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Call Review 11/01/22

Updated: Apr 17

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Okay, guys, welcome to another edition of a call review from Agent Cameron Schertz. As soon as I'm done, I'm going to post this on the website. So this was sent to me and now we need to go over.

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Exactly what happened with this call. And I'm just going to do a call or critique what was good, what was bad, everything in between. All right, so let's start it off.

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Hey, Miss Wanda. How's everything in Siler City?

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Are you enjoying that fall weather out there?

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Yeah, that's good to hear. Now, Miss Wanda, my name's Cameron. I work over at Senior Life Services. I was just giving you a follow up call. You spoke to a few of my representatives. It's probably been a couple of weeks now. Unfortunately, we had a lot of people in your area request some more information on state regulated life insurance. So I'm getting with you today. Now, we usually ask a couple of security or we ask the security question just to kind of help jog people's memories. It was what's your favorite activity? It looks like your favorite activity is solving puzzles.

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Yeah, well.

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Search word search puzzles.

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Word search was. Oh, okay. Awesome. So like the the ones where there's like a lot of words or like the.

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Okay, so this is obviously, um, he's building rapport here immediately. You probably do want to get into the point where you know you are an insurance consultant firm, but this is good. If you can find something that you can latch on to with a conversation just to get them off there, you know, they're on edge immediately. So to get them off that edge, you know, continue like that.

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This word kind of ones.

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Know where you find words. Okay.

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Nice. Okay. I used to love those two, honestly. Now, let me just confirm a little bit of the the rest of the information. I got a birthday for you. It's June 30th, 1956.

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And I got you living at 159 Bob's Thrift Trail.

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And it looks like you were looking for about $5,000 worth of coverage and you weren't sure who to leave behind as your beneficiary.

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All right, well, are you looking for coverage just for yourself today, Miss Ellis?

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Okay. All right. And is this the kind of the kind of business you would normally handle on your own?

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Of course. Okay.

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That's the type of answers you want. Of course. And he's asking these questions because they have to handle their own business, otherwise there's no point in proceeding.

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Okay. And would this be the first policy for you?

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Me. Yeah. Since I ain't got nothing. Still in force.

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Okay. All right.

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And are you looking for a cremation today?

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All right. So she mentioned right there that are still in force. I want more information. So you had some coverage before. What happened with it? Was it too expensive? Something happened. I want to know what they had before. So this person already believes in buying life insurance. So I'm going to use that information to my advantage.

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Hey, Miss Ellis, are you looking for burial?

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I do not like this question. I don't like that question at any point, unless we're at quoting or they say, oh, you know, when I say something later on, like, you know, traditional burial costs 20 grand and they say, oh, I'm looking for a cremation, that's fine. I can get that information organically, but I don't like to ask that question because who the hell knows what they're actually looking for? And a lot of people don't have a good answer to that and nobody wants to be brought down, Oh, when I'm going to die. I mean, they know this is about their death, but you don't want to be like, oh, curtail them to one and then lower your own ability to make money because you are picking out $5,000 plans when they don't really know if they're going to be cremated or buried.

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Cremation. Okay. All right.

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Now, now, I would recommend a whole life policy for you. I know you were born in 1956, so obviously you're not an old lady, but you, you know, you are getting just a little bit. You're not young either, you know, So what I would recommend for you is a whole life policy. That way we can get you locked in at a good rate.

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All right? You can get rid of all that stuff. There's no reason to talk about extra stuff like big. Okay, so you are if they're the correct age, they're over. Especially if they're over 65 or 50. You want to talk about the whole life, just go right into it. It's like all of our plans, you know, the best, like a whole life policy be the perfect fit for you. Let me tell you why. So all of our plans do offer a number of benefits and then just go right into it like that.

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You know, and but it's also going to be something that's going to give you a media coverage so you never have to worry about it going anywhere.

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Don't say that word either. You don't want to say immediate coverage because you don't know if she's going to get immediate coverage.

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Um, it's always you're always going to have it's going to be a guaranteed death benefit. Now, I do work for a consulting firm, Miss Ellis. So what that means is I work. I work with about 16 different life insurance companies. So my goal is to try to figure out which one of those companies are going to give you specifically the best rates, but also the best benefits. Okay.

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That can be frontloaded that that part is like the second part of the script. So my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for Florida. My job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have, confirm information. And then, you know, so we are consultant firm, which means you work for our clients, not one particular company. So our goal is always to figure out who specifically will give you the best rates and benefits. Are you with me on that?

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Now? Let me just ask you a few health questions. Just and but it's also going to be something that's going to give you a media coverage so you never have to worry about it going anywhere. Um, it's always you're always going to have it. It's going to be a guaranteed death benefit. Now, I do work for a consulting firm, Miss Ellis. So what that means is I work. I work with about 16 different life insurance companies. So my goal is to try to figure out which one of those companies are going to give you specifically the best rates, but also the best benefits.

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You really want to do a check back? Okay. Is okay. But you want to say, are you with me on that?

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Now, let me just ask you a few health questions just to get an idea of what policy is going to be.

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The and there's a lot of things here. Um, all right. So he's about to do health questions, so we don't know who the beneficiary is. So there is no emotional value there. We didn't ask them if there's if he's ever gone through the process of burying somebody yourself, you need the beneficiary. So you can basically bring up. So is the goal for you to make sure that, you know, Amanda doesn't have to come out of pocket for that? Because going into health questions here, we have not determined that she actually wants life insurance.

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That is more important than anything. Like there's, um, 100 or 60 more minutes in this call. So we want to make sure that they want life insurance before we just start talking about it. And then, you know, we're backpedaling the entire time. Oh, don't really need anything at the end. And you're like, Well, it's because you didn't ask those questions up front.

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Best for you. Okay. We're going to start with the real easy one. How tall are you, Miss Ellis for three. How much do you want to weigh today?

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Oh, about 120.

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About 120. All right. And you're not you specifically the best rates, but also the best benefits. Okay.

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Now, let me just ask you a few health questions just to get an idea of what policy is going to be the best for you. Okay. We're going to start with the real easy.

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So do you're just it seems like it's just skipping some stuff. So like on page two of the script, you'll have this here. So this is useful documents while you just go to script here.

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So there has to be a reason. So you got to say why you're saying these. Like, I'm going to ask you some health questions and there's a good reason. So whenever you look at something like this, you always want to be asked health questions because a lot of us just go right into health questions and try to qualify somebody that not only in this case has not said they have a beneficiary. They haven't said how much coverage they need. They have not said that they want life insurance because she had a policy in the past. So this is your it's going to be hard. This is going to be a hard uphill battle.

