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Call Review 04/04/23

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 04/04/23

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I have to. That's perfect.

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Hello, Richard.

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No, this is Kathy.

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Always assume it's the person that you're here with. You. You think it doesn't matter what they sound like? Perfect.

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Oh, Kathy. All right. Richard's wife, I presume?

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Okay, perfect. So I just want to introduce myself real quick, Kathy, while I have you here. Um, my name is Joshua, and I'm over here at Senior Live Services, and, um, yeah, I'm just calling because.

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She's already receptive. I like it.

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One of my representatives spoke with you a little while ago about, um, about your husband's interest in life insurance.

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Oh, well, yeah. Yeah, I'm trying to get him some. Just life insurance. Right?

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Yeah. Okay. Perfect. All right, Kathy And so you're looking for.

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You guys notice there's a little pause there like it was little unsure of where to go with that. But when in doubt, just go back to the script. She's like because she's, she's agreeing with you 100%. So it's like we're, we're being paid to lead these people all the way down. So just you grabbed it right away.

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To get a policy on him.

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Yeah, just him right now. And I've got one that I'm just trying to get him one and and I just want to make sure. I mean, it's whole life, and I just need something. Just final expenses.

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Okay? Perfect. That is exactly what I'm here for. So that works out very good senior life.

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All right, so.

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So it does he he has no current policy on him right now.

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Okay. Perfect. All right. So. And it sounds like, you know. Know a little bit about, you know, life insurance. You do have a policy on yourself. I love, love, love to hear that. Um, so that makes it a little bit easier on my end. So I'll I just want to explain a little bit. All of our.

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Oh, good. All right, So, uh, Josh, you're gonna have to help me out with this. Um, it's probably, I'm guessing because he was so interested. She's like. You're like, whoa. Taking it back a little bit.

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Yeah, it was, um. Well, I was not ready for her to answer, and I was just.

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Trying to put myself there.

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Yeah, because you're a little off script. But the thing is, it sounds like you're like, Oh, man. It's like, Yeah. Want some final expenses? Oh, damn. Okay. Then it should be. You should be jumping up and down right there like, okay, I got this.

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We all expect a little pushback.

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Yeah. And it's nice to have somebody tell you what their goal is before you mention it.

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So awesome.

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Plans offer a number of benefits. First off, here at Senior Life Services, we work with many reputable insurance companies.

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Okay, So you kind of went to Page. Two. Like immediately. I guess. I mean, you did you were able to establish a few things, but you probably don't want to skip this much stuff. But we'll get back to that. We have made.

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Many insurance companies designed products specifically for our customers, unique situations like the final expenses, and they are state and federally regulated and backed by the government, of course. And and they are whole life policies is what I would be doing for for Richard can just confirm his birth date real quick is that a 1011 1955.

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Yeah. Let's see it.

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Okay, perfect.

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All right now.

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I want to I want to ask a couple of health questions so we can. Okay.

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Okay. So, Josh, you got to tell me, buddy, like you were a little taken aback, but like, what have you not accomplished yet that you probably should have?

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On the call. Yeah.

00:04:06:17 - 00:04:08:01

Confirming some information.

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Anything else?

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Uh, it's all on page one, by the way. Not trying. Not trying. Not trying to be hard on you. I'll do it for you guys. Um, because, I mean, you want his name, You need the husband's name. Well, you actually already have. I'm sorry, but you also need to know exactly, like, what the goal of the policy it sounds like. Like that part you can kind of skip because she's like, Well, I want final expenses for my husband. Boom. You're not going to get that many people answering that way. Um, she already has coverage, but you want to build you still want to ask because you have to ask, like just because she says, I want some final expense coverage, there's still not that much emotional appeal, so you probably still want to follow through.

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But I will say, guys, this is pretty impressive, the fact that she he already has a lot of this information because of what she said almost immediately upon answering the phone. So he this is pretty logical. Like he's like, okay, well, she wants life insurance. She wants it for her husband. She already has some. All right. Boom. I'm guessing that's what you're thinking, Josh?

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Yes. Okay. So the main thing is, guys, I mean, that's fine because she kind of laid it on them pretty quick. But we don't skip any steps because we always lose sales when we skip steps.

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To what plan would be best for him. All right. And I'm obviously not going to ask every single little detail because I've been doing this for a little bit, so I don't need everything. All right. So what is his.

