way we can get you locked in at a good rate.

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All right? You can get rid of all that stuff. There's no reason to talk about extra stuff like big. Okay, so you are if they're the correct age, they're over. Especially if they're over 65 or 50. You want to talk about the whole life, just go right into it. It's like all of our plans, you know, the best, like a whole life policy be the perfect fit for you. Let me tell you why. So all of our plans do offer a number of benefits and then just go right into it like that.

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You know, and but it's also going to be something that's going to give you a media coverage so you never have to worry about it going anywhere.

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Don't say that word either. You don't want to say immediate coverage because you don't know if she's going to get immediate coverage.

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Um, it's always you're always going to have it's going to be a guaranteed death benefit. Now, I do work for a consulting firm, Miss Ellis. So what that means is I work. I work with about 16 different life insurance companies. So my goal is to try to figure out which one of those companies are going to give you specifically the best rates, but also the best benefits. Okay.

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That can be frontloaded that that part is like the second part of the script. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for Florida. My job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have, confirm information. And then, you know, so we are consultant firm, which means you work for our clients, not one particular company. So our goal is always to figure out who specifically will give you the best rates and benefits. Are you with me on that?

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Now? Let me just ask you a few health questions. Just and but it's also going to be something that's going to give you a media coverage so you never have to worry about it going anywhere. Um, it's always you're always going to have it. It's going to be a guaranteed death benefit. Now, I do work for a consulting firm, Miss Ellis. So what that means is I work. I work with about 16 different life insurance companies. So my goal is to try to figure out which one of those companies are going to give you specifically the best rates, but also the best benefits.

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You really want to do a check back? Okay. Is okay. But you want to say, are you with me on that?

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Now, let me just ask you a few health questions just to get an idea of what policy is going to be.

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The and there's a lot of things here. Um, all right. So he's about to do health questions, so we don't know who the beneficiary is. So there is no emotional value there. We didn't ask them if there's if he's ever gone through the process of burying somebody yourself, you need the beneficiary. So you can basically bring up. So is the goal for you to make sure that, you know, Amanda doesn't have to come out of pocket for that? Because going into health questions here, we have not determined that she actually wants life insurance.

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That is more important than anything. Like there's, um, 100 or 60 more minutes in this call. So we want to make sure that they want life insurance before we just start talking about it. And then, you know, we're backpedaling the entire time. Oh, don't really need anything at the end. And you're like, Well, it's because you didn't ask those questions up front.

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Best for you. Okay. We're going to start with the real easy one. How tall are you, Miss Ellis for three. How much do you want to weigh today?

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Oh, about 120.

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About 120. All right. And you're not you specifically the best rates, but also the best benefits. Okay.

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Now, let me just ask you a few health questions just to get an idea of what policy is going to be the best for you. Okay. We're going to start with the real easy.

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So do you're just it seems like it's just skipping some stuff. So like on page two of the script, you'll have this here. So this is useful documents while you just go to script here.

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So there has to be a reason. So you got to say why you're saying these. Like, I'm going to ask you some health questions and there's a good reason. So whenever you look at something like this, you always want to be asked health questions because a lot of us just go right into health questions and try to qualify somebody that not only in this case has not said they have a beneficiary. They haven't said how much coverage they need. They have not said that they want life insurance because she had a policy in the past. So this is your it's going to be hard. This is going to be a hard uphill battle.

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You won. How tall are you, Miss Ellis.

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For three.

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And how much do you want to weigh today?

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Oh, about 120.

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About 120. All right. And you're not a smoker. That's awesome. That's going to be the first discount I'm going to be able to get you today. Now, do you know your regular the doctor that you normally go to, your primary physician?

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Yeah. Heather Silver.

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This is good. A lot of people skip this information and don't get it immediately. You need to get the stuff so that way you have it.

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Adam Silver has, sir.

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Oh, Heather, I do apologize. Heather Silver.

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And that's right there in Siler City.

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Go, go, go. The doctor get their address, get the name, whatever. Get it all now.

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Are you currently hospitalized or confined to a nursing facility? A better a wheelchair?

00:10:01:21 - 00:10:03:19

Nope. I can't do that. And work.

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Awesome. So you work. Okay. That's amazing. So you don't receive any assistance? Nothing with your daily living?

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All right. Awesome. And then with that being said, you're not on oxygen equipment, obviously, right, Because you're working. That's right. Okay. And now do you have any forms of cancer or any history of cancer?

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Are you receiving any kidney dialysis or maybe an organ transplant?

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All right. And now, do you have anything going on with your heart? Now, I know you're working, so you probably don't have no congestive heart failure. But what about any cardiomyopathy or angina or anything like that?

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Have you had any circulatory surgeries, You know, pacemakers, defibrillators, anything? Okay.

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This is a good example of just getting a.

00:10:55:07 - 00:10:59:23

Do you have any mental incapacity, any dementia? Any Alzheimer's?

00:11:00:17 - 00:11:02:02

No, I don't think so. Yeah.

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All right. And do you have anything going on with your lungs? Do you have any respiratory failure? Any chronic bronchitis? No. No Emphysema, Nothing?

00:11:13:02 - 00:11:14:09

No, Don't smoke.

00:11:14:22 - 00:11:24:13

All right. Awesome. And so nothing's going on with your liver or your kidneys. No liver failure, no kidney disease, nothing like that.

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And what about diabetes, ma'am? Do you have any diabetes?

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All right. Now, do you have any complications from your diabetes, any retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy.

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Neuropathy. Okay.