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You won. How tall are you, Miss Ellis.

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For three.

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And how much do you want to weigh today?

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Oh, about 120.

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About 120. All right. And you're not a smoker. That's awesome. That's going to be the first discount I'm going to be able to get you today. Now, do you know your regular the doctor that you normally go to, your primary physician?

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Yeah. Heather Silver.

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This is good. A lot of people skip this information and don't get it immediately. You need to get the stuff so that way you have it.

00:09:38:20 - 00:09:41:13

Adam Silver has, sir.

00:09:41:20 - 00:09:44:18

Oh, Heather, I do apologize. Heather Silver.

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And that's right there in Siler City.

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Go, go, go. The doctor get their address, get the name, whatever. Get it all now.

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Are you currently hospitalized or confined to a nursing facility? A better a wheelchair?

00:10:01:21 - 00:10:03:19

Nope. I can't do that. And work.

00:10:04:14 - 00:10:11:13

Awesome. So you work. Okay. That's amazing. So you don't receive any assistance? Nothing with your daily living?

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All right. Awesome. And then with that being said, you're not on oxygen equipment, obviously, right, Because you're working. That's right. Okay. And now do you have any forms of cancer or any history of cancer?

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Are you receiving any kidney dialysis or maybe an organ transplant?

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All right. And now, do you have anything going on with your heart? Now, I know you're working, so you probably don't have no congestive heart failure. But what about any cardiomyopathy or angina or anything like that?

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Have you had any circulatory surgeries, You know, pacemakers, defibrillators, anything? Okay.

00:10:53:06 - 00:10:54:24

This is a good example of just getting a.

00:10:55:07 - 00:10:59:23

Do you have any mental incapacity, any dementia? Any Alzheimer's?

00:11:00:17 - 00:11:02:02

No, I don't think so. Yeah.

00:11:02:17 - 00:11:12:09

All right. And do you have anything going on with your lungs? Do you have any respiratory failure? Any chronic bronchitis? No. No Emphysema, Nothing?

00:11:13:02 - 00:11:14:09

No, Don't smoke.

00:11:14:22 - 00:11:24:13

All right. Awesome. And so nothing's going on with your liver or your kidneys. No liver failure, no kidney disease, nothing like that.

00:11:26:11 - 00:11:29:08

And what about diabetes, ma'am? Do you have any diabetes?

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All right. Now, do you have any complications from your diabetes, any retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy.

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00:11:40:09 - 00:11:42:00

Neuropathy. Okay.

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And do you do you have any history of strokes or seizures, ma'am? Any tattoos? No. Okay.

00:11:55:23 - 00:12:01:18

And you currently have HIV AIDS or hepatitis?

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Okay. And have you ever abused drugs or alcohol?

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All right. Awesome. Well, with all that you've told me today, I'm going to put you with Pioneer Pioneers, a really great company. They've been around for 110 years. They have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. All of their whole life plans. Their premiums never go up and their benefits never go down. So you never have to worry about that. And one of the best things about Pioneer is that they pay out immediately. So some companies will make you wait up to 90 days. Pioneer guarantees that they'll get you your.

00:12:45:05 - 00:13:22:13

So after qualifying all these people, you want to you're skipping huge section here. So now you're not even telling them why, you know, they don't know the difference between term a whole life. You need to get all these notions out of their head that they can get it for 995. They can get it for the same price that Globe Life Array is mailing them all. They're looking at his rates and charts. So they are not seeing the fact that it's five year term. So that's why this stuff needs to be said Every time you're just kind of going into what they qualify for, they need more information, but not so much that they're going to be confused.

00:13:22:15 - 00:13:26:19

Death benefit within 24 to 48 hours.

00:13:28:21 - 00:13:40:12

Now for the sake of being able to talk about my product and comparing it to my competitors. Do you know the difference between a whole life policy and a term policy?

00:13:40:14 - 00:13:46:06

So this is just an example. So this is just an example of, okay, sorry,

00:13:48:07 - 00:13:51:23

this is just an example. This is just an example of.

00:13:54:18 - 00:14:09:02

Going out of order because you don't want your you're going to tell them like, look at what you qualify for. So, I mean, you can adjust this, but mean it's better just to follow this exact script so that way there's no, you know, the stuff's out of order. It doesn't make sense anymore.

00:14:09:04 - 00:14:11:14

So everybody has to be whole life. So.

00:14:12:02 - 00:14:29:13

So the difference between a whole life policy and a term policy is that a term policy is usually for a select term, which is generally 20 years. It can be 30 or 40, it's generally 20 years. So you got a 20 year term and you'll.

00:14:29:23 - 00:14:56:18

So generally it's not a a term is usually ten. And that's for younger people. They some of these older people can get a term for um, you know 1 or 2. But believe me, they're not it's not a good deal. So it's generally 20 year terms or for young people, this, these people are much older, so they're not going to they're generally not going to get that kind of term. So you do want to make sure that clarify is made.

00:15:05:04 - 00:15:29:01

Hey, on to that 20 year term. And as you get older and as your health declines and as your income becomes more fixed, they'll actually start to raise the price on you of that term policy. So a lot of people end up canceling their term insurance. But even if you did make it all the way to the end of that 20 years, at the end of that 20 years, you end up with no more coverage.

00:15:29:08 - 00:15:30:03

I'm gonna pause this.

00:15:30:09 - 00:15:37:10

So the reason that I recommend a whole life policy for you is term term coverage stops after the age of 80.

00:15:38:06 - 00:15:40:01

This is our. This is Ernest. Yes.

00:15:42:22 - 00:15:43:12


00:15:48:19 - 00:15:49:09


00:15:54:01 - 00:16:12:16

57 knots. So it's live. Um, but, you know, we're we're still rolling it out just to make sure that everybody has access to it. You might have access to it. Now. You probably have to check your email, make sure that that that's in there and that you can log into the new thing. Is there something that he's got going on that would be a perfect fit for him?

00:16:24:19 - 00:16:26:12

So over a year we can say that.

00:16:30:03 - 00:16:30:18


00:16:31:16 - 00:16:35:06

Over a year ago. Probably going to be.

00:16:36:22 - 00:16:37:12


00:16:39:05 - 00:16:48:11

I'm really not sure what the product that congestive heart failure for. If you're not certain, then I would look at probably Gerber or probably the best option map.

00:16:51:09 - 00:16:51:24


00:16:52:17 - 00:16:53:07

No problem.

00:16:58:07 - 00:17:00:00

Sorry, guys. Let's resume.