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Has he had any hospitalizations? I actually see a note here. He had a stroke a few months ago.

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Well, no, the stroke was a couple years ago. But he had a heart. Heart problem. Like he was in the hospital about two months ago.

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Okay. Hard problem. About two months ago. And what did that end up being?

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Well, he had to have three or have some stents put in. I can't I don't even I'm not real sure about I mean, it wasn't I don't want to say it was a heart attack or it might have been a light heart attack, but they put in stents. Okay. It wasn't a stroke.

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So he had the stents put in. Okay. Yeah. All right.

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And so as you guys are getting information, it doesn't matter when they present this health information, you know, you should be at least be making mental notes. So you heard a stent three months ago. What what should you be thinking?

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Well mean. Obviously you're going to go to standard that the surgery for circulatory within the last first two years. So automatically you're going to think okay not immediate coverage and then you want to see if they have any congestive heart failure.

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Yep. Like that. Matt nailed it. Yeah. It wasn't a trick question. Um, I want to find out what's the worst thing going on with that person. So Matt nailed it as far as, like, okay, they had a stent, so I know the best they're going to qualify for is standard because it's only three months ago. But now he's actually that's exactly what I would do. I'd be like, okay, did they diagnosed you with any congestive heart failure because of the surgery? That's like very next question would do because I'm trying to find if it's something even worse so that way always zero in on the worst thing that they got because that'll be that's really where you're underwriting is going to be based on.

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And you are going to be the beneficiary.

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All right.

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Let's see here. And what what amount of coverage were you looking for for him?

00:07:49:14 - 00:07:55:02

I don't know. Like, I don't know, 10 to 15,015 at the most.

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All right. Perfect. And we're going to go back to these medical questions now. Let's see.

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I have some information from the last call, so it makes it a little bit easier. All right. So he had the heart problem about two months ago. Okay. Some stents put in. All right. And other than the, um.

00:08:24:05 - 00:08:30:21

The hard problem was that has there been anything else in the past two years for him to any hospitalizations or surgeries?

00:08:31:09 - 00:08:33:23

No. Let's see. That was the only thing.

00:08:35:09 - 00:08:36:14

Okay, perfect.

00:08:39:11 - 00:08:40:13

All right.

00:08:45:15 - 00:08:47:20

All right. And any forms of cancer?

00:08:48:12 - 00:08:50:00

No. Noon.

00:08:50:16 - 00:08:57:15

All right. Beautiful. Any issues with the lungs? COPD, emphysema?

00:08:58:06 - 00:08:59:09

No, none.

00:08:59:17 - 00:09:04:07

Okay, perfect. He doesn't require any oxygen to assist in breathing.

00:09:05:00 - 00:09:06:03

No. Okay.

00:09:07:03 - 00:09:17:09

And I'm hearing, Josh, as you're doing this, you're starting to trust the script more because you're you're like, all right, sweet. I can check these boxes off and that's what I should be feeling. It's like, okay, no, got that guy, like, got that?

00:09:17:11 - 00:09:26:17

Yeah. I felt myself getting off script. And then Nikki, like, chimed in a little bit. I'm pretty sure around here or something like that and like said, like script and was like, okay, yeah, I'll go back.

00:09:27:01 - 00:09:36:22

I mean, Nikki's never going to be Mika. We're not going to yell at you, but it might be a firm hand. It was close. Get back on the script. What are you talking about? All right.

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00:09:45:15 - 00:09:47:07

Okay. Beautiful.

00:09:51:04 - 00:09:52:06

All right. Okay.

00:09:52:08 - 00:09:54:01

And is he a diabetic?

00:09:54:18 - 00:09:57:07

No, he's not. Actually, he's not.

00:09:57:19 - 00:10:06:18

Okay, perfect. All right. And how about any Parkinson's? I'd say stroke seizures?

00:10:07:11 - 00:10:14:07

No. Well, he had the stroke, like, two years ago. That. That was it. That's.

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No scissors and nothing like that.

00:10:20:18 - 00:10:21:20

All right.

00:10:25:13 - 00:10:26:19

Okay, perfect.

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00:10:30:18 - 00:10:43:22

Um, the any issues with hepatitis C, HIV, AIDS, liver disease? Nope. Okay. All right. How about is using any illegal drugs?

00:10:44:14 - 00:10:47:11

Oh, no, no.

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