00:17:00:03 - 00:17:22:14

I'm sure you've seen stuff in the mail from AARP and Globe Life and they guarantee coverage up until 80. That's what they're talking about. So with the whole life policy, we're going to get you guaranteed coverage so we never have to worry, you know, about your health. We never have to worry about how old you get. Nothing like that. You're always going to be covered as long as you make your monthly premium.

00:17:38:18 - 00:17:54:13

Now, another really good thing about a whole life policy is that it's going to build cash value. So what that cash value is, is over the course of time, we're going to collect your monthly premium and then they're going to take a small amount of that monthly premium and put it into a separate account for you.

00:17:55:10 - 00:18:19:22

There is no reason to explain any of this stuff. This will confuse people cash value. It's a whole life insurance policy. If the cash value will not build very fast at all because it's not that's not what a life insurance policy is designed for. I mean, they have cash value after a couple of years of paying it. But this this will open up the door where now you're going to have a lot of hard questions to answer and like, oh, how much cash value you have two years, zero. And nobody wants to say that.

00:18:20:21 - 00:18:47:06

That separate account is going to slowly build cash value or equity and you're going to be able to borrow off of that equity and use it in times of need. So, you know, if you have medical expenses that that you, you know, weren't prepared for, if your car breaks down and you need a new roof, anything that might affect, you know, your living, you would be able to borrow off this policy and use it towards those expenses.

00:19:15:02 - 00:19:37:06

Now, like I said, I'm going to put you with a pioneer, really great company, and you're going to be standard. So what that is going to mean is I'm going to be able to get you immediate coverage. So the day that you make your first payment, you'll be eligible for, let's say if we got you $10,000, you'd be eligible for all 10,000 of that. Okay.

00:19:38:20 - 00:19:42:15

There's no waiting period and there's no gradation.

00:19:44:11 - 00:19:45:06


00:19:46:19 - 00:19:57:18

I'm going to get you some quotes here. I just want to ask you just I just want to explain to you just two more things just so I can figure out if there's something you're interested in, and then I'm going to get you some quotes now.

00:19:57:22 - 00:20:22:22

Damn. Don't. See if it's something you're interested in and give you some quotes. Don't ever use the word quote when you're presenting because that is makes people feel like they did their job. Oh, I got my quotes and now I'm done. The other thing is, if it's something you're interested in, they that should have been established early on, they shouldn't be presenting to people if they are not interested in the product in the first place. That's why you asking those questions beforehand.

00:20:23:02 - 00:20:38:24

Oh, the first one is an accidental death benefit. This accidental death benefits really great. What it's going to do is it's going to guarantee you. So we're going to then you're going to go into the nursing home and you're going to make payment. And at the end, it's good.

00:20:39:01 - 00:20:40:09

Definitely want to explain benefits.

00:20:40:11 - 00:20:44:16

We're going to waive like, I know you're still working and stuff, You know what I mean? With it on.

00:20:44:18 - 00:20:46:10

Okay. Okay.

00:20:46:16 - 00:20:47:08

All right.

00:20:49:11 - 00:21:01:19

Now, I know you said you're looking for a cremation. I'm just going to go ahead and I'm going to start at the 15,000, just to give you an idea of what you're eligible for. And then we can and then I'm going to go down from there.

00:21:02:19 - 00:21:23:17

So she's 57. 15,000 probably won't even be enough for cremation. So consult this chart. And the greatest of all teams a lot. 5730 1000 for traditional burial based on life expectancy of 26 more years. So you definitely want to get them higher. You want to start high anyway.

00:21:30:03 - 00:21:57:00

So sorry, guys. I'm just trying to respond to agents. Okay. Um, so you always start much higher than you think that they'll pick, because sometimes people just jump at it and they. And sometimes people even say, Oh, that's not enough or it's too expensive. It's too expensive for the amount of coverage you're getting. So they would buy it $50,000 for $300 a month, but a $5,000 for 30 bucks, you know, they just don't see the value in it. Don't use that if it's something you're interested in and quote, get rid of those.

00:21:57:02 - 00:22:02:21

Now, if you don't mind, could you would you mind grabbing a pen and a paper, Miss Alice, just. Just so you can.

00:22:03:10 - 00:22:04:00


00:22:04:05 - 00:22:30:13

It's so when you, uh, you have to order that you have to order people. You cannot have them be like, if you don't mind, can you go grab it? Because what if they do mind or they don't want to go grab it? By the way, like if somebody did not go grab a pen and paper after I asked them to and said, Just go grab a pen and paper, I'm going to go over these figures with you or I'm going to go over these plans with you, not quotes. Um, then I won't even give them the quotes, but I wouldn't say the word quote. So let's keep it moving. Now, these.

00:22:30:15 - 00:22:32:03

Numbers in front of you also.

00:22:34:22 - 00:22:35:13


00:22:37:03 - 00:22:41:00

I'm trying to rest. A day off. I got to work tomorrow.

00:22:41:20 - 00:22:45:07

I'm sorry. This really won't take very much longer. I do promise you that.

00:22:46:07 - 00:22:46:22


00:22:53:04 - 00:22:56:15

Not because I really wanted to have money left for.

00:22:56:17 - 00:23:05:06

My kids and grandkids, but, you know, in order to have money for that. It'd have to be a big amount. And then the premiums were so high.

00:23:07:08 - 00:23:12:13

So she's given a fixed income. So I can't pay a whole, whole lot every month. So she has given away.

00:23:12:15 - 00:23:13:09

And I don't understand that.

00:23:13:11 - 00:23:50:24

That's why we're going to find one. And here's the thing to keep in mind. We can always get you more coverage. So right now, you know, one of our main goals right now should be getting you qualified and covered. So, you know, right now that's our main goal, be to make sure that you have enough money for your death benefit. And then over the course of the next couple of months, you know, if you decide that, you know, really I think I would rather have that ten or that $15,000 or that $20,000. And I know that if I, you know, stop beating out on every Thursday, then maybe I can probably afford that.

00:23:51:01 - 00:24:02:18

And that's going to be what I want to do. You just give me a call and I'll make that happen for you and we'll get you bumped up. Okay? So we can always get you more coverage. And on that same note, we can always drop you down in coverage, too, okay?

00:24:05:24 - 00:24:10:02

That's all too much information. But that's that's okay. That's all true and accurate.

00:24:12:24 - 00:24:15:08

Now, were you able to find a pen and paper?

00:24:15:12 - 00:24:17:04

But she did give you. Okay. All right.

00:24:17:06 - 00:24:29:03

I'm sorry. I was just I was trying to wait for that. Now, the first thing I want to do is I'm going to give you my name again, and I'm going to give you my number. So my name is Cameron. That's a m e r o n

00:24:30:20 - 00:24:43:02

and my telephone number. This is my personal office number. It's 772. Two four, seven. Three. One, two, four.

00:24:45:18 - 00:24:46:08


00:24:47:07 - 00:25:00:01

All right. Now, just what you do. Well, you also write a whole life. Just so you know that what I'm offering you today, just in case it takes you a couple of days to look at it. You can always remember that what we were looking at was a whole life policy.

00:25:00:12 - 00:25:01:02


00:25:01:17 - 00:25:12:20

All right. And now, like I said, I'm going to start with the $15,000 a whole life. Now, this is $15,000. It's going to be immediate coverage. It's going to build up sorry.

00:25:13:06 - 00:25:15:15

How much is cremations now?

00:25:15:17 - 00:25:19:11

And then they go up all the time. So I want to be sure I have enough.

00:25:20:05 - 00:25:27:18

So she's giving us some good ammunition here that you can use because, you know, it's not going to be 5030 years from now.

00:25:27:20 - 00:25:28:10


00:25:29:03 - 00:25:40:02

Yes, ma'am. And that's very understandable. So the national average, you know, this is across the United States. The national average right now is about 2 to $5000.

00:25:42:14 - 00:25:54:09

That might be for the actual cremation service, but you definitely want to, uh, there's more. I mean, memorial service and stuff. It's usually 3 to 8. I would go 3 to 8 if you're going to state that as a fact.

00:25:54:11 - 00:26:04:13

So a $15,000 policy would be plenty of money for you to have the nicest cremation you could want. And it's plenty of money to leave behind and.

00:26:04:15 - 00:26:05:24

The service and stuff like that. Guys, I.

00:26:06:01 - 00:26:06:16


00:26:06:23 - 00:26:09:14

Three sons and I see.

00:26:09:16 - 00:26:12:17

One, two, about five.

00:26:12:21 - 00:26:48:10

So this lady is luckily being offering this information. Now, this is something that should have been brought up on page one of the script. So if you're in the script, you want to know who are the beneficiaries. It says she wasn't certain in the the actual thing here. There was nothing here was not sure. But you want to know what's going on with her, because if you don't, it's going to be hard to present, you know, accurately be like, okay, so you got three sons, you got grandkids, you can throw a grandchild, Writers in there. You know, you want a good, accurate picture of the problem you're trying to solve before you actually offer up a solution.

00:26:48:12 - 00:26:49:12

But grandchildren.

00:26:52:06 - 00:27:25:24

Well, I mean, at the end of the day, you know, it's not about making anybody rich. It's just reminding everybody that you were thinking about them, you know, because here's the real true, honest to God. Truth is, you know, when you pass away, they're going to get a call from they're going to get a call and, you know, it's going to be like, hey, your mom has, you know, this amount of coverage and, you know, no one's going to go, wow, I wish mom would have had more. They're going to go, wow, Mom left us $1,000 a piece. That's amazing. Or even if it's $100 a piece, you know what I mean? Because they're going through the hardest.

00:27:26:01 - 00:27:51:20

They're going through one of the hardest things they've probably ever went through, losing their mother. They're probably taking days off of work. They're probably trying to figure out how they're going to afford everything. And then here comes this policy that you've had for the last 20 years that you paid for every single month. That is going to be enough for them to know that That's that's right. There is the perfect reminder of, yeah, I knew my mom loved me. Look what she did.

00:27:54:16 - 00:27:55:06

You know.

00:27:55:08 - 00:27:56:22

It's the act. It's not about the amount.

00:27:59:06 - 00:28:24:20

A lot of that stuff is really good. You guys hear that? I mean, that's a good thing to say about the. I would use that. I would save it like for oh, I can only afford this much. That's a good time to save that instead of bringing it up now. Because if she's going to say, oh, I need a lot more coverage now, I'm not going to convince her she doesn't, especially if she can somehow afford it, if she can't afford it, because she already did say that, you know, she's not a fixed income, so don't go crazy. But it's important to know.

00:28:26:08 - 00:28:35:20

But I mean, if you want, I can even start higher. I mean, I can get you covered all the way up to 25,000. So if you want, we can start at the 25,000. I'll work my way down.

00:28:36:09 - 00:28:37:09

I'm sure that for me.

00:28:37:18 - 00:28:39:09

The way. Way to for.

00:28:40:02 - 00:28:43:23

All right, well, let's just hear. I'll just tell you just so you can have it in your mind. And you can.

00:28:44:07 - 00:28:55:01

So it seems. Seems like you're backpedaling. Just maintain control. So like. All right, so we're going to go over these numbers, but we have unlimited flexibility. We can always go up or down. So let's get this going first.

00:28:55:20 - 00:29:13:08

Just no. Okay. So for 25,000, again, this is whole life. It's going to be $185.94. So $186. Okay. And now so let's just go ahead and we'll go down to the 20,000 now for $20,000 policy.

00:29:13:20 - 00:29:23:04

So when presenting figures, you this is how this is the order you want to go into. So this is for Cameron and anybody else listening. So when you're presenting.

00:29:25:02 - 00:30:10:20

You want to do this, you want to have them write down. So like on page three, you want them to write down $25,000 in coverage. You write down $20,000 in coverage, you write down 15,000 coverage. So all coverage amounts before moving to the actual rate. So all coverage amounts. So 25,000, 20,000, 2015, 15,000, 10,000. I'll be right down those numbers and then be like, all right, so no matter which one of these you pick, it's going to come with a number of benefits, then go over the terminal illness, nursing home accidental, then be like, all right, So next to the $25,000 in coverage that is only whatever, 109 32 and the $20,000 in coverage that is only this.

00:30:10:22 - 00:30:18:12

So if you do it that way, it won't seem like much and they'll let you say it without just like hanging up would cost you $150.

00:30:19:01 - 00:30:19:16


00:30:20:04 - 00:30:30:15

All right. Now we can go ahead and go down to the $15,000 policy. Now, the $15,000 policy is going to cost you $113.68.

00:30:32:20 - 00:30:35:05

I don't like the word costs you. That's only.

00:30:35:16 - 00:30:36:23

The amount. Sounds about.

00:30:37:00 - 00:30:37:15


00:30:37:23 - 00:30:55:24

Okay, Well, then, here, let me let me tell you the 10,000 and tell me how you feel about the 10,000, and then I'll start playing with these numbers for you and we'll figure out exactly what's going to suit you. Okay. So for a $10,000, for a $10,000 death benefit, it would cost you $77.55.

00:30:56:22 - 00:30:57:12


00:30:57:14 - 00:31:04:06

That sounds pretty good. But if the cremation is going to be 5000, I don't believe, but $5,000 to divide between other people.

00:31:04:11 - 00:31:09:13

All right. So here, this is what we'll do then. So I know that you want.

00:31:10:02 - 00:31:40:03

So Cameron really did manage this lady's expectations really good. Want to make that clear with you guys? So he told her all that stuff about it doesn't matter how much money you let them, they'll be surprised and happy that you left him anything at all. So that was very good for this lady to hear. But he he can use that now. Like that would be the time to use it now because she needs to take care of something. So many of our clients would be like, Oh, I can't get 50, so I'm going to get zero. That doesn't make any sense. So the way he's explaining it is a nice way to say something like that.

00:31:41:06 - 00:31:53:01

And basically what's. You know, I'm going to cover the cremation. If anything's left over, that's just gravy. At least they didn't have to come out of pocket. I'd rather have a burden lifted than expect Mom to give me extra money.

00:31:54:03 - 00:32:04:11

I know that you want at least ten, so I'm going to go ahead and let's see, what? 25 or 1200.

00:32:05:18 - 00:32:06:09

I'm sorry.

00:32:07:23 - 00:32:32:21

1205. 12,500. I'm sorry. I don't know why that would not come out of my mouth correctly. Do apologize. 12,500. So we'll go right there in the middle of those of those two. And let's see if we can get you something that's more comfortable for your monthly budget, but still give you a decent amount of coverage for everybody. So that would put you at just under $100 a month. It would be $95.61.

00:32:35:04 - 00:32:37:16

And that's for $12,500.

00:32:37:19 - 00:33:06:22

Another way you have to ask for the sale because she kept saying that it's not enough. So. All right, so let's you want it to be like so let's stick with the 15 of ten if that's too much. So out of those two, which one do you want to leave to your beneficiaries? But again, you don't have the beneficiary names. Um, you know, there's no the emotional stuff is just not there. I mean, she needs to take care of this and she needs some kind of somebody to be like, all right, so you're going to pass. You need to have something. So let's do this and just kind of make the decision for her.

00:33:13:11 - 00:33:15:23

I can't carry a weight.

00:33:16:00 - 00:33:24:02

Actually, let me do one more thing. Actually, I think I might have a good idea. I think I can do this.

00:33:25:03 - 00:33:26:08

And then.

00:33:37:10 - 00:34:03:17

Okay. All right. So here we go. So I took the accidental off. Okay, so there's no accidental on this policy, just so you are aware. But this is the whole life policy. It's going to build cash value. You're going to have a media coverage as the exact same policy. It just does not have the accidental it would cost you for $14,000. It would cost you $101.52. How does that sound, Miss Ellis?

00:34:04:05 - 00:34:04:20


00:34:08:02 - 00:34:08:17


00:34:10:11 - 00:34:12:20

I don't have that much money to

00:34:14:18 - 00:34:22:17

to go around because I don't draw like $1,073 a month on my Social Security.

00:34:23:08 - 00:34:23:23


00:34:25:10 - 00:34:55:14

And so then, like I said, you know, we can we can let's let's get you into a policy and get you covered for a policy and make sure you're approved for it and get you locked in at your health and your rate and your health and your age right now. And then we can always come back and try to get you some additional coverage. So you want to let's go ahead and get you that $10,000 policy that'll that'll give you that gives you your death benefit, your final expense, that makes sure that none of your loved ones have to have to shell out any money when you pass away.

00:34:55:16 - 00:35:10:08

And then, you know, give me a call in a couple and a couple of months, you know, make sure you're comfortable with what you're paying and whatnot, and then we'll figure out how to get you some more coverage. Okay. You know, for as much coverage we can for as little as possible. Okay.

00:35:12:01 - 00:35:13:05

I don't know.

00:35:14:01 - 00:35:16:06

They'll have to take it out of my checking account.

00:35:17:03 - 00:35:18:00

Yes, ma'am.

00:35:18:14 - 00:35:21:04

No, I don't like that because.

00:35:22:23 - 00:35:55:16

Okay. So there's got to be more like this is going to go on for another 40 minutes. But a lot of those things, guys, So we have to have the names of the beneficiaries. We have to know we shouldn't be quoting people without the name of the bank because it's got to be clear to them that that's coming down the pipe, even though you're just applying the additional discount with Gerber. It's true with the rest of them. You just want to make sure you have the name of the bank and then when they receive it, so you got a piecemeal get this information from them like this is going to be 40 minutes of talking.

00:35:55:22 - 00:36:00:07

But there was a lot of those things could have been established. This might have been a lot faster.

00:36:00:09 - 00:36:02:09

Well, we don't. Oh, go ahead.

00:36:02:20 - 00:36:04:06

I've had people take it out.

00:36:04:08 - 00:36:04:23

When they.

00:36:05:21 - 00:36:07:24

Weren't supposed to and they said, oh, we won't.

00:36:09:01 - 00:36:39:13

Well, well, here's well, here's the thing that I can guarantee you is that. So what we'll do is we'll set it up to go with your Social Security. Okay? So and literally, like, that's the way that we have to set it up in our system. Like it'll we literally get the option of we set it up on the first we set it up on the third. We set it up on the second Wednesday or we set it up on the third Wednesday. So those are my options. So I'll set it up for you to come out with your Social Security. And then on the day of your choosing, we'll have it withdraw on that day.

00:36:39:15 - 00:36:43:00

So when do you receive your Social Security on the first or on the third?

00:36:43:16 - 00:36:44:11

The first?

00:36:44:15 - 00:36:47:23

The first? And what bank do you use?

00:36:50:22 - 00:36:53:06

Huh? And what bank do you use?

00:36:55:18 - 00:36:57:06

You mean what they do? I use?

00:36:57:08 - 00:36:58:03

No, no, I'm sorry.

00:36:58:05 - 00:37:00:04

I said bank. Do you use.

00:37:00:22 - 00:37:03:22

The credit union? But. But I'm not going to do it right.

00:37:03:24 - 00:37:04:14


00:37:06:11 - 00:37:09:05

Because I can't. I can't afford no overdrafts.

00:37:10:01 - 00:37:32:09

Well, no. Okay. So that's just a trust issue. Because you can always say the line that like to use about like have to recording that states for the record that we're not doing anything until the date that you decide so either on the first or the third. Um I mean it depends on when it is. If it's today, then, you know, she got paid, then she has the money. But if she doesn't, it's the 28th and she gets paid in the first and put it for the first.

00:37:32:11 - 00:38:04:03

No, exactly. We won't take anything out today. What we're going to do is I'll go ahead and so. All right. All I the only reason I need your bank information today is simply so that I can do a recording with you. Now, when I send that recording over to Pioneer, they're going to overlook your application. So all the questions that I've asked you today, I've been writing them down on a piece of paper so that I can send them over to Pioneer. Pioneer is going to overlook that application and they're going to double check your bank just to make sure that it is a working bank.

00:38:04:05 - 00:38:37:02

Now, I promise to you on everything that is good and I promise you and I promise on Pioneer it too, that they're an A-plus. Better business. They have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, and they've been around for 110 years and they are not going to withdraw anything sooner than the day that you ask for it to be withdrawn. So if you don't get your money and so the first we won't take it out. And so the first and I promise on everything that is wholly and good, that is not going to happen. You know, every all the people that we work with are in very similar situations to you.

00:38:37:07 - 00:38:55:15

We, you know, we are senior life services. We work with seniors. And unfortunately, a lot of our seniors are on Social Security. So I know that, you know, one day can make the biggest difference in your life. And so we make sure that it's going to be withdrawn on the on your approved date and not a day sooner.

00:38:59:04 - 00:39:00:00

So that's not the issue.

00:39:00:02 - 00:39:00:21

I have my bank.

00:39:00:22 - 00:39:02:16

Information with me because I don't

00:39:04:04 - 00:39:07:00

do nothing. I just use my debit card.

00:39:09:09 - 00:39:11:14

I don't have my route number or nothing.

00:39:13:02 - 00:39:13:17


00:39:13:19 - 00:39:15:09

I might have account number, but I'll get the rest.

00:39:15:11 - 00:39:16:12

All right, guys, I'm going to.

00:39:16:14 - 00:39:17:20

Well, I can get the routing number.

00:39:18:00 - 00:39:28:02

You guys can hear this information while we do this. Think it'll remain recording. I have to hop over to another call. I can leave this going.

00:39:35:21 - 00:39:53:16

And your surgery. I've got you. And a pretty good plan. So just to get the third and final discount, the based on the financial institution that you use, I can apply an additional discount if they're one of our preferred banks. So who do you bank with?

00:39:54:22 - 00:39:56:08

Bank of America. Bank of America.

00:39:56:10 - 00:40:03:06

Okay, So, yeah, they are going to be one of our preferred ones. They're really common. Oh yeah. So I can get that last discount for you. Okay.

00:40:03:23 - 00:40:05:06

Mhm. Thank you.

00:40:05:23 - 00:40:06:13


00:40:06:17 - 00:40:12:03

All right. Okay. And then when you receive social Security, is that going to be on like the first or the third of the month?

00:40:12:20 - 00:40:15:11

I think it's the fourth. Wednesday. The fourth.

00:40:15:13 - 00:40:16:03


00:40:16:05 - 00:40:17:15

Okay. I, I can't remember.

00:40:17:17 - 00:40:20:08

Okay. I that's on. I think that's when it starts.

00:40:20:09 - 00:40:20:24


00:40:21:01 - 00:40:26:11

Yeah, that's a pretty common one too. You know, it's either the first, third or a lot of people like to do the fourth Wednesday, so that's okay.

00:40:26:13 - 00:40:28:11

Yes, I think that's what they told me before.

00:40:28:18 - 00:40:31:13

Okay. All right. Okay. Um.

00:40:31:21 - 00:40:53:23

So I know you want to be buried and leave a little money left behind. Okay? And I'm completely confident that any of these plans are going to do just that. Okay. Now, my suggestion for you, Miss, is just pick the one that fits you best. They're all going to do the job, but you just want to do the one that makes the most sense for you and your son. Okay. All right. And you have that pen and paper, right?

00:40:55:06 - 00:41:01:05

No, No one pen isn't working, but I usually carry to the. Okay, because they do keep doing that to me.

00:41:01:07 - 00:41:03:13

Yeah. No, they. They. You never have one that works.

00:41:03:15 - 00:41:09:24

Yes. The second one works. The first one I have to toss. Okay. Okay. No, I have one that actually work.

00:41:10:01 - 00:41:10:16


00:41:10:18 - 00:41:42:20

Okay, good. All right. And then these plans actually come with two additional benefits that I wanted to tell you about really quick. So they are called writers. And so it's the Accidental Death Rider. So if you were to ever pass away and anything of an accident, so, you know, a car accident, you know, piano falls on you like in a cartoon, they would actually pay out double of your coverage amount. So if you have a $10,000 policy, they will pay 20,000 to your son. So that's a benefit that's included. And then there's also a nursing home rider.

00:41:42:21 - 00:42:15:10

So if you were ever deemed terminally ill or something was to happen in your doctor, was to say that you need to be in a nursing home because they actually want you to sell all of your stuff, you know, your house, your car, all your assets. What the insurance company has done is they have made an option so that when you if, God forbid, if you ever do go to a nursing home, that you would be able to keep your policy and you would stop paying for it.

00:42:16:08 - 00:42:18:15

Wow. Yeah. So. Okay.

00:42:19:04 - 00:42:19:19

I don't.

00:42:19:23 - 00:42:20:13


00:42:20:15 - 00:42:27:14

God forbid my my grandpa, who had Alzheimer's, he was in the nursing home and it was they treated him very poorly.

00:42:28:01 - 00:42:32:13

Very well. So. Okay. All right. Okay.

00:42:32:15 - 00:42:39:05

So out there, I'm going to have you write down the 20,000, the 15,000.

00:42:39:18 - 00:42:42:20

And the 10,000 in coverage in.

00:42:43:12 - 00:42:45:05


00:42:45:08 - 00:42:47:09

Oh, that sounds like a beautiful ten.

00:42:47:12 - 00:42:48:12

What's the third one?

00:42:48:14 - 00:42:50:00

Ten and then.

00:42:50:02 - 00:42:52:08

Five. I know it's been raining out there.

00:42:52:13 - 00:42:53:18

All right, I've got 20.

00:42:53:20 - 00:42:57:03

I've got 15. Then I go ten and five.

00:42:57:19 - 00:42:58:12

Yeah, this is good.

00:42:58:14 - 00:43:01:08

You're starting high. So start high with this lady. Okay?

00:43:02:17 - 00:43:03:07


00:43:03:11 - 00:43:12:19

All right. So for the 20,000 with both of those benefits, right? That's only going to be 255. 27.

00:43:14:00 - 00:43:14:15


00:43:14:17 - 00:43:15:07

Thank you.

00:43:15:09 - 00:43:17:19

Five 2727 Yep.

00:43:18:09 - 00:43:29:21

Okay. And then for the 15,000 now, this is, you know, the ten and the 15 is what we were talking about. So for the 15,000, that's only going to be one 9277.

00:43:30:22 - 00:43:31:20

Just to go over that.

00:43:32:00 - 00:43:32:15


00:43:33:23 - 00:43:40:20

All right. And then for the 10,000 now, this is the one that I would recommend for you to really cover all those final expenses.

00:43:41:14 - 00:43:42:04


00:43:42:06 - 00:43:51:03

So with both of the benefits that I just went over, that's only going to be one 3028 Okay.

00:43:51:11 - 00:43:54:05

To what, their third one?

00:43:54:21 - 00:43:55:11


00:43:56:14 - 00:43:58:06

The 10,000 for the 10,000.

00:44:00:01 - 00:44:03:15

Yep. So for the 10,000 that's only going to be one 3028.

00:44:04:10 - 00:44:07:09

And finally you can get by with five even though I don't recommend it.

00:44:07:16 - 00:44:17:23

All right. And then finally, Miss Sonia, you can actually get by with the five, but I don't recommend it. Okay. But that one is going to be only 67. 78.

00:44:18:22 - 00:44:19:12

Thank you.

00:44:21:06 - 00:44:25:19

Oh, okay. So out of all of these plans, which one is going to work best for you? Okay.

00:44:29:24 - 00:44:30:14


00:44:31:16 - 00:44:32:17

I'm really torn.

00:44:32:20 - 00:44:34:12

Silence. Stay silent.

00:44:35:15 - 00:44:42:05

All right. We have an auto page, so they just pull it out. Uh, you know, each month, But there's not a lot of funding.

00:44:42:07 - 00:44:43:01

What do you guys do.

00:44:43:03 - 00:44:44:16

For your birthday? Okay.

00:44:44:18 - 00:44:48:06

And so now which one are you torn between.

00:44:49:22 - 00:44:52:14

Five or the 10 or.

00:44:52:16 - 00:44:53:11


00:44:54:08 - 00:44:57:08

Inside from my services?

00:44:57:13 - 00:44:58:05

Oh, yeah.

00:44:58:12 - 00:45:01:10

Maybe the ten is 130.

00:45:01:14 - 00:45:05:08

Yes. Oh, here's a little slice. Was dead. Oh, nice.

00:45:05:22 - 00:45:09:12

And the one. Yeah. That's probably the only one I can probably afford.

00:45:09:14 - 00:45:10:04

Okay, so.

00:45:10:06 - 00:45:11:22

You want to go with the $10,000 today?

00:45:12:07 - 00:45:13:03

Mhm. Okay.

00:45:13:05 - 00:45:33:13

So we can go ahead and get that done for you. Okay, Miss Sonya. All right. Okay, good. So, yeah, you know, very rarely actually can we get people in with Pioneer or in exceptional health, especially, you know, at 78 years old. Um, so what I'm going to do really quick, so I'm going to bring in my senior benefits coordinator and he's just going to make sure that we've got the right plan for you. Okay?

00:45:34:08 - 00:45:35:06

All right. Okay.

00:45:35:08 - 00:45:35:23

All right.

00:45:36:07 - 00:45:44:05

All right. I'm coming in. But you probably shouldn't bring me anywhere. Close this on your own. But I will come in now that, uh, they said it. Give me.

00:45:44:08 - 00:45:45:05

Give me a second.

00:45:45:19 - 00:45:46:22

What was that, Miss Sonya?

00:45:46:24 - 00:45:48:00

I'm going to get on the phone.

00:45:48:12 - 00:45:59:00

When you know, uh, you give me all the information. Do I get. I don't remember anything cause I'm very old. You're very young. No, it's okay. So do I. There's something come in the mail that I can.

00:45:59:15 - 00:46:01:02

Hold in case. Yes.

00:46:01:04 - 00:46:03:07

I'm not going to keep ringing people up to ask questions.

00:46:03:10 - 00:46:04:04

Yes. Yes.

00:46:04:11 - 00:46:05:06

So how are you doing?

00:46:05:20 - 00:46:06:10


00:46:06:14 - 00:46:10:13

Hey, Ernie. This is Miss Sonia. Just want to make sure that we have the right coverage for her today.

00:46:10:20 - 00:46:11:10


00:46:11:14 - 00:46:12:04

Hey, Sonia.

00:46:13:06 - 00:46:13:21


00:46:13:23 - 00:46:14:24

How are you? How are you?

00:46:15:15 - 00:46:16:15

I'm good, thank you.

00:46:16:17 - 00:46:24:04

Good, Good. And candid. Can see everything on your screen here. All right. So let's send a pro.

00:46:25:09 - 00:46:26:23

And I.

00:46:27:04 - 00:46:29:24

Have not heard of that one in a while. You had surgery on your feet.

00:46:30:01 - 00:46:31:24

The Comfort.

00:46:32:12 - 00:46:33:02


00:46:33:04 - 00:46:33:19


00:46:33:21 - 00:46:34:11

I'm for

00:46:35:13 - 00:46:37:02

both of them. Yeah. Okay.

00:46:37:05 - 00:46:40:00

Okay. So back and I thought, Oh, not me.

00:46:40:06 - 00:46:48:06

No, it's just. Yeah, some. It's just basically drainage most of the time. Do they have you on any water pills like hydrochlorothiazide or anything like that?

00:46:48:11 - 00:46:49:01


00:46:50:09 - 00:46:52:01

Okay. Okay. All right.

00:46:53:04 - 00:46:53:19

All right.

00:46:53:21 - 00:47:09:03

So if lisinopril is the only thing that you're taking. Yeah, you would definitely qualify for pioneer preferred. And it does look like he already added the additional discount for Bank of America. So you guys are doing the 10,000. It looks like it would be around 130.

00:47:09:05 - 00:47:13:16

So with that. Okay. Okay, perfect.

00:47:13:18 - 00:47:15:00

One 3028.

00:47:15:09 - 00:47:21:21

One 3028. All right. So that's what you're going to be receiving in the mail, the 10,001 3028 you said Kevin

00:47:23:09 - 00:47:23:24


00:47:24:01 - 00:47:24:16

Yeah. All right.

00:47:24:18 - 00:47:30:20

Can Yeah, could pull it out, but could pull it up. But I know you guys have it in front, so that's why I'm asking.

00:47:30:22 - 00:47:31:12

We'll have that.

00:47:31:14 - 00:47:58:09

All right. So. Sonia Yeah, so your monthly payment, you get paid on the fourth Wednesday of each month. So after today, your monthly payment would be the fourth Wednesday of each month. So we did look up your bank and it is a preferred bank, so that's great. I do have their routing number right here. So what I'm going to have you do, dear, is grab a checkbook or a statement and I'm going to confirm that with you and then you're going to confirm the account number with me.

00:47:59:09 - 00:47:59:24

All right.

00:48:00:11 - 00:48:01:24

Hold on. I'll go get my checkbook.

00:48:02:01 - 00:48:02:16


00:48:02:18 - 00:48:10:06

Oh, whatnot. Bernie, you're echoing really bad. What made them not qualify? Because you were I know you were a little like.

00:48:13:06 - 00:48:16:04

And then she just wants to know, like if she's going to get anything in the mail.

00:48:16:14 - 00:48:18:08

Also because.

00:48:20:13 - 00:48:21:03

That again.

00:48:22:12 - 00:48:23:24

Because mean for one mean

00:48:25:20 - 00:48:28:05

you know you guys you guys are barely even into like.

00:48:28:07 - 00:48:29:20

The sorry as the echoing gone.

00:48:30:04 - 00:48:31:09

So no.

00:48:31:16 - 00:48:33:14

If it's just for me, that's okay. I'm going.

00:48:33:16 - 00:48:34:06


00:48:34:08 - 00:48:45:16

Okay I'm going to mute you then and will change the Don't know why it's echoing. I'll do the microphone. Yeah. I should be better. Okay.

00:48:45:19 - 00:48:52:22

Sorry. No, not a problem. Yeah, I grabbed the checkbooks. Okay. Okay. The routing number.

00:48:54:14 - 00:48:59:00

Right? Yeah. On the bottom left hand side, your number number.

00:48:59:08 - 00:49:05:05

For your routing should be 0630100277.

00:49:05:20 - 00:49:07:08

That's exactly what's written here.

00:49:07:21 - 00:49:09:21

Okay, perfect. Okay. What is the next what is.

00:49:09:23 - 00:49:11:17

The next set of numbers? The account number.

00:49:12:11 - 00:49:19:21


00:49:21:01 - 00:49:29:22

000003675 and 533484807.

00:49:31:09 - 00:49:32:12

Okay. That is one. And that is.

00:49:32:14 - 00:49:35:10

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11.

00:49:35:23 - 00:49:37:09

That's how Bank of America operates.

00:49:37:11 - 00:49:38:13

You didn't read me? Sometimes.

00:49:38:17 - 00:49:47:10

Sometimes people do do that, Sonia. They read me their check number and they accidentally include it as part of the account number. There is a check number there that you didn't read, right?

00:49:48:07 - 00:49:50:01

Yes, the, um.

00:49:52:19 - 00:49:53:09

What that.

00:49:53:11 - 00:49:55:14

Was. I'll just read it.

00:49:55:16 - 00:50:04:19

To you now. 06310026. I think that's the routing number. Yeah. On the left hand side.

00:50:04:21 - 00:50:06:01

Left hand side is the routing.

00:50:06:03 - 00:50:06:23

Yes. Yes.

00:50:07:02 - 00:50:12:18

No, I was I was just like, you know how it standard. Remember, I was just making sure you were.

00:50:12:20 - 00:50:14:11

Reading the check number.

00:50:14:19 - 00:50:18:15

With the account number. So I just want to make sure.

00:50:18:22 - 00:50:19:17

You know, I.

00:50:19:19 - 00:50:21:06

Know the routing goes.

00:50:21:13 - 00:50:22:03


00:50:24:08 - 00:50:38:10

Because you'll be surprised how many. Okay, that number is really long. That's the correct number. All right. And Sonia, what the application is going to approve you with insurance. So what is your

00:50:41:12 - 00:51:05:18

6726595? Okay, Very good. All right. So that will work the faster today. And then like this for the day was 26 so it's only been a few days. So after today. So you'll be covered as of today. Today. So if you don't,

00:51:07:21 - 00:51:08:17

it's going to pay.

00:51:08:23 - 00:51:10:02

The full 10,000.

00:51:11:21 - 00:51:17:23

And then going forward, they will jump around for you and they'll make the fourth day.

00:51:18:23 - 00:51:22:00

Payment whenever the fourth Wednesday it comes up.

00:51:22:05 - 00:51:27:17

So they're withdrawing any kind of a bulk before you're paid. And that way, you know.

00:51:27:19 - 00:51:28:09

We're not we're not.

00:51:28:11 - 00:51:37:09

Messing up any we're not messing up anything of any, you know. No, nothing about that. I just want to make sure you're protected against any of that kind of stuff.

00:51:39:01 - 00:51:43:19

So think you're going to qualify. So the only thing left to do pending is you just have to do.

00:51:43:21 - 00:51:44:16

A voice signature.

00:51:44:18 - 00:51:51:09

With her, submit the application, you're going to do any check and then stay on the phone. Sonia She's a.

00:51:53:10 - 00:51:54:22

Not problem, guys. You guys enjoy your day.

00:51:55:11 - 00:51:56:01

I know, but

00:51:57:16 - 00:52:02:05

I know because the nicotine is very addictive. Like trying to quit. A lot of people.

00:52:02:07 - 00:52:03:20

All right, Miss Sonia is still here with me.

00:52:05:06 - 00:52:06:12

Yes, sir, I'm here.

00:52:06:14 - 00:52:10:11

Okay, so what we got to do really quick is we're just going to do a quick voice signature

00:52:13:23 - 00:52:14:13


00:52:14:19 - 00:52:18:14

That's all that matters, you know, and not particularly and everything like that.

00:52:19:02 - 00:52:35:22

Okay, guys, you should have heard me close that, basically. So, I mean, that's how simple it can be with the closing. I did not think Ken needed to bring me in there, but he did. So I closed it for him. So I'm going to share the screen, get back to what I was doing with Cameron.

00:52:37:22 - 00:52:47:02

Okay. Number the routing number should be in my and my database so I can get the routing number. It's the credit union for Siler. Um,

00:52:49:15 - 00:52:50:22

North Carolina. Right.

00:52:53:02 - 00:52:56:12

I let me see if I have it in my database really quick.

00:52:58:06 - 00:52:59:05

Basically we have.

00:52:59:15 - 00:53:02:04

And we're going to go over to Taylor.

00:53:03:17 - 00:53:22:11

All right. So, guys, I'm going to stop it there because I have to, um. So those are the issues that I saw that that have to, you know, be worked on. So, you know, you want the beneficiary, you want it to be just a smoother transition. So I'm going to stop the share and I will stop the recording and I will upload it to the site. Um, so.

Watch the Full video Here: Call Review 11/01/22

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